100 lb. Club - (OT) My baby's having his surgery tomorrow

05-04-2005, 06:11 PM
I've been planning and preparing for William having tubes put in Since January. Now that it's time, I'm starting to worry. I've been cool with it and all and now it's scary thinking he's going to have to go under anisthetic to have them put in. I know that it is for the best for his health but it is still worrisome. We are supposed to be at the hospital at 8:30 in the morning and the surgery is scheduled for 9:30

JKFLA (Shelly) This is the main hospital in your town. :)

You might keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of days. I probably won't be able to post anything until Friday.

05-04-2005, 06:34 PM
I will be thinking of your & your family tomorrow & sending up a prayer or two. :grouphug: I am sure everything will be fine, but it's scary when they're so little. Thank you for letting us know you'd be MIA ahead of time. :)

05-04-2005, 06:54 PM
Yes, will be sending lots of good vibes your way for the whole family. Don't worry, it'll all go well and the little guy will be so much better off. Let us know how it all goes and we look forward to seeing you back here! :)

05-04-2005, 07:33 PM
Sending you and your little one the best of vibes and positive thoughts.

It is scary though isn't it?

Everything will be just fine :)


05-04-2005, 09:16 PM
Awww Sweetie! You'll be in my thoughts... And I'll be sending lots of good vibes down your way! :grouphug: <--thats a hug for the lil' one

I'm sure all will go fine.... Be sure to check in and let us know!


Ivanna B. Skinny
05-04-2005, 09:29 PM
Dawnyal...I will definatly keep you and yours in my prayers. Every thing will be just fine!

05-05-2005, 02:59 AM
(((hugs))) I know how scary the thought of your little one going into surgery is - my daughter had tubes put in when she was 20 months old. I believe the only anesthetic they used, was just kepping her sedated with gas. Her surgery lasted only 20 min, and we were home before lunch time, and she took a nap, and was completely fine when she woke up (gave her a bit of tylenol). At the time, she had hearing loss, due to 12-15 ear infections in a 6 month period, and what she could hear, was distorted and muffled. I will never forget the look on her face when we spoke to her the first time after the surgery - I could tell that she could actually hear us (clearly) for the first time, in I'm not sure how long.

I'll be thinking of William, I hope everything goes smoothly.

05-05-2005, 11:51 AM
Good luck and good vibes to you and your family, Dawnyal. Hang in there and keep us posted.

05-05-2005, 12:37 PM
That is hard. You just wish you could go through it for them!!!

:angel: Here is a prayer going out that everything will go smoothly :angel:

05-05-2005, 04:55 PM
Prayers went up for your little one this morning ~ hope everything went well.