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04-26-2005, 02:53 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :cofdate:

04-26-2005, 03:17 PM
:fr: :yikes: Ye gads! As of this morning I haven't a tooth in my head. I'm so glad it's all over with. I think I'd rather give birth again then hear teeth crunching lose in my jaws. Going back Thursday for molds .I am not a happy camper. Thoses dentures better be worth it. GRRRRRR.


da fat n da furious
04-27-2005, 01:33 AM
gawd Pam you are a brave brave woman! They would have to knock me out,,,of course catch me first to knock me out.
Well my mom had all her teeth taken when she was in her late 30s, and she doesn't regret it from what she says,,,of course she had trial and error with getting the right fit of the dentures....

hello to everyone else...
not much to say,,,working lots and finishing up props.

oh yes Jane had to tell you your side by side pictures really are remarkable,,,the difference,,,you have got to be proud of yourself! I am!

well off to bed,,,

04-27-2005, 01:37 AM
Pam~ You are a brave brave women. Good luck with the dentures.

Jane~ I second what Angie said, your side by side pictures are remarkable! I am very proud of you!

04-27-2005, 09:26 AM
Happy Hump Day!

Well I have to say sorry i havent been posting more.. This aweful weather has put me in a mini depression i think. Being stuck in this house probably doesnt help. I was supposed to go to town with my brother today to visit, and pick up a vacuum.. but DH didnt take the car seat out of the car before he left for work. So i am not going anywhere. Aww well. It is raining anyway, so nowi dont have to take the baby out in the rain. I am trying to remember for the last chit chat but i have a bad memory so i will try here goes:

Mindee: I hope you got some pics of the party. I have missed quite a few occasions by forgetting to bring my camera. :(

Angie: Hello! are you finding all your bady parts yet?:lol:

Jane: Yes i was amazed at your pics! Such a good-looking woman too! I agree though,, you stopped at the perfect size! You still look healthy!

Pam: Oh my... you poor thing! I got my wisdom teeth pulled a while ago..and that crunching noise is the worst sound in the world. feels like they are vracking your jaw. (the freezing didnt take in one side though.. that hurt a little lol). well i hope you will be happy with the dentures... My teeth are horrible, i imagine i will have to do the same thing soon!

Marti: Hello, I can't remember what you said, but hello hope you are having a good week!

Cristi: Hello! How is the weather your way.. cant be much worse then here!!

Hello to Anita, Katy, Katie, and anyone i might have missed! I am off to finish my morning coffee! Have a great day!

04-27-2005, 10:01 AM
Good morning, ladies! :D

Thank you so much to those who commented about my "Before and Now" pictures.

Pam - aww, you poor thing! It will all be worth it once you get the new teeth in, though. In the meantime, stock up on jello and mashed potatoes, lol.

Angie - I'm mailing out the book Ain't She Sweet today, and I sure hope you like it as much as I did! The heroine did some devious things to her classmates and others, which you would never do, but her spunky attitude is SO you! Btw, good luck with the props.

Terri - hope you're feeling more cheery today! Enjoy your coffee. :)

To my friend from church, DB - if you're reading this, pop in here and say hi, ok?

Well, I feel great today! Got a few errands to get done. Gonna mail that book to Angie, stop by Walmart and get some pictures made. Also need to stop by Maggie's and check on Jerry. Sheer will-to-live must be what's keeping him hanging on, God love him! Need to get some ironing done, too, so I can stop doing it piece by piece as I need it, lol.

What's on your agenda today?

04-27-2005, 11:28 AM
Hello, Hiding out. Have terrible speach impediment sence there are no teeth for tongue to press against. Still drulling blood but not to much. They perscribed Tylonal with codine but I tell you ,the Ibuprofen in a larger doze works better and doesn't make you sick. I'm surprised I haven't had more pain. Swelling yes.
How long has it been sence we heard from Ellen? Is she incontact with anyone? Does anyone know how to reach her? I keep sending her emails hoping she'll respond and be alright. Don't want her to think she's forgotten. (Just like you did for me Cristi.)


04-27-2005, 01:43 PM
A VERY good Wednesday morning ladies!

Well, I am a happy camper! :) Picked up my ring(s) and boy was I glad. I had been worried they were going to mess them up big time, even had a dream that I picked them up and it was messed up. V bought me a diamond anniversary band for my BD and 6th anniversary (told him should have bought it for the 7th since it has 7 small has been 7 years since we first met in person, 7 1/2 since we met tho) that is coming up and I had them soldered to my wedding ring(s)-it's actually a diamond and emerald wrap with a marquise solitare that are soldered and then the anniversary band at the bottom of those. It's three different rings but soldered together makes it one. Anyway, I am so relieved...wasn't supposed to get it till then but we weren't sure how long it would take for them to size it and then solder so took it in early and he put it on my finger yesterday. :) :love: Can't believe it is coming up on the 6th already. Of course some days it seems like it has been longer, LOL.

So today of course did the wally world thing. Was up at the crack of dawn for some reason. :shrug: so went ahead and got that out of the way. Ran to the PO to mail some BD cards I almost forgot and made a stop at Hallmark to replenish my stock of BD cards-had a certificate and they always burn a hole in my pocket! :lol: Now just need to run to the dairy and get some milk and Walgreens to pick up my pics and I am done for the day. Well, will take V dinner this evening since he is working late.

Terri~the weather here is GORGEOUS! :sunny: Supposed to be 72 after being about 63 yesterday. It was nice but kind of chilly with the wind blowing. Tomorrow and Friday it is supposed to rain so I am going to get outdoors for sure today.

Pam~I haven't heard anything from Ellen and I too have sent her e-cards and snail mail. I really am worried about her. Well, just think, in a little while you will have perfect, white teeth! :D I am afraid I will have to get dentures in the not so distant future. I do take care of my teeth but have had gum disease for years. My mother had all her teeth pulled in her late 20's, I think at the ripe old age of 29. So I feel fortunate to still have most of mine for now anyway.

Mindee~I forgot to go and check out the pics yesterday, oopsie! I will do that as soon a s I post. Curious to see the pic cake-I've seen them before but never had one done. Nor have I had an ice cream cake.

Angie~my mother too had her teeth pulled at a young age. They said it was from having so many (6) kids at such a young age. I had dreams for many years that I too would have to have dentures at that young an age for some reason it scared me to death! Now the dreams have stopped and I figure if I have to have them one day so be it. Hey, maybe that will be the way to lose this weight! :lol:

Hi to everyone else:wave:

Need to go get a couple of loads of laundry done. Think we are about ready to get a new washer and dryer. Put it off long enough and told V yesterday that now the dryer is squeaking...don't think that is a good sign. What happened to the days where they lasted at least 10 years?! Kind of liking the orange ones at Sears. Speaking of laundry, just remembered I need detergent so may run to Super Target and get Era since it is supposed to rain tomorrow & Friday. Don't care to get ou tin the rain unless I have too, people drive too stupid when it rains. Wal-mart doesn't have the big bottles so I get it either at Target or Sams when we go. Anywhoooo................

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

04-27-2005, 01:56 PM
Okay Mindee, saw the pics! Silly me didn't scroll down the page to see that there was a part 2 pics. :dizzy: Love the cake(s). The individual one is so cute! And I can't believe how big Brandon has gotten. Can really see that in the one of him on the rocking winnie the pooh-so cute!

04-27-2005, 03:52 PM
Well, today I had a really nice surprise. The boss took all the girls out to lunch today for Administrative Professional's day (Secretary Day) Although, I am not the Admin girl in the office anymore, I still do some admin stuff along with the other girls. So it was a nice treat. We went for Italian--(something I rarely eat) but I had a wonderful lunch of Salmon with Fettucine and a Salad with Vinegarette. Not exactly low cal, but I so rarely go out to eat anywhere I figured it was worth the splurge. :eating2: And it was YUMMY!
Definitely have to get on the ski machine tonight though. I missed this morning's workout, DH broke a tiny blood vessel on his nose last night and woke up in a puddle of blood. So I was up washing sheets at 5:00 a.m.. :yikes:

Anyhow, I hopped on the scale this am too, and was right in my guestimation that there was no weight loss this month. Possibly about 1 pound but the scale will not show it this week due to the imending arrival of the monthly visitor KWIM?

I did workout yesterday as mentioned before. I did 200 crunches on the stability ball and today my abs are killing me. It's a good hurt though.

PAM My you are a brave soul. My dad is actually a dental technician and makes dentures for a living. Hopefully it won't take too long until you are able to eat again.

CRISTI Your rings sound absolutely beautiful. I still cannot get my wedding ring and engagement band on my finger since Joycelyn was born. :cry: I am only able to wear my promise ring. I miss my rings and will be glad when I lose more weight so I can wear them.

TERRI I hope you are feeling a little better. I know how it feels being a slave to the house. Especially in the winter, everything seems drearier. I say winter because lets face facts, spring doesn't really arrive in Canada until May 24th weekend. Do you have a cover for the stroller? Maybe you can try to get out between rains.

Anyway all I must go!!



04-27-2005, 03:54 PM
Back again :lol:

Just editing my first post today because something was bugging me, that and I forgot to log out as I sometimes do-which really is no big deal I guess. :dunno:

Went to Target-boy that was a fast trip. What I love about the Super Target is there is hardly ever anyone shopping there during the day. I have passed by there on a weekend and have seen the parking lot full. But all the times I have gone they usually have two cashiers working and that is more than enough. I don't buy all my groceries there because they just don't have the selection and someof the brands that I buy that they have a t Wal-Mart. Just went ahead and bought milk there to save another stop. Too much running around today. But I have enjoyed it since the weather is nice. Even had the sunroof open. Never really cared for them but I am lovin' it!

Now to get that laundry done. Actually, I am getting it done. Waiting for the jeans to dry before putting the whites in the dryer. Funny, the squeaking noise stopped. Maybe it knows we were discussing replacing it! :lol: Okay, in a goofy mood today for some reason.

Gotta go and watch the last movie rented. Watched Taxi yesterday-thought it was funny! Of course I love both Queen Latifah and Jimmy Falon. I know it didn't get goo reviews at the box office but I liked it.

Meant to mention a new lotion fragrance. If any of you buy lotion at Bath & Body Works they have a new 2005 scent called Violet Bouquet and boy is it divine! I definitely reccomend it. Also, stuck with my usual Cucumber & Melon scent. These lotions are the best. I don't use them all over my body as the scent would clash with my perfume. Use Jergins all over but the stuff from Bath & Body is great on my hands and feet! Makes me feel pampered.

Okay, so I'm going. See ya ladies :wave: Have a good one!

P.S. Had to say Hi to Anita-we were posting at the same time. I am loving my rings. Of course won't it be fun for someone when and if I lose the weight and have to have it resized?! They did do a good job but I am such a worry wart about everything. Well, actually, I have eased up some on the kids. I try to stay pretty busy to keep my mind off of things I have no control over-sometimes it works, sometimes not. Love Italian food (DH and I had Olive Garden last night for dinner-don't know if they have those in Canada) and that was very kind of your boss. Glad you enjoyed your lunch! Guess I better get going. Have a nice day!

04-27-2005, 04:30 PM
Hello ladies--

I checked out chat and no one there!

I woke up feeling miserable today. I had a hard time getting to sleep too....the last time I looked at the clock wondering if sleep will take me it was 8:15!! :tired: finally just decided to get up at noon.

I will post more when I'm feeling better. Right now I'm going to make some tea.

Take Care

04-27-2005, 10:40 PM
And I'm back again! :lol:

Had a few minutes and thought I would see if anyone had posted. V is still at work so just hangin' out till he comes home. Did take him dinner at 7 p.m. Was nice to spend some time with him-don't do that often enough.

Marti~hope you got some much needed sleep and are feeling better. I hate when that happens. I do like you-if sleep doesn't come I just get up. No point in me tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep and it not happen'. Anyway, hope you are feeling better and not coming down with anything.

Guess I'll go read some and maybe see if something is on the telly. Never seems to be anything on Tuesday or Wednesday.

See ya ladies tomorrow sometime. Nighty, night...

04-27-2005, 11:43 PM
Good evening, ladies,

Cristi - your rings sound very nice! We ladies do love our jewelry, don't we? :D

Anita - mmm, Italian food sounds so good! It was nice of your boss to take you ladies out. Hope your dh's nose is ok now. Btw, thanks again for the heartfelt PM! It truly made my day.

Marti - any special reason you're having trouble sleeping? Hope you aren't getting sick and that you're all rested by the time you read this.

Pam - how long will you have to go until you get your dentures?

Angie - yikes! I had trouble getting the book mailed today. First of all, I had to re-address it, since I hadn't used all caps! I said that I've sent many cards to my Canadian buddies, and none of them ever came back due to small letters. She said it was a fairly new rule. So she gave me a small piece of paper to use to re-do your addy. Then, since it was a package, I had to do a customs declaration! Sheesh, all for a paperback, lol. But it was worth it if you enjoy the book, toots.

A big hello to all the others!

Today I bought some things for Katie's graduation party. Balloons, table coverings, napkins, pop, etc. Also got an autograph (stuffed) weiner dog for all her friends to sign. Cute! Tomorrow I'm taking Macy with me to do my grocery shopping and want to get the house tidied before I leave. Not sure when I'll be able to pop in here. So..... have a great Thursday, ok?

04-28-2005, 10:03 AM
:coffee:Good Morning:coffee:

:blah: Well, today the health nurse is coming to visit in the morning. They have been coming to visit since i had the baby. It is a program here they have called healthy babies healthy children. They send visitors as often as you need them, they come and help with the kids and any problems you are having. Like new moms can have a nap, or a shower ect. while they watch the baby. But mine usually just helps me clean:lol: since that is the area i have the hardest time with. Then the health nurse checks in once in a while to see how mom is. Then this afternoon i will be going to town with my brother. I am going to visit my aunt who is visiting from Thunder Bay and will be leaving on Monday. Should be fun to get out of the house. Will make the day pass faster. Dh is off next week, so i am sure we will be busy getting our firewood for next year. Because anyone who know Northern Ontario.. You have to do these thins before the blackflies and mosquitos come because they will drive you nuts in the bush!:yikes: Even though the weather has been horrid, me and the kids and my brother have been going outside after supper in between rain showers :rain: and we play catch and stuff. So i guess i am still getting a little exercise!

Jane: :df: I bet you are having a busy day! Hope you get everything done that you wanted to !

Marti: :df: Wow not sleeping really takes its toll on the body! I feel for you. I have trouble getting to sleep before midnight. I try to lay down at 10, but it never works.

Cristi::df: Wow you had a busy day shopping yesterday. I Love spending money makes me feel better. That is probably a bad thing. But I LOVE Walmart! It is my favorite store ever!

Anita: :df: I dont have a cover for the stroller. Maybe will get a bug net before summer! I am thinking about buying an enclosed trampoline for the kids at Canadian Tire. They are going on sale on Saturday. Then maybe mom could do her exercises on there:lol:

Pam::df: I have also been worried about Ellen. I guess she will be back when everything is sorted out. Last posts on here she wasnt feeling very well!
:df: Well hello to everyone else.. Hope you have a good day, and the weather is better then here lol:rain: . I always have a hard time when you guys talk in Fahrenheit. I always learnt will celcius!

04-28-2005, 11:58 AM
Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

Terri~love that program! I think that is great that someone comes in to help, so cool! Glad you and the kids are getting out for a little bit regardless of the weather. I think that's why I did all my running around yesterday because the weather was so nice-too nice to be indoors. I really don't care to shop, no really. Maybe if it was for me it would be nice but it was just grocery shopping. Although I did get a couple of things for the house-a basket for magazines, a plate for my shelf above the stove/refrigerator and a pot-need to replant a plant in a bigger pot. Once in a while I will splurge and get some polish or make-up. Hope you have a fun time/visit with your mom (umm, your brother-for some reason I read mother! :doh: and Aunt.

Jane~I don't really wear or have a lot of jewelry. I do have some special pieces that V bought me but mostly I just wear my wedding ring, gold hoop earrings and alternate between my diamond pendant and heart locket. Once in a while I will wear my charm bracelet and maybe a ring on my right hand but I do love my wedding ring(s)! That rule sounds goofy-having to capitalize everything? It must be a really new rule as I just mailed a book to a girl in Canada and while I have had to do the customs thing each time they never made me redo the address. But then we are talking about the PO! Can't believe they are wanting to raise the price of stamps again!

Marti~hope you managed to get some sleep and you are feeling better.

Anyone having trouble with the bold, color, size stuff? Every time I highlight it to bold something the screen goes to the top of the page. Had to type it in.

Well, need to get going. Have a few errands of my own to run. Need to take movies back to Blockbuster and get Cellular this time. Also, DD wants to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-don't like Jim Carrey at all but this may be okay. I just hate his comedies because I think it is forced and he tries too hard to be funny. Also, decided to tan a little so going to run over and get that started and since V is working late tonight again I am going to bake some cookies and sneak them in his truck with a card. So I guess kind of a busy day today.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care and have a wonderful day!

04-28-2005, 12:27 PM
Hello, it's me. My mouth looks like the "black hole of Calcutta". LOL. Today I go have molds made and will find out when I get the chompers. I've been told it's like haveing to saucers in your mouth. But, I WILL GET USED TO IT! I've been told the trick is to keep them in your mouth till you do get used to them. My friend even sleeps with them in. She assures me that hanging in there will be eventualy rewarded by a day when I realize I've forgotten they are there. I'm having a hard time believing this but hope it's true.

04-28-2005, 04:24 PM
just a quick message cause little boy just woke up.

things are going around here. due to the weather change, and because it is Michigan, Brandon now has a cold. Last night Brandon woke up at 1am, and it took me putting two pillows on top of each other in between me and Tommy just to get him to be able to breath. Then of course I fell asleep, so we all slept soundly until this morning. He has been doing better with the congestion. But earlier today he came over to me, leaned so I would know that he wanted to be picked up, and he fell asleep about 5 or 10 minutes after he climbed into my lap.

he was eating some Ramon noodles with me at lunch time. I gave him a cup with juice in it to drink, and he is getting the hang of it. Before he used to just chew on it, now he will put it in his mouth. We still have to work on the tipping part, but that will come in no time.

04-28-2005, 06:24 PM
Hello ladies!

For only getting a few hours of sleep the other night...I wasn't exhausted when I got home....and ended up having another restless night!!! TOM is here so I'm thinking that may be part of my problem. Because other than that, I haven't been drinking much caffeine and I'm keeping up w/my workouts...everything seems normal. Just can't sleep.

Terri--I believe the weather affects a lot of peoples moods. There are a lot of days in winter that I just don't have any motivation to get myself moving! And when Jhanai was a baby....winters seemed to drag on forever! I wanted to take her everywhere and go explore! I'm glad that you've been able to get out and enjoy the outdoors in between rain!

Pam--My dad had all his teeth pulled too, not to long ago. And now that he has his dentures, his health has improved! It's amazing how our teeth can cause some health issues. I hope you enjoy your new teeth and smile all the time! :D

Jane--So glad that you put your photo up! You look great. It really helps seeing a photo next to the story. Gives us a boost of motivation!! When is Katie's party?? I can't believe how fast this year is going!! April is almost over and summer is just around the corner. Pretty soon I will be pushing my walker ahead of me because I didn't take care of myself very well! :lol: Need to get more active.

Cristi--Your ring sounds beautiful!! What a wonderful BD/Anniversary gift!! You watch a lot of you have netflix available there? I've heard aobut it and so many people recommend it if you watch movies a lot. I may watch a movies once every couple months. But it still seems like a great program. I know that you don't like Jim Carey, but have you seen Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events? I heard that was a good movie. I haven't seen it...but may rent it.

Anita--What a great treat from the boss! I think that going out every now and then and treating yourself to something you hardly ever get to something that everyone should do. As long as you don't make it a habit you're fine. And you deserve it!! your poor DH!! What a scary thing to wake up to! Hope he's ok.

Mindee--Hope Brandon starts to feeling better. With the weather being all's hard to keep them healthy.

I got a call from my sister today. She lives in Florida and it had been awhile since we talked. I always managed to miss her when I call.....finally got in touch. She told me of her first visit to New York....she was scared to death from the Taxi ride!! She has only spent a day in NY, but she was loving it. She wants to go back w/her DH and do more than a day trip. I sure miss having her closer!! We are on completely opposite coast! :( And I hadn't seen her since I was still married to my ex. (long time)

Ok gals...I need to do some cleaning. You all have a great day!

04-28-2005, 08:41 PM
Hiya ladies,

Terri - hope the visiting helper/nurse gave you a little break today. We have the same thing available around here, according the the notices in the newspapers. Seems like a good idea to help the mommas in their own environment.

Cristi - ack! I sure do agree about Jim Carrey. He's just too over-the-top for me! The lady at the PO said it is a new rule. A dumb one, too, if ya ask me, lol. She also said here in the US they don't like us to use commas, periods or any other punctuation and that she thinks we will go to the all capitols one of these days, too. Guess I'm gonna be busy re-doing address labels, lol.

Marti - glad you got to talk to your sister! Maybe some day you two could meet in the middle for a nice visit. Like Indiana, for instance. :D Well, ok, that's not the middle, but you get the idea, lol. Katie's party is May 21st, and I can barely wait! About Netflix, I see where they added "maximun 4 movies per month" on the TV ads. That line didn't used to be there, but now it is. That's only 1 a week, basically, which seems skimpy for true movie buffs. Oh well, they never asked me, lol.

Hi to all the others. :wave:

In regards to Ellen, just so the newer one will know, she often has spells where she's absent for a long stretch. During that time, she often doesn't answer much email or many PMs. Nothing personal, - she'll think it's so sweet of you to ask about her when she does get around to reading it all. Let's just hope that won't be too long now. :)

I had a great day with Miss Macy! We had to stay indoors since it rained almost all day, but we had fun anyway. She was 2 in January, and I tell ya, see eats like a truck driver, lol. Really packs it away, lol.

See you tomorrow sometime...... have a good one!!

04-28-2005, 10:45 PM
I am so maaadddd! :mad: Bush was on tonight and The O.C. wasn't on after :mad: So I turn it on channel 12 hoping to see CSI and Survivor is on! Hoping one of the two will be on later. Anyway, so thought I would jump on here for a few minutes.

Marti~glad you are feeling fine. Was worried you might be coming down with something. About the ring...I really didn't expect it at all. I was kind of hoping for one on our 10th but not now. On V's BD when we went to the mall we stopped at the jewelry store to get our rings checked and cleaned (every April & Oct.) and while the guy was doing that he took me over to the anniversary rings-I was so surprised because it was his BD! Of course the woman starts bringing out the biggest ones-don't think so. It had to be small enough to add to my wedding ring because I didn't want to not ever wear it. Then he surprised me again by giving it to me early. Actually, we go through periods where I won't rent movies for months and then will go crazy and get some every weekend for a while and then stop again. Just depends on what is going on. Which right now is not much! Haven't seen that movie with Jim Carrey. My mom took my nieces while we were in AR and asked if we wanted to go. While I would have enjoyed the time with them, just wasn't interested in seeing that movie. I think he is fine in serious movies but when he tries to be funny, umm, I will pass. Funny thing on the news a couple of nights ago someone broke into a Blockbuster in Wichita, the night before that movie was to go on the shelves the next day and they took every copy of that movie. What the heck is up with that? Kinda weird...would have thought they would take a bunch of different movies. Glad you got to talk with your sis and like Jana said, maybe one day you guys can get together and meet in the middle somewhere.

Jane~I am surprised that the PO hasn't started that-all capitals and no periods or commas. I know a while back, quite a few years-when they changed some of the state abbreviations and I was living in Joplin. They were asking people to spell out things like street, avenue, boulevard etc., also the extra 4 digits for the zip code to ensure you get your mail. Don't think too many people obliged. I hardly ever spell out street, avenue etc. It's a little crazy especially if you have long street names and then add an apt. number to it, etc. I think tho all capitals makes it hard to read. Who knows though what the PO will do. Isn't it funny how much food some kids can eat. Makes me think of my sister and one of my brothers-they eat, and eat and eat and never gain an ounce! Too bad I didn't get that gene, LOL. Is Katie excited about graduating and going to college?

Pam~I can't remember how long it took my mother to get used to her dentures. She had to keep going back because they didn't fit right-they were too lose. They finally got it right tho and it didn't bother her. She can eat just about anything-I've seen her eat corn on the cob and apples and she doesn't wear any kind of denture cream.

Anita~guess I missed that about your hubby's nose, oops! That had to be scary-I hope everything is all right. And WTG on getting that work out! :cp:

Mindee~aaahhh, poor baby. I hope Brandon gets to feeling better soon. Yeah, this weather will mess a person up. Thought I was getting a cold when it changed but I seem to be fine. It was warm and then got cold. Today was mostly sunny but a little on the chilly side.

Terri~like your new avatar! It's cute! I changed mine also. I like the teddies but this one looks a little angry to me. I like how it changes tho.

Well, ladies, I hope everyone had a nice day. I'm going to go look up a couple of things and then be off here by 9. See ya ladies :wave:

04-29-2005, 01:06 AM
Good evening ladies. We have had cool weather again and rain, ugh. I did manage to walk on the days it wasn't pouring. I got the treadmill moved out to our screen porch and will start using that when the weather won't co-operate. I am still cleaning, can you believe it? Actually, it goes deeper than just Spring cleaning since we are trying to get the house ready to list. Finding lots of things to get rid of and furniture to sell.

Jane, sounds like you had/have fun with your "grands." I am sorry that mine here are teens. Not that I don't adore them, but they were more fun when they were little. Now they are hard to catch up with for a visit. My little guy is all the way out in CA. He just turned 5. The others are 18,15,14 and 14.

Marti, glad you got to talk to your sister. I think I would be intimidated with New York city too. I hope you get to see each other very soon. How many siblings do you have?

Mindee, the bd party sounded lovely. Sorry the birthday boy now has a cold. I am going to look at his pictures when I get done here. I am sure they are just the sweetest things.

Pam, Oh my. Your poor mouth. I hope you heal quickly and get the dentures soon. I just went to have my teeth cleaned Tues. and thankfully there was nothing wrong. I am always waiting for the worst news since both my parents had dentures at an early age. What are you able to eat now?

Christi, I used to like Jim Carrey in comedies, but I guess I outgrew the bathroom humor or something. Now he just seems odd. Of course, I haven't seen any movies lately. The last one I watched was Calendar Girls. It was quit cute.

Anita, washing sheets at 5 Hope your DH is okay. I also love Italian food. I would rather eat pasta than anything except maybe a juicy burger. Can you see why I can't lose weight? UGH..

Terri, that is a good idea to send the helpers. New moms are often overwhelmed with all they have to do. Do they have helpers for old ladies that can't get their act together? :)

Luckily the President didn't interupt Apprentice or ER here tonight. My DH is a news junkie, so we are frequent Fox news watchers along with any network big stories. I admit, I can't follow alot of the political stories, or just don't want to. :devil:

How many JL's put out a garden? I used to, but not for a few years and I miss the canning and fresh food. Don't miss the weeding and hoeing however. (It is good exercise though)

Okay, I am off to bed. Hi to Ellen, Angie, Katy, Susan...missing persons.. and ALL the new JL's and anyone else I am missing.

04-29-2005, 01:11 AM
Got a shock today when my internet provider told me they are going out of business. They sure could have told me before I recently sent a check for a year. Now I have to mess around with getting a refund and finding another server. I am going to try AOL free for 2 months and see if I want to go with them. It is just such a hassel to change and set up new e-mails. Luckily I have a hotmail account that I use so that won't change. What I really old server would accept a check and all these new ones want to automatically debit or charge. I don't know what I am going to do.

Oh well....just venting.

04-29-2005, 10:12 AM
:cool: TGIF!!!!!:dizzy:

Well as much as i like my quiet weeks with Emma. I do enjoy the week-ends when i have adult company! Wow yesterday was insane. The nurse came around 11:00 am. Stayed until about 12. My brother then showed up and we headed off to town.(about 25 minutes from here) We went to the bank and then Walmart to i could buy a vacuum. Then he dropped me off to visit my aunt while he went to get his allergy needle. Then we left about 3:30 and got home at 4. But poor little Nolans bus was early and he got home before us. We got home as he was walking out the yard to go to the neighbours. (his aunts) . wowsers poor little guy must have been scary to come home and noone there! Then we get in the house and says to me.. are you bringing me to the Spring concert at school tonight? I said no Nolan there is no spring concert tonight. So i called my aunt and sure enough yep it was last night at 7. So, i got the kids fed and changed and at 6:30 we were off again! It was cute ... always cute to see the little ones singing. And the baby was dancing away.. she had a great time! So we didnt get home until 9. That was my busiest day in a loooong time! Got home just in time to watch survivor and the Apprentice! I know I know but i love my reality shows.. they are almost the only thing i watch on TV. Other then regis and kelly and The View. Well i was going to do individuals but this post seems long enough :lol: I will try to come back later this afternoon and see what everyone is up to! TTFN xxoo

04-29-2005, 10:15 AM
Oh ya i forgot.. Suetallks.. I usually put out a garden, didnt last year because the baby was too little. I am hoping to this year. But up here we dont plant until after the May long week-end! I like my fresh veggies!

04-29-2005, 11:43 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Sue~when you are finished with your house can you come clean mine? :) I haven't even thought about spring cleaning, well, I have thought about it...for like 2 seconds! LOL That's about as far as I got, just a thought. I was wanting to see Calendar Girls-I thought it looked cute. I don't do a garden-would love to but don't think I ever will. I did plant some cherry tomatoes and so far seem to be doing good. :crossed:

Terri~I used to watch Regis & Kelly and The View-don't watch much daytime tv at all anymore. My tv watching usually starts at 3:30 with Jeopardy, then Ellen and the News. Then it's off to HGTV land till 7 :lol: and after that who knows. Totally depends on what's going on and what night it is. Thursday is my favorite tv night with The O.C., CSI and Without A Trace except last night I only got to see CSI because of the Prez and his BS. Anyway, I agree about always nice seeing the little ones sing, and in plays and such. Yours are at such a cute and fun age.

I was up bright and early. Thought I would get a jump on the day and went tanning first thing-not liking this new vanilla smelling lotion. Of course I have been getting up earlier than I normally do lately anyway. Haven't slept past 8:30 in a looong time, except when I was sick. I am actually going to get on the treadmill and do a 20 minute walk. I have got to start walking and getting some kind of exercise in. Not so much to lose weight but for my health. I'm switching my focus from losing weight to being healthy. If I should happen to lose weight along the way then good for me. If I don't, I can live with that. One thing you said Jana that sticks with me is that what we weigh is not who we are. And while I don't cherish the thought of being overweight the rest of my life I have come to accept me/my body the way it is. My DH & kids love me just the way I am and to me that's all that matters.

Really don't have plans for the day. Going to straighten the house, dust a little, water some plants and vaccuum. When V gets home we are headed to SAMS to stock up on some things. Haven't been there in a while and need to get some water and other essentials. Hopefully it doesn't rain anymore today. This weather is so weird, west KS got snow yesterday! :yikes: We are getting the rain, which is good as we need it but it is chilly, only supposed to be in the 50's today. Brrrrr...

Question: Does anyone know anything about Rose of Sharon? We bought one and planted it and it was doing so good. Then it got a little chilly and now it is dying. It didn't freeze overnight so I am stumped. I thought they were hardy plants and I had been watering, not too much because I know over watering is almost as bad as not enough water but I don't know what is going on with it. :dunno:

Well, ladies guess I best get going. I AM going to go walk as soon as I get off this computer and then do my cleaning and jump in the shower.

Hi to everyone else. Take care ladies and have a wonderful day and weekend if I don't see ya later today or tomorrow. :wave:

04-29-2005, 12:38 PM
Know you all are on pins and needles as to when I get my chompers.LOL. My first fitting is Tuesday. None to soon for me. Been having to get my walk in at the crack of dawn so I don't have to smile and say good morning to anyone. Had no idea I was so My diet is centered around mashed potatos. yogurt, cottage cheese, soup,apple sauce, ice cream ,(for comfort and I don't feel a bit guilty)and Slim Fast shakes. I want a burger and pizza so bad I can almost taste it.Grrrr. I am greatfull I'll have the new teeth by Mother's Day. The kids always take me someplace really nice and I look forward to it.


04-29-2005, 02:01 PM
Back again for just a few minutes...

Had to report that I did get in a walk. Went ahead and did a 25 mn. walk on the treadmill, 10 mns. on the exercise bike and did some weight training, just a few minutes of that-didn't really time myself. Don't know if that was good for my arms or not but it kind of felt good. So it's a start for sure. :cp:

Pam~I would do the same. I think we all are vain to an extent. Hey, at least with your eating it may be a good thing in that you will lose some more weight! It actually doesn't sound so bad. :)

Okay, I'm outta here again. Not sure if I will make it back again today or tomorrow so have a GREAT weekend everyone! See ya :wave:

04-29-2005, 02:23 PM
quick update:

Brandon is doing better, he still has a somewhat cough and running nose. Me and the jumping bean are doing great. Tommy, who has two jobs at the moment, got another job offer yesterday. He would be working at a phone store, but he would be making up, money wise, for the two jobs that he has now. He should hear about it today and we will go from there.

Marti~ I hope TOM isn’t being too much of a pain for you. The weather seems to be evening out some, so he should be getting rid of it all soon…..I hope!

Ellen~ We miss you, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Jane~ Thanks for updating the new members. Sounds like you had a fun day!

Cristi~ Sorry you didn’t get to watch The O.C. or CSI. When I was flipping through the channels, I found CSI, I think it was around 10 or so when I was flipping. It was summer like, then it turned to winter, and now it seems to be on a warming trend, once we get passed this weekend.

Suetalks~ Yeah, he had a blast at his party. He loves playing with all his toys now. He will even purposely play with the ones that daddy finds annoying. He has this fire truck that you push the driver down and it makes noises and then moves, Tommy doesn’t like it that much because it is too loud and makes too much noise. Brandon knows that daddy doesn’t like it, so he purposely pushes the driver down over and over again. Sorry to hear about your server.

Terrie-Lee~ Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday! I hope today is a much calmer day for you!

Cristi~ My sister has rose bushes, and I think she has a rose of Sharon, actually, I think she has a couple. I am not sure about your rose of Sharon, have you asked a florist or someone at a plant store?

Pam~ Good luck at your fitting!

04-29-2005, 11:25 PM
Well, better late than never, I guess! :D

Sue - we put out a garden with everything you could possibly want in it. Even popcorn, lol. Neal takes care of it since he has most of the summer off. After December, he'll have every day off. Sorry you have to change servers! I don't even use the email addy that comes with mine. Just always use yahoo then I don't have to change it when my server changes, lol. Am I lazy, or what?

Terri - I like The View, too, when the hosts aren't all talking at once. :dizzy: Isn't it funny that Star Jones won't talk about her weight loss? I had heard that she did the stomach-stapling type of surgery. But whatever she did, she's looking so nice now! I don't really watch a lot of daytime TV, but have to admit I'm getting hooked on Y&R. :o

Cristi - the only body lotion (with a scent) I use is the same fragrance as my perfume - Ralph Lauren Blue for Women. I get lots of compliments on that fragrance - even from strangers!. But mostly I use unscented Aveeno body lotion. It is so rich, and absorbs easily w/o any greasy feeling. I had several Rose of Sharon plants when I lived in town. Not sure what could be making them die out! Maybe you could call the nursery where you bought them, and ask for advice, since there are so many different strains of them, and maybe they can tell you what's going on.

Pam - speaking of dentures, Neal's partial broke in two yesterday! He got some mending stuff at Walmart and fixed them, thank goodness. When you first get your teeth, it will feel so alien, but before long, you won't even know they're in. As I mentioned, I have a partial plate on top and bottom, both, so although that's a little different, I feel for ya! After a couple of days, though, you'll start getting used to them, I think.

Mindee - good luck to Tommy getting the job. Sounds like it would sure give him more hours to be with his family.

Got the laundry and linens all caught up for the moment, lol, and I've been keeping the house looking nice. Also re-organized the playroom. Spent some time with Maggie and Jerry today, too. He's out of it, most of the time.

Have any of you picked up the new Oprah Magazine? It's the 5th anniversary one, and has a bonus "What I Know For Sure" supplement. Just got a new WW magazine, too, with some interesting-sounding recipes in it that have piqued my curiosity. If they're any good, I'll give you a head's up!


da fat n da furious
04-29-2005, 11:55 PM
Good evening ladies,

Cristi, your ring sounds beautiful. And I know nothing on the Rose of Sharon,,,should call a green house and ask...or go online and look up the care of it.

Marti, must be the spring thing, cause I haven't been doing much sleeping,,,lots of tossing adn turning...and Skittles is doing the same at different times,,,ya fun.

Terri, Monte isa reality tv junkie too, so wonder if he still will be if I get on TIO
Like you we don't plant until after May long weekend...since we have moved here we don't plant any veggies,,,no room.

Jane, thanks for sending me the book,,,never heard of having to use capital letters and such...weird eh?

Pam,,,yowsers...does it hurt? My mom said it hurt kinda with the plates in,,,felt bruised,,,and the adjusting,,,rubbing against the gums in places,,,you need to let your denturist know that so they can file that part down.

Sue,,,well that is rude of them to tell you now. We have Shaw here , and Ive never did learn our email name or anything so never use it,,,which is good cause if we decide to change it won't be hassle.

Well tomorrow I have a long day,,,going to the audition for Taking It Off,,,did anyone see Oprah today? There was a person who was from the show on there...yikes! She talked about how she won't lose the weight cause her husband wants her to. She lives is our neighbhourhood,,,Monte reconized her from us talking to her once about her dog...I don't remember but whatever. Im nervous,,,everyone will know how much I WEIGH!!!! gulp double gulp. As stupid as this sounds that is my main worry...
Then I can relax during the day and make soap...Pasqualina and I signed up for a class,,,body butter, soap and sea salt scrubs...
Then after we have a party at Shawna's So ya tomorrow will be a long day...
well I should go do something...clean...good thing to do when your stressed right?

04-30-2005, 12:35 AM
Hi Girls,

Just a quick note to say Hi. I am headed off to bed but I knew I wouldn't get a chance to post for the rest of the weekend and I wanted to check in.

Pam-- Hope all goes well with the fitting. Corn on the cob before you know it. ;)

Terri Wow, you are one busy lady. What kind of vaccum did you end up getting?

Jane It's easy to get hooked on the Y&R. I've been hooked for 21 years now. Hardly ever miss an episode. Jack Abbott is my favourite :love: :lol:

Cristi Rose of Sharon is absolutely beautiful once it's established. My girlfriend has a beautiful tree and the blooms are purple. We have one planted in our garden and it always looks dead until about July. My husband jokingly calls it Stick of Sharon. :D

Angie Wow! Taking it off is a great show. Best of luck. Don't worry about people knowing how much you weigh, the number on the scale isn't what's important anyway, the important thing is you are doing something about the number on the scale! BESIDES, no one ever remembers that stuff anyway. :goodluck: :grouphug:

Well ladies, I gotta fly. I need my rest. Tomorrow is a big day. DH and I are going out of town and NaNa and Grandpa are watching the darling angel. We have a friends 50th birthday party to attend.

:wave: to all that I've missed.

Feel better Marti!

Mindee-- Hope Brandon is feeling better too!


04-30-2005, 02:44 AM
Jane~ He got a call from the guy while we were out, so he called him back. He has to go to the store today at noon! He will be working from 10am to 7pm Monday through Friday and then on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. So that will be plenty of hours…..and hopefully enough to get everything money wise taken care of!

off to finish checking my email and then off to bed!

hello to those I missed.....any big weekend plans?

04-30-2005, 10:17 AM
Sorry I've been MIA - I messed up my computer trying to install a new-to-me cd burner, so had to call Rent-a-Geek to come out and fix it. Now all is well and I am really behind, but I scanned through what's been going on 'round here.....

We've been participating in TV Turn-off Week. The kids are doing great! James hasn't even batted an eye, Leigh has had a few cranky moments, but all in all, we've been having lots more fun. The kids fight less when they aren't parked in front of cartoons......go figure. Now DH and I don't watch that much to begin with, and no daytime tv, so we decided we would watch our shows, only after the kids went to bed. Amazing how productive a person can be, lol! My garden is planted, house is get to go to the bookstore tomorrow and get to pick out a new book for a reward. So now I need to keep the fun going....think I'll stick to the one hour screen time rule we've been using...

In honor of my upcoming birthday ( mind you I've been saying this about alot of things lately, lol) I decided to upgrade us to DSL...will be nice to be on high-speed and not tie up the phone line.

Weight-wise..not much change. I've been more active since I added gardening to my physical activities, but just started TOM, so I am feeling reallly bloated and yucky today. I'm really going to get back on track .....because I just feel so much better wehen I do!

Have a great weekend everyone!

04-30-2005, 12:15 PM
Ye Gads, why does everyone want to come visiting when you've warned them you won't have no teeth and don't want to see anyone till you do? Gesh, almost everyones been here. I'm having to get over my embassment and "grin" and bared it, so to speak.(with difficulty).
Guess what all? Am finally making head way dispossing of sister's dubious treasures. I sorted maybe 15 boxes of stuff from her shed and put them in various piles. Garbage-almost garbage-keepers. There turned out to be probubly 10 boxes garbage,4 1/2 boxes almost garbage amd 1/2 a box worth keeping. The almost garbage went out in front of the house with a "FREE" sign where most of it disappeared. What was left went with the garbage. Now I'm working on the garage. What is so sad is that my poor sister sorted though all that stuff when she was so ill and this is what she insisted on keeping and struggled so hard to put away.


04-30-2005, 01:13 PM
Good morning. Katy, nice to see you. I think the TV turn off week is a good idea. The little ones learn that there are other activities. I wish I had done that with my last youngun. He spent too much time on the tv or computer. Not enough outside exercise. (he is paying for it now by trying to slim down) He did and does love to read however, so tv didn't dampen that.

Pam, I know that is hard, going through your sister's things. I am thinking of you. Thank goodness my brother had a girlfriend and children who took care of his things. I don't think Mom could have done it. She is still not handling it too well. I have good days and bad, as I am sure you do.

Mindee, Great news on the new job! I hope that works out well with the new little one on the way. Is Brandon feeling better today?

Angie, Fingers crossed for your audition. You are one busy lady.

Anita, Have fun on your "day off." Always nice to get away from the little ones for an outing.

Not much going on here today. It is cold again, and no fun! I am installing and setting up AOL, so hopefully don't blow up my computer.

See you all later.

04-30-2005, 02:55 PM
Hi ladies~

Go to see ya checking in Katy. Love the no tv thing. I used to have Sunday as a no tv day. The kids and I played games all day after going outside for a while. Of course that was before cable and there was nothing on tv on Sunday anyway-and when they were a little younger. Can't remember the last time we had a game day without tv.

Pam~isn't that how it always works! LOL Oh well, they love you not your teeth so smile away! :)

Jane~I too wear the (Eternity) body lotion but I put the jergens lotion all over first and the body lotion just certain places ( a little on my legs, belly, neck and arms) just to get the smell and it helps by not using so much perfume. But I mostly use the bath and body lotions for my feet and hands-works so well and keeps them looking smooth. I too get a lot of compliments from strangers on my perfume. I usually change every few months, or at least after a couple of years of wearing one but I like this one so much I don't want or think I can change, not right now anyway. I haven't seen the new Oprah magazine-don't get that one too often anymore. Kind of got burned out on her and Dr. Phil. But I do get the Weight Watchers magazine delivered to me and there are some good recipes in the newest issue. I haven't tried any yet, but do plan to soon. Hope Maggie & Jerry are holding up well, as hard as it is.

Mindee~glad little Brandon is feeling better. Keeping my fingers crossed that Tommy gets the job. :crossed:

Angie~just remember your weight is just a bunch of numbers-it's you that counts, not what you weigh. And good luck with the audtion. :crossed:

Anita~enjoy your weekend and the party. I know you will miss your baby.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

This was supposed to be a quickie! :lol: V took me tanning this morning and then we came home and did some yard work. Can't work on the patio because it rained last week and it is still wet. Hopefully it will be dry enough to work on tomorrow. It is taking a while but it is slowly getting there. We did go to Lowes last night and bought a swing. Our patio table and chairs will go down there and the swing matches perfectly! Was afraid if we waited till the patio was done that they would be out of them. Anyway, need to get going he ran to the store and is back. Has to go to work for a few hours at 1:30 but has the whole day off tomorrow! I've got laundry to get done and some books to finish.

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend whatever you do! :wave:

04-30-2005, 08:33 PM

Just a quick post today. I have some thing that need done and some errand to do. Just wanted to say hello and hope you're all having a great Saturday.

Our weather is beautiful so I need to take advantage of it!

Take Care and I'll catch up soon.

05-01-2005, 01:08 PM
:coffee2: Good Morning Ladies. Expect a new comer to our board. You'll reginize her as DDfaire. She's trying to lose weight and liked what she saw here for support. She my neighbor and a real Darlin. She drives trucks by choice but is trained as a PC tec and was in nursing school at one time. She works at the same place my son does and has 2 teens. She's a real LIVE ONE so will be fun with her on boad.
Two more days to get though till "DENTURE DAY". DS is going to the store for me today to buy some goodies. Can't wait to show off my new pearly whites. The grocery clerks at my store and the folks at my vet ( been going to this vet for 20 yrs) have all insisted I come by and show My son's girlfriend is going to take me to Murel Norman for a make over after I get them and get used to them some. I could get used to this royal


05-01-2005, 04:16 PM
Just wanted to let you know.....

My brother-in-law Jerry lost his long battle with cancer last night. :( After being near-comatose for a couple of days, he opened his eyes about 15 minutes before the end. He wasn't able to say anything. My sister Maggie, their DD Jennifer, and Jerry's mom were all at the side of the bed, and the rest of us were nearby. Neal was holding one of my hands, and Mary was holding the other. When Jerry opened his eyes, Maggie rubbed his chest and told him that she loves him, and that she and Jennifer would take care of each other and his mom. Maggie kissed him, and told him to go rest now. That was it. Neal had given me a hankie, and since it was so soft, I used it to close his eyes. Then, since I've always heard the soul hovers above the bed, I looked upward and said, "Bye, Jerry. Godspeed!"

Visitation is Tuesday, and the funeral is Wednesday morning. I'll be busy with family things and know you'll understand if I'm not here much in the next few days.

I love you guys - my Jaded sisters. :grouphug:

05-01-2005, 04:28 PM
Jane--I'm SO sorry! My heart goes out to you and your family. I'm sending you many hugs your way!!

05-01-2005, 08:01 PM
Jane. Know how you feel. So glad you have others to greave with. You can help each other. You did good.


da fat n da furious
05-01-2005, 09:59 PM
Jane, please give your family and extra hug from me...
sending strength to them...

05-01-2005, 11:16 PM
Jane, You and your family are in my thoughts. Extra hugs for you and strength to get through the coming days.

05-02-2005, 12:08 AM
We took Brandon, Friday, to get a big boy hair cut. He sat on my lap and watched daddy get his hair cut. Then daddy grabbed him and put him on his lap so he could get a hair cut. He was doing good, and then he started to get antsy. I went and sat on the chair across from them, and that is when Brandon got really antsy and started crying. He jumped when he should of stayed still and the lady knicked the back of his ear with her scissors. So she told us that his hair cut was on her because she felt so bad for doing it. He was fine, in fact when she got done wiping him off with a towel and powder, he leapt into my arms and was all smiles.

Brandon still has his cold, but hopefully it is on its way out the door. All he has left now is a little bit of the cough and the runny nose. I am doing good….so is the jumping bean. Friday, this munchkin was active from the morning time into the early afternoon! I could feel he/she moving all over that place!

Tommy was able to meet with his buddy about the new job on Saturday. The guy called him back Saturday night before we went to the benefit dinner for my mom and dad and the kids. Tommy got the job, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, he is going to have to pass on it.

Last night while we were at the benefit, my sister told us that she was going to be putting the house up for sale in the middle of the month. And since we tried this time last year to get a mortage and didn’t succeed, we have no other option, but to move up to my parents house for now. So, it means that we will be doing some heavy packing in the coming days/weeks. We have to call about a Uhaul truck and boxes. Tommy was already looking for jobs up there and he says as much as he doesn’t want to go live up there, he is willing to deal with it for a short time, but he is willing to get things straightened out and maybe into a townhouse or something. He has always told me since he found out where my parents moved to, that he wouldn’t mind moving up there. I always told him he was nuts and that I was a city girl, but we don’t have another alternative.

Jane~ I am so sorry to hear about your BIL’s passing. I will keep you and his entire family in my thoughts and prayers.

Suetalks~ He is doing better. He now has a mean diaper rash, but one day at a time right?

Cristi~ Thanks for crossing your fingers for him.

05-02-2005, 12:53 PM
Good morning ladies~

Went tanning this a.m. and got my exercise in for the day. I may go for a walk outdoors also if I get things done soon. It is supposed to be about 60 today and no wind so a perfect day for a walk outdoors. Also, getting my water down.

Jane~so sorry to hear of Jerry's passing. (((((HUGS))))) to you and yours. I'm glad that you all were with him when he went and at least now he is at peace and not suffering. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. :grouphug:

Mindee~sorry about you guys having to move...I know what a pain that can be and to especially be moving in with your parents. I say that because in the beginning of my first marriage we had to do that because of date issues with a house we were buying and things not going as planned. These 3 ladies had owned the house and were bickering amongst each other about things and they wanted separate checks and so forth-delayed our moving in for almost a month! And the house was empty! They lived in San Fran many miles from where the house was, jeez! So sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. It will be over before ya know it and you guys will be in your own place soon.

Pam~looking forward to meeting and getting to know your friend. Hey, nothing like being pampered by your sons GF. And a make-over at Merle that is a treat! I got my DD's ears pierced at Merle Normans when she was 4 1/2 months old and know they do great make-overs-love their cosmetics. Of course we don't have them here. :(

Well, nothing much going on with me. Spent most of yesterday outdoors, was kind of chilly but was helping V with some things around the house. He finally had a whole day off, well from his job. Just has to work his second job at home! :lol: Today have loads of laundry to catch up on and a little bit of cleaning. Don't even bother with trying to clean on the weekend unless no one is home.

Hi to everyone else. Take care ladies and have a good day.

05-02-2005, 04:45 PM
Hi all
Jane - (((((HUGS))))) So sorry about Jerry - Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.....

Not much to report today..Leigh started her little Goldfish swim class. It is her first one without having to have a parent in the water with her. She was so cute and so happy... a natural swimmer! She surprised the instructor by giving him a big hug and kiss when the lesson was over....crazy girl.

Hope all is going well with all you JLs

05-02-2005, 06:12 PM
Hello ladies--

Not much time (seems to be that way w/me lately) to chat, but wanted to pop in for a minute.

Katy--How cute for Leigh to have a goldfish swim class!! I really need to get more involved w/Jhanai and her activities!

Cristi--I should really tan. For being a phillipino, I sure am white! My legs especially since they never see the light! :lol:

Mindee--Good luck w/the move. I'm sure it will all turn out being the best move! Sometimes things happen for a reason. Good luck to Tommy w/getting a job.

Pam--Looking forward to hearing about "Denture Day"! Must tell us how you're adjusting to them.

Sue--Hope your computer didn't blow up!! :lol: Our weather here in Oregon has been nice and not so nice. Always changing it seems. It poured like crazy yesterday and this morning there was sun! But the clouds are moving in, so I see more rain in the forcast.

Jane--My thoughts are w/you!!! ((((((((HUGS))))))))

Yesterday was a wonderful snuggle w/James day!! We went out for lunch, went shopping for bra's...(I'm sure he just loved that!) and then came home and just snuggled on the couch. Was very nice!!

Figuring out my next months time off at work. I plan on taking some days off for Jhanai's birthday. I'm not sure what we have planned but want to have fun since she'll be out of school. Going to figure out how to spend more time w/her in the summer time. Get more active. Can't believe she'll be in middle school next year!!

Ok...need to get myself cleaned up. You all have a good Monday!

da fat n da furious
05-02-2005, 07:01 PM
Hello everyone,,,
Marti I love snuggle days,,,we kinda had the same day...except for the bra's we shopped for tin and spray paint.

Katy,,,that sounds so cute goldfish

nothing to report...did my audition, and now have to wait for the next 2 days....
work was insane today,,,had my taxes done finally yesterday,,,I get 63 bucks back wahooo.

trying to think what to make for dinner....


05-02-2005, 10:37 PM
Hi everyone.. just a quick fly-by.. hubby is off this week been doing stuff around here.. i just wanted to say i am sorry for your loss Jane.. It is tough! Take care of yourself and family and hope you are feeling ok .. bye for now everyone ill try to sneak on in the morning! TTFN xxoo BIG HUGS to jane!!!

da fat n da furious
05-03-2005, 01:34 AM
ok so today went without a call...yes I am hoping they call,,,I hate this waiting game. I will make a promise that if I ever have to call someone with news I will do it ASAP...none of this waiting around...stressing. Need

tomorrow is another day,,,another opportunity. Talked with me boss today,,,she sent me the nicest email,,awesome support...of course this was before the pizza I had two pieces,,,

well off to bed I go...night all

05-03-2005, 02:22 AM
I hope you ladies don't mind, but I went ahead and started a new thread

so Stop, and head on over to chit chat #127