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05-27-2001, 09:55 AM
Good Morning all-
Looks like I am the first one up this am. I wish my kid knew what sleep was. Oh well.....I should be use to this by now.

Okay so the weatherman can keep his job. It is raining. I was suppose to rain Fri and Sat and didn't. But he called this one right. Which is okay I have stuff to still do and really plan on just relaxing while I am getting the stuff done.

I am having an egg salad sandwich for breakfast today. I just really wanted one.

Great Job HF for sticking with the program this week. For me journaling works best, and some planning. I can't plan to much cause then I feel restricted. But I just make sure I have some decent stuff in this house.

Hey did you guys hear we are getting Tax Refund checks because of the Tax Cut Bush made!!! So maybe he is not so bad after all. :smile


05-27-2001, 11:46 AM
Good morning everyone.

I counted all my points yesterday and came up with 31. I know it's four points over my limit, but for now, it's progress. I'm going to a graduation party this afternoon and will skip the beer and wine. I have to quit snacking and eating without thinking. My goal for the party is to eat in moderation.

05-27-2001, 02:19 PM
Sonya...I've been having a tough time these past few days keeping it under points, too. I've managed to eat my maximum and not go over, but I've been incredibly hungry later on. I need to go to the store and get some carrots and celery and veggies like that to snack on.

What worries me is that I always do well for a week or two, but then backslide in a big way. I'm kinda hoping that the fact I paid for 10 weeks of WW up front will help to keep me honest.


05-28-2001, 09:17 AM
Hello everyone!!!!
A big hello to the new posters!!!!My name is Vicki and I have been on a 2 week honeymoon all over Europe..We got home last night and I am already having croissant withdrawals!!!!!I really ate junk and more junk--the Belgium dark chocolate is a killer--esp since it is PMS time this week!!!!!I didn't gain anything but I feel yuck cuz of the unhealthy eating..I guess the walking is what saved my butt literally!!!:D:D

Married life is great-I was not ready to share him with the family yet but it was great to hear--momma, momma from the 4y/o when we got home last night!!!!Well Lauren--I am with U but unfortunately the honeymoon was not successful in the baby department!!!Hey--I am not complaining-the practice is pretty darn fun!!!!*L*
We toured Paris, then Lucern,Switzerland, Austria, Munich, Germany, Brugge,Belgium then London...England is a town with soo much history and things to see that the trip should have been a month!!We took 24 rolls of film plus 300 digital pics!!!hehehe Off to work soon to get money to develope!!!

I am starting the diet again--on to the running again..I want to be in top form for pregnancy when that is a reality!!!!
Off to open presents, send thank yous, start moving in Refmans house etc etc!!!
We are having vacation again in July to meet his family up in Houghton, Mich soo I want to be back to me again by then!!!!!
Hello all!!!!

05-28-2001, 11:49 AM
Well it is good to have you back. Can't wait to see your pictures. And here more about your trip.

When you go to MI if you come through WI let me know. At least it will be warm here. Oh wait July....should be HOT!!!!!

Oh my you will be pregnant before you know it. You will be a great mom.

I bought a pair of pants on clearence for 3 bucks. They were to small, but I thought the well I will lose weight and get into them. Well I SURE DID!! In fact I want to go buy a pair of shoes for them today so I can wear them tomorrow!!! I am still smiling on that one.

Going to be watching my b-ball game later and have a few cold ones. But must go to work tomorrow.

LBH: Looks like the trash will be gone sooner than I think. Yes that is me you hear yelling HOT DAM!!!!

have a great day all

Vicki-you know who I am, I just had to change my name cause of junk that happened here.

05-28-2001, 12:29 PM
Hi to Vicki - nice to "meet" you! Congratulations on the wedding. I know what you mean about wanting to be skinny (or at least healthy) before you get pregnant. I feel exactly the same way. I really want to have children but I refuse to start off pregnant at this weight (also my husband's in no particular hurray but that's another story for another time). So I continue my journey to good health.

Going to the gym today and I'm trying to do that at least three times a week and then add to that once or twice exercising at home. We'll see.

It's not a holiday here so I'm at work and I'm hungry!! We had our holiday last Monday.

An eggsalad sandwich sounds great right now. Maybe I'll have a bowl of cereal before the gym. I need something since I end up having lunch so late when I go to the gym.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their holiday.


05-28-2001, 04:43 PM
Hello again!!!!
I am bored cuz there is no museum to visit or underground tube station to travel!!!!!

Pryia---as a matter of fact--we have a layover in Wi to get to the UP!!!I think it is the third week of July....Glad to see U posting again!!!!How is the rollerblading??????

Elisa--nice to "meet U also"..I have been chatting on this thread for 2 yrs now...I started at 150lbs and have maintained 105-112 for the last year...It is harder now after meeting and marrying Mr Right that has 2 children..I cook healthy-don't do meat or fried foods but sometimes the chocolate(his favorite)is a problem...

It was funny cuz Refman eats alot and has this great metabolism going on...He is soo good to me cuz he brought his little protein bars everywhere and we didnt go out to eat all the time.

My goals for the week are to get back into the healthclub and work out again!!!!I must start being that roadrunner or will have to change my name to bedlayer!!!!!!!!
have a great holiday everyone!!!!!

05-28-2001, 06:53 PM
I am need of some serious motivation. I haven't been exercising or watching my diet very well. Work has been busy, which is not a very good excuse. I know what I should be doing, but just don't seem to be doing it. I'm frustrated with myself.
I tried to order the WW at home package, but they won't sell it if there are active weight watchers groups in your community. My problem (or my excuse) is that I don't really like the leader of the groups in my community, which makes it hard to go to meetings. I guess I just need to suck it up and getback to it. I have been trying to tell myself that I can just do this myself without any outside supprt, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Anyway, sorry for the depressing post. My goal for the week is to have something positive to say about my progress next week.

05-28-2001, 08:05 PM
hi all.:) Boy there were so many posts to catch up on. I forgot to post my mileage but I am am 335 miles. I've been doing fine this week since that bad weigh in so I hope the loss will be there this week.

Jennelle - wow!! 6.5 pounds is absolutely incredible. You must be flying high.:D

Sonya - I'll bet that road trip was loads of fun! You're so right about thinking long term. I tell myself that. Hope your party went well.

Elisa - congrats on doing well. I just recently broke my habit (2 wks ago) of weighing everyday and I think it is good for me. I always wonder what the leaders think too when they look back at my ups and downs. I know I should just focus on what I think . . .

happy - I really enjoyed your post. Skinny cows have saved me too - I have one about every night. I've only had chocolate and vanilla - there are no other flavors here yet.

Pryia - can't believe you don't like chocoate! Congrats on the pants fitting.

RR - welcome home! Sounds like a fab honeymoon!

gotta run. Rabbit

05-28-2001, 08:45 PM
Well I did make it to the gym and I love it there - I'm still just afraid to sign up for the year, which I have to when my trial month is over. I'm sure I'm going to do it but I'm just afraid since it's quite expensive.

Rabbit - I don't know if I'll ever break the "daily weighing" habit but mostly for me I think it's okay. I'm the kind of person that stays away from the scale when I think it's going to be bad news and then the 2 lbs turns to 5 which turns to 10 and so on. This has happened to me before and since I gain weight so easily I'm afraid that I'll keep gaining weight. Anyway, it might not be perfect but for now it works for me.

Vicki - It's nice to hear of someone who still visits here and posts all the time when you're so thin. It's motivating to hear what you've accomplished. Did you follow WW or any particular plan? My first goal is 145 lbs. but if/when I get there I dream of being 125 lbs. I just don't know if it's practical. But one step at a time.

Shauan - We all know that "downer" feel we get sometimes and it usually passes. Doing something, anything at all helps. Don't try to do it all at once if you think that's too much. Do your walking or whatever you need to start and feel like you're in control and then what I find is after I'm doing one thing, I think to myself well if I just did this too then I'd probably lose weight. I started by going back to the gym and then started tracking my points again and this all helped me eat sensibly. Anyway good luck, you'll feel better soon.


05-29-2001, 12:26 AM
Okay my team lost----But I still LOVE my boys And come Wed. we will take them in Philly!

Did not do much....finished cleaning up. You can all come visit now. Cleaned out some old clothes and trashed them. Went to a friends and had some Awesome lasngna and watched the game. But back to work tomorrow. YEAH!

Not going to work tomorrow. I have a lunch date so I will try and get there sometime this week.

The kids in the neighborhood are at it again. The cops are looking for someone. I heard them (kids) come through here and the cops whipped in here next. Oh it is going to be a fun summer. But at least my boy is asleep in his bed.

Have a good one!!!


05-29-2001, 11:41 AM
Good morning everyone! :wave:

Why is it that the Tuesday after a holiday always feels worse than had we just went to work on Monday???? WHY??? :rolleyes:

Well, the eating is still off (is "off" what you call the consumption of a bag of peanut butter M&M's????). Ug, I've got to get this back on track. I know what I'm doing - I'm totally eating the stress of everything going on with my house! And everything's going just like clockwork - so WHY am I so stressed?????? Another mystery of life.... I just keep telling myself when I have a mortgage I won't be able to afford to go the the store and blow $50 on junk. Someone direct me to the closest chocoholics anonymous, please.

As for the house - I'm getting my septic test holes dug today, then I have to have the county come out to do the perk test. This week I've got to go to the ranch house to pay my first dues, get my address sign put up and let someone know that there will be someone living on that patch of dirt in a couple months. I spent 2 hours Friday and 3 1/2 hours Saturday cleaning, leveling, de-rocking and grading my driveway and home site. It's just about ready for the foundation now. :spin:

RR - Welcome home!!! Can't wait to see some pictures!

Guess that's it for now! Have an awesome week everyone!!


05-29-2001, 12:04 PM
everyone, hope you all had a good weekend and a special welcome to Road Runner - hope you had a lovely wedding and honeymoon.

Well I blew my MD goal, ended up 2.5lbs heavier, but am pleased to report that I weighed in today and lost the 2.5lbs. So I am up for the July 4th goal.

Been having a really bad time recently trying to stay on program and I made some really bad choices and those Paprika Pringles really should be classed as a Class A drug :lol:

But as everyone keeps on saying, I didn't put the weight on overnight, so I can't expect to take if off overnight. But getting on the scales last week gave me the reality kick up the butt I needed.

Anway, enough rambling for now - c u later :D

Legal Eagle
05-29-2001, 12:56 PM
Vicki - glad to hear you had such a wonderful time!

Lauren - actually, the truck is only a 2WD...but the Jeep is what we go 4X4 in :D

Jennelle - congrats on the 6.5#!!

Dani - Hang in there chick!

Well my eating was not perfect this weekend, but not too too horrid. I got my 8 mile walks in on Sat & Sun so don't think I did any lasting damage weight-wise.

I also spent several hours both those days whacking away with hedge clippers. We've been trying to get our yard into shape. Let me tell you that Vinca Major and Hosta are both great ground covers, but BOY do you have to keep them under control! Because the previous owners of our house rented it to someone for a while before we bought it, it's probably been almost 2 years since anyone's really done anything to our yard. And the previous owners planted a lot of stuff it's just all overgrown now. Of course I don't know what half of it is...this year we're just trying to control and watch what grows or blooms and then next year we'll try to actually start making it look like we want it. We've got a friend coming over Sat. that knows a lot about plants, so he's going to get dragged around the yard to ID a lot of this stuff.

Anyway, that's about it for me at the moment.

Have a great day all!


05-29-2001, 01:02 PM
BFB...that was so funny what you said about the Paprika Pringles! :lol: True, too!! I was looking at the 4th of July goals, and it looks like we are right around the same weight and have right around the same goal.

Shauna...I also am not a big fan of the WW leaders in my area. They're much, much older than I am, and most of the people who are in WW are much, much older as well. (I'll be 34 in a few weeks.) I went ahead and rejoined anyway, though. I go for the weigh in and to get my new materials for the week and don't stay for the meetings. I find my motivation and support through boards like these. (I also paid for ten weeks in advance, so that's a little motivation as well. :))

Roadrunner...Are you actually a "road runner?" I would like to be a good runner, but I suck at it. I ran two miles a day after I graduated from boot camp (many moons ago!!) but didn't keep it up (I'm kicking myself now!) My biggest problem is pacing. I generally don't like to run with a Walkman, but I went ahead and ordered some pacing tapes in the hopes that they'll help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :^:

218.5/212/207(bday)/203 (7-4)/148

05-29-2001, 01:33 PM
hi all. Just checking in. Sure doesn't seem like Tuesday - I'll probably be off track all week! But tonight is Yoga and I must remember that!

elisa - I totally understand the fear of the gym sign-up. It is so expensive and you don't want to waste that money. I've done that before. But this time I go atleast 5 days/week so it has been totally worth it for me. Good luck on making the decision.:)

BFB - wow girl!! Hooray for the loss!!

gotta run. Rabbit

05-29-2001, 08:10 PM
Hello all!!!!

First time back at work in 3 weeks and I am pooped!!!!

Jennelle-I used to run more than I do now..but I will be back soon at it....I do the treadmill on a regular basis but the road is soo much better cuz U see alot more..Start off slow---don't go too fast or U will burn out!!!

BFB-I ate the paprika pringles and I have to agree with U!!!!!!That was the weakness in London-don't have them here!!!!

Legal--Yard work is a bummer!!!!!I pay someone and when I rent my house will be done with that!!!

Well off to cook for the family!!!!Eurostar take me away again!!!!:D:D:D

05-29-2001, 08:46 PM
Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!!!

We were all dragging at work but the day did go really fast. YEAH!!!! I got to wear my pant today that I found out fit this weekend so I was feeling great.

My "date" cancelled so I ran to weigh in. I lost 5.6 this week. For a total of 22.4 ( I am starting my 7th week). I am only .6 away from that KEYCHAIN and it is mine next week. I want that darn thing so bad. To be honest I can not believe how this stuff has been falling off of me. Although I am about to hit the virgin fat and I am sure it is not going to as willing to go as the other stuff.

Going to make some tuna salad for lunch tomorrow. I figure I have all the stuff, why not whip some up. Besides it is so much easier to bag my lunch than to buy it out. Casuse then I have to decide what I want and to be honest some days I am clueless.

Busy week for me. Have 3 baseball games for the kid. Have to run him to have lab work done. So I am glad my house is in order, cause after dinner and dishes I may just collaspe on the couch.

Hope you all had a good day!!

P :p

05-30-2001, 12:26 AM
Hey while I was in my cleaning mode. I found some extra Winning Points books.

I have Week 1-Getting Started
Week 2-What's your style
Week 4-Get moving
Week 6-The Right Mix

And the welcome book.

You can have them. Just PM me your address and I will send them out. IF you have an old points finder just don't take the Fiber past 4 and you are fine.

I am not going to use these as I have another set from when I rejoined. So if you don't take them, I will just throw them out.

Let me know if you want these. Cause they are just taking up space and I am more than happy to send them your way.

Okay I see we are all still on Holiday!!! IT is over---time to post again. The bad thing about holidays is I miss you guys so much during them. Hope you all had a good day. I sure did and tomorrow can only be better. But I had better head to bed or I will be dragging in the morning.

05-30-2001, 12:35 PM
:spin:Woo-Hoo Pryia!!!!:spin: 5.6 lbs. is INCREDIBLE, especially in your seventh week! Do you realize you're losing an average of 3.73 pounds per week? Keep this up and you'll be at goal in no time!!

Jennelle :D

05-30-2001, 12:43 PM

Just wanted to see how everyone was doing since this board is so quiet.

I've been pretty good with the eating lately (not perfect but not bad) Writing things down really helps keep me in line so I made a spreadsheet file in Excel to record my points. I've also been working out about 4 times a week so I can't complain. I only got my new scale this weekend so I won't know until next Monday if I've lost anything but even a pound would make me happy since I don't feel like I'm "dieting" just making good choices.

If anyone has any new products or recipes they've found please feel free to share them. I'm always looking for new snack or meal ideas and any inspirations help.


05-30-2001, 01:02 PM
hello! Today I am feeling bloated again - like last week. Was is it with me and Wednesdays and bloating? It better be gone tomorrow! I'll have to check and see what I ate on the past 2 Tuesdays. If I gain tomorrow I will cry.:cry:

RR - I'm sure running on the road is a lot more interesting than the treadmill. I know I really enjoy my walks outside better.

Pryia - my gosh you are on fire! :smoking: I don't know what else to say, you are just amazing.

Elisa - it sounds like you are doing marvelous. Hope the scales reflect it for you next Monday.

have a good one all - Rabbit

05-30-2001, 02:33 PM
Rabbit, drink a bunch of water today and maybe add some fresh lemon. That really helps dump some water out of your system and you'll feel less bloated.

05-30-2001, 05:03 PM
IT is sooo hot here that it makes excercise outside impossible!!!!!I still feel really tired..hmmmm 2 weeks of running around. a little jetlagg, long work days and Aunt Flo sure wipes a person out!!

Pryia--Congrats!!!!U will get that keyring soon if that loss keeps up!!!!

Rabbit-I said today I thought I had more fluid than usual.Couldn't even get my ring on this morning until after 10o"clock...Too strange!!!!I think the water helped!!!

Elisa--Writing down food and points is the only way I ever could do it..I still have WW point days a couple times a week to monitor little weight increases.

I added Mr Hubby to the healthclub...I went today to the co-ed one and hated it..I will stick with the ladies only gym!!!
My photographer said the pics were almost done soo I will post one when he gets them to me!!

Lauren-Where are the other pics???Did I miss them while being away??

Have a great one all!!!Off to complete the thankyou notes!!!!

05-31-2001, 05:18 AM
Morning ladies

Well today I am gonna go out and abuse my credit card, just because I can. I am also gonna book some inline skating lessons, hubby and I bought some skates and we were trying to teach ourselves, but we are cr*p, so I have decided that while the weather is great some outdoor activity will help trim my thighs :lol:

I have been fairly good about writing down and sticking to all my points, with the exception of yesterday evening, when hubby came in with chinese, I was quite restrained though, I had chicken/sweetcorn soup and a tablespoon of chili beef and about 4 prawn crackers - in a previous life form I would have chowed down on a carton of rice and chili beef and still have hunted around for something else.

Take care - see you all later :D

05-31-2001, 12:47 PM
OK. Hopefully the water weight is gone today since I weigh in tonight. I was under points everyday except one day when I went 4 over. But I more than made up for it. Loss here I come!!:D

Sonya - It seems like when you're bloated you shouldn't, but I knew better, so I did drink a bunch of water yesterday. Last night I had shrimp and linguine that had soy sauce in it - hope that wasn't a mistake!

RR - can't believe it is sooo hot there as you said. It's cool in the midwest - so far anyway.

BFB - I'm sure inline skating will be fun and such good exercise!:)

Wish me luck - gotta run - Rabbit

05-31-2001, 08:40 PM
I am so tired. I could crawl in bed right now. But not happening. Just glad I don't have to do anything tonight but veg.

I blew my points today. I am over by about 8 but not going to worry. I can make those up before weigh in. I do need to get more excerise in. The weather has been just gross here. I swear I am still wearing my winter PJ's.

Oh I love to rollerblade. I will start again once it figures out to stay nice out and not RAIN!!!!!

I am off work tomorrow and have tons of stuff to do. Plus we have freezing baseball tomorrow. Oh and the Bucks play again. But if they do what they did last night. My basketball is over for the season.

Have a great night!!!!!

06-01-2001, 11:40 AM
Pryia - it has been very rainy here too. But I think we are supposed to have a nice weekend.

I had weigh in last night and lost 3/4. Was hoping for more but a loss is always a celebration.

have a great weekend all.


06-01-2001, 01:12 PM
Rabbit...a long time ago, one of my WW leaders would remind us that even a 1/4 lb. is the equivalent of a stick of butter off your thighs. You're doing great...a loss is a loss! :)

I weighed in this morning and am down another 1.5 lbs. WOO-HOO!! :D


06-01-2001, 05:57 PM
Hi everyone!
It has been really hot here in Arizona, which of course is the norm in this state! :cool: I have been walking at night when the temp has dropped, of course my dog never complains. Anyway I thought I would just check in, hope everyone has on o.p day, and drink lots of water. :D

06-04-2001, 12:22 PM
hi all. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Tried to get on here yesterday to update mileage but they were updating. Anyway, I'm at 355 miles.

Jennelle - congrats on your loss!


PS - doing great this week. Hoping for that loss again.

06-04-2001, 01:50 PM
Hi All,

I have been MIA all last week because I was busy, but also because I was bad. I have new found motivation though, and DH and I talked this weekend, and he is really gonna try and help me out. I am going to rejoin WW tonight. I'm hoping that since now I'm in a new area, maybe I will be able to find a good leader that I like and can relate to. I would like to WI in the AM, so I am going to try and go on Saturday, and see what the leader's like then, but I need to join today, while the motivation is still there!

I did not WI this AM, I'm going to just see what happens tonight. I know it's gonna be more than what I think, because I usually WI first thing in the AM, naked!

Anyway, gotta run, hope all is well with everyone...will have to come back when i have time and check out the new features!

06-04-2001, 02:34 PM
Pryia - I was watching the basketball game last night and I thought of you - sorry about the loss!

Lauren - nice to hear you're back - I miss reading your food journals - they help give me ideas. Hope your motivation keeps up and I hope you get back on track. Sometimes it's hard to post when you're feeling like you've done so bad but that's often the best time so you can get some motivation from your friends.

Well I didn't have the best week. I weighed myself this morning and I was UP 2.5 lbs!!! Doesn't that just suck. I'd been really good with the exercise and not bad with the food - until the weekend. Friday night I had a pastrami sandwich (yum) with fries (oops) and Saturday night I was hanging with some girlfriends and we ordered Chinese Food - very yum but very bad. So I'm trying to not let it get me down too bad because I know that that will just make me give up, eat more and make the whole thing worse. My last bit of hope is that the food I ate was so salty that maybe only part of the gain was fat and part was water??? I don't really know though.

Congratulations to everyone who had a loss or maintained - that's an accomplishment too.

Here's to a good week!!


06-04-2001, 03:13 PM
Hey Elisa- Consider most, if not all, of your 2.5 gain water!! I've done that before, if I have chinese food, it's gotta be right after WI...no more than a day or two after WI, this way I have a good 4-5 days to wash it all out!! Thanks for the good thoughts! ;)

06-04-2001, 05:13 PM
where is everybody?

06-04-2001, 05:32 PM
I'm here! :)

Elisa...I'm sure most of your weight gain is water. Chinese food is loaded with sodium! I usually can't get my rings off the morning after I eat Chinese food.

I'm doing well with my exercise. I've been running a lot more lately. I usually go to a running trail about 10 mins. from the house. It's .6 of a mile (1 K). At the end of last year, I'd worked up to two full laps. Then winter hit and it was too cold and I "mysteriously":o gained 40 pounds in six months. So, I'm working my way back up in mileage again. I ran almost an entire lap last night. Either way, I always warm up with a walk around the track and I always cool down with a walk on the trail, so I always get in 1.5 miles.

I see you guys keep track of mileage. Is that from the beginning of the year?


06-04-2001, 06:44 PM
Let's start a new thread!!!!!!!