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04-02-2005, 12:23 PM
Welcome to the :rain: April edition of our Weighty Issues thread. We're a group of wonderful women from different walks of life (try saying that 3X fast! :lol: ) , spread out across the U.S. from the east coast to the west. We support each other through the highs and lows of every day life--it's not just about weight loss, it's about LIFE. If you have something to say or need a shoulder to cry on, come on in, grab chair and stay awhile. You'll be glad you did. :coffee:

04-02-2005, 01:22 PM
Hey girls I started a fresh, new thread for us. It's raining here (again) :?:, it seems like the past four weekends have been like this. I hope it clears up by 10:30 for Michae'l swimming lesson...I sound like a broken record every weekend :lol: We went to the movie The Pacifier last night. It was actually pretty entertaining. I don't much like Vin Diesel as an actor but he's some pretty good eye candy. I like him like I like Sly Stallone, beautiful physique from the neck down, but I don't much care for their faces :p

Angie, :high: you guys rock! You'll be rolling in the dough, really! :lol: Word of mouth is the best advertising. Are you guys still doing the donuts for your MIL? You are NOT banned from this thread just because you're not dieting right now, if you left who would I relate to? :lol: We love ya no matter what.

Gina, hey, a maintain is a good thing especially if you were expecting a gain, right? Just look forward to week ahead. I had to chuckle about your cat-in-the-backpack story. That really sounds like something my son and my niece would try to do. I LOVE Ikea although we don't have one in HI. These girls always have to hear me whine about no Ikea, Target, Crate and Barrell, etc etc at least once a month :lol: (usually after one of you mentions going there!) How exciting (and romantic) that your sis is getting married. Even though she has to live across the street from mom and dad, she'll have built-in babysitters eventually ;)

Cherie, have a great weekend w/Alan. You can whine all you want around here, we'll give ya a kick in the pants if you need it :lol: --BTW, where is Dips lately??? She was an awesome drill sergeant. Let me remind you of the mantra, the weight didn't come on overnight, it's not going away overnight--ODAT (one-day-at-a-time).

Cal, :grouphug: I'm so sorry you and your family have to go through this. The best of luck with your case and hopefully some real closure soon.

:coach: Kempy, come out come out wherever you are

Hello to Dips, Summer and anyone I may have missed. Enjoy the weekend girls.

04-03-2005, 11:58 AM
Hey Noelle, Thanks for starting a new thread. It didnt even dawn on me that it was that time again. :lol: I hope the rain has stopped for you. It is pouring here now, they say we may have some pretty bad flooding. I remember we had a massive flood on April 1 in 1987. It was like the worst flooding we had ever had. We couldnt get leave our house for over a week. We lived on the top of a hill with a river at the bottom of the hill. My dad took his canoe and my bike and crossed it and then rode my bike to a store about 20 miles away to buy some food and their cigs for us all. Luckily people he knew gave him a ride after he got past the flooded area so he didnt get too tuckered out. The pics of the damage were awesome. It is amazing what water can do.

Yesterdays totals at the bakery were awesome. I do love to make money but I am very nervous of what is to come this summer. How will we get to close so we can come home and do the donuts? Maine street is packed all day with people walking in and out of the shops. :yikes: My sis might come up and run the register for us from 2-5 or so just so we can leave and start the donuts. God, I hope she does anyways. :lol: I am so tired today though. I slept in a little until my back hurt. I am not a morning person!!! :lol: I have been getting up at 4 every day and it just isnt me. haha

Did everyone change their clocks today? Noelle, you are so lucky you guys dont have to worry about the time changes. Well, I suppose I should enjopy the next couple of hours before I have to go cook the donuts.

Love ya guys!! I am definately going to look into getting a laptop so I can chat with you on the days it is dead up there.

04-03-2005, 02:47 PM
Just have time to check in quickly. I'm not that busy today, but I worked yesterday and so today is my one and only day off. I am just going to take it easy. In fact, it's 10:45 and I am still in my jammies. :D

Angie: We don't have to change our clocks here in Arizona, either. I don't even think about it except that my sisters in TX and CA are now on different times. Hope everthing keeps busy for you, but not so much that you can't take a breather once in awhile.

Gina: My hubbie wanted to know what part of Italy your parents are from? Do you speak Italian?

Have a great day everyone.


04-04-2005, 11:13 AM
Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday.

My weekend was good. Spent it running around with Alan. He is having a big party next weekend, and we were trying to find the odds and ends he needed... and just basically get stuff done. Saturday, we found time to ride our bikes around the lake (10 miles) and then last night, we ended up at the Jazz Lab listening to one of his music buddy's parents perform (folky style music) and then after them was a bluegrass group. They were actually really good. I love music and to see it live is really a treat.

I ate totally too much this weekend.. but I did manage to get a little exercise in with the biking and running around. Friday night I did 4 miles on the treadmill before I actually went over to his house... so if I just pick it back up today, I should be OK.

Angie... your bakery sounds like it is doing GREAT!!! Congrats again on that!

Noelle.... sorry about the rain. I had the most beautiful weekend here... just a little breezy, but the temps were perfect, the sun was out.. it was gorgeous!

I did manage to set my clocks forward.... but I am sleepy now.. missing that one hour of sleep!

OK.. well, I better get back to work.... it's end of month, and end of year for our company, and our boss is still out sick. (She was gone all last week!)

Talk to you all soon... I'll check back later today!

04-04-2005, 01:01 PM
:) Hi girls

How is everyone doing today?

Cherie it sounds like you had a lovely weekend with Alan. Are you going to Alan's party next weekend? I love coming up with theme ideas and stuff for parties. I am totally missing that one hour of sleep too. Since I only get about 5-6 a night I feel wiped. Have a good day at work!!

Angie I agree with Noelle, nothing better than word by mouth advertising. I am so happy everything is going so well for you. I don't care if you are not dieting at the moment, I am just glad you come and talk....after all thats what friends do. I am not going to judge you. I just love talking to you and hearing about the store an your life. Any word on the house yet?

Hey Cal nothing wrong with staying in your P.J.'s once in a while during the day. Good for you. I hope you got some rest.

Noelle thanks for the new thread. Did little Michael get his swimming lesson in? I hope your weekend was nice.

Thinking about you Kemp. Hope everything is well.

Well girls I really want to work hard the next two weeks straight. No cheating, excercise, and eating OP. Anyone want to join with me and do as best as we can for a couple of weeks? I have my physical coming up and I want to see a weight I am happy with, not only that I want to look half way decent in my swimsuit this summer. This weekend we did alot of Spring felt so good to clean out junk and stuff and old boxes we do not use anymore, spent alot of time outside (weather was beautiful), kids had a picnic in the backyard. Dh and I had our anniversary dinner on saturday. Steaks and I made a bacon broccoli salad and baked potatoes and peanut butter cheese cakes. Yes the dessert was like heaven but I am not going to have it for awhile. I modified the recipe to a little healthier version and used ff cream cheese, egg whites and less butter in the crust. So I don't feel that bad. Hello to everyone else!! Check back later.

04-04-2005, 09:21 PM
Hey girls

I hope everyone had a nice day. Have a nice night. I over-ate tonight but excercised my butt off today. Hopefully it equals out everything.
Well I thought I would pull us off page two!! Bye for now.

04-04-2005, 10:34 PM
Hey ladies, just checking in for today. I had a positive mindset this morning and went out and got some healthy foods (low fat/high fiber cereal, fruits, veggies, etc.) so I could attempt to get back on track. I'm gonna try counting points again (since we have a fellow WW person onboard :) ) and see where that takes me. I'm tired of wearing Rick's t-shirts for bed, I wanna wear some nice, girlie stuff :devil: :o So I had some cereal w/skim milk for breakfast, then Rick and I actually had sushi for lunch. I had a run in w/some nutter butter cookies before I remembered that I was supposed to be avoiding them :ink:, but then I stopped at 2...vs 6 on a regular non-thinking day :lol: It's drizzling once again so I don't know if I can get out walking but I do have some laundry to haul up and down the stairs so at least I get a weights workout???

Michael admitted to me on Saturday that he actually kinda 'did like swimming lessons', but 'only this much' *with his fingers about 3 cm apart :lol: I'm kind of disappointed that right when he's getting comfortable in the water again, he's only got one lesson left. The next session probably won't be for another 6 weeks--then it'll be like pulling teeth to get him there all over again. :rolleyes:

Julie, Happy belated Anniversary :lucky: :love: I'm sorry I didn't catch that sooner, I remember you mentioned a few months backs that you two were maybe going to catch the Crue concert to celebrate? Any word on that front? So how many years are ya celebrating? Great thinking 'skinnying' up that recipe for the cheesecake :cp:

Cherie, glad you have a wonderful weekend w/Alan. You biked and treadmilled so I'm sure you countered any excess calories you may have consumed. Heck, I've found that sometimes if you indulge a little it can actually trick your body into letting go of the pounds if you're exercising regularly. You're doing great girl and I like that your motivation is catching around here :)

Angie, WOW is all i can say. I'm so proud of you guys doing so well out there. I hope Wendy can help ya out when the real busy season starts. Thinking of you making donuts just made me remember that movie about the rich lady who lost her diamond ring in the donut batter, remember that one? Waaaaay back when? Then they had a frenzy in the bakery w/everyone trying to find it just so they could get a reward? :lol: Don't wear your jewelry! :lol:

Kempy, OK girl, where the heck are ya? We're getting worried here. Are you doing your gardening and stuff like crazy? If that's all it is, then that's okay, but try to check in when you can. We miss you.

Well, I guess I'll run for now. Hello to Gina, Dips, Summer :wave: and anyone else I may have missed. have a good evening.

04-05-2005, 01:20 PM
Good Morning Ladies! I am here.. just really busy at work.... I'll be back later. Just wanted to bump our thread up!

04-05-2005, 02:58 PM
Good morning :sunny: Busy here as well, just checking in. Have a great day. :wave: Be back later.

04-05-2005, 03:55 PM
Noelle, You are the sweetest person I know. Thank you so much for the flowers. The delivery guy came while I was waiting on a lady so Jay signed for them and when I got done I had to go out back for a second. I came out front and Jay was waiting on a lady and I asked him what came. He said You got flowers I think. I said Oh, did you get me flowers? He says no. In front of the lady with a big grin on his face. I love them. They are right on top of the showcase so everyone can see them.

Julie, Happy anniversary. I am so caught up in the bakery that I feel like I am missing everyone.

Cherie, How are your neighbors? Been knocking on the ceiling lately? :lol: All I can think of is that song that goes Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you love me. hahah I am such a freak.

Okay I gotsta get to work. I will try so hard to stop in tonight and write a real message.

Love Ya !!!!!!

04-05-2005, 04:02 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!

Geez, I couldn't find you guys.:( Came back from lunch, and there you were!:)

I have to work till 3:00 today because one of the girls is out. So, I'm taking a break:s:

Cal: My parents are from Calabria, and no, I don't speak Italian. My brother does, and I picked up some words here and there, but my parents and relatives have been in the States for so long, they have stopped talking talking Italian. I almost typed they have stopped talking ~~ that is definitely not the case. They never stop!

Cherie: Sounds like you had a great weekend with your friend Alan. So what if you overate. With all the exercising you do, you will either maintain or work it off. Keep up the good work.

Angie: That's great that your bakery is doing so well. Wait till the summer. You will have to hire extra help probably? Do you have cakes as well? One of the girls who use to work here moved to York Habor or York Beach, something like that. Is that near you? I have seen pictures and its very scenic. I've been to Old Orchard Beach when I was just a tyke. All I can remember is that the water way way cold and the waves were big!

Julie: Congrats on your anniversary. What a nice dinner you made. You sound like a good cook. Me, I have a lot of ideas of things I would like to make, but never enough time to try them out, and with 4 kids, they usually like the same ole stuff. Hubby, he doesn't care, he will eat anything I put in front of him ~~ so that's somewhat of a help to me.

Well, I have been busy trying to get water out of our basement. We have had flooding big time here because of the snow melting and coming down the Conn. River from Vermont and Maine. People were going down the street in their canoes and boats!:eek: We have a sump pump going full time, and most of the stuff that was on the basement floor we rescued. This happens almost every year with the river rising, but not to this extent.

I have been trying to really cut back this week. I usually take a quick walk on my "lunch hour", which really is one-half an hour, and I eat half a sandwich of either tuna, egg salad, or a salad,since I really don't have time to eat out, I bring my lunch to work. I will probably take another mile or so walk this evening, after dinner, since now we are on daylight savings time, which makes it nice for after dinner things to do.

Hey Noelle, I never tried Sushi. The supermarket usually has some samples everyday, but I'm too :chicken: to try it.

Ok, gotta go back to my swamp land neighborhood! Have a great day and evening. Hi to Kempy, Dips, and anyone else that I may have missed!!


04-05-2005, 04:05 PM
Good Grief, I guess you know my name by now! I was trying something out, and it certainly came out wierd..I have to try and fix it when I have time.


04-05-2005, 07:45 PM
Angie, you're very welcome :) . I trust they arrived in good shape? If not, let me know and I can b*tch someone out about the quality :lol:. I tried looking for a florist in Greenville but there wasn't anyone listed that I could order online. I ended up going w/ who delivers everywhere. Glad you like them, enjoy! I couldn't not congratulate you on your new store. Hehe, I wonder if Jay was wondering who the heck sent ya flowers :s:

Cherie, I have to continue where Angie left off: twice on the pipe if the answer is no... ;) I just love(d) Tony Orlando & Dawn. Sheesh, that makes me think of 'the days'...Donny and Marie "Good night everybody" or Charlies Angels. :lol:

Gina, oh no, good luck drying out your basement. If you can't find our thread on the first page, just click on page 2 under support groups--God forbid we should fall to page 3 :eek:

How's your day been Julie? Everyone staying in line? I watched Nanny 911 and Super Nanny last night. It was a first for me although I've heard about both shows. I can't believe how some parents will even allow their children to get to that point of swearing, hitting or spitting at them. If my son did that he'd get a good old fashioned swat on the butt. There was a 4 y.o. boy that gave him mom the finger and swore at her when she put him in timeout in the 'naughty room' :?:

Well, I've got a bunch more stuff to take care of, hello to everyone else and have a good rest of the evening.

04-05-2005, 08:08 PM
Noelle, they arrived great. I am sure he was wondering because as soon as he was done waiting on the customer he came right out to see who sent them. :lol: I took the bubble wrap off and handed it to him and said that Noelle even sent you a toy to play with. .....He has been playing with bubble wrap all week when it gets slow and there isnt anyone to wait on. :lol: :rofl:

Julie, No word on the house yet. I figure they either decided on another one(except none of the houses they looked at are listed as under contract on the internet) or they are waiting for their house to sell first before they do anything. Jay called our realtor and told him to push the house. We really want the funeral ...ahum...Colonial Home. :lol: :rofl: I have the floor plan in my head and would love the chance to do it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, The locals in town have been telling us not to worry that April is the worst month to be open up there. :lol: I thought we were doing great. haha anyways, they all keep saying to wait until summer there will be so much business we probably wont be able to keep up with it and we will be wanting the tourists to leave. :yikes: I am scared now. hahaha I can not even imagine how many pies I am going to have to sling out.

Gina, York Harbor is about 3 hours from us. I love Old Orchard Beach. It is so pretty on the beach. I think the town looks trashy though. :lol: My favorite place up here is Camden. It is so pretty there.

Kempy, Where are you? Now you have me worried, are you okay?

04-05-2005, 11:43 PM
Hey everyone.. I just got off the treadmill.. I ran two miles... I need to go do two more.. but I am tired. I did really well today food wise.. til dinner time. I made Spaghetti pie... and I had a big plate full with three breadsticks... ICK.. I felt so full.. but still wanted to eat more! Oh well.. at least I exercised!

Angie and Noelle.. I love Tony Orlando and Dawn too... I remember watching their show every week.. and during that time.. the hostages were in Iran, and we did have yellow ribbons around our trees in the front yard.... but to answer your question.. no.. we haven't really played it much.. since the girls were gone all weekend... so our neighbors haven't had a chance to complain.

Noelle.. that was so sweet of you to send flowers to Angie!!! AWWWWWWWW you ROCK!

Julie... I know I missed it.. but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Woo Hoo!

Gina... you should try sushi. I did for the first time last June in California. Alan and I went to Laguna Seca at Monterrey where he raced for a weekend and a group of us went to a really nice restaurant and he had me try the sushi. I was a bit aprehensive about it.. but it turned out really good. I can't explain what it tastes like, because nothing tastes like it... and with the ginger and the wasabi... it was really good. I've had it about four times since and it keeps getting better!

Angie.. I hope your house sells soon... and I really did like the funeral home.. it was a beautiful old house. That used to be a dream of mine.. to find something like that and restore it. I hope things work out for you there! Oh.. and it sounds like your summer is going to be BUSY!!!! Wow.... I hope you get that laptop soon..... :D

Did you watch the Amazing Race! Yeah Amber and Rob.. that makes the third trip they have won. And the boys... Lynn and Alex.. are STILL getting on my nerves.. I can't believe they said what they did about the black couple.. how they were made to balance that stuff on their head. How racist was that??? I was very sorry to see the brothers go.... I liked them... and as much as the old lady's voice grates on me.. I am very happy to see them get this far!

OK... I guess I better get ready for bed...

Kempy.. sweetie.. we miss you!!!!!!! Come back! I would hate to have to call up my Cajun contacts to hunt you down ;)

Dips.. I haven't seen you since I've been back... and Summer??? Where the heck are you?

OK.. time to go to bed.. yeah... you are right.. I am not doing the other two miles.

Talk to you guys soon.

04-06-2005, 12:48 AM
Hello Everyone,

It's getting warmer here; been up in the 80's and supposed to be above 90 this weekend. I guess winter is finally over and spring was short.

Things are a little hectic at school right now. We're getting ready for testing next week. It's amazing that they have to show us every year how to administer the test. After all, most of us have been doing it for years. We have a big project fair (like a science fair, but it's every class doing individual or small group research projects). The kids got their topics today and they were moaning and groaning all day. Bunch of winey babies. :lol:

Our Social Studies teacher will be gone for a week. His wife is being induced tomorrow and he will become a dad for the first time. We are all excited for him. One of our kids was withdrawn from school today because the stepdad violated the restraining order and now they have to move. I feel so sorry for that student. It's amazing our kids learn anything with some of the things they have to put up with. :(

Hope everyone is enjoying the evening. Hello to everyone.


04-06-2005, 12:50 AM
Gina: By the way, my hubbie is from Venice, Italy. That's where we fly to whenever we go there. He speaks Italian, French, and English. Ashley is picking up the Italian, in fact she does pretty well when we go to Italy. I know enough to get by, but am not fluent by any means.


04-06-2005, 10:18 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Hey Cal..... I think I forgot to say hi to you last night... I was tired. Forgive me? :-)

I really admire you. I don't think I would have the patience to work around kids. My two give me fits all the time. Teachers are so special. Sorry to hear about your student that had to withdrawal. That is a shame.

Well... Today, it's a little cool and cloudy with a little rain hanging around. Just another spring day in Oklahoma.

I am going to Alan's after work today to help make the salsa that we are giving out for his party. He really hasn't been around the girls at all.. so this is the first time I am taking them over there. I have a movie lined up (hopefully the 9 ft screen he has will keep them occupied) and also a PS2 game if it takes that long. I am going to stop by McDonalds on the way there for their dinner... and just hope and pray (and lecture before we get there) for them to behave! :D He is not that comfortable around small kids... especially ones that are as affectionate as my girls. His boys never were.. they are older now, 11 and 13 I think... maybe 12 and 14, I don't remember... anyway.. they only come around Dad when they want something. You know that age. Anyway.. say a small prayer that my girls behaves. :D

I guess I better get to work.. I need to finish up my month end stuff.. so I can start working on payroll for next week!

I hope everyone has a great day!


04-06-2005, 12:21 PM
Good Morning Girls

Noelle you are a sweetheart. I am staying in line okay. Not getting enough excercise in :p. Yesterday I believe it got up to seventy and it was beautiful, I sat out in the sun and tried to work on a tan. I hate coming out with shorts on every Spring and my legs are so white. I looked so pale, I looked sick, but my skin is rosy today so hopefully it colors a bit, haha. I have never watched the Nanny show. I have seen the previews, WOW is all I can say. Thats so cute about Michael liking swimming "this much". What a cutie.

Cal that is so sad about that student. Poor kids these days. I can't believe things children have to go through.

Gina sorry your basement is flooded. That is such a bummer. I hope you got most of the water out. I love to cook. I would love to make big meals every night but you know how it is. My dh grew up with a salad, main dish, vegetable, fruit, bread or rolls and dessert. My mom worked so it was a giant family size Campbell's Soup and a bag of dorritos and glass of milk. LOL.... But on the days she didn't work she cooked wonderful comforting foods.

Angie are the kids going to help out at the bakery on Summer break? That would be great if your sister could help also. You are going to meet so many interesting people and have a blast, I just know it!!

Cherie, I will say a prayer that the kids behave. It is hard when you really want them to behave. My ds will just not sit sometimes at restaurants. I think with the movies, games and McDonalds they will just do fine. Relax and enjoy girl!! I am sure he will just love the girls. As much as he thinks of you, how could he not?? I love making homemade salsa. Now I have a craving. Yum, I can't wait for Mil's fresh tomatoes this summer, and I think I am going to make it hot this year :).

Well everyone it is now after ten and have not had anything to eat yet. SO I am going to get moving here and try and get some excercise in. It is just so hard with TOM coming this weekend. I feel like when I am excercising I am jumping around with tons of fluid, sorry tmi. I am really trying to stay away from salt. Easier said than done :lol:. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. You guys are the best. It was yesterday. To be honest dh and I did not get along that well, but I won't get into the situation....Bye for now. Check back later.

Kempy come out come out from wherever you are :). Hi everyone else.

04-06-2005, 04:02 PM
Hi Everyone!

Noelle: That was so sweet of you to send flowers to Angie. Very nice thought. Did any of you girls every meet one another?

You know, what I meant was when I said I couldn't find you guys was that "Weighty Issues" wasn't even lised on the support groups. I think I better just put in my "Favorites" so that I can pull it up easily. The only problem with that is if someone else here at work goes on my puter, they may see it. (Namely, my boss):yikes:

Cherie: Hope your evening with the girls and your friend goes well. I love salsa, but I just buy it. You are so good to do all that work, but it's probably fun to do with Alan. I'm hearing you about having the kids with you, especially if Alan isn't use to children. They should be fine with the PS2 game and a movie, as well as McDonald's. I'll say a little prayer for you. My kinds are the same. We always have a "talk" before we venture out into the world!;)

Cal: You must love to go to Venice. I have seen pictures of it with all those waterways. Your daughter must love to visit there, and that is wonderful that she is learning the language. I bet you would like to go now, what with the Pope and all. Evidently, there are millions in Rome now.

About the kid that has to go to a different school. I feel bad for him. I work in divorce law, and see and hear about it so much -- kids having to be in the middle of everything. It's really sad. They don't deserve it.

Okay, so did anyone watch AI last night? What do you think? What was up with Paula ~~ she is acting very strange.:dizzy: I don't think Bo Bice did as well as usual, so I hope he doesn't get booted out. Maybe it was just the type of songs they had to sing.

Amazing Race -- those two guys that you mentioned, Cherie, I can't stand them. I was so hopeing they would come in last. The older people ~~ have to give them credit. They are troopers! Rob and Amber - boy are they racking up prizes. I bet they will win. Rob is so awesome with all his quick thinking and angles.

Okay, have to run. Weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck. Have a great rest of the day (and evening) Hil to anyone I missed.


04-06-2005, 04:04 PM
Julie, I'm sorry I didn't say "Hi" -- hope you have a great day. Sorry that things weren't that great for your anniversary.

Gotta go.


04-06-2005, 08:52 PM
Hi to you too Gina :). I did watch AI last night. I did not like the theme to much. I am a big Bo fan, I hope he goes all the way.

I hope everyone had a nice day. I got some excercise in today. So I feel pretty good about that. Well everyone must be having a busy day. I am going to watch the simple life and see who gets booted tonight on AI. I think Anthony may be the one. Dh made a frozen pizza and I didn't feel like eating junk so I did not even eat. May have a healthy snack later. I don't know yet. Ugh, just saw a Dairy Queen commerical for a cheesecake frozen treat. They look like a blizzard with cheesecake and berries, bad me!! Gotta get that out of my head now. Btw Cherie I wanted to mention I love spaghetti pie. Yum. You have to have a treat once in a while. Don't feel bad about it. You are doing so well. Bye for now. Everyone have a wonderful evening.

04-07-2005, 01:28 PM
:) Good Day Everyone....just pulling us off page two. It seems like alot of new threads are starting and we keep getting on that second page. Well for breakfast i had a big mug of hot chocolate with calcium added. Two packets only fifty calories. I am glad it is gone though because the aspartame taste is nasty. But it has calcium :). I might cut out diet drinks for awhile. They have been leaving that after taste in my mouth. Last night at 11:00 I crawled into to bed ready to crash and ds was in our bed and started moaning and woke up and need the "bucket"!! Didn't throw up but was up and felt like it all night. So we turned on the disney channel in my bedroom and watched it all night long. I kept him home from school because he was up all night and now is sneezing and nose is running. Hopefully he will nap, so I can sneak one in too ;). But I am amazed I was up all night and I feel pretty darn great right now :). Well enough about me, haha....

Cherie how did the salsa turn out? Do you add fresh onions? Sometimes we do but they can be overpowering if we add to many. But I love the flavor they give off.

Angie how is my favorite baker? Rolling in the dough??? Hahahaha.....miss you but I am so happy for ya. You followed your dreams of doing something and it is all falling into place.

Kempy, my dear....where are you. Are you feeling okay? You know you can talk to me about anything, I can understand and listen. I just hope you are so busy getting you lawn to look beautiful that is why you have not posted :).

Noelle, how are you my HI beauty?? Everything going smoothly at the office?? I hope the sun is shining, have a beautiful day.

Gina, I thought I was the only one in the world who has not tried sushi....I am scared to eat raw fish. I can't imagine the texture. But my brother lives in California now and just loves it. I would love to try the avacado rolls though or the crab ones.

Cal I hope you are having a good week at school and the kiddos are behaving for you.

Well hello everyone else. Check back later on.

04-07-2005, 01:34 PM
Noelle and Gina and other AI fans can you believe Nikko got voted off?? I didn't get to see the show but heard he was booted this morning. I kinda liked him....I really thought Anthony was going to go. I guess you never know.

04-07-2005, 01:57 PM
Good Morning... well... almost noon here. I've been busy doing reports all morning and finally got a break to check in.

Julie.. we didn't go make salsa... it's been postpone to Friday I think. He was in meetings that ran over, so we decided to wait. We don't use fresh onions, we use dried... but we do use fresh peppers... YUM.. I can't wait to make it.

Last night I was a bum. Got McDonalds for the girls and I, and then I sat on the couch watching the Amazing Race. Tonight is Survivor, and I really need to get the laundry hung up.. it's clean.. but still in baskets. I HATE folding and hanging.

You should have seen Megan today... I let them lay out their cloths to wear today... and she picked out a shirt and a sleeveless a-lined dress to wear... and they both totally clashed. :D BUT... I let her wear it to school. Hopefully everyone figured out she was the one that dressed herself! :D

Well.. it's a beautiful day today... I would rather be outside than in here working.. at least I have windows!

I better get back to work! I hope you all have a great day!


04-07-2005, 02:36 PM
Cherie that is so funny about your dd, what a cutie. Have to maybe take a picture tonight if you can. I bet she felt so proud :). I like the added green peppers too. Oh honey, don't call yourself a bum. You were just tired and we are entitled to McDonalds or whatever sometimes. You are a strong woman, remember that!!
Well poor little ds just got a blanket and a pillow from his room and brought it to the couch. I am going to give him some juice and lots of kisses. The average kid has six to ten colds a year!! Yikes. I have been lucky this winter. Nothing. Just nasty old pms.... :lol:, I really think my dh thinks I am nuts when I have it. I would love him to have it for a week :lol: :s:, then he would be more understanding. I am not sure what is for dinner tonight, maybe something on the grill?? Bye for now.

04-07-2005, 03:53 PM
Hey girls, I can't believe I didn't even check in here yesterday. We are so busy here it's crazy. I think everyone is getting their tax return money and they want to sink it back into their homes. We've got bathroom renovations up the you know what, but that's a good thing.

I didn't get to watch AI last night or the night before either :(. Rick and I had to meet w/our insurance agent Tuesday evening, then we had dinner afterward. The restaurant had all kinds of TV screens around and AI was playing on the largest one but the sound was way down, so you couldn't really hear it. I did see Constantine do his sexy/creepy eyeball thing at the camera though *shudder*. I would've thought Federov would've gone before Nikko. I liked Nikko's energy even though he didn't have the greatest voice. I was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn in the car yesterday and it just occured to me that Bo Bice could sing just like him. I was surprised to hear that Vonzell was in the bottom 3 because I really like her, but I didn't get to see her performance.... now see what you guys have done to me? Get me started on this subject and I can ramble on and on......... :lol:

Cherie, now you've got us starting a salsa envy :lol: I'm happy with salsa or picante straight out of a jar, as long as it's hot. Have you noticed I'm not a picky eater? *gasp* I'm sure Meghan felt like a princess and that's all that matters. At least she's becoming independent right?

Julie, sorry to hear your ds is sick again. I'm sure you'll have him feeling better in no time with all your TLC. Good job on resisting the pizza last night. I didn't, we had a Pizza Hut garden chicken pan pizza, luckily it was only a medium size with about 5 of us there so it was only a slice and a half for each. **You mentioned trying to get a tan before shorts season? Do you know what we locals here call really white mainlanders we see on the beach? Shark bait :lol: ** Sorry, I just couldn't resist sharing that with ya. Put some sun screen on girl.

Gina, some of us girls here have been friends for 2-3 years or so. I have met Carol "cal" in person last year. Our families met up at Disneyland for a day during the fall school break. We had a great time and it was great finally meeting someone from the thread. It seems like we all know each other really well though, because we come here and talk like best girlfriends almost every day. We were kind of tentatively planning a get-together during spring break, but we couldn't get the timing right. Maybe sometime next year? I don't know if anyone else has met anyone else in person. I think Cal is thinking of meeting up w/Angie in ME at her new bakery sometime later this year.

Well, I really gotta get a jump on this paperwork before it gets too late. Hi to Angie, Kempy, Cal and everyone else lurking out there :) :wave:

04-07-2005, 05:20 PM
Julie... sorry your DS is feeling bad..... at least you get to cuddle with him!

Noelle.. don't work too hard! And as for the salsa.. I am with you, as long as it's hot! We use fresh japenios (ms) and fresh habaneros... and if we run out, we also have an extract made from habaneros.... and that stuff is REALLY HOT. However, the batch that we made and used it in, it really did a number on Alan's stomach... I didn't feel it, but he had some pretty bad heartburn from it. So we are back to using the fresh habaneros... right now we are just trying to tweek it to make it hotter... so we bought some fresh red peppers and serrenos to try with it as well! That gives me an idea what I might be able to send out for XMas next year! ;)

OK.. Non Scale Victory this afternoon...... I started getting the munchies... and the snack machine was calling my name.... I dug out my spare change.. and on the way to the snack machine, I decided to stop into the little kitchenette and make me a cup of green tea. I will say I am not a big fan, but I made that and turned around and came back to my desk... and I am happy to say, my cravings finally went away. So I am happy about that! Now to control myself for dinner!

OK.. I'll check back tonight! Talk soon!


04-08-2005, 03:30 PM
Hey girls :yawn: Did anyone watch the funeral of the Pope? It was on at 10 pm last night for us, so I fell asleep after an hour and a half. It was really interesting to watch though, the readings and gospel in different languages with the interpreters voice-over in English. I as a catholic felt sadness of his passing, but happy that he gets to go to his final reward. Pope JPII was a cool guy. :) May he RIP. Be back later.

04-08-2005, 03:55 PM
Hi Girls

Noelle I didn't see it. I think it would have started here at two?? But I have seen pictures and watching recaps on the news. I think he was a wonderful gentle soul. I mean no matter what religion you are you have to respect this man. Example, him being shot and forgiving and hugging and smiling with the man who shot him. I am having a cup of iced tea because I was feeling tired. I needed a little up!! But I feel kind of jumpy :dizzy:. Anyone have any plans this weekend? My dad will probally want to go for a fish fry buffet has about 4 different battered and fried fish, shrimp and broasted chicken and fries. And a huge honkin dessert table. No menu or anything healthy!! I love the place but I am trying so hard to eat right before my physical. But anyway the weather here is going to be beautiful this weekend. Maybe I will spend sometime outside enjoying it.

Cherie great job on passing up the snack machine, does it have anything healthy in it?? Green tea is so good for you. I love it. Have fun at the party this weekend. Hope to see ya around and I hope the girls have fun and be good for you. I love hot salsa too.

Check back later. Have a great day everyone.

04-08-2005, 04:03 PM
Hi Girls.

Noelle, I thought the funeral of the Pope was so very beautiful. I was watching it at 6:00 a.m. today. I am sad also, being a Catholic, he was an awesome man. :cry:

Now the next "event" is Charles and Camilla's wedding, which is tomorrow:love:

Hello :wave: to everyone else. Hope you all are having a great Friday and have a great weekend. Have to go.


04-08-2005, 05:11 PM
Hey guys!! How is everyone doing today? Have any of you heard a peep from Kempy? I am worried about her, she has never left for this long before. I hope she is okay and there isnt anything wrong with her.

Today was so boring at the bakery. We had a few hours with noone coming in and me and Jay thought we were going to die from boredom. We had a wrapped up muffin that I had put on the shelf for reduced price and we had a throwing match with it. :lol: He clubbed me in the head with it the peckerhead. :lol: April is mudseason up this way and it is also the slowest time of year. Most of the businesses up there are closed down for the month of April. I didnt realize this before we picked our opening date. :lol: Next year I will know to take my vacation in April though. BUT..... That means that I have a year before vacation now. AAAWWWW!!!!! :lol:

04-08-2005, 11:44 PM
Hey girls, back in the office again--just in time for quitting time :lol: I'm going to try and watch the rest of the Pope's service when I get home, it'll probably be replaying a few times over on CNN or one of those other news channels. I was looking on ebay and saw that a lot of people are capitalizing on JP2's popularity, selling t-shirts and coffee mugs. I think he was a good looking man, he had a mischieveous (sp?) look about him when he smiled. I liked the time Bono of U2 visited with him and he asked Bono if he could try on his shades, a pair sort of violety-purple in color. He knew how to connect with all the ages. I wonder who will be elected next?

Angie, yeah Kempy hasn't been away for this long without. The last time she posted she mentioned something about being out in her yard planting things for spring, and getting busy w/clients. I hope nothing has happened to her... Do you have her phone # to give her a call? I think I'll send her a PM just to say hello. So you had a throwing match w/a muffin? :lol: Imagine if you had been doing that when a customer walked in? :lol: Didn't you guys have an offroad truck before? You could go mud-bogging if you didn't have customers.

Gina, Charles and Camilla...finally they're together :rolleyes:. What's with all this royal protocol and whatnot, they've been secretly together for ages! I feel sorry for them, people should just leave them alone. My sis told me a funny one today, she said that Charles was the ugly duckling that never grew up into a swan. Diana was the beautiful swan. Now Charles has found true love w/his soulmate, the other ugly duckling :o

Hey Cherie, you deserve bonus points for passing up that vending machine :cp: Is tonight the night you go out w/Alan and the girls?

Julie, I agree wholeheartedly about the Pope. I think I saw a short blurb on the news about the assassin expressing his remorse about the attempt on his life and that he was sorry about his passing.

Well, gotta close up shop and get home. Anybody have anything planned for the weekend? I think we may go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay on Sunday, haven't been there in over 10 years... should be fun. Have a good weekend all.

04-09-2005, 09:40 PM
Hey girls, everybody enjoying their weekends? I cleaned my car inside and out, even washed it by hand instead of driving to the carwash :dancer: so that was my exercise for today. I was rushing too since I had to take Michael to his swimming lesson. It was bright and sunny finally, and it was his last lesson for now. The summer session starts again in June, but those will be weekdays, 4X a week for 4 weeks.

I feel like such a :moo: I tried on my tankini top and my boardshorts which I bought last year, the shorts are tad bit too tight for my liking, so I went to WalMart and bought another, one size bigger. They are more comfortable than the one I have but you know how stuff fits when you're between sizes? I hate that. Then, after I drop some bucks buying stuff I don't really want, but need, I come home. Then I decide to go rifling through Rick's drawers and I find a pair of boardshorts that are too small for him--well they fit me way better than the one I bought, plus their more flattering. So I think I'll wear those to the beach tomorrow, then return the ones I just bought. Hmph! Fitting into your husbands shorts isn't exactly a good thing :o Well, I'm rambling here, just wanted to pop in and say hello.

04-11-2005, 01:15 AM
Everyone must be out enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. I just wanted to pull us up from page 2.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.


04-11-2005, 12:31 PM
I think your're right Cal ~~ everyone has Spring fever. I know I did this past weekend. Temps in the 70's. I know, to you and Noelle, no biggie, but to us east coast people, believe me, it's a biggie;) But, this week temps will be only in the high 50's and the lows for the evening will be in the 30's. Burr! As they say in New England, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute!"

Saturday I went with one of my sisters to see our other sister who works at Foxwoods Casino, which is about half an hour drive, actually she works at the spa at the casino. Got a free massage and nails done. We go 3 or 4 times a year. Our little treat which we deserve. My sister has 3 small children, so she is always stressed.

Noelle: Charles and Camilla ~~ Really, who cares? I wish they would leave them alone also. What about her hat.:rolleyes:

Angie: You will most likely get busy after Memorial Day. I know my brother who has a restaurant in the next town always picks up after Memorial Day. Although, he has been busy these past two weekends because the weather has been so nice and people take daytrips to the shore.

Julie: That fish fry sounds so good. All the good food is always fattening and unhealthy.

I had weigh in last Thursday. I lost 2 lbs., so I'm happy about that. Although I worked my butt off last week walking every day and really cutting back. I hope I can stay in the groove and do the same thing this week. I overate on the weekend. Pizza, popcorn, :corn: meatball grinder, just to mention a few! I was very bad. :(

I need to get my camera back from my brother so I can send you guys a pic of me and my kids. He is in California right now, but should be back shortly.

Well, better get some work done. Have a good day everyone. Hi Cherie. Hey Kempy come join us, the girls miss you.


04-11-2005, 02:07 PM
Good Monday Girls

Gina sounds like you had a nice spa treatment weekend. You go girl. We hit seventy this weekend too and it felt great. I know what you mean about being warm one minute and cold the next, lol. Pizza, popcorn and meatball subs, YUM I love all that stuff. Great job being down two pounds.

Noelle, washing the car is for sure excercise....I love the feeling when like I am scrubbing the floor or doing the carpets or dusting that it is burning calories. Gotta turn housework into a good thing or I will just end up hating it even more, actually I can't stand my house being dirty....haha....but laundry is the worst. I am so lucky my dh helps out in that dept. I am constantly going through my dh's drawer and pulling out his T-shirts and I have a pair of his lounge pants. They are a little big but have a draw string. But I just feel more comfy in his clothes. How was the beach? Did you have fun. I hope the weather was beautiful for you.

Hi Cal nice to see you, hope your weekend was nice. It seems we have been going to page two alot. We either need to post more or it is all the new threads? Have a good week at school.

Angie you and Jay just sound like the most fun couple. A muffin fight, huh? Haha....I bet business will pick up like crazy in a couple of weeks. No I have not heard from Kempy. I know she is busy with yard work and clients but she is getting me worried by not checking in either. Come out Kempy. Hope you are okay....

Cherie how was the party, salsa, and how did it go with the girls? I hope it was enjoyable. How are you doing? Are you excercising and staying OP. It is so hard sometimes, huh? But I bet at the rate you are excercising that weight will melt right off. I hope you had nice weather this weekend too.

Well I am going to get going, I all ready got my excercise in early this morning. I find it easier to get it done earlier in the day. But didn't do as much as I wanted so between things I am going to try and fit some more in. Last night I ate to much at supper and am feeling it today. Yuck. We grilled brats and hotdogs. I weighed in this weekend the day TOM started and was only down a pound so I hope to see more water weight gone this week and more gone with all the hard work I have been doing by trying to eat right and excercising my butt off. I just have to keep thinking Summer and shorts and tank tops. Well check back later. Hello to anyone I missed. We are supposed to get rain today and I hope we do to turn the grass green and get my tulips started. Bye for now!!

04-11-2005, 04:25 PM
Okay where is everyone??

04-11-2005, 05:15 PM
I'm here... I'll check in later tonight after the munchkins go to bed... busy at work, payroll runs tomorrow! :-) I had a great weekend, will share tonight...


04-11-2005, 11:32 PM
Hey everyone..... yawn... I am sleepy.... girls are in bed, and I am here sitting watching the Miss USA pageant..... just watched the bachelor..... this season is just a total ho skank fest.

Well, the girls did OK Friday night at Alan's house. They could have been better, but it was a new place, lots of cool stuff, and they were just KIDS! We did get three batches of salsa made... mild, medium and hot.... and I have to say, this was our best salsa ever... we finally figured out the secret... don't seed the peppers... and we added serrano peppers.. so that gave it the bite it needed.

Saturday, we spent all day getting ready for the party.... and it was quite the hit.

I took pictures but since it was at night..... most were blurred.... oh, and I am the fat one at the beginning in the kitchen... no other pictures of me... I was using his little digital for the rest of the night.... oh.. and Alan is the one that I took the most pictures of... that's him! :D

Anyway... we had a wonderful time... and will probably have another party in a couple of months... he is actually having a small pot luck with his old co-workers in two weeks.. so I'll be helping out with that as well.

Well... I think I am going to get ready for bed! I'll talk to you all tomorrow after I get payroll ran!!!


04-12-2005, 10:01 AM
I'm bumping us off the second page! Good Morning everyone! I'll be back later.. gotta get payroll keyed right now!


04-12-2005, 12:38 PM
Good morning girls. Wow Cherie, those were some pictures, you guys look like you had a great party. Alan's house is beautiful (and he ain't bad to look at either ;) ) ! So what's your salsa recipe? Or is that a family secret? Oh yeah, loved that Fender coffee table, too cool. You look great girl, I don't know what you're talking about 'fat'--you've got curves in all the right places, just like a real woman should.

Thanks for reminding me about payroll, i gotta get started on mine. I'll be back later as well. Everyone have a good one!

04-12-2005, 03:05 PM
Cherie, I agree with Noelle I think you look great. Alan is a very good looking man also. I think you two look like a nice couple together. It looked liked a fun party. Great food and entertainment. I wish I could get invited to a party like that!! His house is beautiful. I am sure you helped with your touches ;). Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I just got back from picking up ds from pre-school. He was so proud of his project. I was so proud for him being so proud of himself. My baby boy is turning into a young man :( :). I am going to do some laundry. Don't you just hate it when tissues are left in pockets and they get washed and all over everything else?? Ugh, I hate laundry. Oh well part of life. I am feeling kind of down and dissapointed in myself, my physical is next week and I am no where near the weight I wanted to be at. I wish I had the metabolism of a hummingbird. Everything I eat seems to turn to a pound here and there. Sorry for ranting. I really have come to believe that woman are suppose to become cut outs of celebrities. Which is totally wrong thinking. They have nannies so they can work out, personal chefs and daily pampering to deal with the stresses of life. And everyone has a different body shape and metabolism. So here I go again, ranting on :lol:.

Cherie and Noelle hope payroll is not to much of a pain for you. I would like to get out of the house even if it means working, I would love to come and help, but I may lean towards Hawaii, sorry Cherie, just joking about the weather ;).

Well I will check in again later. Hi EVERYONE!!

04-12-2005, 03:19 PM
Btw Cherie I wanted to add I was watching the Bachelor on and off and cannot believe that show this season. What a freakin disaster!! I totally agree with what you had said. All he wants is a hot sexy woman and they all (most) are throwing themselves at him. Yuck in my book. But back to watching AI tonight. I know you don't watch but I can't miss it.
Have I reminded you lately that I am proud of you for being a single mom. You have the hardest job in the world. God Bless you and pat yourself on the back. I was thinking back to my childhood last night and thought of my mom and how much I love and appreciate her for always being there. When my Dad wasn't. I mean at times she worked three jobs to get us by. I want to do something really special for her this year on Mother's Day. I truly believe it is the harder things in life that one has to go through that make you a stronger and wiser person. I luv all you girls, we have such different lives but I believe we are so alike in many ways.

Angie what are you baking up today. Give me some good food to think about. LOL :lol:

04-12-2005, 04:47 PM
OK, Payroll is out of the way.... now for some down time. :-)

Noelle.... you like that Fender stratocaster table? Hahaha.. yeah, he is a music freak! :D When he was looking for a coffee table... we found that and it was the PERFECT piece for his place. We did have a fun time.. lots of work getting ready for it, but it turned out exactly how he wanted it too....

The salsa is something else.. I think I told you the story before about how after he and I first met, we found this salsa that we both fell in love with.... Senor Z's Salsa. It was the best stuff... when he moved to CA, I would ship him jars of it. Well, it got to the point that we couldn't find it anywhere, so I looked up the maker off the label in the yellow pages (it was made out of Oklahoma City) and there was an email address. I email them and got a nice reply back from the owner, Dallas Richardson, that he no longer made it, but that maybe someone out of Texas might start producing it in the next year or two. Well, I told Alan about that, and he started an email campaign. The guy never replied to him.... but he kept asking about it, wanting the recipe, telling him it would just be for private use, etc... finally, he replied, and asked Alan exactly what did he want. Alan told him he wanted to buy the recipe. This was over the course of a year because right after Alan moved home, we were out furniture shopping (probably looking for his coffee table) and he said he had a surprise for me. He just told me to remind him to make a phone call at 2:00 PM. Well, I reminded him.. and he called.. and I couldn't tell from my end what was going on.. but this was the first time they had talked on the phone. Seems they had a tenitive meeting set up for that afternoon, and we were supposed to meet him at the warehouse. They kept talking and realized they actually knew each other from about 15 to 20 years ago when Alan was in a band called The Fury and Dallas was their sound guy... small world.. anyway.. they had to postpone the meeting til later in the week, and Alan got off the phone. He asked me if I figured out what what going on, and at that point I didn't. Then he mentioned who he called and that he was trying to buy a recipe... once he said Dallas' name... it finally clicked... So.. we got a paired down recipe for the salsa.. and he bought a couple of cases of the original that was left. So that was his surprise for me. Since then, we have been tweaking it, we've made about 10 batches and this past set was the best. It just has tons of peppers, of all sorts, seasonings, crushed tomatoes... I don't have the recipe with me.. or I would share... but I am thinking about making a batch close to Christmas and send that to everyone here!

Julie... I have helped him out with almost everything that is in his house right now... all his kitchen stuff, helped him pick out his furniture, and he even has one of my pictures framed on his wall.. I'm not making it to where I want to live there.. I am staying fully aware of his tastes and trying not to impose mine. He has the perfect bachelor pad. Oh.. and thanks both of you.. I think he's pretty handsome myself. I love his green eyes and his smile... he is great... yeah, I'm beaming... :D

Weight wise.. I just feel blah... I really need to step it up on my exercise. I have been such a slacker lately. I am stuck and even though my diet is pretty good... I am not losing weight. So, exercise is the key. I really would like to feel comfortable in a bathing suit this summer.. so I need to get my butt in gear.

The bachelor... it's like a bad train wreak... hard to quit watching. Tonight, Amazing Race is on... go Rob and Amba! :-)

Oh, and congrats to your son! What was his project! Kids are the best!

OK.. well, I need to finish up a few things here.... Oh, I emailed Kempy at her yahoo address.... I got some forwards from her yesterday, so she is still alive... Hopefully she will pop in here soon....I told her we really are missing her here.

OK.. back to work here....

04-12-2005, 05:16 PM
Hey everybody!!!

Cherie, I love the pics. You look great by the way. You are not fat. I would love to be as tiny as you are right now. I loved the cabinets in the kitchen. Beautiful!! Your salsa sounds great. You guys should market it and make some moolah!!

Julie, How are you? I have missed talking with you guys soi much. I am supposed to be glazing so I had to make a quick note to you all.

Noelle, Did you guys go scuba diving? We had a nice day here on Sunday(it snowed all day today) I got to put my patio furniture out and take the puppers for a short walk. My legs are still sore by the way. :lol: I cant believe I used to walk 4-6 miles every single day. I couldnt do that now. This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny too. I cant wait.

I got some jokes from Kempy too so at least she is okay. I have to find 5 minutes and write her an email to see how she is doing. I miss her.

Today was so digustingly slow at the bakery. I had to make a cake for a woman. I hope she likes it. And then we pretty much sat at the table and played UNO all day. :lol:

Well, I gotta go help Jay

04-12-2005, 08:30 PM
Angie I am doing pretty good thanks for asking. I miss you too honey!! I know you are busy as a bee though. I am glad you took a break from glazing and came and popped in. I am sure the lady will love the cake. I miss my dh during the day. I wish he and I could be together during the day with the kids. Can you imagine if your kids were little like mine and were not in school full time yet?? Yikes!!!! You would have to put them to work :lol:. I got a couple of e-mails from Kempy too. I am glad to know she is still around.
Kempy miss ya girl. I like hearing whats going on with you. Your life is much more exciting than mine :lol:LOL. Come back when you can.

Cherie, I hear you on the blah weight loss thing. I thought I would be at least five pounds lighter. I got a little bit of excercise in today. And for dinner we had bean enchiladas and usually I top mine with at least a cup of full fat cheese but I only had a fourth of a cup and no tortilla chips. So I guess baby steps. My problem is I have been feeling really snack like at night. Just trying to drink water. I want popcorn and brownies!!!! Bad Me.

Noelle, how are you? Are you going to watch AI? I hope they have a good theme tonight. Hope you are having a good week at work. I bet you miss your little niece helping out.

Bye for now girls, will check back later!!

04-13-2005, 12:14 AM
Hey girls, I had a pretty full day, still didn't get my payroll complete but I did get everyone's time cards in so I'm good to go tomorrow. I ran to Blockbuster video on my lunch break and picked up HOtel Rwanada and Finding Neverland. I saw Rwanda a few months back at the theater but it was such a powerful movie that i had to make my sister watch it. I'm looking forward to watching Johnny Depp tonight. :love:

Julie, yes I hope to catch AI since they're whittling away all the contestants and I haven't really been watching much. Wow, your boy's growing up and I know how it feels--like kinda painful, but yet you still feel proud? :yes: It's amazing how much they learn to do while in school isn't it? I just got Michael's spring school pictures today, my gosh he looks like such a big boy! I will try and scan one in when I get a minute.

Cherie, why yes I like that Fender strat table. I also love Gibson guitars...I had a major crush on my guitar teach back in the mid-eighties, I took lesson just so I could be alone in a small, confined space with him for 1/2 an hour :devil:. I did learn how to play but mostly I just lusted after him :lol: That's a good salsa story, talk about 6 degrees of separation. I must say you have quite a knack for decorating, it is the ultimate bachelor pad for sure. I'm sure he appreciates and loves you very much for helping him get it just so.

Angie, hey girl, we did go snorkeling on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day. We got to the beach really early, like 7 a.m. so we didn't even have to pay for parking. Since the last time we went to Hanauma Bay (on the east side of Oahu), the park has since been designated a Nature Preserve so it is now illegal to feed the fish or any animals there. No fishing is allowed or jet skis or anything like that, just recreational swimming. If anyone visits Hawaii you have got to go to Hanauma Bay, it's beautiful. I actually hate snorkeling, but did enjoy the water. Rick taught Michael how to snorkel so I'm so proud of him for getting the hang of it on his first couple of tries. I can't stand the sound of the water and that heavy breathing that's in my head--it makes me panic--like I feel claustrophobic. But I did get in the water a few times, but mostly layed on the beach, getting a tan, really. **Sorry you guys are slow right now, how's that wish for a laptop coming along? You could chat w/us or at least play computer games while you wait. I'm sure your lady customer will love the cake you make for her.

Well, gotta run for now. Hi to Cal, Gina, Summer, Kempy and everyone else lurking. Have a good evening.

04-13-2005, 11:44 AM
OK, enough poking around. I need to get myself back onto the site. I mean afterall I am one of the first of us still here right? I have just been very busy. The yard is done for right now. I still have some ferns to split but that is nothing. I might do that today. We have had things to do every weekend and we still do for the rest of the month. Honestly I wish we could just stay home. I want to be with my husband and only him for a little while. My clients have slowed but that is my fualt. They are going to every two weeks as a schedule and I need to be working on new clients so they can fill those voids. I got a little lazy and now I am paying for it. That is ok though. I will be able to pull myself up again.

I don't have the time today to read all of the past posts but I am going to leave the computer on so that I have no reason not to check in. I am going to head to the gym for a little bit but I wanted you guys to know that I am still breathing.

04-13-2005, 12:34 PM
WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO Kempy's BACK!!!!!!! We missed ya girl.... So glad to see you again. And you do sound extremely busy.. Wow... Don't be such a stranger anymore!! (((((HUGS)))))

Noelle, let me know how those two movies are. I haven't seen either one of them, and this looks like its going to be my movie weekend again. I've got the girls, and Alan has his boys, so I won't be seeing him any. Oh, your weekend snorkeling and swimming sounded like a blast!!!!!!! I think I am with you about the head under water thing... laying out in the sun is more my style! :D

Oh.. I had a crush on my Phys Ed Teacher.... he was so cute.... He is now the principal of my old high school.. and from the picture, he is still a cutie... just has grey hair now.

Julie.. your dinners always sound so great. YUM. I have decided for the time being, I am going to quit cooking at night. I always seem to take the trouble to make something good... and I will end up eating WAY TOO MUCH, and they girls won't eat at all.... and I waste food. So, I am going to go back to having cereal for dinner... (it will help me lose weight too, and save me time). Girls got tator tots, chicken nuggets, peaches and milk last night. Not too bad, not too good, but they ate it, and there was no waste. Maybe I can cut my grocery bill a little now. Noelle, I think you are the one I heard about the Kashi cereal from, the Go Lean. Well I bought a box of that yesterday and had it for dinner, and it's pretty good. Lots of fiber. I read up and realized I need about 25-30 grams a fiber a day, and yesterday I only got 13.5 grams.. and that is much more than what I have been getting. So I need to figure out something to reach my fiber goal.. and hopefully that will help my, hmmm.... bathroom problem. Eating healthy always makes me constipated.. ICK!

Angie..... Thanks.... I guess everyone has a self image of themselves.... and this is one of my highest weights... I just want to feel good about myself again, and right now, I am not. I bet your cake turned out wonderful..... You need to get your treadmill/bike and put it in the back room so you can do that during the day when you get bored! Oh... and I'm asking with Noelle.. how is that wish for a laptop coming? :D

OK.. well, I did a good job yesterday. I did one hour of treadmill work while watching the Amazing Race. I stayed OP all day long, and I got my water in. Here's hoping for a repeat today!

Well, Fed Ex is here.. which means payroll is back so I need to go check it. Talk to you all soon!


04-13-2005, 12:40 PM
Hi Everyone

I took yesterday off from work. My oldest son was home "sick". He went to the Red Sox/Yankees game the day before in Boston, MA, ate too much junk food, came home late, etc. My mom had gone to New York City with some of her friends, so I had no one babysit. But, it was so nice out, and I got a lot of yard work done. We have a dock in the back yard, and it was covered for a week or so with all the water, but now we can finally see it! At least all that water is gone!

Cherie: Your boyfriend's house is decorated so nice. I love the color scheme. You can tell that it has a "woman's touch", and by the way, he is a real cutie. Love that shirt. ;)

Noelle: I can't do snorkeling. I feel clautrophobic. My kids do it, along with my hubbie. They love it. I wish I could get over it, but I've tried it a few times, and it just doesn't work for me.

I love Johnny Depp. Can't wait until his new movie Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory comes out this summer.

Julie: Yes, children do grow up so fast. My oldest is 10 (11 in August), and the others just seem to be growing up too fast. I would love to have another, as well as my hubbie. We both come from huge families, so we need to keep up the tradition.;)

I have to get busy here at work. Need to draw up some divorce papers that have to be done today. Have a great day everyone. Enjoy the beautiful weather.


04-13-2005, 01:03 PM
Good Morning Girls

Busy busy, ugh, kids, they never stop :lol:!! But I did manage to get my work out in bright and early. I have not had anything to eat yet.

Kempy I agree with Cherie, Don't be a stranger. Post more often.

Gina sorry your ds got sick. Yum I love stadium food. All high in fat but soooo good. Hope he feels well soon. Glad you got some yard work done though. So you would like to have another baby? I think big families are great. What I have heard about your families so far is that they sound so nice.

Cherie, I totally know what you mean about cooking and no one eating it. Last night the kids would not touch dinner. So it was healthy leftovers I found for them and made a small batch of mashed potatoes. And then there is dh he comes from a family that had a huge meal every night. I hate throwing food out. My dad would make me finish my entire plate of food when I was little. About the fiber thing. It is so true. Every time I try and lose weight I can't get the 25-30 grams of fiber in. My stomach is so messed up right now. I am trying low carb but there is no way I can get 30 grams of fiber in without eating high fiber cereal and a whole grain sandwich and fruit at lunch. I am always you know "what", lol. I hope to talk to my doctor about that. I might just scratch the whole low carb thing and just think about eating healthy and good whole grain foods. Great job staying OP yesterday and excercising. Go girl.

Angie thats funny what Cherie said get that treadmill or bike in the back of the shop. May be a good idea?? Heck get a pair of rollerskates and roll around that bakery?? That would be the talk of the town, huh :lol:?? It will pick up before you know it. Hang in there.

Noelle glad you had a nice day at the beach. It sounds like beautiful. I would love to check out that beach someday if I got to go to HI. I hope you are not to busy at work. I bet your ds's pictures are adorable. He is a cutie pie. Hope you enjoyed your movies!!

Cal how are you feeling?? Thinking of you.

Check back soon. Have a great day everyone.

04-13-2005, 03:01 PM
Happy Wednesday girls, how's everyone's week coming along? Sounds like we're all in good spirits AND our girl Kempy's popped back in. I'd love to visit LA during this time of year, it must be beautiful if it's keeping Kempy outdoors and planting. Good to hear from ya girlfriend! Yeah, don't be a stranger!!!

Well I just scanned my baby's newest school photo, ain't he a cutie?

04-13-2005, 03:03 PM
I've got some errands to run but I'll be back later this afternoon w/more personal replies. Have a good one, love ya. :wave:

04-13-2005, 04:44 PM
Oh, Noelle, you son is such a cutie. He looks like such a happy child. Does he look more like you or your hubby?

By the way Cherie I forgot to tell you how great you look. You don't look as if you need to loose much weight at all girl. You know, I have a hard time planning dinners every night. Most of what I make my children like, and if they don't too bad. It's too time consuming by the time I finish dinner, cleaning up and getting organized for the next day to make each one a special dinner. My hubby has been eating large lunches lately, so he's not too hungry for dinner, which helps me out. I guess it's always something!:lol:

Hi Cal ~~ how are you doing?


04-13-2005, 06:20 PM

Kempy, I am so glad you checked in. We were worried about you. I dont have your number so I couldnt call you. Are you guys getting nice weather? We got snow yesterday and Sunday is supposed to be 65. Weird huh? :lol: How are the puppers and Joe?

Noelle, Michael is such a sweetie. I love his pictures. I am glad you guys had a nice family day. I was telling Jay and he said that if we can ever swing a way to go to Hawaii for vacation we have to go visit you guys because you know all the tricks that the tourists dont. :lol:

Cherie, A movie weekend sounds like fun. I should do that on Saturday night. That is if I can stay up past 9. :lol: I am like you, when I cook something good I always eat too much but I dont feel like I had supper unless I cook. If that makes any sense? I am a glutton though. :lol:

Julie, My dad made me clean my plate growing up too. I still do it to my kids to an extent until I catch myself that is. Believe me I have thought about putting my bike in there but there isnt enough room. :lol: Next winter we will be taking 2 days off per week so maybe I can make it a point to move some. I am having such a hard time being around the food all day. I am eating so much more than I need and I dont know how to force myself not to. It is really scaring me because my weight is steadily climbing and I am so stumped on how to trun it around. I know I should just do it but it is so hard to stop it. I am scared of what is going to happen. What if I get so fat again and I get diabetes or die? I mean I know it is a reality(a very real reality) and yet I dont stop. Sorry to get so serious there but I have been really thinking about this lately. I keep thinking that I wont be able to stop until it is too late.

Gina, I bet your son had a blast. Oh, I loved the Willie Wonka movie. I used to tell Jay all the time that it would be great to have them remake it now with all the technology today. I hope it is just as good as the original.

Well today was a good day at work. We more than doubled yesterdays totals. Isnt it strange how the days can be so different? It takes some getting used to.

Okay, I have a rant so bear with me. :lol: How can people not make their kids mind in public. I mean Geesh!!! These two girls came into the bakery today with their little boys and they let them run totally wild the entire time they were there. They broke one of my flower vases that was on the tables and they let them crawl in and out of my hutch cabinets and slam the doors on them then they were in and out the front door. One told her kid to do a somersalt.!!!!! I thought I would go crazy before they left with all the screaming and stuff. It was so far beyond rediculous that me and Jay just kept looking at each other like this cant be happening. I have never let my kids act like that in public. I mean....should I have to babysit other peoples kids in my bakery? What if they got hurt there because their Moms are total idiots.??!!!! Okay I am done now. :lol: But I hope they never come back. haha

04-13-2005, 06:55 PM
Hey girls, I'm back again, pondering what I should have for lunch :hun: Always thinking about food I am... :lol:

Angie, for sure, if anyone comes out my way I will gladly show you around--I can't guarantee that you'll ever catch me in a bathing suit at the beach though, but I will show you which beaches are nice :lol: and what spots to visit. If I catch someone else's kids running wild in public, first I thank God that they're not mine :lol:, then if their parents do nothing to stop them, I sidle up to them and real mean like tell then to knock it off, like stop running, or quit yelling, or whatever it is they're doing. I do a great mean face to little kids that are rotten :s: I don't know if I ever told you guys the story about my sister in the grocery store. She was shopping for dinner stuff and this 7 or 8 y.o. boy was throwing a tennis ball around while his mother was shopping. They were in a different aisle from my sis but somehow the ball hit my sis in the side of the head--she was pissed! She saw the kid go toward the ball, then she grabbed the ball and snarled at him, 'who threw this ball?!?!!!!!' Well, he was scared out of his wits and ran back to his mother. My sis followed them through the grocery store and gave the kid the evil eye the whole time. He was clinging to his mom like a monkey and she didn't know why, just kept asking him, what's wrong, what do you want? She didn't see my evil, menacing sister following them :rofl:. She kept the ball and gave it to the dog when she got home. :rolleyes: Re: the weight thing, girl you will get that groove back, one day it will just click. I think about similar things, diabetes and dying early, etc. My left knee is acting up and I know it's due to my weight. I can't seem to keep it together for more than a week at a time so you're not alone. I think I need to go back to WW and have that threat of a weekly weigh in in front of a stranger :o

Gina, I love Johnny Depp too, he's so versatile. Sorry to hear your boy was feeling ill, at least he had a blast doing it :) and you got some time to tend your garden. Hmmm, I like to think my son is a perfect combination of my husband and I. I for sure think he's got my eyes and definitely my nose, but he's got the dad's lips, chin, coloring and personality. I wish I could have more but we're not having much luck. I know we're really thankful we have this one. I come from a family of 7 girls so we're all pretty close. I think if you can afford the kids and want them, have all you want. There's no shortage of love for babies, ever. :bb:

So Julie, what did you think of AI last night? I thought everyone did pretty well, save for Nadia picking that obscure song. I didn't think Scott was that great either but he seems to be surviving out there. I liked Simon's comment to the "it" girl Carrie, 'a kitten pretending to be a tiger...' or something along those lines :lol: I can't wait to see who's booted. If you get a chance, to come back and post the results for me ;)

04-13-2005, 09:17 PM
Good Evening Girls

Angie you will get back to losing again. I agree with Noelle. Just look at all the changes you have made in your life. Don't get down or think bad, think positive babe and you will do it ;), either way we will always be friends no matter what we weigh :). I can't believe those kids. People these days :dizzy:!!

Noelle, first of all Michael is a total doll. You are going to have girls calling all the time when he gets older. He looks so much older now, I remember the picture of him in the pumpkin patch and he looks like he has really grown since then. What a cutie. Hahahaha....that is funny about your sis. I thought Constitine(sp?) did great last night. Even though I like Bo better. Not into the girls at all!! I think Scott will go tonight.

Well hello everyone else. Sorry so short but I want to go watch the Simple Life then AI. Have a great night everyone.

04-14-2005, 11:41 AM
Hi Girls~~

Angie: My mom is very overweight. She developed diabetes last year and she also has high blood pressure, along with too high cholestral. She doesn't do anything about it, but I am trying to get her to Weight Watchers. You know, maybe if you tried baby steps.:bb: Don't worry about the exercising right now. Just try to eat a good breakfast ~~ maybe some oatmeal and a piece of toast for breakfast, a small lunch -- salad or half a sandwich and then a light dinner. If I get hungry in the evening, I grab a hard candy and that satisfies my hunger. On the weekends, I slip a little, but during the week I cut back. I know it is so hard to do, especially when you are baking or around goodies all day. It doesn't help:fr: You know, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, and once you start losing, you will feel so much better and you will want to keep going.

Those children sound like such brats. What is the matter with their parents? You guys must have been so glad when they left!:cp:

Julie: Did you watch the Simple Life -- those girls are so funny. My daughter thinks Paris is awesome. She wishes she could look like her! - No way will she ever look like her - my daughter has black hair, and I think she will be on the short side, and she is definitely not fair skinned, as is Paris. But, didn't you think those moneys were cute. Then my hubbie wanted to watch "Stacked", a new show with Pam Anderson, so I went to the bedroom to watch Alias. One of the girls at work said the Nadia got eliminated, and that Bo (my fav) was in the bottom 3. I usually watch AI on Tuesday, but miss it on Wed. because I like to watch Alias.

Noelle: I agree with Julie ~~ girls will be all over your son. My kids get their pictures taken as soon as they start school in the fall (September). I have 2 in school, but next year I will have 3 in school and 1 still at home. My 10-year old thinks girls are still yucky -- wait until a couple of years from now, and my 7-year old is too busy with her own little girly things to even think of boys. Hopefully, it will stay that way for a long time! I can picture her father now ~~ interrogating her boyfriends. :lol:

That is a funny story about your sister and that little kid.

Okay, so my husband brings up the prospect of maybe moving to Florida for a couple of years. His cousin is a builder, and he offered my hubbie a good job working with him. We use to live in Florida when we first got married, and I liked it. The summers are soooo hot though. It would be only for a year or so. So, we have to discuss it over the weekend.

So, I have to go. Gotta get busy instead of "playing". Have a good day everyone. Maybe if I get a chance I will check in later.

Hi to everyone else.


04-14-2005, 12:17 PM
Good Morning! It's Thursday! I am very excited.. ready for the weekend. No, nothing is planned, I just want to sleep in! I have the girls all weekend, and they seem to be excited to be with me. (Its a shame that they don't ask about their dad... and if they have to go two weekends in a row to their dad's they are upset, cause they want to be with me.) Anyway... it's going to be a great weekend.

I did GREAT yesterday. I've decided to give myself points to keep myself on track. Sorta stole it from another thread... 1 point for staying on program, 1 point for drinking all my water (at least 96 ounces a day), 1 point for doing cardio for an hour, and 1 point for doing a toning video (like Pliates or an abs video), and then I have extra credit... 1 point for NOT drinking any diet cokes. Negative 1 Point if I DO drink a diet coke. So I am striving for 4 points a day and yesterday was a 5 point day! Tuesday was a 4 point day. This is day three of my diet coke free project. And I am not having too many side effects. I had a dull headache last night and it lasted all night long. Hopefully that will pass soon.

Gina.. I hope your son is feeling better today! Sounds like he had a GREAT time at the baseball game! How exciting! Where in Florida are you thinking about? My sister lives in Orlando, and I am trying to figure out a way to take the girls this summer to go visit her.

Hey Julie how is your day going? :-)

Noelle... OH MY.. he is such a cutie!!!!!!!! Love that picture!!!!!!!

Angie... I don't know how I would have reacted to those two little girls. I have no patience with kids.. and I probably would have said something.. did their parents offer to pay for the vase? Geeze.... I would never let my kids run around like that .... they WILL get in trouble.

OK.. well, tonight is Survivor night... I will be on my treadmill for the whole show. And after the girls go to bed, I have my pliates tape lined up... I felt so good last night after doing that and getting stretched out..... I can't believe I've been ignoring it for so long!

Cal... now it's time for you to come out and say hi! We are missing you!!!

Kempy... hope you are having a great day too....

Summer..... come back too.. it's been a while... And Dips too......

OK.. everyone.. have a great day!


04-14-2005, 12:50 PM
Cherie: On the treadmill for the entire show???? :fr: You go girl. That is terrific. I would love to try pilates, what tape do you have? Btw, do you have to learn yoga first, or is it ok to go straight to pilates? The part of Florida we are talking about would be Bonita Springs, not too far from Ft. Meyers. Orlando is nice also. Would you be going to Disney?


04-14-2005, 01:13 PM
Well, I managed to do one hour on the treadmill these past two days.. I walk during the show and then jog during the commercial. I'll get back to the point that I'm jogging for the whole hour like I used to, but I will just have to really push myself to get to that point.

I have two pilates videos. Pilates for Dummy's which is a pretty good one, and then I have the Windsor Pilates Advanced Slimming which is fast paced and only about 20 minutes. If I were you, I would start with the Pilates for Dummy's.. she goes through the basic movements that most videos utilize, and it's pretty cheap too... then if you decide you like it, and I am sure you will, you can experiment with others. I don't know how to do yoga... and I love them.. I feel so much better and stretched out when I am finished.. really relaxed. You might just try your library or video store to see if you can rent one or two to see how you would like it before you buy something.

If we do go, we will go to Disney for a couple of days. My daughters are 5 and 7 and have never been, I haven't been for that matter either, so I know they would enjoy it... as well as staying on the beach for a couple of days. My sister works for a time share company and can get us a condo pretty cheap... it's just me trying to find the money to actually get there and pay for the disney tickets... that is the problem. My ex still hasn't started paying child support, so things are a little tight. I had to go buy Hannah some new spring clothes last week because she has practically nothing she can wear.. and what she did have that fit, her dad kept because they were visiting him two weekends in a row and didn't stop to consider how little she actually has. Anyway.... I hope to make it there if not this summer... then definately next summer.


04-14-2005, 03:19 PM
Good Morning you bunch of beauties!!

Cherie you are doing wonderful at all that excercise, you are building muscle probally and in the long run that helps keep the fat away because your muscles are constantly burning calories. Isn't it hard to excercise but after you do it you feel so better and energized, well sometimes tired :lol:. I would love to take my kids to disney but they are a couple years younger and I would like to remember it. Moola is my biggie to getting there :). Oh btw Cherie did you see that new booty ballet yoga tape out yet. I saw a commercial for it on tv and it looks really interesting. Fun dance moves and yoga stretches combined.

Gina yup, I am probally silly for watching the Simple Life but I love it. I would never want my dd to look like Paris either. I mean she is beautiful and a great body but dresses, hooker like :lol3:. I was so dissapointed to see Bo in the bottom three, he has got that bad boy feel, but you can tell he is a total teddy bear, I want to squeeze him :D. Btw I would love to move somewhere warm.

Noelle can you believe Scott did not go?? What the heck?? I was once as I said before so surprised about Bo. Carrie is starting to get on my nerves. What are you having for lunch today?? I hope the office is going smoothly for you. One more day until Friday ;).

Angie what did the lady think of the cake she picked up today? I bet you anything she will love it. I agree with the other girls if my kids were to break a vase on a table I would offer to pay for it!! How are you kids doing??

Well I finally got some time to eat lunch, I had a Peanut Butter. I hope to get some excercise. But I am pretty wiped out from last was about 10 and my head started killing me, I get migraines, it hurt all the way to the bottom of my neck. Finally at four in the morning I ask dh for one of his pain pills for his kidney stones. I actually felt sick to my stomach. It is still here but that pill knocked it out pretty much. I think it is all hormonal related. So I was so lucky dh brought ds to school this am because I was in so much pain and that pill knocked me out. He is a sweetie for doing that being late for work and all. I will have to be extra nice to him for doing that.
Well enough babbling about me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am so looking foward to sleeping in, haha....

One more thing does anyone know if and when Jacks is getting married? If your lurking Jacks come on back and up date us girl!!

Bye for now.

04-14-2005, 04:58 PM
Noelle I wanted to ask you being from HI, do you know who Gilad is from Gilad Bodies in Motion? I used to work out to him years ago. Some of it I remember was pretty high impact. Is he like the celebrity of the island, haha?? Well I was just curious. Check back later.

04-14-2005, 05:23 PM
Good afternoon. Thanks for the kind words. I am not looking for sympathy though because I already admit it is totally my fault for this happening over and over but it is still so depressing to not be able to keep it off and to keep redoing this vicsious cycle. I really dont think I will get it off again though. It is just such a lost cause now. I get up at 4 and am working until 2 than I come home and start the donuts which I get done by 7 and I get 2 hours to sit down until I go to bed. I wont get that and I will be getting even less sleep this summer when we have to cook more donuts so I dont know what to do. There is absolutely no time to workout. I know that if I am not working out the weight will not move because my metabolism is like a snail so it just gets depressing sometimes. More so now that I know I will be sweating in a kitchen all day and half the night very soon when it is hot. I feel stuck.

Well, I gotta go to work and then clean the house all spiffy tonight but I wanted to check in with my favorite girls in the whole wide world.

04-14-2005, 08:03 PM
Hey girls, just enough time for a quick one. I have been on the run the entire morning and I only stopped by the office to run off a few copies. We have this legal issue w/a client (not directly related w/the client himself, but one of the neighbors) and we have to meet w/our insurance company's attorney who will be representing us this afternoon. It is such a pain--we can't afford to lose this much time for this dang frivolous lawsuit. I hope that after everything gets reviewed this whole thing gets thrown out. I was in a seminar this morning about Dispute Resolution so I spent the morning listen to an attorney blather on, looks like my afternoon will be much of the same :rolleyes:. Gina, what kind of law did your office specialize in? I have a sis that is a legal secty and she gives me the scoop on all the attorneys we may have to deal with. Up until now, we didn't even retain legal counsel and we've been in business for about 5 years. It sucks that the society we live in is so litigious (?). Why can't people just talk about the issues instead of threatening to file suit and all that cr@p. This lady is psycho anyway, and she's a sue-happy freak who lives off settlements for all these perceived injustices against her.

The results for AI were kind of weird, I'm hoping Scott will go next, then Carrie. Scott is scary looking :eek:

Hey to everyone, I'm frazzled a little bit more than usual but I'll survive with you gals behind me. Check back later.

04-14-2005, 10:14 PM
Phew... I just got off the treadmill.... 75 minutes, 5.33 miles. I am tired.... I feel good though. However, I got off and found out my smallest ATE my cereal that I take for breakfast... (she didn't eat her dinner, ok, so it was pb&j, but still it was her dinner) and now it's ALL GONE!!!!!!! Geeze.... Guess I will take the Kashi cereal in the morning.

I got to see Alan this afternoon... I had my rollerblades in the car, and it was the most perfectly beautiful day outside, so even though I didn't have any workout clothes... (I was in my kakhis) I met him at the lake and we bladed for 35 minutes before I had to go pick up the girls. I love rollerblading. I wish I could get out there everyday. That is the first exercise that I have found (beside skiing) where it's so much fun and doesn't feel in the least bit like I'm exercising. After I get the girls in bed tonight, I am going to wind down and do my 20 minute pilates tape to relax me.... today has been a great day.

Noelle... you day sounds AWFUL!! So sorry you had to sit through all that crap. I hope the lawsuit is over soon for you.

(((((ANGIE)))))) super hugs... Your life is so hectic right now... it will get easier... but you are really living out your dream and I think that is so awesome! I am so in awe of you and everything you have done.. You may be having a little trouble in the weight department right now, but you are succeeding everywhere else... once the store gets into a groove... you might be able to hire some help and give you some Ang time... and you will get back into the groove. In the meantime... don't stress over it.. we are here for you and we love you!!!! You ROCK!!!!

Julie... booty ballet yoga tape? Hmmmmm very interesting :D hahaha... no, I haven't seen it... I hope you are feeling better and that your headache is gone. I get headaches alot, but every now and then they turn into a migraine... you poor thing... hope it a better night!

OK.... ladies.. I am off to put the girls into bed.... and then relax. I'll see you all in the morning!


04-14-2005, 10:35 PM
Hi girls

Noelle I agree with Cherie what a day you had. I hope this weekend brings rest and relaxion.

Cherie you little excercise queen. Keep going, I got about twenty minutes of cardio in today. Sorry your little one ate the cereal. At least it was a healthy snack. My ds didn't eat his dinner either. Dd didn't eat much either. I made teryaki chicken stir fry with noodles. Yay, btw I skipped the noodles and just ate the healthy carbs in the veggies. But I am so thirsty from all the salt.

Oh Angie, just want to say I luv ya. Don't want to lose you as a friend, I accept you anyway you are!! Luv you and be proud of yourself.

Kempy where ya at??

04-14-2005, 10:44 PM
OOPPs I pushed submit before I was done babbling here. I have to finish my grocery list for this weekend. I don't know what to buy anymore. I can't wait until the stores have fresh asparagas. I love it in everything and anything. It is great in omlettes. You girls have to try it, and for a special treat add a little bacon and shredded cheese. That makes me think I have not made quiche in a long time. My mom made it and I love it. Well I should get to bed a little earlier tonight. I still have this mild headache but I hope it is not a night from **** like last night. I want to catch my Thursday night episode of House Hunters. I told dh after my doctor's appt. I want to treat myself to a huge dessert. Haha. Maybe that peanut butter cheesecake or a brownie hot fudge sundae. I feel like I deserve it. I have been busting my butt for almost a month and I think I will weigh in this weekend to see if I have lost anything. Well goodnight girlies.

04-14-2005, 10:56 PM
Cherie, I wanted to say over 5 miles....WOW....I think I would pass out. Unless I walked at an even pace. And that is great you got to spend time rollerblading with Alan. I tried it once and fell over, LOL. I sure can rollerskate though. I miss that. I always did that as a kid. My neighbors would think I am nuts if I was going down the street in rollerskates :lol:.
Cherie and everybody else can you believe the price of cereal?? I am lucky my kids don't really like it that much. Dd loves cheerios and eggs and sausage and toast. But ds will only eat pop tarts every morning. I guess I can't complain with him. He doesn't even like them toasted. Just right out of the wrapper!!
Well going to finally get going. Oh we might get a new couch this weekend. They are on sale and we saw one we liked in a flyer. But it is like a tan-grey color?? Sounds weird but it is so pretty. The one we have is so old. But I know the kids will just stain the thing up, so I don't know if it is the right time or not. It is a great price though and it is a Broyhill. Just have to think about it. We also need a new kitchen table. Our chairs creek and are falling apart. It was a cheapo dh and I got when we got married. But again I don't want stains on it either :lol:. Good Night ALL....

04-14-2005, 11:00 PM
I can't believed I just typed that much as tired as I am :rofl:!! Hahahahahaha

04-15-2005, 10:44 AM
Good Morning! :-) It's FRIDAY!!!! Woo Hoo! Tomorrow.. I get to sleep in.... I'm pathetic.. living for the weekend sleep! :D

Well, the work I've been doing has finally paid off... after the past three weeks of losing, then gaining, then staying stable, I finally have lost. 14 pounds to go for my Memorial Day goal!

Julie... I didn't realize how far I had walked last night. I got on the treadmill and put a towel over the readings.. I was doing my thing when the phone rang and it was the girls' dad. They were just getting out of the shower, so I had to get off and give them the phone and help them get dressed. Once that was over, I got back on the treadmill and Survivior came on a few minutes later. I decided to stay on during the show, walk while the show was on and jog while the commercials were on. It was a great workout... yes, a little tough, but I am happy that I did it.

Today, I think I am going to do the same... go rollerblading by myself at the lake before picking up the girls, walk/jog tonight for an hour and then pilates. I can really feel my muscles in my stomach now, they are sore.. so I must be working them. Oh.. and I have to go to the grocery store tonight and stock myself back up on my diet foods.. and cereal so I won't be tempted this weekend.

Oh, I hope you find a cool couch!!! Nothing better than buying a nice piece of furniture!

Well, I will check back later.. I hope everyone has a great day!

04-15-2005, 11:18 AM
Okay, so I didn't weigh in last night at Weight Watchers. Went out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends instead! Had some fish called Tilapia, which was good, but I had wine (Chiraz I think it's called). Wow, really hit me, and I was so thirsty all night. Even got up during the night to get a drink, which is very unusual for me. Must have been something that they coated the fish with.

Anyhooo, Noelle, we have 4 attorneys here. Each one does law that he feels most comfortable and knowledgable about. The attorney I work for does mostly divorce, child support issues, etc., along that line. But once in a while he will handle a criminal matter, which is where he is right now ~~ visiting a child molester who is in the state pen:censored: The general consensus in the office is that he will not be taking the case ~~ too much bad publicity, and the guy has no money, and he is probably guility, since he has supposedly molested 50 children.

We have clients that have businesses as well, and it seems that someone is always suing for one thing or another. People think it is an easy way to make some money. Hope things turn out good for you regarding the lawsuit. :goodluck:

Btw, I so hope Scott gets booted off AI. He appears to be arrogant and the girls here in the office think he looks like a serial killer.

Hey Cherie: You are so into exercising. Good for you. My son rollerblades all the time. He forgets and comes into the house with his skates on sometimes, and I go nuts. I'm going to the library next week and pick up a yoga or pilates dvd or tape. Thanks for the suggestion. That way I can see if I like it.

Julie: I love omlettes. I use Eggbeaters tough, because I have to watch my cholesteral, and I actually have an omlette once or twice a week for dinner. My kids love them also. I usually add some garlic poweder, spinach, or whatever I have on hand. That's the beauty of omlettes, you can get rid of bits and pieces that you may have in the frig. and still have a healty meal.;)

Geez, I just went into the kitchen to get a coffee and in the frig is a scrumptious, delicious looking Boston cream cake with mile high whipped cream and strawberries on top. Found out it was for the bosses son, who has a birthday today. Well, there goes the diet for today. I have to have a piece later.

Did anyone watch Survivor last night. I am so glad that guy got voted out. He was such a complainer, and I'm glad Stephanie was able to join the other tribe. Poor girl. Can you imagine sleeping on that island all alone, with those rats roaming around and whatever else is lurking around there:eek:

Okay, better get busy. Talk to you guys later.


04-15-2005, 11:59 AM
Gina.. it wasn't the fish that made you thirsty, it was the wine. Everytime I drink red wine, I HAVE to drink water after it, and keep a cup beside my bed, because it causes me major dehyration. Just a side affect I am willing to have to have my wine! :D

I watched Survivor... and I am so happy that whining, poor me, *****y Coby is off. Geeze... I was about to have enough of him last night. And Steph is one of my favorites.. as is Tom (drool drool) of course! :-)

And as for exercise.. it's just been this week that I've been able to get back on track and get myself motivated. It's really helped to see some results! I want to wear a bathing suit this summer at the pool with the girls and not feel so self concious. Oh.. and the pilates are working something.. my abs are sore! Yeah!

OK.. back to pretending to work. :-)


04-15-2005, 12:11 PM
Yeah, Tom is definitely "eye candy". Gotta love those firemen. Thanks for the tip about the wine.


04-15-2005, 03:05 PM
Hi Girls just popping in....

Noelle I am thinking about you today. I hope all is well.

Cherie, I guess I am pathetic too :lol:, one of my favorite things is sleeping in on the weekends. Dh can't, he just sleep in. Congrats on the loss. I think I may weigh in tomorrow.

Gina I did watch S. last night. I am glad he got booted too. I have not seen this much of this season, but that guy really got on my nerves. I like Steph too. She has a great body. I wish. But I don't think I will ever have a stomach like that after having kids. I also agree about Scott. He is starting to scare me. He was screaming his song on Tuesday night.

Well hello everyone else.

Angie I wish you had a laptop so we could chat. Maybe someday :). Hope you found sometime to get your house cleaned. Hugs and miss ya.

04-15-2005, 04:22 PM
Woo Hoo.. I get to leave work an hour early... I'm going to get in a full hour of rollerblading instead of 35 minutes! :-) I am so excited... now if I can only get a hold of Alan to have him meet me...

Julie thanks! I hope to have another loss to post next Friday! OK.. gotta clear my desk now so I can leave in 40 minutes!


04-15-2005, 04:53 PM
Cherie enjoy your rollerblading!! Have fun.

Does anyone else have plans for the weekend? It is suppose to rain here tomorrow, so I am not sure. I know I am going to do my weekly deep clean on this place tomorrow. I wonder if there are any good movies out right now that are kid friendly?? I will have to look into that. Well everyone have a great weekend.

04-15-2005, 06:53 PM
Ok, that's it. I need a laptop with wireless internet. All I do is sit at the salon and wait for a client. I could at least be chatting with you guys. I missed so much and I and I feel lost everytime I get on the site.

Julie I used to love Gilad. HE IS THE MAN!!! Did you ever see the ones where Joe Theisman was working out with him? I luagh during football season when I see him now.

Angie what brats! I can't stand when parents let their kids do that. Those are going to be the people in society that are big headaches for the rest of us. It makes you wonder what the parents where like as children.

Gina I lived in Pensacola, FL for a few years. Not as far down but still pretty hot. Of course I still live in the south so it is always hot in the summers where I live.

Noelle I hate that people are always trying to force the courts of other people. I think that is why real criminals wiat so long for the justice that they need.

Cherie I need you to come live with me. I need some serious motivation. I have zero right now. I am working on it though.

We have a crawfish boil tomorrow so I don't know if I will be able to post but I will try. I am going to try and hunt Joe down to see what he wants to do for dinner. I hope he wants to go out. I think I want to go to one of our local place and sit outside with a few drinks and just enjoy each other.

04-15-2005, 11:21 PM
I am tired. I got to rollerblade around the lake with Alan, which was a nice treat.. bonus time with him... and I got in a really good workout. Then later, I did an hour on the treadmill, 4.18 miles. That wore me out. I am putting off pilates til tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the girls and I are going to clean house some... do laundry, and then go pick up Meg's bike and Hannah's rollerblades from their dad's and go to the park. Hannah is all concerned about losing her fat..I guess me being obsessed with myself is not such a good thing... I know I am setting a good example, but I hate it that a 7 year old is pulling out my workout videos wanting to do them.. so she can be skinny like her little sister. :( Its not just me, she gets called fat at school by some kids.. one is a consistant bully to her and Megan, so I am going to have a talk with her teacher next week. Just hanging out at home is going to be our weekend.

Kempy.. you do need a laptop with a wireless connection.. that would be great. We miss having you around. I would love to come live with you... only if you babysit every now and then.... I would trade off that for motivation! ;) I hope you have a great weekend... I've never been to a crawfish boil.. but it sounds great.....

OK... it's time for me to go crawl into bed... I"ve already instructed the little ones to NOT WAKE MOMMY UP in the morning... yeah right, we will see how long that lasts... there are fresh bananas for them to snack on before I get up and make breakfast.. so hopefully that will tie them over!

Talk to you ladies tomorrow!


04-16-2005, 12:07 PM
Good Morning... It's beautiful here, so I am trying to figure out something fun to do with the girls today. I would love to go rollerblading, but I don't have anyone to watch the girls for an hour. We will probably end up at the park somewhere.

Anyway... Just wanted to say hi.. hope everyone has a great weekend!


04-16-2005, 04:28 PM
Hey girls, Happy Saturday. I'm sure glad to have a day off, this week has wiped me out. Nothing planned really and Rick is working today so it's just me and the boy. I was reading the classifieds and saw a picture of my old car for sale at the dealer where we turned it in. They're selling it for $8700 :lol: Of course Kelly blue book said that it was worth about $7500 if selling it to a private party. I don't care...except that it makes me a little sad because it was my car, you know? It's silly. if you go to you can check out their used car inventory (Stock#-P02488B 01 Red Ford Focus wagon) and see it. All I had to do was look out my kitchen window and gaze at my Murano to feel happy again :dizzy:.

Cherie, enjoy your day with the girls. Are you renting movies this weekend? I liked both Hotel Rwanda and Finding Neverland but they're not for kids of course. I'm gonna hit Blockbuster this morning and see what's new. Sheesh, kids can be cruel can't they? I think it's great that you will speak to the girls' teacher's about what's going on w/the teasing and everything. I wasn't exactly the one being teased in school when I was little, but it was a big fear that I would be next! As far as that bully, I would try to catch him/her in the act and give 'em a little taste of their own medicine. (But that's just me)

Julie, did you say Gilad? :lol: I always see his show on TV and even though it is filmed here, it doesn't seem real to me. (Besides the fact that if I see an exercise show on TV I change the channel real fast :s: ) I wouldn't say that he's really popular here but he's got a nice bod. :strong: You know, there aren't any 'new' kids movies out there yet. Only Robots and maybe the Pacifier...seen both already.

Kempy, enjoy your crawfish boil. Makes me want to eat some king crab legs (we have a pond out back w/ crawfish but I can't bring myself to eat them :lol: ) Yeah, you and Angie need laptops so you can chat w/us during the day. So what do you do in the salon while waiting for customers? (Angie and Jay throw day-old muffins around at each other) :p

Angie, what you up to girl? How's your weekend business? Did you get to show your house or is that today? Crossing my fingers for ya. I think that house you found has some great potential.

Gina, OMG horror of horrors, that molester guy should be shot. i have no mercy for people who endanger innocent children. I'm agree about Scott Savol too (since we're talking about scary things)...definitely looks like a serial killer :eek:

Here's a shout out to Cal, Summer, and all you others lurking out there. Holla!

04-17-2005, 01:03 PM
Happy Sunday.... I just got off the treadmill and I'm resting up to get ready to take the girls to the mall.

Noelle.. I didn't rent any movies this weekend... I've just been watching what's been on TV. And I LOVE Gilad.. I have so many of his exercise videos. Now, they are about 10 years old... but in college, I used to work out to his 30 minute show every day.. him and Denise Austin. He must be getting old! :D

OK.. well, the shower is calling my name... and then it's Clinique time at the mall! I'll check in later tonight!


04-18-2005, 12:23 AM
Hello Everyone,

Just checking in. I was so busy with testing and now I'm starting to rest up a bit. I have been so tired lately and not sleeping very well. Only 7 more weeks of school.

Alberto's nephew in Italy wants to come out and spend the summer. He's a nice kid, a teenager. :yikes: They don't get out of school until the first of July.

I'll post more later. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


04-18-2005, 03:47 AM
Hey girls, just checking in before bed. We went to a water park today. I feel a little overbaked even though I put a lot of sunscreen on. Michael had a blast and we bought annual passes so we can go as much as we want for the rest of the year, yay?! I don't really like the water :shrug: but it's a nice way to spend a day w/family. Anyway, I'm beat. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Cal, wow only 7 more weeks of school? I guess my son's school is about the same. Then he'll be a 1st grader :( Where does the time go???

Have a good one everbody, chat more tomorrow. G'nite

04-18-2005, 10:38 AM
Good Morning Everyone! :-) Happy Monday!

Cal.. it's great to hear from you again... glad to see you! Summer will be here before we all know it. Noelle, mine will go into Kindergarten and 2nd grade... geeze.. they are growing up way too fast.

The waterpark sounds like a blast. They have one of those here.. I might need to look into it this summer to take the girls. We do have a pool at our apartment, so we might just do a day of the amusement park instead.

I had a wonderful Sunday. I did my hour on the treadmill early, thinking that later during desperate housewives I could do another hour. After that, the girls and I got read and we headed out to the mall for a little while. They had fun, I got my clinique and my bonus gift and we had lunch there. Once we left the mall, we headed to the park where I let them ride bikes for about an hour. Hannah is getting better. We came home, and continued to clean a little around the apartment, and the girls played with their toys out on the balcony and I finally buckled down and did my pilates.

As I was making the girls sit down for their dinner, Alan instant messaged me asking if I had eaten yet... and no, I hadn't. So he said he would come over with dinner and a bottle of wine and we could watch Desperate Housewives together. Of course, I was all over that! :D Thankfully I had done my treadmill work earlier so I didn't feel guilty. So I had a wonderful dinner, Fazoli's baked ziti, three breadsticks.. (I looked up my meal, and it was almost 1000 calories with the wine! :0 ) and I had two glasses of our favorite wine, Ravenswood Cabernat. YUM!!!!!! I got dessert later, but it was the fat free variety! :D Anyway... Now that my week has started out great.. I hope the rest of the week stays great! He is working on his corvette this week trying to get everything put back on and ready to race. There is an event at a place called Hallet Speedway here in OK this coming weekend, so hopefully he will have the car ready and we can go to that. It will be his first event with this vette. So far, since I've known him.. he's been very patriotic.. he's had a Red, White and Blue vette! :D Love fast cars... wine... and handsome men! hehehehe.. OK.. I'll get back to work now!

Talk to you all later!

04-18-2005, 12:08 PM
Good Morning Girls

Cherie, you Alan sounds like a wonderful guy. Likeable, loveable, and ready to chances-racing cars!! How sweet he brought dinner over. He sure does sounds like a keeper ;). I love Clinque bonus days. I hate though that I buy a tube of lipstick and it is like one or two dollars under the limit to get the gift set. They know how to get us to buy more. But I like their prouducts. I heard their shampoo and conditioner Happy is suppose to be good and refreshing....I never smelled that fragrance though. I do like their aromatics elixor perfume. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I am happy for you and hope you have a great week too. :)

Noelle, water parks....we have a resort town here called Wisconsin Dells and it has tons of water parks. We were maybe thinking of taking the kids there, its about two hours away. I am glad you had a good time. When I woke up this morning my sweet dd saw one side of my face is bright red, I guess that is the side that was getting all the sun yesterday. The weather was beautiful. It is suppose to be in the seventies today. We need rain really bad though. You know what everytime I would sell one of my cars I would cry and cry when it would go. I get really attatched to things. I guess I just think of the memories. I know what you mean. I love Gilad. I think on the Fitness Channel he has got some new shows coming out. I will have to look into that. Girl, I hope you have a better week. Last one was rough, but I am praying for you for a good one this week.

Cal that is nice that your dh's nephew is coming in. Maybe he can help you out a bit with yard work and cleaning. Maybe not if he is a typical teenager :lol:. Just kidding, I am sure he is a wonderful kid ;).

Well the kids are tugging on me and I can hardly type. I will check back later. Got a little bit of excercise in this weekend, not as much as I wanted....but eating was OP. Hi to Angie, Kempy, Gina, Summer, Dips, and I hope I did not forget anyone. Check back later on. I hope everyone has a blessed and great Monday!!

04-18-2005, 12:36 PM
Julie.. I used to sell Clinique, so I am totally sold on it. You like the bug spray huh? hehehe.. that is what we would call the elixor.... it is really handy taking off scotch tape off the glass counters! :D Happy is a fragrance I would let my daughters wear. I don't really care for it, but it's very light, sweet and well, Happy. I have used the conditioners and shampoos, and they seem to be OK.. but I prefer Biolage if I am going to be spending bucks on shampoos and conditioners... otherwise, Pantene works just fine. :-) And yes.. I think Alan is a keeper... this was the first time he initated coming over while the girls were there, so I feel there is hope... just gotta give him time. He is very generous and sweet.. and he makes me laugh.. I can tell very small changes in how he looks at me and talks to me... so I just have to practice patience. Which isn't a virtue of mine. Maybe in three more years of dating he might introduce me as his girlfriend. ;-) OK.. back to work!

04-18-2005, 03:05 PM
Cherie, bug spray, hahahaha....I thought that was Avon's skin so soft,LOL.
From the way it sounds Alan thinks the world of you. I guess patience is the key to everything in life. It is so important to have a good sense of humor, it helps get you through the bumps in the road of life. Btw I am a pantene girl too. That is what I am using right now. I switch off from brand to brand. They say its good for your hair. Well just got done eating leftover chicken from last night, actually my dd's scraps she did not want. And I am having a cup of tea. I am trying to drink tons and tons of liquid.
Have a great day everyone....check back later on.

04-18-2005, 04:38 PM
It's Biolage for me, at least until it runs out, which means in about 2 more shampoos :lol:. Anyone have any recommendations for color-treated hair? (Of course I'm assuming that the rest of you do it) I sometimes use Loreal Colorvive but find that after awhile it makes my hair a bit rough. I have to change brands almost every other time just to shake things up a bit and get rid of buildup. I will spend a bit more money for a salon brand if it keeps my hair smooth and helps hold the color.

Cherie, that sounds like a nice relaxing weekend you had. What?!! He doesn't introduce you as his girlfriend? Isn't there a movie just out that a boy & girl are great 'friends' and don't see that they are perfect for each other? He does such sweet things for you I'm sure you're more than just a friend to him. So Hannah's gaining her wheels huh? Doesn't that give you such a proud, happy feeling? I hate watching my son ride his bike, he seems so reckless. I hate to watch and see him injure himself, I'm such a wimpy mom--the kind that says, 'stop that, watch out, be careful!, etc etc etc' which of course takes the joy out of whatever he's doing. That's why he likes when my sis takes him to the park, he can run, jump, climb as high as he wants without the frantic shrieks from me :lol:

Julie, thanks for the good thoughts :) I love that Clinique basic soap and toner combination thing w/the snotty yellow colored moisturizer :lol: That stuff works great. Other than that, I just use cheapy Covergirl foundation...I'm not too picky about my makeup (when I wear it that is). Man, I totally envy you guys living in or near big cities that have cool amusement parks and HUGE shopping malls *pout* . Wisconson Dells, Water park capital of the world!!! I saw part of a Travel Channel(?) show about that town. It is just amazing! Do share if you guys do go there.

Well, gotta get some work done. I'll try and pop back in later. Have a good one. :wave:

04-18-2005, 05:00 PM
Noelle... here is proof: look at his 4/9/05 entry. See what I mean? I am just his friend. We will have been dating for three years come June 7th. Oh well... must practice patience.

And I totally LOVE the yellow moisturizer from Clinique.. it's like a drink of water for your skin.. Hahahahaha.. Yeah.. I used to sell it!

Oh.. and you are complaining about all the amusement parks... don't you like, live by the ocean and the beach and the volcanos and all that really cool stuff????? With like PERFECT weather all year long?????? HELLOOOOO! :D You've been in one mall, you've been in them all..... I'll take your beach!

And yes.. she does make me proud... I am really hoping she gets the hang of it soon.... she really needs a new bike, I think hers is too short for her. Maybe for Christmas I might be able to swing it.

OK.. back to work..... Oh.. Alan is baking cookies for his neighbor that moved in a few months ago. He is a pro BMX racer (a bike I guess) well, Alan met him last week for the first time.. and had found his web page. Seems his neighbor wrote something about Alan in his Blog regarding how unfriendly all the neighbors were when they moved in, and how the guy across the street from him had CA tags on his truck, so he must be just as stuck up as himself. However, when he got new neighbors he was going to welcome them right with a basket of cookies or something... Anyway.. I told Alan, he needed to make the cookies and take them over to him and say something like, he had to wait to get his Friendly Okie Tags and get rid of those stuck up CA tags before he could come over! :D I think he will take them over today! Should be a nice ice breaker.

OK.. back to work.


04-18-2005, 07:26 PM
hi guys! I am a little gloomy today. It is school vacation week this week so I have been hoping business would pick up a little. Well, it was pretty slowgoing today. I watched these 3 women drive up to the restaurant across the street and the driver sat in the car for a long time looking at our front. They went in and ate their lunch and then came out and wenst shopping in the gift shops. About an hour later I saw them drive off. Well, when we were leaving to come home to start cooking we ended up behind them and they went into my MIL bakery!!!30 miles away) I am so beyond mad I can hardly type this. To add insult to injury they bought donuts!!!! The same exact donuts I make.(I supply my MIL bakery too). I dont understand why they wouldnt at least try us and judge for themselves if they like it or not. How are we supposed to make a living if everyone only will go to her? I dont mean to sound petty but damn it that pissed me off so bad. I can handle being slow until the tourist season starts but to actually see someone leave my area and go there right after was just too much for me to take today. My stress levels are building up right now. I am so far in debt with all the new bills that have come up with opening and the lack of funds that it is getting to me.

I will post later if I can. I wished I had more time to actually keep up with you all. I feel like I am losing touch.

04-18-2005, 09:47 PM
((Hugs)) Angie, a big one!! You have a right to be mad. I would be too. I wonder why they went to MIL's bakery? And you are making her freakin donuts?? I feel for you. I hope and pray that with summer coming up it will pick up. I know it will. Don't worry. I know it is easy for me to say but I believe like you said you will be so busy this tourist season. Chin up and I am thinking good thoughts for you. I am surprised you even have time to post, with kids, new business, dogs, husband, a house on the market, working your butt off cooking....whew....that tires me out thinking about it. You just post when you can and I am always so happy to see when you do :).

Cherie, three years and not a girlfriend introduction?? As sweet as you are, we have to have a talk with that guy :lol:. Just kidding, I know he is sweet, and that was nice of him to bring cookies to the new neighbor. Things like that are always so nice to do. Btw did you get your tons of water in? I got mine. Lets get chugging girls.

Noelle guess what?? I use covergirl foundation too. Sorry I don't have any tips on hair shampoo for colored hair, I don't color mine :^:. You are welcome for the good thoughts. I wish a better week for you honey.

Okay girls going to get going. I might tune in to the trashy Bachelor show?? Don't know yet. I had some eggs for dinner. Dh had sausage on rolls with fried onions and chips. I didn't feel like eating all the grease. My stomach has just not been right lately. It was so beautiful again here today and my face is bright lobster red from being outside with my babes. It is burning. I put my my oil of olay on it to try and help. Well early morning will be here before we know it. I want to try and get at least 5 hours of SLEEP!! Have a great night girls. Hello to everyone else.

04-19-2005, 11:56 AM
Good Morning! Today is the 10 anniversary of the OKC Federal Building bombing... and since I live in OKC... well, that is surrounding me. So, I am feeling a little sad today. I remember where I was when this happened. Working at IBM in Dallas. So much happened to me since then, and so many changes have happened here in OKC too. The memorial site is simply outstanding. It takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. There are two walls that face each other.... and inbetween, a shallow reflecting pool. On the side, there is a grass area around the wall of what was left of the building. On the grass are grainte chairs, one for each of the victims, and smaller chairs for the 19 children that died that day. One of the walls has 9:01 on it, and the other wall has 9:02 on it. It symbolizes a moment in time, that moment changed everything. Anyway... I've been there twice, and broke down and cried each time.. and I haven't gone to the musuem yet... I couldn't imagine how NY feels. Anyway.... the mood around here this week has been very somber. It's also the 12 anniversary of the Branch Davidian's raid in Waco.. (which is the reason for the bombing in OKC) and I remember hearing about that as well.. being in my car waiting to pick up lunch.. I lived in Texas then too, so it was really close to home.

Angie.. (((((((HUGS)))))))) I feel your stress. I hope that things turn around soon, and the slow season ends. I understand your frustration about people not trying your shop. Maybe you can sit a table outside and offer free samples to get them in the door, kinda like Krispy Kreame does with their free doughnut ..... then let the word of mouth take over. Also are their any town events coming up that you could set up a booth? We miss you here.... and appreciate any time you can come in and say hi.

Julie.. I watched the Bachelor. Well.. sorta watched it.. it wasn't that great last night.. no surprises..... next week with the family dates, it might be interesting.

I did do my hour on the treadmill last night. I walk 4 miles an hour at 6% incline.. then during the commercials I jog 5 miles an hour at the 6% incline. I didn't feel like I got such a great workout last night... guess I didn't sweat enough. Tonight, I am going to try to lower the incline and jog more than walk. I did stay OP all day long, and plan on staying OP until this weekend. And I am drinking my water. That isn't something that is hard for me. Only on the weekends when I forget about it.

OK.. we have auditors here today, so I better get back to work! I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


04-19-2005, 04:36 PM
Everyone must be super busy today! Anyway... I'm bumping us up so we won't fall off the first page. You must all be watching the news today! Big News Day!

OK.. back to work... I've drank my water, and I've stayed OP all day.....

04-19-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi. You guys are my best friends in the whole wide world!!!!! I am so thankful that I have you guys to lean on when I have bad days where I just want to sit back and cry. :grouphug: I am feeling better today, I guess I had a little meltdown yesterday. But I just cant believe them women. It is one thing to think some people may do it but to see it first hand is really offensive. My MIL is just as stumped by it herself. She is telling everyone that her son owns the bakery in Greenville. We had a few business owners in today and one really hit home with me. She said it is so slow right now for her that she has a hard time getting up and forcing herself to go to work so I guess it is like that everywhere up there right now.I cant wait till the summer crowds come and I can make stuff and sell it quickly.

Cherie, You are way more patient than I am. :lol: Me and Jay got married 2 years after we met. I think we only waited that long because we couldnt get legally married until we turned 18. hehe I love hearing about all the things you guys do. You sound like you have so much fun together and are such an active couple. Me and Jay are couch potatoes. If we arent working we are watching tv. I even had cable hooked up at the bakery. :lol:

Julie, It is beautiful here today too. I am crossing my fingers that the bakery stays cool inside all summer because it is like 70 outside today but we had to turn the heat up today because we both had goosebumps. Wouldnt that be awesome during the summer. :lol: Now I am home and I am so hot.

Noelle, How are things going out your way? I liked the IRS joke that was too cute. How are your kittens doing? I bet they are getting big

Kempy, Where did you go? Did you leave us again?

Well, I gots ta go get some work done. Talk to ya later

04-19-2005, 08:28 PM
Angie, I love you honey. You can always lean on me....sorry I did not get on until late today. Whatever you need to vent, a shoulder to cry on I am here for you sweetheart.

Cherie what a sad day for the nation, country and all those who have lost lives and loved ones. It must hit home hard that you are in that same city. I heard the memorial site is breathtaking.

Noelle how are you doing today beauty? I heard they elected a new pope while I was in the waiting room at the doctors. He is German. I hope he has values and is so caring and wise as our dear last Pope.

Kempy did you leave again?

Well girls it has been a crazy day for me. Ds had school. I had things to do around here and I had my yearly. I was pretty darned pleased with the weigh in. Could have been worse or could have been better. I just like my doctor so much. I have such a cute doctor. Makes me feel little embarrassed or shy :o. I got to loosen up. I mean I have given birth to two kidos. LOL. He has teddy bear hands and is so gentle and nice. He is a really good listener too. Not the kind that says legs up okay your done. Haha....well enough about me. I ate whole bunch of chili and noodles for dinner and a loaf of homemade whole-wheat bread. I might make some sort of dessert tonight because I have been so stressed I feel I need a treat. I will just have to use portion contorl. Luv ya girls. Check back soon....J

04-19-2005, 10:28 PM
Oh girls I shouldn't have been bad and made treat night tonight after that huge supper, I should have made the dessert on a light supper night. I made brownie cookie crust topped with peanut butter cheesecake with ice cream on the side. I full so ick. I wish I could get it all out of me!! I actually feel like I could get sick. My body was used to not eating that amount of food and I stuffed my stomach. Oh well I guess I will take some pink stuff or tums. Neither sound good. I hope everyone has a great night. Tomorrow is hump day. Half way through the week!!

Angie that is funny you had to turn the heat on in the bakery. I was cold this morning. And then it got warm and muggy. It is raining right now. I don't mind though. We need the rain so bad. At night dh and I like to turn the heat on or switch back to air conditioning. I just can't sleep feeling to warm. Anywhoo....I hope it stays cool in the bakery for you. You will have to get some of those huge fans.

Well guys ds is shaking the rocking chair I am on and it is making me feel like I need to puke. Sorry TMI!! I know it will pass if I sit still long enough.

I will blab more later.

04-19-2005, 10:38 PM
Noelle don't forget to watch AI tonight. It was pretty good. Okay really gotta go. I feel so nauseus. Uugggg....

04-20-2005, 10:36 AM
Good Morning everyone! It's Wednesday, not much new going on. Last night I did my 20 minutes of Pilates, and I ended up doing about 80 minutes on the treadmill, I went 6 miles. I started and just stayed on until the Amazing Race came on. I also stayed OP all day long... not much good it doing however.... not sure what is wrong, but I am not losing. In fact, I was 2 pounds lighter on Saturday than I am today, so not really sure what is up, but I'll continue. I figure my body has to give up fighting me for the fat at some point and just give in. Selfish *****.. hahaha.. wanting to keep all the fat for herself.. while I want to lose it. :D yeah... I'm not crazy, nor do I have dual personalities... just a little flustered that is all. :-)

Angie.... I am trying to be patience... there is a difference when you are young and never been married, and now after being divorced and there are kids to think about. Its a whole different ballgame. You just can't move in together and live.. it's harder now with the kiddos.

Julie.. Congrats on the great weigh in at the doctor's office! Fantastic! Oh.. and your dinner sounded wonderful. Again, you make the best food. :-)

OK.. well, I am going to get off here and start working. I'll check back later!


04-20-2005, 01:06 PM
Good morning girls, I was on here yesterday but the computer ate my post and I didn't have the time to retype it, grrrr. I stayed home a little longer to watch the news about the election of Pope Benedict XVI. I am happy we have a new leader for our church but he sure has some big shoes to fill.

Cherie, you are exercising a lot, maybe you need to up your calories to adjust for that? Were you the one w/the CalorieKing subscription? or you could use fitday to record your food. I know w/WW, they allow for activity "points", say for moderate exercise at an hour or so intensity, you could earn 3 points, or roughly 150 cals (I'm generalizing here). I know that when I stayed OP and exercised alot but didn't eat my activity points, my weight loss slowed. Just a thought. I am still extremely saddened by the horror of the OKC bombing and 9/11 in NY. I can't imagine how it is at the actual sites.

Angie/Cherie, Rick and I dated for 6 years before we got married. Of course I was 17 when we first dated, and I still thought 23 was too too young to be getting married :eek:, but I didn't think 19 was too young to be moving in together :o :lol: Girl, you know you can lean on us anytime you have to and we love you too. :) Look on the bright side, summer is coming up fast :sunny:

Julie, congrats on your docs appt! I knew your diligence would pay off on the scale. You're lucky(?) to have a nice doc. I never had a male OB before, at least yours is good looking. Remember that movie where was it Richard Gere was the OB and all the women would come into the office for all kinds of fake ailments just to be in the examining room w/him? :lol: So what did ya think of AI? I missed Constantine but watched most of the rest. I wasn't too impressed w/anyone except maybe Bo--he's got it going on.

Well, times a wasting...gotta get moving. Hey to Kempy, Gina, Summer, Cal, Dips and everyone else.....lets get posting.

04-20-2005, 01:17 PM
Good Morning Girls

How is everyone today?? I am feeling so much better than last night. Wow that was a rough night!! Glad that is over. Felt like motion and morning sickness combined. Maybe it was a twetny four hour thing, I don't know. It is all wet and rainy here so I don't feel like going to the bank like I should or taking the kids outside to play, they would just tear up the grass that is just starting to turn green.

Cherie, maybe you know you are retaining water or gaining muscle?? I can go up anywhere from two to five pounds. Don't get discouraged. You are doing great. Thats for the kind words on the weigh in, like I said not what I wanted to see but I will take it. And thanks for the food compliments, I would love to have you over or better yet cook some dishes up for Alan's parties. I love to cook. Tonight I might make a spaghetti/pizza casserole or mexican lasanga.....don't know yet. Are you drinking your water :lol:, I am but I had a huge glass of iced tea so I am going to have to make up for the caffeine in it. I was going to ask you are you on a specific diet plan? Cutting out any foods or anything? I am trying moderation. I don't want to cut out fruit and whole grain cereals and breads because of the fiber....ya know??

Noelle I had to mention to you I am one of those mom's too that get worried easy. If my ds is climbing to high or playing in the mud(I know you got to let them be kids!!). I am a worrier. But dh is just like just let them be kids. I just would hate to see them get held down for stitches, knock on wood has not happened yet :lol:. How is your week going. Noelle AI was pretty good, I was eating my dessert during it so I caught bits and parts. I hope Scott gets voted off!!

Kempy come back come back :).

Check back later. Kids are asking for lunch all ready!!

04-20-2005, 01:26 PM
Noelle you and I must have posted at the same time. I think Bo is great too. Richard Gere?? My old gyn who delivered my dd looked just like him!!
Have a great day girl. I totally agree this new Pope, he has big shoes to fill.

Cherie, I agree with Noelle, never thought of it but you are excercising more and maybe you need to eat more calories so you body does not go into "starvation" mode. Maybe up them to 200-400 calories a day. They say the more you eat the more you lose?? You may want to try it.

Well kids are really hungry gotta go feed the babes.
Check back later.

04-20-2005, 02:17 PM
I am keeping track of my calories at and it's great, I am having a balanced diet I think, 20% fat, 20-30% protein, and 50-60% carbs. I have upped my fiber to where I am getting 25 gms a day. My calories have been a bit on the low side, and it's hard for me to get it through to my brain that if I eat more I will lose more... I mean.. isn't that what got me in this situation in the first place? EATING TOO MUCH? Hmmmm I have added a South Beach Protein Cereal bar to my daily diet (I eat pretty much the same thing these past two weeks, and not that much different from before) so it's getting me closer to my daily allotment of calories. Maybe it will help.

Julie.. I love to cook too. However, when it's just the girls and I, I don't cook that often. I find that I am wasting money and food, because they won't eat it, and then I eat too much of it. For the past two weeks, I've been on a cooking strike. They don't seem to mind, and I am not eating crap. I am drinking my water.. I have no problem with that... can you drink too much water? I have this insulated cup that will hold 4 cups of liquid. Now I add ice to that, so it's not exactly 4 cups... however, during the day, I try to drink from it all day long, and I am always refilling it... maybe three times, sometimes four. Once I get home, I have the same cup that I fill up and drink with my dinner, and while I exercise.. and I normally have to give myself a little more during that time. So could I be drinking too much water? I find the more I drink water, the thirstier I become.

OK... I had lunch.. lean cuisine pizza, 1 oz of 2% cheddar cheese, and dannon light and fit apple yogurt with fiber. (that is my normal lunch, a LC of some sort, cheese and yogurt) I have a pouch of tuna and my cereal bar for snack later in the day...

OK.. back to work. Spaghetti.. that sounds good J. What exactly is mexican lasagna?

04-20-2005, 02:41 PM
Cherie, your menu for lunch and snacks sounds great....Yum.
My mexican lasanga is either layered lasanga noodles or tortillas layered with taco seasoned cooked beef, refried beans, cheese, and anything else you want to add, onions, black olives, and I topped it with enchilada sauce sometimes and always top it with a cup or two of shredded cheese. Cut into wedges or squares and serve with salsa, guac., lettuce, and freshed chopped green onion. It is wonerful. Well I am off to get some lunch in me.

Check back later on. Hi to everyone.

04-20-2005, 03:23 PM
ok, I am offically HUNGRY.... Julie... that sounds GREAT. YUM. Good thing I don't have stuff to make nachos tonight, or I would.

04-20-2005, 06:07 PM
Hey girls, it's almost lunch time for me. Think I'll go check out the food court across the street. I feel like some Pho (Vietnamese soup) or maybe a subway sandwich. I love mexican lasagna, we had regular italian kind on Sunday, courtesy of my mom and it was just great--I love it when it's not too saucy and the noodles stay put. This one was great w/lost of spinach and ricotta cheese :hun:

Cherie, when I try to stay OP (which I'm not really making an effort to right now :ink: ) I use a lot of LC frozen meals too. I like to load up on veggies on the side, like 2 cups steamed broccoli, or asaparagus. Have you tried the chicken w/basil cream sauce? or that chicken pasta bowlw/broccoli in it? I forget what it's called, but it's really good. OK, that does it, I'm going out to get lunch. Be back later.

Angie, how was your day?

04-20-2005, 10:31 PM
Noelle.. I have tried both of those. I love the one with the basil sauce. Very good.. wasn't that impressed with the chicken bowl.. I think the chicken wasn't up to par... not like it usually is...

Well, I did my pilates for Abs today, and I feel it! I also did 4 miles on the treadmill, 1 hour just walked.. My day was good, stayed OP and did all my exercise, drank my water and avoided my diet cokes.

Well, I think we might have some thundershowers tonight... I can't wait.. I love storms!

OK.. time to get the girls in bed... talk to you tomorrow!


04-21-2005, 10:43 AM
Happy Thursday everyone..... Nothing much to report this morning. I slept terrible last night, so this morning I am in a cranky mood. Hopefully it will pass. I've already had my breakfast and I'm working on drinking my water. Tonight is Surivior night, so I'll be on the treadmill for that show.

Oh.. tomorrow here in Oklahoma, it's '89er day. This is supposed to celebrate when the first land rush was here in Oklahoma. See, they had it set up for people to go claim some land at a specific time, blowing the gun and off they run.. you know the deal.. well, there were a group of people who snuck off early so they could get the prime spots, and well, as the story goes... these people were called "Sooners" because the went sooner than they should have. Hence the origin of the Oklahoma Sooners. (So what does that tell you? They are a bunch of cheaters, RIGHT? That's what I keep telling my born and breed Okies here.. hahaha.. they don't appreciate that.) Anyway... the girls get to dress up as cowboys tomorrow. I went by a party supply place yesterday and got them the cutiest pink cowboy hat. Megan kept hers on all night long last night... even though it was too big... she had the noose of it tied tightly so it wouldn't come off... It was very cute.. I'm gonna have to try to get a picture of them tomorrow.

OK.. well, back to work... Hope this day is over quickly!


04-21-2005, 02:43 PM
Hi girls

How is everyone doing today. Just got the kids eating and back from school so I found a minute to post before I eat lunch.

Cherie, I bet your girls will look like little dolls all dressed up like cowgirls.

Angie how is going at the bakery? Thinking about you.

Noelle, whats up? Not much on my end. Your mother's lasanga sounds so good with spinach in it. I have made a veggie one before. Probally saved alot of fat. But you just gotta have it the original way. I love it, it is one of my favorite foods. So did you end up getting the Pho or Subway? Well I should go I am starving.

The weather is cooler here today. Not like eighty degrees on Tuesday!! Last weekend was beautiful. Ds came home and wanted shorts on and a t-shirt. But if he goes out to play the pants are going back on. But we are suppose to get rain tomorrw....April showers brings May flowers". LOL. Well I am going to grab a quick bite to eat. I have been slacking in excercise a little bit. Maybe it is this sore throat I got. I think is just probally allergies. Talk to you all later. Kempy have you left us for good? Is something going on? We are all super busy but still check in. I am worried that something is going on or wrong or we are boring the heck out of you :lol:. BBL

04-21-2005, 03:28 PM
Julie... I'm not sure how cute they will be.. I don't have actually cowboy outfits.. but they have some boots.. (more like what is in style now and not the cowboy looking ones) they have some denim, but that is about it. I am hoping the hats sufice..

Where is everyone? Kempy? Angie? Noelle? Gina? Summer? Dips? Cal? Jacks? I miss you guys!!

ok... back to work here... I would rather be outside.. it looks really nice, 81 degrees... and sunny.... hurry up weekend!


04-21-2005, 03:41 PM
Cherie, they are cute just as they are :), but anyway maybe you could put them into skirts with boots or a pair of jeans and a denim shits un-buttoned and with a t-shirt under and the denim shirt tied at the waist?? Or do they have any little belts?? I am sure that the hats will do just fine though. 81 degrees and sunny you lucky thing. I hope your day goes by fast. It is chilly here today. What are you making for dinner?? Dh may grill burgers. Fast and easy.

I could so use a nap today. I am just so tired. Went to bed at midnight and got up before six, just not enough!! I can't wait again until Saturday morning when dh gets up with the babes. Like I said I am lucky he can't sleep in ;). My dd looks like she could take a nap but my ds wants me to play and run around, I just have no energy....I may have to resort to caffeine. LOL. Coffee, tea, or diet pop here I come!! Check back later

04-21-2005, 03:45 PM
Cherie, I meant denim SHIRTS :lol3: :rofl:. See how tired I am, I can't even type. I am such a nut!!

04-21-2005, 05:55 PM
Julie! :o Dear girl, go take that nap :lol:
Can you believe that Anwar got voted off before Scot "the serial killer" Savol? or Anthony Federov for that matter? I really liked Anwar, not the greatest voice (but BETTER than Scot) but his personality and demeanor is what really does it for me. I feel sad for him, but maybe it's better this way? Now if someone wants to sign him he doesn't have to deal w/all the restrictions of that AI/ 19 record label. As far as lunch yesterday, i went to Arby's and had a regular roast beef :ink:, tasted mighty good too. Michael ate most of my fries :^:, honest

We've got 87-88 degrees but breezy so it's beautiful!!! :sunny: :cool:

Cherie, I didn't know that story about the Okies and the Sooners, good one! Yeah, they do sound like a bunch of cheaters! :lol: I'm sure your gals will be cute little cowpokes, can't wait to see the pics. Are we finished being Ms. Cranky Pants? ;) You could take an afternoon as well, tell your boss I said it was ok.

Damn, I was driving on the freeway yesterday and I ran over a giant tire retread which ripped off part of a plastic scoop that is under the front side of the car. It's there supposedly to cool the transmission or something...Luckily no cosmetic damage to the car, but now I have to go and hunt for a replacement part. It's just a piece of plastic but I guess it's there for a reason and I have to put it back. It made me feel sick that something more could've happened to my new baby :(

Hello to Angie, Kempy, Cal, Summer, Gina, Dips...everyone come out and say HI!!!

04-21-2005, 06:24 PM
Hey girls!! It is sunny but cold here today. It even snowed last night. :yikes: Just a dusting luckily and it melted first thing. We are now into moose season and they are starting to come out into the roads looking for food. I hate going to Greenville during this time of year. We saw one at the D.O.T. garage in the swamp this morning and this afternoon there was a huge one sitting in the ditch beside the road eating. He could have cared less that cars were zooming by him. I was so scared that he was going to run into the road because it was on a corner and he could have killed himself and a person.

We had this sweet older guy who comes into the bakery and Jay will go out and sit with him and talk while he eats. He moved here in the 80's and I guess when they did the draw for the first moose hunt he was drawn so he went to Bangor to buy a gun to go hunting with and on his way home he hit a moose. It peeled the top off his car and screwed him up so bad that he was in a coma for a couple of months. Someone came in today and told us that he passed away last night. That is so sad because he just beamed about his grandson in Mass.

Noelle, Sorry about your car but glad you are okay. Me and Jay are going to give the healthy eating thing another try on Monday morning. We have both gained so much weight. My shorts that I wore in January dont even fit me now. I am gaining it so quickly. I guess I can lose it fast but it comes back just as quick. :lol: I have to figure out where I can get the exewrcise in though. I just dont have any time. I will have to make it work.

Cherie, I would love to see a pic of your daughters all dressed up. Enjoy your thunderstorms. I like the rain but thunder scares me a little. :lol: Mostly because the pool is right beside the house. :lol: Arent you afraid of Tornados when it rains? Or does that not cause them. I am so clueless. :lol:

Julie, Did you get your nap in? I hope so

04-21-2005, 10:36 PM
Just got off the treadmill... I did 80 minutes, 6.12 miles. Also did my pilates for abs earlier... that was just 20 minutes. Now I'm tired. I'm looking forward to Saturday, that is the day I am taking off for rest.

Noelle... sorry to hear about your car.. Hopefully it's ok and you can find the part for it.

Angie... you still are getting snowed on??? WOW..... hope your spring comes soon. I am sorry to hear about your customer. That is sad...

Julie.. I hope you got your nap.... girls won't really be dressed like cowgirls.. other than having the hats. I don't have denim shirts for them, but they will still have fun.

Well.. I just watched survivor... and now I am tired.. :-) I'll talk to you guys in the morning!


04-22-2005, 12:18 PM
Good Morning. I just got out of a conference call, so half my morning is almost over. I am so happy it's the weekend. I probably won't be online this weekend, I'll be over at Alan's.. just just warning you this thread will be slow!

Today was my weigh-in, and I am back at 152.00. I can't believe one meal would make me gain 2 pounds, and then it would take me all week to lose 1.5 of those pounds. I'm not going to get depressed, it's just amazing how hard this losing weight crap is.

It's another nice day outside... a bit windy, but it's been windy almost everyday.

Tonight, I get to spend with the girlies... I'll also be doing my treadmill and pilates. Tomorrow is my day of rest, and my splurge day. Sunday, I'll probably splurge too, however, I am planning either to ride my bike around the lake with Alan, or hoping on my treadmill at his house, so it won't be such a bad day.

Back to work here.. talk to you all soon!


04-22-2005, 12:21 PM
Good Morning Girls

Cherie, wow, 6.12 miles, is that the most you have walked/ran on there? Great job. You must have been so tired. Are the girls going with Daddy and you spending your time with Alan? I hope you get to have fun this weekend. I know you love to go to the lake. Hope your day goes by fast.

Angie, sorry to here about your customer. Jay and yourself must have been shocked. Moose season?? I think they are beautiful. But we have tons of deer here and I would be more afraid of hitting a moose. Be careful. I am glad you and Jay are going to try on Monday. Good luck and maybe it will be easier having someone you are with all the time helping you out.

Noelle, I was so shocked when Scott did not get voted off. Ugh. Sorry to hear about the freeway thing. Glad you are safe though. I remember when we got our new car, it had to be recalled for a couple of is such a pain when things go wrong with new cars. Glad you are enjoying your beautiful weather. It is going to get cold here again this weekend. Forties. Yuck. What a difference from last week and weekend.

Check back later.

04-22-2005, 12:28 PM
Hi Cherie :), you and I posted at the same time. I guess you answered all my questions, LOL. Your weekend sounds nice. It is going to be my splurge weekend I think also. Either lasagna or something mexican. I guess something with alot of cheese :lol:. I'm going to miss you this weekend. Have fun :).
You know I feel the same way, it is so easy to put on weight but so hard to get it off. I AGREE....I can probally gain 4 pounds from a meal!!

04-22-2005, 12:34 PM
Cherie, btw if you are still here are you still eating yogurt? I had one this morning and it was pretty filling and I love to add cold cereal to it. It is good with alot of nutrition. I told dh I need more calcium because I drink milk only with desserts :^:, and we should all start thinking about getting our calcium now at our age. I might buy some viaciv(sp?) chews. Okay going to get going now. Bye

04-22-2005, 12:51 PM
:-) I had ESP Jules.... I'll be taking my laptop, so I will try to log in at some point... I just can't make any promises. I will be on today however!

OK.. my office brings in Krispy Kremes doughnuts every Friday.... and I've been doing a pretty good job of ignoring them.... I just want something to eat right now.... and they sounds so good... no, don't worry, I won't do that to myself.. it's just my inner depressed voice wanting to eat since the scale didn't like me today. I guess it liked me, I am lower than yesterday, however, for the week, it didn't go down. Oh well..... NO KRISPY KREMES. I had the urge earlier when I went to go get water to open the box and fill it full of water... :-) but I resisted, and just moved them out of my way (the box was hanging over the sink, hence the impulse).

Back to work now.....


04-22-2005, 12:55 PM
Julie.. I eat with my lunch every day, the Dannon Fit and Light Apple yogurt with Fiber. I used to eat the Yoplait Whips, loved those, but the lower calories and fat with the added fiber made me switch to Dannon. I am eating a pretty balanced diet, 20% fat, 30% protein and 50% Carbs, getting in 25 grams of fiber, and keeping it all under 1300 calories a day. I need to get more veggies in my diet, but that would be my only downfall. I am doing well with my calcium, three full servings a day, and I take a calcium supplement about 4 times a week. Today, I forgot to pack in my extra South Beach cereal bar, (trying to get my calories closer to 1300, than 1000, which is where they have been this past couple of weeks) so I guess I will have it tonight after I exercise for a treat.. I don't normally eat after 6:30 if I can at all help it.

OK... getting closer to lunch... I am HUNGRY!


04-22-2005, 01:47 PM
I'm pathetic. I went to heat up my lunch, and the krispy kremes are there.. so as my pizza was heating up, I opened up the box and just stared at them. Just stared. Oh they smelled so good... and the one that I love, the cream filled with brown sugar and nuts on the top is still there, in BOTH BOXES... yeah.. I closed the lid. Got my pizza out, so I at least still feel like I am splurging, even if it is a Lean Cuisine pizza, Pizza is still Pizza. :-) OK.. back to my lunch!

04-22-2005, 02:05 PM
:strong: :bravo: :dance: :cheer: Go Cherie, go Cherie, go go go Cherie, great job passing those up. I don't know if I could honestly do it right now. But pizza sounds great. I might make a homemade one this weekend with a wholewheat crust, with homemade tomato sauce, green pepper, onions and mushrooms and mozz. Sounds great. You know I did not know that Dannon had a yogurt out with fiber in it. I am going to have to look harder for it. I have no idea what to eat for are eating. My son his usual, but dd is getting so picky at lunch. Supper is a breeze with her and ds that is his picky meal ( can't win,lol) , but she does not like macncheese or pb&j's. So today I took her to the pantry and said what do you want? Tomato soup with goldfish crackers, spaghettio's, cheese and crackers? What does she pick? A can of mushrooms, ate almost all of them so far....we had them the other night on our mushroom/onion cheeseburgers and founds out she loves canned mushrooms. I will just give her some milk for some protein, LOL, kids. Your caloric and nutrition intake sounds pretty healthy. Sounds like alot of good food for 1300 calories. I guess I need to plan my meals more during the day. Well gotta scoot. Check back later. Smile everyone, it helps :).

04-22-2005, 03:48 PM
Julie.. that pizza sounds great! YUM.... and yes, go look for the yogurt.. there is apple and a couple of flavors I think. They come in a 4 pack. Oh, and I understand your frustration with your little picky eaters... the mushrooms are cracking me up, I probably couldn't get my girls close to a mushroom.

OK.. 2 hours and 15 minutes and counting... yeah.. I'm ready for the weekend. :D

I have my tuna here for my 2 pm snack.. but I think I am sick of tuna this week. The thought of having tuna breath again for a few hours til I get home to brush again just doesn't sound nice. I may pass on my extra protein today. Maybe I'll make up for it at dinner!

back to pretending to work here!

04-22-2005, 06:19 PM
Cherie, GREAT JOB on passing up those donuts. You rock :dancer: I wish I had a LC pizza right about now, I like those french bread ones with lots of red pepper on it. You know, your current OP menu sounds awfully close to what mine would be if I were following it :^: You're doing awesome and forget the scale, I bet you have a 2 lb drop of more next weigh in. Have a wonderful weekend w/ you 'friend' Alan ;) He'll wise up one day soon I hope.

Hey girls, not doing so well today foodwise. I ate 1 oreo poptart this morning and a just had one bottle of water--just one. Usually by this time I've at least had 3 bottles. I feel like I'm always on the run and when I get into the office I just get so bogged down that even though I'm hungry I can't always stop to eat. It's this 'too long in between meals' that gets me. I don't eat during the morning so I pig out in the afternoon or evening. Blah, I have got to get back on a sane, normal eating plan that will keep me from gaining and hey! maybe even help me lose weight, how about that concept? I will join Angie on Monday :strong: I will have to restock my fridge with good things that won't tempt me.

Julie, your dd likes canned mushrooms? How funny. I had to bribe Michael to eat some canned corn the other day, he'll usually eat it but I dunno, some days he's so darn picky it drives me nuts. He's a mac'n'cheese and pbj boy too. He's recently added Spaghettios w/meatballs to his repetoire but I hate that all he really likes to eat is coming from a can...I feel guilty, but hey, what can you do if that's what your kids will eat? I don't want him to go hungry. There's that budget issue too--and it's not only money, it's time--there's just not enough of it. Sorry to ramble on about it....just going w/that train of thought. OK, I'm back in my right mind :lol:

OK, so who do ya think will be the final 2 on AI? My guess is that it will be Carrie and Bo--and if it is, I'm going to be dialing like crazy for Bo because I can not stand Carrie anymore, Ms. "I'm It" Ice Queen. BAH!

I think I better go now and get some real food to fuel my brain :)

04-22-2005, 06:41 PM
Hey girls whats up this evening....?? We are about to eat dinner, salmon and I just want to have a salad and a veggie with it and skip the white potatoe.

Noelle, I know the money thing about getting kids to eat too. I feel so guilty for throwing their food away. Because a can of this or a box of that or money doesn't grow on trees!! I feel you. I talked to my mom who is a nurse about their sometimes picky eating and she said don't worry, they will live, they will eat when they are hungry. I guess I am a worrier. We just have the fruit pop-tarts in the house right now. THREE boxes!! You know what don't get down on are a busy woman. I will join you and Angie on Monday. I believe in you!! Go girl. Stock your fridge. I remember when you would say were eating your Kashi cereal in the a.m. and your subway for lunch. Maybe just eat more often and more healthy snacks, if you can fit it in with time and being busy.

Cherie, have a great weekend with Alan.
Hi everyone else.

04-22-2005, 06:45 PM
Noelle, I forgot to say....I think it is going to be Carrie and Bo too. GO BO!!!! I do not want Carrie to win. She is getting that "Hollywood" attitude. I think I might dial in too if Bo is in the final two. I wish they would have Clay back on as a guest. I love some of his songs. So romantic....

04-22-2005, 09:01 PM
OK... NSV here... I went and got the girls something from Burger King, and nothing for myself... I am going to have something healthy in a few! Yeah me!!!! Its soooo tempting... I was going to get us all something from KFC.. but then started looking at the nutritional values and the sodium for everything was off the charts.. 2000 mg.. so... I am being good, and then splurging tomorrow with Alan..


OK.. just got off the phone with my ex. His schedule is changing once again... now he will get the days Friday and Monday off. I will no longer get a free weekend. I am so frustrated and upset...I offered to try to get him the IT position that was open at my company, and he never sent in is resume, I was going to try to work in the same building with him because he would make more money and possibly pay me child support, and he would have regular hours and I could have a life again... DAMN.... I am just frustrated. Now, not only will I not get child support, I won't get any time off either. This just really bites. This makes me want to binge.. right now.. I am such an out of control emotional eater... geeze... I just had my cereal.. I should be OK... but its going to take everything I have in will power tonight not to start crying and start eating the ice cream in the freezer.

OK.. I need to get off here and do my Pilates. talk to you soon.


04-22-2005, 11:46 PM
:grouphug: HUGS Cherie!!! You are doing so good, don't let this setback derail you. You are a great mom and I admire you for raising your girls by yourself. You are an inspiring and strong woman. You passed up the donuts, you passed up KFC and can bypass the ice cream. Go ahead and scream, yell or cry if you have to, just let that stress out without sabotaging yourself. Man, if I lived closer I'd take the girls off your hands for a night so you could relax and enjoy yourself. Gosh, no child support? Is it that he doesn't have a steady job or because of his illness? I know that in my state they suck the support payments right from the payroll (I'm sure you're familiar w/that scenario doing your job and all...). Girl, you are a superwoman doing it all and I know these words might not give you much comfort, but I am here to chat if you need to. Try and enjoy the rest of the evening and have a good one w/Alan tomorrow. Chin up! :)

04-23-2005, 01:12 PM
Good Morning

Cherie, hugs from me too. I wish we lived closer because I would take the girls and they could play with my babes and you could hae a break. Honestly I would do it. Just as Noelle said. And also as she said you did a great job passing up all the goodies and fast food. You must be in a super hard position. I kind of understand because my mom was a single mom with my brother and I. She worked her @ss off just to get us by. But I love her so much for everything she has done and given up for us. My dad did not pay child support on a regular basis either. And did not see us on a regular sched. Don't feel bad about venting or letting your feelings out. Thats what friends are for. Have a spectacular day with Alan. Thinking of you.

Noelle I hope you are resting up from the week too. I don't know what we are going to do yet. The wind gusts are up to 40mph and the temp is thirty-six. The heat is actually kicking on. Dh may take the kiddos to see his mom, they have not seen her in a couple of weeks and I am going to clean this house like a mad woman. From dusting to scrubbing :lol:. And then I plan on making a comfort homemade meal for tonight and watching COPS. I love that show. Bad, huh? LOL. But I think it is going to be lasanga and garlic bread or either shredded chicken enchiladas with all the fixings and sides. I had some egg whites for breakfast so I would like to save most of my calories for this evening. Well enough babbling from me.

Kids are singing so loud I can't hardly type. Time to go get this place spiffy and shiny!! I just love a clean house. Everyone come out. I miss you.

04-23-2005, 01:16 PM
Btw anyone watch 20/20 last night on food myths?? It was pretty interesting. Okay gotta run. I have to get a new battery for the video camcorder and a bracket for our hard-drive. So much to do. I better get off of here. Check back later.

04-24-2005, 03:16 AM
Hey girls, I had a full day of shopping today. Michael has a May Day program next Friday at school and their theme country is Italy...the teacher wants the boys in a long sleeved green shirt and get this--white long pants. Who in their right mind would want a boy child wearing white pants? I can not tell you how many freakin' stores I scoured before I found a pair of little boys white long pants. The girls are wearing red shirts and white pants. I guess they're supposed to represent the colors of the flag? Anyway, WalMart had tons and tons of little girls white pants, capris, shorts, you name it. But nothing, abso-effin-lutely nothing for little boys. I was getting PO'd just having to go from store to store. So much that I almost contemplated buying him a pair of white jeans in the girls section. Luckily I found ON THE CLEARANCE RACK at Children's Place a pair on sale for $9.99. Thank God because the only other alternative was a pair of Polo brand slacks for $45. I really don't know when or where I would have my son wear white pants otherwise, he can stand still and get dirty :lol:. Anyway, enough ranting all over a silly pair of white pants.

Julie, I didn't see that 20/20 about food myths, maybe I'll catch a replay? Did ya get to watch Cops? bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do...whatcha gonna do when they come for you... :lol: 36 degrees? chillin'! Yum, your dinner whichever way you decided to go, sounds good.

Well, hope everyone else is having a great weekend. One more day of leisure then it's back to the old grind. have a good one.

04-24-2005, 10:27 AM
Hello Ladies,

So busy!! I am so ready for this year to be over. I am trying to get into a school closer to home for next year. There's one school in particular that was labeled failing that I see as a great challenge. I hope that school calls me. I hate that schools are labeled anything. This particular school has over 90% English Language Learners, yet schools like that are supposed to have the same goals as schools in neighborhoods where the average income is at least 6 figures. :mad: It's really bad also, because according to NCLB every school has certain goals they have to meet to achieve AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) and if only 1 identified group (ELL, Special Ed, etc) does not meet their goals the entire school receives a label of underperforming or failing. Never mind if every other group met or exceeded their goals. Teachers are even penalized if the student attendance rate is too low. (2 years ago teachers at the school I was at lost $1200 because attendance was less than 95%). Enough ranting.

Noelle: I know how frustrating it can be to have to go everywhere to find one item. Of course, you know that now you'll find white pants for boys everywhere. :lol: Red, green, and white are the colors of the Italian flag.

Julie: Your meals always sound so good. I have resorted to making crockpot meals because I'm so tired all the time. Also, it's starting to get pretty hot. Although we have not reached 100 yet, it has been in the mid and upper 90's. Today it is nice. We had a thunderstorm roll through yesterday evening and it really cooled things down, although it is a bit humid. The temp now is 61; the high should be about 75-80.

Angie: I'm sure things will really get busy for you. I really miss your posts. I hope things are going really well for you. Is there any time during the week that your bakery is closed? I'm sure you've already told us, but I don't remember. I think after June 3 my brain will start functioning again. :lol:

Cherie: I'm sorry about the situation. I'm sure things will work out. I'm with the others, if I were closer I'd watch your little ones. I'm sure Ashley would like to have some playmates. :) Hope your weekend is a great one.

Hello to Gina, Kempy, Dips, Summer: Come out and play!!


04-24-2005, 11:04 AM
Good Morning girls!!!

Noelle, YEAH on finding the pants. Too bad you had to buy stupid items for nothing. I know with 3 kids I wouldnt be able to spend money on a pair of pants that I know they would never wear again. I am glad you found some cheap ones that will do the trick. I hope you have a great weekend.

Cherie, {{{HUGS}}}} I hope you and your ex can work something out so you can have some time off. My sis has a loser for an ex who has NEVER once taken her kid for the night(and he doesnt even have an excuse other than the fact that he is a lush). Lucky for her my parents take her kid every other weekend for her while she works. (she is on rotating weekends at the hospital) Keep your chin up, I am sure you two can work something out.

Julie, Hi girl. Do you have any great crockpot recipes for me? I like Cal have been trying to do crockpot meals to save time since our workday is neverending. :lol: I know you always have such great ideas.

Cal, What recipes are you slowcooking? Up til now I have always had the time to cook big dinners but now I am so busy that we end up eating junkfood. I hate it. :lol:
I bet you are happy that school is getting closer to being out for the year. We are closed on Sunday at the bakery which means that I get from 2:00 on Saturdays until noon on Sundays off. I still have to work on Saturday AND Sunday but at least it is a small break. I am not sure I will even get that this summer because in a tourist town we need to grab the money while it is hear.

There is a big company that owns 400,000 acres of land up there that is going to develop it and put in house lots and huge luxery resorts so if anyone is looking for a vacation home there will be pleny available in a few years. I am excited to see what changes it brings. Alot of the townspeople dont like it but jeepers we are so far in the woods that anything that will attract more people here year round and summerwise cant really hurt. As long as the crime stays away though because we have a low crimerate. I would hate to see the crime of big cities hit us.

Well, I should find something to do around the house until I have to go cook. Talk to ya later.

04-24-2005, 11:05 AM
oh yeah, I have bought my Lloyds BBQ meat and veggies and watermelon and bananas for this week so keep your fingers crossed for me because I really have no choice, I have to lose this weight now.

04-24-2005, 04:48 PM
Good Afternoon,

Angie great job buying some healthy food for the week. I am :cheer:for you. You know about those crockpot recipes, I remember when I was working full time 40-60 hours a week I would use my crockpot alot. I would just simply add like a pork or beef roast liption onion soup water cut up onions and carrots and potatoes. You can prepare the veggies the night before!! I also would fry hamburger the night before and make a huge pot of chili in the morning or a beef taco casserole(ground beef, tomato soup or tomato sauce, taco mix, onions, water, and topped that mixture,when you get home on fritos, cheese, salsa, guac. and sour cream or make burritos out of the mixture?) mix a can of chicken broth and cream of chicken add s&p and chicken. I say anything you can make you can make it in the crockpot and enjoy!! I know there are great recipes on the web. Btw I would love one of those vacation homes for the summer....

04-24-2005, 04:59 PM
Noelle you poor thing....white pants for a boy?? I would say rent a pair from a tuxedo shop if nothing else :lol:. I have honestly never seen any white pants for boys. First of all they would have them dirty in a minute, that is probally why they don't make them. I get mine dressed and boom grease dirt or whatever. My dd gets dirty in her pink or light colors. LOL. Part of life I guess. I feel guilty when I spend money on myself. Isn't that funny I would rather buy for the kids than me. I would not have spent the 45 on the pants either. I hope you are having a beautiful day. I wish we were laying out on the beach with a tropical drink and :blah: :blah:....

04-24-2005, 05:06 PM
Cal I wanted to say hi to you too :dizzy:, I hope you get a position closer to home. Being a teacher must be a hard job. I will keep my fingers crossed that the school you want calls you. Good luck. I can't believe it is that hot there right now. Wow, we are below average for temps. It is only forty-nine degrees here :(. I want to just sit in the sun for twenty minutes, it always boosts my moods. Well gotta run everyone.

Hello to everybody. Today is major splurge day. Bacon and cheese omlettes for breakfasts and Lasanga and garlic bread tonight. Way to many carbs. I got some excercise in though today. And cleaned the house some more. You know I think cleaning is a great work-out? I wonder how many calories it burns? Check back tonight.

04-24-2005, 07:55 PM
Confession time....ate two huge pieces of lasanga and four pieces of garlic bread. Yuck. I am not going to have to worry about vampires!! I could use some chocolate.

04-24-2005, 10:29 PM
Good Night Girls

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Talk with you tomorrow :)

04-25-2005, 11:19 AM
Good Morning Girls, just pulling us off of page 2. Check back later :)

04-25-2005, 11:46 AM
Good Morning everyone. I've been a little busy this morning.. seems that is was just last week I was running payroll.. and now it's time again to prepare it.

I had a great weekend. Thanks everyone for listening to me rant on Friday evening. I need to call Steven and find out more about this change in his schedule. It just puts a wrench in some very important plans that I had for May.

Saturday I dropped the girls off at their dad's and met Alan at his house.... while we were waiting for the Fed Ex guy to show up, we finished putting up his track lights. Afterwards we took off with our list to the different stores we needed go to. Had lunch at PF Changs and came home and started preparing for his party. It was a nice one, but I didn't know anyone there. Next morning, I slept in, and we finally got up and went and spent the afternoon at the Oklahoma City Arts Festival. It was a beautiful day for it. We stopped by the Wal-Mart (I found the Denise Austin Fit for Kid's DVD for Hannah) and got stuff for dinner and came home and relaxed for an hour or so before we started on dinner. His family, dad, stepmom, brother and brother's girlfriend came over and we had made homemade spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic bread wine and for dessert, chocolate lava cakes with cool whip.. YUM. We watched Meet the Fockers.. funny, but not as good as the first. Needless to say, I didn't have any time to exercise, and I didn't really watch my calories... but I had a GREAT TIME. This morning, I didn't want to come to work.. I needed one more Sunday.

Cal, it's great to hear from you.. good luck in getting the other position closer to home!

Noelle.. I can't believe they wanted you to go buy white pants... But I am sure he will look adorable!

Julie... YUM on your food yesterday! :D

Hey Angie! You can do it girl.. you got the food ordered.. things will work out!

OK.. well, I need to get back to work. I am back on track today, after taking three days off of exercise, and two days off of my diet. I'll be back later after I get some work done!


04-25-2005, 12:15 PM
Cherie, sounds like you had a really nice weekend. Lots of parties and good food. So you italian too?? I ate way to much and paid for it by feeling ick. But I am with you, not so good eating this weekend, but I am so ready to get back on track this week. I didn't know Denise made tapes for kids. She has two girls I think. I bet she will and enjoy it and you can join in :). Didn't do to much this weekend. Checked WalMart's food section to see if they had that dannon yogurt with fiber but mainly just their brands. Have to get it at the grocery store. Got into it a couple of times with dh, but I won't get into that, to boring for you guys and a long story, you know unsettled things?? The weather was cold and windy and it is suppose to rain alot this week and be chilly. Oh well, I sure hope May is nice. Well I might go warm up a cup of tea to warm up. I am freezing. LOL.

04-25-2005, 12:41 PM
Good morning girls...just a really quick one before I start getting ready for work. I saw this funny plaque in a catalog:

"I love you more today than yesterday. Yesterday you really pissed me off." :rofl:

Cherie, I watched Meet the Fockers last night too, stayed up til 11 pm :tired:

Be back later. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY. Go get 'em!

04-25-2005, 01:11 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:Noelle, Love it!!!! You may have to hang one of those up in your office. Talk to you later. Have a great one.

04-25-2005, 03:21 PM
Just checking in after lunch. I am drinking like crazy today. I still taste garlic from last night. I bet no one would want a kiss from me :lol:. Well dd is laying on the couch and wants a book read to her and think she might take a nap. if ds would take one. It will be interesting next year when he is in school full time and they make him lay down. Noelle, does Michael have do that? Or Cherie do your girls take "rest time" at school?? Just curious....

04-25-2005, 03:40 PM
Julie... no, neither of my girls takes naps anymore.... That doesn't mean that every now and then, I won't put them both down and say it's nap time.. usually I can get them both to sleep and I can get one myself. That was another part of our strict schedule that I had.. Lunch then naps right after, and it aways seemed to work. They don't have naps or rest time at school either. Meg is in half day classes (other half is day care) and Hannah is full day. They just get recess. There are times when I pick them up, the teacher tell me that Megan seemed really tired.. (those are the days she probably should have taken a nap) and so she was cranky or acting up... Oh well. :-)

Well, I am back on track, need to go fill up my big cup for the third time today. I'm ready to get home and do my pilates and my treadmill work. I actually MISSED it this weekend! I'm making progress.

Alan took some pictures of me at the Arts Fest, and man.. that is more incentive to workout... an outfit that I thought looked halfway decent on me looked like crap. I have these huge thunder thighs.. from sturdy German stock... ick!!! Now I know exactly where I need to lose the weight.. (well I need to lose it all over, but my hips, belly and thigh area needs it the most). So.. needless to say, it wasn't hard for me to get back into the program today.

OK.. back to work....

04-25-2005, 03:57 PM
Cherie, thanks for responding. Next year in my ds's kindergaten they have "rest time". He is so active, but he will get use to it. I try now after lunch to read books or say no rough housing. Doesn't always work. I had the same thing happen to me, I was looking at pictures from Easter and thought the sweater I had on looked nice but I looked kind of pudgy in the pictures. Even though I am close to my goal I need to firm up. You know the last pics you posted from Alan's party I thought you looked great. Just like Noelle said a woman should have curves. I lost my chest after having two kids, blah. Such is life!!

04-25-2005, 03:59 PM
I am such a talker today. Tomorrow I have things planned so I am getting on here now. I hope everyone's day is going wonderful. Hi everybody!!

04-25-2005, 04:07 PM
Hey girls, I'm back in the office eating my breakfast, Kashi Good Friends cinna-raisin crunch w/ff milk. I need to go and find my vitamins...that always seems to help w/warding off the cravings. If I eat right and take my vitamin I can stay on track. Sheesh, why is it so hard to follow a healthy way of eating? I think all of us know exactly the right things to do to lose weight, I could probably recite to you in my sleep what works for me to lose weight, why can't I just do it? It's such a head game, ya know? I have to psyhe myself out to go for a walk this evening when it cools down, I always get really lazy at the end of the day. I have to remember how energetic and alive I feel when I get some good exercise in. Must remember....seems so long ago :lol:

Julie, good luck w/getting both kiddos down for a nap. I would love taking afernoon naps w/my little one, most times I'd fall asleep before he would, then wake up to him staring into my face asking if it was time to get up yet :rolleyes: I think Michael's class has a little nap after lunch, maybe 30 minutes or so. I don't know exactly but I do know that I had to buy him a little padded fold up mat so I assume that's what it's for. :) Hey, did you see that Regis and Kelly show where she got up on the scale in front of the audience? She weighed like 105 lbs, that skinny little waif.

Cherie, your weekend sounded wonderful. What did you have planned for May? A weekend getaway? Hope everything works out for ya. I agree w/you on Meet the Fockers, funny but not outrageously so. I'm going back to Blockbuster at lunch to return that and the movie Birth, w/Nicole Kidman. That one sucked big time. Don't even bother. It's the one where her husband dies suddenly, then a few years later when she's about to remarry, a 10 y.o. boy shows up and says he's her husband reincarnated. It's weird, has slow timing and ends badly. That was a waste of time. Plus Nicole is a beautiful lady but she had this really short, cropped butch hair cut and it made her look way too angular and thin. Blech. I know exactly how you feel about looking at pictures of yourself. At least your weight doesn't show in your face. My face is so round and my double chin, yuck, scary! :eek: :lol: I think we are our own worst critics though.

Angie I would love a Summer vacation home near you. Now if only I could afford a house of my home where I really live! :rolleyes: How are you doing today girl? Back on the wagon? I'm trying, I really am. I think w/all of us trying we're bound to do some good. Let's do it, I'm tired of being fat.

Cal, good to hear from you. I wish you luck on finding a new school that suits you. I totally agree it's unfair for the whole school and teachers' performance to be judged poorly when it's only a small portion that may be failing. They have got to revamp those standards for the NCLB. My mom taught ESL students for a long time but she retired at the end of the year before those laws were put into effect. I feel for you. How are you feeling these days? Still getting those afternoon group walks? It must be heating up for you guys big time. I had an offer to go to Vegas in June for my nephews soccer tournament but I said, no thanks, too hot for me.

OK, what happened to Kempy again? And Gina? Summer, Dips? Hello to all, hope all is well and hope you guys can drop in sometime. Have a great day.

04-25-2005, 07:46 PM
Hi everyone, this has been the first chance I could sit still long enough to post today. Well, I started my diet today and I have been totally on track EXCEPT for me and Jay split a raised donut with chocolate crunch on it. The crunch was a new product that we bought and we wanted to try it. It tastes awesome but it looks kinda funky on the donut with the light of the donut showing through. :lol: I had every intention of coming home and excersising today but I havent found a spare moment what with cooking and deposits and orders etc. You get the drift. :lol:

I made a smore cheesecake today for the bakery. It is a good thing I cant slice it til tomorrow because that baby came out looking awesome!!! That should be a big seller this summer with all the people going to their camps and RV parks.

We had a dozen or so women from the Red Hat Society hold their meeting out front this morning. They had a good time. It was nice to see so many people all sitting out front at once.

Well, I gotta go find some supper. Talk to ya later

PS: Noelle, I know exactly what you are talking about. I am having the exact same feelings you are right now. We can do this though....heck we have done it enough times already. :lol: I have to admit that I was so depressed when I stepped on the scales this morning because the reality sunk in that I am so close to my highest weight ever that it feels like I wont be able to do it again.

04-25-2005, 07:53 PM
oh I forgot to tell you guys but Brit tried to have her tongue peirced last week. They actually got the needle through but as they were putting the stud in her reflexes made her pull her tongue in so he said to let the hole heal over and to come back in a day or two and he would redo it for half price. That kid is one brave girl. I could not willingly do that to myself. YUCK!! Jay said she squeezed his hand really hard but she says it didnt hurt that bad. :yikes: She wants to get it redone so we will see. She is just waiting for us to get the time to run her back up. It actually healed overnight. GROSS!!!!!!!!

04-25-2005, 08:06 PM
**shudder** :p :yikes:

04-25-2005, 09:08 PM
Ang.. I ditto what Noelle just said! OMG~!

Girls.. we all can do this, and we are all doing this together.... we each have our obstacles, but with each other's support, we can have a great summer dropping this weight!!


OK.. I need to go get serious with my treadmill! :-) Talk to you all soon!


04-25-2005, 09:22 PM
Good Evening Girls

Noelle I can't believe Kelly Ripa only weighs that much. I think she is like 5foot 4inches!! She just must live off of coffee or something. Wouldn't you love to just know what she eats during the day?? Hope your workday was good. You are right I think we do all know what it takes....but it is hard. I didn't do that well at supper. But could have been worse. Did get my excercise in today though about twenty minutes low impact. Btw great job on that healthy breakfast and taking your vitamins :).

Cherie are you going to tune into the Bachelor tonight?? They go to hometown dates tonight so I might watch. Thanks for the motivational words. Keep them coming!!

Oh my god Angie, tounge piercing?? Ouch. Yikes.... The smore cheesecake sounds great and I bet it will fly off the shelf with all the tourists. Whats summer without a smore and add cheesecake, yum. Great job staying on track. And great job splitting the donut with Jay. You could have ate the whole thing. Baby steps and you will start to lose.

Well I think I am going to go fill up my water glass again. Bye for now.

04-26-2005, 10:29 AM
Good Morning.. It's Payroll morning, so this will be short! :-)

I got my treadmill work in last night, 75 minutes (while watching the bachelor) 5.32 miles. I would have gone for 5.5 but my sister called me right at the end, and I lost my motivation to finish.

The girls loved the Fit Kid's video by Denise Austin. It's a 20 minute video for the kids (there is also one for family, but we didn't do that one) and it involves so standing cardio, some floor strength training, warm up and cool down, and it's just a fun video. They both had a great time doing it. Hannah wants to do Dance Dance Revolution tonight ... so I will try to get her to do both.

Well, after my great weekend, I am up 1.5 pounds from Saturday. It seems I am going to be stuck in the 150's forever. Not going to give up ..... I'll be back on the treadmill tonight.

OK.. back to work! Have a great day.. I'll be back this afternoon!


04-26-2005, 03:22 PM
Well, I finished payroll.. it's been transmitted and out the door. I forgot my lean cuisine for lunch today. Luckily, since I am trying to add a few more calories (I don't think I am eating enough) I had a piece of whole wheat earthgrain's bread and a tablespoon of peanut butter and a banana extra today. So, that, with my yogurt and cheese was my lunch today.

I wish I could take the rest of the afternoon off... but I only have 2.5 more hours to go, so I should be OK. Tonight is the Amazing Race, so I will try to be on the treadmill during that. I am also going to fit in my pliates since I didn't do it last night.

OK.. well, it's bathroom break time... I'll be back later!


04-26-2005, 04:00 PM
Good afternoon!! Today is my sisters 30th birthday. She hung out at the bakery with us all day. My s'more cheesecake came out awesome and I am very proud to say that I had only 1 small bite to see how it was!!!!!!

My new big prob comes next week when we will be starting Bagels. :yikes: I LOVE garlic bagels. It is a total tease but so many people want them that we should probably do them.

Cherie, Congrats on all your exercising. I wished I could figure out a time to get some in. At least I am on track right now so I take that for a bit of a victory. :lol:

I gotta go to work. Talk to ya later

04-26-2005, 04:21 PM
Angie.... your cheese cake sounded wonderful. I just love cheesecake. YUM. I guess that is why I don't make it anymore.

What kind of bagels are you going to make? Panera Bread makes some cinnamin raisin ones with a crunch brown sugary topping on it.. and those are my favorite... and the walnut spread.. YUM.

I still love food...

Thanks about the exercise. I am just fitting it in while I am watching TV. Otherwise, I get too lazy to do it, and I don't get up early in the morning, I am not a morning person. The girls do a great job entertaining themselves, so it leaves me time to do my workout.

04-26-2005, 04:26 PM
Hey girls just found a minute to check in. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Actually I am making baked chicken in the oven right now. Haha....

Oh Cherie, bringing back memories....I lived off peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I still love them. Earthgrains is a great bread. I hope your afternoon goes by really fast for you. So you can get out of there!! I am glad the girls enjoyed the video. DO NOT give up. You will start seeing some numbers like bam all of the sudden. I remember when I was in the 50's I took a break from the scale and weighed in several weeks later and I was out of them. I am glad you are adding more calories. I am trying to do the same. But you time is always an issue to make something healthy. So for lunch I had a yogurt with some nuts in it. And it was really good.

Angie happy birthday to your sister. That reminds me I got my big one coming up this summer. You know I love garlic bagels with cream cheese. Gosh I use to eat tons of those when I was a teenager. I am a carb addict for sure. Congrats on the small bite. Proud of you.

Noelle how are you doing today?? Lets see it is just after breakfast time by you probally had your Kashi. Did you find time to fit an evening walk in last night? It has been raining all night and all day here. So no walk outside for me. To cloudy and wet. We needed the rain though. I wonder what the theme is going to be on AI tonight? Did you know Const. band is going to release an album? Isn't that breaking the rules?

Well girls these kids do not give me a minute to sit. SO I have to go. Get me this, that and the world :lol:. Oh well burning calories waiting on them. I need to go to a spa in a warm state. Yeah that sounds good right now. Check back later. Hi everyone else.

04-26-2005, 04:32 PM
Cherie those bagels sound so good, the combo with the cream cheese :). I love walnuts to, they are so good on candied sweet potatoes. Okay gotta split. Check back soon. I LOVE food too. I once had an aunt who would not eat any sweets, bread, cake, ice cream, soda, nothing I mean anything with sugar. She was as skinny as a rail. Darn, my sweet tooth.

04-26-2005, 10:47 PM
Hey girls, been a busy day for me but I ran away in the middle of the day to have lunch w/my best girlfriend who moved back from Seattle last month. I saw her in Septebmer of last year but she, her husband and little boy are all back here to live now. It's so cool to be able to pick up the phone and chat w/someone and not have to worry about the long distance bills :rolleyes:. I am not doing so good on the diet front. Not that I did bad, but I did skip breakfast, left the cereal box at home instead of bringing it in to the office. I had an awesome lime-grilled chicken breast on top of a big green salad. There were some chips in the salad (tex-mex style?) that were locally made from get this, purple sweet potato, tomato and corn--looked like Doritos but were made in the restaurant. I loved the tomato ones w/their spicy salsa. The guy said you can even request them baked instead of fried :T... I didn't know that but I ate the fried ones anyway. I skipped breakfast so I justified eating the entire salad :lol: I did not get to go walking last night because I got home late and my parents were out. Today looks good though, I'll be wrapping it up and heading home as soon as I transmit my payroll.

Angie, :hb: to Wendy right? So did ya hit her up on working at the bakery during the summer when it gets crazy busy? Good job on just a taste of the cheesecake :bravo: Right now I could just see myself eating a nice gooey slice of something sweet like that. (bad me!) Mmm, garlic bagels. I love bagel chips too, esp. garlic ones. must get mind off food...

Cherie, I'm a p-nut butter/banana gal too. I like to use these sweet bread hot dog rolls we have locally. Yummy! I think it's so great you've got your girls doing something fun and keeping them active. You are so good with them. I can see you all getting mistaken for sisters in a few years ;)

Julie, I didn't hear about Constantine's band releasing an album. He's been pimped so much on AI it'll probably go platinum. Yuck. He is very charismatic I'll give him that, but come on, this is supposed to be a singing competition. How 'bout going for a spa treatment in a foreign country? OMG, the spa treatment you can get in Bangkok is unreal. You could get a full body massage, a facial, then your hair and nails done. All for probably more than 50% off what you'd pay in the good ole US of A. BKK is hot and tropical year round, your US dollars are worth a lot there and you can go shopping to your hearts content. :) THere I go fantasizing again. :lol:

Well, I gotta say hi to Kempy, Cal, Summer, Gina, Dips and everyone else. Have a wonderful evening.

04-26-2005, 11:08 PM
Hey guys. Sorry I have been MIA again. We were at the end of LA this weekend for the blessing of the fleets. I had a great time but I felt like crap all day yesterday.

I didn't get to read all of the past posts but from what I skimmed over it looks like we are all trying to get back on track again. I think I have gain back half of what I lost this year and that was only 8 lbs. So, I will join in whatever you do. I may not be able to get on and post every night but I will do whatever it takes to get in shape. We are going to the beach in Aug and I don't what to feel to gross.

Noelle I just got your e-mail of the dog today. I told you I have been busy. I havn't even checked that in a week. That looks just like something they would do.

I really don't have much to say except I am going to try my hardest to get here in the morning.I think I need to read some positive things to get me going.

04-27-2005, 11:06 AM
Yeah!!! Kempy's back! Yes, I think everyone is going to put in a solid effort for the month of May to get back on track! Hope to see you around more often, you have been missed!

Noelle, because of you, I am hooked on the Kashi cereal. That is the best stuff! Your lunch sounded great!

Julie.. how was the baked chicken? Yum.... I ended up having a lean cuisine pizza last night.. then it felt like for the rest of the night that it was just sitting heavy in my stomach.

I did 4.18 miles on the treadmill last night, tonight, I have to do the pilates and treadmill as well.

Oh.. and I talked to my ex last night... I won't have another free weekend for four months. :-( His new shift starts on May 7th, having Fridays and Mondays off. I am hoping that they will go to Texas for a couple of weeks during the summer, and that will give me a break... Oh well.. I can't do much about it... I'll have plenty of time to focus on my exerise and weight loss.

OK.. back to work here... I'll check back later!


04-27-2005, 11:45 AM
Good Morning guys. I am in the process of making a grocery list. Joe and I are both trying to get into better shaper so I need to get some healthy stuff in the house. It is so much easier when he is doing it with me.

Cherie you are so good at getting your workout in. I ended up joining a gym right down the street from us so that helps me a little. I still have days thought that I don't go. I am helping the guy get eveything started. It is pretty new and he really dosn't know much about running a gym. I hope he remembers this when my dues come up. :D

Ok, I don't have time to chat I have to head to Wally world b4 it gets too crowded.

04-27-2005, 12:22 PM
Good Morning Girls

Cherie, that is a bummer about your ex. Like you said try to turn it into a positive and concentrate on your health. Yup, last night I made homemade baked bbq chicken with homemade mashed pot. and corn and whole wheat rolls. I could not believe how much my dd ate. I still feel like the food is just sitting in my stomach, yuck. The more fiber I eat the worse my stomach feels. I just don't know what to eat anymore to help my stomachache. Oh well. Maybe I will fast today until dinner. Dh wants me took cook a big meal again, ugh, a beef roast. Btw that would be great if your little cuties could take a couple weeks of vacation in summer.

Noelle wasn't Bo great on AI last night? He is getting better by the week. Did you hear Anthony is hitting the gym twice a day. My mom thinks he is so cute. Your salad sounds great that you had. Yum. I remember you were talking about that friend of you had here on the mainland. I am so glad she moved out by you and your family. How fun!! Bangkok here I come....I have only had my nails done once for my wedding. Never a facial but did have a massage and it was like heaven. Better than you know what :devil:. I wish my dh would like to give massages.
Oh well I will have to pay for one. I know a lady who does a great job.

Well girls I did terrible eating last night. But I am going to try and make up for it today. Did I mention we also had a homemade peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting. I just got off the phone with my brother in CA. He just got a house there and I am thinking about flying out alone. I might have to be sedated a little to fly alone :lol:. I think it would be good for me. Different change of pace and a little vacation. Okay I will shut Hi Angie, Kempy, Cal, Gina, and everyone else. Have a great day everyone!!

04-27-2005, 02:07 PM
Peanut Butter cake with peanut butter frosting? Are you kidding me? YUM. Glad I am not at your house... I would have scarfed dinner last night, ate the cake and then have pot roast for today..... Geeze.... all my healthy eating would be gone out the window. I admire your control!

Where is CA does your brother live? Flying alone is easy... flying with kiddos would be scary! :D

Kempy, I realized why I am so good about getting my exercise in, I have no life. With it being just me and the girls, things are VERY structured around our home. I don't have the extra money to waste going out to eat, or going to the movies or just going out period. So, I know when we come home, I know we are having dinner, I know they are taking showers and I know they are going to bed. We don't vary very much. So I can plan out my meals, eat the same ole thing every day and plan out my exercise. I find the times that I am with Alan, it's not so easy. We never do the same things twice, we are always on the go, doing stuff. So that is how it is with you and the other ladies here... they have husbands and families and you guys are always out doing something so I can see why its a challenge to stay OP and get your exercise in. Now, just because I have planned out the time, doesn't mean I am always motivated to doing it. I think I am one of the laziest people around... so I really have to push myself to get up off my bum and workout. It's getting easier.

Good Luck on the gym. I would love to be able to go back and join one, but I neither have the time or money. I don't think it would be fair to the girls to pick them up from one day care, and plop them back into the gym's daycare just so I can work out. They need to spend time with me and I need to spend time with them.. so that is why the treadmill is working out so well. We are in the same place, sharing time together.

OK.. back to work.. just had lunch, a lean cuisine three cheese chicken. It wasn't bad. Low carbs, high protein and veggies :-)

04-27-2005, 04:02 PM
Cherie, yes the cake was wonderful. I ate it and I don't know I kind of feel in a slump or maybe one coming on. I didn't have control on what I was eating last night. Bad me. I would have loved to have you and the girls over for dinner. You know I find my life very structured too. Even though I am married with kiddos it still is. But just super busy. He lives in Berkeley. I miss him so much we were so close growing up. He is a really successful person. A real go getter type. He has a beautiful wife. Skinny as you know what :lol:. Who seems to eat everything. I can't imagine flying across the cournty trying to get these two to behave....I just get motion sickness. The first time I was on a plane I was about 12 and I wanted to be a flight attendant. So pretty and gracious they seemed. I can handle big planes but small planes I lose my lunch. Well going to get going. I do have a beef roast in but want to do something healthy with it. Maybe shred it and have low carb soft tacos?? We'll see. Check back.

04-27-2005, 04:28 PM
Wally world wasn't that bad. I had to hit a few places to make sure that I got all of the good sales on meat. I stock up the freezer when I catch them so that we never have to pay ful price for it.

Cherie I wish we were a little calmer with doing things. I know though in summer we will slow down a little. It gets too hot here to really do things outside. Maybe then we will really be into the gym. I just need to keep you in mind when I can't get off of my butt. Maybe if I know that you are working out I will too.

Julie I don't really like to fly either. I white knuckle Joe when we do fly. I just don't trust it up there. I know that you are safer in the air but that is just it. You are in the air. :D You really do cook some great stuff. I usually just stick with the same ole' few things. In fact I am cooking on of them tonight. Spaghetti with wheat pasta. I usually load it up with veggies though so it is really healthy. I don't add sugar to the suace either like some people around here do. I would kill for some sushi right now though.

I don't know if you guys follow things like bio-rhythms or not. One of my clients has a program on her puter and she enters in your b-day and it shows you your read out for the month. It is pretty neat b/c when I was feeling really sluggish I looked at my chart and I was on the low end. I know that all of us have days when we just feel funky for now reason and I didn't know if the chart would show anything for you. I will try to find a web site to explain it a little better.

04-28-2005, 11:22 AM
Good Morning.... Between Hannah and my aching thigh, I was up for most of last night, so this morning I am sooooo cranky. I hate not getting sleep, and since I am having problems sleeping, not getting a normal night of problem sleep is really bad. She crawled into my bed at 11:30 last night, she couldn't sleep... finally she went back to her room.. and was up in down to her bathroom a couple of times... finally at 2:45.. I got up to see what was going on.. and she had the tv on, the lights on, looking for some books... while megan was trying to sleep. She was wide a wake. said she couldn't sleep, couldn't get her eyes to close... so... I told her to get into bed, and I would crank the AC to see if that would help.. and I think it did... helped me a little.. but I still feel very hung over and tired, and my thigh is really hurting. (I pulled a muscle I guess three weeks ago, and I can't get it to heal.. maybe if I would quit using the treadmill, but I'm not going to do that.... I am just working through it).

Oh well... I did an hour on the treadmill and I did my 20 minutes of pilates yesterday. I didn't feel like eating after all that, so I had a Kashi Protein bar... around 10 I was starving! But, I just went to bed and was hoping it would go away. I am much better this morning. I've already had my cereal so my tummy is happy.

Kempy... I need to find out about my biorhyrthms... maybe that is my problem.. I am just in a perpetual state of being OFF. :D

OK.. back to work now.. Hope you have a great Thursday.. I'll check back later!


04-28-2005, 03:13 PM
Good Afternoon Girls

Oh Cherie, you poor sleep deprieved thing....I feel for you woman, last night I went to bed at 12:30 just can't sleep at night. And dd has been getting up between 3 and 4. I feel like I am going back into the infant days when my ds had colic and I was up all night :lol:. Dh and I have been turning on our air before bed just so we can feel fresh air and sleep. I just can't wait until the weekend. I was lucky ds was up and in a great mood this morning to go to school. Dd likes to sleep in. She would let her sleep until 9:30 somedays if I let her. I hope your poor thigh gets better.

Kempy maybe I need to check into that program. I feel "off" too. Especially 10 days before my period. Your pasta sounds good and filling. WW pasta is great.

NOELLE!!!! Const. before Scott?? What the heck?? My mom and I got on the phone and were so pi$$ed. I could not believe he got voted off before some of the other people. Ugh, still in shock. My mom loves him. She said he has got sex appeal. Great what I want to hear from mom. But really he is tall dark and handsome!! What a shocker. I actually wanted to pick up the phone and call you. But did not want to wreck it for you. Hope you are having a great day!!

Well girls I want to get some lunch. It is way after 1:00 and have not eaten all day. It is another cloudy day here....I am so sick of this weather. This sat. is going to be cloudy with a chance of rain snow mix. Can you believe it?? Oh well I am so lucky in other ways to be griping about the weather. Check back later. Bye

04-28-2005, 03:44 PM
Wow... still getting snow?? I am so sorry Julie.... We've got really nice weather here.. just a bit windy as usual, but it is Oklahoma after all.

I am so tired. This evening, I plan on doing my pilates, and jogging during Survivor. At 8:00 PM.. get the girls ready for bed, tuck them in, threaten them with their lives if they get back up, and turning my beside light off by 8:30 PM. Alan and his friends will be practicing tonight (music night) so I know he won't be online or calling me, so it's the perfect night to catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I don't watch AI.. but I have read where a lot of people are upset he was voted off. Kinda makes you want to watch that expose they are going to show called Fallen Idol. Something must be up behind the scenes.

This weekend, Hannah wants to go spend the whole day at the nature park. I had planned on us going, but she wants to go to the store, get stuff for lunch and stay there the whole day. I guess we could have lunch there... but it's not big enough to stay past a couple of hours. Oh.. and she wants to take pictures to show her class... so I might let her use my digital.. that means I need to go get ink for my printer, so she can print off some pictures. We are also going to plan on going to her school to let them bike ride again. She needs a bigger bike.. but I need to see if my ex will let me have the bike rack before I decide to get her one or not. I might see if she can use this bike for the rest of the summer, or at least until she learns to ride without training wheels.. then we will move to the bigger bike... but just wondering.. if the bigger bike would be easier for her to learn to ride without training wheels.. hmmmmm things to think about.

OK.. back to work... everyone.. come on out! :-)

04-28-2005, 04:41 PM
Cherie, I hope you are out like a light tonight. I'm sure you will be. A picnic at the nature park sounds nice. You could bring lots of fruit, low fat chips and healthy sandwiches. And maybe low-fat desserts??
Well I finally got some lunch in. Had some mixed nuts. Actually alot of them. I don't feel to bad even though they are high in fat. But high in healthy fat, fiber, low in carbs, and vitamins. I also took a vitamin today. Hopefully that will perk me up.
Not sure about the they don't know. I could be a weatherperson. LOL. This weather is so wacky here.
I don't have any plans this weekend. My mom wants me to take day drive to see my step-grandparents in May. They live two hours away. That would mean four hours in the car with the kids for a two hour visit. I said they can come here. They don't have to deal with two whining kids. Maybe if we spent the night it would be different. I'm not sure on that one yet :dizzy:. My kids do well in the car with the t.v. and books and food but after an hour they want to get out!! LOL. I use to love taking long car rides but it is a little different now. haha....have a great day everyone

04-28-2005, 04:51 PM
Hey guys!! It is nice to see everyones posts again. The whole state of Maine is under a floodwatch right now. We have been getting a steady downpour since yesterday afternoon. I guess when it crests it will be fun

I have been on track but let me tell ya...with the weekend coming up I am already thinking of bad foods. :lol: I am craving a big breakfast of scrambled eggs with onions,cheese,bacon on toast with hash browns so bad. I had to bake a big sheetpan of brownies today and that was hard to resist. I did have a bite but that was it. Now if I can be good tonight but I am not holding my breath. I dont know why I cant just resolve it in my head that I have to do this.

Today was pretty busy at the bakery which is weird because it was raining so hard that I didnt expect anyone to get out of their cars. haha

04-28-2005, 11:11 PM
Damn... Steph was voted out of Survivor..... :( she was my favorite.

Angie.. I am so in awe of you... you are demostrating amazing self control... I could not work in a bakery. One bite does not make a whole brownine!! YOU ROCK!

Julie.... I vote with you.. have them come visit you!!! Traveling with kiddos is just HARD.. and then the kids will be somewhere they are not familiar with, and you will spend your time making sure they are not getting into anything, or bugging anyone, and they won't have their room or toys to play with.... It would be easier for them to come to you.

OK.. I need to go to bed... before I get sucked into watching CSI. Oh... I did 4.25 miles on the treadmill tonight... one hour. See you in the morning!


04-29-2005, 11:02 AM
Good Morning... OK.. I am just gonna whine for a second.. and then I won't mention it again til next Friday.

I am getting SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED with trying to lose weight. I am down 1/2 pound from last Friday. You say, that's not so bad... I stayed the same last Friday, so actually, in the past two weeks, I've lost 1/2 pound total. In the last 14 days, I have worked out 11 of those days, at 60 minutes or more on the treadmill. I've done my pilates 5 times, and I have only had three cheat days where I went over my 1300 calorie a day limit, but most other days I've been below it. All of that for 1/2 freakin' pound.

OK... I'll quit ranting now.... I'm just frustated today. I am trying so hard to get out of the 150's. I am up half a pound from yesterday... so that makes it even more so. I am currently 151.50, and I just want to get off this level.

Now.. It's Friday..... and I am going to be fine. I am going to continue to try... I passed up the doughnuts again this morning in the breakroom... however, I am going to breakdown and have a diet coke for lunch.

Back to work now..... I hope everyone is having a great Friday... thanks for letting me vent.. I know there isn't anything really to say about it... I just needed to act like a little kid and jump up and down and throw a fit cause things aren't going my way. Talk to you soon!


04-29-2005, 12:21 PM
Good Morning Gang

Cherie, oh Cherie, you are making progress....your body is adjusting to your "new" way of life. A loss is better than nothing Cher Bear ;). Hugs. Btw I tried that yogurt with the fiber. I thought it was going to be gritty but it wasn't, it was great(strawberry flavor). It is great sprinkled with dry cereal and I even had some strawberries so I made like a parfait. Didn't look like a fancy one. Just dumped in a cereal bowl but it was great. They are small so I am going to keep adding dry cereal and fruit. I might try to eat two yogurts a day. I might actually have another one for lunch. They are quick, thats what I love. Low fat milk products are suppose to help with weight loss. I am sure you knew that though!! I watch survivor rarely but I am dissapointed too that Steph got voted off. She had such an awesome body. Maybe we should try the "survivor diet"....just kidding. I feel bad I have not really excercised this week...two weeks out of the month I love it and the other I don't. But I am going to try today. Vent away Cherie if you want. Keep working at it. If I get to my ultimate goal weight, I might treat myself to a massage. I have not had one in like 10 years so that is motivation!! Hi everyone.

04-29-2005, 12:24 PM
Cherie, I never even thought of it, but adding the high fiber cereal and fresh fruit will jack that fiber content way up!! Btw I have been having a diet pop for supper every night at dinner. It's caffeine free but I can't tell if it is doing anything bad. Okay dd needs my help in the bathroom :lol:, check back later.

04-29-2005, 12:32 PM
10:17 AM OMG.... DAMN FED EX! The package that I sent out on Wednesday that included employee paychecks and commuter checks somehow got the airbill label detached during transit. The Commuter people in NJ just called and they have our employees' commuter checks (the package was sent to San Francisco) and all the envelopes have been opened. There was a package delivered to SF yesterday, but no one signed for it, no one is in the office right now, and the Admin Assistant is taking a PTO day. So I don't know if they got the pay checks. I want to SCREAMMMMMMMMMM....... This is a huge mess... this is paying all the executives.. the CEO, the CFO, etc etc etc! Breath Cherie.. wait for someone from SF to call. BREATH.... SLOWLY.....

04-29-2005, 01:08 PM
ok... paychecks arrived in SF... I am having the Commuter checks overnighted to SF from NJ... and I can breath.

I ate my banana instead of scarfing the doughnuts in the breakroom. I need a drink.. so I guess a virgin Diet Coke will have to do. Is it time to go home yet? :D

back to work... gotta find info for the auditors....

04-29-2005, 03:09 PM
Cherie, WOW what a morning and a mess. Great job eating that banana instead of the doughnuts. I remember when I worked full time everyone would just give me so much you know what if I didn't eat snacks, or things that reps brought in. I hope your diet coke soothed your nerves. Are you still planning the picnic for tomorrow?? Dd wants to spend the day at Grandma's. We'll see. I want to check the weather and if it is nice outside I would like them to play in the backyard. I don't know what to make for dinner. Dh bought tons of boxes of breaded fish and fish sticks a while and I don't want them to go bad but I don't really want to eat them. I would rather have salmon and a salad and a veggie. We'll see. Fish sticks and the oven breaded fish is so much more easier though ;). Well I will check back later. I can't wait until dh is home tomorrow. Things need to be fixed around here. Have a great day girls.

04-29-2005, 05:58 PM
OK.. just a few more minutes til I can leave.... I am struggling with some reports, and thankfully, I don't have to have all of them done today. They can wait til Monday.

I am fighing so major binge cravings... I want a bean burrito from taco bell, (but saw the sodium content), I think a nice big bowl of chili with fritos sounds great, but I don't want to blow it for my May 1st weigh in on Sunday. I just want to eat something bad, and a lot of it! I am going to try to work through it tonight, I'm just still frustrated with the scales, and that snowballs into this.... If I could just go to bed when I got home and sleep, I would... :-) Thankfully, I am not having nearly as many depressed days lately as I am having today. I used to feel like this all the time. I wonder how much of an effect the weather is having on my mood. It's been cloudy, cold and grey outside all day long. Just looking outside, my mind and body are saying it's winter again... oh and it'w windy. (I think that is why I am craving chili).

Julie... I would give the kiddos the breaded fish .... and I would eat the salmon and salad.. that sounds yummy too. I'm not sure what I will break down and do for tonight's meal. Last Friday, I was feeling like this a little... but was able to let the girls eat Burger King and I had my cereal.... Will power... gotta find it before now and when I pick up the girls! :D

OK.. I'll check back later and confess what I do actually end up doing.... Right now, I'm just feeling guilty, even though I have done nothing unhealthy... except not drink as much water as I should... that I can change tonight... OK.. time to go home.. talk to you soon!

04-29-2005, 06:37 PM
hey guys. Cherie, Good luck with your cravings tonight. I have been fighting them so bad this week too. My period started last night so I guess that is why it was so bad.

Remember the ladies with the kids that wrecked the bakery that I told you all about? Well....they were back!! Just one this time. I guess the kid is just a little kid(like old enough to just walk) well, she brought him in today and as usual she sits with her friends and gabs and lets him run all over the place and hitting stuff and climbing on the cupboards etc. Well, I put the pies on the bottom shelf beside the register so they are easy to see for the customers. You guessed it. The kid stuck his hand into one of the pies. We noticed it had gotten totally quiet out front all of a sudden and then we faintly hear the bell on the front door so Jay goes out front to see if someone had come in and poof they were gone and we see the pie. Oh my god, she ditched out so she didnt have to pay for the pie her kid ruined!! Them damn things take an hour and a half to bake!! Now I know you all know how long it takes to get your kid ready to leave(let alone 2 of them at once) and she must have grabbed him and ran. What a *****!! I told Jay that if she comes in again he should ring up her order plus 10 bucks. What am I gonna do this summer when there are tons of kids in there. I thought most people had common sense but I guess not. :lol:

Well, I gotta get back to work.

Ps: I didnt mess up last night but tomorrow will be a different story. We are scoping out some bagel shops for the cream cheeses they use. :lol:

04-29-2005, 08:32 PM
Ang.. that lady is so rude. I am so sorry that happened... is there anyway you could attach something like plexiglass doors to the front of the shelves?

Oh.. go here and look at their bagels and spreads.... YUM..... I wish I lived close to you.. I would come visit every saturday. As it is.. we are visiting the Kolache Kitchen to have sausage and cheese kolaches tomorrow probably, YUM....

Well... I will fess up... I came home.. and got about a serving and a half of Mission tortilla strips and a cup of my homemade salsa with a diet coke. It hit the spot. The chips didn't have that much sodium, and was not to bad calorie or fat wise... and the salsa was homemade with fresh peppers and tomatoes, so that was healthy for me... I think my cravings are gone. I am taking tonight off from exercising (I've been on the treadmill the past four days in a row), but I'll be back on it first thing in the morning.

Right now, I am going to continue cleaning the apartment.. burning a few calories... and find me a big glass of water to drink! I hope everyone has a great night!


04-29-2005, 10:28 PM
Good Evening Girls

Oh Cherie, I feel bad I don't even want to post but I will I am eating everything in sight tonight. I think I am in a slump, bad weather and a few other things going on. And my period is not due until Mother's Day and I am all ready having these insane cravings. I was doing so well last week but tonight I have been eating none stop and the last couple of days slipping up. I won't even post what and how much of everything I ate. I feel so bad I could cry, I was on such a roll there before my physical. Oh well lucky we always have tomorrow as another day. On that positive note I will say Good Night everyone. Have a spectacular weekend.

04-29-2005, 10:40 PM
Angie forgot to say oh my gosh how rude they didn't offer to pay for the pie. People these days. Have a good weekend.

04-29-2005, 11:21 PM
Hey girls, just checking in. My computer is almost fried...I need to get a new hard drive and fast. It keeps freezing and not wanting to shut down. I have to start my back ups so i don't lose anything. If I don't pop in for a few, you know why :(. I'll chat more later after I'm done with these files. Have a great weekend all.

04-30-2005, 03:01 PM
Angie btw have fun at the bagel shops. I wanted to tell you I once had this cream cheese that I believe had apple pie filling in it and some cinnamon and maybe a few other spices like nutmeg? It was so good. I would love to come mix up some cream cheeses for you and tone up my arms at the same time :).

05-01-2005, 12:46 PM
Hey girls, I started a new thread for May! Come on over.