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05-23-2001, 08:20 AM
Our darling Bagzie is trying to find us but since we keep changing threads and since the three fat chicks won't let her post (she said so it's true!!), it's hard. Also, she's in Canada and that's a handicap.

140 again today Kiwislosh!!

Herbie and I had a dirty trick played on us. We bought four bell pepper plants, the $1.50 size, and put them in garden. They are producing lots and lots of healthy HOT peppers of different varieties. Too hot to eat. Too hot to get near.

Sugar, the woman had breast cancer, a masectomy and reconstructive surgery using fat from her abdomen at the same time and TWO WEEKS to the day she's back at work. She's leaning on things and walking slow but still a b*tch.

05-23-2001, 09:21 AM
I cannot waste my time writing out a big post when I never get this is a TEST.

05-23-2001, 09:30 AM
OK, so she had a reason to have surgery but shouldn't she stay home and recover and let Peaches do her job? 140???? I am shocked! :eek:

Bagzzzz! They let you post! Now post something bossy so we really know it's you. :devil:

Today's topic on the afternoon talk show I watched was "fat people have better sex". Please DO NOT discuss. I don't want to know. :o

I have a choice between doing laundry or ripping out weeds. Which one would y'all choose?:dz:

Lovingly :angel:,

Sugar P

05-23-2001, 03:20 PM
This is getting so depressing. I WANT WLB BACK!!!!

05-23-2001, 03:38 PM
Sugar, I sent you a personal message. Just because you are here. You probably didn't notice it. Oh well.

Hi Bagz, didn't they let you post more than once?

Peachiedarlingsweetiepie, lots of people would pay dearly for those hothot peppers. Why don't you try selling them to the local trendy grocery store or Mexican restaurant? Or give them to your ediot to speed her recovery :lol:

I'm supposed to be working out a menu for the weekend (sailing of course) with the guy who's going with us. He hasn't shown up. I got up from my nap for this.


05-23-2001, 03:54 PM
Just a quick post--had a very positive interview this a.m., second interview next week. 3-day-aweek job, sounds just right. Just have to work out the before and after school details for the younger 2 dd's.

Peachez--140--you better be careful. You might end up in the 60's like me again. Hot peppers you say? Sounds good to me, do you have to harvest with gloves on? Your ediot sounds like one tough chick, wow, that's a lot of grief to endure.

This Canadian has had no difficulty posting...and no handicap is sensed. Bagzzie! Good to see you on. Boss a little, maritimer.

Sugar Plum--how's your new buddy? I vote for weeds.

Kiwonk--did you get your menu planned yet? Scallops, garlic and scallions in a light, creamy tomato sauce over angel hair pasta?

Lush--what are you cleaning/clearing/dejunking today? Inquiring minds want to know. Perhaps to imitate.

05-23-2001, 04:22 PM
Well, I have arrived in the 21st century--I have mastered the smilies, I think.:dz: How could I have been so dense? :dizzy:

Sugar Plum, I have you to thank. :)

Bagz--been to Timmy's yet today? Went yesterday a.m. and got bagels for the kids' lunch and a great big coffee for me. Should have walked. Drove the tan van instead. Bad me. :nono:

Kiwonk--where are you sailing, you lucky girl? You not only get to clean the barge, you must be chief cook and bottle washer? I think you secretly enjoy it all. Why else would you work so hard to make it all happen? :spin:

Enjoy your day, cows. TTFN. :wave:

05-23-2001, 05:24 PM
Last time I was there I wasn't satisfied and whined that I wanted to be 15 pounds less, but right now I'd be thrilled to be 140. I haven't walked for at least 2 weeks and I ate a Payday bar after lunch today. Please explain to me how I can be so disciplined for months and then turn into this slothful eating machine? !!??

We are having record breaking heat here today. Yesterday it was 99 degrees. I don't think I can ever remember it being that hot in May. More like August weather. My flowers are all swooning in the heat, and I'm too hot to care.

Oh boy, Lushy, a new color scheme to work with. I'm in the middle of wallpapering my master bath. I should have it done by now, but it's so blasted hot that I have to take many rest breaks. We don't have airconditioning because we live in an old farm house with lousy wiring, not equipped to handle 21st century appliances. As it is, we can't run the dishwasher and the microwave at the same time. If we tried airconditioning I'm sure the whole house would shut down.

My brother's kitchen burned up last week. The moral of the story is - don't leave your espresso machine plugged in when not in use. It melted right into the countertop and fortunately my brother was home at the time and managed to put the fire out before the whole house went up. The fire department got there after it was all over. He told the 911 operator to be sure and send a pumper truck because he's way out in the country where there are no fire hydrants. They sent a regular fire truck, so they wouldn't have been able to put a fire out anyway.

Bagzie, why don't you stay awhile and post when you're here?

Kiwonk, my DH wants to start using our motorhome more. I'm afraid that it will turn into my job to cook and clean and pack and unpack it. Kinda like a sailboat on wheels. Although at least you'll get some lovely sunshine in between all that work.

I have a headache and it's hot. :mad:

05-23-2001, 05:26 PM
Nah, I'm just being a good wifey. Or a good sport, or something. Not that I dislike sailing, but it's just not the thrill for me DH thinks it is. Since we usually take friends with us or sail with friends, it strikes me as just a very expensive way to socialize. With a boat large enough to house people comfortably, you give up a lot of the sport of it, it's more like driving without roads.

Don't mind me, I'm just a big poop. :yawn:

DD's little variety show act didn't get into the show, she found out yesterday, the day before the show! That school is just not run well at all. Nobody seems to know anything or do anything on time. :mad:

I just finished reading an excellent book called Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, about her personal experiment to find out how someone can live on miserably low wage jobs. Go tell your library they have to get it for you.


05-23-2001, 05:39 PM
That's horrible about your brother's kitchen :eek: Scary, too. I hope he has insurance. I would never have thought to tell the fire dept. about there not being hydrants if we had a fire (we are at least 4 miles from the nearest hydrant :rolleyes: ). Maybe around here they would know anyway.

Sorry it's so blasted hot there. Pretty nice around here, feels like summer, but not unbearable. Unfortunately the bugs have discovered that it's summer too.

You are probably right about the motorhome, Wabbit. I have always taken the stance that this boat thing is entirely DH's and I still end up doing all the shopping, frequently all the cleaning and packing, 95% of the cooking. DH makes muffins. Thrill.. His excuse this week is that he's out of town until tomorrow night and the boat is being hauled Friday morning first thing. So everything has to be ready. :p


05-23-2001, 09:57 PM
That you are, Kiwi. Hope you enjoy your floating living room adventure. Do write.

I agree with Kiwi and Wabby--these Recreational Vehicular items are simply an extension of the house and yard. Another room to clean up.

Wabby--it's really hot here, too. It was 28 C today, not the usual end of May weather for Cowtown. I had the most delicious nap after supper and now I am completely refreshed. My seedlings were swooning as well, I feared for them for cold weather, not realizing this hot weather was even harder on them. Poor dears. :cry: We all get irritable in the heat. And it's not even June yet!! :eek:

Well, it's folding laundry time. There's a mountain of wrinkled textiles for me to wrestle into order and flatness in the family room. You'd think someone else would notice their clothing and do something with it. :lol: Ha! Perhaps they'd miss it if the clothing simply disappeared. But as I am elected laundry wench today, I will do my duty. 'Cuz I'm a good sport, just like Kiwonk.

05-24-2001, 10:44 AM
Hey, Cranny! Hope the job works out for you. How's the child care situation over there?

Did the units get back from the European extravaganza yet? Mine are actually planning to come for a visit in October. We may even go to Denmark for a week or so - how exciting. I've never been.

The new buddy was planning to come over for tea but we had to cancel 'cause dh decided to rip out a wall on that day (not a temper tantrum, just new doors on to the deck). Then 5 yo got sick so we're making a new date.

Menu suggestions for Kiwi: franks and beans, tuna casserole and Kraft Dinner, not all on the same day, of course. That'll show 'em! :D

ATTENTION ALL COWS! Tomorrow is my :eek: birthday. I will be making my own cake, eating it all by myself and not answering the door so don't bother coming over. :dizzy:

05-24-2001, 03:35 PM
:^: Pretty please, can I come over for birthday cake? I'll let you have the big half! Too bad, tomorrow I will be shopping and packing and taking the dog to the vet and driving to the coast for fun in the sun (we hope).

Laundry Cran, you are so funny -- the idea that somebody else might actually fold their own laundry :lol:

How come the L women are being so mean to Bagzie? I think they're trying to start another war with Canada. If so, Maine may be seceding to the north this time.

And where's that Peachwoman? It's her day off and she's NOT HERE!

Gotta go wash sleeping bags. Blecch.


05-24-2001, 07:45 PM
No one seems to care that I have been in a bed of dental pain. Only through the grace of God and Codeine have I been able to make it through to another day. I'm still drugged and hurting. And wounded that no one asks where I am. You should know that when I don't post, I'm injured or having a near-death experience. I hate dentists!

05-24-2001, 07:58 PM
I have several days worth saved up because I refuse to do laundry when it's over 85 degrees. Today was a little cooler and I started a load this morning. So my washer has decided to quit on me, right in the middle of a load. Of course it wouldn't have quit when everything is caught up. No. It quits when there is not a clean towel left in the entire house. So I will be hanging out at the local coin op laundry tonight. I'm thinking I should try the one called Suds & Duds. It's a combo tavern/laundromat. How ingenious.

Have fun sailing off into the sunset, Kiwonk.

Where is that Frappe? Is her thumb all healed up??

My brother did have insurance, so even though he's living through a mess right now, at least he'll end up with a new kitchen.

I know there are other things I need to say, but it's still awfully hot here and my brain's not working too well. :?:Oh Yeah!!!! Happy Birthday Sugar P!!!!! You sweet young thing you!!;)