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04-16-2005, 10:35 PM

What we really want in a weight loss support group, boils down to one concept; we are looking for a sanctuary.

Sanctuary means different things to different people. Sanctuary is a place of peace, rest, safety, and rejuvenation. It keeps our spirit and our sanity intact.

Many of us who have a long journey down the weight loss path find ourselves in need of a break. Sometimes our bodies crave it, and sometimes the choice isn't ours, but circumstances forces it upon us. Other times, we need the clamoring throng to cheer us along our way as we breeze past milestones and overcome obstacles.

Sanctuary can be all that as well. It is what you need and when you need it. Sanctuary can be found in good friends who aren’t afraid of your truths and in an open, honest atmosphere.

Sanctuary isn’t judgmental, neither does it discriminate or ask to be censured. It is open to anyone with a desire to share, and especially those in need of and willing to offer support

04-16-2005, 10:41 PM

Glad you are back posting, Kat. I missed you.

I woke up this morning and it was raining :mad: I actually did go out and rake for awhile in the rain but I got soaked and then cold so I gave up.

At noon it quit so out I went. I finished raking by the house about 4:30PM and then painted one of the sheds until 7:30.

I somehow got into the shower, dressed and came here.

I should get to bed as tomorrow my raking continues along with some more painting.

How are all of you?

I have been thinking about my hurdle for next week. I was thinking of exercising in the morning for at least 3 days - that is if I can still move after this weekend. :lol:

I think I earned some couch time now, night.

04-17-2005, 12:04 AM
You have definitely earned some couch time, Miss Lucky! I hope you're feeling okay.

We had a glorious day here...around 70 degrees and sunny. I did get outside, got lots done, even a ride on my bike. :) I wish I could stay and post, but I'm off to work now. :(

I have my gym bag packed for the morning...I'll head over right after work...If I'm not too exhausted and get an Aqua class in.

I have lots of thoughts on 'hurdles' but no time to share at the moment. Suffice it to say that the thought of them did keep me motivated all day long! Thanks again, Gloria!

See you tomorrow, chicks!

04-17-2005, 12:53 AM
Oh, my, I had such a lazy day today! Every now and then I get hit with an unexplained wave of exhaustion. I took a nap and woke up still tired. I didn't even make supper so Greg ordered pizza. I did have one accomplishment though. My dad brought me a case of fresh picked strawberries that a friend had shared with him. I knew we wouldn't be able to eat them all before they started to spoil so I made/canned strawberry jam. I've never done any kind of canning. It turned out soooo good. I can't believe how simple it was. I think I may have found myself a new hobby. I can't wait until my tomatoes and peppers are ready! My grandmother always had huge garden so she's always done a lot of canning. I'll have to call her this weekend and ask her to send me all of her "recipes." She'll be so proud!

Alright, I am changing my hurdle challenge. I have two goals for this week. First to work out every single day, second, to average only 1200 calories this week. Greg and I will be leaving for vacation this Friday and I want to work my tail off this week so that I can relax and enjoy it. I plan to make good choices but I don't want to have to feel guilty if I spend a day doing absolutley nothing but laying by the pool and I don't want to have to sweat over every single morsel I put in my mouth.

I am going to hit the sack. Hopefully, I will wake up tomorrow feeling more like myself. Check in with you all in the a.m.


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04-17-2005, 10:02 AM
Worms have started attacking my tomato plant so last week i trimmed it back really good, and now it looks like the tomatoes have doubled in size, plus i have about twenty more blooms coming in. I know what's going to happen though, when Carl and i go on vacation in two weeks, thats when my tomatoes will turn red and ripen on the vine and my neighbor or mother-in-law will pick them. I don't mind sharing but after all the fuss and care I've put into my tomato plant, i want to be the first one to pick a tomato. Anyone for fried green tomatoes?

How did you enjoy your bike ride Kat? What kind of bike do you have? Old blue is just an old girl we got about twenty years ago and has been sitting in our garage. She looks all spiffy with her brand new seat and as long as i give her air in her tires, she takes me where ever i want to go.

Carl is still sleeping and the house is all still and quiet. I can hear the birds singing outside and as i look out my window there is a sea of greens and browns. Spring is officially here and it just feels good to be alive. Carl said he was taking me to iHop for breakfast so i better go and get him up.

Have a great Sunday and i hope you enjoy your vacation Tricia. Talk to you soon.

04-17-2005, 10:46 AM
What a beautiful day! I've already been to the gym...I had my bag packed last night, and just headed over right after work this morning. I spent about 10 minutes on the treadmill to warm up, did my weights and took an 'Aqua Run' know, the one with the guy that never shuts up! Still there. I just had my bowl of Fiber One cereal with some raisins. (don't laugh...1/2 cup is 0 points because the fiber count is so high! It's almost a free breakfast!) I'm feeling good again. Back on track. :cp:

My bike is an oldie but a goodie, Gloria! I bought it at a garage sale, years ago for $25.00. It's a three speed ladie's Schwinn, no frills whatsoever, but like you said, it gets me where I want to go! I may have to invest in a new seat too. Even with all my padding....OUCH! I do love riding it though. We have a bike trail nearby that I like, but I think I may load it into the car tomorrow and head down to the beach. We'll see.

SO...Hurdles. I managed to jump over quite a few yesterday. Hurdles that have kept me inactive and depressed. Just stuff around here that I've been meaning to do and somehow felt that I just didn't have the time. A lot of little things that added up to one big headache that rendered me totally useless. I felt as though there was too much to do and simply no time to do it, so I did nothing. And stuff piled up higher. And so did the feelings of worthlessness and self hate.

The concept of jumping hurdles just tickled my fancy. I decided to pick one, just one, thing that I wanted to accomplish and did it. It took practically no time at all. So I picked another task...again, I was done quickly and looking for more. Slowly, I realized that the hurdles are not the tasks themselves, but what I build up in my mind about them. Soon, I was zipping through the house, making a game of it, thinking of you all and how I couldn't wait to tell you how much I had accomplished!

Sometimes it's the littlest things that yield BIGGEST results!

I'm starting to fade now...Gonna grab a little nap so that I can still enjoy most of today...outside, of course!

Have a good one, all!

04-17-2005, 08:25 PM
Ow, Ow, Ow. I think I went too far today. I painted a bench, the chimmeny, raked, and dug up some marble slabs and hauled them up by the house. I want to use one as a top for a table in the yard but am not sure on the other one yet.

This weekend whizzed by and I am happy to go to work tomorrow - MUCH easier work!!!

So my hurdle for this week is going to be 3 days of exercise in the morning when I get up - I have been slacking on this and snoozing for that extra time. I feel better when I get up and do yoga - my body needs stretching - the way if feels now if I stretched I would SCREAM!!!!

I can do this - three days of AM exercise between April 18th to the 24th. It doesn't SOUND difficult to accomplish!!

Off to do my dishes and read a little before Desperate Housewives - and then BED!!!!

04-18-2005, 02:13 PM
I don't really have anything to say - just trying to move us back to the front page where we belong!

In laws will be here Friday and I have a TON to do. I'm cooking today trying to get a few things in the freezer so my MIL won't have to cook unless she wants to. And then there is the housework - I don't even know where to begin. This is my problem for letting it bother me because I know he doesn't mean anything by it but my FIL is one of those people who "notices" things. It makes me a nervous wreck. The funny thing is that I don't care what he thinks so much as I just don't want to hear it. LOL. I mean, I KNOW how much work we have to do - but we are going to make our own priorities, not someone who doesn't live here. Oh, well. Like I said, he means very well and I appreciate that. Lord knows I could have it a LOT worse. I count myself lucky to have the inlaws that I do. They are really good people and care very much about us and our family. I can't ask for much more than that!

Okay, off to make meatballs.


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04-18-2005, 03:26 PM
My mother-in-law is the same way, Tricia. I try to have her over for a meal once a week but when she walks in the door, i see her looking around to see if anything is out of place, then she checks the bathroom. Oh well, what can i do at this stage in her life.

When i first thought of the hurdles challenge i wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not, but after going out for breakfast with Carl yesterday, i now have bragging rights to jumping over the hurdle of not eating pancakes with lots of sugary syrup. I did have am omelet with, onions, green peppers and ham. Very tasty and i wasn't hungry again till late in the day. I feel good about that so i guess i will have something to report at the end of this week. I cant talk long because i have to go food shopping.

04-18-2005, 05:27 PM
Today's hurdle: Get some exercise in. The day isn't over yet!

04-18-2005, 05:57 PM
Kat - there is still time for all of us! I know I'll manage at least a walk after the kids are in bed but my hurdle for the week was an intense gym workout every single day. My problem? Will earning his orange belt in karate means that his class schedule has changed. I am having the darndest time trying to work around the gym class schedule, his class, and our family dinner. I actually looked at the schedule last night and decided I would head to the gym right after dropping him off at school. This morning, though, I remembered that Addie has speech therapy on Monday mornings - a relatively new addition to our calendar. Blech - it is all starting to sound like a bunch of excuses. I'll get there - but I'm not going to get to do the classes and routine that I had planned. Oh, well, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Still no housework done. Well, unless you count taking the clothes out of the dryer and putting them on a chair. I have gotten lots of stuff in the freezer though so the day hasn't been lost. I think my problem is that I know if I clean house now I'll just be doing it again the night before Greg's parents get here. Nothing stays neat around here for 4 days in a row.

OH, OH, OH! I was pulling a couple of weeds out of our little vegetable garden. Daisy came up and peed in the grass so I reached over, still bending over to tell her she was a good girl. Not two feet from me and eye to eye was a yucky, scary SNAKE. Alright, it was just a garter snake - but I fear them still. And it was right by my house, near the garage. EWWW, I just keep thinking what if it gets in the storage room and has babies. It gives me chills. Greg thinks all of this is pure entertainment. I know it is an irrational fear but I can't help it. Snakes, frogs, lizards, all make me squirm. It is not helpful having two fearless young boys always on the lookout for a new pet to put in their pockets. The funny thing is that when I was their age we lived next to a soybean field. My mother eventually stopped cleaning out my pockets before she did the laundry because she never knew what she would reach in and grab - field mice, frogs, you name it. My dad also has a fear of snakes. I used to catch them and chase him around the car yelling, "look daddy, Nak!Nak!" Bless his heart, I guess I get it honestly. I remember we were leveling our backyard one year and he was riding a great big tractor. He saw a black racer but wouldn't run over it because he was afraid it would get caught on the tractor tire (which was so big the top of it was near the driver's seat) and end up too close to him. My mom had to come out kill it with a hoe before he would come down. We still tease him about that one.

One of the ONLY times Greg has ever really, really, fussed at me was when I was pregnant with Will. I had gone home for lunch and gone out the back door when one of those nasty, sticky, green tree frogs got in the house. I tried to catch it in a cup but just couldn't bring myself to get close to it. I called Greg, who was having lunch out with friends. He didn't answer his cell phone so I called the resaurant and had him paged. When he came to the phone I spit out, "Oh, God, the WORST thing has happened!" He came home and got the frog but boy did he chew me out for scaring him so bad. Of course, he was worried as soon as they paged him, and then what I said just nearly caused a heart attack given that I was pregnant and all. Suffice to say that I now understand that a frog in the house isn't EXACTLY the worst thing that could have happened.

Look at me, rambling again. Damn, I don't want to fold those towels!

Good luck on those hurdles!


04-18-2005, 09:14 PM
a frog in the house isn't EXACTLY the worst thing that could have happened. You are right, THE WORST is a snake.

I had a snake in my apartment once. I was sitting on the couch watching TV and it went slithering across the floor. I nearly passed out - the only thing that stopped me was the knowledge that then the snake could slither over ME!!!:eek:

I go my neighbor and she put on giant gloves and came over, found the snake and picked it up.

Every night for some time after that I would think how a snake could just crawl right into the bed!!!! It still gives me the willies.

Well, on that happy story I had best get my stuff ready for tomorrow, eat and maybe have a little time to read.

I need some ME time today - I was offered another job and am trying to slow my mind down!!!! Pros, cons, change, change, change. My life keeps changing - no wonder I have a rash on my neck from stress!!! :o

04-18-2005, 10:33 PM
Hey everyone :)

I love the hurdles! What a great idea, Gloria! :)
Just to catch everyone up before I fall asleep at the computer, I've been doing really well here. I started my food plan again and I am beginning to feel better already.

My hurdles for this week would have to be exercising 3 times minimum and journaling my food consistently.

I'm super exhausted. I'll work on getting a good night's sleep tonight and be back to you all tomorrow. :)


04-18-2005, 11:02 PM
I just wanted to pop in and say 2 days down, 5 more to go! I am very pleased with myself that I've gotten myself to the gym for the past two days. Keeping my calories down (my hurdle is a 1200/day average this week) isn't a problem but exercising every day this week is another story. It isn't so much that I'm not motivated, I WANT to go. We have so much going on this week and it is hard for me not to put my needs on the back burner. Of course, that attitude is a good part of the reason I found myself at 214 pounds in the first place.

The kids were already asleep when I got home so I'm going to hop upstairs and sneak a kiss before jumping in the shower. Talk to you all in the morning.


P.S. Lucky - I WOULD HAVE DIED IF A SNAKE GOT IN MY HOUSE! No, really, I would have ACTUALLY died.

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04-18-2005, 11:42 PM
In my part of the country we have big sand turtles that are on the endangered list. One year we had a pair in our backyard that decided to make a nest there. When Carl mowed the grass he always mowed around the nest, so right in the middle of my backyard there was this small area where the grass grew very tall. When we looked out our sliding glass door we could see the grass shaking back and forth. You know that old saying, "If you see the van a rocking, don't bother knocking? Same principle only grass instead of the van. The turtles are very large so there is no danger of one getting into the house.

I had a very good day today with food and exercise. Didn't go to the Y, but did ride old blue to the produce stand thats about three miles each way. I can feel it in my legs now but its a good feeling.

Getting very sleepy so i think I'll get a quick shower and hit the hay.
Talk to you tomorrow.
Hugs to all.

04-19-2005, 12:26 PM
Snakes? Good Lord. I'd have a heart attack. When we were in Mexico, we'd encounter IGUANAS strolling across the roads, on some of our little excursions. (Why did the iguana cross the road?) They do NOT look friendly...but somehow not as scary as a snake! Spiders skeeve me too....shudder.

Okay, back to work for me. Concentrating on one of today's hurdles...actually cleaning out my multiple "hot spots," hutch, countertop, coffee table. Literal magnets for papers, magazines, mail, more papers, and even more papers. I swear they're reproducing as I speak! That and exercise of some sort.

Food is good. i went to WW yesterday and was up three lbs! They're gone today. That's okay, I'm just staying the course. Loaded up on lots of fruits and veggies yesterday. I bought couscous. Does anybody make this? Any ideas for me?

Gotta run. Catch you later!

PS...Glad to see you pop in, Andria!

04-19-2005, 01:19 PM
Hey everyone :)

Just a quick note. I'm off to Curves! I walked 3/4 of a mile last night as well, so I'm feeling pretty good about my exercise. Now, to pull out my PDA and log my food and water...

The real hurdle today seems to be getting up and doing it. Everything in this house feels so overwhelming, and I am spinning around in circles instead of picking a place and just going for it. Thus, the heading out for a head break and a body workout. I'll put myself first and the rest will follow!


04-19-2005, 03:41 PM
Gloria, your turtle story reminded me that I took Jake and Addie to the park the other day. There is a big duck pond there. Let's just say that love was in the air and the ducks were having trouble controling themselves. You should have seen the faces of all the mothers trying to explain to there 4 and 5 year olds why the ducks were "fighting." I usually try and answer those kinds of questions as honestly as I can but the mom sitting next to obviously doesn't. I didn't want her child to hear my explanation so I went with the fighting story too. It was all pretty funny.

The kids were very good and patient at my eye doctor appointment so I treated them to lunch at McDonald's. Now, usually, I don't care for their hamburgers but I do love their fries. For some reason I was really, really, craving both. I was so close to ordering a Quarter lb with cheese meal. But, I got a hold on myself and opted for a grilled chicken salad. I did, however, eat the fries that were at the bottom of Jake's kids meal bag. YUCK! I can't believe I am saying this but even those 4-5 fries made my stomach feel queasy. I could actually feel a film of oil left in my mouth. I am so glad I didn't get that value meal. But, I am glad I tasted the fries. I've been having fast food urges here and there and that was enough to help me realize that if I gave in I would be sorry. Those fries were a reminder that fast food isn't as good as I remember it - and I used to be a drive through junkie!

We are off to buy shoes for the kids. I should probably bring a loan application with me. Have you ever had to buy three pairs of kids' shoes at once? It aint' cheap. And to top it off, I need to buy them each a pair of sandles as well as tennis shoes. Sadly, Will and Jake have odd shaped feet and I haven't found any off brands that fit them properly. The Stride Rite brand is the only one we've tried that didn't cause blisters. Thank goodness for Addie - she can wear anything from anywhere. Of course, she'll make up the difference once she becomes a fashion conscious pre-teen.

Y'all have a great day.


04-19-2005, 04:46 PM
Me again!

Ok, exercise (X), food journal (X)!
So far, so good today!
I even took a bit of a break for myself and stopped at the nursery on the way home and bought beautiful flowers. I bought a mix of portulacas, some sedum, a gorgeous, deep blue lobelia, evening primrose that has a lemon yellow flower, and... ummm, something else, but I can't remember this second. :lol: Oh yeah, some wave petunias in a deep, rich purple. Now, I'm just going to have to wait until this storm front moves on so I can plant them all. The wind is blowing so hard, and it is bitter cold. This morning it was short sleeves weather and now I'm ready to pull out my fleece again. Ah well. I'll miss it when the heat is on.

The turtle and snake stories have me cracking up. Because we live so close to all sorts of fields, we get mice in the house occasionally. Evidently, getting mice can mean snakes following along after them. Yikes! One came crawling up through a hole mice had dug beneath our TV stand. There happened to be about 6 females standing in the room at the time, all ranging in age from 2-38, and you should have heard the screams! :lol: The poor snake was probably more terrified than we were. It paused and then went right back where it came from. Yes, that hole was plugged up fast and hard, and we ripped apart the living room looking for any other potential entrances. I had the willies for weeks after!

Got to go. My hurdle for the day was to attack a room for spring cleaning. It isn't going to get done if I sit here on my backside, huh. ;)


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04-19-2005, 05:30 PM
I know what your talking about Kat, when you said the papers are reproducing. Two years ago we remodeled are kitchen so everything had to come out (Dishes, pots, pans....). Before i put everything away after the remodeling, i went through it with a fine tooth comb. Its amazing how much stuff you can collect after 25 years in the same house. I worked for Goodwill when i was able to work so you can just imagine the stuff i had and still do. When putting everything back, i even had a couple of drawers empty for a while, then the papers started reproducing on my dining room table. Sooo, don't know what to do with the papers, in the empty drawer they go. Out of sight, out of mind. Now that we're in the process of moving a lot of our stuff into the Ga. home, i need to get into my kitchen again and just take everything out and only keep what i need now. There's just the two of us, so what am i going to do with a five gallon pot? Also, don't remember the last time i made my own pasta. But then, just as soon as i get rid of the excess stuff, don't you just know that thats when I'll need it. Maybe that could be my next hurdles challenge.

Don't know why the iguana crossed the road, also don't know what came first. The iguana or the egg.

Andria, i have had more days like that than i can count, so your not alone. I try to keep in mind the people who are in the olympics when it looks like I'm starting to go around in circles. You know the athletes that run and jump over the hurdles? I don't remember the name for the event. Anyway, when those athletes jump over those hurdles, they only jump one at a time. So, thats what i try to do, one at a time.

I want to go to a water aerobics class tonight so better get supper going now.
Have a great night.

04-19-2005, 07:29 PM
Gloria, I am a full blown pack rat. Within a week of throwing something out I find myself needing it. I get it honestly. My grandmother was notorious for never throwing anything out. When she and my grandfather passed away we were absolutley amazed at the wonderful things we found - and soooo many of them!

04-20-2005, 12:06 PM
Hey there :)

It is raining buckets outside! Too bad I didn't get those flowers in the ground yesterday. It never did warm up enough to go play in the dirt. We did do some serious damage to a room though as far as cleaning goes. I'm ready to hit another one today, but we'll see if I can scrounge up enough cooperation to do so. We did decide that the girls don't really need the last of the toys we have been keeping back, so we'll be keeping a few for the little nieces and nephews, but most of those will be donated. Also there will be a ton of clothes. My girls both sprouted again over the winter, and even though the shorts will fit around my little one's waist, they are so high up on her thighs as to be about embarrassing! :lol:

It felt really good getting past those hurdles yesterday. Gloria is right, they have to be taken one at a time to finish the course. Also, speed isn't as much of the essence as accuracy. Blazing through the course and knocking over all the hurdles in the process doesn't work. You have to use grace and style and your skills. The speed will come in time.

I have work to do! I'm making pumpkin chocolate cookies (Splenda and applesauce variation) for Tony and jetting them off in a care package. He has two huge weeks of exams starting Monday, and the boy is going to need to feel the love! The week after exams are over he is moving, but I get to be there that week with him. Can't let myself think too much on that, because I get all twitterpated when I do. :)

On the subject of packrat-itis, I have been fighting that one for years! My mom used to save everything, and I mean everything. Growing up, one of my sisters and I were cleaning cupboards out and found an entire one full of old butter tubs and deli containers. Some were cracked and useless, so we just tossed them all. My mom went nuts! She made us empty them all out of the trash, wash them and put them back in the cupboard. I swore I would never fall into that trap, but it creeps up on you. When we were military it was easy because you moved often enough to keep things pared down. We haven't moved in about 5 years, and things are building up, despite spring and fall cleanings!

Ok, back to the kitchen with me. I decided to come back and write some more to keep myself out of those cookies. :lol:


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04-20-2005, 02:43 PM
My hurdle yesterday was to ride my bike to the Y and attend a water aerobics class but am sorry to report that i never made it there. Don't know why I'm having such a hard time getting to the Y. That will definitely have to be a hurdle i will have to work on. I did ride to the produce stand this morning where tomatoes are on sale for 49 cents a pound. I'm going to make more sauce for spaghetti and pizza. Last time i made homemade tomato sauce i cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast in it and was amazed how tender and juicy it was.

I feel very disoriented today. Carl always comes home for lunch around 12 o'clock but now, because he started a new route today he is unable to come home. Just in case your wondering where Carl works, he's a U.P.S. driver. He's had the same route for the past twelve years and everyday about the same time the dogs would get very excited, even before i could hear the roar of his diesel package truck. It was becoming a ritual in my house. Dogs barking, Carl pulls up and everyone goes out to greet him. We would have lunch together and watch the first half of Star Track. I know he'll be home tonight for supper but today i miss not being able to eat lunch with me.

Have lots of things i want to get done today so best get to them.

04-20-2005, 11:26 PM
I was offered another job on Monday, accepted Tuesday and have been in a dither ever since.

Not to mention - exhausted, but I missed you all and wanted to say hi.

I am happy you are all doing well and conquering those hurdles. I am working on mine - there is still time!! ;)

I will post more tomorrow. Night :wave:

04-21-2005, 10:55 AM
Good morning! :)

Yesterday's hurdle shifted dramatically. I've been wanting to get up to the cemetery and do some major work there, and on a bit of a whim, had purchased some new flowers to plant. My ex and I went up there yesterday, and found the entire cemetery grown over with weeds because of the massive amount of rain we have received. You couldn't see the top of our grave! It has been less than a month since I was there doing maintenance, so you can imagine how surprised I was. Anyway, we spent the next hour and a half pullling weeds and trying to miss the desert flowers. The rain we had received was just enough to loosen the soil and not make everything muddy, so the weeding was much easier than usual, and I was so excited to find that I could actually squat a little instead of just bending at the waist. Kneeling down is still too painful, plus you often find nasty, stickery things around there. Anyway, it was an unexpected hurdle to jump, but I felt so good getting past it. This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time! We had a beautiful garden spot planted there, but about 4 years ago gophers went nuts up at the cemetery and ate almost all the plants. The entire plot had been covered in California poppies, blue flax, evening primrose, baby's breath and hens and chicks. It was so beautiful and really helped to heal my heart at the time. When it was all gone, I was devastated and have struggled since with doing anything more than weeding there. This is a really cool, old pioneer cemetery, if you are wondering about having to do weeding and maintenance and all. :)

My oldest is out of school today and tomorrow, and we are planning on going to Curves together this morning! She is trying to talk me into shopping with her afterwards. I do have a $50 Bath and Body gift certificate to spend, so maybe shopping isn't such a bad idea. :) I really need to journal my food today. For some reason that is being a tough hurdle to jump and keep jumping. If I don't keep tight track though, I let too much slide in and all my other hard work is for nothing.

Everyone else in the house is up and zooming around now, so I'd better get outta here. Have great mornings!

Lucky, congratulations on the new job! I am so excited for you!

Gloria, I almost forgot to give you my favorite suggestion for keeping tomato worms away. Plant basil in the middle of your tomatoes. It is easy, and if you are making homemade sauces, you will use plenty of basil anyway. :) I don't know why it works, but ever since I started doing it, I've only seen 3 tomato worms over 2 years. The basil is easy enough to care for, just when you see it beginning to flower, nip the buds off and let it continue to grow. Good luck with getting to the Y. I know how hard it is to make something habit again, even if you know it is good for you and you love how you feel afterwards. And *hugs* for you with your DH's new schedule. I can imagine it would leave you feeling quite lost. :(

Ok, now I'm getting out of here! Take care :)



04-21-2005, 11:05 AM
Unfortunately, my hurdle goals were a little too ambitious for this week. I haven't exercised in two days and, although my eating has been fine, it hasn't been as low as 1200 calories every day either. I hate to make excuses for myself but I have really been busier than I thought trying to get everything ready for our trip and get the house ready for my inlaws. It has been so long since Greg and I have taken a vacation without the kids that I had forgotten all of the preparation involved. So, I haven't managed the intense workouts I planned but I have scrubbed the deck, kitchen floors, cleaned cabinets, etc. I suppose I can give myself a pat on the back for not sitting on the couch, eating ice cream, and feeling overwhelmed. Which, by the way, is my natural instict to do.

And, hey, more GREAT news. We leave in one day and I started my period this morning. Why? First of all, what pain when your vacation is focused on the pool and the beach. Second of all, it is not a good thing to have cravings while on vacation. At home that isn't a big deal. I don't have too much crap in the house so even if I give in to those urges I can't do too much damage. But on vacation? I don't know. It will be a little extra work stayng in line. We've collected menus from all of the restaraunts in the area and keep them at the condo. So, I will plan to make my selections, including drinks and dessert, before we leave. I know that the longer I read all of the food descriptions once we are there the more likely it is that I will make a poor choice.

I'm off to finish up all of my clean up projects. My inlaws aren't supposed to be here until after 7:00 tomorrow night but I don't want to plan on having tomorrow as a work day just in case they make it in earlier than that.

In case I don't get to post again before we leave I hope everyone has a GREAT week!


5 dogs
04-21-2005, 06:13 PM
Congrats on the new job Lucky. I hope your new job means more money and less time at work so you can post more often. I know a new job can be stressful but exciting all at the same time.

Thanks for the tip, Andria. I have my tomato plant in a VERY large pot now which is almost root bound. I think i am growing the tomato plant from ****. I keep cutting it back and within a few days there are more and more tomato blossoms coming out. I don't know what I'm going to do with all those tomatoes.
Did you go shopping with your daughter? Man what i wouldn't give to be able to go shopping and maybe lunch with my daughter right now. Sometimes its hard for me to cut the apron strings but i guess you just have to let them fly sometime.

How long are you going to be on vacation, Tricia? Carl and i are heading on up to Ga. next weekend and will be gone a week. If your not back by then, let me say now "Welcome back.

Yesterday i put my swimsuit and was almost out the door heading for the Y when the phone rang. My neighbor who's very sick and unable to even get out of a chair by himself called and was in need of my help. Okay, being a little late for my water aerobics class is'ent so bad. So, after helping him, just as I'm leaving his house, Carl pulls up in his package truck. He was all chatty about his new route so there goes my class. Today as I'm sitting here typing away, i have my suit on and am ready to go. Still have to feed the dogs and maybe eat something because i cant exercise on an empty stomach.

Hope to talk some more later tonight.

04-22-2005, 12:25 PM
Hi everybody,

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I'm still battling with my health. I do not seem to be getting much better. But I thought I'd pop in here and let you all know I am still in existence, and I miss reading the posts on here. I'm going to go lie down again and try to get more rest.


04-22-2005, 09:21 PM
I am getting ready to paint my living room ceiling in the morning. Think
of me and send my good thoughts. Painting is NOT something I like to do. :no:

Chelsea: Get back in here and tell us what is wrong??????? Have you been to a doctor?

Gloria: Did you make it to the Y ?

I have been thinking of getting a laptop so I can post more. I miss not getting in here to chat with all of you. :(

I don't know what the requirements even are for a lap top - hmmm, another thing to check out.

Anyone want to come over and help me paint?

5 dogs
04-22-2005, 10:27 PM
I sure would, Lucky. I have painted my living room so many times in the past 25 years i swear its half its size now from so much paint on the walls. So what color are you painting your ceiling? Down here just about all the houses have popcorn ceilings and its impossible to paint them. Just in case anyone doesn't know what popcorn ceilings are, its white stuff they spray on the ceiling thats all bumpy and looks just like popcorn. If you were to try and paint it, it would come off and fall on your head.
I did make it to the Y yesterday for a water aerobics class and the water felt soooo good i didn't want to get out. I even rode my bike there. The weather has been cool in the evenings and the breeze felt good on my face as i was peddling away.

Okay Chelsea, one more time. I really, really am worried about you. Its been three weeks and your still not getting any better. I don't want to sound like a mother hen and tell you what to do, but, cluck, cluck, maybe if you try a different doctor he/she might be able to help you get well.

So where is everyone? I know its friday and people do fun things on the weekend, but it sure would be nice to hear how everyone is doing.

Still have supper dishes to do so better go.
Take care.

04-23-2005, 10:23 AM
Stop do not post here but join us on "Sanctuary - #20 Everyone Welcome"