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05-02-2005, 08:13 AM
Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Sun. started out with a good thunder storm that lasted for hours. Then DH & I were out and about most of the day. Are you still get all the rain? It's supposed to be like that for us most of the week.

Nikki, that's great you've started on your house. I am so happy for you that you've started. How is working on your house with your DH?

Hi Anne, Kate, Lynn, hope things are going well with you.

Have a great day.

05-02-2005, 09:23 AM
Good Morning Everyone:

Monday, Monday :dizzy:

Lynn, belated birthday greetings!!! :gift: :balloons: :hb: Friday, was
nightmarish at work being month end and all.

Kate and Ali, you guys were so right. I should have the fries when I craved
them and I didn't so guess what. I went on a marahon pig out on the weekend :rolleyes: I do things and hate myself for it.

Ali yesterday was great outside but Saturday was a real bummer weather
wise, raining and cold.

Hi Nikki, you sound like you are really getting alot done with your house. My
mother is currently redecorating and painting. Shes doing a great job.

Well, Have a good Monday everyone!!!!


05-02-2005, 09:30 AM
Morning Everyone:wave:

Looks like our new home is a busy place. I will have to bookmark our thread every week. I use to just bookmark the forum and I could find our thread pretty easy, since there wasn't as many people posting there. Anybody know of an easier way to get here?

We are having really bad weather for working outside. Yesterday, it was only in the 40's and the wind was so strong, it was blowing everything over. Finally, DH felt it was too windy to be on a ladder and we came in. I had a fire in the stove in the garage to warm us up some, but we were both miserable. We are working on the north side of the house and that is where all the wind is coming from. We don't have windows in 2 windows, just some plastic over them. It got down to the upper 20's last night and the house was a drafty, cold place. With the furnace running most of the time, it was 65 in here.
The next 2 days don't look much better either, weather wise. We are hoping to get some of the trim work done today and maybe replace some old rotten wood.
DH's brother is coming over to help the next couple of days. He's a good carpenter and it will be good to have another set of hands helping. So far we are getting along really well, but I think it's because neither one of us can talk much, we're too cold:lol:
My diet and exercise has lapsed. I'm going to make an effort today to at least eat right. You'd think with the work I'm doing outside I won't need to exercise, but there's a lot of standing around and trying to figure things out, so I need to start doing some in the morning.

Hope everyone is doing ok and that you all find your way here. Talk to you later, Nikki

05-02-2005, 09:35 AM
Anne, we were posting at the same time. I'm so happy to hear that your mom is redecoratating and painting. That is a very positive thing.

I hope your day is better than Friday was. Take care, Nikki

05-02-2005, 09:34 PM
I found you :D
It was a busy weekend. I spent Saturday with a friend. We hit some garage sales even though it was pouring rain. I don't generally buy much, but I like to look around. Surprise...I did find some "treasures". My favorite was a small crystal lamp that's a good size for a night stand. I need to get a shade for it, but it's in great condition and very heavy. I had about 5 people say that if they had seen it first they would have taken it so I was pretty pleased with myself :smug:

Nikki: I'm sorry that the weather hasn't been cooperating for your remodeling. Sounds like you've got quite a project going. It's nice that you can do the work yourselves. My DH would never attempt something like that. Hope that you get some sunny days with less wind. Did you start exercising?

Anne: How did your day go? I dreaded going into work today because I still had something to tackle that I didn't feel like doing. Most of the time I really enjoy my's weeks like this that I can't help thinking that every day brings me one day closer to retirement:) We pretty much had the same weather that you did. Saturday was just awful. Are your trees and early flowers starting to come out? We still are getting frost overnight sometimes. On the way to work this morning I hit some tiny hail. Hope some nice weather arrives SOON!

Ali: I'm glad that your DH is enjoying his job. It's hard when you have your own business because I think that basically it's on your mind 24/7. That's nice that he's trying something completely different. It's amazing how they can do things that you'd never thought they'd want to do. How are you doing with WW? I started counting points again yesterday. I need something to jump start myself. I haven't lost anything in weeks. Hope that you don't have a week of rain.

Take care all,

05-03-2005, 08:47 AM
Hello everyone,

It doesn't look like we're going to have all that rain this week. The sun was out most of the time yesterday and it looks like we'll be seeing sunshine today too.:sunny:

The new dishwasher was delivered and installed yesterday. That alone makes a difference in the kitchen. The new stove should be delivered and installed sometime today. Also, yesterday we went out and bought a new washer & dryer. Those should be delivered and installed today. It looks like I'll have a busy day waiting for deliveries.

Anne, don't beat yourself up about eating so much over the weekend. When that happens to me I just figure it's my body telling me I need more to eat. I saw that Joan Rivers was on QVC over the weekend. She was selling this beautiful Omega chain with quite a lot of different colored gem sliders. She also had earrings to match, with all the same colored gems that you got in the necklace. They really were beautiful. That's great your mother is redecorating the house. It must be good seeing her taking an interest in things again.

Nikki, that is unbelieveable about the weather you've been having. It wasn't that long ago you were having summer-like weather. It's amazing how it can go from one extreme to the other. It's a good thing you covered your plants. How are they doing? That's good your BIL will be coming over to help you and your DH. Hope your weather improves.

Kate, the lamp you bought sounds lovely. Don't you just love it when you find treasures like that? It really makes your day. What kind of shade are you looking for? That's great you've started counting points again. I'm sort of getting lax in that department. I also don't care for the meetings and I've skipped some, and don't know if I'll go back. I do have to get back counting again. I hope you'll have an easy day at work today.

I hope you all will start to have warmer temps. soon.

Enjoy your day everyone,

05-03-2005, 09:51 PM
A quick hi to everyone! Nothing much new going on in this neck of the woods. It's still cold, but supposed to get warmer as the week goes on. We'll see.

Nikki: Hope that the weather has gotten nice for you and you're able to work on your house. It's exciting to see things take shape.

Anne: Hope your week at work is going well. From past experience, I think it saves in the long run to give into a craving. Each day is a new day so don't think about last weekend. What kind of decorating is your mother doing?

Ali:'ve been doing a lot of shopping! It must feel like Christmas. Did everything get delivered on schedule? I hate waiting for people to show up because usually for me they never come when they say they will. You know how I hate to count points. It's a struggle. I thought that since I hadn't done it in such a long time that it would be kind of fun. WRONG :( How did you do today?

Well, that's it for tonight:wave:


05-04-2005, 08:23 AM
Hi everyone,

Had a weird afternoon yesterday. It got really black towards the north and we had thunder & lightning with hardly any rain. :?: It lasted for quite sometime.

Both deliveries came within the time frame they told us. :faint: I was glad everything was done early because of the weather we had later on.

Kate, got a good chuckle out of your description about counting points.:lol: :lol: You probably did better than I did. I lasted 2 meals. :D Has your weather improved any?

Anne, has :devil: been bothering you this week? When is the new management supposed to take over at the hospital?

Nikki, how are the renovations coming along?

Lynn, how are you doing girlfriend? Hope everything is going ok for you. :grouphug:

I'm off to clean the house. My ILs are visiting tomorrow, their last before they head back north. I believe they're leaving sometime early next week.

Hope you all have a great day.

05-04-2005, 10:42 AM

We are getting ready to get going on the house. I'm beat and I haven't even started. The weather has improved and will be in the 60's and sunny today, can't complain about that. We replaced most of the wall and one window yesterday. It sure does look better. DH feels so much better about things now that they are starting to shape up.
We had frost last night and I didn't cover what few plants I have left, so now they are gone too. I could just kick myself over that. I've covered them for weeks, but this was probably the last night I would have had to do it and I blew it off. Well, they are cheap and easy enough to replace.
Guess DH is starting to make some noises outside, so better get busy, you all have a good day, Nikki

05-04-2005, 11:26 AM
Hi Guys:
Well Syliva is back to being the dirt devil :devil: :devil: Tuesday there
was a shortage of 60.00 in the petty cash. I am positive that it was my
co workers mistake. She too beleives the error is her's. Do you know that
:devil: says if the cash does not turn up I have to pay for it. She is such
an :censored: She sent me an email stating I am exclusively resposible for
the petty cash. Problem is this, I go home at 3:00 in the afternoon and
my young co worker stays till 4:30 so how the heck can I do that :shrug:
I also must add, we just found out that our hospital dropped out of the
plans for the new company, so its business as ususal :rolleyes:
Kate: how many years before you retire? I can leave when my age and
years of service equal 85, which leaves me with about 3.5 years remaining.
I am 48 and I am finishing 30 years in October and starting 31 so I go up
2 points a year.

Aleka, I get scared whenever I sense a storm is coming. I went out for
lunch on Monday and it was hailing!!!

Nikki, I like the temperatures when there are in the 60 degree range. Very

Have a great day guys. I hope I don't see :devil:


05-05-2005, 08:42 AM
Good morning,

What an afternoon I had yesterday. A thunder storm, or series of thunder storms started around 11:30 am and lasted until around 2:00-ish . I've never seen such lightning and sometimes the thunder was right overhead. Also it poured buckets. Right in the middle of all this, the UPS guy came and I had to run out and get the pkgs. he was delivering. :eek: To take my mind off of things I did do some reading inbetween calming Lacee down. It looks like today is going to be another one of those days. Hope we don't get anymore of those storms today.

Anne, that's awful what dirt :devil: is putting you through. That's very unfair of her to make you responsible for the cash problems, especially making you pay when it comes up short. Will your co-worker go to :devil: and explain it was her fault? Or is she afraid to. I am sorry that the company isn't going to take over the hospital. You were looking forward to them taking over. Is there anyone else interested in taking over?

Nikki, it sounds like you're coming along good on your house. Glad you had good weather yesterday for your project. How did things go yesterday? Sorry about your plants and you put so much work into planting them too. I got a newsletter from SS website in my e mail this morning. She's selling her makeup on her website now. Have you seen any reviews on HSN BB? I'm tempted to buy some. But, it said on her website that they only had 200 in each shade left. Leftovers from her HSN visit??

Kate, how did your day go yesterday?

Hey Lynn, hope you're doing well.

Have a good day everyone.

05-05-2005, 09:27 AM
Good Morning everyone,
Yesterday was a good day. We got the second window in and the back wall is all fixed. Today we put on the wrap insulation and start to put the siding up. It looks really good. Today, the weather is suppose to be in the 70's, which will be great.
Anne, I am sorry to hear about how :devil: is treating you. I know your disappointed about not being able to retire early too. I bet 3 1/2 years seems like an eternity with:devil: breathing down your neck. What is her glitch anyway? Are you still keeping a log of what she's doing? Even if you never do anything with it, it helps to write things out and have dates and events for your own reference, in case you need it in the future.
Ali, those storms sound horrible. I hope they don't return today.
I have seen some very favorable reviews on HSN beauty board about that make up. They say you can spray it on your face or spray it on a sponge and then apply it. I would like to see more reviews before I'd buy it. I have used L'Oreals facial tanner that has a bronzer built in and I like the way that looks. It never did tan my face, but the bronzer looked good. It looks like I have a tan and like I'm not wearing makeup. It doesn't accentuate my lines or make me look like I'm wearing a mask, which is what foundation does.
Hi Kate, hope things are less stressful for you today. I have counted points in the past and found it to be helpful, but I get tired of doing that too. I've gained some weight here the last week or so. It happens every time DH is on vacation. He wants eat out a lot and drink beer and I go along with him. Then it takes me months to work it off.
Lynn, I hope you can come back soon. We miss you:grouphug:
Take care all, Nikki

05-05-2005, 02:44 PM
Hi Guys:
Nikki, I keep all emails :devil: sends me. I forward them to my home email
just in case.......She is driving everyone at work insane with her constant :tantrum: . My son Danny calls her the demonic entity known as
Ms. Ebbs.
I am disgusted. Tonight my aunt is coming over. We are having birthday
cake. Tomorrow I finally have a day off so my DH an I are going to Bert n
Ernies which is a bar and grill for lunch. Sunday is my son Michael's 21
birthday and also Mothers day. I can feel the waist band tightening as
I write you guys, I better get doing some of this :ebike:

Ali, those storms sound terrible. I would be shaken in my boots :yikes: I hope
you don't get any more of those storms today.

Hi Kate, hope your stress is diminishing. I know exactly how you feel. Picture :devil: that does alot of :tantrum:
(don't you guys love these smileys) They should call the tantruming one
Syliva :dizzy:

Lynn, you are in our thoughts. Hope to hear from you really soon :D

Talk to you all later.

05-05-2005, 06:51 PM
The weather today was warmer and no rain. The forecasters just might be right that we'll have a nice weekend:lol3: These new smilies are soooo cute!

Nikki: I'm so glad that you've got nice weather so that you can get a lot done on your house. I know what you takes no time at all to put weight on. Just a few days of something extra and bingo...there are some extra pounds :( Not so easy getting rid of them again. How long is your DH on vacation?

Anne: You are a saint! I don't know how you put up with :devil: Did you get the money thing straightened out? I wouldn't give her a cent. You will have a lot of partying to contend with this weekend. That's always hard. My motivation has gone right out the window this past week. I think it has a lot to do with my workload. I'm just too tired mentally to want to put any effort into eating healthy. My "plan" was to be able to retire in 2 years, but if I do that I won't get my full state retirement. I'd need 2 more years to get the whole thing. I'm just not sure I want to work that much longer.

Ali: Ohhh, you had some nasty storms. Our house got struck by lightening several years ago so I'm not a big fan of thunder storms. Poor Lacee. I know how upset dogs can get. Hope that you didn't get anymore today although the weather map looks like there's quite a bit of rain around in the south. Did you have a good visit with your ILs? I've given up on points for the time being....I've got to get motivated again even to exercise. I went once to Curves this week :( I think once things settle at work I'll be able to feel better about everything.

Take care all!


05-06-2005, 12:22 PM
Hello everyone,

I think all our storms have passed. It's cloudy and rather chilly, hopefully we'll see the sun later on.

Nikki, how did things go yesterday? I'm glad you had some nice weather to work outside in. Your house is going to look really nice when everything is all done. I too would like to wait for some more reviews on SS makeup. It's kind of expensive and I'd hate to spend that kind of money and not like what it does. I did see though that a very good company, don't remember the name, was making it for her. Last night I put on HSN as I was going to bed to fall asleep by. Adrienne was on with Colleen selling watches and she wasn't YELLING!!!:cp: I guess she must save that for selling her makeup. :D

Anne, glad that your still keeping things :devil: says and does to you. You would think with her irritating so many people that the higher ups would fire her, or at least give her a good talking to and if she doesn't change her ways, let her go, or give her a transfer and demote her. Some day she'll get her due. A Happy Birthday to your son :woo: (I love these new smilies). Did you have a nice time last night with your aunt?

Kate, glad that you finally got some warm weather without rain. That must've been scary when your house got hit by lightning. Was there any damage? I saw a few bolts coming to the ground south of us. Since that storm, Lacee has been my constant shadow. When your workload gets back to normal, your motivation will return. Usually when I am in stressful situations my dieting and exercising fall by the wayside. Yes, I did have a good visit with my ILs. They're heading back north next Thurs. or Fri., depending on the weather. We went out to this Italian Rest. for lunch that DH & I have been to before. We raved about it so much that's where they wanted to eat.

Lynn, we miss you and hope you're doing well. :goodvibes

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. :queen: :balloons:

Have a wonderful day.

05-07-2005, 09:28 AM
Good morning! It's an absolutely glorious day :cool: The weather forecasters were right for once. I'm feeling very energetic and have a loooooong "to do" list. DH got the new sidewalk all dug out this week. It was fairly easy because we'd had so much rain. We still have to get the pavers and he's got to get the crushed stone to put in. We're moving right along :D

Anne: I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your time away from :devil: I'm with Ali...I can't believe that the people over her don't realize how she is. I give you so much credit for sticking it out. I couldn't go to work everyday having to deal with her shenanigans. I have a really great boss. It's just that right now the workload is driving me bonkers :crazy:

Nikki: I'm wishing for continued great weather for you as you work on your house! You've got to be having such a feeling of accomplishment with all that you've got done. Have you been able to get back to healthier eating?

Ali: Glad that you had a good visit with your ILs. I'd be right there for italian food too...that's my weakness! Last night we went to a small italian place. I had chicken marenga...chicken, artichokes, sauce over penne pasta. It was great! I try to avoid regular spaghetti when I'm out...tend to always get some down the front of me:o When we got hit by lightening, it struck our chimney and bricks went flying into the yard. It sounded like an explosion:yikes: I hope that you're doing well with eating and exercise. We can do it!

Have a great weekend everybody! Take care.


05-07-2005, 10:26 AM
Good Morning,:coffee2:

Yesterday was a long, busy day and I wasn't able to get on the computer. We got some siding on, not to where we wanted to, but the house is looking really good. We always seem to want to get more done than we can.

The new smiley's are so cute. I love it when they add new ones. Anne, when I read your note I really did laugh out loud when you used the :tantrum: to describe:devil: And when you said what Danny called her, cracked me up:lol:
Happy Birthday to Michael tomorrow:gift:

Kate, your new sidewalk sounds really neat. I love the way that sounds. What will you plant along it? I was able to run to Walmart yesterday and get a few plants. I got some more tomatoes and peppers and a beautiful hanging basket. It has pink impatients and deep blue little flowers, who's name escapes me now.

Ali, poor Lacee must be really scared of storms. Is that raccoon still visiting you?

Lynn:goodvibes miss you.

Today, we are going to a graduation party for a friends daughter. They give pretty rowdy parties, so it should be interesting. I know there will be a hog roasted, beer and a lot of food. I am not sure we will go though. Last night, a couple that we know stopped by and DH and this couple stayed up pretty late, drinking beer. I had come in long before and was done for the night. I did say hi and then went to bed. DH came in hours later and said he was pretty miserable from drinking too much:barf: . He might not feel like partying anymore. I would be fine with that, as I have a million things to do here that I haven't been able to get to all week.

Have a good weekend, Nikki

05-09-2005, 04:52 PM
HI, I started a new thread, see you all there:D Nikki