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04-24-2005, 07:49 PM
We'll see how this goes! :)
Here's to all the Buff brides to be!!! Engaged? Lose weight for a wedding?
I am. I'm recently engaged (three weeks today) to Leonard, my future husband. We're planning on getting married June 3, 2006. That gives me 13 months to lose 100 pounds (that's my goal). An old buddy told me the other day that an engagement will motivate anyone to lose weight. She told her boyfriend to hang the ring in front of her on a treadmill. :)
Things aren't going as well for me. I am currently in my last few weeks of school, so my attention is more turned towards that right now. How is everything going? Few questions for ya!

When's the date?
Who's the guy/gal?
What are your goals?

Hopefully there is more than me! -Andrea