Weight Loss Surgery - Friend wants to have Band for 40lbs

Young Grasshopper
04-15-2005, 03:50 PM
Hi All,

Just thought I'd post this to see if anyone else has had this happen:

I had LAP RNY on March 9th and have lost about 35lbs so far (need to lose a 150 total). A friend of mine has been really supportive but now she seems convinced that she needs to have the surg. I'm worried. She doesn't have that much to lose and doesn't seem to comprehend that this is MAJOR surg. She's got stuff going on in her marriage, etc., and thinks if she lost weight that would solve the problem. Yet, she refuses the idea of getting her hormone levels checked or going to therepy.

I'm just getting frustrated because she won't listen. I've told her that it's not a quick or easy fix. That I have my good and bad days and I'm still in what's considered the Honeymoon stage. I told her to try WW and her response was, "I can't deal with counting points". Like what we need to do is so much easier?

Sorry to vent but I felt it was better to do it here than to do it to her. Just wish that she would listen, you know?