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04-04-2005, 05:32 AM
Welcome to version six of the worldly chicks house. Time to change as it was getting a bit crowded and sometimes we have have computer problems if there gets to be a large number of pages.

Here's the old thread if you want to go backwards and see what we get up to. Old Home (

New house is a moated 650 year old Manor house - Ightam Mote. This was a house I fell in love with while in England in 2003.

04-04-2005, 06:14 AM
Evening all. Welcome to the new home. You've been a busy lot over on the old thread today (which is good) but sometimes the more pages there are, the more trouble people seem to have.

Holly that basement sounds very vibrant and busy. What a clever painter you are measuring up all those colours and stripes and getting them straight. Me, I roll, brush, rag or sponge but don't measure.

All these new hairdo's. Will I recognise any of you when I get over there? Glad that you got the electricity or lack of all organised Mel. You can use my hammock - just get pedalling. Give me 5 minutes notice because then I can get the coffee pot on and the hammock slung and a few biscuits on the side. 2lbs down is a good victory ol buddy. Well done.

Rose, nice to have you back. Hope the son gets himself together again. Later he will work out that it wasn't worth it, but it is so hard to tell them so at this time.
The walking sounds good. Nothing like a bit of physical exercise to clear the mind. But :yikes: on the beer parties into the night. How many people does he room with?

Thanks for the kind thoughts on the job Happy, all is well, I shall enlarge shortly. Those hornets must have been big if DH reached for the bug spray and not the camera.

Hurrah, one more chick for the thread Linus. A bald kid, well mine tend to go to the barber, get a number 1 and wait for it to grow out. DS2 was looking a bit gollywoggish last week. Must be due for the shearing shed again. His hair is so thick that it has to stand up straight, there is too much of it to lie down. DS1 is not quite as thick however is curly and he hates the ringlet look, hence the short back and sides. Tell DS the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 2 weeks and because it is self inflicted we have no sympathy. Teel never said anything about going away - maybe she is doing it in case I ring again at midnight. Anyway, it will do her the world of good to get out and about and talking to people instead of driving herself crazy!!! Do you hear me Teel???

Suzi would you mind sending the rain this way. We are getting desperate - there is only 21/2 years supply left in the dams and the veges are going up and meat is skyhigh again. Maybe I need a cow in the backyard to give milk and fertiliser?

Meadow, it really is awful when one gets those blues. I wish there was something I could do or say to help you snap out of it. Just don't go leaving us here to wonder where you went. I love the exercise bloke. Keep looking at it, it may bring motivation.

I've joined Madcat's challenge for June 1st. I've pledged to lose 3Kilo. It will be hard going - you know how slowly I lose. Hey Suzi, we need some more from downunder to even up the weights. Go see Madcat's entry. If we are to keep the hemispheres on an even keel, we need more Kiwis and Aussies. Maybe we should point the Aussie thread in that direction.

The job - aahhh yes the job. This morning, just as I was building up a head of steam, the woman from the agency rung me to see if I had got the papers. Now that was stupid because I told her to send them to the management company in Sydney. Yes that's what she meant. Told her I had heard nothing, seen no one and was beginning to wonder if the job was actually there! Oh yes it is. Okay M. I then rung the managment company who had scanned and signed the papers and sent them back last Wednesday or Thursday, but lo and behold had got some more, different ones today which they need to send on to me for signing. Later I get an e-mail from M telling me what, when, where, how and who to see next Monday. Such is life. I have a job.

Today has been successful. Gym early and then I did a lot of preparatory work for painting and put the glass screen back up in the bathroom. After all the sanding I had to clean the house from top to bottom - next time I sand, remind me to put drop sheets down will you! Idiot. Anyway the house did need the clean. I've done some laundry, done the planting of stock, pansies, petunias and lobelia, watered all the pots as well. The last lot of plants I put around the potted frangipani tree are starting to show colour. There should be masses of blooms around the patio shortly. Annuals create work but they are pretty. So today was productive, active and enjoyable. A bit more rubbish went out as well. Apart from the shed and the roof space, there isn't much more I can chuck out. At last the place begins to feel like me.

Thats about it for today. Time to think about tomorrow - which is treadmill at the gym, more sanding, some grout in the bathroom, fertilise the gardenias and find out how I can get the screen in the bathroom secured properly. What I thought I could do, doesn't seem to want to work in fact. #$%^&** See you tomorrow. Enjoy the new house.

04-04-2005, 09:05 AM
i am on my way to the Mall. BUT I fear that no one has read that I lost 2 POUNDS in my last post!!!! Pay attention here cause this may be the last 2 lbs I lose! :rofl: AND there is going to be a quiz at the end of the week!!! :lol3:
Shad~ I didn't read yet as I have no time this morning but thanks for the new home and I love the moat. Brought my long johns is case it's chilly!

Have a great day and take care!! Happy NEW week!

04-04-2005, 10:08 AM
Yahoo MEL!!!!!!!!
Nice new digs Shad!!!! A moat even!!!!!

When I see the basement colours upstairs in proper daylight they are REALLY loud. Down in the dungeon they are perfect!
I will piant the new Manor dungeon in dayglow colours!! A little lime green and yellow!! Just incase any naughty men show up and need a place to sleep.

04-04-2005, 01:35 PM
Congratulations MEL!! Two pounds, you are right, I totally forgot that part of your post I was so shocked about the residents thinking you had fairydust that could put the electrics back on:rofl: Hope the mall was a blast :cool:

Shad-Excellent new home :D Totally liking the white manor house vibe. It needs a dose of Antonio of course which I will post at the end of my message, I'm sure I have an appropriate pic that will look stunning in the entrance hall :s: Glad the information about your position came through and you can relax now that the details are semi-clear :p

Holly-you know you have been Debbie-ized if you are taping off sections and putting up blocks of colour, come on admit it, she has taken over your headspace and you are just itching to put colour on every wall :lol: That woman is the reason our front entrance is butterscotch ;)

The exercise motivation caught me and wrestled me into 2miles of walk away the pounds video last night and I even did 12 knee bends before bed just because I can :devil: Funny how venting and writing out how you are feeling can stimulate the old muscles to get moving :^:

04-04-2005, 03:19 PM
eeewwww ,all theses bright colours please ladies im scottish :faint: :yikes: :rofl: ,love the new home ill have to get a view
MEL WELL DONE TO YOU sorry i missed that bit , :bravo: :strong: :wave: ,well things just started to settle down and ive now been reliably informed that 2 new houses are soon going to be available and sa im top of the list hopefully :goodvibes :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: one of them will be mine ,im feeling a lot better still snotty and bunged up but no temp and no pain , i still have till next tuesday till the kids go back to school but hey they sleep all day and comp all night so why am i worried ,i am going to endevour to show craig how to iron this week he tried to put the ironing board up for me to iron his jeans and broke it :censored: :censored: :censored: and i think its way time he learned
well im off for a nice hot shower am gonna miss a call from teel at our usual time {8pm} so ill have a showwer and coffee instead speak to you all later

04-04-2005, 09:12 PM
TEEL WENT ON VACATION AND DIDN'T TAKE ANY OF US!! THE NERVE!!! :rofl: Hope she's having a good time but I thought she had said she was going to visit someone a LONG time ago though!! :rollpin:

Linus~ Boys will be boys!! Hope it groews quickly! :faint:
Glad to see you here and take care. maybe this week you'll actually be able to feel like a human being!! ((((HUGS)))))

Nae~ Sorry for the son's pain. Something we all go through and wish as Mothers that we could protect them from it. ((((HUGS)))) for both of you too! glad to see you back and walking!!! good for you!!!

Holly~ My bright eyed child!!! Love the color scheme and all the activity in your house!!! Getting ready to pick out colors for when you come to my house next! :rofl:

Meadow~ Real exercise?!?!? Congratulations!!! I am very proud of you too!!! No one was more shocked than I when I got on the scale. Hope we both exercise the week away!!! Thanks for the pensive look in this one!!! He will look lovely in the entrance hall!

Shad~ Thank the stars that the papers are done and everyone is happy?!?!? I hope????? :faint: I bet you will be glad when you actually get one foot in the door next week!!! :rofl: Hope the week now gives you time for all your busy stuff and happy sanding! Are all the mice bald now?!?!?:rofl: :lol3: :lol3: :rofl:

The Mall was fine and I took clara's money and a gift card and bought some more summer/spring clothes. I wasn't going to get any mor and wait to see if the weight goes down but I need some more fashionable things to go riding about town and wanted to look more modern. a friend says the wardrobe is too dowdy so I bought all sherbet colors to wear. kind of like Holly's basement!!!:rofl: Clara needed help for almost 3 hours! :yikes: and the checkbook was a disaster area!! But then I haven't been there in 2 weeks! Well, gonna shower and get into bed and read! have a great night.

04-04-2005, 09:26 PM
How much damage can a 90 year old do in 2 weeks??? :faint: :stress: Don't answer that, my mother couldn't work out why she didn't have any money in her account when she still had cheques in her cheque book. :faint: :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint:

04-05-2005, 05:15 AM
Not so busy today, mainly because I didn't pull up from the gym so well and it took an hour or so to get the *** moving up and down the ladders etc. I even went for an early siesta in the hope that things might improve. So my list got started this afternoon and apart from the sewing of hems on the legs of my trousers the list is done. The new shower screen works a treat - no more water on the floor other than that which I spilt myself. So now I can get on with the grouting and move along.

Dear oh dear the wedding of the year has had to be postponed because of the Popes funeral. Wonder if HM asked for the funeral to be on the same date??? Oooh that was nasty, Shad.

The news tonight is depressing, what with the funeral of the year and the homecoming of the military personnel who died in Nais in Indonesia after flying in supplies to the earthquake victims. Poor souls.

Linus I have my fingers crossed for the house for you. You will need something when the bump jumps. I might tell you, keeping the fingers crossed makes typing very difficult. Good luck with teaching Craig to iron. Although if he likes to look good, he probably will be quite happy to learn.

Meadow, delighted that the venting produced some action for you. Could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with the scale!!

The attached picture is the garden at Ightam Mote. If we are to have AB in the entrance hall, and the dungeon full of fruit salad colours, what do you want to do with the secret chapel and the priest hole?

See ya

04-05-2005, 07:58 PM
Don't you think that the priest should worry about his own hole! :rofl: :rofl: Sorry Shad.....I am glad you list is finished and does that mean you have some time to just lounge around?!?!?!?
That would be a nice treat before the new one starts:dance:
Loved the pic and I am glad I brought the warmer undies. It was a bit chilly last night!! but I love all the fireplaces!!!

I have been a bit down since coming home from the Mall. We lost the 2 tenants who were in the hospital and the bldg is in shock. first the Pope and they died on the same day. I worked today to fill in the gaps while they took turns going to see some tenants and services too. Sad time.
Today was absolutely gorgeous and I started it with a quick trip to the market and bought tuna steaks. I'll marinade it tomorrow. There just wasn't any time today. I also spent my lunch and breaks outside in the sun warming up this old body and loving every minute of it! Hope everyone is OK and wondering where they all are!!! It's only you and Porangi, Shad! :rofl:

04-05-2005, 08:02 PM
Think they all did their dash yesterday. The gardens in the new house are nice, but a bit hilly in places, don't let the wheelchair roll into the pond will you!!!

04-05-2005, 08:43 PM
A wee bit of humour to little the blahs :)

I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid.
I'm not being rude. You're just insignificant.
I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.
It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.
Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist
Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental
I have plenty of talent and vision. I just don't care.
I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.
It's a thankless job, but I've got a lot of Karma to burn off.
Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.
No, my powers can only be used for good.
How about never? Is never good for you?
I'm really easy to get along with once you people learn to worship me
You sound reasonable...Time to up my medication
I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.
I don't work here. I'm a consultant.
Who me? I just wander from room to room.
My toys! My toys! I can't do this job without my toys!
At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits.
You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.
I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.
Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

04-05-2005, 10:46 PM
Shad I promise to wear my water wings just in case I forget!!!
Splish Splash I was taking a bath!!!! :rofl:

Meadow tomorrow I am going to use the one.....I don't work here I'm just a consultant! :rofl: I love these and will use them often downstairs!!! :lol3: :lol3:

Really going to bed and rest this time!! LOL Have great days tomorrow!

04-06-2005, 12:00 AM
Evening chicks. It's been a LONG one for me again.
Mel~ thanks for you input in my journal. It is a huge possibility my kid sare a little jealous of the kids who get to stay home with me! You are brilliant.

5 toddlers ages 3 and under all day and the 4 big kids from 3:30 to 5 too. Gorgeous day here!!! My fav temp 17C. Woohoooooo. Light breeze and sunshine. Spent all aft outside. Pulled the mulch back from a few perennials and taadaa things are growing!!!!
Worked on the handbook some more.I was at the church from 6-now for photo viewing for the directory. The pic of my 2 kids is STUNNING. The fam pic is alright.
I ate well ALL day ,no indescretions and I did the WATP for the first time in a Looooong time.

Meadow~ you are sounding less down. Glad to hear your chipper self!!! I LOVE painting shows!! Can you tell?? LOL!
Shad~ you sound good too. Get some relaxing in!
Linus~ all is crossed for a great new house!

I am too wound for sleep just yet. i will watch Idol and gather trash for the morning.


04-06-2005, 02:13 AM
Hi ladies,

Shad, I love the new home. You should give up training and go into real estate. Trouble is, none of us poor souls can afford the digs :lol: I am glad to hear that they have straightened out all the proper papers for your job. Also... a while back I mentioned there was a person at work that I had difficulty understanding and I though she might be an Aussie? Turns out she's from South Africa. It's easier understanding her face to face than on the telephone.

Meadow, I like the latest AB pic - particularly some of the sayings you've added along - nice job!

Yay MEL!!!! Yay, yay, YAY on the 2 pound loss for the week. :cp: Just keep doing it, however you get there lady. If you were in the mood for sherbet wardrobe colors, this was the spring to get them. Lots of aquas, pinks and purples this year, with a bit of lime green thrown in.

Linus, I have my fingers crossed and sending you a few prayers that one of those new houses comes your way and that DH approves this time around. I think your new fluffy chickie needs a new home. We all offer our services as redecorators you know.

Gosh, I have to decide between sleep and posting. I'm yawning so much my eyes are tearing. Quickly then, I have joined Madcat's ECO challenge on the journals. Stuck to my 2 liters of water - which doesn't seem like much but it is for me, I have to take 8 gulps at a time to get that water bottle line to move. Exercise - DH and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood at night. Got to meet some new neighbors and check out some lovely homes and gardens. Food could be better - not awful but not quite as perfect as it can be. Lots of temptations at the candy machine avoided tho I can say that.

I really need to get to sleep now, sorry to be short. Hellos to the rest of the bunch - Tig, Suzi, Nae, Holly and the vacationing Teel

I leave you with a picture of the yard in bloom. The reds and pinks have come out but the whites and purples are lagging behind which is alright with me - means we have better than a month of color. This is what I see right out my window. There's a bench for sitting in the middle of the azaleas and the black fence up top is actually the pool area. I will take a pic up there when the pool cover comes off next week. The picture is kind of dark - DH can't seem to capture the picture I see when I look at that yard with my eyes. Tho perhaps my vision is not what it seems? :dizzy:

Have a good night chickies...

04-06-2005, 04:09 AM

Mornin chickies ÖÖÖÖwhat a beautiful home you have now! Good choice Shad!

Have any of you heard of Paul McKennaís new book and CD ďI can make you thinĒ? I got it on Monday and it is quite an interesting read.

His 4 key points are:

1. Eat whenever you're hungry. :hungry:
2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should. :yes:
3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful. :eating2:
4. Stop when you think you're full. :yikes:

When you think about it that is exactly what thin people do all the time....... I will keep you posted! :cheer:

Good Luck to you all in your new home ÖÖÖÖ. I think it is time we looked out for a new home too! It is always good to start afresh! :cheers:

04-06-2005, 06:09 AM
Evening all,
Yikes what a busy day. The fence man is here, I've renewed my drivers licence, sanded, plastered, lugged tree bits, mulched and watered.

The fence man is interesting - he's Japanese (I think), owner next door is from the Philipines, and me well I'm a New Zealander. None of us speak English that well. We have been communicating through slow speech, lots of waving hands and pointing and repeating ourselves at least 15 times. We will get there eventually. Down the side of the houses looks like a battlefield with the old sleepers and fence bits all over the place. I chopped some of the hedge back from next door to allow the fence man down the side yard to get at the fence. He got the message and chainsawed a whole lot of plants to get himself a lot of access. Big grin on his face all the time. I was hoping that he was going to leave at least some of the palms intact, especially the more expensive ones. Finally persuaded him that the local bus could drive the length and breadth of the yard and he stopped. Tomorrow he is pouring concrete and putting in the posts and reckons that the whole thing should be finished Flidy (Friday).

The pestman is coming tomorrow to check for white ants and termites. I figure that they are here and hopefully he will get rid of them from around the yard for me. I see them in the pot plants out front and today saw some round the side. Just hope they haven't got into the house as well.

The rose garden is now fertilised, dead headed, weeded and mulched. Another job off the list for the winter season. I bought some new baby beets today and will plant them up tomorrow morning as well. I forgot about them today what with all the other stuff that happened.

It was a day off exercise today, but I reckon I must have walked a couple of k's and lifted weights on and off for several hours. Tomorrow I am back to the gym for weights again. Friday I get to see Jason for an assessment and some new torture treatments to get the weight moving again.

Speaking of food, that's been pretty good today. Actually I only had two meals. Sort of brunch and a biggish dinner. I really didn't feel hungry, but I have drunk a fair amount I must say.

So Wednesday is about to bite the dust, again I have done all on my list except for washing the car and doing the mending (again). Tomorrow is another day.

Mooz, good to see you back again. The key points you listed sound so sensible. It's something I am trying to work towards just now. Eat when hungry, drink when dry. I'll be interested to see how you go with it.

Happy, aaaah the sound of the incomprehensible South African! They are sometimes a little difficult to understand. Since there is a lot of them over here, we get used to the accent, however some of the Dutch South Africans seem to be a lot more gutteral than others and you find yourself saying huh or what fairly frequently. Actually, while I think about it, one of the people who I worked with in Townsville (an Indian lady from Intelligroup) went to work on a project in Memphis - I wonder if it was your place! I seem to remember her telling me it was okay, but wasn't as good as the Townsville job and Memphis wasn't as much fun (but then she didn't have me to order around and drive her to see the sights!) Sujani was into FICO stuff. By the way I love the way the garden is looking. All those wonderful Azaleas, mmmmm I feel jealous.

Meadow, I have read that list before. I can honestly say I don't work here, I am a consultant. Except that I tend to be always there and always working. Wouldn't it be nice to win the lotto. The one that constantly raises a giggle is:- You sound reasonable, time to up my medication. How true with some of the people I work with.

Mel I might have known that you and the priest hole would be incompatible. You really are incorrigible. Funny but incorrigible. Indeed they should be able too, but with the Pope dead, they are running around like chooks without heads, maybe they don't know what to do with it.

Okay, gotta run. I need my second shower for the day - I'm covered in sugarcane mulch and incredibly itchy and also sanding dust everywhere, time to tidy up, do the dishes and watch a bit of tv before settling down for a good sleep. See you all tomorrow.

04-06-2005, 10:12 AM
Holly~ Kids love their Moms and get a little pissy when other kids get her attention! I ussed to tell Jen I can't wait till you get home and we can do______. "I love you best" worked well too. But then I only had one!!! It finally worked and she didn't mind that my friends son was at the house when she left. good luck!

Happy~ The pic of course is lovely and I cannot get over how "neat" everything is!!! I also love all the trees on the property!! How was the raking?!?!?!? Funny you should say the colors as I decided today was a great day for the pink and orange set!!! :rofl: Good for you and the Eco challenge and also the walks with DH. Gotta love the weather. Let us know how hot it gets there!! I'll need to figure out the best months to visit:rofl: :lol3: Happy unpacking!

today is laundry day and then a long ride I hope. Had some probs with the loaner chair and someone is supposed to call back! :lol: I will NOT hold my breath! OK kids....gotta get going and not waste the sun. Rain is coming back again for 2 days!
Have a wonderful day:D

04-06-2005, 04:19 PM
hi folks, how are we? all sounding good and nice and productive ,ive had another bad couple of days ,{i know again bet your all sick of me bye now} i had another large bleed yesterday ,but baby is fine and so am i cant find the source of the bleed but its not the baby or the placenta so everythnigs good ,but im supposed to be relaxing so im off and ill speak to you all tomorrow ,
ps MEL got another scan done ,so ill send you the updated version as soon as mum brings it back on monday

04-06-2005, 09:59 PM
I need a Worry Wart emoticon. :fr: yep, that'll do. While I'm worrying, I'll also say a prayer for healing (and the ability to take it easy) for you, dear Linus.

'Mellie ~ those 2 pounds was very exciting news. Congratulations! And I was very proud of you for shopping for new clothes, although it does sound like you, Holly, and I are the IceCream Trio. Sorbet, anyone? :rofl:

Shad ~ love the new digs. May I please have a heated pool out back? I really REALLY want a pool but it doesn't quite seem to float high enough on the budget here so to speak. So maybe I can have one there. If I can't have a heated pool, may I please have a winning lottery ticket - since I'm in the asking mode - and then I'll build my pool here and everybody can come HERE for a swim.

Holly ~ I love the bright colors. I'm a trifle color blind so the only colors I really enjoy are the bright neons. I'm not allowed to shop for my own clothes because I pick outlandish colors that look stunning to me but shocking to others. Not bad for a day at the beach, but not quite work-able for a manager. I always have to ask the opinion of The Fashion Police. Maybe you and I will be in charge of decorating with 'Mellie supervising. Of course, after we get some nice sunglasses for linus. :rofl:

Mooz ~ I've observed the skinny people eating:
#5. Wave your fork around. Don't put it in your mouth - use it to punctuate your sentences. :lol:

Meadow ~ I love the Cookie Monster standard! I can use that right about now. Just DO Exercise!

Happy ~ loved the pic of your yard. How beautiful! I can't wait to see a picture of the pool. HEY EVERYBODY - if I don't win the lottery we'll go to Happy's pool!

Slim has asked for a motorcycle and how can I deprive the dear man. He's picked out his Harley-Davidson and we've sold stock to buy it. Now he just has to be patient until the check comes in. This is as much fun as watching a four year old wait for Christmas! :D He's registered for a safety class - that wasn't optional. He tells everybody he knows that he's getting a Harley. I'm sure I'll look quite fine in leather.

Now that I've planted THAT vision in your poor young minds I'll see you later! :cool:

04-07-2005, 12:15 AM
Egads, page 2!!! Everyone sounds so wonderful. Well, except dear Linus.Honey ,do get well? You better be resting. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!

It was a GORGEOUS day here. 17C sunny, breezy. I was outisde with kids ALL day then I sat through a 3 hour church meeting that went in circles and circles...I am dizzy. Just tossed in a load of wash so DS can have clean pants tommorrow.I will toss it in the dryer and head to bed shortly.I unloaded more stuff at the thrift shop and then found a bedskirt and curtains for DD $2.She wanted something grown up, she's 4 ,hello??? I think I am trouble, the little Diva.Pale mauve with daisies on it. Cute. Got a plain blue bed spread for DS too.
Looooong days for me this week. Holy cats, 16 hours non stop.Time for sleep!
You are all in my thoughts. HUGS!!!!!

LOL! When I put DS's clothes in the dryer, bits of something were falling off. I can honestly say this the first time I ever washed a pinecone!

04-07-2005, 12:52 AM
All grown up at 4? Oh Holly :lol: are you in for it! It's a lot cheaper to have a tom boy than a girly girl. But more fun on the girly girl! But it sounds like you are a master bargain hunter and really, that's all that's needed - a bit of ingenuity and an eye for a good deal. Sleep well...

Tig, I wish I knew Slim was looking for a Harley. My DH has a 95th Anniversary Edition Ultra Classic that I've been pestering him to sell. I can understand the appeal but my riding days are over. Good luck, I'm sure he's just like a 3 year old the week before Christmas. Good thinking on the safety course - you may get a discount on your insurance. All I can say is that he practice a bit before he heads to take his driving test with the bike. They might have him do some manuevers that he will do better at if he's used to the bike. Guess you'll be running and he'll be riding. 's ok - we'll swim while they ride ;) When we moved here, the deal was that if we have to tolerate these tropical summers, we wouldn't attempt it without a pool. So the houses we looked at had to either have a pool or have room for a pool. We turned down several houses in fact because the yards were up on a hill or there were so many trees to clear that it would have been cost prohibitive to put one in. Our pool isn't all that big - 30 feet by 18 feet, but it's enough to stay cool in and do some laps. The house next door which is for sale has a large rectangular pool - perfect for exercising. Too bad they let the house go to pot including the pool. I hope whomever buys the house sees the shingles popping out the side of the house and realizes that a pool that's only half full means the liner is dry and cracked and will need replacing. Anyway, everyone's invited over for smoothies by the pool. I even have a smoothie cart and I'm having DH run an electric line up there for a blender - smoothies are better blended not shaken. :rofl: Shad will look just the queen with her sarong on the chaise lounge. Perhaps she has extras for us to borrow.

Tig, you didn't tell us why you needed a worry wart emoticon. :stress: :hyper: Hope all is well with you.

Linus, you put your feet up, rest easy and stop fussing over everyone and take care of you and bump! Of course I just KNOW you won't be listening to us, will you now? Do we have to come over there and give you a nice prenatal massage ourselves? Actually I don't know how to give a prenatal massage - how about just a nice foot massage instead :o Anyway, rest up before we send the troops after you.

Mel, the raking was not fun. But it is fun when you have a bunch of friends helping so next fall you can come out and help, ok? I have all kinds of rakes, put the chair in reverse and you can back hoe or something. That is, IF you can get a chair to work for a week. Sorry to hear you're having problems.

Shad I got a big kick out of your description of all the neighbors speaking in tongues around you. I can just picture everyone trying to get their point across in broken English. And as usual, you put me to shame with all that you have accomplished for the day. The power of just putting your mind and a bit of the elbows into it, eh? What does deadheading roses mean? We have several rosebushes on the side of the house and one bloom. We have to learn to take care of them. My DH/pool boy/yard man/Mr. Outdoors fed both the azaleas and the roses this weekend. Please tell me we don't have to fertilize with manure ***holds nose and does not anticipate the smell of manure with summer heat. Swears that Miracle Grow plant food works just as well *** :lol3:

Good tips Mooz, thanks for sharing. On point number 3, thin people apply the 3 bite rule to desserts. Eat 3 bites but savor each and every one of them. I've thought of that lately when I got something, it was too much and I should have stopped at 3 bites. DH and I are starting to get into the habit of sharing a dessert with a coffee on the few times we do get one. Dessert at home is quite often yogurt and fresh fruit or berries.

Well girls :dance: :dance: :dance:
I am pleased to say that DH announced he did one last rummage through the boxes in the garage and he found the last missing bits of our office furniture - including the missing doors and bag of screws to hold it together. This means that WE FOUND ALL OF OUR IMPORTANT STUFF!!! After months of cursing the movers, it did all make it to our house. Just not an easy task of finding it. And I'm in no hurry to move ever again. But at least we can get the last remaining room organized on the first floor and we will be ready for company. At least on the first floor, don't look up the stairs :lol:

Day 3 of the Eco challenge - not too good. They brought in lunch for a work through lunch training session. I ordered a salad, the order got lost, we had sandwiches instead. I had tuna tho looking at all the mayonaisse in the tuna, perhaps I would have been better off with the turkey. *** hangs head in shame, yes she ate the bag of BBQ potato chips and 1/2 the chocolate chip cookie - but only the crispy ends around the perimeter of the cookie. Didn't exercise tonight - we had horrid, horrid storms, must have gotten over 2 inches of rain just today. I was prepared to build an ark when I got home. The evening flew past, DH showed me the drive to the doctor's office for my appointment on Friday - it's in a part of town I've never been too so he helped me not get lost. Back home after that and it's the end of the night already. I am looking through papers for my blood tests as I'm sure my other doctors office will not rush to fax my medical records to the new doctor as requested. I knew I should have requested copies before I left home but there just wasn't enough time to get everything done...

Ok,if I hurry I can get to bed before 11:30. Last one in bed doesn't get the comfy blanket :cloud9: Boy is it just me or is this website SUPER SLOW the last 2 days? ooof duh

04-07-2005, 05:33 AM
There is a swordfish steak on the grill and a plate full of such veges as mushrooms, tomatoes, marinated artichoke and avocado and the odd olive waiting for me for when I am finished here so I had better type fast.
Not such a busy day today, I had a meltdown of the brain I think and the body said that it didn't want to do much at all.
Anway the pestman came this morning. The good news is that I don't have any termites in the house. The bad news is that they are in the yard and getting closer to the house. The even worse news is that I will need to put a barrier around the house - approx $1700.00. :yikes: :faint:
The fenceman was back, complete with chainsaw. He had to cut another palm stalk (big one) down because it interfered with the fence rail. I mentioned that because it was very tall he should take it down in stages - here, here and then here - hokay. Down she came from the roots. Just missed the rose garden and Mels favourite Just Joey and DS favourite Hot Chocolate by millimetres. Phewwwww. Don't know if the little Japanese legs can run faster than MELS cart. Anyway it is down, the fence posts and railings are up and tomorrow he will finish.
No sanding done today, nor did the mowing get done - oh well tough.

Linus, please rest up. Bleeding doesn't just occur for nothing. Glad the bump is fine and you are too.

Tig, you can have a hot tub and a pool and a running track and whatever you wish on this property. Slim can have a bike track out the back if you wish - but it will have to be far enough away that the bump doesn't get woken up. Pools are fine, they can be hard work tho'. The Tig in leather - well I can hardly wait for a photo of that!!!!

Holly, what a bargain hunter you are. Geez the house is getting a good makeover - both yours and mine I guess. Glad to hear the weather is warming up for you all and long may it stay that way. I think I am glad I don't have daughters!!!

Plenty of Sarongs to spare here Happy. One size fits all as well so Linus and bump is also catered for. Roses are maximum care stuff happy, deadheading means to cut off all the blooms which are past their best or dead. If you let them go to rose hips (these are good for the baby but not much chop for the rest of us) it takes a lot of strength from the plant. Pruning takes a bit of time as well.
I don't use full manure on mine - eeeeewwwwwwww - but while the Dynamic Lifter I use does pong a bit, by the time I cover all the bits with newspaper, spread mulch on it and water, the smell is sort of covered up. I also throw lots of rose fertiliser pellets on the ground as well - that doesn't pong at all. And the roses love it. So do the worms and ground insects. So glad to hear that all the stuff has finally been located and that the movers didn't make off with it as suspected. Puts a bit of faith back in the company hey.

Okay, gotta go. Dinners done, the phone is ringing, and Mr Philipines is at the door. Doesn't rain but it pours around here.

04-07-2005, 09:33 AM
Linus~ Hope you are resting and listening to what the Doctor orders! Please take care of you and Baby bump!!! i will send the only chair that is working right over to you!!! You can ride around for the next few months! Iwill be thinking of you both!

Holly~ hope the 16 hr days aren't going to be for long!! YIKES!!!
Get some rest in between or someone will be taking care of YOU!!!
Nice TS buys! Loved the diva thing! :rofl:

Tig~ If I hit the lottery, I'll bring down the winning ticket and my bathing suit! :lol: We'll find a mansion that has anykind of pool you want and the DH can ride to his hearts content while we all sip on Happy's smoothies. Sarongs for everyone!

Shad~ Maybe we should build a moat around YOUR house and let the ants and such try to build rafts:rofl: That little man comes near my Joey and he better be able to run damn fast!! He won't know what hit him!!! I'll get the Tonka toy out and he won't have any toes left!!!
Get the sarongs out. Happy seems to have found all the IMPORTANT PARTS and I'd like to go there and find out just what they are! :rofl: Bring the Hammock and Sunday.....we may be there awhile!! Dinner sounded good even if it was fish!!! Sometimes a rest is a good thing you know Miss Shad!!! :rollpin:

Happy~ I am glad all the parts were found. did you find the stereo stuff....or am I getting you mixed up with someone else!!! LOL I will get shad and the sarongs together and we can investigat the pool!!! It seems mighty big to me!!! But then in the city we are used to blow up swimming pools so you can keep ypur feet cool! :rofl: Hope I can get me a rake for the back of my rig. Maybe I could start my own landscaping business! and Shad could do all the dead heading!!:dance: :cb: Enjoy!

I feel tired today but that's cause 3 days were so busy. I ran out of energy in the afternoon so I feigned an excuse from Clara's.
There are a lot of small things and cooking to do today so I better get on with it before I decide a morning nap is a better idea! :lol:
Happy Thursday!!

04-07-2005, 09:40 AM
Mooz~ I can never figure out how I miss the top posts! :yikes: :wave: Glad you stopped by and gave us something new to think about.
Hope you will like your new digs too!!!Enjoy!

Happy~ I meant to say I was having a terrible time these last 2 nights myself trying to get speedy posts!!! Slow like molasses!

04-07-2005, 03:13 PM
now now ladies im gonna stop telling you stuff if your gonna get upset :mad: everything is fine and the doc says carry on regardless my little highland dancer is not in any danger at all :cool: :love: :angel: hubby and boys are already making sure i dont do anything drastic so deep breaths and relaaaaaxxxxxxxx,
i had an e amil from teel she was in the internet cafe while her freind and son were swimming she read the posts but couldnt get logged in to post so the messages are SHAD must have been the late hour that made me forget to tell you of the trip :faint: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: and a big hi to everyone else ,she was visiting a big stately home with the duchess in situ :yikes: :twirly: and she really seems to be enjoying herself
MEL ,hope your looking after yourself ,and trying to take things easy {yeah right lol}
SHAD i still have my sarongs from when i went to tunisia so im good ,thank god he missed mel and tonka trucks what A COMBO
HAPPY thanxs ever so much for the offer but i wouldnt inflict my poor tootsies on my worst enemy way too many hours in nurses shoes :yikes: :censored: but i will take you up on the pool and smoothies
HOLLY you are so busy ,but yet so cheerful i need lessons ,email them please
MEADOW are you okay hunny ??last post got me kinda worried and im not allowed to be worried hope your okay
TIG love the picture of the leathers i can lend you a jacket and helmet but your on your own with the trews ,my butt and leather trousers just dont mix {tell hubby ill get a go when i visit }
MOOZ lovely bright hello
ROSE how goes things my wilderness buddy?? calm and peaceful i hope
right ladies chicken and pickles calling ill be back tomorrow
have a good one girls
kirsty and bump

04-07-2005, 10:40 PM
Happy~ I keep telling my DH he can get a Harley when the kids are grown and gone ,he will be well into his 60's. His misses his hotrods! Boys never really grow up.

Shad~ your meal sounds devine!!!

Miss Mel~naps and small things sound great. I had quiet day( for me). Puttered a bit. Made banana bread. Trying to clear off the dingroom table.Hope you are feeling rested.

Linus~ very glad to hear you are well.I dont know about lesson. I keep my cup half full. i always think if this is as bed as it gets I am blessed.

Shad commented that we are doing lots of shifting things about and sprucing up,which we are. We have lived here for 5 years. The house had a nice kitchen and fireplace and a big property, surrounded by bush and a work shop. It met our criteria. The rest was really ugly and needed structural work. We paid next to nothing for it and have a really low mortgage which was also part of the plan.DH and I are both very handy. For 5 years we have worked on the BIG stuff. Like roof, siding, drainage, insulation, 1/2 the windows,jacking up the centre of the house, tearing up and regrading the WHOLE property, putting in a new drive.....
DH and I each lived alone for more than 15 year before marriage so we had 2 of everything and then wedding gifts. We kept everyth ing to see what we would actually use. So, now I am in the process of unloading what we dont use and reorganizing what is left. Reusing space more efficiently etc.
I am feeling very liberated and like I am acheiving a dream. 5 years is along time to wait to see the results of a humungous amount of back breaking labour.

I am stunned at the "stuff" I have let go. "Things" I have had for 30 years. Just dont feel I need them anymore. Kept a few special treasures!!

I am enjoying an evening at home. Everyone else is sound asleep. I have tunes on and I am cleaning and posting too apparently, LOL!

We go to DH's family on Sunday for a late easter. I am making coleslaw, relish dish and dessert. I think I will make a pumpkin cake.

Peaceful wishes to all!!

04-08-2005, 05:40 AM
Donít know the name of this rose. It is one I rescued from a neighbours garden a few years back.

Here is another bunch of them. Take a long sniff - its a delicate scent - sort of clean rainwashed rose scent, not a sweet or spicy scent by any means but nice - sort of lemonadish.

Too much clogging food today, not enough exercise, not enough fluid, not enough of anything really. Itís raining and cool and just nice. You can see the raindrops on the roses.

Jason and I got our times muddled, so I will go and see him tomorrow instead. We are going to talk goals first and then sort out a new program. After that half hour, I will do the Body Balance class.

I took a banana cake to my boys at the refinery today before I went into town. I guess they enjoyed it because I got several emails from them today. They tell me they are missing me. Altogether now - Ooooohhhhh, Aaaaaah.

Anyway, there is not much else to report today. Havenít done much at all around the house and took off to a shopping mall today after going to the recruiting place to sign my life away until August. Now the weekend is here. I will be working long and hard tomorrow to catch up - although Iím supposed to go to the facial tomorrow afternoon, I may well put it off until the following weekend. Iíll make the decision tomorrow.

**** to all - I've had a lazy day. Think I will go and laze some more in front of the telly.

04-08-2005, 02:13 PM
I have painted my toenails silver. I have been doing squats while I brush my teeth. Not a lot of continuous exercise but I have it in my head so you never know when it will travel down and effect the rest of me :)

Linus-I'm glad you bleeding isn't affecting the baby and you are being nurtured by your family, please remember you are cooking a little person down there and be kind to yourself and don't overdo, allow them to fumble around and HELP YOU! I'm alright really, just a bit unwell mentally, not depressed just scattered. Focusing and applying my goals is just beyond me these days it seems.

Shad-I love banana cake. :slurp: I'm sorry Jason messed up with the time, I'm sure it wasn't you :) Fingers crossed he is able to jump start your routine and get things happening for you. Would be nice if you felt invigorated before tackling this new job with the government guys, paperwork galore ;) Beautiful pink, tight rose, I want one too :D

Mel-Did you get out and about? Did the chair guy come and fix the glitch? I'm glad you are taking care and noticing when you need some downtime, it is really hard to say No sometimes but you have to look at the bigger picture, you aren't doing anyone any good when your grumpy and overtired. Ginger honey on toast always gives me a lift, not diet but not too bad if you have it for breakfast. Ginger is very good for you too, try and incorporate it into your meals somehow. Sorry, mommy coming out.

Happy-How did the doctor's appointment go? Is this new person someone you can connect with? Glad all the boxes showed up and all your stuff is there waiting to be discovered again. Enjoy the spring and all your sprouting flowers, serendipity awaits you, it will be fabulous to witness what comes up :D

Holly-Did you know Debbie is doing a paintline at Canadian Tire stores? You may have to find something else to paint :) She has separated the colour palettes into moods. I saw her on the Vicki Gabereau show talking all about it. Hilarious, they are like old girlfriends telling stories about each other. I loved reading that you are feeling liberated, just so positive! Congratulations on everything coming together, your home sounds terrific:D

04-08-2005, 07:33 PM
Meadow...I don't have silver toenails or fingernails but I did get out and about in my silver mobile!!! good for you with the squats! Every little bit helps!

Holly~ can hardly wait to see what you are up to this weekend and the latest project.

Linus~ I promise not to yell if you keep doing things the right way!! Love and hello to Miss Teel!!

Shad~ OOOOOHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHHH Bet you miss them just as much as they~ YOU! Have a great weekend!!!! The rose looks just like some my step~GGM used to grow. she owned a nursery. they were absolutely gorgeous like these and pale and lightly scented and I loved them. thanks for the pic and the memory!

I am really too tired to type and the fingers aren't listening to my brain. I made extra $$ this week in and out of the office this week. Just got the extra today!!! YAY!! ME!!! I might have some company over the weekend so if I am absent I will see you all on Tuesday. Monday is the Mall and I am going. Clara and a few others need some things from JCPenneys. I had a lovely ride for lunch and another one when break time came.
Vincente did NOT find the w.chair's glitch and of course it wouldn't act up while he was here. Today I decided to take it out while Willy(driver) was still around and see for myself. Nothing happened. If I didn't do it today...I would soon be too afraid to go out at all again. Been there, done that. I don't want to go back there again either. So I said screw it and went. Feeling much more in control of the chair rather than the chair of me. Hope you all have a great weekend just in case I don't come back. Love and hugs and smiles!!

04-09-2005, 05:10 AM
Mel's having company. Woo Hoo, should we be going nudge, nudge, wink, wink??? Should we, should we? Sorry to hear that you are so tired Mel. A nice drink and a bit of mindless tv and off to bed all relaxed and easy over. See you when you get back.

Meadow, the toenails sound quite grand and well done on the squats. Before you know it, you will be getting some extra muscle around the thighs and firming up the flab. Jason was saying this morning that squats are really good - and lunges - but more on that later.
We used to have Debbie Travis' Painted House on here on pay tv. There was another Canadian lady on too - ummm Lynette?!?? I think. Some stuff wasn't bad, but I couldn't believe anyone could work and stay so clean as Debbie did. I certainly can't.

Went to see Jason this morning before going on to my Body Balance class. He tells me that the probable reason why nothing is happening is because the body is bored and knows what it has to do and therefore just does what it has to without stress and strain. He is happy that I am doing 5 days a week, and he is happy that I am doing 40K on the upper body, but wants me to do more on the legs. I've explained that when I got to 80k the body went into pain in the back and knees. Now that I've got used to it, it is not so bad but will take a long time to work up to the next round which is 85K and he thinks I should be doing more than 90K. :yikes:
Anyway he has gone away to have a 'glass of red' and work out a new plan and will get back to me next Saturday when we will start out the new and alternate it with the old and change days etc. etc. Anything to wake up this stupid metabolic rate moron of a body. He asked if I wanted to go down a number of dress sizes - interesting concept, but no. Clothes these days are not a good judge of size since one can try on a 16, 14, 12 and a 20 all in the same store and they may all fit very well . On the other hand the 16 and the 14 may be too small but the 12 fits and the 20 falls off. Fashion aint what it used to be.

The rest of the day has been flat out. I've been assisting the fenceman and he is now finished and tidied up, got his money and gone. I've cleaned out the shed and there is a mountain of stuff like old pots, old garden chemicals, old, broken or rusted tools and stuff which the ex or the DS was going to do something about!!! I've chipped old tiles off the floor in the foyer so I can paint the walls and skirting properly and I have done some washing which will be hung out tomorrow. I feel fully entitled to sit and watch Monarch of the Glen, the Bill, and some of the 'royal wedding' tonight. Not that the wedding excites me that much. I like to watch the parade of outfits and guess who will be wearing what. What's the betting the Queen is in blue??
And who will get into some place which they are not supposed to be?

The pope is at last buried and this non-catholic is really pleased about that. It's about time we thought about something else. He was a good man, but he is dead, he was old, he was suffering. Goodbye pope. I find it amazing that a person who has absolutely no worldly assets can leave a lengthy will!.

So my dinner is ready. I'm having some oven baked wedges sprayed with olive oil and garlic spray and sprinkled with Szechuan seasoning and brother it is hot. Hoping the chilis will kick start the metabolism again. I'm also having some bbq'd salmon and a salad of baby lettuce leaves, tomatoes (home grown), olives, nmarinated artichoke and dressed with a lemon, lime and pepper fat free dressing. It's yummy. I'm off to eat - see you tomorrow.

04-09-2005, 10:10 AM
I have been watching a l;ot of PBS Tv myself. I cannot go over and over and over again with the news events that the networks contionue to bombard us with. I agree.
Glad the day was sooo productive and you got rid of so much from the shed. Makes me want to go back into my closets!!! :rofl:
good luck with jason the torturer and hope he finds new and ingenious ways of twisting and pulling the body! :rofl:
Hope Sunday is a lovely one and good luck on Monday with the new job! :dance:

I realize now that I never said it was my SIL but she is still in florida till May now. So I guess I will clean this pigpen of an apartment. working and cleaning never go hand in hand with me now. have learned to put priorities ahead and leave the rest. Can't do it all in one day anymore so why kill myself over it!!!
Shad....could it be that your teachings have finally gotten into this Yank?!?!?! :cb: Well I better get on with the day cause it's already after 9!!!! Have a gloriously happy weekend/Sunday!!!

04-09-2005, 10:53 AM
Morning chicks!
A glorious sunny morning!!! Supposed to go up to 18C today.

Shad~ you days have been sounding fantastic!! Your workouts to come frightening!
Mel~Gotta love extra$$$$$. Company is fun too!!! Enjoy this nice weather.

Yesterday was looooong. Whatís new, eh?

Hauled 6 kids all over yesterday. Etertained and tidied. DD had her gymnastics class last night.It was GREAT. She went last spring too. it is an AWESOME program. I put her in dance in the fall to let her see what that was like but it doesnít compare. 2 girls I babysit are going too. It was sooooo enjoyable.I popped over to walmart to get bulletin boards for the kids rooms for their treasures.
Then we drove into town for groceries. the kids were a little rammy and I was tired but we survived.Got home at 9:30. Late. DD was asleep, just carried her up to bed. DS needed some wind down time( gawd he is like me). Backrub, foot massage and chat.
DH went to see a buddy and play video games. I called at 10 to tell him if he was drinking to stay over night. His friend commented ( laughing his *** off) that the other ďwifeĒ had called screaming at her hubby to get home now. I am the GREATEST.ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO, for today. I slept til 9, wooohoooooo, having coffee. Trying to plan my day in my head as I type. To do: bake a pumpkin dump cake, make coleslaw for tommorrow; clean and sort out kids rooms, PAINT!..........I am avoiding thoughts of yard work cause my heart is already out there. I want to finish the house completely first before I get into the yard. i keep telling myself that is is just the first of April. BUT i could plant peas and lettuce and onions ....stop it already.
tidy up the kids and paint, baking tonight. I will make pizza for supper.
I woke to DH teaching DS how to play chess.DD is playing and singing to to herself. OH giant happy sigh.
At the library the other day DS played a grade 3 boy in checkers and won 3 games in a row. The grade 3er said ,wow heís tough. It was so cute. My boy is sweet and clever when he is not being a FREAK!
Okey dokey, coffee is done. Gonna put on grubbies and tidy upstairs.
Love to all!

04-09-2005, 01:46 PM
hi folks just a wee quicky im good babys brill and hubby and bopys are being sweeties got flu again so am in bed {well normally }so ill speak later had text from teel will try and catch her later
bye for now kirtsy

04-10-2005, 07:13 AM
My week off is over - boo hoooooo. I have enjoyed this week even though it has been fairly busy and strenuous.

Today I have been helping a friend with a cv, lifting tiles from the foyer floor - not a fun job and sanding the ceiling also not a fun job but totally necessary. The original painter of this place did not do a proper job and unless I get all the old paint off, the new paint will bubble and lift. So off it comes. Takes time, but necessary as I said.

After I cleaned up from that mess, I decided that patio time was a necessity. So I took a book and a glass of wine and spent an hour out there in the sun sipping and reading and smelling the roses and the heliotrope. It was nice. Must schedule some more of that time.

Tomorrow is weights time at the gym and the start of a new job. Should be an interesting day. Wish me luck.

Holly, DD's gym class sounds so good. I love to watch the littlies strutting their stuff on the aparatus. They are so cute.

Mel quote 'Shad....could it be that your teachings have finally gotten into this Yank?!?!?! ' end quote - one can only hope Mel. There is always another day - well 99 times out of 100 anyway. Why waste the day sweating the small stuff, when you can take it easy one day at a time. The $$ are handy but no need to kill yourself to get them. Can't spend them if you do that.

Well I am tired. I've had a nice dinner of pasta with red onion, tomatoes, chicken, basil and rocket. It was tasty and yummy and little or no fat. I've now made my salad for tomorrows lunch - think bed calls.

04-10-2005, 10:09 AM
Shad~ I did think of that while I was working....the killing yourself part. It's the first time I think that I ever said it to MYSELF!!! So that;s why I ate my own food, took 2 rides and came upstairs on the non-working days! I think I am getting the picture!! I tried to get Ringo here on the thread but must be doing something wrong! It's too big they say. Tried to edit it and it still won't come here:rofl: Have a great NEW DAY!!! Safe travels my friend.

Linus~ I am so sorry to hear you're not well again. Wish we could help somehow! Take care and glad Bump is doing well too.
Rest up....cause here comes the midnight feedings!!!:lol3:

Holly~ You have been so busy but the fruits of your labors must be very rewarding!!! And god knows you have been painting fruity colors!!! :dance: Hope you will all enjoy that cherry red floor I saw in the journal this morning!! :rofl: Happy SS today too!

I had my "official" weigh-in today :scale: and I have lost 1 more pound and 4.5". Most of them from the bloating in the bust/stomach area. I am happy cause that make a total of 30 lbs gone and I only need one more to be back where I was a year ago. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get passed that plateau. It's where it stops every time!!
I need to get off here and cook my food. Tomorrow is the Mall just in case I get lost! My SIL never left Florida so she really is staying till May. So no company this weekend for me!

04-10-2005, 11:49 AM
HIya chicks. I do have acherry red floor in the basement. 1 coat done, another to go. SS was good. it is beautiful and sunny. I am feeling festive for the Easter dinner this aft with the in laws. DS has a headache, poor kid. Just gave him some meds. We have an hour to relax. Went to the first bonfire of the season last night for a hour.
My weight is up. I have been eating to many breads. That is my goal for this weeks. Curb the carbs a bit!!
Have a peachy day!!!

04-11-2005, 03:16 AM
Ok, I have to admit it. I was offended at what some people said in the journals about the pope. Perhaps you are not Catholic and he meant nothing to you. That's ok. However he was the head of the church for over 26 years. And while I did not agree with many of his rather old fashioned ideas, I did think he was a person who embodied a lot of good in human nature. A refreshing change from the pomp and circumstance in the male dominated Catholic religion. And.. it's the monks and nuns who take a vow of poverty - not the priests - which I will admit is one of my sore spots about the religion but I digress... No doubt the man came into many gifts in his lifetime, hence the will. I am more of a practicing Christian than a practicing Catholic but I do remember a time many many years ago when I got up in the wee hours of a very cold Chicago winter's morning to stand in line at 2am for 7 hours, protecting a spot streetside so that my friend's elderly mom could catch a glimpse of the pope when he visited our local church. As I said, I did not always agree with the man, but I did admire him. There is a reason the lines at the basilica were 45 people wide and miles deep. In his long tenure he influenced many, many people. So what if a he made the news for a few days? I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted the fuss but there are others who didn't mind recounting his life - he deserved more than 10 minutes squeezed in between the latest accounts of greed, cheating and murders. You can always shut the TV off, and choose not to look at the internet or the newspapers if you're tired of hearing about something. As for the absurd journal comment about complaining about lowering the flag for a "foreign ruler" well... that's the comment that really angered me as a supposed well educated person should know that lowering the flag is a sign of respect - and it is in deference to the fact that there are millions of Catholics in this country.

I need to go walk off my frustration...

04-11-2005, 06:33 AM
Happy, I am so sorry that I have offended you with my comments about the Pope. I have/ had nothing against the man, in fact I think I expressed admiration for him. I'm not Catholic but that didn't stop me from admiring Mother Teresa either. I am genuinely sorry this Pope passed away, however I can't help but think it was a blessed release for him. He was a man with a brain and who in the end could not express himself. Did he really want to live any longer anyway?
The comment about the foreign ruler was not me but the one about the will was. I said that because that is the information we were given over here. Later I found out that the 'will' was not so much of a will as a diary of events, including the fact that he had considered giving up the Papacy. According to Australian sources, he died without any assets at all - all gifts and donations went to the church not him.
I did not watch the entire mass, that was my choice. There were other things I preferred to do, just as I did not watch the Chuck and Cammy show the following night apart from a brief glimpse to see who was wearing what and what the Queens expression was (stern as per normal).
Both the Pope and the Queen have exerted a lot of influence on this world - must of it for the greater good. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say the same of all our leaders. I can understand the people going to Plaza San Piero to see and farewell their spiritual leader, I just choose not to follow. However, one thing about that funeral that I will never forget - well two actually - first the Pope exerting influence from beyond the grave in that the Israeli and Arab leaders actually sat together and the world did not fall down! and the look on the face of that lady at the end of the funeral. That wishful and wondering expression will stay with me for many a day.

Again, I apologise for upsetting you as I have. Religion and politics are two subjects that should be left well alone on these threads and journals. Yes you are right, we should rejoice that the man lived and made his mark. Yes we should respect him for what he was and what he did, and yes he is worth much, much more than 10 minutes sandwiched between doom and gloom. That's it, I say no more.

First day at the new job today. Can't say that I enjoyed it that much. Hate first days anyway and this one consisted of being given two massive folders to read and a quick lesson on how to access and move around a computer desktop with Lotus Notes?!!! Yep right. One meeting and then left alone to sort my pens and pencils out. Just as I finished the 2nd missive, the guy coming running in to tell me not to read too fast as they are doing a rethink about what I am going to do, what the project is going to deliver and how much of it we can get done before go live date (1st July). Tomorrow will not be much better either from what I can see. Wednesday and Thursday I'm off on a training course for a product called OnDemand. That's cool - two days out of the office already. Took forever to get home tonight. I guess that when you leave the house at 5.30 in the dark and get home at 6.30 in the dark it will seem to take forever. This implementation covers the Finance sector put together in a module for the Public Service and Business Warehouse. Most of my stuff will be done through the SAP Internet Portal and while I did something similar in Townsville, this is new in that I've never had to go out to the unsuspecting public about this sort of stuff before. Could be interesting.

Not much else interesting. Food today only so so. Get to the office and find that they provide a $30,000 kitchen with everything, but they don't supply tea or coffee. Bring your own and bring a cup to put it in as well. So I am reneging on my list tonight. I'll watch a bit of tv and go to bed.

04-11-2005, 10:47 AM
Thank you for what you said... I know you didn't mean anything by your remarks - it's not your way. Perhaps I was being too sensitive, perhaps lesson learned (for me) that it's best to avoid even the most remote references to religion and politics.

Ugh, new job doesn't sound the best already. Are you on the rollout team for implementation or training - wait they did say they are rethinking what you are to do... :dunno: Hope it gets better as the weeks roll on. Can't believe they don't supply coffee or tea - never heard of that - perhaps the kitchen is not finished being renovated quite yet :lol: I've worked in places before that don't supply coffee cups - ok, so it's a good environmental thing, but what about visitors? Some had a supply of ceramic odds and ends cups that came from who knows where - I never felt comfortable drinking out of them, even if they did get a good rinse in the dishwasher.

As for the weekend... a scene replayed often throughout the past 2 days. DH and Happy in the home improvement store. DH goes off to buy tooly things and leaves Happy in the garden center. The cart groans under the weight and the wheels cave. DH says to Happy - Do we REALLY NEED all that stuff? Happy says :yes: Can't have enough color. DH says :nono: there is such a thing as TOO MUCH. Happy says I agree but we haven't gotten to that point yet. I found some lovely multicolored primroses that now adorn the corner of the front lot. And we have 2 new rose bushes - a pink one and a gorgeous orange with a yellow trim. The orange one is a climber - neither of us noticed at first so it can't go where we planned on filling in the 2 gaping holes in the "rose garden" on the side of the house. Well pink one is there and happy at least. We have an ugly storage shed on the side of the house. I suggested to DH to cover it with lattice work. We'll have 2 climbing clematis on one side and the new rose can creep happily up the other side. Did alot of work outside this weekend. The hot weather is right around the corner. Just reminded me that I have to get serious getting the weight off. Was mighty uncomfortable on the knees planting and trying to stand up. We also wound up with fast food quite frequently - all that salt is making me feel like a stuffed sausage in my skin. I am back to plan today - fruits, veggies and lean proteins. Started the day with an apple, pear and cinnamon protein smoothie - extra fiber in the fruits and the yogurt. ummm... good.

We're supposed to get severe storms again this afternoon and they aren't kidding when they say severe. Lord don't let the power go out when I'm in the elevator on the 10th floor. :hyper: :hyper: Today's morning email was a reminder of safety practices in the event of a tornado. Like I'm really going to hide in the ladies room on the top floor if I see a tornado coming at me :yikes: :no: I was also struck by the reminder that an approaching tornado sounds like an oncoming locomotive - how do we tell the difference since there are very active train tracks just across the street - trains pass more than once an hour. I think I'll go by that gut feeling of seeing the sky an ungodly shade of green that is not at all natural... At least the rains will wash the yellow pollen off everything. There is a price to pay for all these colorful blooms I suppose...

Well it's time to buckle down and get to work. Have a good one everybody...

04-11-2005, 04:42 PM
hey folks ,how are we all ???? im good have been to the docs this morning and answers are finally coming :dancer: i have not had the flu as i thought i have a sinus infection and ear infection and chest infection :mad: so im now on anti biotics and have since recieved my swab results from hossie and i have a cervical infection too but the anti biotics should cover that too ,so hopefully ill soon be feeling better
HAPPY i understand your feelings and can sympathise i once met the pope when he came to scotland in 1982 my gran recieved a long service medal to the chirch{she looked after the preists } he was an incredibly comforting person and really funny too made everyone feel really relaxed and comfortable i have let my religion lapse {as i couldnt confess to a man who used to bounce me on his knee} but i admired him for what he acheived and the comfort he gave but i didnt watch the services as i thought the poor man had been in the public eye for way too long through illness and ill health that he should have been allowed to bear privatly ,hope you dont get stuck in the lift either or mels firemen will have to come to your rescue :lol:
SHAD sorry the first day was a washout but hopefully youll soon get them whipped into shape :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
MEL well done on more weight loss :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: i am finally putting on weight still got 8 more llbs to gain until i reach pre pregnancy weight but i aint in a hurry
and to the rest of my worldy chicks have good ones ,never admit your wrong and breathe deeply
back tomorrow
kirsty + bump

04-11-2005, 08:00 PM
Happy~ I forget what I might have said but if you were offended in any way...I am truly sorry. No more politics or religion for me either. At the very least you got to go out and get some exercise with the "walk"! Sorry...I know that's not funny but we all get pissed about something sometime! ((((HUGS))))
Your trip to the store sounded great but when I was married the roles were reversed! :rofl: I couldn't leave him alone in ANY garden center!!! Our yard looked like a jungle complete with the jungle gym for Jen!! Glad to see you both making the new house a real home and making your own mark on the property. Have fun and enjoy it.

Shad~ I can just see you coming and going in the dark! ;yikes: sorry for the hours of traveling. How nice of them to let you out of the office so soon!!! And without a keeper??!! :rofl: Do you think they will decide SOON about the actual; work?!?!?:lol3: Good luck and keep us filled in....inquiring minds want to know.

Linus! You poor thing!!! I hope the pills start to work their magic and you feel much better!!! Sending (((((HUGS))))) your way....and Bump's too!!! Take care and behave yourself:rofl:
Hello to teel if you talk!

:wave: Saying hello th everyone else and any lurkers!! come on and join us. Jump in cause the water is fine! :dance:
I went to the mall but saved my $$. If I lost 3 lbs so far this month then maybe some of their brothers and sisters will fall off me too. So I have plenty of summer stuff to wear and it would be sad to buy more of the same sizes. I did get some paperbacks to add to the "summer in the park" program that I am imagining and creating for myself. Had a great day out and food shopping is for tomorrow. Take care and have a great evening/morning!

04-11-2005, 09:51 PM
Shad-sorry things aren't clicking along just yet, I can imagine what a chore it is for you to be there with this big question mark over what it is you are actually supposed to be doing. You'll whip them into shape :p Your dinner the other night sounded totally yummy, we can't afford tomatoes here at the moment, too dear. I am so salivating for some ginger chicken with rice (sauce has chicken stock, oriental seasoning, real ginger bits, garlic, green onions, tomatoes and chicken diced up and thickened with some cornstarch and poured over rice).

Happy- We aren't religious, so my kids didn't have a clue why this man's dead body was being carted through huge crowds on the tv. It was a very odd sight for them. It was a great opportunity to talk to my kids about the meaning of the lowered flag at their school. That is was to show respect for someone who had passed. Big hug. Good to hear you are getting dirty in the garden and making plans for total coverage of every inch with colour. I will have a yard to start from scratch in, all bare dirt :lol: My first purchase will be some trees :D

Mel-you are doing so well on your slimming plan, 3lbs is fabulous. I haven't bought any books lately to read, I just zone out, pass out of an evening these days. Tell the truth now about the money saving, you just didn't see any gear that appealed did you? I feel a pair of capris in 100% cotton in your future ;)

Linus-phew, glad you have been diagnosed and have the drugs to combat your many infections:yikes: I hope the little passenger will not be affected. You need to have your full energy. How could you talk about having to gain weight? That is just cruel :p :p You beautiful little incubator woman, I hope you are sipping tea and enjoying yourself now that you have the good drugs to kick your ailments to the curb :^:

Holly-your kids sound very active and busy, just like their mom. My girls would love gymnastics but they are already falling asleep at school so it will have to wait till they are older. Congrats to your son beating the big guys at checkers, great ego booster. What vitamins do you take again? I need more energy :p

I think more than I do. I know what I "should" be doing and enjoy the exercise when I am doing it but applying the knowledge and actually "doing" is escaping me. I really dislike being such a mess. This too shall pass :smug:

04-12-2005, 01:02 AM
Evening ladies,
Any and all who would care to share some of your yummy recipes, please do. I'm always looking for something new to try... :T

Meadow, good luck with the yard. Planting trees is always a good place to start. Just make sure you plant them far enough away from the house. We planted a tree at the old house, was supposed to only get about 12 feet high at maturity but it must have really liked the soil as it grew to well over 20 feet. Had to keep cutting the limbs as it rubbed up against the house. It was most gorgeous in spring with beautiful white blossoms. As for trees, don't get a sweet gum tree. I thought maples were a pain with their seed pods. These make the most horrid messes at least 3 seasons out of the year. Anyway have fun with your clean slate of a yard.

Mel, do tell us more about your summer in the park program please? Nice control at the shopping mall today. Save it for something special.

Linus, that was a nice story about your gran. Sorry to hear about the infections. I hope little bump is a sleeper for you as you surely have had more than your share of discomfort with this pregnancy. Rest up little one.

Shad you have a very long day - is it because this job is further away? I don't envy you the commute and you're the best if you manage to make it to the gym with all that travelling.

I am trying very hard to be good and have some good stats for the eco challenge. I decided that for me, the best thing was to focus on one aspect for the week and if I did nothing else, do that well. So for this week it's the water. Glug, glug, glug.

And now it's off to bed for me as I have an earlier than usual start tomorrow and I WILL NOT BE LATE. G'night all. :yawn:

04-12-2005, 06:31 AM
I'm now working in the centre of the city Happy, so the commute is longer than before when I was out at the port and had only two motorways to speed along before I got home. This way, I have to find somewhere to park the car reasonably close to but not in the city, and take public transport into and out of town then drive home. I'm still working out the best routes to take. I leave home early to go to the gym and then go into town and come straight home. The mornings are not too much trouble, but this getting home at night 1.5 hours or more after I leave work is becoming a frazzle. Usually by the time I get home one of two things is becoming desperate - loo or food. Which means I'm chucking stuff down the throat - some of which ought not to go. Fortunately there is little that is really bad in the cupboards or the fridge.

Linus, I so hope that these drugs will fix the problem. You must have had more than enough of feeling rotten. Have you heard from Teel? Is she still lost in the wilds of Derby?

Mel, well done on saving the $$$'s if you keep losing then you will be able to go out and buy some more smaller sizes soon. Wish it was me that was losing so well. Mind you the blip from last weekend is slooooowwllyyyyy moving. Amazing how fast it gets there and how slow it goes away.

Meadow, I may send some tomatoes over to you. I have them coming out of my ears as the trusses on the bushes are ripening faster than I can eat them. I gave a large pot of them away to my friend down the road over the weekend, and have as many again to get through myself. And I haven't been out there in daylight this week, so have no idea how many of them are now ripe and ready to pick.

Things are disappearing on me. I just wrote a spiel about the job and it has totally disappeared. The rest of the post is still there. Weird.

Anyway to recap on the job. Don't get used to your seat, they'll change your spot next week! Make that tomorrow. Apparently I am to be shifted to sit with my Business Analyst so I can fire questions at him as necessary. Tomorrow I go on my OnDemand course and that lasts till Thursday. Friday, they reckon they will have something for me to do. I hope so. I told the bloke that I report to, that I am not coping well with this inactivity and suggested that if they can't find something for me to do, I would like to suggest I do it at home. There is a limit to the number of times you can read a standards document and I've been through just about every file on the V drive that I can get into. Brother am I bored.

Right a bit of mindless tv and bed. What a life!

04-12-2005, 10:26 AM
Meadow~"I think more than I do. I know what I "should" be doing and enjoy the exercise when I am doing it but applying the knowledge and actually "doing" is escaping me. I really dislike being such a mess. This too shall pass " This really struck. it is the same for me with weight loss/fodd/exercise. I empathize completely. I wonder if is related to having young children.They really do need so much form us. There is not much left over for ourselves.
I had a virgin yard here too, five years ago. I love theat every single plant/tree out there I chose, dug the hole and nurtured.You will really enjoy it!!

Linus~ I am glad that you have sorted out the infections and are taking meds. HUGS to you and bump!!!!!!
HI Happy, Mel&Shad!
Come out and play chicks!!!!!

I need to get a life!!
I moved a round table that my cousin( deceased) built out onto the deck. Everything he made was SOLID and huge.I have several pieces. This one has never had a home. So, I was looking in flyer for a round table and 2 chairs. Well, they are all about $200. So I look at this table and go, hmmmmmmmmm. It looks great. It has a dark walnut finish. So then, I have these 2 old lattice back plastic lawn chairs. Very stained and ugly. I pick up that bonding spray paint for plastic. I paint the chairs( in walnut of course). It works beautifully. I am just tickled. So now I have a little seating nook on my deck that only cost $14. I am beyond excited.
Once the chairs dry I will be able to go out and have my morning coffee on the deck, and lunch, and sit and read...........
I just astound myself( and DH) with my cleverness, ROFL!!!!!!!!!I did FANTASTIC with food yesterday.
I was a completly exhausted by 4pm. Made it through supper, took DD to dance. I popped over to the bank and started back, except I just kept on going towards home. Opps. Forgot about DD. Mosied back to get her.
When I got home all their voices started to sound lke the parents on Charlie Brown. I went to bed, slept for an hour, got up did dishes, laid on the couch watched 24, went to bed and slept from 10 til 7 this am. Whew! I needed that. No meeting this week! I go to do grandma's hair will be nice to get out by myself.
5 kids today. 2 are not coming cause they are sick. Beautiful morning so far.
Aiming for good food intake, low amounts of bread, again today!!!!!

04-12-2005, 01:39 PM
Oh my goodnight I have had SO much trouble logging on and have finally resorted to requesting a new password and then changing it to one I can hopefully remember!!

Anyway I am back as you can see but I have only popped in to lurk and am going away again to read pages of chattey posts so I have something to say when I come back...bye for now. See you tomorrow probably....

04-12-2005, 03:37 PM
Welcome home Teel!!!

04-12-2005, 05:04 PM
hey my worldy chicks how are we on this windy ,wet and bloody cold night???/im good had my 4 months antenatal today,i got a row as ive only put on 1llb and not the 2 id thought ???? so im still down 9llb :?: i also got cream as my cervical infection is thrush so i am actually feeling a lot better not so clogged up or headachy :cb: :cb: :dancer: conner had his check up at the sick kids today and they have decieded that hearing aids are needed :( :mad: and he will nedd them for life im sad but glad that they have finnaly realised that the 19 gromatt operations that hes had did not work :mad: TEEL is home and will check back after she has had time to catch her breath ,right im knackered way to much done today so im off and ill be back tomorow
love from me and bump

04-12-2005, 06:59 PM
Love back to Linus and Bump , Keep us posted on your recovery!!!
Just glad they know what is wrong and it's not Bump!!!

and welcome home TEEL!!! :cb: :dance: do tell us all how the trip was!! Expecting to post any pics?!?!?:rofl:

Happy! I have decided that until I can get a chair to depend on, that I will do a lot of trips to the park during the week just to get away from the office and try to end their dependence on me!!! :faint: It's a passive way of fixing the problem but I think it will I have a thermal bag now, paperbacks, sketchpad, small radio and I need a new water bottle, suntan blocker and a decent hat and I'll be ready!! sooner or later they will learn how to handle the bldg by themselves!!! Cause if I can do it from a chair with no "education" in the field of Housing, then they should....right?! :rofl: My continued absences should do the trick...well at least that's the plan! It's already working a bit as I have been disappearing already. Keep those smoothies handy and I will bring the sarongs!!! Maybe even those little umbrellas and fancy straws!!!

Shad~ Don't get too comfy in one chair?!?!? This job sounds like they need you badly and better hurry up and put your skills to good use! :rofl: Hope you fine "someplace" to call home and the commute gets better. Have you found out if you CAN pick your own hours yet?!? Good luck and don't hurl things at anyone yet!!!

Meadow~ I did like Happy did. I tried to get one thing in place before I got another. Trying to do it all at once was defeating me. don't know if this helps or not. (((((((HUGS))))) and you know we love you warts and all!! :rofl: Good luck playing Mrs. Landscaper!!! sounds like fun. Hope it will be too!

Holly~ Jen and I make treasure out of trash too! :rofl: Very nice that you got it all done for the $14 !!! Good for you! I alwayus feel soooo accomplished when that happens!

I filled in today and we were short handed again! Plus they were all just "NUTS" ! Is there a full moon coming?!?!? Between the tenants and the staff, my friend and I were about ready to start smacking some heads. there is a delay in that new Boss thing so the ship still does not have a decent captain. Thus the drama and the saga continue uninterrupted! Pathetic really. Well, the day is fast coming to an end and I need food, exercise and a shower still!!!! Have a great night all and good morning Sunshine!!!
:wave: Waving a hand at the missing Chicks!!!

04-13-2005, 06:13 AM
I would hate to have me in a class that I took. I ask too many questions, I pust too many buttons, I try things that we havenít got up to yet and I get into trouble when I donít listen up so well.

But at least I keep them laughing.

I toddled off to the training course this morning and I think I may have found the new route to and from work. If I cut my training sessions from 50 mins to 40 mins and maybe do one extra per week to make up the leeway, then I can get to the railway station and get into town to work by 0800 hours which means I can leave around 4.30 or 4.45 and be home just on dark without a lot of traffic hassles. Good stuff. Knew it would work itshelf out eventually. Now all I have to hope is that they find me something to do. Itís bad enough to live with the guilt of being overpaid without having nothing to do and being overpaid. Still I wonít grizzle too much as this month I have managed to save enough to pay for half of my next RTW ticket.

Chris has suggested Italy and Switzerland for next years holiday. Suits me I think. Now I have to think about what else I want to do on the way there or back. I better hang on to this job for the next year or so, just so as I have enough spending money to go everywhere I want to go.

Since I had today off exercise, I had time to go out and pick the ripe tomatoes. Now I have another container full of the little devils. Just about everything I eat seems to contain tomatoes. Next they will be sneaking into my cereal in the morning. Anyone for some fresh picked tomatoes - organically grown, no pesticides, no herbicides, just good old dynamic lifter fertiliser, water and mulch. Please say you want some!
It may have been a day off exercise, but I walked up and down a few hills and did a fair number climbing steps as well.
Brisbane is a lot hillier than it looks.

Food wasn't too bad, but I did go astray with the morning tea provided by the training company. I did pay for it later with a big sugar high and then let down. Serve me right, I'll learn for tomorrow.
Toast, avocado, tomatoes. Coffee
Snack - scones and jam - too much sugar, I paid for it later.
Lunch - 3 pieces of Sushi
Dinner - penne with onion, tomato, chicken and basil tossed in mediterranean herbs
Snack later will be some fruit

Don't have time to go back and check everything tonight as there is a lot of other stuff which must be done tonight. I'd better get off here. I'll be back tomorrow.

Hi to Teel, glad to see you back.
Glad to hear Linus is feeling better. Sorry to hear about Connor, but at least he doesn't have to carry one of those bloody great ear trumpets around these days - eh wot was that you sed??

Okay, time to go, sort out the kitchen and do some more laundry. Since I got home earlier I had better get some bits and pieces done hey! See ya

04-13-2005, 09:49 AM
Linus~ Now that I read shad's post I see the bit about Connor. I am so sorry to hear this and hope there will be no more operations either! :faint: Poor kid! Hope the h.aids work and he can hear me singing from Jersey!!! :rofl:

Shad~ busy woman please send some t'maters to me!!! The ones in the store feel waxy ans don't smell good yet!!!NJ is known for our tomatoes but of course they send them out of state to fetch better prices! :rofl: I see a lot of fruit and veggies from 3rd world countries that propably use all the insecticide we sold them when we could no longer legally use it in THIS country :lol3: :lol3:
Hope the job gets busy and keeps you on your toes soon!!! Can't have you getting bored!!!

I had a good OP day yesterday and am taking the nest 2 for myself. Need to catch up on some stuff. Have a great day/night!

04-13-2005, 12:59 PM
Mel~ we get tons of blueberries from Jersey too.
DS is home sick. I woke to him barfing onto my bed. Mom's are so blessed.Quiet sunny day tho. I am doing a LOT of laundry and am able to put it out on the line.Nice.
Food has been on track for 3 days.Had an enjoyable glass o wine last night.
Still moving things around. I took a shelf out and replaced it with a unit that was a childrens store display (solid) that was going to the dump. HUH? It is beautiful. The kids love it.I snuck some toys out for the thrift shop too.
Glad everyone seems well!! Good news on the Linus front for everyone!

Off to fold sheets & blankets.

04-13-2005, 05:01 PM

by W. E. Henley

OUT of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbow'd.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

*Powerful poetry, I love prose that inspires me to keep going

04-13-2005, 05:35 PM
just a wee quicky all is well im good kids are well so is huby way too much housework done and now im knacked speak to you all later
kirsty and bump

04-14-2005, 01:40 AM
There's a little bit of a Chinese girl at work and she is pregnant. She has this tiny little swelling under her sweater and every time I look at her I think "bump". I picture Linus and "bump" - what a great pre-baby nickname! Have you decided on any other names yet?

I am the master of my fate Meadow but I better do some good fast or the rest of me will mutiny :lol: Holly your house sounds like such a cheery place. You should start the Canadian version of the decorating show - decorating on a dime. Of course it also takes a good eye for looking at something and knowing just the right way to use it.

Eek Mel, you know until you mentioned it, I never really gave it much thought about possible icky stuff on the imported fruits and veggies. Guess I'd better double wash! We live in soggy land here - I will try to send some rain Shad and Suzi's way but the ground is a mess and they won't start working on the yard until it dries out a bit which means my garden area won't be cleared which means I might miss the planting season this year. I really don't want to start from seed. I did get 4 tomato plants which I will probably plant in containers for the interim.

Shad I would LOVE to have some of your tomatoes. Would probably cost 2 years wages for the fines for transporting vegetation across the borders so I guess we just have to all come to your place for a tomato picking and eating day. :T :T :T :T :T - Can I ask the rose lady a question? We have a gorgeous climbing rose that is budding all over. We can't plant it until they tear up the side yard. Will this thing do ok in the container for a while? Perhaps I should just plant it in a large pot and then transplant it. I just don't have a trellis at the moment for it to climb on. I'd hate to lose the plant. We were hoping they'd start work on the yard by the end of the month. Doubtful now.

Mel, I really like your day in the park plans. I do hope that you indulge yourself on a regular basis! And welcome back Teel - we eagerly await a run down of your adventures.

I had the most divine dinner. Grilled salmon on a cedar plank. It was hot fudge ice cream sundae good :T :T with a nice cucumber side salad and some steamed asparagus. DH and I went to dinner at one of the local restaurants a few weeks ago and their specialty was pork chops or salmon with grilled vegetables cooked on a plank. It was so good that when I saw the planks in a store, I had to try them. Not something I would or could do all the time but it was nice to try. I never would have thought cooking on wood would turn out so well - and it smells like a heavenly camp fire too.

Found a new exercise for the arms and abs. It's called skimming all the seed pods and other debris dropping from the blasted sweet gum trees out from the pool. I was doing that this afternoon while DH was cooking - good workout. I think this pool is going to take ALOT of care and feeding - good thing it was DH who wanted it. I did see a pair of water dumbells at one of the pool stores - got to pick up a pair before they run out. I think I can remember most of the water aerobics exercises.

Pool water is 56 degrees. A bit too chilly yet. The air temperature is about 52 degrees which is starting to feel cold. Funny last year I'd have been running around in a T-shirt singing spring songs if it was 52 in April - now I'm putting on a sweater and telling DH to turn on the heat for a while.

That's enough babbling for now, time to get to bed - I've been overly sleepy lately - it really hits me mid afternoon. I keep wishing I could hide away for just a 20 minute snooze. 'Night all...

04-14-2005, 07:25 AM
Evening all,
I'm so tired, my brain hurts, I hope I can remember all that I learnt. It will be an early night tonight, that is for sure. Back to the office tomorrow. Let's hope they have my desk, chair, computer and work sorted out.

Ummm what else, not a lot going on in my direction. Not much to talk about really.

Happy, you can leave the rose in the container for quite a while as long as you water it frequently and feed it with rose fertiliser and liquid fertiliser once a month or so. Roses are a bit greedy - they like lots of feeding, however they really aren't that big on water unless they are in a pot. Actually roses are quite drought hardy. Make sure it gets plenty of light and sun and you shouldn't have too much trouble. What are you having done to the yard? Thank the DH for that lovely photo. I will get back to him soon.

Meadow, great poem. Love it.

Gotta go. Bed calls.

04-14-2005, 09:13 AM
Linus and Bum~ Hello you two and see ya later when Mom brings you back! :rofl:

Holly~ You remind me so much of Jen and I....always inventing furniture. Jen does it with clothes too:lol: Have fun. the rewards are such good feelings of acomplishment inside!

Meadow, I am the Captain of my soul and a bldg of 100! :rofl: I liked this very much and not to be patting myself on the back but it reminds me of me! :rofl: I am never down for too long a time....sometimes only a matter of minutes. I am Scarlett of New Jersey! Hope you are getting properly motivated!

Happy~ I can hardly wait for the right weather to start doing this. I just wish the park was lush with greens instead of a city park. I would LOVE Central Park and all it's trails!! Hope the rose bush holds out. My GGM was a florist and she would keep the potted bushes in a metal wash tub of dirt or mulch(not sure which) if she couldn't get out to plant it right away. This way the roots that were hanging out of the holes in the bottom never dried up and "burned" so she said. It was almost like being "planted". Good luck with the yard drying out and hope you get time to plant something this year. You and Shad always make the fish sound soooo good! Maybe someday I'll like it:rofl:

Shad~ We will have to start praying for a desk and all the trimmings for you!!! Hope the brain is taking a nice snooze right about now. sleep well. Have a great day tomorrow. Is there more schooling coming up? Nice of them to send you for new resume credentials and all for free!!!!

Had a great tossing out day yesterday. I opened the cedar chest and tossed away! Jen came and we went through stuff. she doesn't want it either. I coached her into tossing it too! :rofl:
The fridge is freezing my produce and some went into the freezer and the rest into the garbage. when they said Iceberg lettuce my fridge took it literally! :rofl: Well I have to get dressed! The new one might get here today! Have a great Thursday/Friday!

04-14-2005, 10:33 AM
Monumental Joy and Sadness all at Once
It is an overwhelming, mixed up feeling.
Hanging out in my head.
Lots of thoughts. Mostly I am feeling insanely happy. I am loviní getting this house in shape. I feel like I am taking charge of my life. I feel like I am an empowered parent. I feel like I am making wise decisions. I am in a totally fantastic groove with my husband. I am living in awareness.
I was verbally attacked at the church last Tues by the woman who doesnít like me, in front of about 10 people. It got back to one of the Momís I babysit for. She said the kindest, most thoughtful things about me, to me, and how much she and her husband and her parents and in laws adore and value me .
I was not upset about the attack. In fact, I laughed and told the woman to get over herself , that I had done nothing to deserve it.
I have been thinking a lot today about how much my perception of myself and my place in the world has changed in the last year. I am approaching my 40th birthday(in July). I keep thinking we will have a party and maybe we will. The weird part is that I would be inviting ďoldĒ friends who donít really impact my life any more .I do care about them and it would be nice to see them.
All that truly matters to me is the well being of my children , my husband and myself.
I keep bubbling over with a sense of joy.
The old me would have doubted or second guessed it, or sabotaged it somehow.

April 26th is the anniversary of our friends death. The flower bed I was working in when I got the call to meet his wife at the hospital to ID his body , is right outside the window of this room. Every time I have gone to work in it this spring I cry.
When I have been painting the basement I think about how excited my husband , this couple and I were about last summer. I think about the plans to play pool in the basement when it was done. The card games, going to the beach, pizza nights, sleep overs........ I think of our 4 kids running through their backyard at dusk 2 nights before he was killed.
I think about the endless pain and bullshit my friend has faced besides her and her childrenís grief. I want to scream at the unfairness of the world sometimes.
My emotions are all LARGE right now.The joy is winning .I know Ben would be happy for our happiness.
I cherish every moment of my life with my family and with those dear to my heart.

I have decided to take a break from the TOPS meetings. I will weigh in every other week. I did get to food Basics last night. Lots of fresh stuff in the house.
DS really wanted to go to school. I am not sure he is all better. I sent a note. I have 6 kids coming and going to day. A few hours here and there. It is a beautiful spring morning!!!
Lots of bedding to fold. it was glorious getting in between crispy sheets that were hung on the line.
I had a great sleep. Allergies are happening but I am managing them.

Have a blessed day dear chicks!!!

04-14-2005, 04:38 PM
hi folks ,how are we all ? good i hope ? we are all good and dandy,antibiotics seem to be clearing my chest just have to deal with the gunk!!!!! :barf: but ill get there !! kids are good and so are the dogs :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
MEL :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: IT GOT HERE the magic box has arrived and it made my week the baby clothes are beautiful but i feel soo guilty as you must have spent so much money thankyou so very very much
HAPPY garden and pool sound like hard work but so enjoyable but i bet youd rather be exercising in the pool :lol:
SHAD sorry your so knacked hope you get more rest soon
MEADOW i would have thumped her sorry but way to go you on being sensible :bravo:
and to all who remain hello
bye for now and back tomorrow

04-14-2005, 10:12 PM
Holly~ sorry about the sadness at the same time you will have the joy of those happy memories of the good times spent with friends. ((((HUGS)))))

Linus~ You are very welcome and you and bump were worth every penny when I heard that happy voice of yours!!! Take good care of each other!!! Maybe you should print all of bump's messages out so he/she will know what went on for 9 months! :rofl:

Tired tonite but a good tired. Got some wash done and it needs putting away but that can wait till tomorrow. I really just came back here to "see" my friends. somehow tonite I was feeling a bit lonely. Hope this too shall pass! :faint: Have a great night and Good Morning sunshine!

04-15-2005, 12:51 AM
Hey Miss Mel, I'm sorry that you're feeling a bit lonely tonight. You know we are always happy to see you. I think you need to take up singing again. The journals are kind of boring now that we talk instead of sing. I had one of my CDs from the 70's on today - very good songs and it put me in an upbeat mood for a change. I didn't swear at the stupid drivers nearly as much as I normally would have!

Linus, good to hear the meds are kicking in and your chest is clearing. Just don't cough too hard and push out bump to an early arrival!

Holly I understand how hard it must be dealing with the emotions of the senseless act of losing your friend. I must admit that since I read that running red lights and stop signs was the major cause of vehicle deaths, I have taken to yelling and hollering at people who blow stop signs. This means I spend a good amount of time in my car yelling. It just annoys me to no end how people have this blantant disregard for safety. Like you said, life can change in an instant. Be strong and support your family and your friend. Make the life you are living today a good one for those around you. We have an elderly relative who has fallen into the pattern of depression over some deaths in the family. My husband said he cannot understand how someone can cut off everyone alive to dwell on someone dead. But that happens sometimes - doesn't mean that those alive mean any less to the person. I have seen it so much that I am prone to think that it's also a way of dealing with their own approaching mortality.

Shad, I can so relate to those ultra tired "don't even talk to me" days at the office. That's what makes me wish my life away quickly always hurrying to get to Fridays. Thank you for the advice on the roses. It's the opposite of what I would have thought. My roses thank you for saving their lives. The new pink one we planted is doing well. The others are kind of spindly - I suspect they didn't get fed at all last season. Never fear, we'll get them going again.

Boy I'm tired myself tonight. Maybe if I get to bed a bit earlier I will wake up on my own and get in a little morning exercise. Hope springs eternal, 'night all.

04-15-2005, 08:34 AM
Mel~ I come here to visit firends too. I have journalled every day since last June. It has filled a huge void in my life. I think we are truly blessed in this site and each other. I think it so so cool how people find a group they connect with, with all the choices between ther journals and the threads.We are fortunate.

Happy~thank you! I try to live my life well and appreciate each moment.
Grief is a funny thing. it was actually a release to think things through yesreday and I DID go clean up that garden. 2 daffodils are peeking at me right now.

Yesterday was a weepy day. I had 7 kids here.We spent most of the day outside.They played I gardened ,some helped me.I love that everything in the yard thta is growing I planted myself.All trees, shrubs and perennials.The day lilies I panted last year are sprouting!!!
Rhubarb is poking through. I ahve the yummiest recipe for a low fat rhubabr bread.I bake tons and freeze it. Give it as gifts too.
I copied yesterdays entry for my friend and wrote a letter. I included pics of our kids together.
I emailed it to some friends and the principal. He and I have really connected( kindred spirit).He is 60, of course.LOL! He sent back to most beautiful reply.
Touched my heart.
I had a pounding headache last night. I did the dishes, folded some laundry and was in bed by 9.DH went at 8:30,kids went at 8. Quiet household here. We all slept til 7am, woohoo.
Happy bunch this moring.
DH got a call about another job.He has a phone interview today.
Big kids all in school today. I have 3 little ones here. 2 girls are staying over night.Their Mom is at a conference and Dad works 18 hours today.
My Mom offered to buy patio stones for the walkway between the deck and shop for me for my Bday. I may go look at those today with the kids.
I didn't get more painting done. Sleep won out.

Have a delightful day dear chicks!!!!!!!

04-15-2005, 09:48 AM
Hi girls I hope you are all ok today.

I had a great week in Derby with my very good friends...the husband and children are the ones I went to London with last year. The best outing was the one to Chatsworth which would have been greatly improved if we hadn't had to keep dashing for cover out of the rain showers!! :rain: It is a very beautiful home of the Duchess of Derbyshire which has enormous grounds whith loys of things to see and a large lake. We didn't get to go in the house as the are 160 steps all in all and I didn't feel capable of doing them all safely as I am still relying on crutches some of the time. We had a drink and a cake in the gigantic tea rooms which I think my house would have fitted in to!!
At the end of the week we were driving home through blizzards and apparently there was a layer of snow at home so my neighbour said...I hoped it wasn't too cold as I had turned the heating off before I left!! Good job Holly has a fur coat!!!
Unfortunately the day before I left I went down with a stomach bug which meant I was being driven to the station when I said to Anne "you'll have to pull over 'cos I'm about to throw up!!" so she did, and I did too!! :( :o :p
Anyway I managed to get home without any further disruption to my bodily functions!

Sadly I came home to a huge row with a friend of mine who was very very upset that I hadn't let her know that I was going away for a few days. Everything I did to appease her wrath turned out to be the wrong thing so it has ruined a good week away for me. I was more upset than she was I think 'cos I think she was being a tad unreasonable. Yes I know I was wrong in not sending her a text but I have said sorry half a dozen times at least and took her a card and a bunch of flowers which were received very ungraciously. Anyway I hope it is all over now. I think she had had some bad news and had a bad week and she had rung me at home twice and not been able to get hold of me and was worried that I might be "under the floor boards" . Why she didn't ring my mobile or text me I don't know. Ah well. Not a good homecoming.

How is everyone? Linus and bump (not bum as Mel wrote earlier!!!) are going through the mill rather...Shads this part of the new job? Happy is needing an early night...Holly is having a hard time too.
Well its time for me to be off and go visit my neighbour who has resigned from her nursing job (again!!) She too is very upset about the circumstances surrounding her departure but I won't go in to that now.
Bye for now. All take good care.
Love from Teel.

04-15-2005, 02:23 PM
hi everyone ,MEL i am so glad i finally got you off the comp{thanxs shad for the email trick} so happy to hear your voice and we must be getting used to each others accent there was hardly a "what pardon" :lol: the baby gifts are just beautiful ive showed them to everyone and when brother in law visited today hubby showed him too :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but we are both very grateful and very humbled to you and aunty jen
im a lot better today actually slept last night for more than 2 hours with no loo breaks :o and no throwing up :barf: so im a happy chick.
did anyone else have problems with there hair while pregnant????? my hair seems to have developed a mind of its own :fr: :stress: and wont do a thing i ask of it and that includes not standing on end :rofl: :rofl: Conner crashed at 8 ish last night and slept right through till 8 am this morning ,hubby and i took one look at him and sent him back to bed and he slept till 11.30 .he has no temp but a very runny ear :mad: so were keeping an eye on him ,craig is just craig but he is behaving so well im leaning towards the calm before the storm :rofl: :rofl: hopefully not but experience tells me to brace myself and batten down the hatches ,and pray he will prove me wrong :rofl: :rofl: :crossed: :crossed: so im going as im going to see my freinds tonight for a nice long blether
have good ones chickies and ill speak to you tomorrow
kirsty and bump

04-15-2005, 06:44 PM
Oops, missed yesterday but heck, I slept through most of it anyway, it was more of a bad news day than anything else - more bloody reading, however I did get to see and do a few things on the computer and I have finally got a userid and a password to SAP even if I did have to find it myself and get it sorted out. And I now have a list of things I am supposed to achieve - and I don't know the first thing about the subject. Good stuff. I'll learn.
Yes Kirsty I had to go do some training to be able to use the training development tool that the OSR want to use for training. It was a good two days really.

Mel's obviously been posting parcels all over the world. I got one yesterday too. Thank you so much Mel. The card is - how should I put it - a fairytale. The guy's got to be gay!! And funnily enough, I hate shoe shopping. I put it off and off and off until I literally fall out of my shoes. It's so hard to find nice shoes for people with short, wide, flat and fat feet. Don't feel lonely Mel. We are all here for you, not always as often as we would like but frequently I see something stupid happening around me and think about the giggles we would get if we were together - or I see one of the many people here in motorised wheelchairs getting along and doing their thing and I think of you. It can be lonely living alone, but unless you can find the one person who you think you can share with, there is no point in second best. Make the most of the space you have.

Linus and Bump - hello. Glad to here you are going well again. Hair is something I don't have any talent with anyway, mine stands up whether I'm pregnant or not. Self willed hair is what I have. Anyway, apart from the fact that mine fell out in chunks after being pregnant, I don't remember having much trouble with it. Give my love to Connor, hope those ears get better soon. Say thanks to Craig for behaving. It might give him such a shock that he does it more often. Kids = bah.

Happy - all advice on roses is free. Hope they all survive the learning process. You simply have to accept that some won't and I can remember killing off a few at the beginning through sheer ignorance and bliss. Now, I just make it a habit to give them a haircut, give them a spray of some sort of natural garden stuff to keep the aphids and bugs away (even the ones with boots) and give them some food and a security blanket (mulch) all at the same time. Apart from that, all I do is water once a week, pick off the dead and spotty leaves and pick the glorious flowers. The anticipation, the view of them and the smell is therapy for a busy life.

Teel - old buddy, don't you know how much we love and worry about you! Obviously so do your other friends. So if we don't hear from you for a few days, and start asking questions then we get more than a little over-excited. Learn to live with the concern my friend. You friend obviously had a real fright when she couldn't get hold of you and was putting some very bad thoughts to the scenario - as I did myself a couple of times some years back until your friend Annabel got in touch - and later Simon. Yes she could have tried your mobile, but maybe she just didn't think of it or maybe she couldn't bear the thought of it not being answered either! Next time you decide to go away - put out a broadcast message to at least one person in each of the groups of your vast circle of friends.

Holly, good for you in the garden. It sounds like it will be very nice in a week or two. I love rhubarb. It's always been a favourite. My Dad used to grow great clumps of the stuff. We used to eat it raw as well. I seem to remember we ate so much of it one day, there wasn't enough left for Mum to make pudding that night. We were not popular with Father as he rather fancied rhubarb crumble. If we try to grow it up here we have to treat it as an annual plant and pull it out and throw it away after a few months. It does not grow well and the stalks are really skinny and mostly lacking in flavour. Last time we were in England, Chris and I made piggies of ourselves with rhubarb scones and pies and pastries. Yum Yum. Not good for the waistline all those puddings.
Grief is a funny thing. Sometimes it takes years to get over a death. Living with the aftermath such as your friend has endured can cause the grief to last longer as well. Generally speaking, a psych person I know told me that it takes at least two years for deaths of close family members as a general rule. Some friends as we all know as closer than some of our families - this means just as long if not longer.

Well it is Saturday. I have the dentist this afternoon to rebuild a tooth, and back to Jason the torturer at 9.00 this morning and then Body Balance class, so I better get a move on. I'd best do some shopping, I'm almost out of vegetables and fruit and need a few bits and pieces, but considering I haven't done a full grocery shop in nearly 3 weeks I'm doing okay. I and emptying some of the packets from the pantry and meat out of the freezer.
Oh and by the way, scales moved downward for a change this morning. I had a bad time last weekend and saw them move up to 74 one morning - up 2 kilos - but gradually through the week they returned to the normal boring 72k although I had been glimpsing 71.5 occasionally. This morning I stepped on and 71.5k came up and stayed - hallelujah. Long may it last.

04-15-2005, 08:38 PM
Hello, All! :wave: Even though I don't post much more than once a week, I do read almost daily. I hope all my ESP discussions and comments have made it across the states and seas. ;)

We picked up Slim's motorcycle at the dealership this morning. He gave me fright with a scary episode of a clutch vs. accelerator vs. brake vs. a car vs. TigHeartAttack. We all survived with nary a scratch. (Nary=None :lol: )

He's spent most of the afternoon riding up and down our street practicing starting, stopping, and turns.

We are having the Motorcycle Blessing on Monday night. I spent this afternoon moving tables and chairs into the FL room (of course) and the patio in preparation. And cleaning. In between running to the road to make sure I could still hear the ROAR of his most beloved Harley.

This morning we got up ultra early so we could go to the beach to watch the sun rise (only because Slim couldn't sleep ONE MINUTE LONGER). The beach has been remarkably repaired from last year's hurricane damage compared to the last time we were there. Then we went to breakfast. It was still an hour and a half before the dealership opened so we went for a leisurely ride through the fancier (aka pricier) areas along the beach. FUN!

No race this weekend, so tomorrow will be another neighborhood run. On Sunday after church we are going to go help a guy unload his furniture and boxes. He finally found a place to rent - he's been living in a motel for the past month. Housing here is very expensive and hard to find right now. I think part of it is that people in Miami are getting fed up with their high housing costs and evacuating from hurricanes for more than double if not triple the amount of time on the road that those in our area spend.

Next weekend our two dearest darling grandsons will come visit us while their parents spend time painting their house. We've registered them for the 5K that we will be running. I only need to finish, so if the boys want to walk, I'm fine with that. If they want to run, I hope I can keep up! :rofl:


04-16-2005, 11:58 AM
Happy Weekend my Worldly chick Friends!
Teel~ You did give us a fright also but I thought you had mentioned a future excursion and was praying that was true! We all care and I am sure your "in person" friends would even don't be too mad at her. she loves you:dance:
glad the visit was well and I would have loved the "castle" as it has so much room for me to zip around in but the stairs might pose a small prob;em! :rofl: Hope you are feeling well and a bit rested from the time away. I can't believe I said linus and bum! :rofl: :lol3:

Holly~ I am surprised at no PAINTING??? I would have thought that 1/2 the neighborhood by now would be a different color!!!
Hope the dh has success with the job interview and your headache today finds another head to locate too! :yikes:

Happy~ thanks and not sure where that feeling came from. I really am not all that happy with my "other" website. they just don't seem to "care" all that much. guess it came to me as a surprise all over again!!! If it wasn't for a few friends I would leave there all together. (sigh) I am playing the lottery in hopes of moving closer to you! :rofl: You and DH can come and direct my landscapers then!!! Hope there is time for Happy and you have done some good things for yourself as well!

Shad~ guess it takes time for a job to settle down! Been so long since I had to get a NEW one that I forget! :rofl: Take some hammock time and finish that book.....or is it getting cooler now?!?!? I too think of all of you and when I see something I laugh at what we would have said together. Jen was just asking about you on Thursday. We talk about you all like you are "real" if you get my picture:rofl: Happy sunday when you awake!

Tig~ Very good for you and slim getting home in one piece and have a great Blessing!! Are the neighbors as thrilled as Slim????:rofl: :faint: :rofl: enjoy and stay safe!!! It's such a shame about the hurricanes and tornadoes and such and what they do to peoples lives but alas we are helpless except to evacuate. Easy for me to say cause by the time these storms get her they are usually spent! Enjoy the beach and I love the walks you get to have there. Have a great time with the DGSs too!!

Linus~ I am so glad again that you and Andy are happy. We enjoyed sending it as much as you getting it. It warms our insides!!! Jen and I had a good chuckle over your accent as I have a neighbor down the hall that is from Scotland and I told Jen to times her accent by 10 and that was YOU!!! :rofl: I was a bit surprised myself that I didn't say WHAT every 5 minutes. Must have been a good ear day for me!! But then f*ck translates so well in any wonder we can understand each other! :lol3: :lol3: Sorry to hear about Connor and send ((((HUGS))))) and tell Craig that he better behave at least till Bump comes along!!! :rollpin:<-----Aunt Fannie

Been cooking and now have to do some cleaning. The bedroom is a disaster area. These last 2 weeks have been a bit too busy for me and I am trying to make Mel time here!!!!
Tomorrow the wind is supposed to be gone and temps in the 70's! :faint: :dance: :cb: should be good for riding....maybe alongside Tig and Slim!!! I will get the car wax out and do a good job on the chariot!! I am also going to clean off the A/C in the bedroom JIC I need it to sleep with! :rofl: Hope the weekend holds fun and sun for all of you!

04-16-2005, 12:26 PM
'Morning chickies :coffee:

It's going to be a beautiful weekend that will no doubt be over in a flash. I've got lots to do around the house. Next Friday I go back to Chicago to pick mum up and bring her back for a visit. I'll be spending the weekend there and I will be eating pizza. I sure do MISS Chicago pizza. So I have to be extra good this week and earn my treat.

Lots to clean and fix and polish and get outside and enjoy some fresh pollen filled air - achoo, achoo - 'scuse me. But at least the sun is shining.

Gotta run, first load of wash is ready for the dryer. Hope you all have a great day, will be back tonight to catch up.

04-16-2005, 01:32 PM
hi chickies just a wee quicky as im off to the pub ,as im feeling so much better i need some me time too lol ,ill be back tomorow to update you all rest easy and clean well and ill speak to you all tomorrow
kirsty +bump

04-16-2005, 03:08 PM
A very merry un-birthday to all the worldly chicks!

Spring is here, the grass has riz, I wonder where the squirrels is?
Open the windows and let the Spring air in :D

04-16-2005, 06:44 PM
Meadow, thank you for the Un-Birthday wishes. Think maybe I will have an un-birthday day today. Yesterday was a run, run, run faster day. Nothing seemed to be in reach all day. Love the 'Smile it's catching' bug.

Linus - Hope you enjoy the pub. You certainly need some me time and you need the relaxation that comes with being with friends. Hope the smoky atmosphere of the pub doesn't upset you tho'. Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time.
Don't know about Scottish pubs but the English ones we went into were always full of smoke and no air filtering, unlike here where hardly anyone smokes indoors anymore - mainly because there are only a couple of places you can smoke in public houses now. Smoking is becoming a no no in the lands downunder. Queensland law now states that there is no smoking in restaurants even outdoor ones. Pubs and clubs can have rooms for smoking but they can not be anywhere near where food is served. The shopping plazas and malls have long been no smoking zones as are offices and Govt deparments and now a new law has been introduced so that smoking is not permitted in open air shopping malls, parks where children play and the beaches. Tourists have a problem on the Gold Coast because they are told to swim between the flags (livesavers on duty) but they can not smoke on the beach between the flags. I understand Victorian State Law is to follow suit this coming summer and NZ has had these laws for years. The dreaded weed is losing it's hold.

Happy - I think weekends are on double quick time. How come I can get up early on a weekend and go to bed late and get a whole raft of things done in about half the time it takes a Monday or Tuesday to go past?
I don't think we had any Chicago Pizza when I was there, did we? Whats the difference between a Chicago pizza and an anywhere else pizza?? Enoy the trip home to get Mum. I'm sure you will enjoy being with the family again even if it is only for a couple of days. We look forward to hearing the tales of the MIL in the new house over the coming weeks.

Mel - over here hammock time is relative. Actually it is just as nice in the winter as the summer - no flies or mossies! and less humidity. Temps only drop at night really. Summer temps are around 20 - 35C (50 - 100) night and day with high humidity. Winter temps go from 8 - 25C (45 - 80F) so you can see that is really is only night time that gets cool. I don't have a real winter wardrobe, I simply put a jacket over the summer clothes - you get to take it off around 10.00am and put it back on around 5.00pm. No winter here really - although don't tell a Queenslander that, you will probably get throttled since they get out the winter woollies once the temp gets down below 20C.

Oh yes I am 'real'. There's plenty of 'real' me. Should I cut a hunk off and send it over so you can see how 'real' I am!

Tig - It is so good to hear of Slims delightful excitement with the Harley. I was reading the entry and thinking back to the excitement in the kids eyes when they saw the Christmas tree and all it's goodies. I hope he and you get much joy and fun out of the new purchase and you get to go places that give you much pleasure together. I hope the neighbours survive the interim period of Slim getting used to the machine. I guess we need a picture of the big beastie so we can picture the two of you riding off into the sunset to the next 5KM race somewhere. Blessings on the Blessing for Monday.

Yesterday was a day of not a lot being done around the house and lots of things that I had to get in the car and go out for.
Jason the torturer has sorted out a new method of achieving his goals for me. We went through them yesterday and I will try them out again at tomorrows session. Since I have had to change my times at the gym, I will have to factor another session in during the week somehow. Jason suggests I stay at the four during the week and put in a biggy on Saturday. There is such a lot to do at the house that I may do an evening session instead and see how that works out. No doubt it will take some time to get it to the 'organised' state and still have some day left at the weekend.
I also went to the Dentist and had a tooth rebuilt and it looks pretty good. The next and last thing to be done is the root canal job on the tooth next to it. That won't be happening until May because that will be the next time I get paid and I'll have to watch the pennies until then. Then I did some shopping and came home - did a LindaT and cooked a few bits and pieces for lunches for next week. I can't afford all these bought lunches any more. $5.50 a pop for a sandwich - yikes - even if it is a MYO. (make your own - they supply the bread, roll or wrap and every type of filling you might like to put on the bread and you build a sandwich of up to 350g. If you exceed the 350g then you get charged extra). Buying fruit is also so expensive in the city. So it's homegrown for me.
Then a friend rung and told me she has quit her job, lots of crying on the shoulder. I didn't sympathise. She has been *****ing on about the job for years and should have gotten out sooner. Now they have given her so much grief she is on the verge of a breakdown and is still wondering what she did. I keep telling her that she is not the only one to blame, but that she is being used as a whipping boy. She has this impression that because she is fat and over 40 she will have trouble getting another job - she has only ever worked within the food industry. I keep telling her that she can fix the fat, but will never be able to fix the 40 and it is her attitude that holds her back not her appearance. Let's face it, I had the same attributes when I completely changed my job and my income in 1998 and it's never done me any harm. So anyway to cut a long story short, she wants lessons in Microsoft Word and Excel and she wants me to help her. I will have to find some time to sort out some stuff and get her on to it. It's going to be a bit difficult since I don't think she has Ms Office on her machine at home and so won't be able to practice. I may have to try to fix my old computer and lend it to her to play on. Shucks another job for the list.

Right well having spent far more time on the computer than I can afford, I'm off to catch up on yesterdays stuff and get onto todays stuff - more sanding, more tile removal in the hall and mow the lawn before it gets up to the windowsill level.

See ya

04-16-2005, 07:26 PM
NIc e to pop in for a peaceful read through. Everyone sounds pretty darn wonderful!!!
Spirng has sprung in BC for Meadow. I have a few squirrels if you want some.

I wanted to say thank you Shad for your comments yesterday.Youa re right of course. I think My flower bed outside this winddow will be the official Ben garden. I cant think of it any other way.
Thanks to everyone else for their kind words and well wishes!!!
Quietish morning( when DH wasn't babbling about his creepy boss,lol).Went to see Grandma this aft, dug up some day lillies!
Came home for early supper. The boys are out to watch hockey. DD just had a bath. I havea MOUNTAIN of tidying and cleaning to do. I did do some painting today. I will FINISH the floor after church tomorrow. Then I need to paint the stair well. Then I can build the fort!!!! When I got home last night DH was down there playing pool, weehee!!!
Hope everyone is happy !!

04-17-2005, 10:26 AM
Holly~ Hope the Ben Garden blooms away this summer!
Glad your headache is gone too and hope you enjoy your new chair and stones!!!

Meadow~ The Spring graphics are very cheery in our new home!!
Hope you are cheery as well!!! I ha going to have an UN-birthday today! The weather is gorgeous and the new canary is singing his heart out!

Shad~ Hope the friend appreciates you and Jason is not to hard a task master this week! Good luck! Have a great week. i want to move to a place with temps like yours:dance:

Linus~ Did you both have a great time????? :rofl: Which one of you was the designated driver:rofl: :lol3: :lol3:

Happy~ Hello my busy friend. Glad you are getting it all done. Will there be time soon for you and DH to put the feet up and actually have time to drink those smoothies?? By the way....will DH be wearing a sarong too??? I will bring my new camera from Xmas:rofl:

Well girls I don't want to waste a minute of fresh air later and have a lot to do before I can go out. My Eco Challenge/MT challenge(the other website) was not good this week. No inches or lbs lost. I am just BARELY 170. therefore I must do better this week. when I was working I didn't drink as much as I do by myself. OOPS! Have a peaceful day and take care.

04-17-2005, 02:58 PM
Mel~ I MUST do better too.

I just dug out 5' diameter circles around two poles by the road and planted tiger lilies!!!! DH and I cleared out the back hall closet. 90% of the crap is going to the dunp!! I am amazed he is throwing stuff out but very thrilled!!! Amazingly there is now room for winter coats,boots and the kids back packs! TA Da!!

A game of Go Fish is in my immediate future,then floor painting and then a shower and the making of a brilliant meal!!!!

We didn't go to church. Farmers are planting corn today so I would only have 2 kids another mom offered to teach! It iwas soooooo nice to to have to get dressed and go anywhere!!

04-17-2005, 03:43 PM
hi my wonderful chickies,last night was a blast practically had the whole lounge to ourselves
plenty of gossip and baby talk :lol: im having a harry potter day today ,andys got a hangover,craigs gone up town with mates and conners sequested in his room so peace for me and cleo to lie and observe :) so im off now and ill comment and catch up tomorrow
night all

04-18-2005, 03:38 PM
My word we are quiet on this front. Is Rose on vacation? Haven't heard from her for a while.
Just bumping us up. See ya tonight.

04-18-2005, 06:53 PM
Just got back from the emergency room......I never got to the mall. We hit a dip in the road and I went flying up in the air and landed on my bottom....still attached to the chair with my straps though. The pain was unreal and at first they thought it was a compression fracture but then realized it was an old one I never even knew I had:faint: They also found osteosporosis. I thought you could only have one "disorder" at a time and told them so! :rofl:
So several pain shots and off to x-ray again! Then they finally let me go home. In case I disapperar you will know that I can't sit up for awhile. The demerol is wearing off and my script isn't here yet. Take care of yourselves in the meantime and I shall return.....this too shall pass.:rofl:
There is a part of me that can't even believed that this happpened and POOR Willy feels terrible!!! I had to force him to leave me at the hospital and go back to work! They made him fill out incident reports and everything. The poor ******* was a nervous wreck! OK Best get into bed like they told me....Love, Mel

04-19-2005, 01:42 AM
OMG Mel! You gave me chills reading your post. I'm so sorry. BIG HUG. Rest and get better, don't do anything that doesn't feel right. Give yourself time to recover. I feel so awful for you, what a scarey time this must have been. I'm glad someone was by to help you to the hospital and have you seen to.

04-19-2005, 02:06 AM
Mel, Mel, Mel... why can't people just kick into the furniture around here? We seem to have some pretty scary injuries around this place. I'm so sorry to hear of your accident Mel, sending you some healing thoughts and I hope you can be resting comfortably. And all this just when you got the journals singing again... :grouphug:

Holly, Lillies! there were the most beautiful lillies at the store - I so wanted them but couldn't decide where to put them. Tonight DH and I went for a short walk before dinner. We trudged up a hill / cove/ circular drive and the house at the top of the crest had the most beautiful pink calla lillies around their mailbox. I wished we had the camera with us.

We have ourselves a nice little rose garden of about 8 bushes. The new bushes we planted are doing nicely. One older bush is infested with I suppose aphids - looks like the white exoskelton ?? of some little buggy creature. From away it almost looks like dust but close up, nope, it's bugs. And I think one bush has black spot. I don't think the former owners did much on the feed or preventive maintenance. We have one red rose that bloomed a big bud but never really opened properly. I told DH that perhaps with some care and feeding they will perk up again. The tree blooms are fading and the last of the lot about to bloom is the magnolia trees. Judging from the size of the buds that's going to be rather impressive. Then I hope we are done with pollen, sneezing, stuffy noses and bees and hornets :df: :lol:

Linus, I hope that you finally got a bit of peace and quiet for yourself and little bump. Meadow - if you're wondering "where the squirrels is" I can tell you that they aren't here - we used to feed them in Chicago - actually they feed themselves even if you don't want them. But DH has been running them off the property here. They get into the house and can do extensive damage.

Shad, you have asked the infernal eternal question as to why the weekends are so productive and fly by. I often wonder if weekends were 5 days long would we enjoy them more or would we long to extend our 2 day work week into a longer time? I'll be the first to volunteer for that experiment :D And no, for some reason we didn't have pizza when you visited. I guess I'd have to say that everyone makes pizza in their own way. And when you move to another part of the country or world, the pizza just doesn't taste the same and you crave what "felt like homestyle". The pizza sauce isn't the same here, nor are the meats. I will be bringing an odd assortment of things back with me this weekend - 6 jars of broiled steak seasoning and spices I can't get here, some nice chocolate squares -- lest you say now Happy you should know better :nono: , they are for the chocoholics at the office, some cleaning wipes for my hard to clean eyeglasses and probably a few pieces of frozen pizza. I can't wait until security x-rays my carry on bag. Well at least I left my lighters at home - no more lighters allowed in your luggage as of this past Thursday - carry on or stowed luggage. Good thing I don't smoke anymore or I'd be panicking. I daresay the airports will do a brisk business selling disposable lighters now. And speaking of :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: Wednesday will mark 1 year that I have quit smoking. Over 11,000 cigarettes not smoked in that year (that boggles my mind) and I have saved over $2,500 and supposedly gained back 2 months and 25 days of good living. And the sad thing is even given that, I still want to smoke. Not a day goes by that I don't think about it. But even in this semi-tobbacco friendly state, they are still forging the effort to stamp out smoking and you do see it less and less. Thank God we aren't in the pool hall anymore. That was the worst temptation. Anyway, it's well past my bedtime so goodnight to Tig and Teel and Rose and all the other fine chicks on the thread. Rest up those poor hurting bodies of yours - I won't even tell you what I felt like on Sunday after an entire day of gardening. :headache:

04-19-2005, 02:20 AM
*coughs* May I join? ;)

04-19-2005, 05:27 AM
Be our guest Ms Extraordinary newiesara. Think I might just call you Sara. Welcome to you. I'm sure you will sort us all out shortly. We're generally a chatty bunch, but just now everyone is a bit shy. Well not Mel or Happy or Meadow or obviously me. Anyway, I'm just checking in to say hello, not much to report, too much work and not enough time, grusome gym session on the treadmill this morning. Looking forward to my rest day off tomorrow. I seem to manage to really wear myself out in the 30 minute sessions. Looking forward to weighin and measuring at the end of the month. I sincerely hope for Jason's sake something moves. Bl**dy torturer.

Mel, what can I say. I hope you can move tomorrow. And I hope there is no permanent damage or even lingering damage. Get better soon buddy.

Happy, your birthday card is going to be late - but then it will give you something to look forward to won't it? I'll get around to answering the emails and pictures soon, maybe over the weekend. I tend to not do much after work at the moment. I'll have to stop that and just work through the exhaustion. Mind you once I get into working with the new system - if I ever do - then I will relax somewhat.

Okay, off to bake a spud and eat with my previously roast spiced pumpkin and some roasted herby onions. I'm being a veggie tonight. See ya

04-19-2005, 10:17 AM
Sara~ are you a Newfie in BC?? Very bi coastal of you!!!! I am plunked in the middle in Ontario. Welcome!!!!! Love your pic!!
Back later for personals.

No "Plans"!
There is lots to do but no deadlines or commitments! I have 3 little guys today, all of whom nap.
Possibilities: Pay a bill, book campsites for Dhís family reunion in July, buy hooks for shelving unit, clear off diningroom table,sweep/wash floor, sit on my *** watching mindless tv, read a brilliant novel, take a shower, get dressed.........
Apparently I will change a poopy diaper first.
Tomorrow night i am presenting my parent handbook to the Home and School Association. DD has dance photos at 5pm first.
I had a small( less than 1/2 cup) bowl of ice cream before bed last night.

Nothing too fantastic to say today. I slept 8 hours, exciting.
It is going up to 26C today. Very summerish for April. we need rain. It has been in the forcast but has not appeared.

Off to face the diapers.

04-19-2005, 12:44 PM
Yup.. I just HAVE to be near the water, you see.. :-p
I used to live in Brantford, so I know what it's like to be smack in the middle of the country. *shudder*! And thank you for the compliment!! :D

G'ahead and call me Sara. Or Sar. Or Sars. bwahaha.
So I guess I'll jump right in.

Last night I walked 26 blocks.. and when I got home, I found out that I had walked 3 km, or 1.8 miles! yay for me!!!

04-19-2005, 02:04 PM

Hey Sara, welcome to our little world of mishaps and goal setting! We rally and keep continuing to muster the courage to face each new day with renewed energy. I personally am just in an whirlpool, struggling for some purchase to pull myself up out of the body that I have eaten myself up to unfortunately my fat won't let me go :p I wrestle with it every day and I don't burn a single calorie, I think it is a conspiracy of some sort :s:

Happy- the garden sounds so fabulous. You need to pull off those black spotted leaves from your roses or it will spread to the other rose plants. Aphids usually look like spit on flowers with little green bugs inside, if it is really powdery stuff, it maybe powdery mildew which you will need to us copper spray to get rid of. Take an infected couple of leaves in a plastic bag to the garden center and they will give you the right stuff. Funny how different sections of the country have there favorite flavours. I remember being in Dallas once and having a pizza with jalapeno peppers on it, hoo! I couldn't get the water down me fast enough, that was spicey!! They even put hotsauce on their eggs in the morning! Take a seperate suitcase for all your cache of goodies, that way it can go straight into the kitchen when you get home :rofl: Hmm, pink calla lilies, do they smell? I love the shape of calla lilies, actually my mom used to make a desert which was called "Calla Lilies" it was a soft cookie which you pinched at the bottom while they were still hot and after they cooled you filled them with whipped cream :T: whoah! flashback :dizzy:

Shad-so Jason has you running on a treadmill? your poor knees, I hope you are doing your stretches so you don't suffer too terribly. Remember to drink your water. So work is really awful? or just really taking up alot of time? I hope you are feeling useful there and getting them organized :smug: Fingers crossed that it all comes together and you are smiling within it all soon :^:

Holly-put on your gloves and hospital mask before attempting diaper removal duty :rofl: Imagine you with free time on your hands? My suggestion is the novel, I have the new Sue Grafton which I am just itching to dive into, but after I finish my Oprah mag... isn't Oprah something? Her magazine is always chocked full of inspiring, thoughtful stories about people pushing forward through all sorts of trials and angst. I don't feel so bad about my little life when I read how others are living, some folks have had it rough.

Linus-how many people are touching your middle section while they ask their baby questions? Are you feeling that out of body, something is taking over feeling yet? Cool that you had the lounge pretty much to yourself, a little home away from home. I'm glad you were feeling well enough to get out. It is Spring and you should be inhaling deep of all that grand fresh air!

Teel-I'm sorry your time away had a cloud over it with your buddy getting miffed when she couldn't reach you. I bet you "did" give her a scare, she must really care a whole lot. Give her a hug next time you see her and tell her you are sorry she worried. Take the high road. Sometimes a little communication and listening does the trick and smoothes the biggest riffs over. I'm glad you are back too :D Hope you are enjoying your day :)

I have nothing much to say about my weight issue today. I haven't been exercising, eating is soso. My mind set is positive in a resigned, could happen sort of way. :?: I know, I know... I'm working on it.

04-19-2005, 02:32 PM
oh your poor fanny :shrug: :yikes: im sending you lots of fluffy clouds to perch on {delicatly} :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: oh hunny rest up and get well and take lots of pain meds no feeling brave and trying to do without :nono: :nono: :nono:
HI SARA and welcome to the madhouse :rofl: :rofl: actually were not that bad ....welll not all of us :o :o im on a dieting break at the mo as im now 17 weeks pregnant {bit of a new years accident :rofl: :rofl: } but good luck on your trip
well folks got some great news today ,the down syndrome and spina bifida tests are absolutly clear ,perfect,no further action required :cheer: :encore: :encore: :grouphug: :dancer: :flow2: so very happy chickie here ,craig is still behaving and conner ...well conner is still very much conner :dancer: :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: andy has started nesting :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: organising cupboards and painting dooor frames ,poor mans knackered
SHAD im getting very hormonal and will willingly sort out jason the barbarian for you hunny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: keep up the brill work i just dont know where you get your energy from
HAPPY your garden sounds wonderful ,i love magnolias you have to take lots of piccies for me ,i also adore lillies ,tiger day,calla i love them all
MEADOW youll dig yourself out hun {hopefully real soon} i miss the bright bubbly you ?? and antonio too {i really mean that honest :rofl: }cheer up chuck
HOLLY thanxs for the poopy diaper flashback :faint: :censored: :stress: :stress: flashes of things to come :?: think ill pass that particular duty on :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
SUZI where are you hun ???? camping,decorating ,???????
right folks im going to wash the dishes and take me doggys out for a walk catch you all later and have good ones
kirsty + bump

04-19-2005, 06:51 PM
Just popping in to see if dear MEL has posted anything in here since she horrified everyone with her Journal post. Lots of good thoughts, prayers, vibes, and crossed boobs are wending their way to Joisey.

04-20-2005, 12:48 AM
Linus :D and for anyone else who likes Antonio Banderas here is a compilation of a few of my wallpapers

04-20-2005, 01:56 AM
Meadow, does Melanie know about you? :s: :s: :s: :s: :rofl: Great pics! Good advice about clipping a few rose leaves for examination. I think I will do just that, thanks for the suggestion.

Welcome Newfie Sara :wave: You do realize that now that you've spoken up, we expect you to keep talking :gossip: I always like to see a new face around here - relieves the pressure for me to keep talking all the time.

Mel, I hope you are feeling better today but I sort of think you are feeling the brunt of the fall today. Rest up and I hope some of the people you always look after are looking after you these next few days...

Linus, I tried to retrace my steps to find the house with the beautiful calla lillies and we wound up walking all over the hills and vallies of this area but no lillies. I'm sure DH will remember the exact spot. It's supposed to rain the next 3 days - next chance we get we will be snapping a picture for you. And I'm glad little bump has passed all the healthy tests. Whew, what a relief for you I'm sure...

We did a 25 minute walk yesterday and today DH took me to all sorts of new streets that all seemed to end in a dead end not once but several times so we did alot of back tracking. Got almost an hour's walk in. Then I had to water the front flower beds I'd spent so much time, money and hard labour putting in. We don't have a water hose in the front so I made several, many - well actually lots and lots and lots of trips with the watering can. They are talking rain here but I just know if I rely on that, it will rain across the street and not on my house. I didn't get done until almost 8pm which is way too late to have dinner. Warmed up some chicken and grilled veggies to nibble on. So I'm doing good this week on the eco challenge for exercise and water and so so on the food. I am really fighting the temptation to nibble on something late at night - around 11 when I should be heading to bed instead of thinking about food. This is night number 2 where the only thing I've allowed in my mouth is big gulps of cool water.

Guess that's enough for me for the night. Have a great tomorrow all...

04-20-2005, 07:35 AM
feeling too tired to do much tonight, so I'll write this missive and go sit on the couch and watch some tv. If I go to bed now, I will be awake around 2.30am and that is a useless way to go.

Mel, I hope you are resting up and feeling better than you were, although I would pick that you have a very sore toosh. You poor old thing.

Happy, good stuff on the walking the neighbourhood. Sounds like a good way to get to know folk around the place.

Linus how good to hear that 'bump' is developing as she should. I'm having lunch with a friend next week whose baby is due in July and it is called jelly belly!!! I ask you.

Sara, glad you came back for a second helping - hope you manage to find your way back again.

I see we have even had a visit from Ruthxxx of the crossed boobs fame. Hiya Ruthie.

Food this week has been a bit weird. I've been feeling so tired that I haven't really bothered with structured meals. Some I've even left out altogether. I probably haven't drunk enough water either. Hope I get used to this job soon. Then things will start to settle down. I think I am doing okay, but there is so much to figure out and so few people to help me out. I have to sort a lot of it out more or less by myself and since much of it is legal, it is a bit hair raising. Still, I've sorted the portal (which is only a web page with a link back to a program). I personally find it a bit frustrating but can understand that it cuts costs and the purchase of further licensing etc.etc. Many companies are doing the same thing.

Anyway, my cuppa is ready and I'm off to sit in front of the tv and blink occasionally. It's tonights exercise.

04-20-2005, 10:13 AM
Raining!!! Just started. A nice ground drenching steady rain. Farmers will be happy. They started to manually water wheat yesterday and they planted corn on Sunday.
My flower beds need it. The ground was too hard to dig weeds out.I went to the church board meeting last night. Interesting.
I couldn't decide what to do with my planless day yesterday so I did an hour of painting(stairwell-yellow), placed 4 patio stones,raked for an hour and then took care of the kids in between. It was enjoyable.( Not exactly relaxed Girlie, LOL)
Errands today.
DH is home so far today-waiting out the rain.
Dance photos tonight at 5:15 then drop kids at home and then I am presenting my handbook to the home and school.
I came back to read last night but once I sat down I was too tired to type. I am thinking of you all and am enjoying your springy posts!!!!

Off to run the errand loop. Hope the little guys sleep!!! ( first I have to change poopy diaper) LOL!!! Get ready Linus!!!

04-20-2005, 01:01 PM
Thank you all for the wonderful welcome :D For the past two nights I've been doing a 3k walk at around 9pm. It takes me half an hour (which floors me, I thought it would be longer), then I come home,drink some water, and get in bed and talk to the boyfriend over Audio chat.

And, as I'm finding it very hard to wake up, I think I won't fight it any longer and crawl back into bed. *yyyyyawn*

04-21-2005, 05:47 AM
Sara - geez you are getting up some speed there. 6KPH is very good and must be doing the power of good for you. Well done.

Holly hope the presentation of the book went okay and DH is not whingeing and grumping about the weather or the job! Get him to change the poopy nappies! He'll be out of the house long before you've noticed he has gone!!!

Feeling much more perky tonight - surprisingly - since I had less sleep last night than the previous two nights, but hey who is complaining. Not me. I might even get some work done around here tonight. I've pulled out the cherry tomato plants and there was a lot of damaged fruit on the vines, so I cut of all the buggy bits and put them in a big bowl added onions and salt and will be making chutney tonight. Not exactly diet friendly food but it's nice with a bit of cold lamb or beef in sandwiches. A bit is not going to make much difference. Bit being the operative word. The house smells of cooking vinegar and tomatoes and onions. Yum yum.
This weekend will see me pulling out the roma tomatoes as well. There is a few fruit left on them as well. May have to think about pulping them for sauces etc. They will get frozen.

We have a long weekend coming up this weekend. No work Monday - yahoo. Will be able to sort myself out around here for a change.

Oh yes I had a mail from Mel. Here it is. Word for word.

For those wondering about the Porangi. Mel found this word in the Maori/ English dictionary and it more or less means Madwoman. Actually literally translated it is a derivative of Porangahau - meaning the mad wind. Hau being wind and pronounced somewhere between how and hoe. End of lesson.

Okay, that's about it. Day is almost over and there are things to do, places to go and people to talk to. Catch up soon.

04-21-2005, 09:27 AM
Shad~ I roasted my plum tomatoes and then froze them.
slice in half lengthwise-place in roasting pan-toss in some garlic clove halves and diced sweet onion-toss with enough olive oil to coat-roast uncovered at 300 until the edges start to brown-cool- bag and freeze-YUMMY!!- goos in sauces on meat- by themselves.............

04-21-2005, 09:44 AM
Oh Mellie Mellie Mellie! What are we going to do with you? You poor old thing. That was not a nice thing to go and do to yourself, especially as it was not your fault at all, m'dear!!! Are the painkillers helping now? Are you getting enough sleep to start off the healing process? A big [[[[[HUG]]]]] to you although I suspect more of a gentle squeeze is in order :grouphug: It brings back memories of my wheelchair accident last year when in London when I got tipped backwards in my chair and ended up smacking my head on the pavement and gazing up at the evening sky, shouting "GET ME UP!!!" I do feel for you, my friend and I will try and give you a ring over the weekend sometime.

:sunny:It is such a gorgeous day here in Suffolk. Blue sky and nice and warm, too. It has been this good for a few days now but as usual the weekend is supposed to bring rain :rain:

Welcome to "newfiesara"!! I expect you have guessed by now that we are rather a mad lot on this thread. Loving, but mad!!Well done for your evening walks! Awesome!!

Happy, your garden sounds absolutely wonderful!! Try not to exhaust your body too badly with the gardening!! Oh and CONGRATULATIONS!! With the non-smoking!! $2,500 is such an awesome amount to have saved from not relying on the weed!! Enough for a couple of hundred rose trees, I guess!! :smug: :queen: :encore: :cheer: :cheers: :wizard: :dance: :cp: :bravo:

Shad, be careful with those treadmil excercises!! Jason is working you very hard!! Mind those knees!!

04-21-2005, 10:03 AM
I closed the previous reply off rather quickly as I suddenly had an error report come up which said Microsoft had encountered a problem and was about to close...don't know what all that was about!! Anyway here I am back again!!

And in the meantime Holly has snuck in a post! That recipie sounds delicious, by the way! I think I might just put that one to the test.I always end up with a really boring sauce for putting over pasta and it would be lovely to try a new one.

My neighbour is still very depressed about her situation now she has resigned from her job at the local private hospital. She is still reeling from the last few weeks' events. I will go and see her later and see if she has any further news about it all.

It is good to talk to Linus most nights. Even more exciting to imagine "bump" growing more and more each day. And the time for me ton actually meet her is getting nearer and nearer! Must only be about 9 weeks now!! Better check my passport...I know I am still in the U.K. but if you are doing even only a domestic fight...ooops flight, I mean!!! they will not let you on the plane if you have no I.D. with you.

Ok thats is all from me for now...and I mean it, this time! Take good care, all of you and start winding down for the weekend...and for those of you lucky enough to have Monday off as well, make the most of it!!

Bye bye! Love from Teel

04-21-2005, 05:14 PM
just a wee quick post ,as im knackered my little sister is 8 weeks pregnant !!!! yes the one that had a depression fit when i fell so kinda glad shell be due in december ish hope everyones well

04-21-2005, 07:58 PM
Hi everyone. Quickie post for me as tomorrow I am flying home to pick up my mom and bring her back for a week's visit. I'm so excited - PIZZA Ok, I will try and control myself. And I'm really even more excited to see my Mom and Sister... and my very talented nephew. There is an old head bangers song from the 70's by Deep Purple called "Smoke on the water". Well you ain't heard that song until you've heard it played on the TUBA. He also played Kumbahyah but Smoke on the water had me on the floor. Perhaps I will bring hubbie's harmonica and we can do a duet. Anyway, this will be the first totally fun weekend in many, many months and I am really looking forward to it - except that it's 84 here and it's 45 in Chicago. Brrrrrrrr. Where did I hide my snuggies????

Anyway there's a ton of things to do tonight and this is traditional couch potato TV night for me so I will be multitasking big time.

Linus, that's great that little bump will have a cousin about the very same age to share things with and be a good playmate! Teel, good to see you posting again. Don't worry about the Microsoft error report - it happens every once in a while - just proves that Microsoft has not worked out all the kinks in their programs. Holly, thank you for the recipe - I will try that myself as it sounds very yummy. Shad, thanks for the update on Mel, I must try and find my greeting cards so I can send a note off to her. Maybe I'll scratch out birthday and substitute "get well soon" :rofl: I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I'm jealous that you have a 3 day weekend.


Just in case I don't get back here in time - Happy early birthday Shad! May you have the most wonderful day!!!! :hat: :gift: :balloons: :cheers: :hb: :cb: :cp: :cb: :cp: :cb: :cp::cb: :cp:

Ok, I really have to run and get busy now... hugs to the rest of you I didn't get to and I hope you all have a good weekend. I'll be back on Monday night - hopefully.


04-21-2005, 08:52 PM
Happy ~ Your mom has the right temperature direction for a visit, as I'm sure you know! It doesn't take long for the blood to become accustomed to the warmer southern temps.

linus ~ Hurray for Bump-er cousins! Your Night Out sounded like fun - and you deserve some time off for good behavior.

teel ~ We do expect a full Bump report, you know. How exciting - only nine weeks left. I need a green emoticon for envy. :p

holly ~ your recipe had me drooling. I admire your willpower if you roast those 'maters then freeze them without eating the lot!

shad ~ I really miss my vegetable garden. Slim would plant the garden for me and then the kids would pick tomatoes and peppers and I'd can salsa and tomatoes while we dined on fresh tomato and mayonnaise (FF, of course) sandwiches. Nothing tastes or smells like a real garden tomato. :hungry:

Newfie Sara ~ :wave: Congratulations on your dedication to walking!

SMelly ~ Gentle healing hugs for you, Dear One. :grouphug: Get well soon! I'll have to send you Slim's old motorcycle helmet so we won't have to worry about you when you go out.

Meadow ~ I absolutely LOVE DO Exercise. It motivates me every time I see it!

Tomorrow Slim is going to meet our oldest son "half way" so the dearest darling Grandsons, also called 'Thugs' by their father, can come visit us for the weekend while their parents paint. Now I feel like I should put paint in quotes. :rofl: We'll go out for pizza Friday night then the four of us are going to the Flamingo Run 5K on Saturday. Slim has been working on their fort - he put in steps to take the place of the ladder.

Slim took his motorcycle class and test this week, so he wants me to get up at Oh Dark Thirty to go with him to breakfast so he'll be first in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. He wants to exchange his Temporary motorcycle license for a PERMANENT REALLY TRULY motorcycle license. The motorcycle blessing on Monday was a hit. Everybody had a great time. Our 6'6" next door neighbor, who owns two Harleys, looked in the cooler and said to me "You don't drink beer, do you?" Guess I had a miss on the Biker Beer. :rofl: Although when I sat down to the table with cole slaw ON my BBQ pork, he decided I was ALL RIGHT after all and stayed to eat. Of course, everybody else was grossed out. I thought EVERYBODY put cole slaw on BBQ pork. Just like vinegar on turnips greens.

Speaking of the darlings or maybe unique tastes, I need to get Slim busy on some HoneyDew projects before tomorrow. No, none of them require riding a motorcycle up and down the road looking cool...

04-22-2005, 11:25 PM
Great post Tig. Nice to hear your news. Hope you are having fun with the thugs. When you roast a bushel of tomatoes they lose their charm.
I hvaen't been here much to read. I missed that Shad has a long weekend and a BIRTHDAY!!! coming. Enjoy dear friend.
Healing vibes to Miss Mel.
Teel~you sound well.
Happy~ hope you are haivng a blast!!!
Linus~ give that tummy a rub!!
Rose~ how are you????
Meadow~ how is spring in BC these days? Should I ask about the house?
Sara~ how's it going?

I had a few very bad eating days but have pulled it together yesterday and today.
I actually didn't eat supper tonight before gymnastics because i just wasn't hungry. I ate whe we got home and I was hungry. It felt good.

I am already trying to figure out how to use my time to it's best advantage this weekend. I had been thinking gardening but snow and rain are forcast. DD has been asking for a big girl room. I think I might switch her room for the spare room.
Totally relaxing tonight. Everyone else is asleep.
HUGS to ALL!!!!!!!

04-23-2005, 02:30 AM
Been a couple of days since I posted and all sorts of things have gone right and wrong since then.

The good?

- well eating has been okay. Not brilliant but even with the bad and ugly itís not been bad. Iím pleased about that.
- I did nearly two hours at the gym this morning. 1 hour on the weights circuit and 1 at Body Balance. Apart from one exercise, Iím getting along with this new workout okay. Letís not tell Jason or he will up the weights.
- itís Saturday, first day of a long weekend!
- Rang Mel this morning and had an long chat. Sheís feeling sore and sorry for herself and it sounds like she is lucky that the damage will probably not be permanent (it will take a long time for her to sort this out) but is still laughing.
- Gotta love this weather - not hot and not cold.
- met up with a fellow contractor whom I havenít seen for yonks at the Shopping centre. We will meet for dinner with other friends some time in the coming weeks.

The bad
- I messed up on my appointment at the facial at the shopping centre so have to go back next week and try again. Bah humbug. That sucks. Especially considering I was there at the right time but was convinced it was half an hour later - so went and got some food instead.
- the food was bad! - well not off bad but not tasty and not good. Serves me right I guess.
- took longer to find a carpark at the shopping centre than at the police station. Too many people, too much noise, too many rude people, too many screaming kids - god Iím getting old.

The Ugly (and boy is it ugly)

- some time between Wednesday night and Friday morning, some low lifes got into my shed and stole around $2000 worth of my garden tools. Gone are the DSís chain saw, my new petrol driven edge trimmer (only bought it 3 months ago), my almost new petrol driven hedge trimmer and the high pressure water cleaner DS & I bought together 3 years ago. &$^#^ B*stards. I just wish I could catch up with this dreg of society and have my edge trimmer back - I would put on the brushcutter blade - which they failed to steal - and turn it up to full power, raise it to around just above hip height (Iím short) and walk slowly towards the cretin. Listen for the screaming!!! How satisfying!
So this morning I spent nearly an hour in the Police Station explaining all of the above (apart from the sadistic tendencies toward homo sapien corruptus) to a very nice man who was very sympathetic and absolutely clueless about garden tools. Now I have to see if I have kept any information about the serial numbers of any of these tools. I suppose I should be grateful that our lame brain chummy did not try to get inside the house - thats where I am presently keeping all my power tools for building and renovating. There is another couple of grands worth in here. &^%$#%^&&^%$$#

Can you tell I am not happy???

04-23-2005, 03:03 PM
Shad, that is absolutely horrible news about your tools. I wonder if the instruction booklets might have serial numbers on them? A long shot.

04-23-2005, 05:27 PM

Don't allow the criminals to ruin your good time. Kick up your heels and have a ball!

04-23-2005, 06:11 PM
Hi Ladies,
I am home from my trip and am having a tough time getting back into the groove.... will share little things over the week about my trip.... Missed you guys.... I have lots of reading to do to catch up with all of you!
Teeka spent the time with my mom and Andy and she was about at her limit
of being away from me.... I even had a dream she needed me so I came back to Montana a few days early to get her..... she is doing great now....
I just wanted to pop in and say hi so glad to see new friends joining this terrific group and sharing joys and sorrows and woes of life..... and how is bump doing???????
Take good care all.

04-23-2005, 09:38 PM
Happy to see you safely home Nae!!!!
Meadow~ you have a real gift with your collages!!!
Shad~ a complete drag!!! You must be soooo disappointed. A quadruple ARG!!!!!!!

NOW!! you MUST enjoy your Birthday in a special way just for you!!!!!!!!!!! I will toast you with a lovely glass of Point Pelie wine(local Canadian fare).

04-24-2005, 10:33 AM
Good afternoon ladies...(why haven't we got any men on this thread??) :)

I have just spent nearly 2 hrs chatting to Ms. Australia!! It is really terrible to think Shad was burgled and has lost all that valuable equipment in the shed. I am though, very pleased that the theif didn't get into the house, although it seems like they might have made the attempt. :rollpin: :rollpin: :sumo:
Apart from being upset she sounds fine and ready for nemesis!!
Shad I wish you a very happy day tomorrow, especially as it is a national holiday in Australia...of course there has to be a national holiday for your birthday!!
:D :gift: :grouphug: :queen: :cofdate: :lucky: :wizard: :dance: :hat: :cp: :hb:

I have also been talking to Miss Mel! (Can you tell I have been on the phone all morning?!) She sends her love to all but is not up to sitting at the computer :comp: yet as she is in a heap of pain and has to wait a long 3 weeks till she can see her usual medical man about it all. [[[[HUGS]]]] TO YOU when you can get on the site and read this message!! It was great to chatter to you and I am glad I didn't ring you too early!! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

It has been a very quiet weekend here at home. Lovely sunny weather :sunny: and nice and warm even though we have been promised rain sometime over the weekend :rain:

Roseblush, welcome home! I am glad you had a good time away...have you come home for a rest?? ;)

Soon I will be able to say "next month" I am off to see Linus and bump! Only a week to go before we are into the month of May. I am really delighted that whilst I am up in Edinburgh Linus has her next scan! Perhaps we will be able to see what "make" it is!! I actually think it is going to be a girl as poor old Linus seems to have had terrible problems with illness all through this pregnancy...I think I will bet her a £5 that she will have a little female!

Happy I do hope you have a great, great time with mum on her visit! Is she as excite as you are about her visit? That nephew of yours sounds very talented...don't forget to do some duets on your harmonica!! Have a good flight and a very happy time with mum.

Tig...coleslaw on bbq pork? Hmmmmn. Perhaps I will give it a try some day!! :T

Newfiesara I hope you are feeling better today and are not so in pain.

Hellos to everyone else not specifically mentioned. Everyone take great care and be good!!
Love from Teel xx

04-24-2005, 01:28 PM
Teel~ how nice that you got to chat with Ms Austrailia and Ms New Jersey!!!!

I just unplugged the fireplace from the generator cause I was going bonkers with out journalling!!!
The hydro went out yesterday at 3ish, came on for a wee bit in the evening and has been out since. It seems to be a 50 km range. DH just went to the city for more gas for the generator.The sump pump has been going staedy so no flood.
Yesterday ROCKED. We moved the rug and 2 chairs to the basement lounge area, and a shelf unit and a bunch of toys. It looks wonderful. The kids love it!!!
WE have a few inches of snow. It has been steady since yesterday morning.
DH and the kids and I throughly cleaned the entire upstairs and we switched DD with the guest room.Windows and walls were washed.Much sweeping and vacuuming. DDís new room is an absolute delight!!!! This is the first time in 5 years that every room upstairs is reno free and functional. I was more than exhausted when I went to bed. Between feeling excited about the house and the power outage I didnít sleep much. Church was cancelled.

To keep me humble and not convinced I am super human, I am having a super allergy flare up from all the dust. Headache is just clearing. TG for antihistamines.

I will unplug the the computer, plug in coffee maker, and then plug the fireplace back in. I really want to do more cleaning( more like sorting things away). I have a load of stuff for the thrift shop and to put out in the dump pile.
Best make the kiddies lunch. They were bummed about missing Sunday school so I did my lesson here at the kitchen table for them.Funny.

Have a glorious day dear chicks!!!!

04-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes and messages and the raising of glasses (yum sounds nice Holly). Lorraine I loved the card, such pretty roses. Think I might take a seat in the chair for a while and smell the flowers.

As Teel said, I am still very angry and upset about the burglary. It seems they did try to get into the house. I don't think they succeeded. There is one thing I can't lay my hands on. However to get to that they would have had to know what and where it was and they would have bypassed all my cameras, jewellery and a lot of loose change in a money box jar all of which are fairly visible. Nothing else is missing. I suspect in the clean up of all the filing and paperwork, I have filed this thing under something else. If it has gone missing, then it is someone who is in the know. I'm going to have to train this cat better!!!! I don't care too much, what I do care about it the fact that someone has seen fit to invade my space and take things that I took time and care and hard work to accumulate. I've now ensured the shed will not be broken into again, and am in the process of working on securing the house. I hate the thought of having to live in a prison like situation.

It was lovely to talk to Teel last night and listen to her plans for visiting Linus + bump. I am envious - wish I was going too.

Yesterday was fairly busy, I dug and mulched in the garden. Perhaps today I might venture out and find a few more vege plants to replace the tomatoes. Holly I tried your recipe of the roasted tomatoes yesterday. I have now to bag them up and stick them in the freezer. There wasn't that many in the end as the bugs had got to them and most were full of wormy things. Bl**dy bugs. Still I should never plant tomatoes in summer. Silly me.
I also sanded the ceiling and one wall of the lounge room. Horrible job. The original painter was not much of a tradesman and all the existing paint must come off the ceiling otherwise the new paint will bubble and peel. It's a long, slow and boring job. However I have got enough off now that I can plaster, resand and put the sealer/binder/undercoat on the walls and windows. Preparation is a pain, but must be done to achieve any sort of a reasonable finish. Today I will do a little more sanding. Fill in a few holes, give the walls a bit more of a sand and then maybe, just maybe I can undercoat the area. I want to get these timber blinds up and give myself some privacy in the living room.

Mind you all the above may not be achieved today as no doubt the family will either ring or come around and upset the plans.

I'm feeling a bit sore today as well - from that marathon stint at the gym on Saturday. So maybe the new form of torture is working again. Hasn't done much for the weight. Up to 72.5 again this weekend. Mind you I don't think I am drinking enough water and am certainly not eating enough veges and will have to up the act. The lack of veges is certainly causing a problem or two in bodily functions. Sorry, TMI there.

Okay, well I guess it is time for breakfast and to get on with the day. Thanks to you all for the birthday wishes - have a good day - and carry on with the glass raising. I do enjoy a good wine.

04-24-2005, 06:45 PM
:gift: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :cp: :cb: :hb: :joker: :dancer: :wizard: :balloons: :bubbles: :encore: :cheer:


:wave: Dear Kahurangi~Hope your Birthday is a delight and you enjoy every minute of it!!!! Love Porangi :D

04-25-2005, 07:00 AM
Thank you all for the lovely birthday messages and wishes. I am spoilt. I'm also now very tired. The phone has rung non stop all day and I have been trying to burglar proof the house. This requires thinking as a crim and my brain is sore. I've had phone calls from the UK, the States, NZ, Japan, South Australia and local. DB2 called with card and scratchie card and my friend Chris from down the road brought me a lovely bird feeder/planter that I can hang from a tree.I am truly blessed. I had bought myself some aquamarine and diamond earrings and DS 1 will go halves with me for them. Even the ex gave me a call.

So this day is done. I am tired. There isn't much on the TV so I will have my cuppa and go to bed and read for a while. Tomorrow is back to work and I am going to try the gym in the afternoon instead of the morning. Let's see how that works.

04-25-2005, 10:30 AM
What do your rooms say about you??? Try this!!

I did an ďexerciseĒ a few months back where you sit in each room and describe what you see and feel. Then you replace the"room" with ďI amĒ for a good look at yourself.
at the time it showed me that I was in better shape psychologically/emotionally than I thought but it also showed me where I needed to do some work.
I thought about this again last night. Everyone was in bed by 9. I wandered around my home. For the first time in 5 1/2 years. EVERY room in our house is CLEAN all at once and all of our belonging have a proper place. I am sooo excited by this.

We knew it would take 5-10 years to get this house in a good place. But living through the day to day in hard sometimes. There has always been at least 1 room under construction or full of stuff meant for other places etc.
With all the purging of ďstuffĒ DH and I have been doing there is now a home for the few things we have left that are keepsakes. Each of us have only our own belongings in our closet.There are coats in the back hall closet...........
The kids have been playing a LOT in the basement!!! Which creates more peace if you want to just sit in the livingroom and watch the tube.
I am going to paint the livingroom soon. I picked a colour called garlic bud and that is what it looks like. With the light wood furniture and cream curtains it will be very Zen.

The ď exerciseĒ April 2005: Our room- warm,cozy,soft,comfortable,very me
DD room- light,airy,fresh; DS room-cozy,safe, memories; spare room- country chic, old fashioned, cozy, gentle; bathroom- 1/2 done
computer room- light,bright,family,comfy; diningroom-bright,clean, warm ; kitchen- busy; livingroom-almost a grown up space; toyroom; bright, cheerful,sunny, fun,crafty;basement- fun,exciting, invigorating,sporty

These adjectives are a HUGE change from a few months ago. I feel so excited. I am not sure I believed it was possible to feel like this. I am absolutely certain of who I am and where I am headed for the next while.I am confident.
The old adjectives were a ďlot of clutter, unfinished,dark,choas, nothing is mineĒ......


04-25-2005, 10:37 AM
SHAD~ I AM SO SORRY THAT I FELL ASLEEP!! I took a pill and that's all I remember!!! I hope the day was a great one. And BTW, I caught a heck of a Trade Wind in my "sails" on Monday but not sure that's what Mr. Twain meant!!! :faint: :rofl:

Welcome to Sara!!! Hope you can put up with all of us!

I just read the last few pages.....well scanned them anyway.
Can't answer all individually yet for awhile. I have may 12th appts with several drs. They are trying to give me time to heal and also 2 are on vacation now. I won't bore you with all the details like I did to Shad and Teel:rofl: But this is going to take a lot longer than I hoped. So I must dig my heels in and just deal with it. I am also glad the loaner chair didn't break when this happened cause it was a big help reclining all week:dance:

Have a wonderful week and let's move some and lose some! (this coming from someone who cried all week:lol: )

04-25-2005, 11:35 AM

Best wishes for a happy and lovely day for you birthday, my dear friend, I hope you have a great day and can forget some of the traumas of the last few days!! :smug: :gift: :dancer: :grouphug: :cloud9: :high: :queen: :bubbles: :cofdate: :cheers: :sunny: :lucky: :wizard: :twirly: :flame: :goodvibes :dance: :dance: :goodvibes :hb: :spin: ;)

With love from Teel xxxx

04-25-2005, 01:39 PM
I just read a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote "we become what we think about all day long" So you realize I am about to morph into Antonio Banderas at any moment ;)

Holly-if I did that room thing I believe I would be so depressed I would never come out of it. Kid droppings, animal fur, general mayhem and disorder. ICK!

Shad-I hope the creeps get caught and that they are old enough to get some real consequences. I'm sorry you have this to worry about, maybe the workout this afternoon will give you some endorphins to kick this cloud away like a cool breeze on a sunny, spring day:D

Mel-I ache for you and I'm not even sure what all is wrong! How awful that you have all this going on. I'm sending you some positive energy:) My snowball tree in the yard has just put out some little green pompoms which should be full, white snowballs by next month:happy:

Teel-I hope your ear isn't getting all flattened out with all the phone calls :rofl: It is great that you are able to contact each other and have a bit of a natter and cheer each other up. I'm sure Mel and Shad really liked hearing all the news and sharing with you.

:wave: hey everybody! What is going on in your part of the world? It is sunny and warm here, splendid blue sky and birds chirping and swooping everywhere:D

04-26-2005, 01:44 AM
:cheers: :cheer:

Happy Birthday Shad

Let's disregard the fact if you don't mind that it is already the 26th as I post this - at least on your side of the world - here it's still the 25th and my intentions are honest. Have been thinking of you all day long and sending cheery thoughts and then I caught up on posts and I was horrified to read of your burglary. What an awful thing. I can see we must rally up the troops to hunt down and deal with the thugs.

:rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin:

There's so much you have to deal with already and now this ... it's no way to mark an occasion. :grouphug: to you.

Sorry I can't stay, today was a kicker. I'll try and get back tomorrow to catch up although it's going to be another less than stellar day.

Sleep well chickies. :yawn:

04-26-2005, 09:52 AM

Wishing you all the best birthday thoughts for the day!! Blow out the candles and make your own wish!!

04-26-2005, 10:21 AM
Happy~ I left a better view on the journals. These thumbnails don't do "him" justice!!! LOL Hope you have a wonderful day!

Teel~ I still envy you the chance to see Linus and Bump!!
I would be packing and repacking in my excitement!! Give Bump a pat for Aunt Fannie!!

Shad~ Jen and I were talking about the robbery. I still can't believe it. We were asking each other...when is safe, "safe"?
Pretty soon we will all be living in cages and the criminals will be roaming around free:faint: I say you rig up the "nut-cracker" in the shed so that when they open the door they get the surprise of their lives! :rofl:

Meadow~It's been cooler, sunny/cloudy and rainy on and off. Very strange weather. Our trees are flowering and look gorgeous. They are Tulip trees and dogwoods I thing. Everything is looking green and summery! Thanks for the gopod vibes. I am badly bruised up on the "inside" and general muscle sprains to already strained muscles. Makes inflammation on top of inflamation. Time is what I need....or so they think. Me too. But we will see. How goes the exercise?????? :strong:

Holly~ My rooms can talk for themselves and say "There are too many CHAIRS in these rooms, what happened to our friend Mr. Sofa, and please paint me!!!"

Nae~ Did I say welcome home here? Are you too busy with Teeka to come here???:rofl: How's the animal population and is that woodpecker back yet???? Inquiring minds want to know these things!

Sara~ Have we scared you off?!?!?!

Tig~ Thanks for the good thoughts. Glad the blessing went so well and hope it sticks!!! Got the "real" license yet!!! :lol3: Men and their machines!!! Gotta love them. Happy beach walking!

Linus~ I found a pic of you and Bump!!!

Today was shopping day but I passed it up. Still to sore to go bouncing around on the bus. Maybe some light dusting. This whole situation is getting on my last nerve :mad: :stress: :bomb:

04-26-2005, 11:15 AM

Mel~ glad you decided to stay home, silly girl!
Meadow~ enjoy the sunshine!! Rain, snow, and grey skys here!
Hi and Hugs to everyone!!!!!

I have been super tired since Sun night. Yesterday was nice. Took 3 kids to storytime and 2 went home at noon and then I took 1 kid to walmart for a couple of hours.3 big kids came home. They played in the basement. DD had dance. Put the monkeys to bed and watched 24. Went to bed myself. Had a great sleep but it feels like I could sleep til noon. I am reading Clara Callan by Richard B Wright. Highly acclaimed.
7 kids all day today. 3 of them nap!

Today is the first anniversary of Benís death. We are going to his home for dinner with another familyí S and the boys. I am making a ground beef, mexican casserole.

Not much going on. I have been getting a headache late aft. Might be allergies or the weather changes. The snow has melted off the beds and I still have daffodils.

I need to get groceries for tonight. I might have to transport 7 kids and do it. YIKES!! ( Mel thinks I should take the kids and leave them there, LOL)

HUGS chicks!!!!!!

04-26-2005, 01:43 PM
I hope your day is full of smiles and good energy:)

04-26-2005, 04:20 PM
Happy, Happy Birthday Happy. Hope all goes well and the wars of the In Laws are being kept in check. Wish you a quieter more peaceful year this year. Mind you, you did have a stellar achievement last year - giving up the dreaded weed. What are you going to do to top that this year.

Gotta go. Back tonight.

04-26-2005, 05:23 PM
im so very sorry for not being in :o family issues ,neighbour problems,internet downs and a general lack of energy
SHAD A VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU im so sorry hun our internet connection died sunday night and i couldnt send the ecard and by the time i could i forgot :o :?: i wish for you a complete lack of idiots and hassles and strife in your life for this year and the strenght not to hit the ones that appear
MEL glad your feeling a wee bit better hun thanks for the picture but i wish i looked that good :lol: she doesnt have bags under her eyes or stretch marks that resemble our motorway system :lol: kep resting and be well
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO for you i wish you peace harmony and blooming wonderful roses
HOLLY i wish for half your energy im severly lagging now
MEADOW my rooms too lol
NAE glad your home now come out and speak to us all
now im realy knackered so im off and ill be back tomorrow

04-27-2005, 07:40 AM
Evening all,
Not a bad sort of a day all up, although I figure that the work I have to do at the OSR is double what it was originally going to be, so it will be bum up for a while and some long hours to get it all done. One thing that never fails to amaze me is the fact that most of these places 'forget' to give you all the gen on what has to be done. This place doesn't even seem to have a standards document - so what I do is different from what young G does and that's different to what P does. Also nearly fell off my chair today when the business person suddenly realised what he has left to do - that he didn't think he had to do!! It seems that nothing is made clear! D'oh.

We've had some very heavy showers over the last couple of days. Very welcome they are too. The lettuces have got to picking stage and the beetroot is literally leaping out of the ground. I even have a couple of green capsicum (bell peppers) on the plants (first time ever I've managed to get them to grow well). I need to go to the nursery to check out some more vege plants and I guess some more tomatoes as well.

Linus - sorry to hear there are more family problems. Hope they get sorted soon. It isn't Craig is it?

Meadow - just love that birthday card again. Such artistry.

Mel - I've just decided that as sh*t happens frequently I will not become a victim. I will take all precautions and care and I will learn from this, but I will not let this affect my life. It's just another nuisance factor in today's nuisance factor lifestyle. This too shall pass.

Anyway time to go. Bed calls.

04-27-2005, 09:49 AM
Shad~ Our hearts just ache for you and all the rest of us lately!!:rofl: I wonder if this forum is an example of what life is all about??? Maybe we could start a new TV series REALITY LIFE instead of reality tv:lol3: glad the shed is secured now. doing positive things makes all the difference but I wouldn't expect any less from you! :encore: :dance:


Happy~ I am sorry I was a day early with the birthday!!! I blame everything on the drugs now!!!! Might as well while I'm taking them!!! Hope your REAL birthday today is a glorious one!!! I hope the little man isn't too tired to jump back out of the cake again today! :rofl:

Holly~ the house and kids sound great but I still thing you should have left the "troop" at the market:rofl: glad they like the new room!! Enjoy the space!!!

Linus~ Sorry to hear the load of things going wrong!!! Better put your seatbelt on cause it sounds like it's gonna be a bump-y ride:lol3: :faint: Hope things straighten out!!!

I finally fell asleep last night without any pain medication. The first since last Monday. I'm still using the patches from the friend during the day cause it hurts to sit up still. will this ever go away?!?!?!? Not a PATIENT patient!:faint: I turned my head and my neck "cracked" the way it used to when I got up....that's a good sign that the muscles are starting to "correct" themselves again. :dance: so all in all there is improvement and I just will have to wait till it's over!
Well the patches are starting to work and I want to clean the bathroom sink and such. Have a great day/night!!!

04-27-2005, 10:13 AM
Mel~ I do think this forum is a reflection of real women and families and how life is.
To me it shows that people are just people no mater where we are from and we ALL face adversities and experience joy.......
It is a blessing to have a place to talk it out and receive support when needed and cheers for the successes!!!!!!!
Linus~ HUGS and energy flying across the ocean!!!! When I was preggers I couldn't function after 5 pm. That is why we have 2 kids and not more. DH didn't think he could handle the load. I was TIRED all the time and sick. Most of a year is a LONG time to be sick.

Dinner last night was more nostalgic than sad. It was warm and fuzzy. Sís 3 childhood friends, another family and us were there for dinner. The kids played in the basement and has soooo much fun. Lots of laughter and good conversation. we left around 9. Late night for our kids.They slept til 7:30 but have school today. I hope they are not too grumpy.
i just have 2 little guys all day. I am still feeling peaceful.
There are mountains of laundry to do and the kitchen fairy has not been appearing over night. Must speak to her( or HIM). I am tired of washing the pots and pans for some reason. Today I will get the kitchen spic and span.

What is PLEASURABLE besides eating??
Painterwomanís journal post got me thinking about what I would do instead of eating.I realized i was thinking of the things I did before I was a wife and mother and gained 40 lbs. AHA! There is not really time or space for me to do the things i love but there is time and space to make a glorious multi layered fatty sandwich and sit in front of the tube yet be available for the kids.
With the basement finished( almost) and the kids are a bit older maybe it is feasable to set up a craft/painting/photo album spot somewhere for me to get at and work on. Hmmmmmmm.......

I had 3 glasses of wine last night and dessert. It was good and I dont feel I over did it. It was part of the celebration.
I need to think about breakfast and tidying the darn kitchen.

HUGS to all!!!!!!

04-27-2005, 11:27 AM
Good Morning everyone,
Thank you so much for all the good birthday wishes. Thank you too Meadow for the special card - loved the expression of the cats :D It's a positively glorious day today - a bit cool but sunny. The most important thing is that I have the day off!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: Going to spend the morning in the yard - I have the last of the flowers to plant in pots around the pool and I have to get my tomatoes into containers. They are madly sprouting all over. Should do a bit of clean up on the roses too.

The hummingbirds have found our feeders! :df: :df: I love watching the little buggers tho they are a mean, agressive little bird. One feeds and then flits over to the dogwood tree where he keeps watch and stalks anyone else who might want a drink. :devil:

Mel, glad to hear that you are feeling just a teensy bit better. Sounds like you couldn't have done worse if you took a spin in the cement mixer. Owwwwwww. Rest up and pamper yourself, think healing thoughts.

Shad, I found that my pepper plants like mulch and did better when I put some grass clippings underneath to keep them slightly wet and warm. Of course perhaps they flourished because I hate capsicum and only wanted a few for DH, instead I always get a bumper crop. Thank you so much --- your package came yesterday. Both of loved our gifts, I have the perfect place for the print - you must come over and tell me if I hung it straight! :lol:

I am pleased to report that thusfar :crossed: Mum and DH are getting along fine. **big sigh of relief from me ***

Time to run, the back yard calls to me. And I want to take Mom out for lunch and a bit of shopping around.

Love and hugs to you all!!!

04-27-2005, 02:00 PM

I do hope you are having a lovely day and are so pleased all is going well with DM's visitation!!

:wave: :hb: :bravo: :cp: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :goodvibes :wizard: :balloons: :lucky: :cheers: :sunny: :queen: :grouphug: :cloud9: :high: :gift: :smug: :love: ;)

04-27-2005, 05:40 PM
:goodvibes Thank you Teel... my you have a lovely singing voice!

04-27-2005, 08:22 PM
Did some weights. Putting some thought into getting up earlier and doing a bit of working out then instead of later in the day when the onslaught of life distracts me and I'm unable to focus on myself. I have been at this consciously for over a year now and haven't made any progress to speak of in the downward numbers department. It has to click sometime right? As good old Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself", so it is up to me.

Mel-patches for pain relief? that sounds interesting, so it is applied direct to the site where you have the ache? Is there no whirlpool/hot tub facilities anywhere by that you could utilize? You need a good soak in some warm moving water to ease all the strain your body is under from your fall. Do you have a hot water bottle? Heat is a great relaxer and calms any muscle spasms. Thanks for you kind words in the journals. I'm a dust laden headcase but I'm blowing some air to clear it up there :dizzy: Should I post you another AB pic to help warm you through? ;) How about AB as a fireman?

Holly-send that kitchen fairy over to my place after she gets done on yours please, my pots just never get as clean when I do them :rofl: The night with you friends must have been a tender time, was it full of nostalgia or did you shoot the breeze about current events instead? My pleasure besides eating is Antonio Banderas, although I think about eating him too :p I'm not the only one though, the author Isabel Allende wrote about dreaming of him naked in a tortilla slathered in guacamole and slowing devouring him :s: He affects some people that way :rofl: I probably will not be journalling as a regular thing. I use it mainly as a kick in the pants to myself to put it out there and to deal with myself and my feelings. Don't ask me why but it always seems to work. If I post a journal entry, it stays with me and I rehash it in my head and I "do something". It is my confessional but I have to have been really bad before I feel the need to confess :devil: Clear as mud right, don't worry, I don't even get me most of the time :dizzy:

Shad-so work is getting busy now? How scary is the picture? Are you going to enjoy the progression? Yeah for the rain! I know you were feeling the heat bad. I picture you in your garden often, puttering around picking the weeds and surveying your harvest:) I hope the long hours you will be putting in at work will not derail you on your new routine, it sounded like Jason had found the right combination this time :D

Happy-how goes your special day? What a grand bonus that you have the day off! So you are mucking about planting tomatoes and admiring your roses? Sounds like a beautiful day outside that you have planned. Is you mom coming up with some good plans on decorating the house? Are you two heading out shopping? Will there be fabric swatches and maybe a home department store to ponder some new items in, maybe furniture, maybe curtains? I hope you have many smiles and hugs surrounding you today, after all it is the anniversary of your arrival here amongst us:D

Linus-family problems? Didn't they read the memo about when mom is pregnant nobody is to do anything, at anytime that will upset her? Do they need the "super nanny" to step in and shake them up and give them the rules? I say you pack up and move to a spa until the baby arrives. You can't be under all the stress (hugs) Iceland looks cool, why don't you see what is available, they should be almost to 24 hours daylight, such fun! The best solution to neighbour problems is to plant trees, lots of BIG trees :p

Teel-what are you up to? Is the weather nice? Are you taking walks? Have you been exploring? Are you packing up your suitcase? Time is ticking by, will not be long now:D

:wave: it is a beautiful sunny day here in the rainforest. High fluffs of cottoncandy clouds and so hot the kids are burning their feet on the back deck. Thus they are inside watching Dave the barbarian instead of being outside... they didn't head out till 6:30pm last night when it cooled down, probably the same today:D

04-28-2005, 02:37 AM
Hey Meadow,

We have blinds all through the house but no window dressings. I was thinking of doing some valances at the very least - just a bit of decorating. Got all my planting done, mom was content to sit in the yard and chat. I'm glad - she doesn't really need anything particularly from the dollar store. Sister and I agreed that we'd rather she keep her money instead of getting us more clutter stuff - tho we always appreciate the gesture. We all went to dinner tonight and to the local ice cream place for dessert. It was a nice day and evening. Very relaxing. Best part is 2 more days and it's Friday again!

Meadow, I hope you can find the time to get up early and exercise. I've heard it gets the metabolism fired up and running all day long and you get more bang out of it. I have the same problem with putting it off at the end of the day. I'm just out of gas and not that enthusiastic about it.

I am wayyyy past my bedtime. Better scoot before Mom hears me banging on the keyboard and yells downstairs to "get to bed NOW". Yes, MUM :o

04-28-2005, 08:07 AM
Hey it's Thursday night - coming up for another weekend and guess what? It's yet another long weekend here in the Great South East. Yup, this time it is Labour day. Of course Mothers day has to be in there somewhere too I think - or is that the following weekend. I can never remember whether it is the first Sunday or the 2nd Sunday in May.

Put in a very long day today - 10 hours, there is more of these to come as well. So I am going to have to rethink gym times again. I have to try to work them in around the travel times. I have been going at night after work, but it is meaning that I don't get home until nearly 7pm after leaving home by 6.00 in the morning. Maybe gym after work Monday and Tuesday, then Saturday and Sunday put in a couple of big days. Thought required here.

Meadow - whatever works - if the journal works to beat you around a bit, then go for it. It sounds like a clever idea. You know, you are right about the confessional. It just works, lets not question it. I spent years nibbling round the edges of weight loss. Everytime I get serious, really serious I can lose some weight. Problem is I don't get serious enough, often enough.

Happy, so glad to hear that the DM and DH are getting along okay. The garden is sounding really nice too. Hummingbirds are nasty? And here was I thinking that they are so cute!!! Now I am devastated. We don't have them here at all. What we do have at the moment is a large family of very rowdy Kookaburras who insist on having a great laugh at 5.30 in the morning.

I'm doing a Happy here - it's way past my bedtime. Nighty-night all

04-28-2005, 08:32 AM
Everytime I get serious, really serious I can lose some weight. Problem is I don't get serious enough, often enough.

Hmmm :chin: truer words were never spoken. That's my problem too, much as I hate to admit it. It's hard work, concentration and consistency. I have difficulties with the consistency. Tho I was just thinking last night, if I don't get on and stay on the bandwagon, I am headed for serious health problem simply because there is too much weight around. Shad you asked what my goal for this year is - I must say it would have to be losing the extra weight gained after I quit smoking - finding what little bit of my metabolism is left and giving it a good kick.

I admire your determination to find a way to do the gym and keep up 10 hour days. The best route seems to be to go first thing in the morning. Does the gym open at 3:30? Trouble is, that makes for a life in which all you seem to do is work out, work, eat and sleep. Rinse, repeat as you say.

Why can't we be independently wealthy?

Time to rise, shine and go forth and make a living. Have a good one ladies. Gloomy rain and storms here for me today. :rain:

04-28-2005, 10:09 AM
Meadow~ LOVED AB in the uniform. It's true he was a fireman?...I read the printed part too. Hmmmmmmm
I recently read also about exercise in the AM jump starting the metabolism and getting more bang like Happy said. good luck.

Happy~ "consistency" is my problem with EVERYTHING!!! LOL I think I should make that MY goal this year before it's over! :rofl:
Thanks for the good thoughts and I don't know why I never thought of an e-card. We also don't have your new addie!!!

Teel~ Your singing was very impressive and I can hardly wait to hear some xmas carols out of the UK!!!! :merry:

Shad~ let's see here is a list:
Friday is Holy Friday(Orthodox)
Sunday is the last day of Passover and also Easter for the Orthodox
Monday is not only Labour Day for you but Early May Bank Holiday for Eire and the UK!!!
So we have a whole weekend full of HOLIDAYS!!!:encore:

Holly~ glad the dinner went well and the kids had a good time. Hope you have a bit of "HOLLY" time this weekend just for you!!!

Lots of pain and discouragement here today. No sympathy please. It might make me cry. It's from dusting the house and folding things. I got tired of just "sitting" around....quite funny when you think of it! :rofl: Everytime I say it someone laughs! but I know you gals know what I mean even if we giggle!
The new chair parts arrived yesterday so the chair got put back together and will arrive today sometime! I am excited and Jen just called and is on her way gotta run. Will let you know if the chair arrives in good working condition!!! :rofl:

04-28-2005, 12:11 PM
No Meadow, I haven't started packing yet! But in another couple of days I shall be able to say "next month I am off to see Linus"!! Yipee!! I am getting quite excited as I start to book up day tours from Edinburgh so I can pay for them early and not have such a big bill to sort out when I get back again... ;) :smug:

I am quite pleased with my healthy eating plan at the moment... :smug: I am only ...(only!!!!) 4lbs off having lost 2 stone which I sincerely hope to do and more before I fly. To this end I have tried a couple of new recipies, one of which I hope you do not mind me sharing with you here. It is called, "ROAST SMOKED SALMON SUMMER SALAD"!!What a mouthful! I tried it out for lunch and enjoyed it enough to try it out again. Its a bit of messing about but worth it when you get round to eating it!! :T

Roughly julienne or grate 2 carrots into a bowl.
Heat 3 tablespoons olive oil in a small pan and add 1 teaspoon poppy seeds and heat until boiling, then pour directly over the carrots.
Add the finely grated jest of 1 orange then skin the orange and cut into segments, adding them and any juice to the carrot mixture.
Season with salt and pepper
Add 1/3 cup chopped pistachio nuts and some fresh coriander or parsley
Toss well and finally add roast smoked salmon flakes.

As I said, rather a lot of preperation invoved, but very well worth it!! I do hope someone will try it and give me feedback!!

It's a grey old miserable day here today, but no rain...yet!
MEL I am sorry you are still in a heap of pain. Don't go doing too much on the computer or you'll get sore and even more miserable! Nice to see you posting a bit though. I do hope that the new chair arrives in good nick tomorrow and you will soon be up and around and able to use it. :smug: :D

Shad it sounds as though you are working hard at the moment... I hope you had a good long weekend. Not too long till the next one!

Happy I hope you had a lovely day too yesterday. How's the mum's visit going? Sorry for my spelling mistake on my previous post....the h on the keyboard is nowhere near the d !!

04-28-2005, 09:00 PM
We slid to page 2 so I felt obligated to move us to the ForeFront. I read the comments about exercising in the mornings and felt obligated to hit the dreaded treadmill this morning. My weight has been creeping up on me and it is nobody's fault but my own. If I exercise, I lose. If I don't, the dratted pounds creep back on. Slim moved the treadmill to the garage for me because the grandkids were here last weekend, and we're going to have kids and grandkids visiting from now until July so we really need the space in the bedroom we'd designated as the Exercise Room. I went to the garage this morning and felt so energized that I ran for 30 minutes instead of just walking. Not as cramped as the bedroom so I felt less claustrophobic.

This Saturday is the 8K race - my first race longer than a 5K. I am hoping to finish in about an hour. Less than would be thrilling!

Slim offered to take me to the beach for a walk and then to a beachside bar for a glass of wine, but I was feeling cheap so we sat on the patio and listened to the birds and neighbor kids garage band. After the 'concert' we walked the yard and Slim showed me all the fruit trees with flowers and tiny fruit. Doesn't get any better than that!

04-29-2005, 10:19 AM
I need a "Slim" in my life!!! Guess I'll have to settle for Chilly Willy the bus driver! :rofl: speaking of which....I spent lunch time with him and the girls cause I heard he has more forms to fill out and is feeling pretty bad still. Next week I'll spend more time...he has a 3 day weekend with the DW and kids. Maybe he'll feel better getting away from here. Jen and I think people are "taking sides" and making comments about the "accident" within his hearing. You know haow people can be mean and do this. So I will make an effort to show my face next week. It won't kill me.:faint: The wheelchair got here late, the man didn't know what he was doing, after watching him struggle for 1 hr, I finally helped him myself!:yikes: We got the seat put on the right way finally and he left at 9PM!!!!! I was exhausted, took a pill ate a bit and went to bed! Feel OK today but a bit sore. I expected it though. The chair is charging and ready to go soon. Where I do not know! :rofl: going to have a "do nothing" weekend and I think I will make better progress. Hope you all have a wonderful one! Shad's will be starting very soon!!! :dance:

Tig~ when I read someone as contented as your post sounds, I feel good for the rest of the day! Have a great race and a wonderful visit!

Teel~ I'm getting excited too listening to you and the countdown:encore: I can hardly wait for your departure!!!
(sigh) Keep your feet on the ground till it's time to go!

Well girls I best get on with the day of Tv watching and idleness!!! Have a great weekend and take care.
:wave: Meadow, Nae-where are you?, Holly and linus & Bump!!!

04-29-2005, 03:21 PM
Hello, hello HELLOOOOO!!!!!
My modem got blasted in a big lightening storm Wednesday night. I miss you all soooo much. I was just plain sad last night because I didnít get here to read and post. I journalled at home this morning for a few pages in word perfect.It felt good to write it but it is no the same as here.

DD has her dance recital tonight.Both sets of Grandparents are coming. The dressed rehearsal last night was chaotic and stressful.
I am looking forward to the weeknd.
I did weigh in at tops on Wed before the layout meeting. I was up to 235. I havenít weighed this in months. My scale says I am 229 today. It may have been a sodium blip!!! I have been much more aware the last week.
Just 1 toddler right now. We are soon off to get some healthy groceries for the weekend. I am at the library right now. I can come again tomorrow aft. They are closed on Sunday. Sigh.
HUGS DEAR CHICKS!!!! I will do a bit of reading!!!

04-29-2005, 04:36 PM
Well gosh, I had the best intentions. I was going to bicycle while I watched the Apprentice last night. I managed about 10 minutes when the kids started smashing each other into the walls. Emily has a huge dent in her forehead and her sister was belligerent about it. So Emily got a cool cloth on her poor head. Sarah by the end of her nose in the air and snarky comments stood 7 minutes in the corner till she cooled off. *I've been watching super nanny:) Plus the girls have been at my bicycle and done something to the handlebars so they won't rise above my knees :rofl: I get the feeling sometimes that exercise and me just aren't ment to happen!

Mel-I hope your chair will take you out for some air and give your spirits a lift with a change of scene. That is a long time for the chair guy to be at your place, were the residents talking about that too? Why are they giving Willy a hard time? Did I miss something? I thought the pavement was lifted and that is what caused your spill? I guess I need to go reread :silly:

Holly-I know how it is when you can't get here. Even when I don't post, I'm reading and wanting to know what is happening in the chick's corners of the world. Fingers crossed your new modem gets a surge protector and you will be free to frolic on the boards to your hearts content. Hugs for the scale betrayal, even if it is wrong, it sucks to have your faith in what you are doing shaken. Death to all scales :lol:

Shad-do you have plans to putter in the garden this weekend? My kids have the day off today so they are having a long weekend too :) Has the rain let up? Are you wearing your wellies? How is the work situation? How many people are you actually working with? Any keepers?

Happy-good to hear your mom is so easy going. Nice to have a relative that comes to visit and not cause stress. I hope she and you are having a lovely visit together.

Linus-how is the weather in your corner of the world? We are sunny, cool breeze and blue skies here:) I may even get out in the yard and dig out a few dandilions, thing is though every time I look at them I think, what a lovely colour, weeds are just flowers in the wrong place and wind up leaving them to propogate all over the yard :rofl: I hope your family is treating you right and you are getting some tender attention.

Teel-I too am anticipating your visit to Linus. I hope you will tell all and give us lots of details about your excursions together. I know you both will have a glorious time. It really isnt' that far off. Down to weeks now.

Tig-you sound so chipper and focused. Imagine clearing your exercise equipment to the garage to make more room for the family. Is the truth that your little visitors are as michievious as my kids and you have moved the equipment for its own safety? :rofl: I think my kids have done permanent damage to my bike, I may have to go back to the videos.

04-29-2005, 05:58 PM
Mel!!! Poor Willy, as if he deliberately did this to you!! Maybe he did drive a bit too fast but he was not drunk - like the other one possibly would have been and he did take you onto the hospital for professional help and he is obviously taking the whole thing hard. It sounds to me like maybe they are making get rid of Willy noises! Perhaps you need to go downstairs and make thank god it wasn't ??? noises - plan a save Willy campaign. He sounds like an ordinary nice enough bloke to me.

Holly, so sorry to hear of the death of the modem. Pity we are not closer, I have a couple of spare ones here that you could use. I always use surge protector plugs on my electrical appliances now - ever since DS computer plug got hit by a storm a couple of years back. Even though I have a surge point at the Power Box outside the house and surge protection on every outlet in the house and every power board I use also has them - stuff can still get zapped. Amazing Mother Nature - she can sure beat up anything man made!!!

Meadow, if the kids can wreck the bike, surely they can help to put it back. I don't know what or how the bike handle bars are set, but surely they didn't take to it with an axe. Did you ask them how they did it? (Said admiringly, not shouted as to how the @#$% did you do that) I have a new set of spanners and pliers, maybe I should zip on over and check your place out? and Holly as well???

Tig!!!! - an 8K run? puff, puff, puff. Well I can do 7 in 50 minutes on the treadmill - but it is an entirely different story on the roads. Good luck to you. Have a great time.

I've been having a 'discussion' with my insurance company. The upshot of this is that they will only pay out $1000 for the loss of my goods owing to the fact that the shed was not 'locked' and so the goods are considered ny them to be an open air risk. Considering the items total closer to $2000 I am less than amused. I also pointed out that I am the type of customer they prefer because in 16 years with them I have only made 4 claims (3 on the car and 2 of those they would have got the money they spent repaid by the other persons insurance company since they were at fault) - yet I pay out close to $1400 per year in premiums. It seems loyalty and being vigilant and careful of my possessions and also not making frivolous claims doesn't actually mean anything to them and for my troubles in informing the police and getting all the paperwork done properly and promptly, and paying for a JP to sign my Statutory Declaration to say I am not lying, I also have to pay an excess fee of $100.00.

Hmmm this smacks of shades of the problems I went through with Health Insurance and so started my own. Now, I must officially insure the house because of the mortgage, and I must officially insure the car because it is under Bill of Sale (ie I have a loan to pay for it) but none of the furniture, fixtures and fitting have any bonds attached. So I may very well use the premium for this in my bank account and not their profit ledger. Can you tell I am an unhappy Shad. I can hear you asking what I did about health insurance. Well okay.
I refuse to pay $1200 per year premium which the insurers deem necessary because of my age. I go to the Doctor twice a year and have all the normal checks and balances, squeezes and pokes and jabs as required. I live a healthy lifestyle and last had flu quite some years ago. I exercise and keep a watch on moles, freckles, lumps and bumps. The Government here tried to force us into the American way of health insurance instead of the federally funded Medicare system to which we all pay for through our taxes and those of us who are paid over and above the cut off point pay extra for per year. I said no, I wasn't paying out for something that I didn't use but I would put the premium into an interest bearing term deposit at the bank and use it if and when I fell under the proverbial bus. Result of that is that I have been around the world twice on my medical benefits scheme. I call these my medical treatments for stress for the type of work I do. Maybe I am eccentric - call me nuts, no safety net etc but I wouldn't have missed those trips for anything. In fact next year should be stress leave time again, everything being equal. Now I can probably add the money saved from contents insurance to the Shad Medical Benefits Fund. I will have to give this more serious consideration - over a medically funded glass of wine maybe??

Okay enough rambling. Today I am about to spend some time in the gym and then the facial and foot massage that I was supposed to have last weekend but forgot the time. Then I will be back home to do some work around the place. I really am tired of the sanding dust and dirt. If I put in a big effort this weekend I may get most of the lounge room ceiling done and maybe into the dining room as well. Then I can clean up and live dustless (well almost) for a while. I should also manage to get some prepcoat onto the walls and get the blinds back up - privacy at last!!!

04-30-2005, 10:36 AM
Shad~ I am so sorry about the Insurance company. Last night I had read your journal and was heart broken. I wish I could make it all better but sometimes Life Sucks. Yes poor Willy Boy....he is a great driver, great Dad and great husband. I think the office is just waiting to see what I am doing....which is nothing. So Yesterday I went down and tried to look "happy" about the whole situation and Monday I'll go down every day for a bit. the tenants have no say in this matter and the "powers" that bee are OK I think but I am going to make sure. They wouldn't want to do anything to him....he's the "sober" one! :rofl: :rofl:

Meadow~ I wish I could send AB to fix your bike and get you started on exercising.....remember the movie Miami Rhapsody????
When it's my time, I want to go to THAT nursing home and have him be MY aide!!! :encore: :dance: Good luck with the bike and keep going! Hope the DD's head is OK....God the things kids do to each other!!! I remember me and the brother!!! :lol:

Holly~ Things still a poppin' at your house I see. Hope the scale was right at your house! That's why I only like to use one!!! What were you wearing?!?!? I had a friend call me once and the difference in her weight was her huge clunky boots!!! Once we figured it out she stopped crying:rofl: Good luck this week and try focussing on HOLLY while you worry and do for everyone else.
You say you are but I don't believe it!!!!:roll[in: You forget I do the same thing:lol3: :lol3:

I must tell you that the back is MUCHO improved today. The immobilization is working. The most I did yesterday was change chairs and pee!!! No pills ;ast night, no nightmares and just the usual turning. I actually slept till almost 8! So this is day 3 of do nothing and I will do the dvd thing and old vcr tapes. At this rate I might even be able to go food shopping with Willy (and Jen) by Tuesday. Trying not to get too excited in case I can't. BUT.......a girl can dream can't she?!?!?! Maybe Willy can take a walk with me around the block!!! That would get all the chins wagging!!! Where were the Willys of the world when I was married to a brute? (sigh) I just realized something.....god works in mysterious ways.....I get Willy during the day when I really need help and I don't have to wash his dirty clothes or cook for him! :dance: Never thought of that till now!!!! :rofl:
Hope you all are having a great weekend! ENJOY!

04-30-2005, 11:57 AM
Yay Mel, Yikes Shad & hugs, darn kids Meadow!,Hello and hugs to everyone!!!

Not sure if it is good or not. I woke up rested and quite happy. Played a game of cranium with the kids.
Now our satelite is out. Hmmmmm. Maybe it is a message from the Gods saying we are too dependant on technology.
DH woke up in a flurry. He has had a LOT to say about ever little, miniscule, tiny thing I do ar say. I am not amused. I asked to come upstairs and talk about it in private instead of criticizing continually in front of the kids. He went outside. Good place for him.
He hates his job. Nothing new there. He went on and on repeating himself for an hour and a half last night.

Instead of watching Law and Order after a BUSY day. I listened. He did have an interview on Thurs but felt it was odd. the manager didnít say anything so DH just talked about himself.
Anyhow, on to nicer things. The dance recital was FABULOUS. The choas of the dressed rehearsal was MIA.
I felt inspired to get moving. The senior students were worthy of any big stage production i have been too. I mpressive. DD did great, was monumentally cute and all the GPís LOVED it!

I am quite proud of the fact that while on the phone with a Tech I opened my computer tower and took apart my modem, reconfigured stuff......... This is definitely a new acheivment for me!!!

I am off to buy a new external modem for way less$$ then Dell. I am hanging out in the PEACE of the library.I am liking this.... a LOT!!!

Foo, water has been good. exercise had only been running up and down the stairs 500 times a day. Apparently thats not enough.
Have a wonderful day. I will try to get back tomorrow if I am not in jail for murdering my husband.

04-30-2005, 03:24 PM
Jumps in the moat boat and rows around the manor house :wave: Virtual exercise, ah, I think I've cracked it :p :rofl:

Woah Shad, that insurance situation sounds like a punching bag situation to me... have you put that up in the garage yet? Bureaucracy, phooey! I like your solution of the Shad plan, sounds very empowering and a nice little sanity saver. Breathe.

Mel-I'm glad you are feeling a bit better, it gives me the shivers to think of how difficult this all must be for you. I'm sorry Willy is getting such bad energy and you must fight his corner for him, even when you are injured you must be a soldier, it is your way:)

Holly-((((HUGS)))) Your hubby sounds like he is very stressed, don't take it on. You know it isn't about you but about how he is feeling. Don't murder the guy just murmur alot of "I know" and "poor baby" and he will lighten up :)
Congrats on being such a clever bean and digging in the back of the computer! Scary stuff in them there towers, I hope you are back to your home space typing soon!

04-30-2005, 06:55 PM
Weight - 72.5/71.5 - down 1 kilo (was 71 on Friday until I blipped)
Upper Chest - 37.75/ 36 - down 1.75 inches
Bust - 41 / 40.5 - down 1.5 inches
Lower Chest - 34 / 33 - down 1 inch
Waist - 34 / 32.5 - down 2.5 inches (no wonder my pants no longer fit!
Upper Hips - 39.5 / 39.25 - down .25 inches
Lower Hips - 40 / 39 - down 1 inch
Top of Leg - 21.25 / 20.75 - down .5 inch
Top of Arm - 12.25 / 12.25 - same

Weight is not quite where I wanted it, but muscle mass is growing I guess - although Mr Jason Torturer keeps telling me I wonít grow big muscles - he doesnít have to live with the tops of my legs or my arms! And I know it weighs heavier than fat and that the weight will eventually move downwards but this sure is taking time and effort. Yes I know, it is a really good result, I have done well. Yes, it is the most I have lost in one month for a very, very long time. I am impatient when it comes to getting results for myself. I can encourage, empathise, motivate and show great patience with anyone else but me. Yes I am worthy of giving myself time - great works of art are not usually created in one day!!

MEL - So glad things are looking up for you at last. Yep, you are right, all you have to do is admire Willy during the day. You have enough washing and cooking and cleaning to do without putting a man in the scenery - although there are one or two that are nice to look at I must admit. Tell the biggest gossip in the office you have thought it over and there will be no legal action. That should take some of the heat off poor old Willy. Then you can give him a salute from downunder and give him my thanks for looking after my big sister.

Holly - wish I had known you had an internal modem. I could have told you that they don't last well. Mine only lasted about a month and a half and was therefore replaced free of charge. But the Chinese techo at the shop told me it was the weak link in my system and since we are prone to thunderstorms up here it was best to change to an external.

Meadow - virtual exercise, can't beat it, but it won't unfortunately achieve the results you are looking for. Up you get on that bike and ride it with no hands!!!!!

Went and spent my Pure Indulgence Package voucher which DS1 gave me at Christmas yesterday. Had a facial, back massage, foot massage. She was a very good masseuse. And I have to admit the skin felt really good after she had finished. She tells me I have dehydrated skin. (She hadn't just spent 1.5 hours at the gym either) However I did enjoy it and may even go back again for another sometime although the price is a bit on the high side I think.

As stated, I went to the gym for 1.5 hours yesterday. I am going back again shortly to do my cardio and treadmill stuff. I have sort of decided to spend some time at the gym during the weekend, owing to the fact that I haven't got the time in the mornings now I am working in the city and am too worn out most nights to make it to the gym. So I'm thinking being at the gym for 8.00am Saturday and Sunday and spending 1 to 1.5 hours there and going Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday for around 45 minutes a time. Giving myself Thursday and Friday (my worst days for wearing out fast) off. We'll see how this goes.

So time being what it is - I had better go get changed into gym gear and get off down the road. See you

04-30-2005, 07:02 PM
Meadow~row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream ..........
Shad~ you day sounded quite nice and your results are great!!!! The pamper treatment stuff is underrated!!! we should get it for free for living in this crazy world!!!

I am working at home!!! New modem personally installed by ME!! I guess I am lucky the internal one lasted 2 years. I had to go through over 40 emails.

Have a great night!

05-01-2005, 09:34 AM
Jen was ill yesterday and our old Dr came to the house. She is fine...well not fine....but it must be a short lived virus of some kind. He was here to see another tenant too. We spoke and he said the reason for the ups and downs is me using my arms. We came back to my place and the first thing he said was get off that thing for at least another 2 weeks OR until the pain is gone. Said it could take that much time easily. So I have a lot of faith in this guy, and he has seen me through a LOT of ups and downs. I will be back after the pain is gone. Take care my Chickie friends and be good to yourselves. Hope the time flies!!!
Love to you all.

Shad~ I will tell Willy too! :lol:

05-01-2005, 01:27 PM
hello ladies ,how are we all ?? bit up and down since my last visit !!!
SHAD well doe on the weigh-in everything down except one the same :cb: :dancer: :grouphug: :cloud9: :high: insurance companys really do suck unfortunatly with my housing association you have to have contents insurance :mad: just incase you cause damage to other peoples property ,glad you got for your pampering session
MEL tell the gossipers that there is a word called slander !!!!!!!! then throw in a libel or two that should make them shut up :mad: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: some people are never happy until they are *****ing about other people ,glad your feeling a lot better hunny and continue to do so ,tell jen to get well soon
HOLLY now you know why i have a built in tech department :lol: :lol: he really does come in handy some times
MEADOW i always get the kids to un do what theyve done ,sometimes they are the only ones who know how :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you and exercise will eventually collide ,just think of how much you do withoutn even thinking about it ???????
TIG running again ???? you must have iron will power ,keep going you must be nearly here by now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
HAPPY how did the visit go ??has he family gone home now ????how was your birthday ??
right i have to go and make dinner and feed the dogs so ill pop back later and fill you in with us lot ,not much happening and some bad news , my dads last elder relative died last night so he is now the eldest in the family ,and i have the funeral on friday ,craig starts his exams on wednesday {english}
love to all
kirsty +bump

05-01-2005, 05:48 PM
Here it is 6.33 on an overcast and cloudy Labour Day Monday and I am not working. Well that is not working at the office. I got up early to ensure I get this sanding finished today. Another couple of hours should see it close enough to finished and then I can get on with cleaning up and having a more or less dust free house again. Just getting up on the ladder to start on the ceiling when I suddenly thought of the noise laws - humphhh the noise ****s will have a go at me if I start power tools at this time of the morning (4.30) - so instead I have been throwing clothes at the washing machine and tidying and now everything is ready for a 7.00 oclock start. I should be ready to throw paint at one of the long lounge room walls by the end of tonight.

I also have to - at some time today - go to my friend Chris' place to give her a few more lessons on Microsoft Office - which becomes more difficult by the day as they don't have Office, only Works. Guess I may have to get her up here to get in touch with the finer points - like tables, formatting, formula, databases etc etc etc.

Went to the gym yesterday for over an hour of cardio. Rower, stepper, eliptical, bike, treadmill. Was going to go back today as well, however think the time will be too tight as they are only open 8 - 1.00 this being a public holiday and all. Reason number two is that I am still fairly sore from Saturday's all out effort on the weights. It seems the muscles in my shoulders are not getting out of the lazy status easily. It hurts to move the arms and shoulders too much, but a bit of sanding will take the stiffness away I am sure.

Mel, we will keep in touch a couple of times a week. Hope all this isolation works for you. It will not be easy. Is it now time to break out the watercolours??? It will be real quiet around here without you. Phone calls ???? Are you allowed to hold the phone????

Linus, so sorry to hear of another death in the family - it seems so hard when this happens but somehow when one goes, the others don't always seem to last much longer. Death happens. My generation of the family are now the oldest family members, we range in age from 65 to 45. Things being what they are, and the family genes coming into force, another 15 to 20 years should see us all knocking on the door.

Right I am off to hang out the washing, by which time it will be 7.00am and the noise can start in earnest. See you all.

05-01-2005, 06:56 PM
Linus~ hugs
Mel~2 weeks of hugs
Shad~ I have some lemon yellow paint left over if you need some, all out of lime green.
Dh did offer to stay home with the kids. All is much subdued around here.

05-01-2005, 08:15 PM
Sad news that we'll be Mel-less for a while. :cry:

I finished the 8K yesterday. Now I need to work on being able to run farther before I have to start walking. A little faster and a little farther. Yep, Linus, that'll definitely be me huffing and puffing at your door looking for a drink. ;)

Slim has been working on The Fort - he built steps and has painted it camouflage. He did such a good job you can't see it. :lol: The Thugs were here last weekend and loved it. They'll be back this coming weekend. :dance:

We were supposed to get rain today but got nothing but humidity. It is really getting to be that time of year when all the snowbirds leave because it is getting too hot for them. I guess their feathers molt.

Back to work tomorrow. Work is so horribly wretched I just ignore it when I'm away from the office. Being happy at home and with my life certainly is the key to sanity for me.

Meanwhile, the laundry is calling to be folded. Slim does everything around the house - cooking, shopping, laundry, vacuuming, but he doesn't fold clothes or iron. Wouldn't want a Perfect Man - he'd be insufferable! :lol:

05-02-2005, 11:43 AM
Food has been quite good. I did have a donut yesterday. DD came to London with me. It was nice. We stopped at Tim Hortons for a drink and donut. It was soooo much fun. She thought she was quite grown up.
DS has had a good morning and off to school.
I am off to clean the kitchen.I have asked DH 3 days in a row for help. There are no clean pots right now. I am not sure what he thinks I will cook his dinner in. LOL!
My strike in the kitchen didn't really work.

10:30 am.....I am feeling quite liberated. I feel as though I have worked through the emotions of the Grandma thing, the son things, the troll at church thing, the death of friend thing and I feel able to face the world. I have done the dishes and it didn't hurt and i have made phonecalls for the church directory and I will start working on the title pages today!!!! That is the fun part!
4 girls watching Cinderella and 1 baby boy sleeping!!!

I included the exchanges with my sis in my journal if you want to read them.

05-02-2005, 01:24 PM
((((HUGS MEL))))

I did some plies, squats, lunges, upper body weights on Saturday. I know exactly where my leg muscles wrap around my thighs because I can feel every bit of it. I did a few more squats on Sunday to try and shake the ache but it still lingers. What a struggle this getting fit stuff, eh? You do it, you ache, you don't do it your spirit aches, catch 22.

Tig-alright! you did it!! Slim sounds like a wonderful fellow, imagine camoflaging the fort, inspired:) Hugs for the work stuff, it is a good thing your home life is so sweet:D

Linus-It is sad that your relative has passed, going to funerals when you are pregnant though does seem to cheer everyone else up. Consider yourself the angel of life's renewal:) I hope you are feeling well and the little passenger isn't keeping you up at night.

Shad-What colour are you painting the lounge? I adore decorating talk:) Aren't you a dear friend to help your buddy figure out microsoft office and all those spreadsheets, has my head reeling at the thought of trying to explain it all. Any feedback from the neighbours for starting at 7am? Wow, you are a nose to the grindstone motivated lady today aren't you! Doesn't having a cup of tea and a nose through a magazine appeal? Actually if I couldn't sleep I would pop in an AB movie and let my imagination have a good workout;) I know, I know, that kind of exercise will never shift the extra baggage below. Your measurements show you have been doing well, congratulations. Much future success!

Holly-I had a Tim Horton's doughnut yesterday too, snap;) Mine was at 2pm my time, so if you had yours around 5pm your time we were munching in sync! Sadly my pots are still on the stove, no kitchen fairies or husbands rushing to clean and clear. It might happen that I will set to and tackle it but then I might have to vacuum, do laundry and wash the floor and all that other stuff that seems to need doing constantly. Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I had better have a coffee. Feeling liberated from thoughts weighing on your conscience is a good thing, I hope your energy stays fully charged and you smile alot this week and forever more:D

05-02-2005, 02:05 PM
Meadow~ you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

05-02-2005, 08:43 PM
Meadow~ you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

:D Puts on her Matchbox Twenty cd and bops around the manor house :lol: Come on worldly chicks, shake your petals!! :dancer: :goodvibes :bubbles:

05-02-2005, 11:16 PM
Matcbox 20 totally works for me!!!!!!

:cool: :spin: :cb: :cp: :dance: :flow2: :dancer: :flame: :flow1: :hyper: :twirly: :yes:

woohoo I am groovin' now!!! :encore: :dancer: :D
That was fun!!!!!

C'mon chicks shake it up a little!!!

05-02-2005, 11:23 PM
whooooo Holly - many more smilies and you will be beating Teel at her own game.

Nice petals Meadow.

You'll excuse me if I don't do a jig in the office. Wrong shoes!!!!

05-03-2005, 07:24 AM
So, back to work today after the last 3 day weekend until June. Getting paid next week too. All this AND money.
Not sure why it is, but I always seem to end up with the bits that don't work very well. I have to find the bugs, work out the problem and then tell those who get paid much more than me to do the same thing. Then I have to document, learn, add, data and train the said bits. And the last bit of irony in the mix is - your stuff is first cab off the rank and must be finished by yesterday if not sooner. Aaah well as is my usual saying - the impossible I can do straight away, miracles take a little longer.

Back to the gym tonight to try out the torturers plan once more. It is getting easier and I got through it in much shorter time tonight. So I will have to start doing those reps that Jason has put MAX on. I've only been getting through one rep of the really hard ones - 2 of the less hard ones. Tonight for example I got through the 50 leg presses and did another 20 calf stretches as well. The chinhipdip thingy I found I could do 10 not the 6 that I originally struggled through, and I have lessened the weight on the seesaw machine as well. That makes it harder to pull or push the body weight around. Hoo boy - I'm glad I am not going in for Body Building!!!

Time to go sort out breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. More gym tomorrow night - more work tomorrow day! Life is not meant to be easy!!!

05-04-2005, 12:28 AM
Sorry I haven't been posting. I had the most wonderful visit with my mum - wanted to spend every free minute with her. Put her on a plane Monday safe and sound with promises to be back soon (end of June). Then... Sunday night I had the most horrid sore throat - kept me up a good part of the night. It has progressed into a full blown cold with all the aches and pains, coughs and sneezes bells and whistles. It is month end at work so I could not take off. Finally got so bad I had DH take me to the clinic tonight for some antibiotics. A nice little Korean doctor took care of me - I guessed his age to be about 11 or 12 years old. ;) OMG it hurts sooo bad to cough and it's just starting to settle into my chest. I should be ok in a day or two after the antibiotics kick in. Take care and will catch up with you then...

05-04-2005, 06:44 AM
Hi ya all. This will be short and sweet tonight. I'm too busy and tired and grumpy to do anything much at all. I really don't feel all that bright either or maybe that was just the bad day at work kicking in or out as the case maybe.

Happy, sorry to hear that you are not well at all. Hope the antibiotics do the job quickly. Good to hear that the Mum's visit went well and she and DH didn't get on each others wicks.

Not much happening here. I badly need a shower after a 40 minute session on the treadmill at the gym. I'm trying to mix up the workouts and keep the body guessing. Doesn't seem to be making much impression on the scales at the moment tho'. All week I've been going up and down, more up than down. So am cutting the food down again. I've been a bit lavish with the portions this week I think! Always something.

Work is manic. They are panicking about the amount left to do to get us across the line to training. I have a stack of stuff to do in the next two weeks. If they gave up a few of the crazy documents that MUST be done (why? well just because) then we'd have a better chance. But enough whingeing. Better go do the dishes, shower, clean the kitchen floor, and finish a bit of mending - not necessarily in that order.

Catch everyone tomorrow.

05-04-2005, 06:46 AM
I took the day off and we're going to the west coast of Florida, taking the scenic route. :dance: It's supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day, but who cares - I'm *not* at work! :dance:

Meadow ~ I loved the dancing petals!

happy ~ it was wonderful that you had such a nice visit with your mother. And looking forward to the next trip - how glorious! Sorry you aren't feeling well - get well soon!

shad ~ your dear Torture Jason's pushing sounds challenging in a very good way.

:wave: Hello to Linus (and bump), Teel, Holly (Tech Lady), SMelly (get well soon), and everybody else!

05-04-2005, 09:46 AM
Hi Gals!

Sorry about the aches and pains Happy. Glad the visit was pleasant!!!!
Shad the work out gotta be helping things along! You are so dedicated!!
Tig~ HAVE FUN!!!!!!

A sunny spring day. Supposed to be 14C and sunny all day!!!! I feel some gardening coming on!!!
Have some stuff to do for the photo directory for church, need a few groceries. Had a school council meeting and did LOTS of revisions on the parent handbook, fun, exciting!!!

05-04-2005, 05:16 PM
sorry not been in but im rotten with the cold again ,the doc gave me anti sickness tablets so hopefully they do the trick!!!! be back soon craig sat his first exam and sailed through it so fingers crossed
bye for now
kirsty and bump

05-05-2005, 12:41 AM
Drink plenty of juice and get better Linus and Happy! Don't let those bugs that have gotten ahold of you win, drown the little critters :lol: Hot water bottle for both of you. Here is a new AB wp to give you a boost:)

Shad-So bugs are irritating you as well?! Glad they are the computer kind, although they are zapping your mental energy if not your physical sparkiness :^: Do your legs feel wobbly after all that time on the treadmill? By the sounds of work you need a big hug ((((HUG)))) frustration and aggrivation are just chicken feed to you, you will have them ship shape and organized, humming along in no time. They just need to listen to you... TALK LOUDER or use coloured paper for your memos to the big cheeses :p

Holly-So how much gardening did you do? Did you plant or weed? Has your hubby lightened up and shone a bit of sunshine on you?

Tig-How was the scenic drive? Did the rain hold off so you were able to have the window open?

Well I haven't sweated much this week. Have continued to do some plies and squats because it feels rather good to stretch out those leg muscles. Who knew they were so ceased up?! :dizzy:

05-05-2005, 05:59 AM
Hiya all,
I had an email from Mel yesterday. She is feeling much better and is no longer using the 'keep me numb' patches and is down to 1/2 tablet at nighttime only when she needs it, which has been twice. She is being good with her food, but no exercise. Apparently the greatest pain now is in the hip - maybe we should suggest she stops sitting on her wallet?? But she is missing us all and is looking forward to the Dr's visit on the 12th for a check over and report. Reckons it won't be long before she is back. I look forward to that.

Work continues on it's weird and wacky way. Don't know what I would do if I ever got onto a project where everything goes smoothly, the place stays on budget, the system works properly and the people work smart not hard!!! I can dream.

The great South East has gone into winter mode. The temperatures have been a bit cooler lately - ie 17 - 26 or 27. (64 - 84/85) How they moan about the cold. It is - according to the pundits - going to be a long hard winter!!! I actually put a jacket in my bag this morning, not because I thought it was cold, but because the air con in the office gets a bit much around 2 in the afternoon. It's set for the suits.

No gym tonight - having a night off. I really should have gone today but I forgot about the footy tomorrow night and consequently didn't put my gear in the car this morning. Aah well, double session on Saturday and another on Sunday should see me right. Just got to keep a check on the food intake. Less because of no exercise.

Linus, sorry to hear you are sick again. This pregnancy is not treating you kindly. Get well soon. Good luck to Craig for his exams.

Meadow, just keep on with the squats, kneebends etc. Remember to ensure the knees do not stick out past the feet, stick the backside out and squat that way. Less pressure on the knees.

Tig - sure hope the trip along the coast went well and you had a chance to breathe deeply of the sea air.

Puss cat is yowing at me to go get her some more food. There is also a lot of bits and pieces for me to do before the tv show that I want to see comes on. So I had best go put out the rubbish, fold the laundry, do the ironing and sort out tomorrow. See you all

05-05-2005, 10:07 AM
Meadow~ you make me smile.

I actually kept bugging DH to call the company who did our siding and basement cause the owner is VERY down to earth, a family man and he really respects Dh's ability and experience...So yesterday he called. The guy is putting together a crew for DH (hopefully) by this week and he could be building barns all summer!!! Everything crossed!!!!
My clothes smell like fresh air!!!!
Hung out the wash yesterday. This morning as I was doing the mad dash I kept smelling something glorious. I was sniffing at kids etc, couldnít figure it out.It was ME!! Aaaaaah.
The family stuff is resolved for me.No replys but that is fine. It is not the biggest thing in my life but it one of the things that is underlying and ďeatsĒ me.My theory is if I let it out, face it, handle it effectively I will not over eat. It is definitely a thread throughout my life. At times it was the biggest thing. Dont give them that much of my personal power these days.
The positive stuff in the last few days have been huge. Has me smirking. The feedback and emails from fellow school council members on my parent handbook have been stunning and very nice to hear. They come from people actively involved in the community resources for kids etc..... very nice. I also had a nice visit from my co SS superintendant. I wrapped up the photo directory!! Looks just peachy.
My old rocker friend is stopping by tonight with her 2 kids.

I was down 2.5 at TOPS last night but that is still UP 4 from the end of FEB!

3 little guys here today. I should have 2 hours to myself this aft. Lots to do. I need to pick one thing. and veg abit too.
I finished Clara Callan( Richard B Wright). A must read. So incredibly enjoyable to read.
I am starting No great Mischief by Alistair Macleod. The first paragragh describes the route we take to go to Dhís Bothers. I could picture every bit.

Sun is shining. Will get these kiddies outside and dig in the dirt this morning!!!!!!

Oh, weeding and transplanting at the moment. I had a shade garden and then we cut down a tree. It is going mad.Since we have graded the property I have a shade garden on the north side now. Moving stuff there. All the beds are like 30'X6' at least. All perrenials. 2 are quite developed(5 years) . I LOVE this. Gotta get the veg patch prepped too.

05-05-2005, 01:33 PM
Holly-No Great Mischief will stick with you long after you have finished it. I think I actually had tears running down my face during a couple of parts of that novel. Glad things are clicking along and you smell so good!

Shad-ah, to have air conditioning! Guess your next pay cheque will be going towards a suit for yourself hmm? Get a dark purple to set yourself apart from the navy pinstripes of the mucky mucks. Thank you for the update on Mel. I hurt for her :(

05-06-2005, 07:30 AM
Just a quick note to get us to the first page. I found us on the second page.

We have a houseful of company coming tomorrow! :dance: Our youngest son and his wife (whom we have never met), and our oldest son, his wife and the Thugs will be here. :cp: Our oldest son and his wife are going to stay at a hotel Saturday night. Not because we don't have enough room for everybody but because their anniversary is on Tuesday and we always take the boys so they can celebrate their anniversary.

Slim did more work on The Fort and got the boys nerf rockets for Fort Defense. Nana's rule: First Thug that shoots his brother with a rocket loses the rocket. Ditto for the second thug. ;)

It's a lot easier to go to work with a good attitude with a weekend like this in front of a body! :goodvibes

05-06-2005, 09:09 AM
Tig~ your palns sound fabulous!!!! Enjoy every second!!!!

05-06-2005, 10:54 AM
Hello to all!
How are we all this fine day/night? ;)
I have had a really busy week with the handyman being here to do a few odd jobs around the house...I am now the proud owner of a couple of shelves in my airing cupboard! :D :D :smug: I had to give the old shelves up when the gas central heating was installed 5 months ago and I really missed using the airing cupboard to put bed linen in. I hate having sheets and duvet covers hanging round the house to dry, its not such a problem in the summer when you can hang them out on the washing line...and even then you have to watch the weather!!!:rain:
He has also put a light in the old shower room (that is no more!) thats being converted in to a storage space of some sort and next week he is going to lay floor tiles...then all it needs is the walls decorating and then at last I can use it as I intend!! Yipee!!
The weather hasn't been so good this week...rather cloudy although bits of sun keep peeking through :sunny:
And its now MAY!! That means "next month" I am off to see Linus!! Only 7 weeks or so till I head off to Edinburgh...
Shad I am sorry to see your insurers are being the proverbial pain in the you-know-where!! It makes me wonder why we bother to have everything insured as we are so often let down by the empty promise of "new for old" all the time. How frustrating for you. Wrap up well for winter!! :o And very well done on your great figures for last month...awesome going, my friend!!!:cheers:
Happy I am pleased that mother's visit went well without any hiccoughs! Sorry though that you ended up with a sore throat and a full blown cold...not nice. I do hope all is healed up and better now with the antibiotics on board.
Mel I do hope you get in to read the posts even though you are not able to post yourself at the moment. I am mightily relieved that the pains are settling down at last. Just don't go overdoing things when you do start to feel better and more like your normal self!! Teel has spoken!!!
Meadow how are things going for you right now? I love your dancing flower by the way!!! :lol:
Hollyhock well done on your weight loss from last evening at TOPS! :bravo:
Tig I hope all goes well and according to plan for you with your busy weekend and all your guests...hope the MIL/DIL relationship goes well!!I hope you enjoyed your day off exploring by the sea-side!!
Linus and bump! Hello I hope you are feeling heaps better than when I last spoke to you!!Good luck with the house swap!!I hope something good turns your way in that direction for once!!
That's it from me! Have a good weekend everyone! Take good care and keep safe!!

05-07-2005, 05:47 AM
Tig it does sound like a wonderful family weekend. Hope you thoroughly enjoy it. The 'Thugs' sound wonderful. It also sounds like you are not really having a good time on the project you are working on. Some are not as good as others I have to admit. So just get right on your goat and yet others swim along happily if sometimes a bit haphazardly.

Teel - Glad to hear that the work is finally being done in the house. You won't know yourself once that is done. How about keeping in touch a bit more often too. We like to know what you are up to!!!!

Meadow - no purple suits for this little black duck. A) because they don't make things like that to suit me, and B) I wouldn't look great dashing round town in a flash suit and flat shoes. I like to walk as fast as possible, so I take the heels to work in a bag and wear the flat navy loafers around the streets, also some of the pavement is shiny tiles - look good however they are death to the heels and shoes of some people. I've seen so many slip and/ or go over because of those floors. You'd think the designers would learn after the law suits they've had, but apparently it is cheaper to settle out of court than to change the flooring or pavements. Go figure.

Had a busy, busy day today. I didn't get up too early - obviously I was tired from a long and busy week - 35 hours in 4 days plus travel. Anyway I went to gym at 8.00 and did an 50 minutes on weights, strength and resistance, then another ten on the treadmill, followed by 55 mins of Body Balance class. Stuffed is a good word for how I felt when I stumbled out of there. Tomorrow is another hour on cardio circuit.
Then I went to get the fruit and veg, and the big grocery shop of the month or more. I only go down to get the groceries and meat about every 6 - 8 weeks, fill up the freezer and the pantry and eat my way through it. So I ended up with chicken breast fillets, chicken thighs, chicken tenderloins, pork steaks, lamb chops, beef scotch fillet, salmon fillets, tuna steaks and swordfish steaks. I also got a few groceries like balsamic vinegar, bread, cleaning stuff and a couple of presents for a pregnant friend (She's due in June). I'm getting in early so I can see what to get for Linus later in the year. The whole shebang came to $269 - you what!!!! I'm not buying the flaming store you know.
So I came home to clean the kitchen, sweep and wash the floor, dust and sweep the dining room and lounge (since the sanding dust is still landing) and put the laundry on - still not hung out, but that will do as tomorrow mornings early job. After gym tomorrow, wash the walls down again, and then in the afternoon paint the walls and windows. At least one coat of primer/ undercoat - I think that is all I will have time to do. More cleaning tomorrow in the bathroom and bedroom as well and then the housework will just about be up to date. Weekends are just not long enough.

Okay time to go and drop Mel a line. I'll send all you best wishes shall I?

05-07-2005, 10:36 AM
Well today has been a day for dashing in and out to rescue washing hanging on the line so it does'nt come in wetter than when it was first hung out!! :rain: At the moment though the sun is shining :sunny: but I am not hanging it out again...:stress:

I should really be out in the supermarket doing a big shop but all my previous enthusiasm has dripped away and I really cannot be bothered! Tut tut! I will just have to eat out of the freezer this evening and tomorrow!!:T

I am sorry for not logging in and posting more often. I don't seem to have anything to say that would be of any interest to anyone! And with all the pills I am throwing down my throat I seem to be so tired all the time I don't have the energy to get on and post. I know...that's no excuse really!!:rollpin:

Shad does your pregnant friend know the sex of her baby yet? My goodness you seem to have spent an awful lot on pressies for her...what did you get? You sound exhausted too. You certainly pile a lot in to your working week, what with the travelling on top of everything as well.:tired:
Oh yes if you do drop Miss Mel a line please send my best wishes along with yours if you would be so kind. :grouphug:
Perhaps I will try and give her another ring over the weekend... :coach:Remind her to take things easy, will you!!

Great news from my nephew and neice in New Zealand. They were both in the national outrigging races held in Wellington this week..both in the under 19's. Nephew aged 17 and 4 days got a GOLD!! and niece aged 13 1/2 got a SILVER!!! :bravo: :cp: :cheers: :cheer: :yes: :cloud9: :woo: :cloud9: My brother is just SO proud of them, he is fit to bursting!!(I like the new smilies!!:lol3: ) They are a case of being in the right place at the right time and caught the eye of a scout who was out looking for the right people to train and race. Well done to them!!:bravo:

Hello to everyone! Be good and have a great weekend!!
Love from Teel xx

05-07-2005, 12:23 PM
Good morning chickies, I am back from near death. This cold was far more than I ever expected it to be. Have been really, really REALLY sick this week. Good thing I went to the doctor's on Tuesday, I can only imagine the state I would be in had I not. Still not up to par but at least I can breathe - somewhat. The chest congestion is the worst of it. I thought I would not have to deal with this since I quit smoking but I guess when the little buggers invade, they take over. And I have barely eaten anything in the past week, drank rivers of water to stay hydrated and move the gunk out and have dealt with antibiotic induced stomach upset. Do you think I would have lost a pound, ounce or gram? :no: Sooooo frustrating! Oh well, all we can do is to carry on, eh? It's supposed to be a sunny warm weekend, I hope to get outside and catch some healing rays of the sun.

Teel, it is good to hear from you again. I know the feeling - that you feel you have nothing to say so you lurk - please just know that we'd rather hear babbling than deal with wondering where the lurkers are :?: :mag: That is so wonderful about your niece and nephew! They must be thrilled to bits and what a proud Aunty Teel beaming on them :goodvibes:

Shad, please send my love to Miss Mel. I hope she is able to join us soon. I can't seem to find my box of greeting cards so I need to go stock up this weekend. As for you, it sounds like you've really intensified the workouts. Congrats on the loss for the week. A hard fought loss I might add. As for the job, it seems to be the nature of SAP - reminds me of a bunch of ants marching marching marching - all busy - very busy but are we achieving any results? The sort of thing at times that makes you contemplate a career change - or is it just that the state of the work place has changed so much? I know my job beckons me to work long, long hours. So far I have resisted but I think I won't be able to hold out for much longer. Thing is, we have one chatterbox at work. Drives me nuts as he chats all day long to any and everyone. The sort of bloke who yaks just to make noise. :gossip: I am sorely tempted to remind him of my favorite Chinese proverb - "Empty cans make the loudest noises" :lol: But he wouldn't get it. Anyway they just love him at work - think he is the best. Sometimes I feel I just don't fit into today's workplace anymore...

Tig, enjoy your company - hope you had a good trip down the coast. Meadown, thank you for the jazzy flower. After that, how can you NOT get up and dance? :dancer: Holly :crossed: hope all goes well for DH and work for the summer. Ohhhh is there nothing so sweet (aside from a little baby) of the smell of clothes dried in the outside air? :cloud9: Can't do that at my house. Too many blasted birds. They sing sweetly but they also dive bomb the cars and chairs and anything else left outside. I told DH we're not going to feed them if they are going to use our cars as latrines. He said it's only the mocking bird that's doing it. We have a new bird that appeared this week - an indigo bunting - a beautiful shade of blue.

Linus, hope you are feeling better - these have not been an easy few months for you, have they? I'd say you are overdue for a little sunshine in your life :sunny:

Ok, I'd better get moving here. DH went to the store a while ago, don't want him to return to find me still sitting here drinking coffee at the computer. :o

Hello's to Nae and Suzi who we seem to have lost and virtual love to the fabulous Miss Mel :encore:

05-08-2005, 12:05 AM
For those Mums of the thread and for those non-Mums, soon to be Mums, surrogate Mums, single Mums, Mum's of pets, houses, horses or gardens, these early bloomers from under the Poinciana tree are for you

05-08-2005, 01:01 AM
are those YOUR orchids? Breathtaking and gorgeous! Happy Mum's day to all you fine ladies. :encore:

05-08-2005, 01:23 AM
yep all mine. Tennozan on the left and Blue Boy on the right. Blue Boy is just new, which is why he is flowering at this time. Tennozan I have had for 6 - 8 months or so and this is it's second flowering. Must like it there.

05-08-2005, 08:20 AM
Beautiful Shad. We can only grow orchids in pots inside here.hard to imagine them outside in nature.

HUGS and HI!!! to everyone!!!

The sunlight is streaming through the trees and the dew on the grass is twinkling.Yellow tulips are smiling at me.Kitty is rubbing against my legs.All is quiet and peaceful and my coffee tastes delish!!!!

It has been an emotional few days for a few reasons. I am doing okay tho!!
I have decided that the time without the boys has been a gift and I need to to receive it. DH was gone over night and Ds was out all aft and eve.
DH left mad as heck but I called him a couple of hours later and he was chatty and calm and then he called me at 9pm to tell me where he was at. He is in a better place and was hanging out with an old roomie we havenít seen in a couple of years.I chatted with him too.
DS went 4 wheeling and hung out at the crick and tried to catch minnows and crayfish. Happy little man.
I have the house tidied and well sorted ,dusting and vacuuming today. DD seems better.
Church this morning. Then hopefully some gardening!! Raking at least. It is exercise too!!
I loved sleeping alone with kitty, just like the old days. I wonder if kitty was thinking wow this used to be so cool! LOL!
I set my alarm for 6:30 to be up and alone.Kids will sleep til 7:30.
I ate most of a frozen pizza for supper last night. It was enjoyable but too much. The rest of the day was okay.
Because DD was sick, it was the first time in 9 years I only cooked for myself.
For the 15 years before that I only ever cooked for myself and the 5 years before that I cooked all the family meals at my parents house. I just did the math. I have been cooking dinner for 29 years. Yikes. I love doing it. I actually dont remeber ever feeling like I didnít want to do it.

I cant wait to see the cards the kids made at school. Much sneaking and hiding has been going on.
I sent my Mom an e card. I will call later, I suppose.

Have a wonderful day dear chicks!!!!!

05-08-2005, 11:04 AM
Holly, I think no matter how much we love (or sometimes tolerate) the people around us, it's always nice to once in a while have an evening to yourself. Sounds like you enjoyed it to the hilt!

Shad, if and when you have time, you have to take some shots of the yard and post to webshots or here. It sounds like your yard is just fabulous. Haven't seen much of it since it was mostly under construction. I am in awe of the wide variety of enchanting things you can grow there.

05-09-2005, 07:45 AM
There is not a lot of colour in the garden right now. The roses will be coming back to bloom again soon, the bushes mostly have a lot of buds on them. The bigger ones have been through a flush and are mostly finished. The orchids will flower on and off for the next 6 months or so. There are some nice ones there and they survive on vast amounts of neglect followed by a bit of cossetting when one comes into flower. I miss not having daffodils, jonquils and tulips. You can get them to grow but very weedy and only last one day at the most.

Feeling a bit worn at the moment. Work doesn't give up - I'm also mediating between two strong (male) personalities and only ended up with more work. I guess I will survive.

So I'm off to bed pretty soon. Had gym again tonight. Getting slowly stronger in the upper body, but it is not a painless exercise. Just hope it delivers the promise of less inches and less weight! Jason is confident.

Can't think anymore. Will dream up a lovely long post while snoring! Manana amigos

05-09-2005, 09:52 AM
Motherís day was nice. Kids were happy. No squabbles.DH was happy. I was happy. Church was nice. I raked,weeded and seeded 1/2 of the front lawn from 10:30-4. It is looking lovely.
The work felt good. I am sun kissed and glowing.

Quiet evening.
I just heard a kiddie coming down the stairs. Now the work starts.

My monthly morning weigh in was 228.....still up 3 from Feb but down 1 form last week. The right direction!!!!

Called my Mom yesterday. She was all cheery, telling me about her perfect little weekend,after a half hour I asked if she got my email. she said hesitantly ,"well, yes.
I,I,I, I dont want to be involved. It has been this way for 5 years.There is nothing I can do to change it.Ē My Aunt did call her accusing that she had told my parents 3 years ago about some work that was needed to be done. Never asked for help tho........ My Dad apparently asked my Mom what he should do and she told him to just forget bout it. I may call my Dad. It is his Mom after all.He does care.

Anyhow I have a philosophical discussion going on in my head about the intent and energy something is done with. My grandma is very well cared for. If the care is done with negativity and bitterness is it a good as if it is done with love and affection?
My feeling is no but the rest of my family disagrees.

05-09-2005, 05:37 PM
hello my very good freinds
how are we all?? good i hope ,were all fine -well so so :lol: i had to get anti sickness tablets from the docs sometimes they work ,still has not brought my appetite back yet =but the doc has said not to worry about it the baby is growing well and is very active so not to worry about it so i wont :) Craig sat his chemistry exam today said it wasnt to bad so :crossed: connnre is just fine just his usul cheery self ,we got his report card on saturday morning ,very plaesant kid pleasure to teach would be even better if he stayed awake :yikes: :rofl: so im not looking forward to parents evening .andrew has a very strange skin compl;aint at the moment very very itchy and covered from head to toe in spots docs arent sure what it is maybe an allergic reaction so the whole house has had to be cleaned beds changed towels,cushion covers,shower curtains you name it if it can be washed its washed and if not its been anti bacterial wiped :?: im now knackered so im off for a well deserved shower and bed
peace and reat to all

05-09-2005, 06:29 PM
Reat??!!! Must be a Scottish word?

05-09-2005, 07:43 PM
?Reat? thee merry chicks of the world and nothing to dismay for there is chocolate everywhere and one peice will not with pounds pay... I think I added a beat there :p

Hugs Shad, icky male energy swirling around you making you volunteer to do more than your fair share to keep momentum and peace... you can't keep that up! Tell the winey buggers to pull themselves together and get the work done and their traps shut. Should put the temperature up a few degrees in the office :rofl: :spin: My snowball tree is in full bloom right now, it survived the infestation of the vebernum caterpillars that devoured it last year and is shoving all its energy now into putting out the pompoms :)

Holly-good that your mother's day was pleasant. My sisters gave me two boxes of peanut butter daises and a 12 pack of peanutbutter fingers from Purdy's chocolates. Will I eat them all in one sitting "NO" will I eat them all eventually? "YES" I will have to share a bit with the kids so as not to make myself too guilty for the indulgence :D Hugs for your family merry go round of accountability and distance, it isn't something you can force, people either want to help or they don't. You can only do what you feel is right and allow them to do the same.

Linus-good news that your little passenger is active and lively and growing well! Sorry you haven't gotten an appetite. It should happen to me and an overwhelming urge to exercise like a champion gymnast :lol: My daughter had a reaction with spots all over her body to an antibiotic. Has Andrew been taking anything new? Have you switched fabric softeners? I know some of that stuff can really cause a reaction too, coats the clothes with something. Vinegar is much better to get all the soap out and make the clothes smell fresh. Congratualtions that your kids are doing so well in school. Which class did Conner sleep through? If it was history I wouldn't worry, I daydreamed through most of that stuff myself, all those dates :rolleyes:

:wave:Cloudy and sunny here. My daugher opened a tin of kippers and the entire house smells like a cannery so I have opened the windows to try and get it back to its normal dusty, stale, general skanky smell :rofl: :coffee2:

05-10-2005, 12:46 AM
Quick post for me today... it was a very sad day for me at work. One of my teammates - a truly wonderful young guy in his mid 20's was shot and killed in his house on Saturday. They don't know all the details, they think perhaps he startled an intruder or burglar. He leaves behind a wife and 2 very young children. It's so hard to believe, here we were laughing on Friday, playing tricks on one of our other co-workers. I have email from him, he's on instant messenger tho not logged on right now - how can he be gone? And did I say that he was just a heckova nice guy - that I really enjoyed working with even tho I didn't know him for very long. I'm stunned...

05-10-2005, 06:57 AM
Happy, I'm so sorry to hear about your workmate. What a horrible thing to happen. You must be feeling very down right now. The whole office must feel awful. Please just take it easy and breathe deeply.

Meadow - love the description of that viburnum. I always wanted one of those in the garden, however they don't flower so well up here. Short season and buggy as well. Your sisters weren't that kind to you for Mothers day were they??

Linus - good to hear from you and good to know that all is well - apart from the DH's strange rash that is.

Holly - good to hear that Mothers day was good for you. My DS2 came whizzing in, dropped off the bed that he borrowed, shot off in the van again and then came screeching back, sticking his head out of the window yelling come 'ere. He then proceeded to give me a cuddle and a kiss and wish me happy Mothers day. Strange kid.

I got this joke today from my friend Chris in Japan. (Sorry Happy, know you are not feeling much like laughing at the moment.

Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties.

Terry had married a woman from Croatia, and bragged that he had told his wife she was going to do all the dishes and house cleaning that needed to be done at their house. He said that it took a couple of days but on the third day he came home to a clean house and the dishes were all washed and put away.

Jimmy had married a woman from Australia. He bragged that he had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and the cooking. He told them that the first day he didnt see any results, but the next day it was better. By the third day, his house was clean, the dishes were done, and he had a huge dinner on the table.

The third man had married a New Zealand girl. He boasted that he told her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didnt see anything, the second day he didnt see anything, but by the third day most of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye enough to fix himself a bite to eat, load the dishwasher, and call a landscaper.
God Bless New Zealand Women!

I have a Kiwi friend in Arizona that is just going to love that one.

DS1 just rang to say that he has downloaded a program to his PC which allows him to make phone calls from the PC to other PCís across the world and talk to them for free - the owners of the PC not the PC - as far as I know he is not yet into talking like a hi speed rattle. There is a bit of a time delay, but no worse than some of the overseas calls I have made. The upshot is that if he goes on with it and finds it okay, then I will put it on mine as well and I know my friend in Japan has it on her PC at school. Let you all know how it goes.

Work ontinues to get more and more hectic. Iíll be going in at 5.00am tomorrow to try to get away from the social chit-chat and gossip that goes on. Some of them donít seem to know what work is. Something that I was a bit worried about before I took the job. Govt. Departments donít seem to be known for dedication to the job - thatís a generalisation, not a total hard fact, so those of you who are departmental workers please donít get on my case. I just wish that they would freeze the system so we could get the final material ready, but hey letís not think about how the trainers feel. Jeez I feel grumpy.
Anyway, I took a peek at the training schedule today and darned near fell off my chair. I have days and days and days of it 7.5 hours a day of it. Stretches through most of August and some of September. Iím going to need a rest after this lot.

Was going to the gym tonight, however I figured that it might be a good idea to give these shoulders and arms a rest. Geez Jason, Iíll end up with knuckles brushing the ground at this rate and I am already vertically challenged.

Havenít seen my garden in the daylight for 2 days. I went out with the torch tonight and the new tomatoes are taking off, it wonít be long before the baby beetroot is ready. The Coriander is ready to run away to seed and the herbs are rowing wild. Spinach is coming along as well. Might have some good veges to eat soon. The lettuces are ready and will be overdone if I donít get to eat them soon. Such is life. These veg grow well in my wee patch.

Okay, time to go and get on with the evening. So much to do, so little time.

05-10-2005, 05:57 PM
Happy im so very sorry to hear about your very sand news :sorry: :grouphug: its always so sad and so senseless when the young die so needlessly
:woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :flow2: :flow2: :high: :high: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :high: :high: :encore: :encore: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :stars: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :lucky: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard: :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I GOT MY NEW HOUSE I GET THE KEYS IN 2 WEEKS AND WILL BE IN BEFORE TEEL COMES
and now im just so tired :faint: :headache: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: goodnight and hope all is REAT with your world

05-10-2005, 10:01 PM
There's that word again. Must be the scots for right

05-10-2005, 10:53 PM
Evenin' Chicks,
I clicked on here twice today and got sidetracked by a kid. I finally got to read through.
Happy~ I am deeply sorry for the loss of the man you work with.It IS senseless and so hard for the wife and children. HUGS!!!
Shad/Meadow~ I planted 3 viburnun 2 years ago but no pompoms yet(ever).Maybe I need to fertilize.Ours dont bloom here till June.
Linus~ so glad everything is working out just reat in your world!!!
Shad~ DS sound funny and sweet!!!!
How is dear Mel?????
Rose??? Suzi?????? Tig popped in last week didn't she??


05-11-2005, 07:29 AM
Yahoo, itís payday. Some money in the account. Makes it all worthwhile.

Itís been a rotten week weatherwise, not raining enough to make the umbrella worthwhile, and too wet to go out and sit in the fresh air at lunch time. Bah humbug.

Things have relaxed enough at work to manage a few jokes now. However that will all change by the end of the month when I have to know the business enough to be able to train the troops. These people have been stuck in an electronic time warp for the past 20 years. Itís not going to be easy for them to change now. I have a couple of documents to write and thatís it for this implementation release.

Went to the gym tonight to do a cardio workout - 10 minutes on the machines and the warmup. I did only three of the machines - bike, eliptical, stepper and used the treadmill for warm up. Now I feel all sweaty and smelly so had better start thinking of a shower and some quiet time. There is a tv program I want to see shortly as well.

That means - see you later. Have a good day.

05-11-2005, 08:29 AM
Linus, yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! *jumping up and down excitely for you* :cp: :cp: :cp: So very glad to hear you got the house! It's about time you got some good news in your life. So will you be having a big housewarming party with Teel?

Shad, the more I observe, the more I think they should rename SAP - "Chaos Reigns". I sit next to the trainers group and I don't envy you a bit. All I can say is that your suffering seems universal. :grouphug: Now I'm even in more awe of what you do. Makes my job seem not so bad afterall :rofl: Hang in there... loved your joke too. It's one to pass along. :lol:

Good heavens, the heat has hit. In the 90's and it's only May - :sunny: when I got home from work, I found DH lounging in the pool. After all the work he's put into it, he deserves it. Water a bit too cool yet for me tho with temps this warm the next 2 days, water should heat up enough for me to stick a toe in. I'm actually looking forward to swimming laps - a pool was my main reason for joining a health club in the past.

I've done better on the food this week. Water is pretty good. Still recovering a bit from the cold last week. Lungs still congested, blasted coughing about to make me insane already. I don't tolerate being ill for too long.

Busy day ahead. Fun with Crystal Reports - yet a new thing to learn. Everyone says it's simple. Today I go into my other office - my home base. I imagine it will be pretty somber there. Apparently they found someone who might have been a witness to my coworker's murder and they have at least a minimim description of a suspect to go on. Prayers that they find the @#$%#( and bring them to justice.

Holly, I hope you have a day of a calm DH and happy, well behaved children. Hugs to the rest of the clan as we march through the day :dancer:

05-11-2005, 10:05 AM
Happy~ I actually thought for a moment wow it's May down there already....huh...need more coffee. It is May here too I guess. Bit of a blur!

I sat down and couldn't get up!
That was me last night. Everyboby and their brother has been cutting grass out here since the weekend. Lots of pollen floating around.My head is foggy!!!
Good day yesterday. Took the kids bike riding in town after supper. Met another family and the Mom and I walked. There is no place to walk or ride here so I toss the bikes in the van and go to town.
I sat down to watch Idol and didnít get off the couch till 11.It was restful to say the least. I did gather the trash for this morning.
Finished the revision on the handbook but my printer bunged up, arg! Council meeting tonight.
Only 3 little people today. All of them nap in the aft!!!!!
I ate icecream last night.
It was steamy and humid all day but we didnít get the rain. I wanted it for my grass seed. Sunny and clear today.
Might do some weeding.
I will do yoga!!!!!!

Have a funky day!!!!

05-11-2005, 01:36 PM
Linus-Finally! a new house for you:) Alright!

Shad-you mean people in government offices know how to smile? They tell jokes? Gosh :p Good that you get a breather before the heavy duty brain thumping begins :lol3: Hopefully the weather will clear up down there and you can take some beautiful deep breaths of air to invigorate you. Just reading about your workouts make my arms ache, I can't imagine how your limbs must feel.

Holly-Cool, three viburnums, they get huge you know, I hope you have them "FAR" apart :D How are you liking "No Great Mischief"? I've just finished a Sue Grafton "R" one and am starting an Elizabeth George novel.

Happy-Mint juleps for you! 90 degrees? That is just outrageous. Are you wearing more white since you moved to the South? Has silk become your fabric of choice? Do you have a portable, battery operated fan for use between car and buildings? Is an air conditioning failure cause to evacuate offices? :p I live in the North so hitting 75 up here is like a heat wave :rofl:

The peanut butter fingers are all gone, I ate 10 of the twelve over three days. I hid the two boxes of peanut butter daisies in my husband's sock drawer, I should forget about them soon. I can't even give them my kid's teachers because of peanut allergies. I could throw them out but that little voice in my head says, you might need them for comfort during the big move this summer :tantrum: I hear twilight zone music :p

05-11-2005, 03:12 PM
Meadow~ We are on an acre, i planted 30 bushes across the back. They can get as big as they want. I did mostly purple leaf nine bark and a few mock orange and viburnum. I am loving No Great Mischief. An easy read.
How is the house coming??

05-12-2005, 07:32 AM

Me And You Is Friends ..

You Smile, I Smile ....

You Hurt, I Hurt ...

You Cry, I Cry ..

You Jump Off A Bridge ..

I Gonna Miss You

05-12-2005, 04:43 PM
Ha Tig - nice one. Quiet around here isn't it. Sorry can't stop, these 10 and 12 hour days are beginning to bite. Deadline today for documentation. Should be able to relax and enjoy life a bit more by next week. What am I talking about - what's life??

05-12-2005, 06:13 PM
WOW, you could hear a pin drop!

HUGS Shad!! Wishing you quiet moments on the patio with a nice glass of wine, while you enjoy your garden!

Busy, busy with kids this week. $$$$$$$$ We need it too. d\Did some edging around flower beds yesterday. School council meeting last night, worked on revisions today.Actually vacuumed upstairs! Yippee! My life is way more non existant than yours Shad.
TGIF tomorrow. 1 little person, big kids are all in school.LOTS of tidying to do and maybe some actual cleaning!!
Allergies are quite bad. I lose steam as the day goes on. My evenings are pretty disfunctional.
I am actually feeling hungry for supper. Wow. Now ,not to over eat would be brilliant!!!

HI CHICKS, hope everyone is well.

05-13-2005, 12:15 AM
Just a rant ahead, don't read if you are feeling chipper, you will just huck something at your computer :p

Comfort eating, double fill oreos, marshmallow puff cookies, I am feeling a complete ***. Of course it isn't "MY" fault, I'm blaming Oprah. Here boot camp show today just made me feel terrible and I sought out cookies *they were supposed to be for the kids :stress: :cookie: Why does watching people who used to be fat giving advice on how to do it make me want sugar intravenous injections? Heck if I know, it just makes me feel like a complete jerk for not getting there myself. I have to start exercising on a regular basis, I know the cookies were just a temporary blip, I'm not going to be stuffing that calorie laden garbage into my beautiful machine again anytime soon. Why can't I hear the fiddle playing, the church bells, the grand sound of that soul touching music that motivates and carries me forward to a thinner, more conscious woman? Do I have to be hospitalized before I get it? "Insert mass amounts of swearing and punching things in here" I feel so stupid, I have been attempting and failing at this for so long and it is a ***** that others are doing it and I'm just treading water. :ebike: :dunno:

05-13-2005, 12:30 AM
Big hugs for you Meadow. We have all been there at one time or other. You should have heard me swearing this morning!

I'll be back later with some sage advice (well I try to have some sage advice)

05-13-2005, 12:06 PM
Happy I am so sad to see your terrible news about your workmate. How terrible for all concerned who knew him. Big hugs for you all. May you all find in each other the comfort you all so badly need at this time. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

It's good to see Linus's news, isn't it?? I think, looking at her post, that she may be a tad excited!! She certainly gets the record I think for the most smilies in 1 post!!! I just had to count!!! I made it 84!!!! Gone for sure are the days when we were only allowed 21 or so...I forget now exactly how many !!! :D :lol:

Sorry I haven't been in this week. I have had the builder/handyman in all week plastering and cementing the floor and the walls and so of course all the furniture that was in the way has been moved to "somewhere out of the way"!!!!i.e., in front of the computer desk!!! :( So today I have at last managed to push some of it away so I can actually get to my chair and turn on the "on" button!!!

6 weeks and 5 days till I go to see Linus!!! :D :dance: :wave: :smug: :dancer: :woo: :cheer: It'll be so good to see her in her new abode!!From what I hear, DH is already packing boxes!!! :dizzy: :lol: That'll take his mind off his rash!!! Do you know what it is yet?

My friend in Derby rang yesterday evening...he has just got a headship!!! Oh my goodnight!!! Alan's a headmaster from September! Heaven help the children of Derby!!! :judge: (sorry, this smilie will have to suffice! Its the only one who looks vaguely like a stern headmaster!!!) I don't think he can hardly believe it yet himself!!

Hugs to Miss Mel when she gets in to read this! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I do hope you are healing up fast and life is getting back to near normal for you, my friend.

Meadow I feel for you right now my dear. Take heart for it will all come right in the end. We don't know why some people manage to lose weight fast and keep it off at the drop of a hat whilst the majority of the world has to work so darn hard at losing a single ounce!!But in the end, as it has been said before, its not all down to the amount of weight a person loses, but the whole total personal image thing and how we actually feel inside that body of ours. I think that what really makes a person happy and seem desireable is their overwhelming personality!!! :D Meanwhile, thow yesterday's efforts away and start again today...we have ALL had to start again and again somewhere along the line in our quest for the body beautiful!!

Hellos to all! Hope you are all well!!

05-13-2005, 01:29 PM
Meadow~ HUGS...This is my journal from today.
LindaT seems to get to the heart of things, so what am I stuffing down???
I have been eating things like icecream mid aft and again before bed.I made roast beef, potatoes and gravy the other night. Definitely comfort food. As with anything it is never simple or any one single thing. Physically it is allergies. This is the worst time of year for me. Meds help but I drag and I get a little down. I just plain dont have my usual energy. In the evenings all I can do is lay down and rest by about 9pm.
I feel frustrated. I think I am craving carbs for the energy. If I was thinking I would grab some fresh veg!
It makes me sad that my family does not value me. As a parent I can not imagine not going all the way no matter what it was my kids needed.I dont make it about me and as exhausting as it is I never dont want to be the best parent I can. My son is a royal pain in the ***. I cant imagine thinking, saying or behaving as if it was too hard to be his parent. That was my childhood. AND i was not as difficult as my son.
Breaks my heart.
So 40 years into this life I still have underlying feelings of ......... something. Loneliness. Disappointment. Why am I so hard to love?......
The upside is that I am true to myself, totally love myself, deeply loved by hubby and my kids, loved by the friends who is good balance.

Anyhow those are today's thoughts. I will give them wings and not eat icecream for lunch today!!!

No icecream yet although I just ate a bologna sandwich that tasted like 2 more and I am sittng here instead and then I WILL cut up and eat a yellow pepper!!!!

Have a good day chicks!!!!

05-13-2005, 06:39 PM
Peers out from her cocoon of fat and tries futile efforts to let the butterfly inside break free :p I was working on an AB picture and that came to my mind. :s:

Holly-Are we both in the same young kids/mommy cycle or what?! We are vamping along the same lines in all this for sure. What a trip, eh? Sometimes I think I am stuffing myself to oblivion but for pete's sake I need better coping skills. This sugar and crap isn't making me happier, just more frustrated and angry that I haven't grasped the fact that I am my own worst enemy in all this. I need to change this voice that keeps saying "mmm, cookies" to "mmm, exercise" Sweat feels so good, stretching my muscles, getting stronger. That is what I want. I have to get this. "Insert stomping and swearing and general head banging" GAH! I doubt a psychologist could help me figure out where all the food=comfort stuff started back whenever it all began. It is me, here, now, that has to go forward and make it right today!!

Teel-I'm so glad you were able to tunnel your way to the computer and let us know how things are going in your part of the world. Thank you for your sympathy and encouragement, I need it. I'm kind of letting you all be strong for me and I'm hoping some of your good energy will rub off :smug: My personality at present is very tight. Probably the prospective move and all the upheaval, having to think about that, changing the kids school/registering, not knowing what is ahead. I'm not an adventurous persona and this is going to be a HUGE change.

Shad-waiting patiently for what you have to say :devil: ;) :) I'm sorry you had a swearing session this morning. What has shaken your calm core? Here is the AB picture I was working on to make me feel better about being the cookie monster yesterday. I think I need a new picture in my posts huh? I'm taking on the wrong message from the blue dude :rofl:

05-13-2005, 07:07 PM
The week has thankfully finished. Iíve done 50 hours on the job and only managed two gym workouts. It seems sleep was more important. Itís been a case of work, eat and sleep. Makes Shad a very dull old lady.

We nearly made our deadline - there is one more screencam movie to make and several documents not yet reviewed. Apart from that the documentation is done. This is only in the CRM neck of the woods, I have no idea what the others are doing, have done or will do. And whats more I don't care. There's too much on my plate to worry about anything but our small section. We are already carrying one person and another of the guys is going on a tour of England in another week or so, needless to say although he is trying hard, his mind is not on the job.

Food hasnít been too bad apart from a blip on about Wednesday/ Thursday. Then I felt the beginnings of the usual lack of bodily functions because of the lack of water and took the time to remedy that before I got into trouble. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Had a look at the garden this morning - first time in 5 days that I have seen it in daylight. What I have been doing at night is to go out, grab a handful of leaves from somewhere in the vicinity of the lettuce patch and bring them back in to see what I have got for dinner. Some interesting combinations have been had - including one that only had one lettuce leaf and the rest was basil, coriander and parsley. Tasted darn good even if I say so myself.

I must have slept funny last night as I have woken with a pain in the neck and between the shoulder blades. It may be that I was cold and got all scrunched up while sleeping, so will put the doona on the bed today and declare the season to be winter.

Actually the weather has been totally unseasonable around here this week. Weíve had gray skies and rain for the entire week, its been cool for here, under 20 most days and down to 12 at night, and last night got a drenching that was good for the garden but not great for the idiots out on the roads. Normally Autumn is cool at night, warm during the day and blue, blue skies. I have a weeks worth of laundry to process this morning and had better get to it shortly. Iím almost out of towels but luckily have enough clothes to last another week or so even if some of the underwear has seen better days.

Weight has been static - as I would have expected from the week that I have. I canít say it often enough, no exercise equals no weight loss and the more the long muscles get working the more the metabolism rate rises and the more energetic one feels. The best part of the whole exercise thing is that one can actually eat a little more and enjoy some of the good things of life more than when one sits on the couch and whinges about not losing anything - and yes I have done that too. So for the Eco Challenge this week, I am back up to 72 from 71.5. Next week WILL be better. I will be taking my lunches again and organising proper meals for nightime since it wonít be so frenetic at work. Iíve had enough of this weight and am so ready for the rigours of maintaining. Since I seem to have proved I am really good at plateauing, I think I should be good at this! Famous last words.

Meadow, I'm trying to think what to say that will get you going again. It's a personal thing and we each have to find the one thing in this world that will provide the necessary inspiration. In the meantime my suggestion is that you give yourself permission to maintain - not to gain, maintain. This means that you plan meals, get a good shopping list going, fill up on fruit and veg and try to limit severely the cookies. Now the children can do with less cookies as well. It's great to say the children are not dieting so they should have what they like, however if this is what they have, then at some time in their life they are going to need to look after their weight. So try different treats - things that either don't have anything to do with food, or try nuts, dried fruit, ordinary fruit and yoghurt. Keep food put away and out of sight. It's usually the sight or smell of food that gets me going and then of course there is my old saying - if you feel hungry, drink a large glass of water. If you still feel hungry after 20 mins eat. Later you can amend that to 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour. It's like exercise, up the intensity when you are feeling good about the current intensity. Keep journalling here and tell us what you are up to and how you feel. If it is written down, you can often see a pattern emerging. Once the pattern is visible, you can do something to change it. Yes moving house is stressful, yes having kids is stressful, being a mum is stressful, but it doesn't get that much better as they grow older. I've had to teach myself to contact my two only once a fortnight. I have this fear that more than that, they will feel I am an interfering old mother!!! No matter how old they get, they are still my babies, but I can't tell them to do things, I can only advise.
On the other hand, it is no good saying I will change things, I will lose weight when all this stress is over - it's never over, something else always comes up to take its place.

Teel, good to hear from you. The house must be starting to look good now! You will be pleased when it is all over and you have the place to yourself again - oh yes you and Holly. Sorry Holly.

Linus, a NEW place, good stuff. Now the strain of packing, keeping, throwing and deciding what goes and what stays. Take it easy now, let the others do the hard yards. It's a great opportunity to get rid of a stack of junk.

Hey that's three of us on the move this year - Happy, Linus and Meadow. The addresses, they are a changin'

Been trying to ring Mel, she isn't answering the phone. Aaaah well, try again later and see what gives. Haven't even had an e-mail this week. Hope everything is alright with her.

Gotta go. Lots to do.

05-14-2005, 01:07 AM
Hey chickies,

Teel, so good to hear from you again. It seems that you will be seeing Linus about the same time my family comes to visit me. So there will be at least 3 happy little bunnies here as Shad would say, come the end of next month. I am excited for your friend from Derby tho I admit I have no idea what you were saying :?: I take it that he's getting his own ship - a captain or something of that noble honor?

Holly, I hate to say it, tho I always loved my mother dearly, I did not really learn to appreciate or EXPRESS appreciation until well into my adulthood. I'm sure that while you feel unappreciated, taken for granted, you are loved. I myself have never had children but my opinion is that kids today were given way too much in the way of material things and not enough gentle loving cuffs on the head when they crossed the line of "you've gone too far". We have to get back to teaching people that they are not the center of the universe and we are here to help one another. Our next door neighbor is a nice woman. She is single and has what appears to be a lazy, sullen teen aged son living with her. She said she works long hours. Occasionally you see her in the yard but the only time you see the son is when he's trotting from his friend's car to the house and back. Occasionally you can hear the strains of a garage band in practice. There is a huge mangy magnolia tree of hers which borders our driveway. There is also a huge round bush of some sort at the end of our driveway. I told DH the bush must come down as it is a horrible blind spot and I live in fear that even tho I go slowly down the driveway, I will someday hit a passerby or dog walker because I can't see them. This very morning in fact I almost hit an elderly gentleman driving slowing down the MIDDLE of the street - 5 seconds earlier and I would have banged right into him - darn bush! Anyway we saw the neighbor in the yard the other day, she was trying to clean the mess of tangles under the magnolia. DH offered to clean under the magnolia for her and asked if we could trim the round bush a bit (should have asked permission to cut the bloody thing out of the ground). DH worked all day cleaning under that tree. He left 3 huge piles of brush that needed to be picked up and bagged. It sat there for 2 days before he got to it again. I told him that it's nice to be a good neighbor and if she needs something electrical checked out, he should lend a helping hand. However, I have a problem with us becoming the gardeners when there is an able bodied young man wasting his life away in the cool comfort of the house. And don't beat me up all you moms but I do blame her for raising him to be that way. My own mom or dad would not have had to tell me more than twice to go out and help - otherwise dire counsequences would follow - whether I was 8 or 18 years old. And it didn't make me a bad person... Anyway I will get off my long winded soapbox now. Hope I didn't offend anyone. I just don't think we do right by ourselves or society when we teach our kids and young adults not to pull their own weight.

Meadow, I agree it is a vicious cycle and I can't give any better advice than Shad's words. I don't have the magic answer as to why enthusiasm for cookies (even if they give us heartburn, guilt and pimples later on) is higher than enthusiasm for exercise. The more I back away from things, the lower I sink. It comes down to I just have to purge the things from the house because I can't be trusted to handle treats in reasonable doses. My other nudge is to start making a list and make sure I at least do one thing when I get home. And I build on that. I find that when I start to gain a sense of accomplishment, it helps me get back on track again. Don't compare yourself to others, don't think well if I lost 30 pounds I'd still be a :moo: Draw your strength from resisting the immediate in favor of the long term. It's hard I know, that's why we are all here to cheer each other on.

Shad, my sympathies to you and your long, long week. Is this temporary to get your through the next wave / release or does it look like the writing is in the book for the duration of this contract? Nothing worse than leaving when it's dark and coming home when it's dark. And then you try and catch up on everything on the short weekends. Aha, that cramp in the neck sounds familiar - if I could go back to prior year's posts I'll bet I see a pattern of cricks, the onset of winter and the need for the doona. Stay warm and rested my friend. And relish the joy of another work week down the drain and one week closer to retirement :D

As for me, the week recaps as follows: I have survived the horrid cold from #$%@!. I am still suffering from the after effects of the antibiotic that was strong enough to kill the infection in my chest and sinuses but wreaked havoc on my digestive system - and yes I was eating yogurt all week to help rebalance things. Just as all the doctors here will tell you - my allergies which have set dormant for 5 years have bloomed along with the spring flowers. And I was never allergic to pollen - everyone has told us that you WILL develop allergies within one year of being here. I did go in the pool this week - water was 78 degrees which is still quite cold for me. I was in waist deep and did some leg exercises to keep warm. I will really enjoy it when it heats up a bit more. We had a neighborhood association meeting this week - I will now be responsible for writing the association's newsletter. DH will use his digital camera to take pictures of all the broken sidewalks that need repairs. Does this count as community involvement? I was distressed to hear that one woman I have made fast friends with at work and who makes being there bearable is leaving to return to her home town in another state. I am not only deeply saddened that she won't be around for moral support but I am also concerned that since we do the same type of work for 2 different businesses, that I may be saddled with her work also. I can't keep up with what I already have ** bangs head against desk *** And finally I went to the doctor to be tested for sleep apnea. They did some tests, I don't have apnea enough to do something about but the doctor was kind but stern in insisting I do something about losing some weight. So here I come humbly again, swearing to start anew and keep my intentions for longer than 1/2 a day...

Boy if I could burn calories by typing, I think I'd have dropped 2 pounds after this severly long winded post! Enjoy your weekend ladies. Linus, do you need me to send you empty moving boxes? :rofl:

05-14-2005, 10:03 AM
Happy~ I agree with you. we are quite strict by todays standards and live a very simple life compared to most yet we have an abundance of things. I try to aim for a balance. Other parents think I am really tough. I do not. My son is challenging but it is more his personality. My daughter just goes with the flow. My reference to family was to my parents ,that is what gets under my skin. Even more noticeable as I am a parent now.
My nuclear family is very open with expressing love and gratitude etc.

To the Dump, the dump the dump,dump dump.........
Spring cleanup day!!!!! The trailer is full for trip 1! I am feeling all the bunged up karma flowing away!!!!! Weeeeeeeee

Going to get my hair done...ALONE! DD is at a sleepover DS is hanging out with Daddy!!!!!!!!!!
Rainy day. I got lots of cleaning done yesterday. More today. Paint those darn stairs.
Had a big long sleep.
I didnít eat icecream for lunch but I did eat WAY too much bread. One step forward. Another one today.
I will pop back in this rainy aft for personals.

Have a groovy day chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-14-2005, 11:19 AM
Hello, I'm new and have been invited to pop my head in here, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm having a very productive day today with exercise and chores so I'd better dash off and do some more of them! I've done some painting and I've mowed the lawn, but there's cleaning to do. Oh, and I ran 5k this morning :) I'll be back though...

05-14-2005, 11:49 AM
:wave: Welcome new bunny YP1 - nice to have another runner on the thread. Good for you Holly - no ice cream and a whole load to the dump.

I'm right behind you... it's also a rainy day here and by the end of the day, house will be clean, laundry done and a number of boxes in the garage emptied and cleaned out.

Gotta run...

05-14-2005, 12:30 PM
YP1 ~wow!! that is beyond productive!!! Tig is a runner too and her hubby Slim.

Weehee Happy, happy unpacking!!!! Glad you are feeling better too! Busy week for you. Hope the work load doesn't double, ack!

Shad~ our temps are about the same. We did drop to 0 one night but it is back up. Still too cool to plant veg tho. Hope your weekend is peaceful!

Meadow~ how are things today? Masbe we need a buddy system to give each other a kick in the pants!

Teel~ glad you are getting things sorted out at home!
Linus~ how's the packing, family and wee baby??
Mel????? Getting worried here! Hope all is mending.

Hello to everyone else!!

05-14-2005, 06:26 PM
Spoke to Mel yesterday after playing phone tag for a couple of hours. She is okay and is presently braving a series of doctors all of whom have varying reports of nastiness and osteoporosis. From what I can gather, the pap smear is fine, there is osteo developing in the spine, the trauma from the accident is slowing going away but it will be a long haul and she is being advised to try doing the normal things but only until she tires or gets numbness or pain. Not to stretch it. I fear our Mel will be able to come to the forums, make an entry and maybe copy that entry to the journals. I do not think she will be able to make the 101 comments, dispense sympathy, sing or otherwise chat as she did. For her age and the disability she has, she is apparently quite strong, but that is nowhere near where the rest of us are as you all know. We will have to learn that to have Mel with us and not commenting is far, far better than not having Mel at all. And if we want to keep her with us and posting, we will have to accept that she can only do so much and not take offence at her not replying to a question or commenting on an action.
Welcome YP1, so good to have you on board. I see you are in Leeds. I remember being there once in 2000 I think it was. I see you run, well good for you. I run only on treadmills at the moment. I will get back to running outside, it is a vastly different animal from the treadmill and here I can only go out in winter. Gets too hot in summer even at 4.00am. Look forward to you coming back to get to know us.

Happy, I have to agree with you about the way children are brought up. Now I know there are some good ones out there - plenty of them, but the minority always make it bad for the majority and so we view them all with suspicion and they give it right back. I despair of some of the loutish behaviour now apparent in our city streets and the nightclubs - how anyone can enjoy those I don't know. But then I was raised in gentler times and our endeavours - the things we invented, discovered, got away with, the boundaries we pushed were the springboard for the things the kids are doing today. Unfortunately and ultimately, we are the perpetrators of todays crime waves - we invented so many 'fun' things that the kids have never had to use their imaginations, never had to do without, never known what it was like to have to put your mind to the problem of how do I get/ make/ imagine 'that'. Mind you the so-called 'do-gooders' who told us we could not smack the child, chastise the child or make the child eat/ do/ say what was within the bounds of propriety, honesty and good old fashioned courtesy have a lot to do with it as well - not to mention dishonest politicians, weak judicial systems and making the police force more or less ineffectual. BRING BACK COMMON SENSE is what I say.

Steps gracefully off the soapbox to let someone else have a go.

Another blooming beautiful day in the great south east. From my spot at the computer I can see the 'Radio Times' rose in all its pink glory greeting me for the day. There is no breeze so I can't smell it's luscious perfume. The temps are about 15 and will rise to 25 and I am having a barbecue lunch for friends on the patio. We will have herb crusted leg of lamb, roasted pork leg roll and a marinated chicken along with caesar salad, mixed green salad with fresh herbs and potato and onion bake. I have to use up the cos lettuces in the garden because they are about to run off to seed. I have some herb and cheese bread to serve with it.
Part of the reason for lunch is just because and the other because Russell is going to write the story of what was in my shed but is there no longer for the insurance company and Tim will sign it as my Justice of the Peace. Then maybe I will be able to replace (some of) the things that were stolen. Next week if I can find some time, I had best get someone around to put in a gate down the side of the house so the shed can not be easily got at. There is of course the other side of the house, but as yet I don't want to go to that expense. I will make do with temporary arrangements until I get to the front yard project - hopefully sometime this winter. Meantime the shed is locked on every conceivable portal and it is a pain to always have to wander out the back with a set of keys on my person.
Yesterday saw all the washing done, folded, ironed and put away. I also chipped off some more tiles in the front door foyer and brushed down the walls in the foyer and front room ready for the undercoat which I am about to go and do when coffee is finished and this novel is also done.

Which I think it is. So off to the paint brush and roller. Tonight I shall have stark white walls and windows, grotty floor and door (a new front door is on order) and the shower screen finally fixed in place instead of temporary, smell of paint and barbecue and be a really happy fulfilled Shaddie pup. This will be a great leap forward in the project saga of the HOUSE which has been going on for far too long.

05-14-2005, 08:33 PM
That is good news about Mel. A little Mel is WAAAAAY better than no Mel at all. Maybe it is her time to receive all the comments , support and songs!! Big warm hugs and LOVE our Melly!!!!!!!

Shad~ you sound wonderful!!

05-15-2005, 10:31 AM
Before I forget...Hello and a big welcome to YP1 and what is your first name?!?!!?? :?: or nickname? Should we call you YP for short!? :lol:

:wave: You are Mel-less no longer. The ***** is back! :rofl: Albeit maybe not in the same condition but back nonetheless. I see sister Shad has told the Good, Bad and Ugly. She has been a rock in my life as are you all. Spent some time crying and genuinely feeling sorry for myself but today I decided that was enough. 2 days of Drs and painful poking and prodding was what started the crying. Now it's time to grin and bear it and get on with my life. Came home with new prescriptions for back and such. they even sent me home with 120 codeine for JIC!!! And this Dr hates narcotics of any kind! :rofl: Hope they all do what they are intended to do. Not the codeine, the others. lol I use a chest strap to hold myself in the chair now so I can type. Relieves the pressure of trying to sit up and use my arms. They also are sending me something that looks like a giant enema bulb!!! :faint: :rofl: It's for putting air into my lungs and expanding the lower region so breathing should be better when I get going on that 3X's a day. Some of the Drs I have not seen for 8 years and were impressed with my weight loss.....of course they poo poo'ed the "diet" and said I am probably at a permanent plateau. We will see....ever the optimist am I. :lol:

I have missed you all very much. I didn't dare turn this on and when the kids were using it I stayed in the other room watching TV. It's the first time that I actually stayed off when told!!! Guess the fear of God got me this time! :lol3:

Poor Willy feels so much better now that I went shopping with him twice. He uses the brake a LOT more than he ever did!!! I am still tense when riding now. Got the fear of ever feeling that kind of pain again in my head yet. Guess it will fade away eventually.

I read the pages and am so sorry for your losses of life. Hugs to you and hope all is as welll as can be expected. some struggles going on too and hugs for them too. I well know the feeling! such busyness and activity too! New houses, new people. Let's try not to scare this one away! :rofl:

I must go and find something to do that doesn't involve arms! :yikes: :dizzy: Take care my Worldly Chicks and Have a great week. Thanks for all the good wishes. :lol:

:?: Where is Nae?!?!?! :?:

05-15-2005, 03:00 PM
Hi -call me YP, that's what I usually go by but it wouldn't let me register a 2 letter user name. It's nothing to do with my real name, but on the first message board I signed up on on the internet many years ago I chose a 2 word name with the initials YP. It made sense in the context of where I was posting, but elsewhere it's just too confusing. So I ended up calling myself YP, which is what everyone on the original board calls me anyway. And the P stands for Pie which probably isn't the best thing to post here under in case it sets off cravings!

I've spent the day fighting (and beating cravings), but I've got a horrible feeling that if I've got any unhealthy food in the house I'll be finding it later. I think I'm safe though, so as long as I can resist walking up to the shop for chocolate I'll be fine (and that's exercise anyway...)

05-16-2005, 12:33 AM
Evenin' Chicks!

I have been in a bit of an emotional train wreck. i journalled about it yesterday, a couple of entries.
Lets just say I have had some closure with one of my "what's eating me" issues. I am working at releasing away..........
My emotions have been all over the place today. Swinging from extreme happiness to deep anxiety. Church this morning was very emotional and powerful for me. I am feeling incredibly close to my husband and children. I went to give my Grandma a perm today and was there for 3 hours. It was peaceful being there. I actually fell asleep when she was under the dryer. I feel sad but havenít put my finger on why. I am focussing on the positive things in my life, like you chicks, and the appreciation I get from our minister, and school principal for the work I do those places.It seems that every time I let go of part of my past I find a new deeper connection with my husband. I love that.
This is the life I dreamed of as a little girl and the life I waited for and then fought for....dreams do come true. I will let my heart be filled with the blessings of my marriage and sweet babies.

05-16-2005, 03:17 AM
MEL! Welcome back to the fold!! You were totally missed :) So good that you are taking good care and things are looking up for you. It takes a strong person to realize that they need to take it easy and give their body time to catch up with their mind. Good energy for your continued recovery :D :goodluck:

YP-Welcome to the bunch :dizzy: I hope you win your cravings battle and went to bed instead :p I ate five oreos with double filling and great big gulps of tea. I'm a work in progress :devil:

Holly-it isn't easy being human is it? So much ticking over in our heads. All that swirling bunch of unexpected feelings and odd turns. I hope the sun shines on your side of Canada and your Monday is a glorious fun filled day. Don't take any guff from the little ones, smile and say no! They love boundaries :cool:

Shad-I appreciate very much you keeping us up on Mel's journey to wellness. It is awful not knowing and wondering. Your barbecue sounded majorly yummy, I hope your friends were hungry and helpful with the clean up ;) I had some "yellow tail" Australian wine last night, a merlot, thought of you :) Your home sounds like it is looking sparkling and pristine in its transformation to perfection. Well done you! Determination not only with the workouts but the environment sprucing up :cheer:

Happy-Sleep apnea, hmm, I'm glad yours isn't too serious. I've heard that can be quite an awful disruptive thing. So you are recommitting to the weight focus? I wish I was a better encourager. Thank you so much for your kind words about my decline into cookiedom. I am struggling with trying to focus on me and being kinder to my machine that keeps me upright and pumping, got to generate the cells to function at a higher rate and on better fuel :o :p You know how that is :s:

Well I went up to investigate what was happening with the house. The builder put the bathroom sinks at the side of the counters by the wall instead of in the center of the vanities... looks awful. The counter tops have to be replaced and redone, big waste of money. Of course, the builder is a buddy of my husband's so I am not to say anything about it looking ridiculous and what was he thinking and are you an idiot, nobody can wash there face in those basins, their elbow will hit the wall!! The guy who was hired to put the moldings in banged up all the newly painted walls downstairs and in the stairway. I am not to complain or say anything about that either because he is a good friend of the builder and the guy my husband is going to hire to smooth out all the dirt and stuff outside the house. Do you ever feel like you are being muzzled and like a volcano about to blast molten lava everywhere?! This is why I had the five oreos when I came home. I tried to resist by eating a sandwich and having a cup of tea, but my undeveloped coping skills required sugar. On the good side, the tile guy, also a good buddy of my husband :^: has done a beautiful job of putting in my tile floors. Even the hall and kitchen which are straight rather than on an angle like the other rooms looks good. He did a little detail work where the kitchen table is to go with a square and some cuts, so it doesn't look so plain. The cream aluminum siding I chose looks really good, like a pale butter yellow on the outside of the house. So there are a few things going good. :twirly: :yes: Maybe I will have more positive stuff come out of this building/moving experience, I'll keep you posted :p :corn:

05-16-2005, 06:38 AM
There now, I told you she would be back didn't I?? A bit sooner than I realised but hey, I am not complaining. Good to see you back Ms Mel.

Still eating the left overs from the barbecue. We had a good time but as usual I stuck far too much meat on the weber. I also had the fire a bit hot and the lamb wasn't quite as succulent as usual. The chicken was beaut tho. We had a good laugh and chat and drank some fairly vibrant French red.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the Yellow-tail Meadow. Love the shape of the logo on the label. Always gives me a smile. Sometime or other you will get the urge to lose weight again Meadow, just hang in there. I admire your patience. I think I would have administered the cut to the proverbial to the builder and belted the idiot supposed doing the trimmings and probably kissed the tiler - bless the man. What the heck did they think they were doing. No wonder you are feeling a tad stressed. Bet this never happened to AB when he was getting a house built!!! Have a couple of {{{{hug}}}} - sounds like you need them.

Holly - hugs to you as well. You've taken enough cr*p from the family. Time to let them go stew in their juices. Sounds like a nice quiet time with your Gran. You obviously needed the nap.

YP - Hope those cravings go away. I always find it best not to keep the bad stuff in the house because I know I will eat it.

There is some Camembert in my fridge just yelling my name. QUIET YOU! We didn't end up with cheese and crackers yesterday - just as we didn't eat the dip and veg to start with since there was so much food for the main course. What on earth I was thinking about I really don't know.

Okay, now my job is a bit strange I know and I whinge a fair amount about it, but todays little effort fair took my breath away.
Last week I worked long hours to get the documentation and movies done for training purposes. This morning I have my boss lady talk to me about my time sheet. Apparently I was supposed to ask permission to work over 42 hours per week. WTF!!! Do they want this bl**dy job done or not!. They've let the time go through but if I don't ask next time they won't pay the extra. Fine by me. I can work 42 hours a week without tears. It just means that they won't get the job finished on time. The man from the ministry can't believe it. He shook his head, and put his hands over his ears and eyes and muttered something that sounds remarkably like WTF is this project coming to! I wonder how they expect me to train for 7.5 hours a day and then organise the data and exercises for the next lessons. Osmosis????

Back to the gym tonight. Did 50 mins of weights, resistance and cardio. I would much prefer to do this in the mornings however if I did it would mean getting to work late. So I go in the afternoons and put up with the macho male of the species sleeping on the machines that I want to use. Well not exactly sleeping but you know what I mean. I have to admit that most of them are fairly okay, just a bit thoughtless. I really need a shower right now, but will finish here first and then go sort out the list of jobs for the week. I'm getting a bit slack on the household jobs at the moment and there just isn't enough time in the weekends to get everything done.

Have we lost Nae?? I know Tig reads and only comments once or twice a week - Hi Tig but it's ages since we heard from Nae. I hate missing good friends.

Well gotta go. Will be back tomorrow. Seeya

05-16-2005, 08:46 AM
I am so sorry for being MIA for so long, it has been quite a month for me. Miss Mel, it is soooo good to see you here again and hope that you are gaining some strength and getting some relief. Welcome to the newbies here this is a great spot to rest and laugh and gain inspiration from when needed.
Shad, your thoughts and concern for the gals here is always so great...thanks for being our best cheerleading and are the best. Wish I could come and sit in your beautiful garden and drink a bottle of good French Red too!!!!!!!!!!!
LInus, you are so patient and have gone through so much I do hope the move is terrific for you and your are you feeling and how is our little bump doing?
Since I returned from my trip I had been planning a surprise wedding reception for my mom and Andy.... my sister and Andy's daughter did lots of preplanning and we held it the first weekend in May. It turned out great we served over 90 people and my mom was so happy and surprised. It was a lot of work and I think I am still on the recovering end. Makes it more difficult when I have to travel. Anyway, mom and Andy came this weekend to Salmon to be with me and we had a good time. I am so happy for both of them.
So now I am back and trying to get organized and into my routine again. I need to get back to some good eating patterns and I had my old old bike redone to ride so I am going to try to ride at least 4 days a week.
Meadow hope the house turns out and you can relax a bit and look forward to the move...change is always a challenge!
Holly you sound good and the issues with families never goes away we just learn how to cope in different ways.... just remember changing others is not ever going to happen but being able to love sometimes the unlovable is a valuable gift we can give to ourself.
Happy you new place sounds so nice and the garden must be exciting to see what is going to bloom next. I am sorry you suffered so with you cold hope you can enjoy the coming summer without and discomfort.
Tig what is on the race curcuit for the summer for you and your hubby?
Teel, you sound so busy and it great to be looking forward to a trip soon. I think the planning and dreaming about a vacation is enjoyable. I can hardly believe I just got back from one with all the events in my life since my return.
If I have missed someone please forgive me.... I am going to be around now since I am hoping my life slows to a slower pace for a few weeks.
Losing weight and facing the difficulties that come with it .... is much more bearable when friends like all of you are there to understand. I take such comfort just knowing when I got back....... here there all of you would be!
Thanks for being great inspiring woman the help encourage each other!
Many Blessings,

05-16-2005, 09:40 AM
Thank you for sharing your wisdom dear friends!!!!
A new day, fresh start and a clear head!!!!!!!
I had a short deep sleep last night. Woke up with a huge realization.
If my aunt and parents have a problem with me from when I was a child and are still holding a grudge they really need to look to themselves. They obviously did not handle it effectively and certainly did not bring my failings to my attention or discipline me or teach me a better way to be. I have raised myself since I was 10 years old and I learned mostly through trial and error.I did okay as far as I am concerned.

My weight is way down,228 again. I am feeling great and in control. Food has been good, easy actually. No snacking, no sweets.

I do have a bit of an emotional hangover.
Storytime today. A full house of kids(8). It is very tidy.Good place to start from.
I did get the 2nd coat of paint on the stairs!!!! Feeling good about that.

Love to you chicks!!

05-16-2005, 10:54 AM
Holly~ I have only one aunt left now but even SHE has never recognized me as the adult I am. they always judged me by my youth and Gram spoiling me. so I was outspoken in some ways then that they didn't like. Well too bad.....that was then and this is NOW! ((((((HUGS)))))) sending you hugs for the woman you have become!

Meadow~ Oreos of all things!!!When I crave things I like bakery stuff and cakes and candy. Bread and pasta. etc Hope the stress with these idiot builders lessens and then you can concentrate on yourself better. Trying to keep your mouth shut while injustices are going on is a tough thing. Especially when it's your family"s money!!! Hope it's all over soon. Remember that YOU are worth taking the time to get healthy and eat right!

Happy~ You sound like you've been through the mill! Glad the visit with Mom was good and how did she like the house and area?! You and the DH were very nice to help her out but I agree with you about the kid. He needs a cuff along side HIS head! :lol:
Hope you are feeling much better now too. good luck with getting a "re-start"! Hang in there and think Healthy Heart!!!

YP~ Hope the cravings calm down and you didn't go down to the shop!! Hang in there.

Shad~ did they not realize that there would have been no deadline if you didn't work the 50?!?!? WTF maybe they have no conception of the length of time things take......they just issue orders! :faint: I did come back earlier than expected but I missed you and the others after we got off the phone. just can't seem to stay away:rofl:

Nae~ Was wondering yesterday where all your posts were!!! :lol:
Very nice idea of you to give that party. Mom and Andy must have been so pleased. Hope you find time now to get yourself going and a routine of sorts. That's what I'm trying to do now! :lol: Good to see you back!

Teel~ I am soooooo jealous even more now cause you get to see the new house up close and personal too! :lol: Also glad to hear about the shelves and such so you can get full use of the cupboard now. I could use an airing cupboard too! Have fun with the decorating.

Tig~ Are you chasing Slim down the beach?? I loved the fort idea and hope the Thugs enjoy themselves thoroughly. I always wanted one with my brother. Ever the Tomboy was I. always trying to prove friends, relatives and doctors wrong! Have a wonderful visit. And a new DIL to boot!! Good luck! Give her some marmalade to take home! :rofl: :ol3: :lol3:

Linus and Bump~ Please take good care of yourself whilst moving!!! We all know how you can throw yourself into a task!!!
aunt Fannie will be watching and clucking over you!

Today I am cooking but simple stuff. Going to get back on plan and pre-package my meals again. Also makes it easier during the week.
I start the back medicine on Wednesday. Hope there are no side effects! There is a list a mile long of them and also Do's and Don't's. :yikes: This chronic backpain is going to take some getting used to. I said in my journal that "no wonder senior citizens get cranky"!!! Walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame all day.:rofl:
Have a wonderful day!

05-16-2005, 11:17 AM
Mel~ it is soooo wonderful to have you posting!!! Thank you for your kind words. Actually thanks to ALL of you. I love and appreciate you very much.

I just recieved an email from my sister. About once a week I email family to let them know what we all up too.None of them ever reply. I did email about being sad about the anniversary of Benís death.
I am on a low dose anti depressant.
This is just crazy to me...maybe I am crazy.
Here it is!

Howís it going? I have received some interesting information that struck close to home. I felt I needed to share it with you. I hope you use it to better educate yourself and donít dismiss it.

Someone had just recently been dignosed with having anxiety and being borderline clinically depressed. They were put on antidepressents. Unfortunatlly they were the wrong meds or they were miss diagnosed. The person ended up in the hospital on life support after trying to commit suicide.

With doing further reseach I have discovered that this is a serious side effect of most antidepressents( mine being probally the highest ) I couldnít remember the name of your medication so I couldnít check it out. I hope you are still working in close contact with your doctor and trust his diagnose.

I would being lying to you if I didnít let you that a few of your group emails you have sent out have worried me.
They sometimes are a little manic and I am concerned about your well being. Iím here to help and support you anyway that I can even if its just listening.

Talk to you soon, have a good week with all the little monsters. Are you planning to come to the cottage at all this weekend?

Tata for now

05-16-2005, 01:27 PM
MEL its so good to see you back amongst us again!!! Take things easy and don't sit still for too long at any one time!!! ;) Do post little and not too often!! We don't expect long epistles from you my dear!! :comp: I am pleased that you have managed to get out and about shopping again with Willy..he must be mightily relieved that you have put your trust in him again...poor chap!Good luck with the doctors whilst they are prodding and poking..hope they work out a good concoction of brilliant working meds for you very soon... :grouphug: :grouphug: :goodvibes

Welcome to YP and congratulations to you on your brilliant loss so far...awesome!! :goodvibes :bravo:Its so good to see someone else from the UK posting on this thread! I know we have Linus from Scotland but apart from that there was only me from the UK in the middle of a truly international group of posters...:comp:

Hollyhock I am sorry to see from your post that you are struggling with life at this moment. It is very hard (from someone who truly knows!) to get out of the rut and the darkness when you are feeling just so miserable you cannot see any way out of the black pit you are finding yourself in. It needs time and patience from professional helpers and friends and relations too. Off-load all you need to on this thread...I am sure I speak for us all when I say that we are all behind you and will do all we can to help you in your time of need. I live with a chronic depression which boils up and over every so often and yes, I have spent time in a private psychiatric took a lot of getting used to, with me being a qualified Mental Health Nurse and working for 10 years in psychiatry, to even admit that I was severely depressed and needed to be admitted, the first time I was in hospital for 18 weeks and then the next time for 4 weeks. I take anti-depressants even now and see my psychiatrist every 3 months.
Well done on the weightloss, btw!!:bravo:
Please don't be scared to admit where you find yourself at the moment. Get all the help you need! There are some things a person needs help with and this illness is one of those times.... :listen: :listen:

Its 6 weeks 2 days till Scotland!!Hee hee can you tell I am excited yet?! :dizzy: :lol: :D It will be great to see Linus's new abode and to actually be able to sit IN her garden!! :D

The builder is still here...I keep finding him things to do!! He is going to paint the garage door..I'm not sure what colour yet...and I have decided to get him to knock a hole in the back porch wall so it makes a new place for keeping my scooter. It will be so much easier to move it in and out and I will get far more use out of it. He will then decorate the whole new cupboard and re-fix the coat hooks and all will be nice and tidy. He is also going to lay new floor-tiles in the back porch and we will move the freezer so that will be a great opportunity to defrost it at long last!!! :s: I have had the freezer 2 years and I haven't defrosted it yet!!!Ummmmm!!!!

Shad I am sorry the job is being a pain in the proverbial...sometimes you must wonder why you bother slogging your guts out at all! :stress: The barbeque sounds absolutely scrumptious...give me enough warning when you plan the next one and I may just have to gatecrash!!! :T I'm not suprised the Camembert is still lurking in the fridge, now calling your name!! :listen: :T I do hope you get your insurance documents sorted out without too much fuss. Then as you say, you can get round to replacing the stolen goods and getting things back to normal..enjoying being in your garden amongst the roses and the veggies...

Happy my friend Alan has just got a new job as a headmaster of a secondary school. He is a deputy head at the moment. I think he is excited but terrified as well! He starts in September. I don't know how many pupils the school has but I do know the swimming pool is being refurbished at the moment, along with the athletics field and the football pitch...(how do you refurbish a football pitch??) I'm not sure what you call the position in the States! Senior master??

Roseblush lovely to see your post!! Take care untill we see you again!!

Hellos to everyone else whether lurking or posting!!

05-16-2005, 03:39 PM
Teel, Thank you so much for sharing your story. It touches my heart. I am well through the worst of it at this time but part of my healing has been about standing up for myself and others do not like it. I have done what I can to reach out ,there is nothing more. I am sad but okay with it. My husband and children and I are doing great!!!! My families I babysit for truly love me ,I love them. I have true and wonderful friends here and a few in "real life" . I am blessed and I know it!!! The journalling and threads have been a great gift to me. I cherish them.

05-16-2005, 11:20 PM
We had a wonderful visit and the newest DDIL is wonderful. Lots of fun. The four of us went to DisneyWorld and rode all the rollercoasters and other fun and water rides. We also did a couple of days at the beach with only a teensy pinkish on the Maine relatives who returned home this morning.

Rather than go to the race on Saturday, Slim and I ran in the neighborhood. I ran just shy of a 5K, but got the time in and worked on my technique. I'm trying to improve my pace. Our next race is May 28.

The thugs come back again this coming weekend. :dance:

I've been reading and lurking almost every day. Hugs to all who are struggling right now. And extra hugs to those who are overcoming the struggles!

05-17-2005, 12:59 AM
Welcome back Nae and Teel and Mel -- Tig the lurker too! Thanks for the explanation about your friend Teel, I never would have figured it out without help, dumb as I am. Good to hear your plans for your mom's reception came out well Nae. Now just ease on down. Mel - are you getting your rest? Good thoughts to you? And Holly ... well all I can say is that sometimes people who care sure can't express themselves very well. I wouldn't put much into your sister's email. Thank her for her concern and respect the memory of your dear friend Ben. Sometimes we lose people in our lives and no amount of time or antidepressants can ease our tears. You are not crazy, if you are than I am too and ... well... geez sometimes that just makes me and you more fun, eh? Maybe that's why the little kids like us :)

Shad, I ALMOST can't believe that about the time sheet. Almost but I do. When did the working world get so crazy? I am very frustrated with my job too. How do they even expect that one person could handle so much? What happened to the "we believe in the importance of life balance... - just a bunch of hogwash". I tell you, it just brings down the whole attitude. :bomb:

Ok, I'm going to bed. 5 deep breaths and maybe I can sleep through the night and face another route of seismic challenges in the morning... Night chickies...

05-17-2005, 05:11 AM
Hi chicks ....... just dropping by quickly as I sometimes do to check on what you gals are getting up to! Sending :angel: :angel: :angel: to all who need them ÖÖ.. it seems we all need them at sometime or other ÖÖÖ.

Give your attention

Is there something in your life that you would like to make stronger? Then give more of your attention to it.
Have you come across a tiny shred of goodness in a situation that is otherwise filled with despair? Give your attention to that small goodness, and it will grow more influential.

Continue giving your attention to what is positive, and it will grow even more positive. Give your attention to what works, to what creates real value, and the value that is produced will increase.

Those who fail have usually given too much attention to the negative aspects of their efforts. All that attention has given those negative influences more and more power, to the point where they can be completely overwhelming.

Those who succeed, on the other hand, have given the bulk of their attention to the positive possibilities. And that attention has brought those possibilities to life.

Become aware of, and choose carefully, the things to which you give your attention. For where you place your attention is where your life will grow.

-- Ralph Marston

Posting a photograph of bluebells that Paul took on Saturday at Glenariffe Forest (remember it Shad?) which I think are very pretty ..........

Have a great day all.

05-17-2005, 07:49 AM
Anne, great to see you. I was wondering where you had got to around the site, haven't seen much of you for ages. Actually I was thinking about sending you an e-mail just to keep in touch. May still do so. Thanks for the bluebells in Glenariffe - yes I really remember that place. Time to come back for another walk down and up all those steps I think. Maybe next year.

Happy, so many people frustrated and unhappy people in the workplace. My man from the ministry has been quizzing me on Technical writing over the past couple of days. He is thinking ahead and has found that he doesn't want to go back to the days of old and is thinking of the next thing. Good for him, he is around late thirties I guess and coming to the conclusion that the project work is getting him out of a rut and into some other way of life. Mind you he will get a bit of a fright out in the wide, wide world away from the cushioning the Government gives.

Tig - sounds like a great time was had by all. Glad you got on well with the DIL. The thugs sound perfectly normal to me.

Hugs for Holly - hope you come to peace you deserve soon. Teel's story is an unusual one. You have to admire her for having the courage to tell it. I know she was very down to it a while back. It's good to have her back and smiling.

Nae - so good to have you back and chatting again. Sounds like you have been a busy little bee. How nice to put on a reception for your Mum. What a lovely person you are.

YP - where did you get to today? Did the cravings get the better of you and have run away with you?

Mel, hello friend. It's so good to see you back.

Nothing much happening today. DS2 is getting all the bits and pieces ready for the wee man who is coming to service my car over the weekend and I have had to find the paperwork for him. I've cleaned the bath and loo since I got home but thats about my day.

My bedtime cuppa is ready so off I go and will soon be in the land of nod.

05-17-2005, 08:25 AM
Hi Mooz :wave: thanks for the quote and the lovely pic. Will try to focus on the positive today...

Am going on a facility tour tomorrow. Have to be at the meeting point at 7am - from there another 2 hours by car to the box plant. I'll be keeping Shad's hours - up way before the sun and the birds. :yikes: Not too easy for a night owl like me. I'd snooze in the car on the way up if I didn't snore so loud and scare my coworkers :rofl: So it's going to be a very early to bed night tonight.

Hope you all have a good day!

05-17-2005, 09:25 AM
Hello, hope everyone is fine to day. The rain has been so great the last few days maybe we can avoid some fire damage this year with the moisture. I finally got around to getting my tomato starts in pots on the deck but I have tons of other seeds to get going..... I am more of a container gardener here in the wilderness and sage brush country I live in.
My big effort is to try to drink more water during the day at I have a nice bottle not too big at my desk. I am constantly trying to get my patients to drink more. The old pratice what you preach theory going into action. I have my bike fixed now and am going to take it with me to work in my van so that I can find some flat roads after work for a little spin when the rain stops..... my hill is tooooooo steep for me at this age but there are nice country roads around the office. So more water and more exercise for this week.
I need to also concentrate on the time right after work...not just come straight home ..... do some decompressing ...... it is the danger time for eating stupid stuff and not really thinking about it...... :dizzy:
Loved the pics that mooz posted....oh my heart was like you need to walk that forest someday! So many places I want to see and hills to hike.
Hope everyone has a great day and lets work toward the goals we set before us....but just simple things......
Take care everyone....

05-17-2005, 10:18 AM
Good afternoon all... :D
Its cold here today and not like the warm spring weather we have been having over the past few days...

The builder has finished laying the floor tiles in the "new room!" They look very good and I think Holly approves as she has walked over them a few times now, although I think they are a bit slippery for her especially if she is running...she tends to skid the last few feet and come to an abrupt halt at the wall at the end!!! He will be back on Monday to start knocking a big hole through the interior wall...I'll take some photos when all is finished so you know what I'm going on about!

I'm going to see the parents tomorrow to take them their overdue birthday presents...well, dad's birthday was on Friday and mum's is on Sunday. My good neighbour is driving me over for the knows but I've told him to keep it a secret from mum so it SHOULD be a nice suprise for her!!

Mooz, lovely to see you visiting our madcap home! Thats a beautiful photo of the bluebells.

Hollyhock how are you today, sweets?

YP, have you gone into hiding? Have we scared you off with us being too crazy on this thread? I hope you post soon and let us know how things are going up in your kneck of the woods.

Roseblush thank you for my p.m. It was lovely of you to say such nice things! :o

Happy I hope the tour goes alright tomorrow. Thats an awfully early hour you have to start off.

Mel how are you? Are you coping and not doing too much? I knw what you are like!!!:comp::comp: :write: :write:

Hello to Linus when ever you manage to lurk in. Hope you are feeeling much better than of late and are excited by the impending house move...I cannot wait to see it!!! ;)

Roseblush, my favourite bottled water is Evian...I hate the taste of the tap water so if I am on a water-drinking challenge I have to buy bottles of Evian and make sure I keep it in the fridge! Warm water is an absolute no-no as far as I am concerned!!

My friend Edwina should be discharged from the orthopaedic ward either today or tomorrow following her total knee replacement last Friday. I have visited her ever day or evening as she is rather short on visitors visiting!! And I know how boring it can be sitting in a hospital watching everyone else's friends and family arriving with the statutory grapes and flowers.....I took her flowers and a packet of peanuts.... :lol:

Shad, have you finished the left-overs from the barbeque yet or are you still finding 101 things to do with lamb? ;) :D :hungry: :chin: :chef:

Hellos to anyone I have missed...quite unintentionally, I do assure yo!! :o
Bye for now...take back soon I hope :wave:

05-17-2005, 10:24 AM
Well, that spoke to me Mooz! Thanks!
Life goes on.......
I had a meeting at the school at 7 last night with our new principal about the handbook and then scooted to the church for a congregational meeting. We are sorting out some communication issues. Setting up a person to connect with who will connect with the minister.It might end up being me with a team.
Out of the blue after the meeting my co SS person, started talking about what a loving and patient parent I am and how lucky my son is to have me for a parent.She said it bring tears to her eyes to see how much work I put into keeping him grounded and connected and happy. She went on to tell me how much my home reflects how much I love my husband and children and how it is like walking into a warm hug when you come in the door, it is an oasis of love.
My heart needed that!

My daughter was up sick to her tummy from 1am on. I am tired. Lots of thinking time. DH and I were up late talking too. He said all the right things.He ďgetsĒ me. Thatís a good thing, lol, cause he is stuck with me. We really connected.
I wrote my Grandma a card and mailed it,telling her how much she means to me and how much I love her. I put her pic on my desktop on the computer to remind me of what matters.
I blocked the otherís email and IM.
There is a layer of sadness but not pain.
4 kids today, including DD( should be in school). She just woke up and is laying on the couch.
I really didnít eat yesterday. Some fruit and crackers, lots of water and tea( chamomile). Unusual because I eat a lot when I am sorting through big emotions. Maybe it is really shifting.

My love to you glorious women.

05-17-2005, 04:20 PM
Hi, sorry I'm still here, just trying to get a handle on who's who.

I did beat the cravings quite impressively, and I've been eating relatively decent stuff, with no chocolate thankfully! This time next week though, I'll be well and truly off plan in a taverna in Greece hopefully though!

(OK, I'll try to be better than I usually am on holiday, but I'm not going to be strict. After all I know I can get it back off again...)

05-17-2005, 09:05 PM
Morning all,
I'm sitting here at my desk watching the good people of Brisbane go about their daily business and a few leaning on the railings having a smoke and not doing any business as well. The cop shop down the road a bit is busy, some action going on there today - makes a change!
I shouldn't be doing this, but hey, by the time I get home brimming full of ideas of what to say in my posts, get my dinner, feed the pusscat, do the daily chores and turn on the computer and tv, the ideas are gone and the brain is saying things like - get off the grass, I want to go to sleep, not think anymore.

Good to see you again YP - it seems we have the habit of frightening off folk - don't know why, we are fairly harmless and always friendly - apart from the odd times of strife and passion - usually to do with religion or politics when we get into strife, so I try hard not to make comments about presidents, prime ministers, mp's or the church.
Actually I did put together a piece on who was who at one time for some one else. Wonder if I could find it again. Basically we have Canadians (Holly and Meadow), we have Americans (Happy, Mel, Tig and Roseblush), we have the Brits (Teel, Linus and now you and on occasions Mooz from Northern Ireland). We know the Poms are not to be confused with the Scots and the Irish or the Welsh if we had any with us. And now you come from the North which is not to be confused with the rest of England either. There's me, holding up the flag of the Antipodes and the weight of you lot up top - being a New Zealander living in Australia. Sometimes there are others but they come and go. I'm sure you will sort us out soon.
I went to your blog earlier and see you are a traveller like me. That's great. I wish sometimes that I lived withing flying distance of a place to go to for the weekend like you have. Here is takes five hours just to get to the other side of the 'island' while flying. 24 hours straight driving and you should get to Perth or somewhere in Western Australia.

Holly - so nice to get a great compliment like that. Should lift your spirits tremendously.

Meadow - thank you for the nice words in my journal. How about just pretending that I am standing behind you bullying you on to exercise and eating well. I'm the voice over the shoulder when you shop and the pain you feel behind the ear when you pick up something off the shelf I don't like. Get on the bike and give me five minutes - that's all, I'm not asking for a lifetime commitment, just 5 measly minutes 300 seconds if you like the sound of that better.

Teel, I hope you took some pictures of the place before he started as well. I like the before and after shots to show me how well I have done and how different the place looks. Have a good time with the folks tomorrow.

Roseblush - you do need to walk in that forest in Glenariffe. :dance: Not someday either - one day soon. It is a beautiful peaceful place - one of the Glens of Antrim in Northern Ireland. Mooz lives at the end of the last of the Glens - 7 or 9 I forget how many there are. Lovely, lovely place to visit.

Happy - enjoy that tour of the facilities. It may give some insight into why you are doing what you do. It is also a day out of the daily grind of the office - not to be missed. Sleep well my friend.

Better get off here and go do some work. A is yelling for my grammatical skills. Prepositions, adverbs, future imperfect, pronoun, noun and verb. Best I go remember what they are. See you.

05-18-2005, 12:44 AM
Shad-you know I wish you were behind me telling me to "put down the cookies and move it!" Rub off on me will you? Please!! Too bad my head voice doesn't have a sterner disposition :p sigh, only had three cookies today, two less than yesterday. When they are all gone, not by me alone, stop that laughing... I will channel my frustrations and feelings of lameness into some other focus. Rotten sugar, temporary relief with not much satisfaction.

YP-OH! off to Greece! Nice, very nice. I hope you have a splendid time and get lots of time on the water enjoying the scenery. Shirley Valentine movie just flashed through my head, I love Pauline Collins :)

Holly-you know you are fabulous as a person, mommy and wife. Nice to hear it said by people outside the circle though isn't it? Sounds like more responsibility is headed your way, do you want it? Remember you can say "NO" it will not hurt but a second and then you can plan your own schedule of stuff to do:D

Happy-are you in the car? are you still driving? Yikes, keeping Shad hours would do me in, I hope you had your vitamin this morning and are keeping your energy up with a nice crispy apple. Back away from any sugar offerings, don't let them catch you ;)

Teel-your builder sounds so helpful and listens to you. You are very lucky! Mine is a big headache that I'm not allowed to talk to in case he winds up hospitalized as a result of some of my punctuation :lol3: What a clever idea to make a cubby hole to put your scooter in, very cool.

Mel-did you get out today? How goes it? Did the sun shine? Breathe.

Linus-Hey, what are you and the little passenger doing? Are you sleeping any better? Hope you are eating better anyway. ((((Good vibes))))

Nae-:waves: Drinking more water and riding the bike four times a week sound like doable goals for a go-getter like you! Good luck! I am cheering for you :cheer:

Tig-Way to go with the 5k just because you can! What a glorious thing to know you can run and sweat and feel good doing it! Revel in your accomplishment and pat yourself on the back for being such a wonderful, fit person who uses their body and pushes the limits. Does it feel great to know you can?

:kickcan: I am trying to get my head and my body in sync, funny how they thwart me. You would think they would be on my side :devil:

05-18-2005, 09:46 AM
Beautiful sunny Wednesday morning!
Power snooze!! I love deep sleeps!!! No barfing children!
Yesterday was great. Fun with the kids. I started to dig a new flower bed along the shed.I will mostly put day lillies in I think and let them spread. It is 40 ft long and it is messy and ugly right now. It is more of a border to make it look nicer.
I found a roll of garden edging that at my Grandmaís that bordered her beds for ever and I will use it !!!
Got the floors washed yesterday. Went bike riding after supper. Still not eating much. Weird but nice. I went to the fridge a few times last night and turned around and sat down, uninterested. I had a small supper. Is this how other people eat?? Wow!!
No plans for today!
5 kids for the morning. DD and me for the aft.
I may go out an bask in the sun.

Here is todayís epiphany...I am honestly and truly the happiest I ever remember being in my entire life and parts of my extended family think I am abusive and off my rocker. Do ya think they would know happiness if it jumped up and bit them on the ***??? I dont think they want me to be happy.......It would be better if I was stuck with my head up my butt and be the same as them. I just realized how much I shake up their shaky foundation and they are scared and isnít fear what all the negative stuff in this life boils down to?

05-18-2005, 01:10 PM
Yesterday I had a chance after food shopping to see another Dr for a 2nd opinion of how to handle everything. We seemed to be on the same page.....time is needed for the bus thing and "get used to it" was the advice for the back. He was also impressed with my outlook, health and weightloss. We have crossed paths before but never as Dr/patient. I need to keep spreading out the heavier tasks and not do too much all in one day. Take the pills when I cannot stand it or so I can sleep if it worsens. He finds that if our roles were reversed that he would not be as happy as me. I told him that if I were a man I would be happy just to pee standing up and not worry about what position the toilet seat was in!!! He was cracking up and when I left there were a lot of nurses wondering what was going on. :rofl: I came home happy and changed chairs and went for a lovely ride. Weather here is just right....not too hot or cold.
I need to get cooking this weekend and decide on another routine.....something to fit my new needs.(sigh)

Teel~ Hope the friend is better and sure she is with visits from a good friend as yourself.

Nae~ Good to see you here and getting ready to ride!!!

Tig~ I will cheer you on for May 28th :encore: thanks for the hug.

Happy~ Hope work eases up a bit.....are you sure you and Shad are not working for the same company??

Shad~ Hope you get a break too. all this lamb talk is making my mouth water.....could I be the 102nd use for the leftovers?!?!? :lol3:

Holly~ Just always remember that YOU matter!!! People who love and RESPECT you will let you "grow" to your heart's content and be happy for you. :D

Linus??!?!? YP?!?!?!? :wave: hello to you too

Miss Mooz~ Always a pleasure to see you here and thanks for the Motivator!! A good reminder. Loved the bluebells and wish I was driving through the hillside myself!!! :encore: Take care.

Well kids......... :ink: That's all folks :ink:

05-19-2005, 12:55 AM
Holly, go plant those day lillies! We have a number of them that popped up behind the bushes. They are so pretty, it's a shame they are covered by the bushes. What were they thinking when they planted them where they did? :dizzy: And I think you are right, some people who are miserable love to be miserable and hate anyone else to be happy. Foo on them! As you know attitude is everything...

Meadow, are those cookies gone yet? Take a walk outside and hand them out to the neighbors -- anything to get rid of them. I admire people who can pour mustard or salt on things so they don't eat them. Me, I just can't bring some things into the house. Period.

Nice to hear that you're out crusing again Mel. Talk about someone with a great attitude - it's you!

Well I got up at 4am today. :yawn: actually I woke up 15 minutes before the alarm so it made getting up easier. Ok, so I will admit that yes, it is nice to get up early, get things done and still have the day well ahead of you. So Shad's got a definite point there that can't be argued. However, I got home from my trip and had to take a short nap as I was really sleepy. Maybe I could force myself to be a morning person, but do I want to? :rofl:

We are having some landscaping work done out back. They removed the old broken railroad ties which they said were full of termites :yikes: Now there's a stone wall that curves around the back and a nice stone pathway. Some new grass instead of the mangy mudfest and it's looking quite good. They even tilled an area for the climbing roses, clematis and will till the garden area for me. Not sure I'm going to get anymore veggies in - most of the plants are long gone from the nursery, but I can transplant my tomatoes that are in sore need of a bit more room and a nice trellis to climb on. The yard is starting to look quite the peaceful Zen garden that I hate to leave each morning on my way to the car and another fun day at the "zoo" we call an office.

Keep the faith chickies, I'm off for 40 winks...

05-19-2005, 11:12 AM
Hi are we all today?

The visit to the parents went quite well for once!! :dizzy: :o We left really early at 09:00hrs (my neighbour nearly fainted that I was up and ready so early!!:faint: ) And after collecting her daughter we made good time and arrived a smidge after 10:30hrs. The parents wanted to be at the the restaurant by 12:00 mid-day....WHAT??!!! So off we trundled and had a nice meal except that DD was ill before we ate... :( :barf: :o probably because of the long journey and her being 3 months pregnant and being so absolutely exhausted she is off sick from work for 2 weeks...
Anyway after the meal we drove to the seaside and had a very quick look over the cliff to see the sea and the 30 wind turbines out to sea. It was blowing such a gale and very cold to boot that we only stayed 5 minutes!!! :lol: Neighbours DD stayed in the car. We got home (parents home) at about 13:30hrs and DD went to sleep in the car until we left an hour later. It took us 1 1/2 hrs to get back again and I fell into bed for 1 1/2 hrs :tired: :faint: before getting to the hospital to visit Edwina again, having rung up to make sure she hadn't been discharged home during the day.
Edwina hopes to get home today but she is still in so much pain and having great difficulty in getting the operated leg back on the bed after she has been up and about. The consultant is happy enough with her progress although the physiotherapists are being the usual pain in the proverbial!!! :dizzy: :p

As for me I am SO tired today I have stayed in bed all morning before eventually getting awake enough to have a shower and wash hair :hyper: :tired: :tired: :tired: I am really fed up with my arthritic ankle. Gosh do I miss those anti-inflammatories!!!

Mel its so good to see that you are out and about again. Do please take things very steady!! Mind out for the potholes!!

Happy why did you have to get up before dawn cracked this mornning? Have I missed something? I know you had to go early a few days ago but what were you doing this morning?? I now cannot believe I used to start my shifts at 07:30hrs and in one post, 06:45hrs!!!! Oh my goodnight!! I now can't get out of bed till at least 10 am.!! ;) :o

YP lovely to see you back amongst our merry throng!!Have a gorgeous holiday in Greece. I have necer been but my neighbours have and indeed are going to Rhodes for a fortnight in about two weeks time....

Hello to are you doing my friend? I heard on the news today that there were some landslides in the North Island of New Zealand in the past 24hrs. I didn't regognise the name of the plkace where it was all happening. Somewhere beginning with a T, but I don't suppose thats of much help really!! Thanks for your summary of members on this thread!! Neatly done, if I may say so! Its a shame we have lost a few people along the way, but the rest of us have rea=mained a tight little group for a couple of years now and thats really good. Give ourselves a clap!! :wizard: :bravo: :cp: :bravo: :cp:

Its not a very nice day here today. Grey and cold and miserable.YUK!!!
Ah well back to it I suppose. I'd better ring Edwina to see if she is in, or out!!Bye for now. Hugs to all. Love from Teel

05-19-2005, 11:30 AM
Happy~ I gotta dig up the rest of the bed first!!! It is a long weekend for us here. Queen Vic's Birthday. 3 days of gardening and good weather coming up!!!
Teel~ you sounds wonderful!!!! Nice it was a lovely visit. I am glad you stayed in bed and rested this morning!!

HUGS to everyone!!!!!

05-19-2005, 05:46 PM
Teel~ Glad the day was OK and hope the weather warms up! :yikes: It's cool here a bit but great "driving" weather! :rofl:
We both could use some "magic" pills! :lol3:

Holly~ Hugs back to you!

Happy~ I will think of you at 7am when I am rolling over! :rofl: Woman....get those buns exercising you Southern Wench!!! Termites! :faint: YIKES!!!! Hope they left the property with the ties!!! :rofl: Happy gardening!

Shad~ I was a good Sis today. :rofl: Hope your day was better and you didn't bleed the company for too much overtime. glad you got permission from the High Mucky Muck. WTF :rofl:
Bet you'll be glad to see the weekend come!!!!

I went shopping and the PRICES are just getting more ridiculous all the time. Tuna steak is over $8 a lb now and there were no grapefruits in sight! I got ground turkey and chicken breasts instead along with strawberries, grapes and apples. I am going back on my plan on Monday so I'll cook over the weekend and get ready. I really want to see if I can jump start the metabolism one last time! ROFLMAO One more load of wash bit the dust today and I should be done with the Mountain of Wash by Xmas!!!
:merry: One can only hope! At least all the sheets and knickers are done!!! Those are the most important. I also spent a lot of time outdoors but this damn wind was a bit much today.
Have a great night:flow1: and good Morning Sunshine!:flow2:

05-19-2005, 06:06 PM
Meadow~ I am not sure how I do this but I mised a bunch of posts somehow! Hope the body and mind got in sync today or at least made a great attempt at being friends!!!! good luck....I too go that route from time to time!

YP~ Good to see you back and have a wonderful time in Greece. I envy you too as I had always wanted to go there......or Egypt. I think I have had many past lives! :rofl: Hope it's a grand time!

Now I see Shad wad daydreaming ou the window and saw uniforms and I missed it all!!! How can that be as I usually smell a uniform at forty paces!!!

Holly is amongst the lilies and I am just glad that I am NOT pushing up daisies! :rofl:

OK I am really going this time! Love to you all one last time!:encore:

05-19-2005, 09:43 PM
Oh give me a home, where the wild critturs roam, and the flowers and veges will grow.
I don't wish to see On Demand or SAP
As long as I last on this earth.

Sorry, having some 'magic moments' here between, SAP, OnDemand, the Portal and Microsoft. Apparently (according to St Guru upstairs) Explorer is having a rights to territory and space battle with OnDemand and the Portal has corrupted the bus (hello, earth to guru). I just got a message that said - aborted, Pure Virgin Function Call. Excuse me? I wouldn't have thought that virgin and aborted went in the same sentence! Oh I see, its a fancy way of saying the system is stuffed! Hmmm. Now why didn't I think of that.

Didn't post last night because of having to have a 'few words' in my journal. There was someone who needed a bit of a speech. I think, there were a few raised eyebrows judging by the comments as well. Also last night was a series of storms and hail stones. We never got the hail but the young guy here at work was telling me the hailstones damaged his girlfriends car. He lives a bit north of the city. I went to the hairdresser and got the wool shorn and the rain was so heavy I could hardly see to drive. Thunder and lightning were the order of the day.

Having some problems here with bodily functions - sorry if this is too much information. But it is becoming painful. I've tried to be good and I haven't really worked out what is causing the problem, but it is a dratted nuisance. Time to get it sorted before it gets too painful.

Weight is up and down again!!! I know I shouldn't worry about it every day, but it is a habit and I don't care too much until the end of the month. I seem to be static again.
JASON !!!!!!! Mind you if I didn't eat the birthday morning teas, and I didn't munch from time to time then maybe..............

Holly - way to go on those day lilies. You can get some really lovely ones now, lovely colours etc. Need a picture of the fruit salad basement and the day lily border one day.

Mel - glad to see that you have decided to behave today. Haven't been in to look at many comments so far, but haven't seen you there either so that's good. Have a good drive in the park or shop or whatever you are doing today. 1 load of laundry per day is plenty for anyone.

Happy - landscaping sounds good. Pics when done please - got some bird pics from your DH this morning. Love those woody woodpeckers, what marvellous colours and feather patterns. You watch the sunsets, I'll keep you posted on the sunrises - that way we will always have something to talk about. It's our differences that set us apart from each other. Still I'm glad you did see some good in the early part of the day.

Teel - good to see you up and about and I'm glad the visit to the folks went okay. I love going to the beach and cliffs when the wind is blowing hard and whipping up the waves etc. It's a purely primeval elemental feeling and I come out of it all hyped up and ready for action. Pity there are not many cliffs around here. Have to travel to find a cliff or two, or go 'overseas' to Moreton or Stradbroke Island. They have the odd one or two.

Right better get off here and find out what A wants me to do next along with 4 chapters of G's work and a whole heap of my own.

I'll leave you with a couple of quotes which seem to sum up the situation.

In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.
Whatever women must do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.
A man's got to do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't.

So as the saying goes: The impossible I can do straight away. Miracles may take a little longer.


05-19-2005, 09:57 PM
Weekend is ALMOST here. The Dearest Thugs will be picked up by Slim tomorrow afternoon at the "Half-Way Point" so their parents can work on their house over the weekend. So far they've done Painting, Cleaning Out the Toys and .... hmmm... I don't remember what the Excuse for This Weekend is. :rofl:

I have been so consumed by the project at work that I've really gotten behind in my treadmill time and running time. I know that my Sweat Time really makes a difference as far as my ability to deal with the stresses at work. Good thing that tomorrow is Friday so that I can ponder that Exercise Fact. (Okay, I don't know what that means either, but it sounded, well, Profound. :lol: )

It's great to see you back, teel & mS'Melly. I'm missing Linus+Bump. Is something going on that Linus is reluctant to tell us because we were so Fussy last time? Somebody check, please. But don't promise that we won't be Fussy. :D

Shad, I love that you are so handy around your house. You are absolutely my hero. If I come to visit you, I won't be afraid to pick up one of those tools to help out. And you can always count on me to clean. I drive my cleaning ladies crazy when I clean after they do. A good day for them is when I can't find anything - well, much - to clean after they've been here. A Comment - about to your too personal in reference to body functions: If it weren't for running, well... So you are doing great with your food and fiber and water. I spend a lot of my time in meetings. Running is the only thing that really makes a difference for me. It must be gravity and moving the lackadaisical intestine around... okay, TMI. But still, 5Ks are worth more than just a t-shirt! :rofl:

Dear Happy, Holly, Meadow :hat: I'm fading fast so just wanted to give you a special salute.

To every one else: :cp: Keep after it. Reat, as Linus says. :cheers:

05-19-2005, 10:03 PM
Just a quickie because the kids are hounding me today. I got my period yesterday so I am blaming hormones as well :p Funny how the cookies don't appeal anymore. The power of the human innards :lol3:

Mel-good to hear you are out and about allowing your hair to fly in the wind. Sounds like a grand time. Sorry the tuna steaks are so dear, there must be a shortage, blame the dolphins :rofl:

Shad-you sound done in! rotten tech stuff, silly people I hope your weekend is marvellous and you get lots of sunshine.

Holly-doing anything for the long weekend? I'm not:p nothing much ever happens here. My clematis "nelly moser" is blooming like I gave it manure (I didn't) huge blossoms. Gave one with a couple of the "joseph coat" rose blooms to my daughter's teacher, he was looking done in and in need of something to cheer himself up.

Teel-talk about a flying visit. Was there a timer on you guys. It all sounds like you had a check list and were like the "carry on gang" scrambling to fit everything in. Poor dear with the tummy passenger giving her the urps. That must have been fun on the car trip :) Hope you are relaxing and taking it easy today.

Happy-OH! a landscaper... I want one!! How terrific, does he listen to you? What a handy kind of person to have. I am picturing gravel pathways, hostas, bluebells... wait, wasn't that Mooz's field? You going to create one for yourself? Your garden is sounding like a park to me, just beautiful. Congratulations on moving to such an awesome place.

Got to go, I'm getting as bad a Mel :p

05-19-2005, 10:49 PM
Meadow~I will be gardening, gardening ,painting the storage area floor??? and gardening. May 2-4 is all about the veggie patch.Still digging the new bed. The oldest bed is ready to divide and share. I planted my first clematis last year and it did nothing. In fact it looked dead but it springing to life!
A little more even keeled today. Literally 1 hour sleep last night.I was directed to a "therapy" site for disfunctional families. I read A LOT gave me some peace actually.
Season finale of ER tonight, Carter's last show...SOB!!

Tig~ waving back. Have fun with the thugs.
Mel~ consider yourself bombarded with snowballs.Christmas???? Already??? Can I have summer first????
Shad~ I have pics I need to mail them to a friend to get scanned. I am very last century in the camera dept.

HI to everyone!!!!!!

05-20-2005, 09:31 AM
Hi Everyone, shad the critters live here with me on the hill....come sit awhile and let that tension roll right off your back. Love the quotes. My Quad friend is speaking for the graduating class this year and I heard her speech everyone could use a copy of that one for inspiration and possibilities.
I have been doing great on the water this week....hurrah for me! I have a nice bottle that actually hold 16.8 oz so I have been drinking and filling it 5 times during the day. Today I have to fast and only have ice chips til I get my blood drawn at the Health Fair.... I am working too so I will have to slip out of the office somtime this morning and go get poked!
My buddy Bill, a former patient came up yesterday and is going to help me spray for knap is a blight on the western landscape so that will be nice. Bill is the greatest guy...... I wish I was older or he was younger.... but his intelligence and kindness are so attractive to me.... whenever I am with him it is always so interesting....thinking of having him up for dinner on Sunday.
Mel so glad you got out and went shopping and those dr. should be impressed with a great courageous and spirited woman like you. What are yo cooking for the coming week?
Do hope that LInus is fine and that the move goes in so we can stop worrying about you and Bump!
I am riding in a bike fun thing on Saturday....hope I can still walk after it. Trying to figure out a pack so Teeka can ride along. We'll see! I got my old schwin running good now.
Am anticipating the birth of my robins under my deck this weekend too I think. I love having something so great in view and the mother sits so patiently even when I am out on the deck banging around with my plants. Hopefully the nasty racoons will not come a callin'.
Everyone take good care this weekend.
Blessings to all,

05-20-2005, 10:16 AM
Good morning everyone! Hope this Friday brings you all some R&R and much happiness! I am doing a lot of cooking so I won't be back here till Monday. Grilling chicken, steaming rice and veggies., a pot of oatmeal, cutting fruit and freezing some along with green peppers and onions too and making a small meatloaf and some chili. The next 3 days ought to get it all done. Weather has turned cooler and rainy and generally nasty! Trying to spread the "arm use" is very daunting. Plus the right one is always driving the "jalopyr". The only thing you can do without them is smile and fart:rofl: Well....maybe a few more things if I really put on my thinking cap!

Nae~ I was so surprised to see such a long and lovely post!!! Good luck with Mrs. Robin and all her Bumps:rofl: Do keep us posted!! Invite bill for dinner and forget about the age. Life is too short to miss happy times! Love the water bottle and exercise! :flow1: Good luck with the poking too!

Shad~ I think you need to sit on Nae's porch with Teeka on your lap and a glass of your favorite wine while watching the deer and the antelope play.....and baby robins hatching. Hope next week is better! :faint: Wish I knew what was bad but it does sound awful even to me with these virgins getting aborted and SAPped. Hope the weekend is better. I am glad you found me in the comments....I realize now that I was on the road to self destruction once again. And after only ONE day down in the office!!! Old Dogs Syndrome! :rofl: maybe we should go to Nae's together!!! :encore:

Tig~ Have a great time with the Thugs. I love that name! :rofl: Cracks me up eeeeevery time. maybe the parents are laying things such as carpets and tiles:rofl: :lol3: :lol: You take the 5K and I'll take the shirt.....size 2X please. :lol3: Good luck and have fun.

Holly~ You and Shad should open up a contract's office and get a business going!! Hope the heart stays happy and grins all weekend. Do one thing just for YOU too!!!

Meadow~ sending "non cookie" vibes out to you and a strong wish for your happiness too. maybe you need a break from it "all". We'll pick you up on the way to Nae's. I hear there are only critters there and no 2 legged animals. We should all be rested upon our return!:rofl: With all your caring and great advice, you are so worth the effort that's within youf to and choose good things for yourself...... did I say that right? I'm sure you know what I mean. I found it easier to take on one challenge at a time. last week was exercising and this week was water. One day I hope to get it all going at the same time! :faint: :rofl:
Maybe the Cookie Monster is NOT really our friend! :lol3:


05-20-2005, 10:26 AM
Zippadee do dah. I am feeling light hearted!!! First day in a while.
I am actually having trouble eating enough. It is soooo foreign to me. I am feeling REAL hunger and then going to the kitchen and look around, I grab an apple to think on it, and go about my day. I feel like something inside of me has changed.

My oldest friend told me abut a website for people dealing with Borderline Personality Disorders in their families, her MIL is a LOT like my Mom. She was around my family every day in highschool, so saw parallels. She bugged me for 3 days to read this stuff. I reluctantly did. At first I thought it was pretty extreme, then I got to the message board for people with BPD Momís, every person there who talked about their lives, experiences and how they live now, could have been me. So whether or not my Mom has the disorder she definitely has the traits. As far as my ďhealingĒ goes I have done most of it on my own over the years but knowing what it is and how it affects me helps lift the guilt and sadness of cutting ties quite a bit more.Which I feel is necessary to my happiness. It also explains my Dadís role, the Sis and the Aunt who is a lot like the Mom.
I am feeling lighter in spirit and know I will be more fulfilled even if it is hard.
Is is good for me to hear from here and from 2 close friends that my family is odd, I have been told all my life we are superior and everyone else is f*cked. I never bought into it but I have struggled with it. I love these people. I do think they are wonderful in many ways. My issues are more emotional and psychological. Hard to pin point and label.
My Dad told me my ďfactsĒ were wrong when I told him my ďfeelingsĒ. The fact is my feelings are right because they are MINE.
A lot of what goes on for me is a gut reaction. I need to believe my gut. My gut has been telling me for several months that there was something going on under the surface and I was right. I know myself well enough and am in tune well enough to know this and I need to honour it.
Right now this feels like a last piece of the puzzle. I have worked very hard in the last year and a half to put my priorities in order for my fundimental happiness. It started with sorting our friendships, wich evolved into healing some hurts in my marriage, finding support to manage my sonís behaviour and finally letting go of a toxic relationship with my extended family. I still need to establish what the terms of ďletting goĒ are. I am thinking holidays. I have deleted the BXBís emails etc. I will keep in touch with Dad every couple of weeks with an update of our lives. Just the details no ďfeelingsĒ involved.I will start there.
I feel taller, I am breathing easier, I am clear headed, no anxiety of waiting for the other shoe to drop......I feel peaceful and empowered.

05-20-2005, 12:05 PM
Happy~ how goes the landscaping??? Move the lilies in front of the bushes!!!
Nae~ yay! on the water!! Enjoy your time with Bill. It sounds sweet and peaceful when you are with him.Enjoy the bike ride, Teeka and the robins!!

kids need me......

05-20-2005, 12:55 PM
Mel~ I will do many things just for me this weekend. Thanks!I hope you do the same. Did you know it is 218 days, 13 hours and 8 minutes til Santa comes!!?
Enjoy your healthy cooking.
Shad ~ if you build I can paint it! LOL! The geography makes it pretty hard to accomplish but a nice excuse to travel.
Teel, Tig , YP,Meadow and Linus and Bump thinking of you all!!!

05-20-2005, 01:52 PM
I feel taller, I am breathing easier, I am clear headed, no anxiety of waiting for the other shoe to drop......I feel peaceful and empowered.

Yay!! Good on you, Hollyhock!! Go for it, my friend!! :D :D Glads you are feeling a bit better may it last and improve!! :dizzy:

I have been out and bought the garage door paint today. I decided on darkish blue but when I got home I saw that a garage along the same block would be the same color so I think I'll go backi and exchange it for a different color...a friend asked what was my favourite color and I said "pink!". Somehow I don't think a pink garage door would look very good somehow!! I think I'll go for a scarlet red...its in the middle of a white door and a grey/silvery door so it needs to match up. At the moment it is yellow but I don't really like it very much... :p :no: :barf: :D

Hollyhock did you really have to mention the "C" word ? :eek: :lol3: :lol3:

I shall give you a quick update on Linus and bump! They are both ok but Linus is working herself stupid packing boxes and has missed Conner all week who has been away on a school camp for the first time ever. They hope to get the keys for the new house in about 3 weeks time although Linus was hoping to get in and have a look before then to measure the second bedroom which is reportedly rather small. I'll try and encourage her to get on site for a quick blether...

Nae I hope the bike ride goes well at the weekend :ebike: Also hope that the baby robins hatch out fine and well and chirpy!!

Bye for now. Happy weekend!!

05-20-2005, 02:42 PM
Did you know it is 218 days, 13 hours and 8 minutes til Santa comes!!?

oh Holly. All I can say is
:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

There is only one major mall in town so you have to get your shopping done by September. You just HAD to remind me that I should be thinking about it, didn't you? :lol:

Will catch up with you ladies later...

05-20-2005, 04:28 PM
Hi girlies , :love: :angel: :cb: :cb: :cb: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: HELLO AUNT FANNY :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :woo: :woo: hi my lovely lady ,glad your feeling a wee bit better
YP hello and welcome to you ,were not all that bad bit crackers but harmless
Well folks i think im having a mini nervous breakdown the house has been delayed for 3 weeks :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :devil: :cry: :eek: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: i did foind out that the previous tenant died and lay for 4 days before being found ,his dog has been dead for 3 months in the attic ,and the next door neighbour is a nutter :stress: :stress: :faint: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :yikes: :yikes: :crazy: :crazy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so that could explain the delays ,the kids playing footie beside my building are driving me nuts totally and utterly ,half the house is packed and the other half is in total disarray and we cant plan anything as we dont have a moving day yet :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: My baby came home today ,god i missed him he on the other hand had a brill time and thoroughly enjoyed himself his clothes are minging and so is he but what the hey thats what mothers are for ,Craig is coping well with his exams hes half way through now ,3 next week and one the week after and hes finished
THE BUMP is brill its growing and im shrinking ,im getting loads of kicks now and absolutly am thrilled at being up 6 times during the night for the loo,doc has given me anti-sickness tablets now so instead of throwing up 10 times a day i only throw up 2 or 3 times now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
all in all fairly good anyway im going to go and do more washing {the only thing im allowed to do at the mo }and ill be back tomorrow

05-21-2005, 05:58 PM
Morning all,
Short and maybe sweet this morning as I have a busy day lined up.
DS2 has organsied a bloke to come out and do the service on my car at 8.30am this morning and DS2 himself is coming at 0800hours and is going to fix the sagging ceiling in my lounge room. Now that all the paint is off we can see where the problems are. Ie. not enough glue or nails to hold the darn thing up - it's a wonder it hasn't crashed down on my head some time back. I have to go into the roof space shortly and put some glue under the trusses to which the ceiling should be attached. Yikes, hope I don't fall through! I am sandinging a bit more plasterwork after that, which I did yesterday and then another undercoat will go on the walls I painted last weekend. With a bit of luck, the top coat will go on next weekend and the weekend after.
Then I have to go out and get some money for the bloke and food for the DS2 (who, wonder of wonders is embarking on a campaign of more healthy eating - hey mum I eat one piece of fruit per day!! Wonder if I can stand the improvement?

Today promises to be another great day weather wise. Pale mauve/ pink sky now turning blue and gold, the sun is about to rise and the temps should reach about 24 or 25. Perfect weather for budding the orchids and for the new little lettuce plants I put in yesterday. Spinach is up and away, the beetroot will be ready for picking soon and the tomatoes have managed about 4 inches in height in the last week. You just gotta love the Autumn/ Winter period. Bugs are down to a manageable level and the hopper critturs on the roses are so slow in the mornings, I can get them with the secateurs and chop them in half. They aren't so annoying when they are dead! Speaking of roses, all the bushes are budding up again so there should be a good display again soon. The Hot Chocolate rose looks like it should be a climber and not a bush rose - these great long shoots come up with a huge flourish of flowers on the end - maybe I will have to find a place where it can spread out against a wall or something. This rose has the most velvety appearance of any of my roses. The colour is stunning, going from hot orange to a warm dark tan/orange shade and just like burnished copper velvet. It's DS2's favourite along with the Shocking Blue rose. He's nuts on colour that boy.

Anyway, now that I have finished my coffee, I'm off. I'll be back later to report progress and catch up with the rest of you and make comments where needed.

Like maybe:-
Linus - take it easy.
Meadow - get your hand out of the cookie jar
Tig - watch those Thugs and you'll get your exercise running after them
And where is YP - is it Greece time already?
Mel - hope you are resting up as well as laundrying and cooking - and that you are not just getting away from big sister to get up to mischief
Teel - can't think what is wrong with a pink door. Red fades in the sun - uh oh, English weather, may be not
etc etc etc

05-21-2005, 11:28 PM
Teel-Go RED! That will be a real stunner on the garage door, are you thinking a bright cherry red or more burgundy? If it has panels on it you could actually put a different colour in each bit :rofl:

Linus-Do you think you will have a haunting? You aren't getting a good nights sleep where you are, just think how hard it is going to be with some spirit moaning at the top of the stairs and rattling his chains :lol3: Don't throw things at the computer now, you know I am just kidding :p :angel: I'm sorry things are in such disarray and the schedule it put back three weeks, don't you hate these kids of hiccups in the momentum? You want to be settled. Hugs to you and your little passenger.

Shad-Stay on the joices and don't fall through the ceiling!! I'm worried now, I have a picture in my head of a big spider Tarzaning down in front of you while you are trying to glue and you throw up you hands, lose you balance and kerplunk, you are looking up through the dust at a big hole. I'm such an optimist :dizzy: Now it can't happen that way because I've typed it and it would make me physic if it did, and I'm not, so it won't :s: :chin:

Mel-How organized is your freezer? Reading all the stuff you are chopping and putting into yours made me think about mine, just a big jumble of odd bits like bread and frozen juice tins. What do you do with a pot of oatmeal? Do you reheat it through the week? I hope you do not spend all your time in the kitchen and the weather gives you a chance to take a spin outside.

Holly-everybody's family is odd. I bet my family could be diagnosed with all sorts of controlling/passive aggressive disorders. The verbal stuff alone... don't get me started :p I would love to hear what inside of you has changed so that you can exist on just an apple. I hope whatever is making you feel empowered keeps up. Got to be good to have you feeling this way :D

Rose-way to go with the water drinking? That is great! So you and Bill?! Any sparks during the grass eradications? Fingers crossed that your flirting was successful and he is a frequent visitor from now on ;)

Happy-yes, I agree with Holly! Move the lilies, they are hardy plants they can take a digging and keep on blooming. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas :sman: :sball2: I was even drinking out of a Christmas glass this afternoon. Tick, tock :lol:

I haven't had any cookies in two days, sure they are still there but not on my radar anymore. I've switched to cheddar cheese. Probably stress related now because of the house stuff. My husband doesn't want me talking to the builder. Says we will fix the sink stuff after he leaves :?: We fight about it, it isn't my fault, it isn't his fault, it is the builders but we can't have "him" involved in the discussion because I might offend :o Am I stuffing feelings? Probably but I'll have plenty of more stress when we actually start packing and move. Why can't I get that "not eating" type of stress related affect? Why does mine have to be a full tummy? Rats, rats and double rats!!

05-22-2005, 12:09 AM
Meadow I had to smile when I saw your word flirting.... I don't think I am flirting but I finally asked Bill to lunch tomorrow he is coming up to check on his knap weed spraying so I finally got the invitation to come out of my mouth. I could spend hours just talking to this man...he is the smartest man I want his brain when he leaves this earth..... I have teased him I want a brain transplant........
So lunch will be fun and I will get an education .... it just goes without saying when I spend any time with him..... by all rights he should be dead ... he survived the most horrific heart surgeries..... that is why my good friends we all need to do a 5 wishes living will....... it is more defined to your care... this man is a perfect example of good heart care and determination by a medical team to keep someone alive...... really makes you question just a DNR order on a patient.
Anyway, I am sort of excited to entertain tomorrow....
I had elk in my yard this morning which is unusual this late in the spring... eating my goodies in the yard....
Take care everyone and have a great weekend....