Support Groups - Queen of the Beach Week of April 18

Ivana B. Thin
04-18-2005, 06:48 PM
Hello all you lurkers....Stop in and say Hi! :wave:

I had a pretty good week on the Beach. I am now in Week Two of Stage Three! Got my cardio in this week. I want to get down there so I look decent for Joel's wedding.

Karen-Yah!! You did it! Now on to the cardio.

The mini challenge is to take a picture of yourself and save it to compare your progress. I did this but I am not going to post it :o

See you at the Beach!!!!

Ma Snacker
04-18-2005, 08:13 PM
Yes, I did make it. I even ran last week! To make this week even better, I just found a 1 point peanut butter cookie recipe on the WW site! Life is good! :D

Ivana B. Thin
04-19-2005, 09:37 AM
Down another pound!! Woo Hoo!!!!! I am such a LOSER!!!!!! :D

Karen-Could you post your cookie recipe?