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05-07-2005, 01:33 AM
Hi...I had a few questions about hyperthroidism.

I went to the doctor today complaining of more shoulder pain. I have had RA for 5 years now, and he always does blood tests to test the arthritis antibodies (or something like that...still never remember the name). He gave me the paper to give to the front desk, and while I was waiting for my turn, I just started reading it. I noticed that one of the blood tests was to check for hyperthroidism. What exactly is it? And why would he want to test me for it? Do I have some symptom unknown to me that I didn't realize that he noted? From what I have looked up on the internet, it affects the thyroid, which effects the metabolism. But what would make him think to randomly test me for it? Does anybody have it? lol, i am quite confused, but anxious to get those results back. At any rate, I sure hope I don't have it!!
any ideas? It sure is hard to find information off of google that applies to me :?:

05-08-2005, 11:17 PM
hi Thyroid disease, either hyper or hypo is thought to be an autoimmune response of the body in some cases, just like RA is. I was hyper without knowing it (and still overweight). I did have an enlarged thyroid for years, which had to be removed a year ago. I now am struggling with taking thyroid medicine to regulate my metabolism, and losing weight. I suggest you talk with your doctor about your concerns. Good luck..