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03-28-2005, 05:39 PM
:wave: Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us. :cofdate:

03-28-2005, 06:29 PM
Okay, I am back AGAIN! :lol: Just can't seem to stay away!

Marti~I did get some picutres taken and will get those back Wednesday when I go shopping at Wal-Mart. Still have a bout 8 on the roll of film I have in the camera so those will be a while in coming. But if any are any good I will definitely share them-to be honest I can't remember what we took pics of except for the Clinton Library, at the cemetery and some pics of some of my family. Glad you, James and Jhanai had a nice Easter.

Susan~oh so glad you received it today-perfect timing! I remember you said you didn't have one and I had bought that like the day after you said that. Thought that would be a great little BD gift. Of course I forgot to send it before I left for AR and it sat in my basket at the end of the couch till I saw it last Thursday! Oh well, better late than never right? CONGRAT'S on the cow moooooo-ving! :lol: :bravo: You'll be back at goal before you know it.

Ellen~tell me how you got the teacup in your signature. I am sure I could figure it out eventually but why when you can tell me how to do it?! :D I have a few cute little things and would like to use something different in my siggy.

Okay, maybe Jeopardy is on now. Went to watch it at 3:30 and golf is on. DD and I play along and see who gets the most answers right, quite fun we two have being goofy! V has to work over tonight and I am still trying to get laundry done. Think we are in need of a new dryer. Okay, I am definitely outta here for the day.

Take care ladies.

03-28-2005, 08:06 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Angie - how're you doing? Hope you had a great Easter!

Ellen - so how much did you get for the pig, lol? Did you go to the ER? Hope so, and that you got some meds or some treatment.

Susan - YAY for the "cow movement", lol.

Marti - glad you had a good weekend with the fam. The Sony reunion sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you will both be off for that. Dani will be excited to get the card from Jhanai - glad to know the two of them are still writing. I very seldon get to talk to her or her mom.

I've had the best day! Got the cleaning done that I planned on and made a big pot of zero-point soup (Katie calls it pointless, lol). The rain stopped, and the temp shot up, so I got out some new capris and sandals to wear to town. Did my Walmart shopping and some other errands. Then I puttered outside for awhile. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, so I'm going to clean the patio and the furniture on it. Oh I do love Spring!! :D

Chat at you later!

03-28-2005, 10:15 PM
Hi again.

I am about to start my second shift. Making a pot of coffee, sounded good though it will probably keep me up.

Thanks again Cristi. Perfect gift for me! I am always losing addresses and phone numbers.

Checked your pictures out Jane! Did you see Oprah? I just saw the condo shot- that would have been great if you were able to go to a show.You look adorable!

Sent the pic of Mike to you all. Since I keep talking about him. PLEASE just don't say how handsome he is - yuck.

He is suppose to be be entering into an agreement with child support- yet again. Same old $50 a mom said "geez, hope that doesn't break his piggy bank......that'll buy you a couple packs of pull ups..." lol......we LOVE to DISH him.....FAVE passtime. Releases the anger and

Though until he gets that form back to CS his license is scheduled to suspend midnight April 1st. He will pick Gabster up at 7 pm - love the drama.....;0)

k- smelling the get

03-29-2005, 12:16 AM
Good Monday all. Well, almost Tues. now.
We finally got some sunshine today and I hurried out and hoofed it for 2 miles. Yes, Jane we had gotten rain and it was so chilly. I hate that part of Spring. Much prefer this sunny warmth.
I am feeling a little better and of course the Dr. did not call today as I will call tomorrow. I was told last Thurs. that they would call today. Grrrr! I still feel that if they would take out my gallbladder I would feel better, but I have also talked to people who have not found relief from that, so who knows.
Made an appointment for Thurs. to see the builder. Keep your fingers crossed for a good price. I am ready for a new home. This one is so hard to keep up with as far as cleaning....just too large. Exhausting!
We didn't have a dinner on Sunday. Just went to see my BIL in the re-hab home as he was moved from the hospital. We knew he would be alone for the afternoon, so went right after his lunch and stayed until dinner time. He is doing much better.
My mom will officially be here in 5 days. I am excited! We will go help them unload the truck and move in. :) A bright spot in the week!

03-29-2005, 12:55 AM
wow- 2 miles Sue! I have yet to get out and walk, so lazy. I hope you and your mother have a nice visit :)

My aunt was here from Florida but I never did see her.

blah- blah.

Drank 101.4 oz's of water today............umm, gotta go!!

Chat later :)


I was going to say that Rocky is a sweet man for chatting with me while locked out of my car the other day. He is just the best. I will vent and vent and hear this silence on the other end and start laughing. I will go "have I gone too far?" and he says,,,,,,,,"no my Love"
Yesterday, I was late for church and upset that Gaby took my make up and marked all over her Easter dress. Just one thing after another.......venting to him and wishing he was here to help me. He goes........"go to church , my love, and receive a blessing........I think you could use one."
So, I did and he was right.
Also, Doug is a great support as well. I AM blessed to have some sweet men in my life.

blah- blah.........where IS Angie??? Miss her! Chat later- Night :)

03-29-2005, 10:10 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - aww, thanks for the photos of Gaby and Mike. She looks very pleased to be in her daddy's arms. Is there no way Rocky and Kris can just move to OR? Since he doesn't have an ex around to worry about, that would be so much easier. I doubt very much that Nana would stand for that though! Anyway, Rocky does sound like such a sweetheart. Very patient, like my Neal. Neal holds my toes when they are cold. Just cups them with both hands until they warm up - isn't that sweet? About Oprah, I didn't even try to get tickets to her show since we were going to be there for such a short time. Maybe some other time. But I did shop at Crate and Barrel and Carson Pierie Scott where she likes to go, lol.

Sue - so sweet of you to spend Easter afternoon with BIL. My BIL Jerry is now on oxygen. Don't know how he's hanging on for so long.... You are so lucky to still have a mom! Will she be living with you? Good luck with the bid on your house! :crossed:

It's already a beautiful day here in Indiana! The temps are rising, and I plan to be outside a good portion of the day. I just put a roast in the crock pot, and have sheets in the washer to hang out when they're done. Mary's going to bring the DGDs out to play. Life is good!

Hope you have a good day, too!

03-29-2005, 11:22 AM Good Morning!!!:coffee:

Can everyone see my posts??? just wondering....... It was beautiful here yesterday... i am sorry i didnt get back last night but was too tired and had a sick baby:( but she is better this morning:)

Wow it is freezing in here.. my hubby took a week off, and he decided it is stuffy in here so he has all the windows open

Well he is yelling at me to get off the computer... i better get, hope to get back later today... (he isnt as nice as the rest of your men lol).... k ttfn xxoo

03-29-2005, 11:50 AM
Hi Terri Lee - so sorry I forgot what you said on the last chit chat. Usually I jot notes down, lol. Glad your little one is better today. How far away are you from the other Canadian JLs? Btw, your DH may improve with age, lol. Have a great day! Now that I'm finished with PMs, I'm heading outdoors!

Toodles! :wave:

03-29-2005, 12:21 PM
Good morning!
Susan- I didn't get to see the pics of Mike - I am curious about the honker, haha...Congrats on your weightloss. Chugging all that water is paying off

Hi Jane - Thanks for posting the pics of Chicago. I went there when I was 14... I liked it...but then I like cities. Portland is just the right size for me.

terri - nice to see you posting...

Sue - how exciting to have your mom so close...and getting a new more manageable house to boot. You need some good news.... now to just get that pesky gall bladder out!

We scored some free fruit trees over the weekend. Were intending to just get a pair of apple trees, but DH saw some nectarines and picked up two of those. He was very excited as they are his favorite fruit. I'll have to learned to use a canner, because in a few years we'll have this stuff coming out our ears, I'm sure!

In other news, my DD's preschool keeps bugging me and/or DH about taking on the co-president job for next year.... whatever gave them the idea we had leadership skills :dizzy: I keep saying no, DH keeps saying no. I can't help but feel guilty, it's a great little school, but I just know I would not be happy taking on such a large job. I don't mind being on the board, and its a nice group of I am sure there is a job out there that needs someone like me.

Scale says I am down another 2 lbs, but, again, I am waiting until the weekend to see if it's a "keeper" or just more fluctuation. I am getting my water in... I aim for 90 all the Easter candy out of the house - hurray!

Gotta get DD off to school
Later, chickies

03-29-2005, 02:54 PM
Good afternoon all~

Sue~I too have heard from some that having their gallbladders removed didn't do much. But I can say, DS#1, DD and myself have all had ours removed and we DO feel so much better! I haven't had any medical problems since then, nor have they. Of course DS only had one attack and then went to the emergency room and they took it out the next week. DD and I suffered for years but it was because of us not really wanting to deal with it, not because the docs. I do hope they will take it out for you and you get to feeling better. Here's to hoping you get the house :cheers: :crossed:

Katy~don't let them make you feel guilty and pressure you into taking the position if you don't want it. Maybe they will find someone else to take it. I usually give in when something like that happens and then end up regretting it later. CONGRAT'S on the two pounds gone! :bravo: Keeping my fingers crossed that they stay gone! :crossed: My Aunt used to can all kind of stuff. She got into it pretty heavy a few years ago and then my Uncle took over. She works and he hunts and cans and that's the way they like it! :lol:

Susan~I love that Rocky calls you my love, sooooo sweet! And is there for you all the time. Of course he sounds like a a sweetheart anyway. Now if he can just get away from Nana! Thanks for the pics of Mike and Gaby-so cute! Gaby is just so adorable and getting so big! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from me.

Jane~sounds like you guys are having the same weather we are. Supposed to get up to 76 today! :sunny: And I am loving it! of course the wind is a little crazy and I am going to have to take some Claritin, LOL, oh well everything can't be perfect. My daffodils have bloomed and look so pretty and my flowering cheery is about to bloom-they have the prettiest pink flowers!

Terri-Lee~I've had my windows and door open in the middle of winter before. It gets really hot sometimes on the main floor but the basement is about 10 degrees cooler, although it seems a lot cooler than 10 degrees. Sometimes I sit down here with gloves and a jacket on. Of course my hands are always cold anyway.


Not much going on today. When V gets home we are off to the court buliding to get a permit to build a fence, kinda picky here where we live. DH and DS#2 are going to get started on that next week. Never thought I would be so excited about getting fence but I am. It's the little things in life that make me happy, although this isn't so little I guess. :D Have a couple of loads of laundry to get done and that's about my day. Oh did go and apply for a couple of jobs-daycare jobs. Going to go and check out the local listings online for jobs later since my house is clean.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :)

03-29-2005, 02:55 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick pop in to say hi!!

Glad you all liked the pictures. The wedding pictures are my favourite. They are my goal for the weight loss.

I can't stay long. I am so busy. This week is the official last week of my maternity leave and I go back to work on Monday, so I have lots of stuff to do before the weekend. Plus I am trying to get out and enjoy this spring weather with Joycelyn.

Anyway TTFN sorry I can't stay longer, but I wanted you all to know I'm still here.


03-29-2005, 02:59 PM
Hi Anita~glad to see you popping in, even if it is just a quickie. Enjoy your last week before work! The wedding pictures were good, you are a beautiful lady! All the pictures were good and you have a nice looking family. :)

03-29-2005, 06:07 PM afternoon!!

Well i dont know why my pictures arent staying...:?: I guess i will stick to plain old smilies.. they get the job done... but they arent as purdy....

Jane: glad you are back hope you had a good trip.... it is ok, i can't remember what everyone says either, and i am not smart enough to remember to take I am wayyyyy North compared to the other JLs. They are in Southern Ontario, and i am here way up north.. like i said the other day we went sleighriding!! melting quite fast now though... probably got to +12 celcius today!!

Cristi: I dont know what his problem is it was freezing in here when we got back from town.. now i have my heaters on all over to warm me up!!

Susan: I really have to start drinking more water.. i am never going to lose weight at this rate!!

Ellen: where are you? I really hope that you get better soon!! are your cats all feeling better?

Anita: Hello hope you are out enjoying your last week of freedom!

Katy: Good job on the weight loss!!! I am so jealous, the only way we get fruit around here is from, the grocery store!! well i think we can grow crabapples:dizzy:

Sue: Well i know after i got my gallbladder out, it took me a bit to recover, but i never had any more attacks and that was great!! I had a newborn when i was having attacks and i was so scared i wouldnt be able to take care of him!!And i was only 18!!! they couldnt believe that i needed my gallbladder out... and i wasnt big back then,,, i thought i heard that pregnancy has something to do with it.... hope you feel better..

Ok someone asked who Kalan Porter He is the guy that won Canadian Idol last time.. he is a little cutie pie,,, he is only 19,, he has an amazing voice!!

Well I am really excited, we went to town today and got my propane for my BBQ!!! Not that i eat much of what i cook, but it makes a lot less dishes:lol:
I really like to just throw veggies in tinfoil and eat them like that with all my spices..but i just remembered i forgot to get tin foil today.. i will have to run over to my moms and get some...I just wish there wasnt so much easter candy in this house.... i cant resist it!!! Well i better go check on the kids.. they are being awefully quiet!!!TTFN xxoo

03-29-2005, 06:40 PM
I have a minute so wanted to say hello. If you didn't get the pic's of Mike and Gabster and would like to - just im me and give me your email.
That is the only way I know how to do it and I am really not wanting to learn any other way! lol


Poor Cristi's friends (outside of JL) have been getting them - lol......still think it is funny. Thanks Cristi :)

ArRRRRRRgh - Jane! You are aways so positive! lol. Yes, Gaby was happy.......though I think Burger King and the big playarea was what she was thinking of - pretty sure -lol She disolved in tears when he wouldn't take her in because he didn't have any money. Though it only cost a $1.
We went there today and she played for an hour.

She is just a doll. We both have scab's and she looks at mine and says "hurt?" and I say "yes" and she will bend over and kiss it. lol.....

Hi Anita and Terri :) Sent the pic's Katy.............ugh, best get!

03-29-2005, 07:21 PM
Thanks for the pix, Susan. Now I have a face to go with the name ( when I curse it - haha)

Oops - Leigh's up from her nap
back later

03-29-2005, 07:31 PM
Hiya ladies!

Katy - well, it's nice to be wanted as co-prez, but I, too, think if you don't really, really want it, stick to your guns, sweetie. YAY for the 2 more pounds down! You are just doing so well!

Cristi - our daffodils are in bloom, too, and look so pretty in vases all over the house. The apricot tree is about to bloom, and will smell divine when it does! What kind of fence are you guys putting up?

Anita - enjoy your last week home! Are you looking forward to getting back to work?

Terri Lee - some clip art has a limited number of hits you can get on it before it disappears. Stuff resized on photobucket is like that unless you buy an account. Not sure where you keep yours.... About my trip - did you see where I posted a separate thread here about it? With pics, lol.

Susan - I do try to be a positive person most of the time. Used to drive co-workers nuts, lol. :D (But I noticed that you didn't answer about the possibility of Rocky moving to OR. Is that subject taboo?)

Ellen - hope you're feeling better.

Marti - git yer bunz in here, woman!!

Didn't anyone get a postcard from me??? Sheesh, I mailed them Wednesday morning from Chicago! LAST Wednesday, that is!!!

I've had the best day! Got a lot done outside and played with the DGDs, too. (that was the most fun!!) Gonna go watch The Young and The Rest of Us that I recorded earlier.


03-29-2005, 07:37 PM
No, not taboo Jane - I just had to go to the I have to do again now! What a pain.


tick tock tick tock tick tock...... k- I am back!!

No, Rocky won't move here. I have asked. I think we will continue like we are for awhile. We enjoy chatting and sharing our days.We make each other laugh and he gives me tons of support and is so laid back.......calms me down. I love him and he loves me. Just don't seem to see us together real soon......edited Ok , I took that dreadful thing I said about nana out -lol.

Didn't get a postcard Jane :( ....... Hi Katy!

Just getting back to work. I am on my last 33 oz bottle, thank goodness.

03-29-2005, 08:44 PM Good Evening!!

Hi everyone hope you all had a good day!! I was a beautiful one here!!! Jane, i went to look at your vacation thread. Sounds like you guys had a good time!! I am sure your daughter will always remember your trip.
well i am off to watch the tube and get teh kids to bed... it is quarter to 8 here. have a good night and take care everyone!! ttfn xxoo

03-30-2005, 12:27 AM
Your BBQ veggies sound yummy Terri. The other day I was totally craving carrots and had some Lean Gourmet thing with carrots - it was pretty good.

Finished my 101.4 oz water - chug - chug.......

Miss Ellen!! Hope you post soon,going through withdrawels.

Spoke withe custody evaluator tonight. He seemed nice enough, made him laugh. That is always a good sign ( I guess......what do I know??? lol) I guess the cost is $550 for each of us to pay. No problem!! Lets get it over with.....this is getting to be a drag.Sheeesh......

Had a vending bag of chedder crackers and a bag of trail mix. If nobody is going to post I will go eat some more........that'll show you!! lol

K- night :)

03-30-2005, 01:39 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Before I forget, I have belly shots up! They are on baby #2’s website, so you will have to go on Brandon’s webpage to get to the link, and the password is right there handy!

I got a call back from my worker Friday. She told me that I have to send her proof that I am pregnant before she will put me on Medicaid for my insurance. I thought to myself after I listened to her message, "how can I send her proof that I am pregnant, if I can't get to a doctor because I don't have insurance?" So when I was talking to Tommy on his lunch break, he goes "just pee on a stick and send it to her." I peed on a stick Friday morning, cut off the part that my pee touched, and off it went in the mail. I sent a note along with it saying that I had taken the test Friday morning, when I was 10 weeks pregnant, and that if my due date changes I will call and let her know.

Jane~ Thanks for the postcard!

03-30-2005, 01:43 AM
Do you have a county health clinic Mindee?? That is where I went when I became pregnant with Rachel. They signed a paper saying I was pregnant and est due date.Took the paper across the street and applied for medical coverage.
Just a thought.

Night :)

03-30-2005, 07:38 AM
Hello gals!!

Sorry didn't post earlier.....was feeling rushed for some reason! Like I was running out of time.

Let's see here.....where to start!

Katy--Congratulations on the weightloss!! That's fantastic!! I haven't weighed myself since before vacation! I'm pretty much frightened myself w/getting on the darn scale. Too many sweets and treats since then. I'm proud of're doing good. Come to my house and you can be my personal nutritionist! fair! I think you took our sunshine away!! We've been having rain since we've been back from SF. I'm sooooo glad that we went the week that we did. It was timed perfectly!! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from your vacation. Who knew we'd all go on vacation this month? Too bad we couldn't all have managed to vacation in the same area and meet!

Anita--I thought your photos were great! You're family is beautiful! You are a beautiful woman. Enjoy what time you have left before going back to work!

Terri--Easter candy IS hard to resist isn't it? Around doesn't last...James get's into it and I get what ever he may have forgotten. I suppose that's good for my waist line...but what about my sweet tooth?? Hmmm....maybe I should get that pulled! :lol:

Susan--I got the photo of Mike and Gaby. She's so cute. And as Katy said....good to have a face on someone we can curse at!! :D

Jane--I haven't checked my I don't know if I got your postcard. Did anyone get mine??? Probably not because they're still sitting on my hutch! :o Terrible aren't I? But I did get postcards....just didn't send them while I was down there. I will get them out tomorrow.....promise!

Mindee--Are you the one taking the pictures of your belly?? I think you need to find someone to take the photos for you! I have photos of me that were taken the same day every month....the day that I found out I was pregnant w/Jhanai. Amazing how big we get. Maybe someday I will share just how big I was. Oh...I was going to suggest the same thing as Susan about the proof. I did the same when I was pregnant w/Jhanai. I can only imagine the looks in their eyes when they receive what you sent!

Ellen!!! Where are you??

Angie!!! Come back!!

Sue, Katie, Kathy, Pam and all the other girls (sorry...can't remember everyones names) come back and just say "Hi"

Ok....time for me to sneek over to the themometer and turn down the heat!!! I'm sweating in my house!! So either the temp is up too high or I'm having hot flashes!!

Off I go ladies....if I make it to chat tomorrow....well, I guess I'll be chatting with you! :lol: (chat is noon my time right???)


PS....forgive me if I sleep in too long and don't make it to chat

03-30-2005, 09:38 AM
Good morning everyone....
Just dropping in for a second before everyone here wakes up....I'll drop in on chat today so if anyone is interested check it out

I just have to remember that its noon (Oregon time) I keep thinking its 11 - the old time.

Jane - I did get your card - Thanks! Sorry I didn't mention it earlier, just forgot

03-30-2005, 10:13 AM
:coffee: Good morning, ladies...

This week is hard, filling in for a senior rep, so I have to work his schedule, 6:45 am every day, 1/2 hour lunch, 9 hour days, ugh. :tired: They are creating a new senior hiring list, though, and I chose not to interview this time around, so this may be the last time I have to change my schedule like this. Been there, done that. I don't want to be a senior or supervisor in the call center, I want to be in a different department, anyway. Between this job and my last, I've spent about 8 1/2 years on the phones, and I'm starting to burn out a bit...

Marti and Jane, love your trip pics! I want to figure out how to do that and post some of Disneyland. Maybe I'll enlist the help of Hubby the Technogeek :wizard: :comp: :lol:

I sent St. Patrick's Day cards to everyone I had addresses for...took them to Disneyland to mail, and found that several addresses on the card were for ladies that don't post here anymore, and that I don't have home addresses for many of you. If any of you aren't getting any snail mail from me, and would like cards and stuff (when I can get my act together and send them...Easter cards went out on Monday AFTER Easter) :o , just PM your home address to me, and I'll put you on my handy dandy lil' address card.

Ellen, I know I got a Christmas card in the mail from you, but I don't have your home address saved, so PM it to me if you'd like...

Mindee, gotta second what Susan says, check to see if there is a county health clinic that will write a pregnancy verification for you. As inspired as Tommy's idea was, it doesn't prove your pregnancy for the paperwork your worker is required to process -- as far as they know, you could have had a friend or relative take the pregnancy test for you. You'll probably need something with your name on it certified by a dr. or nurse.

Susan, long distance relationships can be hard, but if the guy is wonderful and you are meant to be together, it seems like it will all work out in the end...Tim was in Detroit when I met him, and he ended up moving out here to CA. And while Rocky is in Hawaii, it gives you a good excuse to hop on a plane and visit paradise when you can, hmm? ;) You know we are all keeping good thoughts and prayers that the custody evaluators will see what's going on and will make their decisions based on what's best for Gaby. :goodluck: Thanks for the pics you've emailed of Gaby and her sisters -- such pretty girls!

Ah well...I wanted to post more individuals, but looking at the clock, I'd better get my butt dressed and out the door. *sigh* I so wish I was back at Disneyland... :goodvibes

Hi to Jane, Cristi, RosieKate, Angie, Julie, anyone else I missed... ack, gotta fly! :angel:


03-30-2005, 10:14 AM
:coffee2:Good Morning!!:coffee2:

Well good morning to all my friends.... It is 9:00 a.m here and it is already 7.5 degrees!!! that is exciting going to be a nice day... the sun is so bright already!!:sunny: I would go to chat but it doesnt work for me... i just get a blank screen with a little paper in the top left corner:(

If anyone knows what that is about.. please let me know:^:

Well have a good day everyone, i will try to sneak back on later!!

TTFN xxooxxoo

03-30-2005, 01:32 PM
hello ladies.....

there is a clinic near us that will certify that I am pregnant, BUT they don't open up until Friday and we have to meet with the worker tomorrow morning for renewal of the food stamps. My worker hasn't called me back saying that she needs any more proof. But I wrote her a note and said that I took that test Friday morning, when I was 10 weeks pregnant and that the clinic that will give me a free test doesn't open until the first of the month and that I will let her know if my due date changes.

About them thinking that I had someone else do the test for me, Tommy was already thinking about that and said "what are they going to do? make you pee on a stick right in front of them?"

03-30-2005, 01:44 PM
Good morning all~

For some reason I have been waking up at the crack of dawn which I don't like. I like to sleep in till at least 8:30. Anyway, so got up and did the wally world thing early. So glad I did and got it over with-there was hardly anyone in the store. Of course I almost got blown away when I walked out of the store. I know, hard to believe as big as I am! LOL Jeez! It is windy today! The wind got one of my bags and things started blowing, dog food, band-aids, my claritin and some new gardening gloves! :yikes: Well, I got everything except the band-aids and gloves. Thought once I loaded everything up I would drive down and see if I could find the other stuff, found the gloves but the band-aids were gone. It just kept going and I thought if I go after it other stuff might start blowing. Oh well, at least the rest of it didn't blow. Made sure I grabbed the claritin-that stuff is too costly to let it go. Of course I am ready for a nap now! LOL Also, got two loads of laundry done so I am doing good so far. Went to get gas on the way home! :yikes: Gas here is up to $2.16 a gallon, down .02 from yesterday, gotta have it though. I would hate to have a gas hog of a car. Hope it goes down soon.

Mindee~I never took actually belly shots, never even thought to do it. But DH did get some pics with my big old belly sticking out there. Of course with DD you couldn't miss it! I was the biggest with DD, really high and B-I-G!

Marti~sorry we stole your weather! Of course it is soooo windy and cloudy today! But still nice. Had to get some claritin this morning as my eyes and nose are running terribly. You know, the weather was perfect for our trip too except when we left, ran into some rain in western AR and then was raining a little when we got home. But the trip was great.

Jane~we are building a 6 ft. wood (cedar) fence. Love the way that smells. Being in a HOA we can only do wood or wrought iron and the wrought iron while it looks good defeats the purpose with a little dog. V had to draw a diagram of the house and fence for the permit, seems kind of silly to me-here's the house (a square) and here's the fence around it, duh! Of course V being the way he is (not that that is a bad thing) got a ruler out and made sure everything was perfect, down to the last post!

Susan~you silly lady. It doesn't matter about the e-mail. If they don't know who it is from some just won't open it and if they do open it...well, then they will just see some pics of some pretty girls and their mommy and wonder who the heck they are! :lol:

Terri-Lee~that's what they said when DD had her gallbladder taken out. First they didn't want to believe that's what it was so kept telling her to take antacids. Of course the pain was horrible as we know. But the surgeon said while it is unusual for a 15-year-old to have gallstones he was seeing it more and more everyday. Of course this was all after 3 docs, a bunch of tests and then finally a sonigram! I don't have a clue why the chat room would show a blank screen. I've gone there a couple of times and it was fine.

Hi to everyone else, Katy, Katiecat, Sue, Ms. Ellen, Pam, Anita, Angie and anyone I may have missed. :wave:

Well, I won't be making Chat, of course, I hardly ever do. Can't ever remember what time it is for one thing. I'm thinking it is 2 my time??? Anyway, I'll be gone-going to lunch with DS#1. He's had to work two loooong days (12-14 hrs.) so is getting off early and wants to relax and have his mommy run him around. Not sure what else he wants to do, I'm sure while over there we'll make a trip to the bookstore. Anywho...I will probably need a nap about 3, got up way too early. Okay, guess I have blabbed enough. See ya :wave:

Have a good day ladies! :sunny:

03-30-2005, 01:56 PM
I'm back!

Terri - maybe you have a pop-up blocker? I have to turn mine off to use the chat or I get the same thing you do. 7.5 deg...brrrr can't complain here we have some sun today and I'll be able to take DD out for a walk this afternoon.

Cristi - I just filled up my Subaru with regular unleaded at 2.21 a gal. Like you, I had to get it. Fortunately I don't have a gas hog and my driving needs are pretty minimal since I am a SAHM and don't commute. People say Oregon's is higher because we don't do self serve, but I saw on the news that New York is higher than us.. and I've seen stations in WA with I guess it must be taxes.

gotta go for now - but will be back for chat

03-30-2005, 02:18 PM
Good Afternoon...

Katy: thanx for the advice i will try the pop-up thing... If hubby gets home to show me how!!:lol:

Cristi: I dont know gas in gallons.... here we use litres.. and it is about 90 cents a litre right now!! If anyone good in conversion reads this maybe they can help!!:?:

Mindee: I had to chuckle about the pee test.. that is funny:lol: !! I would just like to see their faces when they first saw it!!:o I am glad i live in Canada right now though.. when i got pregnant i just went to the doc and said i think i am pregnant... after that they take care of it!!

Katiecat:I am sure you are very busy right now lol.... this too shall pass

Ellen: Where are you i am worried:(

Marti: I really wish i knew which was my sweet tooth.. although it only acts up once a month:lol:

Susan: Hello, I didnt get my bbq veggies yesterday.. i will get tin foil today and definately make them!!!

Jane: Hello I will try to get my chat working!!

Hello Everyone else, hope you are having a great day!!!;)

Oh ya.... the thermometer said 15 degrees!!!! YAY

TTfn xxoo

glad i found some friends!!:grouphug:

03-30-2005, 05:38 PM
Hi ladies,

Just a quick note to say hi. Sorry I had to leave chat so soon. An old friend of Fern's stopped in to bring me some momentos.

It's windy here, too! Katie got the newspaper a little while ago, dropped it, and the classifieds are down the road now, lol.

I'll try to be back later, but now that I found out Jimmy Smits is on The West Wing, I think I'm going to have to start watching it! Hubba hubba!!


03-30-2005, 06:58 PM
Hiya ladies~

Just checking in for a sec. Lunch with DS was nice and relaxing. A little later than I was hoping but worked out fine because there was hardly anyone in the place. Was trying to take a nap and V called. He's working late but will come home for dinner.

Terri-Lee~took a look at your pictures and they are great! You guys are a nice looking family and Emma is adorable! Those pictures definitely need to be framed and put out for everyone to see! I was wondering if I read that right! 7.5 degrees! YIKES! (that seems to be my new word, guess it is better than some others! LOL) Did you make it to chat?

Katy~a few days ago when I was watching the news they said New Jersey had the lowest price for gas at $1.95, doesn't seem right to me. It seems the east & west coast is usually a little bit higher on things than here. When I left here for AR gas was at $2.15 and in AR it was $1.94-$1.99. Oh well...what can we do except buy it. I remember going through OR on my way to Seattle a few years ago and jumping out to pump my own gas. Some guy came running out of the station like I committed a crime-scared the crap out of me! LOL Forgot that they pump it for ya which is nice.

Jane~I've been checking the trash cans every few hours for fear of them toppling over like the neighbors and the garbage blowing down the street! LOL We get the wind a lot like that here but it is so far in between that I swear to V that the wind does not blow like that here! I just got your post card today. Want to hear something funny? It came with postage due! :lol: The size was apparently bigger than your normal postcard so it was more...anyway, thanks it is nice! :thanks:

Okay, time to go watch the news ladies and see if I can catch a 15 minute nap. Hope everyone had and is having a wonderful day! See ya :wave:

Oh Marti~almost forgot...did get the pics scanned and on my 'puter now just need to get them on yahoo. Hate to post these few I have when there are more on the next roll of film. I am at 8 or 10 of a roll of 24. Also, I thought I had taken more photos. Oh well, when I get them on yahoo I will let ya know.

And Katiecats, thank you for the Easter card! That was sweet of you. :thanks:

03-30-2005, 10:05 PM
Good Evening.

Almost done with my water intake for the day! Seems to get easier and it does seem to help as a natural way to curb the appetite - anyway, that is what I have read and it does seem to be the truth - blah -blah........don't know what I am trying to say - lol.

Where is ELLEN!!?!!?!

I checked out your pic's Terri - you remind me of Angie. Emma is a doll.....

Received the postcard Jane! Also the Easter card from Katie :) - thanks!

Appreciate what you wrote Katie - about long distant relationships. He is a very sweet man. I just can't see myself with anyone else......even if it takes a while- we are having fun and I like the trips to Hawaii in the meantime. Ahhh, the things I do for love. lol

Mike wrote a sweet email. Says he prays for me and sent some CS - knows it is late and hopes it helps.......will duh - of course it will he thinking it wouldn't??? Is that why he has never sent anything?? Thinks I have everything under control??? jk........humor and all.

I guess that is it. Very tired tonight........................zzzzzzzzzz

Chat later :)

03-30-2005, 10:33 PM
Why is there never anything on Wednesday night?! :shrug: Oh well, guess it is a good time to catch up on some reading. I am dying to finish the book I have been reading.

Angie~hope things are well with you and yours. Haven't seen you around in a while lady. Of course I know how busy you get with the theatre and running the kiddos around.

Ellen~hope things are fine with you. Miss you when you don't post,a nd miss all those purdy pictures! Anyway, hope you are feeling better.

Pam~where are you lady? We haven't seen you around for a while either. Hope all is fine with you too!

Susan~don't ya just want to slap Mike on the forehead?! Ummm, duh get a clue. Doesn't even matter though if you needed the child support or not, the point is he is supposed to be paying regardless! It is true what they say about the water-wish I could get down as much as you do. I am lucky to get the 4-16.9 oz bottles a day. Just have a hard time drinking something with no flavor. Don't like lemon in drinks so that's out for adding flavor. I get in my moods though where I will drink a lot but still not used to it and never will be. It's those darn trips to the rest room that get me.

Well, not sure when I will post tomorrow so thought I would check in tonight to see if anyone has posted. DD and I are headed to the show tomorrow to see Ring II. Not really what I wanted to see but we take turns seeing what we want to see. I want to see Miss Congeniality II-maybe next week. Anyway, I'm outta here. Think I will go in my room and watch tv and read. See you ladies tomorrow sometime, have a good evening.

03-30-2005, 10:36 PM
Good evening gals! What a beautiful day here. I walked 3 and a half miles..yeah! I have walked over 2 miles for several days now. The food intake is slowly going down also....I might just shed a couple pounds.

Cristi, I was picturing you chasing band-aids all over the wally world lot. That could pass for your exercise of the day. :lol: The wind started picking up here this evening and now there are tornado warnings west of us.

Jane, Are you in the warning area? Sure hope not. Just another thing I don't care for in the mid-west, tornado warnings..or worse yet the actual tornado. I got a postcard from you..thank you very much. Ditto what Cristi said about the postage.

Susan, I swear I don't know how you can drink all that water. I try, but just can't do it. Although I do drink several glasses of iced tea throughout the day, and it is de-caf unsweetened, so guess that is water. I just do not like water and have a hard time getting it down. By the way, my DD is dating a man long distance and they are hoping for the best. He has been to CA to see her once and is going again next week. She has not been to TX to visit him yet. She is gun-shy after dating a few dogs. :( She can't move from CA so he will have to re-locate if it gets serious.

Terri, I tried to go to chat and both times my computer froze up and I had to re-boot. That has never happened to me before. Hope you can figure it out and if I get mine in order we can chat next time.

Marti, Still raining? I am surprised you didn't get rain in SF...seems it is the rainy season, DD has been complaining about it. She is north of the "city" as they say.

Mindee, Sorry you have to wait for the pregnancy to be confirmed before you can get the Medi. Hope you are feeling okay. Good luck at your meeting. I will go look at your sites later.

RosieKate, Katiecat, Ellen, Pam..everyone else..hello and I hope you had a good Hump day.

I did laundry today and dusted the back part of the house. Totally cleaned the laundry room from top to bottom. That is 3 rooms down for the heavy cleaning so far. I am slow.
Tomorrow we go see another builder to have our house plans estimated. We will then have 3 options and can make an informed decision. The one condo unit came in more than we want to spend although we can go talk to that builder and see what can be cut. The other condo has not come back with a price. Don't know if that is good or bad. We are ready to do something, so hope the prices are within our range. We went through the house today and talked about what we would sell and what we would take to the new home. We plan to have an auction and get rid of most everything. Start fresh in the new home. (except for my antiques and the things DH built)

Sorry I missed chat. Anyone have their computer freeze up when they try to go to the chat room?

Good night ladies!

edited to correct my grammer... :D

03-31-2005, 08:31 AM
Ok Ladies.....something is going on with my's TOO slow and it's causing me to get impatient.
Not sure what it is but it's taking me forever to just type all this and then get to the next line w/out it stopping to take a break!!! :dizzy:

So....I will try again tomorrow! Hopefully it just needs it's beauty sleep!

G'night.....or Good Morning! (it's 4:30am here)

03-31-2005, 09:56 AM Morning!!!

Well, I never could get into chat... i tried disabling pop-ups and that didnt seem to work:( I dont know what else to do

Cristi: 7.5 degrees was warm!!!!!I am talking celcius here just a minute i will go check what that is in fahrenheit. OK, i believe that is 45.5 degree F. Is that cold? Thank you for the complimentss!!!!

Suetalks: Ya i dont know how to get into chat i was sooooooooo frustrated!!I will have to ask someone around here that knows anything about computers how to do it

Marti: Hope your computer is working better today!!

Susan: Thank you.. I havent seen Angie.. will have to find out now lol....emma may look like a doll but she is a little :devil:

Jane: I will try to get the chat working for next week!!

Hello to everyone else!! I have to go get the baby out of the kitty litter!!!:dizzy:

TTFN xxoo

03-31-2005, 12:25 PM
Good Morning Ladies~

Not sure why I thought I wouldn't be able to post this morning. :p Of course I wasn't sure of the movie time...don't have to get in the shower till 11 so I am good for time. I should see if something else is on and DD can see the Ring 2! :lol: I'm not scared, just really didn't want to see it. The first one I wanted till it came on HBO, didn't want to pay to see it. Anyway, it's time spent with DD and that's all that matters. :)

Terri-Lee~okay, gotta ask, would you prefer being called Terri-Lee or just Terri? Okay, didn't even think about the 7.5 being C. 45 degrees F isn't so bad, but 7-YES! It was really nice here for a few days and has dropped back down to the 50's (F) but with the wind blowing it feels a little colder. You are welcome! Emma IS adorable and you got some GREAT pics! When the kids were that young I always had a loaded camera trying to get shots like you did with Emma, I think they are the best! Of course I still always have a loaded camera around! Of course now our baby is our puppy dog. Never saw anyone take as many pictures of a dog as we do! :lol: I do enjoy seeing pictures of the Jaded ladies little ones, Katy's little Leigh is adorable, as is Susan's little Gaby-they are so cute at that age.

Sue~I was trying to get those darn band-aids! :lol: Had to let them go though for fear of other stuff blowing away! Don't even know where they went, last I saw they were flying past the gardening dept! The gloves it looked like someone ran over them. Oh well, I did recover most of the stuff that went flying-bet it was a sight! Or should I say a fright! :fr: I told DD not to go out yesterday, as big as I am I was having a hard time walking in the wind and she would be blown away! WTG on the walking!! :bravo: I've had to hit the old treadmill in the dungeon because of the wind here but just doing a mile and then will work up to more. The bad thing with the treadmill is you can get off anytime so I don't push myself like I should. Anyway, I hope you guys get a good estimate for the condo(s).

Marti~when I had MSN it would do that once in a while when I would come to 3FC. I would be typing away and then see maybe two words on the screen and then they would pop up slowly, delayed reaction sort of thing. Don't know that it was actually MSN, just seemed to happen when we had it. Finally canceled it when we got that virus a while back. Of course I wasn't pleased with AOL so tried going back to MSN and it totally messed things up again so we stuck with AOL. Not saying that it is MSN with you guys but that's what happened with us. Hope you get it fixed soon, miss you around here.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Need to get going, go check my e-mail and do a couple of things before jumping in the shower. I bought some frames yesterday finally. Had some pictures I need to add to my picture wall, was just waiting to get frames. One day that whole wall be covered! I decided to put all the pics on one big wall instead of having them spread all over the house, even though I have some in the hallway. Okay, I am outta here for now. Will let ya know how the movie is, supposed to be really scary, yeah right!

Take care and have a great day!

03-31-2005, 06:08 PM
wooo hooo - only have a second to chat! Busy,busy with only one day left of the month. Have to make contact with all my residents whose rents are going up TODAY!

Terri - I meant to add that Angie is beautiful. So it is a good thing to look like her - lol.......We met 5 years ago and she was as sweet in person as she is on the board. It was right after my seperation from Doug and the girls were staying with him. We went over to his place and Angie spent the whole time combing Rebecca's tangled hair, so nice. Beck still remembers that.........

Ok- better get. The clock has been ticking and people taking away from my chit chat time!

moooooo ved the ticker though! yay.....

da fat n da furious
03-31-2005, 06:25 PM
Im here, the not being able to post during the weekend through me off, and now Im insanely busy,,,hmm just insane.
Show night....everyone is looking so good, happy happy,,,,ready for a nap though...
I will post more soon,,,I hope.
gotta run

03-31-2005, 06:31 PM
Hiya Susan :wave: WTG on mooooving the ticker again! :bravo:Don't ya just hate having to give the tenants bad news?! Yikes! I would hate that. DS is a manager and we were talking yesterday... I told him I could never do his job. I would have a hard time firing someone. he on the other hand has no problem if it is warranted. I just can't be mean.

Where is everyone today? Awfully quiet around here.

Anyway...We thought we were going to be late for the show. Had to stop at Target first to get a couple of things and some baskets for the bottom of my sofa table (the one DS made for us). Found two the perfect size! So we got to the show at 12:50 when it was supposed to start-fortunately their closk was ten minutes slower than mine and it started about 2 minutes after we sat down-perfect timing! So...The Ring Two was good, if you like those kind of movies which we do. I have to say it was actually better than The Ring. I didn't think it was scary like they kept saying on tv but I did jump a little when that thing jumped up. It's those little surprises that you don't expect-but it was good.

Here are the photos I took while in AR if anyone wants to take a gander. Well, the first three are of my nephew (my parents actually adopted him when he was about 7 so he's my nephew and brother-only in AR! Just kidding) and his new wife, his son and step-son. They were married on Valentine's Day, how romantic. But were going to elope but her mother talked her into having a wedding. So they did in this beautiful church but only had the parents and their kids there-didn't want too big a fuss. Anyway, didn't take as many pics as I thought. Took several of the Clinton library but didn't want to post them all. Not sure those are so good, doesn't do it justice. And once everything blooms and turns green it will look nicer. From one point inside it looks like it is hanging over the AR river. Didn't get any inside because I don't have a digital camera and while you can takes pics inside, you can't have the flash on. They have guards walking around everywhere of course. Also, didn't take pics of the Art museum-looks like every other museum. The last one is of my SIL and nieces, well three of them. I have more nieces but didn't see everyone while there. We did get more pics on another roll of film of the school-daughter was trying to get a close-up of the details/design on the front of the school which is cool. And we/she took pics of the Sugarbaker house, and I'm not sure what else. Of course I am not sure what happens during the uploading process but someof the pics look a little blurry and I am not sure why because the actual pictures aren't. Anyway...if you want to look at them here's the link. I'll leave it open for a few days.

May try to get back on later, not sure at this point. Of course tonight is my favorite show night with The O.C, CSI and Without A Trace being on. So won't make chat.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! Mine is better since the sun finally came out! :sunny: Take care ladies :wave:

EDITED:To say HI to Angie :wave: We have missed you lady. Hope you can post more soon, but then we know how busy you are lady. :)

03-31-2005, 06:32 PM
Hello everyone!!

Computer is working fine now so now I can do a little chit chatting here!

Katie--Did you have a digital camera? You can always upload them onto Yahoo's free and easy. Would love to see your Disneyland photos....and then we can all get GREEN w/envy!! :D

Teri--I took a peak at your photos, your so pretty! And your little one is adorable! Hmmm....wonder what you need to do to get into chat. I'm not sure. We'll find out though and next time you can chat. I believe there is a chat on for tonight isn't there? I work so I won't be around. I let you know what I find out about you getting into chatroom.

Cristi--Take your time w/the photos. There is no rush. I competely understand wanting to get all your photos ready before sharing. I have such a hard time scanning my photos......I'm not very good at figuring out how the scanner work! :dizzy: I mean, I've done a few, but I still have a hard time figuring out how to make them look good.

Sue--James & I were surprised we didn't get rained on either! So glad we chose that week to go. I had such a memorable time and I can't wait to go back. Not sure if we'll be able to next year or not....been thinking of buying a house this summer. Would like to move closer to Jhanai and to work.

Susan--Glad your mooooticker is moving in the direction you want it. I'm afraid to weigh myself so I haven't. I'm pretty sure that I've gained some back. And w/TOM being here right now......will avoid the scale a little bit longer!

Jane--Not a problem w/the Chat yesterday. I didn't get a chance to stay long myself. I felt bad leaving Katy all alone! Maybe next time.

Katy--Sorry I had to leave so quickly. Did have a nice chat w/you though.

Weather is improving today. Been enjoying sitting on my back patio. Feels so warm and cozy. Of coarse I'm underneath the awning so the sun hitting it might be what's so warm! The clouds are sneaking in......and I'm sure rain is close behind!

Ok gals...I'm going to browse a little and then get cleaned up and ready for work.

You all have a great day today....tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

03-31-2005, 06:38 PM
Cristi & Angie!!

You both snuck up on me while I was writing.

Angie--Get some rest and when you have some free time...come and visit us.

Cristi--The first wedding photos is beautiful!! I love wedding photos done in black and white! I go again.

03-31-2005, 06:46 PM
Okay, now I see Ms. Marti has snuck in on me, and when I just posted where is everyone. Hiya Marti :wave: I too love that picture-been meaning to get a roll of black and white film and try it out, just keep forgetting! :lol: I couldn't decide on what pictures to post and there are far from being exciting. we really didn't do anything photo worthy other than visit with family which is photo worthy to me. Our scanner is pretty easy. It is a copier, scanner, printer and fax in one-the real problem is trying to get the picture to stay straight when it is going through it! :lol: Anyway, have a good night at work!

03-31-2005, 07:43 PM
Just here for a sec...

Cristi - thanks for sharing the photos. They're nice, and I'm glad you had fun! Wish there was one of you in the bunch, though.

Katiecat - thanks for the Easter card. You'e a sweeti

So sorry to everyone that you had to pay extra postage on the postcard. Yikes! Hope it wasn't much...

Did I mention that I broke my camera the other day? So today I got a new one, a Canon PowerShot SD400, and I'll be experimenting with it. Lots of options... even takes pictures where you pick one color (like a red shirt, or something) and then the rest is in black and white, except the one color. The camera is only as big as a deck of cards.

Anyway... gotta run, be back and catch up tomorrow.

03-31-2005, 11:00 PM
Hi ladies,

Just popping again to say Hi.

Jane-- I got your postcard today. What a lovely surprise.

Busy busy gotta fly.

Will fill you all in tomorrow.

03-31-2005, 11:51 PM
I am real trired, don't wanna work!!

I have raised peoples rents for 14 years - NEVER have liked it. I always say "are you sure you don't have more medical??" lol Because being in subsidized housing w/ elderly that is one way to lower your rent, with ooodles of medical bills.
So, it wasn't a real fun day and I have 3 more to track down.

I love the black and white too Cristi. Might get a black/white disposal and take some of the girls this weekend.
Course Gaby leaves tomorrow at 7pm for another weekend with Father Knows Best - lol.
I did check on the Child Support Division website and I have a 55.26 check coming! YAY.....

Glad your computer is back up and running normally Marti :) Rocky has one that is super slow, very maddening. Just take the plunge and weigh yourself!!
lol...............egads, a couple of more gulps and I am done with this wadder!! My eyes are about to bug out!! lol


k- coworker is get........

03-31-2005, 11:55 PM
Just a quick pop-in.
We had a good meeting with the builder today, but no prices until next week. I have my fingers crossed.
We went out for lunch then to get groceries. I came home and got in a 2 mile walk with my neighbor. The wind was fierce, I had to wear a hooded sweatshirt and keep the hood up. Looked real good blowing down the

So long for tonight.

04-01-2005, 01:59 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Well, we went to talk with my worker yesterday. We had an 8am appointment, so we get there a little after because of traffic. We sign in and everything and we are the first people there, no problem. We wait around and get told, “your worker isn’t here today, do you mind waiting until 8:30 to see another lady?” I said “no, it’s no problem.” At 8:45am the other lady comes out, and says “what are you here for?” I said “I have an appointment with my worker for our food stamps review.” She says “well, I don’t see anything on her schedule for you for today.” I said “well, she sent me this letter in the mail” which I pull out at that time and read the time and date to her. She looks at it, looks at the sign in sheet and says “your appointment was yesterday morning.” I said “it was?” She said “yeah, today is the 31st, your appointment was for the 30th.” At this point, I am just hoping that she will see us or someone will so it wasn’t a wasted trip. She asked me again what it was for and I told her, and I handed her my paperwork. She goes “oh, it is just for food stamps, I can take you” and takes us to her little cubicle just inside the door. She puts the stuff down, and then walks away. At that point, I was getting antsy because Brandon woke up on the wrong side of his crib yesterday morning, so he was in grouchland. She comes back looks over all the paperwork, makes a couple copies and then says “okay, you are all taken care of. If she needs anything more from you, I am sure that she will call you.” And we left.

Then we went and helped his mom and dad move some of their stuff. I did not help carry anything. Most of the time I was chasing Brandon, the rest of the time, I was putting away things in their cupboards for them. They ordered pizza, we ate, then split to come back home. I think I was on my feet too much because my back and feet were both aching. I sat for about an hour or two with my feet up after I got Brandon to sleep, and then jumped in the shower to run some warm water on my back.

We think Brandon is going to be cutting more of his teeth. The past three days we have changed countless poopy diapers on him! At first I thought it was the little bite of egg salad I gave him, but going from the nasty face he made, it wasn’t that. When we were laying on the bed when we got home, we both noticed a couple bumps about to poke through on the top. Plus, he has been biting on EVERYTHING! He will chew on his hands, his rubber duckies, his books, anything!

sorry to make this yet another me post, but I am just worn out and my bed is calling me. Actually, I think I have to go wake Tommy up....I think he fell asleep out in the living room.

04-01-2005, 07:16 AM
Wait.... hop on over to chit chat #122, please. See you there!