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04-07-2005, 06:00 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!! :wave:

We are a group of fabulous ladies who love to talk about anything, not just weight loss. We'll make you feel right at home!! :grouphug:

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and join for some chatting!! :cofdate:

04-08-2005, 08:42 AM
Good Friday morning, ladies,

Angie - ¢ = alt 155, lol. Is Sears going to refund your money or fix the machine? Yikes, what a headache that must be. Girlfriend, I have to tell you, I just finished a paperback where the heroine reminded me so much of you!! She is a sassy multi-tasker with a heart of gold. You just have to read it! The name is Ain't She Sweet, written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. If you haven't already read it, and want to, I'll give my copy to you. It is predictable, but very interesting to see how the author goes about getting there. I love the author's style of writing, and plan to buy her other books.

Terri - my eyes are still crossed from reading your small font, lol. We love Dora around here, and I recorded the recent show where the mom had twins. About things for your town to do, if you're looking for fellowship and moneymakers at the same time, how about a pancake breakfast, or a rummage sale, with a bake sale on the side, or maybe a bazaar or car wash? For fun, you could hold a talent show, or have a monthly book club. What about a bingo? Plus, the ideas the others gave you are great!!

Mindee - hope you're feeling better. Marti's right, when you're preggers, foods that didn't bother you before can make you sick. Hey, maybe Brandon's Godmother can get you a discount on the cake.

Cristi - YAY for getting a good deal on the furniture! I would love (and need) a new dining room set. I know what you mean about it being hard to buy for our DHs! At this stage of life, they have just about everything they need or want. Sometimes if I ask, he'll give me an idea, though.

Anita - YAY for healthy eating! Do you ever fill up on WW soup? Such a good way to get veggies, lol.

Marti - I just loved house hunting before Neal and I got married. He told me the 2 conditions he wanted in a house (far from the railroad tracks, and must have a garage, lol) and let me pick out about 5 house I really liked. Then he went with me, and we narrowed it down. So much fun!! Did James make it home before you went to work? Hope so. Is this your w/e with Jhanai?

Susan - so glad you like Doug's lady and that she enjoys the kids so much. Good luck with all the annuals!

Katy - what did you finally decide about the co-prez offer?

I haven't talked to Maggie since yesterday morning, but will call her soon. Thank you all so much for the thoughts and hugs sent my way. You don't know how much that means..... well, maybe you do. :)

I deep-cleaned the kitchen yesterday, and have to go grocery shopping today. I'm going to go early and hopefully beat the Friday shoppers.

Katie got her cap and gown yesterday, although graduation isn't until May 21st. My baby is all grown up! Don't know if I should cry or celebrate!!

Have a good day!!

04-08-2005, 12:25 PM
Good Morning!!

Jane: Sorry about the font.. it looks big on my screen!! Those are great ideas!! Right now we don't need to make a lot of money as the books are way in the plus.. BUt..... We have to fix the roof and the washrooms and we have a leakin the basement.. maybe a carwash to raise money for that would be a great idea!!!!!!! Thank you! Too bad i wasnt a little smaller or we might get some guys coming just to look at me in wet clothes..... LOL:lol: :lol: Oh ya where can i find a recipe for the WW soup? I have been trying to drink broth in between meals to keep from snacking but is getting boring.. plus will all the easter chocolate in this house i think i would be happy never to see a piece of chocolate again!!

Angie: Wow thank you for the all the great ideas!!! i have copied them all plus Jane's and put them in my notepad to bring !! Poor you.. I hate laundry on a good day!! My wash machine works.. but we dont have much water here.. so every once in a while i take a carload to the laundromat..(i dont know how to spell that) Especially this time of year when the kids go through about 4 sets of slothes every day!!! When i was pregnant i was aked if i wanted to take those tests.. but i said no dont bother because i would keep it no matter what.. it is still my baby.. and i would have a harder life thinking of what i did then dealing with one that is not 100 percent perfect!!

Mindee: WEll you are good birth control.. reminding me why i dont want to get preggers again!!! I was sick both pregnancies til about the 7th month.. I was in the hospital on iv because i was starving to death.. i lost about 30 pounds!! was the smallest i had been in a long time!!!! Any potatoe chips i ate after the 7th month also came up lol... that hurt!! I hate puking!! Poor girl! How can someone not know that they are pregnant??? that is weird!! wouldnt you wonder why your belly was dancing around all the time???

Cristi: WE are eastern time!! so i will try at 3... My husband always tells me a list of want he wants so i never have to worry!! If not he is a chocoholic and a tooloholic so either of those and he is happy!! Can you pass a little of your cleaning mood over here??? I have had hives for a couple of days, so i take benedryl at night so i dont scratch.. but i can;t get out of bed in teh morning and i am groggy all day!!! that stuff is horrible!! And the dreams it gives me!!

Anita: She has a few eistein movies and she likes them.. The one that scared her was a farm animal one.. the cow scared her somehow? It was weird because she is a kid that is not usually scared of much.. I find this group a very big help for me.. in the past if i started a diet or excercise plan, if i screwed up one day i would just give up.. now that i have here to come to, i just pick myself up and dust myself off and try again!! thank you ladies!!!:grouphug:

Hello to everyone else!!! hope you have a good week-end!! Another sunny day here so i am happy!!!spent all of yesterday afternoon raking the yard and playing outside with the baby!! TTFN xxoo

04-08-2005, 01:22 PM
Hi Ladies and a Happy Friday to all! :wave:

Terri~I never can get the time zones right! :crazy: DH told me last night I didn't need to get him anything. Ummm, too late! I told him I already got him a few things but wanted to get something else. He said he has a list of three tools he would like to have so I told him we can get one of them Monday. He has to get it because I would probably get the wrong thing. Oh yeah, the small font was hard to read! :)

Jane~I never know what to get V because he doesn't really need anything. I did get him some much needed work shirts and a new watch for work. I am going to make a cake Sunday because we will be gone most of the day Monday. We'll go get his expensive tool and weather permitting we are going to lunch and the zoo. Of course it is supposed to rain. So if it rains our back-up plan is lunch and a movie and possibly a museum. what color is Katie's cap and gown? DD was white but the boys were red and their flower was red and white tulips. I actually thought they should all have the same color gown or at least give the boys the white but that's me. May 21st will be here before you know it and you can both cry and celebrate-but they have to be happy tears! But know what ya mean about our babies growing up.

Angie~did you get your washer fixed? I was thinking of you yesterday doing the laundry. I think our dryer is on it's last leg. I'm sure it can be fixed just don't want to put the money in it. It takes three cycles sometimes to dry a load of towels, especially if I have more than two big ones in there-very frustrating.

Marti~have you seen that show House Hunters on HGTV? I love that show. Love to see the people looking at the houses and then what they do with it after they buy one. Of course HGTV is one of my favorite stations. V said I should quit watching it! Getting too many ideas! :lol: I should get into real'll know when you walk into a house that it is the one for you and we both felt that with this, plus we liked the idea of it being new. LOL Anyway, you guys are going to have fun looking for a home and I can't wait to here about your adventures buying and fixing it the way you guys want it.

Susan~missy where are ya? I come back and you are gone.

Ellen & Pam~where are you ladies?! Sure are missing you here and hoping things are fine with you.

Hi to everyone else!

I should get on with the day. Need to go get ready to go apply for a jobby, job and stop by V's work. Actually his truck...I leave little surprises in there from time to time, mostly when he works late. Also, going to go for a walk at the park which is about a mile from there. Then sometime today I need to plant my tomato plants in pots.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful Friday & weekend! :sunny:

04-08-2005, 01:49 PM
Cristi, My mom loves that channel hgtv.. she is starting to get me into it...

04-08-2005, 02:38 PM
Hi Ladies!!

FINALLY FRIDAY!! YAY! Two whole days to spend with my darling angel Joycelyn. Oh.. Yeah... my hubby too ;) . Well I managed to survive the first week back. I am really quite pleased with myself too. Food wise I've done really well. Today was sales meeting day and they always order in lunch. Today is Veal Sandwiches and they are so Yummy but definitely NOT on any diet program anywhere. I did NOT eat any of it. I just kept thinking of our Dear Jane's advice, "Fail to Plan, and Plan to Fail" and made sure that I packed a healthy lunch for myself. Veggies and Cottage cheese dip is quickly becoming one of my favourites! I feel so good, and so proud of myself.

MARTI I know I shouldn't sweat the lack of exercise, but my workouts are my ME time and when I miss is I resent it. KWIM?

I have tried the WW veggie soup. I love it. I also make a mean Lentil soup and an Awesome Butternut Squash soup.

Made an Awesome Black bean dip the other day. Is there anywhere to post recipes here. I'd love to share. It's awesome with Pita slices.


04-08-2005, 03:59 PM
Hello girls.....

Terri--I bumped up the recipe post...I'm not sure if the WW soup is in there, if not, I'm sure Jane could post it again. I believe that the WW thread has some recipes over there too, but I could be wrong...(may have to check that out to make sure)

Jane--There are a couple houses I would LOVE to look at and possibly buy, but they are just as far away if not farther from where we are now!! :( Not sure when we'll actually actively start looking, but for now, I'm having fun looking around.

Cristi--HGTV is also one of my favorites!! I have seen that show house hunters and I love it. My favorite part is always seeing how they decorate it. There are times that I would have picked the other house than the one the couple chooses...but they have a budget and it needs to be what they ----want not me!! :D HGTV and TLC are some of my favorite channels. And James is the same way....say I shouldn't watch it, it's giving me too many idea's!!

Anita--I totally understand what you mean about "ME" time. You deserve to have me time. I hope you get a chance soon to start getting it. As I mentioned to Terri, I bumped up the recipe threads, so if you want to share a recipe, it's there for you.

Today is FRIDAY!!! I'm thrilled!! Week was long. I have Jhanai this weekend and we have plans to do some crafts. She has informed me that her friends have started getting pet rocks (remember that) AND pet sticks (what?!) and that she wants to make some this weekend and start a pet adoption! :lol: She makes me laugh....

Ok...early day today so I must get cleaned up and get ready.

You all have a marvelous weekend......I'll be back whenever I get a chance.

04-08-2005, 05:04 PM
Back again ladies! :lol: Just can't stay away some days. Know I won't be on much if at all over the weekend, and Monday so trying to stay caught up. May try to get on later this evening, not sure. Got everything on my list done so today was not a waste.

Terri~I've been hooked on HGTV for a while now. I caught it once in a while before I met V (DH) but he watched it A LOT! And now I seem to watch it more than he does! :lol: Some of the women on those designing shows are very creative!

Marti~I do the same, pick out the house I think is the best knowing that they will probably choose a different one. But I do enjoy watching it. And TLC is also one of my favs-love Trading Spaces, Moving Up, Designers' Challenge, Curb Appeal and Designed to Sell. Pet sticks eh? Don't think I have ever heard of them or seen any. But do remember the pet rocks! Also, those silly leashes with the collar that made it look like you were walking an invisible dog! My fav were the trolls and Ziggy!

Anita~WTG on taking your own lunch and passing up the meal served.

Hi again to everyone else :wave:

Need to get going and do a couple of things before I get off the 'puter for the day. and the doggy is wanting to go out-wish we had a walk-out basement instead of just a view-out one. Or put in a doggy door through one of the windows! :lol: That would look real good wouldn't it?!

Have a good one ladies! :p

04-09-2005, 12:21 AM
Marti~ Thanks, I am feeling better now.

Jane~ I am feeling better now, I think it was just that I drank too much pink lemonade and the sugar content of it kind of shocked the baby. Brandon’s godmother actually emailed me back and said that she was planning on bringing an ice cream cake as her dish to pass since her and her boyfriend (one of Brandon’s godfathers) is going to be late because they have to work. Tommy is planning on making a regular cake for those that don’t like ice cream cakes and then a small one for Brandon. We made it a pot luck so we didn’t have to worry about how we spent money. So we are making the main dish and then are having everybody else bring a dish to pass. Yay on Katie getting her cap and gown.

It is hard to believe that in two weeks our little boy is going to be 1! We actually just went over the invite list and Tommy asked me how many people he had to call, and it wasn’t that many because I emailed the majority of the people.

Terrie-Lee~ Well, I am glad I could be of help. LOL The other day was the first time I had gotten sick with both pregnancies. Hearing about the potato chips reminds me of when we went racing with my sister Katy and her family. She was actually pregnant with her oldest child, her daughter Roni, and she had eaten some Cracker Jacks. When she was younger she used to get car sick majorly, so she made the mistake of reading while in the car, and ended up puking up the Cracker Jacks. She hasn’t touched them since, and they are referred to as Cracker Yacks. We are still trying to figure out how she didn’t know. Their little boy, Zack, his birthday is a week exactly before Brandon, so our neighborhood will be booming with cars for two weekends.

I am so proud of myself…..I haven’t had a drop of pop all day.

04-09-2005, 01:16 AM
Good Friday evening JL's. Hope everyone has a nice week-end planned. I don't have a thing happening tomorrow except spending the evening alone as DH is going to a card game. Sunday we are going to Mom's for lunch. DH is going to put shelves in her storage room and repair a rocker for her. It is nice to be able to do things for her after she lived so far away for ages. I already took her and my aunt shopping for furniture one day and we stopped for lunch. Today DH and I went to take them for lunch and deliver some tables I was giving them.
Here some of you are buying new furniture and I am trying to get rid of mine. I am going to sell my formal dining room furniture and a complete queen size bedroom set. Then once we get ready to move I am selling the sofa/loveseat/chair and ottoman, pool table and several small pieces.

Mindee- Glad you are feeling better and congrats on having no pop. What fun to plan a 1st birthday party.

Cristi- I am also a big fan of HGTV and TLC. Some of those shows are such fun. Beats reality t.v. I really enjoy House Hunters.

Marti- Pet sticks? That is so funny. Have fun doing crafts this week-end. Let us know what a pet stick looks like.

Jane- Wow..a cap and gown already? Well, that is to give Mom and Dad time to get used to the idea. That way it isn't too shocking. What is Katie going to do after h.s.? Do I remember that she is going to school there? Will she live at home? The last one is the hardest to let go of I think. But then my last one was 11 years after the second and 14 years after the first, so he was truly my baby and the only boy. Made it reallllly hard to let go.

Anita- Sounds like you are doing really well on the food plan. I wish I could get my rear in gear! I always start off well and then fail. We love black bean dip, so would like the recipe please.

I know I am not getting everyone, but I have to scoot. So, tah-tah to the rest of you and I will do better next time.

Ellen..Pam..where are you?

04-09-2005, 12:51 PM
Good Saturday morning ladies~

Didn't think I would be checking in but somehow I missed that V was working this morning. :doh: Or just forgot. :dunno: Anyway, so have a little time before I need to jump in the shower and get going. He won't be home till about 1:45. Anyway...busy weekend and of course it is supposed to start raining/storming tomorrow thru Tuesday, bummer. :rain: Now would be a good time to fertilize! LOL Won't have to worry about watering the grass.

Mindee~glad you are feeling better. And what fun you guys will have on Brandons BD!

Sue~you are so lucky to have your mom close to you. Would love to have mine close, as it is, she is 8 hrs. away, which is not so bad but can't just get up and go visit whenever. Have you guys heard about the condo? Yeah, I'm not a fan of reality tv either.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Gotta get going so take care and have a GREAT weekend everyone!

04-09-2005, 05:36 PM
Hiya Ladies,

Terri - the WW soup that I make is a tomato juice and chicken broth base, with "free" veggies. First I add shredded cabbage, onion, and tomato chunks to cook for about 45 minutues. Then I add canned green beans, and canned carrots. Don't drain them. Add your favorite spice. Mine is Italian seasoning. Simmer it all to blend the flavors. I keep it in a gallon pitcher in the refrigerator and dip out a bowlful to nuke whenever I want it. Of course, you can add any of your own faves. Some people add zuchinni, but I don't care for it, so I don't. Some also add corn, but then it gets into some points, so I don't add that, either. Although it is against the WW rules, I eat as much of this as I want and don't count it. ( WW says you have to count "point free" foods after about 3 a day.)

Cristi - Neal found some really, really old tomato seeds in a package in the shed that belonged to his dad, and he planted them in starter pots in the house, just to see if they'd grow. They did! All 12 that he planted are growing, and it's neat that they came from his dad, in a round-about way, although he's been gone for 10 years. Of course, he'll plant other ones, too. Btw, I loved trolls, too, and made clothes for them, lol. Enjoy your weekend and Monday with Vince! Glad he's going to be able to be with you Monday.

Anita - YAY for doing so well with the food! I can tell you're really serious about this! About the veal sandwich, I woulda had 1/2 of one, and filled up on veggies, lol. This is the first "diet" in my life that I didn't avoid any foods at all. Just a thought. Anyway, I'm really proud of your determination!

Mindee - I just love pot lucks, and have the most decadent, easiest crock pot potato recipe for pot lucks. Not very calorie friendly or healthy, but darn good anyway, lol.

Sue - Katie graduates May 21st, but we have to take the gown to the cleaners to get it pressed before then. Yep, you remembered correctly in that she will be going to college here since, thanks to her dad, she gets 1/2 tuition. Can't pass that up!!

Neal and I are going to his high school alumni banquet tonight. I tried on several things that I could wear, and had Mary tell me which was best, lol. She picked a carmel-colored pants suit, that I will wear with taupe shoes and purse, and gold accessories. Nobody ever gets very dressed up for this. We haven't been for several years, so this ought to be fun! He can't wait to tell everyone he's retiring, lol.

Have a good weekend!!

04-09-2005, 06:27 PM
Happy Saturday. Notice the Moo Ticker- doesn't seem to know where it wants to go - so now we are back up to 151!!! :(((((((((

Too many vending machine trips?? Too much sitting??

Love the idea of soup! I use to make mine with V-8 juice.onion,carrot,green beans,cabbage and a small potato -

Rocky comes in Aug -after baseball season is over.

Exciting about Katie!!! Glad you are feeling better Mindee.

Hi to Cristi,Sue,Anita,Terri,Marti,Ang,Pam,Katy,Katie... ..Shanna,,,,,our MIA and Ellen who joined those

WHERE ARE YOU ELLEN????? Sheeesh......miss you. I am going to keep gaining weight til you come and post!!!! :)

I better go. Getting bad vibs from Mike. He called Thursday and said he was going to be in town FRiday to pick up his other daughter. This after 2 months being in Mexico. I asked if he called to confirm and he says no- just going to show up.
*ROLL EYES*.......he wanted to settle and asked if I would go back into counseling. I said saw no point in that until the court thing was settled. He backed down to joint custody and I said I couldn't agree to that. Sorry Charlie.
He said he would call Friday night and maybe we could see each other Sunday night after he dropped his daughter off and talk settlement. I said ok.
So, he never called. I called at 9am this morning and no answer, called his father and he said he hasn't seen him in a week. Though he knew granddaughter was back in town.

My gut feeling is he did come into town and daughter couldn't go with he took his wad of money and went and got drugs.

lol - sheesh....that sounds horribel but I wouldn't put it past him.

So, I put a call in to his ex to see what she knows.

Perry Mason on the

Chow!!! :)

04-10-2005, 12:56 PM
just a quick fly by, I have a "starving" little man who only likes to chew on his hands now.

Good news is.......the top two front teeth have made it through the skin and you can see the bottoms of them! He also loves to play this little piano that he has. He was seranading us last night while Tommy made dinner and then again when we ate dinner.

04-10-2005, 11:54 PM
I hope everyone had a nice week-end. Our weather was perfect and I had a 2 mile walk today. We went to Mom's for lunch and DH did some handyman type things for her and my aunt. Found out that they have a gym at the apt. complex. My aunt wants me to come down and use it with her as she hates to exercise alone. I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow, so might start working out with her on Tues. I figure if I could do that 3 times a week and also keep walking I might see an improvement. I HAVE to do something as I have GAINED weight again. :(

04-11-2005, 01:14 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

It is hard to believe that in a little less then two weeks our little boy is going to be 1! We actually just went over the invite list and Tommy asked me how many people he had to call, and it wasn’t that many because I emailed the majority of the people. We are getting there…..pretty much everyone that we invited, we have heard back from and they are coming! So we are hoping for nice weather!

Well, we can now see what gave Brandon the poopies for that week or two. You can now see the bottoms of his two top teeth! Now he thinks he is hot stuff cause he wants to eat everything now!

I called and left a message for my worker. She was out of the office from Monday, April 4th to Friday, April 8th, but she would be back in the office on Monday, April 11th. So I left her a message. I said “This is Mindee ……. And I can be reached at …….. I am calling because I wanted to see where everything stands as far as the insurance for me (because I am pregnant) and my son. I have been calling you since February when I found out I am pregnant, and I need insurance. Right now is one of the key times when I need to see my doctor. I would appreciate a call back, and if I don’t hear from you, then I would like the name and number of your supervisor. Again I can be reached at …….. Thanks.” After I got off the phone, I went and told Tommy that I left the message and he goes “did you say that you sent her proof?” I said “no, I forget to say that.”

Brandon was in his walker earlier today, and Tommy goes “here comes cousin belly.” Then he looked at my belly and goes “and there is cousin belly, I mean cousin belly #2” (cousin belly was what Brandon was called when I was pregnant with him)

04-11-2005, 03:21 AM
Hello Ladies--

Hope you all had a great weekend. Jhanai & I had some quality time together. We didn't do any crafts, just spent time watching movies and talking. She's such a sweet girl!! She got back her Spring school pictures...I will have to scan one and then post it...she's adorable. It was taken before her hair cut. So she still has long hair. I loved the poses this year! Let's see what I can do. If I would have know about the school pictures day I would have suggested her wearing some color!! :D

Cristi--After all this talking about HGTV and TLC, I spent a lot of time this weekend watching those channels! They got rid of Page Davis off of Trading Spaces!! I'm not sure what I think about her not being on there anymore. I also watched Debbie Travis ....something. I can't remember the name of the show. She does a great job too...wonder if she'll come and fix up my house!

Mindee--How fun to plan baby's first birthday! Jhanai was sick on her first birthday. My poor baby...made me sad, but she did get a cake to tear into. It was a memorable day.

Sue--Pet sticks is something new I guess. She had mentioned that she wanted to make some this weekend, but by the time she got here she no longer wanted to. I guess that fad went fast!! :lol:

Jane--How was the Alumni? The outfit you picked sounded beautiful. Now, why don't people dress up for this? Is it not a formal thing? How did everyone react to Neil's announcement?? I hope you had lots of fun!

Susan--Rocky's coming in August? He won't be able to come visit any sooner than that?? I hope you get a chance to go back there possibly to visit him. The whole thing about Mike....very confusing. I don't understand that man at all. How do you cope?

Hello to all that I have missed. Ok...I'm off to scan and post Jhanai's picture. I will pop in and chat tomorrow morning.


04-11-2005, 09:15 AM
Good Monday morning, ladies! :wave:

Susan - why does Mike want you to get counseling so badly? He's the one that needs it, lol. Yikes, I didn't know Rocky wouldn't be visiting you until August. That's a long time to be w/o the one you love. Or will you be going to Hawaii for a visit before then?

Mindee - you might just have a little Chopin on your hands there! Hope you hear from your caseworker today.

Sue - working out with your aunt is a good idea, especially since it sounds like it would be free!

Marti - I left a message at the other thread with Jhanai's photo. She's a doll, Marti!! And getting so grown up! How did this happen, lol!?!?! People don't dress up fancy here in PoDunk Indiana once you are out of high school, lol. Pantsuits and Sunday dresses are the norm even at the theater! I wish it wasn't like that, because I'd like to get all gussied up once in awhile, but I'd stick out like a sore thumb if I did. Glad you had a good weekend with Jhanai.

The banquet was very nice. We sat with Neal's sister and her DH, and Neal had a real good time remininiscing with his classmates. Then yesterday, I went to a shower for a couple whose home burned down. For the table decorations, instead of candles and flowers that you usually see, they were each done up with a kitchen towel, and household products in the center of each one. The table we sat at had a pack of paper towels, some Windex, Pledge and oven cleaner. The next table over had a cake pan, some cake mixes, and ready-to-spread frostings. There were 12 tables all done differently. Very colorful, and the woman whose home burned was so glad to have all that stuff.

I'm having lunch with friends 3 times this week. Yikes! Today, it's with a new friend I met at church. She is a new member, too, and we seem to have a lot in common.

What are your plans for the day?

04-11-2005, 11:53 AM
Good Morning

Well sorry i didnt get on this week-end.... the week-ends seem to be busy now that the weather is nice we are trying to get the yard cleaned up and the baby wants to be outside all day!!! Plus on Saturday mornings i volunteer for the Thrift shop down the road. Man mondays are my weigh day and i gained a pound.. hubbys junk food is really killing me.. i have tried to talk to him about it, but he wont stop bringing it in the house!! I am not strong enough to resist the temptation....

Jane: Thanx for the soup recipe... i will make some up later... sounds delicious!! (and better then broth) lol.. That was really nice to have a shower for that lady whos house burned down.. i am sure she really appreciated it!

Marti: I am glad you had a good week-end with your daughter.. I will go check out the pics after i post.. I am sure she will be just as beautiful as her mommy!! I am kind of glad that paige isnt on there anymore.. i am sorry but she kind of got on my nerves.. I liked the girl thye had the first season... Alex i think her name was.. Last night i watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition... I always bawl my eyes out when i watch that.

Cristi: I have a hard time with the time zones as well... Ya i like to watch those shows because i have no imagination at all... not a creative bone in my body.. soi like to get ideas...My mom got me watching Moving Up.. that is funny, people just have different tastes!

MIndee: LOL TOM is here.. thank goodnes i am not preggers lol... i have a doctors appointment on the 21 st going to ask about getting my tubes tied or something.. If i didnt get post partum depression so bad i would have one more baby... but i know i know i should be thankful for the ones ive got. After hearing all your struggles with insurance and doctors and such,, makes me glad to live in Canada for that stuff. I have always wanted to live in the good old u s of a though... I am fascinated with that country.. I dont know why.. when everyone asks where i would like to go on vacation.. most people say France or places like that... I say USA!! lol i am a nut!

Suetalks: Glad you are able to help your mom.. I bet she is happy to be close to you as well!! I am having the same problem i am gaining again... what a bummer.. i was so excited when i lost weight.. now i feel like giving up.. i always do that.

Susan: Your ex sounds delightful.... :lol: Man sometimes i wonder what we were thinking when we were with these guys... My ex hasnt even paid child support for frebruary or march and now it is april.. I will have to call him...that makes me want to yack.. he is such a child!

Anita: Wow that is willpower!! but i have to admit.. it wouldnt be hard for me to pass up veal.. that is baby cows!! and living on a beef farm and seeing the babies so cute running around i could never eat it....somedays i have a hard time eating chicken if i have to cook it too because we used to have chickens and we would boil them and take the feathers off after we cut the heads off!!! and when i cook chicken sometimes all i smell is the burnt feathers!! Ok Sorry for grossing everyone out!!!!

Hello to everyone else.. I have 9 loads of laundry to put away.... we went to the laundromat yesterday and it is still in bags all over... Yay sounds like jolly good fun... NOT.. man i cant believe people build houses without closets!! I have clothes stacked everywhere!! My daddy came and made a closet for the baby.. but the Nolan is sharing it with her and me and DH have those little metal portable things that keep falling over.. Maybe i should get rid of some clothes... i am such a packrat!!! ok ok BLAH BLAH I will let you guys go.. hope everyone had a great week-end... TTFN xxoo

04-11-2005, 02:23 PM
Hi all!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was great here so we spent a lot of time outside. We got a new patio set on Saturday so we spent a lot of time in the backyard. Joycelyn was crawling all over the place. She loved it. She was filthy at the end of the day but what the heck she had a ball.

I feel a little bit more on track exercise wise. I did manage to get 20 minutes on the ski machine this morning and I feel a lot better.

Today's lunch is yummy. 1/2 of a lean cuisine pizza (did you know those things have almost 400 calories in them?) :fr: and a greek salad (home made) an orange and some yogurt.

Thanks. I feel much more in control of my decisions regarding weight loss since I read Dr. Phil's boook. I also keep reminding myself of your advice. "Fail to plan and plan to fail" Which is why I didn't eat the veal sandwich on Friday. I KNEW there was no way I'd be able to eat a 1/2 a sandwich. I love them too much. Like you I haven't given anything up either, I am just trying to make healthier choices all around, and I am finding it so much easier than if I were on a diet.

TERRI I guess it would be hard living on a farm and seeing all those babies. I know I may sound callous for saying this, but I love meat too much to give any of it up. Veal is still one of my favourites, I just don't give a lot of thought to what it looked like before it arrived in my grocery store. Maybe I should and then I'd eat a lot less of it for sure!! Now THERE'S a diet plan! ;)

suetalks I'll post that black bean dip recipe for you.

TTFN ladies. Have a GREAT day!!!

04-11-2005, 04:08 PM
Good Afternoon ladies!!

I must be a site for sore eyes today!! I took one look at myself this morning and gasp!!!

Big baggy sweats, small, tight wife beater shirt, and my hair and makeup is something to be desired!! So, for you oldies.....this sounds very familiar now doesn't it?? :dizzy: Must clean up today.

Jane--Jhanai is growing up fast isn't she? She wanted me to stand behind her in front of the mirror to see how tall she was compared to me....the top of her head reaches my eyes!! She's going to pass me up soon!!! Waahhh!!! I'm glad you had good time at the alumni. And the shower you went to sound so neat! (I couldn't come up w/a better word than neat) Very creative! I would have loved to have a shower like that. We had an announcement at work on Friday about one of the girls who works for OML (not sure what dept.) whose house was lost in a fire on Thursday. SO sad. They're taking donations and such for her and her family.

Terri--Weekends are usually busy so don't feel bad for not being here. I popped in once in awhile to just read and keep up...but I was pretty occupied too. The Extreme Makeover home Edition ALWAYS makes me cry!! I'm such a cryer!! I love that show. It's so amazing what they can do to a house in 7days!! Maybe I ought to find me a fixer upper and then sign up for the show....think they'd pick me? Probably not and then I would be stuck w/a falling down house!! :lol:

Anita--Excellent job on getting the exercise in!! I still haven't gotten on my gazelle today...will here in a bit though. I was seeing great results before my vacation, and then since I've been back...I've been on the gazelle only a few times!!! Not good. So today I will get on and get back on track and be proud of the extra cheekage I have going on, disappearing.

Well I better get my day going.

Hello to Cristi, Angie, Katy, Susan, Ellen, Pam, Kathy, Katie,Sue and oh my...I know I'm forgetting someone....hello to you all and come back soon!!

Talk to you gals later

04-11-2005, 04:24 PM
Hello all, I know it has been a long time since I have been on here. School and life have taken me on a path of exhaustion, stress and extreme weight gain that leaves little time to get online and do anything.

First off I want to thank Cristi for keeping in touch with me. Your cards to let me know I have not been forgotten are so sweet, wonderful and thoughtful. You make my day every time. It only takes a few minutes on your part, but my gratitude goes a long way. Hugs to you.

Well,I am in my last term of school and will be so glad it is over. I have passed two national test up in Salem, Oregon so far and only have one more to go in May that I am really nervous about. It will be the hardest. I have gotten my certificates for Infection Control and for Radiology. I am now in my first office for my Co-op. We have five weeks in one office and the last five weeks in another. It is very stressful and scary. This will be my third week. I went up to portland, oregon for the annual dental convention with a couple of girls from my class and that was fun. It was a nice night out with the girls around downtown portland and then a whole day ful of dental classes and exhibits full of free stuff. I was tired and ready to go home after the second day. I missed my sweetie and my baby kitties. :-)

Well, with all this stress and debt and such, I have packed on the pounds like no bodies business. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. It is so bad,that I don't even want to be seen outside my house. I only go out when I have to go to school, Co-op or the store for essentials. So i am very depressed right now and about ready for a collapse. :-) Hopefully when I graduate and find a job, then my stress will go down and my debt will start being chipped away and my body will let me lose some weight. Right now I just want to vomit when i look in the mirror. It is embarrassing. Anywho....

I hope everyone has been well in body and mind and if not, my prayers go out to each and everyone of you.
Hopefully when I start having money come in, I can get a good computer and actually be able to come on more often and get stuff done and chat more. I have never stopped thinking about you guys.

Later gators

04-11-2005, 06:11 PM
Shanna--Always good to hear from you. Sorry that you're having such a stressful time in school. But just think, graduation is just around the corner!! Who are you co-oping for? I would be scared too, to be in a dental office working on people. What all do you have to do? So many questions.

Good luck in the last few terms you have!! And come back when you have more time.

04-11-2005, 06:18 PM
Why Shanna!! Cristi is a sweet lady for always remembering us. Glad you checked have asked about you - sorry though for the stress and weight gain

Jhanai is a lovely young lady Marti!! You and Anita have some very sweet girls. Loved the picture of your little angel Anita :) she is so fair- so cute.

I only have a sec, so lets talk about

egads, I am gaining weight too Shanna!! Think it is the sitting.

Mike wanted us BOTH to go to counseling. I would have been insulted if he just wanted me to go - lol.I told him no to that. I think I will do a very good job at just following the judges orders. We don't seem to have room for flexible,compromise - lets work together for the best of Gaby attitude between he thought we would now after he caused a stink with Gaby's custody-
He gets her the 1st and 3rd weekend and he was trying to tell me that he gets her the 29,20 and 1st.......nada, Charlie. The first weekend is the 6- 7 and 8th,,,,,and I get her the 8th because of mothers day. He asked what day was his "make up day???" .......I said "forget it, you don't get a make up day"........*roll eyes* If Fathers day landed on the 2 or 4 weekend he would get her that day. Sheesh.....I really, dislike the man!!!!!! lol

His ex is back and we talked last night. Now the girls will go together for a few weekends and I am glad........she can talk. :)

Rocky can't come til Aug- when baseball season is over. That is that......nana won't let him. has already been almost 6 months since I was there. We do talk every day but his refusal to just come on over is annoying - considering. We are suppose to be getting married and to be placed behind baseball

Best get!!!

04-12-2005, 12:28 AM
Just a brief pop in here. I wanted to tell you that I got good news today. I went to the Pulmonary specialist about a nodule they found on my lung. He said it was very a pin head..and it is scar tissue, not a tumor. Whew!

Be back tomorrow....

edited to add..I walked almost 4 miles today and feel pretty darn good!

04-12-2005, 01:29 AM
Marti~ We are having a ball planning his party! We have had so many people say “well, what would you like us to bring?” and we say “anything you want.”

Jane~ He loves to play with that piano. He will even play with it while using another toy. Then he gets really mad if someone else plays with it. I didn’t hear from my worker, so it looks like I will be placing a call into her supervisor. That shower you went to sounded like a nice outing! I love the centerpiece ideas!

Terrie-Lee~ I went to Toronto when I was a senior in high school, and I had a blast! We were one of the last groups (I went with my high school choir) to see “The Phantom of the Opera” at the fabulous Pantages Theater. If you like my stories, did I tell you the one about me and my hubby supposedly being infertile? Yeah, I was told in June of 2003 that we were infertile and I should take two months to talk things over with Tommy and then go back in August to tell her what tests we were going to start off with. I walked in there and told her “the first test I want to start off with is a pregnancy test.” I loved the sights that I saw when I was in Toronto.

Anita~ How are you doing girl? The weather was great here…..we had Brandon outside any possible chance! (he just sleeps so much better after being outside)

Shanna~ It is good to see and hear from you! You have been quite the active little lady. Good luck with your test in May, I know you can do it!

Susan~ Sorry to hear about Mike. He sounds like my sister’s ex-husband.

Suetalks~ How are you doing? Yeah on the good news from the doctors! And also yay on the walking almost 4 miles!

04-12-2005, 08:58 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Just a short one - I have a cold and am going back to bed, but wanted to pop in and say hi first. If I feel better, I'll be back later.

Have a good day!

04-12-2005, 09:29 AM
Good Morning

Well it is another sunny day here.. I hope the wind isnt as cold as yesterday though..

Jane: Hope you feel better after you sleep a little bit more!! Everyone here has a cold right now too. The baby has been up all night for the past 2 nights... Iam so tired!!

Sutalks: Wow that is super news.. glad that it was nothing!!

Mindee: I have been to Toronto a few times.. It is a little too busy for me, I am a country girl lol. We went there for my 18th birthday, my mom rented a limo and we drove down in that. It was nice, did some christmas shopping at the Eaton center. I have endometriosis.. so it was hard for me to get pregnant, plus i only have one ovary that works and my hubbys sperm count is low.. so all of that makes me not too worried that i will get pregnant.. but i dont want to risk it.

Susan: Can I ask what he wants you to go to counselling for? I think he is probably the one who needs it not you.. sheesh men!!

Anita: What a beautiful baby you have there!!! Emma loves playing outside too, but last year she didnt like the fell of the grass on her.. it was so funny, i would put her down and she would scrunch her toes and cry lol.

Marti: You have a pretty little girl there!! wow, they grow up so fast don;t they, Nolan (6) was playing in his room the other day and the baby was bugging him.. and then he says.. Emma stop it, you are ruining the best years of my life.....:lol: :lol: That was the funniest thing i have ever heard.. I dont know where he hears these things!!

Shanna: Nice to meet you. things will calm down eventually!!

Hello to everyone else hope you have a great day!! TTFN xxoo

04-12-2005, 10:24 AM
Terri - "Ruining the best years of my life" , lol that gave me a chuckle. My DS8 is likely to pop out with comments like that once in awhile ad I wonder where he's hearing them. His latest is to say "Curses!" when he's frustrated...used to be "Dangnabit"....he's trying to find alternative to the expletives we don't allow inthe house :)

Marti and Anita - Thanks for posting the pix of your DDs... I enjoyed them both...I'm working on getting some B&W portraits of my kiddos...will post when I get them.

Shanna - It was so nice to read your post and see how successful you are with your school program. I have no doubt you will find work and can start paying down your school debts, spend more time with your honey, get more exercise...the works. I remember going through all that in grad school, it really is like your real life is on hold for awhile...but it is all for a good reason. I, too gained a bunch in grad's so hard to find time for exercise when your working so hard, but you just hang in there!

Terri and Mindee- We had infertility issues w/ my endometriosis as well ... and I have two kids to show for it! lol My infertility story is amusing now, but wasn't at the time. We had been trying to conceive for 2 years, we were opposed to taking fertility drugs so we were running out of options. The doc suspected I might have endometriosis and suggested a laparoscopy to deal with it. We of course said yes. Well, we found out after the lap that I was pregnant during the one had thought to give the infertile woman a pregnancy test and I was such a dingbat I didn't even think to ask for one.....Everything turned out just fine... we have photos that were taken during the procedure and we joke about them being James' first baby pictures 'cause he's in there somewhere!

Susan- well, at least Mike is backing off somewhat... Is the court making you two do mediation again at some point? He did SO well with that last time, haha Maybe after a few rounds in the courts system he might reconsider using his mediation time a little more wisely. Bummer about Rocky... maybe you could sneak out there for a little visit.

Hi to everyone else - I know I am missing a few here.. will try to get back later...

04-12-2005, 02:05 PM
Happy Tuesday morning ladies~

Busy, busy weekend and Monday.

Terri~I was looking for the link to your pics but couldn't find it, could you post it again here? I was trying to find it to show DD Emma. Loved what Nolan said to Emma! :lol: Kids do said the darnest things that are so adorable and I loved that!

Marti~took a peek at Jahani's pic and she is a cutie, and getting so big.

Anita~what a cute pic of Jocelyn also.

Jane~hope you get to feeling better soon. And THANK YOU for the card I received! I have to say I was doing fine and then lost it when I saw the card. It touched my heart deeply that someone remembered and it meant a lot to me so THANK YOU for that! :thanks: We released 5 balloons with a message attached and man did the wind carry them! Anyway it was nice.

Ms Shanna~what a surprise lady! And you are very welcome for all the cards. I know what a stressful time it has been for you and I thought a card every now and then would take some of that away if only for a moment. I know everything will be fine with you-hey, you've made it this far-the best is yet to come lady! So you just hang in there. And try to check in when you can.

Sue~glad for the good news and WTG on your walking! You are doing an awesome job. Now send some of those walking vibes my way if you would please! :)

Katy~love the "Curses"! Like I said, "Kids say the darnest things and they just don't know how cute they are when they say it." They get so serious and sound so grown up sometimes.

Mindee~My SIL lost a baby after having a tubal and they told her she would never have kids, sorry is what they said. Almost a year to the date she was told that she was pregnant with twins, and went on to have a fourth. Even though she was told that she still tried.

Susan~I am sorry Rocky can't make it to see you before August! Darn him! Maybe you can go see him before then?? I still think he should just stand up to Nana but I can understand also not wanting to make waves. Although, at some point there will be waves when you guys are together and that's something she will have to deal with-things just can't stay the same and I can't believe the woman would really, actually think that he would stay single forever, jeez! And Mike...well, I just don't know what to say about that. Sounds to me that he wants you two together. And you go to counseling?! He definitely is the one who needs to go and by himself. I will just be happy for you when all that mess is over. Anywho...

Ellen~thinking about you and hoping things are fine.

Pam~hoping things are fine with you as well. Seems you and Ellen disappeared about the same time. Am I going to have to come looking for you ladies? :mag: :D

Angie~hope you are not too busy with things and can take a few minutes for yourself.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Did go get the dining room set Saturday but...they had the chairs in the wherehouse but the table won't be here till May 1st, bummer. :( Of course it could be sooner. Told them we will just pick it up at the same time. Yesterday I think V had the BEST birthday ever! I am glad for that. I think this was the first one he actually took off a day of work for. We went to the mall, then to lunch, had to pick up a couple of things at Target, which was right next door to Red Lobster (his fav). Then went to see Miss Congeniality 2-I liked it regardless of what the reviews said. Of course I am a fan of Sandra Bullock so...Didn't get home till 4 p.m., he opened his gifts and loved everything thank goodness. It was a good day. We originally were going to the zoo but the said it was going to rain so we made other plans. It was kind of cloudy but it didn't rain till the evening. Anyway, so back to the same old, same old. Need to get laundry done today and some straightening of the house and that's my day.

Hope everyone is having and has a great Tuesday! Take care ladies :)

04-12-2005, 06:18 PM
I have a little time before James & I go do some running around before work.

Susan--Make up day?? What the ****? That man is just something else isn't he? About Rocky...sorry he won't be able to come until August. Nana sure has a hold on him.

Mindee--Your birthday party for little one sounds like it's going to be a memorable fun time!! Can't wait to hear about it afterwards.

Jane--Hope you're feeling better soon!! Hugs your way!! (((HUGS)))

Terri--I loved what your son said!! That is so cute!! You ought to write that down and then do a scrapbook page on it!!

Katy--I'm wanting to go and get both mine and Jhanai's photos done. I was thinking mothers day but I may wait until this summer when she's out of school and i have more time w/her.

Cristi--I'm glad V had a wonderful birthday!! Happy Birthday to V!!! James turns 30 next month on the 5th....already got his birthday gift...a PSP. That man is spoiled!

Sorry that my post is short...but I need to get going. You all have a wonderful Tuesday!

04-12-2005, 07:23 PM
La La La..........the wonderful day that Mike is cranking - ummm, I mean cracking. lol

wooo hooo, what a nasty man he is ......

His ex called at 8:55 am - she was already up and about. Geesh.....I called her back and she says "have you talked to Mike?"
Me: No
Her: Will she had just called him and he answers in a angry voice "what do you want?!?!"
Her:It is me, ______
Him: I know who it , what do you want???


She was just trying to talk about their daughter. She just hung up saying "your daughter needs things!"

So, we try and figure out why is he so mad? I just said maybe he was tired from all the work he is doing and not reporting?? lol.......or maybe she says he has been up all weekend doing drugs and is coming down from his high??

Where I mention he was so gung ho on Thursday to make a settlement and play nice- so eager to see their daughter the next day. Oh, she said....he changed his mind and decided not to come in to get her after all.

I got home from taking Gaby to the sitter and there is a copy of the compliance agreement. Stating the 50 monthly payment is based on 0 income.
Pissed me off. I called the child support divison and said "I want it recorded that he does have income and he has not reported it and your office hasn't done anything to investigate where his income is coming from."

I called him and said I just got a copy and that the 0 income statement was false. He does work. He said he wasn't going to talk about his life with me, just about Gaby.
I said............child support is about Gaby. Also the car seat he is using needs to be replaced, she is overweight for it.He said he would be doing that when I gave him it to use a few weeks ago.

He said "screw you, you are the most screwed up woman I know. Stay out of my business!"

Me : This is about Gaby , Mike.

Him: F you......

Me: Oh, wait more thing! I will send her with a few pull ups but you might want to buy her some.

Him: Don't send her with clothes or pull ups.

Me: No,the order says I have to send clothes but the pull ups you need to take care of......

Him: F you

Me: My goodness......._______ did say you were cranky this morning.

Him: F you......and he hung up.

Nut..........something is wrong.

Best get!! lol

04-13-2005, 01:01 AM
It sure turned cold here today, but I got the walk in just the same. Funny how once I get started it gets easier and easier.
I made veggie soup and home made biscuits today. I always make a double batch of biscuits for DH and he has them 2 at a time until they are gone. Tomorrow I will make him cornbread and he can make that last for a few days. I don't like cornbread and can pass on the biscuits with no trouble. My downfall is not real is junk! Real food I can portion out and do okay. Love that junk food, especially salty snacks. I am a goner!

Marti and Anita- I forgot to tell you that your daughters are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Jane- I hope you feel better soon. Hate a Spring cold!

Cristi- Sounds like a great birthday for V. I want to see that movie as Sandra Bullock is one of my favs.

Susan- Did I mention that I have an ex SIL that your Mike reminds me of? He is just nutso...without the drugs. :)

Going to visit the DBL tomorrow afternoon and take him some cornbread. He thinks he will be in re-hab for another month. I hope that is all.
Thursday I have plans to go with mom and my aunt to a craft fair/flea market.
Friday we finally have another appointment with the builder for our estimates. Hoping for good news! DH got started on setting up his workshop today so he was as happy as ever. (he actually forgot to stop for dinner and I had to go pull him away) He already has a project lined up to make mom a sofa table. He spent two nights drawing it all up and it is going to be so pretty. I wish I had his talent.

Hello all JL's and where are the MIA's? Goodbye for now.

04-13-2005, 09:40 AM
Good Morning

Katy: That is good that everyhting went well for the laparoscopy. I think that they look at the outside of the uterus anyway? They cauterized my endometriosis, and after they did that i got pregnant within 6 months.. i think when you have endo. it is a disease so the body sends all sorts of antibodies to kill it.. which will then kill sperm..Lol yes Nolan comes out with some good ones!!

Cristi: I will find the links and post them again. I actually entered that little story to readers digest.. they have a section for things kids say.. if they publish it i will get 200 dollars!! Heres to hoping.. If i do get it i want to get the kids some outdoor toys.. they have nothing to play on outside.. maybe a swing set?

<a href="<A href="">Visit">">Visit Emma's Babies Online Web Page</a> (

Suetalks: I have the same problem with salty snacks... they are killing me, especially potatoe chips... arggggggggggggg

Susan: wow what a nut!! just confrims my suspicions about the opposite sex.. most are just self-absorbed little boys, and if things dont benefit them, or they have to think about someone else they get perturbed... I know i sound bitter but every one i have been with is that way.. including My husband... soon to be ex if he doesnt smarten up.. Last night i went to go help out some friends with their computer.. they are from belgium so they dont speak english very well, they dont know much about computers and they were having a hard time, so i volunteered to go help them out.. I left at 4, and they had more problems then i thought, so i was on the phone with the help desk and i got off and the power went out..(at 5:30) so i had to wait until the power came on to do anything.. so i went to look at their new barn, they were showing me all the pigs and such.. then at 7 i get a call (at the barn no less) it was DH yelling at me that he was hungry and i needed to get to the store for gas before it closed at 7:30. So i hung up came home got gas, put the kids to bed at 8 and was going back to finish what i started.. Well then i got yelled at again.. dont be all night i am going to bed and i am not listening if the baby gets up!! wowsers, i thought when i grew up i didnt need a father anymore!!!! So i got home at 10:30, (i still wasnt done) but i just let the defragmenter going and i showed them how to close it.. It had never been done!!! yikes no wonder they were having problems... Anyway the lady called this morning and she couldnt get the internet to connect, and asked me if it still didnt work later on if i would just go check it out.. I said of course!! i cant leave their computer not working... I am scared to tell hubby though... i really dont want to be yelled at again tonight. Aww well sob story done..sorry

Marti: HEllo hope you arent running yourself sick!!

Jane: Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Hello to everyone else have a good day !!!

04-13-2005, 01:43 PM
Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is well. I didn't post yesterday and really should have because I could have used the support. BAD, BAD food day. I ate lots of crap food and was rewarded with a really nice case of heartburn. The reason? I had a fight with my hubby yesterday morning, and I am sure I was just eating out of anger. Both of us are trying to adjust to me being back at work, and Joycelyn had been waking up frequently during the night (teething AND a little separation anxiety we think) Today is much better so far. I managed to get a full 7 1/2 hours sleep, and am feeling much more in control, and DH and I made up ;).

JANE Sorry to hear you are ill, I hope you feel better soon.

TERRI I finally got the chance to look at your pictures. your kids are so cute, and funnily enough, you look amazingly like a friend of mine's daughter.

I'm sorry, but from everything you've written about Mike, the only conclusion that I can come to is he's pyscho. Plain and simple. Bless your heart for having to deal with his bull, because Lord knows, I would have gone postal on his *** by now.

ELLENHelllloooooo Out there!!!! Hope you are well. Check in when you can sweetie.

:wave: To everyone else I've missed. Got to get back to work now.



04-13-2005, 02:33 PM
Hello ladies and Happy Hump Day~

Susan~you should have recorded the conversation, geez, sounds like Mike was having a bad day! I think I would definitely record everything from now on. I still can't believe they actually let him see Gaby-definitely doesn't sound like he's a stable person. :crazy:

Marti~V is spoiled also and he spoils me. The funny thing is while at the mall he bought me a gift for my BD/Anniversary. Of course I don't get it till then and I told him not to buy me anything else that that was more than enough. So James will be the big 3-0 next month huh? Oh, to be that young again. Okay, call me goofy, but what is a PSP?

Jane~hope you are feeling better today. :grouphug:

Terri~thanks for the link! :thanks: Couldn't access Babies Online though but what I showed DD she loved-your little Emma is adorable!

Sue~it's cold here also. Was loving the warm weather regardless of the wind blowing hard. Today it is only supposed to be 58 but feels a lot colder with the wind. I think you will like the movie if you go. The craft fair/flea market sounds fun!

Anita~glad you feel better after getting the sleep and making up with the hubby. I too eat out of anger sometimes, not sure why because I am not hurting anyone but myself but I do it anyway.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, did the Wal-mart thing this morning. I am getting to where I soooo dread grocery shopping-not sure why. Sometimes though it just seems like such a chore. At least I didn't have to get too much this week-still think it took about the same amount of time. Have another errand to run in about an hour so will miss chat. I swear I am going to shock you ladies one day by showing up. Anyway, hope everyone is having a swell day! Take care all :grouphug:

04-13-2005, 03:56 PM
Hello ladies--

Susan--Sheesh!! What in the world?! I am so sorry that you have to deal w/someone like that. I too would record everything said. A let it be known to him that you are, and I'm sure he would still say crap like that! Hugs to you and little Gaby!!

Sue--I'm like you, salty snacks are deadly!! In fact, I had this terrible snack at work last night (I say snack since it wasn't much of a lunch) I had a cheesecake brownie and a bag of chip and washed it down w/chocolate milk!! Talk about the shame I felt!! But of coarse I kept on munching that down. (need to work out extra on the Gazelle)

Terri--I sure hope that your DH figures out that being a daddy is a responsibility for BOTH parents!! I was a bit shocked to read his comment about going to bed and not waking up if she crys. I hope things cool off for you. I went to look at your photos again. Such cute kids!!

Anita--Glad that you and DH made up. Adjusting to a work schedule is difficult on everyone, especially for the baby. Heck it's even hard on us mommy's!! Being w/out our little ones while we're at work is so tough!

Cristi--James would spoil me more if I let him. He says that I should get what ever I want...but how in the world am I suppose to save if I did that? :lol: As for the's a PlayStation Portable. A hand held video game. Kind of like a gameboy but much better. It's pretty much JUST like the Playstation2...plays video games, movies and music. James just showed me how he can connect to the internet! I'm thinking "Geez, that's a busy little contraption!"

Hello to all the other gals out there!

I've got to hit the showers and then clean up around the house. Seems James love to bake, but doesn't like to do the dishes afterwards!! :D

I may check in later if I have some time.

04-13-2005, 04:09 PM
Good Morning!!!

Another awesome day!!!! lol

So, the next chapter is titled " He really *gulp* loves you, thats why all the BS"

So, Mike called at 11pm last night to say he was sorry ( awww, what good manners :)) for how he acted earlier in the day.

I said "whatever, sorry means nothing to me"

Can't remember word for word. The jest is he is "bagging" it down at the coast and wants to move back to go to baseball games and be a part of the kiddies life. (all together now.......Awwwwwww, what a guy!)

He asked again if we could go to counseling?? We were doing so well when we were going before. Until you lied , I said. lol.....he said "we both lied" CLICK went the phone , I ain't listening to his mind playing games.

He called back and said he didn't want it ending on me hanging up on him. Oh, but saying F you is ok?

He said I might scoff at this but he still had feelings for me (pssssst, who would have thought a custody battle was really a love story gone amok?? :love: :love: )

Silly me, should have seen it sooner - lol........I really do think this has nothing to do with Gaby but him wanting control of me. Nut.......

Anyway, it wasn't a long conversation. I said no to counseling, yes to me having sole custody, yes to Gaby having his last name and yes to him having the visitation. What about my moving he said?? I said I would agree to a 90 day notice.

He really has a hard time with this he said......... :bb: :bb: :bb: :bb: can't we all just get a long?? whaaaaa, whaaaaa.

Tough, I ain't backing down on being able to move.

Finally had it out with Rocky too, said I wasn't too keen on being behind baseball season. Until he finally said he just couldn't afford to come over twice. He is coming in late July to escort his son home from California........he will try and see if he can come sooner.

Fine......not going to argue with him, he has been a sweet man.

Sorry you are getting yelled at Terri :) HUGS to you!!

best get.....

04-13-2005, 05:13 PM
Back for just a few minutes...

Marti~I figured it was Play Station something, just couldn't figure out the last P! :crazy: Are you going to do anything special for the 30th? Anyway, hope it didn't come off as I was bragging because I wasn't. And I didn't mean that V spoils me with material things, he spoils me in other ways. But do know what ya mean about not being able to save if buying everything a person ever wanted.

Terri~sorry, I missed that DH was yelling at ya. ((HUGS))

Susan~WOW!!! Seems like Mike is getting worse and worse. Seriously girly, I would tape all conversations with him. (((HUGS))) to you also. You and little miss Gaby shouldn't be having to go through this crap.

Did anyone make chat? I was trying to get back early to check in but this was the earliest. Maybe I will try tomorrow night if my shows are reruns.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good day.

da fat n da furious
04-13-2005, 06:00 PM
I am alive and well.....
Susan, oh how sweet of Mike to treat you like that and use the feelings thing...sorry buddy learned that trick awhile back.
Terri glad to know hubby and you made up....
and like you have had my endrometritis cauterized,,,forget what the surgery was called was a distant memory now...
Jane, Brandon goes shopping for a tux this week,,,he graduates June 1st. And then has surgery June 30th,,,confirmed yesterday. Yuck!
Hello to everyone else!
Iolanthe is over,,,Whewwwwww! Partied hard after,,,to the point of being sick,,,duh very shamed to say I had 3 shooters and within 5 minutes threw them up...and after the 4th day still have the sore ribs to prove it. How dumb ,,,Im old enough to know better...
and as pathetic as this is,,,Ive already started my LAST play. Im just props and makeup this time around...easier. I need 20-25 limbs,,,a swaddled baby, 12 helmets and swords. A head on a pike, fake break, Duck and Lamb. and of course a blow I know what your thinking,,,what am I doing? Pippin,,,btw ,,,did anyone see AI last week? I don't know who of the guys sang one of the Pippin songs but thats what Im doing now,,,plus Im taking up soap making,,,end of the month is a class and will learn how to make body butter and scrub...say body butter fast 3 I couldn'
anyways life is good, Tanner and I have started at the gym again....since he has tobe in a body stocking at the end of Pippin hes worried about his pooch showing too much...this froma 12 yr old boy.
well Im still waiting for Sears guy to show...over a week. Thing is I told them I worked till 1:30 so please can I have him come over after...ya right,,,he showed up at I got bumped,,,,I complained when I called again...jerk. Thinks he can keep me away from clean uderwear? HA
well I should get cleaning,,,

04-13-2005, 06:18 PM
Would it be like "pulling my chain??"

Keep me all in a tizzy , not knowing how he is going to be?? sheesh......he is so unstable. I cringe at Gaby being anywhere near the man.

Honestly Cristi, I don't think he is getting worse and worse. I just think he can cover up for so long. He has always been skitchy- lol......

Will think about taping him. Wouldn't I have to tell him that I tape our conversations? If I ever want to use it in court , that is.....or I can just tape for my own I get lonely at night I can play his sweet nothings and sooth myself to sleep,,,,,lol

Hee haw......geez, I think I am stuck at 150,.......tripping all over my office furniture.......had to go look up psycho. Insane, crazy.....paranoid. I always knew he was very paranoid,drugs have done that.

4 more annuals!!! So glad....

chat later.............

da fat n da furious
04-13-2005, 07:42 PM
Susan, check up your laws in your state about privacy Canada we can tap our phones if we are one of the two people talking on the phone. If you were tap His phone then that is over stepping the privacy thing....

04-13-2005, 09:52 PM
And I'm back again! :lol:

Angie~good to see you checking in lady! We know how busy you are tho. I hate when service people do that. Like the cable or phone company-they say they will be there between such and such time, can't give you a definite time. HUH! Well, glad that Brandon isn't having his surgery till after graduation. Not glad that he has to have it because I can only imagine the pain the poor guy has to endure. (((HUGS))) to him. WTG on joining the gym!

Susan~yeppers, drugs and alcohol will do that to a person. My mother just told me when I was in AR that my oldest sis is losing it-very paranoid, thinking her ex is after her. It really is sad :( but I do think it was the drugs and alcohol over the span of many, many years that ate up her brain. Not sure what will happen to her because she refuses help from anyone. I do think you would have to tell Mike that you were taping him, not neccessarily bug his phone, but I just meant get a little tape recorder and tape him that way. Hey, maybe if he knows he is being taped all the time he will straightening his arse up! Anyway, he needs to grow up for Gaby's sake and be a responisble, caring father or walk away.

Anyway, guess I will get going. Was watching a movie on Lifetime, a little lost tho because I didn't see it from the beginning. Want to read a couple of magazines and the newspaper. See ya :wave:

04-13-2005, 11:22 PM
Hey Cristi -

He started using when he was 17 years old, he will be 50 this June. When he was married he was using needles. He has claimed to have Hep C, but who knows. His ex says he has never been tested, he just likes to feel sorry for himself. Though he had a yellow tint and looked very thin the last time I saw him.
Also when he does this " I am going to move in to get closer to the kids " thing it just means something has gone wrong where he is at.

Such a pain. I have asked him before to give up his parental rights but he said no.....

chat later :)

04-14-2005, 12:13 AM
HI there

in for a late night stop... I missed chat again darnitall... i was back at teh neighbours fixing the comp... i just brought the baby this time.. didnt feel like getting yelled at..
Angie: i think it was anita that made up with her hubby not me lol.... I am still mad.. he is sick today.. men are such babies when they are sick!! I might feel sorry for him if i wasnt so mad at him.

Susan: I think i would go psycho if i had to leave my child with that man.!!! And about the control thing i think you are right on about that.. when nolan was a baby and i lived on my own.. if his dad knew i had plans to go out he would call and say that he couldnt take him.. so i would have to stay home.. men are like that

well good night everyone.. just popped in to say hi and saw all teh posts!!!! YAY!! good to see everyone(almost) out and about.. TTFN xxoo

04-14-2005, 12:22 AM
Ok and cristi if you want to see her babies onling thing you can just go to and search babies pages by last name and type in ********... she should be the only one with that last name.. or you can search by date of birth which would be Aug. 3rd 2003 ;) Thanx to everyone for all the compliments... Oh ya Hi Marti!! i missed you there.. scrolled down too fast lol. I dont think they will ever cool off, i seem to like him less every day!!!

04-14-2005, 12:39 AM
Hi Terri -

Will I know a lot about control freaks,as much as my ex is supportive now he was very controling when we were together. I mean in our whole 10 year marriage I could never go anywhere by myself. If I went to Portland ( we lived on the coast) it was because I ran out the door and I couldn't take the girls of course.....had to make sure I came back..... After we seperated I drove......and drove ( like Forest Gump and his running - lol) and drove. The freedom was incredible!!!

When I was with Mike and pregnant he would call almost hourly. Couldn't be on the computer because the phone wouldn't ring and he would want to know what I was doing. If I said computer he wanted to know who I was talking with,,,,,and why would I need friends???

If I went to the store I rushed to get back to take his calls. Sick. So, I gave away the computer so he would feel better.

Though even as late as last summer when I finally let him know where I lived he walked into my apt and wanted to know where I got the sunflowers on my table ( I probably wrote about this before? ) he didn't believe me when I said I bought them myself.

After we had broken up he couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to be with him........must be another man involved.......ha. I said no Mike, no man. now he asked "what about a woman??".....what a total

better go get the Gabster!! Talk later :)

04-14-2005, 12:57 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

It is hard to believe that in a little less then two weeks our little boy is going to be 1! We actually just went over the invite list and Tommy asked me how many people he had to call, and it wasn’t that many because I emailed the majority of the people. We are getting there…..pretty much everyone that we invited, we have heard back from and they are coming! So we are hoping for nice weather!

Well, being a persistent and more or less using the supervisor card, does indeed work! I got a call from my worker at 4:24pm, and she said that she was going to work on my case being 5pm and if she didn’t get to it before 5pm, then she would work on it first thing in the morning. She said that I had all the proper information and stuff that she needed in order to get the insurance set up for me and my child.

We are going tonight to do some more party shopping. Tommy wants to get a piñata for the kids to play with. We will also get some balloons and probably a sign or two. Our next door neighbors, since their son is a week older then Brandon, they want to have a little get together between us and them after the hoopla from Zack’s birthday and Brandon’s birthday.

Jane~ Have a nice relaxing day. I hope you feel better soon!

Terrie-Lee~ My doctor even tried to tell me that I had Endo because there was family history of it. She claimed that that was my reason for being infertile. We went shopping at the Eaton Center. We took the train from Ontario I think, or somewhere just over the bridge. All I know is that it was a looooooong ride! Sorry to hear about your DH yelling at you.

Katy~ My doctor told me to take two months to just try naturally and then when I came back in August, the day after my birthday none the less, and if I wasn’t pregnant then, then we would schedule an appointment to get a lap done. Looking back now, I am pretty glad I didn’t put me or Tommy through the testing when there was no reason to. Our main issue was that we just had the timing off on the sexercises as Tommy calls them. My sisters all thought it was weird that they all had no problems getting pregnant but yet I was infertile. I said “I come from a family of fertile myrtles, it doesn’t make since that I am the one that is infertile.” When I went in for my appointment the day after my birthday the nurse taking my blood pressure and all that asked why I had an appointment, and I said “well, mainly it is a follow from my appointment two months ago, and also because I haven’t had a period since July 14th.” She looked at me and goes “is there a possibility you could be pregnant?” I said “well, according to the digital test I took on Saturday, I am pregnant, so yeah I would say so.” I took a picture of the test and then printed it out to take into my doctor’s office.

Cristi~ I was bound and determined to prove my doctor wrong. So Brandon and this little one are our miracle babies because according to my doctor I had, who was a resident mind you, we are infertile. I was **** bent on proving her wrong, and I told Tommy when he got home from work after I managed to stop crying and tell him how the appointment went, he told me “let’s prove her wrong!” and we did.

Marti~ We never really decided on a theme, so as of right now, it has an Elmo theme going on. Tommy is debating if he wants to attempt making a 3-D duck cake or an Elmo face cake. (I think he decided on an Elmo cake, the duck looked too hard, even for him)

Susan~ He isn’t wrapped up too tight is he?

Anita~ How are you doing?

Angie~ It is good to hear from you.

04-14-2005, 08:11 AM
I'm back, and feeling much better, thank you! :cool:

Too much to catch up on, though! Marti - glad you explained a PSP... I didn't have a clue, lol. Cristi - didn't mean to make you cry with the card, but I'm really glad you liked it, and y/w for it. HUGS to you. I too want to see Miss Congeniality no matter what the critics have said. I really, really like Sandra Bullock.

A big jaded HELLO to the others. :wave:

I've got a lot to do today, but promise to take it easy. I miss my grandkids so much! Going to see if Mary will let Madison come over for the day. It's her turn. Need to go to Walmart, too.

Have a good day!

04-14-2005, 03:14 PM
Hi ladies and Happy Thursday!

Susan~I think my sis did a little bit of drugs at about the same age if not younger. We never hung out together, didn't get along. But she got into drinking heavily years ago when she was about 23/24 when she married her second sons dad. They both drank together but then he grew tired of it and she didn't want to quit. When she was in her early 30's she got involved with this guy who was a drug dealer, the one she thinks is after her now. She's 49 now and crazy, so sad. But she won't stop and she won't get help parents raised her sons, adopted the one (Michael, the one in the wedding pics) and the other, Tony didn't want them to adopt him. He always hoped that his mom would want him and take him. He lives with my dad. Anyway, didn't know that both Mike and Doug were so controlling. And what is it to Mike if someone did send you flowers, geez! I couldn't deal with a controlling man. A woman should be able to do what she wants without her SO being jealous and having to know what she is doing every second of every day. There has to be some trust there. Anywhooooo....

Terri~thanks, I will try that. I liked the one line from the movie "Men, you can't live with them and, well, you can't live with them" :lol:

Jane~glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you get to see the grandkids today. Bet they are missing you as much as you are missing them.

Mindee~I think that's what my SIL did. She comes from a big family, a lot of twins too! and I don't think they could cherish the thought of not having any kids. Her and my brother love kids! So their 3 are miracle babies also.

Okay, Hi to everyone else :wave:

Had some errands to run this morning and now trying to get a couple of loads of laundry done. Try to do two a day to stay ahead. Need to go start the dishwasher also and vacuum and that is about the extent of my day. I keep thinking it is Friday for some reason. Oh well, anyway...have a good day ladies!

04-14-2005, 03:23 PM
DO NOT POST HERE LADIES!! See ya at Chit Chat 124. Be there or be square! :D