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03-25-2005, 04:05 AM
Hi, well i thought i let you know a little about myself in losing weight im not having to easy cause last may i found out i have a bulging disk and my drs wont let me workout anymore, i miss not workingout... then i might have a torn ligaments in my knee will find out what the dr gets back on my mri... my question is how can i lose weight if i cant wrokout anymore??? i lost weight before and i was 243lbs but i tell you the truth i didnt eat and i dont want to go back to doing something like that again i went down to 173lbs and i felt great....

i was told do alot of walking and drink lots of water..I hope someone in here could help me set up a meal plan im not good at this what so ever i become stupid lol....

im so down about this weight gain and i want it off so badly i hate looking at myself i dont enjoy really getting dressed anymore unless i have to get dressed i dont like how my belly looks i just hate it.. i want the flab off

i just want to feel happy once again... thanks for all your help and hope to hear from someone

03-25-2005, 02:40 PM
Hi Sunshine! :) I'm still rather new here too, but I thought I'd welcome you to the boards. There is alot of support here and many different "plans". I hope you stick around, find a way that works fo ryou and make some suportive friends in the process. I'm a member of the Curvy Vixens if you want to check us out. Stop's a great bunch of gals!