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04-14-2005, 02:53 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We took a drive to the Yosemite gates and all along the mountains there are more and more beautiful wild flowers blooming. I truly do love this time of the year. Cowboy came home from a "mens" meeting last night and said he had turned in his 60 day notice so June 12 will be his last Sunday to preach here. We are going traveling again! I have so much to do now to get ready. We are going to have one huge yard sale and try to get rid of everything we aren't taking. I am not taking nearly all I had in that trailer. Really trying to lighten up the load to make room for my "glass stuff." Cowboy does leather stuff and he will probably stick to making smaller items to sell at craft fairs ~ purses, holsters, belts and such. Right now he is building a saddle but on the road ~ we'll see. I think most of you have seen those silowets (sp) of cow's, horses and the like ~ ranch things. Anyway I have made a bunch of stensils about 4" high and am going to have a line of them all along the sides of the motor home. I'll spray them all black and then clear coat them. If we get it all done before I lose my internet connection I'll send you pictures. Or there is always snail mail! On the wheel cover on the I think I'll put an old prospector and his mule. LIFE IS GOOD BTW I showed a lose of 6 pounds at weigh in for the last two weeks. I am going to have to be doing this on my own "out there" and I have to get my ducks in a row.

JEAN School last till June 15 around here. They start late and have no make up days so to speak of ever. I know how excited you are with those new babies on the way.

FAYE I know how you felt about your little baby getting out there! My goodness what a fright. That is too bad that Jack can't take arthritis meds ~ I know they are taboo if one has heart problems. I take one for my knees and the doc said he would quit giving them to me if I had any hint of heart problems. And he also said I should lose weight and my knees would feel better. Now that only I can do and a pill won't help me there.

Have a good one ladies and I'll be typing at you later.

04-14-2005, 07:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! The sun is shining, bright blue sky, and NO wind for a change! But the weatherman has warned us it will not last and colder weather is on the way. :(

We have a new student at school. His name is Abey and pronounced Ah-B. He is coming in from a long stay at some detention camp in MN, hates women, thinks they are only good for sex, and will make remarks about female body parts. We have been put on the "alert" to any behavior problems *groan* and are trying to figure out how much he knows or doesn't know. He's already hooked up with the gang wannabes -- life is interesting.

"Gma" -- Is there a parent next door or is the grandmother raising the kids? If she is and is never around, no wonder they are always up to something! The Red Hats are really big up here -- you have to be 50 to join and there are many clubs in the area. If you're under 50, you wear pink and lavender (I think).

Maggie -- Thanks for starting the new thread! Where will your travels take you this time? Do you ever really hate leaving and moving on? I would REALLY have to downsize all of my stuff! :lol: I am excited about new babies as I could snuggle and hold them 24/7. They grow up much too fast!

I am going to a home decorating party tonight so I had better get moving. I need to pick up the disaster area where I was looking for the IRS envelopes last night. I'd stuck them in a file folder . . . don't remember doing that but at least I did find them.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-14-2005, 09:04 PM

I have been having fun going through some of my sewing things that I no longer use so I am going to put them in the box to go to our daughter. I am just keeping the hard to find and real expensive little items for now.

JEAN No I don't mind moving about at all. I have a very adventurous spirit and love to travel and not stay in one place too long. I stayed stationary during my work days and with the same job as a career till retirement so do have a sense of responsibility. Guess in the olden days I would have been a gypsy but would not have been running with tramps and thieves. I love sorting through things and getting rid of things that I won't be needing on the road and especially if I haven't used it in 6 months I don't need it ~ except for a few Christmas decorations and speciality items that don't weigh much or take up much room. I'll be getting another lap top and giving this computer to a friend. They make real small space saving printers also that I have my eye on. LIFE IS GOOD

Take care y'all.

04-15-2005, 08:26 AM
Morning girls! Hope all is well with you!

Maggie: Geez, Maggie, we just get you back here and now you are going to go and leave us to go trapsing all over who knows where! :lol: I hope you and Cowboy have a spectacular time when you hit the road!

Jean: Oh, nice, another kid with no respect for women. Gosh in this day and age, seems like the norm. You must work at one humdinger of a school! Can you say BODY ARMOR, everyone?????

I am including a pic of my little Pele star! The other little girl in the pic is his teammate Bailey. This was his first practice last Saturday. He had practice last night and in their scrimmage game scored three goals. Ole Nonny had to reward that with a nice $. He got mad at his mom last night because he wanted to come home with me and couldn't. I tried to defuse the situation but he is pretty stubborn. Field was still kind of muddy, but I am hoping by Sat it will be nice and dry. The chairs were a BIG help! :lol: I yelled until I was horse. Thomas has this huge cheering section and most of the others have like their moms! :lol: Let's see, tomorrow there will be his mom, dad, nonny, granddad, nana, pops, and his Aunt Holly. Then the last weekend of April at his game you get to add his Uncle Jay and Aunt Alicia to it. No wonder he scores goals! T's team's parents do cheer a lot more than the other teams for the kids. We do it during drills etc too for all the kids so they feel pumped up and do well and they all do pretty good. The score last night was 6-0 for our team! Way to go, big mouth Nonny! :lol: Oh, have to tell a funny story. The coach was not there last night and the asst, who basically runs the show anyway as he knows soccer, asked for a volunteer to help coach so Jack volunteered. They went to do this drill and he told the kids, "This is our volunteer coach." Thomas, piped up with, "Huh-uh, that is Coach Granddad."

Jack decided to take an emergency vacation day today because his left knee is still hurting.

Guess I better quit yakking and get the chores done.

have a good day girls


04-15-2005, 10:45 AM
Another Friday is upon us! For us here in MA it is Patriot's Day weekend and Monday is the Boston I'm not running this year :lol:

Maggie We will miss you here but I wish you nothing but clear roads and sunshine for your trip. Have fun. I think that going through old things is very difficult. We gave some old clothes to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization and I did pull two shirts and DH pulled an old sweater. It was very ratty but he said it had sentimental value as it was his old high school colors. I, however, had no such excuse just that the two shirts were from a trip and won't take up much space.

Faye Your T is so cute. It looks like he has your red hair. Nothing wrong with being in your grandson's corner....loud is good! Sorry to hear that DH has a knee problem. My DH is having a similar problem....he always loved to walk but I have noticed he cut back lately and he is limping. If I pressed he would did in his heels and be stubborn so I did not say too much and he did make a Dr. appt for next week. It may be arthritis or since he said he feels it click maybe something else. He too has a heart problem so has to watch what he takes for meds. We will know before long!

Jean I do not belong to the Red Hat Society but I do have a purple sweat shirt with 3 cute red hats across the front. Every time I wear it people as if I am in the club. I don't look good in hats so I wouldn't join.

Today is quite cool but we are looking forward to the weekend when temps should be in the 70's. Yahoo!!!!!

Gloria in MA.....have a great weekend!

04-15-2005, 08:00 PM
Happy Friday! It's been another nice day in my corner of the world but the weather map shows that the rain is headed our way tonight.

Today I worked with a sub that the kids absolutely hate with a passion. She makes them do what they are supposed to do and doesn't put up with any crap from them. The usual "challenge child" gave her a run for her money during the last period of the day. We are keeping notes on his behavior so I added my 2 cents worth and he will be in trouble on Monday.

I'm scheduled to work in the hospital gift shop tomorrow morning and then I have the rest of the weekend planned to "sort and pitch." Does that project never end?

Maggie -- Have you ever gotten rid of anything that you later wish you had saved? I always think that I (or someone) might need the item at a later date. :rolleyes: You are much more organized than I am!

"Gma" -- What a great picture of T. He has grown since the last one you shared with us! I think it is great that everyone :cheer: the team on -- when the kids are little that makes it so exciting for them. T is lucky his family and friends live close enough to attend his games. I hope Jack's knee feels better today!

Gloria -- Enjoy your nice weather because cold and :rain: are on the way! Hope your DH has a good report from the doctor.

DH is napping in front of the TV but I'm getting hungry so guess I'll go start supper. I need to make a grocery run . . . should I go tonight or tomorrow . . . decisions, decisions, decisions! :eek:

Have a nice evening!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-16-2005, 05:07 PM
It is in the 70's today and it is beautiful. Yesterday we were out at the coffee roaster place and the owner asked me to make a couple windows. They will be a foot wide and about 6 feet tall of beveled glass. He wants me to use lead came on them and I have since gotten rid of all my tools to do that method since I prefer using the copper wrap method which is much stronger and neater for my small projects. I haven't done big windows in years. However, his wife used to dabble in glass so she has all the tools I would need so I don't have to buy them to just do this one project. Is't it strange ~ here I am going through stuff in the house to get ready to hit the road and am taking on this project of two windows that go on each side of the door in a restored Victoria house. I love to cram the day with stuff to do. LIFE IS GOOD

JEAN yes I have gotten rid of something I whish I hadn't but can't remember what so it wasn't important now was it. We have everything we need so that is that. I love living in a small space like a motor home because you don't have the space to buy just "stuff" you don't really need.

FAYE thanks for the cute picture! How nice for Jack to be volunteer for the team. Will is out now umpiring a girls softball game. Baseball ~ I think ~ starts next month. This is the only town where they don't pay the umpire so it is all volunteer work. Every where else we lived he got paid ~ which was no big deal so he doesn't mind not getting paid.

GLORIA everyone needs some "sentimental" stuff. I have put all my pictures, etc in a big note book and keep lots of other memories in my head.

Have a great weekend folks.

04-16-2005, 07:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The wind has returned *groan* but the sun is shining after a few sprinkles this morning. I thought we were in for a couple of rainy days but guess it blew on past us. The temperature just "updated" and it's 73 degrees with a wind chill of 73. That just cracks me up :lol3:

I worked my 3 hours in the hospital gift shop this morning and was quite busy for once. I sold $76+ worth of odds 'n ends so the time went by fast. I usually take reading material along and didn't even have time to read. Now I need to tackle the laundry and fur hunks that are floating around. I swear I should have bald cats!

Maggie -- Nice to see you today! You will have fun making the windows! I bought a stained glass piece for our front window at the 4th of July craft show several years ago. I really wanted a piece with all different colors, like our church windows, but solid colors with frosted glass and clear beveled glass were all that was available. I chose blue which I thought was the prettiest. I'd like to get a Tiffany lamp someday . . . after the grandkids are grown!

I need to check my potatoes which are baking in the oven. DH is grilling pork loin chops for supper. :T

Have a relaxing evening!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-17-2005, 04:05 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's 80 degrees in my corner of the world but the wind is blowing so it feels cooler than that to me. The sun is shining and a neighbor is out mowing his yard. DH is washing his tractor in the driveway . . . it had a leak that he finally got fixed but where it leaked and dripped on other parts was bugging him. I wish I could get him as enthused about doing some things on his "to do list" that I made for him. *sigh*

We went to early church and I wore a pair of shoes that I haven't been able to wear for a year. I don't know if I could stand them all day but for a couple hours they were fine. I need to finish some laundry from yesterday and work on my algebra assignment.

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. I hope you all have a nice afternoon!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-18-2005, 09:05 AM
Good morning ladies!

Boy be glad you are not at my house this AM. I am a real grouch! I didn't get much sleep last night and tried to stay in bed this morning but the dog wouldn't settle down so I got up and did my chores. Of course, he is up there all snuggled down sleeping now!

I talked to my sister yesterday and asked her how my bil is doing. He is in the nursing home now, but has become pretty impossible. He is well but his attitude is terrible. I told her he is probably just now realizing what it means to be in the nursing home on top of the fact, that for the time being he has to stay in bed because they haven't had someone to come and work with him to get himself in and out of bed. She said the last time they tried, they used a hoist, took 20 minutes to get him into his scooter, he was out 5 minutes and wanted back in bed, then screamed at his nursing asst when he told him he would have to wait that he had other patients. My dsis says that each asst has 18 patients apiece! I told her she needs to be direct with him and tell him if he abuses the staff, he will get basic care only and they won't do anything special for him. I told her she needs to also tell him he can't abuse his family either and that when he does, they are going to leave. I know he is frustrated and unhappy, but it is what it is and he is going to have to make the best of what he has been dealt. He wouldn't be as bad as he is if he hadn't been this petulant child who refused to do physical therapy, made everyone fetch for him, when he could still walk etc. At least, this is a big load off my sister except for the financial part and she is still dealing with getting it all settled.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We went to T's soccer game and they lost 5-2 but he had fun. My dd was awful (she usually is when she is with his family especially) so I ignored her totally and didn't even tell her goodbye directly when I left. I have taken the position of doing to her what she does to me as the golden rule has not worked with her! She abuses you when you "turn the other cheek" and unfortunately, I don't have what Christ has! Actually, I am feeling better about taking my power back.

everyone have a good day. I need to get some more things done in the house


04-18-2005, 06:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's windier than he** here! I am so sick of wind but it makes the leaves come out faster so I won't complain too loudly.

It was a typical Monday at school. One of our students has missed 18 days of school so far this semester. She is known to take a day "off" and it's usually a Friday or a Monday; she did get sick and missed a whole week, came back, and got sick all over again being gone for the second week. They thought for awhile she had mono. Anyhow, she was gone again today and when her contact teacher checked with the secretary her "aunt" had called in saying she had an emergency out-of-town dentist appointment. The teacher then called her grandmother who said there was no such appt. and she had no clue where the girl might be. I have a feeling somebody is going to be in trouble both at home and at school. She is so far behind in several classes, and is failing PE and speech because of her absences. She will have the "who cares" attitude as she planned to take speech in summer school anyway.

"Gma" -- I hope you got a cat nap this afternoon! ;) I feel sorry for your sister in dealing with your bil. Unfortunately, it may take him awhile to figure out that what he dishes out will come back to haunt him. Sad! Glad to hear you enjoyed T's game but it's too bad his mother was being so awful. She will get hers someday too.

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. I have card club tonight and we will go out to eat at the Mexican restaurant first. I need to decide what I'm wearing to school tomorrow and do some ironing before I go.

Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-18-2005, 10:53 PM

It was in the high 70's today. We went to Wal-Mart for the necessary items that we can get there and of course they were out of half of what we had on our list. I did find a cute shower curtain for the motor home though. It has a mosaic fish pattern all over it and after trimming off 5 inches off the bottom it looks great. Tomorrow I am going to get in there and scrub out the insides of the cupbards then line the kitchen ones with "non skid" stuff. I bought a fresh bottle of Coppertone Water Babies sun screen and they have now a cute small bottle that sits upside down and has a carbinger attached through a hole which we would call the bottom but is now the top. Anyway it can be hooked to a jacket, back pack or just anywhere you want to hang it ~ it seems. So I got a bigger bottle which I can use to refill the small one.

FAYE I see nothing wrong with ignoring your daughters rude behavior. Don't buy into it and give her negative attention. Keep going to where ever you can to see that darling boy and give him support.

JEAN Do you have truant officer's there? I think the schools out here keep a tighter reighn on the kids it sounds like then back there. I know some of the counselors and they are on top of those trouble makers. But I guess it is all in how your budget is spread about and you just do the best you can.

My buzzer just went off ~ have diced potatoes cooking for a potato salad. We are going to a friends tomorrow evening for an out door cook and I am taking that (letting it marry over night and by tormorrow evening it will be delicious) and some baked beans. I usually do the whole meal over here on Tuesday night but this time it is going to be else where and I will just take some stuff. ;) Gotta go get those potatoes under cold water now.

04-19-2005, 12:58 PM
morning ladies! I am upstairs today because my NEW computer crashed this morning and Jack can't get to it until he gets home this afternoon. I was having trouble opening some of our files so I closed out and shut down then rebooted and it wouldn't reboot. Jack is afraid there is some virus in it, but I don't download stuff so who knows?

Maggie: Sounds like you are really getting ready to go. I know you guys will enjoy yourself immensely. Any plans to exactly where you are going to go?

Jean: I think part of the problem with the school thing is we are still picking up the tab for those who won't work etc, ie WELFARE! If we would start refusing people welfare and MAKE them work and get at least a GED maybe the brats would stay in school. They learn from what they see and a lot of these kids are 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation family members of loafers who had babies and took welfare and never encouraged anything better for their kids. I mean, those families who are on welfare because of some real hardship, usually want off it asap and demand their kids stay in school etc. Parents just allow kids way too much freedom anymore. We have a situation right now with a girl from a fairly well to do family, who got caught shoplifting around $1000 worth of stuff from Dillards. She is 18 as were the friends with her, her mama is the assistant to the main guy under the mayor, and personal friends with the director of police. See where I am going with this? The cops who arrived on the scene wrote the report up as a felony (anything over $500 is a felony I guess) but after a phone call to her mother, they rewrote the report to petty larceny a misdemeanor by saying that everything may not have been stuff she stole. Well the news hounds got hold of it and made a stink so it is being "investigated." BUT, now somebody got to the manager of the Dillards and they may not even press charges! Now just what are you teaching the little monster? Let's see, I want it, I take it and let mom and dad handle the mess for me. Mom knew the kid wouldn't go to juvie but big people's jail as she is legally an adult. Makes me sick.

Man, I will be glad when allergy season slows a bit. I am sure sick with this stuff. I don't think I have ever had it this bad, but maybe we haven't had pollen, etc this bad in year's past who knows?

Well, I better go and get some chores finished up


04-19-2005, 04:23 PM
Good Afternoon!
Sun is out and we are in the mid 70's & 80's tomorrow but, of course, back to the 50's on Friday w/rain. Oh well that's a NE Spring!

DH went to the Dr. yesterday with a knee problem. He usually walks 5 miles a day but because the knee has been stiff and bothersome he has cut back to 1 mile a day. The Dr. sent him to the hospital for an Ultrasound as he thought DH had Deep Vascular Thrombosis. Thank God that was not the case but he has fluid in the knee and a cyst behind the knee. Got a prescription to reduce the inflimation and even with only talking 2 pills yesterday he said that the knee felt better today. Had to call the Dr. back because the info on the pills said there may have be an interaction if you take asperin and DH takes an asperin a day for his heart. Dr. said it was ok!
DH was told to stay off the leg and use a pillow under it at night. I said that was Ok as long as he did not expect me to give him a bell to ring for service. :D

Faye: Welfare has always been a you said if one really needs it they are the ones trying hardest to get off. Laziness is a problem throughout society.
Sorry to hear you are suffering so with allergies. Can't you take something for it?

Maggie: I love those stained glass windows. Have no window in my front door but if I were to get a new one I would like a window and it would be stained glass. I have a large window in the living room with 18 square panes and we have a sun catcher in each one. We have picked up suncatcher almost everywhere we have traveled. Looking at that window is like a travelogue.

Jean:You seem to have more than your share of 'difficult' students. It's too bad how some families don't try to keep their kids on the straight and narrow....not even the crooked and broad!!!!! Just let them go their own way.

Gloria in to the deck and get a few warm rays.


04-20-2005, 01:10 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I am really late checking in tonight because we just got home from meeting our newest member of the family. :D :D :D

Kolby Robert was born this afternoon weighing 8 lbs., 10 1/2 oz., 20 " long, and has a little bit of dark fuzz . . . 10 fingers and 10 toes. We didn't get to see him with his eyes open so assume they are dark blue like Maddy had when she was born. He looks nothing like Maddy did so guess he is going to look like his dad.

Beth went to work and decided maybe she should head to the hospital and met Will there. She was scheduled to go in on Thursday but guess Kolby didn't want to wait that long. Maddy goes between wanting to maul him and wanting him back in his bed. It will interesting when they are all home together!

Maggie -- We have a liaison officer who goes to all of the schools -- it seems like he is never where he is needed at a given moment! We are losing one of our "better/nicer" students tomorrow; he was sent away just before Christmas for 6 weeks, violated his parole, and now will be gone for 6 to 9 months. I look for him to be a drop-out if he ever comes back to town. He wants to go back to LA and be part of a gang there. Our school counselors really don't have much to do with the problem students -- we have court trackers, social workers, and juvenile system helpers/workers up the ying-yang. :crazy: Until they break the law and the probation officers get involved, they pretty much go their merry way and do as they please. The newest student is setting himself up to fail big time -- won't take notes, won't do assignments, doesn't bring his books, etc. It's time for school to be out and hopefully some of them will move away over the summer!

"Gma" -- We've had the same type of thing here but on a smaller scale. I just figure that eventually these people will meet their match and get what they have coming. I hope Jack can figure out what's wrong with your computer! :dizzy:

Gloria -- The sad part is that these kids will have kids and raise them the same way! :( We've got so many pregnant girls it is scary. And we all know who ends up paying their bills. GRRRR!

I am tired and I'm going to bed! Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! I also think I am #14 to post tonight.

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!