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05-25-2001, 12:46 PM
Boy, oh boy. Did we ever have a rough night. First the wind howled unbelievably loudly...both TDH and I were awakened. Stuff was blowing all over. THEN, we had the thunderstorm of the year. :eek: It cracked and lightning'ed (word?) for the longest time. I expected scared little girls to crawl in with me, but apparently jumping on Uncle D's trampoline rendered them senseless for the night. So I think I'm going to need a nap today.:yawn:

Lush...and Letty...the nerve. Trying to start a war. What if we refuse to rise to the bait? What if we just ignore you and ask about Wabby's garden and Sugar Plum's birthday cake? Or even wish Kiwi well on her excellent sailing adventure. There's so much more to talk about than your pedestrian little topic.

Bagz...we miss you. Post away, Eastern Canadian Timmy-visitor. We're with you. Say hi to my auntie Evelyn, will you? I'd love to come out there and visit her someday. It costs more to fly out East from here than it does to fly to Europe!

Speaking of Europe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUGAR PLUM! What kind of cake are you baking? Are the new French doors your birthday present from DH? :lol: Enjoy your day. You are the queen of the threads today. Parental units are presently in the air, returning from Munchen and probably bagged. I will pick them up at the airport and chauffeur them home this afternoon. Sounds like they had a marvelous time. Denmark with your folks? Sounds great. A good friend of ours from University days is from there, he makes wonderful pastry (how typical), designs teak furniture, and had grandparents in the Resistance. Such a stereotype there never was. He showed me picutres of Tivoli (must go!) and Legoland. I'm in. It would be a fine visit. Oh! And Danish ribs. MMMMM.:spin:

The job looks hopeful, I got a second interview next week when the president returns from visiting his sick father in Ontario. (Triple bypass surgery--eep) I hope it turns out. Looking for childcare (before and afterschool) in the neighbourhood, don't want to ask my mom (I know she'd do it!) because I want her to be free to enjoy her retirement. She's already done the childrearing thing. Although I know she'd love to be with them, it might be better not to go there.

Ou est la Peche?

Frappe, dearest, so sorry about the dental surgery! Ow!:( We wish you a speedy recovery and hope you don't suffer too much more. That codeine is something else, isn't it? :spin: How's every other little thing in your life? DH working? DD still living in her own pad? Other kids still delightful? Bugsy growing more obedient and lovable with every passing day?

Bon voyage, Kiwi! You will have a great time. Just know it.

Wabby! How goes it? Are you washing at the laundromat today? Too bad you can't post. But you can have a cool one and read tattered magazines while you launder. That doesn't sound too bad, put that way. Hope you don't melt.

05-25-2001, 01:49 PM
You sure are talkative today, Cranbunny. Must've gotten a little lightning zap last night. I know what it is--you just like it here because they don't cut off the end of your posts! What was that all about over in "the other place"? You were the only one that happened to. Now Bagz is the only one who can't post when she wants. Strange, these computer thingies.

Frappe! You do have all the pain and suffering these days, don't you? Poor dear, hope you feel better soon, and I also hope nobody is expecting you to be supermom while you feel like :dz:

Happy Birthday Sugar Plum!

Pretty flakey about the Danish pastry, Cran.

I saw a big brown bunnyrabbit this morning while walking my big black fluffydog.

The boat has left the yard along with DH. I am supposed to follow with DD this afternoon. Before then I need to take a shower, pack my clothes, organize all the food, make sure DD is packed, get the dog to the vet and go to the grocery store. We might get out of here by midnight. And DD has a cold. Great start to the weekend :p

Later everyone. Have a Memorable Memorial Day weekend or something.


05-25-2001, 02:08 PM
My washing machine just decided to start working again. I fiddled with the controls, turned it on and off a couple times and it decided to start up, so I'm saved from the laundromat.

I'm looking forward to a long quiet weekend. Both my kiddos are going to be off camping with friends. DH and I will be alone for the whole weekend! What the heck will we do???? I'm not sure if I like this flying the nest thing, even if it's just for a weekend.

I have once again decided that it's time to do something about this weight. I can't wait until after the holiday weekend or I'll probably have another 5 lbs. to lose. I'm on starvation rations.

Cranny, good luck on the job, dearie. I wish you an interesting job with lots of flexibility for kids. I think you're wise to keep Grandma out of the childcare business. My parents wanted to do the same for my sister's little boy, but she didn't take them up on it for the same reason. She wanted them to enjoy their time together, not turn it into an obligation. Grandpa and Grandma do stop in and pick my nephew up from daycare sometimes for a special day together, though.

Frappe, hope you're staying appropriately drugged up until your dental pain is over.

Garden alert - scroll if you want - everything is soooo beautiful this time of year. I have roses starting to bloom, foxgloves, delphinium, verbascum, lupines, and the most beautiful iris. I'm having a hard time going to work lately. I just want to sit in my yard and enjoy it all. DH & I are staying home this weekend so I'll have lots of time to work in the yard. I plan on taking pictures and boring you all with them. Brace yourself.

05-25-2001, 02:13 PM
Enjoy yerself!

05-25-2001, 03:40 PM
I am nearer to being ready to go. Just have to organize the food, go shopping and take the dog to the vet. Last two things are on the way.

You'd better post those photos! Guess what I have in my yard (besides a giant space where there was a boat only this morning)? Under my red maple, I have 5 whole daffodils blooming. This is up from last year. Someday if it keeps up maybe it will look I planted them on purpose. ( Which I did :rolleyes: ) Sad but true, that may be all the gardening done here this year (much like every other year). Of course you can't even call that gardening because I planted them years ago. :dizzy:

have a nice quiet weekend. I will drink and eat too much so you won't have to.


05-25-2001, 04:40 PM
All's I have to says right now is that it's NOT PROPER to use the "We" when speaking in first person. This is for Cranberry who says "We miss you Bagz." I can and ususually speak for myself. Cut it out.

Miss Letty
05-25-2001, 06:29 PM
As if.

05-25-2001, 07:49 PM
but I do NOT want to be a copycat of Kiwibutt.

If two 6th grade girlies hear on the school bus that Billy told Bobby that Benny said that Buster was going to kill the whole eighth grade, what should the administration do?

Everytime they look into it, it gets more confusing.

Moms and dads call the school all day long saying, "I'm not going to tell you who this is because I don't want MY child to be involved but I heard that someone on her bus said they were going to kill someone but I can't tell you who that was either."

What do you think was their responsibility? Last two days of school. Nine-week exams.

Post. Just don't say that "We" share any opinions.

05-25-2001, 08:17 PM
Are we a little testy today? Do we need a little nappy? :p