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04-01-2005, 07:24 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We are a friendly group that provides suppsort, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :)

04-01-2005, 08:06 AM
Good morning, ladies! Can you believe it's April already?!?

Cristi - Wednesday has become my favorite night for TV. Lost is on, followed on a diff station by The West Wing, then, we watched a new show with Tim Daly called Eyes. It was really good! Like you, I want to see Miss Congeniality 2. The reviews of it aren't very good, but I don't care. I haven't seen Ring 1 or 2.... big chicken here, lol.

Susan - I'm always amazed at the good water does with weight loss! I buy the gallons at Walmart, and drink 1/2 of a gallon a day of pure water and more of flavored water. YAY :cp: for the cow movement, lol.

Sue - it's been so windy here, too, that I've had to wear a hat, hood or scarf everywhere I go! Good job with all the walking!

Marti - I've been sitting on my patio, too, with my back to the wind, lol. You have a digital camera, don't you? If you do, you shouldn't have to scan the photos - just hook up the camera to the port, or insert your memory card. Hmmm....

Terri - I think Marti's checking into why several of you can't get into chat. I don't know why that's happening for some of you, but not the rest of us....

Angie - been missing you, girl!! How'd the show go last night? More performances this weekend I assume. Break a leg!

Anita - hey, good to see you! So sorry you (and all the others) had to pay postage on the card! I'll know better next time!

Mindee - glad you got everything settled at Social Services. Do you use any Anbesol or anything on Brandon's gums? He sure is a cutie pie!

Poor Katie! I knocked on her door a little while ago, and said school is delayed an hour. (tee-hee) With a happy voice, she asked why, and I started to giggle and said April Fool's! She's a good sport, and will get me back later today, I'm sure. :D I also have to watch out for Neal. He's sure to trick me somehow, lol.


04-01-2005, 09:56 AM Morning!!

Cristi: You can call me Terri or Terri-Lee.. It doesnt make a difference to me.... as long as you don't call me late for dinner.:lol: .lol!It is 0 degrees celcius here today.. rained all day yesterday and now it is a mixture of snow and rain... It is only 8:00 oclock here.. maybe it will warm up and clear up later!! The Pics are great!!! Your daughter is beautiful!! Must look like her mommy?:angel:

Susan: WEll if she is beautiful and i remind you of her that is a ok with me!!!lol I like people's insides more though, that makes a person beautiful.. I know some really pretty people that i think are really ugle because of there inside! sO I THINK EVEYONE ON HERE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats on mooooving the ticker! Way to go!:bravo:

Marti: Well thanx for the compliment!! :thanks: I don't think i look good.. those pics lie!!!lol Thanx for helping with the chat thing... will ask DH if he knows anything about it.:shrug:

Jane: I have a Canon Powershot A6o.. I like it.. It doenst Zoom like i would like.. when we were at the concert we were on the balcony.. so i couldnt get a good pic of him ( my cam has video too though so i snuck in a 5 second shot of him singing) There are a lot of things it can do.. but i am camera illiterate!!.lol My favorite Tv night is Thursday.. It has Joey, Survivor, and The Apprentice..(I know they are old but i love reality shows!) Wednesdays i watch Americas Next Top Model..I know that is weird.. but i like the catfights LOL:lol:

Mindee: Hello, I am glad Emma has finished most of her teething... she just has her 2 year molars to come in.. My son was a horrible teether.. he would get cranky for a month before we saw any teeth!! good thing he always got a few at once or i would have had 2 years of crank!:lol:

Ellen: I hope you are alright.. we miss you!

Sue, Angie, Anita, Katy, Katie, and anyone i might have missed.. HI!!!!:wave:

04-01-2005, 12:06 PM
Hi ladies~

Terri-Lee~my daughter looks nothing like me! Thank goodness because she is pretty! She got her genes from her dad, as did the other two. Actually, my youngest son looks like me in the face when I was younger and has the blue eyes but has this beautiful dark black hair, and it's not dyed! I only say that because people are always asking my sons if they dye their hair. Anyway, DD looks like my cousin, and her Aunts, my sister and her dads sister. They all have the dark hair and brown eyes. I have kind of dirty dishwater blonde hair and blue eyes and am big and she is this tiny little petite thing.

Susan~I wish I could drink that much water-yuck! I know it is good for you but I just can't get that much down. I would feel like I was drowning. Hope you don't miss Gaby too much this weekend, which I know you will.

Sue~WTG on the walking, and braving that wind! Hope the prices are what you are looking for when you finally get them. :crossed:

Jane~don't think I have ever watched any of those shows. CSI was a goo done last night but it was gross. Even though I know it's not real it was still gross. This woman had been burnt and they were peeling the burnt flesh off with tweezers-it just looked so real. Of course The O.C wasn't on. Completely forgot it wasn't going to be on again till next week. DD and DS laugh because I love the show and some of DD's friends were talking abou tit and told them I watch it so she thought she would check it out and now she is hooked! I think Thursday night is really the only night that I have to see those shows. Well, and Monday night I really enjoy Fear Factor, other than that there is usually nothing I really want to see. I do watch Crossing Jordan at 10 every night, got hooked on that one. They are reruns but most I haven't seen and try to catch the new ones on when I can remember what night it is on. Anyway, don't worry about the postage due, mine was only .26. I never mess with post card postage. I know it may seem like it's wasting money but I always just use a first class stamp that way I don't have to mess with taking it into the PO to make sure it has the right amount of postage. Oh, DD did take a couple of shots of me. One was when we stopped on the KS/MO stateline to get some ice for our chest. The wind was blowing so hard it blew my hair straight up and she cracked up laughing and had to take a picture-it was funny but not flattering especially at the angle it was taken! YIKES! Made me look like I had three chins! Another is still on the roll of film waiting to be finished. I will finish that roll off the 11th as V is taking off work for his BD and we are headed to the zoo finally, weather permitting. We haven't been since before they built the $4,000,000.00 gorilla home.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much on the agenda for today. Need to go look up some things online. Trying to figure out my bedroom, thought I had it planned but want to check out a couple of things to make sure. Not sure if I mentioned we are going with green in there instead of taupe. Found the comforter I want, also some pics for above the bed (got those yesterday by FedEx which seemed weird usually comes UPS). Can't decide on the lighting. Would love to put a chandalier above but we use the ceiling fan all the time. Had some wall mounted lights picked out but not sure now. Anyway, I will figure it out eventually. The hardest part is selecting the right color of paint. Later when V gets home we are off to the nursery to find two more shrubs. Got 4 Tuesday evening and some flowers for a pot on the porch just haven't planted them yet, need two more and then the ground cover and will plant those this evening. Hoping it warms up a bit but I doubt it. Only supposed to be in the 50's and that wind is still blowing so it will be a little cooler. At least the sun is shining :sunny:

Anywhooooo......take care ladies and have a GREAT day and weekend!

04-01-2005, 05:35 PM
Afternoon ladies.....

Got up LATE!! (12:50)Have been feeling really worn out the last couple days and I figured sleep is the best thing for that!! :D

Jane--You made me laugh, yes I have a digital camera. But I also use my other camera and if I want copies....I try to use the scanner. So I tend to not use that camera much. The digital is very nice, I have a printer where I can just stick the memory card in or I have this little thing I put the memory stick in and put in the port hole. Very nice.

Terri--I still haven't found out why you can't get into chat, but I did send a PM asking about it. Hope to hear from them soon and when I do I'll let you know. While you're waiting, asking hubby might be a great idea....put him to some use! :D (just teasing) really ought to come to my house and give it a makeover for me!! Hearing about you designing your rooms makes me want my own house even more!! Someday!!

Hello to the rest of you girls. Sorry if I missed you, but I don't remember who all posted last.

It's friday and it's April fools. I guess at work they had some pranks in the past, so it will be interesting to see what happens today. One year someone had put some smeared chocolate in a diaper and sent it around the room. And nobody knew what to do w/it. (our specimens usually come in a container not a diaper!)
Eventually the foolee fessed up by saying April Fools! Crazy, but fun. :dizzy: Too bad I missed that one.

Ok gals...I'm in desperate need of a shower. You all have a Fantastic Friday and I will pop in later on tonight after work...and if I get an answer Terri...I'll let you know.


04-01-2005, 08:00 PM
Good Afternoon!

Taking a break from work - thought I would say hi real fast.

I thnk you are beautiful Cristi! Your daughter certainly gets that from you.

ugh- have to visit the bathroom!!! My own observation Jane is that water intake makes you lose weight faster - even over exercise......what do you think?? Not that I am saying you shouldn't exercise.....( I know - you were all getting excited - lol)

But anyway.........drinking water is just a habit. It was dreadful the first few days but I am getting use to it now.

Gaby goes on her weekend( and yes....I am already missing her :( ). She was so cute this morning. We wake up and walk down the hall together, she takes my hand, so sweet. I love when she wakes up and says "Day"......and points to the window. lol......I yawn and say " go back to bed Gaby" and she will reply ""....Love her so much.

Thinking of taking the girls down to a Wooden Tulip Shoe Farm....ever hear of it Katy??? Think it is an 18 acre farm of tulips down south. Looked on the web and it looks like a wonderful place for a walk.

Better get!! Wiggled enough - lol.....

04-01-2005, 08:26 PM Evening!!!

Well I hope everyone had a good Friday, and didnt get fooled too much... I am here alone with the baby, so i didnt have to worry about it.

Susan, my son is gone to his dads this week-end too:( but, it gives me a little break because he is a high-maintenance kid!! (but he learns a lot of bad things at his dads.. he lets him swear and stuff) but what can you do?

Well I have a busy week-end, if i am not back before... have a good week-end!!!!!!!!!

04-01-2005, 11:40 PM
How old is your son Terri?

It does seem to get easier, this time wasn't too bad. He was right on time at 7 pm. He was driving a different car - 90 Honda. Gabster and I walked down and he never enters the building. So , we walked through the lobby and enclosed entrance and outside.
First thing out of my mouth was "do you have car insurance?" Just spit it out, don't know why. He said he didn't have to show me, which is true but he did anyway. Anyway, that is where I saw the 90 - Honda Accord on the paper.
We walked down the stairs to his car and I asked if he wanted her tooth brush/paste/shampoo/children's Tylenol. I sent it twice and it came back twice unused. We even talked about it last time and he said he would use it - I guess he thought I meant he would have to return it, so he would just get his own.............

no,no,no,no.......I meant it was his to keep. So he said he would take it.

Put her things in the trunk and she hid behind me. Mike said "why is she doing that?" So, we kind of played a quick hide and seek and she started laughing and I say in my best cheery voice....."you are going to have so much fun with daddy Gaby......." .....blah- blah....

So, she left in a happy mood. I had sent him an email and maybe I will cut and paste here.....anyway just bringing up somethings and he asked if I wanted to make time to talk and I said ok because things/meanings can get lost in an email.
Though after thinking about it that probably wouldn't be such a good idea. Email kind of forces our reactions to slow down.

Blah - blah.......simply am not going to get in all my water. Way tooooooo tired,so I just drank 66 oz's ......ugh, that is that.......I wanna go to sleep.

lol - k best get my sorry arse to work.......

Where is Ellen??? We missssssssss you soooooooooooooo much!!!

04-01-2005, 11:51 PM
Ok below is the email I sent him. This was after a few days of drafting it and sending it to Rocky to proof read.
Rocky pretty much said I couldn't show anger ..........and I had to nice. lol He is so sweet.
Anyway, I sent this one without showing Rocky first. I really , really tried. lol.....whaaaa...... :bb:
Mike also called at 5 pm and said he was just leaving the coast. I appreciated that.So, maybe the email wasn't too bad of a thing.

March 31, 2005

Hi Mike,

I had a few questions that I have wanted to ask you. Never seem to get the opportunity and it probably is best I ask in an email.

1) I am asking that you honor the time you need to be picking/ dropping Gaby. The first weekend you were late and the second weekend you were early on returning her. I believe the order gives you a window of 15 minutes before and after the hour?

2) I give Gaby a bath on Friday morning. If you could give her a bath/wash hair on Saturday night or Sunday morning - I feel that would be a good thing. I bring this up only because it didn't seem like she had received a bath over the last weekend.

3) I have sent extra clothes/socks with her. I noticed she was wearing the same pink ones that she left in? She might like her pink socks but we really need to be changing them - they were filthy. I say that with a :) smile Mike. Also, there was a blue/black long sleeve shirt missing on return. Do you have it at your home? If you could please put her dirty clothes in a plastic bag - I would appreciate it. The dirty and clean are getting mixed in together.

4) I have sent hygiene articles (shampoo,medicine,tooth brush/paste) and they keep coming back unused. Do you want them? If you don't I won't keep sending them.

5) Gaby is almost potty trained and her pull use is tapering off. I think it would be a good thing though to purchase your own pull ups for her. What do you think? They are $13.99 a pack at Freddies, she goes through 4/5 a day......

6) I am thinking about filing a petition to ask that the time you pick Gaby up be revised. I work in the evenings until 9:00 pm. I have a 30 minute dinner break from 4:30 to 5:00 pm. Would you be willing to compromise? Do you have any thoughts how we can work this out? My only thought is you can pick her up at 11:00 am from my place or at the babysitters at 7:00pm. At the moment I am asking my supervisor to shift my hours - I can't keep doing that though.

I think that is everything that I wanted to bring up with you. Like you said she is a happy,loving child - and so funny.
I hope you don't read this email in the wrong way, as just negative stuff. It is a good thing to communicate and fix small issues before they become large issues.I also think if we can solve things without a court/lawyer that would be a huge step towards some healing.
Attached are the photos that I took on your first visitation a few weeks ago.

Just some thoughts.
Thanks -

04-02-2005, 08:22 AM
Good morning, ladies, :wave:

Terri - I don't have your home address. If you don't mind, would you want to PM it to me? The Canon I just bought is a Powershot SD400, and zooms nicely. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. You know how it is when you get a new toy, lol.

Cristi - Neal watches CSI and I did see part of it Thurs. night with the burn victim. I saw where they were taking skin off with tweezers, and also saw the very end where she opened her eyes. I like the ones with Davids Caruso and - oh, shoot, whatshisname - the guy who played Capt. Dan in Forrest Gump. Btw, I know all about not wanting certain photos on the web, lol. If you guys saw some of the photos of me, you'd laugh your butts off!!

Marti - oic about the camera. We gave the 35mm one to Mary and Dale and so all I have is the digital. That was a funny story about the diaper with chocolate in it, lol. At the nursing home, we used to pass around a gift that had false teeth in it, lol, or a pair of big ol' white cotton granny panties with mustard in the crotch, lol. It's good to keep a sense of humor at work, right?

Susan - if you want to know about exercise, you ought to go check out the Ladies (and gents) Who Lift forum. They have forgotten more than I will ever know about exercise! I just know that for me, I feel better when I do some, lol. And about the water - imho, 68 oz a day would be enough for you, at your weight. The expert say as long as your urine is about the color of straw, you're doing fine. But I do know that for me, drinking at least 68 oz. a day does help with weight loss. I like water, and don't have a problem getting more than that unless I'm traveling, etc. Hey! I wanna go to the Wooden Tulip Shoe Farm, too!! Sounds like a blast! Btw, you are a brave momma, and I liked your email to Mike. Hope you're keeping copies of everything like that.

Hi to the others. :wave:

My April Fools clip art disappeared!! :( I don't understand that, because I sent it to Photobucket, and have a paid accound there, so it shouldn't have gone away! All that was left was a white square with a X in the center of it, so I edited it out.

On a happier note, I had a very nice NSV! :cp: Neal and I went to a meeting the other night, and a friend's husband was there. I see her fairly often, but hadn't seen him for quite a while. Anyway, she just told me that her DH didn't know who I was until he saw Neal, because I'd lost so much weight. That also happened at the New Year's dance we went to. Anyway, it sure made my day!!

Well, it's getting close to time for Maggie to call for our Sat. 7:30 AM phone chat, so I better quit yappin'.

Have a good one! :cool:

04-02-2005, 10:35 AM
Hi all
Susan- I haven't heard of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm - Is it in Canby? There are some beautiful flower farms there...and it is tulip time, for sure. Mine are popping up in my yard. Your email to Mike sounded very appropriate to me

Terri - I enjoyed your pictures - you have a sweet family...Emma is a cutie-pie

Marti -Glad I got to chat with you - it's ok it got cut short.

Jane - I enjoyed your Chicago pix

Sorry its short and sweet today...gotta get up and moving. Since we're talking H20...has anyone read the guideline that you are supposed to drink half your weight in ounces? That's what I've been trying to do...need to keep an eye on the color of my urine...don't know if it's straw or not.

Got TOM and the scale is being a mean old lady to me :devil: I'll give it a day or two before an "official" weigh-in...
Have a great day everyone and Hi to anyone I missed

04-02-2005, 03:06 PM

Hope that link works. The tulip farm is in Woodburn, would there be one in Canby too?? I just heard about it through our resident services because they were talking about places to take a field trip.
I mentioned it to my boss and he said it was a cool place, he had been there.
He is so neat.How many 29 year old men think a tulip farm is cool?? lmao....
I am sure he went with his wife........

I am heading to the older girls. Rach spent the night at a friends and Rebecca was sleeping. Their dad called at 8 am and I answered "what do you want?????"

Geez.......8 am in the morning. He wanted to know when I was coming over?? lol......He is leaving at 3 pm to go down to the beach by himslef, might be back Monday. So I get to be in charge!! YAY.....
Get those girls in shape - ha
All they want to do is go to the mall. I am making my way down to the tulip farm though. Tip toe my way through and drink water and think about exercise......sheesh Ma we HAVE to?? lol

Had a lo carb, lo cal beer and 2 rice cakes last night.......shhhhh, don't tell

So, blah - blah.......weighed again because Saturday is weigh day. Get on the scale and prepare myself to :fr: but a pleasant surprise beholded my eyes ( is that proper english?? ) I weighed in at 148!! :bravo: so I ge to go mooove the cow! :moo: :moo:

K- better get. Thanks about the email. Didn't know if it was still sounding angry or not. Rocky just said I spelled pull ups wrong - lol. I love him , he is super nice to me.

BBL :)

04-02-2005, 05:59 PM
Hello ladies!!

Just a quicky today as I'm off to roam around w/James looking at houses and then off to our Sony Reunion.

Susan--I've heard of the Tulip Farm in Woodburn before and have wanted to go, just haven't. What a PERFECT place to take your girls and get pictures!!! Need to take Gaby and just start going crazy w/the camera!!

Terri--Sent you a PM hope you got it, keep me posted if chat works for you and are able to get in.

Jane--Ewwww....mustard in panties!! Now that's funny!! Should mention that to someone at work....maybe for next year. This year was mellow...just a few "you're going to start on a new training schedule...." of coarse, nobody fell for it!

Katy--Hello!! Have a great day today!!

Gotta go....

take more later!

04-03-2005, 12:38 AM
Rainy and cool here again today. So guess what? Mom arrived from FL and we got to go help unload the truck and get her settled. Let me tell you, my hair was standing on end and I was soooo wind blown. The yard was squishy from the rain and we had to cover the floors with anything we could find to keep from tracking in mud. BUT...she is now just 10 minutes away from me and I love that! The apt. is very cute and I think she and her sister will be cozy there.
MARTI- Hope you had a nice time at the reunion. Did you say you were looking to buy a house this year? Good luck with that.
SUSAN- Did you have fun at the tulip farm? I bet it was a good day with the girls. My DGS was going to come spend the night, but when we went to help Mom he made other plans. I should have had him go carry boxes with us. I love having the kids around.
ROSIEKATE- I hadn't read about the half your weight guideline. I wish I could stand to drink water...ugh. Good luck on the scales. :)
JANE- Good day to you. ISn't IN weather wonderful? They say it will be in the 70's again next week. We turn the heat off and on the air?
TERRI- Hope you had a relaxing week-end with the baby. I always looked forward to my girls going away for the week-end, then I couldn't wait for them to come home. Those were the enjoy!
CRISTI- When we get our new house I am going to have to hire you...I can never decide how to decorate. I am already trying to figure out what I want where. I think my head will explode and we haven't even started building yet.

Hi ELLEN, PAM and all the other JL's.

Plan to go to church in the morning then to an open house with DH. Another condo. We are determined! Hopefully the weather will be nicer so I can walk. After the moving today I was so worn out and cold that I didn't walk at all. I think I got alot of exercise just the same.
I am so happy that Mom is close. Did I mention that already? :)

04-03-2005, 03:09 AM
Evening -

The tulip farm was beautiful!! Didn't take pictures though, maybe I will take Gaby next weekend and do that.
The older girls were more interested in elephant ears-lol. Spent $13 on 3 -

How sweet Sue :) I am happy to hear your mother arrived safely.

I am at Doug's. He took off for the beach with a lady friend that he has been seeing for some time. Nice lady, so they went down for a few days.

The girls are up stairs. I better go.Just wanted to say good night. Strange not to have Cristi around today. Miss all you MIA"s :)

04-03-2005, 02:16 PM
:coffee: Good Morning!!!:coffee:

Marti: Will try and get this chat thing working!!! In due time... I really appresciate your help though:thanks: !!! I wrote a little message to suzanne(or someone high up) lol i didnt know how to pm her so i just wrote a quick message in the contact us thingy) hope that is ok!!:?:

Jane: I will pm my address after i type this out... Congrats on the NSV!!!!!! Isnt that the greatest thing!! My doc told me to go by inches not weight because i am big boned and muscular and i will always weigh a lot even if i am small! a couple of years ago i was in a jeans waist size 32 inches,, and i still weighes 175!! so i keep checking my pants to get looser:lol: But... yesterday i put my size 20- pants on and i had to wear a belt because they kept falling off!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! and i went to work at the dance last night,, and a lady i haven;t seen for a while said i was looking good!!! YAY again!!!!

Susan: That tulip farm looked really neat!!! I wish there was stuff like that around here!!(well wouldnt have it yet anyway there is still snow on the ground!!) My con is 6 now, he started going to his dads when he was about 1. I never sent anything with him... I made them buy all the diapers and tylenol and clothes.. they never had a problem with it... I say they because he lived with his parents when Nolan was that age... so i didnt worry as much because they were all there to look after the baby!!

Suetalks: Well my week-end was kind of relaxing lol... I enjoyed when Nolan went to his dads before i had the baby more though.. because then i had the week-end all to myself and i could clean and sleep and stuff like that.. Now when he goes it is almost harder because he is not here to entertain the baby!! Oh well. Oh ya.. that is soooo nice that your mom is close!!! I would be so excited!! My mom got transferred to a job 2 hours away, so now she leaves sunday nights and comes home on Friday nights... so i hardly ever see her... I miss her!!

Katy: Thanx for the compliments... she might look cute but her temper is something to be reckoned with:lol: She definately knows what she wants... I guess she is just like her mommy.. she even looks like i did as a baby.. I call her mini-me!!:lol: ah well the temper cant be helped, i am irish and french:shrug: :lol:

Cristi: Hello, hope you are having a good week-end!!

Ellen: Hello? Hello? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Hope you are feleing ok and can;t wait to talk to you!

Pam, Katie, Angie, and everyone else.. Hi, hope all is well!!!

Wow, it is soo windy here today, it woke me up this morning!!! Guess I wont be going outside for my walk.. I will go to the mall and walk back and forth for a while:lol: trying to get the baby for a nap... seems to be fighting sleep these days.. It will be nice when she doesnt need to nap anymore, then i dont have to plan my day around her sleeping!!:dizzy: well she isnt going to sleep so i best get!! TTFN xxoo

04-03-2005, 05:54 PM
Hello girls--

Everyone out busy this Sunday?? I'm busy cleaning house and I wanted a break so I thought I would pop on here really quick before I continued.

Terri--I'm sure that was ok...but if you just find either Suzanne or Jennifer, just click on their name and it will give you an option to PM a message. (for future reference)

Susan--I want to go to the Tulip Farm!!! I sure wish the weather was better though. Did it rain on you? I suppose yesterday wasn't a bad weather day...we actually had sun.

Sue--We've been talking about buying a house. Not sure if we'll have to wait until next year. We've realized that it would be so much better for James to be closer to work since he's always on an on-call basis at work. Plus, we both work in Eugene and Jhanai lives in Eugene....and we're almost 25miles from it!! So time to move closer to where we're always at.

Well went to the reunion last night and not many showed up. We did see some people we worked with but it wasn't like last year when you couldn't even walk around in the place!! Don't think we'll go next year.

Alrighty ladies....I need to get back to cleaning!!

Talk to you more later

04-03-2005, 11:47 PM
:cheer: :dance:YAY!!! :dance: :cheer:

WEll ladies... I am happy to report that my chat is up and running!!!! It was a java problem...(problem was i didnt have it:lol: ) but i dowloaded it and all is well!!!!!!!!!!!:D Wow you would not believe how proud i am of myself for figuring it out!!!!! First i had to download activex or something, then i had to dowload the java thingy which took an hour... but it is done yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus i am extra excited because i saw an awesome pair of pants today.. but the biggest size was an XL.. no plus sizes. So... i bought the XL and figured it would be incentive... but when i got home i thought well i will try them on to see how much smaller i have to get to fit these things.. and lo and behold they fit!!!! and they look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D Sorry guys but i am so excited and you guys are the only people i talk to about this stuff!!!!!!:grouphug:

WEll better get to sleep.... TTFN xxoo thanx for listening:grouphug:

da fat n da furious
04-04-2005, 01:56 AM
Good evening ladies,
Feels like Ive been gone forever...

Nothing really new,,,just the play,,,kits of fairies, and lords. Takes me a full 2.5 hours to get 20 fairies done. And thats with 3 assistants. I keep getting wonderful responses from the way they all look...
The cast parties alot and seem pretty tight...couple of squabbles but all in all for about 60 people to be closed in tight quarters not bad.

Susan, that was a great email to Mike,,,point across without sounding demanding.
And will love to one day go to the tulip farm...

Marti, we had no pranks done on Friday,,,so boring...

Whats with all the wind you all keep talkinb about? It was brutally windy here last eyes were swollen with allergies or dust, I looked like a bull dog.

Terri, your daughter is adorble...
And congrats on the clothes fitting!

Anyways I should get going...
night all

04-04-2005, 03:04 AM
Hi again.........

Terri--Glad that you finally were able to figure out chat! And congratulations on the jeans!! WTG!! That is definately a great NSV!! Must feel good!

Angie--Hi! I bet you did get lots of compliments on your costumes! How long does your play last? Sure wish I was nearby so I could go see it!! I would love to see your fairies all dancing around on stage! How fun.

Got my house cleaned. So much more to do in certain area's of the house but it smells clean and looks great! Pretty proud of myself. Had A LOT of recycling....and still have more! Need to get rid of all my old school work. Don't need any of it.

I hope you all had a great Sunday. I will pop in tomorrow.


04-04-2005, 09:53 AM
It's Monday again!

Katy - that ol' scale can be relentless, lol. How's it treating you today?

Susan - hope you had a good time with the girls. Do they like Doug's new lady?

Marti - looking at houses to buy is so fun! Around here the banks will pre-qualify you for a loan, so you know what your limit is for a loan. Do they do that in OR? It does make more sense for you to live in Eugene, but I love the name of your town now.

Sue - wow, you are so lucky to have your mom at all, let alone so near!! Glad she's all settled in. Yep, we've been having some excellent weather here, and I've been loving that!

Terri - thank you for the congrats! And YAY for your new size pants!!! Makes it worth it, right?

Angie - good to see you popping in. I've missed you!

Well, as I mentioned to Sue, the weather here is just gorgeous! I plan to spend most of the day outside again.

Have a good one!

04-04-2005, 11:00 AM
;)Good Morning!!;)

Well, not much happening since last night lol.... It is cold and windy here, looks like it might snow.. it is -1 degree celcius... (dont know what that is is fahrenheit.. maybe 30?) So I guess it is an inside day again today... was windy and cold all week-end!! Yes Jane and Marti the new pants size feels great... going to try the water thing this week too!! PMS is about to start and i always gain 5-10 pounds!!!! Maybe the water will help with that!! I was calculating how much i have to drink and it is like 113 ounces or something!!! That is a lot of water!!! Hope my plumbing doesnt go!!:lol: I will probably spend the day in the little girls room!! I think i might go and light a fire.. my fingers are going numb from the cold.... lol.. they are seriously!! Where is everyone?? must have had a busy week-end! WEll I am off for a bit BBL.. TTFN xxoo

04-04-2005, 12:05 PM
Good Morning!

Our weekend was indeed busy, so I wasn't around the computer much. We went to the fundraising auction for my DD's preschool, then we had to move our clocks ahead, so yesterday was a complete waste!

So - I went ahead and changed the ticker. Earlier in the week the scale said -2 lbs, but with TOM and all it fluctuated a little, so it's looking like -1. I'll take it! Saturday was a day with many NSVs, as I dressed up for the auction and several people commented that I looked like I had been losing weight. Yay!

BBL - I have some emails to send and some running around to do
Have a great day

04-04-2005, 02:52 PM
Hi ladies!!

I hope all is well with you. I am back to work today. So I am posting from work and taking advantage of the fact that this computer in NOT on DIAL-UP like my computer at home is.

I need some help with my ticker. Can someone tell me how to change it. It seems that I have lost another pound (YAY ME!) That is a total of 5 pounds for the month of March. An excellent start, and I am very proud.

This morning, I managed to get 20 minutes on the ski machine and even walked the dog for 10 minutes before work. I have strapped on the pedometer and so far have logged 2881 steps. I have a desk job, but most of my morning has been spent walking back and forth to the warehouse and updating all my sales catalogues. So not a bad start. I still need to have a long walk tonight with the pooch to make up the defiecit though.

JANE--Not to worry about the extra postage. Mine didn't have it. Must be the Canadian exchange rate eh?

TECH SUPPORT-- Can anyone tell me how to change my ticker. Seems that I have lost another pound somewhere.

Will write more later. Right now I have to deal with a customer.


04-04-2005, 04:47 PM
Jane~ We have been using Orajel night time on Brandon’s gums when he gets super cranky. But for the most part we really don’t need to use much on them.

Terri-Lee~ He seems to be over his poopy diapers. Although, his two cousins, Nicholas and Veronica are over and he is being a BIG time bully! I will have to post the pictures later, but he knocked over Nicholas and THEN was climbing on him! We have to get that out of his system before the next baby comes.

Cristi~ How are you doing??

Tommy is watching the Tigers opening day game. Right now, the score is 11 – 2 and they are winning!

Marti~ How are you doing?

Susan~ Sorry to hear that you were missing Gaby, but she I am sure has made up for the time that she was gone!

04-04-2005, 06:01 PM
Afternoon ladies!!

Jane--We have a friend who is going to help us out, she works doing morgage loaning and all that stuff. She said she's help us out w/half the cost or something like that. Anyway, she's going to help once we get going. Probably won't be anything looking to buy until summer is closer...(which is just a few months) Have a lot of home buyer us idea's of what neighborhood we want. Very excited about the idea.

Terri--Adding more water will do wonders for ya! I've been drinking green tea everyday. And lots of water. But I sure don't think I drink as much as Susan! But I always notice a difference when I do drink lots of water. Great for the body. I will PM Suzanne about you're chat room victory!! Wednesday afternoon!

Anita--Congrat's on 5lbs in March!! To edit your ticker, just go to your signature page and put in the new weight. You don't have to go back to the ticker pages to change. It will automatically change when you do. I have a desk job too and getting the workouts in during the day can be hard. I've pulled out my gazelle after two weeks of not working out on it!! (shame on me) and I always do a minimum of 30mins. Gotta get my body back into shape!

Katy--Hurray for the NSV's!!!! It feels good to have people notice doesn't it? I had someone at the Sony reunion tell me I looked great and getting small. Hmmmm.....I didn't think so, but I felt good anyway. :dizzy:

Mindee--yep, need to get your little one bully'd out before baby 2 comes along. He may be a little jealous at first, but he's so young it may not even affect him.

Ok ladies...I've got to shower and get some lunch before work. I may check in again later...if not I'll be back after work.

04-04-2005, 08:03 PM
YAY on the 2 pounds Katy :) Bravo on the 5 Anita :)

YAY on Angie posting! Wow - a lot of dressing of fairies Ang- lol- would love to see a picture of them :)

House hunting is exciting Marti. Doug still has a GI loan he could use. We looked when we were still together. I wish he would use it and get a home for the girls before anything happens to him ( he is 71)

ooooooh, Jane. I have only seen his lady friend twice. She came to church once and was at his place when I went to pick up Gaby after work. I think she is nice so far - lol. Outgoing, single mom - has a 17 year old son and a daughter out of the house who is married with a child. She has her own home and rents out another. The girls say they don't like her and I say.........stop being so selfish. He deserves to have a friend.Sheesh......these kids.

argh.,.....cranky - lol

I didn't get any sleep last night!! Slept on the pull out bed and it was lumpy. Girls were up and down the stairs waking me up......anyway, coasting today.

Gaby is home!! She was whinning for awhile when she got home. We went to Dougs and I put her pj's on and washed her clothes.

Better get! That is enough

04-05-2005, 01:57 AM
Another sunny day here. I was able to walk my 2 miles this afternoon. We went to visit BiL this morning, then I cleaned 2 bathrooms and ran the Hoover. Brought in the bird feeders and washed them all out. Now I will feed the finch. Can't wait till May to attract the hummingbirds.
Tomorrow I plan to finish the housewoork and do laundry. Fun, huh?

*not much news, so no individuals* :)

04-05-2005, 09:13 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Terri - your body will adjust to all the water you're drinking after awhile. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks? I forget. Even once you slack off going so much, you'll probably continue to go more than before you started drinking so much, but it's worth it to see the scales go down. Did you get snow?

Katy - YAY for the 1 pound gone and the NSVs!! IN in legislature right now trying to pass a bill that would keep the entire state on the same time. If they do that, it will be about 10 PM before it gets dark, in the height of summer, where I live.

Anita - are you glad to be back at work? Your job sounds fun. Yep, what Marti said about the ticker. Just go to your signature and change it there. A big Bravo for the 5# down in March! That's like 20 sticks of butter!

Mindee - seems like when the DGDs are cutting teeth, they get a runny nose. Is Brandon like that, too? How're you feeling?

Marti - must be great to have a banker friend!! When we sold our house in town, we agreed to this: instead of coming down a few thousand from the original asking price, we let the buyers put that $$ toward their down payment. We got what we wanted, and they didn't have to come up with a down payment on their own. Worked out great for everyone. The only down side was, as sellers, we had to give the commission fee on the total amount, which made the realtor happy, but cut into our profit a little. It was worth it to us, though, to be rid of the house, and of course, we still made a nice profit. Do they do that in OR too?

Susan - does the lady seem ok to you? It would be normal for the girls to be a little jealous. Aww, I bet you snuggled with Gaby a bunch!

Sue - don'tcha just love hummingbirds? W have so very many cardinals in the fir trees here. And buku mockingbirds. The mockingbirds try to attack the dogs when they come too close to their low-lying nests, lol. It's fun to watch, lol.

I'm getting my hair evened out later today. Mary and I tried to trim it up the day I left for Chicago, and although we did an ok job, it needs a pro's touch, lol. Worked in the yard most of the day yesterday. It's just so beautiful out that I can't stay indoors, lol.

Have a good one!!

04-05-2005, 09:57 AM
;) Good Morning!!;)

:grouphug: Ok I am all ready... I got my notepad out to take notes!!! Got my warm cup of coffee!!:coffee: I needed something hot... it is only 12 degrees in here(celcius)... My DH went to light the fire this morning before work and the house fill up with smoke!!!So we figure the birdies have made a little nest in there.. so for today me and Emma are freezing our big buns off!!(Sad to report the baby:bb: is built just like her momma) :lol: lol (Although up until i had kids I was a little beanpole!!) THis weight loss thing is a little new to me!!

:df: Jane: I was right, i only drank half of my water yesterday and i might as well have been just sitting on the toilet... I dont think I moved from there..But happy to say i got out for my walk :tread: after a weeks hiatus!! but now my back is killing me...Oh the price we pay to look beautiful!!!:lol: A new haircut always makes me feel better!!:goodluck: :dancer:

:df: Susan: I am always a walking zombie..:tired: I have insomnia.. plus when i finally do get to sleep the baby wakes up every hour almost!!! I can;t wait until she grows out of that!!!

:df: Marti: WEll is is too cold to drink all that cold water today.. so i might be drinking warm cups of green tea all day:lol: Oh well, tis better then nothing... (they will have to wait until i am done my coffee of course lol) If you don;t mind me being nosy, how much do houses cost in your area... We only paid 30 000 for this house but had to put a lot of work into it.. plus we are way out in the country.... the taxes are ridiculously low!! but in town the average house is about 100 000... , we only bought this about a year and a half ago.. my hubby is friends with a bank manager.. so she helped out a lot!!

:df: Suetalks: I love hummingbirds.. I will have to get a feeder this year because last year i had a couple hanging around my house... what other kinds of birds do you get in your area?

:df: Mindee: It is perfectly normal for a little boy his age to be aggressive... even my baby girl 20 months beats on her big brother.. when she does it we just say emma no.. be nice and show her how to touch nice... seems to be working so far!! And i found that orajel never works for teething.. but the doctor said to give her some tylenol before bed to help the pain go away to sleep.. that worked a little.

:df: Anita: Bravo on the pounds lost!! :cheer: I have dial-up way out here.. but i changed internet providers and now i have this thing called hi-speed dial-up.. it works very well!! much faster then the regular dial-up!!

:df:Katy: Congrats on the pounds lost and the NSV!!! :cheer: Ya the clock thing really messed up the baby's routine!! yesterday she slept until 10:30 am !!!! crazy.. :crazy:

Has anyone heard from Ellen? :?: I hope she is doing alright!! I don't think i will be doing much today as it is too cold to even get out of my blanket!!!:blah: So I will BBL to check if anyone is around TTFN xxoo

04-05-2005, 12:24 PM
I've been drinking me water and it is really helping....scale has been showing losses and I am so happy ...after months of being stuck in a plateau. So, I guess it really doesn't matter where I heard that tip on half your weight in ounces, because it seems to be the right amount for me! Sometimes I feel a little sloshy..but it goes away.

Marti - hope the house hunting is going well. My brother owns two houses in North Eugene by the high school and they were around 150-170,000, which for Oregon metro areas is very reasonable. The area used to be run-down, but is now perking up because people are buying the homes and investing in the neighborhood. You know what that means--in a few years the prices will be too high!

Terri - Marti lives a couple hours south of me in Oregon home prices are a little different. To give you an idea what Portland is like, I just read an article in our newspaper last week profiling a young couple looking to buy their first home in the city . The article was called "Unreal estate... the search for the under-200,000 bungalow" Real estate is unreal here ....experts are saying we'll be like California before too long. Keep up the water---it will really help! Loved your post on bananas

....and, as usual, I am out of time. I have to get DD ready for preschool, but will bbl to chat some more after I drop her off

04-05-2005, 02:02 PM
Just kind of been lurking, Saturday and Monday morning. Didn't really have much to say and had a very busy weekend ahead so didn't really have time to post Sat. Yesterday spent most of the day cleaning house and then when V got home we had things to do. Been working on the yard doing lots of things but I will spare you the details-don't want to bore you to tears.

Marti~house hunting eh? You guys are going to have fun and at least you will be close to your jobs and Jhanai. Good that you have a friend to help with the mortgage stuff. There are all kinds of financing today and I am sure she can find the right one for you guys. Of course if you buy a new house sometimes it is limited depending on the builder-of course that goes with any house depending on what the seller is willing to do. I am telling you we had some stubborn sellers (like the secretive guy with the room they didn't want to show), so walked away.

Sue~like you , I can't stand the taste of water. I still after drinking it for months have never seen a difference in the trips to the restroom or in my skin or anything else like they say. But I still drink it, just not near as much as I should. The four 16.9 oz. bottles I drink a day is more than enough for me. How's the condo hunting coming along? Have you guys heard anything about the other?

Terri~thanks for sharing the info on bananas. I love bananas! Hope you and Emma don't get too cold today. We have had some beautiful weather the past few days despite the strong winds-reached 82! Had to turn the air on yesterday. Too mcuh wind to open the windows-too much dust in the air and I just cleaned my house.

Katy~I think real estate everywhere is getting high. Used to be cheap here, and you can still find a good buy-if you want to live in the country. Of course that too depends on how small a town it is and how much yard you want. Of course the little town we moved from has new homes popping up everywhere starting in the $160,000 range up to $300,000. Some come with up to five acre lots which would be nice.

Angie~good to see you checking in.

Mindee~how are you feeling? Have you had any morning sickness?

Jane~I too have been spending some time oudoors. Love the time change, sort of. What I love is having the extra hour of light.

Susan~that's cool Doug has a lady friend. I have to say most kids don't like that their dad/mom are dating or with someone else. In time though if it gets serious they will come around and see he deserves to be happy. I think it's nice also that you and he have a great relationship. Now Mike on the other hand...I think the e-mail to him was perfect and not demanding at all. if he takes it the wrong way then he has a problem.

Almost forgot to say CONGRAT'S to those of you who lost, Katy, Anita, Susan and Terri-WTG ladies! :cp: :bravo:

Okay, guess I went on enough. Not much on the agenda for today. Going to vaccum and straighten up...even though I cleaned house yesterday. Trying to stay on top of it and spend less time on the computer. Going to go look at the dining room furniture I was wanting when V gets home. Didn't plan on getting it now but it is on sale and...because it is a new store in the area they are trying to get business and we got a check in the mail for $100 off anything in the store. So with it being $300 off it would be the best time to buy it-so we'll see. Anyway, I am off. Hi to everyone else. Take care and have a good one ladies. :wave:

04-05-2005, 02:41 PM
Hi Ladies,

How is everyone today? I am doing well. Today has been productive too, I cleaned out the supply closet here at work and pretty much kept busy all morning long. Before I knew it there was a rumbly in my tumbly (to quote Winnie the Pooh) and it was lunch time.

Today's lunch was delicious. Veggies dipped in cottage cheese. Fat free cheese sandwich on whole grain bread. and yogurt, and 2 bottles of water.

MARTI Thanks for the tip on the ticker. You will notice that the change has been made.

JANEWOW 20 sticks of butter!! Pretty impressive! To answer your question, I do like my job. I like dealing with people and since I've been with the company for 10 years, I get along well with most of my customers.

TERRI Ditto to what Jane said about the water. I pretty much only drink water and green tea and you system totally gets used to all that water. In fact, sometimes, I am amazed at the amount of water I can drink without having to go to the bathroom. When I first started though....... :dizzy:.

Hi to everyone else. Lunch is over now and I gotta get back to work.


04-05-2005, 05:20 PM
I only have a second!

I am sooooooo glad you are posting Cristi, missed you.

I think she is a nice lady Jane. Doug & her seem to have a lot of things in common. She spent one day with him and I guess read books and romped on the floor with Gaby. She works part time and Doug asked if he could take Gaby over to her place tomorrow, and I said sure.
She seems to have a lot of patience with the girls and knows not to push with them.

So,I asked Doug if she was his girlfriend today and he said yes.....awwww - I am happy for him. I know he needs companionship. We are close up to a point and I need to step away after awhile because we will start to argue.


I have 20 annuals this month,I start today and it will go a will keep me busy I guess.......

anyway, better get busy.

Hi to you all!! :)

04-05-2005, 07:55 PM
Hi Ladies--

I was up early this morning....much too early. I had gotten to bed at 5:00 (knowing I had to get up) and got up at 9:00. I am NOT used to only 4hrs of sleep. Used to be that way for me all the time, but times have changed and I need at least 8hrs!!

Went and got my taxes done finally. We will get a refund. And since we owe still from last year, it will come out even. I say....PERFECT!

Since I just woke from a nap I'm in a terrible mess...I need to clean up and get ready for work. So I dont have time for individuals right now, but I will try and get some in later on when I get off work.

Until then ladies....

04-06-2005, 01:41 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

My in-law’s just moved and they have a HUGE basement, so we jokingly talked about having Brandon’s party there. Well, they were moving this past week/weekend, so she said that they would think about it. We went over there on Saturday and my MIL says “well, me and dad thought about it and for Brandon’s birthday party, we don’t mind having the party here. You can invite your mom and dad, and sisters and brothers, but not too many kids. Dad can’t handle all the kids.” Me and Tommy both said at the same time “forget about it, we will try and cram everybody at our house.” She then says “well, I hope you have nice weather so everyone can be outside.” Tommy goes “it’s Michigan, don’t count on it.” We still don’t know what the theme will be, but we know what the meal will be. We will have mostaccioli and then have everyone bring a dish to pass. Which reminds me, I have to send an email out to those that I have email addresses for. I will have Tommy call those that we don’t have an email address for. And for those that we don’t have a phone number for, well I guess I can make an invitation and send it.

Brandon has FINALLY stopped pooping constantly! The culprit……two new teeth on the top!

Marti~ He was better with his cousins coming over on Tuesday then he was on Monday. So I am sure it was just a “you took the toy I was playing with, now I want it back” kind of thing. Although, Nicholas got him back and took his pacifier when Brandon put it down. He was chewing on it and teasing Brandon, but nobody got pushed over this time.

Jane~ Brandon has had a little bit of a runny nose. But he has had a runny nose and cough for about a week or so before that. It seems to be going away now. We had to take him for a walk at 10:30 last night to get him to go to sleep! I am doing good. I still get tired, and it is usually in the afternoon time, but then I get more energy in the evening.

I have found that the water coming out of our bathroom sink gets much colder then our kitchen sink. So I am thinking of just filling up the filter in there as oppose to the kitchen.

Terrie-Lee~ He did better on Tuesday with his cousins. They will be here again on Wednesday and then they are going racing. So it should be interesting. I also think he was in a mood Monday where he didn’t want to share, but who knows exactly what he was up to. I haven’t really used the orajel except for when we are at my sisters house and she has it in her hallway on the display shelves. I have been giving him children’s ibuprofen and that has been working wonders for his teeth.

Ellen~ I hope everything is okay. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Katy~ awesome job on the weight loss (I am a little behind on congratulating you)

Cristi~ I am feeling great…..except for the fatigue in the afternoon. Usually when Brandon takes a nap, I fall asleep on the couch. Nope, I haven’t had any morning sickness, with this pregnancy or with Brandon. With this one though, I have been having more nausea than I did with Brandon.

Neets~ Welcome to the group!

Susan~ Like usual, you are constantly going!

04-06-2005, 10:44 AM
Just a quick pop-in to say hello.... my BIL Jerry is really bad.... plus, today is my day with Mackenzie the 6y/o, so I won't be at chat. I'll be back when I can, though.

Have a good day!

04-06-2005, 11:25 AM
Good Morning!!

Well we got the stove up and running so we didnt freeze all night!! We had a very cold day yesterday,,, i spent all day wrapped up in the electric blanket!

Jane: Well it will be my first chat so I will miss you... Sorry about your BIL... I will be thinking about you (and him). Does that sound creepy?

Mindee: Ok I have to ask what is mostaccioli?:o Great that Brandons teeth popped through.. he should be feeling a little better now. My kids birthdays are in August and September... so i usually BBQ or make something easy like spaghetti... We usually just have my family and in-laws over.. Maybe now that Nolan is older he might want a party with his friends though.

Marti: I usually get about 6 hours, but have been known to go on 1 hour or none.. most people think i am nuts.. but i have never been a good sleeper!

Susan: Glad that you are comfortable with letting the girls go there... It makes us a lot less worried when we know they are in good hands!!

Anita: Ya I am in the bathroom constantly.. but i am not used to drinking so much fluids.. I imagine my body will get used to it soon!:)

Cristi: Well today is finally a nice sunny day!!!! No wind!! The snow is almost gone.. maybe we will get outside to play a little today!

Katy: THAT IS CRAZY!! i can't believe the price of those houses!! like i said here we paid 30 000 and that is a full acre!! wowsers

Well i better get going.. think i might have company this afternoon and the house i a wreck!!! TTFN xxoo

04-06-2005, 11:32 AM
Hi ladies

Just a quick pop in for now but will post more later.

Mindee Hi there! I've been meaning to post you a message for a while now but keep forgetting. It looks like you and I are going through the same thing with our little one's right now. My daughter Joycelyn will be 1 year old on April 14th. We're going thorough the teething thing too. This past couple of weeks has been hard on her poor thing. Diaper rash, pooping. Night wakings. I have found that Tempra works well for her. I put some in her bottle before she goes to bed. I also bought an infant toothbrush and I massage her gums a little before sleeping. She has four teeth now and I think that her incisors are coming in. I also found that wet rolled up wash cloths placed in the freezer help too. This too shall pass. Though I hear that when the molars come in it's really bad for them. Luckily that's not until about 2 years old though.


04-06-2005, 01:12 PM
Terri - so glad you mentioned chat, 'cause I forgot it was Wednesday! I'll do my best to drop in today and keep you company....30 grand for a house with and acre sounds dreamy... not to be had here as you can imagine. We tapped some home equity for a remodel we want to do this summer and we realized that our home appreciates 1000/a month in value... and that's BEFORE the addition. It's crazy.....the house is a 2B/1B on about a 10,000 sq. ft. lot. we are turning into California....

Jane - My thoughts are with you and BIL today... hope he is getting good meds and being kept as comfortable as possible. Have fun with MacKenzie.

Susan- thanks for link on Wooden Shoe. I guess I automatically thought of Canby becasue there are so many family farms up there... but of course there are flower farms all the way down the valley. I'll have to check out the Wooden shoe sometime - I love tulips. But I don't love mud, and it always seems to be so muddy 'round daffodil and tulip time. Now dahlias and iris are more my speed....Ever been to the Oregon Garden in Silverton? That's a really fun day trip and kids love it - they have a really good children's garden.

Mindee - Can't believe little Bdo is going to be one so soon! I second anita's frozen washcloth suggestion - both of my kids found that to help their sore little gums.

Anita - good to see you posting - how's the transition back to work going? Do you have plans for a big birthday party for Joycelyn?

Cristi - Hey - it's Wally World Wednesday! Are you doing more decorating? Did you get the dining set? Our board meeting was at the most gorgeous house on a hill last night - beautiful view of the city. The host is a contractor who has a business modifying homes for the disabled and elderly and he had done lots of remodeling on this house --- I don't think I have really ever seen a house that was DONE... I just sigh and hope that is our house someday.. Some day the remodeling will be done, right? Don't answer that :P

I'm off for now, but will bbl

hope to see some of you in chat today

04-06-2005, 02:43 PM
Hi ladies,

I hope everyone is well this beautiful spring day. A little tired today but I am guessing that's to be expected. Woke up late this morning and hubby was almost laste for work. I gotta start getting to bed earlier, but I can't seem to get it together this week, and feel like I am shortchanging everyone. My husband (bless his heart) is truly a wonderful good man, and says that I am being too hard on myself, because I only just got back to work and I haven't found my flow yet. I know he's right but I just can't help trying to do it all. As a result, my workouts are suffering because I can't drag my butt out of bed, nor can I get into bed at a decent hour.
I missed my bath last night, so I will try again tonight.

JANE So sorry to hear about your BIL . Thinking of you and praying for you both.

MINDEE Try this website. I found it this morning. It has some great first birthday ideas. Joycelyn's first birthday party is next Saturday.

Rosiekate Nothing too special planned for Joycelyn's birthday, just some family, friends and some cake.

HI :wave: to everyone I have missed. Have a great afternoon.


04-06-2005, 03:28 PM
Hi Ladies & a very Happy Wednesday!

Jane~sending lots of thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

Anita~I would have to agree with your hubby. It will just be a matter of time before you get back on track.

Katy~I just realized that we are going on two years here and DH wasn't joking about being done with things by the time we get ready to sale! LOL I am definitely hoping to be finished with things by the end of this year for sure so we can sit back and enjoy it. The only decorating is the yard right now. Decided to do the patio before the fence so a cement mixer (if we go that way) can get in the back easily and less tearing up of the yard. I would rather them mess up the back than the front. We decided to concentrate on a project and see it done where as we were doing a little here, a little there. So the inside is on hold till the outside is finished, which is just the fence and patio, oh and planting a Rose of Sharon. When we went to see The Ring Two the lady moved to a house (bungalow) in Astoria and I told DD that is where I would love to live-love those houses on the top of the hill with a view-gorgeous! So when do you guys break ground on your renovations? bet you are getting excited. Isn't it crazy about the real estate-the two houses across the street from us are listed $20,000 more than ours (they're not finished yet-sure is taking them a long time) and the people next door to them put their house on the market for $45,000 more than those two. Not sure they will get it but it will be crazy if they do. Couldn't even imagine living in CA again with it so high like it is. Yeppers, it is Wally World Wednesday! LOL And some days I just really hate going there. Think I will switch over to Target Tuesday or Thursday!

Susan~thank you, you're a sweetie! I think that is great Doug has a girlfriend. :love: Everyone deserves to have a special someone in their life and to be happy. Loved the link to the Tulip place-what a great place to take pictures!

Marti~hey, breaking even is better than having to pay anytime. Are you excited about looking for a home? I hope you guys find the perfect home for you.

Mindee~First birthday parties are so much fun! Can't believe Brandon will be one already. You should do a duck theme-don't know if they have stuff for that or not. I don't even know what the little ones are into now days. It's been a long time since mine were that little.

Anywho...did the wally world thing this morning after getting up late. Had a thunderstorm move in last night and that thunder wakes me up. Don't think I will ever get used to thunderstorms. Need to get a couple of loads of laundry done today and that's about it for me.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day. :)

04-06-2005, 04:58 PM
Just another quick post for now.....wanted to say that I had a nice chat w/Katy...missed anyone who wasn't able to get there.
Terri....I wasn't sure if you know exactly what time chat was, it's noon Oregon time. I'm not sure how far off you are from us.

We'll have to figure out the time change so you can come join us.

Ok...I need to take my muggies out for a tinkle! :D

I'll yap more later on....and catch up on individuals.

04-06-2005, 10:24 PM
Just checking in for a few minutes to see if anyone had posted since nothing is on the telly.

Always, forget about chat! :doh: And I was on the 'puter at about the time everyone would have been here-I think.

Anywho...hope everyone had a great day! See ya :wave:

04-07-2005, 09:03 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Jerry was sitting up yesterday, drinking a milk shake! He still has very limited output, and you know how they say a person gets better before they die? I'm wondering if that's what's going on with him. He talks gibberish most of the time and I think it's the meds working on him.

Plan to clean today. Everything has been "skimmed over" too long!

Water and food's going very well. Exercise has been hit or miss. Should've waited until the rainy season was over before I put up the Gazelle!

Have a good day!

04-07-2005, 11:40 AM
Good Morning!!

Well i will just type a little hello to everyone today since not much is new since yesterday.. Oh well i am covered with hives and i have no idea but that is about it...I missed chat yesterday... but i have no idea when it is here... the time thingy messes me right up. Oh well i will stay on next wednesday and see if i can catch it... the baby was up all night last night.. and i was up scratching,, so i am very tired and cranky this morning!! The coffee is tasting very good this morning!! Emma is watching Dora right now.. She is in love with it. I thought it would be too old for her.. but her big brother watches it so maybe that is why she likes it... Does anyone have the baby einstein movies?? Just wondering because Emma was watching the farm one the other day... and something scared her so bad she cried and shook on my knee for half an hour!! she kept crying and saying cow cow? I dont know.. It was weird!! I was also wondering.. I am on the board of directors for my community.. (of about 500 people lol) but we were looking for ideas for some things to do in teh community... like we have a hall and all that.. we came up with a couple of ideas.. like maybe a craft day once a week or month or something.. but i just thought you ladies were so smart and creative you could help me out with some ideas.. we dont seem to have much community spirit and we are trying to get it back!!! Well i guess my 'me' post is long enough... hope everything is ok with everyone especially Jane.. and Ellen Everyone else Hi and hope you have a grrrreat day!!!!!TTFN xxoo

04-07-2005, 12:51 PM
Well, nothing really new on this end. Except a bit of advice……kielbasa, angel hair pasta and pink lemonade, don’t taste good a second time when they come out of your nose. Tommy had gone to his mom and dad’s house to get some Tylenol because I had a monster headache. (they only had Tylenol arthritis, so he called and asked me if I wanted him to stop and get some more pink lemonade.) I said “no, we can pick it up tomorrow” and he said “ok, well I will see you in a couple minutes then.” I hung up the phone and felt really hot, so I went into the bathroom and sure enough Brandon was right at the door when I was puking. Tommy came home right after I had started to put water on my face. The rest of the night until we went to bed, if I sighed or something, he would go “are you okay?” Miraculously my headache went away after I puked. I am thinking it was all the sugar in the pink lemonade, because we have had kielbasa and angel hair pasta before and I never puked it up.

We also went out last night and picked up some birthday presents for Brandon. Good thing for gift cards!! We picked him up the moving “Finding Nemo” and a Nemo toy that has a birthday hat and birthday cake with it, that was from the Disney store. Then we went to JCPenny, and got him an outfit. Now, we are in the process of getting a hold of Brandon’s godmother that works at Dairy Queen to find out how much an ice cream cake would cost.

Brandon has turned into a little daddy’s boy the past couple of days. Where ever daddy is, that is where he wants to be. Which is a load of my shoulders because usually he has been my shadow!

Jane~ Sorry to hear about your BIL Jerry. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Have fun with Mackenzie!

Terrie-Lee~ Mostaccioli (or however you spell it) is I think rigatoni noodles and sauce and meat all mixed together in a pot. We are going to have a different kind of spectrum for each little ones birthday. Brandon being in April and then the next little one being in October. Tommy already has told me, “well, if you go ten days late, then every year we can have people come over for trick or treating and also have a bash for his birthday.”

Anita~ Happy early birthday to your little one. Our next door neighbors, their son was born a week exactly before Brandon. The funny part…..they didn’t even know that she was pregnant! They went to the hospital on a Thursday because she wasn’t feeling good. Fifteen minutes after she walked through the hospital doors, their son was born. The even funnier part, since their son was early, they had to take him to the hospital when he was about 7 weeks old because he stopped breathing on them and turned blue, that was on a Monday. The Thursday of that same week, Brandon went into the hospital because he turned pale on us! And they were right around the corner from each other. You could see their room from our window. If I am not mistaken, they do get 1 year molars as well. I think I have seen some trying to come in in Brandon’s mouth. Brandon LOVES ducks, so we have been looking for local stores that have duck themed things. But he loves Elmo too, so maybe we will go with that since I can find that everywhere, or we might go with the run of the mill first birthday ideas. Thanks for the website!

Katy~ I will have to put some washcloths in the freezer. He liked the one I had on my forehead last night to cool my head off after puking.

Cristi~ They do have the duck theme, but we are unsure how much we would have to buy because the packages from Birthday Express come 8 to a package, and that is I think $40. And we know we would need more then that many….so we just might do a plain jane birthday theme or do a homemade ducky theme.

da fat n da furious
04-07-2005, 01:09 PM
Good morning ladies,

Terri, I used to live in a small town,,,that grew and grew...till it was a large town. Things that I helped set up were, did you mention you had a hall? Cause what we did was used that hall for seniors walks,,during bad weather...they walk around and around the permeter of the room, talking,,,safe, no ice or rocks to slip or fall over. There could be a play group for the lil ones,,,everyone bring toys they no longer want or need,,,and then all the lil preschoolers can play. Moms can socialize too. Having craft days are great,,,for preschoolers,,,possibly getting the high school students to help...have different craft days for each age group. Plus don't forget the ladies in the community,,,Ladies Timeout was my godsend when I had Tanner,,,every week we had a get together with other ladies in the community,,,there was babysitting,,,(we charged .50 cents (dang Jane I forgot how to do the cent sign) and that would go to the babysitter and toys) and someone would be incharge of teaching us about whatever,,,how to grow a good garden to making wise money decisions,,,I taught crafts, (painting) I learned how to crochet from a woman who had been crochetting for about 60 years... someone always has something to offer,,,sometimes they don't know that,,,dig deep.

Jane, like I always feel that when someone is terribly sick and get better its usually the calm before the thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Cristi, I laughed when I read Katy's Wally World Wednesday...cause thats what I think about on shopping Did you get the furniture?

Marti, happy house shopping!

Susan, thats sweet about Doug and his lady friend...awwww The girls need to understand that ya hes their dad but he does have alife too....

Ellen....where are you? you know I can't do a poem to bring you out!

Hello to everyone else!

The show is almost done! YA Im tired,,,having to be there hours ahead to plaster them fairies with dust and all is taking its toll on I swear I have fairy lung! (black lung) All the hairspray and glitter,,,making me

my washing machine broke! *gasp I know mount washmore is HUGE! for someone who does 2 loads a day,,,this past week has been like no fun. Monte said its not worth fixing...its old. ok so we went to SEars,,,the outlet store and bought a marked down washer,,,front has a dent on the side and scratches on it,,,no big deal right? wrong,,,there is soemthing wrong with the machanics of it. Put a load in at 4:30 right before I ran out the door to theatre,,,got home at 11 pm still running,,,thinking wow thats nice someone put a load in for me,,again wrong. Same load,,,going and going and going...thankgoodness I still have clothes. So Im thinking I put the dial wrong,,,there is a time delay. So I put another load in at 11:30 woke at 7...still going,,,and going arghh Houston we have a problem. So because I had to wait till 10 to call Sears, Im doing the laundry but turning the dial,,,,what a desperate woman will do to have clean underwear! So far Im load 4 out of 10...and we aren't even talking sheets yet! I have to call a junk place to come and pick up my old washer,,,feel like white trash right now with a washer on my front step. The only thing I can be thankful for,,,all the jeans that have been washing for the last 8 hours are all the style of looking washed out! Just call me Mis Sunshine,,,finding the good in

Talked with me mom about the family this mornings too, just realized thats where the phone is,.... on the washer. Anyways two of my cousins are expecting babies,,,well their wives are. One is due in 3 montsh and the other is 3 months along,,,but they have found a problem with the baby...she goes tomorrow for another test...and were told that they have to have a decision of keeping the baby or not..?? I guess in our family we don't think that way,,,to abort a baby cause of problems they may have..we wouldn't have some loved ones with us today if that was the case.

Well I gotta finish my cardio,,,running up and down the stairs with laundry....and need my phone.
have a great day ladies!

04-07-2005, 03:05 PM
Hiya ladies~

Angie~I think that's why I dread Wednesday's now-I too think of it as being Wally World Wednesday! Hope you get the washer fixed. I can't imagine not being without one or having to do what you are having to do-and ten loads! YIKES! Also, hope everything goes well with your cousins baby. That would be terrible to have to abort. Was watching Primetime once about multiple births and the one couple aborted some of the babies so that the others could live. That would just be horrible to have to make a decision like that. Sounds like you are needing a much needed rest from the theatre. Didn't get the furniture. We are going to get it Saturday because the $100 check can only be used on the 8th & 9th for some reason, and V has to work late Friday. It's on sale till Sunday so we will still get the $300 off with the check.

Terri~haven't seen the baby einstein movies. Wonder what it was that scared her, poor baby. I think chat time would be 3:00 pm your time-are you eastern time zone? I am central and it being noon west coast (pacific) time it is 2:00 pm my time and I think the east coast is an hour ahead of us.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Had some errands to run this morning and did a little cleaning before I left. Getting in my mood where I can't leave the house unless it is clean. Guess that's a good thing. Trying to find V stuff for his birthday Monday. What do you buy a man that doesn't need anything? Including tools! LOL Anyway, that's about all I have. Gotta go look up a few things and then do a load of laundry.

Have a good day ladies :p

04-07-2005, 03:51 PM
Hi ladies,

Just a quick pop in. Busy. busy. This week has been a write off exercise wise. I started out great but have fizzled out these last couple of days. At least I've been realtively healthy about my eating so hopefully I won't be forestalled.

TERRI Joycelyn loves the Baby Einstein's. Which one in particular are you talking about. She loves them all, and I've found nothing that upsets her yet. Some good one's are Baby Noah, and Baby Gallileo.

TTFN will write later


04-07-2005, 05:56 PM
Hello girls--

So much to catch up on...lets see if I can do it!

Mindee--Just about anything can make a pregnant girl ill. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Jane--My thoughts are w/you and your family today! I'm so sorry to hear how your BIL is doing. It seems that my grandma went through the same a couple weeks before she went. Why is that?? Hugs to you!!! (((((HUGS))))))

Terri--I had never been a good sleeper either until I met James. He always saw how I struggled at work w/little sleep (before we got together) and he just wanted me to get healthy and told me to sleep. And I have...and after 6yrs of being spoiled........this wacky sleeping is taking it's toll on me! I have never seen any of the baby Eistein movies....poor baby, wonder what was on that frightened her?

Anita--Get yourself in a routine at work again before you can work in some exercise. It will come. You have to get adjusted. And let others don't need to do it all....listen to your DH and don't be so hard on yourself. I hope you were able to get your bath! Soaking in a tub is so relaxing!!

Cristi--I am excited about the house shopping. I had called my sister yesterday and was telling her about it, and she told me that she and her DH are putting there house up for sale this month. I was just waiting to hear her ask me if I want to buy it....knowing all the flaws!! Don't get me's a beautiful house, nice yard....just the location is NOT for me. It's right next to a BUSY road. It's like a freeway but it's much traffic and soooo many accidents every year. Anyway, she never did ask and I was relieved!

Angie--OMG!! Your electric and water bill are going to be high! You should send the bill to SEARS when you get it! :D I love your ideas you have for Terri's neighborhood. My town is a town of 8,000 (although I have no idea where they are all at!!) and we don't do much. They are trying to dress up the town a bit though and I suppose it's a cute town to retire in.....
I'm glad that your show is almost over so you can start breathing fresh air again!! Send me a photo of the cast of fairies if you have one. Would love to see your art work!!

Hello to anyone I may have missed.

I believe I got TOO much sleep last night. I skipped ALL cafeine products yesterday so I could sleep. I even worked an hour overtime last night. When I got home I tried to get on here...and it wouldn't let me so I went right to bed and what do you know...instant sleep!! James called me up a couple times to let me know he was on his way home and he MIGHT be home before I go to work. I hope so.

Ok ladies...I hope you all have a great's raining out!! Where is my SUN!????

Hugs to you all!

04-07-2005, 05:57 PM
Don't post here...go on to chit chat #123!!!