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04-06-2005, 12:55 AM

The old thread is getting too long so I'm going to start a new one. Not going to stay on, however. Too tired--did a lot of work at the house today. Hi to everyone, and have a great Wednesday!

04-06-2005, 11:38 AM
Good morning!

It's 7:23 am, and I've been up since before 7:00 am. Quite a shock! The darn cats started scratching at the door around 5:30 am, and then I couldn't get back to sleep. Since I didn't go to bed until after midnight, it makes for a rather groggy morning. Unfortunately, I'm on the edge of being depressed, trying not to fall into that abyss. Last night my DH and I held hands and prayed that we wouldn't have to leave Oregon and our new house. He has a second interview tomorrow with, which is headquartered in, of all places, Seattle. I'm stress eating like crazy, and last night I had two glasses of wine, something I almost never do. That was probably part of the not sleeping problem. As my DH says, there's no situation that can't be made worse by the application of alcohol. Guess I should listen! And apply it to ice cream and chocolate, too. Sorry I'm so bummed. I'll get a grip, I promise.

Charlotte, seeing the photos really brings the vandalism home to me. It's so devastating and violating! Did the police dust for fingerprints or anything? After seeing so much CSI, I know exactly what they should do, but unless someone was hurt, I imagine they don't put much effort into finding the culprit. Loved your story about how you started singing on camera. Glad you chose to sing rather than cry! :) Your stories about being recognized in the store reminded me of the time I was on a Saturday morning show for the animal shelter. I read descriptions of pets available for adoption while someone brought the pet in front of the camera. There was a "host" from the shelter, and she was the main person, but every once in a while someone would stop me and say, oh, you're on Pets on Parade, aren't you? It was kind of fun.

So you sat up until 2:00 am and watched remodeling shows--what fun! Let me tell you, it's a lot more fun to watch someone else do it rather than doing it yourself. That's hilarious about the woman accidentally calling you guys. Those phone buttons can be such a nuisance. We once heard my daughter at a bar because her phone had called us, and she didn't realize it. Not quite the place where you want to hear your daughter and her friends! You are doing so well with the sugar. After today, I will join you. I'm going to start journaling, too, just like the Potatoes book says.

Shoot! I've got to go and I don't want to lose this so I'm going to close. Hi to SunnyD, Diane, and Bonnie2. Hope you have a great day, everyone!

04-06-2005, 11:48 AM
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hi everybody...
I can't stay on, it's really, really, really, stormy here, with threats of tornadoes. I didn't even take time to bring up graphics....sorry. :^: Just needed to check the weather maps, & my friends.

Sheila.....please, feel better. I'm sure you're like us, & been through a lot of tough times. You'll get through this, also, with God's help. I'm praying hard for you.

You can click below to go to the thread where the pics are of the break in. I'm glad you started a new thread, Sheila. :D

Take you all,

04-06-2005, 03:11 PM

my Friends...
I am sorry I missed you all yesterday, Joe took the day off and we had a bright, warm, Beautiful day yesterday here in N.E., OH :D It actually went into the 70's here!! 73* to be exact :smug: We were out and about all day! My ankle is healing up nicely... lots faster then in the past... no complaints here :^: I walked 1.5 miles yesterday and another today... nothing will keep me from getting in some exercise each day.


Oh my Sheila, I think it's wonderful to hear that you and DH are praying... it is so powerful! I will PRAY for you as well! And not quit! How soon do you think you will know anything?!? My heart really goes out to you!! I find it so hard to sit here and do nothing when I hear that someone I care for hurts so deeply... (and that goes for any of you gals!) I wish I could wiggle my nose and make it all better, but I can pray. I could totally understand you feeling frustrated and depressed about this whole situation... not knowing from one day to the next what is happening. Try to reign in those urges to give into overeating and too much alcohol (a glass won't hurt anyone, but more just might add to your depression right now) --- you have come such a long way... hang in there, Sheila!! Keep your promise to us ~ I'm gonna hold you to it!

Hi Angel, Hope that you will be okay with that :rain: storm coming through :o I think that's the one heading our way for tonight...

I saw your pictures... and I think that it all looks pretty bad! :o I can see where your things all got knocked off the end of your desk and how much damage was done to Connie's... all I can say is that it's a good thing that no one was there!! Who knows what would have happened... :(

Sounds like you and Connie had a great slumber party together!! I love slumber parties for two :D I remember doing that a few times with my best girlfriend when we first met (when our hubbies would be out of town) --- now we are both "in bed" by 9:30pm :lol: Are you both feeling any better about the situation? Cleaned up your office? Have you found out anything more of who might have broken in? That would be awesome if your network got on Dish!! That's what I have!! I cannot wait to see what you are doing on that tape --- loved hearing all about what you did to set it all up. Then when I am watching it (with Joe) I will have the info in the back of my head and enjoy it all that much more. I cannot wait to see it...

As far as the ankle wraps --- YES! I was suppose to be using them, but you know how it is --- everything feels fine and so I don't do what I'm told to do. Now I will!! These sprains are terribly painful. But thank the Lord, this one is healing quit fast.

Hi there Bluet! I am so sorry to hear that you too are feeling so low again these days... are you getting any sunshine? It sure does make allot of difference!! I always get the blues when I don't get enough sunshine. My ankle is healing up nicely... thank you so much for your motherly advice ;) I don't mind at all :bubbles: I thought of putting the snow in my boots only because I have injured myself so many times :p nothing to be too proud of I'm afraid :^:

I am so glad you enjoyed all my Easter pics ;) I hope it brought a smile to your day :bubbles: I should get a picture of all my teapots to show you... I have a humble collection. I wish I had more space so I could have more, but what would I do with them :lol: I do use the ones I have now, switching them up each time... it's fun. And now that Joe drinks green tea in the mornings too it's a nice way to serve it up.

I MISSED *A-Idol* last night :( I will have to watch the recap show tonight... I got all caught up with enjoying the outdoors last night and then when we came in Joe had to get ready for a practice and I was busy with a project --- and I totally forgot :o I'll watch tonight...

The snow is just about all gone :cp: There was actually a crew outside raking up the lawns in the park today... where I live, they go around and rake off all the gravel from the roads that they plowed into your yards all winter long. It's beginning to feel like Spring!! And today we have temps into the 70's again --- just beautiful! I love having our windows open and hearing the birds out on the feeders and my kitties chatting away at them :lol: And our daffodil's have buds on them today :flow1: Awesome! :flow2: DO FEEL BETTER SOON :goodvibes

:wave: Hi Diane and Bonnie2 :wave:


Time for me to go... I have things to get done today :o
Love you gals! Keep your chin up!!! :sunny:


04-06-2005, 03:14 PM
By-the-way, Charlotte...
I LOVE your sig!!! She's beautiful!



04-06-2005, 05:31 PM
[FONT=Impact][SIZE=3][COLOR=Magenta]Hi all,
It is in the 70s* here today. cleaned the place at work. We have an animal feed store. We just hired our son after all these years on our own. Big Irish & dutch farmers moving in the area, got to go getting the gas grill outside Bonnie2 (

04-07-2005, 10:33 AM


I have been feeling great and my ankle is healing up quite fast :cp: I am thrilled about that --- I even went on my T-Mill yesterday (did 1.50 miles) :D As long as I keep my ankle wrap on (it slips on like a sock for more support) I am fine. I have a bit of bruising but it's not nearly as bad as my right leg was when I sprained it.

Our snow is all gone :cp: We have had temps in the high 70's the last few days and it melted the snow quite fast!! Some area's (not us) are now in flood warnings from all the melted snow. It's nice to see our grass greening up and the plants in our gardens coming back to life :sunny: I sure have missed that color... GREEN! We have seen way too much WHITE lately :dz:


Hi Bonnie2, Just a thought... Do you know how to send a Private Message? If you do... send me your phone number by Private Message ONLY (NOT HERE) and I will call you help talk you through the code to post the font, the color and the size, etc., okay. To send a Private Message to ME just click on my name (SunnyD57) by the avatar (located at the upper left corner of my post above the dove) and you will see a list come down - then click on Private Message and send me a post (with your phone number) as usual... this way only I will see your phone number and not everyone else who reads these posts. It's okay if you don't want to do that --- I just wanted to lend a helping hand ;)

Hope that everyone else is doing okay... miss you all :( Praying for you & DH, Sheila!! Any new information? How are you feeling Bluet? Any better? :^: Angel... getting the station all cleaned up?


It's time for me to go and get in my exercise :tread:
You all have a great day!


04-07-2005, 10:50 PM
OOohh, the 70s! Sounds like the midwest is springing back to life. And did you have a barbecue last night, Bonnie2? So do you live on acreage like Bluet? That's nice that you have a family business that your son can join.

Glad to hear that your ankle isn't too bad, SunnyD. Keep it that way! :) With spring fiinally arriving (hopefully I'm not jinxing it for you), you won't have to go out and shovel snow for a while. Did you walk on the treadmill today?

I got my exercise stripping more of that wallpaper. The guy who is redoing the walls in my bathrooms and guest room because of the wallpaper problem showed me how to get it off easier. Of course, this wallpaper was put on in a better manner, too, so it's not as difficult. Sure is messy business, and all of my fingernails are ground down to the quick. They kind of ache. I sent my DH over to the house to do a little painting and strip the colored part of the wallpaper off the sofits. I got so I just couldn't raise my arms that high anymore. Not too much left to do, so I will go over in about an hour and try to get more done before Without a Trace.

Our plan for tomorrow--painting! We have to paint the guest room, two bathrooms, and the kitchen. Then we need to clean up the mess. On Saturday we need to pack up the apartment. Today I was thinking, gee, if I only had two more weeks, but I'm trying to save on apartment rent, and storage unit fees. I'll be glad to get life back to normal soon, and back in my old routine, especially my eating routine. I'm not stepping on the scale for a while. :(

My DH had another technical interview with He said it went well, and they had him do some stuff for them. Hopefully they'll want him to come to Seattle to interview. If so, maybe I'll go along and see my Dad. I got a call from his doctor's office yesterday. For some reason, he gave them my number to call when the doctor had written his refill prescription. I just told the person to call the retirement facility number and leave a message. She had that number, too.

Happy almost Friday! When are they going to start back with new CSIs and ERs? Hopefully soon, although I would have to tape them tonight anyway.

04-07-2005, 11:12 PM
Good Evening,

We are having a streak of "fine" weather here in the northern mid-west. :) It is actually going to be in the mid 60's this weekend. That will be so nice for my co-workers wedding. Actually he is the son of our neighbor and he is a friend of our son, and he worked for us when we farmed full time, and we have known him from the time he was born and I got him his job in the engineering department where I work. All of our kids have been invited too so we should have a nice time. Sunday our other eight year old grandson is having his first communion. Hopefully next weekend, I can find sometime just for me and do nothing! I have been having problems sleeping this week and I have never had problems sleeping before. I feel kind of stressed and restless. I am not sure what is going on with me, except my plate has been too full lately.

CSI was a repeat, so nothing to talk about there. Survivor, yuck! Those people have a lot of guts to be able to eat raw baby ducks. oh yuck! Aren't the animal rights activists going to have something to say about that? Well, wonder what is going to happen to Stephanie now. I told dh I would be terrified to go back to camp after dark and stay there alone all night. I think I would have failed to make fire so I could just go home and get the heck outta there.

Sheila, I am really sorry about everything and about your feeling so blue. I am praying that things work out right for you and dh and that you don't have to move again.

Charlotte, Did the storms do any damage in you part of the state? I heard Mississippi took a beating. Have you learned anymore about who might have done the break in?

Sunny, glad to hear your ankle is improving and that most of your snow is gone. Our's is too except for the high piles that were pushed up in the parking lots around town. Some of my daffodils are starting to push through the ground and my perennials are starting to turn green. We always can depend on that icy wind off of Lake Michigan to keep temperatures down on the east coast of Wisconsin. I guess it could be worse, I could have ended up in Alaska....NOT!

Well, I am tired, I guess I'll see if I can get some sleep this evening. Take care everyone good evening to you Diane and Bonnie2 have a good Friday.


04-07-2005, 11:50 PM

Sorry I haven't been here...a couple of bad, stormy days. The rain was terrible...inside AND out! :lol: DAY 4....NO SUGAR!!!!!!

Oh Sheila....I cringed when you mentioned getting your things out of storage unit :( :( Please hurry & get it out! I'll worry about your things, until then. Having to get another job at your DH's age isn't easy. Think of having to start over with EVERYTHING! I don't want it to happen to you. Hope you don't work so hard, to get yourself in trouble, physically, though. I'll be glad when you're all settled.

SunnyD...I love your graphics, too! You've been visiting some beautiful places. :D I'm happy your ankle is better. Watch about over exercising until it's well, though.
The station is cleaned up. There wasn't that much to do. The back/side door was replaced that evening. Connie & I cleaned up the office that day. We stay nervous & suspicious of everyone coming in that we don't know well. There's a lot of people in & out. We have a phone service, so they come pay their bill. We have a program that sells discount coupons over the air to restaurants, etc., then, we have programs that give different things away. So, we stay busy! Not to mention all the other things there is to do. I've gotten so far behind on my bookwork, I'm thinking about bringing it home, to catch up. The alarm system is being installed tonight. :)

We had another strange thing to happen. We have a lot of Mexicans in our town. Nothing wrong with that, just can't understand what they're saying most of the time. Connie said 2 Mexican guys came in the station Tuesday (my day off). One was complaining that his phone wasn't working, & he didn't owe a bill. Of course, Connie talked to him about it. She told him that it was too late in the day to call, because they were probably closed. He insisted that she try, because he had no phone at all. After trying to get the service, she told him that the best she could do was email them about the problem. He said ok, & they left.

Randal (the AV Engineer) later told Connie that while those 2 guys were talking to her, he saw a third guy walking around the building. He stopped at the corner of Connie's office, looking at the light switch that takes care of the light that shines on the building. He looked through the window & saw Randal watching him, & got in the car.

Connie got to worrying about it that night, & called the guy's number. A woman answered! She couldn't understand English, so she put her husband on the phone. Connie told him that she was checking to see if his phone had been fixed. He said there hadn't been anything wrong with his phone! Connie told him about him coming to the office & complaining that day. He got off the phone a minute...came back....& told her it was fixed. That the phone company had taken care of it.
Of course, they hadn't....they were closed!! She received an email the next morning from the phone company. They had checked the service out....that morning...& nothing was wrong.

So, yes, we stay nervous. I was alone Wednesday....Connie kept calling to check on me. Everything was fine, though. A nice, quiet day....only stormy outside!

Bluet...hope your week is going well at the office. Tomorrow is TGIF!!

Hello Bonnie-2!!!!

04-08-2005, 08:19 AM
Surprise girls it is Friday. Where did the week go?

We are having beautiful weather here too except very windy. I hope to get outside today and blow off the driveway and porches since the wind isn't supposed to be high today.

I have had a good week, not much going on except the usual which is ok.

Charlotte please be careful, it is a shame we can't trust anyone anymore. Those Mexicans were up to no good so keep your guard up.

Bluet sounds like you have some busy week ends coming up. Congrats to your Grandson.

Sunny so glad your ankle is doing better. You are doing great with your exercise. I have been going to Curve's at least 3 times a week but feel like I need to do more. I wish I had a walking buddy just live around the corner from the High School track. I may start taking our Lab with me he needs the exercise just like I do.

Oh Sheila I don't envy you one bit. You take care of yourself and this will all be over soon.

Hi Bonnie...

As usual I have been up forever. I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep so got it. I have gotten alot of housework done and it is only a little after 6 am. :)

Have a good day girls.

Hugs, Diane

04-08-2005, 05:06 PM

Hello Sheila, it's so good to see you stop in :df: From your mouth to God's ears... that we won't have any more storms like last weekend till next winter ;) The weather has been really nice. We had a rainy day yesterday but by evening it was clearing and the weather-people have given us a great 8 day forecast of sunshine! It's sunny today with temps into the 50's (normal for this time of year). The high 70* temps we had a few days back were unusually high for this time of year. I'll take the 50's and 60's as long as the sun is shinning :D

Yes, I have been exercising... I got in another 2 miles yesterday and today, with a total this week of 8.5 miles :cp: I bet you DID get in your exercise!!! :sumo: Wallpapering is hard work... especially taking off the old stuff!! That's what both my SIL's do for work. They strip and put on wall-paper among other things.

How did your painting come along today? Get done what you hoped to :crossed: Don't you worry one bit about your weight!! I bet that the stress and the lack of sleep isn't helping at all... you'll see... that once you get back to your routine again it will all fall back into place and so will your wt-loss. With all the hard work, I bet that most of it is muscle swelling!! I agree --- stay away from that scale!!

Do you really think that you will have move again, Sheila? I am praying that your DH gets a job, but I also will pray that they don't have to relocate you. You sounded so happy when you first got there... are you feeling any better as far as your depression? Keeping your chin up? I don't want you to be sad... don't want that for any of you ;)

All the shows with the exception of *Survivor* were repeats...
so I went to bed :mad:

Speaking of *Survivor* Bonnie... wasn't that darn right GROSS! :p ! What were they thinking :eek: Did they forget that it's *Survivor* and not *Fear Factor*!!?? GROSS!! I too felt so bad for Stephanie having to go back to camp in the dark, all alone... wonder what will happen now :shrug: I knew that they were going to do something different this year, but I don't know if I like the direction it's going in... you? When do you think they will merge the tribes? Soon... I hope... for Stephanie's sake :?:

How are you feeling these days :?: Any better at all... is the sun helping with those blues?? I HOPE and PRAY it is :^: I hate the thought that you (or anyone else here) are feeliing crummy or depressed... I know that the sun always helps me.

Same here... with the temps.... we have Lake Erie to deal with. There's a gal on another thread I belong to and she is from Southern Ohio and her temps are almost 20* higher then ours here in N.E., Ohio... and here where Joe & I live is quite close to the Lake, so it's much cooler. It's nice during the summers when the temps go above 80* (awwww... to have 80* temps again :crossed: ). As I was telling Sheila... we are suppose to be clear and sunny for the next week :cp: I am a happy camper!

Gee Angel... the graphics... wonder where I found them all ;) :lol: I have been searching like crazy lately whenever I am on the computer. But I know there are more to be found and I am still learning how to maneuver that site. I don't post on it... I just search and save.

Sounds like things are getting somewhat back to normal at the station... good, I'm glad. Do you think they will ever find out who did that to you guys? Are the police staying in touch with you? That's quite a story you told... makes you wonder, doesn't it.

:cheer: I am so happy for you being off sugar FOUR days already!! I know how hard that is to do! :cheer: You should be very proud! How are you feeling? I bet that in a few weeks of your body being clean of sugar that you will not ache quite as much as you were before. I don't expect it will take all that pain away :no: but it will lessen :yes: --- you'll see :) I am so proud of you Charlotte! Keep up the great work of resisting ;)

Hi Diane... our little weekend friend ;) Good to see you :goodvibes

Good for you getting to Curves!! I have been working out 5 days a week on the T-Mill & Elliptical, but with the nice weather finally here --- I will go outdoors for my walks next week :D Thank-you so much... I didn't want this ankle to get me down and prevent me from doing what I needed to do for exercise, I am so glad that it wasn't as bad as I initially thought. It is pretty bruised, but I can use it just fine with the wrap on :smug:

I bet that with all your activity you will see some results too ;) Sounds like you have been one very busy gal. I love your sig with the baby and the saying!! Just Beautiful!!!


So... what do you gals have planned for the weekend?
Up to anything special? Well, with the exception of Sheila...
we all know what she'll be doing :jig: Us... tomorrow Joe
has a meeting for work and then we'll be going out to dinner
with ur pals :T Don't know what we'll do on Sunday yet... REST
probably. Yep, that sounds good :smug:

Well, I must get off here and get these bill's paid...
the ones I have been looking away from since yesterday :dizzy:
and my dryer just stopped, so it's time to go fold and hang clothes.

Have a great weekend gals if I don't make it back here.

Till Monday... Loves,


04-09-2005, 09:58 AM

Another Bright and Beautiful SUNNY :sunny: Day here in NE, Ohio :D And I am just taking it all in :smug: I have some office work to do this morning and then I will head out to do some winter cleaning in our gardens :dance: Then at around 5:00 we are meeting our friends for our monthly dinner out together at the *Red Robin* :T We eat out early - especially on the weekends - otherwise it's gets way too busy (at around 6/6:30) and we are then put on 'an hour or so' waiting list. After dinner we go shopping at BJ's or Costco to walk it off... it's fun! When the weather gets warmer we'll go to the parks to walk off dinner :D

Joe is at a work related meeting right now till around noon... NY is where they (TOPS Grocery) are headquartered & they are closing 3 more grocery stores this month here in Ohio because of cost - they have already closed 6 of them in Jan-05 :o & they are closing their fresh baked bakery getting rid of the bakers and bringing in already baked food and the butchers are going too, to bring in prepackaged meats for all stores here :no: ALLOT going on... I believe there were 86 stores all together. I just hope that Joe will keep his job till he can retire in a couple years! So far... all is okay. Please keep all those loosing their jobs in your prayers, it's so sad. And maybe say a little prayer that Joe will keep his job in maintaince till he retires. Thank-you so much! So many have a difficult time keeping a job today :no:

Thinking of you and hubby, Sheila :grouphug:

Okay... I am done stalling...
It's time for me to get some work done...



04-11-2005, 10:55 AM

Good Morning :wave:
I do hope that you all had a wonderful weekend :flow1: It sure is beautiful here in N.E. Ohio... FINALLY! Quite the opposite of the 18" of snow we had last week. I took my walk outdoors this morning and what a difference from the T-Mill. I honestly believe I get a better workout when I walk outdoors vs the T-Mill. The machines are nice for when the weather gets bad, but it feels so much better for me to go outside :) Besides... I really enjoyed the sunrise and the sounds of the birds singing this morning.

Got in 2.25 miles ~
making it a total of 12.25 miles for April :sunny:


Okay... you gals have to stop in sometime...
this thread is gettin' too heavy to carry all by myself :o :D


04-11-2005, 11:00 AM

Morning everyone!

It was a beautiful weekend weatherwise!! I went to another beauty pageant Saturday for another granddaughter. I don't know what's wrong with all of these judges....don't they know my grands are the most beautiful!!! :lol: Little Tori (6 yrs old) got out on stage & froze! She got so nervous. (it was her first time.) You could tell other little girls had experience at it. But, it's good for her....if that's what she wants to do, she'll get better. I have pics now, of the other 3 that were in their pageant, I'll post later. :)

SunnyD...I honestly thought you had found another website for your graphics. :D Then, when you responded to my post, you used a couple that I have. :lol: Fun, isn't it??! We may repeat each other sometimes, but, I see nothing wrong with that.....they're too hard to find to not use them. I don't get rid of mine until I've recycled a couple of times, anyway. ;)
Oh, I DO hope Joe gets to keep his job. Prayers.......
Seems work is slow everywhere, now. I don't know what people are going to do. Gas is going up higher, people losing's sad.

Hi Candlelady....Thanks for your concern. We are being very careful at the station. It's hard to enjoy ourselves as much as we did, before the break in.
I hope I didn't offend anyone who may be lurking, about it being Mexicans. I always describe the nationality, if I know it. Also, was stressing they spoke Spanish a lot, so Connie didn't know what they were saying. I didn't even think of that, when I posted earlier. I/we love everyone there, & have all nationalities & religions at the station.
I'm sorry you're not sleeping well. I have the same problem. It's mostly when the Remicade starts wearing off. My next treatment is May 2, so, I'm beginning to get insomnia.

Bonnie...Hope you had a great weekend with the wedding & being with family. I hope the weather was as pretty as it was here. Kind of rainy today. It's Monday, though, so who cares! Yes, the storms did some damage, but not in our area. We got some lightning & hard rain, but no winds. Tornadoes DID touch down in Jackson, MS. Hope you have a great week, & not feeling so blue. I don't like when you're down, I know that feeling & it's not a good place to be. Remember, we're here for you.

Hi Sheila....working hard on that house, I suppose! It'll be worth it, when finished. Do take care of yourself. You're not going to get it all done in one day, so don't try. Wish DH could lay your floors. ( you'd get a VERY good rate.) have a friend that could talk to him.

Hi Bonnie-2...Hey girl, you're several posts back, now.....come on & catch up! How's the posting with colors, etc, going? I know if SunnyD helps you, you'll do fine. You're so close.

Gotta go........everyone have a good day!

04-11-2005, 12:49 PM
Oh my goodness!!!!! What have I done!!!!

Sheila... I can't believe that I have let your BIRTHDAY get passed me last Wednesday :dizzy: !!! I am so very sorry!! Did you have time to go out to dinner or something? Oh... I feel just terrible that I had forgotten :sorry: I hope & pray that you will have a celebrated YEAR of happiness and that all of the "stuff" in your life begins to settle down and settle in...

I am keeping you and your hubby in my prayers!

My BELATED Birthday WISHES... TO YOU... TO YOU... DEAR Sheila... ... TO YOUuuuuuuuu!

and many more...

I hope you HAD a *WONDERFUL DAY!*
You WILL have the Bestest year ahead! Birthday {{{Hugs}}},


04-11-2005, 01:14 PM
Good morning, ladies!!

I love the daffodils graphic, SunnyD. It's so bright and spring-y. It was the first thing I noticed when I logged on.

Bluet, how was your co-workers wedding? And the first communion? I'm sorry you've been having problems sleeping. I hope you got some good rest this weekend, although it sounds like another busy one.

Four days of no sugar, Charlotte? Good for you!! Did you make it through the weekend? You inspired me so much that I, too, have made a choice to eliminate sugar and I had no sugar for the past two days. Now, I'm not saying I ate that well, but I didn't have any sugar so I'm happy about that. That's so sad that people at the station have to be on the alert now for potential trouble since the break-in. It's like living in the big city. How strange about those guys. Hopefully you all can feel a bit safer with the alarm. Ah, your poor granddaughter! I think I'd freeze with all the lights and having to stand up in front of a bunch of people. I'm sure she'll get better at it, and she'll probably never have a problem giving speeches in class when she gets older. Looking forward to the photos!

Candlelady, maybe you and Bluet should get instant messaging for those sleepless nights. It must be something in the air! I cannot imagine getting up at 3:00 am. Of course, if I did, then the dog would want to get up and be fed, and the cats would start caterwauling, too. Hope you got a better night's sleep over the weekend. Love your graphics, too!! You guys are having so much fun with those graphics. :)

SunnyD, I'm so sorry you're having to experience some of this nervousness around jobs. It's the pits, to say the least. How was your Red Robin dinner? I haven't been to one of those in ages. I don't think there is one here, although maybe in the next town over. So glad that the weather is cooperating and you're getting to walk outside. It's nice here this morning, too, and I'm thinking about taking my dog for a walk around the new 'hood.

It's been a really exhausting week. I felt horrible on Friday after so much work on Thursday. Still had a lot to do, though, so I powered through. The moving guys put the last of the stuff in the house around 2:30 pm yesterday. I got the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms unpacked. It seemed so silly to pack everything up for a 10 minute ride across town, you know? We slept last night in our new house and discovered that, while there's no traffic noise, there is a train that came through at 6:37 am. I guess that would be a good alarm clock if I wanted to get up earlier than 7:00 (or 7:30 really). I imagine I'll learn to sleep through it just like I learned to sleep through the traffic noise at the apartment. We need to learn how to program our thermostat, however. DH thought he set it to go on at 7:00 am, but I woke up a little after 5:00 am just roasting with the furnace blasting. I'm going to see if there's an online manual or call a furnace person.

Once we get the carpets in and all the stuff where it belongs (our garage now looks like the storage unit, and we've got stuff stacked in the dining room--good thing we have no table yet!), I'll take photos. I have before photos so I can make a webpage and post the photos side-by-side.

Have a great Monday, everyone! Hope the sky is blue and the flowers in bloom in your part of the country.

04-11-2005, 01:17 PM
Just posted, then saw your birthday wishes, SunnyD. Thank you!! I'm hoping for the best year ever, too! :)

04-12-2005, 07:34 AM
Well another week,another try at losing weight. Has anyone read the book DIET SIMPLE by katherine tallmadge? I am taking an online course at barnes & noble u. now.Went to jazz. last nite, will go tonite also. I had the flu on Fri. & sat. GRRRRRR!!!!.
We have about 100 acres of land & raise 35 or so cattle for beef besides the]ed business. Got to get ready for work. Bonnie2

04-12-2005, 10:47 AM

Good morning,
Hope all are having a good day. It rained all night....made for good sleeping.

I have a Dr appt today, so can't stay long. Finally going to see what all that blood work was all about. I wonder why we always have to wait so long to get out appt after lab work or tests are run! I've been feeling ok, though.


I didn't know you had a birthday!! You should have said something. It isn't even mentioned in your profile. I feel bad, also. Everyone should have their birthday recognized!
I hope you're not working too hard. Wishful thinking....huh?! How's the house looking? I'm still praying for your DH's work & SunnyD's, also.

Hi Bluet....How's it going, my friend? Hope your week isn't too stressful. You should have seen the big heavy safe Bro Jones brought back from LA! It was all they could do to get it into the station! He said if anyone can carry it out, they can have it. :lol: Got the alarm installed, also. When I let myself in, tomorrow, I'll have to hurry & disarm it. (hope I don't get nervous & forget how!) We now have Connie's desk arranged so no one can see into the drawers during the day.

Hi Bonnie-2...doing great with your diet! Wish I was able to exercise. I'm doing well with being off sugar, though. Seven days now. Had a lady to present me with some sugar-free cookies during "Tennessee Valley Now" yesterday! That program is getting the viewers more involved all the time. Supposed to be News, Sports, Weather, & Announcements....but, turning out to be a lot of fun, that the viewers wait with anticipation to see what's going to happen!!

Hope all have a great day!!!

04-12-2005, 07:01 PM

Happy Birthday Sheila, so sorry I missed your birthday. See what happens when I draw into myself and center on worry, I forget about the things that are going on around me. One of those being your birthday. I suppose you worked like a slave painting and cleaning and moving on your birthday too. You should have gone for a massage and a day off, but I know if the work is there it's got to get done, right? Hopefully if, you didn't have time for yourself you will be able to find some time down the road a little way. I am most anxious to see your before and after pictures.

The wedding was lovely, we had great weather all weekend, the food was good. There was a choice of beef sirloin with baked potato or chicken cordon bleu and rice or whitefish and rice. Dh and I had the fish becaue I like fish and I know it is what I can eat safely on my program and dh had fish because he doesn't eat anything that he can't tell what it is or any meat that still looks raw. ;) Their cake had different layers of chocolate raspberry and strawberry swirl, and key lime. They served it with a small bowl of ice cream and a huge strawberry dipped in chocolate. I didn't have any of it. :( . They also severed champagne, didn't have any of that either. :) We all had a very nice time.

The first communion was very nice too, but there were 88 children receiving first communion and the ceremony lasted 2 hours. As soon as Josh got home he got out of his dress up clothes and into a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. :lol: You gotta love those 8 year old boys and we have a double dose.

Sunny, thanks for holding up the thread all by yourself. You are a treasure. :) Idol's on tonight, well wonder what we will see tonight? One of my co-workers said the theme is "The Year You Were Born." That means we will be hearing a lot of '70s music tonight. I'll have to hold my ears, I am not too fond of '70s music. I still haven't gotten past that baby duck incident on Survivor. So if Stephanie looses the immunity challenge this week, she votes herself to go home? :lol: That's dreadful, they should have combined the tribes long ago. Thank you for reminding all of us that it was Sheila's birthday, how could we forget her? I even mentioned it late in March, so I wouldn't forget her. Duh ! :o I was looking for that cd last week. Anxious to hear you sing.

Charlotte, Bro. Jones sounds like a get it done kind a guy. Good for him. Hopefully no one will ever try to rob the station again, no matter how heavy the safe is. The work week is going ok, thanks for asking. I try hard to stay under the radar, and just do my work. Sometimes that works best. :) I tripped the alarm at the other plant a few years ago, someone called ahead from the security place and asked me if I had the authority to be there and I identified myself and said that I did, but she called the president of the company and the police anyway and they were there checking on me in a heartbeat. Oh well. So glad that you are feeling good. Hope your doctor's visit went ok today. Let us know if you want to ok?

Bonnie2, we have animals too, we raise young stock for another farmer and work over two hundred acres of land to feed the young stock. I think we keep around 150 head. Never get to go anywhere on the weekend without calling in people to take care of the animals while we are gone. It is not like when we were dairying fulltime and had to be there 24/7/352 . :)

Diane, that amazes me that you are an early riser. I usually am not, I wish I were, I could get so much more done before I go to work. I'll bet it is really warm and nice in Texas this time of year. We are still getting cool breezes and cooler nights. Soon Spring will be here though.

Take care everyone have a good evening


04-12-2005, 10:11 PM
Hi, all!

So, Bonnie2, how is the losing game going? I haven't heard of Diet Simple. What's it all about? I'll be interested to know how the course goes. It's great you're keeping up with the jazzercise. I miss my water aerobics, but getting the house in order comes first right now. Surprisingly, my pants still fit after last week's eating excesses. Must be all the painting and moving. Bummer about the flu, and even worse that you had it on a Saturday! Are you feeling okay now? With only 35 head of cattle, you could give them all names, right? Just kidding--don't think I could name something I was going to eat. I've known people who decided to raise one calf, then they named it and it was all over then--they got too attached so they couldn't butcher it.

Charlotte, you better get back here soon and let us know what happened with the blood work. Thanks for the birthday cake! :) I'm kind of a low-key birthday celebrator except for the big ones so it's no big deal to me. I'm on another 3FC forum, and I have to share this post with you written by a cyberfriend. It's at I got the biggest kick out of how she celebrated my birthday. Brother Jones sounds like a hoot--love his comment. Can they give you a remote to turn off the alarm, like the ones people have for their cars? That's what we used when we lived in Seattle. A lot easier than trying to remember the number. So have you had any sugar dreams yet? For some reason, on Day 2 of my no-sugar odyssey, I had a dream about cookies and candy. It was quite annoying. Yesterday I was really dragging in the afternoon, too. Have you experienced any doughnut withdrawal?

Hey, Bluet, that's okay about my birthday. As I mentioned to Charlotte, I really don't celebrate it that much. I ended up buying all the stuff for my birthday dinner, and my DH "cooked" it. We've been so busy that I thought I'd make it easy on him so I bought kielbasa, deli salads, and a cake (notice I waited until after my birthday to attempt a no-sugar lifestyle!). I laughed when I read why your DH chose fish at the wedding. You'd think someone who raised cows wouldn't mind his dinner mooing at him. Bluet, you could have eaten the non-dipped part of the strawberry and gotten a serving of fruit out of it! :lol: DH could have had the dipped part.

Omigosh, 88 kids at the first communion! Sounds almost as bad as attending high school graduations where they call off everyone's name (and you'll have plenty of those to attend, right?). It appears to have lasted about the same length of time. Attending my DH's college graduation was the worst. Besides having a four-year old to deal with, we had to sit through hours and hours of names before they called off his. I thought my high-school graduating class of 600 was bad--try sitting through 2400 college graduates in a coliseum! I graduated from college when my daughter was 15 months old, but I graduated in the winter and there weren't all that many people. I still remember walking across the stage and hearing my daughter yell "Mommy!" Hey, cool nights are good for sleeping. Soon enough you'll be wishing for those cool nights. Just without the snow, though. Are any flowers popping up around your house? Hope so.

Today I got another room painted (which leaves only the main bathroom to paint--yippee!), and got two bids on removing all the nasty overgrown junipers from the yard. We have to remove some nice Alberta spruces, too, because the junipers have grown up around them and killed off the lower branches. If we just removed the surrounding junipers, we'd have a pretty ugly spruces left. We are, of course, waiting to see what happens with the job before we give the go-ahead on shrub removal. Don't worry, be happy, right??

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday evening.

04-13-2005, 11:08 AM

Good Morning Gals,

I am sorry I missed you yesterday... I had allot of little things to get done. As for the CD's... ladies please don't be upset with me, but we keep them at the church and when I was there last week I forgot to get them and then I forgot again last night. Joe is bringing them home today and I WILL get them in the mail tomorrow, okay. I am so very sorry... I just don't have the memory I use to have and it makes me quite frustrated :dizzy: Forgive my tardiness in sending them off.

As for Joe's job... we didn't find out what was happening till this past Monday (4/11). It looks like he will be fine for the time being :smug: , they will be keeping the maintenance crew and so Joe will keep his job... hopefully till he can retire in two years. He is officially up for retirement this coming Feb/2006, but Joe wants to work for two years past that to get better retirement benefits & healthcare, we couldn't live on what they would give us in Feb. We are just playing it out from year to year right now. We should be fine for another year. We feel better. He has also been voted in as the Shop Stewart by his crew (a spokesman for his crew - they voted him in)... so as of June he will get a raise of .25 an hour for taking this position. He was very happy about this, so good news all around. I only wish I could send some of this good news your way Sheila... for your DH and you.

I have been walking outdoors this week and loving every moment of it!! I am out the door by 5:45am... and the sunrises have been awesome with the sky so clear and blue. I am taking every breath-taking moment in! So far I have walked 18.27 miles for the month of April :D


Hi Bonnie2, I have never heard of DIET SIMPLE either... what is it all about? Low Sugar? Low Carb? Low Calorie? I do hope that you are feeling much better... boy, that flu has bitten everyone this year really hard.

W :o W! You have a nice farm!! I have always wanted to live on a farm. When my SIL had her's (when her 5 boys were small) I was there allot!! Helping out with the kids and feeding the animals each day (very early!) and working the veggie gardens... it's allot of hard work, but I loved it! Are your cattle *free range* cattle for beef?

Hi Charlotte, I sure do hope that you will return with only good news about all your blood-work... and if nothing else, I hope that they have information that they will be able to help you with! I think you are doing a wonderful job staying away from sugar!!! It's not easy to do... Keep up the great job :cheer:

Yes, all is going well with my hubby & I as far as his job goes. It did seem strange that they would be letting him go just after the bought him a new work van :shrug: but word was they were letting them go... thank the Lord it was 'gossip' that wasn't for them. It pertained to the stores that were closing and not to the maint. crew... as long as there are stores here in Ohio (TOPS Grocery) they cannot let the maint. crew go :cp: Joe felt so relieved, not to mention the deep sigh of relief I took.

Hi Bluet, Bonnie, I totally forgot you are on a farm too... I love farm-living! When Joe & I met and we shared our dreams, mine was to have a farm with lots of children, animals (pets) and veggies... so much for dreams. My life is nothing like I hoped for in my teens ;) It is a good life (not complaining) but not as I dreamed. With wide open spaces, children and allot of pets would have been pure JOY for me. In heaven my dreams will come true :bubbles: Life is full of curve balls... you just have to learn to play the game ;)

I am so happy to hear that you had such a good time at the wedding and that the weather cooperated. That cake sounded so tasty :T I don't know... I just may have snuck a bite or two of that :o You did good :cp: not having any!!!! 88 kids making First Communion... wow... Joe sings for First Communion and he say's that it always takes a good 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Sounds like it was a nice day for Josh ;) We have had some awesome weather this week too!! And we are suppose to have a beautiful weekend this weekend too! Yeah!! :dance:

I saw *A-Idol* last night and I didn't really like the music either, the song choices weren't my fav. at all. I just wish that Carrie would stay with country --- she is a great country singer and there are so many good song choices. I think she felt pressure to change it up... too bad too. That song did not suit her at all. I think that if I were to vote someone off, it may be Scott Savol (even though he is from Ohio) or Nadia Turner... neither have done so well the last few shows. I really have enjoyed Vonzell Solomon too! Classy young lady. As for *Survivor* I don't have a clue which way they are taking it this year... I feel so bad for Stephanie :(... have you seen the previews? I have been watching *The Amazing Race* too --- I love watching how Rob and Amber are working together! I don't hope that they will win it (they don't need the $$) but I have enjoyed them!! They are both very clever (common sense clever) and work so well together... fun! I tape it, so Joe & I can watch together on Saturday's when there's nothing on.

Hi Sheila, I am glad to hear that you still had a nice birthday... I felt so badly for letting it get past me :( I just read the post from Jilly... ... so you had a Russian Birthday Celebration on your birthday... FUN!!!! I enjoyed reading Jilly's post telling you all about your day :lol: You aren't tired from all that work on the house... you are tired form all that celebrating you didn't know you did!! :lol:

You have been working so very hard!! I bet that once it's completed and you get all settled in you will be so glad you did the work you did! And then you can just enjoy it all summer long :crossed: :D

Hi Diane... I hope you are having a good week so far :df:


Time to go get some work done today...
*Have a great Day Gals!*


04-13-2005, 11:45 AM

Please forgive me for not posting individually. I'm expecting a call any moment from my daughter who lives in South AL. She's passing through town, & we're going to meet for lunch. :D

Lab results showed I have Lupus, along with the RA. :( Also, Dr said I show all signs of, just adding to my list. OA, RA, Lupus, & Fibro...not to mention other smaller ailments. Oh well.............

I wonder about my treatments. I don't think I can take Remicade with Lupus, & all the research keeps pointing to steroids......

Sometimes I could just lock myself up in a room & never come out......but, then, I have no doors on any rooms, around here.

Good news about Joe's job!

Gotta go. I'll try to post more later. Love you all.........

04-13-2005, 08:03 PM
Oh, Charlotte, that certainly wasn't what I was hoping to hear, and I'm sure you weren't either. On the plus side, a diagnosis of lupus doesn't mean what it used to. Also, did the doctor say what kind of lupus? From what I was reading, docs can't diagnose it by blood tests alone, but you have to have had four of the 11 criteria. From what I was just reading, you can get a positive blood test reading and still not have lupus.

I had to laugh at your door comment. I'm glad your sense of humor is intact. But what else can you do besides cry and I'm sure you've been there, and done that already. A woman fighting cancer on another forum I read said that she had two choices when faced with her diagnosis: "Rail against it and torture yourself and everybody else with "why me's," or just look deep inside yourself for the best you have to offer, and try to retain some dignity and grace." I'm betting that you have already railed against it in your heart of hearts (dang it all, I know I'm saying it IS unfair!), but that you'll continue to have faith and live that life of dignity and grace. Just know that when you want to have a well-deserved pity party, or when you just need to let someone know how tired you are of all of it, you can always come here and we'll lend a sympathetic ear. I hope your lunch with your daughter was fun.

SunnyD, don't worry about the CD's. Whenever you can get them would be wonderful. Yup, you're gettin' closer 50--I can tell. The memory is the first thing to go! Although if you see some of the commercials on TV, there just may be something else that's the first to go! :D I love that little wagging doggie--just to look at on a graphic, not to take home with me.

That's good news that Joe is okay for at least another year. Whew! And congrats on his getting the vote as shop steward.

So today I spent time over at the apartment getting it all clean. The management has a checklist of stuff you have to do including wiping down all the doors, baseboards, and cabinets with Murphy's Oil soap. That was rather a pain getting down to wipe the baseboards. Plus I washed the windows, cleaned the oven (I swear that most of that stuff was there when we moved in!), cleaned the refrigerator, scrubbed the toilets and did some other stuff for almost three hours, and I still have stuff to do. I have to figure out how to pull the stove out because I'm supposed to clean behind that. Think I'll save that fun job for my DH.

Okay, so we got three bids for pulling out shrubs. One bid was simply too high, then there's the middle bid where the guy would pull up the roots, then there's the low bid where the guy said that the roots are shallow and they'll just grind them up rather than pulling them up. When we had a couple of small trees removed in Boise, they did the grinding rather than pulling, and that turned out okay, but I'm just not sure. I used to work for the Federal gov't and I know what always taking the low bid can get you. Any suggestions?

Anyone been to Charleston, South Carolina? DH had two headhunters contact him from there, and there's also a potential in Lexington, KY. I've been to Cincinnati, which is right across the river from Kentucky and it looked really pretty. I had a huge sinus attack while I was in Cincinnati, though. We had another blow to the decision making that makes it less optional to take the severance incentive. Oh, well, we still have a little over a week to decide.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday evening--the working week is almost over, Bluet!

04-13-2005, 09:01 PM
We'll all see who gets voted off aI tonite. I personally don't care for Scott.cocky acting& never smiles.He sure seemed MAD last week when he was one of the bottom 3.
diet simple is 192 tricks, substitions, habits & inspirations to shed #s with little effort. Things we all know but to see how it works on weight lost in 1 year.REPLACE ONE THING FOR ANOTHER THING, such as soup for a start of a meal. You should go on the site & see. barnes&noble university. It's a free course. learning experience.
I am feeling fine now thanks gals.
Our cattle are all outside now. Clean barns this weekend. PHEW!!!!! Our neighbor spread manure today just a few yards away from the house, I was going to grill chicken breasts outside but couldn"t stand the smell with the wind in our direction THAT'S LIFE. Bonnie2 :^:

04-14-2005, 03:01 PM
Good Morning,

Well, the sun is out again in Wisconsin, but the temps are still cool 30's at night and 50 during the day. But we will take it, better than below zero and snow. DH plans on starting to work the land this weekend. It is too cold for corn or alfalpha to go in the ground, but barley is ok to plant for the straw. So I will probably only see dh for a short time on Sunday when we go to church. That's ok it makes him happy to be so busy, and he has been a farmer at heart his whole life, it is impossible to get that out of his blood. ;)

Oh Charlotte, all those things wrong with your poor little body, I am so sorry. :( Of course, I don't have to tell you how much I care and how concerned I am about you. I'll just keep praying that these problems don't give you a lot of pain and that a miraculous cure will be developed someday soon. Is your roof done or is dh still working on it?

Sheila, isn't that the way it is with life? Always a decision to make about something. Sometimes I wish I had that hindsight people always talk about. And then again, mabe not. ;) Last year I cut some bushes down right even with the ground and covered the remaining stump with that black weed fabric screen and then spread decorative stones over the top. I put a few Hostas in first. You see that's how I am, I got tired of waiting for dh to get around to it and handled it the best way I knew how. As the roots rot and the ground starts caving in I will have to haul ground from someplace and fill in, but at least I got rid of the ugly bushes and of course "did it my way" :D I hope that the job problem gets resovled in a positive way for you and your dh.

Sunny, well how interesting that Bo was in the bottom three. I was wondering if that wasn't going to happen. Everyone concentrates on saving the ones they think are going home and forget to vote for the ones they think are probably going to win Idol. Well, at least Bo didn't go home. What do think about Nadia? I don't understand what they mean that the girl can't sing? She sounds awfully good to me. Of course I know only two things about music......either I like it or I don't like it. :) Those Ohio fans must be swamping the phone lines voting for Scotty the body. Well, looking forward to next week. Yeah Survivor is on tonight. If they merge, the men of the other tribe are going to save Stephanie. Anyway that is what they said last week. Why do you think those women on that tribe are so darn useless? Hey, great job on your excercise. Good for Joe that his job is safe.

Bonnie2, Ah the joys of living in the country. One of the reasons all my wash goes through the dryer and not hung out on the clothes line. :o We need some rain around here, can't believe I mentioned that out loud, but we do. Last year we had such a wet Spring, that everything was planted late and the growing season was too short. Not a great year crop wise.

Diane, how are you? Come on back and talk to us soon.

Well, got to go get some work done, lunch time is over.


04-14-2005, 07:02 PM

Gals! :wave:

Well... I got in another 3 miles this morning :D It was a very COLD morning though... buuuurrrrrr only 33* --- the cold zaps me of energy --- when I come inside it takes all I have to stay awake :dz: cuz the warmth inside makes me feel sleepy. I am up to 21.27 miles for the month of April :D It was a beautiful day today - reaching temps into the 60's, but still not warm enough for me... waiting for those 70's :smug:


Hello Angel, Beautiful Graphics!

I am so very sorry that those test did not bring very good news your way :( Are all or any of these illnesses in your family genes? It just doesn't seem right that you have all these health issues. I have heard the same thing that Sheila has mentioned about Lupus, but I also have friends that live with it and are totally zapped of all their energy. I sure do hope and PRAY that your Dr's will be able to give you something to help. My heart just goes out to you, Charlotte, more then you know.

Your sense of humor will keep you going, without a doubt! I found myself chuckling when you said you'd hide behind a door IF YOU HAD A DOOR to hide behind :lol:

We ALL care for you very much! {{{Big Comforting Hugs}}} for you with Love...

Hi Sheila, :lol: Thank the Lord... I have no problems there :o Memory... well, I use to have a great one... now I fight to keep it --- it is very frustrating for me!! If I don't write it down, I seem to forget. I am not as bad as I was when I was real ill, but it's not where I was. I guess it is part of aging, but hard to accept. Thanks for your understanding.

I know what you meant about the apartment management and the check list...when my FIL was moved out of his apartment we had to clean it from top to bottom! What a mess he had that place in and we couldn't get his deposit back till they approved. It took 3 of us and allot of cleaners, but we did it. I KNOW your's isn't that bad... so you should be just fine.

I'd almost go with the last bidder, Sheila. The roots will eventually rot, especially if they grind them up. I think that's the way I'd go if I had to. Hope that helps some...

Yes, Joe & I have been to Charleston, S. Carolina... but it was for a vacation and it was a long time ago. If I recall, it was so beautiful there! And Cinn., Ohio is Beautiful too --- much warmer then where Joe & I live. But you are so right about the sinus attacks... Joe & I are always sneezing! Try *Google* for those areas using their image search and it should bring up some pictures of the area's you are searching out. Keeping you and DH in my prayers!

Hello Bluet, All the shows are NEW tonight :cp: *Survivor* *CSI* & *W/O a TRACE* --- *ER* is a repeat still I believe, but I will have to double check that... I know that Sheila watches *ER* & *W/O a TRACE*.

Yes, I thought it was interesting that Bo landed in the bottom 3 last night... but I was right about Scott and Nadia being there ;) I had a feeling... as the night went on I told my hubby that Nadia was going. She looked so good last night, didn't she. I loved her dress! Well, I think that she wasn't consistently good... they look for an artist that can sing most anything and dance and even act. Allot of demand. I wouldn't worry about her --- I think that she will still go far, someone will pick her up. She IS good! Yep, Scott is on our news everynight, but I will be very surprised if he makes it much further. I would rather see him go before I see Bo go... I like Bo.

*Survivor* I think that the women are useless because they can be... they are dumb like foxes. If they can get away from doing things... they will --- that's okay... it WILL catch up with them!

How are you feeling :^: I do hope that the sunshine we are getting is helping some. I know that my walking and getting out is really helping me. I just get real tired by 8pm and struggle to stay awake. Last night I caved and just recorded all my shows. I may be doing the same tonight. There's nothing worse then to watch a program 3/4 of the way through and then fall asleep missing the end :mad:

H Bonnie2, I have heard of that diet now that you mentioned it... I am glad that it's working for you.

:lol: I found myself laughing so hard when you mentioned wanting to BBQ, but the smell was so bad you couldn't. I remember that happening allot when my SIL had her farm... when her father would till the land or clean out the barns there was no way we could cook outdoors :lol:

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better now :goodvibes

Hello Diane, It's almost the weekend... time to jump in and let us know how your week has gone ;)


Well, my Joe is home... and I have to get dinner ready
for him before he goes off to practice tonight.



04-14-2005, 09:42 PM

Hi everyone,
Hope this evening finds you all feeling well.
Sunny...You're really getting in those miles, girl! I can't believe the temps dropped so low this morning! It was a little chilly here, yesterday, but, warm again today. We're really having some beautiful weather, lately. Yes, I'm totally zapped of my energy...that's why I complained to my Dr, which led to the testing. I knew something was going on. Just so fatigued all the time! As Sheila's fine about the CD' long as we eventually get it. Every Monday I've had the engineer to tape "Tennessee Valley Now" & "Vision of Heaven". It's the only day "TVN" is 30 minutes....taping on a 1 hr tape. Something happens every Monday to mess up!! I don't want you all to see bloopers. :lol: Would like for you to see how it actually is suppose to be. Only, we don't have the Sports on Monday. Maybe soon, it'll turn out right.

Sheila...You're right about Lupus not being what it used to be. But, still very dangerous. I had a friend from the TV Station (younger than me) that died with Lupus last year. Her lungs crystalized. Lupus or RA doesn't kill you, but complications from it can. Kind of scarey....but, not going to spend my time worrying. I just need to not feel so fatigued, mostly.
I wouldn't know how to advise on the prices of your outside work. We always had to do everything ourselves. Didn't have much choice, money was & IS so tight. I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

Hi Bluet....don't worry about me, I'm fine. My LITTLE body????????? I LOVE YOU, GIRL!!!! :lol: Thank you for your prayers. & I DO love you!
My dh loves farming, too. He used to have 3 gardens. An early one, a regular one, & a late one. Just about worked me to death! :^: Bless his heart...the last couple of years he hasn't had a garden at all....working on this house. I have to admit, I miss the veggies. Sometimes, someone thinks to give us something from the garden....but, most of the time...not. I guess they just haven't thought about it, because we always had so much.

Hi Bonnie-2....I'd like to visit your place, also. :) I'm sure it would've been rough grilling outside the other day! How's the diet going?

Well....gotta go. Love to you all. Tomorrow's TGIF!

04-15-2005, 09:35 AM
Pink and White Dogwood Trees, Lexington, Kentucky

:wave: Good Morning Gals!
I got in my walk this morning of 2.5 miles :)
I am now up to 23.77 miles for April :D
My goal was 25 miles for April ~
I think I will go past it :sunny:


It's so good to see you Charlotte, Thanks ;) I am trying so hard to stay well. I just got an e-mail from my sister yesterday and she is now being tested for type 2 diabetes... she thought she may have it and went to have some bloodwork done. My father has type 2 and is not doing very well at all. So where am I going with this info... I don't want to join them! I am trying so hard to get better and then stay there, you know. When I walk, I feel so much better then if I don't. When I first go out and begin... I feel yucky :p but after about 15 min. I am in the swing of it :D It was 40* this morning... allot better the the 30* I walked in yesterday :yes: It's suppose to reach the 60's again today :goodvibes

I am looking forward to your tape ;) Joe brought me the CD's last night - I hope to get them pkged and ready today to be mailed off :D I feel so bad that I am much later then I promised to begin with :sorry:

How are you doing today? Have you heard anything new as to what the Dr's will do to help you feel better :?: I am keeping you in my daily prayers, Charlotte. *God's Blessings*

So Bluet, What did you think of last nights shows? Colby is gone on *Survivor* I had a feeling he bit his nose off to spite his face when he went to Stephanie :o What was he thinking!!!

As for *CSI-Vegas* & *W/O a Trace* they are a bit of a blur... I will have to catch the reruns :( I was doing a project for Joe while watching and didn't really watch and see the shows, if you know what I mean :dizzy: I use to be able to do a project and still get the shows I was watching too, alas... another thing that seems to be going :( *ER* was a repeat...

*TGIF* :dance:

Sheila, Diane and Bonnie2... I do hope that you all are doing well today and have a good day :sunny:


Time for me to grab a bite to eat :hun:


04-15-2005, 09:41 PM
Bonnie2, ah, life in the country! I've never had to deal with manure smells while I was trying to barbecue. I'm betting you don't hang your clothes out to dry either. Did you ever see the show Wife Swap? While I didn't see it, two of the women were on Oprah and the woman who came from a life of luxury in the city to helpinh on a dairy farm was pretty astounded by the odors. Personally, I don't think anything smells as bad as a feed lot.

So, Bluet, you grow the barley just for the straw, but not for the actual grain? So does that mean you harvest it before it ripens? You'll have to enlighten this city mouse. So what did you think of CSI? I really could have done without the doctor pushing on the eyeball. Had to avert my eyes at that one. Not sure if I like the flashback format, but it was kind of interesting. I did like the fact that they had so many cases. Didn't see Catherine much, and she's one of my favorite characters. Okay, this is terribly gossipy, but it appeared that her lips were fuller. I know that lip plumping is a big deal in show business.

Three miles--how cool is that, SunnyD! And you're almost at your monthly goal only halfway through the month. I'm betting that you won't stop when you meet your goal for the month so early. :) Those trees in Lexington are gorgeous. Looks like a pretty nice place to live. It's supposed to be about the size of Boise, where we lived for almost 10 years.

Charlotte, so how was lunch? How often do you get to see that daughter? Hope the doctors can come up with some treatment that will help the fatigue. Being fatigued, yet sleepless, is annoying. Yeah, up until the last few years, we've done all the work ourselves, too. But it's hard for me anymore, and my DH aggravates his back with too much heavy stuff. Pulling out junipers would do him in--and the whole yard, front and back, is covered with them. We did go with the low bid. :)

The carpet guy laid carpet in the living room and the master yesterday. Last night we put all the furniture back in the bedroom plus added the dresser that we'd left out in the dining room until the carpet was laid. Then we had to move all the office stuff into the living room so my DH was working in the living room, and I'm sitting at the end of his table on the laptop. Carpet guy put the carpet in the guest room and is still working on the office. He's using commercial carpet in the office and gluing it down (cheaper). It's a little darker than we thought it would be, but still looks good.

I got my hair cut today--the first time here in my new town. It's always tough going for those first haircuts with a new person. I liked her, though, and she did a great job. My friend gave me her name. My friend's daughter had a hair salon, and hired this woman. She never got a chance to work with my friend's daughter, though, who wasn't feeling well, and then died of e. coli about two weeks later.

Had lunch with my friend today, after she fixed my purse. She made shrimp--yum! Also turned in the keys to the apartment. Worked for a couple of hours yesterday to get the apartment cleaned to their specifications. Hope I did a good enough job to get some money back.

Have a good weekend, everyone! In true Oregon fashion, it will rain all weekend, and then be nice on Monday.

Thought I'd add that it's been a full week of no sugar. At lunch, my friend's DH put out a bowl filled with cookies, and I looked, but didn't touch. I did have a strong urge to go to Dairy Queen later on, but I didn't give in. I've also given up my SF, FF jello that I mixed with yogurt. Haven't given up Splenda, however. Baby steps. . .

04-18-2005, 05:34 PM
Ooh, just read my last paragraph. I fell off the no-sugar wagon yesterday. :( Back on today, however. Like changing all habits, it's a process of ups and downs, I'm sure.

Where are all you lovely ladies? Hope you all had a great weekend.

Anybody wondering what I did this weekend? Bet you can guess right on the first guess. Working on my house! Went to Home Depot yesterday and bought new hardware for cabinets (they had these VERY strange, elaborate things that looked medieval on all the cabinets). Also had to put down baseboard in the office, so my DH got out his saw and did that. He did such a good job that I think he should replace all the baseboards. :) So far today I've been painting bathroom cabinets.

My Dad has been taken to the hospital three times since his toe incident. He quit eating and drinking, was vomiting, and has had really bad diarrhea. They thought he might be allergic to the antibiotic, but he has taken it previously. Plus even after not eating, he's been having diarrhea. The hospital sent him back the first time after only 45 min. Turns out the transporting company didn't give the hospital staff all the information--just said he had vomited, not that he hadn't had anything to eat in three days and barely anything to drink. He still wouldn't eat on Sunday and drank only one glass of juice so the assisted living staff called his doctor, who said to send him to the hospital for overnight observation. I called the hospital later, and they said he was okay and they weren't keeping him. They said they got him to promise to eat and drink. Uh-huh. I called the assisted living place this morning and he still hasn't eaten, but he is drinking. He is still having diarrhea, and the hospital gave him an even stronger antibiotic (for his toe) that the assisted living staff wouldn't let him take because it will rip his stomach up something fierce if he isn't eating. They're waiting on a call from his doctor. It's frustrating to say the least.

Hope everyone is enjoying (or at least tolerating!) their Monday. It's actually pretty nice around here, and my DH said it looked like it was nice around the rest of the country so I hope everyone is enjoying a real spring now.

04-18-2005, 11:00 PM

Just wanted you all to know that I don't feel well. I started with a stomach ache yesterday afternoon and felt pretty crummy all day even though I went to work. I am really tired tonight and still feel grumbly in my tummy. Hope I feel better tomorrow.


04-19-2005, 10:20 AM

I hope you feel better soon, Bluet. Maybe you need a few days off work.

Love you lots...........

04-19-2005, 10:41 AM

Good morning everyone,

Sheila, I'm sorry about your dad. I know it's really worrying you. I'm praying for him. Keep us informed.
Yes, I figured you were hard at work on your house over the weekend. You & DH seem to get a lot done each day, though it may not seem that way to you.
We had some good luck yesterday. Our daughter from South AL, Paula, called me & said some friends were upgrading their house. They put in a new central heating & air conditioning unit & wondered if we would like their old one....still in very good condition. We bought it for $200! DH left his cell phone at home, so I had to make the decision....DH was glad I took it. :D

I finally got a decent, although not real good tape of the programming, yesterday to send to you all. I'm concerned about the player he copied it off on, though. He should have used the DVD...but, used the tape player. He probably thought it was just for me. By the time I make a couple more copies off of it, it'll probably be somewhat faded. Maybe you can get an idea, anyway. I tell you........I sound so much like a hill billy, I almost don't want to send it! :lol: I think I get worse all the time. I really have a double chin on there, I didn't realize showed so bad, also. :( Well, to be old & wore out...what can I expect??? :^:

Hello to SunnyD & Bonnie-2!!! Have a great day everyone!!

04-19-2005, 12:54 PM
Good Morning,

Charlotte, thank you for the prayers! Have a headache today and still tummy doesn't want to work right. The flu bug is going around at work so go figure, I would have to get it. :( Charlotte, I have never seen a bad picture of you, nor do I think you sound like a hill billy. Southern accents are charming. :) Don't worry about it, we love you and it is so special of you to send us a tape. Getting a new furnace and central air for $200.00, what a great deal. Hard to believe, but we need to have air conditioning in the summer here. I couldn't do without ours. Thank you for the e-mail this morning, made me chuckle.....isn't it the truth though. ;)

Dang, Sheila, I can't wait to see pictures of that house. Charlotte is right you and dh seem to be getting a large amount of work done each day for just the two of you. So sorry to hear about Dad. How difficult for you, miles away and so busy with the house, and then to have Dad on your mind all the time too. Hoping and praying that he will be feeling better soon. Your DH is right we are having beautiful weather, so unusually warm for April. It makes me so happy, Spring is my favorite time of the year. About that barley, beause of the harsh winter we had with hardly no snow cover, our hay field and winter wheat fields are ruined and we have to plow them down and plant other things that will grow during this growing season. That being soy beans and barley with alfalpha and corn. Normally we don't grow barley, we depend on our winter wheat for the straw for bedding. The grain will ripen on the barley and then we will harvest it and keep the straw and sell the barley to a couple of mills around here that will take barley. :) Livestock do create perculiar odors, but I guess one can get used to anything if you have to. :D CSI was interesting last week, I couldn't watch the eye thing either. I thought a while back already that Katherine looked as though she had some lip work done. What is with women now adays? They all want to look like Betty Boop. :lol:

Sunny, you must be outside enjoying our marvelous weather! We could probably use a nice warm rain to clean everything up a bit, but everyone is so busy on the fields, they are probably hoping rain will hold off a for awhile. Idol is on tonight, looking forward to that, I really don't want to see anyone go home anymore. Survivor should be interesting, I was disappointed to see Colby go home, he was so darned entertaining. :)

Diane and Bonnie2 hope you guys are doing ok, let us know how you are.

Gotta go guys, I guess I will have to break down and take something for this headache. :?:


04-19-2005, 08:59 PM


Awe Bluet, I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling well today!! Flu-bug? I do hope that your headache has eased up on you! :grouphug: I have been sneezing like crazy here!! You should see the pollen!!!! It coats the cars & outdoor furniture... I can just imagine what I am breathing in :o My voice is raspy as well... that aside... it's beautiful here :lol: It actually reached 83* today... can you believe it!! And today makes day #11 with sunshine :sunny: We are suppose to get some rain by morning, but I don't see any sign of it yet.

Nope... not outdoors all that much right now... just in the mornings when I go for my walks. I have been busy with paper-work for Joe and his now Choir... he has decided to direct them also --- so now he has two groups he leads... keeps us both very busy, but the choir members (about 25 of them) love that he has decided to stay with them. I also have been working on the computer - trying to clean up my files --- seems to take forever to do :dizzy: And I also have been trying to get some Spring cleaning done... so much dust and pollen :o

*Survivor* --- I was disappointed to see Colby go too --- he was funny! The word is that Stephanie is the fav right now.

Hi Sheila, Thanks for keeping us alive here... so sorry to have left you alone for so long :dz:

*CSI* I noticed that she (Catherine) plumped her lips too --- told Joe to take a look-see... what's up with all these gals wanting to look like FISH! :lol: I am so thankful now for my full lips... I was embarrassed by them when I was young, now they are a trend and they are all mine! :D

I have been walking 3 miles every morning :yes: and have 30 miles in for the month of April so far :cp: far beyond the 25 I hoped to reach. But not a pound less :( Not an ounce! What's up with that????? I follow my diet as I should and am walking 15 miles a week :eek: what else am I to do? Just be patient I guess... one day it will show up all at once :crossed:

I thought that you would enjoy that picture... that's why I posted it ;)

Sounds like you two are coming along nicely with your home... but I am so very sorry :sorry: to hear about your DF taking a turn for the worse!!! I sure do hope that his Dr's will be able to figure out why he has been so ill :( It almost sounds like he has some sort of infection or food poisoning going on. I will keep him in my prayers!!! And his Dr's too!

Sorry I haven't been around much... it's been a busy few days! Allot of little things to be done and I have been trying to get some Spring cleaning done too. Nothing compared to what you are doing though... how do you do it!

Hello Angel, How have you been feeling these days??

I have been busy sorting out my files of graphics lately, so I can put them on backup disc's... I don't want to lose all these wonderful graphics. I have been posting on Simply Snagables and Cindy has been making me some awesome graphics for the walking thread I am on. They are very talented people! I would love to learn how to make animations one day. Have you ever posted on their forum?

Alright!! :cp: you have an AC for this summer... good deal! Good for you! I don't know how anyone goes w/o once the humidity kicks in :stress: As much as I hate the thought of closing up the house, I hate the humidity even more!

*Hello's to Diane and Bonnie2!*

Have a nice evening!!!
Catch you tomorrow...


04-19-2005, 09:19 PM
watching AI right now so , wonder who will be voted off this week.
went to jazz. tonite. had over 80* here also.
Hope to go see the grands in the city on Sun. Jessica & Brandon are there names. Bonnie2

04-20-2005, 08:53 AM

Have you ever told a white lie?
You are going to love this especially all the ladies
who bake for church events.


Alice was to bake a cake for the church ladies' group
bake sale, but she forgot to do it until the last minute.

She baked an angel food cake and when she took it from the oven, the
center had dropped flat.

She said, "Oh dear, there's no time to bake another cake." So, she looked
around the house for something to build up the center of the cake. Alice
found it in the bathroom ... a roll of toilet paper.
She plunked it in and covered it with icing.

The finished product looked beautiful, so she rushed it to the church.

Before she left the house, Alice had given her daughter some money
and specific instructions to be at the bake sale the minute it opened,
and to buy that cake and bring it home.

When the daughter arrived at the sale, the attractive cake had
already been sold. Alice was beside herself.

The next day, Alice was invited to a friend's home where two tables
of bridge were to be played that afternoon.

After the game, a fancy lunch was served, and to top it off, the cake in
question was presented for dessert.

Alice saw the cake, she started to get out of her chair to rush into
the kitchen to tell her hostess all about it, but before she could get
to her feet, one of the other ladies said, "What a beautiful cake!"

Alice sat back in her chair when she heard the hostess
(who was a prominent church member) say .
"Thank you, I baked it myself."

:lol: This was just too cute ~ had to post it! :lol:


04-20-2005, 11:25 AM TO YOU... TO YOU... DEAR BLUET/BONNIE... ... TO YOUuuuuuuuu!

and many more...

I hope you have a *WONDERFUL DAY* today!

Birthday {{{Hugs}}},


04-20-2005, 11:38 AM

Good Morning Gals!

Well... it looks like another beautiful day today... but I think the rain :rain: will be coming soon, as I am watching the skies get darker as I write this. That's okay... we need it and as least it held off long enough for me to get in my walk this morning of 3.25 miles :D
With a new total of 33.25 for April. :sunny:


Bluet, I do hope that you have a Wonderful Birthday today! I hope that headache has left you!!!! Do you have any :hb: plans? I wish I lived CLOSER!!! I'd stop by and kidnap you for a day of tea, lunch and allot of chat time together ;)

Bonnie2... I saw *A-Idol* last night and I thought that they all did a mighty fine job. It's getting much harder to pick from, I think. But if I were to choose who might be in the bottom 3 I'd say: Scott Savol - Anwar Robinson - Anthony Fedorov. A tough call!!! Like I said they were all very good last night. Even though I hate the way Constantine flirts with the camera and carries that mic stand :dizzy:

:wave: *Hello's to Sheila, when the word gets out what you both ave done with the house... Ty will be hiring you and your DH to do some make-over shows with them ;) Angel, Hope that you are feeling okay today... Diane, I missed you last weekend!!! Will you be coming back :?:


Well gals... I have other people to visit...
places to go.... things to be done...



04-20-2005, 10:39 PM

Oh my gosh... I was dead on with the Bottom-3 I chose!
I really thought that Scott would have gone before Anwar though...
oh well :shrug:

Bluet... I do hope you had a *Happy Birthday* today! :balloons:

See you all in the morning - I hope!


04-21-2005, 01:28 AM
Bluet, it's your birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! Glad you've been having nice weather. How's your headache? You can't have a headache on your birthday. Wonder if it's sinus stuff from spring springing in your area??

Congrats on the great AC deal, Charlotte. The way it's heating up, you'll be needing that soon. My DD in VA was saying it was 87 degrees there with a fairly high humidity. I don't know if it's that way all over the south, but it will come soon enough, I imagine. Hey, we've seen your photo, and we all know you don't look old OR worn out!

Bonnie2, hope you have a good time seeing your grandkids. I love their names. Our weather has been pretty good lately, and it's supposed to be in the 70s pretty soon. I sat out in a lawn chair this afternoon for a while, soaking up the sun.

SunnyD, you're doing so well with the walking! I'm sure the pounds will start to come off eventually. You're building muscle and a good cardiovascular system. Have you ever taken your measurements? Sometimes the inches come off even when the pounds don't.

I'm finally done with painting. I'm renaming it "paining." Frankly, I shouldn't be doing so much stuff, and my body is letting me know. Got to get back to going to the massage therapist. And hopefully I'll get a call from the university medical center in Portland soon so that I can resume Botox treatments. I haven't had any since September. I can't call them to make an appointment--they have to get a referral from the neurologist, then they contact me. Kind of a stupid system if you ask me. No-one ever does, though. :)

Tomorrow the guy is coming to install the vinyl in the kitchen and one bathroom, then on Friday in the other bathroom. He takes off the toilets, but we have to get a plumber to put them back in. So on Friday after he comes, we'll be without a toilet. My friend said it was a good thing we have a private backyard. :lol:

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! I think there's a new CSI, and a new ER.

04-21-2005, 05:56 AM
I am not a good friend, missed the birthdays and I am so sorry. :sorry:

I have been trying to catch up on the post hard to do when you are away as long as I have been.

Great news Charlotte on the air conditioner, you got a steal. ;) I hope this finds you feeling better.

I am so proud of you Sunny for all your walking, you are making me feel bad. I have been trying to force myself to get out and start but so far I haven't done it. :( I have been going to Curve's 4 times a wk. but am beginning to think my body is used to that because I am not losing an inch or lb. I need to do more.

Bluet I am truly sorry I missed your birthday, sure hope it was a great one and that you were and are feeling better.

Sheila how is your Dad? I am sorry to hear about him, I know you must be awfully worried. How was your birthday? Again :( sorry I am so late. I know your house is starting to take shape, you all have really put in alot of work, I don't know how you do it.

Bonnie2 enjoy your visit with the Grandhchildren this week end.

My oldest and youngest Grandsons are having a combined fishing birthday party this Sunday afternoon. My daughters in laws have a beautiful home with a tank full of fish so it should be fun. They have a huge family so there should be over 50 people there, the boys sure do rack up on birthday presents. I come from a very and I mean very small family. I only had one sibling and she is deceased as is my Mother and Father, so it amazes me to see such a large family. Our oldest will be 15 :( and Bradley is 3. They grow up so fast, just dawned on me yesterday the oldest will be driving before too long. Now that is a scary thought.

We got to see another 3d sonogram of our little Grandaughter yesterday, she looks absolutely beautiful and so much like her big brother, which is a good thing. It amazes me how they can get such clear pictures from the womb.All of our family has blue eyes except for Bradley the youngest and his are brown, so we are hoping for blue eyes on Emilie Taylor Slovak. How do you like the name?

Have a wonderful day and thanks for being my friends.

Luv you all, Diane

04-21-2005, 11:03 PM


Boy....if I don't feel terrible for not recognizing your birthday!!! :( :( :(
I hardly ever look at the profiles, so I didn't know. I am sooooooooo sorry. Please forgive me. You are such a good friend to me...& I feel just terrible about not knowing. I've got to start checking this out.
I didn't even do much on the computer yesterday. It was my day off, & I had to go to town to take care of some business. Then, when I got home I had to wash clothes & cook supper. Time just got away from me. There's really no excuse, but it's all I have.
Tell us how your day went.....other than your friend not saying a word to you!

Well, the people that were going to sell us the heating & air-conditioning unit decided to give it to us, after my daughter told them why we were buying it. They even gave us a nice vanity for the master bath we're putting in! :) I bought a very nice "Thank You" card (after I had a good cry!) to send to them. Paula will have to give me their name & address first, though. I don't even know their name! The Lord does bless....I was beginning to lose faith in people. Not that I wanted things donated to us, but to know people still care about other people.

I DID post on the Delphi forum, & had a couple of my signature graphics sent from there, SunnyD. It's a very nice place to visit.

I hope everyone is doing well tonight. I felt very good today (I think staying away from sugar is helping), but my energy is totally gone, now. I'll be back when I feel a little more energetic.

Everyone take care. Love you all.

04-21-2005, 11:55 PM
Good Evening,

Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes. You are all so sweet, I love you guys bunches. :)

I took a half day yesterday from work and came home and did nothing. SIL call around 3:00 p.m. and asked me if I could watch Leah and Danielle for an hour or so, so DD could take Noah for a Dr appointment. So I went next door around 4:00 and then was back home at 5:30 ate a little supper and watched A-Idol and went to bed. Still not feeling par, stomach seems better, but have no energy.

Charlotte, what a wonderful gift, a furnace, AC and a bathroom vanity you lucky little lady. It must be getting close to your treatment again, we understand. :) Thank you for all the birthday graphics, I love them.

Sunny thank you for sending up the birthday alert, I don't know what we would do without you. So Anwar is going home and Gnue (?) I really felt sorry for her, she is really a sad person. I thought it was rather cruel of the others to mock her, after all they are suppose to be adults. :?: I was happy that she got a fire going. It is hard to remember they aren't there alone, someone has to run the camera. ;) Good job on your walking. Just don't over do, please. (that's Mom talking again, sorry)

Sheila, talk about over-doing, but it sounds like it is coming to an end. Just when we thought we would have good weather for April, the weather changes and we will have temps in the 40's with rain for the weekend.....bummer. :( Hope Dad is doing better.

Diane, thanks for checking in. It is very exciting hearing about your new grandaughter, I love her name.

Bonnie2, how's everything in Michigan? Enjoy your weekend with the grandkids.

Gotta go, really tired take care have a wonderful Friday.


04-21-2005, 11:57 PM
Okay, Diane, you'll have to tell us what a fishing birthday party is like! Fifty people--wow! Those boys are going to rake in the gifts. I really like the name Emilie Taylor. So how long until you get to meet her in person? They do have some incredible pictures with the ultrasounds nowadays. Would you want to know the gender of your baby ahead of time? I've often wondered if I were young and pregnant today if I'd want to know. I'm kind of glad we didn't have that choice.

Charlotte, you have some wonderful people in your life! How nice of them to give you the unit and add the vanity, too. Congrats on staying away from sugar for so long. Are you finding it difficult?

The guy put in the vinyl in the hall bath today. It looks really good and makes the bathroom lighter. My DH is going to install new baseboards (he did such a good job in the office) because the old ones look so crummy. The guy comes back tomorrow to do the master bath, then he asked if he could come next week to do the kitchen. That works out okay for us actually, although it would be nice to have everything done for the weekend.

I called my Dad today. Boy, he sure sounds weak. :( He's eating jello and drinking gatorade, though. You'd think that would be bad for his blood sugar, but I guess he's doing okay. I'd mentioned in a letter that we'd be up for Father's Day. He must be excited about that because he got the letter yesterday and already reserved the dining room for us. He said he's on a special diet so he can't eat out, but I'm hoping by June he'll be out and about again.

Supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow, and I can't find the box that contains my shorts. I sat out in the backyard today and soaked up the sun--felt good! Hope everyone has a great Friday! Hi to Bluet, Bonnie2, and SunnyD. :)

04-22-2005, 07:28 AM
:crazy: This morning the weather is turning COLD, going to get 3-5" of snow this weekend. probably won't be going to see grands then
supposed to go to a church table decorating luncheon, 30 some tables decorated in different ways, sounds interesting,taking my jazz. exercise buddy if we go.
frost the last 2 mornings.BRRRRR!!

04-22-2005, 06:12 PM
Well, shoot, Bonnie2, I hope that the weather people are wrong so you can go see your grandkids. It's April--there's not supposed to be any stinkin' frost! The table decorating thing sounds fun. Are you decorating or just looking?

Bluet, it appears we posted at the same time. Sounds like you had a little stomach virus or something. Hope your energy level is back up a bit today. Glad you took part of the day off. Doing nothing sounds just wonderful!

The two bathrooms are done, and the plumber is here re-seating the toilets. He discovered a crack in one, however, so he had to call for a new toilet. Always the unexpected in home improvement projects, right? Once DH puts the new baseboards on, then I'll take photos of the bathrooms. They looks great! The vinyl guy is coming tomorrow and doing the kitchen. Taking up the dark blue carpeting in the kitchen will certainly brighten it up. And since I've spilled milk on the floor twice now, having vinyl will be a lot more sanitary. :)

Today is the day that everyone who wants to take the voluntary severance signs up. Since my DH telecommutes, he didn't have any idea of who was or wasn't taking it. This morning, however, a guy asked DH to be a personal reference, and I told DH to ask him if he knew how many people were taking it. The guy is pretty sure that the cap of 20% reduction will be met by voluntary means so we're feeling a bit better. Still, DH has had a lot of interest in his resume, and had another phone interview today. I really don't want to move back to Colorado, however. The guy DH works with said that most of the people who are nearing retirement age, like DH, are staying. The youngsters are going to take the money and try their luck elsewhere. Kind of interesting--the greying of a company, I guess. Don't know if the powers-that-be planned for that to happen.

I kind of liked that CSI last night. Not too much gory stuff (had to watch ER for that), and a more personal storyline, I thought. The seamy side of LA is so sad, isn't it? All those people who go there thinking they're going to become stars, and they end up selling themselves on the street.

Hello to Diane, Charlotte, and SunnyD! Have a good weekend, everyone!

04-24-2005, 11:55 AM

We've really been having showers the last few days. Before that...beautiful 85* weather! It's turned cold again for a few days. (Blackberry Winter)

Sorry I'm slow about posting, lately. Just haven't been on the computer much. I've been pretty busy with different, when I stop, I'm exhausted! I went 2 nights in a row with NO sleep, or daytime naps...then, slept about 30 minutes one night. :( I finally slept last night. Must have been really "out of it" though. I woke up this morning with my duster still on, over my pj's. :^: I didn't tell DH...he thinks I'm crazy enough. :o Not going to church this morning.....

Thank you all for your sweet concern. I'm ok. Just have to vent sometimes. I know DH & a (very few) others I vent to, must get tired of hearing it. I'm trying to cut back on complaining to them so much. I don't want to be a whiner. I'm really being taken care of at the TV Station. They bought me a very nice comfy chair this past week! They said they noticed I'd been squirming around & have to walk around holding my back, sometimes. Well...the other chair (which they bought me 2 yrs ago) was still fairly comfortable, but this one is MUCH better. ;)
Also, one of the AV Engineers goes to a place where he buys large boxes at REAL discounts, not knowing what's in them, & resells for a profit. He gets some really nice stuff! I'm getting a new computer desk (very nice!) for only $50! I checked it out, & it normally costs over $300! So, I know he's really giving me a deal on it. He could make a lot more profit. ;) He says that whatever he gets that I want while refurnishing the house, to let him know. :D Maybe we're beginning to see a turn around here. :) I know I'll feel better about everything when the roof is finished & DH is off of it. It has such a high pitch, it worries me. He doesn't want to admit that he's not so young anymore! ;)

Bonnie-2...We had 85* weather all last week....then, last night it went down to 35*! It's been thay way for a few weeks, now. Every time I start to bring out my summer clothes & put away the winter clothes, it changes again. :^: I'll be glad when DH finishes walk-in closet, so they ALL can hang in there!
I do hope you're able to make your trip.

Sheila...Better news about your DH. :) Still praying for you two. So sorry about your dad. I know you worry. ((hugs))
The bathrooms almost finished! I'm so happy for you! Yes, we want pics. :D I KNOW you'll tell such a good difference in the kitchen with that carpet up. (blue carpet in a kitchen????) Sounds like the people who owned it before you had a weird liking of style. To each his own, I suppose. :dizzy:
I'm really not finding it hard to stay away from the sugar. :) There's such a large variety of foods now....including cookies, etc. that are sugar-free. I'm really getting addicted to strawberries & sugar-free whip cream. :D

Hello Bonnie...Hope you're feelig better, now. You needed a little time off from work. Hope it helped. How did you celebrate your birthday? I hope it was a special day for you. You very much deserve it.
My treatment is due a week from tomorrow (May 2nd). I'm anxious to talk to my Rheumy to see if any treatment will have to change. I hope not. The Remicade really helps me. I don't think anything will help the fatigue, anyway.
Yes.....going down, daily, now............waiting for another week to pass by. ;)

Diane...It's a beautiful name for a granddaughter! Congratulations! We just found out that our little great-grand will be a boy! Our grandson is a step, but we never could tell the difference between him & the others.....honestly. He was the first grand in the family....the first to call us "mamaw" & "papaw"... He was so happy he could burst! He has 5 sisters! Two by his mom & 3 by our daughter (who is a REAL mom to him!) She has been on cloud nine since they found out about the baby. :D

Hi SunnyD...this being Sunday, I'm sure you're pretty busy. Post when you can, & let us know how your weekend went!

I'm going to lay down for awhile since DH has left for church. Love you all.

04-25-2005, 11:55 AM
So far we have not had the snow that the rest of the mid-west is getting. We are so fortunate. I feel so badly for the folks that did get that wet heavy stuff. We did have cold high winds all weekend though. It was impossible to spend anytime outdoors and enjoy it. So I stayed inside and stared out the windows from time to time and read a complete romance novel, something I haven't done in a long time. I watched quite a bit of television too. Has anyone seen that HP commercial, the one where the people pick up A frame and put it to a person's face and the person's face comes into the frame and it just continues on from one person to the next. I think that is the neatest commercial. I really like the music to that commercial. Does anyone know if that music was written for the commercial or if it is a real song someone performed on their own first? I also did some cleaning and did the laundry. Dh and his brother were on the fields from sun up to past sun down all weekend getting the fields ready for planting. So I was pretty much alone. I did go visit my Mom on her birthday and did a little shopping, but I did enjoy my "alone weekend" very much. I have very little of that "alone" time.

Charlotte, good for you for getting another piece for your house at a bargain. Sounds like a really nice desk. We have always told you that we don't think you are whinning, that is what we are here for to listen and help and support one another. Bless your heart. :)

Sheila, sounds like your dh will be ok until he retires. That is not saying too much for the future of HP though. Need to have those fresh young eager minds in the business too. Did you find your summer shorts yet? We sure don't need them around here. ;) Had the furnace going all weekend.

Sunny, so were you back to shoveling snow again? Be careful of those ankles!! How was your weekend, did you get out of the house and spend time with your friends?

Bonnie2, did you get snowed in?

Diane, you just don't know the fun you are missing, by not living in the upper mid-west. ;)

Talk to you all later, gotta get back to work. :)


04-25-2005, 03:57 PM
Charlotte, sounds like great weather where you are, although 85 degrees is probably pushing my upper limits of warmth. So when you say cold, what do you mean by cold? I'm betting not the same kind of cold that Bluet and SunnyD experience. :D Cold for me is anything below 50, and hot is anything above 75. I have a pretty limited range of acceptable temperatures. Glad you finally got some sleep, even if it meant wearing your duster to bed! I hope you don't have to change your treatment either, since it helps so much.

Bluet, your weekend sounds like heaven. I like a "puttering around" kind of weekend where I do a bit now and again, and read a lot. I like that HP commercial, too. I'll have to check out the music the next time I see it. Yes, I found my shorts and wore them all day long--perfect weather! It rained all day Saturday, and part of the day Sunday. That's the way it works around here. Rain on the weekends and nice when everyone has to be at work or school. Well, we still don't know if he will be getting the pink slip, although it's looking good that he won't. But if he does, he's been heavily recruited by another printer manufacturer so hopefully he'd have something to go to.

Well, Dad went to the doctor on Friday who sent him to the emergency room. This time the hospital admitted him (why did it take the doctor to get them to admit Dad?), and he's still there. He sounded pretty down yesterday, but a bit better today. The nice thing about the hospital for me is that I can pick up the phone and talk to Dad anytime I want. At the assisted living place, he doesn't have a phone (his choice) so I don't talk to him much. They've been rehydrating him, and trying to figure out why he has diarrhea after each meal. Still haven't figured it out, and his lab work still isn't totally normal. I hope they don't release him until they figure out what's causing his intestinal trouble. When is the medical world going to develop those hand-held body scanners like we used to see on Star Trek? Hey, I'm still recovering from the disappointment of not having my own personal jet pack like we were supposed to have in the year 2000.

We got bookshelves up in the closet in the office and now DH has all his work books stored. That took a long time. The vinyl is all laid, and we put the refrigerator back last night after 24 hours. My stepdaughter came down for a visit on Saturday and stayed almost to midnight. We had a nice visit--it's good to live closer to her for once. When she was younger, we got her every other weekend, but when we moved to Colorado when she was 11, we only saw her every other Christmas and a week in the summer.

Hope any of you who got snow are digging out okay (carefully digging out!). Hopefully it's the last snowstorm of the year!

04-25-2005, 04:55 PM
Well Ladies... we got hit real hard here!! :cry: Real hard!! :cry: Electric was out most the day Sunday and today it is still flickering on and off from them doing repairs. Many here are still w/o power. Over 48,000! The snow was so heavy it caused tree's to break on the lines. I have not had a chance to catch up with reading all your posts, so forgive me if I pass at the moment. I will be back tomorrow and then I will post to each of you then :crossed: Today, Joe & I are trying to clean up the yard from all the damage.
Here are some pictures for you...
doesn't it look like we live in Alaska :?:

Our Crabapple Tree just as the storm began on Saturday:

Yesterday late afternoon:

This morning :cry: :


Taken yesterday early evening:

Our crabapple tree :cry: alllllll broken...
and look at the tree next to our home :o We are going
to have to cut it down too I think :( I haven't even looked
at the other side of the house in my English Garden :(

I'll be back soon Gals... I miss you!
*God's Love to you all*


04-26-2005, 07:26 AM
We got around 10" of snow over the weekend. We were without power from 10:15 sat. eve, till 8:00 sun. eve. what a terrible spring storm.Know just what you mean with the pics you sent sunny.No school yesterday but the snow is gone away by at least half after a warm day afternoon yesterday.
Hope to get to see the grands this sun. now. It better be good weather.
The table decorating luncheon was a really nice afternoon. The Ideas you get , they demonstrated making a clown cake,& decorating clay pots. I won a prize. a little decorated rolling pin with flowers & eucylips(sp) Bonnie2

04-26-2005, 05:38 PM
Look at all that white stuff!! From living in Colorado, I remember spring snow as being really heavy and wet. Your poor trees, SunnyD! Hope you didn't have any casualties, Bonnie2. How did your English garden look, SunnyD?

Sounds like you had a fun time at the luncheon, Bonnie2. Did you get any good ideas for decorating your own table? SunnyD does a lot of wonderful decorating at her house. I figure I'm doing well to put a bunch of flowers in a vase and put them on the table. :) Hope the snow is finally gone and you can get to visit your grandkids this coming weekend.

Dad will be in the hospital for a couple more days, according to the nurse last night. He's got some kind of bacteria in his colon that's causing his problems, and they need to kill it and get his plumbing working right again before they send him home. I called the nurse last night and asked her to help him with the TV so he could watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. He's been in the hospital since Friday, and hasn't even turned the TV on. He's been staring at a picture on the wall instead.

Today I went with a friend to a lecture on sustainable gardening. It was kind of fun, and I got a couple of usable ideas. Lunch afterwards was good--tortellini with veggie tomato sauce, salad, and garlic bread. Tomorrow the tree place is coming to rid the yard of junipers. Can't wait! It's going to open the place up so much. I think I'll just plant stuff I can move later on when I develop a cohesive landscaping plan, but it would be nice to have some color now.

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. It started out foggy here, but now it's sunny and warm.

04-27-2005, 06:32 PM
Okay, ladies, where did you all go?

Today I went to water aerobics for an hour, and sat in the hot tub after. The pool is kind of cold, although once you get going, you warm up. After water aerobics, we waited for the tree guys to come and start ripping out the junipers. I decided to make Wednesday my volunteer day at the animal shelter so after the tree guys came around, I took off.

Got to the shelter and started by walking a dog named Bob. He's a Great Pyreneees mix, so a pretty big guy. He was really easy to walk, however. I took two poop bags with me since you're supposed to clean up after dogs. Let me tell you, there's a lot of difference in what comes out a Great Pyrenees and what comes out my little 11 pound Miniature Pinscher! I had to use two bags for one load, so to speak. I kept the second bag with me, half-filled, because I was afraid he was going to go again. And I was right. Then he went a third time, but I didn't have any more bags. While walking him, we had to stop because the social worker from the hospital called to tell me that Dad was giving her a hard time about going into the rehab place. He's pretty weak, and needs to do some physical and occupational therapy before he goes back to assisted living. I can tell he's better, though, by the amount of complaining he was doing. When he was so passive last week, I was pretty worried.

So I took Bob the dog back to the shelter, and read about a dog named Mindy who was easy on the leash, etc., according to others who'd walked her. On my comments for Bob, I wrote, "easy to walk, but be sure and take three poop bags!" :lol: Mindy was a bit smaller, like a small German Shepherd. I got her out of the kennel, and she took off like a rocket, just about ripping my arm out of the socket. We walked over to the park, with her acting like a maniac, and I'm wondering if it's the same dog that people were writing "great on leash" about. She saw a jogger and jumped in the air doing backflips trying to get at him. She either likes to jog or has incredible prey drive and would chase anyone running. I got her back under control and decided to make the walk a short one. I was almost to the shelter when my phone rang again, and I answered it. Just at that time, two dogs from the shelter came out with two volunteers and Mindy the dog went crazy. So I'm trying to talk to the social worker again, and get this wild maniac dog under control. I truly thought she was going to rip my arm off. I finally got her back in the kennel and told a staff member that I was never going to believe what was written in the dog book ever again because Mindy definitely wasn't "great on leash!"

So what's everyone been up to lately? It's really pleasant here. I put my shorts on (we've now unpacked all our clothes). After the hour of dog walking, I was pretty darn hot. I'd like to get out again, but I'm pretty tired after dealing with the dogs and my Dad. He was supposed to be transferred to the rehab place at 1:30 pm.

I talked to the patient care person at the health sciences place I was referred to by my neuro. It appears the neuro never sent the paperwork to the place so I've been waiting for a phone call for 27 days that wasn't going to come. The patient care person said she'd fax the doctor's office and get the ball rolling. I was so ticked, especially when I thought I might have to wait another two months to get seen and get a botox treatment. Luckily, it appears that it should be within a couple of weeks of getting the paperwork. I hope so--it's been way too long.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

04-27-2005, 06:58 PM
Sheila sounds like those dogs nearly got the best of you today. I can picture you trying to control that dog and talk on the phone at the same time. :dizzy: I hope your Dad gets better soon bless his heart he is having a rough time, I know you are so worried.

It sure is quiet on here hope everyone is ok.

I have had a busy day doing housework which desperately needed to be done. Gary went fishing so I had the perfect opportunity to get alot done. When he is here I just don't seem to get much done.

The weather is beautiful here too, is going to be up to 90 tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the heat, we have such hot summers here and I hate every day of it.

Have a good evening and hope to hear from the rest of you soon.

04-28-2005, 07:41 AM

Good morning everyone,

Finally got back to you all...even though it's almost 5 am. :^: Woke up very early this morning. I never know if I'm going to be sleeping too much, or not enough. :dizzy:
I haven't been feeling well at all the last few days...didn't feel like being on computer, or doing anything, really. Maybe my treatment will help me, Monday. I sure hope I still get it....& the Dr can explain a few things to me that I still don't understand.

We've been having some beautiful weather, up in the 80's. Got a little nippy the last couple of days, but not bad. DH took the tarp off the house, to not put it back. He said there would be the black paper before any rain. rained, & rained, & rained! We had 3 or 4 of those 5 gallon buckets in each room catching the water! I have clothes in tubs where a closet use to be (those are my dressers for now.) They got soaked, so I've been pretty busy. I feel so sorry for DH. I'm trying my best to not get bitter toward his family for not helping him, at least, with the roof. They all know what we're going through. He has 2 brothers & several nephews that has needed his help so many times....& still do! I know......I've told this before. It's just hard for me to understand. I don't have anyone on my side of the family, left living. Just my 2 sisters.....& one sister has nothing to do with us, hardly. We stopped letting our children know so much what is going on....they were putting in a lot of their time here, & letting their own needs go. Our son that moved back home (temporarily???) after his divorce helps on a rare occasion. I love him, & I'm proud of him for getting off drugs & being a very good dad to his two little girls....but, he could help a lot more. I'm really praying that he'll decide to find his own place, soon. We've let him know that he needs too. Especially for his children's sake. He has them every other week, & they need their own place. Our bills have doubled & tripled because of them all being here, & it's rough. We're being very careful, though....he's been clean & taking the girls to church for well over a yr, & don't want to discourage him. I know it isn't easy, but I also know he's taking advantage of us. :( Gee.......I don't know where all of that came from. Remicade wearing off, I suppose. I get sensitive & plain spoken during this time. I don't say things I shouldn't.....just get braver with my talk & take up for myself in a way I ordinarily don't. Sometimes, I surprise people. :lol: I didn't like the way Randal (one of our younger AV Engineers, who has a LOT of growing up to do!) did with my program Monday night. He was very lazy & didn't pay close enough attention to what was needing to be done. I was visibly upset when I finished it, & told Connie. She was in our office & had noticed something wasn't going right with my program, but had people in their with her, so couldn't check it out. She said she would talk to him, & I told her not to. I could take care of myself! I came home & vented to DH (who catches everything, bless his heart.) Then, I spent the next day cooling off, & praying about it. Tuesday.....I had a "discussion" with a Christian way....but, plain! He was volunteering to do things around the station for me, by the end of the day. He's a good kid, but, like I said.....really needs to grow up. Now, if I had not needed a treatment.....I would have just come home aggravated, & not said anything. :dizzy:
Yesterday was Secretary's Day.....I got beautiful flowers!!!

I know I've rattled on &'s just so early in the morning, & everything goes through my mind.

WOW SunnyD.....all that snow!!! Sorry about your tree.

Sheila...praying for your dad. I know that vinyl makes your kitchen look better. :)

Bluet....glad you had a restful weekend! :D

Bonnie-2....Hope you get to see your grands this Sunday.

Diane....Enjoy that beautiful weather! Maybe it won't get too hot.

Love you all,

04-28-2005, 10:59 AM

GOOD Morning Ladies :wave:

I think I have caught up with myself this morning and what a beautiful morning it is!! It's finally sounding and feeling like Spring :dance: My front garden has the color of blue from our myrtle blooming :bubbles: We have some broken branches on our azalea's, but they aren't too bad... I still have not gone over to look at my English Garden on the side of our home --- maybe this afternoon. The sun is peeking out of the clouds right now and I have a couple buckets to remove from my painted daisies.

I got in 4 miles this morning :dancer: 4 miles :D
That makes 44 miles walked for April...
I just may make 50 this month :cp:


Looks like you are keeping up with your exercise Sheila :cp: Yes! We got hit very hard here... a recorded 17" --- that's not including the stuff that melted before it began to stick. This morning I can still see the mounds of snow from where the plows piled it up from the streets. It's almost all gone. As for our crabapple tree, Joe & I went out on Monday evening and we got out the black electrical tape and began mending the tree... there were 3 branches that broke and 1 we lost completely. The other 2 branches I *think* we may have saved :crossed: We have it strapped up and then bound with the tape. We were told to use that kind of tape because it stretches as the tree grows. It looks pretty good this morning :D I find myself saying a prayer each day for it's full recovery :lol: We have lost a few ever green shrubs... what are ya gonna do :dunno: It really could have been worse, but that day it didn't feel that way to me.

What's happening with DH and a job?? Anything new happen? Sounds like your new home is coming along nicely!!! Did they get those junipers pulled out okay? Pictures? :D

That hot tub sure sounds nice right now!! I can feel every muscle in both my legs this morning :o I'll need to stretch again after I finish here. I laughed so hard reading about your *POOP* adventures :lol3: I don't have problems like that with kitties :D You are so funny, Sheila :lol:

As for your DF I am so glad to hear he's putting up a stink again and feeling better. I recall that whenever my FIL behaved like himself (crankshaft) he was doing allot better ;) We just lost an Aunt yesterday on Joe's side of the family, so we'll be going to her wake on Friday evening. So sad... she had allzimers, her DD took care of her. How sad that disease is! I do hope that your DF continues to do well.

Thanks for the nice compliment about my decorating ;) I have so much to do for Spring! I haven't even begun my Spring cleaning... well, let me rephrase that, I did begin it weeks ago, BUT I didn't finish :o Now I have to begin again! I want to get my windows washed soon too!! I hate looking out through the haze of dusty windows. I so wish we had warmer temps! We are still at only 34* this morning only warming up to around 50* :crossed: I want that beautiful weather we had a few weeks back!!

Congrats Bonnie2, on your prize :cheer: Your rolling pin sounded nice! So you guys got hit with that storm too!! You were w/o your power longer then we were, but it kept going on and off so much that we had to leave all our appliances off. There were so many downed trees on the power lines!!! You should have seen all the magnolia trees :cry: totally snapped in half... this one tree was absolutely beautiful down the road from us and now only half of the tree is standing. She and her DD planted it and she is now 14 years old... so the tree is at least 12 - 13 yrs old. They made the paper here.

Hello Diane, Don't be silly... you ;) You are doing a fine job going to Curves :cp: At least you are going!!! And not just sitting around doing nothing... you have an active life with Curves and your family :^: Believe it or not... I haven't lost a pound!!! Not a one! With all my walking and watching my food has not made a bit of difference on the scale, but I must admit I have seen a difference in how my clothes feel and how I feel. My nails look healthy and long again and I am feeling great, so that's what keeps me going :jig: You just hang in there now... keep up the great work ;)

How exciting it is to hear about your grandbaby girl :bubbles: Emilie Taylor... a beautiful name and I love the way it's spelled with an *ie* instead of the *y*... unique. Emilie is a very sweet name too... I am very happy for you and your family :cloud9: When is her due date? Is brother excited about baby sis coming?

By-the-way... I LOVE YOUR SIG!!!!! :lol: :lol:

Hi Bluet, I am so sorry that you were still not well for your birthday :( I hope you still had a good day. Are you feeling any better these days??

What did you think about *A-Idol* last night?? I am glad to see Constantine go... I didn't like all that flirting with the camera he did :p But I was very surprised by the bottom three!!! Weren't you?

All new shows tonight :cp: *Survivor* I really felt for Gnue also... she didn't deserve all that razzing & teasing they did!!! But I did like how she rose above it all in the end. I saw her on the TV the next day and she was happy to leave... she was very sad there. Looks like the ladies will be turning on the guys to vote them all off and then on each other... humm :chin: Interesting what $$$ will do to a person.

Nope!!! :no: No shovelling this time!!! We both left the snow on the driveway and just ran it over :lol: We put the shovels away and refused to take them out again :lol:

As for my walking... no worries about me ;) I'm not over-doing it... mom :bubbles: ;) Thanks :goodvibes: In fact, I have been feeling very well these days :cloud9: I just would like to see some wt-loss soon.

Hi Angel, Vent away sweets!!! That's what we are here for... to share the joys and the sorrows of life :goodvibes

How are you hanging in there w/o sugar these days? Feeling okay?

Oooooooo... ... a new chair and a new desk! NICE!!! :smug: I am glad to hear that you are being taken such good care of ;) You deserve it! Such a great deal on that desk too!! Mine was $150.00... you got a very good deal! I think a good chair is very important... especially if you are like me and spend quite a bit of time on the computer. Especially today for me! I have allot of catching up to do :o

You asked about our weeeknd... well Sat. we met our friends as usual, but then came home because it was beginning to snow so hard. Then on Sun. early morning (2am) the power went off and didn't come back on till around 6:30... Joe had to be at church so he took off and I had to stay home :( I hate missing church, but with the power going on and off - I just couldn't leave my furry boys w/o heat. So I stayed and lit the kerosine heater to keep us all warm. Joe made it to church safely (thank the Lord!) and got home at around 11am; then at 1pm we had a luncheon to be at. We made it there, but it was 'white knuckles' all the way there and worse going home. Glad that we were home to stay after 3pm. Then we just stewed over the snow that we were shocked about getting - went to bed at 9 that night. Joe didn't go to work till like 9am on Monday trying to clean off his truck!

Great to hear that your great-grandbaby will be a boy :D Any names picked out yet?


You gals are not going to believe this!!!! But as I am finishing this letter up to you all I looked out the window and it's SNOWING again!!!! Snowing... huge flakes!!!! I just cannot believe it!!! :mad: What is going on here!!!! Now... I am bumming... ... ... :( When will this all come to an end! It was so
beautiful this morning and clear enough to see the stars :?:

Have a good day gals... I'm gonna try to :dunno:
Luvs & Hugs,


04-28-2005, 06:34 PM

again... I just wanted to share with you gals that the snow didn't last :cp: but it sure did make our local news! The weather people were all taken back by the huge snow flakes and the mini burst we had. The sun is out now and I went to check on my English Garden and all is growing just fine... no damage in there :dance:

Bluet & Sheila, did you gals see that we have all new shows tonight and the President is going to be on at 8:30... I wonder if he knows what night it is!!! :lol: Do you think that they will play the shows in full afterwards :dunno: ???? I sure hope so! I was looking forward to tonight knowing that they are all new :^:

Later my friends...


04-28-2005, 09:01 PM
Diane, what happened to that cute graphic? It made me giggle! 90 degrees already--oh, my. Do you get humidity with that? Hope not. Sounds like you and SunnyD are at polar opposites. So did you get everything done you needed to get done? I'm thinking about taking my vacuum out, but that's as far as I've gotten. :)

Oh, Charlotte, wouldn't you know it would rain--dang! I think you've been remarkably patient with DH's relatives. They sound like major takers--take, take, take, but never give back. Did your son's room get water in it, too? If so, maybe that will motivate him to give his Dad a hand with the roof! Have you thought about giving him a deadline to move? I had to do that with my son, and I would have thrown his stuff outside and changed the locks if he hadn't moved. It's harder to think about doing that when he's working on his sobriety, I'm sure.

Congrats on the four miles, SunnyD! You're doing awesome with exercise! What weird weather you're having--clear and sunny one minute, then snow the next. Glad it didn't stick, and I'm very glad that the rest of your yard came through okay. I'm sorry to hear about Joe's aunt, although it might have been a blessing, actually. That's too bad about the magnolia trees. I love them. We had one in our backyard in Seattle, but I haven't seen any around here. Guess I'm lucky in that I don't really watch anything at 8:00 pm, but the Prez better not be speaking during CSI. :) (Turned on the news and there he was so I realized that 8:30 pm your time is 5:30 pm our time--doh!)

Dad called me three times today. He wants out of that place, as he says. Looks like he'll be there until Tuesday, however. Now he wants to sell his car and move down here. I don't know if he's just reacting to not having anyone around while he was in the hospital, but I checked out the facility down here again. It's $100 less, which is a selling point. Given his track record with assisted living facilities, he'll be disenchanted with it after about three months. :(

Went to a weight lifting class this morning, but decided it wasn't something I wanted to take. A little too fast-paced and too many really fit looking young women in it. I talked to the teacher who taught the class before it, and she said hers was slower, and she gave more individual attention because the class was smaller. I looked into doing the weight room, but there was a class in there, and it was kind of crowded. I miss my little neighborhood YMCA!

Hope everyone has a wonderful springlike Friday! Hi to Bluet and Bonnie2. :)

04-29-2005, 01:05 PM

Good FRIDAY Morning Everyone!!

I do hope that this post finds you all doing well! :goodvibes
Any plans for the weekend?


Hi Sheila, I haven't seen *ER* yet... taped it last night, many shows were delayed from the speech last night. Was it a new show? I thought it was...

Thank-you so much for the encouragement in my walking... BUT I think I hit a wall this morning :dizzy: I was soooooo sore and tired :yawn: so I didn't walk this morning, I slept in. I might try later this afternoon to get a mile or two in. Sounds like you are rededicating yourself to your exercise & eating --- good for you, Sheila. It's not easy, especially when you are under such stress.

As for the gyms: You are braver then I!!! I could not work-out in those gyms... and cannot keep up with them either :faint: Have you ever thought of looking up *Jazzercise* in your area?? It is really a great aerobic class and they usually offer different pkgs? Don't know today what they offer, since I no longer work for them, but it may be something to look into :dunno:

Do you know anything about your hubby's work? Or do you prefer not to speak about it, I have asked before :^: So many bakers have lost their jobs here at the grocery store chain Joe works for --- so very sad :( Joe has had to say goodbye to allot of good friends! I am just very thankful that he is not the one having to leave.

As for our weather... I think that we had all four seasons in one day yesterday!! :lol: Not even the weather-people could keep up with good ole *Lake Erie* :dizzy: Today it looks like :rain: and mild temps into the 50's --- sure would love to see the temps that Diane is getting... well, maybe not 90's but I'd settle for 75 - 80* :D

Thank you for your kind words for Joe's Aunt... yes, we both think so too... she and her DD suffered so with that darn disease! She is whole now and complete with God today ;)

So what will you do with your DF now? Will you move him closer to you?


*God Bless*


04-29-2005, 06:51 PM
Bluet, it's been four days since you've posted--are you okay? Hopefully everything is going okay for you and your family.

SunnyD, yes, ER was new. It was okay. Sometimes ER is really thought-provoking, but it was just "okay" last night. CSI was certainly bizarre,and kind of creepy, but when is it not? The thing with the pottery was really stretching it, IMHO, but it was explained pretty well. You know, my friend wanted me to do jazzercise with her (she's been doing it for years), but it's in the evening, and I'm not in the best shape by evening, unfortunately. After my daughter was born, I tried jazzercise, and was so out-of-shape that I went a couple of times, sweated up a storm, and then quit.

Oh, as far as we know, my DH is going to stay where he is, although we won't know for certain until May 3. The big cheese manager of his group said they got more people wanting the severance incentive than they want to let go so that's a pretty good sign that we're set for a while. Whew! Glad to know that Joe is going to be okay, too. He's only got a few more years until retirement, right? My DH plans to work until he's at least 65 so he's got 11 years to go. Hope none of them are as stressful as this year has been.

Don't know what Dad wants to do now, but I got all the information for him to move down here. He's definitely feeling a lot better. His voice isn't so weak, and he's telling jokes and stories. He called around 1:00 pm today and as I was hanging up, I told him I'd call tomorrow. He said, "you can call later this evening if you'd like." Poor guy! I think he's pretty lonely, especially now that he's feeling better. He then called again around 2:30 pm while I was talking to my daughter. He wanted to tell me that he thought he lost his wallet and had everyone looking for it, but found it in his shirt where he then remembered that he asked the orderly to put it.

Water aerobics again today. Boy, that pool is cold--about 83 degrees. Sounds warm, but you gotta remember that our bodies are 98 degrees so you really feel the difference. The instructor said I'd feel better if I scream when I first get in. :lol: Maybe I'll try that next week. The cold water really does make me move more, however, just to keep warm.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We plan to get the baseboards in the bathroom finished, and two cabinets up in the office plus go to a farmer's market on Saturday and a garden thing on Sunday. Now, if it would just stop raining. . .

04-30-2005, 07:11 AM

Good early morning (4:30 am)

I'm still dragging around here like an old woman....but, not quite as fatigued. I hate having to contend with this mess.

SunnyD....I received your CD! Such beautiful singing!!! Thank you so much. :) Well...that does it....NOT sending mine, now! :lol: Just kidding. Still going to....just trying to get it all together. Connie is copying my tape to a CD, so I can burn them. I've just put in a CD burner, so I can make them. When I did my tape, people were making more of them, than CD's. I wish they'd stick to one thing....I have over 500 soundtracks to sing by, & I'm afraid they're going to become obsolete. (spelling) Getting back to your is so enjoyable. I copied it to my computer, so I can listen any time I want, while sitting here. ;)
Thanks for asking about the sugar. I'm doing very well with it. I've slipped very little. We tape a cooking show on Monday at the TV Station, & get to eat what's cooked afterwards. If there's sweets, I'll eat just a small portion. I've found that I really don't want sugar like I did. VERY surprising for me! I was told that would happen if I would stick with it. I must admit, it was hard for me to believe, knowing how I was addicted. I think I may have lost a couple of pounds, also. My clothes are looser. My scales say so, but I go by the Dr's scales, so I'll know Monday.
I'm glad your English Garden wasn't damaged. The desk I bought has me a little concerned. I haven't seen it yet. I'm suppose to go pick it up today. They called yesterday & said it was assembled & I asked a little more about it, so not quite sure it was what I was looking for. I already said I'd take it, & will keep my word. Maybe I can use it somewhere, if I don't want it, or resell it. For $50 though, I'm not going to hurt over it. Hope I'm pleasantly surprised. :)

Sheila...what do you think your dad will do about moving? Bless your heart, you have a lot on your mind, lately. As well as a lot of work going on. As far as the Dr appt....that really gripes me that they treated you that way. They should been more professional than that. Did you put in a call, also? I think I would have. I was sent to a specialist a couple of years ago....out of town, about a two hour drive. They said they would fax my medical records ahead of me. Well, I got there only to find out that they hadn't faxed them, & my Dr's office was closed that day! I was very upset, to say the least. I had to make another appt. I don't think it will happen again. I talked to my Dr, himself, the next day the office was open....who was ALSO upset! I know his receptionist (or whoever) really caught it from him....but, she should do her job right. Anyone can make a mistake...but, when it comes to medical issues, there's not much room for a could be too costly!

Bluet...where are you, girl?? I've been thinking of you, & hope you're ok. It's been a few days. You know....when I did made a phone call to me. ;) Have you and Sheila received SunnyD's CD yet? It's great!!

Bonnie-2...Hope you get to see your grands, Sunday. Let us know how your weekend went, when you get back.

Hello Diane!!!

Everyone have a great weekend.......

04-30-2005, 01:54 PM
Good Morning Everyone,

I have been very tired in the evening and have been getting to bed as early as possible, except of course on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. ;) Hooked on those reality shows. I am still struggling with that headache.

Sunny. I received yours and Joe's CD yesterday too. Fantastic!!! The vocals are superub. I have it in my computer listening, as I type this post. I have some questions though...... :) Is Joe's voice the lead in The Lord Is My Shepard and Mary Did You Know? If so, his voice it absolutely beautiful. Growing up he must have been the church choir director's dream. Is Anne Joe's sister? Which of the ladies sings the lead in Covenant Hymn? Amazing Grace is a true pleasure to listen to. Whenever we sing that hymn in church I always have to stop because I get chocked up. You can imagine what I was experiencing when I heard your group singing it. What an outstanding gift. Thank you Donna and Joe for being so gracious for sharing such a precious gift, your voices and talent. :) Once again your friendship has touched my heart. What chunky face, as always you are very pretty and your smile lights up the lives around you. ;) Sunny, I am so thankful we did not get the snow that your area did, it was close to us though. I feel for you and the loss of your trees and plants. Good idea driving over the snow, gets out your frustrations right? :D Hope you reached your goal in your walking program for April. Have a good weekend with Joe and your friends. Hope you are feeling better.

Charlotte, What incompetence in the assistant or a breakdown in the communications, a two hour drive is nothing to sneeze at. To go all that way and not get any satisfaction and any help with your illness. I would have had a full blown temper tantrum. :o Yes, whenever we have remolded and I have had to live in it for any length of time, I have always gotten very depressed and edgy. You have lasted far longer than I would have ever been able to. I know, I know, when it is out of your hands there is not much you can do, therefore I feel for your frustration even more. Well, the next thing to turn to is prayer, the Lord knows this bunch quite well, don't you think? ;) I hope your desk is exactly what you want, just to make your day. :)

Sheila, I think Dad is feeling better! I am sorry, but I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read that he watched the picture in his room for two days instead of asking for help with the TV. Actually, now that I have suffered another birthday I can see myself acting like that a lot too when my life isn't going as I want it to. It sounds as though you are getting back into your old life, now that you have started to get back into your excercise routine. I wish you luck with your dog walking. It makes for halarious reading, but I am sure not as you were experiencing it. I respect you very much, I know I would not make a good dog walker, it would be more like dog pulling person in my case. :)

The sun was out, but now it has disappeared. I wish it would warm up a little bit. Perhaps Diane your area and mine could come to some sort of agreement. I will send some cooler air your way and your could send some warm Texas air this way. :D If we could only do those things, this is certainly not a "perfect" world needless to say.

Bonnie2, did you ever get to see those grandkids? You will have to have some move next door and you will see them just about everyday. :) Mine are "next door" (about a quarter mile) down the road. I send them home sometimes, but they always come on back. :) Hope everything is going great for you in Michigan.

Love you all.......Bluet

04-30-2005, 02:00 PM
YES Bluet...
Joe is the LEAD singer and is the one in those songs! :smug: I am so glad that you and Char like it! It's so good to see you!! :dance:

I'll be back to write more... have to go at the moment... I'll be back...



04-30-2005, 04:00 PM

Well I guess I will begin again...
I finished writing the post and for the first time in a
very long time ~ my computer froze up and I lost it all :( bummer...

I heard a knock at the door... my neighbor... sorry it took me so long...

Okay, now to answer your questions Bluet, Yes, Joe is the lead singer in those songs and he also directs our small group and has an adult Choir of 30 he directs. Believe it or not... Joe did not become involved in music till his Senor year of HS and was very quiet about singing (it wasn't cool then :lol: ). His HS music teacher was sick to know he had that kind of talent all those years and did nothing with it. We sang and recorded the CD in the church (that's why the echo's) all in one day. Joe's voice is much better live then on there (I think ;) ) - we were all so tired that day! Nerves and all. YES, Anne is Joe's sister (1 of 5 girls) --- don't they look like they could be twins! And little Cassie (then only 14 years old) is the lead voice in the song *Covenant Hymn* --- isn't she good! She sings better today! More confident. Now 17 years old, we are losing her to college this Fall :cry: You are so very welcome, Bonnie!!! I am so glad to hear that you enjoy the CD so much.

As for our crabapple tree... it looks like it made it! :cp: I think all our bracing and taping may have saved it!!! :dance: I will have to get a picture later of it's booboo to show you ;)

Yes! I reached my goal 27 miles ago :D I had set a goal for only 25 miles in April and this morning I reached 52 miles for the month of April :sunny: I really didn't think I would be able to do it, but I DID :D I am hoping to reach 60 miles for MAY :crossed: But I will set a goal of only 50 ;)

I am so happy to hear that you also enjoyed the CD so much Angel, I felt apprehensive about sending it off to YOU, because I was really worried that you being in music and TV may not like it or hear all our booboo's in it :o --- a fine tuned ear and all ;) We sure do hear our booboo's when we listen to it today :lol: But we are stuck with it --- it was allot of work to make. YOU HAD BETTER SEND OFF YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet it's beautiful!!!!! Silly gal!! I cannot wait to hear yours too!! We never like our own stuff... don't you know that :lol:

I am so glad to hear that you are doing so much better now that you eat less sugar... it really does make quite a difference, doesn't it. Whenever I have it now it seems to go right into my aches and pains areas, so I stay off of it as much as possible. Well, I must admit I had a few bites of apple pie last night :nono: just the fruit, no crust, but there's tons of sugar in it :o :T :lol: The pie was given to Joe for free - blood donations. I bet that you have lost a few pounds too :cp: Can't wait to hear on Monday :flow1:

So... how is your desk?? Is it what you hoped to get???!!!???

Yo Sheila ;) I still haven't watched my taped shows yet :lol: Spending too much time here at the computer these days.

Oh... so you know about Jazzercise, cool... I was just trying to give you some ideas... no biggie ;)

I am so happy to hear that your DH will be staying put too!! Somehow I must have missed it when you posted the news. I try to read too quickly sometimes, so I can post and I then I forget what I read :dizzy: So you will know for sure May 3rd... I will be waiting to hear... *Prayers*

I remember those days with my DFIL... I am glad to hear that your DF is feeling much better again and telling some jokes. Forgive my comparing your DF to my FIL so much, but there have been so many similarities it's unbelievable! It brings back memories... we miss our old man ;) Your DF does sound lonely... Dad use to call here all the time to just chat and then fall asleep while he was on the phone with me :lol:

That pool is cold! Why don't they heat it Sheila? Knowing that there is going to be a class and all? Scream? :lol: Well if your gonna do it... give it all ya got! Maybe someone will heat the pool then :lol:

We are getting rain here too... only 46* --- goes right into your bones! The weather-people are saying that it's the wettest April we've had in years... ya think!

Hello Diane, How are you doing!! We miss you around here... You know I never thought to send you one of our CD's because I never got your address ;) If you would like one just PM me with your address, okay. I'd be glad to send one to you :goodvibes

Hi Bonnie2 :wave: Hope that the weekend is going well for you and your family ;)


I really must be going now... Joe is due home soon
from the funeral... I think he has to go to work when
he gets home... he's *ON CALL* today for work.

I Love You, my Precious Friends!!!


05-01-2005, 11:57 AM
Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

Sheila... I was just wondering... did you get the CD yet? I mailed all of them on the same day, but I was concerned about you getting yours with the mail problems you have been having lately with your move.

I hope you got it ;)

*Have a GREAT Day Everyone!
*Gods Peace*


05-01-2005, 12:20 PM
Oh Bluet,

I do hope that you are feeling much better today! You have had that headache an aweful long time :( Is it from eye strain - working? Or OB strain!!! ;)

:grouphug: ~ feel better!
I do hope that this note finds you enjoying your Sunday :^:

and that goes for you all...


05-01-2005, 05:08 PM
Hi Girls,
I've just spent a LOOOONG time catching up on posts.
Glad to hear you're all doing reasonably well.
Sheila, I hope Dad comes to live near you. He sounds lonesome. I miss the "Dad" stories.

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm having hip surgery in Columbia, South Carolina on June 1st. At the lexington Medical Center. It's that new procedure I spoke of before.
At first I thought it was only done abroad, but there are about a dozen surgeons here in the States who do it, and this surgeon is one of the very best by all accounts.

Wish me luck and I ask for your prayers to guide the surgeons hands.
My hip has deteriorated over time and actually, my knee on the same side is as painful, and most times more painful than the hip.
So, I've decided that I'm going to make it through this surgery and have no complications, and my first goal is to walk a block. Then a few more blocks, ... then a mile, and so on and so on. At six months I want to be dancing. My ultimate goal. I miss it so very much.

The weather here today is cloudy, overcast and windy so I'm doing laundry and sitting on my butt. Which I shouldn't be doing, but, tomorrow it's back to the pool exercises.

Have a great day. See ya later, and I'll keep you posted on things.

05-01-2005, 10:38 PM
WE got to go see the grands today. Jessica is 1 1/2 & Brandon is 4 months old. They are good when we are there,when we had to leave jessica was grumpy& crying. {she had no nap today}.wanted to just pick her up & bring her home with us.How do I send digital pics in the mail here? Sunnyd do you have a cd for others to hear? talk later Bonnie

05-02-2005, 12:06 AM
Hey, Willow, thanks for letting us know about your surgery. I'm glad you found someone to do the surgery, although it's a bit far away. How long will you have to be in the hospital, and how long for recovery? I'm saying a prayer that you'll be dancing by Christmas! Glad to hear you're sticking wih the pool exercises.

SunnyD, thanks so much for the CD (got it Saturday). Your voices blend so beautifully. Joe has a remarkable voice. I loved your story of the high school choir director. She really was missing out on a great talent. I'm particularly fond of the one that goes "how great thou art." (I don't have the CD in front of me or I'd check out the name) You know, I asked why the water was so cold, and the instructor said that it's because the pool is used by swimmers, too, and they get heated up pretty fast. They do have a shallow warm water pool that I may try out this week. The classes in that pool are at a different time. Did I tell you that my daughter and I are in a contest to see who can get to 165 first? She's gained weight, which the military frowns on, and needs to lose to advance. I said that whoever got to 165 first will get money to buy clothes. Since I'd rather spend the money on myself than give it to her, I'm going to try hard to win! Looking forward to having a Botox treatment sometime in the near future so I'll feel more like exercising more than just the water aerobics. Walking has become pretty painful, unfortunately. I do it, but it's not a pretty sight. :)

Charlotte, looking forward to getting your CD, too. You and SunnyD (and Joe, too, of course) were given such wonderful gifts. My uncle and his family all sang in the church choir. My aunt was an incredible singer. When I was a kid, my sister and I were Girl Scouts, and there was a mother-daughter banquet each year. Since there was two of us, my Mom recruited my aunt to go with one of us. We'd switch off each year. When we'd get up to sing the national anthem at the start of the evening, my aunt would open her mouth and start to sing, and everyone would turn and look at her. She had an incredible, powerful voice that was a joy to hear. My cousins formed a group called the Broken Vessels and sang at churches around the west and put out a couple of records (vinyl--the good old days).

You know, I don't know if once my Dad gets back to his apartment if he'll want to move here or not. I actually have it all arranged, but he's got to give the go-ahead and write a check for the deposit. My son will rent a U-Haul trailer, we'll come up and back him up over Memorial Day, and then we'll take him in the car and my son will haul his stuff down. But Dad's gotta say the word first so we'll see.

Bluet, hope you got some decent rest this weekend. We missed you!! I think a deal with Texas would be really nice right about now. :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We didn't get the baseboard up (I still have to stain it), but we got everything else done so it was a good weekend.

05-02-2005, 07:17 AM
Just sitting here enjoying reading my messages so good to hear from everybody.

Willow good luck with your surgery and like you said you will be dancing in nothing flat.

Sunny sounds like you are feeling great so glad. I pm'd you.

Bluet how long has that headache been hanging around? I would have to think about this weather swap this time of the year. I know you are going to think I am nuts but I would love to experience your winters just one time. I am sure one time is all I would want, but I love winter so much.

Sheila wishing you luck with your competition. How is your Dad feeling? Bless his heart about the tv. I am getting ready to see some pics of the house now.

Charlotte it sounds like to me you are doing great without sugar, good girl. I wish I could say the same for me. :(

Bonnie2 aren't those grandkids so special? I am so glad you got your visit in.

Well it is time for a refill on my coffee and I need to get moving for the day. I have walked 10 out of 11 days which is quite an accomplishment for me. :lol: I am no where near Sunny though in my distance, but maybe someday.

Luv ya girls have a wonderful day, Diane

05-02-2005, 08:27 PM

Sure Bonnie2, if you would like a CD just Private Message me with your address ;) I'd be glad to send you one :D

Hello Willow, I will keep you in my *prayers* for sure! I sure do hope that you will up and walking like new in no time... :grouphug:

Hi Sheila, I am so glad that you got the CD okay... I was really concerned about you getting it with your past mail problems. I am so pleased you like it :^: You gals just don't know how worried I was about sending it off - thinking that "I thought it was better then it really is..." *you all* blessed my heart with your compliments :goodvibes *Thank-you!* That's the name of it, Sheila... "How Great Thou Art" it is a beautiful song. We sang that one and "Amazing Grace" A'Capella.

That's clever of you & your DD!!! A contest to see who gets to 165 first... WONDERFUL incentive!!! :cheer: I'm cheering you on!!!! :cheer: But I think that you both will surely benefit :D

Hi Diane, Yes! I have been feeling pretty darn good these days! I just wish I could see some weight-loss --- I have days that I feel pretty bummed about it, but I just keep on walking :^: in hopes that one day I will see the scale move down!

:cheer: Congrats on your walking... :cheer:
At least you are out there and doing something :goodvibes
10 out of 11 days is AWESOME!

As you know I got your PM with your address... and will send that CD soon :D

You want some WINTER??? Don't we all wish for what we don't have, I long for sunshine and warm temps! ;) I'd be thrilled to send some WINTER your way!!! We have had more then our fair share this year!!!!!!

Okay Bonnie/Bluet... we let you have your weekend all to yourself to recoup... now it's time for you to stop in!!! I miss my *A-Idol* & *Survivor* buddy!!!!!! Oh and *CSI* too!!! Where are you!!!!????!!!!

Charlotte??? Miss Angel!?!?! Where you be???

Later gals...
(((hugs))) for you all!


05-02-2005, 10:29 PM
Ooh, that sparkly rose/dress graphic is really cool, SunnyD! Sweet dreams is just a touch early for me (it's only 6:17 pm here and very sunny), although I guess it could be sweet day dreams. I was watching the news and noticed myself nodding off. :)

Diane, you are doing wonderfully with your exercise! Ten out of 11 days is quite a commitment. By the way, any winter we might get here in Oregon, you can have. I hate the white stuff. I once said exactly what you said about living in a place with winter for a year, and ended up spending four years in Colorado where it once got to 20 below zero (no windchill). Cured me of any desire for winter, although I do enjoy snow on Christmas. If only it worked like that!

My Dad was supposed to get out of rehab tomorrow, but it appears he'll be in longer. He's not a happy camper. I had to pay his rent today, and he thought it would be about $2,000. He won't be happy to hear that I had to pay $2800. They charge for special help, and he had a lot of it in April. He'll probably give a lot of consideration to moving down here because most of the stuff I can help him with for free. I had to go down to the bank and have money transferred from his account to mine. I'm sure glad I put my name on all his accounts as power-of-attorney before I left Seattle.

So today I went to water aerobics, stained the baseboards, did four loads of laundry, dealt with my Dad's stuff, and told my daughter she should think of a career in healthcare when she called to talk. I keep reading articles about shortages of healthcare workers like radiology technicians, which takes a two-year degree. She said that it would be hard to go from a full-time job to school and what would they do for money, etc., etc. I told her, well, you'd do exactly what your father and I did when he was the only one working and I was going to college plus we had a three-year old at home, and we were paying child support for another child. Then we had you while I was in college. You just tighten your belt and quit spending money. Some things you just really have to want to do.

How was everyone's weekend? Hope you're having a good Monday!

05-03-2005, 06:41 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. My head aches so much it is affecting my eyes and is hard for me to see or concentrate. I know what it is, it is a bacterial infection in my sinuses and I need an antibiotic. It is always hard to convince a doctor to recommend an antibiotic, but that is what I am going to have to do tomorrow. I have had too many of these infections, so I know what my body is telling me. I have an appointment to get a haircut at 5:30, I thought about cancelling it all day, but I might as well go and get it done. I am looking forward to Idol tonight, I understand that the songs are from the 50 and 60's and that they have to sing two numbers. Well finally some music I know. ;)

I'll see how I feel after Idol tonight, otherwise I will come back tomorrow.


05-03-2005, 09:04 PM
Hi, ladies--

I'm so glad you're going to see a doctor, Bluet. Hope he or she listens to you and gives you what you need. I was wondering if it was related to sinuses, too. It's kind of that time of year for sinus problems. I hope you feel better soon!

Charlotte, how did your appointment go? I'm hoping that the doctor can suggest something to help with your fatigue.

Well, my DH still has a job so that's good news! Still have the threat of future layoffs at some point (keep on buying HP, please!), but I guess every company goes through that.

Today we went to circuit training for an hour. It was great getting back into lifting weights, and I liked the instructor a lot. She knows a lot about nutrition so talked about that, too. Then I mowed the lawn, which is something I hadn't done in a while. The thing kept spitting out stuff so I got a pair of goggles to wear, and had my soft collar on--must've looked pretty weird. :) After that I lay down for about 15 min., then took a shallow water aerobics class in the warm pool, followed by a nice soak in the hot tub. I went to to add up how many calories I burned today, and it's over 500. See, I really want to win this contest with my daughter!

Dad sounded a lot less grumpy today. He told them that his legs were swelling, and they finally got him a pair of compression socks. He's been doing some physical therapy, and walking with his walker, but it's the internal problem that's got to resolve itself before he can go back to assisted living.

Have a good evening, everyone!

05-03-2005, 11:19 PM

Hello everyone....
Well, got my treatment yesterday. I haven't felt well at all. Finally beginning to feel "human" again. Dr said that he hoped the Lupus is caused by the medicines, or I'd have to stop the Remicade. He ordered more lab work. Also, checking my thyroid, because of all the fatigue. So....still wait & see.
About the desk I bought...well, words can't describe it! If it's at all possible to hate a piece of new furniture......I DO!! I bought it, because I gave my word. But, I left it at the station over the weekend, hoping someone would buy it! I've never seen anything so strange. It folds together! When sitting at it, I'd feel like I was in a box...clostophobic! (spelling) I'll not buy anything else (I don't think) without looking at it first. :o

Sheila....hope your dad is doing better. I feel for you & him, also. How's the house going? Good news about DH's job! I'll keep praying it holds out!

Bluet....Poor friend...get something done for that headache! I'm sooo sorry. ((hug)).

Bonnie-2...glad you got to see the grands!

Guess what everybody....I found out today that I'm going to be grandma again!!!! :D Paula...from South going to have another little one! This will make us 12 grands!!! We're all delighted!

Willow....I'm glad you're going to get your surgery. I dread it for you, but know you need it. Best of luck to you, & bunches of ((hugs)) & prayers.

Diane...I'm doing very well without the sugar. I can't believe it. I've been off of it long enough now, that, if I eat anything with sugar in it, I get a little sick. I also lost 3 lbs, by the Dr's scales.

SunnyD....some beautiful graphics you've been using! I've really been enjoying your CD! Thanks again. I'm still working on mine. I'm having Connie put my tape on CD for me, so I can make copies to send to all of you. It's just taking a little time. I don't want to rush them. They volunteer to do these things for me. I got a call today to sing at the nursing home where my mom is Thursday & to help with a Mother's Day celebration there, Sunday. Also, Thursday night I'm suppose to go sing at an Assisted Living Facility. Hope I get over this treatment well enough for all of that. My voice is still pretty week.

Well.......gonna go get more rest. Hope I can work tomorrow. Love all of you....

05-04-2005, 07:26 AM
Woke up this morning to the sound of rain which we so desperatley need. It has been a weird Spring for Texas. The high today is going to be in the 50's, and the normal high is 80. It would be nice if this was a sign of what is to come with summer.

Charlotte so sorry about your desk I know how upset that is bound to make you. Sending great big hugs and well wishes that you feel like singing. What a blessing to have a beautiful voice.

Bluet glad you are going to the Dr. you have suffered long enough.

Sheila all I can say is wow on all of your exercise, you go girl.

Sunny where are you?

I haven't walked or gone to Curve's the last two days. :devil: I just haven't felt too swell, seem to be eating everything in sight and just blah feeling. I know what it is the old pms thing. I wonder when I will get finished having that. I had a hysterectomy yrs. ago but have ovaries so I still continue with the blahs at the same time of the month, some months are worse than others. The joys of being a woman. If it isn't pouring down I plan to get out today and get back to my walking, I know it will make me feel better.

Have a good day sweeties....Diane

05-04-2005, 12:49 PM
Hi All,

Well, I am back from the doctor's office with amoxicillin in hand. Can't wait until it sets in and attacks my sinuses. ;) I didn't have to do any convincing, one look at my tired eyes was enough for the doctor. I am at work, so we will see how long I can stay on here.

You know what guys? The sun is shinning and we actually have temps crawling into the 50's, how wonderful is that for the northern mid-west?

Sorry gotta go, was just given some AP stuff to attend to, be back later.


05-04-2005, 10:10 PM
Oh, bummer about the desk, Charlotte. I can't even visualize how the darn thing works, but if claustrophobia is mentioned, it must be bad (speaking as someone who has that particular phobia!). If the fatigue is thyroid, it's easily treated, and the medication isn't very expensive. I've taken thyroid medication since I was 23 years old because I had both lobes removed. Congratulations on the upcoming grandchild! An even dozen grandchildren--how cool! So should she be having a boy or a girl to make it "even?" I hope your voice will be in full force by your singing engagements. It's so neat that you get called to do that.

It's strange to think that your normal high this time of year is 80, Diane. If we still lived in Colorado, we'd still have snow, I'm sure. It always snowed on Mother's Day. Got any plans for Mother's Day? Know exactly what you mean about the eating and PMS. I, too, have my ovaries, but I can't gauge when I'm going to ovulate, or even if I'm ovulating anymore. One of these days, I'll ask the doctor to test me to see if I've gone through menopause and didn't know it. I always think my current crabbiness is caused by pain, but I guess it could be menopause, couldn't it? Yup, that exercise does make a person feel better. My DH doesn't want to go to exercise class in the morning, but afterwards he's always happy he went.

Bluet, I'm so glad that the doctor didn't give you a hassle. Hope the medication has kicked in. Did you stay at work all day? Bet you're glad to see a bit of sunshine. Hope it stays that way.

Today I was supposed to call the patient scheduler up at the university hospital in Portland if I hadn't heard anything from her. Since I hadn't, I got on the phone and left a message this morning, then called again in the afternoon. I'm nothing if not eager! I finally reached her, and it appears that the doctor here in town still hadn't sent my records. I was ticked! While I was on hold, she reached the doctor's office here and asked for the chart notes to be faxed right then. Then she gets back on with me to tell me that the doctor hadn't dictated a letter of introduction. I saw her April 1, for goodness sake! They don't require the letter anyway. I should be getting an appointment next week or the week after. We'll see. I called the doctor's office here, and after hemming and hawing and excuses, the person finally said that I'd just slipped through the cracks. I thanked her for being honest (finally). I hope I don't have a reason to see that doctor again.

Then, since I was on a tear, I called the social security administration again. They told me that I'd have my answer on disability by April 25, although they'd already made the decision February 25. It had to go through a quality control process, which let them have 60 more days. I'd been told on April 14 that I'd get something shortly. To me, shortly is a week or 10 days. So today I called, and the person, who put me on hold forever, said I could go to the local office and get my answer or I could wait another 10 days for the local office to contact me. The local office isn't even in my town, dang it, but my DH said he'd drive me over there (it's about a 20 min. drive) because I can't drive that far. After all this time, you'd think it would be a yes, but I'm feeling very pessimistic today. Maybe I fell through the cracks there, too. :(

Where's our SunnyD? Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

05-04-2005, 11:37 PM

Hi everyone...still feeling weak. I've got a full day tomorrow, so gotta get better soon!

I don't have such a beautiful voice, Diane, just have my heart in my songs, & I guess it shows. I truly enjoy trying to sing, though.

Bluet...I'm glad you got your meds. Now, take them & get some rest. I'm thinking of you........

Sheila...I can't believe you're going through so much with your dr appt! Such incompetence. To think we trust our lives to these people! Hang in there. Don't get pessimistic. I feel you'll get your disability. You sure need to. I hope your dad is better.

SunnyD...I'm missing you. Sure hope it's not snowing again on you! I can't believe this week is going by so fast.

My sister & I are going into business together. She has been managing an Herb store for 3 months now. It really does well. The owner has offered to sell it to her. She wants it, but can't come up with the $5,000 down payment they want up front. I believe I, I'm going to be a silent partner. I hope we do well with it. We both need a break financially.

I'm getting very sleepy, so gonna go. Hope all have a good Thursday.

05-05-2005, 06:48 AM
My goodness girls where did this week go? Time just flies anymore to me.

Bluet hope you are feeling better. :)

Sheila I don't know what has happened to the Medical profession.I promise not to get on my soap box about it but it is unbelievable how incompetent the people that work for it are. I believe what it boils down to is too many patients for the Drs., they are trying to make the bucks and putting the welfare of their patients on the back burner, ok enough said.
I hope you get it and S.S. worked out.

Charlotte I forgot to congratulate you on the new baby. It is always so exciting. What a dream come true for you to go into business with your Sister, I hope it works out for you both. :D

Sunny D how are you honey?

I am still grippy today didn't sleep well at all as usual. I thank you all for letting me vent, I try to stay positive but sometimes it is just impossible. The fact that my weight is up 3 lbs. doesn't help any either. :p I am so swollen even my feet, it is so uncomfortable. I plan on going to walk today maybe it will help. :)

05-05-2005, 09:18 AM
:wave: Good Morning Gals!

I am doing just fine... really ;) Thanks so much for asking about me. I have just been up to my ears with work that my hubby has asked me to get done and I haven't had any time to myself! I will this evening though - when he goes for practices from 6 - 9ish tonight. I thought his practice was last night :lol: that's how mixed up my days are right now :lol: I haven't even walked in 2 days and I FEEL IT too! I gotta get in a walk today!

I will be back to post this evening, if not sooner :flow1:
You KNOW I am feeling swamped - this is in black print :lol:
LOVE you!! :bubbles:

PS>>> Bonnie, I sure do hope that those meds are working for you and that you feel better soon!!! Joe got thrush from his strong meds (sinus infection) and had to take meds for that too :dizzy: --- make sure you eat some yogurt for the good bacteria, so you don't get it too :D *Hugs*

05-05-2005, 07:41 PM
Hi, everyone--

Not going to stay on too long because it's been a long day, and I'm tired. My DH drove me over to the SSA office (a 20 min. drive) where we waited for 45 min., then at the counter for another 15 min. to find out the status of my disability application. The clerk told me that yes, I was deemed eligible, and I'll probably get the "full benefit," but they're still not sure yet. I should know by May 10 about the payment. Since I was supposed to know something by April 25, I'm not holding my breath. Just glad I know that I got it. It feels good knowing I won't be a complete drain on our resources for the rest of my life, you know?

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the day when our friend Amy died in a rafting accident four years ago. We usually go to Boise to honor her memory, but didn't this year. It's kind of a sad day for us, although I'm always grateful that my DH was spared.

Charlotte, the herb business sounds great! Tell us more--is it medicinal herbs, plants, what?

Hope everyone has a great Friday. Any Mother's Day celebrations?

05-06-2005, 12:26 AM
Good Evening,

Well, I have been on the antibiotic for two days now and I am starting to feel better. I couldn't believe the incredible headache I had. I didn't care about anything, I just wanted the pain to go away. At the end of each day I felt as though my eyes had just sunken into my head. I had a delay in getting to the doctor, because my doctor is not in my insurance plan and I had to get a referral, which moved my doctor appointment off. Insurance companies...Ugh :(

Charlotte, so sorry about your desk. I just can't imagine from your description what it looks like, but I wish it were something you love instead of hate. Good luck to your sister in her new business venture, and you too if you do go in with her. Congratulations on your announcement of a new grandbaby. Hope you are feeling peppier for your work day at the TV Station tomorrow. Say,did they ever find out who those culprits were that robbed the station?

Sunny, so where are you coming up with all of the graphics? Have you learned to design your own? Quite a few have your name on them are you having someone design them for you? We are starting to warm up a little, but along with that are coming scattered rain showers. Dh is not done planting the fields, so I think he wishes the rain would hold off a while. So Scotty the Body is going home. How horrible that web site that promoted him as the worst singer and cast votes for him based on that. What is the matter with people anyway. And as for Paula, I really don't care what she does on her own time. Man who cares? On Survivor, that Jenn (I think that's her name) I haven't cared for ever since the begining when she started that fight with Caryn, perhaps she can go home next week. :D I didn't care for Katherine letting that guy paw all over her tonight in the bar. I was convinced that that guy had killed both the girls. They sure were blase' about all those dead bodies in the freeway pile up. Hope you got to go for your walk today. :)

Shiela, I am sorry about your friend Amy, I guess I don't know that story. But, I don't care for you to be sad. I hope they get that disability application straightened out pretty soon. Are you working on your yard yet? It is not warm enough for us to do anything in the gardens yet. We cut the grass last Friday because it really needed it, but I don't think we will have to cut it tomorrow evening it was too cold to grow much. I am am itching to get outside and get the flower beds cleaned up and to see something growing again. I know I am rushing things though. Sometimes when the kids were little and we would take them downtown to see the Memorial Day parade we would have to put their winter jackets on them to keep them comfortable to watch the parade. It can be very warm here and all of a sudden if the wind changes and comes off the lake the temperature can drop at least twenty degrees.

Diane, you are coming up with some nifty graphics too. Where are you finding yours? Sounds like you aren't feeling exactly par this week either. Your counter is really cute, soon you will be rocking a little grandaughter. I hope you were able to get back into your walking program yesterday.

Bonnie2, where are you girl? Is it just as cold on the other side of the big pond too, as it is here? We still have our furnace running.

Well, got to go, way past my bed time. :)

Have a great Friday everyone.


05-07-2005, 11:31 AM

Good Saturday Morning Gals :wave:

Hello Bluet :flow1: I am so glad to hear that the meds are helping you feel better... bet you have been ill for a long time with that darn infection! Joe had the same thing and feels so much better after taking the meds. He said that the Claridon-D(sp?) allergy relief helped allot too!! The down-side to the meds... he got thrush! :o So he had to call the Dr. back up to get that little pink pill - it's all better now :D But he's going to keep taking the allergy relief meds - he said it really has helped him. This time of year is hard on so many with allergies. I have them too :p

As far as the graphics go... I only WISH I could make my own ;) but I get them at the same place that Charlotte gets hers. As for my siggy's (the graphics with my name) I have them made by the graphic artists at the site... there are three artists I have visited, but there are many more! I have enjoyed my time gathering all the different graphics and sigs! Glad you like them too :D ;)

You know... I heard on the TV the other day about how hard the rains are with the farmers. I do hope that it slows up so your hubby can catch up! ;)

*A-Idol* I didn't hear or see that about Scott... I am sorry that it happened --- he's a good kid, really trying to make it. I sure do hope that someone picks him up. I didn't really care for his voice, but obviously... others did. As for who may Win this... this one is a very tough call. If I have thought it though correctly - I believe that our gal, Carrie, has NEVER been in the bottom 3... both Bo an Vonzell have been, so I wonder if *Carrie* will be the Idol-winner :dunno: If not... I think it just might be *Bo* - the first rocker to win ;) Like I said... tough call... they are all so very talented in very different ways --- Carrie ~ Country, Bo ~ Rock & Vonzell ~ A Natalie Cole. *Survivor* ~ I feel that this is when it really gets ugly, don't you? There are a couple of the gals I'd like to see go... I am pulling for *Tom* (I think that's his name - the firefighter). *CSI* yeah... what's up with Katherine!!! Isn't she suppose to be smart :nono:

Hi Sheila, glad you are enjoying my pics ;) I have FILES of them now! Great to use in making my cards as well :D Not for selling, just for the family and friends. I forget about the time change :lol: sorry 'bout that :lol:

Goodness Sheila... your father's place is running your $2,800!!! We only paid $1,800 and thought that was allot!! Are you paying more because he is in rehab? And I totally agree with your advice you gave DD!!! When I quit working it was a trade-off for me, the things I was getting or the "Stress-free" atmosphere I needed for my health! I quit 5 yrs ago and we just did w/o... and it has worked out beautifully for us thus far. Joe now makes some $$ at the church (they pay him for directing the choir ), and he pulls in more now then I did working :lol:
I hope that it all works out for her ;)

GREAT NEWS about your hubby's job, Sheila!!!! :cp: Now you don't have to worry about moving again (for the time being) :D I am very happy for you... that's all I buy... HP!!! All the way!!! I won't ever buy another brand again. Joe got me this Epson and it's okay, but I love the HP's so much more! Everything else I have is HP :D

You wore goggles to mow the lawn :lol: I can just picture you :lol: :rofl: Sounds like you are gonna win this contest girl!!! I have only gotten in 8.25 miles this week :( I really wanted to get in more, but I just got so busy! No time!! Joe is in the midst of teaching his 30+ choir some new songs and so he had allot of work for me :dizzy: I really didn't mind doing it, but for a bit I felt a little overwhelmed :faint: What a relief to get it all finished yesterday :goodvibes And I also got all caught up with my bills *sigh* of relief... all paid for another 2 weeks :D

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo very sorry :sorry: to read about all the problems you are having with your records and with the Dr's. I sure do hope that it all works out real soon for you!! I really feel badly for you and all the running around you have to go through --- jumping through hoops - so to speak :^: :grouphug:

Not only was MAY 5th Cinco de Mayo, BUT did you notice the date???
~ 05-05-05 ~
I just thought it was :cool:

Hi Charlotte dear... how are you feeling today:?: Any better :crossed: :goodvibes

I think that the Herb Shop is fantastic!! I wish you & your sis much success... so many of our friends are getting back into cooking again (and going out less) to eat better - I know I sure could have used a place like hers around here this winter!!!! It cost me $5.00 a bag for Basil here and it doesn't last :( I cannot wait for it to warm up so I can grow my own over the summer. I am putting in a good word to our Lord *Prayers*

I am so very sorry to hear about your new desk!!! It sounds like one o those *Hutch-style* desks for space saving... if it is, I so know what you mean about feeling closed in. I tried them at the office supply store here and yuk!!! I hope that you will be able to sell it!!

Congrats on being a grandmother again!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance: You sound so tickled!!! 12!!! You are getting up there!!! What number will it be for your DD? I have forgotten :dunno: She's the one that had to go through that hateful storm, isn't she? I am so very happy for you and for them :dancer: I found out last week, that I am going to be a Great Aunt again :) She is due in Oct.

Thanks... I am so glad you like the CD ;) I cannot WAIT to hear yours!!! I hope it will be finished real soon :goodvibes You have a great time at the nursing home... I bet they LOVE YOU there!!!! Bless your heart!!!

Hi Diane, I am here ;) It has just been a hectic week for me, I'm not use to it :lol: I am soooo spoiled! But when Joe needs me, I am here for him --- he works so very hard everyday and I am home, so when he asks for help, I am more then ready and willing :goodvibes I just haven't had so much to do lately and it felt a bit overwhelming. But now that's it's all done and he's happy, I am too :flow1:

You said that you haven't walked or gone to Curves in 2 days... me neither and I was feeling so blue yesterday!!! So this morning I got up and went out for my walk --- I feel so much better today!! Get out girl! ;) You will feel so much better too :sunny: I honestly think that when the weather changes we (ladies especially) feel it!!! That's why we have binge days & the blues, I think so anyway :lol: ... you'll be okay... you are normal ;) :goodvibes

I was feeling a bit glum yesterday... part of the reason I get a bit blue too is because of *Mother's Day* I miss my mother very much and so wish we lived closer!! I sent her a Calla Lily plant yesterday through, she loved it! They have the best cut flowers and plants there!! She loves the plants... and has a greenhouse to keep them in. She isn't one for cut flowers, she wants them to last and last :df: I also find myself thinking of our DD (Lisa Anne) and what she'd be like had she lived -- she would have been 29 years old. My mom wished me a *Happy Mother's Day* also, telling me that my little angel was watching over me. It made me feel melancholy & pensive yesterday :^:

Hello to Bonnie2 ;) I have not had the time to send out yours (nor Diane's) CD's yet, but I will on Monday!! Also, I thought I had some mailing bags still and when I went to get them out of the drawer --- no bags :p :dizzy: Gonna pick some up today and I WILL get them out to you both on Monday :flow2:


I sure do hope that you all have a fantastic day tomorrow!!
You all so deserve it!!! You are all Beautiful Ladies!!!



05-07-2005, 08:35 PM
Happy Mother's Day All You Gals.
Not Sure What We're Doing Tomorrow Yet Besides Church.
To Wet To Get Crops In The Field Planted For A Few Days. We Picked Rocks From The Field Today, Anybody Need A Few???? Bonnie

05-08-2005, 07:57 AM
I hope each of you have a wonderful day and special wishes go to you Sunny. I am sure it is a hard day for you. :grouphug:

Everything is fine here going to DD for lunch if the weather holds. We are under severe weather alerts and I do not drive in bad weather especially to Ft. Worth with all that traffic so will wait and see.

Hugs to all, Diane

05-09-2005, 02:18 PM

Good Afternoon Gals!
I do hope that your Mother's Day weekend was enjoyable!


Hi Diane, I had such a lovely day yesterday really... thanks to my friends and hubby ;) We went to church and then at around 2:00 we met our best buds and their daughters for lunch. They bought me a gift! I was so surprised!! A beautiful Book with stories and scripture along with a beautiful card... to say the least... I was touched! :bubbles: Also... my Joe picked up the tab for us (a first after our marriage ;) ) --- let me explain, I usually take care of the finances, so Joe's checks go straight into our ck'ing acct. & I know exactly where all the $$ are and where it goes. So to make a long story, short... he has been saving $$ from the last few side jobs he's done, so that he could surprise me and "pay" for a meal or two totally surprising me :^: And that he did!!! He also picked up a little trinket for me ;) He knows how I enjoy small antique trinket boxes... this one has violets on the lid :smug: He's so sweet & made me feel very special :flow1:

I also called and spoke to my mother for almost an hour yesterday, she loved the Calla Lilies I sent her & enjoyed my call to her. She was going to go to her fav. restaurant for dinner, but she became ill --- flu, she thinks --- my poor mommy :( She said she was feeling better this morning, but was very ill yesterday. Now that could spoil a perfectly good day :p I really do miss her...

Did the weather hold up for you?!!?
Did you have a lovely day as well?


I hope to see you gals visit later... :^:
:flow1: I MISS YOU!!!! :flow1:
Time for lunch :T



05-09-2005, 09:17 PM

What kind of severe weather did you end up with, Diane? Hopefully none, especially if it would hamper you spending Mother's Day with your daughter.

Bonnie2, hey, my DH is a real rock connisseur (sp?). He got a permit to get rock at the public land quarry and would load his pickup with rocks each weekend. We used them in landscaping. I'm betting the rocks in your field didn't look like those rocks, though. :) Hope you had a good Mother's Day.

Bluet, so glad that the antibiotic is working its magic and giving you some relief. I hope that by today you'll be all over your sinus problem. So what did you end up doing this weekend? I know what you mean about itching to get working on the yard. Since we haven't planned out what we're going to do, we're kind of in a holding pattern. I did buy some plants to go into a container, though, so I'll have to be content with planting that for now. Of course, it's cold today, and has been pouring all day so I've been doing inside stuff.

SunnyD, what a contented kitty that is! Looks just like your kitties look. :) Your Joe is so thoughtful, and what wonderful friends you have. That's too bad about your Mom feeling so ill--hope she's okay now. How great for you guys to talk on the phone like that. You know, my cousin was going to get married on 7/7/77, but ended up getting married on 4/7/77. I think she should have waited just for the numbers.

Normally, my Dad's place is $1,600, but because he needs some assistance, they tack on $500 for the first "level" of assistance, and then it's more money for each level. He has to have help with his stockings every day, his feet washed twice a week, and then since he wasn't taking his medication appropriately, they started helping him with that plus he wasn't bathing well so they started shower assistance. So the more assistance he gets, the more money it costs. I wasn't very happy with him because he didn't tell me he was being discharged from rehab on Friday. Today was the first day he called. He's still walking with the walker--hopefully it's not a permanent thing, but I think it is. He's going to try driving tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers on that one! Kind of scary.

I was feeling a little down yesterday morning because I thought my kids forgot about Mother's Day--no cards, no call. My son in Seattle ended up not coming down. My DH took me out for breakfast in the morning, then in the afternoon we went to an herb farm that was having a Mother's Day thing. While we were driving there, my Seattle son called to wish me a happy Mother's Day so I felt a bit better. My other son called when we got home, and we talked for quite a while, then while we were talking, my daughter called, and she sent an e-card. So I was feeling better by the end of the day.

Tomorrow a friend and I are riding up in the senior center bus (she's a senior, although I've never known how old she is) to tour the peony and iris gardens about an hour north of here. Have to get up early to catch the bus, but it should be worth it. Hope it's not raining like it is now--that would be bad.

Have a good Monday evening, everyone!

05-10-2005, 06:44 AM
Sunny so glad you had a good day on Sunday and bless Joe's heart he is such a thoughtful man.

Sheila we didn't end up having any bad weather :) so I made the trip just fine and had a nice time. I have a SIL that loves to cook so he made dinner. They have the nursery all ready so I got to see it and it is so sweet. We are really starting to get excited now her baby shower is Sunday. :)

I am on a new weight loss venture...Weight Watchers. I am going to go to my first meeting tonight. I have finally figured out ;) my big problem is my eating :lol: and hopefully with some accountability I will be able to get it under control. It is worth a try. I am looking forward to it. :) Bonnie 2 and Charlotte how are you girls? :wave:

Have a wonderful Tuesday....Diane

05-10-2005, 10:32 AM

Hello there Ladies...
So good to see you :flow2:

Bonnie2, what are you using the rocks for? Your gardens? I sure could use a few - could you lug some this way ;)

Yea... Sheila, I thought that he looked like my Guido too :D I got a note from my mom this morning and she is feeling so much better today, but now my father has a fever of 102.4 :( He is not doing well at all... he keeps getting fevers and the docs can't put their finger on the problem. I think it's his bad gut (yes, he has a very badly scarred sm. & lg. intestine) --- he has been in the hospital once already near death with it. I hope they can find the source soon. I also think that one of the problems is that he does not watch his diet like he should (he has type 2 diabetes). Please keep him in your prayers ;)

As for your DF... Driving????! --- that could be so dangerous for him and others (don't you think so?). Do you really think that they will let him drive?? As for his fee's --- I thought that's what was going on with his cost... they cost so darn much for the extra help!!! And they know just where it hurts too! $$$ !

I am so happy to hear that your family came through for you, Sheila!!! Sounds like you had a lovely day too. Awe... too bad that your cousin didn't marry on 7/7/77 - how cool would that have been!!! She sounds like me :lol: I would have done something like that -waited- but 4/7/77 is pretty cool too :smug:

You will have an absolutely beautiful day today touring the peony and iris gardens!!! I hope the weather cooperates with you. What I would give to be able to join you on that tour! Take some pictures!!! :flow2:

Speaking of weather... what gorgeous weather we have had the last 4 days!!! I have been able to get outdoors again for my walks and actually opened windows and left them open last night :dance: I just love it when it's like this --- so peaceful to listen to all the birds and their babies chirping a mile a minute!

Hi Diane, speaking of weather... so glad to hear that you didn't get the storm you thought you would ;) I LOVE the picture you have posted of you and your grandbaby!! He is a Cutie!!!! And I love seeing what you look like... you are a very pretty gal ;) Now... you know that little one had to get his good looks from someone :goodvibes

Have you been getting out for walks lately? I have gotten in 12.75 miles for May thus far walking 2.25 miles each morning. I don't think that I will do more then that right now --- I get so very tired by the afternoon lately and have to really push to gets things finished. I was out the door this morning at 5am. It's so nice and quiet at that time of the morning... just me and the birds :sunny:

So you went back to WW... I have heard that to be the BEST program for wt-loss, Diane... I wish you well!! You are too funny :lol: I think that is my problem too ---> too much GOOD food :T

Okay... now we haven't seen Charlotte or Bluet in DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like it when you gals stay away for so long :?: I do hope that you are just taking in the Spring and all it's wonders and not staying away because of illness :( (((hugs))) for you both! COME BACK SOON!!!


Okay... time for me to scoot! I have errands to run today...
maybe I'll burn up some more calories :D



05-11-2005, 02:37 AM

Hello friends,
Well.....I keep thinking my life will get better....but, I'm so heartbroken tonight. My daughter lost her baby. She called me tonight crying. I knew something wasn't right the whole weekend. Mother's Day she didn't call me until late evening. She usually wakes me up! Then, was very quiet. I knew she had been sick with the old stuff that's going around, so she finally convinced me that was it. Then, on Monday I checked on her & she was so quiet. Was supposed to make one of her trips this way, & stop by today, but said she probably would tell her boss she needed some time off. I had a strange feeling about it all, & told DH this morning something was going on. I called her this morning & she was very quiet & just said she didn't feel well. Tonight, though, she called to let us know that she started bleeding Sunday, & lost the baby yesterday. She just couldn't take any more attention from well-meaning friends & relatives & went to another town to a motel for a couple of days. She just wants to be alone for awhile. It tears me up that she is alone in a motel room tonight. I want to hold "my baby" & I can't. It's after midnight & I can't, of course, I'm talking to my friends. Please help me pray for her.

Sorry I haven't been around. It's taken all of my time up with getting all the paper work & such taken care of with getting the business put into my sister & my name. We are/were excited about it. She said she wanted to take my hands & jump up & down, but neither of us were able!! I'm more proud for her, than myself. I'm glad I did it, but she is managing the store....I'm more of a silent partner. I'll help out when she needs off, but I have my hands full at the TV Station.
We're having an all day festival at the station Saturday (May 14th) with groups singing, food, games, horse & buggy rides, etc. to raise money. Hope the sun shines.

SunnyD...I'm so glad you had a good day, Sunday. That was so sweet of your friends & Joe. I thought of you....& then again today, after talking to my daughter.
What a terrible Mother's day memory she'll have, now. All of my children (for some reason) told me, today, that I couldn't really understand what Paula was going through, because I hadn't lost a baby. So, I finally told them that I had lost a baby about a year after the twins were born. I was at work (sewing factory) & didn't know I was pregnant. My kids were really surprised today when I told them.

Sheila...I do hope your dad's health improves. I know you worry so much about him. Also glad your kids came through for you. My day was ok.

Candlelady...What a beautiful grandbaby!! You look like a proud grandma. Your a pretty lady. :)

Bluet...I hope you're feeling better, my friend. Take care of yourself, & let us hear from you.

Hello Bonnie-2!

I ended up selling that dreadful desk & buying a little dressing table. I was going all over the house trying to put on make up & fix my hair!

Going to try to sleep. Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

05-11-2005, 03:32 PM
Oh, Charlotte, I'm so, so sorry. How sad for your daughter, and for your family. I can't even imagine the emotional pain your daughter is experiencing. I am praying for her.

I'm glad that you sold the desk and got something you will enjoy. That's exciting news about the store. I'll be thinking of you on Saturday and hoping that your weather is good for your fundraiser. Sounds like it will be fun.

Darn it, SunnyD--I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. It's so tough when our parents get older, isn't it? Out the door at 5:00 am? I'd be tired, too! :lol: You're doing so well on your walking! How is your tummy situation with the new diet? It seems like you haven't been having any problem at all, which is wonderful.

Diane, I'm so glad that you were able to go visit your daughter after all. Is the baby shower at her house or in your area? Weight Watchers is a great plan. I saw on the news last night that Consumer Reports rated it the #1 way to lose weight. As with anything, you get out of it what you put into it--unfortunately, I haven't been putting much into it lately. I need to get back with it because I lost all the weight I've lost so far through Weight Watchers so I know it works if I work with it.

Bluet, we miss you!!

So the peony trip was, well, interesting. Actually, it was fun, and I met some nice ladies. Getting to the bus, we hit every stop sign in town, I think, but I wasn't all that late. It rained off and on during the day, and the fields were muddy from several days of straight rain so we looked from afar, and one owner brought blooms in for us to look at. I never realized there were so many different kinds of peonies. I was looking at the catalog and one plant was selling for $350! Can you imagine paying that much money for one peony plant? It was pretty, but not as pretty as some others, at least in my opinion.

After that garden, we went to another garden, and the bus driver had quite a time getting the big bus (Greyhound bus size) up the steep, narrow, rather winding road, but he finally made it. We toured the garden, which had a lot of other flowers. Once we were done, the bus drive drove the bus up further onto this grassy area, and proceeded to get stuck. He tried chains, digging the tires out, and the owner got his tractor out to help pull, but nothing worked. They were going to try two tractors, but discovered that the second tractor had a dead battery. Then a guy said he knew a neighbor who had a bigger tractor, but it would take 20 minutes to get there. By then, my lips were blue, and I was feeling pretty soggy. But the guy showed up in this 8000 series John Deere, which made the other two tractors look like Tonka toys. He hooked up the chain, and pulled the bus out effortlessly. Then we all got back on (where I changed my wet shoes and socks, thanks to my DH who fusses over me and made me take a change of shoes and socks), and the driver had to back down the road. He wasn't doing a very good job going around this one corner, so one of the local farmers (we'd gathered quite a few by then) asked if he could drive, and the driver said yes. That guy backed that bus down the narrow, winding road like he'd been doing it forever. We were all quite appreciative because we were starving by then and still had to travel about 20 min. to get to lunch. We had a nice lunch at a brewpub, where my friend and I sat with four other women. Two of the women had been traveling together since they'd met four years ago on one of these senior center expeditions. They had gone with other groups, too, and regaled us with great stories of where they'd been. So I arrived back home pretty tired, but glad I'd gone.

Hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Wednesday. It hasn't rained yet, and is supposed to actually clear up and be sunny tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it!

05-12-2005, 09:40 PM
Are you all out playing in the sun? I did hear something about snow in Atlanta, however, but maybe that was a joke.

Not much going on with me. I did my circuit training class this morning, then went back in the afternoon for an hour to go over some additional stuff with a fitness trainer. I want to add some more weight lifting stuff to my exercise. I'm also thinking of taking a tai chi class, which is supposed to be helpful for people with physical problems.

Yesterday afternoon I saw a new dentist who looks like she's 12 year old. Have you noticed that the older you get, the younger the professional people look? When she told me I had two tiny cavities, I was horrified. She praised my brushing (and was surprised when I said I used a manual brush, not electric), told me how beautiful my teeth are, then hit me with the two cavities news. When I got home, I called my dentist in Seattle just to check and see what he thought. Turns out, he was watching one of the teeth she mentioned so she isn't just out for the money. The dentist I saw in Corvallis when I lived here before was really untrustworthy, and so I'm suspicious of all Corvallis dentists, I guess. The Seattle dentist said that some dentists think that it's best to fill early rather than wait and see, which is his attitude. I prefer that attitude, but I made an appointment and got a prescription for valium. That tells you what kind of patient I am when the dentist starts drilling. :D

Planted a container with herbs I got from the herb farm visit on Sunday, another container with a cherry tomato plant, and a third container has a rosemary plant in it now. I haven't found the best place to put the containers, but I'll figure it out.

Hope everyone has a great Friday! Did anyone see the Oprah show today?

05-13-2005, 07:15 AM
I didn't see the Oprah show but recorded it to watch today sometime.
I think it was time for Caryn on survivor to go, she told to much on everyone. Also it was Anthony's time on AI to go.
We may get to babysit our grandaughter Sat. till Sun. Jenna is 13 months.
The rocks were in the field we had to plant field corn for our cattle. Didn't want them to break any parts in the planter.dumped them in a big pile.
Hope to get in at least part of my garden but weather says rain on & off all weekend.
If I don't get to post for a few days have a great weekend all you gals
BONNIE2 :coffee:

05-13-2005, 08:10 AM
Oh Charlotte I am so very very sorry for the loss of the baby. I can imagine the pain your daughter is going through. Your family will be in my prayers. It sounds like you have the ball rolling on the new business I am so excited for you.

Well Sheila you are one busy lady and look at all the exercise you are trying, I am very proud of you. The baby shower is at her SIL house in Ft. Worth.

I had planned to go to WMart this morning at 6am and walk, but I slept until that time so didn't make it. I have alot of housework to do so maybe that will account for some exercise.

Have fun with Jenna this weekend Bonnie2.

Sunny and Bluet we miss you. Are you ok?

Have a wonderful day....Diane

05-14-2005, 08:09 AM

I just read all the posts and...
I am so very sorry for your DD's & your loss, my Dear Charlotte :cry:

I too have been there... losing two babies myself. I miscarried the first time @ 5 1/2months and then lost our Lisa Anne (full term) in the car accident, never able to have children again. My heart hurts deeply for you both in your loss!! May you feel the warmth and love surround you from our Lord in your time of loss.

Your DD, and all those who love her are in my *Prayers* :grouphug:

*God's Peace*


05-14-2005, 09:15 AM

Hey there Bluet... what is going on, sweets :cry: Where have you been :?: We sure do miss your presence here!!! Please come back real soon!!

Charlotte, it sounds like you & your sister are coming along nicely with your new business adventure... I am glad you have something too help take your mind away from lifes problems from time to time. I think your business will bloom! I hope that all goes well for your Station and the Festival today :) Sounds like a wonderful time!

Thank-you for thinking of me :goodvibes It is so very heartbreaking that your DD lost her baby over Mother's Day... please tell her that my thoughts and prayers are with her & her family in their loss.

I'm glad to hear that you were able to sell that desk and get yourself a nice little dressing table --- those are so nice! I have always wanted one myself ;) but I haven't the space :lol:

Hello Sheila... thanks for keeping this thread alive ;) what would we do w/o you! :goodvibes

About my DF: YES! It is very hard to watch them age! Especially since I am so far away from them and feel so helpless. I got a note from my mother last night telling me that they saw the doctor yesterday and that the DR. is very concerned for my father also, and she ordered a lot of tests for him... blood, stool and a chest x-ray's to look for silent pneumonia or bronchitis. It has nothing to do with his diabetes or his medication. His glucose was 118 which is good. So they are still baffled about his chronic fever. It's so scary when you don't know why something is going wrong in the body. I do so appreciate you thoughts and prayers for him and my family :^: Thank-you!

My tummy has been fine... no problems at all since I have been taking the products from Jordan Rubin --- and following his program. I have had some discomfort when I stray, but no pain :flow1: Praise God!

Your garden excursion sounded like fun!! I would have loved to have gone with you ;)

That's too funny about the dentist... I still use a manual brush too - no electric here. She must be young!! :o

I saw the *Oprah* show with her trainer Bob Greene and that was a good show... I just wish that Oprah would let him speak more!! We know she got it! :lol: Look at her! Now I want it :lol:

Hi Diane, You are too sweet... I am just fine --- time just has a way of slipping past me these days!! :lol: I spent the whole day out shoppin' yesterday :) My friends daughter, Sandy, and I went to breakfast out then to Wal-Mart & on to Kohl's... where I got the Cutest pair of jammies!! They are lavender with purple kitties and aqua fish all over them --- sooo cuuuute & soft! And I got a nice outfit for church... very tropical looking camp style top in that burnt red with these huge hibiscus flowers in butter yellow and sage green leaves w/ a pr. of sage green slacks... so nice! I haven't bought myself something in a very long time - it felt great! Then we went to lunch and got home at around 3ish. Then my hubby came home at 6:00 and our friends called... we couldn't meet for breakfast (Sat/today) so we all met for dinner last night... whew :stress: what a stressful day I had :lol: I never cooked once, but I sure feel it today! My hands hurt from all the water I am holding from the SALT in the foods yesterday! I don't use that much in my cooking and so it really hits me when I eat out - and I ate out allot yesterday! Home-cooking today for sure!

I have to share with you about your CD's --- I FINALLY got them sent off to you and to Bonnie2... I thought my hubby was going to mail them & that he had... and he thought I was and neither of us saw them still on the sofa table this whole week! :lol: So I got them *in the mail* yesterday... for sure! They should be at your homes by Tuesday of next week ;) Sorry about that!

Bonnie2, We have had some really bad storms come through here as well last night. Up till then it was beautiful! 74*, breezy and just beautiful! We are suppose to get more big storms today --- darn it all, I wanted to get some gardening done today! You were right on the $$ with *Survivor* and with *A-Idol* :smug: Who do you think will win Idol?? I am hoping for Carrie, but Bo is rather popular!


Don't know what Joe and I will be doing today... I have been up since 6:00 but hubby is still sleeping... he never gets to sleep in, so I am glad he is right now. We are planning to go shopping for veggies, herbs and annuals today :dance: Plans change very quickly around here, so my fingers are crossed :crossed: that we are still going. I just wish it wasn't raining, I really wanted to play in the gardens... maybe if it's a light rain, we still can :^:

God Blessings upon you ALL...


05-14-2005, 06:11 PM
Hi girls what is going on today in your lives?

We have had a pretty busy day. First of all we went to a pig show that my oldest GS was in for the most of the morning. It was the first time for him to show his beloved Daisy pig and he did really well. :D Then afterwards we took him to a friends house to spend the night then grabbed something to eat and came home and crashed for awhile.

Sunny don't apologize about the CD's, I am just thankful I am going to get them. I am really lookig so forward to them. It sounded like you had such a nice day shopping and your outfit sounds cute. I hope you were able to get your shopping done today without getting too wet. I am hoping the best for you Father.

Sheila, Bluet and Bonnie2 how are you girls today?

05-15-2005, 09:15 AM
Having a great time with gd Jenna, she is back to sleep so I'll post a little note
I didn"t get in any garden yet, rain rain rain!
dh mother called last night & her husband isn"t expected to live past a couple days,They are in Az. right now they go there winters. This is mother's 2nd husband. Allan's dad died a number of years ago. bye for now Bonnie2

05-15-2005, 08:02 PM

Thank you all for the kind words of my family's loss. My daughter is doing a little better, & is back home. It will just take a little time. SunnyD....I hope I didn't bring up unpleasant memories for you....I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

The festival went great!! We had a bad storm with a lot of rain around mid day, but, it cleared out & the sun shined again! Everyone just came inside the TV Station until it was over. We had 5 Bluegrass bands there & a large tent for the visitors. All kinds of food!!! While the storm was going on, one of the bands set up without mikes, etc & just played & sung like in the good ole days!

I had your CD's ready to mail, but I had a lot of people wanting my tapes & CD's, so ended up giving yours away. :( Sorry. I'll get to work on some more. I promise. I was just happy they wanted a CD of me singing! :D We were all so tired when it was over, but happy. I took pics....I'll try to post soon. have me worried. You're going to get a call any day!!!! I know you were sick. Just hope you're not in the hospital. I should have already checked on you, but had my hands full with the festival, the business (all papers signed!), & my daughter...but, was praying for you...& still am!

Bonnie-2... I know you're enjoying Jenna. Give her lots of hugs.

Diane....I always enjoy those country events! I went to down to the shed today to bring up some of our summer clothes. Our three horses followed me a little too close. I got a strick to shoo them back. It looked like it hurt their feelings. :^: I like a distance. When I was a little girl, my younger sister & I took a horse & buggy ride at a little park in MI. The horse went wild & ran away with us! :o A young man finally was able to jump in & stop the horse. They had to get rid of that horse. The park owner asked my dad if he wanted his money back or a free ride for us. We were standing there bawling our eyes out, scared he was going to put us in another buggy. :lol: You don't want to know what my dad told that man!!!

Sheila...I see you're into herbs, also. We sell the pills, etc. Nature's Sunshine does the best! It's what really keeps the store going.
How's your dad? How's the house going now?

Hi SunnyD...How was your weekend? I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to go back & read a lot. I have missed all of you. Remember when I'm not around now, it's probably the store keeping me busy. I need to learn all I can about it. I know absolutely nothing! I did make all new signs for it....& got lots of compliments! :)

I'm going to go rest awhile. Everyone have a good Monday.

05-16-2005, 11:08 AM
Good Morning All,

Sorry I have been gone from the forum for such a long time. I have been extremely busy this past week and before that I had no energy, because I was ill with that virus/sinus thing.

It is fiscal year end, insurance renewal time and the accountant is coming tomorow to finalize April, so I am busy, Last week I took Thursday and Friday off to help daughter next door with a humungous garage sale. The weather was cold and rainy and the sale didn't draw well, so we are going to have a redo on Wednesday. Hopefully the weather cooperates, if it would just warm up by 10 degrees it would help tremendously around here.

Charlotte, I am very sorry to hear about your daughter's loss. I wish I were closer so I could give you a hug.

I have to go and get some work done ladies, I am pretty far behind here in the office. I will check in later when things quiet down. :)


05-16-2005, 06:08 PM
just have a few minutes but wanted to say thank you very much sunny for the beautiful music cd. I love it. so calming & great voices.
Allan's mother's husband is still hanging on. It is hard on her with her sugar & other medication, she didn't have with her & got sick she was in the hosp. also for 2 days to get the meds she needed & build her back up. She just wanted to be with dh so he wouldn't go & her not be by his side. must go THANKS AGAIN SUNNY D Bonnie2

05-16-2005, 06:44 PM
Bluet, it's so good to "see" you! A garage sale--yuck! I like the idea of a garage sale, but the reality always bites, in my limited experience. Sorry you have to have a redo garage sale, but hope the second one turns out better.

Bonnie2, glad you had fun with Jenna. Is she walking and talking? Bet she is--makes it fun, but tiring, I'll bet. I'm sorry to hear about your step-FIL. That must be so hard on your MIL.

Charlotte, glad your weather was better than Bluet's and that your festival was a success. Five bluegrass bands--what fun! Did the station raise a lot of money? Hope so. Those past experiences sure color our current experiences, don't they? Although I love dogs, I still have a "thing" about German Shepherds and Dobermans because I saw a pack of them (probably only two, but to a young kid it seemed like a pack!) run into the neighbor's yard and kill the goats that were tied there. It was horrible. Have you ever gotten up on a horse since that buggy ride?

Diane, glad your grandson did so well at the pig show. Was it all pigs or farm animals in general? Is Daisy a 4-H project? Hhmm, now that I think about it, 4-H projects usually end up in places I don't want to think about (although I enjoy hamburger, bacon and sausage as much as the next person) so hopefully Daisy is a pet pig. I have a friend who runs a pig sanctuary. Lots of people would get those pot belly pigs and then dump them when they got too big. Hope the rest of your weekend was good.

SunnyD, your new jammies sound so cute and comfy, and the new outfit sounds beautiful. So what did you end up doing the rest of the weekend? Did you get your plants, and did you plant them? Hope the weather held for you.

We went to look an old house in the country that's going to be restored. May is historic preservation month so there are a lot of things to do. Tonight is a walk around an older area of town that I might go to if DH wants to go. The old house we looked at had no indoor plumbing, although it was used as somebody's house well into the '70s. Somebody had tiled the kitchen counter, though. Strange priorities. . .

My Dad called yesterday to ask if we had a room we could rent him for $2500 a month. Fat chance! I did remind him, however, that we'd looked at an assisted living facility for him when he was in the hospital. So we'll see what happens. I hadn't mentioned it until then because I wanted him to make up his mind without any influence. He's mad at the place he's in--said they stole a crystal vase he had (it was huge!) and keep mixing up his medication. I think he's probably mixing up his own medication, but who knows? We'll see what happens.

So who won on Survivor? Was it the guy? I don't really watch it, but flipped through a bit last night. I couldn't sleep from about 2-3 am and watched my first (and hopefully last) episode of Baywatch. What an, um, interesting show.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

05-16-2005, 06:50 PM
Shall we all go here to the new thread? This one's getting a bit long.

05-16-2005, 10:19 PM
So good to hear from you Bluet and know everything is alright. It sure does sound like you are busy take care of yourself.

Sheila yes there were other farm animals at the show, it was pretty neat and he enjoyed it so that is what matters.

Bonnie2 glad you had a good time with Jenna, always nice to spend time with the grands.

Charlotte so glad DD is doing better I know it is so very hard for her.

Sunny D bless you for sending me that beautiful Cd, I will enjoy it. I am listening to it right now. :D

Good night ladies see you tomorrow.

05-16-2005, 11:57 PM
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