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05-02-2005, 10:42 AM
Happy May! How was your May Day? Mine was OK - had the u/s of baby. The 3D SUCKED adn she couldn't get a good pic even though Baby was facing the probe and no hands in front of face...so we had to settle for 2D DVD. IT's fun to have it on DVD adn see the movement and stuff, but not worth $140. Athough DH has watched it four times so far!

Dad's wedding...was...welll....worse that I anticipated. We got there and I had to pee so bad (the place was outsidet the city) and the only buildings were the house (B&B) and the chapel, which we knew had no bathroom in it. So myself, my 6 year old neice and DH went to the house and her son openedthe door, and she was on the step getting her photo done with her daughter and FREAKED OUT. She said I couldn't use the bathroom there and had to go to the other side ofthe house where there was a little suite that can be accessed from the outside. I was pissed off. I had to go so bad - I am 30 weeks pg and the bathrrom was right at the front door there. So, whatever, went to the chapel after fumbling around finding the "suite" and there were no seats except the ones at the back. There werent' any seats saved for us!!! And I Thought since I had to do a reading that they would have a seat for me up close. No, her family took all the good seats. Niiiiiiccee. So, when it was time for me to do the reading, I had to push past a photographer and walk up the aisle to the podium. Stupid. Anyway, afterwards, we had to mingle in the house for 2 hours prior to dinner. Lots of fun with a 6 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old in a not-for-children house.

So, then comes dinner. We're all sitting beside eachother, far from our dad. IT's one big table. No introduced themselves but the mother and one sister. And her son was nice as always. We were very uncomfortable. Dinner was way too long - there was like 30 min between courses, so the little girls eventually left the table adn went to watch TV somewhere. Then she approaches me and says "oh, before your wedding we were going to have you sing, but then right after your weddng you announced you were pregnant so we decided you wouldn't want to sing." So, that confirms they knew they were going to get married before October, adn they never told us til December 26. Then her mother went on and on about how she worked all summer candying the flowers for the wedding cake. Now we knew that they planned on the wedding prior to the fall too. During the time when our dad was telling us he wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship - WHA??????

OK, so we were all pretty much done with this wedding and biding our time, when it was time for the toasts. THe toast to the bride was a sister that went on and on about her new roles. She missed out the Step-mother and grandmother roles. It was a 25 minute speech. Then to the Groom, was dad's friend, whom none of us have EVER MET IN OUR LIVES. and he goes on adn on about what a good father he is to "all of them" and he waved his hand at the six of us. HE had no idea if dad had 3 daughters, 3 sons or 6 altogether. And he said it like 4 times! We were all holding our tongues....and then Dad decides to get up....and he toasts - HER AND HER SISTERS for making the wedding such a special family event. He never mentioned us. He toasted THEM!! Can you even believe it?? And he went on and on about how they worked all week on the prepareations. We asked to help and were told no. She even had the audacity to tell us on THursday that they were having a familiy BBQ on Friday night for "her family" and never invited us.

We were super pissed off.

PLUS - she had nursing friends there who were going on and on about how they were at the delivery of my 6 year old neice, and we never even knew she existed until November 2003. Never a word!! I said that to one of them. "oh, how nice. We never even heard of Joan until a year and a half ago." That shut her up. and her whole family, though never saying hello or what is your name, kept saying to me that I must be due any minute. Or that I was having twins. I was so pissed off. I said to one of them "Actually, I am having a baby Elephant.". That also shut her up.

This wedding was worse than the other one b/c at least then we'd known her since we were little, we knew her family and we weren't second fiddle. Dad didn't even talk to us the whole wedding. It was unreal.

Well, thanks for letting me rant....

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend....Post when you can!!

05-02-2005, 12:51 PM
Belle, That sounds so awful! Some people are UNREAL! You should've used your pg as an excuse to say every little thing you were thinking - they could've just said oh well she's hormonal but they'd know exactly how you felt. I hope that you have some fun coming up this week. You need it! Too bad about the 3d u/s. You DH has watched it 4 times? That's too cute! Any progress on the name debate?

Well I ate like crap yesterday & did no exercise. I haven't exercised since Friday :( Its finally nice enough here to get my bike out so I'm going to walk it to the service station & fill up my tires & then bike back. Yesterday I don't know what was with me. I didn't eat a real meal all day. Instead I just had junk followed by more junk. I ate a ton of jalepeno poppers stuffed with either cream cheese or cheddar (why did I even let them in the house?). I had ice cream (whatever you do DO NOT try the Baci Hazelnut Truffle ice cream!). I also had ripple chips with 3 cheese bacon dip! I must've been hormonal or something. I bought all of those things & then I ate all of those things. What an idiot! Today I'm not feeling so motivated but I'm hoping once I get outside and moving I'll be better. Guess I need to find my bike helmet. I haven't used it since we moved in this place last November. Then this afternoon its off to work. I can't wait til summer when I can have a vacation! LOL

Hope you all ate better than me this weekend!

05-02-2005, 02:37 PM
Hi Ladies
I'm alive but exhausted lately so not been on the puter much. No Not PG NO! I just finished my period THANK YOU SEASONALE ITS FINALLY OVER! i'm a little excited
I'm looking for a WLS dr so I can explore that option more seriously. I'm off to enjoy some harry potter on my lunch break hopefully bbl if my boss doesn't start hovering!
PS Belle OMG you are a saint!
Rina that ice cream sounds too die for
I'll bbl

05-02-2005, 07:00 PM
Belle - How horrible! I know you said you knew the wedding was going to be tough. Did you ever consider not going?

Rina - =( Maybe tomorrow (today?) will bring a better day of eating for you. I get in slumps too. Friday DH and I had a friend over and I had planned on not having even one drink that night....which ended in 2 car bombs and lots of whiskey! At least I got right back on the ball the next day. :)

Kier - WLS doctor? Maybe I'm just not making the connection? A while back I had my period for over a month...horrible... went and had lots of tests and stuff and they couldn't find anything wrong. It ended on its own and since then my periods have been really short. What's seasonale?

My weekend wasw filled with school work. It was totally unbelievable. I took Friday off to finish a project so my brother and his fiancee could come visit on Saturday without me worrying about that project. Well I didn't finish it and I was working on it until they came Saturday night. We went to a movie, hung out. They ended up leaving earlier than planned on Sunday and I worked on the project for the rest of the day...until 3am last night! Then I had to take TODAY off of work too to get this stupid thing done and it is STILL not done. Thank god they pushed the due date from Sunday night until tomorrow night. I have to get back to working on it now and finishing it up so at least some of my stress will be relieved! I still have a chapter in a book to read for my other class and I have about 4 quizzes left to take for that class by the end of the week. Then Friday starts finals week... I can't WAIT until this semester is over... I'M GOING NUTS!!!!

05-02-2005, 07:07 PM
Belle- OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Rhubarb I would have said a whole lot more and blamed it all on pg. You are so much more patient than I am, I think I would have blown my lid. I wouldn't even let her touch your baby, by the way. lol. Is she a lot younger than your dad? She and her family sounds exactly like my husband's step mom. We were were suppose to go over there yesterday because it was suppose to be a pre mother;s day part for my dh's grandma, NO it turned out be for her and her mother and sisters. All of them won't give us a time of day but they sure do take my dh's dad's money. ARGH. We decided we would pass yesterday. You are trully a saint and I love your comments. My counseler always tells me to just stay away from them and let them deal with themselves and you take care of you.

Rhubarb- I am in the same boat as you. My husband bought vanilla ice cream and double stuffed oreos. I was like why did you put this in the house. So now I am super bloated and feel like crap. but it is finals so I am not going to care too much.

Okay girlies- I need to go and study again. I have been up since 7:30 studying and had a meeting with the deptartment head to tell me my 3.5 overall GPA should be better. I am going to have a cow.. Anyway, have to study again! See ya

05-03-2005, 03:01 PM
Hey all!

I ate a bit better yesterday but didn't end up exercising. Today I have already went for a bike ride for 20 minutes and did a half hour of resistance training. Eating is better so far too. Back on track. I'm sure that at my WI tomorrow it won't be good b/c I wasn't as diligent as I should have been. Oh well. This week is going to be better hopefully. It really helps when the weather is nice.

So I think I need glasses :( For the last year I have noticed that when I'm tired i close my right eye to read. Lately its been happening pretty much all the time. Then the past couple of weeks I've noticed that if I am looking down at somethign close - like reading or cross-stitch -when I try to glance up at something far away it takes a couple of secondes before I can see the smaller things farther away clearly. I made an appointment to go have my eyes checked next Monday. Guess we'll find out then. I've always had perfect vision so this will be interesting. Why do glasses have to be so much money too? I hope if I need them I can find a really nice pair. Sometimes I feel like my eyes are the only beautiful part about me. I don't want to have to hide them behind some glasses. :p I know its a little thing to let bug me but it does. Hopefully if I need them I won't have to wear them all of the time. Could be one reason why I've been having so many headaches lately....

I had two horrible nightmares last night. I hate that. Luckily though at this point I don't feel too tired. Work will be a quiet day today too.

Lori, Hope that you manage to find time for yourself with all of you school stress. How is your eating through this?

JK, they told you that you need a higher GPA that that? Why? Crazy. How is your foot this week?

Hello all you other peoples. Come out and play ;)

05-03-2005, 04:51 PM
Hey Ladies:
This is the first Time i have had to post since yesterday. I found out my big project I'm workign on I was working on the wrong thing SO i had to make up over a weeks worth of work in 2 days. I'm almost done and saving the last page for tommorrow.
Lori I have been thinking of Gastric bypass for a year. . .I'm going to a seminar on the 26th the original doc i called was a little too drive through for me so I called a different one. Seasonale is a bc pill you take for 3 montsh then you get your period It took a month of being on the pill for my period to go away but HALLELUYAH
JK I would have killed for a 3.5 brilliant girl
Rina you are really doing great
back to work!

05-03-2005, 06:32 PM
Thanks for your support girls! Unfortunately I have chosen a major that is highly competitive and my the university I attend has a really good program for speech pathology which is great but whe you need money it isn't good. You pretty much need a graduate degree to get a decent job in the profession I chose and grad school is way more expensive then undergrad so I am having problems. I need to be worrying on getting in the program and how we are going to pay for it. I love speech pathology so I will find a way, everything always works. So I have been studying my butt off to show her that I am going to be a good clinician and my grade point average shouldn't matter that much. OH well

I feel like someone has hit me with a bat today. Just two more day and I will be free until summer school starts.

How do you think Seosonale is doing with weight gain? I wish I can be off the pill, I really think it keeps the weight on my tummy area. I can't shake it.

Contacts are always there to Rhubarb, I know though money sucks. Maybe you will find a really cute pair you will love.

Alright well I am going to turn on the coffee pot and get back to work.

05-04-2005, 09:02 AM
JK The seasonale is not bad I'm not as pooped as I was with Nordette which i had my period All the time with you still have break through bleeding but i like it the pill not the bleeding.
Dh and I were in a collision last night. . .we're ok I'm just still shaken up.
I should start work I'll bbl