Weight Loss Support - Looks Like Thursday Or Friday Before I Can Start Again

04-05-2005, 09:57 PM
Been Sick For The Last Three Days.haven't Been To The Gym Since Friday.good News Is I Haven't Been Able To Just Lye Around And Eat But Thats Not Really Good Either Cause I Haven't Been Able To Eat At All Until Today.i've Been Going Crazy And Hope That This Hasn't Messed Me Up On My Routine Of Going To The Gym.the Good News Though Is That I Have Lost 7 Lbs. I Weighed Myself At My Dads Saturday Gonna Weigh When I Go To The Gym Next Time I'm There To See If His Scales Are Accurate.i Hope So It'll Be My Motavation For This Week Cause I Just Don't Even Feel Like Going To Workout At Least Not Right Now.