30-Somethings - Red-white And Blue Day Goals (4th Of July)

05-26-2001, 09:49 PM
Thought I would get us started on the next holiday.

6 weeks away!!! So where do you want to be by then.

I want to be 6lbs lighter. So my goal is 213.0 and I know I can do this.


05-26-2001, 11:43 PM
Okay, I think setting a goal my really help me so July 4th it is (even though for me the holiday here is July 1st). What's reasonable for six weeks (I'm asking myself really)? Eight pounds sounds good to me. So that's my official goal - 8 pounds by July 4th!!

Keep you posted........

05-27-2001, 09:43 AM
I'll try again.

:) I will go on last Monday's weigh in. I don't have my own scale anymore so I can't weigh at home (which is a good thing). Starting 201

Goal 9 pounds. So by July 4, I would be 192. I think that is very reasonable because I am actually doing the program this time and I have 1 week extra since I am starting with last week's weigh in.

Good Luck everyone! :)


05-27-2001, 11:43 AM
My goal (a very small one) is that the scale will read 161 by the fourth of July. I don't really know how much of a loss this will be, since I don't know how much I weigh today. :) And because I'm starting at a new athletic club, my accumulated miles will be 75. I'm going to take some baby steps.

05-27-2001, 02:22 PM
Six weeks, huh? Well, I was 212 at my WI on Friday. I think nine pounds is a good six week goal; that's 1.5 pounds per week. So, I guess I'll shoot for a 4th of July goal of 203, with a birthday (June 14) goal of 207.

Jennelle :)
[whew! That's a long goal list!]

05-28-2001, 06:47 PM
I am doing terrible at the diet and exercise thing right now. It has been too hot aI have been very busy at work. Which I know are just excuses and I need to get off my butt. It seems too much to set a goal weight right now. I am going to set a goal to start walking at least four days a week and to start eating sensibly. Once I have started doing these things consistently, then I will set a goal weight. Hopefully this will work. I just don't feel like beating myself over not meeting a goal.
Bauna (who really needs some motivation)

05-28-2001, 08:09 PM
OK, I'm in too.

I have a 5 pound goal. I want to be at 167.5 by July 5th - that's when my weigh in will be.

good luck all!


05-29-2001, 11:03 AM
OK, count me in.

I had been hoping to get my 10% keychain for the fourth of July, but after the last 6 weeks I can see that's not gonna happen.

So my goal for the fourth of July is to loose 6 lbs. That's a pound a week starting with WI tonight :). I also need to get back on track with journaling and eating my veggies, so I'm adding that I will journal at least the majority of each of the six weeks and eat my fruits and veggies :D.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

-Tech :spin:

05-29-2001, 11:49 AM
count me in, I took am willing to jump in even thought I ended up gaining 2.5lbs heavier at the end of my MD goal.

I weighed in today and have lost 2.5lbs, so I am back at the weight I started at the the MD goal.

My July 4th goal is an ambitious one - 1.5lbs a week - so I am looking to lose 9lbs.

The stats

SW - 202.5lbs
CW - 188.5lbs
4th - 179.5lbs
Goal - so far away :D

05-29-2001, 01:36 PM
So great to see so many goal setters - good luck all and hang in there!

My first weigh in is in 2 days . . . :^:


05-29-2001, 03:11 PM
Hi everyone! You can count me in for the July 4th goal! I think I'll go for 5lbs. again.
As far as memorial day goes, I gained 5lbs. , lost 5lbs. and then another 2lbs. so I'm 2lbs. ahead. It's not the 5lbs. I wanted but I'll take it.
Best of luck to everyone!
Take care and stay strong, freesha

05-29-2001, 04:12 PM
Man, I've been soo busy today, I can't manage to get a whole post in!!

My goal is going to be very modest this time...3 lbs. That's just enough to put me under the 240 mark.

Starting Weight: 242.0
July 4th Goal: 239.0
Ultimate Goal: 170.0

Let's do it this time all!! :D

05-29-2001, 05:02 PM
Ok, count me in too! My goal is 8 pounds lighter, hopefully this will be easy, my neighbor and I have been walking 1 hour each night, and I have been slacking off on the water so I have to get back on track with that.

05-29-2001, 08:50 PM
I have decided to revise my goal. I wanted to lose 6lbs by fourth of July. I used last week's weigh in. Well I lost 5.6 this week. So I am using this weeks weight.

4th of July: 207.4

There is a 6lb loss for July 4th starting with today's weigh in.


Glad we are all here and ready to go. We can do this. I know we can!!!!!!

05-30-2001, 01:00 PM
I'm going to add all my miles up in this post; when we move to another folder, I'll just cut and paste.

Mileage update for 4th of July Goal:

5/30/01--3 miles (It felt so good to get back to the gym! And I'm 1/25th the way to my 75 mile target.)
5/31/01--3 miles. 40 minutes treadmill; 15 minutes rowing.
6/2/01--4 miles at the American Heart Association Heart Walk
6/5/01--3 miles treadmill
6/7/01--2 miles (2 hours heavy gardening)
6/10/01--3 miles (1 procor, 2 treadmill)
6/12/01--3 miles treadmill
6/13/01--1.5 miles (fitness orientation; 1 set of weights on nine machines. Ow.) 22.5 miles total.
6/15/01--3 miles (30 minutes tm; 30 minutes weight machines)
19 days to goal day--50 miles to go--not sure if I'll get to 75?)

05-30-2001, 01:09 PM
I SO want to get under the 170's again.


PS - Sonya, is your goal to get to 75 miles by the 4th? I guess I could have just went backwards and checked! That's a great goal.

05-30-2001, 02:31 PM
Rabbit, the 75 miles is one part of my goal. The other part is to have the scale read 161. But I don't know how many pounds that is because I don't know what I weigh. It's a huge leap of faith, huh? :)

05-31-2001, 12:40 PM
Sonya - yep, that is a leap of faith!! Hope you get there. When are you going to weigh?


05-31-2001, 01:52 PM
Rabbit, I think I'll just weigh on the 4th of July. For some reason, I have scale-phobia. My guess is that if I get to 161, it will be about a 6 or 7 pound loss.

06-01-2001, 11:36 AM
Sonya - I think it's great that you can stay away from the scales!

My first weigh in and I lost 3/4 (actually .8 but she always rounds it off). I thought it would be more. But I've just come to the conclusion that for some reason I am going through a challenging time and I just have to hang tough. I know I am doing the right things. It's got to work eventually. I just must be strong and ignore the fact that the scale has not been cooperating.

I have to revise my goal as I had my starting weight wrong last week.

Starting - 172
Present - 171.2
Goal - 167

good luck all.


06-01-2001, 12:18 PM
congrats Rabbit - a loss is a loss and you are going in the right direction, keep it up :D

06-01-2001, 02:56 PM

Well, I went to WI on Tuesday and stayed the same for the second week in a row :dz:. Well, actually that's a good thing since I haven't been tracking what I ate, or particularly paying attention.

Wednesday I was back on track!!! I had a complete OP day, I ate w/in points, exercised, drank my water and ate my veggies/fruit. Unfortunately things weren't as good yesterday, I had a major bad sinus day and when I feel icky I reach for comfort food which doesn't include veggies or exercise. I didn't do as bad as I thought although I was over on points, but the points I had were those empty ones :o. Today is looking good although the walk may not happen with the rain (again).

Rabbit - Congrats on the .8 loss :D. Keep it up and you'll get to your goal.

Well, gotta go. Have a great weekend everyone. And good luck sticking to your goals what ever they are :)

-Tech :spin:

06-04-2001, 12:28 PM
hi everyone. My weekend went fine - I'm staying to the plan. I even ordered a veggie burger at a restaurant Saturday :eek: and it was good. I'm proud of myself for doing that. I've been focusing more on this (for 3 weeks now!)and always trying to stay within the point range. It is bound to pay off.

Tech - a maintain is always better than a gain.!

have a good one - Rabbit

06-05-2001, 07:57 AM
Hi! Well I had my first weigh in since making this goal. I lost 3 pounds (over 2 weeks). 4 weeks to go till July 4th!

starting 201
present 198
goal 192 (6 more pounds to go)

Rabbit, great job on the veggie burger thing! That is a great choice to make when you are surrounded by yummy things and you liked it! So you learned something! Congrats on the loss!

Tech, maintain is good too! Good luck getting back on track.

I don't have a scale at home so I can't peek if I wanted to. But I usually don't want to. I hate that power it has over me.

Sonya, sounds like a great goal and you are on your way with all that exercise! Good luck getting there!

Pryia, wow!! You are doing awesome! Congrats on the loss! You must be pleased to be heading in the single digit area!

Good luck everyone! ;)

06-05-2001, 11:25 AM
Hi all...

I have been MIA for what seems like forever. DH and I have been on "vacation" since 5/25 and I was both sick and trying to get work caught up the few days before then, so it has been a long while since my life has been "normal." "Vacation" involved DH being in a friends wedding in So. Cal. and was sooooo exhausting... I had to come back to work to relax. And my sinus infection from 10 days ago is now an ear infection. It just gets better and better...

I totally blew my MD goal...I know I didn't lose anything, but I haven't weighed in for two weeks, so I'm not sure if I gained or not. I will start fresh this Thursday and set my July 4 weight goal then. As for other goals, I want to exercise, in some form, at least 4 times a week and get back to eating fruits and veggies and drinking my water. It has been incredibly tempting to put this on the back burner for a while, but I have convinced myself after reading all of the posts I missed that it wouldn't be a good idea to do that...so I'm going to "start over" (yet again).

Good luck to everyone on their goals...and congrats to those who have already logged a loss! That is excellent. I will check in a day or two... Bye for now. :cool:


06-05-2001, 11:49 AM
OK, rejoined WW last night officially, so I have a new starting weight, and therefore a new goal. I normally WI in the AM, and naked, but last night was the official WW WI, so of course it was higher! :(

Starting Weight 6/4: 244.5
Goal Weight 7/4: 239.0

OK, so the goal is still the same, it's just that I have to lose 5.5 lbs. intead of 3 lbs. I can do this, I have a month. There is no excuse why I can't! :D

JHawk - You can do this!! Just jump back on the wagon!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Dani - Congrats on the 3 lb. loss! You're definitely headed in the right direction!!

Rabbit - Congrats on ordering the veggie burger! I haven't had one I like yet! Although DH and I tried the Morning Star Farms sausage patties and they were pretty darn good. DH didn't even realize they were totally meat free. I said here, try some fake sausage, and he thought I meant Lite, or FF or something, I said no, it's meat free! He was impressed (which takes a lot!!)

Have a great day all!!

06-05-2001, 01:42 PM
Dani, way to go on the three pounds! I think that's great and must feel good to see your hard work validated with a concrete number.

Lauren, glad you joined WW again. I think something's going to click for you and you'll be able to focus on your goals.

Rabbit, your focus is my inspiration.

I caved in and weighed the other day. It turned out to be 169! I don't want to get back into the 170s. It scared me, actually. So I'm definitely going to keep working out. That's what helped me before, and I know that's what will help me regain control.

06-05-2001, 01:59 PM
HI everyone!!

happy - congrats on the 3 pound loss! I'm sure you're excited to break that 200 mark. Dh tried my veggie burger also and liked it. Today at the grocery I picked up some boca veggie burgers to try. I like the chef Max boca burgers, so I thought it was worth a shot.

jhawk - welcome back!:)

Lauren - I always thinking starting something new, like rejoining WW, gives me just the kick I need. Hope you like it. About the veggie burger, it was the first time I'd ordered something like that. It was at a place known for their burgers, so I thought - why not?

Sonya - glad to hear I can be of help! I'm not sure why, but I just have really been thinking about this a lot and not letting myself get away with stuff and not even letting disappointments knock me over. It's weird, I know. And just what I need to do - FINALLY!


06-06-2001, 12:41 AM
Hi everyone!
Well I weighed in Sat. and had a .8 loss. Not alot but I'll take it. I'm not surprised at the small loss because I stayed at the higher end of my point range last week. This week I'm doing a little better. Though I'm not sure when my next weigh in will be because we're having a yard sale Sat. . So I'll either go in on Friday or Monday. I hope everyone has a great week!
Take care and stay strong! freesha

06-06-2001, 11:28 AM
Hello Everyone,

I went to WW last night and I gained 1lb :(. I'm hoping it was a combination of wearing different shoes and clothes cause I came from home and water weight from not drinking my water over the weekend and drinking too much wine.


Happy - Congrats on the 3 lbs. Way to get back OP :D

Freesha - .8 is a respectable loss, it's way better than gaining :).

Rabbit - Glad you liked the veggie burger, I actually order them all the time at burger places because for some reason I don't like the taste of 'real' hamburgers.

LBH - Congrats on rejoining WW. Hope it works out for you. Something needs to click for us soon :dz:.

JHawk - Welcome back. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon.

Sonya - Good luck with the exercise.

- Tech :spin:
249.2/236.0/229.0(7/4-goal)/170ish (7 lbs in 4 weeks :eek: )

06-06-2001, 01:20 PM
hi all. Just checking in to keep my mind focused!

Freesha - congrats on the loss! That's the same thing I lost last week. Do you usually eat towards the middle or the lower end of your point range?

Tech - I always take my shoes off when I weigh!

See ya!:wave: Rabbit

06-06-2001, 01:46 PM
Hi everyone,

I am just checking in. Just had lunch. I have my whole day packed because I'm out all day today so I bring my food with me. That makes it nice because there are no decisions to worry about and the points are all calculated.

Rabbit, it is good to be under 200 but I am not as excited because I was under 200 for a long time and then slipped over for a few weeks.. so this is just undoing the damage. When I get below 191 it will be a big thing. I have yet to do that since joining ww. Then I'll know I am on my way for real. But I have gotten started and I feel motivated and this is good too.

Tech, sorry about the gain.. but you sound strong! Go get 'em!! This time next week you'll be a loser! :)

Freesa, good job on the loss.. any loss is good! :) I usually aim for the middle of my point range so if I have an emergency attack I will be able to have something. I hate the feeling of not having any points in my day left over. It makes me crazy. :)

Ok, got to go for now.. be back later.


06-06-2001, 03:58 PM
Nothing to report as yet, as my weigh in will be delayed this week because of where I am working. I hope to weigh in tomorrow evening and I hope it is a loss, but we shall see. Congrats to everyone that is losing and maintaining, and for those who may have gained, chin up - tomorrow is another day, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. :D

06-06-2001, 04:19 PM
Well, as I posted under the other thread, I had gained 2.5 lbs on my first weigh in but then lost it again in a couple of days so I'll still try for my original goal of 8 lbs although it seems unlikely at this point.

Gotta keep trying........

06-07-2001, 12:29 PM
hi all. Checking in again. Tonight is weigh in and I should have a loss again.:^: Will let you know.

Happy - yeah for bringing food with you! My next 10 pound mark (under 170) will be one I have broken before also - but it seems like it has been awhile. I will be glad to be there again. Now when I get below 165.5 - that will be virgin territory and thrilling. We can do this!!:D

Elisa - You are so right, we have to keep on trying.


06-07-2001, 02:00 PM
Well I was up 1.4 this week. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! what did I expect if I was going to eat anything I wanted. But I am back on program and still going for the 6lbs in June. Keep up the good work EVERYONE!!!

06-07-2001, 03:20 PM
Unfortunately due to where I am working at the moment, I am unable to get back to my area to attend my meeting with my regular leader. Believe you me, I think the leader makes all the difference, so I will make sure I can weigh in some time next week - will have to bribe hubby to drive me to an evening weigh in instead of my Tuesday lunchtime one. I have been fairly good about my food intake and water, but the exercise thing is a bit lacking at the moment. However today at work I was so bored, so guess what I did - I ate - and went over my points, so I am gonna have to start exercise to try and work some of it off.

Anyway, congrats to those who are losing, and to those who have stayed the same or gained - don't worry it will fall off next week. :smug:

I will definitely by hook or by crook have some results for next week - and they had better be good or you all will suffer!!!!!!!! :lol:

06-07-2001, 04:38 PM
Hello all...

Well, I faced the scale monster after a two WI haitus and I gained 3.2. That was hard to face, but I'm moving on. I came back to work to a meeting about the company's wellness exams, which are scheduled for this fall and that was more motivating than the WW meeting...knowing I need to get my crap together or risk being in the exact same place I was in two years ago at the wellness exam...I want to make progress, darn it! :o

I haven't been to the grocery store since returning from vacation, so I haven't tackled the fruit and veggie goal. And my ear infection is still present (read: no equilibrium), so I haven't tackled the exercise goal, but I am ready to set my weight goal and hit them all at once. I will aim for a loss of 4.8 by my July 5 weigh in....that is 1.2 per week. :^: I hope I can manage that!

Tech and Pryia, don't let the gains get you down. Hang in there. Elisa, good job on getting the 2+ off! Rabbit, good luck tonight! Happy & Freesha...YAY!! :D on the losses...keep going! LBH, good for you for rejoining.

That is all for now...take care all...

Jhawk :cool:
200.7/188.8/184 (7/5)/150-ish

06-08-2001, 10:52 AM
Great news! After 3 weeks of being such an :angel: it finally paid off and I had a great loss. I lost 2.6 and got back under that 170 mark. I am so thrilled. I'm going to have a tough weekend here - it is dh's birthday and we have company coming, so I sure hope this recent success will motivate me enough to stay op.

Pryia - sorry about the gain. Glad you are picking yourself right back up.:)

BFB - you are lucky to have such a great leader.

Jhawk - sorry about the gain. Good luck on all the goals you have set.


Goal starting point - 172
Present - 168.6
July 4 - 167

**3.4 pounds lost, 1.6 to go**


06-08-2001, 01:06 PM
Happy Friday, Gang!

Rabbit: YAY!!! HOORAY!!! Congrats on a great loss. You are my inspiration...if you can hang in there for three tough weeks to get such a great loss, then I'm willing to give it my best too! Keep it up, you are within spitting distance of your goal...that has to feel great!!

My ears feel better today, so hopefully I'll be feeling normal (whatever that is, I've forgotten) again soon. We had some fabulous BLT's for dinner last night and it reminded me how much I miss fresh veggies...a big grocery shopping trip is on the top of my list for this weekend. I'm feeling pretty motivated...I hope I can maintain the motivation.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care...

Jhawk :cool:

06-11-2001, 11:52 AM
Jhawk - thanks so much for the kind words!! Boy, I had a tough tough weekend and overdid it. I will have to be oh so careful the rest of this week so that I will not post a gain. I was stupid with the egg rolls and lemon squares last night. Why??? I must learn from this!


06-11-2001, 07:44 PM
Hi everyone! Well I weighed in on friday this week and had a 1.1 loss. I thought it might be more because I ate at 20 and 21 pts. all week. But I'm happy with a lb.
So far for my 5lb. goal I'm down 1.7lbs. and have 3.3 to go. I hope I can do it. I have a few hurdles to get over first. This weekend is Fathers day, the next week we are celebrating a birthday, and them my in-laws are coming to visit for a week. Its going to take a lot of planning and prayer to get me through all this without a gain! Social situations are scary for me eating wise. keep your fingers crossed for me!
Good luck to everyone. Take care and stay strong!

06-12-2001, 10:16 AM
Hi! I lost 4 pounds this week.

start 201
4th goal 192
now 194 (-7)

2 more to go to reach my 4th of July goal!

I still remain motivated. I am going to reward myself at every 5 pound loss (by ww weights) because we talked about that at the meeting last night. I got myself some Bath and Body works stuff for my first one. I have to force myself to drink the water today for some reason but I am doing that. I don't expect another big loss next time. For me, it is like those first couple of weeks of the program because I was not doing it all this time. I was eating like my old ways. I hope to go for 1 or 2 pounds a week now that my body is getting used to me eating this way again. My main current goal is to get to 190. That will get me to the ribbon (which I have mentioned before, I have never attained). It will put me into "virgin" territory as Rabbit puts it. :) Then I will know I have pushed passed a barrier that I keep putting up for myself every time I get close to 190. I will be better able to believe in myself if I can conquer that. The ribbon has become a very meaningful symbol for me and I feel that having it will remind me that I am capable of doing this and help me reach my future goals. 60 pounds seems like a long way to go... and I cannot imagine the whole journey, it is too overwhelming. So I am trying to focus on one little step at a time and know that I am closer and closer with each one.

Freesa and Rabbit, congratulations on the losses!!

JHawk and Pryia, sorry about the gains. Good for you getting back on track though.. it's hard, but the alternative isn't going to get the job done. :) Good luck!

Everyone have a great week!


06-12-2001, 11:40 AM
Wow Dani!: 4 pounds in one week! Way to Go! :spin: :spin: :spin:

Jennelle :D

06-13-2001, 08:34 PM
Freesha - congrats on your loss. ANd maybe it will be a bigger one next week, some times it takes awhile, you know?

happy - you are smoking girl and I am so happy for you!:smug: I enjoyed reading your post and will pray for you to keep going and get to that virgin territory and get your ribbon!!

have a good one all - Rabbit

06-14-2001, 10:45 AM
Hi All!!

Weigh In went great last night!! I lost 5.4 lbs.!! :D :D :D I'm very excited, I wasn't expecting that much of a loss!! I have 1 lb. to go to get to my July 4th Goal!! Man, I hope I don't screw up!!

I noticed I must've screwed up when posting my starting weight...according to my book it was 245.4...guess I got a little dislexic!!

Starting Weight 6/4: 245.4
JUNE 13th Weigh In: 240.0
Goal Weight 7/4: 239.0

Have a great week all, and good luck sticking to plan and getting to goal!!

06-14-2001, 12:10 PM
Lauren - wow, you are doing incredible!!! Congrats! And only 1 pound to go - you can do it.

My weigh in is tonight and I am afraid!


06-14-2001, 05:52 PM
Lauren CONGRATULATIONS!! That is an awesome loss! I know you can meet your july 4th goal. and then some!!!:) :) :)

Rabbit, Good luck!!! Don't be afraid! You know you are doing well and you have accomplished so much! No matter what, nothing can take that away!


06-14-2001, 11:16 PM
Happy - thanks for the encouraging words!

I did end up with a little gain. I gained .4 pounds, but I'm okay with that and moving on from here. I deserved it and I know what I did wrong.

Goal starting point - 172
Present point - 169
7/5/01-- goal - 167

**2 pounds to go and 3 weeks**


06-16-2001, 08:35 PM
Hi everyone!
I had a good week. Did well mon. and tues. , was really bad Wed. we went out for baby back ribs for our 20th anniversary. Ended up having waaaay to much dessert. I didn't even figure out my points for that day. But I was able to turn it around thursday and friday and had a 2.9 lb. loss today! I guess the exercise this week paid off! So I'm .4lbs. away from my July 4th goal.

Happy face and LBH congrats on your losses! What ever your having I want some too! You had some pretty good losses!

Rabbit - you've been doing so well the last couple weeks I know your going to show a loss this week!

I hope everyone has a good week! Take care and stay strong!