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05-05-2005, 01:14 AM
G'day all,

Thought it was time we started a new thread but of course now I have not got the screen up with everyone's posts :(

I remember Glenda telling us she was happy with the make-up outcome but felt some things were a bit too subtle, better to add some more than to have it done all 'over the top' and it is there for good.
I am glad you are pleased with it so far.

It sure is amazing the amount of 'rubbish' one collects whilst on the net Ann. I regularly get rid of a heap and it never ceases to amaze me how much is there.

Our little Mattie is just soooo sweet. We called in yesterday, us and a 1000 others ;) :D , she is all wrapped up like a little 'mummie', she looks like such a little poppet. DS told me that he had bathed her and that he had dressed her that morning. I have never seen him so happy and contented.
Mattie is passed to everyone and she just sleeps through it all.
I can remember when my children were born and I had visitors and I would say 'sorry but he is asleep at the moment and won't be fed for another 2 hours'. I sometimes 'allowed' the visitor to peek in the baby room but none of this passing around that is happening with Matilda. How times have changed.

I am enjoying being home but there is alot that I left in Sydney that I could do with here, all a bit frustrating. Pretty sick of having 2 places on the go.
The 22nd of June cannot come around quick enough for us to take EVERYTHING from Sydney back home again.

Some friends are coming around for a roast dinner tonight so I better get my skates on!

Hope everyone is well.....


05-05-2005, 11:10 AM
Good Morning!

MARIA: If you think you are enjoying your Mattie now, wait until you do your first stint of baby sitting. I remember when we had our first and DD left him with us for 4 hours. He was so small and it was sort of scary. We survived and I am sure you will, too!

ANN: I have cleaned out my cookies before and not lost the 3fc site. I have all my passwords etc in a little notebook in case that does happen.

Latest update on DH knee saga. Tuesday we went to an Orthopedic Doctor at Mass General Hospital. He took an exray (on Monday DH had an MRI done). Bottom line is that there is no deep vein blood clot but he has arthritis, a lot, and a tear in the miniscus of the knee. The combo had produced fluid and a Baker's Cyst behind the knee. He is taking an anti-inflamitory med which seems to be working but we don't know how long he can be on it. It does something to the kidneys. Dr. said to see how it goes with the meds and if the inflamation returns when he is through with it. He can't walk the dogs because if they were to pull him unexpectedly he could twist the knee and do more damage but he could do things like mow the lawn. If he has no problem he can continue but if he encounters a problem he should stop. He cut the lawn, front, yesterday and all seems well. If all else fails it means arthroscopy to repair the miniscus disc.

Other than that we have nothing new here. The Sun is out and I think I will go out and enjoy it.


Karen L
05-05-2005, 05:18 PM
I'm in! :woo: Thank you all for reading my rant. :tantrum: I'm much better today and even a bit more tolerable. The gloomy weather we have been having didn't help much.

I was getting my scripts ready to send in to express scripts when i noticed the doctor had written 3 of them for the wrong dose. So had to call and get them straighted out and go pick up new ones. What a pain! :mad:

Glenda sorry you have go back for eyeliner. Are the eyesbrows ok. My friend Donna said it was the best thing she ever did for herself. So hang in there OK.

Have to go just wanted to let you know I'm back. :grouphug:


05-06-2005, 12:25 AM
Gloria, Tell your DH to think long & hard about the knee surgery. I started a year ago with a torn miniscus. After x-rays, 2 MRIs, a bone scan, a doppler x-ray and three orthopedic surgeons they decided I might have a turmor under my knee cap and I was very lucky to have a torn miniscus so they discovered it early and that I would either have knee surgery at the local cancer hospital with follow up treatment, or regular knee surgery. After they got in there, they discovered that it was only a ball of cartlidge and that I could live with what was left after the surgery. It took me a year of physical therapy in water etc. etc. etc. to get almost back to normal. I was in a wheelchair at first then crutches, then the physical therapy. It was a big pain! :tantrum: At least his doctor is starting with other treatment to try to alleviate the problem without surgery. If someone says knee surgery to me again I will run the other direction even if I have to do it on crutches!

05-06-2005, 12:07 PM
Gloria, I am glad too your doctor is trying something besides surgery right away. My son has had arthroscopy and has had absolutely no trouble, so if it ends up to be a good option, it is not always a bad one. He was on crutches for just a few days. A reconstructive surgery is a much more involved surgery, but even that, you have to be able to walk to enjoy life. BJ3, doctors sure can make mistakes. I know. It took me forever to get an accurate diagnosis when I had ovarian cancer.

Karen, I am glad you are happier today. You have every right to rant once in awhile. But enjoy the sunshine.

Maria, yes things have changed since we had kids. I was not as protective as you were, but the amount of things it takes to care for a child is, in my opinion, a little over the top. But everyone swears they have to have all this stuff and then it is stored in a year. I think carseats are the biggest one change I can see. Ours were pretty unsafe and even laughable, but now they can withstand a hurricane. And I am so thankful for that safety. I know you are enjoying seeing your child become a father. That is one of the joys. Another is seeing your child become the responsible parent. My oldest was a little toot and now I see him dealing with his teenage little toot. I have to wipe that smile off occasionally.

RE: Makeup. I am so disappointed today. I need to call and get a peptalk. The lady says the lip color "blooms" in a week or so. Today it has disappeared. All this and it has disappeared! I will be back for heavier eyeliner and another go around with lip color. I am in a blue mood because of this. And I will get a little heavier eyebrow at the same time. I don't even know why I went in for the "consult" if she was going to do it the way she wanted.

Karen, this is my rant! You all have a great Mothers' Day!

05-06-2005, 07:33 PM
Hi all:

Gloria: I had my password written down, but apparently they had changed it, and then discovered that they didn't have my email address right. they left out the 5 so then the password wouldn't work anyway. But now all is solved. Knee surgery is no fun, and only as a last resort, i would think

Glenda; So sorry you are feeling disappointment in the results of your permanent makeup. Hopefully you will 'bloom' in the week, as she says. It is enjoyable to see your kids become responsible parents, and to hear them saying some of the same things to their kids, that you used to say to them. And i can remember my DD saying, I'll never say that to my kids.:D:

Slavika: Hope this week hasn't been too bad for you all. I know you have been busy with all that chemo treatments entail. God bless.

Soon will be picked up to go line dancing, so Hi everyone and I'll get back later. Ann

Karen L
05-06-2005, 10:39 PM
It was a beautiful Florida day. :D Was able to get out and walk several times with Sprout. He always has such a good time must lift that leg on every blade of grass. Sometimes he has to squeeze real had to get a drop out. :?: We laugh at him. :lol:

Ann we went with Adelphia for the DSL and I do really like it. You can zoom all over the place. The little service man has been working his little heart out all over this park. Once people began to figure out that the only thing that was hiolding them back was the address being abbreviated. Still line dancing? Thats great. Once we get DH squared away I plan to go also.

Slavika I hope things are OK at your house. And hope you check in soon.

Maria hows tha baby doing. Isn't it great how young men these days are so hands on when it comes to babies. I remember when men were scared to even hold them. Both my sons and son in law were great help with all the babies. My DH has always loved babies he would have loved to had more but I wasn't willing.

Bought some hair color today. It is Med. blond. Last month I bought beige blond and wound up with black hair. :tantrum: I was awful. I must have washed it a dozen times before I would even leave the house .

I've never heard of reverse frosting Ann. I would like to try something else but won't go gray not yet!

I am whipped. I was out trimming the holly bushes. What a job! I need to learn how to use the electric ones. I will pay for what I did tonight in spades. I already hurt.

We heard today that the lady we bought this house from passed a way. She had fallen and broke her knee. And while in the hospital her heart just gave out. She would have been 95 in July. Her family is bringing her back here for burial. Her Husband is Buried down here. It is sad. She really never wanted to leave but her kids insisted. She lived in this community 20 years.

Well I need to go put some heat on this poor body of mine.

I check in tomorrow.


05-07-2005, 01:13 PM
BJ3: My DH, Jack, would like to express his profound thanks to you for sharing , with him, your similar knee problems and your surgery experiences!! To say the least he is not at all anxious to plunge into the surgery pool!! He is very active and has always loved walking. He has been doing his daily dog walking, he walks 10 neighbor’s dogs (one at a time) for his cardio-vascular system. Some of these dogs would never get a walk if they depended on their owners. He may end up as “Hopalong Cassidy” but he is determined not to lose the battle of “Wounded Knee”!! Thanks again, and he sends his sincere wishes for Good Health!

Glenda: I passed on your comments re: arthoscopy to DH. He was very interested in how quick you son's recovery was. Eventually he is considering all options. Thanks very much.

Karen: With the N'orEaster we are having this weekend I envy you your beautiful Florida weather. We must take advantage of each and every good day we get.

Slavika: I hope all is working out well for your DH. You are in our prayers.

Maria: I'm sure you are having fun playing with your little gd. That is a better activity than playing with your computer. :)


05-07-2005, 03:47 PM
:love: Hi Everybody :)
DH and I have had ourselves some sort of week......we both have colds/coughs, and I have already forgotten when they started, it feels like about 6 months ago. :( A couple of days ago my one eye felt like I had a "cold" in it, but I was also concerned that it was pinkeye. I treated it like it was pinkeye being careful not to spread it around. This morning I tried going to the walk in clinic and found it's closed on Sat and Sun. I went in to see my pharmacist and she didn't think it was pink eye but gave me Polysporin antibiotic to put drops into my eyes. She said if it didn't seem all cleared up to see a doctor on Monday. DH completed the last of his session 3 of chemo on Thursday and once again I have to inject him with the drug "neupogen" for 7 days. He was really exhausted when he finished his treatment this time. When I went out to the drugstore and to the walk-in clinic this morning he went back to bed. He said he so cold and so tired. I have been back a couple of hours now and he is still sleeping. A couple of days ago he had gone out and came back with a lovely bunch of fresh flowers for me with a note saying "thank you for being there for me". I was pleased, but he doesn't often give me flowers unless it's a special day, but he said he was having a bad week and wanted me to know that he appreciates all I do for him. I knew that. :love: :love: This month is filled with doctor appointments, blood tests, and yet another bone marrow biopsy. Maybe at the end of the month we will know whether he will receive a bone marrow transplant. I hope he is a candidate for one and yet I am really scared.
Everybody, Maria sent me a book by Petrea King, called Quest for Life. It is a handbook for people with cancer and other life threatening illness. I have just barely started it, but I am sure I will get lots from the book. Thanks again Maria. :) Little Mattie is of course simply beautiful, and I bet she smells like all new babies do, just wonderful. :)
Gloria I'm glad that your DH is doing ok...hopping along is ok..... :D
Karen I'm glad that things have settled down a little at your place. I think it's so funny when you take a dog for a walk and they have to mark every tree, bush and fence with their scent. I think they are careful to only release a bit at a time so it will last the entire route. hee hee :lol:
Glenda I'm sorry that your makeup did not turn out as you had hoped. I remember one time I had my hair frosted and it cost a considerable amount to get it done, and I couldn't even tell it had been done. When I went back the following week, the hairdresser had to admit it hadn't taken too well, and had to redo it. I hate complaining, but when you are hoping for one look and get another and you have paid for it, I think you certainly have the right to ask her to do it again.
One of you asked if DH had a "port" in his chest for IV. NO...they put one in just above his left wrist, and leave it there for the 4 days of the chemo and then remove it.
Hi to Trudy, Peggy, BJ, Ann and Lily, and hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. Bye for now. :)

Karen L
05-07-2005, 07:53 PM
Good to hear from you. Sorry about the colds and all. Flowers are nice no matter when you get them. Hope hubby is feeling better this afternoon.

I spent the morning with a headache. But wasn't sore like I thought I would be after wacking at the holly bushes. In the light of day they look not too bad but not real good have to use the electric hedger. But have to learn to use it first. This afternoon I worked on some of my boxes that I have painted . Put all the finishing touches on 3 of them and then put 2 coats of varnish. They don't look half bad. Then I was prepareing the next 2 with the sealing coat and then 2 coats of paint. Haven't decided what I will be painting on them but at least they will be ready to go when I decide. Pansies are pretty but boy they are not easy.(I had nightmares about those when I was working on them) Violets sounds like a good one for the box for my Mom. Would like to do Irises but haven't been able to master them. Her name is Irise.

Happy Mother Day to all of you. Hope it is a nice sunny day for all.


05-08-2005, 12:26 PM
Happy Mothers Day to all! My two sweet sons are taking me out for Mexican Food. My favorite. I plan to just pretend I'm not on a diet for this one meal for a change.
Karen, I missed the first part about your boxes. Have you ever watched Donna Dewberry(sp?) do roses? She makes it look so easy! I thought I would paint more again when I retired, but for some reason started a canvas, got half way through and lost interest. I have started quilting the last few years and it seems to take all of my spare time.

Karen L
05-08-2005, 01:09 PM
BJ3 I make an attempt at the one stroke. It ain't as easy a Donna says. But I have fun and I can give them to my family as gifts. And they have to like them! It's the best of both worlds.

We are doing dinner out today also just haven't decided where to go.

Talked to my youngest son and family by web cam this morning and it made the day better. It took us a while to figure it all out but finally got it up and running. At one point DS and I were viewing each other on the computer but talking by phone to get it all going right. We still can't use the hands free just have to push the talk button when we speak. But it was a blast and I got to show them the boxes I've been working on. Can't beleive how much the kids have grown since Christmas when I saw them last. We'll get the hands free figured out later.

Well just checking in Happy Mothers Day all.

05-08-2005, 05:00 PM

It’s been a quiet day today in my neck of the woods but I have heard from all the kids. I even got a phone call from GS#1 who is in CA on a band tour. He started the tour at the beginning of April and it is due be over the end of May. They went West over the Northern tier of states and will wend their way back east through the Southern route. He was in CA and said he had gone swimming in the Pacific Ocean and that it was cold. I told him, of course it was cold…it’s only May and as he was just south of San Francisco what could he expect. It was a surprise phone call because he is not the most communicative of the Gks.

DH ordered me a surprise Lobster dinner (take out). Steamed Lobster, clam chowder and a small order of onion rings. Heaven!!!!! I will sit and surround myself with napkins, paper towels and newspapers and attack the Lobster….I eat every thing,..claws (large & small), tail…..every bite. I have been known to sit and suck on the little claws and pick at the bodies for an hour til the juices run off my elbows.. Of course, then it’s time for a shower.

We have a great fish source and they have fish to make at home and food they cook for take out. The best item I have had is Sea Scallops! They call them ‘dry scallops’. It seems that some stores inject the scallops with water and these have not been. Sauted they come out crisp on the outside and mmm good on the inside instead of steamed because of the excess moisture. Takes three minutes on each side.

Hope you all had a great day!


05-09-2005, 03:42 AM
G'day all,
This is my third try in posting :mad:
Not sure if it is the dial up that I am using(through dh's work) or what but it is VERY frustrating.

It was good to read everyone's posts and that you all had a good Mothers Day.

All is sort of well down this end of the world......

Little Matilda is wonderful but her parents are the problem ;)
Her dad dislocated his finger and then went on to dislocate his AC (shoulder) joint whilst playing football on Saturday. Luckily we were there and dh took him to hospital in our car and I drove ds's car home.
He is in a lot of pain and will be out of action for 6 weeks. It has also thrown their budget, ds gets paid $300 per game of football and of course that stops when he is out injured.
Matilda's Mum has also over done it and is not all that well at the moment. I will go tomorrow to give their house a bit of a spring clean. Matilda coming 3 weeks early didn't give her Mum much of a chance to get the house in order.
Last Wednesday they had 21 visitors :eek:.
Matilda has made her first TV appearance :) and this morning the three of them had a large photo in the paper with an article on d-i-l's intended return to netball and her aim to play in the Commonwealth Games next March.
Luckily Matilda is such a good baby who just eats and sleeps.
Mattie has been given so many clothes but everyone has had the same idea to give her clothes that will fit her a bit later, nothing much in '0000' that would fit her now.

We went for a bike ride this afternoon and stopped off at a travel agent to check on costs etc. for our American and Canadian trip.
From Sydney to Vancouver with our national airline the cost is $4100, the same trip with some Chines airline is $1200.
Lots of research to do!

Not sure when I will be back next.....

Stay happy and well all,


05-09-2005, 12:24 PM
Everyone had a good Mothers' Day. Gloria, I am glad you enjoyed your lobster. I am not a fish fan but might have been if I lived in your neighborhood.

Slavika, I am so glad you posted. Have been thinking a lot about you. Your DH is such a sweetie. I believe being a caretaker during this process is one of the toughest jobs given to anybody. I am glad he realizes how wonderful you are. And we all have our prayers going up that he is a good candidate for a bone marrow transplant. It will all be worth it then.

Maria, you just have to get those kids back in shape! They have a precious little one to think of now! Glad your Dh was there to take care of his kid. Mattie is little to already be in the news!

Karen, glad you go the webcam going. Isn't technology wonderful! My Raleigh is the same way--every blade of grass. And he has to sniff every blade. Makes you wonder about those doggie kisses, doesn't it?

We had a great day. All the kids made it home and we went to church. They haven't all been to our church in years. It was wonderful to show them all off and the boys grew up in that church. At home we barbecued and had mass confusion for awhile. It was great fun and DH and I slept like the dead last night, as you can imagine.

One of my highschool friends died over the weekend in a car crash. She was burned beyond recognition and her son (mentally challenged) is in a burn unit. Her husband two weeks ago was diagnosed with cancer and it is bad. This is just one of the saddest things I can imagine. They have another son who will be responsible for his brother if his brother makes it. Makes you want to drive very, very carefully and hug and kiss your loved ones. Makes my makeup woes seem pretty inconsequential, for sure.

05-09-2005, 01:42 PM
Hi All,

It's fun reading and catching up. Seems like everyone is busy here.

Karen I just heard of tip for hair. If the hair color turns out too dark use Dawn dish detergent on it. Wish I would have known about that on occasion. I bet you are having fun using the web cam. My niece has one and loves it. How are your pansies doing? I thought they didn't like hot weather.

Slavika how sweet of your dh to bring you flowers. I am praying that he can receive a bone marrow transplant.

Maria we pass the grandbaby around too. Everyone wants their chance to hold him. I was sort of like you when they were babies-especially with the first one. My son and dil had to go to the fire dept and have them install the car seat when they brought him home for the hospital. They had to give the hospital a certificate showing that they did that. I remember having the kind that you hooked over the seat. They have a long way since then.

BJ3 how your Mexican food? One of my favorites but I bet what we have here in Ohio isn't really Mexican.

Glenda so sorry you are disappointed in your makeup. Hope you get it done the way you wanted. Was it weird having them work on your eyelids? Did it hurt? That is so sad about your highschool friend and her son. You just never know do you?

Gloria you are lucky to live a place with such great fresh seafood. Your dinner sounds yummy.

I have been busy painting up the big order for my painting lady. She has a couple of shows coming up. Our huge old oak trees are dropping their chenille like stringy things. I have been raking up bags full of them. They are everywhere and manage to find their way in the house on the dog. They clump together like tumbleweed. I often wonder why whoever planted these trees in the yards. We are going to Chicago next weekend for a birthday party for a 2 year old. A good excuse to go somewhere. I hope the weekend is nice. Need to go to ToysrUs for a gift. Not my favorite place to go and I have no idea what to get. They live in an apartment and I don't know what he has. I usually get some kind of book and something else-I will figure it out.

Have a great day.

05-10-2005, 05:29 PM
Hi Everybody :)
Well I see Peggy that you are busy painting again. LOL LOL I remember a few times in distant past where I put in a hair colour and wish I had known about using the dish detergent to lighten it. I have a picture of myself of one of the times, and I looked just terrible. :( :lol:
Gloria I wish I lived near a place where seafood was easy to get. We can buy it here too of course, but it likely costs way more then what you would pay for it and not as fresh. My favorite is King Crab Legs....and I am a mess from my finger tips to my elbows, but I sure enjoy it. I also do a good job of eating every little bit of my lobster. :hun:
Glenda what a sad story about your friend and her son and of course the son that will now be responsible for his brother.
Maria being a new grandmother, you will appreciate this story. My friend's son and dil are having a baby that is due in June. They know that the child is a little boy. On Mother's Day, they gave my friend a very beauitful picture frame designed to hold a little boy's picture, with the poem written on the frame, about snakes, and snails and puppy dog tails and in the frame was a "head shot" of her grandbaby taken by altrasound with this note written on it...."see you soon Grandma". Ahhhhhh :love:
BJ a couple of years ago Trudy and I each made and quilted Christmas Tree skirts. They turned out really nice and we were so pleased. When we mentioned it here on the board all the gals felt that we should make them each one and even commented on how they were watching for the mail to deliver they tree skirts to them. :D :lol: They are still waiting. :D
Ann this line dancing that you do, is that like when you see the people doing the "Boot Scootin Boogie" on T.V. hee hee
DH had to see the doctor today because of his cold/cough and was given antibiotics. The doctor also sent him for a chest x-ray and will phone him with the results. His chest is fairly congested. He didn't want to go to the doctor, so I had to once again threaten his life.......he went. :s:
A sad little story.....
My friend and her husband went to the lake to get things ready for the summer season. When my friend went upstairs to the master bedroom it was just a complete mess, and she just couldn't think right off what could have happened since it didn't apprear that the cottage had been broken into and they do have an alarm system on the doors. She then noticed that there was duck "doo doo" everywhere, on the floor and on the bedspread and that she had stepped on a duck egg when she entered the room. There was another duck egg laying on the bed and the Mama Wood Duck had died and was curled up by the pillow at the head of the bed. For whatever reason, the wood duck had flown straight into one of the bedroom windows and smashed right through it, layed her eggs and because there was a curtain on the window I guess she didn't see a way back out of the room and simply died from lack water/food. :sorry:
Talk to you all soon.

Karen L
05-10-2005, 08:59 PM
The Tree skirt. Yes I am still waiting!

Slavika nice to hear from you. That poor duck! and what a mess for you friend. The picture story was cute.

Talked to my Daughter on Mothers Day and she was having an awful day. First off the neighbor kids put a fire cracker in a railroad tie and it started on fire and was starting to burn towards the woods. So DD and her DH and Kids helped to get the fire out before it could do much damage. KIDS! At least there were smart enough to call for help and not run away.

The her dog had to be put down. Sam(the dog) got bit by a deer tick and got lime(?) disease. And went into kidney failure so had to be put down. She was angry on top of it because the vet they had to take the dog too never listened to them when they told him he needed to test the kidneys. He let it go and the poor dog suffered from Thursday until Sunday. My DD was fit to be tied! The reason DD knew the kidneys needed to be tested was because their regular Vet wasn't able to take the dog but told them it sounded like lime disease and to have the kidneys tested. Mothers DAy was a bust for her. Kids crying, DD crying ,and hubby feeling like crap.

I called my Mom and told her what was going on and she and my Dad went out to comfort the family. Glad they were able to.

Today i got this great telephone from the state of Florida. It is for hearing impared and is great! It has all the bells and whistles. And I can hear so much better on it. I'm excited. Had to plug it in and calll my Mom just to check it out. It works great.

Well NCIS is on need to go.


05-11-2005, 12:49 AM
Tree skirt?????? Someone mention a tree skirt? :)

I dont need one. I had my carpets cleaned and got the third degree. Where my christmas tree goes there is a stain. Its red and green here Why? Dh spilled water Didnt know til I put up the tree skirt. He made me feel really quilty. Like I did something. (Alien hubby shot red green blood every where) LOL Thats how he made it sound. Its like 3 inches

Im sorry Im not here anymore. I do try. But Life is just taking over. I wish I could. I have read and there are so many things I want to say. But alas I need to sleep. Im not getting mail anymore either. So remove me. I havent figured it out yet. Will need to get a new one.

Karen L
05-11-2005, 08:26 AM
Hi Lily, :wave: Sorry your so busy with work and all. Hope with all this you are able to stay on top of your weight. You worked so hard to lose it.

It a little cool outside this morning. Needed a jacketwhen I took Sprout out. (My turn)but it is going to be another beautiful day in Florida. :) Ann does it ever get to be boring having nice weather the biggest share of the time? ;)

Took SIL to the doctor yesterday because she said she was so sick. And the doctor took a sample and tested an no infection? :?: Sent her home. Now I'm waiting to see if SIL is still going to LIKE this doctor any more. She has just about run out here in our town. May have to start working on the next! :shrug: For one sooooooooo sick she can sure put away the groceries. :joker:

Got crafts :D this morning so need to get ready see you all later.


05-11-2005, 11:21 AM
Slavika, that was the saddest little duck story. But I loved the grandchild picture story--See you soon, Grandma! Loved it! Now that you are bringing the tree skirt issue up again, I just wanted you to know that I am still waiting. Do I need to see if the package was lost in the mail??????

Karen, you are lucky that you have part of your family to console the other part when there is a problem. I so understand when you have kids having these kinds of problems, but on Mothers' Day seems doubly worse. At least they got the fire out and so sorry about their dog. I haven't recovered from that trauma yet.

Gloria, we are so blessed when grandkids grow up to be nice people. I got a Mothers' Day card for grandmas at work on Monday from my Josh (15). He is not usually like this either.

Peggy, no, the makeup didn't hurt at all. Many people say it did, so I don't know if I have a high threshhold of pain or if the woman was good or if she didn't do enough to hurt. I am getting better with it--at least now my lips have a pink cast to them, but on June 10th we will do it all again, just a little tweaking on the eyebrows, thicker eyeliner and the lips again. She said the lips usually end up a 2-step process. Hope you enjoy your Chicago trip.

Tonight after work we are meeting my sister (spouse, remember the one who ran away? He is back and sorry), brother and spouse for my brother's 70th birthday. We will meet them in OKC to eat. And then on Friday my two high school friends are coming to my house for the weekend. Hubby is going to OKC to fix things for the kids. He can do anything and his kids can't seem to do much of anything, so this is a good opportunity to get some of the list done.

05-11-2005, 10:17 PM
Hi everyone: Boy the days do fly by. I've been investigating trying to find out how to receive an email notification when someone posts. Still haven't found the solution. Does anyone have the answer?

Slavika: It was good to hear from you. And how nice to get flowers, to say how much you are appreciataed. And yes, that is the kind of line dancing we do. As a matter of fact 'Boot Scootin' Boogie' is one of the ones we know. But we don't have any male dancers. We do learn a lot of different dances, and we have a group that goes out and entertains in Nursing Homes. The residents seem to like the upbeat stuff. It is really good exercise. :dancer:

Glenda: Hope your second try will be more satisfactory. I could get used to permanent lip color. It seems I always either eat is off or lick it off most of the time. Sounds like you had a happy Mothers Day. It is nice when Grandkids come through. Sort of a bonus.

Karen: Glad your Mothers Day was okay. Sorry about your kids and the loss of their dog. Lyme disease can be very bad for humans and animals. Too bad that Vet didn't listen. People know their pets and how they behave. How is SIL now with the new Dr.? Is she a hypochondriac? For the attention? Just wondering, since you do have your share of difficulties with her and meds, and Dr.'s etc. How did your consultation turn out for your DH and the heart procedure? Is it going to be a go sometime in the future?So glad you have the telephone. A big help I'm sure.

Gloria: That seafood meal makes my mouth water. We usually have our share of lobster and all the trimmings when we go north in the summer as DH has a son who is a lobsterman. But since we are not going north this summer we will miss all that good stuff. I really like crab rolls too.

Lily: Good to hear from you and hope your load will lighten up a bit so you can get back to us more often.

Someone asked what I meant about reverse frosting of my hair. I suppose there is another name for it, but that is what I called it. usually frosting adds light streaks to your hair. Now I have lots of gray, so now she adds dark streaks to match my color, so I don't look so gray. I probably will never go completely gray, since my Mother still had lots of dark hair when she died. But I'd just as soon have a little less than I have - hence the dark frosting. Chocolate instead of vanilla:D:

Maria: I'm sure you are very busy helping out now, with all the difficulties, spots injuries, etc. But you will have more chance to bond with little Mattie. She certainly is a cutie. Hope your DS will heal soon. I'm sure he is very frustrated having to be inactive for so long. You will certainly be glad to get back home full time. Would the fare from Australia to somewhere in the states be the same approximate price as going to Vancouver? Or more?

Peggy: You sound busy and 'crafty' as usual. I keep thinking that sometime I am going to get back to painting shirts, or working on a quilt, and the days just go by and I haven't done a thing. I'm feeling very fortunate, since my surgery, DH has taken pity on me and I have a cleaning lady every other week. So wouldn't you think that I could do something creative.:D:;)

Trudy: How are things with you? Hope all is well. Do you and Slavika still get together tor tea? I loved that clever elepahnt and also the skateboarding dog. What fun. I find it hard to understand where the time goes, but I think it is probably because I spend time doing my ancestry search. I still haven't made too much more progress, but it is interesting to keep looking. My fathers family came from Wales, and I have had some luck looking, but what I'd really like to know is if there are any present day descendants still there. I don't really know if my GGrandfather left any brothers or sisters when they came to America. But if I had some distant cousins, it would make it more interesting to travel to Wales and meet them.

It sounds to me like everyone had a nice Mothers day. Me too, had calls from kids, and flowers delivered, went out to a nice dinner, and just generally took it easy. I keep saying that I'm not going to wait so long before I post, and then that resolution just seems to fly out the window. I do read anyway. So - 'see' you soon. Ann

Karen L
05-12-2005, 12:34 AM
Ann, hypochondriac I'm really not sure. She does have difficulties with taking some meds. So part attention getter and and part real and part hypochondriac. It just gets very tiring to hear it all the time. Never a day goes by that something is not quite right with her. In my humble opinion if she would get off her rear end and get out and do something besides go to the doctor some of this would go away. Her days go like this. Get up at 9:00 am eats breakfast. dresses, watches TV. Eats lunch watches TV sometimes she will wash clothes or pull a weed at 1:00pm takes a nap then appears again between 3:30 and 4:00 pm to watch TV and make the salad and set the table. After supper she will dry the dishes and watches more TV, and goes to bed at between 9:00 and 10:00 pm most times it is 9:00pm. I also think she could be clinically depressed. But when you talk to her about it she accuses you of saying she is crazy. Most of the time I try not to let it get to me. DH however won't let her off the hook that easy. He will grill her about why she doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything. She is always very defensive and blams it all on how unwell she is. So then what do you do? She says she can't vaccum because of a shoulder problem but yet she will push furniture around in her room. She can't walk because she is too sick. I was a tad upset the first time I found out she was moving furniture but couldn't vaccum? It was like give me a break!

You know think I gave you more than you asked for . The answer is : So part attention getter , part real and part hypochondriac. Sorry for the ramble.


05-12-2005, 10:54 AM
Glenda: Great courage to go for make up tattoo. It would be great for me as my eyebrows leave something to be desired. :lol:

Karen: It is most difficult to have someone living in your home and especially one who is trying for sympathy. We had MIL with us for 7 years and she had althiemerz but that was different as she was old and I could excuse her when she didn't cooperate.

Ann: I guess I am 'lucky' I don't have to have reverse frosting. My hair is sort of salt and pepper and I have a dark streak about where my widow's peak is. When I was younger my hair was all dark except for a white streak in about the same place. Since DH likes my hair the way it is, it matches his, I guess I will leave it.

Tonight DH and I will be going to the 40th Anniversary of my previous employment. It is a non profit company that services the disabled. At one time it was called a Sheltered Workshop but things have changed and now most of the clients work out of the building in the regular population....baggers in the supermarkets, dishwashers, and cleaners in all the Government buildings in Boston. I worked there for 10 years and it was a wonderful and enlightening experience. I was receptionist/switchboard operator/clerk. The difference between my previous retail exerience and this job was like night and day. The people were laid back, friendly and so cool.
The company has an annual fund raiser and award night and this year has combined it with their 40th Anniv. It is very expensive to go to this event but I was given a complementary ticket and DH got a discounted ticket so we are able to go. Should be interesting and I am sure that most of the clients will remember me by name and I have a hard time remembering my DH's name.
When I say disabled population I am referring to adults (over 22). Some are Down Syndrome and others have either physical or mental disabilities or delayed development of some sort. They are the most loving and outgoing people and I really learned a lot working there.


05-12-2005, 11:34 AM
Karen, don't look now, but your halo is glowing! You rant and ramble anytime you wish. I can sort of see why she doesn't get along with her own family. She definitely sounds depressed, but if she won't help herself? What to do, what to do! Maybe just leave her to her own devices, but you and all of us know that if we lived that kind of life for more than a week, we would all be depressed. I have to DO something to be happy. Just walk around the neighborhood helps. But again, if someone doesn't want to do it, I don't know how you can make them. I never had that much luck "making" my kids do anything, let alone a grown up woman.

Ann, your life just sounds full and busy and when you get to the point of wanting to do something creative besides arranging musical shows, songs, etc. Good for your hubby, getting you a housekeeper. Time to enjoy, not work. Just like Slavika, sometimes you just need help.

Highschool friend's funeral is today. I am not going but the two friends from El Reno who are coming to visit this weekend will be going. They both said they need this weekend really bad. I told them that I will not be cooking, but the refrigerator will be full of treats, liquid and other. We all just need to laugh and perhaps cry together.

Hope the day is going well.

05-12-2005, 09:19 PM
G'day all,

I won't even attempt to address some of the issues mentioned in the many posts that were here this morning when I got a chance to log in other than to say it was lovely to read all the posts, sad about some of the sad things that were posted but generally it sounds like everyone is well.

I took dh to the airport this morning and I am now home for a week before returning to Sydney myself for our last month there.
It will be good to spend some time on my own and do what I want to do ;) I have an appointment with my cancer specialist on the 19th, I am sure all is well but it will be nice to get that clean slate again.
It has been very busy, Matty is just gorgeous. My d-i-l has been in the news a lot (and little Matty) mainly because there has been a lot of discussion about how succesful athletes manage their comeback when they become mothers. I have to say I find it all a bit over the top and was very upset earlier this week and as everyone else has a vent now and again, I will share why.
Our daughter send a parcel with some home made little rugs, a tiny little dressing-gown which has been very popular with other new mothers (she spend a full day making it) and another couple of outfits. On Tuesday I spent the day cleaning ds and d-i-l's home. D-i-l and Matty were gone a lot of the time with media commitments however all in all, I was pleased that I had offered to give them a hand with getting the place back in order.
That night when I came home our daughter rang from Melbourne and asked what I thought of the 'famous' dressing gown and the other gifts. I had to tell her that it wasn't mentioned. She was very hurt, she said she had rung them herself the night before and SHE had to ask them if they had received the parcel. We had a long discussion about our son and d-i-l and we basically have come to the conclusion that they are very spoilt, they have been put on a pedestal by many people because of their successful sporting achievements etc. and have the one focus....their sport.
DS rang that night to tell me how sparkling the house was and he thanked me. I am not one to hold back and told him how disappointed I was that our daughters parcel was not mentioned or shown to me.
I know neither of them would have meant any of this in a mean way, they just do not think like my dd and myself do.
I was then worried that I had said too much but yesterday d-i-l rang to ask if I could look after Matty next Wednesday whilst she goes to the hairdresser, nothing was mentioned about the parcel of our daughter and I was pleased about that. My d-i-l always says that she likes my honesty and that she knows where she stands so hopefully she has taken it all on board in the way it was meant.
DS's shoulder is still pretty bad but there is little I can do about that.
So that is my little rant, I am over it now :dizzy:

Ann mentioned about our trip to America.....things are not going well there either :mad: :mad: It is becoming unbelievably expensive, like around $55000 :eek: Once we are set up again computer wise we will see how we can reduce that cost.
re how to get email notification stop looking.......
I have attached a little picture of where you go to receive email notification of new posts.
It basically is below where you write your post, I hope it makes sense.

Well I haven't been here for a while but I have certainly made up for it with this rambling post:rolleyes:

Stay happy and well all......


Karen L
05-12-2005, 10:44 PM
Good to see you . Glad you will have some time to yourself for a while before it is back to the traveling. :D $55000 is a lot of cash! :eek: Hope you can trim it down some. Hope all goes well with your Doctors appointment.

My Dad had another session of chemo today. so called to see how he was doing. So far so good. Just a little tired. He got along real good after last weeks session. He had one more to go before he is off for 3 weeks.

Just checking in for the night. I'll be back tomorrow.


05-13-2005, 12:12 AM
Hi Everyone; Just a quick report on a great 'Girls 'day I had today. Four of us went over to Orlando to visit the hotel Gaylord Palms. There is only one other in Nashville. It is a most amazing place with a gigantic covered atrium and they say the hotel and the whole area covers more than 4 acres. It is hard to describe, except to say that it is full of lovely plantings, and a stream and waterfall, with coy fish, great restaurants, etc. Very POSH!! We saw a flyer when we had lunch saying they were having special family package for a weekend at $209 per night. WOW!! That is a special? We did eat lunch and it was a great buffet - everything you could imagine, and today was Greek day so all the dishes were Greek type. Then of course we had to go to some outlet stores, where prices are more in our range. All in all, a fun day.

Slavika: Loved the photos. When are they going to be coming to Orlando?

Maria: I certainly hope that you can knock down the cost of your dream trip. Of course maybe you might win the lottery and then you wouldn't have to worry at all.:D: ;)

Karen: Rant anytime you want. With your SIL behaving as she is, you deserve a place to rant a bit. Glad you have Sprout to get you out of the house for a walk and fresh air. Guess your DH can 'talk turkey' to his sister, as he spent his early years with her and must have an idea of sorts of what makes her tick.

Hi everyone. Hope you are having good days. Happy weekend. Ann or otherwise known as Zippy Applebiscuits.

05-13-2005, 01:07 AM
Im sorry but I just dont get here as I should. My email isnt working either, Please delete me from emails as I cant get them. Dont know what is wrong. Gonna have to find a new one. Right now I dont have the time to deal with it. So I really would appreciate it if you delete me from your address book.

Im so sorry Im not keeping up, But I dont know what else to do at this point. Please dont email me as I wont get them. I will still post when I can. But it will be rare when I do.
Love you all! But Im just not here

05-13-2005, 08:24 AM
Lily: So sorry that you are having email trouble. Hope you will let us know when things get straightened out.

If you want to get a look at the Gaylord Palms go here www.GaylordPalms.com I wasn't sure of the address, but I put it into my search and that is what appeared. There is a map of the whole place, as well as links to check room, different areas in the hotel, etc. So give it a try, ig you are interested. Ann

05-13-2005, 11:38 AM
Ann, I am so impressed that I know someone who has had lunch at the Gaylord Palms! Wow, what a place! Makes Mazzio's look pretty bad. Glad you had a good time with the girls.

I am having two of my best friends to my house today and tomorrow. I am getting off at noon and they should be there about then. My DH is leaving then. I have tried not to get crazy with the house, but I do think it is cleaner than it has been in a long while. We all just want to laugh and talk and probably cry. You know, when you have a long history with somebody, we all knew each others' parents, siblings, etc. We just know everything about each other and can laugh and cry at the drop of a hat. So looking forward to this weekend.

Maria, I don't have any daughters, but I know from myself that daughters who marry and sons who marry are just almost a different species. Sons tend to go the way of their wives. That old saw, "A daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life; a son is a son until he takes a wife" is not completely true, but I do know that my wonderful DIL's are just a little different from daughters. I am glad you can tell your son something and he takes it to heart. With my sons, their wives have made them more thoughtful. If I want to get something across to one of my sons, it is best if I approach the son, not the wife. I mainly keep my mouth shut and it isn't easy at times. This is another famous "Glenda ramble," or Crusty Applenose ramble.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

05-13-2005, 07:45 PM
Hi: Gals I don't know when I have any better laughs than at our goofy names. I guess the friend who sent it to me knew that I was just 'kid' enough to get a big laugh out of it. I think we all have some very unique names.

As you can tell, lunch at the Gaylord Palms is not an everyday event. We we did have a good time. It is a buffet, but the waiter hovered, filled the water glasses, took away the plates and replaced the tableware each time. I'm used to the places where you hang onto your fork if you want to go back for seconds.:D: He even folded the napkin each time you left the table. (Of course, I should say serviette) ;) I we didn't h ave to remind him that we had decided to have coffee with our dessert.

And I know what you mean about daughters. The relationship with them grows and grows. I used to have great times with just the three of us as they were in H.S. and I'm looking forward to a time when just the 3 of us can have a time together once again

I think our most exciting happening now, is that we had a fellow come and place some very sturdy tie-downs on the outside of our home, anticipating the up-coming hurricane season. I surely hope we won't have to find out if they work. But it seems as if they should.

. Hope everyone has a good weekend. We are going to have some nice weather.

Hi all. Zippy(Ann)Apple Biscuits.

05-13-2005, 08:23 PM
No matter what way I did my name it always referred to my butt. :lol: It was fun Ann. It seems you have one of the nicer names..
Lily It pained me to remove your addy from the list. I hope that you are able to get everything straightened out and come back. I will look forward to your posting with us when you are able.
Slavika the dance picture was just beautiful. DIL and Princess looked great. Loved the costumes. Must admit that I don't know many Shania Twain songs and will have to listen for "Up". It would be great if you and DH were able to go to Orlando and see the contest in person.
Maria it is always hard to keep quiet at the appropriate times. I am sure your DIL loved the things your DS made. Some people find it hard to show how they feel about things.
Glenda When do you go back for the touch-up? Have fun with your girlfriends. There is nothing like old friends laughing and crying together.
Karen I really don't know how you manage your SIL at all. You must have all the patience in the world. At some point you would think she would listen and make an effort.
Gloria Did you have fun at your 40th anniversary party? I am sure you hooked up with old friends and had a great time.

Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday as she spoke about her weight loss? I couldn't exercise vigorously 8 times a week. To me that seemed unreasonable. It would be very hard to keep that up for the rest of your life.

Have a great weekend all...

05-13-2005, 10:17 PM
On to the new tread.......


05-13-2005, 10:23 PM
Trudy: I agree. I think any weight loss program has to be something one can live with for the rest of their lives. Vigorous Exercise 8 times a week.:yikes: That means twice in one day. Nope, that is far too much. But I suppose if you have Oprahs money you can pay for any sort of exercise, whenever. And then what happens to her as she gets older and can't physically do all that exercise? Oh well. Oh Well. Ann (Zippy)