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05-04-2005, 10:15 AM

Ok.......where's everybody at???? Get back here, I'm lonely! I know......I've been missing, also. Had a few bad days, then got my treatment. Dr said he'd have to run more blood tests to see what kind of Lupus I had. If it's from the meds, I can keep taking the Remicade. If it's systematic, I'll have to stop it. He's also checking my thyroid, because of all the fatigue. Another "wait & see" time for me. :dizzy:

How is everyone feeling these days? I hope you're all enjoying beautiful spring weather, the reason you're not posting. I do miss you all. I know Joanne's on the beach! Yeah..........I'm jealous! :D

I'm not a beautiful singer, ageoldie, just enjoy it...& I suppose that's why others like to listen to me.

Well....gotta go get ready for work. Still a little weak, but, will be ok there.
Everyone take care.

Joanne D
05-04-2005, 10:46 AM
Hello Everybody- Yes I have been on a beach.. I was at Daytona last weekend.. The TOPS convention was there and I was Qween for our Palm Harbor chapter.. It was a nice weekend. My daughter went with me.My sister and her hubby were there also. She is leader of our chapter... We ate out at nice places. The last night there was not so good. It was prom night there. I was surprised to find out how many high school kids were raising ****. Drinking ,yelling ,banging on walls, smoking pot ,I'm sure. We heard the conversations and we were pretty sure that was the case. etc. We called security for all the good it did.I find it hard to believe their parents knew what their kids were doing.My daughter was fired up and complained to management. Well they gave us 1/2 off for that night and said there was nothing they could do about it. HA! Call the parents!!!
My OA has been hurting for several weeks. Now my stomach has said hello.. I guess it will take a few days for everything to calm down.. I walked my 3 miles to the beach yesterday. It is in the 80's here.We had rain and hail here this A.M so I didn't go to my water exercise..
That was my week.. I hope we all have a really good weekend coming up..
See you later my good friends..Joanne

05-04-2005, 03:40 PM
I was going to say good morning, but looks to be more like GOOD AFTERNOON!

Glad to see everyone is well. I'm still achy in my hand, AGAIN! I'm going to ask my doctor about this fatigue thing though. I am so tired all the time now that I can barely keep my head up. With the exception of a couple nights this week, I've been sleeping solid through the night and still wake up feeling like I ran a marathon. My limbs feel heavy and my eyes just want to close and sleep for a long time. This has been going on for over a month now.

Charlotte-It happened again today but not to the extent I was telling you about on Sunday. Nicole started throwing a fit in Lowe's and I just picked her up in my arms and carried her out kicking and screaming. I didn't yell or lose my cool. I just told her she wasn't being nice and so the shopping was done. I buckled her up in the carseat and she kept saying "I'll be good now" and I just told her we'd try next time. That was it. She didn't scream after that. I guess I'll just have to keep doing that with her. It must get the point across. :)

Joanne-What's Daytona Beach like? How exciting to be the Queen for your chapter! That is great. I'm like you. I don't know why everyone lets the kids get away with the drinking and drugs and stuff. My dad told me that if we ever got caught doing that, we'd be sitting in jail until he came and got us. That was enough to scare me to death. I never got in much trouble. Parents just don't care anymore. And if kids do get in trouble, all they seem to get is a little slap on the wrist and basically no consequences to their actions. The teenager now are not really going to grow up to be very responsible adults. That's scary.

Today is another sunny day around the 70s. I bought some fertilizer at Wal Mart for the grass and we need to start getting the garden area ready for planting. I should be outside doing that but I just don't have any energy for it either. My cat is clawing at the window. She wants in. That's her way of knocking. The disturbing thing about her is she jumps the fence and then leaps onto the screen of our upstairs window by our bed and scares me half to death at night. Then she lets go and you can hear her slide all the way down the side of the house. She's strange. :D I can't seem to pick out a "NORMAL" animal. Mine all have their little quirks. Better get back to picking up the misc. things around the house.

Talk to you all later.

05-06-2005, 01:56 AM
I've been visiting a RA group on Yahoo and was picking their brains on extreme fatigue. A guy mentioned that I may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Do any of you have it? I read a couple of web pages and it sounds alot like me but there is a few other things that have alot of bipolar disorders, depression, hypthyroidism, etc. I guess my best bet would be to visit my family doctor lady or get into my rheumatologist again.

Kelly is still sick. His throat hasn't changed at all and he's running a fever again. ALL of this while on antibiotics. He's giving it until the morning. If he doesn't feel better then, he's going back in. Last night I couldn't even sleep in the same room with him. He's a mouth breather at night and with his throat almost swollen shut, he doesn't get much air and that boy can snore...and then he gasps trying to get air. YIKES! I would start to doze off and he's startle me to death. Now Nicole took a late nap and she doesn't want to go to bed yet...This mom is tired.


Happy Canuk
05-06-2005, 02:15 AM
Hi Chris .

I don't think I have CFS but FM is closely related. There are a LOT of Drs. that believe it is the same thing, but acting differently. I seem to have the fatigue more than the pain, anymore. It can be dibilitating for sure. However, lots of things can cause fatigue. I think, in my case, it is the meds I take for Atrial Fibrillation (heart), and a chronic yeast problem, caused from Cortisteroid shots. Now, I seem to be stuck with it.

I am in a catch 22,because I KNOW carbs make me tired. FM can have a reactive hyperglycemic thing going on. However, when I cut the carbs, my heart goes crazy. It sure doesn't like the SBD at all. So, I seem to be between a rock and hard place.

Angel, glad you got your treatment and hope that you are feeling much better now.

Joanne - congratulations. I bet you had a fun time. Hope your stomach is feeling better as well. Gosh, it is always something going on with us.

Well, tomorrow is hubby's 60th birthday. Will be having friends over for dinner and then on Saturday we will go to my daughters and spend the weekend. Another party there on Saturday night.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

05-06-2005, 09:53 AM
Funny how when I'm not feeling well, I think of all of you. Well, maybe it's not funny at all. I know you all understand, when I'm so fatigued I can't hold my head up or think straight, but still look like I could take on the world. I've been having a really bad week, but I remember all of you and somehow I don't feel so alone.

The stress of the business is still going strong, but at least we are still hanging in there. I had to sell my blue convertible because we needed the money, and it was like loosing a good friend. Even thought I haven't driven it in over a year, I really hated to see it drive away. But at least I know the girl that bought it will enjoy it as much as I did.

Well, that's all I know this morning, I'm still trying to wake up.

05-06-2005, 09:58 AM

Good morning friends,
I do hope everyone is feeling fairly well this morning. I'm doing better now, since my treatment is "kicking in". :) did very well with Nicole. That may be the remedy for that problem, at least. If she likes to go shopping with you, then she is in the store ONLY if she doesn't misbehave. When she grows up, you'll have to tell her how much help you had from other resources. :lol: I hope you find an answer to your fatigue. I had thought about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but don't know anything about it. Hope DH gets better soon.

Happy Canuk...I know what you mean about the catch 22. I'm really anxious to find out if I can keep taking my treatments. Waiting on lab report about Lupus. Hope your DH has a great birthday!

Joanne...enjoy that beach.....even if I AM JEALOUS!!! :D

Ageoldie...I suppose you think I'm totallly crazy for what I said about my singing. Of course, I AM totally crazy :dizzy: ....but, I was responding to what someone else on another thread posted to me. :lol: I knew one day I'd get my threads mixed up!! :^:

Did I tell you all that I'm going to be grandma again? :D We just found out. This makes #12!!!

Everyone have a good day.....

Happy Canuk
05-06-2005, 10:34 AM
Hi Barb and Angel.

Barb, nice to see you here this morning. It's nice to be thought of, even if it is when you are not feeling well. We all serve our purpose :lol: Too bad about having to sell your baby, but Iguess it was nice to have it TO sell, if you needed the cash. Hope you feel better as the day goes one.

Angel - I am glad you are feeling better. Hope it stays around for awhile. About your singing - well that is just nice. I also enjoy singing, but I can't think of ANYBODY that would want to listen to me :lol: However, there is nothing nicer than belting out songs - makes you feel good.

Chris - I forgot to mention about CFS. There is a blood test that is done. You usually have the EbsteinBarr Virus in your system if you have CFS. Here is a website that explains it

Hope your hubby feels better soon. He should head back to the Dr.

Hope you all have a good weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to you all.

05-06-2005, 02:37 PM
Anne, EBV...hum. How long does that stay in your system. I had mono when I was pregnant with Nicole. I'm going to have to ask my doctor at my next appt.

Hello everybody. Sorry so short but my brother is here and the house is getting active. MY sister is coming over too and I have to watch her kids for her while she gets her hair done. Hopefully it won't be some weird color when she's done. SHe's kind of notorious for that. Except she reacts badly to the black dye.... :lol: Everytime she ends up at the doctor for prednisone and antihistimines. Such a dork.


05-07-2005, 01:47 AM
When it rains it pours. I had to take Kelly to the ER today. He was on a service call and he'd been feeling strange all day. At this call, he got the feeling that something definitely wasn't right. He got in his van and couldn't remember how to start it. He couldn't remember how to run his computer and he knew he wanted to get home but couldn't remember the way to get home. He made it after he drove around for awhile until he saw the church down the street that looked familiar. He had me scared to death. I took him in right away and they were questioning him on the date, what meds he takes. He couldn't remember the date. He knew his meds but didn't know what he was taking them for. He was crying and so scared. Turns out he was dehydrated from this stupid strep infection. He also tested positive for EBV (the good old mono). Kind of wondering if that may be my problem too, with the fatigue and all.

I am just glad that he's okay. When he told me about his confustion and disorientation, I immediately thought stroke. He was drenched in sweat and white as a ghost. His temp was even low....96.2. Well that's enough excitement to last me for a bit. We stayed for 2 bags of fluids and they let him come home. HE's resting now and they want him to stay resting for the rest of the weekend.

I'm going to play a game on and then go to bed.


Joanne D
05-07-2005, 08:17 PM
We are joining our son and his wife and her children for a nice meal tomorrow. It will be nice not to have to cook on a holiday..I hope all of you have the same. Joanne

05-08-2005, 10:36 PM

Sorry I haven't been around....I've been so busy. I'll be gone early tomorrow, also, until late. Sure glad I had my treatment last week! :dizzy: I'll be back soon as I can. Chris.....sure hope DH gets better real soon.

Joanne D
05-10-2005, 11:21 AM
It is getting really warm here. I have loads of work in and out of the house.. I wish I had extra hands..
I think I am getting a cold. My sister has a bad one and yes we were in the same room for just a few minutes. She told me it is a virus going around. I go for a long time and catch nothing and then I catch everything that comes my way..
We had a lot of work on the trees in the yard done yesterday.
Hope everyone is well..Joanne

05-11-2005, 10:39 AM

Good morning friends,
My heart is heavy with sadness today. My daughter miscarried her baby. It happened Sunday (on Mother's Day :( ), but she didn't let us know until last night. She is so upset & didn't want well meaning family & friends to keep saying "it's for the best". She kept hearing it from her DH's family. Paula has gone out of town to a motel to be alone for a few days. I am so worried. I know she'll be ok...but I want to hold "my baby" while she's grieving. Please pray for her.

Sorry I've been so busy. My sister & I went into business together, & it has taken a lot to get started. We bought a store called "Herbs Instead". It's been doing very well for 10 yrs in our town. We sell pills & creams & oils for everything. We are both very excited about it. She said that she wanted to take me by the hands & us jump up & down...but, we're neither one able. :lol:

Chrily... how is your DH doing? I do hope he's much better now. You poor thing. Getting more & more to have to handle. Hang in there!
Did your brother get to stay very long with you? I know it was nice having him there. I always wanted a brother, especially older than me. I had one 3 yrs older, but he died at birth. So, I was the middle of 3 girls. I hated being in the middle!'s really getting warm here, also. That cold (or they're calling it the "cruds") is going around now. Every other person you see, is down with it & losing their voice.

Happy Canuk...I think about you when I get so fatigued & wonder how you've made it all this time. I ask my Rheumy what I could do & he recommended exercise. With the OA, though, exercising is almost an impossibility. I'll just do what I can, when I can.
Yes, singing helps my feelings. Even if I'm home alone, I'll get out my equipment & mike & sing awhile. I makes me feel better....& of course, I need the practice!

Barb....Good to hear from you. I loooovvvee that musical signature!! :D You find beautiful graphics...but, that's my favorite of all!
I'm also sorry you had to sell your car you loved so much. Hope the stress lightens up for you.
Yes, I think of all of you when I'm not feeling well, also. It's probably because we all know & understand the problems we have.

Hope I haven't missed anyone. I know some haven't been around in a long time. Hope they return.
Everyone have a great day!

05-11-2005, 12:36 PM
Charlotte, So sorry to hear about your daughter's miscarriage. I bet that is hard on her. I couldn't begin to fathom what she must be going through. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

As far as Kelly goes. He's doing better. He's been back to work for 2 days now. He comes home and passes out in his recliner but I'm sure he's going to be very fatigued for awhile. But when it rains, it pours. Nicole went to bed on Monday with a runny nose and woke up in the middle of the night wheezing and coughing. Yesterday I sat with her in the rocker for almost the whole day. She was wheezing, coughing, vomiting, cranky, having labored name it. I had to do nebulizer treatments on her all day. She's better today. Back to giving her opinions and being bossy. Right now she's parked in front of the tv watching a Veggie Tales movie-The Ballad of Little Joe. Her breathing is still kind of labored so a couple more nebulizer treatments and she should be good to go.

Congrats on your business! That's sound like a great opportunity for you and your sister. I bet you'll do great.

My brother only stayed for a few hours. He lives about 25 miles out of town and he came in with my niece. They were making the Mother's Day rounds and then they had to meet up with his ex-wife to watch their son play baseball. They have joint custody but she is the custodial parent. It was great to be able to visit with him. His current wife doesn't let him do much with the family any more. She's kind of crabby-and thinks she's better than most of us. Oh well. I pray for her and my brother every night. I'm nice to all of them and pray for them. Don't know what else I can do.

Hi the rest of you ladies. Joanne-Take care of yourself with that cold. My whole family went through most of the winter without a problem and now we seem to catch it all now. Wierd.

Well gotta pay my bills and get some housework done. I'll check back later.


Joanne D
05-11-2005, 08:16 PM
Angel- I am so sorry to heare about your daughters miscarriage.. She should try again..
Yes I have this cold in my chest /throat.. Coughing and feeling losy. Eleni has it and the Dr. put her on antibiotics. So far they have not been effective..She if all people does not need infection in her lungs.. Her health is so fragile. Pray for her..
Hello Chrily- I have missed all the things I want to do this week. I won't go to Tops tomorrow if I don't feel better. Don't want to pass on any germs. I am sure they won't want them. I have had more colds this year than in the past. There must be something I am lacking.Did you find a water exercise class?.I missed mine this week..

05-12-2005, 02:10 PM
Chris, I'm new here but wanted to jump in on this.. I have CFS.. was diagnosed 9 years ago after a year long battle with Epstein Barr and Mono. It is usually diagnosed by ruling out any other possible causes.. My symtoms in addition of course to fatigue were (and are) swollen lymph nodes, low fevers, joint pain, muscle aches, lack of focus and short term memory trouble.. They think I probably have fibro as well.. (trigger point pain).. Do a search on CFS.. there is a lot more information available than there used to be. Good luck!! dona

05-12-2005, 10:56 PM
Just checking in. I've felt much better this week than I did last week.

Charlotte, I'm so sorry about your daughter. I think that your new business sounds great.

Chris, Joanne, Anne, and everyone else, hope you have a great weekend.

05-13-2005, 01:22 PM
Joanne, I got a cold now too. Nicole was down on Monday and Tuesday. When she get something it goes right to her lungs and she wheezes and struggles to breathe so hard. I had to do albuterol treatments on her for a couple days and she just laid in my lap all day on Tuesday. My husband has it too. We're all sitting her with our chest colds and achy throats. I hope I don't get mono or strep from him on top of all this, at least not til after Sunday. Sunday is Kayla's birthday and we're having a party at the park for her. IT's funny...Tiana, my oldest, is the one with asthma, and she hasnt' been sick once this year. She has perfect attendance at school.

Dona, From your list of symptoms...I can pretty much relate to all of them. I have rheumatoid arthritis and so fatigue and joint pain go with that too...but my fatigue has been so much worse lately. I've had 3 months with my RA where I've hurt so extremely bad that I could barely walk and I NEVER felt as fatigued as I do now. But I do get swollen glands off and on. I have for a long time now. I was kind of attributing that to my allergies, but maybe CFS would be an explanation for that too. I can also relate to the lack of focus and short term memory problems. I catch myself trying to think of things or talk to someone and my mind will just draw a blank. I have an appt. with my rheumatologist soon, so I'm going to ask him about it.

Hi Barb! Glad you are feeling better. Hope to hear more from you. :)

Gotta get back to work. Talk to you all later.


Joanne D
05-13-2005, 07:47 PM
Chrily- This cold has gone straight to my lungs. They say it takes 7 days to get rid of a cold. It is always longer for me. I lost one lobe(R) of a lung several years ago and have had pneumonia 2 times. My lungs are weak to start with.I guess getting younger doesn't help. I hope your little one is much better.Lucky that the one that would get sick has stayed well. My daughter always and still does catch everything.. She is a teacher and every snotty nosed kid goes her way..She stays sick all year. I was that way when I was still nursing. I caught everything and was sick a lot.Then I retired and have been really healthy till this year..
Welcome Dona- Maybe some of your medications are the cause of your symptoms. Your Dr and a good blood test can tell the story..You have come to a good place to share..
Hello Angel and Ageoldie.. Everybody have a good weekend...Joanne

05-14-2005, 02:21 PM
Joanne, this cold I have went straight to my lungs too. I don't feel too bad but I keep coughing up stuff and my voice is about gone. Nicole seems to pick up every bug this year and she shares it all. Tiana and Kayla have remained relatively healthy which is so odd because they are the ones in school. Nicole got sick most of the winter a couple days after church so I'm assuming the little 2 yr old room had its fair share of germs.

I'm going to get back to my housework. The girls are bathed. The kitchen and bathroom are cleaned. No laundry done. A certain woman (no names) forgot to buy laundry soap last night....and milk...and dish soap...and the stuff for the cake. My mind was not working so well yesterday. :)


05-16-2005, 10:22 AM


So glad you came by! Hope you'll become one of us here. Sorry it's because of your health, but it's nice to have a place to go where others understand.
I have OA, RA, & recently diagnosed with Lupus & Fibro....
Gonna fight it all the way.

Chrily....Sorry you haven't been feeling well. You've been on my mind. This business my sister & I just bought has kept me busy. Signing papers, restocking, learning the business, etc. I think I'm going to like it though.
Also, had a Bluegrass Festival at the TV Station Saturday. Lot of work getting ready for it, & also on that day. We really had a good turn out & enjoyed the whole day. I just crashed Sunday & did nothing. (which was all I was able to do. :^: )

Joanne....I'm also sorry you've been sick. There's something going around here. Everyone calls it the "cruds". I sure hope I don't get it. Take care of yourself.

Hello Happy Canuk & Barb (love your signature!)

My daughter is doing a little better. Going to take some time.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

05-17-2005, 09:12 PM
Hi all,
Happy to say that I got my mom into my rheumatologist today. He's 90% sure its RA but wants to wait for the bloodwork. She has inflammation and swelling and fluid in about every joint her checked. So we had to go to get X-rays of her hands, feet, and knees to see how bad it is. He says he can get rid of most of it for her but not entirely. Also wants to drain her knee. It is 2 times the size of the other one. He wanted to do it today but she has to do bloodwork for her diabetes doctor on Thursday and didn't want to screw up the results for that because of cortisone shots. I'm sad to hear it might be RA but glad she's finally doing something about it. She can't straighten either one of her legs or her arms. She can't make fists or anything. Her fingers get all crossed over themselves really weird. She can't even open those to a full outstretched hand. I just want to see her get some relief.
Gotta finish dinner and get Kayla to her swimming lessons so I can walk around the track and get my exercise in for the night. Talk to you soon. I've been thinking about you all...esp. you Charlotte and your daughter.


Joanne D
05-20-2005, 08:33 PM
Angel- My cold is getting better.. Now my hubby has it.. Men are such pains when they get something..
Chrily- Your poor mom.. Ra Hurts so bad.. I hope the Dr. can do something for her..
Bye- Joanne

05-21-2005, 11:40 AM
Joanne-My husband acts like he's on his deathbed when he gets a cold. I agree, men are pains when they're sick... :)

My mom is feeling a little better. The doctor gave her a prescription for dicolfanac until he gets her bloodwork back. She says there is still some pain and swelling but not anywhere near as bad as what it was before she started taking it. I'm glad she feels better because at least she can finally get some rest and a small, not total, respite from that pain.

I have to go. My nieces are having their final dance performance today. So we have to get things done before that. IT's starts at 12:30. Those kids are so fun to watch. Samantha is in beginners tap/jazz and ballet. Savanna is in hip hop and jazz classes. She's been dancing since she was 4. I love going to these. I just hope my kids can behave.


Joanne D
05-24-2005, 12:08 PM
Chrily- They put my hubby on antibiotics yesterday.. This cold has a good hold of him. Now he can complain all he wants..He thinks!
I am almost over my cold.. I hope I don't catch it again..
Angel. How are you? I sent you a email poem..Did you get it?
Cloudy but humid here. Wish it would rain but the weather man says no..
Bye for now..Hello everybody...Joanne

05-24-2005, 01:10 PM
My husband is feeling better. Nicole got sick though and then I got the respiratory virus and my older daughter did too. Nicole has the worst time with it though. During my nieces' dance performance on Saturday, she got to coughing so hard, she threw up on me again. Later that day she was complaining about hurting down below. So I took her into the doctor and the poor girl has this respiratory thing, a bladder infection...and an ear infection. Hopefully we will all be feeling better soon. It's almost's bound to get better around here. :)

Glad to hear that your feeling better. Being sick is miserable. Well I better be going. I'm trying to figure out the bookkeeping mess I have for my husband's business.


05-27-2005, 12:57 AM

Hi Everyone,
Joanne...I didn't get my poem from you. :( Did you pm it to me, or email it? If you sent it by email, I have a new address. Sorry, didn't think to let all of you know. I'll send it to you in a pm. I sure wish I had gotten it. Thank you for thinking of me.
I am looking forward to the vacation. If we don't have much money, we'll still enjoy being away from here. We're both stressed to the max!!
Hope your DH gets better soon....for both him & you! ;)

Hi Chrily...How is little Nicole doing now? I hope she's much better. Also, your mom. I've been praying for her. I found out today that my RA nurse has cancer of the uterus. She called me this morning. We've become close. They won't know it it's spread or not, until the surgery. Please help me pray for her. I'm also a little selfish....I don't trust just anybody with my treatments. She said a special nurse from a large hospital in another town, (Huntsville) is going to come give my treatments. She had a long talk with her about how hard I am to stick (very tiny veins!), & how sensitive I am to the Remicade. She said she was worried about leaving me. Sounds like her to be worried about me instead of herself. I didn't ask about the Lupus, it just wasn't the right time. I must be going to get a treatment though, by the way she talked.

Hello Barb, & Happy Canuk....we need to hear from you!

Have a good Friday!

Happy Canuk
05-27-2005, 02:28 AM
Hi Chris, Joanne, Barb and Charlotte. Sorry to MIA. I have been battleing that darn fatigue again, and then when I did get some energy back, I got busy!! Gosh, I wish this would just go away. I never know if it is the meds for the heart or if it is caused by FM. Whatever, you know what happens when you get so fatigued you can barely move - your body wants carbs.

I have been reading and have decided to go back to eating how I used to a few years ago, before all this hoopla about low fat, no carb stuff. I was NEVER a huge meat eater, but ate LOTS of veggies, including potatoes and corn, carrots, peas. I am going to go that route and see what happens. Lots of veggies and fruit and limit the protein(meat) to 4 oz. a day if that. A lot of days, I could go meatless and be more than fine. Somehow, I have gotten off track, and have gotten fatter with all these darn diets. I can't do a really low fat diet either or my heart starts it rapid beating. So, I am going to experiment and see what happens.

Charlotte, you didn't really say how you were, so I am hoping you are doing better. How is your business going?

Chris - glad that you hubby is doing better. I hope everybody around you gets up and running soon. It's hard to be sick and in pain, looking after little ones. I remember those days all too well.

Joanne - so glad you are better. You haven't had rain, nor have we. It is soooo dry here - no spring rain at all, except for a little 2 hr. shower that came in spurts.

I will leave you with this:
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Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course as I have already said.

We see it every day. It is in the daily example of man's inhumanity to man It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world these manifestations are nothing else but evil."

To this the student replied, "Evil does not exist, Sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is not like faith, or love that exists just as does light and heat. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God's love present in his heart.

It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat or the darkness that comes when there is no light."

The professor sat down.

The young man's name ---

Albert Einstein.

Joanne D
05-27-2005, 08:23 PM
Angel -I emailed it to you. I think I have deleted it now.. My SIL had sent it to me.. It didn't come back so I guess it is out in space.Have a great vacation.. My hubby is slowly getting better. He still is hourse and coughing.. I hope I don't get it back..
Happy- I am better.. A little 2 hour shower!!! I wish we had that.. We think we are in heaven when we get a 30 min shower!!Good poem.
Chrily- These chest cold are everywhere..
You all Have a great weekend...Joanne

05-28-2005, 08:17 PM
To all: Nicole is doing better, thanks to the antibiotics and the prednisone. My head is still hurting really bad and my sinuses are soo congested. It's so hard to tell if its an infection or just allergies.

Charlotte-Sorry about your nurse. That uterine cancer is a scary. The good thing about it, is that it's one of the most treatable cancers. They didn't know how far spread my mom's was either until after the surgery. They took out her uterus, ovaries and clusters of lymph nodes. They test the lymph nodes for cancer...but her's were all clear. The doctor told her though..."i'll be seeing lots of you in the future.' So its something they keep a close eye on.

Hi Anne, Barb, and Joanne. Hope all is well with you gals and that you have a great 3 day weekend.


05-31-2005, 03:29 PM
Hope all of you had a great weekend. It was quiet around here. DH & son had to work all weekend, so I was alone. I really enjoyed it. I've been off work since Friday, & have done almost NOTHING! I'm afraid I'm enjoying it too well, although I'm feeling better, with nothing to do but lay around, & mostly watch movies. I go back to work tomorrow, but, Thursday is another off day. If I worked for pay, it would be the perfect set up. Have been working on brochures for the Herb store. I hope June shows us a good'll be our first full month of ownership. We had to replace a lot of items taken out, in May. That's's what we agreed to.
We're still planning our vacation. Had to cut it down from a week to 4 days...a little short of money. We'll still be home to recuperate, though. Have to come home to rest from vacation, usually.

Happy good to hear from you. Sorry about the fatigue. It's a never ending battle. If we're not hurting too bad, we're too fatigued. If not too fatigued, then we're hurting! :( (((hugs)))
I AM doing a little better since I cut out the sugar. DH says he can see a difference in me....although, Sunday, he asked if it was close to treatment time. (the 14th) I was a little ill with him, so he was laying it on treatment time. :o I've tried to tell him, it's not menopause, for goodness sake!!
The business is doing well. Hopefully we'll see a profit in June. Couldn't for May....too much to get started, which was expected. Thanks for asking.
I really enjoyed the "Questions Answered".

Chrily....hope you and family are better by now. You've had it pretty rough the last few weeks. Been praying for you. (((hugs))) You encouraged me with the reminder of your mom's surgery. Thanks. I'm really praying for my nurse. How's your mom doing now? Hopefully, she'll be ok until her appt.

Joanne...Sorry I missed the poem. Thanks for thinking of me, anyway. It's nice to be thought of. I'm going to send you 2 email addresses as soon as I post this message. Maybe they'll work next time.

Everyone have a good week.

05-31-2005, 04:15 PM
Charlotte, Nicole is so much better and I'm getting there. I still am kind of horse and coughing a bit, but not bad at all.

We had a family BBQ over the weekend. My husband's family came over. His brothers from Washington, (Randy & Curt), His brother from Idaho...and the rest of the clan here in town. Randy used to sing in nightclubs and bars so he brought his guitar and sang old country tunes and Curt & Faron (the Idaho brother) sang too. Randy's son, Monty, brought his over also and he sang some stuff too. Along with Sara (Randy's daughter). You would have loved it. Randy sings old Marty Robbins songs, Faron Young, Gatlin Brothers, Tom T. Hall...etc. Sara likes to sing old Patsy Cline songs. It was great! Then after all that, we watched old slides of them when they were growing up. I still have yet to see Kelly when he was little. His mom never did take pics of him. Kelly's dad and oldest brother were killed in a plane crash in Oregon a month before he was born. So there is alot of his life missing because alot of his mom's life was missing. His dad used to sing too and he was a dj. He actually used to play music in their garage with George Jones and Faron Young before they were famous. We even have pictures of that. Unreal!

Anyhow, glad to hear you had a chance to relax. We did that yesterday. Sat around all day and watched movies. The Hunt for Red October, Final Cut, and Air Bud: World Pup. And a couple hours of the show Critical Hour.
We'll be eating left-overs from here til the end of time. :lol:

My mom is doing good, all things considered. The good doctor gave her a presciption for some anti-inflammatories. She was really surprised by how well they work. Of course we all know that's not all she'll need, but at least she's getting some relief from the constant pain. I think she's actually able to sleep at night. I sure wish she would have gotten in sooner but at least she's doing it now. book is getting kind of long and my laundry pile is stacking up. I worked on my garden a bit. I'm not sure if its going to last. I think we have some serious problems with our soil and I do believe there is a pest problem. My plants are dying on one half of the garden and not the other...and I did see some strange looking worms. Oh well. I'll try to keep it going.


05-31-2005, 04:51 PM

I hope someone remembers me. It has been a long time since I was here. A lot has happened in the last year. I have lost 20 lbs, but I was down to 160 from 185, so I have gained back 17 lbs.
My r. a. has been bad for a while. I wasnt taking my methotrexate for about 4 months. I went thru a deep depression along with panic attacks. My daughter Jenny got married, and it was wonderful except dor the fact that my older daughter was smoking meth amphetamines. She was to be Jennys maid of honor and my grandson was to be in the wedding progression, so his other grandpaents camr to see him . Sarah the oldest did not show up for any of the pre wedding things like the dinner and the shower. both my daughters had talked and it was decided that asarah would still be the M of H. Well she did not show up.
My grandson Brady s grandparents were very concered about things. So after the wedding they went to sarahs house and asked to take brady out for dinner, next thing sarah know 2 hours later is bradys dad show up and said he was taking brady from her. It was the right thing to do, but they should have discussed their concerns to sarah before just takinf him, no one had custudy. The othe grand mom was planning on keeping brady. His dad had him for the summer but, they had planned on keeping him for the school year, because gail (grand mom) did not like a conversation brady had with his mother. . I guess their were a couple of other things also, so sarah not bringing brady to be in the wedding party and not showing up at all not even a phone call she was very concerned she had also heard rumers about sarah at the wedding. It was the right thing to do but like I said they did it wrong. They just snatched hom away without any talk at all and without brady and sarah being able to say good bye.
Sarah rewally withdrew into the drugs really bad for 6 months she wasn't able to cope with the loss. She tried to kill herself a few times, so I had to move in to be their to help her, but she was so lost in the meth that she blamed me for everything that had happened in her life. She would not take responsibility for her action. It was so hard on her that in 6 mths she only saw himtwice once for an hour and at christmas both times she was high. She finally moved down tp klamath where brady was, I think she is off the drugs and has a job coming up. She was working but got sick. I went down at the 1st of the month and she had gained oner 30 lbs and that was good. but I pretty sure she got high when I was there, we talked about it, and I think it was because I was their,she reverted to her old way of treating me. Not good.. She said she was not going to use again but will wait and see.
Anyway all thise of watching her in pain and knowing my grandson was hurting. I went into the depression. His dad smokes pot and the never once took that boy to counceling. So now sarah is trying to get him in but I guess she thinks she needs his okay randy bradys dad still no one has custudy.

It has been a long and painful 6-7 months for me as well mentally and phsyically


starting weight 196 Sorry this is so long
weighr now 177

05-31-2005, 05:17 PM
I had another written post but I lost it somehow
So I will say hi to
Angel lover
Happy Canuck
Joanne D
And chrilly It is nuce to meet you
I hope youare all having a pain free day. I have not read all the post yet and now I am to tired to rewrite whatI had wriiten.
so I will say goodbye to you all

God Bless
SW 196
cw 177
gw 140

Love laura

05-31-2005, 09:53 PM
Laura, Hi...don't really know you too well but wanted to say that I am sooo sorry things are going badly in your family. I haven't had to deal too much with drug problems around me except for my ex husband and my BIL. It's was a very stressful time when my ex got arrested for felony assault. He's an alcoholic and I'm praying he can keep it together and stay sober for Tiana, my oldest daughter.

Other than all the bad things...My name is Chris. I'm primarily a stay at home mom of 3 girls. Tiana being the oldest, then Kayla, then Nicole. I can totally relate to your depression and panic attacks. 1 1/2 yrs ago, I was there. I still take anti-depressants. I'd probably benefit from counseling too but just don't have the funds to pay for it. Charlotte can tell you, my life is one stressor after another. I was diagnosed with RA in 2002, after the birth of my last little girl. I suppose I had it before, because I'd have these major flares that would last a few days and go away during the previous 3 yrs. After Nicole was born, the RA advanced fast. I took sulfasalizine for a long time but it started damaging my liver. I was off meds for almost 3 months, and do NOT want to repeat that again. Talk about excruciating pain and lots of tears. I've been on Methotrexate for 2 yrs now with great results. I have noticed i'm getting achier again. Praying that doesn't mean the medicine isn't working anymore. My dose is at the maximum. ANyhow...I live in Montana. I'm 34 yrs old now. Married for 7 yrs to my main squeeze, Kelly. He's a darling sweet loveable guy. Wish I would have married him in the first place, but what we go through makes us stronger. :)

Gotta finish dinner. Nice to meet you and i'm saying prayers for you and your daughter, grandson, and the rest of the people in your life. Have a great night. Looking forward to more posts from you.


05-31-2005, 10:10 PM

Hello friends,

Laura...I'm so glad you came back! Oh, my should have let us know what you were going through. Don't hold back. We're here to listen to each other. You can pm me any time you need to. I know exactly what you've been going through. My son got divorced a little over a year ago, & got joint custody of his 2 little girls (a terrible court battle!) & they are all still living with us, in this unfinished house! There were drugs involved, also. My son stopped his, but his ex hasn't. Our little girls go through a lot when they're with their mother. She stays high & so does all of her family. We do the best we can for the girls. I get really down & depressed at times. With my health as it is & this stupid house! I come here & vent sometimes about it all, & it helps.
Please take care of yourself & keep in touch with us. I thought you had just wandered off from us. I missed you. (((hugs))) Hope all turns out well for Brady. As for your daughter....meth is a hard drug. You can't really trust her to just stop. I'm sorry she treats you mean. My son was the same way towards me when he first came to live with us. We thought we'd never get that mess out of his system. He went through panic attacks & all! your pm. A new purse & bathing suit! ooooohhhh..... You're gonna have a nice summer...& like my granddaughter said about me, yesterday........."you're styling!" :D

Chrily....I really WOULD have enjoyed that singing with you & your family! My kind of enjoyment. :D I met George Jones in person once. I liked him better than I thought I would. I always held a grudge, because of Tammy. :^: Do you know she's from Red Bay, Alabama? About 10 miles down the road from our house. We eat at a restaurant there every Sunday, after church. Her picture is all over the walls!
Glad you & Nicole are feeling better. Also, your mother.
Yep....I've been doing a lot of laundry the last few days, also. :^:

Hi Happy Canuk!

Joanne D
06-01-2005, 11:12 AM
Hello Stirfried... Too bad about your family drug problems. Professional help is the best way to go.. You cannot do it.. Hope things get better.I am a lifelong country music fan...
Chrily.. You must be the baby of this group.. Keep working on your weight. I know it is hard when you have children at home.. It was difficult for me..
Happy.. We finally got some rain.. I love the rain.. I neglected my ironing yesterday. Now it is waiting for me.. There is so many other things I would love to do.. I have been snacking too much this week. I might have to pay the piper tomorrow...Put that son to work on your house...
See you all later...Joanne

06-01-2005, 12:10 PM
first of all thank you all for your kind words and understanding.

Things are much better, but I worry. Sarah says she has a job but I never know if its the truth. I know she has used at least once. And she will not go to counceling. Her boyfriend is no help either. she was hooked on methadone, so her b.f. got her the speed tyo get her off the pain meds. I know all I can do is just pray for her.Do ya think its okay for me to pray for her B.F. to get lost. I know it is not all his fault, but he would get sarah whatever she wanted just to stop her from screaming b--ing. So he is more comcerned for himself than sarah. I know that I can't go thru those 4-5 months of deep depression and anxiety. I get so frightened when I think about it. My therepist says I probably have post tramatic stress syndrome. I pray that it will get easier.
Before I went down to visit she sounded almost like her old self, but I see she is slowly on a road that lead back to destruction. I want to try and talk to her. so I think I am going to e-mail her without any interuptions from her or her rotten boyfriend.

chrilly it is so nice of you to be so thoughtful and by posting what you did.

Joanne D is was also sweet of you guys to. Boy I really missed everyone and being able to chat again.

I am going to try and lose 5 lbs this month I hope I can. I have been almost binging well not that bad, but I wake up and I eat peanut butter on a piece of bread. I having a hard time.Hopefully I can get myself a life and do and go places by myself. WE have a club up here that is for clients who go to mental health ,but I have been sick one with mental or physical problems that I stopped doing any thing. So I am going to try to get out again. I am getting my licence tommorrow. I have to do the driving test, because it has benn 8 years without a licence. Wish me luck and pray I pass.

Well love to you all

sw 196

06-01-2005, 01:52 PM
Joanne, I'm thinking I really must be the baby of the group... :) I feel older than I am though, I can tell you that. Hope all is well in your world. Have you been walking on the beach for me? :D It's raining here, so I'm not going outside unless I really really have to.

Laura, I hope if you get to talk to your daughter, that she'll listen. I know that meth stuff is pretty bad. My ex is married to a gal who also was in prison for meth. Another reason to pray for my daughter and her dad. But that's as far as I've experienced the whole thing. You could very well be experiencing some PTSD. I think people only see that happening in war veterens and stuff, but it can happen to anyone. There was a girl on the show Starting Over that had amnesia and the doctor's all figured she was going through PTSD.

Charlotte-Good morning! My day's going to be filled with more laundry. I am so sick of that stuff. Ahh...part of being a mom I guess. I forgot to take my anti-depressant/anxiety pill last night and woke up feeling a little odd and kind of on edge. It didn't turn into a full panic attack. I'm grateful for that. That stuff...the depression, anxiety, and pills make me feel so abnormal. I end up feeling like I'm beneath other people because I have to use the meds to get through a day. Must be the lack of medicine in my system talking. Kind of feeling a wee bit down today. I'll get my pill tonight and wake up better tomorrow. Also lacking some sleep here. Julie, Tiana's friend's mom, was having contractions late last night and she brought her 3 yr old son over to be watched. He didn't go to sleep until 1:30. Then they called to pick him up at 2:30. No baby yet...she was dehydrated again. So they gave her fluids and sent her home. She only has 6 days left until her due date.

I better get around to doing I don't want my husband to assume the worst from me everyday. :lol:


06-01-2005, 09:49 PM

This is for all of you!

Laura...that meth is rough stuff. My son has talked a lot to me about it. He says he never took it, & I believe him. The judge surprised him & his wife in court with a drug test, during the fight over custody of the girls. He was clean. She showed a substance used to wash drugs out of your system. It is very, very addictive & he says there's no way to just stop it, especially if someone (like your daughter's boyfriend)is willing to supply. It's also easy to make from products at a grocery store! He's told me a lot. I'm proud of him for getting out of that mess & trying to get his daughters out. At least, he has them half the time. Of course, before, he was doing a lot of things also, just not hard stuff. He was too scared of it. I'm praying real hard for your daughter. Yes, it's ok for you to pray that her boyfriend will go away! I'm also praying for you. Our kids can really put a lot on us. Even my kids that aren't doing things like that worry me. Just knowing they might have money problems, etc. A mom just never stops worrying.

Chrily....You need to take your meds when you should. I used to be on meds for anxiety & depression. It can mess you up, if it's not taken at the right times. I know..........I sound like your mother, also. :^:
It's been raining all day here, also. It's ok....just makes me sleepy. I haven't washed for a couple of days, so guess tomorrow I'll be busy!

Joanne...If you were talking to me about putting my son to work on the house...easier said than done, my friend. I'm at my wit's end. DH is afraid to push him too much, because of how far he's come. Also, doesn't want to "kick" him out, because he doesn't have any "real" friends, so has no one to talk to. And he DOES talk to us. I'll just have to be patient. One thing about him, though, he's a very good dad. I don't have to take care of the girls, unless it's something I want to do. He does everything. Also, if he goes somewhere, they're with him. He's been good with children all of his life....we knew he'd make a good dad.

Happy Canuk...hope you're feeling good.

06-05-2005, 03:30 PM
How are you everyone? I am not doing to well. Having a lot of pain.

Angel Lover,
sorry to hear about your daughters miscarrage. I know how painful it can be. my thoughts and prayers go out to your daughter and you.
Chrilly hi again

AGE OLDIE Hi its been a long time since I talked to you last. I hope you are faring allright.
Joanne D, Hi How is it going?

Dona I don't think we have ever met online, so hi and welcome.

well everyone I was losing weight a couple of months ago I was down to 155-160. I was having my bad anxiety and depression so it wasn't hard for the weight to come off. I was walking a whole lot more for therpy and had no license so mI had to walk.
I moved back in with my aunt because I was so afraid of livinf alone of course a lot of this was caused by Sarah And her drug problems and losing her son for 6 months. I was like a sponge I felt My grandson pain and hers , Or maube I just know that anyone would be in pain after being torn from his home and Sarahs loss.
So I binged for a week and a half on junk food. gaining back 15 pounds oer more and no exercise, so I am quite the pungy one. I have been trying to eat better and started walking again, but I am having a lot of pain. I am going at it slowly.
I hope everyone else in doing better than me at losing weight and getting in shape, because you know as you exercise your R/A. and other autoimmune diseaces can help in the long run to eliminate pain and other things like depression and anxiety.

love to you all Laura
140 or less

06-05-2005, 03:34 PM
Where is Happy canuck?

Happy Canuck
Hi how are you doing? I hope all is fine/

06-06-2005, 12:47 AM
Hi all...just a super short post from me. My medicine isn't making me feel so good today. I have all the "good" side effects going on. Need I say more. ;) Talk to you all tomorrow.


Happy Canuk
06-08-2005, 01:52 AM
Hi everybody. I have been missing because I have been away. I was so darn busy but thankfully things have settled right down.

Laura - nice to see you back. Sorry to hear about all your troubles with your daughter. I know that must be a real worry for you. All will work out as it is supposed to.

Chris - hope you are feeling better.

Angel - hope things are going well for you.

I will pop back tomorrow and hopefully somebody has appeared. :lol:

06-08-2005, 10:36 AM

Good morning friends,
I posted yesterday & it submitted. When I checked the messages this morning, it was gone! :(
Hope all are well as can be.
Good to hear from you Happy Canuk.
Hope you're feeling better, Chrily.

Not much going on here, either. It's been really hot & humid. Didn't have the air conditioner in until Sunday. I nagged until DH got around to putting it in. Bless his heart....he works all the time, but I couldn't take it anymore.

Well........I got older last Friday (3rd)...

I really had a great day! I was showered with gifts (especially angels!) & flowers all day! When we did "Tennessee Valley Now" at 4 pm, everyone at the TV Station came out on camera with balloons & presents & song...then, afterwards...had a surprise party waiting! I'm spoiled rotten there. DH got me the juicer that I've been wanting! I've been juicing up a storm.

Well...I just heard DH get up, so I've got to cook his breakfast. Hope all have a good day. I've missed everyone.

06-08-2005, 12:33 PM
Charlotte, Happy Belated birthday! You share the same day as my stepmom. Hers is on the 3rd too.

I'm feeling somewhat better with the exception of the shoulder. It is just killing me. I can't lift my arm away from my body or over my head. I'm hoping it goes away. I've noticed more little aches and pains in my body. I'm praying the methotrexate is still working. I think I'm at the maximum dose. I don't know what would be next, but I'm sure it would be expensive.

Gotta go...sorry for such a short post but I have alot of errands to run today.


Joanne D
06-08-2005, 08:22 PM
We can have our B/D for as long as we want!!I really liked your saying about being old. It is really true of me.. :lol: :lol:
Chrily- Hope you feel better soon..

06-13-2005, 04:29 PM
Its me again. Sorry I haven't been here lately. I haven't been feeling well. I went to my normal Doc. today. Meds check for my pain medicine and something for stomack.
I go see my rhuemy on the 22. I have been back on the methotrexate for a month and a half. Still not feeling much better. I am going to ask him how long will it take to feel some improvment.
I am so upset. I have gain back more wait. Before when I was living by myself I was down to 155. Of course that was when I couldn;t eat becauce of depression and the anxiety. After getting better I gained back 15 lbs, but I expected that. But Now since I have moved in back with my aunt . I gained 5lbs bring me to 175 which wasn't to bad. but now I am back up to 182 or 183. I know how I gained it I went on a sugar binge, but I have stopped that and still I gained. It must be from not exercising at all. Last friday I started walking. I walked slow for 10 counts then speeded up for 20 counts, but felt sick again over weekend. So I need to push thru the pain and the fluuy feeling and try again today for at least for 10 mins or 15.
I hope all of you are doing better than I am with diet plan and w/o. And I pray ypu are not having any pain, of course thats almost impossible to do. It seems something always hurts just others times are worse than other days.
Chrilly, I sorry to here you about your sholder. Yet You did say that you have been feeling good except for that. I know how you feel. I imagine we all do. Get to feeling Good again.
Happy Canuck,
it is good to here from you again. I to have missed all my girl buddies here, It does help to come here and vent or to just chat.
Joanne D
and everyone else who aren't here. I love you all. Yes thats goes for happy and I sure I will love chrilly to. I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS.
Gotta admit sometimes I forget to pray and times I just fall asleep before I can start to pray. I worry so much about my one daughter, I know I should pray but I worry sometimes instead, so Make myself to say my prayers thru out the day. My beliefs are more spiritual based the a doctrine from just one church. My beliefs are more gnostic, but I do belief in Christ. I also fervently believe in pray. You all take care.

Don't forget to give a smile to someone today.
Love laura

183 (yuck) :cry: :lol:

06-15-2005, 12:11 PM

Hi everyone,
Laura, stop beating up on yourself for the weight gain. Sometimes our bodies do strange things we can't explain. If you have RA...water retention will really fight the weightloss. I have a lot of water retention. I can starve myself, & not lose, sometimes. I'm just holding my own at the moment. I gained last summer about 10 lbs, & can't get it off for anything! I even went sugar-free. I feel better, but haven't lost any weight from it. At least you can exercise, where I can't. I have a bad back.

Hi Chrily....hope all is well with you today. How's your mother? Maybe the family is over that sickness, by now that you all had.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yesterday was our Anniversary (37th) I had a treatment, so we're celebrating next week by going on vacation to Pigeon Forge, in TN. We haven't been in a couple of years.

As I said, I had a treatment yesterday, so need to go rest. I'll be back before I leave for vacation, but have a lot to do to prepare. Hope you all have a good day.

06-15-2005, 03:17 PM
ANGEL, Hi I am not really beating myself up. It just means that I have to lose again what I already lost. So will get back to eating right. I am just now trying to just do some walking, unfortunatly I am still not ready for it everyday. I am sorry to here that you can't workout at all.
God willing you may be able to someday. I will pray for you
Love Laura

06-15-2005, 07:43 PM
Hey ladies..
You get a group post from me. I've been busy helping set up for a garage sale we are having next weekend. Between me and my 2 sisters, we have a lot of stuff. My mom hasn't put much in yet and my sister's MIL says she has 8 boxes so far and she hasn't even put a dent in her spare bedroom yet. IT ought to be huge.... :D

I'm feeling pretty good. My mom has her appt. next week. I'm going to see if she'll let me sit in on it again. I want to see if she'll actually tell the rheumatologist how depressed and anxious she's been lately. She has been for a long time but its getting worse.

That's it for now. I'm trying to get into my husband's email to find out what time his meeting is tonight, but so far the email isn't working right and I'm about ready to call Bresnan and raise a ruckus. I'll check back later.


Joanne D
06-15-2005, 08:45 PM
Hey Everybody.. I too have been really busy this week.. I seem to never get everything done that I want to in a day. But, what the heck, I am retired! At least that is what everyone tells me. I hate leaving unfinished things.
Chrily- I always sat in on my mothers appt's towards the end. I couldn't trust what she would tell me. She just didn't always get things straight..To the Dr. or to us..I think she thought she got more attention if she made things worse or more dramatic..
Stirfried- Just find a eating plan you can work with and try and get as much exercise as you can. I go to TOPS and some of the members are doing the South Beach and having good weight loss..Walking is good.
Angel - If I didn't say Happy Birthday then I am saying it now..Have a great trip. I am going to St George Island In the panhandle of Fl. the end of July. I can hardly wait.It is so nice there. We just go there and enjoy the beach, sunrises,and sunsets.Read and enjoy each other. My daughter and her family will be there too.

06-16-2005, 12:24 AM
Joanne, will you adopt me? :D I am so jealous of all these beaches and sunrised and sunsets you talk about. The closest I have to a beach around here is the concrete surrounding the kiddie pool at the park. :lol:

I did a 30 min Walk Away the Pounds Tape tonight. It was the walk and jog interval tape. I love her workouts. They have the easiest steps to follow and I really really sweat like crazy to them. I also started back with WW on Monday. So far so good. Monday was the worst day because I was working and had to run errands on my lunch hour so it was a drive thru for lunch. Nothing healthy there. :o I'm going to stick with WW this time. I had the most success and I actually can stick with it for the long run. I did South Beach for a bit but I just can't eat like that all the time.

Well the house is in melt-down mode. It's bedtime and Coli is crying...or screaming, rather. I hear some silence again. Well I'm going to get a load of laundry in. Talk to you tomorrow evening.


06-17-2005, 10:36 AM
Hello everyone,
I'm doing much better now. Good nurse's surgery was a success. Dr says he's sure he got all the cancer. She doesn't have to have chemo. Also, my Dr says my Lupus test showed a low positive... so I can stay on Remicade, & they will keep me closely monitored. He said it's possible that it's caused by the meds, & would go into remission if I went off of them, but I need them too badly. This was good news for me....I've really been concerned. Don't know what I'd do without the meds.

Let me brag on a grand a little! My 16 yr old granddaughter (cheerleader) was chosen by the NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) to be a member!! She is now an "All American Cheerleader"! They are the best of the best. She had an injured wrist, a sprung ankle, & a black eye (from the previous day...catching a flyer cheerleader) She was told by the Dr there that she didn't need to try out...that she could cause further injury & be in a lot of pain. She told him that she didn't go all that way to sit on the side lines. The judges knew nothing about her injuries & she won!! Out of 103 girls, 5 were chosen. She was the only one out of her school. I suppose that shows the prejudice her school has been showing against her & her sisters! We are so very proud of her...although she's in a lot of pain now. Going to her bone Dr this next week. She'll be cheering at the game in Hawaii! Also, at the Florida Bowl, & Super Bowl! Will be up for a scholarship!

Hey Chrily....I've already tried with Joanne. She's not going to adopt! :lol: We may all surprise her one day for a visit & make her share her beach! :D We'd just sit back & watch her cook for us, too!! I think she must be a wonderful cook, from some of the things she talks about.

Hi Joanne...oh, were you listening to me talking to Chrily? :o You know we'd help you with the cooking! It would be nice if we all lived closer together. I was on another forum once, where some of the ladies did meet at some resort for a few days & got to meet in person. They posted pics for the rest of us that couldn't go. That was so cool!

Hi Laura...I've gotten use to not exercising. I could in water, but have no pool. Only one is in town for water aerobics, but don't have anyone to go with me, & can't afford it. Maybe next week on vacation I can get in the pool at the Hotel. I'll need to, with the junk food I'll probably eat. :^:

Hi Happy Canuk...hope you're ok. I think about you a lot.

Happy Canuk
06-18-2005, 06:34 AM
Hi gals.

Sorry to be away, but hubby has been on holidays and will be until the 27th, so we are not home a LOT!!!

I have been reading, but have also had a LOT of pain this month. June has been very dreary and humid, and I have been a walking barometer - along with tons of pain. Finally went to the chiro yesterday, as my darn legs felt like tree stumps and I could hardly move them. After my chiro treatment, at least that part went away. The rest of the pain will have to wait until we get some dryer weather next week (I say hopefully).

Angel - glad you are feeling better. It would be horrid if they had to take your meds away from you, because of Lupus. Sometimes a body just can't win!

Chris - I have some Walk Away the Pounds stuff and I should get at it. Just wish my foot and legs would stop hurting so much - it would be more of an incentive! Good for you doing them.

Laura - when a person is under a lot of stress, they either eat or they lose a ton of weight, because they can't eat. Personally, I think eating is healthier. Just take it one day at a time and get started again. It will come together eventually for you. I hope you are feeling better.

Hi Joanne - well Florida is way to hot for me! I love where I live - even that nice, cold, winter we have :lol:

Hope you all have a good day.

06-18-2005, 12:12 PM
Charlotte, give your granddaughter "Congratulations" from me! That is so neat. I never did much extra-curricular things in school. I never even went to a prom. The most I walked away from in high school was good grades. I am such an introvert.

Anne-I'm having some leg pain and alot of foot pain. If I stay moving, it doesn't hurt so much. I think the majority of it is from my shoes. My tennis shoes are all wore out and I've been wearing thongs alot, which provide absolutely no support for my arches or ankles. Not a good choice. I actually feel better walking around barefoot.

Hi Laura, When I'm stressed out, it can go either way. When I went through my divorce, I just couldn't eat. I drank alot of water and smoked cigarettes. And the weight just flew off me. Now I get stressed and eat, and add some pounds. Losing weight by not eating isn't very healthy but that was several years ago.

Barb-Hope your doing okay. Haven't seen a posting by you for awhile.

Joanne-Morning! One morning you'll wake up and see 2 sort of familiar people following you all over the beach and sitting on your steps waiting for some of your cooking. Ummm...that'll be me and Charlotte. :D Yesterday was so nice around here. We took the kids to the wading pool and we laid out in the sun. It was so nice and warm. I put sunscreen on but missed one spot on my arm. So I have a sunburn about as big as a small plate....but only on the one arm.

Gotta get going. I have to run to the bank and do some errands for Kelly today so that we can maybe get out of town for a bit tomorrow for father's day.


06-18-2005, 10:57 PM
Hello friends,
No time for graphics. I'm trying to get packed to leave early tomorrow morning
for our vacation to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg! I'm so tired, but still have a lot to do.

So sorry you are all feeling so lousy(((hugs))) I'll be praying for you.

I'll miss you all!! Not sure what day we'll be back. I'll post soon as I can.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne D
06-19-2005, 08:51 PM
Angel ..Have a great trip!
Chrily.. It would be nice to meet you gals.. I met a friend on another site for lunch one day.. She is really nice.She comes to Florida every year now. I wish she was closer . We met halfway and that didn't give us a lot of time.
Hello everybody...Happy Fathers Day to yours...Joanne

06-20-2005, 01:44 PM
Here is a picture of Joanne as our queen at SRD. Doesn't she look great

Joanne D
06-22-2005, 08:02 PM
Where is everybody??
It has been a busy week. I guess most of you guys are on vacation.. I ate too much this weekend and now it is a struggle to get it off. Of course I gain so easy that I really don't have to eat much to put it on. I guess the 'younger' we get the slower are body gets..
Hope you all are enjoying the summer..It is hot here..Joanne

06-23-2005, 01:07 AM
Joanne, You look so young! You look beautiful!

I'm trying not to be too absent girls. My mom had her appt with the rheumatologist today. She is diagnosed with RA. I wish she would have gone in sooner. It's severe. She has holes in her bones in her feet and around some of her joints because of the RA. He's starting her on methotrexate. 10 mg. for the first 2 weeks and then he is jumping her up to 15 mg. right after that. I'm on 20. I had mine adjusted a couple times, so I don't think he's really going to mess around with her much. I don't know what they'll do with me because my feet have been very sore lately. I'm not sure how much of its due to the RA or my shoes.

Friday and Saturday we're having our "family" garage sale. We have everything marked and tagged and ready to roll. I just don't want to bring anything back home. If I don't sell it, I'm dropping it off at the closest donation place. :)

Going to go to bed now. I need some sleep time in. It's been a long hot day. We were around 100 degrees today. Too hot for me!


06-23-2005, 09:12 PM
Joane D, Hi What is going on? there sure aren't that many people here today. How are you feeling? I hope you are at the least doing okay, with not much pain.

Hi, I to went to see my rheumatologist, he has up my methotrexate to 20 mgs a week. He said that is the full dose. Sure hope it helps. I have been feeling bad with more pain. I am also taking enbrel,but it does seem to be doing much. I go back in a month, if I am the same he is going to put me back on Humira.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed and pray for me
I have a special request of you ladies that do pray. If you could just pray for my daughter to see the truth about herself and also ask God to put a strong desire to get healthy mind and body. I just want her to see and understand that her belief that everyone are mean to her. She also doesn't it that we all care and have tried to help her in many ways. Not just money but emotional support, she is so negetive and self absorbed on and about herself she won't let any other truth but her own be understood. She is self destructive. She may not being using drugs, but her mind hasn't healed yet.
EXAMPLE She had a new job and she got sick. They told her to come back for the next class that was beginning later, she did go again only to get ill again. Still they gave her one more chance, well now she's saying they fired her because they gave her bad points over three gets you tossed out. Of course she tells me that they the company were not going to do that to her. SO many lies and so Much munipulation. I love her very much but now I I tell her is get help or find a support group. She answers the same I am, But she hasn't. She keeps on hurting me or did by saying that I have done nothing for her and never gave her my support. It not the truth and she knows it. I have bad credit again because I helped her with money and my old cell phone. So now ZI am Letting GO and Letting God. So please pray for here. She isn't a rotten woman just ill from them drugs she was on.

Sorry to go on and on. I just can not help it. I am tired of crying because I am afraid she will never get back to normal again as normal as a sexual abused child can be.

My other to children miss ther sister and I miss my daughter, sometimes I ask myself where did my Sarah go.

thanks for reading my post and praying for her.
I gained back the 2 lbs I had lost.

I say try if not succeeding then keep on trying till I get it right. I am trying to walk every other day But have't been able to. But will try to do some kind od w/o I have a rider cardio machine and I can use that to start with. Later do the walking and then add my pilates.

My god be with you and keep you pain free

Joanne D
06-24-2005, 08:18 PM
Stirfried- I am fine . Just the general aches and complaints we have as we get younger.I have sorta just laided back the past couple days. Really lazy!.
You don't say how old your daughter is but I gather she is of age to be her own boss. At least they think so.We all worry about our kids no matter what age they are. If they have a problem we worry more. You are right to put it in Gods hands. You can only do so much. She must do it if she is to get healthy.Kids seldom will take advice from us. I know so well. You need to take care of you.Support her in her efforts to get healthy. If she knows that you are there she may do more.Stay healthy..
Hello Everybody. Have a good weekend..Joanne

06-25-2005, 08:18 AM

We had a very nice vacation. The long ride there & back was rough on me, but we took our time & rested afterwards.

There's so much to do in the Smokey Mountains, that it's really hard to make decisions....but, chose the best places, I believe. We went to the Dixie's a dinner show, where we sit in a gigantic arena watching horseraces, comedy acts on horses, beautiful songs, etc.

Went to Dollywood. There's a lot of musical shows of all kinds well as other things to do. We also went to an Aquarium....a very large place, with all kinds of fish. We watched them feed the sharks, etc. I learned something I'd always wondered about. Do you know where sand comes from? There's a fish called the "Parrot Fish". It poops sand!!! There's a lot of those fish, & they poop a lot! The waves wash the sand onshore to make the beaches. Remember, next time you're on the beach, what you're lying in! :lol:

We went to a dinner show at the Blackwood Brother's Theater. A very large place. Had a goumet meal...then, gospel program by the Blackwood's. It's got a large screen on each side of the stage, & is televised. They were selling videos of that program, as well as pictures of us that was taken before the show with the Blackwood Bros. I asked the host if I could have permission to play the video at our TV Station. She went & got Ron Blackwood (the leader of the group) & he was very gracious. We talked awhile about the TV station, & he gave permission, & brought me another DVD to play. Told me to fill out a form for him & he'd be sending more. Before the show started, he got on stage & said there was a special person he'd met that would be airing their singing at a TV Station in Russellville, AL.....then he had me to stand up! I was applauded......& thought that was it. NOT......during the show, they did a little comedy including a lady & a gentleman from the audience. DH was the gentleman he called up on stage! Now, this is no small place! I wasn't sure he would go, but he did. :D He wore a long beard & a big hat & song with them! :lol: Then, they had him & the lady exchange places & they put a skirt & top, wig, & large sunglasses on him! He sung again. It was so funny! His skirt kept falling off! :lol: Ron Blackwood kept saying things about me! After the show, he gave me a picture & signed it, saying that DH & I stole the me a big kiss on the cheek. ;) I can't wait to let the kids all see it.
We did a little shopping....lingered by the pool, etc. Just whatever we wanted to do........or not do. When we got home, we found our son had surprised us with a clean house & the grass cut! He even grilled supper for us. He said he knew we'd be tired. Sometimes, he can surprise me. :)

Joanne...I was going to look at your pic before I posted. It's early, so I'm not thinking. I'll check it out. I've seen one of you before, & you were beautiful!
What do you think about the beach sand? I thought of you when I learned that! I can't believe that's where sand comes from!

Chrily...Glad your mom got help with her RA. It would have been a lot better, if she had went sooner. I went right away, & the Remicade treatments help to stop the rapid advancement to the organs & bones. Hope you're doing better. My feet get really sore when I walk, even just a short distance. I'm getting to where I can't wear most styles of shoes....just simple slide on.

Laura...I'm sorry for what you're going through. I am praying for your daughter, & for you to have strength. We went through that with our son. I don't think he was on the strong drugs that your daughter was, from the way it sounds, but bad enough. We went through all of the accusations of not helping, etc. You know better, so let it get to you. Remember, it's the drugs talking. Also, if she has stopped takes a long time for them to get out of her system.

Hello to Happy Canuk...hope you're feeling better these days.

Joanne D
06-25-2005, 12:23 PM
Angel- It sounds like you had a great trip! I wonder if the guy talking about the fish that poop sand has ever been on a beach? He might say "Boy,that is a lot of poop."I seldom sit in it. I usually have a chair.. :lol: More so it is really a lot of ground shells and rock..
Lazy sat. here. I will get on T/M today sometime. I have passed my 11 am time so it will be this afternoon about 3. I have to set a time so that I will be sure to do it.. It is not the most pleasant part of the day for me,but, I am glad I have done it after..
Have a great day/weekend...Joanne

06-26-2005, 01:09 PM
Just a quick post to let you all know I'm alive. We are finally done with the garage sale and we are almost out the door to go fishing today. I'll fill you in on all our little details later.
I'm feeling okay except for my achy feet and the sore throat and stuffy head I have again. I caught a bug from my baby nephew Conner. Oh well...I like his snuggles anyhow. :)


Happy Canuk
06-27-2005, 11:01 AM
Please DON'T post here. New thread started.

Joanne D
06-27-2005, 11:04 AM
I hope all you good people had a good weekend. It is monday and the first thing I had to do was go ger blood drawn. Checking my colesterol. I got a feeling the Dr. is going to try and put me on statins. I don't plan to agree. I take red yeast rice and q10. I used to take zocor. Never again. Too many muscle cramps. I am pretty careful with my diet and exercise. He will just have to settle for that.
It is a hot summer here. I really am not fond of the heat.. You would never believe I have lived in Fl. all my life.. I could not live without central air.. Although there was a time when we didn't have it.. Those awful days and nights are gone unless we lose electric..I hope this is a easy storm season..I do like the rain though.
Hello everybody...Joanne