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03-30-2005, 11:13 PM
Today the husband came home from work and we were talking about his day and he proceeds to tell me how is workouts were with the guys ( They go to the gym on their lunch hour)
:blah: And he tells me of this one guy how they have been doing some stuff from his wifes workouts. I dont know why but it bothered me a bit.
Kinda made me feel like, Hey hun maybe you should try doing this to help get some more results for you since you need it. :rollpin:
Now I know thats not what he said but it kinda felt like a little kick to the ego.
I know I need to let it go :kickcan: , and Ive said I would tell the person when they said something that bothered me. I probably will tonight when he calls me at work to let me know hes going to bed and to tell me goodnight and he loves me ( I work Midnights).
But Im a women and ive never really been real friendly with other woman and I guess the comment bugged me a little more than I should have let it.
But believe me I will tell him when he calls me.
But does anyone else get that way. I mean is it me.. Or can any one else understand my madness? :dunno:

03-31-2005, 09:39 AM
Okay-I don't really understand what part of the comment upset you. Maybe I am not reading it correctly. :lol:
One of the guys your husband works out with has started doing some moves from his wife's workout routine, correct?
From what I am understanding-it sounds like you are feeling really self conscious, and taking a comment personally that really didn't have anything to do with you at all. The other husband probably saw the results his wife was getting from doing something-so HE decided to try it because it was working for her. (Like I said-if I am getting the conversation wrong-please clarify it! :) )
Really-I think that you are probably feeling a little down, and a little oversensitive. Your husband was probably just sharing the happenings of the day at the gym with you-and it really wasn't any sort of comment with a double meaning towards you.