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03-24-2005, 01:58 PM
I hope I can start this thread... :dizzy: :?: Lets get together and support each other to get the weight off. I know I need all the help I can get.

03-30-2005, 12:56 PM
:wave: My DH is retired Navy. Does that count? :) I mostly popped in to say hi, to encourage you and thank your husband and you for the sacrifices you make to serve this great country. You are appreciated and prayed for!
Where is your DH stationed?

How much weight are you trying to lose? Are you using a specific diet or just watching portions? How about exercise? Hope I'm not overwhelming you w/my questions but would just like info in order to better support you.

I have lost 38 pounds in the past 10 months and have an ultimate goal of 180 pounds. I'm working hard to keep my will power going right now as I seem to be stuck at 212! Ugh! Anyway, I know it will come off. I just have to keep working it! I'm using the Weight Watcher's (WW) plan. It's the best I've ever used. I love it. My whole family is getting healthier b/c when momma eats healthy, EVERYONE eats healthy-whether they like it or not! :D I walk about 20 miles a week and try to sneak in some aerobics as well. Right now, I'm concentrating on getting caught up on my miles I missed while I was sick so no aerobics for a while. However, I plan to kick that back in next week.

Well, hope to hear from you soon. You are waging battle right now but I'm here to tell you it's a battle that you CAN WIN! I'll be glad to support you on your journey.

If for some reason this thread doesn't pick up, don't get discouraged. Join me at the memorable women's memorial day challenge forum. You'll meet some great ladies and get fabulous support.

have a great day!