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05-01-2005, 12:04 PM
Hey, Ladies,

May is here! I went to the gym this morning. Since it's Sunday and raining, the place was practically empty. Rob said I should call it the YMCA-Marge. Well, it was funny when he said it. I see a guy there on Sundays who gets on the elliptical and works out until he is literally soaked and drips a puddle on the machine. I wish I could say I'm exaggerating.

I have a good feeling about this week. Have a fantastic Sunday, gals. You deserve it!

05-01-2005, 12:16 PM
yay, It's MAY!!!! Love the Spring...Wtg marge, you are doing great, well, this week, I will be right on with ya...I would love to take the train down, but have never been to NYC and DH will have to come too, or else he won't let me LOL...Maybe for the Holidays, I have always wanted to go to NYC for the Holidays, to see the decor! Well, am off, have fun ya'll :)

05-01-2005, 12:47 PM
Okay, so Im a little slow--apparently, I skipped over the FIRST sentence of Marge's post in the last thread, so here's the whole message I just posted in the April thread :p :

Happy Sunday, all! It's almost 11:30, and I'm still waiting for my turn in the shower. His cousin made us breakfast, though, so at least we don't have to go out for one meal this weekend (mmm...pancakes, sausage, and potatoes). I think the plan for today is to go to the park and walk around the pond and feed the ducks, then to lunch at Luigi's (one of his favorite restaurants that happens to be near the park), then to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with his younger cousin. Then, of course, we have to watch Animation Domination on Fox tonight--brand new episode of Family Guy--woohoo!!! I do love me some baby Stewie. No PA Dutch Market today--apparently, it's only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so we missed our chance.

Yesterday, we went to the Orioles game, but we left before it was over because it was very wet, and they weren't winning, anyway. So we took the train home, and then Jeff and I had a minor spat, so that took up most of the evening between tears and trying to talk and silent treatments, but it's all good now :)

Yes, Aimee, alcohol=bad. I have completely stopped drinking--haven't had alcohol since last July. I wouldn't say I was an alcoholic or anything like that, but I definitely couldn't stop when I'd had enough. I never had just a few drinks, I would always at least hit the double digits. My view was that if I'm going to drink, I was going to make it worthwhile and get totally trashed. So, yeah, some interesting things happened as results of my drinking in college (and a little after college), so I have decided to just stop before it does become a major problem. Jeff also does not drink a drop of alcohol, so it's easy for me not to as well.

I guess being semi-active on the weekends is what keeps all the restaurant food I eat on the weekends not catch up to me so badly. Limiting my calories during the week helps to balance it out, too, so my body is definitely not stuck in a monotonous diet rut. When I go to the doc's on Monday, I'm also going to request some blood work. I'll have them check my iron and cholesterol and do a FULL thyroid test. I have been sluggish even after 12 hours of sleeping on the weekends, and, like I said before, I have been cold much more frequently (I'm usualy almost NEVER cold). Also, I have been dieting since January, and just finally lost a total of 10.5 pounds?! I usually hear people talk about how quickly it comes off at first, but 3 months for 10 pounds? ARGH! I know it's good that I am heading in the right direction whether it be slow or fast, but if there is a reason it's so slow, I would like to know so we can maybe fix it. If not, then I guess I'm just not doing what's right for me and my body (which will be equally as frustrating, since I don't really know what else to do). Alright, off to wait for my turn in the shower. Have a great end to the weekend, ladies! OH, and are we starting a new thread for May?

05-01-2005, 02:24 PM
I almost posted on the April thread! Whoops. ;)

My mom and dad are coming over at 2pm and we're all going to the YMCA together. They're having an open house this weekend and mom's going to turn in their application for financial assistance. Shoot, if my MIL and her best friend were both approved for a discounted rate, I sure can't see where my folks won't be. My mom would benefit so much from the arthritis water class.

Well, gotta scoot. WTG on being in a new deca of pounds, Aimee! More soon, y'all --

05-01-2005, 03:34 PM
Goodmorning, I have about 30 minutes left to my morning. I am working today, but got to sleep in a bit.. unfortunately the kids upstairs decided they didn't want to sleep in, and wanted to jump up and down right above my bed. Gotta love that!

So it's May, closer to the summer! It feels like summer here today, the sun is out, and it's warm! :) And I'm heading to work, aren't you all jealous? Whoops, and if I don't leave now I'll be late! Have a great day :)


05-02-2005, 03:34 AM
Ugh. I need help, grrrr! I don't know what to do, and it's not *really* my problem, but it just feels so complicated. So I started this new job, with the title of part time 3rd key holder, it's on the thing I signed and all that jazz. So today I was working with this girl Gemma, and for some reason it came up about my title and what I was hired for. I told her I was hired as the above position, and she informed me, thats her job title right now. This all came to be because I answered the phone and was chatting with another staff member I hadn't met yet, and I told her about her shift this week, and how she had a meeting with the manager, and the girl told me she thought she was going to be fired. I know nothing about this though. I just listened to her. Gemma was standing right beside me and knew about the conversation, and we looked at the schedule, and the girl who thinks she's going to be fired has been written off it. What a crappy situation!!! Almost the entire staff is in the position of being fired, or forced out, I'm getting more hours than them, more responsibility. I told Gemma I didn't know what was going on and hoped she wouldn't hold this against me, and that I was just hired for this position not knowing. Does this crap follow me? Is it a product of crappy retail jobs? Or... is it me? I'm starting to feel like drama follows me!! I just don't know, and really hate being in the position of being the "new staff" and watch as the old staff gets slowly picked off, one by one. So far only 3 staff members have quit since this manager started March 29th-ish. My plan thus far is to keep my nose out of this stuff, listen if people have concerns, and be myself. Also, not let anyone know that I feel the manager is being incredibly sneaky with how she's doing all of this... oops I let that slip? ;)

Okay enough venting.. on to food porn!! I had the WORST dinner/dessert of all time! I had perogies for dinner with sour cream, and then had 1 chocolate chip cookie, and 1 cup of ice cream. I didn't stop there, I had coke and pringles as a snack. lol. It's pretty funny how bad I ate really.. bad to being good tomorrow :) Have a good night gals :)


05-02-2005, 08:20 AM
GM ladies....So tired this morning, but am off to CURVES in a few mins...Funny thing, but I think that your plan, Aimee, is a good one to stick with. You have only been there a cpl of days, so the situation is new, and you have no idea how terrible the employees' attitudes may have been or may be, and she feels this is the only way to get fresh faces...There must be a reason why she is hiring new ppl and firing old ones. She could have filled you in on the plan so as to not be clueless. :)
Women....they can be hard to work with and deal with...
I filled in my food intake into Calorie King yesterday, and even as terrible as I thought I had eaten, It was below calories, fat, and carbs...I am so surprised...Shocked, that is good I guess..I just need to be more consistent and drink more water..Okay, am off...HAG1!!

05-02-2005, 09:07 AM
Whoa, Diane beat me to the early-morning post for today! Silly me, I came in and did my work first for a change :p Now it's done, though, and I have nothing to do, so here I am!

Aimee--I think it's seriously a retail thing. I don't think you'll find a much better situation in almost any store. I always had problems when I worked retail, and I have almost never had a friend who worked retail and didn't have to deal with the drama. It always seems the managers are quite immature (and the mature ones who do work retail are too smart to want to deal with the drama of becoming managers!). I did work with one really great manager at a store once, but the other managers in the area were such pains that there was drama anyway, especially since a lot of the employees worked in more than one store (I worked in all 3 in our city).

So, yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. We ended up not going to the movies at all. Instead, we just went and fed the ducks and went to Luigi's (mmm...cheese ravioli). Then we came back, and Jeff's cousin made everyone barbecue chicken salads for dinner (lettuce, canned corn, crumbled tortilla chips, chicken tenders w/bbq sauce, bbq ranch dressing--sooo not good for you, even though it's a salad :p ). Of course, as if the pancake-sausage-potato breakfast, Italian cheese-smothered lunch, and bbq salad dinner weren't bad enough, we then went out for ice cream. Did I get an itty bitty little sundae? Oh no, my friend, I went out with a bang--banana split! And it was GOOD. So yeah. I have to serve at the restaurant tonight, so lots of running around, and I have only about 1330 calories packed for today to help make up for the ridiculous weekend I had :dizzy:

Doc's appointment is at 11:50am today. I get to leave work early (Yay!). I will hopefully have my dang toe fixed very soon so I can stop wincing every time I put real shoes on (I wear flip-flops to the office job every day). Hopefully my blood pressure will be okay (no caffeine before the appointment, and my breakast contained a total of 420mg of sodium, which was already about an hour ago, so I should be okay having a kiwi and some string cheese for snacks before I go in), and hopefully I will get all of my blood work done today so I can get my results ASAP (iron, cholesterol, thyroid, yadda yadda yadda).

Oh, so I don't know if I mentioned, but my sister has pretty much put me in charge of picking out my own dress for her wedding (I get to be her maid of honor--again). She has also pretty much left it up to me to decide if her bridesmaids (3 of them) will wear the same dress as me, or different but the same as each other, or all different, or whatever. She basically just said they need to be a burgundy-wine kinda color--have fun. So, I have decided on the dress I want to wear. If you care to see it, it's at
categoryID/772f03c9-de43-4942-bfa0-da77e21ebd65 (
and I will get it in Wine (if you click on the color on the right, the dress changes to that color). I know my sister's tastes, so I think this will make us both happy. It's a very dark color for her April 22 wedding on the beach, so I was thinking the tea-length and spaghetti straps make it look a little Springier. I think I'm just going to tell the other ladies to pick any Alfred Angelo dress, as long as it's in Wine (since there are over 100 styles to choose from). That way, we'll at least all be the same color (possibly a hint of a shade off from different dye lots, but close enough, and easier than trying to match from different manufacturers). I also LOVE the Alfred Angelo dresses because almost all of them go up to a size 28W, so no matter how far along I am as far as weight loss is concerned, I should be able to find one that fits properly.

Alright, well, I guess it's that time--time to look busy even though I have no work. I think I'll search for apartments for Jeff and I to share come November when my lease runs out. Since I've done the apartment-hunting thing before, he has left it up to me to find a place, which is fine since I am pickier :p I like having more time to find a place and think and research--when I moved into where I am now, I had only had 2 weeks to find a place, sign the lease, and move in--it was quite the whirlwind, but I lucked out cuz I LOVE my place. Too bad it's almost 50 miles from where Jeff works so he can't just move in here. Ooooh well--I'm off. Have a great one, all!

05-02-2005, 09:50 AM
hey there~ Jill, I beat ya , Na na na na noo no :~ lol...Anyhoo...That dress is just lovely...I personally would not wear spaghetti traps, not with my flabby and stretch marked arms, LOL but that is just me...You are going to look beautiful, just beautiful...I had Wine and dark green in my wdding though we only had a bout 30 ppl total at ours. and had to wear a misspiggy dress since I was too fat to wear a normal on. We plan, on our tenth 4 years OCT 9, to have a renewal, and I WILL WEAR the gown of my dreams...and my best friend HEATHER will be my MOH...I had no choice last time, his sis was, Heather and I had not gotten back in touch yet...We have already planned it, and know what we will do after ( a huge pig roast)...we are getting new rings too, mine is nice, I am keeping the rock, but getting new settings, we want platinum. Anyhoo, just wanted to tell u I like that dress. Have a great day!!!

05-02-2005, 11:09 AM
Diana, you'll love Christmas here, definitely come. They have several markets that I go to usually, at Union Square, Grand Central and Bryant Park. The Bryant Park one isn't all that great, but it's still fun to see, and near the Grand Central. Lots of great decorations on 5th Avenue/Rockefeller Center. I was going to say it gets cold, but lets face it, where you are it's much more arctic in the winter time!

Jill, that dress is HOT! I love it! Hope you post pics of you in it.

I can't believe how much running around you do, I got tired reading your two posts :lol: (Been there with the evening wasted to relationship drama. Rob doesn't drink either, btw, or he'll have a couple of sips. It's funny, after I turned 21, drinking wasn't exciting anymore, heh. Now it's a beer or glass of wine and I'm done.) Good luck with the doctor's appointment. Glad to hear you're having your toe looked at! If you really feel frustrated with the diet routine, maybe he/she can recommend a nutritionist. At JC the counselors are nutritionists, and that helped me.

I've lost about 11 lbs since January (March was a big bust for me, I actually gained a 1/2 lb that month! grrrr). Hang in there. We'll do it. It's going down, right?

Aimee, I agree with what's already been said. Majorly sucks that you have to be in the middle of the drama. I'd say have a plan for yourself and try to keep your head above it all. Usually it's a power issue for a new manager to come in and replace the staff. Think of this as a learning experience :o

Did you see that Oprah episode where the husband was harrassing the wife for gaining 50 lbs? Oprah said she thought every heavy woman 1) feels she doesn't deserve to be loved, and 2) a lot of heavy women feel that if they get a hot body, they'll end up out of control (sexually). Interesting...

Well, Mondays are always my busiest day, so I'd better get to it. Of course today is gorgeous since it's MONDAY! Have a good one!

05-02-2005, 11:44 AM
We plan, on our tenth 4 years OCT 9, to have a renewal, and I WILL WEAR the gown of my dreams...and my best friend HEATHER will be my MOH......we are getting new rings too, mine is nice, I am keeping the rock, but getting new settings, we want platinum.

I meant to comment on this, that is wonderful! Your first wedding sounded so romantic too, bet you this one will be even more special, to renew after 10 years! And you will be HOT! (is Marge pushing for an invite??? heh heh).

not to mention a fall wedding upstate, going to be gorgeous. sigh.

05-02-2005, 12:03 PM
Heh, I, too, have jiggly and stretch-marked arms, but almost all of the bridesmaid dresses nowadays are sleeveless anyway (many even strapless, which I would so do if I could pull it off, but I have no chest :o ), so I figured what's the difference between a strap that's 2 inches wide and a string holding up the dress? Neither one will cover my skin wings, so might as well go with one that fits the season :p

05-02-2005, 02:04 PM
Diana, your redo wedding and new rings sound so cool!!! I just had my ex wedding ring reset a month ago so I feel comfortable wearing it again. It looks nothing like it did before and I was able to design it so it's extra special to me now... I love diamonds!!!

Jill, that dress is very sexy and you will look amazing in it no matter if you don't lose anything more than you have already... although I *know* you're gonna lose at least another 80 pounds by then just to be extra hot! I love that color... It looks really good with all skin tones (even pasty!).

I am sitting in work now... boring. I lost only 2 pounds this week, but I went over my measurements from beginning of Feb to yesterday I lost just under 30 inches!! WOW! That made my day just to see that number! Saturday I did a benefit walk, it was 4 miles and I did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes. about 15 mins better than last year! AND my mom who's 125 pounds, was sore and complaining after about 2 miles!!! I love it! I know that's mean, but she really has gotten on me for being out of shape in the past, so to show her up like that is really a good feeling...

Well ladies, have a great day!

05-02-2005, 02:32 PM
Well, just got back from my doc. My blood pressure today was 145/110. NOT good! However, I have had 3 dr appointments since November and had my bp checked at all of them, and the highest it ever was until January (which was my most recent appointment) was like 110/90 (the other two both had my bottom number in the 70s). That is REALLY good--he even said it was on the lower side of normal, not even close to high! In January is when I switch bc pills, so he thinks there's a possibility that has something to do with it, but it's unlikely since it's so similar to the pill I had been on previously. He asked me about a million times if I was taking and other medications or supplements. NO! He asked about salt--I don't add salt to ANYTHING I eat--I don't even own a salt shaker! I did mention that I know I eat a lot of prepared foods, which I know contain more sodium. He said that could have something to do with it, but that at my age, even that shouldn't affect my bp so drastically in only 2 or 3 months time. So, I go back on Thursday for a re-check of my bp and some fasting blood work. It's just so frustrating that I have bp issues when I have been eating healthier and getting more physical activity--should be the other way around! Alright, enough of my rant for now. We'll see what they come up with on Thursday.

05-02-2005, 05:18 PM
Howdy, y'all. Read everyone's posts, but for some reason just this thread at 3FC is loading really wide for me. I have to scroll sideways across the page to even view it all. My eyes are tired now! :tired:

Aimee, it's hard being in the middle of the weirdness at a job, I know. I think your plan's a good one for listening if people want to talk, but keeping a distance.

TFT, two pounds is a really *good* loss -- nothing "only" about it. If you lose too quickly you can end up burning muscle tissue not just fat. It's healthier all around to go slow and steady. The diet industry is who pushes big numbers, not dieticians and trainers.

Jill, I can relate about the BP. To be eating healthfully and have such high readings really stinks! I didn't get mine tested at the doctor's today, but at the YMCA open house, it read 128/86 on the wrist-cuff the nurse used on me. My pulse rate was 89, though, not good considering all I'd done was ride over in the van and walk inside.

05-02-2005, 05:20 PM
Jill -- it's that long URL to the wedding clothiers' site that's making this thread so wide. If you edit your post and replace it with this snipurl (a shortened forwarder that will point to that page), it will fix that problem:

05-02-2005, 06:08 PM
Kimberly - Thanks for figuring out the scroll thing it was driving me nuts! As for my "only 2 pound loss", I *know* that it's healthy to lose slowly but my eyes really want to lose fast! I like seeing the big drops on the scale. I really want to lose another 24 pounds before mid July when Sam and I go to Wisconsin Dells. Having to be in public in a swim suit for 5 days is gonna be pretty ugly if I don't get those pounds off!!! YIKES!

05-02-2005, 06:29 PM
Jill - first, you suck! Diana TOTALLY beat you, and not by a small amount either! Hehe. Finally you go to the doctor! It's really hard to balance all the things we need to do to eat healthy, and work as much as you do. My only advice is to eat at least 5-7 servings of veggies a day, my mother always said that once I do that the weight loss will follow. Thats my motherly advice to you :) I love the dress!! I'm jealous! I wish I was a little more glamour-like, where I was wearing dresses, or had places to wear dresses. The dress of my "dreams" has a puffy bottom, almost like the princess thingy, but it would end at my knee's, with a tube top or maybe even a bustier (sp?) top. In like a bright pink colour. I really have nowhere to wear it though.. I should work on that.. lol. I also wanted to add something about how your weight loss is going, while it's not going fast, you are very steady. And you aren't giving up a whole lot to achieve it, I think you should keep going. You will get there. While I don't think people should give up foods to lose weight, everything in moderation right? For me and my mother that just doesn't work, I have so many things I just can't have in order to lose weight.. it's very possible that it's a medical problem. but most doctors are such pricks they just don't *get* it. Are you taking a multi vitamin?

Diana - you are still going strong on those workouts, thats so awesome :) The wedding plan sounds great, I want pictures, of course :) If I had money, I'd totally tag along with you and Marge wandering around New York.. heh.. if only eh?

Kimberley - this site is doing that for me too! It's annoying, I found a way to center it so I can read things without having to scroll side to side.. otherwise I'd go insane! I'm half way there now... but better to be a little crazy than completely normal! ;)

Sara - 2 pounds is GOOD!! Thats so good, I'm happy for you :) I'm totally with you on that *only* part, I have to keep reminding myself that instant gratification is BAD!! 2 months and 30 inches is pretty good instant gratification though! I love the idea of doing walks, they are really expensive out here, min of 40 bucks a walk, so I don't do many. What else do you do for working out? I've been adding weights in, just because I notice a big difference in how my body feels, and how many inches I lose.. and my goal is to have 13-14 inch arms by July. I'm down half an inch already.. so I just gotta keep it up!

Marge - oh marge.. marge marge marge.. it's like talking to an American version of myself.. I did see that Oprah, I cried. The girl on that show Trina, was on this Canadian show called "Taking it Off". She lost just over 25 pounds, it was funny seeing her on Oprah, she was SO quiet, and held back so much. She's one of those people who is a lot of fun.. but definitely has to learn about tact. She wasn't my fav person on the show.. there was this guy, he was SO fricking sweet, like a big cuddly teddy bear. He ended up losing 103 pounds, I was so happy for him I actually cried. I shared every Saturday morning with these people for the last 6 months, the show was on from 11-12. It's endearing watching people lose weight, and share their insecurities, and their process with all of Canada. I just wanted to go hug them all by the end of it!!

Holy Cow, do I get an award for longest post in the whole entire world? ;) I'm going to go take a little break.. I'll ttyl! :)


05-02-2005, 11:45 PM
I just wanted to jump on and say hi really quick. I hope you are all doing wonderful(as I know you are). I have finals this week and next, so Im trying to study hard. I had a 2 pound loss during TOM, so Im happy. You guys are all doing so great! I'm really proud of all of you, and you are my inspiration to keep going when I don't feel like it much. Oh, and I had cheese today....well, I guess you can count Velveeta as as much as I normally do, and not as much as I would have liked, but enough to kill the cravings. and its been soooo long since Ive had
Di, you are the best, and I love ya and can't wait until I get to see you. I think we should all go to Marge's house for I used to live in NJ, and have been to NYC a few times for the holidays, and it was fun. Now we usually just stay in town...and you can all visit me I think I can fit you all....ummmm...well, i'll find the room.
well, im off to study. Hope you all have a Marvelous Monday, and I'll jump on when I can. Huge hugs to all of you.

05-03-2005, 12:57 AM
whew u all wore me out lol...Everyone to Marge's for the Holidays, lol, maybe we can book a cheap hotel or something and buddy sounds good to me.We should plan for that some year...And when we renew in 4 years, ya all come, hehe nothing like upstate Ny for the Fall foiliage..Our first wedding was in an old Stone church in the heart of the adirondacks. i want the next to be more special though, because I will be THIN.hehe...and SEXXXXXIE! ya know today, I actually got honked at while walking the dog...nice to get an ego boost like that from time to time...Okay, now, am off to sleepy land..Love ya all, Have a great one! And yes My Heather LOVES cheese more than any person I have EVER don't think Velveeta is considered real cheese though, they call it Cheese food, whatever the H that means..ROFL...

05-03-2005, 02:42 AM
I think they have to clarify that it really is food, LOL! I like it in recipes, though, have to admit that. For salads and sandwiches, though, give me shredded sharp cheddar, mozerella, etc. We eat cheese every day almost, just count one ounce as a serving of dairy and count the calories and fat.

That's what I love about what Howie and I are doing -- we don't give up anything, really. We chose to give up fast food cheeseburgers because those were specifically trigger foods for each of us. But as long as we keep to 5 servings of fruit & veggies, 5-6 whole grains, 3 dairy and 1-2 servings of lean protein every day, we're good. I find I eat a lot more when eating well, just because many of my choices are lower in calories and fat, and they're almost "freebies".

My new jeans shipped today from Lane Bryant. Whoopie! Last night when we went to Meijer, Howie waited while I tried on several outfits I had no intention of buying. I just wanted to see what size I could wear at this point and see what styles/cuts were most flattering. Howie and I are going to be dangerous when we're at goal, I tell ya. We're like kids in a candy shop now...We'll be monsters by the time we're finished! It's such a joy anticipating being able to shop anywhere.

Me being silly yesterday, courtesy my DH... :lol:

05-03-2005, 03:56 AM
Kimberley - nice picture :) Clothing is addicting, fortunately for me, and my wallet, I'm a deal shopper. I just can't pay full price for most things anymore, I have to LOVE it. I do sometimes worry what will happen when I shrink enough to wear clothes at my FAV clothing store.. I'm an 18 now, and have to get to a 12 .. so I have a few days ;) I am SO SO SO jealous of people like you, not having to give up anything in order to lose weight. I'd kill to be able to watch my calories and exercise in order to lose weight. Don't worry though.. I know that killing people fix my frigged up body.. so you are safe!! .... for now ;) You are posting late.. are you trying to beat me for a late post.. teehee.

Diana - it's been a busy busy day in here, eh? Phew, I almost couldn't keep up myself. So, have you decided on the style of dress you are going to wear? you could have already said.. but I'm so sleepy I forget to look up and see.. heh.

Alrighty, I was a bad girl today.. again. Junk food in my house is evil I tell yah! I did my weight program though, I'm going to try and be consistant with exercise. I tend to get bored easily, really easily.. I have exercise and diet A.D.D. ;) I am off to bed, nite nite! (hey Jill, shouldn't you be getting up soon?).


05-03-2005, 07:54 AM
I'm up, I'm up! I'm already at work, too! And I have NOTHING to do here! And so begins another intensely-exciting day at CSC :rolleyes: Anyway...

I fixed the link so the page isn't so wide anymore. Quick fix--I just popped in some line breaks. The link still works (as far as I can tell). Sorry, guys!

So, about my BP...I tracked my sodium for the day when I was reading labels to count my calories anyway--WHOA :o I'm not sure how many mg of sodium you're supposed to have in a day, but I'm still pretty sure that mine is way high. I guess that's what happens when every meal you eat is already prepared food (cereal for breakfast, Lean Pocket for lunch, mac n' cheese for dinner...). I'll talk to the nurse practitioner when I go in for blood work on Thursday and let them know that I'll adjust my diet a bit and come back in, I dunno, a month or so to have it checked again. Hopefully that's all that's contributing to the BP problem. I guess I'm going to have to do a lot more planning ahead since I don't have time to cook at all during the week. The more weekends I spend at Jeff's house, the harder this becomes. This coming weekend, I will be home (and no car shopping to take up all my time!), so I should be able to make some chicken and stuff for the week, but then the following weekend, I'm at Jeff's again, so we'll see. Can I cook chicken and then freeze it and heat it in the microwave? Or maybe I can actually make stir-fry (veggies included!) and put it in single-serving size containers and freeze it and microwave it, kinda like having a frozen dinner?

Oh, Aimee, you make me laugh. ME, eat 5 servings of veggies a day?! :lol3: At this point, I'm lucky if I get 1 serving a day! I do eat fruit every day (though only one piece today since I have yet to go grocery shopping for this week), but veggies are a problem. The problem really is--I don't like them! I don't like celery or carrots or tomatoes or cauliflower or peppers or [insert name of almost any vegetable here]. I don't mind cucumbers, but to eat them, I need to add salt (and my BP says NO to salt!) or lots of dressing or dip. Same goes with broccoli--I only really like it when it's either swimming in dip or cooked to the point where it gets mushy instead of crisp (which usually means most of the nutrients have been cooked right out of it!). I also love potatoes and corn, which happen to be the starchiest veggies possible (I think), which loads 'em up with calories (I think). God, I wish my tastebuds would just fall off so I could eat healthy food all the time and not worry about what I do and don't like! I also know that if I try to force myself to eat foods I don't like (as I have tried to do in the past), that'll just push me to the drive-thru (2 cheeseburger Happy Meals, please!).

So, I snuck up on my scale this morning (I know, I'm not supposed to weigh-in till Thursday!). I just wanted to peek and see if I had done any major damage from the weekend. I hopped on fully expecting to see about 301.5 or so (since I was at 300 on Thursday, then gorged myself all weekend long), but to my surprise, it read 299.5. I would just like to point out that THAT IS BELOW 300! I have not been below 300 pounds since probably before Thanksgiving. Hopefully, that .5-pound loss will carry over to Thursday so I can be excited on my actual weigh-in day :crossed:

Kimberley--can I just say how THIN and fun you look in that picture? It's awesome! I can't wait till I reach a point where I don't pretty much hate every picture of myself. I've got plenty of "before" pictures--hope to have some "afters" real soon :p

Velveeta = Cheese Food :lol: Can definitely say that's a new one to me!

I would be exstatic to lose "only" 2 pounds a week! A slow, it'll benefit you in the long0run cuz you'll also be able to keep it off better than if you lose too quickly (I know, we've all heard it all before, and it sucks to know that slow is best, but it is!). Remind me of these things I say when I get all pissy about how far I have to goal still ;)

No way, Aimee, I totally get the longest post awards--ALL of them! I think I should also get the award for the MOST long posts ever! Jeez, I just start typing and can't stop--if only the same were true for exercise :lol:

05-03-2005, 12:22 PM
Skinny? Compared to where I came from, yes -- but 51 more pounds to go, and I need to work for that. I know Plateau City looms, and I have to keep telling myself that it's normal and I can get past it.

Still, I'm feeling pretty good! Right now the hardest thing is keeping off the Sudafed (generic) until I get another BP reading; that drug raises blood pressure. :o

Oh -- the recommended daily allowance of sodium is 2400mg/day, from all sources. That said, less is better. The recommended amount differs in the US and the UK, for instance. Check out this site ( for more info.

All right, the Quest for Veggies: One thing you can do to sneak veggies into your diet is puree green beans or spinach in your food processor or blender, then mix them into your spaghetti sauce. I kid you not. You'll not notice them, and you get all the benefit.

Once a month cooking is a great thing, just the ticket for anyone with a hectic schedule. Get it all done at once, eat for a month! Google's results about it. ( This link is a good one, especially: Real Food For Real People (

I find that things like spaghetti sauce, rice, soups, casseroles, chicken (yes!) and beef freeze very well. When you re-heat these things, add a teaspoon of water before you reheat them (that will keep them moister). Be mindful not to overcook them when reheating. You'll get the hang of it.

Cooking up a batch of whole grain brown rice at the beginning of the week is great, too, because you then have a low-fat , healthy grain you can use in various quick dishes all week long.

05-03-2005, 12:39 PM
LOL, that would be great! the holidays at Marge's. There's supposed to be a cheap hotel in Queens, a Comfort Inn. A friend of Rob's stayed there, I'll give you the scoop when I get more info. We'll get you here, Aimee! Jill, you can take Amtrak too. It's a 3 hour ride from the main station in Washington, DC.

and Jill, congrats on getting under 300!! You're doing it.

I lost only 2 pounds this week, but I went over my measurements from beginning of Feb to yesterday I lost just under 30 inches!! WOW! --Sara

I personally never use the word "only" with any loss :lol: You are rocking, Sara! And 30 inches, man! I know what you mean about always wanting it to be faster, especially after the differences really start to show.

there was this guy, he was SO fricking sweet, like a big cuddly teddy bear. He ended up losing 103 pounds, I was so happy for him I actually cried. I shared every Saturday morning with these people for the last 6 months, the show was on from 11-12. It's endearing watching people lose weight, and share their insecurities, and their process with all of Canada. I just wanted to go hug them all by the end of it!! --Aimee

Yes, Aimee, my Canadian twin, heh, I love those types of shows. And as for the woman on Oprah, the husband wasn't that fantastic looking, and if my husband appeared on national tv flirting with another woman, well, there'd be some real talking going on :lol:

I was just thinking the other day that I'd love to know what happened to the other weight loss contestants on Dr. Phil, you know, the show where he had about 10 people competing. It's like hearing half a story -- except for about the top 3 who lost all the weight.

Take it easy, gang.

05-03-2005, 02:09 PM
Yeah, I looked up the sodium amounts online today, too. I found in a few places that a good rule of thumb is 1000mg of sodium per 1000 calories, so basically, your sodium should not exceed your caloric intake (2400mg of sodium is for a 2000-calorie diet, but the actual wording is "less than 2400mg of sodium"). So, that in mind, today I had just over 1400 calories. My sodium was probably at nearly 2700mg. HOW BAD IS THAT?! Huge issues on the sodium front...The worst for me sodium-wise is the mac n' cheese dinner thing I have for dinner. I can't help it--it tastes good, I can eat it cold, there's no preparation involved, it doesn't need to be refrigerated, and it only has 190 calories. Now I have to find another perfect dinner food :(

Kimberely--you had mentioned that tip about the veggies in the pasta sauce before. I thought it was a great idea then, and I still do, except that I don't eat pasta, nor do I have a blender or food processor :p I still have a few $$ left on a Target gift card, and I made a few bucks last night (I don't ever want to hostess again--I made $54 serving last night, but I know if I were hostess, I would have been there a half hour longer and only made about $35!), so maybe I'll check food processors there after I leave here in an hour. I have a very difficult time finding whole-grain pasta where I shop, and I can't afford the stuff at the specialty stores :o Maybe I'll hit up a different grocery store this weekend--I think the Giant has a whole health food section. Hope pasta isn't too high in sodium! Ialso bought some brown rice a few weeks ago, but I haven't had the chance to cook it yet. Hopefully, I will actually be able to accomplish everything I want to do this weekend without having to worry about things like new cars and exploding passenger windows :dizzy:

Marge--there just so happens to be an Amtrak station about, oh, 2 miles from my apartment--I hear the train whistles as they go by ALL the time. I think the planets are aligning...:p

05-03-2005, 04:20 PM
Goodmorning!! I have 6 minutes left to my morning.. yay! I almost wish I was still in bed, but I was getting a headache from being horizontal. I did do weights yesterday, I'd love to say I'm really enjoying doing them, I think I enjoy the music more, and the feeling like I've accomplished something. I just have to get to walking..

Jill - you were 1st! You go girl ;) So I peaked at my scale too, but I wrote my weight down, AND changed my ticker.. lol.. it's an addiction!! You must have crossed your skinny fingers for me, because my scale is still saying 257! Thats down 3 pounds, I just have to hold onto that until Thursday! What you need to do for veggies is soak them in a low fat dressing (with low salt!) and force yourself to eat them! Come here, I'll get you on South Beach with me for 2 weeks, you will be crying for some fruit, or even juice, or ANYTHING not veggies! Find something you like, make a soup with all veggies, you gotta get 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies!!

Marge - the good thing that "Taking it Off" does is they did another show where they checked up on all the people who did it in season 2. The unfortunate thing is none of them succeeded at keeping the weight off, and one of the guys was even going to go get the weight loss surgery. I wonder what it actually takes to lose weight, I don't feel like I necessarily have it, but I push thru because what other choice do I have. I think once I start to believe in myself, I'll get it off consistantly. If my boyfriend was flirting on national tv? I'd cut off his balls. Maybe not, I'm dramatic. But if he were to flirt with anyone when I'm around, I'd be very very angry. We discussed cheating very early on in our relationship, every boyfriend i've had has cheated on me.. and he got his heart broken by his first gf (I am his 2nd, the 1st one was when he was 16, so he didn't seriously date anyone from 16 until 20). If either of us cheats, thats it, no second chances. Period. Normally I'm all for second chances, but thats just one thing I can't tolerate, I'm lucky to find such a good man.

So New York, heaven, shopping heaven. New York is such a huge city, and there has to be tons of flights going there.. which makes them cheaper.. not only that, I can even fly from the USA (brother lives in Seattle), so I could get there. Can you imagine? Oh New York.. I'd have to go to a club, just to say I went. I secretly want to live there...maybe if I become a famous plus size model I will! Alrighty, time to get my head out of the clouds and get some grocery shopping done! Have a good on gals! I shall be back later!


05-03-2005, 04:45 PM
Try the frozen chopped spinach, Jill. Make sure you squeeze it really dry in a towel before adding it to your sauce. Spaghetti sauce is really good on brown rice, actually. Add a little fresh-grated parmesan-romano cheese for flavor (takes less, less fat, nice flavor). Yum!

Aimee, good for you (even if ya did peek, LOL!).

I've been scrubbing the shower today, oh joy. It was really nasty! Have any of you tried Greased Lightning? Works pretty well, but it stinks -- glad there is a window in our bathroom along with the exhaust fan. My plan is to do one room a day during the week, just maintenance of dusting and vacuuming. We only have five rooms total, including our bathroom. Like Howie said, we've changed our eating habits until they're natural, so I ought to be able to make a routine of this.

Why is cleaning soooo different? :^:

05-03-2005, 05:07 PM
Kimberley - cleaning sucks.. thats why! I also believe in cleaning one room a day, it just makes things easier in the long run. I hate cleaning the bathroom, especially the shower stall... ours is enclosed, like it's just a shower with glass doors. Anywho, so I once used "scrub free with bleach", it gave me a nasty headache! We don't have a window in our bathroom.. I cannot wait until we move into a bigger house. You know, with a diningroom, normal sized livingroom..

So I realized that I'm in "virgin weight", I have such a short time of being in this time... The last time I tried to lose weight I was 245, and then once before I was 232 when I tried to lose weight.. the only time I haven't lost weight was from 257 (now) until 245. Lets hope I get there fast.. hehe... I love you instant gratification! :)


05-04-2005, 02:30 AM
Instant gratification is definitely an upper! :) After all my wheezing in that nasty cleaner smell, I still had a cruddy shower floor (it's textured and hard to clean). Finally I dug out a bottle of orange-scented scrubbing bubbles and they not only smelled good, but did the job. Just have the bathroom floor to do tomorrow and I'm done. Next...The not-so-bad bedroom. Oh, Lord, my life is really exciting lately.... ;)

Tomorrow's YMCA day. Time to make my belly muscles hurt!

05-04-2005, 02:50 AM
Kimberley - I attempted to clean my bathroom today.. I was inspired by you! I didn't get as far as you though, only got the toilet, sink, and some of the stall done.

How about a challenge? I started something up in the South Beach forum.. by why not do it 2 places?!? Exactly! So I'm thinking, week 1.. we drink at LEAST 3L's of water a day. What do you all think?

I am off to bed, have a great night gals!


05-04-2005, 03:06 AM
I inspired someone to clean? Well, how about that?? Most of the time I can't even inspire myself to clean, LOL!

Liters...Hmmmm....Gotta convert that to ounces before I can wrap my brain around it.

Okay, according to Google calculator ( (Oh, I love Google!), that's a bit over 101 ounces. I could do that. I try to drink two or three 32-oz (.95 liter) cups of water a day, chugging one down right when I get up...Except first thing on weigh-in day of course! :D

05-04-2005, 04:33 AM
I know I'm supposed to be sleeping.. but the bf isn't tired.. so I'm awake too. I have a realllllly early morning tomorrow, the phone company says they are coming between 8:30am and 12pm. I am really getting sick of them.. poo heads. I took the day off work to hang out waiting all day? woowee!

Anywho, I should have converted the L's into American.. aka.. about 96 oz. I like my idea.. my next thing is I think no eating past 8pm? or like 3 hours before bedtime. I just can't chug water, so I end up sipping all day.

Alrighty, really going to bed now.. so sleepy! Nite :)


05-04-2005, 10:13 AM
Whew, I'm in late this morning! Of the crazy things, I actually had WORK to do when I got to the office at 6am today :o But now it's done, so here I am :D

I definitely drink a ton of water during the day. I just keep refilling my little 16-oz bottle. Once I've had 4 bottles (8 servings), I stop counting, but I pretty much always have more--and that's just while I'm at job #1! At job #2, I continue drinking (Minute Maid Light lemonade--5 calories per serving, plus I do about 2/3 lemonade and 1/3 water to water it down even more). I used to drink diet coke at the restaurant, but I find it doesn't really quench my thirst (plus it has sodium!), and I can't drink the water there plain--so icky! So I do my lemonade-water mix and that gets me through the night. Also, after running around all night, I am usually quite thirsty when I get home, so I drink a tall glass of water (sometimes 2) right before I go to bed. As for eating after 8pm (or 3 hours before bedtime, since our schedules all vary so drastically), I don't know if I could ever commit to that. I think what that rule is really helpful for isif you have a problem with night binging or grazing, which I don't have time to do :dizzy: But sometimes I don't get a chance to have my last snack (or sometimes even my dinner) till about 9 or 10 pm, so count me out on that one.

So last night, I was serving again. Good, I figured I'd be home by 10 (since it was pretty slow business last night), I'd make a few bucks more than if I was hosting, all would be good. But of course, that was all too simple. Instead, one of the kitchen guys called out, so one of the servers who was supposed to close last night got pulled back to the kitchen to cook instead (he worked in the kitchen before--they really don't just randomly make servers cook :p ). So then we needed a second closer (entirely too much work for one person to close alone), so of course, they asked me. I hesitated and said I would do it IF no one else would. Well, no one else would. SO luck me, I was there for forever and didn't get home till a few minutes past midnight. the silver lining, though, is that I walked away with 78 bucks in tips (and that's after I tipped out the host, salad bar attendant, and bar tender). Not bad for the hour-and-a-half of sleep I had to sacrifice. I also kept in mind that I do not have to work on Thursday night (gave my shift to someone else who wanted to work and wasn't scheduled), so I know I'll be able to sleep extra both tonight (since I have a dr appointment at 8am, I get to sleep till 7!) and Thursday night (podiatrist appointment is at 8:30, so again, I get to sleep till 7!).

Tomorrow morning is weigh-in, plus I'll be able to go to my TOPS meeting again since I gave my night shift away. Hopefully the loss will still carry over to the scales tomorrow and nothing from the weekend has "caught up" with me. I honestly think that since I restrict my calories so much during the week, it all balances out (usually between 1400-1500 calories per day during the week). I think it also keeps my metabolism guessing, since it's pretty much 4.5 days on plan, then 2.5 days off plan (it all starts with dinner on Friday night!). I'll go on thinking this way till I hit a plateau and get frustrated :p Oh, I cut some sodium out of today's allowance by making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch (light white bread, 1tblsp strawberry jelly, 1 tblspn Skippy reduced-fat peanut butter) instead of my usual Lean Pocket Ultra. I have to be careful when I make my PB&J sandwiches--I could honestly sit down with a jar of Skippy reduced-fat PB and a spoon and just eat the whole thing--YUM! So, sticking to the 1 tblspn of PB on the sandwich and NOT eating any directly from the jar was a minor accomplishment this morning :D

Well, off to try and stay awake till 3, then off to job #2 (where I have to say till about 10:30-11 since I am hosting tonight). I can't eat anything tonight because I have to fast for my morning blood work, so not even any lemonade after 10pm tonight, and no breakfast before I leave in the morning. Should help the answer I get on my scale when I weigh-in tomorrow morning ;) Catch all you Fab Chicks later--have a great one!

05-04-2005, 10:45 AM
Marge--there just so happens to be an Amtrak station about, oh, 2 miles from my apartment--I hear the train whistles as they go by ALL the time. I think the planets are aligning... --Jill

That's great. :) My favorite part of the ride is going over Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The tracks go over the water in an almost scary way.

I wonder what it actually takes to lose weight, I don't feel like I necessarily have it, but I push thru because what other choice do I have. I think once I start to believe in myself, I'll get it off consistantly. --Aimee

I think everyone who wants to really do it and is ready to do it has it. For me it has been more like a puzzle, figuring out what works and what doesn't. I think I had to figure some personal issues out first before I could really do what I needed to do. I think that's why I always like the idea of Phil's keys, because it approaches weight loss from a lot of different angles. And it's like you say, if I don't do it I stay the same weight or gain, and I don't want to do that. Hey, it's a lot of work, no question about it.

If my boyfriend was flirting on national tv? I'd cut off his balls. Maybe not, I'm dramatic. But if he were to flirt with anyone when I'm around, I'd be very very angry.

:lol: Heh heh. I've never thought of myself as a jealous person, but I've had a couple of episodes this past year. I don't like getting jealous. I don't know what I'd do if Rob actually cheated, he isn't that way at all, so it's hard to imagine. I know couples can get past it; don't know if I would. Hope I never have to deal with that situation!

So New York, heaven, shopping heaven. New York is such a huge city, and there has to be tons of flights going there.. which makes them cheaper.. not only that, I can even fly from the USA (brother lives in Seattle), so I could get there. Can you imagine? Oh New York.. I'd have to go to a club, just to say I went. I secretly want to live there...maybe if I become a famous plus size model I will!

Yeah, NY is a hub for flights going everywhere. There's Newark, La Guardia and (my personal favorite) JFK. So, when you're looking for a flight you can check out all three airports. They're all about the same distance. Lots to do and see here. I haven't gone dancing in years, and I mean YEARS :lol:

We're going away for the weekend after next and I'm a little worried about that food and exercise wise. I'm not "firmly" into the 60s yet and would love to be further down so that there's not a chance of popping back up into the 70s. It's all psychological. I know we'll do a lot of walking, but I may end up missing a day of gym. Hard to believe I won't be eating over since we'll probably eat most of our meals out. Restaurants usually are my weak spot.

I drink about 70 to 80 oz of water/day. I can try to up it a little (gurgle, gurgle!). I'd do the no eating after 8pm. I have a yogurt snack with a glass of milk at 7:30pm.

Well, gotta put my nose to the grindstone.

05-04-2005, 04:15 PM
Quiet morning so far, eh?

Jill - Sleeping in is fun, since I got this new job, I get to sleep in all the time. Probably not for long though, I gotta think about a new job. There is this course/test I can take which would make it so I could be an insurance agent (it's gov regulated here, so you gotta take a test and be certified), once I take the test I can make a min of 12 dollars an hour. Which is a lot better than working my min wage job until I decide what I wanna do with my life.. Those tips have to be nice, I think I'd get into being a waitress just for those tips. Extra money :) There is a shoe store here that does commission, you get 12% of every shoe you sell.. and they cost a min of 100 bucks each. Not too bad if you actually sell..

Marge - I like the idea of Dr Phil's key's too... I know I have issues.. they scare me though. I don't reallllly want to deal with them, it's like facing the fact that my childhood is partly responsible for how I am today. And I love my mom. It's hard. But it'll all be solved by going to New York!! :) I want to go ice skating like in the movies, and see the tree.. and meet Carrie Bradshaw.. and Mr Big, cuz he's so cute. lol, I am CRAZY :) I think you will be fine on your weekend away.. just eat lots of salads, the Canadian Marge says YOU can DO it!! :)

Well I am off to do some bathingsuit shopping, only because I will get 50% off. And if I wait longer they will be sold out.. My friend says she'll taken it in for me when I shrink. WHEN I shrink.. not if..

Jill - tomorrow is our weigh in day! Keep your skinny fingers crossed for me, and I'll keep mind crossed for you! Deal? DEAL! :)


05-04-2005, 09:25 PM
Hi gals!!! Whew...u all wear me out, lol...I agree with the veggies in the pasta sauce too, and really you should get that crockpot working and make your own frozen dinners, much better for you, less sodium etc...As far as the eating late thing goes, DH read recently, that it is a complete myth that no eating after 7 pm thing...AS LONG as you have NOT consumed all of your caloric intake for the day, AND have done your work-out for the day, then it is fine to eat late if you have no choice. AS far as water goes..I read this somewhere, and a nurse told me it too...for obese and overweight people, you need to consume 8, 8 oz glasses of water, and add in another 8 oz of water for every 25 pounds of weight you have to lose...I normally, on average consume 100 oz of water every day, sometimes more...sometimes less, but on average 100 oz each day...and no soda, only on occassion. I do have a thing for raspberry or lemon iced tea. But only 1 a day...and my coffee...
Woke up with a huge sinus headache this morning...Did not make it to the gym...will go Sat. to make up for that. And, have had 3 sals this week, which is a good thing, woo-hoo...One off my ebay, and 2 off my site today...Will post the link to my craft sale below...
went to get some flowers today, a huge, gorgeous hanging basket full of hot pink dbl impatiens, ( love them, as they need to be deadheaded I just shake the basket and off the dead heads simple)...some Million bells for a planter I set in a small bicycle, and some New Guinea impatiens for an area in the front of my porch...Almost set with flowers but not planting them til the last of the frost...Anyhoo, ladies, am off, got lots to do b4 bed...

look in the Primitives category and find me there "Primitive Punkin Patch"

05-04-2005, 10:37 PM
I had a bad sinus headache today, too, maybe a mild migraine on top of it. Not sure if it's weather, allergies, or rebound from yesterday's bathroom cleaning chemicals (or maybe a little of each). No YMCA for me.

I took the generic of Advil Sinus, finally, but sleeping with my nose partially covered by my shirt helped some. I don what I've come to call my "sinus burka" - covering my nose with something so I breathe the warmed air -- when my head's bad, for the room temp air feels like daggers going in my nose with every breath.

I wasn't taking anything with pseudoephedrine because it raises blood pressure, but I finally just had to get some relief from the pressure. My BP was 128/86 at the YMCA's open house Sunday, so it was better and I'm just going to wait until Friday to get it taken again at the doctor's.

05-04-2005, 11:02 PM
awww sorry to hear that Kimberley..I have a problemwith Air conditioning and my sinuses...Funny I never had sinus problems when I lived in OH. Now I have them a lot, started after I moved here, must be the higher altitude for me, and my DH loves the Central Air..I get bad ones when we have the air on in the truck or car sometimes. Our neighbor is a Pharmaceutical Sales rep, he says it is the natural air that makes my sinuses go nuts, but, to me, when the Air cond is on, is when I get the most sinus headaches, when I am out in the fresh air, I don't get so many...I am clueless..I am getting my new car soon, we go to show the mngr who happens to know my husband our Matrix, and he is getting me a Navy Blue Toyota SE from somewhere else, so in a cpl of weeks, I will have it, WOO-HOO! Okay am outta here, HAGN!

05-04-2005, 11:06 PM
I just had a pretty horrible day.. woke up.. waited for the phone company.. called them, they hung up on me, got transfered SO many times, yelled, talked calmly, and still ended up getting no where. The guy showed up at 1:30pm! An hour and a half late, and has NO solution, can't figure out whats going on. What I suspect is the guy upstairs was fiddling around and crossed some wires.. but of course he never does anythign wrong. Even though before our internet wouldn't work because of the way he crossed some wires. Stupid people. So anyways, my "friend" came to pick me up to take me to look at some bathingsuits.. that went... well? I dunno, we went to one store, and then she spent 2.5 hours in a store picking out 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants. I got home an hour and a half late, and the bf said if I was later than 6pm he wouldn't take me to my fav walking spot. So no walk for me, not only that, I can't go to the little fruit stand I want to.. because it closed at 6 as well. Ugh. Stupid girl. So she was "taking me home", but had to stop at the bank.. of course... and then she turns, but didn't look. A car was literally 1 foot away from hitting me, at a fairly high speed too. This happened 2 times on the way home... remind me WHY I ever hang out with her?!?!? I am so cranky and upset right now, my next chance to go to that fruit stand is Monday. They are just cheaper, and their stuff is fresh. Sorry, I'm venting.. I should probably go for a little walk around here to cool off before I go stalk her and hurt her.


05-04-2005, 11:58 PM
Just walk in the opposite direction of her house! ;) Dang, I'd be a little cranky, too. Glad you're okay, though. Count the blessings, LOL.

05-05-2005, 03:13 AM
Kimberley - I ended up walking to the grocery store... for asparagus, 2 cookies, and a bottle of pop. Bad Aimee.. bad! The night before my weigh in too! I might have to postpone that weigh in until Friday. I am determined to get back on plan, and stay that way for 2 weeks. I realized in the past 2 weeks I'm down 8 pounds, thats SO good, I should get up and do a little happy dance!

I am SO frickin' tired.. so I am off to bed! I'll talk to yah'll in the morning!


BTW.. Goodmorning Jill! ;)

05-05-2005, 11:38 AM
My boss went into the hospital last night. He's had a virus which has filled his lungs with some amount of fluid, and lots of stress, both causing him breathing problems. Besides his job, he has a high stress family, the kind who don't know how to stop when you say stop.

Hey, where's Jill's morning post??

for obese and overweight people, you need to consume 8, 8 oz glasses of water, and add in another 8 oz of water for every 25 pounds of weight you have to lose...I normally, on average consume 100 oz of water every day, sometimes more...sometimes less, but on average 100 oz each day...--Diana

wow, I drink about 80 oz (and thought I was kicking butt with that!).

An online craft fare is a cool idea. Good luck with more sales. Impatiens are really cheerful flowers. I'm not sure what my favorite is, I love tiger lilies. I love tulips too, but they don't last long at all. I hope we get to the botanic garden this weekend, the cherry tree grove should be all in bloom by now.

Aimee, I can't believe the Canadian phone company is as horrible as it is here in the US. As for that gal pal....(sounds of Marge snapping her behind with a wet towel!).

From what I understand, asparagus helps get rid of excess water. I eat them all the time, though they're started to go out of season here and are getting expensive. After watching the video of Supersize Me I'm thinking more and more of going organic!

I'd say 8 lbs in two weeks is a more than significant amount of weight. I don't think I've ever lost that much in that amount of time.

In the town where we're going to there's this historical roadside diner that serves the BEST hamburgers. As long as I take it easy for most the days, I should be able to handle one meal of a treat like that. We're taking an 8:30am train from Penn Station, so I'll be getting up EARLY that day, heh. I'll have to go to the gym thursday.

Well, gotta go get a cup o' Joe. Have a good one, everybody. :D

05-05-2005, 12:34 PM
I'm here, I'm here! Whew, not even starting my post till 11:21am...craziness! I had to go to the dr office this morning to have fasting blood work drawn (checking cholesterol, thyroid, iron, etc.), so I stayed in bed till 7 :o It was really nice to get that extra 2.5 hours of sleep. So I went to the lab, had my blood drawn, then went to the dr and had my bp checked again. This time, it was only 133/82. The 82 is perfect, but the 133 could still be better. However, it's not in the "high bp" range for my age, so they said I'm good to go--must have been extra-stressed on Monday during my appointment. She said below 138 for the systolic pressure (the top number) was in the normal range, even though I thought 133 was a little up there. Guess it's all good, though. I will definitely still be keeping an eye on sodium, though, because 2800mg a day will certainly catch up to me sooner or later!

Tomorrow morning is my podiatrist appointment--FINALLY getting my toe fixed. YAY! :D I took the day of from work so after my appointment I could just go home and not worry about the pain after the anesthetic wears off. My plan is to go grocery shopping as soon as I leave the podiatrist office while my toe is still numb. That way, I can just vege (sp?) out on the couch with Jeff and some new DVDs all weekend. We may go to a movie, but that only requires walking to and from the car, so that should be fine. Jeez, the way I'm talking, you'd think they were going to amputate my toe, eh? I'm just a big baby when it comes to pain like that. :p

Well, at my official Thursday morning weigh-in today, I was holding steady at 299.5 pounds. That's only a .5-pound loss for this week, but as long as it's going in the right direction, I'll take it! At least I made up for my splurge of a weekend enough to recover a loss for the week as a whole. Yay! I know I really need to watch what I eat on the weekends, too, but it's so hard when I'm at Jeff's and we go out for almost EVERY meal. This weekend should be better since he is coming to stay with me. I can at least cook (or instruct him to cook) on Saturday and Sunday. Still have to go out for out Friday night dinner, though :)

So, I have a TOPS meeting tonight, which I can actually goto since I gave up my shift at the restaurant. 2 weeks in row of TOPS--they may actual begin to know my name :o Hopefully, the loss will still be reflected on their scale after I've eaten during the day. I hate weighing in with them at 6:30pm because I eat differently throughout the day. In the morning, I know my stomach is empty when I weigh-in at home. It hasn't been a problem so far, though, so I should be good to go. I'll have dinner after the meeting.

Alright, well, I guess that's long enough of a post (even for me), so I'm off to pretend to do some work with the peace of mind that the scale and the bp cuff both have lower numbers today. Keep in mind-it's almost Friday!!

05-05-2005, 02:12 PM
Goodmorning!! No weigh in for me today, I had issues sleeping last night and when I got up, I made breakfast, ate, and then showered. Totally forgot to weigh in cuz I was SO tired. I'll do it tomorrow, so I'm not worried!

Marge - Sorry to hear about your boss, hope he gets better soon. And learns to relax! I'll know forsure tomorrow how much I lost in 2 weeks, last time I peeked at the scale it was saying 8 pound loss.. and then came the ice cream... hehe. So I could definitely have gained that back. Even so, ifI gained 2 back, thats still 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I'm not taking ANY chances and have packed very healthy foods, and lots of water for work today. Can you believe I work 11am until 8pm?!? Thats stupid, yes I get an hour long break.. but it's a 9 hour day!! I just think thats wrong for a part time retail job, they expect everything from you, and give you 8.30/hr in return! Everyone says I shouldn't complain because I'm making over min wage, but I have the experience.

Jill - Good to hear about that BP! Also good that you are going to watch the sodium still.. it's EVIL! Congrats on the weight loss, anything down is better than up! Hmm, something like that anyways!

Alrighty! I am off to sell some clothes to people, and to have that meeting with the manager.. hopefully she'll give me SOME kind of training stuff, maybe some rules on their Loss Prevention, maybe some store stats.. something.. ANYTHING at this point! Have a good one, I'll be back much later!


05-05-2005, 05:45 PM
Hope your toe feels much, much better after the doctor has a go at it. Mine have been giving me trouble again. Sometimes I just want to have 'em removed, but who wants nail-less big toes?

While puttering around the foundation of the house earlier today, I discovered termites. Dang it, dang it, dang it. The sellers of this house had to treat for them before we bought, but that was six years ago. If the termites were out in the yard more, I wouldn't be concerned, but they're right down on the foundation, right where the wood strip is between the concrete block foundation and the brick exterior walls. Shoot -- no extra money for treatment, either.

Good photo op, though. Heh.

05-05-2005, 05:48 PM
Okay, to balance out the gross, here's a macro shot of our neighbor's lilac blooms:

05-05-2005, 10:39 PM
Haha, thanks for the balance of photos, Kimberley--I can totally live life without ever seeing a creature that has more than 4 legs ever again (strfish being the exception--I can handle those, even though they sort of have 5 legs :p ). I keep cans of Raid in my apartment so I can spray a bug if I see it since I actually hate them so much I can't get close enough to squish them. Jeez, how girls am I :dizzy:

So, I went to my TOPS meeting tonight like a good girl. According to their scale, I am down 2 pounds since last week (even after eating breakfast at McDonald's and having a big salad for lunch), so that was pretty encouraging.
Well, just wanted to stop in and say hey. Who knows what I'll be up to tomorrow--probably sleeping most of the day away, so don't be surprised when there's no early-morning post from me! ;) Catch ya ladies later--have a Fabulous Friday!

05-06-2005, 01:01 AM
Good for you, Jill - that's great!

I love taking macro shots of insects, flowers, whatever -- I love the details you see when the pictures are viewed. Sometimes some little critter is hiding in a bloom and I never see it until I've enlarged the image. Guess I'll spare you the photo I took of the spiderlings I took a few days ago...dozens of tiny spiders that together could have fit on a penny. Amazing little things!

My MIL asked if I wanted to swim with her, so there came my missing exercise day. We were at the YMCA from 8:20-9:20pm and I swam fairly vigorously about half of the time we were in the water. We sat in the sauna for a few minutes afterward (boy, did that feel wonderful), cooled down with showers, then headed over to my mom's for a surprise visit.

It was a nice evening all around. My dogs smell my mom's dog, Blueberry, on me...You'd think I was a piece of steak, so interested are they in me! High treason, I know. ;)

Here's one of the jealous ones, Emma (are you tired of photos yet?).

05-06-2005, 11:56 AM
Can't argue with 2 lbs lost, Jill! :D Good for you. Hey, 9 toes is still plenty, right?

I'm down another 1.2 lbs, happy about that. I had trouble sleeping last night, a little tougher getting to the gym at 7am. I think we'll go have Thai for lunch then stop at the Barnes and Noble to get Zagat's Manhattan shopping guide for the couple we're having dinner with tomorrow night who just moved here. YES, Aimee, there's a SHOPPING guide to NYC! When you're ready to come I'm going to get that for you (if it's any good, I actually haven't looked at it yet, ha).

Weekend weather sure has been crappy, overcast AGAIN. Looks like Sunday will have to be botanic garden day. Hopefully it won't rain.

Aimee, are you going to try for the insurance test you think? Did I tell you I worked for a large sized clothing store for a summer when I was in college? At our local mall, called Bayfair. The most memorable moment was when they made me watch a shoplifter (she came in there a bunch of times to shoplift). What a weird situation that was for me. I had to nicely follow her around the store. I liked the women who worked there; it was small and I could study during the quiet moments. They bought me a cream puff pastry when I left, :lol: . I used to use a lot of earnings to buy the clothes too. The store's not there anymore, I think they replaced it with a T-Mobile or something.

Have a good Friday, everybody!

05-06-2005, 03:09 PM
Goodmorning! I am up!! I'm trying to get up earlier than I want to, if that makes sense. I was SO tired last night but still didn't end up going to bed until 1:30 am! I was pretty much useless all night, on the way home from work I got a coffee, and some fast food.. don't know what came over me.. if anything.. hehe.. I was just SO fricking tired and didn't want to cook.

Marge - a shopping guide to NYC? Omg! Thats crazy! I'm one of those shoppers that when they are in a different city has to look in EVERY store... possibly very annoying, but I also enjoy shopping alone. I remember following quite a few shop lifters, mostly it stopped them from taking anything. Once I asked this size 2-3 woman if she needed help (in a plus size store!), and she said "uhh.. I'm like waiting for my BOYFRIEND". It was too funny, but she got the hint and dropped the bathingsuit and left. Silly woman! I'm not sure about the insurance thing, I talked to my mom about it and she didn't seem all too impressed, but I'm having issues finding something I might love. This far I only know that I need something that makes me think, and uses my skill of solving almost any problem. heh. So far all my mom and I have come up with is Insurance Adjuster, I think it looks pretty interesting. We'll see though!

I'm not feeling the whole idea of getting on my scale today, yesterday I got on it after I'd eaten, and it was at 260, but I also had a realllly heavy breakfast. Maybe I'll skip it this week, I'm getting on track with my eating (the ice cream is GONE! ), and just head onto next week. Everytime I think about going to get on that scale it gives me a nasty feeling in my tummy.. SO weird huh?

Kimberley - you are back to swimming! :) It's been a little while since I've heard of you going to the pool.. glad you had a nice night!

Jill - I hate spiders, hate hate spiders. I have these "slippers" with almost a shoe like bottom, I wear them when I go pee in the middle of the night so I can kill any spiders I see.. lol. This has only happened like 2 times, but they are totally my lifesaver! 2 pounds at TOPS? thats great!

I am off to have a healthy breakfast, get some errands done, I'll bbl!


05-06-2005, 04:50 PM
Good afternoon, ladies--happy Friday! I got my toe fixed this morning--they went ahead and put acid on the root of the side of that toenail and said there's a 95% chance it won't come back. I said I'd heard that before, and I'd see him again next year :lol: At least it will be fixed for the immediate future. I popped 3 extra-strength Tylenol as soon as I got home so it wouldn't hurt like he!! when the novocaine wore off. It's actually doing very well--I had it done at 8:30 this morning, it's now 3:38pm, and I still don't really feel any pain. Yay!

So, after my appointment, I called my mom to let her know I was okay (she worries about me with my, umm, bumpy medical history and because I'm so far away). I told her I was heading to WalMart to buy a food processor (so I could try Kimberley's spinch-in-the-sauce idea), and she told me no! Apparently, my mom has already talked to my sister and they have all decided to come visit me for my birthday (in July) and take me shopping to buy lots of new apartment stuff (such as a blender and a food processor, for starters, and I know my mom wants to get me a better vacuum cleaner). So I agreed not to buy one. Guess the sauce will have to wait. Instead of a food processor, though, I did buy myself a really nice wok. Then I came home, napped on the couch for a few hours, and got up and made stir-fry like I have been planning to do for the past few weeks now. I kept track of every calorie that went into that wok, and I now have 8 meals of stir-fry that have less than 200 calories each. Add to that the brown rice (which is still simmering on my stove) with 170 per serving (and I am only cooking 8 servings so I won't have too much in each container), and I've got 8 meals with less than 400 calories each that include lean chicken, VEGETABLES, and whole grains. Yay! I just cut up 1.14 pounds of lean boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, added a whole bag of stir-fry veggie mix (red peppers, corn, and broccoli), added a whole bag of sugar snap peas, added 1 cup of crushed pineapple, and added bottled teriyaki sauce (carefully measured quantity). It's pretty darn good! Now, if only I had room in my freezer for all 8 containers...:p

So now I'm just waiting for Jeff to get here. I called him last night, and apparently he has had a cold all week, so we get to just lay on the couch and play sick all weekend. Sounds fine to me--I've slept quite a bit last night and today, and I still feel like I could crash for a few more hours!

Well, hope everyone has a blast of a weekend (despite some icky weather spots)--catch ya'll later!

05-06-2005, 05:19 PM
Shoplifters tick me off sooo bad, and so many times employees are powerless to really do much about them. I do secret shopper jobs and, while it's not tailing shoplifters, it's still fun. I got to do a shop at Value City (a local discount store kind of like TJ Max and Marshall's) and it paid me $25. Shop AND get paid for it - how fun is that? ;)

The scale was my pal today, told me I'd lost a pound. I'm now 225. Howie said, no, I could not subtract the pound of cooked cabbage and low-fat sausage I'd eaten last night, LOL! So a pound's cool...And there's no point obsessing, because it's coming off and the diet changes I've made are permanent. I can't get all weird about what I eat the day before weigh-in or I'll drive myself batty.

We went to the arboretum to walk instead of working out at the YMCA. We walked to the Japanese Garden area (pond, pagoda, rock garden, rhodedendrons, various types of mosses...just gorgeous) and took a break before heading back. He takes a little longer than me because he still has to stop often due to back pain, so on our way back he said I could just go on ahead if I wanted to.

I did, and had some time to take more photos at the cypress swamp. It just so happened a group of gradeschoolers was there on a field trip, so I got pictures of the kids and the pond life they scooped out into trays for observation. Hearing children exclaiming excitedly over snails and frog eggs is so awesome; it's been a while since I'd heard kids more excited about nature than about their video games.

05-06-2005, 05:35 PM
I was writing my post when you posted, Jill. Glad your toe's not killing you this afternoon! I've never had a doctor do anything to mine; maybe I should have them checked out some time. And GREAT for you putting together those stir-fry lunches! Go Jill!!

05-06-2005, 08:15 PM
Hey ladies!!

Jill - SO glad your toe is better.. you can wear closed toe shoes again! I'm even MORE happy that you are eating veggies!! I cannot imagine not eating veggies all the time.. I was wanting something for lunch, didn't want to prepare much, so I made steamed broccoli and asparagus. Does that make you shudder just thinking about ONLY eating veggies? With NO sauce? ;) Just keep your veggies up gal! :)

Kimberley - Woohoo! 1 pound gone forever!! I don't really watch what I eat the night before a weigh in.. unless I know it's realllly salty, I know I'll end up retaining water, and if I eat only protein the night before.. it... stops me up.. lol. I'm in a fight with my scale.. I just don't FEEL like getting on it.. poopy icky! heh. You are almost to your min goal!! Woohoo! you go! :) That place looks like a really beautiful place to walk.. My bf's mom loves to take pictures as well, and is sending us new pictures a lot. She likes to take things to extremes though, she went from going for walks taking pictures to being a photographer. That woman is crazy busy, she gets bored easily I suspect.. she actually has 3 home businesses that she runs all by herself. I can't imagine that myself..

Alrighty! I am off to work.. I get the lovely 5:30-9:30 shift.. woowee. heh. Have a great night :)

05-07-2005, 04:55 AM
Goodness me, this place sure is quiet! Whats going on?!?

Alrighty, tell me why I always have some story to tell you guys? Tonight after work I met Josh, he was off at 10pm, and we went to the car. It wouldn't start. We tried for 30 minutes, nothing doing. The mall security came over and took Josh to get gas (for some reason I stayed.. still not sure my logic.. I insisted I stay). So they put that in. Tried it again, nothing. Kept trying, still nothing, but the battery died from all the trying. A couple guys tried to boost us, we had to move our car, so we pushed it closer to their car. They tried that for 45 minutes. Then they pushed it while I was on the phone with GM roadside assistant, I think they tried a few other things, but I was trying to give directions to the people. Afterwards the guys left, and Josh and I waited. He got the security number, and we called them to come back and boost the car again. And it started!!!! Yay! Lucky too, as we drove home, we saw a HUGE accident which actually had the place we were cut off to the way the tow truck was going to come from. It was a pretty major accident, 3 cars, 4 ambulances, 10 cop cars, and 3 fire trucks. We passed pretty close, it was pretty scarey. Cars can be so humbling. We are both alive, and thankful to be home with a car that works. It will be traded in this week.. for something WAY more reliable.

Well I am off to bed, I am SO SO tired, SO tired. Be good! :)


05-07-2005, 11:54 AM
Oh, gosh, Aimee -- If your car hadn't zonked out, you might have been in that wreck. I'm so glad you're okay!

Jill, how's the digit down south there?

Howie and I are up early, enjoying coffee and our Saturday morning radio shows on NPR. We got out of the habit of listening for some reason, but it's so fun! Here's our line up for today:

Car Talk (
Whad'ya Know? (
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (
The Splendid Table (

That last one's a new one for us. It's a food show, sounds interesting. This evening, we're going to a friend's house for a birthday dinner. Howie's going to skip the cake and ice cream, and I think I will, too. I'm going to eat lighter-cal stuff during the day since I'm not sure what his mom's cooking for the dinner.

So, what do you like to do on Saturday mornings when you're not working?

05-08-2005, 03:35 AM
Kimberley - I think it's just us on weekend duty! ;) When I don't work Saturday mornings.. I usually sleep in. And then watch a few reruns on TLC, nothing too exciting. I think I'd like to spend my mornings walking along the ocean if I could do whatever I want.. I remember a few years ago I lived in Vancouver, I was 1 block from the ocean and spent every morning walking along the seawall, it would calm me and was a wonderful way to start the day. I don't get the whole radio thing yet... I imagine it will come with time. Maybe, I would love to be hiking a different mountain each morning, or running along the seawall. I really love to challenge my body. Maybe thats why I'm trying to gain so much weight? ;) Alrighty! It's been a crazy long day, so I am off to get some sleep.. I'll talk to you tomorrow!!


05-08-2005, 11:14 AM
:wave: hello I'm here, I'm alive, I'll come and help out on weekend duty!!!!! I've been so busy of late have only been popping in and out of 3FC when I have a moment.

My employer has let me have two weeks off the dreaded telephones (unavoidable in a call centre) to train newbies!!!! :yikes: Bless 'em. We starte dthe fortnight with 6 and were down to 5 by the end, apparently one left because I shouted at him!!! I'm quite sure I didn't shout, but I did give him a telling off, nothing he didn't deserve!!! So our five little survivors are now off to their departments, and I am back doing my normal job, except I now have a week off, hurray!!!!!!

I had an interview for a promotion this week, I want to join our underwriting team. I was told it would be very competitive, but as it turns out there are two vacancies and three applicants, so fingers crossed :lucky:

Tell Howie I think he's mean Mrs Gardenwife, I would have let you count the pound from dinner!!!! LOL!!! Great pictures, I am sorry to hear about the termites, dang the little critters.

I went swimming this morning for two hours, well one hour swimming the last hour playing and chatting. I have competitions with the others who come a bit later to see who can swim underwater the longest. I don't normally win, which is a bit embarrassing, seeing as they are all in their late sixties, early 70's and I am half that!!!!

Aimee, I have no idea what I want to do career wise, I am just coasting along at my employer and looking for opportunites as they arise, I do envy those people who know from the cradle what they want to be when they grow up! Perhaps I just haven't grown up yet!

05-09-2005, 03:21 AM
Oh, the joys of call centers. I worked for a large one here, trained classes of new hires and new-to-customer service reps on the computers and in sales/customer service techniques. It was insane how minutely every little statistic was tracked on each employee; I hated that Big Brother mentality, especially when I had high sales and a good customer retention rate when there were problems I troubleshooted. Bah!

Made a tasty dinner for the moms today -- Pork roast, cauliflower hash browns, salad, and strawberry shortcake made with low-fat Bisquick. I posted the first two recipes over at Dave's Garden. You will only be able to view the first post as non-subscribers, but that's all you need to see to get the recipes!

Gardenwife's Pineapple & Garlic Pork Roast ( -- That one I came up with last night

Juan-Carlos' Cauliflower and parsnip hash browns ( -- he's the Calorie Commando on FoodTV.

Had some kind of tummy upset that had me running to the bathroom frequently for a few hours, but that's calmed down. Wonder just how many calories went down that drain...Heh. Looking at the bright side, there!

05-09-2005, 09:47 AM
Morning, all!

Sorry I was pretty much MIA all weekend--I was RELAXING! We slept and ate and watched movies and slept and watched movies and slept some more :D We also discovered a new ice cream place with REALLY good soft-serve that's only 1.4 miles from my apartment called Nathan's Dairy Bar--YUM! I would say this is dangerous being so close to my house, but I'm never home when it's open during the week anyway, so no biggie :p Yesterday we also went and played miniature golf. That's about all we did all weekend. Oh, and we went and saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I thought was really cute! It was funny and creative and all that good stuff--of course, I have never read the book, so I didn't have any of the negative comments like so many other reviewers have had since I had no basis for comparison. Anyway...

So that new wok I bought on friday and used to make stir-fry--it's completely covered in rust! I had rinsed it out quickly before putting my food in it (to at least get out any dust or whatever from being in the store--heat kills most germs), and then I stuck it in the sink filled with water and a little soap to work on the caked-on cooked teriyaki sauce. It had strted turning slightly orange then, but only in a few spots, and I thought maybe it was just the teriyaki sauce. Then I stuck it in the dishwasher (like I do with all my other pots and pans when needed), and when I took it out, EEW! Solid orange rust all over the inside of my brand new wok! Very upsetting, espeically since I had already taken out the trash with the label and receipt for it. I may still try to return it (since it is WalMart and they take returns on just about anything). It was just quite frustrating.

In addition to the stir-fry "frozen dinners" I had made for myself, I also bought lots of good stuff when I went grocery shopping yesterday. It was really nice outside, so I felt like having fruit, so I bought bananas, apples, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and kiwis (oh, and lemons because Jeff likes to eat them). Last night, I cut up the watermelon, a containger of strawberries, a large kiwi, and a bunch of purple grapes and made a fruit salad, so I plopped some of that in a container for a snack for today. YUM! I also brought an apple and a banana as snacks for today, so don't tell me I don't eat enough fruit! :dizzy: Besides the fruit, I also bought a box of whole wheat pasta (yes, I finally found some!). I also bought Prego tomato sauce, which says right on the label that one serving of the sauce = 1.5 servings of vegetables. Since there are 6 serving of sauce per container, I made all of the past and mixed in the whole jar of sauce, then divided it all into 6 containers and put them in the fridge, so now I have healthy pasta meals to choose from, too (and, of course, I calculated the total amount of calories per container including sauce, pasta, and some grated parmesan cheese). I also cooked a rotisserie chicken (this time cooked all the way through instead of still pink in the middle!), so I cut that all up and put it in the fridge. My rotisserie cooker also came with a tray that you can put ontop of the cooker to steam veggies and stuf, so I steamed a bag of frozen broccoli (too much, I'm sure, since it's not as gren anymore and is mushy, which is how I like it). So I ALSO have chicken and brocolli as a meal choice (skin removed from the chicken, of course). I feel so prepared for the week!!

I'm about 2 hours late in posting this morning because I was applying to new jobs online :o I really need to find something that pays more so I don't have to keep working nearly 70 hours a week between the 2 jobs. I'm 22 years old and am going to wear myself out and want to retire by the time I'm 25 at this rate! I've got the skills for a great job (marketing, communications, editing/proofreading, event coordination, etc.), but no one wants to hire me with less than "3-5 years" of experience. However, I was supposed to have had at least 2 years of experience for the job I have now (but I only had about 10 months), but I got it anyway, so maybe there is hope (and my boss is constantly gushing over how well I handle new tasks, how quickly I work, and how good I am at "rolling with the punches"--I should be able to show that in an interview!).

My toe is fine--feels like nothing ever happened (unless I hit it or rub it against something just right--then watch out!). Hope everyone's weekends turned out well (I know Heather's busy and can't post every day, but where's our Diana been lately?!). Make it a great Monday!

05-09-2005, 10:15 AM
Hey all, am here, just been very very busy busy busy...This week I had 5 sales from my site, sale was from my site and the show...I am amazed, and got panicked I may run out of stuff, lol, but it has slowed down now...This time of the year I am so busy with gardening and stuff, I rarely get on here, but I have been MIA the past few days. WTG everyone on keeping with plan, and WTG Jill for trying to keep with packing better food for work..I forgot to weigh in this mornign at CURVES, but, ya know, my t shirts are getting bigger, so even if I have not lost a lot of pounds, the inches are really coming off, which is GREAT!!!I had a great work-out this morning, and feel energized...I also, get my new black, Camrey SE loaded on FRIDAY, hopefully, all according to if my DH gets the check from his S&S by then, of not, Early next week it will be right b4 we got to OHIO. We will not be taking it there though, you know the first 2000 miles rule and all of that...keeping her home safe and sound that weekend :)...We went looking at new homes yesterday. We went to Saratoga, woo hoo, you should see this place we found. I think a celebrity has a home there for the Summer, ( Lots of them live here in the Summer for the races at Saratoga) David Cassidy, for example owns 12 acres of land 2 exits up from us.. the house in this community was gated and had electric fence all the way around it. Even saw someone driving an Aston Martin in there! All of the homes were absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and they are building another development like it down the road with a huge park in the center. WAY out of our price league ( starting at 750,000)..Unreal...only way we could even fathom it is to play the lottery and pray,, DH is playing the Lottery and praying from now on, LOL, he is sooo funny! Ahh, it's nice to dream eh? Well, on that note, have to eat my yogurt with granola, shower, pack up some stuff to ship out, and plant some flowers, and put a roast on for dinner with lots of carrots..YUM! Hag week all, and take care!

05-09-2005, 12:14 PM
Goodmorning!! I'm trying to fake being positive and cheerful, so far.. so good! I woke up this morning completely sick, nauseaous mostly. I thought perhaps all the baby talk in my life was wearing off (not possible.. je suis VERYcareful!), "luckily" I started to develop heartburn. Which just means I have to be MUCH more strict with my diet... I ate really good yesterday until my dinner, which was a subway sub. It just threw off that PH in my tummy.

Good to see you all back.. it was CRAZY quiet on here this weekend. Well, speaking of which.. I am running late for work, so I don't have time to really say much.. have a great day! I'll bbl, much later!


05-09-2005, 02:20 PM
Diana, congrats on the sales - that's great! I need to start marketing my photography more aggressively. Great to hear you're losing size, too. I picked up a few inexpensive crinkly-knit tops at Wal-Mart Saturday night, and was able to buy 18/20's. At my biggest, I wore 26/28 in some shirts. I'd work 22/24 for a long time, and now I'm finally seeing smaller sizes fitting. My bottom half is bigger, though - still got the belly!

Aimee, you sound like that old addage: Fake it 'til you make it. It's funny, though...Actually works sometimes. Sounds like weekends are the big time for you guys, eh?

Jill, your wok isn't defective, it just needs different care. The care's a lot like that of cast iron cookware. Howie and I clean ours with kosher salt (abrasive) and water, dry it thoroughly, and add a little oil. You don't want to get all the stuff out of your cookware - it just needs to build up and carbonize. Then it's practically non-stick and wonderful. Check out this article ( for good info.

Howie and I are going to that Indiana job site again. His boss called and asked if he'd go. Plan is, I get myself showered and pack, go to my doctor's appointment, and we leave for Indiana right from there. We'll be back tomorrow, and we'll have our laptops with us. Ya'll won't notice any change. LOL :D

05-09-2005, 02:45 PM
TY Kimberley and great advice on the wok..I agree, so many people feel the need to scrub their pans to perfection, not realizing that the aged cookware, the stuff that looks all black and beat up on the outside, is the is seasoned just right. My Dh thinks it should be all shiny and new, but I am the cook and i am the one who knows what I am doing with that, lol..You find the neatest web sites...Have a great tiem in IN...HAGD all, Di

05-09-2005, 02:59 PM
Thanks Kimberley! I actually had talked to someone here at work who told me the same thing. My only issue is that everything I use goes in the dishwasher--no exceptions! I don't have time to do dishes, let alone do dishes specially. She told me I could scrub out the rust and put a little oil in it and dry it by putting it on the warm stove--problem is, I won't even have time to do any of that until, umm, the weekend after next :p Oh well. At least I got one good use out of it before I killed it ;)

On a brighter side, my stir-fry was REALLY good! I ate all the veggies and everything! I just splashed a little water on it before putting it in the microwave, and it was perfect. I'm really glad I made those meals. It was really filling, too, with the veggies, protein, and whole grains. I went to the cafeteria after I ate it (with a friend--I just went along for the walk to stretch my legs and get away from my desk for a few). Normally, even if I have had lunch, I can't resist a small salad or a small carton of chocolate milk while I'm down there. However, I felt so satisfied from the stir-fry that nothing even looked appealing, ya know? I did get a large diet Pepsi because I was tired--felt I needed a caffeine boost to get through the rest of my looong day. I know, it's got plenty of sodium in it, but at least it's not an everyday thing. Very rarely now do I drink soda during the week at all.

Well, glad to see Diana's still alive and kickin'! And doing so well on losing inches!!! Hope your tummy feels better by the end of the day, Aimee--I know it sucks to work when you're not feeling well. And thanks again, Mommy Kimberley--you always seem to know the answers (and if you don't, you can always a find a website that does!). Have a great one!

05-09-2005, 09:52 PM
Oh boy...Just a quick note to ya Jill my dear...You really should never put pans in the dishwasher, it ruins the coating on them if they are non stick...Just some advice from learning the hard way...And you really don't have to scrub the pans with a lot of soap etc, like the dishes, just rinse the **** out of them with HOT water, and wipe the stuff out with paper towels, to get them seasoned too...and another way is to wipe them down with olive oil b4 bed, pre-heat your oven then turn the oven off and set them inside overnight...Works for me...Just some tidbits for the night, HAG1 All :)

05-09-2005, 11:50 PM
I made it thru the day!! Doesn't sound like much, but man oh man, I was SO SO sick in the car on the way to work, Josh ended up driving me to work and picking me up, even though that wasn't the plan. My shift went well, the manager seemed to like me, the more friends I have.. the better. She thinks I need to work on some of my selling techniques.. basically she didn't like the fact that I didn't ask any customers if they needed socks. But I hate that kind of upselling, as long as my stats are good, I figure it's all good. Oh well.. this isn't permanent!

Kimberley - that was totally my plan today, and it worked. Yay! I try and fake it with my selfesteem, and that also works. I don't know if the weekends are really significant for us, I actually find we eat out less on the weekends. I just seem to work a lot on the weekend, as does Josh. My body is just hitting a wall, it's ready for something new. So I'm going to try it again.. although it's never worked for me before, I'm going to eat lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains (no rice still, or pasta, just whole wheat bread), and healthy fats ( like no fat yogurt, low fat cheese, low fat milk, chicken, etc), I'll likely count my calories as well. I usually find I lose a couple pounds, and then start packing it on.

Jill - I'm so glad your toe is all better.. and thrilled about all your fruits and veggies :)

Diana - you rock, seriously you are so busy with your selling, and you are still going strong with the gym. Keep it up girl :)

Alrighty! I am off to be productive, I have to do some crazy homework for my job.. weird weird job! Have a good night!


05-10-2005, 07:27 AM
Hello girls I have read some of your posts everyone sounds like their doing well. The wok sounds like when yuo use iron pans its the same deal or they rust too. I have slipped a bit in my exercise lately and haven't been on the scale in a couple of weeks. I need to jump back in so thought I'd give this site a try before I gain back what I lost already. I was doing so well but need to boost myself in the butt and get moving again. So I am going to workout or walk at least 4 times this week that will be my goal and to keep my calories around 1400 not over 1500. Wish me luck. I look forward to chatting with you girls!

05-10-2005, 08:03 AM
welcome u go by a nickname or is this what you want us to use here? I am having a tooth issue. seems like it is the tooth I got filled in December too, which bites...I get these sharp pains every so often...LOVELY!!!! I am hoping it is nothing, because in 10 days I will be heading to see my bestest planning to floss and rinse before Curves, am hoping I got something logded there from Chinese the other night and have missed it...( keeping my fingers crossed)..UGH,,, well, am off, HAG1 Ladies!

05-10-2005, 08:17 AM
Good morning! (<---Aimee, I fake it every morning--you think I really am thinking of an exclamation point at 6:30am every day?! :p )

Last night was quite frustrating. I went to work at the restaurant for 4pm, as usual. I was serving, and there was only one person on who was working a double, so I was in a section with him, and we were going to be first cut. First cut on a Monday night means I should definitely have been home by about 9 or 9:30pm. Well, being just my luck, I get a party of 14 people right near the end of my shift. So, of course, it takes them forever to order and figure everything out, and they were there for someone's birthday, so of course they had to do gifts and sit around talking all night. I know people come in in groups like that to have a good time--it's just frustrating when their good time makes me have to stay later. I'm not really upset or angry with anybody since it's not really anybody's fault, just frustrated. Someone could have helped me out by doing my sidework or rolling my silverware (which I do for others all the time). It seems I always end up being the one staying late or helping other people out (like when I closed and didn't get home till well beyond midnight a few weeks ago). So yeah, like I said, I should have been home watching tv by 9:30 last night (like my partner was!), but instead, I didn't leave the restaurant till 11:05pm. ARGH! I really need to find a higher-paying job so I can lose the 4 nights a week at the restaurant! On a brighter note, they trained 4 new people last night, so most likely, they will be hostessing for a while till they start serving so I won't have to hostess much anymore, which means I will get to serve more. I can't possibly end up being there till 11 every night as a server, right (keeping my fingers crossed!:crossed: )?

Last night was hard food-wise, too. The other 4pm server came in with a McDonald's cheeseburger for dinner. Yum. the manager was complaining because he had gone to McDonald's, but that particular one didn't take credit cards, so he couldn't get anything. He ended up getting a big burger and fries at our restaurant instead. The daytime closer that was still on when I got in had a big ol' turkey burger with bacon and cheese. mmm...and I was having such a frustrating night, all I wanted was McDonald's greasy food or a huge dish of ice cream! :nono: I'm not normally an emotional eater, but last night was really pushing my limits. I was good, though, and stuck to my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fat-free/no sugar added yogurt, and apple. I was afraid I would go crazy and raid my fridge when I got home (not that I have any junk food in my house anyway, but too much of even healthy food is no good), but I was so tired by the time I got home that I just walked in and stripped off the smoke-smelly clothes and shoes and crawled into bed. Normally, I'll pack some of my food for the next day or iron my shirt for the next day, but not last night. I did nothing but crash and crash hard--I was asleep before the Family Guy theme song was over (Family Guy is on at 11:30pm).

Alright, enough whining about my job(s). I stuck to my food yesterday--yay for me! This weekend is the big HFStival in Baltimore (by radio station if you care), so I will be at Jeff's since he lives much closer to Baltimore, so we can just take the train and not have to drive into the city. The weekend after, my sister and her fiance and his 5-year old daughter (my Wacky Jackie--the girl in my icon) are all coming to visit, and we're going to go to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Should be fun--I'm looking forward to it!

cacmsc--welcome! I, too, stick between 1400-1500 calories a day during the week (I'll not talk about the weekends :p ). Congrats on getting back into the swing of things before, as you said, gaining back what you've already lost. :goodluck:

Aimee--glad you're feeling better! It's amazing what the mind is capable of (i.e., positive thinking can actually make you feel physically better, just as negative thinking can make you feel worse).

Diana--thanks for the tips! I still did not clean the rust out of my wok--definitely no time for that. I don't mind throwing my other pots and pans in the dishwasher because they were hand-me-downs, anyway, and not necessarily in the greatest shape to begin with. When I get more established, I'll actually buy good stuff and will treat it as such. For now, though they all get the job done, and the non-stick surface hasn't worn off yet. Of course, I use them all so infrequently (seeing as how I have so much time to cook :dizzy: ) that I don't think putting them in the dishwasher once or twice a month will hurt them too much. The one thing I really hate cleaning is the rotisserie cooker--jeez what a pain! Entirely too many parts :p

Kimberley--Where's your late night/early morning post?! I thought you said we wouldn't notice a difference while you were gone for a day! ;)

Marge, Heather, Kylie, and Sara--Hello! :wave:

05-10-2005, 11:30 AM down 6 more pounds...even with the slight cheating from time to time. this is amazing!!! I measure this Sunday since I won't be home the following, Good luck all..!

05-10-2005, 02:01 PM
Hello Jill! I'm here!!! Work has been really busy lately... barely able to keep up with everyone's posts let alone have ME post too!!! I'm at work now... so forgive me for choppy thought process...

Maintained last week... Arrgh! Very frusterating for me, I want so bad to keep losing and never hit a plateau! (I don't ask for much ;) ) Mixed some exercise up again, maybe I can shake it. Have 2 weeks until Memorial day goal of 260, 4 pounds to go.

On the bright side of things my mom actually told me on Sunday that I am "starting to look so thin". Holy crap! A real compliment from my narcissistic mother!?! Then my Grandma came over, haven't seen her since Christmas, and she said I was looking really good and proceeded to giggle my belly! uuugghhh, gross! Um, yup, I'm still fat and have a long ways to go, back up off the rolls Granny!!! Now I did not actually say that to her I just stepped back and smoothed my shirt. God I love relatives!

Well that's about it for me... Unless you want crazy dog stories!

05-10-2005, 09:46 PM
Wow... 7 hours with no post from anyone?!?!?!

05-10-2005, 11:18 PM
I am alive!! 2 days in a row.. heh. I woke up this morning and was feeling off.. I just need more sleep, lots more sleep. I was burning up, looked pretty bad, and so I just got up, moved slowly and went to work. Which is why I haven't posted yet! I am feeling weak, but better.

Jill - has it been a lonely day? You definitely need a higher paying job, working 2 jobs is no way to live. I was told about a job today, helping special needs kids at school, you get paid 25 bucks an hour! It's definitely not for me.. but there are high paying jobs which don't require lots of education, the girl who was telling me about it said she only had to take a 6 month course. It's amazing all the different jobs out there, so hard to choose what to do! You definitely need more time to yourself. I hear you on being frustrated last night, it's not that you were angry at the people..and it's not that they knew you were wanting to go home or anything. Nature of the beast... customer service that is.

Diana - you are doing SO good, seriously. :)

Sara - maintaining is SO much better than gaining, but I'm with you, no plateau's for me too please :) I was talking to my bf and we were talking about how after about 2-3 weeks I tend to stop losing, and so we were saying I should change my diet every time that happens. That could be a lot of work, and shopping though. I don't know what I'm trying now, just trying to eat mainly fruits and veggies.

I think it is kinda lonely without Kimberley... I definitely notice it!

And where is Marge?? I feel as though my american part is missing.. hehe. Oh man, if I lived in the usa, I'd be addicted to Taco Bell, it's so yummy, cheap, and a great source of fat! ;)

So today is the start of my watching the fruits and veggies I'm eating, so far so good. I'm eating fruit salad as we speak.. my bf is so sweet, he made it for me :) 3 cups of fruit salad, it's very very yummy. I had salad with parmesan cheese and broccoli for lunch, and a low fat marble cheese string. I'll likely be down for calories today because I skipped a snack, just couldn't face the idea of eating. Well I am off to watch NCIS and the ending of Sex and the City (first time I saw the last epidsode I cried like a little baby, it was SO SO Good!).


05-11-2005, 08:33 AM
Whew, it has definitely been quiet on here! Which makes me realize how much I LOVE this little group we have! I love knowing everyone on here and being able to actually keep up and connect with them (unlike the groups where you have 100 people all posting and I'm lucky if I really get to know maybe 5 of them, ya know?). Not that don't love having a TON of people on the other threads for information, advice, and a kick in the butt when I need it, but on here, we notice when someone doesn't post for a day or two, and I like that (not the missing people, but the really knowing people :) ). Anyway...

Last night wasn't so terrible at the restaurant. The night went by fairly quickly. I knew I was closing since I was hostess--same deal tonight. My next 3 shifts are all serving, though, so shouldn't be too horrible tomorrow night (Thursdays, you can actually make some $$). I did wake up this morning with a little bit of a sore throat. I'm praying it's just from sleeping with my windows open (kinda cool air all night long). I really can't afford to get sick when I'm working nearly 70 hours a week! I applied online to 2 jobs with Discovery Networks yesterday (Discovery owns TLC, Discovery Health, the History Channel, and a handful of others, too). How fun would THAT be?! I also applied for a job with a radio network (Infiniti Radio, one of the bigger radio groups around--I don't think I could work for ClearChannle with good conscience). I applied for a handful of other jobs, too, through Monster and CareerBuilder and I have a 4-year degree and EXCELLENT references and samples of my work--you'd think I'd be able to find something pretty easily, but no, they only care that I have a little less than 2 years of "professional" experience--as if working restaurant and retail didn't teach me more than any desk job I'll ever have! :p so frustrating--I just need some money, man! I know (and the bosses I've had and currently have know, too) that I am worth more than I am making here, but since we are on a government contract, our funds are somewhat limited, so a huge raise isn't really a possibility. I will probably talk to my boss here soon to let her know I'm looking elsewhere because of $$ and see if there's anything they can do for me (I hate to toot my own horn, but I know from coworkers and from my boss herself that I am one of the most impressive employees in our group because of my "anything for the client" attitude and my ability to "roll with the punches" and pick up new skills very quickly). It's at least worth a shot. The worst they could do is tell me no, right? And they can't fire me for wanting more money--it's too big of a corporation; they need a REALLY good reason to fire anybody! :dizzy:

Alright, work woes aside, I did well with my food again yesterday. I will stick to my packed food again today and see how it goes on the scale tomorrow morning :crossed: Today I have a container of fruit salad (grapes, watrmelon, kiwi, and strawberries I cut up and threw together), a banana, an apple, the veggies in my stir-fry, and a strawberry-banana yogurt, so I have plenty of fruits and veggies for a 1500-calorie day, I think. Oh, and I had my wheat pasta and sauce yesterday--I thought it tasted normal. I have heard some people complain that the wheat pasta doesn't taste the same as the regular yellow stuff, but I thought it was fine (which is good cuz that means I won't mind eating it all the time).

Well, off to do some work. It's feast or famine around here--I've had little to nothing to do here for forever, and now I have not one but THREE projects piled on my desk since yesterday. I leave at 2pm, and I think veryone waits till 3 to come drop piles of work on my chair :p No biggie--I could use something to do (other than searching for mew jobs online while working at my current job ;) ). Have a great one, everyone!

05-11-2005, 03:00 PM
Omg! I had a huge huge post all ready to go, and now it's GONE! Thats sooo aggrivating!

Hi Jill!!

I am totally enthusiatic this morning. I had a great sleep, and woke up feeling really good :) My body also released some water weight last night, yay! :) I had put on 4 pounds of water weight, I was feeling pretty icky from that. But the scale this morning said it was all gone now. All of that fruit and water I had yesterday must have really done the trick :) I am trying to watch my calories/fat grams, and trying to make sure everythign I put in my mouth has some kind of nutritional content. Easier said than done! Yesterday I wasn't very hungry, and that fruit salad ended up being my dinner. Later that night though I had a snack of chips and dip, and hot chocolate to warm me up. Not so great with the nutritional content, except the hot chocolate, but boy, it sure tasted good going down ;) My calories only endedup being 922, and fat grams were 33. Those were a little high, but only because of those chips, and I had to borrow someone's salad dressing.. I managed to leave mine at home.

Today we are off to look at cars, our 2001 is kinda dying. We want to get rid of it ASAP, we just don't have 5,000 to put into it to keep it going.. and we shouldn't have to either.. its got low km's and is only 3 years old!! We are looking at Honda Civic's, and Mazda Protege's, they both have really great reviews and we have been looking at both for a while now. We probably won't buy until next week, but we want to be sure of whats out there. Have a great day! And hopefully we'll have some more people around today?


05-11-2005, 04:27 PM
Hi, girls! Gee, it's nice to be missed. :) So much for my posting, huh? We didn't check into the hotel until about 9pm and I was whupped from allergies. I was fast asleep by 12:30am! Howie got up and went to the plant at about 6:00am, but I snoozed until Noon, when Howie called to say he was on his way back to the hotel. The room was so dark, fresh-smelling and quiet, I just couldn't pry myself out of bed.

We headed back after splitting an order of fajitas at a local Mexican restaurant, and took the long, scenic route back home. I think we were on the road from 2pm-9pm, and very ready to sack out and watch "The Amazing Race" finale when we got back!

This is as close to my whirlpool bath as I got, I'm afraid.

05-12-2005, 08:28 AM
Where is everybody?! Only 3 posts total from all day yesterday--that's craziness for us. I only had 1 post to read when I came in this morning (since I read Aimee's yesterday afternoon), which didn't waste nearly enough time before diving into work! :p Speaking of work...

I called a little meeting with my boss yesterday afternoon. We sat down, and she asked me what was up. I just looked at her and said, "I am really tired." She said she could tell and that she understands I've been working about 70 hours a week between the 2 jobs, so it was to be expected. To that, I replied that I didn't want to have to work 70 hours a week anymore, nor do I feel I should have to. She said she agreed and that she just wants me to be happy. I told her I was going to look for a new job, and she just kinda nodded (so I think she had suspected--she even asked me if I already got another offer). Then she went on a little "I think you're fabulous and wonderful and everything you do is amazing" shpeel (is that a real word? how do you spell it?!), which is always nice to hear ;) She also said that I would be getting my raise effective July 8th, but she doesn't know how much of a raise it is (corporate decides raises based on reviews, rankings, and who knows what else). I said that wouldn't make much of a difference since everyone I have talked to here has told me that the average raise is 4%, and one person has even told me that that is the max you can get this year. My boss said she made sure to give me a rave review and higher ranking than most so that I was 100% guaranteed a raise of more than 4% (which is good since 4% only equals out to about $20 more a week after taxes, but I'm making about $200 a week at the restaurant, so that's not even enough for me to cut down to 3 nights a week of serving). It was nice to hear that she really wanted to keep me, but salary issues are really out of her hands. She even said she just wants me to be happy and that, while CSC will only confirm your employment and not give you a reference, she would be happy to provide a personal reference for me if I need one. Yay! So, some good and some bad. I'm still looking (have sent out multiple resumes to positions online), and I got a call back from one I had applied to, so we keep playing phone tag trying to set up an interview. It's for a Marketing position with a law firm in DC (as much as I don't really want to drive into the city every day, I will do it if they pay me enough :p ), so we'll see how that all goes. Also, if I work in DC, then I can live in VA or MD and still have about the same commute, so I don't have to try to convince Jeff to cross the line into VA when we get a place together in the fall :D Alright enough about that...

I got up SO late this morning! I set my alarm for 4:32 (I always pick weird times--never ending in :00, :15, :30, or anything normal like that), but I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock at 5:28 and had a minor panic attack. I don't know if I turned my alarm off and don't remember, or if I hit snooze a LOT of times and don't remember, or if my alarm just didn't go off for some reason, but I normally leave my apartment by about 5:40, so I was running quite late. I did not have the 15 minutes to sit and soak my toe, so it will have to wait till tomorrow (poor toe--it was kinda hurtin' yesterday, too). Oooh well--I'm here now, serving tonight, and then tomorrow I get to work till 2 and then drive to Jeff's (where I will probably fall asleep on his couch till about 8, then wake up starving for dinner, as is my usual routine :dizzy: ). Oh, and today is my weigh-in day, but I didn't have a whole lot of time this morning, so I'll weigh in tomorrow morning. An extra day to lose, right? Actually, I have been peeking a bit (as I always do), and I think I may be staying the same this week, but that's better than going up, so I won't complain (as long as I stay under 300!). I know this weekend will be a little better than most, not necessarily because I will eat better (I'll be at his place, which means eating out for just about every meal), but because we are going to the HFStival on Saturday, which will include lots of walking and sweating in the sun and screaming at bands and drinking water and large-event lemonade (my favorite--the big clear plastic cups with sugar-water and half a lemon in it :T ). I'm very excited to see Coldplay and Unwritten Law perform. I'm also very intrigued to see Billy Idol perform :D Should definitely be a good weekend!

I only packed about 700 calories worth of food today (since I had no time to pack everything this morning). I grabbed a bagel and fat-free strawberry cream cheese for breakfast, a banana, a kiwi, a fat-free/no sugar added yogurt, and one of my little containers of wheat pasta w/tomato sauce and cheese for lunch. That means, of course, that I will be having dinner at the restaurant. I figure I can have up to 1000 calories and still consider myself within reasonable range of on-plan, and we serve this grilled chicken wrap with lettuce, cheese, and light ranch dressing that has less than 500 calories. That plus a side of fries would be about 800 calories, so I think that's my plan, and that still allows me more calories to add a condiment to the fries (which I will probably get made with NO fry seasoning--keeping an eye on the sodium when I can!).
Alright, enough about me. Let's talk about you! Or at least, let's hear from you! Wake up, everyone! As much as I love and adore Aimee and Kimberley, we miss the rest of the gang! Hope ya'll are doing well, and have a great Almost-Friday!!

05-12-2005, 12:59 PM
Excuse me, who is that skinny minnie in the bath tub????? I hope you've given Howie a telling off for taking mystery woman away with him!!!!!!!!! LOL Your arms!!!! They look so skinny and toned, well done Mrs!!!!

I've been off work this week, and boy I can't wait to get back, I need a rest!!! I have swum every day this week, except Monday, I have been to the gym everyday, started a new, much more intense weights programme. I got my promotion, and found out today I have an interview next week for a different area of the business, decisions abound if I get that one. The one I am interviewing for next week is the one I really want!!!!

I am really suprised that i haven't been tempted to overeat this week. I find it easier at home than at work, for some reason. I think access is the main thing, at work there is food everywhere, at home there is only good food, and nearly everything in the house requires some degree of preparation, apart from the apples!!!

Tomorrow we have friends coming over and we are going out for lunch, for tapas in the sunshine (fingers crossed it is England after all) I'll relax a little with the eating, but not too much. The good thing about eating like that is you can make healthy choices, and then have a small plate of something not so good for you! And share it!

Gardenwife, my allergies are playing up, I think its because we have decent sunshine for four days running, which is not normal for these parts, and it has made all the pollens come out. I am getting sick of my runny nose!!!!

05-12-2005, 01:39 PM
kykaree--good job not overeating at home--I would have had a food field day all week long! Staying home alone is VERY dangerous for me food-wise...

So, I have some news to report on the job front. My boss came and took me to have a chat with her a little while ago. Apparently, she talked to her boss about what we had discussed yesterday, and they wanted to know if they could come close to what I was asking for, if I would stay here. Heck yeah, I'll stay if they give me $8000 more a year to keep doing what I'm doing! I tried not to act too excited about it, of course, but I was definitely happy to hear that they want to keep me so badly :D She said she won't have any numbers for me right away, but hopefully by the end of next week, I will hear something regarding how much and when. Yay!

Well, just had to share my happy job tidbit with ya'll...back to the grinding stone!

05-12-2005, 02:29 PM
I can breathe! Its a miracle! lol. For a minute I thought finals would eat me alive. :lol: Luckily they didn't. I have missed you guys. Things here are crazy. Had finals, the kids activities, and now we have roughly 40 people coming here tomorrow to celebrate my bday from last month, my dads bday from last week, and my husbands bday this sat. IM suprising him too by having his family and best friend come in from out of town to the party. Then my new classes start on monday, Ms. Fabulous Di is coming to visit me on Friday(after what Di, 12 years?), and IM trying like heck to keep on point w/ the eating and exercising. Still, it was nice to be missed, and I really missed you guys too. I will try and catch up on what everyone is doing. Also, feel free to catch me on yahoo or aol, im not on often, but when I am I love to chat about
Well, I better get the gift for DH finished. I'll be back on tomorrow morning for a short bit if anyone wants to catch me then. Stay safe all of my friends, Good luck on your jobs, your interviews, your new cars, your wonderful bodies, and your beautiful hearts and souls.

05-12-2005, 03:38 PM
Goodmorning! I still have a few minutes left to my morning.. I got to sleep in .. kinda this morning.. it was nice :) Tomorrow though.. watch out, I plan to spend as much time in bed as I can!! I say that now, but likely I'll be out all day.. poo poo! heh.

Jill - congrats on the raise... it's funny what a company can do if they realize you'd leave if you aren't getting more money. When Josh gave notice at his current job, they REALLY didn't want to lose him, so they gave him 5 more dollars an hour, and full time hours. It was enough for him to stay with them, plus he gets normal hours now.. no more 12am-8:30am shifts :) Do you think it will be hard to give up the tips you are getting from the serving/hostess job?

Kimberley - nice pics :) You are looking pretty tiny there.. Howie too, you two are the unstoppable couple! :)

kykaree - I'm not very good with eating 100% on plan when I'm home for an entire week, I can do a couple of days.. and it definitely helps that I have to hike a fricking mountain to get ANY kind of junk food. You are really kicking it up a notch this week, with all that exercising and good eating.. you are going to knock off those 8 pounds before your bday if you keep it up :) Good luck with the interview, do you have a power outfit? I call outfits that make me look really put together and professional, and at the same time represent me a power outfit.. you feel like you can do anything in it!

Heather - my goodness, you are so busy you make me head spin!

As for me? I am off to work, I am working 12:30-9:30, have a healthy lunch packed, and am walking 2km's to get to work. And since I get paid tomorrow.. I have NO money today, so I don't have to worry about hitting up starbucks or the chocolate shop next door to my store.. heh. Have a great day ladies! And Marge? Diana? Where are YOU!?!?!??!


05-12-2005, 03:43 PM
Excuse me, who is that skinny minnie in the bath tub????? I hope you've given Howie a telling off for taking mystery woman away with him!!!!!!!!! LOL Your arms!!!! They look so skinny and toned, well done Mrs!!!!

LOL! You made my day! :D :D

Jilly, you're doing great - way to plan! Great you got to talk so frankly with your boss, too. Be nice if they'd get you enough money to stay.

P.S. Aimee, we cross posted! Hey there!

05-12-2005, 03:55 PM
I missed your second post, too, Jill -- Crossing all fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes here in hopes you can get the raise you need! My friend got an insane raise when he told his boss he was leaving if he didn't get more money. He ended up leaving, anyway, but not for a while and only when he got an outstanding offer elsewhere. Must be nice, huh?

Missed yours, too, Heather. Glad to hear your finals are over. What are you taking again? Brain fart here, sorry.

05-13-2005, 05:15 AM
Hi everyone

Jill - good luck with the raise, I hope you get what your looking for, I am sure it's less than you deserve!!! If we were paid what we were worth we would all be millionaires!!!

Aimee - I have got a navy dress suit, which is loose on me at the moment, but seems to fit whatever dress size I am, I think I will wear that, otherwise it might just be black pants and a nice blouse. It's fairly casual in my office, I had heaps of business suits that I wore in Australia but if I wear them here, people think I am "acting above my station" Office politics, gotta love it!!! NOT

I've really enjoyed this week, I have been so busy and not lonely and especially not comfort eating. I used to do that all the time when I was on my own, so it looks like my brain is finally getting into gear with this lifestyle change. I get such a buzz from the gym. I'll really miss swimming every morning when I go back to work.

Hubby is off today and we are meeting some of his friends and going out for lunch. I am going to relax and enjoy and aim for 2000 calories today instead of my usual 1200 - 1500.

It's weird going out with his friends, he is 20 years older than me, so of course all of his friends are older too, the couple we are going out with are the same age as him. Don't tell him I said this, but it's a bit like going out with your parents, Colin and I seem the same age when we are together, but with them, he acts a lot older!!!!

05-13-2005, 08:03 AM
Sooo sleeeeepy...I was supposed to serve last night, and if I had, I would have been home by about 9:30 (since the guy who would have been my artner in my section left a little before that). But, of course, that was too good to be true. No, instead the girl who was supposed to hostess last night called out, so guess who they asked to do it instead. No, not Darrin or Jin or Kali or Patrick or Amy or Josh or Nick or Katie or Bean. Nope, I was the first person they asked. And, as per usual, I said I would do it IF no one else would. I'm pretty sure they didn't even ask anyone else. I need to grow some balls and stop just saying yes to them all the time! So I ended up being there until close (11pm), and I bet I only made about $35. GRR! That is the 4th night in a row I had to stay until 11 this week. NOT cool!

Aimee--If I get the raise I'm hoping for at my full-time job, I'll probably still keep just a shift or two during the week at Ruby's for the cash flow. It's nice to not have to use my debit card for EVERYTHING--nice to just throw some cash around sometimes :)

I did get an email from a company that saw my resume on Now normally, when they contact me like that, it's for some crappy sales job or "marketing" company job (there are these companies that say they have "marketing positions with management opportunities"...what they actually are is those annoying people at mall kiosks and WalMart sidewalk stands and stuff who try to make people try their products--NOT my idea of a good marketing career move!). This was different, though...for starters, they actually used my name in the letter they sent me, which means it wasn't automatically generated to anyone with the words "sales" or "marketing" in their resumes. Also, they listed their company's website, and it seems quite legitimate. Their clients include McDonald's and AT&T (I'm assuming before they merged with Cingular), so it's not some weenie little company. They're a marketing firm that comes up with advertising campaigns and stuff. FUN! It also said their starting salary is $41,700 annually. Now maybe this is too peronal to share online or whatever, but here I go anyway. Right now, I make $31,400 at my full-time job. This pending increase should get me close to $40,000 (since that's what I was asking for in a new job). That said, I took the chance and applied to this company that emailed me. What could it hurt, right? They'll call me, and I'll ask the appropriate questions to know if it's something I want to pursue before I go anywhere for a live interview. No harm done, and totally worth exploring. Maybe it'll be the higher-paying job of my dreams :o

So yeah, I hopped on the scale this morning--holding steady at 299.5. Considering I had 3 12-oz cups of regular soda and 2 cups of regular-mixed-with-diet soda at the restaurant last night, a whole wrap AND big salad for lunch yesterday, and 1/4 of a cheeseburger and fries and coleslaw at the restaurant Wednesday, that's not horrible. I definitely went on a soda binge last night for the caffeine and sugar high since I actually fell asleep at a table in the restaurant for about 20 minutes before my shift started (my manager had to wake me up to ask me if I would hostess instead of serve) :dizzy:

Heather--so glad you survived your finals! Sounds like you've got a lot of great stuff coming up (Di visiting, bug party, etc.). Have fun--you've earned it!!

Kylie--one thing I actually LOVE about my job is that I DON'T have to dress up. I hate wearing suits and skirts and yuck. Not that I come in in jeans and t-shirt's every day, but I'll wear like a plain black t-shirt and some gray slacks or something confy. I would hate to have to give that up for a position that pays more but requires me to spend the entire increase of salary on a new grown-up wardrobe :p

Kimberley--Thanks for the crossed fingers! I know I am very fortunate to have a boss that I get along with really well. I feel like I can talk to her about almost anything. She's the opposite of my previous boss, who happened to be VERY micro-managing. My current boss LOVES that she can say, "Jill, here's a project. Figure it out," and I'll do it. My last boss would spell out EVERYTHING--probably spent more time telling me what to do and how to do it (and correcting every undotted i and such) than actually LETTING me do it. That was quite frustrating, but it definitely makes me appreciate my boss here a LOT more, so it was good experience, and I will keep it in mind in the event that I end up being someone else's boss in the future (which I hope isn't TOO far down the road--I'd like to NOT be at the bottom of the totem pole forever!).

Alright, off to work. I have 2 projects to do for our pain-in-the-butt client. Apparently, after today, she will be on vacation for 8 days, so nothing will be due to her until after then, but if I can finish the work today, then I can relax next week, so might as well get crackin'. Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY my FABULOUS FRIENDS!!

05-13-2005, 12:53 PM
I have a million things to do before the party tonite, but I wanted to jump on and say hi. I hope things are going well with all of you. I do have two things to say to Jill before I go any further. 1. I now have the toe and 2. I am soooo jealous of you. Didn't you say you were going to the MD festival? Well, if its the same one I'm thinking of, my fave band in the world will be there. I am absolutely crazy for Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl in particular. Just the fact that you will be at the same place as him......*huge sigh* Oh, and if you arent going to that
There, whew, I feel better. Had my starstruck moment. I hope everyone has a magnificent Friday, and I will try to see you tomorrow. Aimee, Kimberly, Jill, Marge(miss you Marge) Sara, Di, and everyone else I may have forgotten, you are all wonderful people that have so much going on in your lives, that I'm so proud of you to be dealing with these life changes like you are. :)

05-13-2005, 01:01 PM
Kykaree, I laughed when I read about your lunch plans. I have another friend online in a "May-October" marriage, and she describes similar situations. Hope you have a great time and don't have to sit at the children's table! ;) ;)

Jill, that's cool you have a response already. Howie received a call at work from a headhunter the other day. The company the man was hiring for was another direct mail company in Maryland. We're very happy here in Ohio and don't want to move, plus Howie doesn't want to get another job in direct mail if he does seek another job.

And me...Scale-wise, I was up 1/2 pound this week - might as well say a pound. Howie was up 2 pounds. We're chalking it up to the very salty meal we had Tuesday, plus it was probably more calories than we counted that day. We also didn't drink much water this week.

But enough excuses. Excuses don't solve anything, ya know? We've otherwise been on plan, and we're not planning on a treat night this weekend since Tuesday was more than likely our inadvertant treat night.

05-13-2005, 01:02 PM
Hey, Heather - I even hit refresh before posting and still managed to miss you! ;) Have fun tonight!

05-14-2005, 03:37 AM
Hey ladies! Today was just insane, we went to get that car we wanted.. but the salesman was just being a b*tch with the numbers.. so after saying no for 2 hours, they finally let us go. We still have our car, but with renewed satisfaction, because we own about 3,000 less than we thought :) Afterwards I came home, got ready and went shopping with my friend, we were out for 9 hours!! I bought a hairband (it's really cute), a new ring, and a little wedding present for a friend. Also I went to Old Navy and got a pink cardigan for 5 bucks! :) I was impressed with my spending, or lack of. Sorry this is such a short post but I am SO tired after such a long day! Have a great one and I'll try and post more tomorrow! :)


Oopps.. I also got on my scale today (for some reason I thought it was Thursday), and I am down to 256! :) I had been steady between 259-257. Yay!

05-14-2005, 04:14 AM
La la la...Shopping, friends, weight loss....Sounds like a great day! :D G'night -- I'm heading bedward, too.

05-14-2005, 04:27 PM
I survived lunch with our friends, we went for a long walk before lunch, no tapas, as they were on a "Friday menu" which was just filled baguettes, so no wandering off plan for me.....until...our friends suggested we come and stay with them and go out for dinner. They are big drinkers, and I can sometimes fall off the wagon with drink and end up over eating. Anyway I had one glass of wine and reacted to the sulphites, went red, blotchy, puffed up and wheezing so no more drink for me!!! That's one way of staying On Plan!!!

Then we went to a Spanish place for tapas, and I stuck more or less on plan (I did have dessert but I kept my choices for mains healthy so I could lash out)

I am so proud of myself and am feeling really good, I have had a good week. I weighed at my friends place and found over the last two weeks I have lost 8 pounds, I have revised that to six, as I normally weigh with clothes, but at my friends place I could weigh nekkid, which I can't quite do in the middle of my gym!!!! It would make my I-have-lost-weight happy dance a most alarming sight!!!!

05-14-2005, 05:42 PM
Great for you! Sounds like the day was a success (with the exception of the sulphites fun, but that had its own backwards purpose).

I slept in and started cleaning before I'd eaten -- just now eating! What a tasty brunch it is, too: Kashi GoLean with 1 oz. slivered blanched almonds, blueberries, a banana and skim milk. It's 560 calories of sublime goodness!

05-14-2005, 07:28 PM
Sounds like my kind of breakfast, except I don't know what Kashi is like, not having that in this neck of the woods. I got 4 boxes of blueberries today, they were so cheap!!! Normally they are 2.99 (that's about $4.50 to you guys I think) for one little box, but I got four for that today!!! I love them!!!

I always have oatmeal/porridge for breakfast, except on special occasions, I have baked beans with wholemeal toast. I can't believe I never used to eat breakfast!!!

Swimming tomorrow morning, I can't wait. Going to try for a mile tomorrow, 60 lengths. It might take me two hours, but that's ok. Then leg weights in the afternoon. Did arms yesterday, my gym instructor IS trying to kill me (see your non scale victories thread in the 100 lb forums for details) they hurt today!!! Back to work Monday :( I like this staying at home thing.

05-15-2005, 10:50 AM
GM all, I am back!!!;) anyhoo, WTG everyone with weight loss, jobs, cars, etc...I got my gorgeous Jet Black Camry on Friday...woo-hoo, pure luxury really...Dh is buying me an elliptical trainer after I get to that is a goal within my reach.. I will be at curves 7 weeks on Tuesday...Went to a first BDay party for a lady's baby down the street at 1pm, no worrys about going off plan there she had about 35 people, and only enough food for 10...other than burgers...they had plenty of those. we each got a tablespoon of store bought potato and macaroni salad, too...needles to say, by 6 pm we were starved. Oh, same with the cake we each got a tiny sliver and one little spoonful of icecream too...I guess with me, I make everything myself, so I always make more than enough food, never quite been to a party that had too little, so little that people were afraid to take anything. But, what do I know, lol... anyhoo, raining today, so am inside, doing some crafts and the like...will measure myself tomorrow morning...cannot find my tape measure so will be using the one at the gym...And, yes, Heather my dear, it is 12 years going on 13 since we have been together thanks to BEEAZLEBUB...I am so excited...I am not even thinking of dieting while I am there, MEXICAN, CHINESE..nah, won't even worry about it, will just be very very careful with things the week after to make up for it. My friend's mom and her hubby went on Physicians Diet plan and since Easter weekend they have each lost 25 pounds, so she is making copies of everything for me. She says you eat so much food, it is unbelieveable. And they love the food choices too. I figure, with that, Curves, Biking, Some walking, and when I get the elliptical, WOWWWWWWEEE! When Heather comes to visit me, ( And they had better or else j/k) I will be a totally different looking person...okay ladies, guess that is all for now, HAG next cpl of days if I don't see ya all...Where is our Marge? Wow, she has not been on in awhile...Hope all is okay with her...Take care, Diana

05-15-2005, 04:14 PM
Morning ladies! I feel hung over this morning.. lol.. I'm totally not though. I got enough sleep last night and now feel funny, possibly rested? ;)

kykaree - It would be easier to lose weight if we were at home all the time, eh? I know when I had a few months off from work, and didn't have to go look for a job, I was working out 2-3 times a day. I'd get up, go for a run, and in the afternoon I'd do weights, and at night I went for a walk, that wasn't for fitness though.. I needed time to think. That was great how you stuck to plan.. even if part of it wasn't intentional (the wine thing), I think I'd eat light and splurge on a really GREAT dessert :)

Kimberley - blueberries are my FAV ever :) I've been having oatmeal with strawberries on it every morning this week, the strawberries are really good this year. I am addicted to fruit this year, I'm seriously eating 1-2 fruit salads a day.. it's like I'm craving freshness.. lol.

Diana - Can I have an elliptical too? ;) Uhm, and a new car too.. lol. 7 weeks at Curves, wowsers... I remember before you started... and your first week. Time really flies, eh?

I'm doing alright these days, Friday was my "cheat day", it was a pretty good cheat, and it made me pretty ill.. lol. Totally worth it. I am back on plan as of yesterday, doing good. This thing I've been trying has been going pretty good, my body feels pretty good. I gotta do some laundry today, and am going to take it easy mostly. This is my first day off where I can actually do nothing, yay :)


05-16-2005, 08:41 AM
Morning all. Feeling quite under the weather today. On Friday, I had a sore throat, but I had blamed it on sleeping with my windows open on a cool night, so I thought little of it. On Saturday, though, my nose started running like a leaky faucet all day! And of course, that was the day of the big music festival in Baltimore, so needless to say, I was pretty miserable. I hadn't anticipated the runny nose, so I had to use public restroom paper towels and napkins all day instead of tissue since I hadn't packed any. Now my nose is still runny and VERY red and sore, my throat still hurts a bit, and I am sooooo hot I'm sweating even sitting still--should be good for business at the restaurant tonight :p

Other than being sick, the weekend was pretty good. The concert was excellent except that it started raining toward the end. We left before Coldplay and the Foo Fighters, but I was feeling crappy and cold and wet and I knew Jeff didn't really care to see either of them perform anyway, so no biggie. We were there for a good 8 hours anyway, so certainly go our money's worth for the tickets. Yesterday, I slept nearly ALL day. I got up arounf 9:15 and took a shower. Then I fell asleep on the couch while Jeff too his shower, and he came down and woke me up. We relocated to the bed to watch a movie, and I immediately fell back to sleep. It was almost 5pm before I actually woke up and stayed awake. Then we went to get some dinner, and on the way, he got a flat tire. Neither of us had ever had to change a tire before, and we were sure we could have figured it out if we had to (it's really not rocket science--jack up the car, remove old tire, replace with spare), but I was still tired and feeling crappy, so we took the easy way out and just called his cousin to come help us since we were only about 3 miles from the house. So this morning, poor Jeff has to go in to work late so he can get a new tire first. Turned out there was about a 6-inch screw stuck in his tire, and as the air had slowly seeped out from where the screw stuck it, it actually ripped a hole in the outside of the tire, too. So once th tire was good to go, we had dinner, then went back to his house, watched I Heart Huckabees (pretty good movie, if you can follow it), thenwatched the new Family Guy episode, and then I left. I was home around 11, in bed by 11:30, and asleep by about 11:35--I thought I might have trouble sleeping since I had slept all day, but nope! Not a problem (and I feel like I could go right back to bed about now, too)! :dizzy: I didn't bother calling out sick today only because I don't have a whole lot of sick time available (it's cumulative throughout the year, so it's not like I automatically get 5 days at the start of the year, it accumulates a certain number of hours per pay period until you reach 5 days total). Hopefully I will be better by Friday when Julie (my sister), her fiance (another Jeff), and Jackie (his daughter) come up.

Well, I didn't pack any food today. I didn't have time/didn't feel like it. I doubt I'll bw too hungry anyway--I don't even feel like drinking any water (though I know I should stay hydrated to help beat off this cold). I suppose loss of appetite is okay for today since I definitely ate my share over the weekend (as per usual). Alright, I'm too beat to keep babbling. Hope everyone else feels better than I do!

05-16-2005, 12:27 PM
Good morning ladies! I've been so busy at work the last few weeks! Been keeping up with your posts but haven't had time to put anything in myself!

I had a great big leap off my darn 3 week plateau this morning! 7 pound drop! I couldn't believe it!!! Sam made me get off and move the scale 3 times to make sure! Was still reading 257! I made it to the 50's!!!! woo hoo for me!

Got a new vehicle on thursday, a 2001 GMC Jimmy. It's really nice. Big enough for all our camping gear and the dog and her kennel. Our first camping trip is at the end of this week already! I can't wait!

Today is my last day of work for the next 9 days... finally some time off!

05-16-2005, 01:38 PM
Goodmorning ladies!!

Jill - sorry you are feeling so sick.. take some vitamin C and get tons of sleep! As for working at the restaurant.. if you are serving, be careful! I would think they would send you home if you are sick.. as a restaurant go-er... I wouldn't be fond of a sick server. Get better soon! :) I spent most of my day in bed yesterday.. watching cheesy movies on TV. It's my only day off this week where I can be lazy, the rest of the week will be spent cleaning because my mom is coming for the Canadian long weekend. Cleaning sucks.. but my mom will be here :)

Sara - woohoo! Congrats on those 7 pounds, thats so awesome! That time off will be great... everyone around here is getting time off.. I WANT SOME TOO! ;)

As for me, I'm heading to work soon, I'm closing by myself tonight. I'm not sure how I feel about it.. everyone keeps showing me different ways. grr. After work tonight I am walking home... yup.. hiking 2km's straight up! Great exercise after a 8 hour work day... I am looking forward to getting home.. lol. Have a great day gals! And Marge? MARGEEE?!?!? Where are youuuuu?


05-16-2005, 02:53 PM
I've been lurking this weekend, too, reading but not posting. We have to cram so much socializing and stuff into weekends because of Howie's hours...They're not always real relaxing. Come Monday, I'm ready to relax a little, LOL!

Sara, that's GREAT! Yes, I'd say you sure broke through that plateau!

Jill, hope you feel better, too. I agree with Aimee...Get thyself home and bundle under some covers with your sweaty hands wrapped around a cup of hot tea and a bottle of vitamin C. ;)

Aimee, nice to have a day to laze around finally, eh? I can imagine. You'll definitely have your exercise in for the day after hoofing it up 1.24 miles (had to convert it to wrap my mind around the number, LOL).

05-17-2005, 11:14 AM
Wow Ladies! I FINALLY have a day off to get caught up with everyone and there is not a single post from anyone since yesterday afternoon!?!?!!! This is crazy!!! I'm missing super late night posts from Aimee and Kimberly, a way too early post from Jill and a random one from Diane who probably is still in her room crafting away, and where IS Marge?! I fell like I'm missing my family! Where's all my sisters?!

05-17-2005, 01:18 PM
I'm here, I'm here! I had a project to work on this morning first thing, so I didn't have time to post. I also came in to find the fire alarms going off. There were signs posted that they were testing the system and to ignore the alarms. They went off for over an hour straight!! I had to go in someone else's office and close the door so I could actually think and not cover my ears.

Well, busy day for me, I have more work to do. I'll catch up with ya'll later!

05-17-2005, 02:09 PM
Goodmorning Gals! I stopped the late night posts because nothing has been happening when I'm gone! Also last night I was feeling SO sick, and when I got home I pretty much went straight for the couch, and stayed there until I had to make food.

I've been going pretty good with this whole eating more healthy thing, and watching my fat grams.. and calories. I somehow expected to lose some more weight, I lost the initial water weight I was carrying. And on Friday I weighed at 256, and today I was 257-259, I got off the scale when I saw 259 and got back on and it said 257. I just expected to see 256 again, and feel discouraged! I know my period is approaching, I can feel my belly expanding a little. That could also be why I feel so discouraged this morning, but it's hard to want to eat healthy when I feel like this. I've packed left over spaghetti and extra lean ground beef, and low fat spaghetti sauce. bad bad aimee!

Alrighty! I'm going to go fake being happy, even though I switched a shift to have today off, and then the girl called in sick, and my manager told me I was the only one who could take it (she lied, because a staff member called after she left). Big smile! ;)


05-17-2005, 03:21 PM
well, I had a long post ready earlier today, and *POOF* I had a browser crash. In a nutshell: Hey, great to see ya'll...I haven't had a lot going on other than sinus headaches and can't take pseudoephedrine because the doctor told me to lay off of it until my BP is back in line.

Whew, all that in one breath!

Jill, I hate those ear-piercing alarms. I had a really fun time when I set off ( our church's alarm one time, back when I worked in the office. Still makes my toes curl to think about it!

Aimee, the scale is not your friend. Do the right things, keep moving and eating right, and the weight will fall away. Maybe measurements and clothes sizes would be better for you to track, more encouraging? The main thing is, stick with a plan for more than a week or two -- give it a chance. You'll find what works for you! :) :)

05-17-2005, 03:39 PM
Now that's more like it! Posts yipee!!

Aimee - isn't it odd that you're upset about 257 and I'm estatic about it?! It's gonna come off, don't give up eating the right things and exercising. I was stuck for 3 weeks... and getting very angry, but I didn't change my food at all and I revamped my exercise a little bit and BAM! a 7 pound drop (and no it's not my TOM).

Jill - you're actually so busy today that you have no time to post?!?! I can hardly believe it! Are you feeling better yet?

Kimberly - I hate it when all your thought's disappear right before you can hit send! Arrgh! For your headaches can you take an allergy medication? I know that this time of year I get migrane's due to pollen in the air. If I take a non-drowsy allergy medication that seems to help almost immediately.

I made the best soup today for lunch! I diced 2 tomatoes and sauted (no oil)them with basil, then I added a can of campbells select tomato soup, then I stired in a half can of Fat Free evaporated milk. Oh my goodness was it rich and creamy and there was zero fat!

05-17-2005, 11:18 PM

Sara - I started very close to where I am now.. so I'm still near the beginning of my journey. Not to mention I can't seem to get below that darn number! I just wanna be out of the 250's, and then I'd feel like I accomplished something, yah know? It'll happen I'm sure..

Kimberley - those headaches SUCK.. hopefully you can find something to take them away soon.

I will stick to this, and will try to cut out more pasta/sugar things I've been having. Which isn't much.. but it still exists. I'm also going to rein in my fat grams... how many do you think is good? I've been aiming for 40-45 ish. I'm thinking I shouldn't go over 40 a day.. I don't really know how to find that out either.. I'm seriously google-illiterate. I think I really need to get some exercise in.. I need to time manage myself better, so that I have the time for it. And did you guys notice I'm TOTALLY not doing weights anymore.. lol.. I've got exercise ADD :(

Well I'm going to go eat dinner as my stomach is grumbling. I'll talk to you guys later (if anyone posts) or tomorrow! :)


05-18-2005, 08:19 AM
Here I am, bright and early, back to normal! Well, normal except for the fact that we're still MISSING MARGE! Our fearless leader has gone MIA--hope things are okay.

I served last night (no luck in getting off completely like the night before), and my partner and I were cut at about 7:30 because it was so dead. Of course, RIGHT after we got cut, the restaurant got SLAMMED! The two other sections were completely full, plus they were taking tables in closed sections, so the 4 remaining servers each had about 5-6 tables (which is a lot--4 is enough to keep you quite busy). So of course, being the wonderfully kind people that we are, my partner and I stayed and helped out as much as we could--seating people when the host was already busy, getting drink refills, greeting tables and taking their drink orders if it had been to long since they'd been sat and not yet greeted, running food from the kitchen, cleaning off tables as guests left...I love helping other people out, but we were doing nothing but helping the other servers for 2 HOURS! Yeah, that's right, I got cut at 7:30 and didn't actually get to leave until 9:30. I'm not complaining about leaving late, of course--9:30 is way early compared to when I normally leave, which is great. It's just annoying that we were cut (which meant we couldn't take any more tables), so we were helping and running around with the other servers for only $2.13 an hour (our base pay before tips). So in my last 2 hours, I did just as much work as earlier and made less than $5 :p But it's all good. I had 7 tables before any of the other servers came on (I started at 4 and no one else came on until 5:15, so I had every table that came in), so I ended up making about $48 anyway. Not bad overall. I'm DEFINITELY loving getting out before 10:30-11pm, though. The extra hour or 2 of sleep a night is SOOOOO worth it!

I got an email from my boss at the office job yesterday afternoon after I left (so I just read it when I got in this morning). She said the last manager doing salary stuff is going to be done this week, so they should be able to get me an actual number (rather than saying "as close to $40,000 as possible combining salary and bonus") by the end of this week/early next week. Keeping my fingers crossed for something truly worthwhile...

OH my boss at the restaurant denied my request for the 4th of July off! I was so mad! If I have a day off from my full-time job, I certainly don't want to waste it by having to work at the restaurant. Only like 2 other people have requested that day off so far, so I know it's not a staffing issue. He told me it's based on seniority, that those who have been there longer get first dibs on the day off. My argument to that is: if they have been there for so long, then they should know by now that they have to request off as far in advance as possible, so they should have done so by now! UGH, I have never worked someplace where requested time off was NOT on a first-come, first-served basis. I talked to the woman who makes the schedule, though, and she loves me, so she said she'll see what she can do. It's good to get "in" with the truly important people ;)

Kimberley--gotta love it when you have your post all written out and it just disappears. How frustrating! Of course, as ya'll can tell, I don't have much trouble finding plenty more things to say :dizzy: Seems like every sentence I write turns into an entire paragraph. Guess it comes with the territory of being a technical writer--I feel the need to explain everything as much as possible. Nature of the beast, I suppose.

Sara--tomato soup is my all-time FAVORITE soup! Oh, there is nothing better than some creamy tomato soup and a squishy grilled cheese sandwich--YUM! Good thing I'm feeling much better (my cold is weakening--nothing left but a little nasal congestion and a LOT of red on the skin on my nose!), or else I might be tempted to indulge in some of that soup and cheese sandwich idea as comfort food :devil:

Aimee--damm!t, girl, stay off that scale! I do the same thing sometimes, too, but I know the only number that counts is those Thursday morning weigh-ins. I sometimes weigh myself at different times and under different circumstances just to see what a difference some things can make (for example, after eating cereal, I can be up by as much as 3 pounds--I find that interesting since I KNOW my cereal and milk didn't weigh 3 pounds, so where does it come from?!). Welcome to the complexities of the human body. STOP STRESSING OVER NON-WEIGH-IN DAY WEIGHTS! :D

OH, good news on the boyfriend front--I have successfully convinced Jeff to make the leap and move from Maryland to Virginia. YAY! That means when we move in together, neither of us will have to find a new job since we will be able to live at a good middle ground for both job locations. That makes life SO much easier! I had originally said I would be willing to switch jobs, but now, if they're going to give me more money to stay here, then I might as well stay. Jeff also finally caved and signed up for a credit card (he has never had one before). I told him he just needs to use it every once in a while for like gas or whatever he might normally buy anyway--like once every other month, even. His argument was always that he didn't need a credit card--if he doesn't have the $$, then he doesn't buy it. That's AWESOME and extremely responsible of him, but my argument was that he needs to establish a credit history. That doesn't mean incur heaps of debt, just establish responsibility. He had to jump through all kinds of hoops and it took him FOREVER to get approved for his car loan last May without a co-signer because of his lack of credit history. It's not that he has bad credit, just that he has none at all. I was like, if you're going to be listed as a leaseholder on an apartment, you need credit or else the deposit is going to be much higher. I'm not trying to push him into anything, but I don't want his lack of credit to hurt us (if there is an "us" in the more distant future) in things like trying to buy a house and such. The night I tried explaining all of this to him (this past Friday night) is the night he finally signed up for a credit card, so I guess something sunk in. What I really need to do is explain to him (and make sure he understands) that it's not just this one thing in particular that got to me, but rather that it showed a lack of planning for the future, which shows me that he's not sure we have a future together, ya know? That's a hard discussion to have, but I think we need it :?: If he doesn't see me in his future, I need to know because he is 95% of the reason I even moved up to this area. Of course, I won't put it that harshly, but you get the idea. Before I go naming our grandchildren, I better make sure we have the same future in mind :p

Alright, I know, too long of a post. I talk a lot. Like I said, nature of the beast. I apologize. I'm gonna go now. Have a great hump day, everyone!

05-18-2005, 11:43 AM
Jill - Wow! Nothing like making up for yesterday! I hope everything works out as you have planned on the job front and the BF front. As for the Grilled Cheese sandwich... well as great as it sounds, it's just one of those things I stay away from so I don't fall back into bad habits. I had a smoked turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich with spicy brown mustard instead! Mmmm yummy, and good for me!

Aimee - I also can't wait to get out of the 250's... I just got here and I can already taste the 40's! I've got a reward coming at 240 so it's extra incentive for me. You were wondering about fat grams... I stay within 20grams of fat per day. The food plan I use was given to me by a nutritionist several years ago and it works for me. It's based on calories but I don't count calories... too much work! I pay attention to servings of each catagory. I'm allowed:
9 servings of starch (serving = 1 slice of bread, 1/2 c potatoes, 1/2 c rice, 1 c pasta),
3 servings fruit (serving = 15 grapes, 1/2 grapefruit, medium banana),
3 servings veges (1/2 c cooked, 1 c raw), 4 servings fat (serving = 5 grams, 1 tsp butter, 1 tblsp margarine, 3 tblsp light miracle whip, 1 tblsp light cream cheese),
2 servings dairy (serving = 6 oz FF yogurt, 8 oz FF milk),
and 6 oz meat (meats include beans, cheese and eggs along with lower fat meats).
I rarely eat everything I'm allowed in a day, but I also never allow myself to go over in any catagory. That way I'm consistantly balanced. I hope you find a plan that really works well for you that you're happy with being on for a long time! I've stayed on this one since the beginning of January and it's just become second nature for me now. I do keep track of my servings on a chart everyday too so I can stay accurate and accountable.

Well, I'm sorry that ended up being so long winded! I have to go grocery shopping tonight for our camping trip this weekend. I hate grocery shopping. It's a major pain. I have to plan (based on my food plan) 4 days of food for 3 people. Sam and my mom are going too. My mom is supportive of my eating but she's gonna be p/o'd that there's no junk food! So I'm trying to come up with things that will stick with us a while as most of our consumption is of the adult liquid variety :devil: ! We camp in a tent and use a campfire to cook meals on, we do this at my mom's aunts house so we have a real bathroom and running water. But regardless, it's still away from home and the convienence factor is gone! I'm just rambling... I'll shut up. Have a great day!

05-18-2005, 04:06 PM
Goodmorning! I am having a rough start to my day, woke up with a call from work, no one will close tonight, so I have to. Seriously, the girls I work with have issues, they always complain about their hours, but all of them turned down 16 hours this week. If any of them say anything about me having nearly full time hours this week, I'm going to bite my tongue... but also going to say something about how none of them would come in. And the manager will n ow need to hire someone else, because with the hours I'm getting, she can't really call me in. The only reason this week I came in was because I had asked for the days off.. I'm just cranky towards them!

Jill - nice post! Ah yes, a regular long post! Stay off the scale eh? THE HECK YOU SAY! hehe.. I'm totally addicted to my scale. And it loved me today! I am not counting this weigh in... but it said 255, yay! Friday I'll weigh in for real.. Glad to hear about Jeff agreeing to move. I wonder if guys don't get it that it's about give and take, compromise.. They confuse me sometimes. I wouldn't take it personally that he doesn't seem like he's planning for the future, many many guys don't know how to do that, and don't always see the point of that. I recently got Josh into RRSP's which I believe like a 401K in the US.

Sara - 20 grams of fat a day?? Good lord, I think I'd die! How do you stay within that and be so active? Now I'm not the most active person ever, but my job is pretty physical at times, and I'm on my feet walking about 8-10 hours most days.. I'm thinking I should aim for 30.. we'll see.. I'm going to ask around a bit more. The last time I ever really considered counting fat grams I was 15-16, and weighed a lot less.

Well ladies, I am off to clean my house, and do some laundry before I head off to work! I will talk to you ladies later or tomorrow!


05-18-2005, 04:13 PM
So you know what... I'm wondering if Marge got taken away for her Bday? It was May 13th... COME BACK SOON!!


05-18-2005, 05:07 PM
Treefrogtoes, that sounds very similar to what Howie and I stick to...

Between 6-12 servings of whole grains (rice, bread, wheat, cereal, dry beans, pasta)
At least 3 servings fruit (huge pieces of fruit count as 2)
At least 3 servings veggies (I eat a lot more than this many days)
Between 2-3 servings dairy (preferably low-fat or fat-free yogurt, cheese, milk, etc.)
Between 2-3 servings of lean meat (about 6 oz. total, with meat group including fish, nuts, beans and eggs)
No more than 4 servings fat (used sparingly overall, and stick to those with low saturated fat, no trans fats, and those not hydrogenated. Rule of thumb: If it stays solid at room temp, it is high in saturated fat.

The Pyramid diet page ( gives good explanations of the various food groups. I have 1600 calories/day, 30% of which can come from fat. So, it works like this:

30% of 1600 = 480 calories

There are 9 calories in each gram of fat

480 / 9 = 53.33 grams fat/day

I rarely have that many grams of fat a day, though. Usually it's more between 25-40 grams. Our bodies need some fat (healthy fats) for things like shiny hair, healthy skin, etc.

There's no reason to limit yourself - there's a world of tasty treats out there, be creative! Eating well can be really fun, honest!

05-18-2005, 05:30 PM
Kimberly - That is really similar to mine! And aren't we doing a good job!?! I don't ever feel cheated or lacking of anything I want to have. I choose not to eat real butter and go with Smart Beat spread, no trans fats and it's approved by the Heart Association, it dosen't really ever melt but a tblsp only has 3 g of fat so yipee I can spread that on my toast liberally!

Even before I changed all my eating habits I was eating FF yogurt, sour cream and milk, so that wasn't a streach. The only time I really feel like I'm missing out is full fat cheese. I AM from Wisconsin after all!! Everything else just became psychological after a while. For instance, at work last Saturday they brought in fried chicken for everyone... well, uuughhh, did that smell nasty! The smell alone of the grease made me want to vomit! So I certainly didn't want to actually EAT any of it! Well enough about food.

My nuts-o dog has zero empathy. I've never met a less compasionate dog in my life! She really just dosen't care! This morning I was doing my floor exercises and Sam was on the elliptical and as usual I was throwing a ball for Lexi. Well she comes running straight at me with her ball in her chops and does she slow down... no! BLAM! She slams her squll right into my forehead! So guess which one of us was crying, holding a giant goose egg on our head and which one of us snorted and trotted off with our ball?!! Yup, you got it. Lexi just walks away, drops her ball and looks at me like, "are you DONE yet, throw my damn ball already!" What a brat! Not even a obligatory sloppy toungue slurp to make it all better! The nerve, I swear she's part cat!

05-18-2005, 05:36 PM
We've been eating regular cheese, but still staying low in other areas fat-wise. Once we are out of the stockpile of cheese we got at Kroger, we'll start buying lower-fat cheeses. Maybe. ;)

05-18-2005, 05:38 PM
Thanks for the info Kimberley! I didn't really know where to find out that information, but thought you might know. I'm aiming for 1400-1600 calories a day, which is hard some days. Especially on days I work, I get one break, and can't go off the floor to eat (the manager frowns on that.. even tho she herself is trying to lose weight, go figure).

So cleaning, not so much fun. I've started with the kitchen, and at the same time am doing laundry. I should really keep up with the cleaning so it's not so overwhelming... coulda.. woulda.. shoulda.. right.. RIGHT!


05-18-2005, 05:42 PM
There's only a few that are any good. FF one suck really bad. We get a local cheese that's reduced fat 4 g / oz of cheeder, if they're out of it then we get the Kraft 2%, and we use regular motzarella and parmesean cause it's lower in fat anyway and is really nice and melty! MMMM can you tell it's homemade pizza night tonight? Allready salivating over melty cheese!

05-18-2005, 06:03 PM
Kroger's brand of cheese is lower in fat on some types. We use a shredded "pizza cheese" mix that's 80 calories/6g fat for 1 oz. We don't like the fat-free sour cream or most cottage cheese brands, so that's another area where we eat the lower-fat but not fat-free.

How you cook your food can make such a difference, can't it? The difference between a cold turkey and cheese sandwich and one where you've popped it under the broiler open-face...Mmmmmmmm!

05-18-2005, 06:14 PM
We have low fat marble cheese, sooooo yummy! Tastes exactly like the full fat counter-part! Lots of the time I use parmesan cheese to accent certain foods which can be dull.. I also can't stand fat free anything! I'd rather use less of the light version. I want a pizza night.. I think it would be dangerous though.. heh


05-18-2005, 06:20 PM
We bought a hunk of parmesan cheese and I grate a little of that one food; it has a stronger flavor than the pre-grated stuff and a little goes a long way.

I hanker for a hunk of cheese! (

05-18-2005, 07:51 PM
My kitchen looks SOO good! And I also tackled my laundry room, and it looks the best it can, considering it has to hold all of our storage stuff. We have way too much stuff, and while we got rid of over 8 garbage bags full of stuff the other day, we still have so much more. Friday I will tackle the livingroom and bedroom, and will get the bf to do the bathroom. Which just needs a few things done to it. Anywho, boring cleaning talk.

Kimberley - my mom does that too.. personally.. I'm just so lazy.. lol..

Well I am off to work! I am planning to leave a few minutes early, it's the season finale of Gilmore Girls tonight... my fav show EVER! I'll miss about 15 minutes of it.. poo!


05-18-2005, 11:31 PM
I hate it when a favorite show bites the dust. We're now Survivorless and Great Raceless until fall. *sniffle*

I made a heap o' beans this evening. I mean a HEAP. Normally, I do big batches of about 3-4 pounds dried beans, but today I completely lost my head and boiled 6 pounds! It's a combination of 4lbs/pinto and 2lbs/great northern beans...they're cooking in three separate big pots, each with a smoked turkey leg for flavor. I might cut up some low-fat sausage in one of the pots.

Since I had three pots, I took my diced tomatoes with green chilis, chili-ready tomatoes with onion, and such and mixed them in a large mixing bowl, then divided that between the three pots and added water to top them off.

Man, this is a lot of beans. I'm going to have to rent freezer space! LOL

05-19-2005, 03:04 AM
Lots of beans... teehee, I am picturing you farting... I am a dirty dirty girl! lol

Gilmore Girls was really good, I am SO excited for next season... I can't wait!!


05-19-2005, 04:01 AM
A quick note before I head bedward...I just calculated what all I made.

There are 64 1-cup servings. There's about 30 POUNDS of soup beans in my fridge (32 pounds, less the 2 cups each we ate for dinner).

Poor Howie? Maybe, but he'll be tootin', too, so poor Kimberley. Really, it's poor Nancy downstairs! Good thing none of us smokes and it's warm enough the windows are open. Nancy'll get her beans tomorrow. By then we'll be numb to it all.

The good news? Each cup only has 124 calories and 1 gram of fat. Oodles of protein and I seasoned with Italian seasonings, garlic, fennel seed, crushed pepper seed, and ground black pepper. There's no added salt other than what was in the smoked turkey legs. Wooo!

05-19-2005, 08:56 AM
Woohoo! Lots of posts for me to read this morning! I'm a bit late in posting because I had a pile of work on my chair that I wanted to get done first thing, so now it's on somebody else's chair cuz I did my part :)

I had my weekly weigh-in this morning. After Monday's splurge (fried chicken tenders and french fries with LOTS of honey mustard at my restaurant) and yesterday's PMS splurge (in addition to everything I packed for the day, I got a salad covered with egg and cheese and regular honey mustard dressing, a large diet pepsi, and a small carton of low-fat chocolate milk, so lots of added calories), I didn't have my hopes too high for the number. Peering through clenched eyelids, I saw--298! Down 1.5 pounds from the last 2 weeks! I even checked it 3 times, and it remained steady at 298, so GO ME! It always seems that the weeks I feel I did well, I stay the same, yet the weeks, I feel guilty for splurging, I lose :?: Not that I'm complaining--I'll take a loss at ANY time, whether I have cheated or not! I think this week probably just had something to do with TOM (which really started today), so I know cheating on a regular basis won't really get me anywhere in the long run :p

I was VERY busy at work last night. I didn't leave until almost 10:30, even though I was first-cut, but at least I walked with $63, and that's after I tipped out the host, the sald bar attendant, and the bar tender. Yay money! :D

Aimee--I LOVE Gilmore Girls, too! What an awesome show. I haven't seen it in FOREVER, though, due to my work schedule. My sister has the first 2 seasons on DVD, so I'll just keep buying the dvd sets for her for every holiday until she has the whole series so I can borrow them whenever I want ;) I really love watching the OC, too (yes, I am addicted), but I haven't seen it in weeks, either. I revord it with my DVR (TIVO kinda thing), but I haven't even had time to watch it, so I still have like 5 recorded episodes to watch, plus the season finale is on tonight!

Kimberley--It doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Not now. Here's looking at you, kid. (sorry--popped into my head when you were talking about all those beans, and there just happen to be 3 people involved--what an awesome movie :D )

Sara--I'm not a huge fan of fat free cheese, either. My problem with them especially is that they get so plastic-like when they melt! My melted cheese should be ooey-gooey, soft, and delicious, not shiny, smooth, solid, and rough!
Alright, kids, be good! I'm off to hire a hit man for our pain-in-the-a$$ client (uh-oh, did I say that out loud? ;) ). Have a great almost-Friday!

05-19-2005, 09:17 AM
Oh Kimberly sign me up for some beans too! I love em all!!!

Aimee, my pizza is completely homemade right down to the crust, that way I have total control of what is in it. We only do it once a week and conserve our servings accordingly.

Jill, congrats on the loss chica!! Good for you, solidly out of the 300's!!! YAY!!!

Well, busy day for me... going to work today (on my day off) to help get us caught up on paperwork. Then when I get home I've got to start packing the truck for our trip! First time going anywhere requireing creative packing in this vehicle! We'll see how it goes... I'll check in later today but then I'm off the radar until Tuesday next week!

Have a Terrific Thursday Gals!!

05-19-2005, 01:49 PM
Goodmorning girls!! I have a huge arsed pimple on my chin, and am going to have to use very creative makeup today... thats the drama in my life. Ick.

Kimberley - tootin'... lol.. what a funny word. All you gotta do is add some rice to those beans and you'll have a complete protein! :)

Jill - It baffles me how your base pay is so LOW! Seems like it should be against the law or something. Servers here make $8 an hour (min wage) and tips are on top of that. Congrats on that weigh in :) I am not doing mine until tomorrow, I had a HORRIBLE sleep... and ate before I was going to weigh in. Bad combo!

Sara - Homemade pizza sounds yummy.. I'm SO not a cook lol. Or not for anything like that. Have a GREAT trip, be safe, eat well, enjoy :)


05-19-2005, 02:32 PM
Kimberley--It doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Not now. Here's looking at you, kid.

I roared when I read that! Of course, I then had to explain it to Howie and read your quote. Would you believe I have never seen Casablanca? I really need to rent that one.

Congrats on the loss, just TWO-riffic, as Howie would say. That's great! I'm actually a bit nervous about tomorrow's weigh-in. I've not really been off plan, but I've not exercised. I have GOT to get back on a schedule at the YMCA.

TFT, I would love to be getting ready for a camping trip. We love camping! Right now, thunder's rolling in and the radar looks very interesting, though...By Saturday it's supposed to clear up, so we hope to get the lasagna bed down for the veggies. We're running behind this year on planting.

Aimee, I was never a cook, either. Can you believe it? Something just kicked in and I started really liking it. The stuff I make isn't complicated -- I mean, I don't clarify butter and all that jazz -- but it's good. And, like TFT said, I know what's in there and have control over it.

And....We'll be reheating frozen bean soup for many months to come. I will serve some over brown rice, too! I forgot to put some in, but truthfully, my three stockpots were to the brim and not much rice would have been possible. ;)

05-20-2005, 02:59 AM
Well.. hellooooo.. it's been very very quiet in here today. Goodlordy ladies, we need to pick it up! Work today was alright, I really felt like going home, but I stuck it out. I had a little meeting with my district manager, and she wanted me to let her know when I felt I was ready to interview for assistant manager positions. I know I will be ready soon, I just have to learn a little more about this company, how it works, what each position involves, and their visual standards. So thats the highlight of my day.. and now there is some nasty thunderstorm, so I gotta shut off this machine. I'll talk to you ladies tomorrow!!


05-20-2005, 07:37 AM
It's Friday! *do a little dance. make a little love. get down tonight!* :cb:

I always get to the restaurant early for my 4pm shift since I get out of job #1 at 2pm and that's not really enough time for me to go all the way home and all the way back to the restaurant in between (since the restaurant is closer to job #1 than to my house). So anyway, I was there at about 2:30, so usually, I eat whatever I packed for dinner (frozen stir-fry most of the time lately), then I hang out, talk to he servers from the day shift, change into uniform, help with things like making the night seating chart and assigning night shift sidework. Well, yesterday afternoon, the manager asked me if I could come on early since there was only 1 server left from the day shift, so he had all the tables. It's not usually a problem since it's not a very busy time of day, but he had 4 tables, and more kept coming in. So, I changed and clocked in at about 3:05. From then until 4 (when the next night shift server came on), I had 5 tables! That's a lot in an hour! So then there were 2 of us on (the day shift guy had finished and left, so it was me and the other 4:00 guy), and together we had about 9-10 tables. We were running around like crazy! Of course, then a party of 7 comes in, and it just so happens to be my turn, so I took that, too. Then 2 more tables got sat in my section--it was insane for an afternoon/early evening! At one point, I had 8 open tables (double the usual max), and it STAYED busy until about 7:30pm (but all of the other servers came on at 5:15, so I only had the usual max of 4 tables at a time after that). I got home around 10:30 and had ended up making $89 (after tipping out the bar tender, hostess, and salad bar guy). That's more than my monthly car insurance payment, and I made it in one night! I wish I could make that much every night--it was awesome! I even had one woman write a little note at the bottom of her signed credit-card receipt that said I had great customer service skills :D To top it off, we had a contest during the shift (managers' way of getting us to upsell--we got a playing card for every salad bar added to a meal, any side substitution that cost extra, and flavored drinks that cost more than regular drinks, etc., then whoever had the best poker hand at the end of the night wins), and I WON! I got a Best Buy gift certificate (though we're not sure how much it is for--but anyway, I won it, and that's all that matters ;) ). It really was a good night :)

Today, I have to go home after job #1 and CLEAN! My apartment is a disaster seeing as how I'm almost never there :p I need to do dishes, laundry, clean the bathroom, vacuum, change the sheets on my bed, put sheets on the pull-out bed, clean up the clutter of junk mail piles and such, take out the trash, and do a little grocery shopping (I do need to buy normal food for my guests--not just my quick on-the-run foods). I also will go through a touch-free car wash on the way home since this will be the first time my sister and her fiance will see my new car (it is currently SMOTHERED in pollen). Busy day ahead of me, that's for sure! So yeah, my sister, her fiance, and my Jackie should be here around 8 tonight, then we're off to the Baltimore aquarium tomorrow (YAY!)--should be a fun weekend!

Hope everyone else has a great weekend and a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

05-20-2005, 08:34 AM
Have a super weekend everyone! I'm hittin the road in 27 minutes!!! all packed and ready to roll!!! Hasta la vista, Chica's!

05-20-2005, 04:41 PM
Totally TGIF! Weigh-in wasn't any great shakes (I maintained), but we had a nice day. Howie lost 5 pounds, making up for his two pound gain last week and then some.

Jill, sounds like an insane evening at the restaurant, but a profitable one. I like the manager's incentive with the playing cards. I was good at upsells and cross sells at my job, but I sure got tired of having to coach team members to offer them when I was a team leader.

Aimee, looks like your manager likes what she sees. That's great! Do you get a good discount there? Are the clothes styles you like?

Sara's off and roughing it. Have fun! Hello muddah, hello faddah, here I am at camp Grenada...

I was scarce yesterday because I buckled down and finished cleaning the house. The dogs' crate pillow and bedding, our bedding...all of it, washed. Dusted and vacuumed, damp-mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors, too. It felt so good to be all done a day ahead of schedule.

Howie's been a happy camper since I've been keeping the house picked up and clean. Last night, he brought home a card and a dozen roses; in the card he wrote, "Three weeks of keeping the house done. WOOO-HOOO! You're doing great and I love you." :love: Wow, what incentive! Yep, he's a keeper. I intend to make a habit out of this cleaning thing like I have the eating right. I need to do likewise with exercise...The big E word.

In food news, I've got all the ingredients for The Yumminess (mango salsa) and just need to track down the recipe I used for it back in January. It was so good and I want to duplicate it.

We're going to our friends' belated Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow night, and we're bringing that salsa and chips. I told Howie I should bring a gallon of beans as a hostess gift, LOL! We bought the Tostito's Lite (with Olestra)...Hope none of the other folks are among those who have, ummm, adverse reactions to it. We normally don't buy snacky stuff like that, let alone Olestra stuff, but we wanted to be able to enjoy some chips tomorrow night without having too much fat and calories involved.

05-21-2005, 05:01 AM
Hello all, I've been neglecting you, so busy with work, I did enjoy my week off, and having time to do stuff, like play on the internet and keep up to date with my posts.

I have had yet another job interview at work, this time for the clinical department of the insurance company I work for. I really want this job, I have already got a promotion to underwriting, but I want this one more. Hopefully things will work out, I should find out early this week.

I am finding the whole healthy eating and exercise thing so much easier now the weather is better. Food choices have improved, my hubby is wanting lighter food at night instead of warming stews and stuff like that - that you can do light, but the temptation to have creamy mashed potatoes and stuff is always there.

And exercise is so much easier when the sun is shining!!! I hated walking to the swimming pool in the snow, it just did not feel right at all!!!!!

05-21-2005, 05:09 AM
Exercise is definitely more appealing in nice weather - I agree! The warm pool always felt really good on cold days, though, I have to say. Congrats on the job interview and all success your way!

Well, I've a tasty batch of The Yumminess in the fridge for tomorrow. The recipe's posted in my blog ( for now, though I'll probably add it to one of the recipe threads.

I'm toddling off to bed now - seems 4:00am feels later to me than normal. :D

05-22-2005, 02:35 PM
Where is everyone? Okay, I'll post so y'all get your notification that this thread hasn't gone to Code Blue for the weekend! LOL

The Yumminess was a great success and all I had to bring home was my empty bowl. Love it when people eat up everything like that. Howie and I were vastly over calories for the day, I'm afraid. We were fine going in to the party, but I probably had 600 calories in libations over the course of the evening, and then we got pizza on the way home.

Gotta head outside to work in the yard, though what I'd LIKE to do is sleep. I started using my CPAP machine again at night now that my head's cleared up at night again, and I'm having trouble getting used to it. Part of last night's restlessness, however, was all the libations making me get up to pee several times. That and I was thirsty as all getout and would drink a little glass of water almost each time I got up. Vicious circle! :D

Back on plan today, though. Onward and downward!

05-23-2005, 03:39 AM
Psst! I'm alive too! My mom is in town for the weekend, so we are busy amusing ourselves until Tuesday morning when she leaves..

So seriously.. what happened to this place? No Diana, no Marge, no Heather, I'm starting to get worried about Marge..


05-23-2005, 08:28 AM
Wow, definitely a quiet weekend on here...not like my weekend!

My sister and her fiance and Jackie came up (so it was the apartment of J's in my place--Jill and Jeff and Julie and Jeff and Jackie :p ). We went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore on Saturday--so fun! We had picked up Anna, Julie's and Jeff's friends' daughter who is 5 and lives kinda near me, so Jackie had a blast. We also got to see the dolphin show, which was my favorite part :D Then we went to a few shops in Baltimore (2 little malls near Inner Harbor) and just walked around in the GORGEOUS weather for a while. We were going to go on the paddle boats in the harbor, but there was a massive line to wait for them, so we had to skip that idea.

We left Baltimore and went to another Mall in Maryland. Then we called Anna's parents, and they made a reservation at this AMAZING Italian restaurant for all of us to have dinner at 8:30. To kill time, we went toyes, another mall. Then another (the one where the restaurant was). So yeah, we had been in 5 malls on Saturday, and Julie's plan for Sunday was to go to Potomac Mills (a discount/outlet mall). So much shopping! My poor Jeff hates shopping, but he was an awesome sport about it all weekend. I'll let him choose next weekend's activities since I know he grinned and beared it all weekend long so I could see my family :p

So yeah, yesterday we all went out to eat for brunch, then hit the mall. I bought a pair of pants for 9.99 at Old Navy (there's FINALLY one that carries Plus Sizes that's less than 15 miles away from me!!). I am VERY excited about this nearby Old Navy with Plus Sizes. I kept looking at stuff online, but I hate ordering without being able to try stuff on. Then, if I have to return it, I'm screwed out of my shipping and handling fees, so I basically paid to try on something that didn't fit! But now I know their pants fit me in a size 22, so I can order with confidence :D The shirts are a little snug (as per usual with sizes like 1x-3x instead of numbers), so it'll be a few pounds before I can buy those, but at least I know Ican get their pants, which will be good if I can get cheap jeans there for my restaurant uniform. Anyway, Julie, Jeff, and Jackie left to drive home straight from the mall (we had taken separate cars for this reason), so Jeff and I headed back to my place, where we spent the afternoon watching horrible old scary movies (well, he watched, I slept). Then we got Papa John's pizza for dinner :o Bad, I know, but will crack down again during the week as usual.

I also packed my gym clothes and sneakers today so I can hit the gym between jobs again now that my toes is almost completely healed and sneakers are not an agonizing experience :dizzy: I think I'll do cardio all this week to burn off what I had over the weekend, then maybe starting next week, I'll start doing some resistance training instead so I can build muscles to increase my metabolism. We'll see. Of course, Monday is a holiday next week, so I won't be at the gym since I'll be at Jeff's mother's house. Or maybe, I'll do 2 days of cardio and 2 days of weight training. Hmm...have to see how long it takes me to get through all the resistance machines to determine if I can do them ALL in one day or if I have to do 2 days of upper body and 2 days of lower body. Okay, enough about that, I'll figure it out when I try it :p

Well, hope Diane and Heather and MARGE are all still alive and well. Hope Sara's enjoying her trip! And good luck to Kylie on the interview! And have fun with your mother, Aimee! thanks for waking up the thread, Kimberley ;) Happy thoughts all around!

05-23-2005, 04:06 PM
Lots of running around for your weekends, eh? I like Old Navy's stuff, but like you, don't like to order until I know for sure. Knowing the Lane Bryant Venezia sure helps since now I can shop online at their site or on ebay.

Though we were miserably off-plan Saturday night, yesterday we did great, and today we got off our butts and went back to the YMCA. Howie used the treadmill and weight machines, but I walked 30 minutes up on the indoor track while listening to music, then did some weight machines. I feel GREAT!

Barely making a dent in my mass o' beans, though I'm trying. LOL!

05-23-2005, 06:45 PM
Boo! I had a great weekend on plan wise, apart from Dawson's Creek, the last two episodes when they are all grown up and a small bar of chocolate whilst bawling my eyes out. Hey 5 months ago it would have been a bottle of soda, a family block of chocolate and a bag of crisps - 1000 calories or so, and on Sunday it was only 200, so that's progress!!!

I went to the gym both days over the weekend and again today. I am really hitting the weights. I am enjoying weight training. I am sure that is why the scales have slowed right down, but that's ok. i am still losing but about 1/2 pound a week rather than the one to two I was losing. I might try and be strong and weigh only once a month so I am really seeing a difference, and don't get discouraged.

A busy week at work ahead, I am trying to get all my stuff done before I leave my department. I still don't know which job i am going to, and probably won't know now for another week!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

05-24-2005, 07:39 AM
Slow on here again yesterday, eh? Glad some of you are still sticking around, at least!

Well, I have a job interview on Thursday afternoon. It's for a Technical Editor position, which is basically the same exact thingI am doing now. However, I started here making $31,400 annually, and this job I am interviewing for would start me between $45,000-$50,000 annually, so I definitely have my fingers crossed! It is in downtown DC, which may be apain of a commute, but they also offer a $150 monthly transportation allowance, so I think I could deal with the hassle (for less than 6 months--then I can move in with Jeff somewhere where it'll be a little easier of a commute). I hope they offer me the job--even with the travelling back and froth to/from DC, I would be able to be home more often than I am now with the two jobs all week. The interview is at 2:45 Thursday, so I'll be able to go and still not have to leave either job out to dry, which is good. Here's hoping!! :crossed:

As for the restaurant last night, my partner (we have 2 servers per section of 8 tables rather than 1 server per 4 tables--that way, we can help each other out if needed) was Nick, who I have worked with before but never as his partner. He's kinda scary--I think he may be manic depressive since you never know if he's going to hug everyone or bite everyone's heads off. Anyway, he was b!tching about me to anyone who would listen because he said I wasn't clearing the stuff off my tables after they left quickly enough so they could be sat again. Hello, I had a party of 9 plus two other tables--if he has so much time to whine about me, why could he not just shut up and help me out?! It would have taken him LESS time to simply wipe off a table for me (especially since I had cleared empty dishes from multiple tables for him throughout the night) than to find people to complain to. UGH! When I was cashing out for the night, my manager and another guy who used to work in our restaurant were sitting and talking, and my manager was talking about how glad he was that everyone in our restaurant seemed to get along so well. I just gave him a funny look, and he asked who I had a problem with. I told him, and he knew right away what my complaints would be, since I am not nearly the first person to make the same remarks. He said he was going to have a "chat" with Nick. Not that that will change anything with a guy like Nick (huge chip on his shoulder, big "screw the world and what anyone thinks of me" kind of attitude, ya know?), but at least it's a step in the right direction. Other than my attitude-ridden partner, it was a good night--no other problems. I didn't make a ton of $$, but it was REALLY slow early in the evening, so I didn't have a whole lot of tables total for the night. I think I walked with about $35, which is the same as I probably would have made if I were hostessing, but at least I was home before 10pm, which was REALLY nice :)

Kylie--I SO need to start doing weights, too. Muscle is so important--even if the scale isn't going down as quickly, I bet you are losing inches more rapidly since muscle takes up less space than fat AND the more muscle you have, the higher your metabloism in burning fat even when you're not working out. So you just stay away from that scale if you have to--know that you're doing your body good no matter what the numbers say!

Kimberley--I started making up for my horrible weekend yesterday, too. Over the weekend, we ate Papa John's pizza, ate at Silver Diner, Texas Roadhouse, Hard Rock Cafe, Maggiano's...and you know I didn't just get a salad at any of them :p Yesterday, I had the last leftover slice of pizza and the few remaining breadsticks. I also didn't pack all my food for the day like usual since I got up a few minutes late, so I ended up having the pot stickers at Ruby's for dinner (could have been worse), but at least I started back to the gym yesterday. I did about 20 minutes on the eliptical before my knee started killing me and I had to call it quits. In those 20 minutes, though, I burned almost 300 calories, so I figure that's about 250 more than I would have burned just sitting around. hopefully my knee will hold out for the full 30 minutes today. Good luck with those beans! :p

05-24-2005, 10:43 AM
I'm back...had a really nice visit with Heather and her husband, and got to meet her kids...The zoo was packed, but just as great as always, and it was sooo hot that day...No Penguins though, must be they are re-doing that for them and had them some where else temporarily. The white lions were snoozing, but you could seee how gorgeous they really are...Then we went to the Mexican place, it was YUMMMMMMMY! the mariachi bandplayed too , we had a great time. Saw my "Second" parents too ( they were there for me during a lot of family problems while I was in HS)...sure was great seeing them after all of this time...I really felt great, I have lost some weight and everyone could tell, and even my new bra was too big, so that was a good sign although not too comfy...but what can ya do? Good to be home though...always great to visit, but great to get home...I really do hope Marge is okay...strange that she has been MIA for so long...Well, all, gotta run, take care, Diana :dizzy:

05-24-2005, 01:36 PM
Well, I managed to stuff all the remaining beans into the freezer last night. Whew! I need to do some re-organizing in there soon - it barely shuts!

Jill, sometimes I think I'd like to be a server or hostess part-time, but not until I lose more weight and my feet and knees can handle my being on my feet that much. I really love people and have a hospitality gene in me, but it's really hard work physically!

Diana, did you catch that Oprah show with the British "What Not to Wear" gals and their advice on bras? We taped it, but I think it's been taped over already. :S My MIL told me some of the tips, and a couple of mine are good...But others, noooo. LOL

Today we're planning on working outside in the yard a bit. I need to apply some herbicide, but it's cloudy and still too cool outside for that.

05-24-2005, 01:51 PM
Kimberley--yeah, my feet definitely hurt by the end of the night. I have bad knees (12 years of softball was bound to cause some sort of repurcussion on my overweight body), but they're usually okay as long as I'm walking on flat surfaces and not stairs or steep hills. When I get home at night, I just whip the shoes off and put my feet up in bed--they kinda burn for a while, but they're fine by the time I get up the next morning. I just keep that extra $$ in mind, as well as the extra forced exercise I get each night as opposed to watching tv or sitting at my computer. :D

My boss stopped by today to let me know that I should have a number for my raise sometime this week. I thought she said last week that the numbers had to be done by this past Friday, so I would hear something early this week. So much for that. If I do end up taking a new job, I will feel kinda guilty because I know how things work here, so I know that in order for me to get a big raise here, they had to pinch on some other people's raises and bonuses. I hadn't really thought about all that until today. I hate having such a big conscience :( Ultimately, I need to look out for me, though...right? I mean, I need to consider my future and my savings account and my career. I'd just feel reeeeeally guilty if they shifted all the $$ around here for me, and then I quit! Ahh, we shall see. I suppose I really shouldn't even worry about it until I get an offer, anyway. Just because they have called me 4 times and emailed me twice doesn't necessarily mean they're going to hire me :p

Diana--so glad you guys had a good visit! I, too, suffered a penguin disappointment. They had NONE at the aquarium. They did have Puffins, which were almost as cool, but just not quite the same. Glad to have you back here, though! :D

05-24-2005, 06:25 PM
Hi everyone, I had some great news today, I got the new job I wanted woo hoo!!!! I don't start til July though!

nice to see you back Diana, you were missed. We still have a few missing, and just where has our Marge got too???

I can't believe you get Trinny and Susannah on Oprah, that is just tooooooooooooo scary. They're evil, but in a good way!!!!! I haven't found their tips overly useful, they did make over a very large comedian lady a couple of years ago, and I was really looking forward to some help, but they got everything custom made for her. Yeah right, like the everyday person can do that!!!!

I'm glad your winning the battle of the beans Kimberley. I haven't cooked in bulk like that for ages, it's fun to do, but you have to be very creative with your packaging and putting away!!! I sometimes wish Colin had to lose his weight as well (he's got a beer belly but is in normal weight range) it gets a bit lonely sometimes. He has learnt to be super supportive though!!!

Right well, it's off to bed for me. Hope to talk to all a bit more when I am not completely zonked!!!

05-24-2005, 10:49 PM
Hey! I had a completely exhausting weekend! And it's not over yet... I am looking forward to work just so I can relax a little bit. heh. My mother arrived Saturday around 4pm, and we hung out for a little bit, and went to see StarWars (which was alright, considering I'm not a fan). Sunday I worked, afterwards we went out for dinner, and watched Desperate Housewifes season finale. Monday was a little more hectic, we went shopping for shoes, clothes, various things. We decided to go downtown where we sat on the beach by the ocean just chatting, and then met my friend Karen and went to a REALLLLY good Japanese restaurant. We walked along the seawall afterwards, and afterwards went out for the best coffee.. I ate SO SO much! Today my mom left, but before she left, we went out for lunch! I also went to try a new restaurant with a friend tonight, and tomorrow my brother is taking me out for lunch. I am getting VERY chubby over here!! But it was a great visit, we did tons, got to spend lots of time together. It was worth it, and it was a great long weekend :)

Jill - I hope you get the job! Decent money, which is always a plus :) Also sounds like you had a packed weekend, which are nice to have every once in a while. I also enjoy the weekends where I barely get off the couch.. lol. I have issues with my knees as well, I hate how it can limit me sometimes. A few years ago I really worked at building up the muscles around my knee, and since then my knees haven't been bothering me as much. I blew out both my knees snowboarding when I was 15, it was SO painful!

Kimberley - thank goodness for you! We've been so dead in here lately.. or maybe it just feels like that because I haven't been around much lately. Weights and walking, sounds like you are doing SO good! I've been having miserably off plan days lately.. and to be honest, I haven't thought about it at all, I've been thinking about the exercise thing lately... you know me though, I start at it, and then quit. lol. My mom was suggesting I see a Naturalpath (spelling?), and get some recommendations from her about what kinda diet would suit my body. But I'm not eating beans! ;) My period just ended and I gotta tell yah... it was like I was eating ONLY beans.. are you grossed out yet? ;)

kykaree - congrats on the job! :) A job you enjoy can make ALL the difference :)

Diana - sounds like you had a great visit.. it's good to have you back though :)

I am worried about Marge... the internet worries me sometimes, you never really know if anything happens to a person.


05-25-2005, 12:01 AM
I sent Marge a PM yesterday, but haven't heard back. I hope she's okay.

Well, we worked out in the front today, repairing another section of the retaining wall by the driveway and re-grading some of the soil sloping down to it. I cleaned up, watched Ellen (priorities, you know), and headed out to Lowe's for mulch and cow manure. I could have gotten free horse manure, but it's a lot easier moving 40-pound bags of cow poop than it is an aluminum trashcan full of horse poop; we don't have a pickup truck, so that's how I would have had to do it!

Tomorrow we'll finish grading the slope, put down layers of wet newspaper and top them off with manure, top soil, then mulch. I picked up ten creeping speedwell (veronica repens) ( plants to use along the edge of the wall, hoping to stave off more erosion issues. I have other groundcovers like creeping phlox and ajuga that I can nab starts from in other parts of the yard, too. Finally, hope to get our veggies and other plants set out by the weekend.

I'm afraid I was a bit off-plan this afternoon, not spectacularly so, but ah well. Caribou Coffee has this tasty cold coffee drink called a Mint Snowdrift...Hmmmmm, good stuff. ;) But it was 530 calories and 22 grams of fat! Thank goodness I didn't get the large. Yie, shoulda asked before I ordered it...Not looked after I got home!

05-25-2005, 07:50 AM
And yet again I say, feast or famine in my office! I've been stretching out my work fr the past few days cuz it wasn't very urgent, and I didn't have a whole lot to do. Yesterday, I got slammed with a huge over 200-page document to read and edit, and when I came in this morning, there was an EPA SOW (Statement of Work) on my chair for me to QC (make sure other people's edits were correctly incorporated). I know the SOW is going out soon, so I have to do that first. I just really don't want to edit this other one--it's about Medicare rules for filing Part B claims. How exciting :rolleyes:

Yeah, so maybe the world of technical editing isn't really for me. It's quite dull, but at least it keeps my writing/grammar skills very sharp. And of course, that's the same kind of job I'm interviewing for tomorrow, so I'll definitely survive if they pay me enough :p I know it's not a career for me--I'd much rather be in marketing. However, all marketing positions also require "excellent writing and editing skills," so getting my card punched at a few tech writer jobs along the way certainly couldn't hurt. At least I've also got a year of marketing experience under my belt, too (my last job was as a Marketing Assistant).

Last night at the restaurant, the general manager was being REALLY nice to me. I can't remember who it was, but last week, I had mentioned to someone that I didn't think he liked me, so I think they said something to him about it, and now he's trying to show me he does. Whatever the reason, I certainly don't mind him being extremely nice to me ;) He knows I'm looking for a new job and that I have an interview tomorrow (since I had to switch shifts with somoeone so I could come in later after my interview). He said I could use him as a reference, that he thinks I do "good work," and that he likes having me around because I'm really nice. I'll take that!

Well, here's hoping Marge's computer is on the fritz and she's still okay.

Kimberley--I have been going off-plan all week! I keep getting a salad from the cafeteria here in addition to what I pack for my lunch. And it's not the best salad--lettuce, onion, egg, shredded cheese, and honey mustard dressing. Loaded with calories, but it keeps me full for quite some time--very satisfying. According to the scale (yes, I peek throughout the week), it hasn't been doing me any harm, but I know it's not good on my wallet, either, so I need to stop before it becomes a severe addiction!

To combat my extra salad habit, I had a bagel with fat free strawberry cream cheese this morning instead of cereal for breakfast. The bagel w/cream cheese has only 190 calories, while a bowl of cereal with skim milk has about 400 (I can never eat 1 serving of cereal--have to have a normal-size bowl). That way, I could pack more snacks and stuff for the day because I had more calories to play with. I also have become more lenient with myself as far as counting the calories in fruits and veggies. I keep very close track of everything else, but if I feel I need more food, I will add grapes or a banana or something without feeling guilty about it. AND (Aimee, you'll be proud of me) I packed not 1 but 2 servings of brocolli in my bag today! Given, I stil can't eat it plain (I added a few bac'n bits, a slice of reduced-fat cheddar cheese, and some fat free thousand island dressing), but at least it's veggies. That plus the tomato sauce on my pasta and the veggies in my stir fry, and I'm looking at 5 servings of veggies for today. 5! I think that's more than I have EVER had in one day (and more than I've probably had in some entire weeks!). :dizzy:

No gym yesterday (ended up working late at the office, so not enough time between jobs), but I will go today. Hope everyone had a Wonderful Wednesday!

05-25-2005, 01:14 PM
I'm great at that kind of writing/detail work, but it puts me to sleep. I like more people contact anymore. Great to hear your boss at the restaurant's being so nice!

Okay, I've got to do the diet-buddy thing now. Forgive me in advance. ;)

(I can never eat 1 serving of cereal--have to have a normal-size bowl).

All right, c'mon -- You can eat 1 serving. Put some fruit in there rather than eating it plain, but you can eat 1 serving. It's all what you re-learn and get used to.

Okay, off my soapbox. I'm heading out to work on the driveway bed.

05-25-2005, 02:05 PM
Goodmorning! I got woken up with a call from someone from work, asking me to cover her shift, as well as doing my own. But I work 5:30-9:30, and the shift she wants me to cover is 11am-4pm. It doesn't really work out right, so I told her to call someone else. Plus my brother is supposed to be coming today to spend some time with me, however he's not here.. and I still haven't heard from him. Silly silly people!

Jill - yay for veggies! I can't remember when I've eaten any veggies... lol.. it's been SO SO bad for me lately. I enjoy eating out (who doesn't?), so it's been heaven. Now I'm back on track! I say that now.. but I have no food in my house. A serving of cereal really isn't too much, I always have oatmeal for breakfast, with tons of fruit on it, which is also a great way to get more fruit! I was reading something with my mom and it was saying that 1 meal a day should only consist of fruits and veggies, if I did that everyday, my calories would automatically go down, so would fat grams.

Kimberley - I'm with you, I prefer to work with people. I can't imagine sitting in front of a computer, lol, even though thats what I do on my days off ;) I suspect it's because I don't really like computers all that much. I like the idea of my job, and on paper it looks like it would fit for me, but when it really comes down to it... it doesn't really combine my love of shopping for clothes and how I enjoy working with people.

I'm thinking I'll do a little grocery shopping today, I'm pretty desperate in my house for some fruit. My mom brought me asparagus from a veggie stand in the interior, they will be GREAT, I'll likely stirfry them with some broccoli and chicken breast, nice healthy lunch! The sun is shining here again today, yesterday we washed the day, I'm hoping today we'll go for a walk. I love the sun, and it's not too hot yet.. so it's perfect :) Have a great Wednesday all! :)


05-25-2005, 02:19 PM
Well, yes, it is physically possible for me to only eat one serving of cereal :p However, it just doesn't stay with me! I add strawberries and/or banana to my cereal as it is, but 3/4 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of milk is just not enough of a breakfast for me (especially since I don't normally eat anything any later than 4pm the day before). Even when I do have cereal, though, I do include ALL of the calories (not just the calories in one serving), so it's not like I'm cheating myself out of anything. It's also my favorite way to make sure I get servings of milk right off the bat. I eat breakfast at about 5am, so I like it to stick with me till at least around 8 (when I have my first snack--not because the clock says so, but because that's about when my tummy starts grumbling at me :dizzy: ). I've recently bought almost every variety I can find of Kashi brand cereal to hopefully at least make my morning cereal calories healthier. Some are okay, but I still think others taste like cardboard (which is why I always have to add fruit!). I have not had sugared cereal in about a month now (YAY!--I was addicted to store-brand Cocoa Puffs and Fruit Loops).

Kimberley, you go right ahead and get on that soapbox whenever you want! You've always got such great information to share, and I for one know that I need a little hand-slapping once in a while ;)

05-26-2005, 08:44 AM
*GASP* no posts since yesterday?? I hate to post twice in a row, but--too goes!

I weighed in this morning--297.5. Down 1/2 pound. Not bad considering the insane amounts of restaurant food I gorged myself on all weekend long! Now if only I could actually stay on plan all weekend, imagine how much I could lose...

Lots to do today at work. I have my interview today at 2:45, so hopefully all will go well. I couldn't find anyone to pick up my restaurant shift, but I did switch with someone so that I don't have to be there until 5:15 instead of 4. Should give me enough time to battle the traffic from my interview to the restaurant. Walked with 70 bucks from the restaurant last night--even though one table only left me $35 cash for a check that was $37 :o That means I basically paid my own money to wait on them. How rude! And it's not like there was only one person who could have accidentally made the mistake--there were 2 people, and they had shared the check (I saw them figuring out how much they each owed, even though I had offered to split it to separate checks for them). Maybe they thought one of the 5-dollar-bills was actually a 10...who knows. In any case, not only was I shorted 2 bucks, but I still had to tip out the host and the salad bar guy for what they ordered, so I probably ended up losing a total of almost $4 on that one table. Ahh, c'est la vie...I still made a pretty penny for a Wednesday night :D I ended up staying later than I should have, though, because there was a new girl closing, and she could SO not handle it, so we all switched sections until she was first cut so she could get out of there ASAP (she was driving the manager crazy with all of her mistakes). I ended up getting home around 10:30, so still not too bad. Tonight, I will probably get out pretty late since I'm not on till 5:15 (the earlier you come on, the earlier you are normally cut).

Hit the gym again yesterday--30 minutes on the eliptical. I did over 2 miles and burned almost 400 calories (according to the little digital tracker on the machine after I put in my weight). So worth it!

Well, hope everyone had a good afternoon/night and has a great day today!

05-26-2005, 01:46 PM
Goodmorning Jill! Just a quick one from me this morning.. just wanted to wish you luck with your interview! Relax, and have fun :)

I am heading off to work, and won't be home until late.. poo work! I'll try and come back on here later! It's a HOT and sunny day here.. and I'm stuck inside.. again.. poo work!


05-26-2005, 02:25 PM
We'll have to call you Two-Post Jilly. ;) Here's to a successful interview! :cheer:

Aimee, good to see ya. Poo work, I hear ya. At one job I had, I'd cry the whole time I was getting ready for work many mornings because I so dreaded seeing my co-workers (they were a cruel bunch and we were all crammed in a tiny office together). Oh, and I was clinically depressed, but not diagnosed as such for a few more years. Such a bad time...Be happy you're not in a situation like that. 'Twas the absolute PITS. I am now very thankful for every good day in life!

You've got a new job and all kinds of good possibilities ahead of ya!

The last two days have been exhausting, but good. we've been working on our driveway bed, getting it ready. Blogged about it all and posted pictures over at the Plot ( More to do today, though my body protesteth much.

05-26-2005, 03:43 PM
hi (again) ladies! I posted this morning... but WHERE did it go!?

Had a great time at my aunts farm... lots of fun stories but they're all about Lexi, and I don't want to bore you all with dog stuff. Sam and I helped out by digging post holes! WOW is that ever hard work! I still have sore thighs from having to do squats as you're useing the post hole digger. Stayed on plan and stayed the same weight. Much better than I anticipated!

At work now and it's busy so I don't have much time to write...

Good luck at the interview Jill... (it's probably done by now!?)

05-26-2005, 04:18 PM
I'm never bored by dog stories....Heehee. Love my pooches (they're our furkids, don't ya know). ;)

05-27-2005, 02:08 AM
I am mighty tired, but wanted to post so Jill will have more to read tomorrow ;) These long days (9 hours!!) really wear me out, luckily my break was well timed and I didn't get TOO hungry. My brother left this morning, his time here was about 12.5 hours, and then he's off to visit his pseudo-family in Victoria. He'll spend his long weekend with them, and will go straight from Victoria back to Seattle. We had a LATE dinner last night, and he took me for a quick breakfast this morning... we didn't get to talk too much, I had a sinus headache this morning.. but it was good to see him. He was saying how my belly looks smaller.. he's so funny sometimes. My belly MIGHT be smaller, I'm not entirely sure. It made me laugh though..

Kimberley - my job is better than my old one, so I'm defintely thankful for that. I'm also realizing that this is NOT my future, I don't think I could handle this drama for the rest of my life.. I'd go INSANE! Thank goodness you are out of that job situation, I realllllly dislike mean people.

Well, I think I'm going to go find a bed and get some sleep... see yah'll in the morning!


05-27-2005, 02:44 AM
Heya, Aimee -- g'night! LOL I'm heading to bed, myself.

05-27-2005, 02:55 AM
I want a garden, I used to have a lovely one when I lived in Australia, here we have nothing, just a little house built right onto the road, no yard - not even concrete!

This week has been good, but I feel uncharecteristically tired. Exhausted. Like I could sleep for a week. Not sure what is up with me!

My scales are stuck, not moving at all, but I am still losing. Had all my measurements done yesterday, my body fat has decreased 2% in the last two months, and I have lost another 30 centimetres from around my body, mainly my waist and hips.

I'm so glad I get to do that every two months, I would go mad if it was just the scales I was relying on, well madder anyway!!!!LOL

Right, off to my own poo work, I am training new people today, dreading it, would much rather be talking on the phone!

05-27-2005, 08:11 AM
HAPPY FRIDAY! Thanks for posting, Aimee :D

I didn't have to work last night! After my interview, I went to the restaurant, ate dinner, and got changed for my shift. Right when I was about to clock in, a girl who wasn't scheduled came in and said she wanted to work, so I said bye! I went to my TOPS meeting. I was worried about weighing in since I had just eaten dinner (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a can of fruit cocktail), and I usually don't eat before the meeting. It showed--I was only down 1/4 of a pound. Still a loss (no gains recorded in my TOPS book at all yet!), but it should have been like a 2-pound loss. Oh well. It'll show up next time I actually get to go to a meeting (I can't go next week because I have both Monday and Tuesday off from the restaurant already, so I have to work my Wednesday and Thursday, even if only for the $$).

So yeah, my interview went well (I think). They said they only interviewed 3 people in person (after weeding through resumes and phone interviews) and would be making their decision soon. It seems like a really great company, and the two men I interviwed with (a Program Manager and the President/Owner of the company) were both really nice. When the Program Manager was walking me out, he asked if I thought the interview went well. I said I thought it did but that it didn't really matter what I thought! He laughed--always a good sign :p I just sent them a follow-up email letter this morning thanking them for their time and attached my professional references and blah blah blah. We'll see, though. I think they think I live too far away and that the commute would be too much for me. If I don't get it, I suppose I'll have that as the bright side to look at--no commuting into the city every day. We shall see...

Well, Jeff will be at my place way before me today. His shop is closing at noon for the holiday weekend, so he will leave his office by about 12:30. I can't leave here until around 1:30 or 2, so he'll beat me by maybe a half hour. Better than me having to sit around and wait for him--I hate when he gets stuck in traffic and ends up being like an hour late. I always start wondering if he was in an accident or something, ya know? to do some work. Kick off the weekend well, ladies!

05-27-2005, 01:21 PM
Jill, you might consider also sending them a hand-written thank you note. Every employer I've had has commented on that after I've been hired, so it must be unusual enough to make you stand out in a good way.

That's great about losing the inches and body fat. I struggle with whether or not the scale is helping or hindering me; on the one hand, it can be really discouraging, but on the other, it seems to keep me accountable.

Speaking of those evil contraptions, I barely lost 1/2 pound this week, so I'm at 224 1/2. My ticker's staying the same at 225 since I can't do 1/2 pound increments. It's time for change here. I'm dropping my calories to 1500/day, and I'm not going to eat after midnight (3 hours before bedtime). I'm also going to make SURE I drink my water - I've been slacking off and I know darned well I'm retaining water because of it.

Today it's gorgeous and I'm anxious to work outside in the yard. Our stone wall to the right of the driveway is going to be rebuilt soon, probably around the second week of June - yippee! I posted an ad for bartering at Craig's List (, saying I'd trade photography services for a landscaping professional rebuilding my stone wall.

The next day, a local landscaper wrote back and we've been writing back and forth finalizing details. She just got married last year and wants me to do portraits of her family out at their farm; she would like black and whites, some with them wearing black t-shirts and jeans, barefooted. That's just the kind of casual portraits I love doing. I'm excited!

Anyone heard from Marge? :?:

05-27-2005, 11:18 PM
Goodevening! I got up this morning.. LATE, and then tried to get on here, but the site went down. So I went on with my day, we drove about 100 km's to Harrison, which is a small town along a glacier fed lake. The drive was beautiful, as always, and when we got there is was HOT HOT HOT! We went for a walk, I walked in the water for a bit, and we had something to eat. It was a good time, a little TOO hot for me though. For some REALLY odd reason I only put sunscreen on one arm, I need to be slapped. However that didn't help at all, I got a slight burn along the straps of my tank top. I'm going to put some aloe on it and hope for the best!

I haven't heard from Marge yet either.. I left her a msg a week or 2 ago. Hopefully her computer is broken at work and at home?

Alrighty, I am off to find my aloe! Have a great night all :)


05-28-2005, 04:44 PM
Hellloooo?!?! Anyone hoooomeeee? ;)

Well my "sleeves" are still hurting a little... my burnt literally looks like sleeves. It's funny, but oh so bad for the skin! I've learnt my lesson! I will be buying some SPF 30 sunscreen on Friday, hopefully our heat wave will have calmed a little bit, cuz it's SO hot! It was 30 degrees out at 11am this morning! We are holding steady at that temperature.. and I am SO looking forward to working in airconditioning! (Thats 86 in American ;) ) We have a nice cross breeze going on in my house, thanks to 2 fans. I have a nice short shift today, I was asked to work the entire day, but I'm tired of being called in for shifts. I like my time off, especially since my bf has the day off as well. We will likely go for a walk after I'm done with work, along the ocean. I love the summer :) Have a great day all!


05-29-2005, 10:05 AM
Yeah, definitely usually slows down here over the weekend. I am usually guilty of only posting from work, so I can't blame anyone else :p

So, I had a rough night last night. **warning: VERY personal information ahead** Jeff and I were watching tv and started messing around--no big deal, very normal. Well, he wanted me to *ahem* get on top :o So I did (it's not fair for him to have to do all the work all the time ;) ), and when we were done, I went in the bathroom and just started crying! All these thoughts that I feel like "normal" people never have to worry about--I should NOT be afraid I'm going to hurt him if I'm on tope, I should NOT have to worry about how gross it is that my stomach hangs down and touches his when I'm sitting up, and I should not have to worry that my thighs are like 3 times the size of his! I was just so frustrated and fed up with being FAT! Not that I'm not fed up with being fat every day, but it was particularly bad last night. One of the worst parts is, when I came out and sat back on the couch with him, he asked me what was wrong, and I just said nothing. Why can't I talk to him about it?! In the year and nearly 3 months we have been together, I have only ever mentioned my weight as an issue for me ONE time. I just can't get myself to open up to him about it (maybe that's why I spill so much on here to you guys every day :D ). I know I should be able to talk to him about anything, but I also know how helpless one can feel when someone has a problem you can't fix, and I don't want him to feel like that. I also know how unattractive it is to a guy when a girl is so insecure about her body. On the weekends (when I'm with him) is whenI go horribly off plan, but it is so not his fault. When I first started, I cooked healthier meals for us at home, and he never once complained. Now, we're back to eating out for almost every meal again. I know I'm still losing weight slowly and semi-steadily, but--I don't know. I just don't know :?:

We're going to his mother's house today. Plenty of junk food, I'm sure, not that that will be different from any other Sunday, so I'm sure my strictness throughout the week will make up for it just enough, as per usual. Why must all holidays revolve around food?

Sorry to be such a downer, guys. It should be a happy time--3-day weekend! I'm just struggling to deal with some issues. Catch ya all later--hope you're all feeling more FABULOUS than I am :^:

05-29-2005, 01:01 PM
Oh Jill... how I know your feelings ALL too well! I struggle not to feel self concious when I'm "intimate" with Josh, I keep reminding myself that he doesn't CARE if I got a belly roll. But guys just don't think the way we do! They just wanna see nakedness, and breasts. YOU rock his world, thighs, belly and all.. :) See if you two can have a little "routine" of making eachother breakfast? Or doing it together.. one healthy meal a day is better than none :)

Alrighty! I must go to work, stupid stupid work... yesterday was a VERY busy Saturday, and for some reason I ended up working 80% alone from 2:30-6pm. My manager felt the need to go into the mall and talk to her friend for AN HOUR! To top that off, another girl left sick.. well she sure looked fine to me. Perhaps it's just me, but if I'm not contagous (spelling?), I'm at work.. barfing, fever, migraine and all. On that note... I'll be back after work!


05-29-2005, 01:06 PM
Hi everyone!!!!!!(((((hugs Jill))))) I am no help on the topic of s*x and weight. We don't seem to do that anymore, don't know why. I thought it was my weight, but since I have started losing (I am now lighter than when we met) it hasn't got any better. I am trying not to let it get me down, and I keep telling myself it's me not him, but who knows????

I've had a busy day, swimming and gym, no housework yet, that might be tomorrow!!! We have a three day weekend in bonny old England too. We seem to have a lot of those at the moment.

I feel really tired so I might crawl off and have a nap. I'm not sure why I am so tired, old age I guess!!!! I'm so not excited about turning 33 (OMG)

05-29-2005, 02:46 PM
Aimee's right, Jilly. Nakedness and breasts, that about sums it up. ;)

Thing is, you've GOT to be able to open up and talk to Jeff about it. What's worse, having your girlfriend tell you she feels uncomfortable because of her weight...Or going off and crying after sex, with no explanation? A million things could be going through his head as he tries to figure out what happened, what he did wrong, what the problem is. See what I mean?

As far as the going out to eat thing goes, that's something else you've got to get out of the habit of -- and back into healthy habits -- before you cohabitate. You need to set your boundaries and keep doing the things that you know are good for you. You can do it!

Talk to this man, honey. (((Jill)))

05-29-2005, 08:30 PM
Hey all...whew ya wear me out lol, I cannot seem to keep up with ya all...geez...Jill...I agree, men are not as hung up on looks as we women are led to believe...Sure, there are those asses who feel they are the best things since sliced bread, but, in majority, we are more upset about how we look then they are...I drive my DH crazy over it, and he just tells me that he wants to feel my skin against his skin because I am his wife and he loves me just the way I am...You need to learn to communicate this stuff now before you move in together and before anything else for that matter...I agree with the eating out thing too...If you make your own meals, even if it is just one a day, you know exactly what you are adding to them...even if you have to be stern and tell him how important it is to you that he share this with you...Now, me, I went off the deep end this weekend, and my ankles are swollen becuz of it and becuz TOM is arriving any moment now...( I hope...unless we got lucky...which would be nice)...I really hope Marge is okay...I hope she is just haveing PC problems...And I hope she knows we are all worried over her...BBL, HAG1 all..Di

05-30-2005, 03:35 PM
Goodmorning !! I seem to be alone this morning... so far...

Diana - you are alive too! How are you doing these days? Hows Curves? The diet? The inches? The website? Lookie me.. so many questions!

kykaree - my bf and I don't do the s*x thing much anymore... I credit that to being SO busy all the time.. how are you supposed to feel close to someone if the only time you see them is when you are running errands! And partly it's my fault. This world is just too busy these days..

Kimberley - What are you going to do for hitting your 220 goal mark? And how are those beans coming along? I thought of you yesterday while I was in the grocery store, we were buying things to make Chilli, we decided against using kidney beans though.. but only because my bf doesn't like them. No tooting at work for me! ;)

Jill - I hope you talked to him.. at least explain the crying thing. Kimberley is right, you don't know what he was thinking about. I was talking to my bf about it last night, and he just kinda brushed it off (about me gaining weight), and then I mentioned how the only thing he thinks about is that my boobs are bigger now. That set him off, he was suddenly interested in what I was saying... I love how simple men are sometimes :) It's weird, when I'm in "weight loss" mode, I don't think about what I look like now, I have this little picture in my head of how I used to look. I find the more I hate myself.. the less I lose.

Where is Sara? And Marge... do any of us know her last name? I had her email address, but deleted it a while ago.. I'm gonna look and see if I wrote it down anywhere.. Well I am off to buy some fruits and veggies! Have a great one!


05-30-2005, 03:45 PM
So I just clicked on Marge's profile and it says she was "active" yesterday at 11:15am! I believe thats in my time..


05-30-2005, 07:55 PM
hey all :sunny: ...yes Aimee, still doing Curves, have not weighed or measured lately, will do next Sunday, am incorporating walks and biking this week on top of it...I know what you mean about the boob thing, seems like that is the first place it is really showing, unfortunately, I have always been a c cup, so hopefully this will not change...I do have these lovely rolls of flab on my back that we lovingly call my jiggle bags, and they are disappearing...I think that is my real problem too, I know in my mind what I used to look like and it can be discouraging :sorry: ...sigh...Hmm, Marge was on yesterday eh? Hmm, will have to try contacting her to see what is up...well, am off, hope ya all are having a great week...And Dh and I still act like we are newlyweds so I am thankful for that I guess, lol... :crazy: (((Di)))

05-31-2005, 12:27 AM
Wowsers, I think today takes the cake for the slowest day on here!

Diana - good to hear you are still going strong :) Lucky you for staying the same chest size! I'd kill for that, I have bra's ranging from a 34B to a 40D! I have always had relatively proportionate chest size, I have a pretty small waist though so my girls have always looked larger than they really are. As for Marge.. I sent her a private msg a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything back yet, and I checked everywhere for her email address, unless it's in one of these posts, I don't have it :(

Well I am off! I keep forgetting it's a long weekend in the USA.. so I imagine we'll have Jill back then..


05-31-2005, 03:04 AM
Sorry I've been scarce - family thangs with the holiday. We had a cookout today and had my folks over, plus two of Howie's brothers. Nice time had by all. :)

Today was definitely treat day...Didn't start out that way, but I was at my calories *really* early today. Did drink a good bit of water, though. Heh. ;) I'm not worrying about it. We stocked up on our good veggies and I got a bunch of fresh chicken on sale ($1.58 / pound!) so we're set.

I've not even thought about what I want to do for my 220 goal, to tell you the truth! I've been stuck in such a rut lately, it sometimes feels like those 5 pounds are going to take a month or more to come off. Whatever my goal treat is, it's got to be like the non-scale victories...Only non-cash. Okay, maybe not totally free, but still inexpensive. LOL!

05-31-2005, 07:59 AM
Hehe, yup, I'm back now that the long weekend is over. Jeff and I left Saturday morning to go visit his mother (about 2 hours away). We ended up spending the night (had packed a bag because we knew it was a possibility), and we didn't get back here till about 6:30 Monday evening, so that's why I wasn't around much for the long weekend.

Thanks for listening to my little rant the other night, everyone. :^: I didn't exactly have a huge heart-to-heart with Jeff about any of it (and I didn't read any of your posts until just now), but I did at least mention it. I was making peirogies and keilbasa with barbecue sauce last night (YUM!--lowfat keilbasa, of course) to pack up for meals for this week, and Jeff came in the kitchen saying it smelled really good and he wanted to try it. I told him he couldn't try any of it because I had already measured and counted everything for exactly 6 servings--8 slices of keilbasa and 3 peirogies per meal--so if he ate any, it would mess up my serving sizes and calories per meal! :p He looked at me like I was insane. Now, he knows I eat healthier when he's not around, but I don't think he realized the extent of my calorie obsession. I explained to him that in order to make up for how I eat on the weekends, I have to be extra strict with what I eat during the week in order to still lose weight. Lose weight. That was the FIRST time I had ever even mentioned losing weight to him. I have always talked about eating healthier, counting calories, watching fat and sodium intake, eating more fruits, etc., but I had never actually used the words "lose weight." I mean, it's obvious that I need to lose weight (even thought people think I weigh less than I do because I "carry it well," you can't really hide all 150 extra pounds!), but actually saying the words to him was a first. Anyway, like I said, it wasn't exactly a heart-to-heart, just a casual conversation. I mentioned that I needed to keep losing weight in order to not have minor emotional breakdowns like I had on Friday night. He didn't ask what I was talking about, so I knew he knew what I was referring to. Then I joked (very rarely do we have a conversation without kidding or sarcasm) that I would still have the emotional breakdowns occasionally simply because I am a woman, but that I might have them less frequently. He just smiled and hugged me for a while. I love it when he just hugs me :^: Then he said that since I wouldn't let him have any peirogies, he would just have some cake (his mother had sent practically half of a 3-layer chocolate cake home with us), and I told him to go ahead since if he didn't eat it, I would just throw it out cuz I couldn't have it in my house. When I was done cooking and packing the food, I ended up having one extra peirogie, so he got one anyway :p

I am not a cryer normally. When I get upset or frustrated or whatever, I just get kinda tense. I don't cry in front of people. However, when it comes to talking to Jeff about something serious, it seems I always just start crying, and then I'm breathing so heavily that it's hard to speak clearly, and it just turns into a mess. That's why I usually wait for some times to pass before discussing an event, ya know? Like Friday night, if I had tried talking to him about it then, I would have just ended up bawling and it would have taken an hour just for him to figure out what I was trying to say! I think he at least had some idea what it was about, though, since I had protested being on top at first. Who knows. In any case, he puts up with my crackheaded emotional moments quite well, and I love him for that :)

I will leave the story of staying at his mother's house (and the trip home) for later--if I try to continue adding to this post, it'll all be about 4 pages long before I'm done (and that would be a record even for me!) :dizzy: Thanks again for being there, everyone. OH, and while ya'll are discussing the boob thing--I'm only a B-cup (I wear a 44B right now), so I can't afford to lose ANY of what I've got--if anything, I wish I could just shift some of the fat from my stomach into my boobs and call it a day :lol:

05-31-2005, 11:49 AM
"mean, it's obvious that I need to lose weight (even thought people think I weigh less than I do because I "carry it well," you can't really hide all 150 extra pounds!)"~~jill

LOL, I hear ya there...I get that all the time...even Heather looked at me and said "I don't know but you don't look anywhere near what the scale says you weigh"..I have mixed emotions about that...I know the scale does not lie, but at least I don't look as big as if I were shorter...and Good to see you are making meals for yourself, WTG!

05-31-2005, 12:21 PM
I'm here too!!

These long weekends kill me! No time to get online at all! I was barely able to get on for 5 mins yesterday to post my weight in the 100lb club, and Sam was getting huffy with me cuz she wanted to get going. Down another 2 pounds this week; amazing considering we went out for dinner and drinks for our friends birthday and I made up my mind that I was going to order whatever I felt like and have no issue with it. We went to Tumbleweed, and I had chips an salsa, and a BBQ beef Quesadilla with Gucamole. Wow, was it ever good! I have not an ounce of guilt over it either. One splurge meal in almost 6 months... I can handle that!!

We went to Sam's parents for a cookout on sunday; which I was dreading, because they do not eat very healthy. And much to my surprise, they totally staed within my plan!! Just because of me and how well I'm doing! I still ate WAY more than I normally do, but it was all fresh veges and fruit, grilled chicken breast all with no sauces!

Jill, I understand and know exactly what you are feeling when it comes to being a big girl and sex. I have an extreemly loving and careing partner that never fails to assure me that she won't be squished! and That every part of me is beautiful! I'm sure Jeff feels that way about you too! Talk to him. I know it's hard but he loves you and will care for you no matter what!

On board with the bra issue, I am totally wierd... I started as a 46D and just bought a 42DD yesterday... Why the heck would they have to get BIGGER!?!

05-31-2005, 01:19 PM
LOL @ Sara...good one about them getting, OMG, my hubby would be in heaven if they did that....well, guys, no TOM yet...I had really swollen feet the other day, and so emotional...thought for sure I was gonna statr...nada, ...Nothing yet...sigh..that annoys me when that happens...maybe we got lucky, but try not to get my hopes up..well, gotta run, ((Diana))

05-31-2005, 02:39 PM
Goodmorning!! It's POURING rain here, and after the weather we've been having lately.. it feels a little odd. I had planned on going for a walk with my friend, but we can't in this kinda rain. We watched Miss Universe last night while babbling on the phone, and Canada won! She was the best, she was a little muscular, and had a great figure. I don't know WHAT it was all about, some of those girls dresses were a little sl*tty! The slits just went a little too high for National Television! Not only THAT! But some of their hair was SO frizzy, it looked like they forgot the product stage! It's easy to be critical, and a little fun too ;)

Jill - WB! I think that some guys don't work as hard as we do to lose weight, I know my bf wouldn't ever count calories in order to lose weight. My bf has a little bit of a concept of what I have to do in order to lose weight, I am a talker though, I'm always talking about something, heh. I suspect I also "carry" my weight well, I know from all my friends and stuff that I weigh the most but wear the same size. I'm in a size 18 except at Old Navy where I'm in a 20, man, their dress pants fit weird! I'm almost in a 16, maybe 10 pound to go. I do hate the fact that I gain weight EVERYWHERE, I'd like to have one nice body part!

Diana - while the scale doesn't lie, I don't always like it when people say I don't look my weight. Because the fact is, I do weigh that much, and don't need to justify it. I read in magazines how they say to do weights because muscle weighs more than fat.. and that it's better to stay the same weight but have some muscles. It annoys me, and I'm probably not quoting them properly, but grrrr! I have lots of weight to lose, and their little "tips" are made for girls who only have to lose a couple pounds.

Sara - you were wearing the wrong bra size! Most women wear the wrong bra size, I used to fit women for bra's at my old job, and when we actually FIT the women, it made such a huge difference. I have a friend who used to wear a size 38DDD, which barely fit her! She got sized for a bra and ended up being a 42D. Glad you had good weekend, and that Sam's parents thought to make food for you :) Congrats on the 2 pounds as well!! :)

While I was posting this, work called.. I hate it when they call me. They want me to come into work, I said I was heading out the door and wouldn't be back until 4pm. And she said it was PERFECT, so I am going into work from 4-6:15. She said I could stay until 8, but Josh is going to bed at 7 ish these days and I wanna get home before he goes to bed. He probably won't be going to bed at 7, only because I'll be gone, which means he'll sneak a nap.. heh. I figured I had to say yes, because I said no to filling in a shift next week at another store. It's hard this shift work crap, Josh gets the same days off every week, and of course I ONLY really work the weekends. I'm ready for a grown up job! Okay, I'm done venting, and now I'm off to make some breakfast!


05-31-2005, 07:22 PM
Hi all. What a day, we were manic at work, and I ended up working overtime to try and get things under control, but the harder I worked the more manic I got. I ended up missing the gym today grrrrrrrrrrrrr.......and it was shut Monday!!!! Will have to go in my lunch hour tomorrow...eek!!!! And not sure when I will get there Thursday, and Friday is my birthday, and I doubt I will get there then. Golly gee, where does the time go, no wonder there is no time for s*x!!!!! LOL

I've always carried my weight well too, which is kind of frustrating but sort of good. I would like to carry my weight a bit more evenly. I am such a pear shape (or an hour glass with all the sand at the bottom) I don't understand bra sizes in US/UK (in bras we seem to be the same, but not in normal clothes) and in Oz the bra sizes are completely different. I have been an 18D much so that mum bought me a bra for my birthday in the same size I was 10 years ago, and it fit!!!! It's a lovely sports bra, I adore it.

Right-o, nearly my bed time. I do hope Marge checks in soon, I sure do miss her.

05-31-2005, 09:04 PM
hey all, boy Marge is reallllly reeeeeaaallly busy, or has abandoned it is the first of the any case will one of you start a new thread tomorrow for June, so we can keep it going in case she is too busy? Happy early BDay to you, karee, in case I don't see ya b4 then :) guess we all have body issues lol, I am apple shaped...and hate it...immensely...not as round as my mom, thank goodness, at least I have a waist and a butt, she has neither...but, would like a tinier waist...and, on that note, am off, HAG1!!

05-31-2005, 11:22 PM
I didn't inherit my mom's apple shape, either. Height hides a multitude of sins, thank goodness. Aimee, I'm going to get some really good bras once I reach goal, and I'm going to have someone fit me for them. That's going to be my treat, though buying everyday undergarments is hardly a treat. ;)

Don't look at me to start the thread tomorrow...Not unless y'all don't want one started until 2 or 3pm (GMT -5:00). Methinks it should be one of you early risers.

06-01-2005, 12:44 AM
Oh yes! Tomorrow is June 1st! It really should be Marge..

So work was complete pointless today, waste of 2 hours of my life! More than 2 hours, because I had to get there, and get back. When I walked in I knew the store was completely dead all day, the two staff members who were on were just standing there. Ah well, I got paid. I looked at my schedule for June 6 - 12th, I have 11.5 hours. It's going to be a very very poor week for me.. I don't know how she expects the store to be looking good, and stock to be done if there is no staff on. I guess I can *hope* to be called in last minute, even though I hate that. I just need hours before our vacation.

kykaree - it's amazing how fast time goes! I just realized tomorrow is June! JUNE! Completely insane, huh? Seems like yesterday it was March.. I kinda wish it was March, I would like to redo some of that time..

Diana - lookie you go! So much posting! My mom has an apple body shape, tiny-ish legs, bigger belly, and small chest size, I guess I am kinda lucky in that sense. I like having a well defined waist, but hate the trade off of having big thighs! I wonder if its possible for anyone to be 100% happy with their body..

Kimberley - buying a good bra and good underwear makes clothes fit even better! I think they are totally a treat, only because they are SO expensive normally! Well, they can be expensive. The underwear I buy is 35 bucks for 3 pairs, a little insane, but they fit me SO good, it does feel like I'm wearing them (commando is NOT my style!). I get my bra's at Lane Bryant, they push my girls up, protect them from the cold (they are a molded cup), and give me a little padding where I need it (at the bottom, I am bigger up top if that makes sense).

Well girls, I had SUCH a healthy eating day... while I did have a coke, the food I ate was SO healthy. I'm impressed with myself! :) Have a great night gals! And I'll talk to you in JUNE!


06-01-2005, 04:21 AM
i agree should b marge who does it...but, in case she is MIA for now, we may need to....up becuz can't sleep. to try sleep again ...yawn...:)

06-01-2005, 07:53 AM
Follow us to the June thread that Kylie was kind enough to start for us last night! :D