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04-20-2005, 08:51 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :gossip:

04-20-2005, 09:13 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Thanks to all who commented on my DGDs! :)

Marti - I love tiger lillies! Decades ago, Fern's mother had planted a big bunch of them where my front, side yard is, and I keep a statue of St. Francis and a big concrete water bowl right there. Lots of bird action everyday! Btw, how's your friend doing at work? Does he like it?

Susan - glad you and the attorney agree on things. Makes it all a lot easier, lol. Tell Rachel Ma Jane needs to talk to her regarding that hickey.......

Katy - no, I don't know about the Core Effects video. But whatever works, I say, Go for it!! I miss my treadmill. Walking outside just doesn't have nearly the same effect!

Angie - hey, maybe you're starting a new fad in fingernail trends, lol. Mary's reading the book we talked about, but I'll send it when she's done, ok?

Terri - hope you got your laundry done. Mine has to be finished today. Then I have some ironing to do, too. Love the summer cottons, but not so fond of ironing them! But if I do it while I'm watching TV, it isn't so bad.

Cristi - glad you're better and that you have found a doctor you like. We did, too, after a few years search. Even Neal goes to her. She always spends plenty of time with each patient, and I never feel rushed.

Pam - YAY for new teeth! You may lose more weight when you get them, since it will be awkward to eat at first. I have partials, not full dentures, but have heard about it. It will be worth it, though!

Sue - I hear you about the Spring cleaning! I'm almost done with mine, after spending a few days with doing none, I'm ready to go again.

Well, as I told Sue, I have more cleaning to do today. Then tonight, we're going out to eat with Terry and Gina. He knows of a diner that serves the best specialty sandwiches, he says, and wants us to try a "salcheesy". Sounds like way too many points to me, but I'll keep them low the rest of the day, lol. Sounds like something I'll have to cut in half & share, lol.

Hope you have a great day! :cool:

04-20-2005, 11:54 AM
Good Morning (CHAT DAY)

Geez just tried to get the baby dressed.. It is like trying to catch a wild animal! And then while i am trying to get stuff on her she is squirming away!:devil:
Didnt get my laundy done have been feeling so tired lately. I dont know why. Probably because i havent been excerising. But i did do better with my water yesterday. Still not enough but better then i was. I dont even know where my iron is. Unless we are going to a wedding or funeral i dont even bother. I just throw them back in the dryer for 5 minutes. Lazy, but i have a gard enough time just getting it washed and put away! let alone drying it.

Jane: I am lucky because my fave fast food is Subway. And my fave sub is the turkey breast or the veggie. So those are pretty low fat. I think.. They say they are anyway. I am not on weight watchers or anything, so i dont watch points. But i try to keep fat grams under 50. They canada food guide says 65 but i decided because i am not active to do 50. If anyone knows of a different number let me know.. I have never had to watch this kind of stuff. Was a little chubby after puberty but a cute chubby. Now after this last year.. it has gone from cute chubby to obese and very yucky. It is hard to unlearn 25 years worth of bad habits. Very bad late night eater!! If i could start my eating earlier in the day and then quit at night would lose weight i am sure. Hubby is a big part of that problem.. Every time i say i am trying to lose weight it is like he throws more junk food at me. Maybe he thinks if i am fat I won't leave him.. Anyways sorry about the me post, but am feeling sorry for myself today,, will come back later and see if anyone is around. Oh ya it is chat day!! i will come at 2 and see if that is the right time... one of these weeks i will get it right!

Thanx for listening!!! TTFN xxoo

04-20-2005, 12:50 PM
Hi ladies!!

Hope everyone is well. Yesterday was a BEEEYOOOOTEEEFUL day here in Ontario Canada, with temps reaching 30 degrees celcius. Unfortuntately though with the warm temps also came our first smog advisory or the year. :(

Took Joycelyn to the doctor yesterday for her one year service ;) . She was great until it came time to undress her and put her on the scale and then she started screaming. She was most upset, and I put it down to the fact that even as babies, women are reluctant to get naked and weighed. Anyway, she is 20.6 pounds (She's my skinny minny) and 29 inches high. Apparantly she is in the 50th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight. She is growing quite nicely.

TERRI Sounds to me like you have a sabouteur in you husband. I really recommend you read Dr. Phil's book, 7 keys to weight loss freedom. I know that it's hard to find time to read with little ones about, but you need to do this for you. I think you'll find the insights quite helpful. I only wish that I had read this book years ago, and I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and money when it came to losing weight. I plan on reading it again.

I know what you mean about feeling tired too. I have been dragging my sorry butt out of bed every morning. It finally dawned on me that I would feel much better and have more energy if I exercised. It's been a couple of weeks since I did a really good thing for myself. I just gotta make the time for me. So it's back to dragging my butt out of bed at 4:30 a.m. Summer is coming and I want 25 pounds lost by my anniversary on August 17th. Since we are anniversary buddies, I was wondering if you want to also be weight loss buddies. We in about the same place weight wise too. Just let me know.

Your granddaughters are absolutely beautiful. That is one fantastic picture, it truly captures the moment.

Well ladies, it's back to the exercise plan again, I've spent enought time getting used to the BACK TO WORK SCHEDULE, and now it's time to schedule some time to get BACK TO WORK. After all no one else is going to take care of me but me.

And you guys of course........


04-20-2005, 01:18 PM
:sunny: Happy Hump Day Ladies! :sunny:

Terri-Lee~I have read and heard of some men who do sabotage their wives/SO diets because they are afraid of change. Like you said, they are afraid that if their wife/SO loses the weight they will go out and find someone else. It's sad tho-they should be supporting them and helping them thru it. Maybe your hubby will come around-have you asked him to not bring that kind of stuff into the house? I know how hard it is to lose weight, geez! I am about ready to give up! I am fortunate that DH and my kids are willing to do anything to help. I don't buy junk food so not tempted to eat it. My big problem is eating out and not getting any exercise. I haven't given up on losing the weight yet but I have changed my mindset and am not letting this weight loss journey consume my life. Anyway...

Pam~you are welcome! I was worried something happened, and I too have written Ellen. I sure hope she's okay. Hey, that's great! You will have perfect, white teeth! :D You reminded me what I have been dreading for months! Going to the dentist! :no: :yikes: Sounds like you have been one busy lady too!

Angie~I think rainbow colored nails would be pretty! :lol:

Jane~Yeah, I think this doc will work out fine. The best thing is she is just around the corner from us so it takes a whole 5 mns. to get there if that. Vince won't go to her tho-the guys (V, J & J) have their doc who happens to be in a different building just across from this one and they like him. DD and I don't care for men docs. I'm just glad she was accepting new patients!

Susan~I would be having a cow if DD had a hickey at 13! Yikes! I wouldn't even let Carrie wear make-up till she was 15. :lol:

Hi Sue~sorry, :^: I remember seeing that you had posted but can't remember what was said.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Speaking of laundry...yikes! I have waaaay too much for some reason. So that's what I am doing today. And I have about four things I need to iron also. Put the ironing board up yesterday to iron a shirt but it sat on the chair too long and figured the only way I would get all the wrinkles out was to rewash it! :lol: Had to get something else to wear! :lol: Anyway, also have some flowers to pot and need to water my roses on the side of the house-they are looking thirsty. It was supposed to rain the last two days and I was hoping for it but it just got cloudy. So better do some watering today. Was up bright and early to get to wally world-glad that is over with.

DD and I went to see Amityville Horror and it was okay. Of course it is a remake of the original with a few more things added. I didn't think there was anything scary about it at all and liked the original much better.

Gotta go...I am going to try and make it to chat, just not sure at this point so we will see.

Take care ladies and have a GREAT day!

04-20-2005, 01:20 PM
Anita, sure being weight loss buddies sounds great! Wow Emma is 20 months and almost 30 pounds.. she is a little chunk! I will try to find the Dr. Phil book and order it. I have heard him talking about it.

04-20-2005, 01:29 PM
Thought I should say Hi to you Anita-you snuck in while I was typing away! :) I agree with you about Dr. Phil's book-it is a good one.

04-20-2005, 01:56 PM
Good morning

Terri - the Dr. Phil book is indeed very helpful..sorry hubby is a saboteur. My hubby is very supportive, but has a sweet tooth and is prone to sneaking candy bars into the house. He has gotten better about keeping his treats in the car or at work. We do try to focus on healthy habits as a family and I also try not to pin my successes or failures on any one but me. However, if my SO is in my face saying "One more won't hurt..." well, that's a different story. As far as you getting thin and leaving, well, he needs to realize that he should treasure you at any weight because you are a prize and there will always be the possibility of someone else.....fat women still get action, KWIM?

wish I had more time, but I need to get some grocery shopping done. I tried the Core Effects video and it is really good... alot like pilates...comes with an exercise ball. I went ahead and ordered a set for myself.

Dryer blew up on me day before yesterday, so, darn it, I can't do laundry ;) I went out and bought a brand new Kenmore front loader washer and a super capacity dryer...first time I have had new laundry appliances...have always limped along with ancient appliances. I am excited beyond reason at the prosepect of having a dryer that doesn't take two hours to dry a load of jeans, lol!

Ok I am outta here...might make it back in time to chat, but don't know - will do my best

04-20-2005, 02:20 PM
Terri, I just wanted to mention that I agree with Katy, ultimately the only one who can take credit for your successes or failures is you. Think of it this way, when you finally lose all your weight, (and you will) are you gonna give the credit for the hard work to anyone else but yourself?


04-20-2005, 05:04 PM
Hello ladies--

I went into chat and no one was there! :( (I'm a little late so that may be the reason)

Jane--Beautiful photos of the girls!! I love capturing photos of little ones. As Jhanai gets older, it gets harder for her to let me take a photo!! But I had an idea for mothers day. I want to do a mommy photo shoot w/her. Take her somewhere and pretend we're doing some profession photos. Have her be my little model! :D Plus, I haven't gotten any photos of her recently since her hair cut!!

Terri--My ex wasn't supportive either. He always said he was but when I started to lose the weight, he kept telling me that he preferred more meat on me, then would proceed to put me down and tell me how horrible I was. Very frustrating! It was an emotional roller coaster. So what did I do? I stopped telling him I was trying to lose weight! I was doing it for me and no one else so I kept it to myself. I managed to lose over 40lbs. I have since gained some of that weight back but not all of it. Now w/James...he's VERY supportive and never speaks negatively about my weight. Or about me in general. And I still keep my progress to myself. And when there is a change...he does notice! :) If you need to get in more exercise...just put your little one into the stroller and take her on long walks. She'll enjoy her surroundings while you're getting in some walking.

Anita--You know, I don't even remember paying attention to Jhanai's perctile as she was growing! I do know that she's catching up to me in heigth!! She's almost 11 and the top her head reaches just above my eyes. I'm barely 5'1" so to me, that's tall!! She's going to pass me up soon!

Cristi--I'm in the same boat for laundry. Which has me confused since it's only been me the last three days here!! Where is the laundry coming from?? I glad you found a doctor that you like. I need to find one. Mine left a couple years ago to teach interns up in Portland....and I haven't been to one since! Which is a bad thing since I haven't gone in for an annual for three years now. Shame on me. May need to do something about that.

Katy--I've heard of the Core Effects videos. I watched an early morning show on how it works and everything. And I thought of the same thing...a lot like pilates....on a ball. I really enjoy pilates, need to get back to doing them!!

Hello to anyone I may have missed this morning. (or afternoon)

It's a beautiful day out and James is mowing the lawn and I need to hop onto the gazelle.

So you all havea lovely day. I will check chat one more time before I go.

Talk to you later.

04-20-2005, 05:13 PM
I'm back - missed chat :(

Marti - I just finished doing part of one of the Core videos and it is really getting right to the areas I need. NOw I am off for a walk so I should be in good shape for the day! My DD still likes to go for a ride in the jogging stroller even at 3.5 y/o. I do have to wait until mid-afternoon to get a longer walk in. That way she falls asleep..otherwise she would lose patience then ---no fun for anyone!

Jane - loved the picture of your sweet! I'm hoping to get out in the yard with Leigh and get her interested in some gardening. She loves maybe she'll be into it.

ok- DD is getting into the sink! Yikes!

Hi Anita, Cristi Sue and everyone else - hope the day is treating you well

04-20-2005, 05:18 PM
I called the clinic nearby today to see if they do confirmations of pregnancy. The lady asked me if I was closer to the Madison Heights one or the Livonia one. I said Madison Heights and she goes, “ok, well they are only in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but for some reason they didn’t make it in today. So call back on Friday and you should be able to catch them.”

Jane~ The girls are little angels!!!!

Terrie-Lee~ I was not sure if I was going to be able to discipline and little boy but things get worked out and managed. I have only seen the commercials for the different nanny shows, I have been meaning to watch them.

Cristi~ I admit, that is a long way to wait to see the doctor, but at least it isn’t longer then that! We are getting very excited about his birthday party. I think he is too……cause if you ask him “are you going to be one soon?” he will stick up one finger and then he will get a HUGE smile on his face.

Susan~ 13 ½ and already has a boyfriend?? That is funny how Doug handled it though.

Pam~ It is good to hear from you!

Angie~ I hope you can find some body parts soon!

Suetalks~ It is good to hear from you as well.

Hi to those that I missed… are you all doing? Any plans for this weekend?

da fat n da furious
04-20-2005, 05:57 PM
Hey Anita, I remember that Brandon was in the 150% in height,,,from birth and his weight was in the 80% range,,,Tanner on the other hand was 80 % in height and 150% in weight...he was my 9 lb
Katy,,,we have the same washer then! Was it cheaper to buy a set?

What a gorgeous day here...think I need to go out and sit in the sun...
but I have a application to fill out....*shiver with excitment I got a call from that tv show I auditioned for last spring...they would like for me to come in next week for another audition.
Monte was telling me about this woman he delivers bread to, she started WW close to a month ago,,,she weighed 360 lbs when she started,,,shes lost 34 in 3 weeks.

I went and bought the Ray Charles sound track...wonderful! and I got my Rob Thomas CD...hubba hubba...and the music is great too!
well I should go and clean up...and finish my laundry

04-20-2005, 08:13 PM
Good Afternoon!!

Trying to get caught up here at work in need of a break!!!

All I have to say on the "boyfriend" thing is while Rach calls him a boyfriend, I don't.
He is a boy and a friend. I met him last night .

I also told Rocky after he finally asked what I wanted to talk about........that I didn't want to move to Hawaii, that I couldn't leave my children. I haven't talked with him today. Though he called this morning.

best get .....

04-21-2005, 09:48 AM
Good morning ladies!

Terri - it's ok if you eat the bulk of your food in the evening, as long as you stay within your range. I've heard of women who start their point-counting at supper time each day, and end it after lunch the next day. Whatever works! Maybe you could have a heart-to-heart with your DH and find out why he is temping you so much. As Katy said, chunky women get action, too, so maybe he should think about the big picture.

Anita - I laughed at your naked weigh-in comment! I can sure identify with Joycelyn, and used to feel like crying at weigh-in myself, lol.

Cristi - what kind of flowers did you pot? I've been teaching the DGDs the names of everything that's bloomed so far. Don't know how much they'll retain, but it's a start.

Katy - Neal has a huge sweet tooth, too, and eats candy bars in his truck on the way home, lol. YAY for the new washer and dryer. Don't you just love how they're so big now?

Marti - aww, that's a good idea about doing the photo shoot for Mother's Day. Then you two can do scrapbook pages together.

Mindee - maybe you'll get to the clinic tomorrow. Sounds like a lot of red-tape run-around to me.

Angie - remind me... was the TV show for a make over? Jeez, I hope they pick you, whatever it is!!

Susan - did you talk to Rocky last night? I'm wondering how he took your news. About Rachel, imho, if the guy is giving her a hickey, he's more than a pal. But I'll admit things are different today then back when I was 13, so I could be way off base. I know she's a good kid, though. It's HIM I'm worried about!

Well, I was in town during chat yesterday. Visited Maggie for awhile then printed out my camera smart card at Walgreens. (walmart's was down for repair) Also picked up an order at Penney's. Usually have stuff sent to the house but wanted it a day or two earlier than home delivery. Was supposed to be here Friday, finally made it on Tuesday. So much for that.... At least I didn't buy anything else while I was in the store. Bought a cool picnic basket at the fabric store, though. It's shaped like a big slice of watermelon, lol. Appropriate for me, since I live in the heart of melon country.

Today Katie is taking a "free" day and we're going shopping for her graduation dress and a dress for awards day, too. Not sure if we'll try to find something locally or just hop down to Evansville.

Btw, I DID give Neal 1/2 of my sandwich last night! A NSV for sure, 'cause I sure wanted to snarf it down!

Have a good one, chickies!! :cool:

04-21-2005, 01:57 PM

Thanx for all the support guys.. It makes you feel much less alone in this crazy world. I can't talk to hubby. I dont even think we are friends anymore. I wathced OPrah yesterday, and it was about women putting their children before their marriage. One lady had written an article that had others fuming.. she said that she loved her husband more then her kids!.. I couldnt imagine.. My kids are the first priority in my life. Maybe that is why i cant stay with a man. I don;t know they are adults i think they can look after themselves. The kids can't. Aw well. Maybe it is because i had a kid before i met him and he was my world. Hard to just stop that. I decided not to tell him anything about diet or anything like that. He just doesnt get it, or doesnt want to. I know i am keeping myself from losing the weight as well. In my head i think i will lose the weight find my self esteem and leave him. But i am scared to be on my own.. i am 25 have no mobey, have 2 kids w/2 different fathers, overweight, and no skills other then changing poopy diapers. How am i going to be on my own. That is the only reason i stay i think.. because i have nowhere else to go. It is convenient. plus he works and lets me stay home with the kids. That is what i want. I dunno. Man i am sorry about another me post. You guys are going to ban me lol. Well i hope you guys are enjoying this nice thursday.. tomorrow is FRIDAY! ttfn XXOO

Ps. thanx for listening!

da fat n da furious
04-21-2005, 02:18 PM
hey Terri, this is a support group....we are here for you.

Jane, its called Taking it Off,,,a reality tv show about weightloss....every day Jill/Joe trying to lose weight on their own...

Susan as JAne said,,,I would say hes more of a pal then shes saying,,,my thought is pals don't get that close to give a least not in my day!

Well today is my day off and I have a lost as long as my arm to get done...Started off rough with Tanner sleeping in....grrrr so I had to drive in rush hour madness to get him there....
well the house is more or less alot of props done,,,still need a naughty saying,,anyone?
My friend Cat, also my hair stylist is getting me a couple of styrfoam heads so I can make a head on a pike...oooo I can be gory! thinking of putting wires on the bottom of the head to look like veins...then spraying it all red for blood! and this is funny, I had to make a head to match a cast asked her the other day what she plans to do with her hair,,,she loves wigs so I could probably get a wig to
going to rent all my metal stuff...swords, breastplates and helmets. My other concern was making 3 different newspapers but have already came up with many funny stories to go on it and have called a friend who works in a newspaper printing shop! Im so on top right now...yay for once!
well should get going,,,on the hunt for retractable knives...

04-21-2005, 03:59 PM
No, I edited stuff out so there isn't a complete thought there ( is there ever?? haha)

In my opinion she has no boyfriend, she can have boys as friends. Though she has other idea's and acts on them. Being the NCP my say is over looked at times. I would most certainly be more strict with the girls and throw out her phone - which she talks on at all hours of the day.Make sure she is in school , not at all happy with her 7 days missed alone this term.

In my day though (back in the late 70's) girls in 5th grade had "boyfriends".

Not meaning they go out on dates with them but hang out in groups and give each other hickey's.........*roll eyes* So, it is kind of the cat is out of the bag. Not really going to be able to keep her home making butter. She really does need stricter guidelines

I haven't talked with Rocky since Tuesday night. Though we "talk" on a single parent board. He just responded to my post saying I was having a "sad day". He responded saying he hoped today was better and he just had the 2 worst days of his life.

Course I doubt he will do anything about it. Not going to stand up to nana or pack his bags and head on over here. We could meet in California , at least that wouldn't be as far and his family is there.

Terri!!! You sound a lot like me back when I was 35. I spent 10 years in a marriage that was dead. He chipped at my self esteem til I believed I couldn't make it without him, no man would ever want me at 245 pounds, I had a 7th grade education.

Though one day I was tired of being tired.Dusted off a used treadmill and walked 10 minutes on it. Til I was walking 3 miles and losing weight.
If I became a the woman he wanted to be than everything would be alright?? He wouldn't call me names??

Strange though but the more I lost I found out he wasn't supportive like I thought he would be( or dreamed he would be).

He would walk in the house and give me a ugly look and say "you doing that again??" I was walking on the treadmill. Remarks like "you will gain it back, why bother?" "who you losing weight for?"

I think the more I lost the more he realized he was losing control of me.

So, when I lost the weight it wasn't "dang- I am proud of you, you look great!!" it was "you look like a slut".

It crushed me. I wanted my picture taken and he said " frankly Susan that isn't a priority of mine".......after so many years of me taking pictures of him and the kids.

I remember going into the bathroom and crying- knowing I would leave him.

It really wasn't til I joined Yahoo's Richards Angels and hearing positive remarks from the members there - that I deserved better , that I have accomplished so much in losing 110 pounds......

I would click off the computer and hear his negative remarks......and it wasn't my truth anymore......I didn't belive that anymore.

So, while my life is still crazy 5 years later, it is my life. I have a good job, I provide for my children.

There are good and bad days still but there are no days that I regret - I don't have to live under someone elses thoughts about who I am.


Sorry - many HUGS to you Terri :)

best get!!

04-21-2005, 06:07 PM
Hi there girls!

Katy--You're very inspirational you know! You're always on the go and getting your exercise in on top of it!! That truly inspires me to manage my time better. I may have to check out those videos!! And then make some room somewhere in my house to do them.

Mindee--In our town, the clinic was open on Tues & Wed only. Frustrating when you have your own schedule. I believe it has a lot to do w/budget.

Jane--Your picnic basket sounds cute!! I keep telling James that I would love to get a picnic basket and then go out for picnics.....but we haven't done it yet. Our picnic consist of buying dinner at some restaurant and then going to the park!

Terri--As Angie has said, this is a support forum. I know what you're going through. I've been there. And it's not fun. It's emotionally draining and any thoughts of trying to make yourself healthy is usually on the bottom of the list. Always know that you can come here to talk....and if you want to talk privately you can always pm me or talk through e-mail. I'll send you my e-mail address.

Angie--I'm not sure what kind of naughty saying you're looking for! You sure are busy!! Now, are these plays volunteer work? You sure put a lot into it all. And I just loved the last plays costumes. I wish I was able to see it in person!! Then I can say "I know the girl who made all those beautiful fairies!"

Susan--How hard it must be for you w/the Rocky situation. I'm sure he's feeling the same as you are, his family is there, yours is here....but somehow it must work! My thoughts are w/you.

Hello to everyone else.

Made some banana nut bread today. Hoping it gets done before James leaves. Smells good in my house today!!

James has been talking about moving to the Conducters Extra board.....means less time at home and more money. I don't see him much now, so what would the difference be?? He'd make double what he's I say: MOVE TO THE EXTRA BOARD!! :D

I have this girl at work who gives me her clothes that are too small on her....they shrunk and she's taller than me and after they me nicely! And she's really into styles and clothes that flatter the I'm loving it!! :D I've received many nice tops from her. give something to her in return! I go to check my banana bread!

Almost Friday!!!

04-21-2005, 06:17 PM
Will he does have his job with the state but his family is in California- at least some of them are.
He won't take Kris from nana...........who knows.

Maybe the custody thing is wearing me down?? Maybe I just want it over with?? I love the girls but it would be kind of fun to live in Hawaii. Though with all the plane hopping we will have to do it is kind of funny we ain't doing any right

Maybe I just want him to come over?? And he won't and that ticks me off.....because it has been 5 months and it would be so nice to see him in person............


I did lose weight though!!

04-22-2005, 08:59 AM
Good morning ladies!

Terri - just my thoughts on the husband/kids thing. Neal comes first in my life - he's the one I made long-range plans with, not my kids. Not to say I would ever turn my back on my kids or anything, (NO WAY!) but I always did revolve my life more around him than the kids. They had everything they needed, including so very much love and attention, but Neal comes first. He's my life partner - the kids are not. If I had a bad partner, I wouldn't feel this way, I'm sure. And when I was single, my kids came before any boyfriend ever did. I dumped more than one guy who I felt wouldn't make a good dad to my kids. With Neal, the kids have seen what a good marriage looks like. We treat each other with kindness and affection, but they have also seen us resolve issues without losing control. I spoil my husband much more than I ever spoiled my kids. Just my 2¢ on all that, lol. Btw, I really feel for you in your current situation, and wish there was some way I could help. If there is, just let me know, ok? You are fitting in with this group very well, and I know any of us would help if we knew what to do.

Angie - good luck finding the props! Sounds like an adventure, lol. What's the next step for Taking It Off? OMG, it would be sooooo cool if you got on the show! Is this a Canadian show?

Susan - what has made Rocky have the worst 2 days of his life?!? Poor guy! He just doesn't strike me as the type to mention that unless he had a really terrible 2 days!

Marti - mmmm.... I can smell your banana nut bread all the way in Indiana, lol!! Put a little peanut butter on my slice, ok? YAY for the clothes from your friend. Maybe you could take her some of the bread. Fatten her up a little more and you'll get the rest of her clothes, too, LOL. Just kidding!!!!

Cristi - hope you're having a good day.

After trying on about a bazillion things, Katie found two of the cutest outfits! Totally different. She got a skirt that is black with pink and white slender stripes and it has a plain black top with it. The other outfit is a yellow, white and green box-pleated plaid and floral skirt that has a yellow ribbon on it, and a light-weight yellow sweater to go with it. She looks so nice in both sets. I just need to get them washed up. Hate the stinky smell of new clothes. Usually she does her own laundry, but I volunteered for these.

Today my friend Marquita is coming for lunch. You might remember that she treats me when we eat in town, and then I cook homemade meals for her when she visits me out here. I'm looking forward to her visit.

Have a great day, chickies!

04-22-2005, 10:55 AM
Good Morning

Well a new day. slept in again.. i really have to smarten up! I had to get my aunt to drive Nolan to school.. Thank goodness i have some family around, if i really need it. He stayed home yesterday and i thought i was going to go crazy with the 2 kids bugging me all day! he wires the baby up!i can handle each one alone, but the 2 i find hard. I dont know how you ladies with more then 2 do it! I have a hard time with one. Well i think hubby knows i am not feeling good about him. Last night he brought me a yummy turkey breast sub with lots of veggies.. it was good.(white bread but hey it was good anyway). I am still mad. And after all he has done i dont think a turkey sandwich is going to help. Just to mention a few things.. the night before our wedding(well in the early morning of our wedding day) well first he went to a strip bar.. then he came home and called his ex girlfriend and told her that she was the only one who would make him say no at the wedding!!! God my face is getting all hot just talking about it.. then he has cheated a couple of times.. the latest one was last summer! Goodness hmmm dont think a turley sandwich will erase that. Doesnt help that his ex is a gorgeous tall thin blond!!! Grr anyways okok i am done.. just wanted you girls to know that i am not just mad for no reason.

Jane: That is why my kids come first. They are the only ones who always love me no matter what. Maybe if i had a great guy like you do i would feel different. I dont know what anyone could do to help.. just letting me vent seems to be helping a little.. i appreciate it! Those outfits sound adorable.. I love pink so i think she should go with that

Angie: Wow you are one busy lady! Good luck finding the body parts.. I would have no idea where to begin!! I am soo not organized.

Susan: I don't know if i could deal with a long distance relationship.. i am too clingy.. and i love my hugs. I hug the kids all the time, but that is a different hug. I hope you are feeling a little better, the custoday thing must be exhausting!

Marti: I love free clothes!!(not many people bigger then me anymore so havent gotten any in a while) On saturday mornings i volunteer at the thrift shop downstairs at the community hall. We sell the clothe for a dollar a garbage bag!! It is great.. but since i help put out the clothes, i get first shot at the nice ones!! So it is good. My kids and hubby LOVE banana bread!

Cristi: Hello, hope you are feeling well now.. those bugs take a lot out of you!!

MIndee:so much for gettting to see a doctor as soon as possible as they suggest you do eh? Ah well hope everything is going well. Get lots of rest! and take care of yourself!

Hello everyone else. Hope all is well, look forward to seeing your posts!

da fat n da furious
04-22-2005, 11:05 AM
Good morning all,

Well as you can see there are a couple people in here who know exactly how you are feeling....

Susan, Thats said about Rocky and nana,,,just can't believe how his MIL can rule his home to this point!
I remember the Richard Angel days when you would buzz in chat for a bit then log off,,,and a few minutes later be back,,,

Marti, thats cool you have someone giving you a gift certificate for $30 or something like that at one of the shops she shops at. Eventually whatever she buys will be

Jane, I remember some talk show topic was putting your spouse first...being they would be your life partners...hard to do when the kids are small and more demanding...but as they grow the demands do diminish (somewhat)

Got alot of props done,,,the head on the pike is done,,,but the director doesn't like how I painted the lips,,,valid point,,,they did look not right. Got the retractable knives, candles,,,and holders, goose, lamb ...and I found 2 inch eyelashes,,,those guys are going to have fun getting used to yes guys as in Got the seed bags, bows and a saying for the needlepoint. Young and hard is how I like my....the rest is in shes not done
well have to get to work...
we have tickets to go see A Chorus Line tonight...can't wait.

04-22-2005, 12:49 PM
:coffee2: Good morning ladies. Had my walk in by 7 am, answered my emails, played with a new desk top and now I'm taking to you. Any one hear from Ellen yet? Hummm. Weeded, hacked and whacked yard from one end to the other yesterday. Last year at this time would never of been able to do what I did. To over weight and couldn't hardly walk . No leg braces yet. Things sure can change. Been getting some emails from some VERY lonely men or perverts. They all start out asking for friendship and a pen pal the next you know their talking about how in love with you they are and do you think their sexy. Ye Gads, that God for that delete button. Girls, got to run. Chores are calling.


04-22-2005, 02:35 PM
Hi Ladies~

Terri-Lee~about kids/hubby being a priority or coming first...hard for me to say DH came first in my first marriage because I think the kids always come first. Especially when from birth thru grade school, and maybe even beyond. You take them to school, sporting events, etc. How does a spouse come first when kids are young? I mean, I did things for dh, my marriage was good and we had "our" time, just like now. And now...I love my DH very much and would never do anything to hurt him. He is my best-friend, my lover, my lifetime partner. But my kids are a part of me, they are my life. I also think that you don't really love one more than the other (DH or the kids) it's just a different love for your DH and your children, there's a different bond. He knows they will always come first (he knew this going into the marriage) and he's fine with that, he wouldn't have it any other way. Anyway, (((((HUGS))))) to you. I am sorry that your hubby doesn't support you in the things that you do.

Susan~you are right...I had a boyfriend in 4th grade that was always trying to kiss me! :lol: And in 6th grade a lot of the girls had boyfriends and were going steady. So thinking back on it all it's not a lot different today. I'm sorry for all the things going on in your life and for what happened in your marriage. (((((HUGS))))) I can only imagine how hard things are for you, all the stress-you have a lot on you rplate right now. And I can totally see your point with Rocky. To be honest...I don't think it is fair for him to ask you to move to where he is. JMHO V was more than willing to move to AR where I was but I didn't think he could have gotten as good a job there as the one he had. Of course we aren't as far from my family as you would be from yours. I think he has got to give a little and not expect you to. I know it would be beautiful to live in HI but it would be very hard to leave your family, your girls at the same time. Long distance relationships are hard, I know. I do hope everything works out for you guys, you two make a great couple! :love:

Pam~so glad to see you checking in. I haven't heard anything from Ellen.

Marti~that is cool! Nothing like getting free clothes!

Katy~know what ya mean about the dryer. Sometimes if I put too many big/heavy towels in the dryer at one time it will take 3 hours to dry them, as with the jeans. DH wanted to get new appliances (washer & dryer) when we moved here but I said no-just bought those 6 years ago. Anyway, we are on the verge...they have a set at Lowes called Bosche (sp?) I think or something like that that are supposed to be really good. And they are the front loading ones which I definitely want-no more bending! One day...hope you are enjoying yours.

Jane~just put some spanish heather and a few geraniums in some pots on the deck. Don't normally buy geraniums but they love the sun so...the heather I also like, like the purple flowers and it is easy to grow.

Mindee~well, at least you don't have too much longer till you get to the doc. The first visit is always exciting.

Angie~keeping my fingers :crossed: for the interview.

No much going on with me, same old, same old. Had planned on doing some yard work today but that darn wind is blowing way tooooo hard. Did manage to do a little yesterday so guess that will have to do for now. That's about all I have. Have a good one ladies. :wave:

04-22-2005, 03:35 PM
Hello girls--

Jane--James took most of the banana nut bread w/him to KFalls and but I've still got some and I'll try the peanut butter! About the giving some to the girl, she's really trying to lose weight. She's bigger than me (not just taller), but when her clothes shrink....they'r perfect for me! Last night I commented on her top which was really cute and she said.."It just may be yours in the next day or two!" I just rolled my eyes and said "It looks beautiful on you!! Keep it! You can't give everything away!"

Angie--I've been thinking of what I would like to give her. I have already given her a pin that was amongst the costume jewelry that caught her eye. I will never wear it and James didn't want to keep it (We have TONS of jewelry from his grandma)So I may search in there some more and find another piece.

Cristi--We've had some gorgeous days out lately. so nice that I didn't even bring a coat to work w/me (and working gets cold.!) Hope the wind stops long enough to let you enjoy some gardening!

Pam--Glad to see you pop in! I'm so proud of you! What a difference a year makes!! Being able to do what you weren't able to do before. That is definately a NSV!!!!

Terri--I wish there were the right words to help you cope w/things w/your DH. I think it's time to do some possible soul searching. I remember being in your shoes. I was depressed. My ex was visiting and talking to his ex girlfriend all the time and taking Jhanai to go play w/her son (where was I? at work) I was so unhappy, and that's when my weight had hit an all time high. So I made some decisions. I had decided that I'm going to figure out how to make this marriage work. Give it a year, but first I need to work on loving me again. Well that last year I was w/him, I lost my weight, grew stronger and realized, that no matter what I look like,how I acted, my situation at home is never going to change. And it's SO unfair to Jhanai to see one parent completely depressed to the point of distruction. And so I left. Now, my ex isn't a horrible person, he was just NOT the right man for me. Our relationship was a toxic one. I think he would be perfect if he had the right girl come along. There is a soul mate for everyone I say! Anyway, I didn't mean to make this so long, just know that I know you're not alone and we're here if you need us!!

My early day today so I need to get things done that need done before I putting on some clothes! A robe just doesn't cut it! :dizzy:

Take care girls, it's FRIDAY!!!!

04-22-2005, 04:49 PM
Good afternoon!

Beautiful dy in Portland. Have Gaby in a cute summer dress and I even put on the AC in the car, so warm!

Wiggles tomorrow!!!

Jane- Rocky was meaning the worse 2 days because he hadn't talked with me.

Though we did talk last night for 2 hours- it just breezed by. He really is my best friend.

Still haven't resolved much. He will come in July, he will look at employment. Though he puts a lot on what Kris wants - who knows why?? I know nana has done the threat of taking custody away if he tried to leave the state - heck.......even if he came for a visit without bringing the boy.Sorry, but I think she is horrid, what a nasty lady.

My pms stress has calmed so we are back to chatting and sharing and hoping to be together. Though I didn't back down to not wanting to move. Nevada or Idaho??? He has family in both states, he doesn't want California - he lived there 23 years. Hawaii just seems so far away. It would be different if my kids were with me. I would ( and did when I was there in Nov.) go stir crazy wanting to see them. I have missed so much of Rach & Beck's life as it is......

better get to work - tons to catch up on by tonight.

Chat later!!

04-22-2005, 11:45 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Well, I went in for confirmation of this pregnancy with a local pregnancy clinic. She asked me if I had any needs at the moment, which we don’t, but she did tell me to come in closer to my due date because they like to do little “shower packages” for the women. She said that they get stuff donated there all the time and the newborn stuff is usually the only thing that they get that is brand new. But she said that they like to give the women a package of diapers and some gowns or whatever they have to help them out. I have two letters that she gave me for my doctors office. According to her chart for the due date, this baby is due on October 20, 2005, just one day sooner then the internet told me. Which I find kind of ironic because with Brandon I started out due on April 21, and then got bumped up to April 20. And if this one is anything like my pregnancy with Brandon, then they just might be exactly 18 months apart!

We are going to be having Brandon’s party inside tomorrow, because good old Michigan weather is showing her wintry side. We are under a Winter Storm Watch starting officially tomorrow night, but they just wanted to give us a heads up. I never would have guessed there being snow on my son’s first birthday!

We have pretty much everything done for his party. Tommy is going out in the morning to buy the pop, beer, ice and balloons. He is also picking up a friend of his as well. All that really needs to get done either tonight or definitely tomorrow is the making of the non-ice cream cake, and the making of the mostaccioli.

Angie~ I have been meaning to pick up both of those cds. Are they both really good? The movie “Ray” was phenomenal!

Susan~ Sorry to hear that Rocky hasn’t called. And I notice your ticker is moving….good job!

Jane~ I was able to get to the clinic today. And boy let me tell you, it was a LOT different then I thought it would be. The lady let me pee in the cup and do the test myself. She set the timer and off we went so she could get some information, like my name and all that. After 5 minutes, we went back out and the test was glowing positive. By her calculations, I am due October 20th. I am glad I have that done and out of the way. Now, Monday I just have to call and see if they want me to bring in the letter at my appointment or if they need it sooner. I saw you mentioned a picnic basket. When me and Tommy got married, my aunt and uncle, who are my godparents, bought us this awesome picnic backpack. We haven’t used it yet, but it has all the dishes, silverware and what not. All we would have to add is the food.

Terrie-Lee~ Don’t worry… will NOT get banned from the group. We are hear to listen! I have to agree….all the receptionist told me was “well, they are telling me to tell you to just take prenatals and to make sure you eat for now.” I am thisclose to raising **** with that place. I am going to write down questions that I already have for the doctor.

Marti~ I called the clinic today to make sure they were going to be open before heading up there, and they were only open until 1pm. (I called at 11:30am) So we quickly got dressed, made it to the clinic, and the lady was really nice. When I talked to her on the phone, she didn’t even know that the clinic had been closed on Wednesday because no one came in.

Pam~ You have been a very busy little bee.

Ellen~ I hope you are okay. We haven’t heard from you in a while, we all hope you are okay.

Cristi~ I can’t wait for this appointment. I am wondering if this one is going to let me hear his/her heartbeat. Brandon didn’t let me hear his heartbeat on a Doppler until 22 weeks along, but that was because I had extra padding and a tilted uterus.

da fat n da furious
04-23-2005, 11:22 AM
good morning ladies,

Not much to say, went to A Chrous Line last night was great,,,saw alot of people I had worked with up on stage...kinda cool.
I have rehearsal fill in today,,,the stage manager can't make it so Ill fill her shoes since its blocking time. Head on a pike is done,,,need to finish that needlepoint.

anywho gotta run...

04-23-2005, 12:47 PM
A very good Saturday morning ladies~

Nothing much to say, just wanted to check in and wish everyone a good weekend. Mine will be the same old, same old...laundry, cleaning house, etc. yadda, yadda, yadda...

Mindee~have a great BD party!

Angie~glad you liked a Chorus Line.

Susan~you and Gaby enjoy the Wiggles!

Marti~enjoy your weekend with Jhanai!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

That's about all I have. Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! See ya :wave:

04-23-2005, 01:24 PM
Hiya ladies!!

Terri - vent here all you want... we'll try to help. :) Katie needed 2 outfits. One for under her graduation robe, and one for the awards ceremony a few days before graduation. Yikes, this is all so exciting for her!

Angie - wow, I'd love to see A Chorus Line! The needlepoint saying is funny! The last word could be anything, but my mind ran straight to the gutter, lol.

Pam - I know what you mean about being able to get around so much easier this year than last! What a great feeling!

Cristi - your flowers sound so nice! I love to look at geraniums. Fern always like the coral color, so I used to buy them for her when she was still with us.

Marti - hope your friend is successful with losing weight! Good idea about finding more jewelry that she'd enjoy. Pins so are "in" now. Have fun with Jhanai this weekend.

Susan - aww, how sweet about Rocky! Nana needs to mind her own beeswax! Have fun at the Wiggles concert. Ever grandkid I have would love to be seated next to you today! I like the one in the yellow shirt. Tell him I said hi, lol.

Mindee - have a good time at the party today!

Here in Indiana, we had horrific winds yesterday! It was really scary, and you wouldn't believe the stuff flying through the air! Cold and windy today for Katie's prom, boo hoo.

Speaking of which.... the BLTs are killing me! I think I mentioned that the after-prom party is here for Katie and her closest friends. There will be only about 7 or 8 kids here. Anyway, I've been making peanut butter star cookies, rice krispy treats, pink fluff pies, and the blts have given me a sugar high, lol! :dizzy: Yikes!! I've used way too many points on this!!!! Later (around 12:30 in the morning) there will be mozzerella meat pies and sausage-cheese dip w/nacos. Double Yikes!!!! My point-counting pencil will be smokin', lol!!!

Catch ya later,

04-23-2005, 01:56 PM
Happy Wiggles Day!!!!!!!! :)

Heading out with the Gabster in her buster brown dress. Taking Rachel with us , Beck bailed.

Thanks Jane :) Rocky is a sweetie. We chatted 90 minutes last night and it is weird but I think we feel closer now after that day or 2 of not talking.

We were talking about Rach and her guy friend and he started saying when he was 17 he loved this 14 year old.

I said Rocky "you are no help!!"

He will take off 3 weeks in late July and come here by himself- drive down the coast and meet his family with my girls if they will go.

Said he will think of some way to be together. Sweet when he said he walked by a classroom at school and saw a teacher that wears her hair like mine......he felt so heartsick......

awwwww..........good. lol

Anyway, best get.

04-23-2005, 03:05 PM
Just a quick hello!

Jhanai weekend so must stay off the computer, (So she can get on! :lol: )

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will check in later on tonight.

04-23-2005, 04:58 PM
A quick hi to all
I'm off to take DS to a birthday party, then hoping DD will take a I can take one,too! Been so tired lately....DH is gone all day working his 3rd meet of the week - I definitely qualify as a track widow, lol

The Core Effects videos are great--big thumbs up from if any of you are looking for a good resistance program to accompany all that Gazelling or walking that you do, this is a great companion.

Gotta go..have a great weekend everyone

04-23-2005, 08:08 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick run-by to say hello. not much going on here. Hubby going to play poker tonight so that is good, a night to myself. The baby didnt nap long so she should be ready for bed early. and Nolan is having a sleepover at my moms.. yay. I have a rotten migraine... felt nauseus a while ago.. Maybe i am gettin a bug. Yuck that is exactly what i need lol. Well i better be off ttfn xxoo

da fat n da furious
04-24-2005, 02:48 PM
Good morning ladies,
Jane,,,too funny can see you all buzzing off of can you use splenda for anything? Not that Im a big promoter for that stuff....

Susan,,,that is so sweet what Rocky says, hope Wiggles was all that you hoped it to

Terri, woke with a migrain yesterday,,,not sure if its due to weather changing or TOM, its TOM,,,grrrr ....thought this month was suppose to be not too bad. Arghhh
Hope you are feeling better,,,,

Tanner had a double sleep over at our house...the boys were not all that noisy,,Monte and I rented a couple of movies,,,Cellular. was good...

well Monte and I are going to go do yard work,,,won't take long,,,postage size yard and be back in 15..ha ha ha In Sylvan would take us the whole weekend...
Want to clean our basement out with all our old sports equipment...and sell it at a play it again store and possibly get a bike for Monte.


04-24-2005, 07:24 PM
The party went off without a problem, which is a kind of party that I love! Brandon had been awake since 8:30am with a five or ten minute nap and that was it. At about two or so, our next door neighbor came running over and said "Tom, come.....Jay's been in an accident." So, Tommy and him went and picked up Jay and his girlfriend Elena and brought them over here.

The party started and pretty much everyone showed up, even though it was snowing outside. Yes, you read that right, it was snowing outside! We were waiting for a couple people to show up, but everyone was starving, so we went ahead and started eating. Naturally that is when the people showed up. Brandon had been eating a baby cookie that Aunt Katy gave him. When that was gone, he started staring at everyone else that was eating, so I grabbed a tong full of spaghetti salad and put it on his high chair tray. (there are some pictures on his webpage. I have to get Tommy motivated to go get one hour done on the pictures from the disposable. My sister Katy had taken pictures, Brandon's godmother's both had their cameras and were taking pictures, so I am hoping to send out an email, asking to get the doubles (or them emailed to me...two had digital cameras and one didn't)

After we got him a little cleaned up from the spaghetti salad, it was then time for him to have at his little birthday cake, which he just loved!! Tommy had picked up a small already made cake for him to dig into. We put a candle in it, Tommy lit it and of course that is what Brandon went after, was the candle. We sang happy birthday and then let him dig in. He wanted NOTHING to do with the cake itself, he just ate and made a mess with all the frosting.

After the cake, it was time for a bath. He had it everywhere! It was all over his high chair, all over him, including in his hair and his ears! So off to the tub we went. One of his godmothers had come into the bathroom to help me with him. Tommy poked his head in and said "Al and Wendy are leaving." I said "okay." Then I heard him and his buddy Jimmy talking and he repoked his head in and said "we are going to let him open his presents and then do the cake." I said "that is fine, let me finish giving him a bath and get him dressed."

We got him pretty much clean, he will need another bath today, but we usually give him a bath every day before bed. Got him dressed and brought him out and stuck him in his high chair for presents. He got a lot of presents and he loved playing with them all! He got mad at me on a couple occassions for pulling them away to open the next one. He got plenty of toys and plenty of clothes. My MIL bought him a package of diapers along with a toy, and I think an outfit. The first present he opened, it was from my sister Beth, her boyfriend Jerry, and Koryn, Emily and HannahLee. It was one of those Pooh ride on toys, it can be used as a rocking toy or they can actually move it. We went to their house last week, and he loved playing with Emily's horse that does the same thing as Pooh, so they went and bought him his own.

After all the presents were opened, it was time to cut the cakes and what not. Brandon's godmother Tina and godfather Dennis, both work at Dairy Queen, so they brought an ice cream cake. She walked in with it and it was sooooooooo cute. There are pictures of it on his webpage. She scanned his picture into the computer and used his picture on his cake, above and below the picture it said "Happy 1st Birthday Brandon."

We pulled out the pinata and gave all the kids a bag to hold on to. It was one of the ones with the strings on the bottom, so I grabbed all the strings and told them to get ready. Like usually, somehow I managed to grab all the wrong strings. I got rid of the bad strings, grabbed the right string and out came 5 pounds of candy for ALL the kids! We all hung out after that. Some people stayed long enough to get cake and then left, others stayed a little longer. Just a little after 9pm, Brandon zonked out on me while drinking his bottle. He was so tired that he didn't even finish his bottle! He fell asleep for four hours and was back awake. But he had another bottle and warm jammies put on, and out he went.

04-24-2005, 08:49 PM
Just a quick pop-in to say hi! The party was a big success, but boy am I glad it's over, lol. I got practically no sleep, but napped a few hours this afternoon. Feel like I have medicine head, but haven't taken any medicine, lol.

I ate too many points, but not nearly as many as I was afraid I would! The "bad" food is all gone, since Mary and Terry and their families were over today and I sent stuff home with them, lol. If it isn't in the house, I can't over-indulge, right?

Hope you're having a great Sunday, and I'll talk to you tomorrow! :)

04-25-2005, 12:32 AM
Great that the parties went well. Hope everyone is rested up. It is cold and snowy here and has been just a nasty, gray week-end. What happened to Spring? All we did all week-end was get groceries and go to an open house. The rest of the time DH worked on a table for my mom and I did laundry and cleaned a little. Kind of took a break from the Spring cleaning, but only have a little more to do. I felt more like curling up in my chair with a book most of the week-end.
Hope the other JL's had a good Sun. and will have a great week.

04-25-2005, 01:17 AM
Well, the party was a hit, but we took the disposable in to get developed and there were NO pictures on it. Somehow the roll ended up blank. I am so mad, it had pictures on it from Easter and from his birthday. I was so upset in Meijers that I cried.....Tommy goes "why are you crying? there were other people taking pictures, you can see if they will send you the doubles or email you the pictures." I said "I don't know why I am crying, it must be the hormones."

04-25-2005, 09:12 AM
Wow good monday morning to everyone. Another cold bleak day here. That is just not fair, we were teased with so much nice weather,, then we have snow all week-end. It is the pits. ANd it definately doesnt help my mood. Didnt do too much as it was so cold out all week-end. But i actually did not too bad on the eating. Got myself a nice big water bottle.. gonna chug chug all day. I havent weighed in for a couple of weeks. I am too scared. So will just avoid that for a while as it always leads to full out binges if i have gained.

Mindee: Wow the party sounds like it went very well. Yay!! Man i would cry too if that happened to me with the pics. I almost cried for you just reading that! but it is true someone will have pics that you can get.

Suetalks: Yes it was a really crappy week-end! All i did was groceries as well. lol if you are done your cleaning you can come on over :lol:

Jane: Hope you are rested up. Glad the party went well! Yes bad food in the house is awful! It is just plain teasing that is all.

Angie: I went to see cellular at the theatre. It was pretty good. I watched bridget jones diary #2 last night. It was alright. I missed half of it so that is probably why i could get into it.

Hello everyone!!!! hope you have a good day! ttfn xxoo

04-25-2005, 01:43 PM
Hello Everyone,
I am new to this, I just have a few questions. One is how did all of you lose your weight? I am very overweight, I want to lose weight. I am very poor right now, so I can't spend alot. I am looking for a job but it is very hard. Can any of you help me with a diet for me? Help! :?: :(

04-25-2005, 02:08 PM
Hi Austin, I'm Pam I started dieting last Aug. I tried a low carb but it didn't work after the first 2 weeks so switched to low cals. I lost 80 lbs. Keep a journal listing all the foods at each meal and how many cals they add up to. This way you can keep track of what you eat and where you need to cut back. Walk, walk, walk. I walk a mile and a half every morning with my dog. Start out small and gradually add more. You don't have to spend lots of money to lose weight. There are many little forzen entrees that are under 300 cals. and cost only a dollar. That and a portion of veg with it will make a tastie meal.


04-25-2005, 02:56 PM
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.....I love the Carpenters and just bought their big CD, actually it's a set of two CD's & DVD...but today is Monday and it is rainy :rain: and it downs make me feel down, that and this stinking headache. :headache:

Aren't these the cutest smilies, just saw them-are they new? :listen: :rolleyes: :barf:

Mindee~glad the party went well regardless of the weather. I was wondering if you guys got snow. I saw the weather last night and saw parts where they got 10 inches! :yikes: Went to the baby site and didn't see any pics of Brandon's cake or party-maybe I didn't look as good as I thought I did. :dunno: Sorry about the pics. :( I hate when that happens and it happened to me once. Although, in my case I was told if the people developing the pictures thought it was something they didn't think was appropriate they would discard the film. I had gotten a stripper for DH#1 40th and took all kinds of pics and there was nothing unappropriate about it. She had a bikini on so there was no nudity or anything dirty but I think they discarded my film or kept the pics for themselves! Who knows-just glad the stripper had a polaroid camera and took a pic-that's all I have of that party that night and it was a good one! Anyway, like Tommy said-at least others were there with a camera so you can get copies from them hopefully.

Jane~glad the party went well at your house also.

Angie~I have been wanting to see that movie and almost rented it Friday. Rented some others instead...Shaun of the Dead-too funny! Loved it! Also, rented Taxi and Sideways. Sideways was okay and I haven't seen Taxi yet. Will probably watch that one today.

Sue~I need to get started on some spring cleaning, just dreading it. May have someone come in and do it for me! :lol:

Susan~how was Wiggles? Bet little miss Gaby had a ball! Rocky is a sweetie! And July will be here before you know it.

Terri~I've given up on losing weight, for now anyway. Just not motivated to do it. I know I won't gain any weight and if I don't lose any, well, oh well. I just can't live the rest of my life journaling everything I eat or counting points or calories.

Hi Pam~hope things are going well with you.

Hi Austin615 and a big WELCOME! Wish I had some words of wisdom and/or advice for ya but as I said above to Terri I have quit with trying to lose weight for now. I did well with WW before but just not motivated to do anything right now. Pam gave some good advice though. Good luck to you and again welcome.

That's about all I have. Need to get some laundry done and have a couple of movies to watch. Also going to polish my nails. Did my toes yesterday, a pretty dark red and of course it gets too cold to wear sandals now! Anyway...Hi to everyone else :wave: Have a good one ladies.

04-25-2005, 04:02 PM
Hiya Ladies! :wave:

Austin - you first!! - Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! I reposted a thread of how I lost my weight since I get asked that often. Hope some of it helps you!

Terri - good luck with the water, friend! You can do it!!

Mindee - Phooey about the photos! But I betcha the others who took pictures will share with you. That same thing happened with one of the rolls of Mary and Dale's wedding pictures. Although we had several rolls, the one of the actual ceremony was blank. Thank goodness for other people sharing!!

Cristi - hope the headache is gone. Love the new little icons.... gonna check them out, lol.

To everyone else - hope you're having a great day!

I'm still trying to get in the groove after the weekend, lol. The peace and quiet around here is making my ears ring, lol. Made a pot of WW soup, and with the cooler temps that moved in, it's mighty yummy!

Edited to say: I just added a "Before and Now" photo to my "How I lost weight" thread... that took lots of courage, lol, and I probably won't leave it there for long.

04-25-2005, 05:35 PM
Hi ladies,

What a dreary weekend it was. Rain rain rain. At least we weren't blessed with the snow like Mindee. Luckily it missed the Toronto area. Saturday DH and I went out and bought new living room furniture. We've had the same sectional sofa for the last 16 1/2 years and it was getting increasingly hard to get up off of it. So we got a lovely new sectional with a sofa bed and gorgeous wing back chair at Leon's It was delivered yesterday and looks great. The only downside was that the chair was damaged. (broken leg) and we have to get a replacement. But Jerry just Macgivered it with some screws so at least we can use it until the replacement arrives.

No chance to work out this weekend. Didn't even get a shower yesterday I was so busy. That and Joycelyn is cutting a new tooth so she is extra clingy and whiney.

Somehow though, I did manage to get all the laundrey washed and dried, and almost put away, so at least I burned some housework calories.

Had a nice compliment from my MIL on Friday. She said that she could see that I was losing weight, especially in my back. She is one of my biggest supporters, next to my own mom.

TERRI Sorry you are having such a hard time with DH. I know that it's so hard with young ones. Jerry and I are best friends, and we are in it for the long haul together, so it takes a lot of extra work to make our marriage work. Joycelyn is our number one priority in terms of making sure that she is safe and secure and happy, but the biggest part of that is making sure that our relationship as spouses is nurtured also. At the end of the day, when Joycelyn has grown up and left home (and she will) We want to make sure that we are still as good friends as ever. We've been together for 16 1/2 years so we've had a lot of time to grow together, and right now we are going through a lot of growing pains, and there is a lot of snipping and *****ing (for lack of a better word) but we always keep the lines of communication open. When I'm pissed at him, I let him know it and vice versa, keeping quiet about it only causes you more stress. I don't know how close you and your DH are but I hope that you can find a way to work things out. Good luck.

Anyway, I must run. I will post more tomorrow. Work is so busy.



04-25-2005, 06:03 PM
Hello ladies--

Sorry I haven't posted much over the weekend. Been busy w/Jhanai. And James actually had the weekend off w/us!!

Austin--Welcome!! I wish I had the perfect story to share w/you, but I'm in the mist of figuring out what will work for me. We have many lovely ladies on this site who are having wonderful success, so I hope you get a chance to read their stories. They're very inspirational!

Katy--May have to check into the Core Effects video. Or maybe find it on tv somewhere and just record it from that! Glad it's working so well! I need toning!

Jane--Your ears are ringing from all the silence? When I'm alone, I believe my dogs conspire to hide so they don't have to listen to me babble on to them! :D Soup sounds good right now. I may have to gets some ingrediants this weekend and make some.

Susan--Hope the wiggles was a blast for Gaby! Tell us all about it when you get a chance.

Angie--We have a play it again sports place around here too. I've been wanting to get in there and check out the roller blades for Jhanai. We live in a perfect neighborhood for summer skating. May have to do that before her birthday!

Mindee--Glad Brandon's birthday was fun! Sorry to hear about the photos. I know it's no comfort to keep hearing the same thing, but it IS good that there were others who had camera's.

Terri--I've been avoiding the scale too. I have no reason as to why I have been. But TOM started this week and so I figured I might as well see what damage I have done. I've gained 2lbs....with TOM. So, it wasn't so bad after all. And after TOM has left my house, I will get back on the scale and see where I'm at BEFORE I change my siggy. :dizzy:

Cristi--I'm pretty sure they must have taken your photos!! :s: You've reminded me that my pour toes have been neglected. I may just polish those babies up after I'm done here!

Anita--Your furniture sound beautiful! I would love to get new furniture for our house. At least a living room set. I'm wanting something besides our was very nice thick futon, but I would really like a couch. Someday maybe!

Ok ladies..I have laundry going and I've spent my morning sweeping, vaccuming and all that cleaning jazz...I'm off to grab a cup of joe and relax before I go to work.

Take Care

04-26-2005, 01:37 AM
Terrie-Lee~ My sister told me that she will email me the pictures that she took. Brandon’s one godmother, Anna, emailed me back and said that she would give us the doubles. I am waiting to hear from my other sister Beth and Brandon’s other godmother Tina.

Austin~ First off, welcome to the group. Secondly, I lost my weight by getting on an exercise bike that my sister left here, and cutting out my pop intake. I have also tried to get out and do as much walking as possible.

Cristi~ Yeah, we didn’t get anything that stuck. Well, it did at the time, but now we have nothing. Out by where my in-law’s camp, they got between 11 and 13 inches there. The pictures should be on the “Photo Gallery, pt 2” at least I think that is where I put them! My sister Katy said that she would email me the pics she took, and our friend Anna said that she would give us the doubles that she took.

Jane~ I was mad at first, but I was relieved when I sent the email out asking for doubles and/or emails with the photos. My sister Katy took a video of Anna and Brandon on the floor. She was sitting down and had a hold of him from behind and she was making him dance and you could hear him giggle. It was priceless and very adorable!

Anita~ Brandon is cutting another tooth as well, for a grand total of 5 now.

Marti~ I agree! I think it took Tommy telling me 50 times while we were in Meijers that other people took pictures and he is sure that they would share with us.

04-26-2005, 01:09 PM
Ahhh the busy life of the working woman. Today is a little quieter so I have some time to say more than a quick hello. Today started out well. I managed to get 40 minutes of exercise in. 15 minutes on the ski machine and 25 minutes on weights and abs. I always feel better when I exercise. I've adjusted my workout schedule. I no longer get up at 4:30 but get up at 5:15 , so I am able to see DH off to work (sometimes it's the only time we get a chance to chat these days!) and then I head for the basement for my gym. So far I have not checked my weight, but I am not expecting much as this month has been stressful and have pretty much done zero exercise. But I am remaining positive because I am making more healthy choices than non healthy choices and I have cut out some destructive habits (such as eating in front of the tv)

AUSTIN!!!!! HELLO AND WELCOME Fortunately, it doesn't cost too much to get started on the weight loss journey. If you have a pair of shoes to walk in, then you can already be well on your way. Walking is one of the best ways to shed weight, and the best part is that it's free! As for diets, I recommend that you start by writing down everything that you eat. Every bite. Do this for a week and then look at it and see just what and how much food you are eating. "You cannot change what you don't acknowlege" --Dr. Phil From there you can determine where you need to make changes. Perhaps in either portions or the types of foods you are eating. Try to make healthier choices. Don't shoot for everything at once. If for example you drink a lot of soda/pop then switch to diet, or cut back it and drink water. Things like that. If you need help, we are all here for you.

MINDEE Sounds like Brandon and Joycelyn are in a tooth competition. Once this one comes in she'll have 5 also. Sounds like you had a blast on his birthday too. Too bad about the snow though, what is with this crazy weather?

MARTI You know something? I have always wanted a Futon. They look so fluffy and comfy. We've just never really had a place for one. New furniture is really nice to get. We've had the same couch for 16 1/2 years and we have been practically been sitting on the floor for the last 2 years. I honestly don't know how I managed to get up from it while I was pregnant.
Sometimes I just had to roll off! :lol:

:wave: to everyone I missed! Hope everyone is well!

04-26-2005, 02:49 PM
Hiya ladies,

Just a quick note to say hi. JJ is here and going to help me cook, lol, but right now she's watching Rollie Pollie Ollie. The rain has stopped and the sun is trying to peek out, so I'm not sure if I'll make it back today.

Whatever you're doing, have a good one! :cool:

04-26-2005, 02:51 PM
Howdy everyone :wave:

Jane~you made me think about when we were married. I bought a bunch of those disposable cameras so that everyone could take pictures. Of course there was only the kids, DD's friend because her dad was the preacher and V's step-mom and dad. But everyone had a camera and we got some good shots. V's step-mom had brought her own camera and she gave us the doubles of what she took. And the preacher took some also, typical photos a photographer would have taken had we had one. It was nice to see the different angles and poses that everyone took and of course we got a video of the ceremony, not the reception because his step-mom for some reason put the camera down instead of passing it on to someone else. The headache is still with me darn it. But it is from a toothache and I have got to find a dentist.

Mindee~well glad that everyone is willing to give up some photos. I'll take another look at the photo gallery-may have just been in a hurry and missed them.

Marti~I've always wanted a futon-love those things. We thought about putting one in the exercise room but there's not enough space so V is thinking about making a Murphy bed. We really don't have anywhere for anyone to sleep except on the couch, not that we have a lot of company. But it's always good to have something. Glad you had a nice weekend with James and Jhanai.

Terri-Lee~hope you are having a nice day.

Anita~your new furniture sounds nice. We are still waiting for our dining room furniture. Not supposed to be here till May 1, or is it the 5th-ah, one of those two. But I was hoping that it would actually come in early. Wish I had your motivation to exercise-have the stuff, just can't make myself do it.

Anyway, HI to everyone else :wave:

Kind of a busy day today. Made a trip to the library this morning and had a couple of other errands to run. Was supposed to go get my drivers license renewed but not in the mood for a pic. Maybe tomorrow...I've got to run to the post office and then when V gets home going to pick up my ring(s), get some lotion Bath & Body Works, pick up some yankee candles, and then we are off to dinner. We have been having our date nights again. For a while we stopped because he was working so much and now it seems to be slowing down somewhat. The bad thing about him working so much is it is taking so long to get things done around the house. Going on three weeks now for our patio and it is all dug out and two squares are framed in, just need to frame another, put the sand in and get the guys out here with the concrete. Don't know how long it will take to get the fence in! Anyway, :blah: :blah: :blah: in a chatty mood I guess. :)

:sunny: Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :sunny:

04-26-2005, 02:51 PM
Yakkity Yak..... hop on over to #126! See you there.