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04-03-2005, 09:19 AM
Hi chickies!

Thought I'd start a thread to put in 'virtual stone' what I'd like to accomplish in April. Care to join me?

The goals can be for not just pounds lost, but other ways we're trying to challenge ourselves (new habits, exercise, etc).

And if we want, we can also post how we'll reward ourselves!


04-03-2005, 09:28 AM
Well, since I started it, I guess I'll post!

I would really, really like to get to 187 (about 7 pounds) by the end of April.

I would really, really like to get to the point where I can complete the cardio tape all the way through, and add in the higher impact moves. And having to move up to the next higher weights would be nice, too.

I want to be more conscious of how much better my clothes fit (hopefully, they'll fit better).

My rewards - I want a feet treatment!


04-03-2005, 09:44 AM
ok, let me see
-don't buy from the school vending machies
- don't have luch in school (have it when i get home)
- drink my 8 glases of water
-downsize my coffe intake
-exercise more
-have fun(seeing as we are going into summer (yay))

04-07-2005, 08:56 AM
Julie- Great thread!

To exercise at least 5 days per week
To add some strength trainining/toning into my exercise plan
To lose 8lbs
To stop eating Mike & Ikes at the bowling alley


04-07-2005, 10:54 AM
I would like to lose 8 able to do the HILL program on the treadmill for 60 minutes, 3-4 days a week...that's a good start.


04-07-2005, 03:05 PM
I thought I posted a message yesterday, but it said this forum is closed for maintanence, so I guess it didn't post. Luckily it wasn't a long on

Lose 6 pounds by the end of the month
Be in a comfortable size 8
work out 4 to 5 times a week


04-08-2005, 01:07 PM
- Workout 4x Per Week
- Lose 10 Lbs
- Fit Into Very Loose 18/ Tight 16
- Change My Hairdo

04-08-2005, 07:25 PM
My goal for April is to stay on plan for the 5 days we will be at Talledega...

04-09-2005, 03:24 AM
;) Hi. I just joined this forum today. I joined LA Weight Loss one week ago and have some questions. If anyone knows the answers, please respond. I am wondering about the Carb Cravers portion of the program booklet. It says to count any of those meals as 1 protein, yet when a co-dieter asked about it, she was told to ignore that section of the booklet. Does that sound right? Why would they put the Carb Cravers section in the booklet if we aren't supposed to use it?

I have 91 pounds to lose, but I feel very good about the program. It seems like a very healthy way to go.

04-09-2005, 07:58 AM
SuzanV: I have no idea the reasoning, but prior to the new booklets where everything is all-inclusive, we had to ask for the Carb Carvers, and they didn't offer it to newbies? They may want you to get use to the basics of the program before introducing the Carb Cravers.


04-09-2005, 08:50 AM
Hi SusanV- I agree with Sy, carb cravers is a valid part of the plan. Your friend's center may hold off on incorporating it into her plan until she's been on for a few weeks. If I were her, I'd act like a three year old, and ask Why is it in the book if it's not a valid part of the plan? Do you go to the same center?

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04-10-2005, 01:48 AM
Thank you both for responding. My co-worker and I go to the same center and already we've gotten conflicting information on several things. I am so glad I found this forum... and I love the little weight loss trackers...they're so cute!

04-10-2005, 12:57 PM
Hi Susan,

Yes, the little tickers are so cute!

I think you'll find that you'll get different info depending on which counselor you get (and maybe the phases of the moon)! They may also be tailoring info based on each of your special circumstances - but it is always good to ask WHY!

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04-10-2005, 04:30 PM
Thank you Julie for starting this thread! Great idea!

Mandy - I just noticed we are in neighboring states. Which side do you live on?

Suzan - Since I wasn't "told" not to use it I did my first full week. The counselor said the reason they don't recommend it for the first few weeks is that they are trying to balance out your metabolism. But, being me, I have done the pancake Carb Craver on the weekends. Last week it didn't seem to have an effect on my loss. Had pancakes this morning, so will see what tomorrow's WI brings.

Now, on to my April goals:
* Lose 5 more pounds by the end of the month
* Daily walks with my hounds, no matter what!
* Use my treadmill 3x's/ week minimum
* Catch up with my paperwork at work so I can end this stress cycle!
* Sort through old home office paperwork
* Work hard on the plan so my Size 18's are definitely loose on me!

Good luck to everyone!


04-12-2005, 03:12 PM
Well I guess i need to put up my April Goal as well. I have a goal of 8 lbs for April. I know that sounds like a lot since there are only what 2 1/2 weeks left but im gonna see how close i can get at least. Im doing TO tomorrow and Thursday so maybe that will be a plus! Also TOM is here right now too. But the 8 lbs would put me back where i need to be about 2 lbs from going down to the next plan which i think is purple. So that is what im working towards! Also just getting back POP. And adding in exercise.


04-12-2005, 04:24 PM
Thanks Julie for starting the GOALS for April!!!

Let's see today is the 12th of April so I only have 2 1/2 weeks left of the month. . . . . .

My Goals for April are:
Lose 6 lbs (weight goal 275)
Walk on the treadmill at once a day 6 days a week.
Walk on the treadmill two times/day at least 3xweek.
Increase treadmill distance by 1/4 mile/week. (I'm at 1/2 mile daily now)
Lose 6 inches altogether.

04-29-2005, 07:10 PM
I'm in my 4th week at LAWL and have lost 7 pounds. My goal is 25 by August. Never joined a group like this and look forward to the exchange of ideas. I started using the carb craver menu and my weight inched 3 pounds up-- so I'm ignoring that section. Anyone else had problems using the carb craving section?

04-29-2005, 08:18 PM
I haven't ever noticed gain when I use the CC menu within reason - maybe once per week or every other week. How often were you choosing CC options? Were you following the "recipes" to a T - weighing and measuring, especially with the deli meats and pastas? :)

Welcome, by the way!