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03-30-2005, 10:49 PM

What we really want in a weight loss support group, boils down to one concept; we are looking for a sanctuary.

Sanctuary means different things to different people. Sanctuary is a place of peace, rest, safety, and rejuvenation. It keeps our spirit and our sanity intact.

Many of us who have a long journey down the weight loss path find ourselves in need of a break. Sometimes our bodies crave it, and sometimes the choice isn't ours, but circumstances forces it upon us. Other times, we need the clamoring throng to cheer us along our way as we breeze past milestones and overcome obstacles.

Sanctuary can be all that as well. It is what you need and when you need it. Sanctuary can be found in good friends who aren’t afraid of your truths and in an open, honest atmosphere.

Sanctuary isn’t judgmental, neither does it discriminate or ask to be censured. It is open to anyone with a desire to share, and especially those in need of and willing to offer support

03-30-2005, 10:54 PM
Here you go Andria....BUT your statement isn't true. You wrote the welcome to this thread and look at all the posts!!!!! :D

Well, I feel behind again. I will catch up on replies but not tonight.

I was running WAY behind so I thought I would read and post while eating dinner. I NEVER eat at the computer but since it is already 9PM I was trying to get two things done at once. Well, I have rice all over my key board :o

That will teach me!!! :lol: I have to get this cleaned up before it dries!!! :yikes: (remind you of anyone, huh, Gloria???)

03-30-2005, 11:02 PM
Thank you, Lucky!

This day feels like a success food wise, and I'm excited about that! I've been keeping a pot of soup growing in the crock pot and eating that whenever I get hungry. I keep it loaded with lots of different vegetables and just add bits of this and that as I go, so it changes with every couple of servings. Yesterday I added cabbage and asparagus, today was mushroom, stewed tomatoes and banana squash. :) Always different, flavors always changing, but very healthy and low calorie. I love doing this, too bad my family won't play along. I would keep a pot of soup going every day if they would eat it with me. At least it is keeping me out of the remnants of their Easter candy. :lol:

I'm planning to work out at Curves in the morning, but the rest of my day is up in the air. They are trying to get a staff meeting together to work on some problems we are having with a person on my shift. Since I was the one who finally got fed up and filed a grievance form, I kind of have to be there. Blah. Well, weighing in and working out will be good, at least. :)

When is the next 2 lb. WI date? I've been so off an on here, I've lost track.


5 dogs
03-31-2005, 10:36 AM
I'm glad I'm not the only one here Lucky that starts out with good intentions, only to wonder what the heck i was thinking.
I've been meaning to tell you that i have at least 20 tomatoes on my tomato plant and there all about the size of a golf ball. I guess all the singing to them is starting to pay off. Speaking of singing, a couple of weeks ago we had a good weather day so i had my windows and doors open. I was working on my floors and just singing up a storm. Then i hear a mans voice from a couple of houses down yelling, "SHUT UPPP. I stopped singing and the fantom mystery caller was never heard from again. Was he tell me to stop singing? We may never know.

Yesterday while on one of my excursions on my bike, i found that some people still have there Christmas lights up. Also, yesterday (Wednesday) was trash day and i found that you can tell a lot about a person by way of there trash. Now I'm not a dumpster diver, but as I'm zooming past the houses i noticed that people throw out a lot of interesting stuff. Lamps, rugs and even old beds. I don't know why i find this interesting, but these are the things i never noticed before while driving my car. The sounds of birds singing to me as the sun warms my face just seems to be sweeter now.

My dear sweet wonderful husband came home yesterday with a new fancy dancy seat for my bike. My old one was hooooo, making my butt sore. This new one has lots of padding in it. I just love it when he does stuff like that.

Must go now. What new adventures will i have today on old blue, the bike?

03-31-2005, 10:42 AM
Good Morning! :)

Did everyone post themselves out last night? That was quite the flurry of activity! :lol: I'm going to pull up the old thread and see if I can view Chelsea's picture today.

My little one is home sicky today and the oldest called to say she isn't feeling like a million bucks. Guess Doctor Mommy better get ready! I'm not feeling so great either, plus I'm craving chocolate like there is no end to it. Why did I even let myself have any?! I'm like an alcoholic with the stuff!


03-31-2005, 11:00 AM
Me again :)

Ok, can't see the picture still. That happens. When Gloria posted pictures of her house, I couldn't see them for a couple of days, and then just one time. Not sure what is up with that.

Gloria, I love that your honey bought you a cushy seat for your bike! That was totally sweet of him. :) Keep the bike excursion stories coming! I can hardly wait until I feel confident enough to ride the bike Tony gave me. It is sitting out there beckoning.

The weather has been iffy here for walking. Cold, rainy days make my knee ache so bad that I end up keeping mostly off it for the next 24 hours if I do try walking. I can't afford a big, expensive treadmill, and I'm only soso fond of exercise bikes. Wal-Mart had an elliptical that wasn't very expensive and didn't look all plastic. I'm one of those "you get what you pay for" type girls, but I think I might risk this one. I really need something to do every day, and I like to do something different on my off days from Curves. Anyone have other suggestions? I do use a big a$$ ball (yoga ball, Swiss ball, exercise ball, whatever you call yours!) for stability exercises, but I want something for cardio!

Going to go concentrate on something for breaky. Hope you are all having wonderful mornings!


5 dogs
03-31-2005, 11:11 AM
Andria, i have a treadmill that i got at Goodwill for a hundred dollars. If you have a thrift store nearby, try looking there for good cheep exercise equipment. A lot of people buy expensive equipment thinking there going to use them, then they never do and give them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

03-31-2005, 11:46 AM
Gloria, you are not alone. I don't consider myself a nosey person but I think it is interesting to pay attention to how other people live. When I walk at night and people have their windows open and lights on inside I can't help but take a look. I would feel like a peeping tom - but hey - if they don't want people to look they need to pull the shades. More than anything, I like to see how they have their houses decorated. I can always tell right of the bat who have children at home. Let's just say that those homes are always creatively decorated. I love to browse garage sales. I don't get to do it often but when I do it is always fun. The best part is that if the kids come with me I can give them a handful of change from their piggy banks and they feel like they've got a million dollars. You can get a lot of toys for $2 at a yard sale!

Which reminds me of a funny story. We had a garage sale just before we moved. We had a box of old toys that the kids hadn't really paid much attention to. UNTIL.... a little boy comes up to Greg with about .15 and says, "how much do you want for that ball?" I think Greg sold it to him for a nickel. That kid's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. And he goes skipping down the driveway bouncing his ball while he waits on his mom. All of a sudden Will notices what has gone on and screams, "HEY! What's that kid doing with my ball?" We were lucky that it didn't go much further than that. But it was clear we had done a pretty poor job of explaining exactly what a garage sale was. I guess he thought it was just a big party where strangers came to LOOK at our stuff. He wasn't quite four at the time.

And aren't those husbands something? For all the trouble they can be sometimes and then they go and do something like surprise us with new bicycle seats! I'd rather get something like that than flowers. I think it show they are paying attention to what we enjoy. But, I wouldn't send Greg packing for bringing home roses either.

Andria, I'm glad to hear you had a good food day but sorry to hear about that yucky work meeting. I finally had to break down and file a complaint on someone a long time ago. We had an Admin who was in charge of dispersing office supplies. But as it turned out she was an office supply ****. She made a schedule for each department and people from that department could only come and get supplies during that time frame. And, even then, she wouldn't give you more than one of anything at a time. I was in accounts payable at the time and went to get some tape for my adding machine. I asked for two rolls. She wouldn't give it to me - she wanted a written explanation of why I needed two. Okay, now it was going to far so I took a kiss my a$$ attitude. Took my ONE roll of adding machine tape and sure enough, saw that I was going to be running out soon so went to get roll number two. Guess what? It wasn't Finance's scheduled time and she wouldn't give to me. I told her to hand over the key and I would get it myself. Nope, she wouldn't budge. So, first of all, I waited until she went to lunch, went to her desk and got that stinkin key. Then, after work talked to the guy she reported to. Explained that I understood the need to control costs, yada, yada, but DAMN! I've got to have what I need to do my job! I knew this guy for a long time and had worked very closely with him so when he said, "we expect you to plan ahead so that you don't run out..." and he said this with a chuckle that was my breaking point. He had told her to keep people from raiding the supply closet but he didn't know how far she had taken it. He had no idea how annoyed we all were with her so I'm sure my reaction to his snide little comment surprised him. Boy, oh boy did he get an earful. She was fired (not over that - but the ton of other similar stuff that she used to do). I honestly don't know why some people get off on making other peoples work more difficult than it has to be. Blech, and this person had a snotty attitude to boot. When Greg and I were planning our wedding and I told her where we were having our reception and she had the nerve to say, "You know that place is really expensive you might want to make sure it is in your parents' budget." I just smiled and told her that I didn't think they would agree to it if they couldn't afford it but on the inside - I was imagining telling her that just becuase SHE didn't have the money for something like that didn't mean that THEY didn't. She was just a bitter, bitter lady. And then, after all of that, we decided to get married and have our reception at my parents' home so I am sure she was very satisfied to think that it was all just out of reach for us.

Gosh, that was so long ago and it still gets me worked up. Sorry, I didn't me to go off on a rant!

I sure hope you little ones aren't too sick. Take care of yourself too!

I gotta go see what all the fighting is about upstairs. Check in later!

03-31-2005, 05:49 PM
Yes Andria, we sure did post a lot yesterday, didn't we!? I sure had a heck of a time trying to get that darn picture up! Don't worry about not being able to see it, it's no big deal. ;)

That's awesome that your hubby came home with a prize for you Gloria! I hope I have a husband that thoughful someday.

I am sicky today and don't know if I'll be able to get my excersising in, I'm just so worn out. I got home from the doctor about an hour and a half ago, and he said I have a respiratory infection. Yuck! Now I've got to go all the way out to pick up my meds. Sigh
I'm going to my good friends play tonight. He's going to be in "A Chorus Line". He's a really good singer and dancer, and I'm looking forward to it. I hope I'm feeling better by tonight.

My uncle took us out to the Olive Garden last night. First of all, I'm a real picky eater, and never found anything at that restaurant I liked. Well, I thought maybe I could just order some vegetables or something. So...I ordered this chicken vegetable noodle type dish that sounded alright and had a mark by it on the menu indicating it was a healthy dish. Ewwww, it was not good at all! Not to me anyway. I ended up just having some salad and one breadstick. I'm really going to have a hard time finding healthy things that I like at restaurants. My taste usually revolves around cheese and bread and pasta. So I've got to try hard to like more healthy things for me. I've mainly started this weight loss thing this time because I'm worried about my health. The weight loss will be awesome, but I just want to feel better mainly.

Well, I guess I'd better head out to pick up my antibiotics.
Take care!

03-31-2005, 08:05 PM
Hi people, no time to post and because of it I lost a post. Usually I write in another file for that very reason but I was rushing and sure enough, the application crashed and I lost it! Damn!
Well, like I said, very busy, disgusted that I can't go through a whole day without eating some junk! Last night I could have capped a good day with. . well, just sleep. Instead I come home and ate all this junk I'd bought at the bakery, something I never do but I just was indulging. So stupid. Will try to make consistently, with emphasis on the word consistently, better choices.
Chelsea, you say you're a picky eater but I think you mean you have strong likes and dislikes. This is probably a large part of your weight problem. It sounds like you have a very unbalanced diet and your body will naturally be demanding more food until it gets the vitamins and minerals it wants, regardless of the calories. I know you may hate it but I think if you start adding more fresh vegetables in your diet, your body may start easing off on its demands.
I am glad to hear you're getting out and exercising a bit. Hope your friend's play was fun and I do hope that infection doesn't get any worse! Good luck to you!
Others, I will have to try to talk later. 5dogs, that singing was funny. Maybe it wasn't about you, that guy shouting, maybe it was and he had to try to sleep at some odd hour or concentrate on some unpleasant work and was in a foul mood. Then again, just what do you sound like? :lol: ;)

03-31-2005, 10:38 PM
Gloria, you have inspired me again. I finally dragged the kids to Home Depot and got a few tomato and pepper plants. We picked up some sweet strawberry plants as well. We only got a few of each so we were able to get them all in the ground in about half an hour. It was all so little trouble that I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner, then I would have 20 golf ball sized tomatoes right now too!

Hey, and look at you without those 10 extra pounds! Great job! I wish I could live without the scale like you do - but I just haven't been able to end that relationship. It would probably be the worst break up I've ever suffered through!

Chelsea, I sure hope you are feeling better soon. I HATE to be sick. It puts me in the foulest mood.

I've got good news too. I am officially 1 lb less than my highest weight back in college. Granted, I'm not thin yet but if I ran into someone from those days they couldn't claim that I'd gotten any fatter since then! I've lost a total of 50 pounds now and I'm just flat out smitten with myself!

The bad news is that I didn't make it to the gym tonight. I'll count my gardening as at least some activity so that I don't feel like a slug.

I am headed for an early bedtime - I'm worn out today for no good reason. I'll check with you all tomorrow!


04-01-2005, 05:36 AM
Wow Tricia, I'm so proud of you!! I would die to be your weight! I think you are doing awesome!! Don't kick yourself for not going to the gym either. It's impossible to be absolutely perfect, absolutely all of the time! You've done so well, just be as smitten as you are and more! ;)

And you are right Red about my needing to add more fresh veggies to my meals. I am working on that.

Well all, I'm very tired, it's quite late. I think I'll try to go back to bed.
Chelsea :wave:

04-01-2005, 07:57 AM
Hello people. Well, I got through the day. Got 10 minutes before I hit the sack. I managed not to go out with the guys drinking after work, no thanks to me, though, just no one was going out tonight. I had promised myself I wouldn't go, but if someone had said, "let's go!" I would have gone. So, I'm home and I'm going to bed. Trying not to eat too much right now.

chelsea -- how are you feeling? I hope better. I didn't mean to be preachy or anything about veggies. You probably know everything you need to know. Don't mind me. I'm usually saying it to myself the same time I'm saying it to someone else. have you started a food journal. I have kept one whenever I lost weight and found it is ruthless, if I add up the calories and note the exercise, I can never moan and whine about not seeing results. It is always obvious why I am or am not seeing them. Give it a try.

jawsmom -- glad to hear you're feeling inspired. oh yes, fresh tomatoes, pepers and strawberries! Oh yum! Congrats on your weight. 50 lbs off! :cp: :cp: that is amazing! You should be very, very smitten with yourself! :yes: I'm with Chels, don't sweat not getting to the gym. Of course your gardening counts as exercise.

Oh gosh, guys, I'm so tired. qsilver, 5dogs, lucky, anyone I missed! I will be back tomorrow morning! Good night. It's Friday night already. We'll be busy tomorrow at work no doubt with the pope likely to pass. Sad with the Schiavo girl, isn't it? And to think that that was from an eating disorder that put her in a coma, bulimic I think she was. So very, very sad.

Ok, good night.

5 dogs
04-01-2005, 10:17 AM
How was the play Chelsea? I just love getting all dressed up and going out for dinner and a play. Makes me feel all girley girley.

I have an opinion on your extreme dislikes of a lot of fruits and vegetables. Maybe its not the taste you dislike but the texture. I know that sounds crazy, but from my own experience, when i just have to have potato chips or die, what i really wanted was something crunchy and salty. A cucumber with a little salt, plus oil and vinegar for tang does the trick for me. Soda is the worst. I know on the west coast you call it pop, but here its soda. I don't know what they call it in Japan. Anyway, i was drinking truck loads of diet soda every week because thats what i thought my body was telling me it wanted. I now have a hard time digesting preservatives because of it. I now know that its not the taste of the soda i was craving but the feel of the bubbles in my mouth. That was when i started making my own flavored soda without the preservatives. I buy seltzer water and shove three peppermint tea bags down inside the bottle. I keep it in the refrigerator overnight and the next day i have a bottle of flavored soda. I do use Splenda that has preservatives, but i can control how much i use. I've even put a teaspoon of coco in a glass with my peppermint soda when i need a quick chocolate fix. Chocolate peppermint soda taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream without all the fat and calories. Maybe the next time you eat something that you don't like, concentrate on the texture of the food in your mouth. Is it the taste you cant stand, or is it the texture?

I will post more later but right now i must get old blue and ride before the heat of the day gets to where i wont be able to go outside.

Hugs to you all.

04-01-2005, 01:28 PM
Chelsea, I hate to beat a dead horse by I've got to put my 2 cents in on the vegetable suggestions. I have never been a big fruit and vegetable eater. But, anytime I was dieting I felt like it had to be a plain old raw veggie. Yuck. Like Gloria said, even if I didn't think the taste was too bad I didn't like the way it felt in my mouth. I finally figured out that preparing the vegetables was much more palatable. I make a vegetable lasagna that is AWESOME, and I will sautee spinach to put in with pasta that has a light lemon sauce, I love vegetables with a little Italian dressing and then grilled, and stir frying them and putting them over rice is great to. And, of course, somethings are just an aquired taste so don't give up.

Try a variety until you find a few that you like. If you want, I'll be happy to send you a couple of my favorite fruit and vegetable recipes for you to try. Just PM me if you do.

We are bored to death today. We had terrible thunderstorms last night so it is too muddy to get outside much. It isn't raining today but it is still dreary and I think that is making the kids feel a little lazy today. Plus, the storm woke them all up last night so I am sure they are tired to boot. I figure we all need to just lounge around every now and then so I'm letting them just hang out.

Gloria, you've bragged about what a cutie your son is. As it turns out, I have a little lady killer in the house too. Not long ago, Will came home with a note from two little girls who had written their phone numbers so that he could call them sometime. That was funny enough but yesterday a different little girl sent home a "love" note. She colored a dinosaur picture for him, drew hearts on it and wrote , "To Will Wef Love, Emily." Attached was a note she had decorated with hearts and wrote, "Hi, You or (are) God (good). I wodr (wonder) haw (how) you or (are) dowg (doing). You or (are) kot (cute). Love, Emily." I didn't mention the note to him but when I found the picture in his folder I commented on how nice it was of Emily to draw it for him. Without any prompting he said in a VERY affirmative tone, "MOM, EMILY IS NOT MY GIRLFRIED! WE DO NOT HAVE GIRLFRIENDS IN KINDERGARTEN!" I get tickled everytime I think of his face as he said it.

I am so excited. Greg's parents are coming down April 20 and have offered to keep the kids for the week while Greg and I get away together. We've decided to drive down to Gulf Shores for the week. I just can't wait. It has been soooo long since I got to just hang out with Greg for more than just a couple of hours. And, my goodness, the idea of sleeping in and lounging by the pool, well, it is just almost too much to take! I can't wait. Now, if I can just manage to shed a 5 or so more pounds between now and then.

The kids are finally bored enough to ask for a project. We're going to make jar tornadoes. Catch you all later.

5 dogs
04-01-2005, 03:22 PM
Its hard to believe that tomorrow will be the first of April. Time just goes so fast when your having fun. Anyway, i was looking in everyones profile to see whose birthday is in April and i noticed that Tricia and Chelsea were born a day apart. Not the same year, but both in Feb. Also, it looks like you have a birthday coming up Lucky. Do you have any plans in the making to celebrate?

Well Red, my hubby sometimes kids me about my singing. He says its a wonder we have any glass in our windows because i try to hit those high notes but don't quite make it. Actually, i have two singing voices. One is normal and just plain old me. BORING! The other is my opera voice. I invented that one when Carl (Hubby) and i were watching an old movie one night and this Canadian mountie was singing to a woman while they were in the snow covered forest. It went something like this. "Ho sweet mysteries of life at last i found you, HOOOO at last i know the meaning of it all, HOOOO......, when he sang ho, he would hit those high notes, so i decided to give that song a try and sing to hubby. Every time i would sing HOOOO, Carl's head went down, his shoulders went up and his face looked like he was in pain. Now i sing to him in my opera voice when i think he's not listing to me. Trust me when i say i get his attention.

I know how excited you are Tricia about getting away. When my kids were little, we did something similar but we took the kids with us. Tampa is only an hour and a half away from my house, but there were lots of times when we would drive into Tampa, check into a motel/hotel and spend the night. We would bring a change of clothes and our bathing suits and just hang out there. It was like a mini vacation without all the driving or packing. Even thou I'm a home body at hart, just getting away for one night was exciting. Love that room service!

When my son (Will) was growing up and in that clumsy awkward stage of pre teen years, he wore thick glasses and yes, a pocket protector. He was taking college algebra in high school but didn't know how to have a simple conversation with someone. Will had friends, but most of them were just as smart or smarter than he was and the stuff they would talk about was way over my head. It wasn't until he was in his second year in college that he started to blossom and turn into the hunk he is today. Because Will was this shy, thick glasses, pocket protector kind of kid for so long, today he doesn't think he's good looking. Even when people tell him he is very handsome, all he sees is this geekey adolescent. He now has his own business of making computer programs and has even started hiring people to work for him. His wife, Gina, will be graduating next month and will be getting her Ph.D. They will be moving to Texas where Gina will be a college professor. Gina is very outgoing and has helped Will develop all the social skills he needs in life. Do i sound like a proud mama or what?

Have to get to my water aerobics class so will sign off for now.
Have a good one.

5 dogs
04-01-2005, 03:56 PM
I forgot to remind everyone that this Sunday we turn our clocks ahead. Do you have daylight savings time in Japan Red?

04-01-2005, 05:26 PM
Hey everybody! I'm happy to recieve the advice from you all! Yes, I agree that texture has a lot to do with what I like and don't like. I will try some of your suggestions! :)

My friends play was really good. He did an AWESOME job as usual!!!

Well guess what??? I lost five lbs! Pretty cool eh?

Sorry this is so short, but not much time right now.
Much love!

04-01-2005, 06:04 PM
Oh well, no time again. I am going to get out and walk before work so I have to get in the shower and ready so I won't miss my out-the-door deadline. 5dogs, well if it's an opera voice you've got there then I guess the guy down a few doors was yelling at you! Oh well, I think singing is still a nice thing. But if he had to sleep or something, you've got to feel for him. . and laugh! :lol:
I like all the veggie suggestions. Yesterday I found a bag of my homemade vegetable curry in the freezer and ate that over brown rice and I was ok all afternoon, ok, a little hungry but nothing I couldn't hold off. I hadn't be making the curry and this was probably causing me to munch. I really does make a big difference how you prepare things. I am going to try to remember that and find some new things I can add to my almost-nonexistent repetoire.
Soda in Pgh. is pop, but my parents were from NY, where they call it soda. So, I said soda and all the kids thought i was weird. Well, they were right, but not about the pop! ;) 5 dogs, there is no daylight savings time here, but thanks for the headsup on that as I need to be aware of the time there when I'm making calls. Now, it'll be like one hour behind us and change the a.m. to p.m. or vice versa and you're always behind. So, now it's 7 a.m. here which is now 5 p.m. the day (on the East Coast U.S.) before but will be 6 p.m. the day before as of Sunday! Like that little lesson? Ok, gotta go! :wave:

5 dogs
04-01-2005, 06:25 PM

04-01-2005, 06:29 PM
Oh, that is so cute!! 5dogs and yes, Chelsea, I am sorry, I forgot to say the same!! Congratulations on your weight loss! 5 lbs. Awesome!! :bravo: :cheer: :cp: :cp: :cb: :sunny: Keep it going!!! Your butterfly is on the move! :spin:

04-01-2005, 06:48 PM
[B]Chelsea! :bravo:
You are on your way now! Good Job!

I am laughing at the pop vs. soda comparisons. My inlaws are from up north and they say pop - it sounds so weird to me. Here we call it Coke. Doesn't matter if it is Pepsi, or Sprite, whatever it is if it is a soft drink we call it Coke. I am certain that would be considered ridiculous other places.

When we visit my in-laws it is the hardest thing for me to get the right drink order. I found that if you just order tea you get a steaming hot cup of it. :coffee: I couldn't get in the habit of telling them I wanted iced tea. They looked at me like I was nuts if I asked for sweetened iced tea. :lol:

04-01-2005, 07:04 PM
Believe it or not, we had been talking about these differences at work recently and a coworker called up this map. Have a look:

04-02-2005, 10:51 AM
My IP was doing some work and I haven't been able to get on the internet for 1 1/2 days. :mad:

NOW I am off to a baby shower then home to rake, haul, saw, etc.

I will get in here later to post - probably whining about how much I hurt!! :lol:

04-02-2005, 11:17 AM
I am just popping in to say good morning and wish everyone a happy day!

We've got soccer this afternoon and I'm headed to the gym now so that I can get it out of the way.

Red - LOVED the map
Lucky - Don't over do it! How's your knee?
Gloria- How is Old Blue? You've inspired Greg and me. He got our old (well, old in age but they haven't been used much!) mountain bikes down and spiffed them up a bit. We are going to take them to Gulf Shores with us. Plus, I think the kids and I will take a short ride this afternoon since our weather has finally cleared up.

Off to the gym!

04-02-2005, 01:40 PM
Hi Gang, Remember me? I haven't been around much, at least I haven't posted much lately, several reasons, the main one is that it's hard to post on a weight loss thread when you are not doing anything to loose weight!!! The other reasons all fall under the heading of excuses, for both not posting and for not loosing. The include all the usual, tired, depressed, feel really bac, no time, no motivation, etc. etc. etc. But Lucky keeps sending me emails to remind me how much I miss you all.

Today I have an unusual Saturday off (DH got mad at me while we were getting ready and said "Just stay home, I don't even want your around today" Well he didn't have to tell me twice!!! I'm thinking of going shopping later.

As I haven't been doing much except working, setting in my chair, and going to the health club, I don't have much to say. oh yes I do. I guess I haven't checked in since I went to my new doctor. Those of you from the other thread may remember that I was in a really titter because the doc I had been using for the past 10 years was no longer going to take my insurance. Since I have an AutoImmune disease I was leary of having to change PCP's even though I'd still have the same Rheumy. Well to make a long story shorter, I finally had an appointment with the new doc and I love her. she is very knowledgeable and very throrugh. She sent me for several diagnostic test to make sure the SjS had not done any permanent damage to my lungs or digestive track, (it had'nt) but also discovered that I have high blood pressure and atshma! so not I've added two inhalers and new pills to my daily routine. Just what I needed. I've had a pretty rought week, I think it's because I'm trying to get used to the new meds, But Lucky I know what you mean when you say you hurt.

Well I didn't mean this to be a pitypart post so I'll end now!

04-02-2005, 02:05 PM
Thank you so much Gloria! I loved that!!! Thanks to the rest of you too for the support!!

As for Pop/Soda, we here in at least this part of California call it Soda. I remember a long time ago some of my family called it Pop, but that's changed. hehe

Gloria, I'm sure your singing voice in just fine! :)
Barb.G, I'm sorry that I don't know you, but hope you'll stick around so I can get to know you better! I hope you are feeling better and wish for the best for you!!

Yesterday I had kind of an "off day" so to speak, letting myself have a few things that I'm not normally having. I ate a hamburger, which didn't sit that well, then later I tried having a milkshake, which really didn't sit well with me and I didn't even come close to finishing it. Weird, huh? When normally I could down a shake faster than anyone! I got home and was craving something good for me. Later I did have some Lime Sherbert, and that was sooooo yummy!!! But just before that I had some fresh green beans, and an orange.

I really hope I don't give up on this, because I really want to be healthier!

Thanks again for the congrats all!!

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04-02-2005, 02:58 PM
Welcome back Barb. I was wondering what happen to you. Altho this is a weight loss thread, we still talk about anything and everything. Just yesterday we were discussing what we say when ordering a can of coke/pepsi. Do you call it pop or soda? I am guessing that you call it soda. Texas is kinda in the middle of the states, but i noticed that people on the east coast call it soda, and on the west coast its pop. So, are you a soda or pop person? We should make a game of this. Hay fellow Sanctuary friends, what is Barb going to say? Soda or pop?

Chelsea, were you born and raised on the west coast? I was born in Phoenix Az. and never heard the word soda till i married Carl who is from New Jersey. Now it sounds strange to hear someone calling soda, pop.

Yesterday i took old blue (My bike) out for a run to my favorite produce stand where they had tomatoes on sale for 19 cents a pound. Wow, they were ripe and very red and calling my name. I bought as much as i could carry on old blue and started making my own tomato sauce when i got home. The house smelled like an Italian restaurant so decided to have homemade pizza for supper. (Do you call it supper or dinner?) Even got out my bread machine and made my own crust. When hubby came home from work yesterday, i was singing "Oh mamma me-ah. Try to imagine that song in an opera voice. Anyway, i know i shouldn't have eaten the crust, but it just smelled soooo good baking in the oven and i just couldn't resist. I ate two slices last night and the remaining leftover two slices this morning for breakfast. Have you ever had cold pizza for breakfast? Yummy, yummy.

My beautiful auburn hair is starting to turn blond from all the sun I've been getting. I don't know if i should get a bottle of Miss Clairol and try to bring it back, or wait till the end of summer. I know the sun can be damaging on hair, but the auburn color is very becoming on me. I just don't know. What do you think?

Today is cold and windy so wont be taking my usual excursions on my bike. I might just go visit my local Goodwill and see what treasures i can find.

Have a good one.

04-02-2005, 07:21 PM
Gloria, we call it "Coke" even if it's Pepsi or 7-up or whatever. When we want a "coca-cola" we say we want a "real coke" I loved the map.

I've been playing with alphabets all day today, so i'm practicing!!

04-03-2005, 10:33 AM
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