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03-22-2005, 09:33 AM
OK Guys or at least Daphne, I need to talk to you all more often than what we're doing. I am restarting this and if you would like to drop in or even lurk and at least hear from the rest of us, I would be happy.

Daphne I am so surprised but happy to see that you posted on that thread yesterday. I am going back to it in a minute to redirect you to this. I will also post more later on today about where I stand and what is currently up with me and you do the same.

I'm not going to post direct comments to anyone other than daphne at this point unless someone else posts. That way I can keep it to the point and then see if anyone comes back to us. I do miss all the girls and miss hearing what is going on with you all.

03-22-2005, 10:24 AM
I am happy that my YaYa sister came back to me! I was just asking Donna if she had heard from anyone and she said she had heard from Summer is all. I will post more later today but wanted to get on board here with you right now.

03-22-2005, 12:24 PM
Man you are online early. :lol: Well let's see where to start to get you up to par. I applied for SSI for both brett and Laken and was originally denied for brett. The lady who filed for me encouraged me to go as far as the judge hearing so I did the appeal that just lets someone else look into it again. As long as he's ruled "uncontrolled" then he can qualify. I don't know who told him he was in control cause he's not. They are pushing him to try the pump when we go back may 5th. That isn't "in control". At any rate, I haven't heard from lakens and I applied 10 days earlier on her. I'm sure she can get it but just the waiting is so long. She said allow up to 120 days and it's been about 70 now.

I was waiting on the SSI money so we can buy our new home. We did go look and talk to some people and because kevin's credit score is so low, we need to own our land. We can get qualified for a land/home but then we don't want to move and it would cause our payments to go up. Anyway, this land we're on is mine but not officially deeded. If when we buy our home and it has to have closing costs on it, we can have the land deeded in the same process. We still have $10,000 to go down on it. So we just elected to wait to see how much laken's check will be. My granny made the comment that it will be laken's house if she's paying for it. No matter how you look at it, we just need it.

As for our new addition, we will know by friday for this month but I don't think so. My sister is a month ahead of me in trying but so far she hasn't either. This is her 5th month attempt. I had a vision the other day that told me she couldn't conceive but it may have been for me. Whatever God has in store is acceptable for me. I know what I want but it's ultimately up to him. The only true let down is I had already collected a few boxes of stuff for a baby that are either new or close to it. I have won a bunch of cheap auctions on ebay and ran into some clearance stuff along the way as well. Between me, my sister and my cousin, somebody is bound to have a baby. :)

I have gained up more weight since going off the pill 4 months ago. We ended up getting some kind of stomach virus and I lost 11 pounds in less than a day. I know if/or when I get pregnant, I will loose it that fast as well because of the fluid and in the past, my pregnancies, I lost more than I gained because of the morning sickness that lasted all day and night.

Logan got up with a black spot in his eye on thursday and I took him to the pediatrician and she said it was a floater. His retina's were fine. Well considering he had the same thing as an infant that took laken's vision, I have an app't with laken's eye specialist in late april just to be sure. Logan has gotten used to the spot because the only time he sees it is when he looks to his left.

We have 2 running cars now. Kevin bought him a 2000 Explorer on valentines day. Knock on wood... That car has less miles than mine and is a bit newer as well. Now if we can just spend about $200 to put a hitch and lights on, we can get that camper back out that's been idle since last july.

Well I think that's all that has happened right now. I may come up with something else later on. It's wet and chilly here today. What's been up with you daphne? Didn't you have a computer problem? I had a harddrive crash last week and had to reinstall everything and I'm not getting pop ups at all. Go figure but so far I haven't lost my post. Hope to hear from you soon!

03-22-2005, 12:26 PM
You know I just noticed that my posts say "401"?? That's weird. Not that I was counting but I had over 2000 at one time. Do they erase everything old reckin??

03-26-2005, 12:41 AM
It's been forever since I participated in a thread and I think that the timing is needed now for that seeing that keeping in touch via email hasn't been working too well. LOL

We just returned from Disney World where we spent for the most of our Spring Vacation. It was a wonderful time but at 4:00 a.m. on the morning we were to check out I started vomiting and found myself after Urgent Care couldn't help me and I was so dehydrated that they sent me to ER for Iv's for fluid. They suspect food poisoning and I feel like it is true. Ended up spending the night in a hotel that evening or should I say for a few hours then we left for home yesterday and came in last night. I am not completely better but feel better than I did. I am telling you I heard that food poison was bad but now I know how bad it was. I have never been so sick in my life. I wanted to die.
On the wieght loss front, it's always a roller coaster ride for me. I'm at where I should be but have to really watch it because it's a fine line of whether I could re-gain it again and have to start all over again. I keep my WW tools handy and will try the best I can.
Dana, I sure hope you can get SSI for both Brett and Laken because it sure will help. I also thank you for starting this thread. I don't know how often I can post but will do the best I can.
Well, need to call it a day.
Thanks again, Dana!

03-27-2005, 02:26 PM
Thanks for joining us Donna. I have been waiting for the site to come back on so I could post. Happy Easter to everyone.

I had emailed you yesterday to tell you I had food poison before and it's a terrible sickness and on your vacation as well. I am so sorry you had to endure that. Did the rest of the family not catch it? That's good if not. My kids start their spring break tomorrow and will be home the whole next week. Our school district is on a different schedule from you guys anyway especially starting before most counties.

Brett's school was discussing holding him back this year due to failing math the first half. Their report cards last week, for the first time, he has all B's & C's and the C' only liked 1 or 2 points from being B's. Of course his final average in math has to be at least 70 to go to 7th grade and he had a 62 first semester.

We're not doing anything today. The boys are gone to easter dinner with inlaws. Laken doesn't even like to try that cause she hates eggs all together. :lol: The twins will be 10 on wednesday and I guess there will be some sort of cake middle of the week. I really need to grab hold of my eating. The stress from waiting to hear about our home and then wondering if there will ever be a 4th child just makes me eat it seems. My sister is in the same boat. She's on her 5th cycle trying for a baby and it's not happening for her. 12 years of being on the pill isn't in her favor either.

Well I hope we hear from daphne again soon. I am about to freeze with temps at 52 degrees here with drizzle. I hope we don't get the bad storms they are talking about this afternoon.

03-28-2005, 11:01 AM
Thanks for the email. Elena is back in school this week. Luckily for me neither Jim nor Elena got sick. I was the lucky one and I am still having problems with it. I think that it aggravated my hiatal hernia big time the reason for my feeling bad still. I have an appt. with my doctor on Wed. morning.

I hope they don't hold Brett back. It just doesn't seem to me that they should of been even considering that when it was just too early in the school year. Elena is doing quite well although we have our ups and downs.

:hb: to the twins on Wed.!!!! It's hard to believe we have so many ten year olds now! I wonder if Summer or Rosey will find us. I need to go now. Have a great day!


03-29-2005, 03:19 PM
Hi everyone.. im so surprized.. i missed all of you..i never stopped posting just was in the health section..just had an e-mail from summer and i told her about the new group..its neat to here about all of you and your familys..nothings changed for me still the same old rosey doing the same things..a big welcome back for us all ((((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

03-30-2005, 11:52 AM
Waahooooo OK I am here finally. I amdoing Curves since the start of the year. Too bad I am eatting like a pig. I skipped weigh in last month being as it was TOM and I was up. This month was just way to stressful and I ate way to much. I do love Curves and love seeing my bicepts and other muscles. When I get back from spring break at the in laws next week I am going to rejoin weight watchers. Oh yea I am leaving tomorrow for my in laws house so pray for me.
Dana I am so sorry that you are under such stress. I hope no I know you can get your eatting under control. It will be so much easier to get preggers with less weight. I know that added weight and getting older can hamper getting preggers. I thought I was way to fat and old to get preggers and my Gyno said OMG no! That my age 40 is a common age to get pregggerswith our hormones going all over the place I guess!:lol: How is Logan doing? Is Lakens aid a good one? How is Bretts sugar levels?
Donna I loved iming with you the other night. It was so nice to chat and not have kids bugging me or a hubby.:lol: Did you have fun on that trip? WHat are next years plans for a trip? How do you keep that weight off woman? I am very inspired by how great you are doing.
Rosey!I miss talking here with you woman. Let that DH know that my DH went and was looking at property and was at a place called Elk Ridge and he say a hugh hear of elk. He counted over 100 and was just so excited. Gee if UI lived near you my hubby would be hunting and or fishing with your DH all the time:lol: How is he doing anyhow? How is the family doing and how are you doing? How are the cards going?
OK I will try and post tonight if there is any posting if not I will be back next weekend.

03-30-2005, 01:48 PM
Hi girls.

I'm still among the living. I'm busy (as I told you, Dana). I'm in a grief support group weekly, I rejoined my Church I grew up in and am so happy about it. I joined 3 bible study groups, too.

All this church stuff came about because my best friend Debby bought me "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren for Christmas. I bought it for her too after that 'cause she said she wanted to read it when I was finished, but it is a book you really study and not just 'read'. Anyway, she and I did the book (it's a 40 day thing) and it really sparked the spirit in me. If you can, get a copy and do it. It's amazing.

I started the newsletter again this month, well, for April actually. And we started a Red Hat Society here at the Smith Center and they made me the "Queen Mother"! Just what I need...something else to take me away from finishing going through Mom's stuff and getting my apt back in order!!!

Yes, nothing has changed in that arena, Dana!! At least I didn't put up any Christmas decorations this year.

I have to get off here. The back is still hurting when I sit, stand, walk, do anything too long. I'll be back to let you know about my plans for traveling this year.


03-30-2005, 04:05 PM
Wooooohoooooo Miss Gayle is here to. I enjoyed our phone chat the other day woman. You sounded so happy and up beat it was a true pleasure. I did go an buy the book and will start reading it when back from vacation. I have to go clean house and stuff and will post later if I can.

03-31-2005, 01:24 PM
Daph, that book can change your life if you let it! I love it!

I just finished a newsletter. I know, Daph, I still haven't sent you one to see! Hey! Guess what I found...the postcards I wrote you from Kansas 2003!!!!

Gotta get off. I'll be glad to get to know you all, Donna, Summer, etc. Donna, I think we posted together before maybe?


04-01-2005, 09:28 AM
Gayle, your screen name does look familiar to me. I don't remember what forum you and I were in together but I believe you are right!

Rosey, it's so good to hear from you and I'm so proud of you sticking with Curves for so long! :strong:

Daphne, are you feeling better? I don't know why you would be so impressed with me. I'm forever going back and forth losing and gaining just to lose some more and gain some more! LOL The book "The Purpose Driven Life" will change your life, so watch out! It's a great book!

Guys, I'm still struggeling with trying to get straightened out from the food poison. I have a hiatal hernia and now that is the problem. It can give you false indications of heart problems and I have been in pain. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and await for some blood tests to see if I still have the bacteria.

Going to go now. I hope you ALL have a great day and HAPPY FOOLS DAY! LOL

04-01-2005, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone..glad to see some of my old buddies the same old rosey..curves went well today..i missed a few days as we were out of town then i got the flu but ok now..ill be sore tomorrow.. i enjoy going.. the people are really nice and i feel so much better when i do still making cards.. and scapbooking..just got a new scanner- printer- photo maker and am learning how to use it and can now print my own pictures.. its alot of waiting for spring and all my roses.. am tired of winter.. it was beautiful today tho..i sat out on the deck amongst the snow banks and soaked it up :lol: i want to start walking as soon as the roads are free of ice.. im so proud of my youngest daughter.. shes lost 137#s now and looks awsome..shes become an exercise fanatic now.. i cant keep up with her but shes great inspiration for me and my cheering section..ive lost 28# this winter yay for me..i think my dh found them tho :?:..have agreat weekend everyone ((((((hugs))))) rosey :wave:

04-03-2005, 01:12 AM
HOORAY for you, Rosey!!!!! :bravo: :cp:

I have been biten by the scrap book bug, Rosey. I was just at A.C. Moores today and bought a few items to start the Disney memory book and Elena's over-due book. I did a brief one on Jim not long ago. All this stuff sure can get expensive but I'm buying a little at a time and having a lot of fun with it.

04-06-2005, 12:28 AM
Hi everyone..just checking in..been busy today blessing my house and working on my card order.have been playing with my new photo printer..still have lots to learn but its fun to print pictures i want for my scrapbooking..carful donna its addicting and id bet elana would love to do it grkids always want to play with my scrapping stuff..its cold and windy here today.. will spring ever get here :( ((((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

04-06-2005, 12:48 AM
Rosey, I made my first card. I made one for my mil. LOL :D I thought she would be a good guinea pig! LOL
It is too late for the warning, Rosey. I'm hooked...........


04-06-2005, 05:44 PM
Hi everyone..another cold and windy day.. mr ken has posted in my diabetic group..hes been diagnosed with diabetes poor guy..its a learning process but eventually it becomes as easy as breathing..i wish him success..well i weighed today and lost another 2#..dont know how i did that :o but am happy about it..donna carful its addicting..i have so much card and scrapping stuff that my dining room is a craft room now :lol:i can see the tv from there and we only have one so thats where im enthroned :lol: i could open my own store but ive been collecting for 10 yrs now.. anyways welcome to the club i bet your mil loved the wheres everyone else??..have a great day everyone (((((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

04-07-2005, 09:08 AM
Hi girls. I'm glad some of you are here. Now where is that first poster Daphne?? I know summer is suppose to be at the beach I believe this week. She had emailed me one day to tell me she may lurk around but wasn't necessarily ready to post for fear someone would get mad if she didn't post often. I wanted everyone to know up front that none of us are expected to post daily. Post only when you can. I just like having this meeting ground so we can write about ourselves when we can and then it's always there for the rest to catch up when can.

My life has seem to take a turn around yesterday. I don't think I have caught you all up on my sister so let me try to do that. She had started posting on another website for medical issues. (won't write it incase it is illegal here). Anyway, she met a group of people trying to conceive (ttc). It works like it does in here (the posting). At any rate, she told me a month or so ago about a lady who had twins that were born as early as mine. I thought maybe i could offer some support so I found the thread and was reading it. In the process, I accidentally ran into my sisters posts. It wasn't too hard to figure out although she lied about her city.

04-07-2005, 09:27 AM
Didn't want to lose my post. Any way, I got possessed for lack of better word at reading my sisters posts and how she was ttc and all the stuff those girls do. (did you know there are people who actually touch their cervix for positioning??) I mention that because my cervix gave out and caused my premature birth 10 years ago. I would never mess with that! Anyway, I had read a post where back when she had her year old at age 16, everyone told her to abort him except her mother. That was a bold face lie. Not one single person ever said that. We come from a christian family and that was rediculous. Then one day she said that her family was getting on her nerves for telling her she was trying to hard to get pregnant. (finding the cervix and such). It was such a rude post.

Well yesterday was final draw. She doesn't know that I found her secret screen name. She emailed me to tell me her period was expected on the 12th. She says she was 15 days post ovulation and wanted to have some of my tests that i had ordered months ago. I told her it was too early for them to measure and that she needed to be no more than 5 days from her TOM. Anyway, the ones I have measure the day before due TOM. She then posts that "I am so ticked at my sister right now. She said I will have to miss my period before a test will detect pregnancy" "said I was jealous of her blah blah blah. I have the email to prove what i said. She got so many negative posts about me it was sick.

I called my mama lastnight. First time I have ever mentioned PG with mama about my sister. Mama said she has tried to dis-sway her from this as much as I can. I am against it she said. We all know my sister can't keep up with one and as far as that goes, she didn't want one until I said I was going off BCP. (didn't tell mama that one yet). Mama had a solution that we girls needed to mind our own business. She said the same thing happened with her sister in their 20's. Anyway, I'm minding mine alright. I told her to tell her not to tell lies about me on the web.

Well mama persists to tell me that tara tested lastnight and got a faint positive and will retest this morning. (i'm sure I will tell you results but most likely it will be positive as well). It sickens me. If you ask me, I still say it;s all unwanted. She got so determined to do it and it seemed like my BIL was getting tired of it but I believe all along he's afraid of losing her.

As for me, this was my 6th cycle off BCP and we will know for us by the 18th. I'm one who believes if you let God act and it's his will, he will. We are still waiting to get Lakens ssi approved before ordering our new home. They will have to build it because it's the most popular layout they sell and they can't keep the models stocked. I made clear lastnight to my mama something DH told me yesterday when he saw how upset I was. "I am almost 32 and am my own woman. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do, how to do it and most importantly if I can do it". I will stand my that.

Logan has a black spot in his left eye. I took him to dr. and they said it was a floater. Well on tuesday, while going up the slide backwards at school, another girl was doing the same thing and kicked him in the same eye accidentally. It ruptured a blood vessel and looks awlful but he can see out of it. It burns and waters still today. I take him on the 20th to laken's eye specialist to see about the black spot. (the kick evidentally moved the floater) :lol:

Rosey. I feel for Glen. Is it type 2? Is he having to take insulin or just oral pills? I have done nothing but gain weight since being off BCP. (gained on it too but not this fast). I am determined to by me a good treadmill once we get the back pay from SSI. It's something that even Laken can benefit from. i know I will use it and watch TV while on it. Until then, i'm just trying to avoid sweets. I dont' drink sweet drinks and haven't for almost 2 years. Funny a nurse told me that by drinking diet alone for a year, you would lose 10 pounds. Me and brett both said this morning, we gained that last year. :lol:

Donna the card thing is addictive. I haven't done as much with that in a few weeks as I should and i"M not as advanced as rosey either, that's for sure. I need to do more with it though to help with my nerves I have right now. I'm almost nauseous thinking about it. I have never had anything like this with my sister. I can't believe your own sister would be two faced and lie like that. I haven't told her that I know about her posting but I'm sure mama has alerted her. (now I want know how she really feels if she knows i"m reading it). It is getting so dark outside like it my storm and i"m home alone today.

Daphne, where are you at??

Well I will post this and i hope I don't lose it.

04-09-2005, 10:30 PM
Having a sister to *betray* you like that or any other way is very hard to deal with. Dana, I recently had problems with my youngest sister. My feel on it all is that I have my family and if she wants to be a part of my life then that is her choice. Our lives are full of choices and I have chosen to dwell my emotions on my family and not let her get to me that way. I am picking my battle. LOL

I am working now on the Disney album from our trip. I am having a blast! Never realized how EXPENSIVE rubber stamps can get! UGH! Of course, the whole hobby can get costly.

It was a beautiful day here today. We are heading to the beach this coming weekend because Elena is out of school on Friday. They have not had any snow days so that would of been one of the make up days. It's a new place my Dad recently bought. He sold the house and bought a condo which is basicly in the same area of MB and is still ocean front. I'll miss the house but it wasn't mine to sell now was it? LOL :?: :shrug:

Also, you may have remembered I served on a sequesterd jury panel. The night before the state solicitor took us all out to a very nice restaurant. It was a lot of fun. One of the lawyers reminded us of Robert Downy Jr. LOL

Well, gotta go. Dana, BIG hugs to you sweetie! I know this is tough. Hopefully you are pregnant and your energies will be able to be focused toward the new addition! :)


04-10-2005, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the reply donna. I am trying to not let her get to me. She did email me back yesterday and said she didn't say what I said she said. I went back to the webmd post and YES she did. She said she didn't remember it that way and she said I was putting off "negative vibes". I was simply asking her how late she was. Her period is due this coming tuesday so she wasn't even expecting it yet. It's absolutely amazing that she even got results 6 days before. She brought up stuff about my daddy. Saying I was trying to justify things he said to her at christmas. I didnt' hear him even talk to her but she was telling me that night. I just told her not to read too much into what daddy said or asked. Sometimes he means different from the way she interprets. Also, daddy is addicted to pain meds. I know that for a fact and I told her that he doesn't always know what he's talking about. He needs back surgery badly and he is in pain. I'm not justifying anything. Maybe (too late now) she needs her birth control pills back just for the hormones because she's been too strange for me since she went off of them.

I 'm not going to email her anymore or even pay her any attention. I know it will be just like I expected months ago. Everyone will pamper the one that tried so desperately for 5 months to have a baby she refused to think about for 12 years. She told me that everyone wanted her too. Not everyone. Even my own mama said she tried to "dissway" (brains asleep on spelling) her. Maybe it's my hormones as well. Who knows.

Donna i hope you have fun at MB. I dont know if we will go this year or not. I know we have to get a hitch put on the Explorer first. We are anxious to go somewhere but will have to wait a little long for the hitch. We do have the reservations though.

Well hope you all have a relaxing sunday. BTW, I went to church this morning and it was pleasant for me.

04-19-2005, 02:19 PM
I was away this weekend, but where is everyone? LOL Hope all is well with you all. I miss ya!

04-19-2005, 02:42 PM
Hi everyone.. i wondered where everyone was too donna :lol: we had snow yesterday.. it looks like x-mas outside :?: and i had to shovel.. weather is so unpredicatable longing for spring and my flowers and roses..this yr im going to plant only a few flower pots and plant vegies in the others..fresh salad hopefully.. if it would just quit snowing :lol: ..have been working on 2 card orders .. been trying new techniques..and need to get them done..hows the scrapbooking going donna..i havent had time to even start my album for this yr :? sure likeing my new photo printer tho.. am still learning all it does.. now i want a better digital camera..its always something we are yearning for.. well hope this finds you all well and sassy :lol: (((((hugs)))))) rosey :wave:

04-19-2005, 06:48 PM
OK I am back! We were in CA for spring break and i have been running around ever since we got home. I also fought a migrain from TOM last week so was not able to sit and write here much.
I am at a stand still with my weight right now. I bounce from 230 to 240 all the time. I joined Weight Watchers last Wednesday again..... I think I was 241 last week but was retaining water so bad it was scary. I have stayed within my points all week and have about 15 flex points left for today if I want to use them.
I am also doing Curves and plan on ading walking into the mix now that the sun is here and rain is on the way out. For some reason I hate the treadmill and plan on selling it at the garage sale this summer. I seem to lose better walking outside for some lame reason and I am sick of the treadmill taking up my space.
Michaels just opeded up here this week. OMG they have a great grand opening. They had paints 5/$1 regulary $1.29 each, a 42" shelf for $3.99 regulary like $14.99, 50% off coupon on Sunday and another 50% off coupon Saturday, 40% off coupon thru the week. River rock bags 2/$1 regulary $2.49. I am going to buy an ink refill set Saturday with my other coupon and try to get neighbors coupon if she isn't going to use it.
I am going to post so i don't lose this.

04-19-2005, 07:07 PM
Wow Rosey I can't belive that you are getting snow! We didn't get any snow here this year at all. We actually had a mild winter with so little rain they are talking drout now. Funny thing is that since the first day of spring we have had loads of rain:lol:. What are you going to plant in your planters vegetable wise? That is what I am going to do this year to. I know that my tomatoes did good and onions will do good as well. So Sissy give me some more ideas! What new techniques have you been using on cards? I am going to organize my cards today and tomorrow so my craft supplies are not so messed up again. How is Curves going for you?
Dana I am so sorry about your sister doing that crap to you. I ment to post to you sooner but when Jason is here computer time is impossible. I don't see why he hates me on it when I don't care that he is here hours looking at E bay crap. I think your sister is just defensive over her past and is lashing out at you. Just hold your head up and keep smiling. God will do what he wants no matter how either of you feel or want. I do want to just remind you that the more weight that you have extra the hard it will be to get preggers and the harder it will be on your body. I know you know all that just wanted to push you into working on losing some more weight with me. I know you can do it woman you are an amazing person.
Donna how are you feeling? have you recovered from the food poisioning? When do we all get a card fro you? How is Elena doing? Robert is pushing my buttons all the time lately. I was so angry with his mouth the other day and him telling me what I can and can't do he finally had said one last under the breath comment and BAM my hand smacked his face so fast. It did finally shut him up and make him realise I was serious. I do not reccomend this mind you but was wondering if Elena pushed you to the breaking point ever? How is the life style eatting plan going?
Gayle I am glad to see that you posted. I will call you this week and catch up. How is that letter for the villiage going? How is the recipee book going? How about your weight?
OK now we just need to get Deb in here. I talked to here about a month ago and she was very stressed from work. Another person left and she was doing their job again as well as hers for the same pay. She also found out what summer camp for the kids would be and if she had to pay it she might as well quit and save the money, she will be working basically just to send them to camp.
OK I guess I posted enought for you all to forgive me once again.:lol:

04-20-2005, 09:06 AM
SNOW?????? OMG! That would drive me nuts! :stress: I am so ready for Spring. It's been so pretty here the last couple of days. We were in Myrtle Beach last weekend and it was too cold for this southern gal. LOL :lol: Elena had a three day weekend due to the fact that Friday was a snow make-up day and since our winter was not as hard as last year with ice and snow and no school was out because of it, she had that day off. Daphne, yes Elena has been pushing my buttons lately but it's due from her anxiety problems. She is not a mean child, she just has so many issues. Clothes is a big thing here lately. Sorry that Robert had to be smacked. Sometimes it happens. I don't recommend it by any means however we all have our breaking point. Just be careful of those moments that they don't get out of hand. :) And yes, she has pushed me so far just recently that I had to leave the house. I went to Hobby Lobby and spent money on my hobby. LOL
Which brings me to the question of how the scrapping is coming from Rosey. I am still working on the Disney book. Each page is a different creation. I saw where Oriental Trading now has a special scrapbook section in their sale catalogs. Do you get those? I was wondering how their prices compare to local hobby stores. We have plenty around here that's for sure and Daphne, you will LOVE :love: Michaels. :)
Gayle, where are you? Dana???? OH DANA!!!!!!! So happy for you still!!!! Can we talk about it??? huh? HUH????? Can we PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys get the email from "Summer"? I was sad to hear that Buddy had died. I am hoping she will find this forum and start posting again.
Well, my coffee cup is empty. :coffee: Need a refill. I hope you all have a great day! WTG on all these CURVES/WEIGHT WATCHER Divas!!!! :queen:

See ya!

04-20-2005, 01:32 PM
Hi guys. I have a lot to address if I can think about it. First of all to daphne, deb emailed me back yesterday and was wanting this link so she can post on here. I'll let her try to catch you up on her but I will email her back in a few minutes. I'm so glad to see you on here. I have emailed you but it comes back. What IP are you on now?? I have really missed you. You have been my first friend on here and you were missing.
If I lived near you, I would love your treadmill! I am in the market for one as soon as we start the SSI. Laken got approved and I am suppose to be getting an envelope in the mail today or tomorrow to mail proof of income. I talked to her about us getting a bigger home and she said it would make our SSI payments bigger and it was a positive step. Still looking to do that over the summer and in case you didn't hear, WE NOW HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER BEDROOM! More on that in a bit.

Rosey I can't believe snow. It's 75 degrees here an almost 12:30, That reminds me, i'm suppose to call SSI about brett today. They had a question. I am wanting to make a scrapbook for "you know who". I want the whole thing from right now up until the day. Then of course, probably more later on. I have a few books I had put together for the rest of us for a couple of years but that's still something to organize one of these days.

Donna yes we can talk about it. I'm too excited. I am going to look for a ticker to put on here so we or (me) can keep up with the weeks. I'm keeping it quiet as far as "people I actually see". :lol: but for you guys it's perfectly fine. I did not know Buddy died. Tell me more about that. When was it? Summer had emailed me one time to tell us not to send mail due to a PC problem but that was it. I had no idea. Was it from leukemia?? i forget the exact thing. I wonder how Bert is doing as well.

Let me tell you what happened today. I took logan to Greenville. For those of you not in SC. It takes me roughly 1 hour and 10 to 15 minutes to get where the eye dr. that laken goes to. I had an app't to take logan though for him to look at his eyes. He had a black spot in one eye which was determined to be a floater by the pediatrician. Well a week later he gets kicked in that eye by another girl on the slide at school. We get to the Dr. and sign in. They procede to tell me the Dr. isn't going to be in today that he sees. HELLO DOESN'T ANYONE HAVE COURTESY TO CALL??? I was floored at that. Doesn't she know how expensive gas was. I did manage $2.08 a gallon today compared to the $2.17 I got last week. Well anyway, I need to post and call that SSI thing about Brett and 90 minutes until school pickup.

04-20-2005, 03:11 PM
DANA WHAT IS NEWS??? ARE YOU PREGERRS? IS THAT THE NEW ADDITIONAL BEDROOM?????? Omg woman you have left me in a lurch! Geesh now I wanna know what it is for sure! :lol: COngrats Dana my yaya sister I just looked at the ticker I am so lame. How far are you and CONGRATULATIONS!
OK I went to WW today and I lost 5.8 pounds last week. I was going to go to CUrves again today but I have to clean house and I will walk with Megan in her stroller tonight at the park during Roberts practice.
I am so sad to hear of Buddies passing. I think he touched all of our hearts I hope that he did not suffer in his last days. I haven't heard from Summer in forever how is she doing? I miss her party stories and pictures.

04-23-2005, 10:23 AM
Hi all.

I'm only here to say Hi to you. I can't address each of you, but know that I caught up on all the news.

I'm ok. Had a birthday on April 10th but it wasn't anything special. It just isn't the same without Mom. It'll get better, though, I'm sure.

I truly just can't think of a thing in my life to tell you all about so I'm going to go.

I'm still gaining...up to at least 350...highest in my life. Don't know what to do.

Love, Gayle

04-23-2005, 12:23 PM
OK now that I am posting where is my Dana due date? I was up all night barfing my guts up. I feel fine now just so tired. I think I slept from 5 to 7. It was very weird my back was hurting all day just a bit and around midnight I woke in horrible pain. Being the person that I am I did not wake Jason to help rub my back. I went to the other bedroom and flip flopped till 1 AM then got up and rubbed ointemnt on my own back. I was crying at this point and went and sat on our bed. Jason finally woke and half assed rubbed my spine for me. I then started with dry heaves and got back up. Went to watch TV but was not able to comprehend it so went to the bathroom. BOOM it started. I do not want to eat, see, or smell nachos again.:T:
My back is still hurting today so I am not doing Curves or walking. It shall be my lazy day. Robert has a game today around noon but I might slip it and stay home and sleep. He and Jason are at pictures right now and when they get home I have 2 errands to run. One is to Michaels:lol: OK yea I will take a barf chance at 50% off coupon. Other errand is to go get cat food. Robert waites till there is 2 days of food left to say we need food. OK I buy food at Walmart or S&S Liquidators. Otherwise it is to dang much money.
OK sorry that I was so boring today and I hope that I made sence somewhat. OH the good part was I was feeling bad about the nachos I ate being as I was at points already so I am glad I barfed them back up and then some.:lol::lol::lol::lol:

04-23-2005, 05:45 PM
Sorry you had such a rough night daphers. I guess the only thing you can look at positively right now is you lost weight during it didn't you? Did the nachos make you sick?? I haven't been sick at all or even had nausea yet. (knock on wood) but I am very early in the game too. I will be due 12/28 and most likely will have a c-section early in Dec. to be sure to avoid contractions. Due to the size of my c-section last time as well as the kind I had, my uterus would rupture if contracted. I haven't been to a dr. yet. Most of them want you to miss 2 periods before they see you. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since december so that's all I would get this early anyway. I have lost 3 pounds since tuesday which must just be my body using calories to form the baby or something cause I haven't really changed my food yet. I'm sure the throwing up is around the corner.

Gayle I 'm so happy to hear from you. You sound depressed to me which I know you have every right to be. Can you talk to someone local? I'm sorry I missed your birthday but I have missed everyones this year already. I need to get my address book out and catch up. I hope you can get back up to par soon but we do understand and just hope to hear from you every once in a while. We worry about you, ya know.

Well my mom is due to call any moment now. Logan asked her this morning if he can spend the night and she said if nothing came up she would call around 5 pm and it's nearly that. I hope you all have a great evening.

04-25-2005, 10:35 AM
Hello guys. I just made my first prenatal app't for may 23. Seems like forever away and I bet I will bd throwing up for sure about then. that's what I always hated about prenatal app''ts. I hated the sitting in the waiting room looking like a ghost and holding a wet towel. Anyway, I will be having my first ultra sound that day as well. That will be early to see much but we should be able to see the heart beat by then. How did everyones weekend go?? We only have 23 days of school left here.

04-26-2005, 02:51 PM
Are we having female problems? YES! I skipped a cycle in March and on the 19th I started my period and it's been going ever since. I am getting concerned now. I need to see about this and it has me scared. I have never gone more than 5 days at the most and this is the tenth day today. It wasn't real heavy before but today it's getting heavier. I have had problems with ovarian tumors before if you all remembered but now this seems different. No cramps, just blood. I was not pregnant during spring break so this could not have been a miscarriage so all I can think is something bad. I'm really scared you guys.

Gayle, I wish it would get easier. I lost my Mother in 1998. I have dreaded Mother's Day ever since more than any holiday although Christmas is always hard too because she died January 2nd of that year so there are memories of that last Christmas when we had her with us. {{{{{Gayle}}}}} It always helped me to talk to someone about my Mother. Dana is right, I hope you have a special friend to talk to locally. Of course you can talk to us on here or email personally.

Daphne, sounds like you had food poison!?! I know how bad you felt. Recently got the bill from the Florida hospital of $6,000 or more. Thankfully we have insurance. whew!

Dana, I am glad you have not been sick and hopefully it will stay that way. Any names yet? LOL

I'll talk to you guys later.


04-26-2005, 04:14 PM
OK I posted yesterday and it went poof? I went to Curves today and it about killed me. With being sick last week and having the migrain all week I didn't go but once I think to Curves. I am sore now. I am back on track food wise today and I think yesterday to. I forgot to write my food down as i went so I had to do it at midnight last night. How is that for being determined and faithful? I also crossed out the 3 days that I was off plan so I knew why there was nothing there.
Gayle I realy am concerned about you sweetie. You need to get into see your counselor ASAP. When I lost my Dad 9 years ago last Christmas I was a basket case. That first Fathers Day I was looking at cards at Current and I just freaked out. I was balling so hard I am shocked that they didn't call the cops or the men in white coats out on me! It does get easier sweetie just give it time. This is the time for you to start blooming again and getting your life back together. Mama would be very sad if she know that you were feeling like this. SHe loved you and is watching out for you Gayle so talk to your counselor, go get a manicure done and get bright red nail polish on, go buy yourself some new panties and smile darling.
Donna once again I must say how proud of you I am for doing so well on that weight loss. Maybe you are starting menopause like I am? I bleed for 6 weeks heavy and had to go on a 10 day hormone treatment. My iron levels were going down and Iw as so tired it was scary. Go to the Dr. and see what is going on. Please let us know how things are.
Dana I am glad that you havn't had the morning sickness yet. I wrote you from hotmail finally. I get busy and forget to do that sometimes.
Rosey I miss you and hope that the card making ios going great.

04-26-2005, 08:02 PM
I also thought of menopause donna. My mama is doing the same thing but she's 54. My MIL went through it to the point of having to go on hormones in order to stop it. I just wanted to mention that so you wouldn't be totally alone on it. Do you have an appt to have it looked at? Laken's aide had to go to her GYN yesterday because she's had 8 periods in this year alone. She said every other week it happens and she's only 41. As for names, we have sorta thought of that for years now. Kevin wants to name it and we're looking for "B" names to even up our letters for kids.

04-28-2005, 09:16 AM
Well we heard from SSI yesterday on Brett and they denied him again. Said that as long as his hearing, vision and being able to take care of himself is normal, then he doesn't qualify. We can take it to a hearing judge but as far as we're concerned, we are just dropping it now. It was worth it to try. Now if we can only hear from lakens' today to see when hers will start. I may call her case lady today to "be sure they received the check stubs" just so I can ask questions. :lol: Then maybe they can tell me more about how long it will be.

Donna did your "thing" let up yet? Let us know what's going on. I'm thinking about you.

Well hope somebody posts today. Kevin is taking tomorrow off. He has 120 vacation hours to use this year and hasn't used any so he chose to take 8 of them tomorrow. I told him to be conservative. :)

04-28-2005, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the concern! :) I called the doctor's office yesterday and the nurse called me back saying it sounded that I was trying to quit having periods! She actually sounded very happy for me. At the moment I was only spotting and it looked as if it was stopping. So all excited and happy I took off the pad and thought things were back to normal. Only to discover it's back again and it doesn't show signs of letting up. I am going to have to call again tomorrow morning if it still is like this. For heaven's sake this is my 12th day!

Dana, sorry about Brett not qualifying but understand to hold off for the time being in it all. I sure hope you find something out about Laken's money.

Do you all follow American Idol this year? I am shocked, simply shocked! I just KNEW Scott was gone last night. And honestly Constantine bothered me some but I was shocked he didn't go further than he did. Poor Paula, she was heart broken.

Ok, I'll talk to you all later. I will keep you posted on how things FLOW. ROFLOL :lol:

04-28-2005, 03:08 PM
Donna I did hear from SSI. I called them and she said her checks would be $559 starting in June and her back pay should be here before or around may 2 for a little over $1800. That helps so much cause we need to get rid of some bills.

I have never missed an episode of Idol so YES i'm addicted. I actually post on an Idol board and a few of them were predicting constantine gone but none of us care for scott. Scott and Anthony should go before anyone else although I've never cared for Bo. The carrying the microphone stand around gets on my nerves. :lol: Now I hope Carrie and Vonzell goes to the finals. I like them both. :)

As for your medical issue, you need to have it checked into. You could lose too much blood or nutrients you know?!

04-29-2005, 12:49 PM
Going to have to change my signature because it's not what I weigh now. I have gained weight and I know it's mostly due to this water weight issue concerning my female troubles.

Just a update then I'm going to lay down :tired: . I went to the doctor this morning and he did a urine test to first make sure I didn't have a urinary infection and that was negative and then tried to do a pap test and there is too much blood to do it. So, he put me on progestin to stop the bleeding and also going to make an appointment to see a gynecologist to see what's up. He did say that he felt it was probably hormonal im-balance between my estrogen and progestin. Because I am probaby pre-menopausal, my body is confused and produced enough estrogen to start my cycle but not enough progestine to stop it. I just hope it's that and nothing worse. I can't take hormones like birth control and estrogen because of my family history of breast cancer but this drug is safe and it's only for ten days to stop the bleeding. I hope it's soon.

I'll talk too you all later.

04-29-2005, 09:02 PM
Donna I hope that works for you. I hope it's just the menopause beginning. Do you have any other symptoms like hot flashes, trouble sleeping or "witch-i-ness"? :lol: My mama is still trying to go through it too but she's older than you. My grandma had it at 49 but some go through the pre-symptoms earlier. I am enjoying not having a period again. Then hopefully when this is over, I will enjoy no birth control.

We went to walmart today and I priced a treadmill I really liked. It was just under $300 and I know everyone of us here need to walk some on it. We need to go ahead and do our pre-qualification application for our home too. Everything else is pretty much in place to get that started. I'm nervous of being rejected though. :)

We were invited to a 1 year old birthday party tomorrow evening. She's my second cousin but I think we will skip it. My sister will be there and although we are back to emailing one another, I just don't want to hear about her for two hours. Sounds petty I know. They are calling for t-storms and rain anyway. Well hope everyone has a great weekend.

05-02-2005, 09:30 AM
Guys I am so ticked right now and I believe the evil culprit once again is the sister! Sat. evening, my cousin had her 2nd babies 1st b-day party and they live up here behind us almost in the front yard of my grandparents. Well the land I live on belongs to my grandpa. My sister attended the party but due to rain and small house just to name a few problems, we elected not to go. At any rate, my grandpa just stopped by here and said he needed to have a talk with me. I was so freaking nervous because I respect this man but I had no clue what he was even talking about. Of course, my sister knows I'm preg. but none of the family knows but her. So I was afraid she had blabbed. Well as it turns out, he said that he was told that I said that he wouldn't deed me this land so we could get a home. The truth is, i've never really asked but he insinuated a few months ago that it wasn't a problem. I ask him "i have not said that who would have told you that?" He says "i'd rather not say". He said that he was definately going to deed this land to me and for me to let him know when or what he needed to do. I know it had to have been my sister and I have no clue where that came from.

We did a pre-approval loan application online for our home on sat. and they are suppose to call us within 3 business days. I'm so nervous. Just based on Dh's credit report, I know we will get told no, but we have 10,000 down, a trade in plus we want to have this land deeded so we can use it as collateral and also use Laken's SSI in the "income" part of it. Just pray they can help us get into something bigger and that the wait won't be long.

05-02-2005, 12:37 PM
Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed: that all goes through with the load application. That can make you nervous even when your credit is OK. As for the issue with the land, I don't understand what benefit it would cause to tell your Grandfather that in the first place other than just confirm it for you if you had doubts. I wouldn't worry about it because it's going to work out to your advantage any way. :yes:
I am STILL bleeding. It's now the 16th day. At least I see the gynecologist on Wednesday morning. I have been having mood swings and night sweats and a few times I have had hot flashes especially before we went to Florida. I was taking a soy supplement to help that along and it seemed to help but have stopped. Maybe it would help me now. :shrug:
Have a great day!

05-02-2005, 04:48 PM
Hi everyone..its a beautiful day here in alaska sunny and warm.. we have been spring cleaning :?: have u ever had a junk room so bad u couldnt close the door :lol: a room where everything goes that doesnt have a home..well me and the dh tackeled sucha room this weekend..honestly i dont know why i save all that stuff and for what :lol: we had a small save pile.. i huge go to the dump pile and a large gagage sale pile.. and we havent even started on the upstairs attic which i call no mands land :lol: anyways its a good feeling to start and accomplish at least one room..we plan to have a yard sale when we get all done.. the dh is anxious to get to the cabin but waiting for the spring mud to clear up so i corraled in into helping me and was surprized that hes been a big help :o donna.. i used to have that problem too.. i took provera 10 days every month for years and it worked for me until i was all thru the big"M"..hope thats your problem and the pill will work for you..dana.. im sorry that someone told tales on awful and spiteful and for your poor grpa to be caught up in that..consider the source and let it go..hope your loan comes thru..i will be thinking good thoughts for feeling pretty good these days.. my sugars have come down still going to curves and lost another 2#s this week..i loose real slow now..but im doing it..have a great day everyone(((((((((hugs))))))))) rosey:wave:

05-02-2005, 08:14 PM
Yeaaaa Rosey for cleaning out all the stuff. It is a great feeling and one I am working on right now. So how is Curves going now? I was going to go today but wanted to sleep more. I will have to kick it into high gear now that the weather is good in the morning and start walking as well as Curving each day. Congrats on the 2 pound loss this week.
Dana I am so sorry that the sister is being a ***** again. What did she say about you being preggers too? It is ironic that you both are due so close together. How is the nausea going today? OK I am lame but what was the web address for the avatars again? I had it stored and now it is gone adn I can not remember the dang name at all.
Donna I am so sorry about the bleeding you are having. Welcome to my ****!:lol: Remember I bled for 6 weeks before getting help and then it was like another week of bleeding. I now just start my period about every 3 weeks or 24 days now. I bled longer and heavier now as well. The hot flashes and night sweats are ready to kill me. I hate stinking and I swear I can take a shower and before I get deodorant I am sweating again and stinky. Or I will be freezing and it can be 80* outside and i am shivering, then 10 minutes later I am in a full sweat wanting to jump into the creek!
OK I will post more later but I am doing WW again and lost another 2 1/2 pouinds last week. I am doing bad this wek with stuff going on and think i will be back up a few pounds. Oh well this is life and I wont be perfect all the time.

05-02-2005, 09:18 PM
Hey my rosey. How are you? i'm so happy to hear from everyone today. And the cleaning thats taking place. Cool, I actually like to clean things out. Here's the update for today, I'm still not sick or not even nauseous yet. I am going on 6 weeks though so it's bound to hit me by weekend. I have to take brett to dr. on thurs. for his 3 month check up for his diabetes. His sugars are running better too, rosey. I don't know what's doing it unless it's because he's growing taller and thinner or what. I'm anxious to see if he gained or lost this time and to see what his A1C level is.

As for my sister, I tried to break ground with her last wed. or so. I emailed her and asked her if she ever went to the Dr. (duh I know cause I read everything she writes on web md) Anyway, she writes back and tells me they won't see her until she's 9 weeks. (seems to be the thing cause that's about what I will be for mine as well). Anyway, I emailed her back and said "I will have my first ultrasound in may as well". she emails back " i wasn't aware you're preg, it is a secret or what?" I told her yes I am but that I couldn't tell her how far along cause I hadn't been to Dr. yet. That's only part lie though. I hear now days, they do ultrasounds early and they give you a due date based on how many millimeters the sac is now rather than go by your period. If you go by period which what my ticker is doing until further notice, mine is due 12/28 and hers is 12/20. I know I have to have the c-section so I'd imagine mine may be as early as late Nov.

By the way daphne, animationlibrary is the website.

We heard from our loan today and she said they couldnt "prequalify" us today but that we can go to the nearest sales center and fill out a more detailed loan application. I hope we can do that by weekend. She asked us what we were looking for and if we had a trade in. She didn't say anything negative about it at all.

Donna I hope you can get some relief soon. I can't imagine what that is like longer than a week. .That's about the best relief of pregnancy.

Well I'd better go and let laken do her homework. She has to use the computer to type her spelling words.

05-03-2005, 12:09 PM
Look at my new avatar! Isn't it horrific?? :lol: I called our local sales center here where we can try to get our new home. I talked to the guy for a while and it sounds promising. Kevin doesn't know this yet but we have a meeting with him at 4:30 today to find out more. He said they had a 32 x 68 5 bedroom that would cost us nearly the same as a 24 x 76 4 bedroom. The 4 bedroom floor plans we've looked at has a parent retreat in the master bedroom and that's what we would like to have. That way, the baby will be closer to us and by the time it needs privacy say around 6??, the boys will be almost 17 & 19 and may be moved out. :lol: yeah right. Well anyway, we didn't want to end up with a huge lonely home at retirement. Anyway, keep us in your prayers. The guy said he didn't see what would be a problem but I did forget to tell him that this home still has some payoff left.

Next monday I have to take my grandma to get a perm and I pray i'm not sick until after that. How would I explain that one?? No one knows about the pg. except for my sister. Oh yeah, my granny called my grandma on sat. evening and told her I didn't show up at the party. HELLO, how does anyone know whether I even got an invitation or not??

05-04-2005, 11:03 AM
How did the meeting go Dana? :?: The five bedroom sounds like the one you need at this point of your lives.

I go to my appointment today. I'll let you all know how it goes.

05-04-2005, 11:14 AM
Hi Donna. Good luck with your app't and let us know what's going on with you.

Our meeting went pretty well. We looked in the 5 bedroom which was actually almost 10,000 less than the 4 BR with the retreat. The 5 bedroom has the 5th BR or study room. The only thing I didn't like about it was all of the bedrooms were on the opposite side of the master room. It also had 3 bathrooms. Anyway, we elected to apply for financing first and then if approved, we can decide better on what works for us. He took the application and now we have to take him a $500 deposit just to file it. If we had only known about that first. We will wait a few days on that. Money doesn't grow on trees around here. (Lordy I wish it did). We're still waiting to get laken's ssi backpay. They said May 2nd and we haven't seen anything.

05-04-2005, 03:22 PM
OMG Dana $500.00 to run your credit? I havn't heard of this before. They can make a fortune doing that and denying everyone. Do you get deposit back if they deny you? I am so happy about Lakens SSI. Jason and I had looked at the maunfactored homes and didn't like the kids bedrooms being at oppiset end of us. Well I would love the privacy but with Megans seizures it wouldn't work.
Donna:lol: I have fun with you and yahoo last few days. What did the Dr. say? My TOM is coming soon and I am dreading it as usual. You need to start logging the days you bleed and how heavy it is. It will be interesting to see if you start have TOM more often then before.
OK I went to WW today and was not wanting to weigh and I list another 2.6 pounds. Bringing me to total of 10.4 since starting WW on 4/13.:cp:

05-04-2005, 04:56 PM
Usually there is an appliction fee when you are trying to get home financing but I couldn't remember how much we had to pay when we were applying for financing of the house we are in now because that was over ten years ago.
Ok, now for me. I had to leave and come back to the office because right before he was going to do the biopsy he was called for a delivery. The ultra sound showed a large fibroid cyst on my left side of the uterus that measured 4 cm. During the biopsy (which was awful btw) he saw a polyp (sp) in the uterius which is the cause of all that bleeding. The doctor said he did not see any cancer or anything life threatening but that the polip has to be removed and that cyst is very large. He gave me two options one a hysterectomy which would get rid of the bleeding, the cyst and the polyp or a procedure that is called a endometrial ablation which is a heated fluid that is is flushed into the uterus and destroys all the endometrial tissue that causes the excessive bleeding as well as it flushes out the polyp. The cyst would remain as long as I do not start experiencing pain with it. He kept saying he is amazed that I did not even know about this cyst or feel it because it's so large. He showed me and it's about 1 1/2 inches in length. But the procedure I choose will be outpatient and will not require a long recovery time like a hysterectomy. I await now for the set up of the procedure. Also, this procedure will be the absolute ending to any chances of getting pregnant. That means it is not advisable for it would be too dangerous for the baby as well as myself. The lining would not be strong enough to support a pregnancy. So, while doing the procedure he is going to tie my tubes. You know I never thought I would get pregnant but when it's finally laid out in front of you that you can not well, that's pretty final isn't it?
I'll let you guys know when the procedure is. Thanks for the well wishes. If it's all the same to you Daphne, I don't think I want to track this. LOL


05-04-2005, 07:33 PM
Donna I'm sorry it went that way for you. I'm happy that nothing looked cancerous though. You have to think of your health first and foremost so I'm very thankful for that. I know exactly how you feel about the pregnancy thing. I never could even think of having my tubes tied because i couldn't say "there would never be another". It takes something medical to make up your mind for you. That's why we went ahead with this baby so we can end it (the reproductive stage) at this delivery. So I will be there with you some day with a tubal. Do you think maybe your small weight gain (as small as it was) may have had something to do with all of this?? I pray you have a quick and painless recovery. I'll be praying for you so keep me (us) updated.

Daphne the deposit is given back to you if you don't qualify. He said that the most people went in as a joke to see if they could qualify and then backed out once they were qualified. He said while that application is processed, he goes ahead and starts attorney work on our land deed and title for that and such. He told me that it would cost him $1300 in one days work before we even get to the home part of it and he would be out of $800 if we stopped it ahead of time. I guess that means too if we don't like the interest rate then WE would be out of $500. You know we have to do something and we've waited literally 10 years (since we outgrown this one).

05-04-2005, 08:54 PM
Hi everyone.. just a quick hello..goodluck dana..sure hope u get that home u want..will be thinking of you..donna.. i had that uterine ablation about 10 yrs ago and did not have a problem with the procedure or after words..and it ended all that monthly trouble..i wish you well and hope it works for you too..another sunny day here..trying to catch up as my sil and dd are coming sat to help me move furniture after all that cleaning..will be glad to get every thing back in its place what a mess right now :?: but needs doing.. have a great day everyone (((((((hugs))))))))) rosey:wave:

05-05-2005, 01:41 PM
Thanks, Dana and Rosey! You all are wonderful. It's not a sunny day here today but it's just as well for I am feeling bad due to having so much done yesterday. That biopsy was a killer and taking two birth control pills to stop the bleeding has left me very nauseous but at least the bleeding has stopped. :)

Donna :wave:

05-05-2005, 08:37 PM
Let me tell yall the sweetest thing that happened today. I took brett to his diabetes Dr. and he had a great report. His A1C came down from 8.7% to 8.2% which was impressive. I know it doesn't look like much but it basically goes from 5 to 12% although it can go a little higher or lower (mine's 5.5% which is a low normal). At any rate, while we were checking in a lady came to get brett and asked him "do you want to shop for mom for mother's day, it's all free". He said "sure". The Children's Wish Foundation was there (I think the upstate SC chapter) and the children got these huge shopping bags and could bag 1 thing from each table. I dont know what all they had be he picked out the cool shower sprayer with the hose that attaches to your old shower "thingie". LOL He got me a soap making kit, a real nice razor and some knee highs. I know they had things like tons of makeup (he wouldn't have known my color) and back massagers but he knew I would like something more that he picked out. They took the kids to a hidden room where they either elected for gift wrapping or a really pretty gift bag with a Boyd Bear on it. He got the bag and a card to match and they took a polaroid picture to put in the card. It was so special and amazing they did that cause those were some expensive things. We lucked up on that cause they were only there for 2 hours this morning. So my mother's day came early. Then we stopped at Sonic on our way home. I am amazed they carry Diet Sprite now. I try to avoid caffeine first & foremost and then the sugar if at all possible.

I'm almost convinced I may not get sick with this pregnancy. I'm fairly sure I had it by this time already before but a lot of women say it started at 7 weeks for them.

So Donna your bleeding has stopped?? That's super and I know you're happy with that. Maybe your surgery can be when school is out so you won't have to worry about elena and school.

Rosey I was happy to see your post. So no snow for you anymore?? LOL It's been damp and in 50's here all day. I think we get some sun again tomorrow. Moving furniture is the worst thing isn't it?? ours is so heavy. That's the only thing I dread about moving, if or when we get to.

We're still waiting on that check from SSI we were suppose to have gotten on monday. I will call them tomorrow when I'm alone to see what's up with that. The salesman had called us today when no one was home from the mobile home place. I was thinking of something strange today. Maybe those of you with mortgages can help me. We were designating the $500 range on our home for payments. I know our credit will kill us but the 2 questions are this. On a car or personal loan you can have finance rates in the 20 to 25% ranges. Do home loans tend to go that high for credit purposes as well? Also, if you pay $500 a month, that's $6000 per year or $180,000 over the 30 years you pay on a home that has a list cost of about $68000. Is that not unreal??

05-06-2005, 10:50 AM
That was so nice about Brett's results and he able to get you a mother's day gift for NOTHING! That's is wonderful!!! :cp: :) :D I hope you hear from your SSI today. It could of been they didn't mail it till last Monday. I hope you get it today. AS for the financing questions you lost me at the beginning for I am not good with any of that. I just know I owe, I owe, I owe. LOL

Waiting still on the date of the procedure. I was told to call them if I didn't hear back from this certain lady by Friday and I did. She wasn't there and I left a message on her voice mail. I just want it done and I'm having some second guessing while I don't hear back from them.
Busy day today but I'll post if I hear from them. Have a great day and so glad you are having a good pregnancy Dana. My friend who is pregnant with her third child has not had a good experience this time. She's due June 1st and just now started feeling OK.

TTFN! :wave:

05-08-2005, 09:19 PM
HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY GIRLS!! I hope you had a little something happen for you today. Yesterday we bought a new badmitton set and I have had tons of exercise this weekend. I'm beat. Kevin had went to his moms today to help his dad change batteries in his golf cart and she (MIL) asked him something. I know you won't know these names but I can explain it as I go. "Nellie told me last night that Dana's best friend told her she was pregnant and then dana said "I am too" and so is my sister.". It made me furious. She asked kevin was it true and he told her "you have to ask her". So I called her and told her about it myself. What happened from what I gather is the only person who knew was my big mouthed sister. Well she told her best friend (Angie) and Angie told her boyfriends mom who told Nellie. The boyfriends mom and Nellie and my MIL all attend the same church. At any rate, it was none of their business except for my MIL. So I went ahead and told my grandma today because I'm close to her. She said my mom came to see her friday night and that she asked her "has dana said anything to you to lead you to believe she might be pregnant as well?" My grandma said "if she was, I think she would tell me and she's hasn't." My grandma did know I went off my pills so she wasn't surprised but neither was MIL. She just thought I didn't ever want anymore and I have never really said that. Anyway, little by little it's coming out. I told my MIL and grandma though that I wanted it confirmed by a Dr. before I spreaded it around. I still have 2 more weeks.

I think I'm going to drop of the $500 to the mobile home place tomorrow so they can start our loan process. I'm really nervous about that of course.

Donna have you heard back from Dr. yet?

Daphne, Rosey, did you get some special recognance for Mother's Day?

Well I'm going to post this before I lose it but wanted to stop in and "vent" I guess. Hope you have great weeks.

05-10-2005, 12:12 PM
Hi everyone.

Dana, congratulations! I'm happy for you, but for the life of me I can't understand why you young girls want to bring younguns into this dreadful world. Thank God for you! Best of luck to you and I hope the morning sickness passes you by this time! Good luck on your new home, too. I'll be praying for you. Sorry that Brett got turned down, but thank God they are putting Laken on! Who deserves it more than her?

Daph, I'm so proud of you for keeping on plan! And walking and Curves! Keep it up, my friend. Do it for me, too, will ya??? How is your spring this year? Ours is spectacular! This week it's in the 70's daytime and 50's at night. Just about perfect.

Donna, I'm glad you went to the doctor. I will be praying for you and your doctor through your procedure. I hope this fixes everything.

Rosy, I'd love to see Alaska someday! My cousin and her husband did a huge driving trip up there and were totally amazed by the beauty there. Where are you, if you don't mind me asking. Earlier, you asked if anyone ever had a room as bad as yours...well, sister, let me tell you, my whole apartment is like that. I can't seem to get it in order since my Mom died. I still have so much of her stuff here that I don't need but just can't part with yet. But, I must say in my own defense, that what I have here is less that 5% of what I started with in December! I'll get there eventually.

I'm still on the go, go, go! Last week here at the apartment bldg, we had a silent auction on Wed., then what was left was priced on Thurs. and we had a public garage sale on Fri. Also, if we wanted to, we could have our own table for 10% of our profits (paid to the resident's association). So, I did that, too. I made $85 and didn't take half of what I could have if I had gotten my s*#t together. But, Debby (my best friend for those who don't know me yet, you'll see her name often) and I have decided to have a garage sale of our own at her house later in the summer. I want to clear out that storage that I'm paying $50/mo for.

Anyway, that week's work wore me out! Sunday I could barely stay awake all day. But that was ok, because I was trying to forget that it was Mother's Day. I got through it, but, of course, it was rough. I know it will get better, but as you said, Donna, but Mom's day and Christmas will always be hard, I'm sure. And, yes, I do have someone to talk to here; actually I have lots of somebodys here! I have a professional I've been seeing since 1988 and 2 best friends (Kim is the other one) and everyone here at this senior housing where I live is like a mother to me!

I'm still planning to go to CA and New Orleans yet this year. I'm looking for airfares now, but I'm also going to AAA and let them look, too. I need to do this before the insurance money runs out!

My menopause is kicking in! I have had only one period since last Oct. And I'm tickled to death! But, the "stupids" have settled in! I forget the dumbest things. And words?...forget it! I know there is a word for a certain situation and do you think I can remember it? No way! And getting in the middle of a sentence and not know where I was going with it! You'd think I was stoned sometimes.

My two cats are getting along a little better. Ivan still keeps The Dutchess on her toes. He is DEFINITELY the Czar of this place! But they're not 'tangling' much anymore and I can actually keep the door to the bedroom open now.

Well, I know I've tempted fate too long already and must post this before it disappears!

I'll post again but don't know how soon. I'm only on here every 2 to 3 weeks now it seems! I don't know what that's about! Maybe when I settle into some kind of routine things will get better...NOT!

Till then,

05-10-2005, 01:18 PM
Gayle I'm so glad to see you posting. There is such a difference in you since your last post. You're beginning to sound like your old self and we know dear old mom would love that. I pray that God will continue to bless you. I have to ask myself the same question about bringing children into this world sometimes. Things have gotten worse with my sister and I think God blessed me with a pregnancy at the same time to help me deal with my sister and her betrayal. I had emailed her yesterday and then she replied back lastnight with a hateful response. Not only did she deny telling anyone but she said she's had enough of me. I've only emailed her 2 times in 2 months and one of them was just yesterday. I'm going to try to ignore her. She had to go to the ER last tuesday (according to email) and thought she was miscarrying. They did an ultrasound and found a heartbeat. Also said her blood pressure was too high and she needed to avoid stress so she's blaming me for that. PLEASE!

We bought a treadmill yesterday and now i"m going to have to make myself use it. I walked for .37 of a mile first time in 10 minutes and the second time was 10 minutes for .33 so I've walked .70 and 20 minutes today. it will take me some time to build up and I'm not sure how much exercise I should be doing either. We have played badmitton for 3 days straight though and I really enjoy that as well.

Still haven't been sick and i'll be 7 weeks into it tomorrow. I have 13 more days until Dr. app't.

Donna did you hear anything more?? For all of you that have microsoft or yahoo messenger, email me the info so I can have a chance to IM you all.

05-10-2005, 01:19 PM
By the way, I paid the $500 application deposit yesterday but haven't heard anything yet. Of course they know kevin doesn't get home until after 3 so they may wait until then. I'd imagine a big "NO" wouldn't take long would it??

05-12-2005, 01:21 PM
Dana, they probably did not start the process of the application till they received the money. I hope you hear soon though. :)

Just a quick update on where I am on the surgery issue.

I have decided to go ahead and have the hysterctomy. Because the cyst is so large the doctor will not be able to remove my uterus vaginally but he will be able to leave my ovaries therefore I will not need hormones during menopause. I have an appointment with a urologist tomorrow morning because sometimes when I sneeze I wet my pants! LOL YES! IT's true. Need diapers sometimes it's so bad! LOL I'm embarassed but he surprised me by asking if it happened. I guess this surgery can cause bladder problems and if there are already a problem then they have to tack down my bladder at the time of the hysterectomy. Also on Tuesday I saw my gastroentologist concerning the hiatal hernia. I am due for a EGD to see if it's gotten bigger and that's scheduled for July. Man, by the time this Summer is over I am going to be a re-built woman! LOL Hey, maybe I'll lose weight??! LOL
I'll write more later. Thanks and hope all are well.

05-12-2005, 02:26 PM
I still haven't heard anything more on the house but I know they cashed that check on tuesday. After talking to kevin, we were both under the impression that they would hold on to the check and if we're turned down, they give it back to us. He never said they would deposit it but it was. I guess since we've made it this far, they really can take all the time they need.

Donna if it were me, I think you're making the right choice. Then you won't have to worry about that particular body part anymore or any cysts and what not forming there. Think of the pain and money you're saving but no more "aunt flo". :) That's a gift that keeps on giving isn't it?? Keep us updated so we can pray and think of you ok.

Well I need to finish my hair. The mail ran while I was drying it and I never got back to it. I need to pick up brett's insulin so I have to be ready before school pickup.

05-12-2005, 02:29 PM
BTW Donna, I have peed myself when I sneeze for several years now. Especially right now, I pee all the time anyway and I sneeze as long as the pollen is as thick as it is. That's why I love rain this time of year.

05-12-2005, 05:19 PM
Well we have a meeting at 5 o'clock to discuss our "approval". Now we just have to see what they were willing to sell us. I will post more when I find out something. He said the first he sent it through, he used the 5 bedroom and it was rejected but then he tried 2 others so I don't know what he used. He knows how many are in our family so hopefully it's nothing as small as we're in now.

05-12-2005, 07:06 PM
Good luck Dana! Let us know what happened!

05-12-2005, 09:34 PM
We got approval on a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 baths. It's beautiful though. They are wanting to move a little too fast to me. He said they have a special thing going on with this home and it's going for $55,000 but on wed. of next week it goes back up to $85,000. They are wanting to close on wed. and move it out here the next week. For our current home, rather than trade it in, they want to sell it for us and then we can pay it off. It's to eliminate paper work and to prevent any negative equity on it. He said we may have up to 2 weeks before we can actually move in it due to waiting on inspection. That will be difficult. But at the same time, we're excited. We're waiting on my grandpa to get his deed so we can get a mapping number for this land so they can start the surveying stuff real quickly. He said he could get it in the morning. Then kevin has to get something from work in order for them to get his 401K check to him. I hope it all works out but it's just really fast.

05-13-2005, 09:07 PM
Hi everyone..i just got back on line computer had a bad virus and ate my hardrive according to my kids.. they fixed it for me but was without a puter for a week..i was having with drawals :lol: am so greatful they know how to fix computers..after i catch up with everything i missed will address you the mean time (((((((((hugs))))))) for all rosey :wave:

05-16-2005, 02:15 PM
Hi Rosey. Fill us in on what's been going on in alaska!!

Well I am still feeling perfectly normal pregnancy wise but have had a long day. This stuff for our new home is a whirlwind. What has happened, we have a singlewide mobile home and we're buying a double wide. The land we're own belongs to my grandpa but we have to put up some land in order to qualify for loan. Well when we filed the application, we said we wanted our land put in our name and he asked how much it was. I recall saying we only wanted what we were using which was about .5 acre. He figured it to be worth about $13000 due to the location of it. Well the surveyors were here most of the day and was trying to measure out a whole acre. My grandpa noticed it (he lives up the road behind me) and came down here in a frizzy. I thought they just had to measure all around in order to find the borders where our neighbors all around was. Well one surveyor got on the phone and my grandpa was throwing his arms in the air. I had no clue what was going on.

About 15 minutes later my granny calls on her cellphone. They are headed to a funeral visitation about 1 hour away and said that man told them that "the contract called for a whole acre". Well we never signed nor have we ever seen a contract. From what they marked, it looks between .5 to maybe .75 of an acre. I don't know for sure but you can be sure when my grandpa gets home, he will come measure it. We certainly don't want a lot to pay taxes on so we had no problem with it but we only know we didn't "have a contract" and an acre was never brought up to my knowledge. I can't wait for kevin to call or come home so I can ask him.

What's up with everyone else? Where is Daphne??

05-16-2005, 02:51 PM
Dana, you know wouldn't it be nice if things would go smoothly?! :lol: When my Dad gave us this land our house is on, he was only to give us an acre. But the surveyers had something else in mind and they plotted out one acre and 1/4! LOL My Dad is the one who noticed it and by the time he noticed it it was already a done deal. I don't recall that the reason was because the mortgage contract required that much land but the quarter of an acre the "gave" us is mostly wetlands any way. No one can use it! LOL Glad you are still feeling good with your pregnancy. :)
Rosey, I'm so sorry you have had pc problems. Man, those are the pits. Doesn't it just make you so mad that we HAVE to have virus protecter software all the time. I'll never understand WHY people do the things they do. I can't understand that sorta thing.
Daphne and Gale, now young ladies I know you are out there!!! I have SEEN YA! Come out, come out where ever you are! :) ;)
I have a date now for my surgery. I am going to have a hysterectomy on June 7th along with a bladder tack. I received the reports on both my mammogram and pap test and they both were normal. :) I was relieved especially about the pap test.
School will be out June 1st here and believe me, I'll be super glad when that day is here because this year (fourth grade) has been the PITTS! ROFLOL
That's what is going on right now from my neck of the woods. Hope you all are having a great day.

05-16-2005, 06:37 PM
Hi everyone I am here. I am thinking my blood pressure has been low when I take my pills on some days. I am suffering bad allergies right now thanks to the cotton wood in the air. Jason said maybe I need to stay inside the whole spring. :lol: Ummm ok and who will get megan on the bus or off the bus? Go get food, take kids to the Dr.? I tell ya men are funny. I had upped my virus protection here and somehow had it to far upped so I was not getting any notices that there was any new posting. I had done it to where I didn't leave a trail of where I had been. Sounds good but then you don't get postings!
Donna I will be keeping you in my prayers on the 7th. Is there any way we can find out how you are doing after you have surgery? I don't want to have to worry about you.
Dana I am sorry for the trouble with the land. What did Kevin say? Or did he get like a typical man and throw a fit and walk off and blame you?:lol:
Rosey so sorry about the virus you had. I think I want your kids here for my computer!
Gayle I miss you and hope to hear from you soon.

OK I will close this and post more later when it is quiet here like tomorrow! Jason and his brother have finished putting in all new windows and 2 sliders, right now they are finishing putting in the insulation under the house, they also built me 2 cement steps off the sliders. I love getting my crap around the house done! I have planted 2 tomato plants and a pepper plant. I mostly did flowers this year. I don't know what else to plant. Oh yeah I do have about 10 strawberry plants this year. I love fresh warm berries first thing in the morning!

05-16-2005, 09:30 PM
How great to hear from daphne. Do you have problems with snakes in your strawberries? I don't know if I posted it on here or not but mama had a brown snake in my old bedroom on sat. and kevin and my grandpa killed it. It was about 3 feet long and determined non-poisonous but a snake is a snake in my opinion. Right at this moment, the land thing has been put to bed. We went out and measured all of the stakes and it comes to around 3/4 acre. My grandpa said if it took that then he's ok with it but to ask for the "minimum" on the land needed and money down before signing anything. I'm sure we were hear something else on it tomorrow. The only thing I wanted kevin for was to make sure we never said anything about a whole acre in the deal and he agreed, land was never really brought up.

Donna we certainly will be thinking of you and praying for you on that day. I'm sure you can't wait to put that behind you. Were you guys planning a vacation this summer? We're still unsure of what we will do. I'd like to go to MB for a few days but we'll have to see where we stand on everything else.

My sister emailed me today surprisingly. She initially wanted to know what Dr's I was going to because they are in the same city as hers but not same place. I replied to her that I was glad she was back to "talking" to me. She said she was still hurt over things I said about her but she had to get over it. She said that a lot of things were blown up or misunderstood. I know I never misunderstood anything and I certainly didn't say anything under anger like she insisted I may have. I was simply stating the facts and I still believe it but I am just forgetting about it for now. I have enough on my plate. She still says that "angie (her friend that i know spreaded around my news) didn't know about your pregnancy but only about the possibility and she never told anyone but david. (her live in boyfriend). HELLO, it was davids mom who told the news to the two women who told my inlaws. That was all I needed to know.

By the way daphne, the allergy stuff is killing me today. I haven't been bothered by it at all until we walked into waist high grass today to measure and now I'm dying here.

05-17-2005, 01:24 PM
I have been fighting these darn allergies for some time now and I am afraid that I have an infection now but I just can't bring myself to go to the doctor. I mean, enough is enough with the doctors already! ROFLOL :lol: :rofl: The burning is in the nose now and that's usually an indication plus nothing helps to clear the congestion. :(
Daphne, I don't want you to worry about me but not sure yet how I can get the word out to you all about how it went. Also, I don't seem to have a good email address for you so if you don't mind emailing me the one that will get to you maybe I can set up in my dh's address book a email to those who want to know about how it went.
Dana, I am glad you and your sister seem to be talking again. Life is just too short isn't it? It would be nice if she would admit and ask for you to forgive her but you'll have to do that without her asking for it. Because only that way will you get peace of mind.
Rosey, Looking forward in hearing from you and all that's going on. HOw much weight have you lost?
Gayle, you sound like a busy woman and I'm glad you have support at home while grieving for your mother. I'm just so glad Mother's Day is over but now with my up-coming surgery and the possibility that I'm going to need help that only a mother can give is bringing me down. I am sure you understand. :)
A friend I have from another thread recently had this surgery and her mother took time off of work to help her. She is telling me I'm going to need to sleep a lot and will need someone to help me. I am now wondering what to do. My sister next door has not offered her help and I don't feel comfortable asking.
Oh well. :shrug:
Our water was turned off this morning for some reason. It had me concerned because I am going to go to the urologist for the bladder function test and pre-op and I was really in a big need for a bath! LOL :D :) They had a cancellation so instead of going to him and two other places for the pre-op on June 2nd I will narrow it down to just the gynecologist and the hospital. :) The water came on and I smell much better. :flow1: :)
Hope you all have a great day.

05-17-2005, 05:27 PM
Hi everyone..another pretty day here in alaska.. we had abig old pregnant mama moose in our yard this am.. they should be having their babys any time now.. boy was she big..sometimes they have twins..hope she comes back after they are born as they are so cute.. all fuzzy red and little dog(****-su) ran right up to the moose..wish i had my camera ready for action :?: ive been busy cleaning out rooms and closets..boy do i save alot of junk..i have quite a pile for a garage sale sometime this summer..the dh has been going to the cabin..donna.. i hope your surgury goes well.. and that u got a shower this am :lol: my yearly is next week and hope the dr says ive done good this year..dana.. hope u get your new house and am so happy for you about the baby..i love babys..hello to everyone later((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

05-18-2005, 09:01 AM
Guys I have been so sick this morning. They called us at 7:30 lastnight to come pick up the contracts so we can close this morning @ 11. My grandpa has to go & I"m afraid he will spoil it for us. On the contracts, it doesn't mention anything about the land so I still don't know how much it required. He said we surely wouldn't sign anything until we agree with it or until we're ready. We don't even have the down payment yet but they know that. We went to the UPS store friday and did next day air to connecticut and they still haven't gotten it. UPS last status on that package was on the 16th is said "out for delivery" and it was in the neighboring town but no one knows what happened after that. Corporate office is in Connecticut and they have to foward the paper work in order for us to get the money from retirement. I have no clue how much longer that will be.

If we get this all done this morning they were wanting to move this single wide out of the way as early as friday which would mean we wouldn't have any power or water for no telling how long. I'm telling you all this now so you won't worry if that happens. I'll try to email about more specific dates later. I have no idea what we will do during the transition. My grandpa wants to find out what the heck the hurry is. He said they have no business rushing people like this. Well the manager is going with us to closing. I can ask him to see if we get same answers but Freddie (salesman) told us last week there was a special financing thing going on with the home we want. It's $55000 until tomorrow morning and then goes back up to $85000 and we won't qualify. Now that's what Freddie said. I didn't believe it in a way but I guess we'll see if we get the same answer from Wes this morning.

05-18-2005, 11:45 AM
Dana that sounds like bullshit to me about the price. A long as they have your down you are supposed to be guaranteed that price. I think the salesman is pushing you way to fast. Do you still owe on your mobile home? If so how will you make payments on 2 places at the same time? Make sure that they are going to sell the old mobile home within a time frame. What if it takes them 2 years to sell it? I know it is none of my business but I think of you as my sister and don't want to see any more trouble for you!
OK I go to WW in a bit and I am going to be up again. I was not journaling again and was not eatting the best. I am still going to weigh in and take my uppage. It will be a good way for me to track my habits at the least. I do know that I have not gone back to 250 pounds since I went to the Drs. in November at my highest. I seem to get to a weight and just sit there for a bit. I can get so angry at myself for thinking OK here it is almost June and yet I am still at this weight. I need to relearn to eat and to walk and Curves it more again. I can make excuses and say I have been so sick that exercise isn't posible for me but thats a lie to. I can do a lower intensity at Curves and walking can be slower. I want to lose 12 pounds by June 31st which will put me at 220. I am anxious to hit under 220 and then under 210 and then onederland! I am determined that in September my licence will be close to what I say it is!:lol:
I will address more of you later but have to get dressed for WW and Curves.

05-18-2005, 06:06 PM
Daphne- nice to see you posting! LOL No we don't pay on both of them. The other one isn't even in our names. It belongs to MIL actually. We did the closing today and ended up with .59 acres. That wasn't a problem but now we're pushed to get our down payment to them by next wed. morning and we've ran into nothing but problems concerning that.

My biggest problem is this: no one knows this but me at this point and they may not have to. I had paid our power bill online with a bank draft or whatever it is electronically. Well somehow one bounced last month. I had emailed them because our cut off was getting close. I don't know how it bounced but I noticed our checking account had $140 more in it than it should. Well then we get the notice from the bank giving us 3 days to pay in cash. Well I paid them online with our bank card and that was fine. Well this month I mailed them the check and they returned it today saying "no checks". I honestly don't know what caused any of this cause the money was in bank & never came out. Anyway, they send the trucks out @ 8:30 in the morning to cut off the power. My bank isn't opened on wed. so I have to wait until tomorrow morning to handle it but it won't be until after 9 when bank opens. So it probably will be cut off and then back on sometime.

Other than that, I'm fine and dandy. :(

05-19-2005, 01:56 PM
Dana I am confused about the money you had but didn't!:lol: Why is the bank wanting the money? Never mind it is to confusing to me! I hope that you get the place up and running soon and take pictures for all of us here! How is the barfing going?:lol:
I went to w/w yesterday and I didn't gain like I thought I had. I was back down from my gain the week before.:cp: I posted all my food yesterday and will make sure to post my foods each day in my diary. I am still fighting allergies/cold. I went to bed early last night being as I felt like crap. This morning I woke to a bad headache and my throat feels more closed in. I ate 2 popsicles for breakfast even!:T: Hey it was only 50 calories in the two of them so just 1 point!
I hope to post more later today and see that more are posting.

05-19-2005, 02:15 PM
Daphne- the money: It is coming out of kevin's 401k retirement. We put in for $11000 but only using $10000 as down. We needed the other for our utilities to be changed over and possibly even having to move our satellite and power meter. The money is actually in Maryland at T.Rowe Price investors. Kevin's employers corporate office is in Connecticut which is where the plan administrator is. She is the one who ok's early withdrawals from 401K. Well normally you have that money by closing but we were in this big hurry. So I faxed the stuff to corporate yesterday. I just checked the T.Rowe website a few minutes ago and it shows that transaction as pending now so at least they got to it.

Congrats on the work on your weight loss. I'm not sick at all. I only had a bad case of the nerves yesterday. And today I finally got my check card payment to go through for our power bill but they are also suppose to come out to disconnect it today so i hope to be here when someone comes to show them our receipt.

05-20-2005, 12:50 PM
Dana, I sure hope you got all that mess straightened out with your power bill. You should have over-draft protection at your bank and if they don't provide that for you, you should change banks. Things happen sometimes and you don't need that kind of thing to mess you up especially with your power bill. AND BTW they will cut you off for being ONE payment late? I used to work for a power company and they wouldn't do that for one time late. The reconnect charges were unreal so I sure hope you got it straightened out before they pulled the plug!
Daphne, CONGRATULATIONS on the loss! You are really doing great! :cp: :bravo: :cp: :balloons: But sorry :sorry: for you still feeling bad. Can you take Benedryl? I ended up using it regularly and even though it makes me VERY drowsy :tired: I feel much better. OH and it helps that it is raining today! :rain:
Rosey, yes I got my shower. Smelled much better. The water hasn't been off since so I'm glad! :)
OK.... Those of you who watch IDOL what do you think will it be Carrie or Bo???? I think it will be Bo but would rather see Carrie win. I hated that Vonzell was booted but at this point it's just a process not a reflection of talent because that whole group was full of talent. :) OH Does any one watch CSI? It was very intense with the season finalie last night. You may can tell what I'll be doing most of the time when I am recouperating at home. Which reminds me... DAPHNE!!! NEED A EMAIL ADDY!!!!! LOL
I was dancing yesterday. Elena brought home a paper with her school assignment for next year on it. PROMOTED TO FIFTH GRADE :) :D I thought at this point if there was a problem that she would be sent to summer school or held back that we would know but still there was that doubt! :) :rolleyes:
Well, need to do laundry. Have a feeling Jim is going to be home early today.... Free time is over! LOL :lol:

TTFN :wave:

05-20-2005, 01:34 PM
Kevin called from work and said he's scheduled to get his check on tuesday which is the cutoff for the payment really. They had to next day it to their bank for wednesday. They (dealership) have called like 6 times already today but I haven't answered. They don't have to know I was home. I hate it when people are pushy. I hope once they get that down payment that they will stop being so pushy. Then they will bother us as to when they can start bringing it in. you would think we would be over excited and ready but we have to basically move to something or somewhere else before they move this singlewide.

The power was never cut off and I was able to pay online yesterday afternoon with my debit card. I even paid a little extra to keep them happy. The cutoff was actually 5 pm on wed. and yes they are suppose to shut it off for that little bit of time but no one ever did. That's a good thing. We don't have over draft protection. They don't even offer it but was suppose to sometime this summer. We have changed banks to many times and have had this one for about 5 years. Of course, if it persists, we will change.

Donna I don't watch CSI but do watch Idol. I don't care for Bo at all and never have. I liked constantine better when it came to those 2. I wanted vonzell and carrie to go to finals. i thought it would be an explosive final. It still may be but Bo sounds the same all the time to me. I thought vonzell had improved the most and was sad to see her go but she will get signed and may out-do the finalists.

I know that Logan has passed and although Brett's guidance counselor said he will, I'll have to see it first.

05-23-2005, 03:58 AM
OK tell me why does stress cause me to eat so much and such bad foods? Jason has been in horrible back pain these last few weeks. It was finally unbearable Friday and he got in to the Drs. on Saturday at 8AM. He has an abcess on his tailbone that the Dr. had to dig out. Then he had to go to the hospital for an X-ray which we found out today was not clear enough to see if there was anymore damage from the infection.So the Dr.when she called back today told us that and that being as he is in worse pain with her getting the infection dug out needs to get an MRI done tomorrow. She is concerned that he may have some damage now to his tailbone or a bad infection going on that she was not able to dig out. I had to go to the pharmacy and buy 2 more RXs, a new pain med and a super duper strong antibiotic that cost me 70 dollars for 10 pills. OMG that was the generic pills and they are $7.00 a piece? Can you imangine the name brand price? I bet that is why Jason thought it was going to be $120.00. The pain pill was another $20.00 or $25.00. He is still in pain. Anyhow I am still worried that he may have cancer in his spine and that hasn't been ruled out yet the MRI will show us more.
So I have been a bag of nerves and not Curving or walking just wanting to nap and eat. I don't like to leave him for long in case he needs me or in case it is something worse. I don't let him see my cry or let him know how worried I am about him.
Sorry to sound like such a bummer tonight just not happy like normal.
Dana how is the house going? It is supposed to be Tuesday right?
OK I will post more tomorrow but need to sleep some Jason was in bed with me last night and he was up literally every 30 minutes going pee. Oh yea his sugars are sky high right now with his diabetes and the infections. Oh yea he also has a sinus infection going on.
PS please keep him in your prayers.

05-23-2005, 10:28 AM
{{{{{{{Daphne and Jason}}}}}}}} I'm so very sorry about all this! OMG, I will pray for Jason that relief comes very soon and that all the infections are healed. Please keep us posted. :grouphug: :love: :grouphug:

05-23-2005, 09:13 PM
Wow daphne. This has been a bad day all around hasn't it. Do you guys have any insurance? I will be praying for the two of you. Keep us updated.

My ultrasound was a disaster if you ask me. There should have been a baby with arms and legs for me to be almost 9 weeks and instead, just a yolk sac. He said it was a "very early pregnancy" and i go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. I feel that I may have lost it but my family is trying to make me be optimistic. The Dr. was saying everything looked good but that I was earlier than I calculated. How can I be?? My period was march 23. That was 8 weeks and 5 days ago. Not a drop or spot since then. It just almost makes me sick but I have to try to put this house stuff in front of me to keep me from thinking of the baby. Of course if I lose it, I will just try again before long. I just hate to have to start all over. Keep us in your prayers as well.

05-23-2005, 11:42 PM
Dana, I have no words. I'm just shocked, simply shocked. I am praying that it IS a very early pregnancy and that you have not lost the baby.


05-24-2005, 10:11 AM
I don't know what to think or say either Donna. The doctor said everything looked good and that it was a very early pregnancy and in two weeks we would have something to look at. Well if I had no clue of when it happened or when my last period was, it would be easier to understand. It's been 9 weeks since a period and 5 weeks since I "failed" all those pregnancy tests so it HAS to be at least 5 weeks. It will be tough to stay insane for 2 weeks, that's for sure.

On a better note, we're suppose to have that downpayment money in today so we can move on with that. He said we could be in it within a week or so, so that would keep me busy. Of course it will be a reminder when I pack and move the stuff we've bought so far. We've got those huge wipes and diapers clearanced at walmart last week for only $3. Not too mention the other stuff I've collected since christmas. We won't give up.

I went ahead and applied for our state medicaid this morning and he said I would get a card in less than 2 weeks. That way, the financial part is basically free. What the insurance company won't cover, it pays.

Well today is only a half day of school and tomorrow is the last day. Daphne I'm thinking and praying for you all. Please let us know what happens.

05-24-2005, 12:42 PM
Dana I am praying for you and your baby. I belive the Dr. sweetie when he says everything is fine. If not he would not have you contunue with this. The two weeks will fly by faster then you belive. Just think how fun a new place will be! Isn't today the cutoff day for payment? Let us know how the place is coming and take pictures for us!
Donna how have you been today? Thank you for your concern over Jason. What does Elena think about the surgery that you are going to have? Have you had the final blood work done yet? I will be keeping you in my prayers sweetie.
Jasons MRI came back clear meaning no injury or infections. AMEN. He is still in a lot of pain and I feel so bad for him. I am having to clean out the pus each day and I tell you what it gags me to all get out.
Robert yesterday decided to write You Suck on the bus. I got a call from Ms. Bus Driver asking what I felt was a fair punishment. I had to discus it with Jason and we decided he needed to help her clean the bus. So today after he got to school he had to wash the wondows for her. He also had to write her an apology letter last night.
My weight at times I feel will never come off. I am so tired of coughing now its crazy. I as trying to watch someting on TV last night and had so many coughing fits I peed all over myself. I finaly went and did a nebulizer treatment and went to bed. I want to go to Curves but when I et to the coughing fits I don't want to be out and pee all over myself or have asthma attack and not be able to breath.
Jason started to smoke again after stopping for a month. He is home more now and I have been smelling the smoke. He smokes outside but it still gets inside. i wonder how much of that is my problem with coughing?
I have WW tomorrow and will weigh in and take my gain. Like I said before it is good to at least see a pattern and learn from it.
Rosey how is that Alaskan Salmon? It is so expensive here to buy. What about moose and elk hunthing? I tild my FIL about you and hubby and he said *tell your friend I wanna meet her husband and go hunting with him*:lol: Your poor hubby has more friends then he knew he had!
Gayle I love ya and think about you all the time. I hope you day is getting better with each passing day.

05-24-2005, 06:03 PM
Daphne i"m so thankful that jason is cleared with that scan. I believe that smoke is definately to blame for the couphing. I am the same way with sneezing. Especially while I"m pregnant, it's worse. I'm trying to stay positive about the baby. Day 1 has flown by. The money has been paid and we're discussing now when to start the moving process. During the time that they move this home out and the other in, I won't have the computer so don't be worried but just be happy. :lol: I will let you know the time frame as soon as we decide. For now, we know that we are going to stay at my moms and sleep in our camper. (she had a snake in her bedroom you know, so we would rather sleep in our camper.) We'll shower in her house. So now I need to find out how big of warning the power company needs to shut off power and we're suppose to get permits as well. No one has told us much more than that.

Where is that rosey and gayle? And I haven't heard anything from summer in months.

05-24-2005, 08:45 PM
Hi everyone..hope all is well with each of you..its my b-day today.. im 56 and feel alot younger..((((((((hugs))))))) rosey :wave:

05-25-2005, 01:09 AM
Happy Birthday, Rosey!!!!!!!!!! :hb: :hb: :cp: :balloons: :hb:

Daphne, I'm glad Jason's MRI came back good. I'm so sorry he is still in so much pain and smoking again.... ewww that can't be good but I can not say I never think about it again. :smoking: :lol:

Dana, things are starting to move for you now, that's great! I hope you are taking it easy though and don't over-do anything.

Gayle, what are you up to? We miss you. :) :listen:

Had a rough day with my child and a paper she needs to do for school. It's the last one (that I know of) and you would think she would just want to get it over with. We have had a rough year.

Well, I'm going to bed. It's late. :yawn: :tired:

05-25-2005, 08:03 AM
Hey Rosey. I mailed you a card last week. I hope you got it or maybe it will soon enough. I think I allowed around 5 days or so but don't remember. I didn't forget your birthday though. Happy Birthday. You don't have any snow do you?? :lol:

Today is last day of school for my crew. They get out at 11 too. I have fought allergies this morning and ended up throwing up the peaches I had for breakfast. It's strange that it happened on consecutive wednesdays. I had said I wouldn't be sick until school is over and this is the last day. Now if it would just hold off until we've moved. I know I can't have everything my way. I still feel pregnant and feel everything is fine. No cramps or bleeding or anything. Yesterday mama made a comment that was funny (for lack of better words). She said something about "where are you going to put the baby?" That's the first time anyone acknowledged another life. Well other than me and kevin of course. Once that ultrasound shows something more, I will tell laken. She got to hold a baby at school lastweek and she keeps asking "mama where's your baby"? We haven't told her anything. I thought I would wait until she could actually feel something.

Daphne and Donna- how much more school do you guys have? We started before you so I guess that's why its the end for us.

05-25-2005, 10:40 AM
Dana, sorry you lost your peaches... :barf: :( I got sick after eating apricots when I was very young and to this day I will not eat another apricot. Isn't that strange? Of course consider the source. :rolleyes: :) I am glad you still feel pregnant... I have been concerned about you. I know all will go well but I'm sweating till the next ultra sound with you. I know that it will be fine. Did you watch Idol last night? I didn't think either one of the two did their best. I'm sure they were very nervous. AND guess what??? I GOT THROUGH AND VOTED last night! :cp: :cp: :bravo: :bravo: It helped to have those extra lines to vote on. Sorry, but you will not be happy with me with my choice but I am not a fan of country music. I do like Carrie though very much so if she wins I will not be disappointed. :) ;)
June 1st is Elena's official last day of school. Tomorrow is the last *full* day and they will have track and field day so really today is the last work day. On Friday they get out early as well as on Tuesday and Wednesday. No snow days to make up so they can get out early. :) I for one will be glad. Although on the 2nd of June the first day of Summer vacation I have to go to the doctor and hospital for the pre-op stuff still at least it will be OVER! :rofl: Dana, I'm also glad that you didn't forget Rosey's birthday. I for one can't keep up with appointments for even myself it seems! LOL Maybe when I lose my uterus I'll gain some brain cells back.... :lol: :lol: :rofl: :lol3:

It's a gorgeous day today here. A little on the chilly side but a beautiful day. I sure hope you all have a great weekend. Any plans? :?: :listen:

I'll post later.... OH! BTW I received an email from Summer just last night. She's busy, busy, busy but she sends her love. She had a virus on her computer and ever since she got it fixed she can't get back on 3fc. MAN!


05-25-2005, 11:44 AM
Dana I am so sorry for the peaches not liking you. At least they come out easier then other stuff like nachos!:lol: Yes I speak from experience there. Keep us posted on the house and don't forget to take pictures to share with us. If it is going to be a week or so that you are off line why not take computer to Moms and write us? Or take kids to the library and write us? :lol:
Donna I will be thinking of you on the 2nd. I have things going on that day just can't remember what they are!:lol:WHat will you do with Miss E this summer? Did she finish that paper ever? Can you e mail me Summers e mail address? I lost it when I rebooted my computer.
I go to WW in about 90 minutes. I weighed this morning and showed a loss but want to see what their scales say. I am going to Curves when I leave WW and do my 30 minutes.
It is going to be around 85* here today and 90* for tomorrow. Then it will be back down to the 70s and I bet rainy next week. I hope we get the sunshine for awhile so my tomatoes can grow. I think I have 6 tomato plants and 6 strawberry plants. Oh yea Dana no snakes do not get into my strawberries being as they are on the top of my wood fence shelf. We also don't get big snakes here, just gartner snakes.
OK going to go take my pill and a tylenol, will post new weight when I get back.

05-25-2005, 05:05 PM
Woooohooooo:wave: I lost 3 pounds this week.:bravo: That means from my high at Thanksgiving I am almost at my 10% loss.3.2 more pounds and I will be at my 10% for that weight. I was worried that I was going to gain being as I had pizza for 2 meals this week and I am not talking one or 2 slices I am talking 3 or 4 slices. I did Curves today and am starting to feel better. I can at least breath now with out coughing and peeing my pants. :dance::dancer: I had to turn on the air today being as it is so warm today. There is no breeze other then the hot east wind.:nono:
OK I am so happy to have lost this week. OMG just think 22 pounds are gone from me.:faint: That really is alot of weight. How did I ever move with that much more on me? I still have a lot to lose but I found out that when I was 165 pounds Jason thought I was skinny!:love: That made me feel good knowing that I wont have to be a bone for him to think I am hot:hot: I am almost at my goal for this month. I have to lose 1.2 pounds to meet it. I know that I will make it and pass it. I so want to wear my cute summer shorts this year.
OK I know I am a bit hyper:hyper: today.
Love ya all, Daphne

05-25-2005, 07:42 PM
Oh Daphne congratulations. I just love it when you're in a mood like that. It's like you could talk on forever.... :lol: I am having some grits for supper. I haven't been in a mood to eat anything really but I'm craving them. I'm trying to clean out our refrig anyway and that's where I store that bag of grits.

I will try to go to library for updates cause I will miss you guys. Also, I will have to pay some bills and most of them are online.

Donna I don't care for Bo but have an eery feeling he will win. i agree with you though, neither of them did their bests lastnight but I"m pulling for carrie. I'd be willing to bet most of those top 10 or 12 will be signed a contract anyway sooner or later. I'm anxious to see carrie perform tonight with Rascal Flatts. They are my favorite country group and I bet it will be cool for her. I wonder what Bo will do for fun tonight?? I just wish he would leave that mike stand glued to the floor. :lol:

05-26-2005, 10:45 AM
Daphne, I am so very proud of you!!! WOW GIRLFRIEND! All those sniffles and peeing in the pants helped I guess! :lol: :lol3: :rofl: No, you have worked hard with your eating right and exercising at Curves so that's where the victory lies.

Dana, I was shocked that Carrie won last night but man I am so very happy for her. That was a interesting show last night. LOL Anyway, what am I going to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights now?? LOL :shrug: :dunno: LOL

Rosey, what did you do for your birthday? :hb:

Gayle, I hope you are doing good.

Well ladies, I'm having my LAST period of my life starting today. What a great feeling I must tell you to know this is IT!! :dancer: I am having cramps but took some advil and already feeling some better. I stepped on the scale this morning to see a half a pound loss. But I still feel that I'm maintaining so it's not anything to get excited about like our buddy Daphne there! :lol: :) :D

I am going to end for now. I'll check in with you guys later. Today is Elena's last full day of school. Tomorrow Jim is off from work and she only has a 1/2 day so this my last day of freedom for a while. TILL I'm put out for the surgery! LOL

Have a great day! :wave:

05-26-2005, 08:21 PM
I know what you mean about getting time to yourself with the kids and DH home. It's hard to find. We got our permits done today and if the contractors work on memorial day, then we will start our move on monday. If not, then tuesday. At least we're getting somewhere and I can't wait to get settled. Just thought I would update on that. Have a good evening.

05-27-2005, 10:02 AM
You have a busy weekend ahead of you Dana! :) This weekend will be a memorable one.... LOL :lol3: :rofl: :lol: We moved in this house on a Labor Day weekend so I guess I'm not much better with working on holiday weekends!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I myself am having my very, very, very, very LAST period now! Having awful cramps but it doesn't seem to bother me for I feel I have the upper hand here. hee hee!

Have a super holiday and I'll chat with you all soon!

05-27-2005, 01:42 PM
Woooohooooo I wish you well Dana. At least you will have Kevin there to assist you with the moving outand in. Is the home a brand new one as in never lived in before? Jason is thinking about moving us to Eastern Washington. He wants to get about 30 acres and split it with his parents. I said that he will have to set rules down with his dad and his treatment of me.
Donna wooohoooo one last period. I am so green with envy. :bravo: on the lost pound!!! A pound is a pound and its gone and not gained! How is the weather there this weekend? I was 90* yesterday and supposed to get to 92* today and 90* tomorrow. The 80s and 70s at end of next week.
I had Quiznos yesterday and I hated it. I am looking to find the calorie count for what I ate. It was a regular size vegetarian.:shrug:
OK chat laters!!! Daphne
Oh yea has anyone heard from Ann?? Tropical Freeze? I was going thru my address book and came across her name and realised I havn't heard from her in forever!

05-28-2005, 10:58 AM
Daphne the last time i heard from ann, I think she mailed me a card maybe?? That reminds me, i will try to send her something in mail today. She was going to be a grandma and she had moved around in her home or something and her computer wasn't in a place she could get on easily. Maybe we can send her a card or something from each of us who would knew her, just to update her and see how she's doing. I know I can do that. Also, I think I will mail Gayle something too just to let her know we're thinking of her.

The home we're getting isn't brand new but no one knows that but us and of course the dealers. It's actually a repo and it looks brand new. They have completely redone everything from the walls to new carpet to new appliances, toilets, tubs, shingled roof, siding and whatever else you can think of. Nothing in the home has been used. We got a huge deal on it. It originally sold for $125,000 and it was appraised for $85000 but we got it for $59500 off a bank incentive deal.

Kevin is having to tear down some more of our fence outside and the poles are cemented so that is hard on him. They are also wanting him to dig into a spot to locate our pipe that runs to the septic tank. I'm eat up with allergies again today. It started lastnight while sitting outside like a big dummy. :lol:

05-28-2005, 03:30 PM
Oh Dana it sounds so nice! How fun to get everything brand new in it. You really did get a great deal. I don't have long to post just wanted to check in and see how you all were doing. I will try and post later on today when I get a chance. Take is easy ladies and have a great weekend!

05-29-2005, 12:41 AM
Hi you guys!

Dana, your new place sounds wonderful. It's so neat to move into a place filled with new things. I envy you getting all those new appliances! I could really use a new fridge and dishwasher! LOL I hope all goes well and that Kevin doesn't hurt himself. How are you feeling other than your allergy problems?:eek:

Daphne, You are very smart to want the rules laid down if there is a move especially near family. It sure isn't easy living near family that is yours much less your dh's family so make sure there is a complete understanding. :coffee:

I am hoping you all are having a good weekend. Mine started out great! Last night my husband was making comments to me how I deserved to be rewarded for all that I do and all. I kept asking him what he was up to. LOL Well, he later says "I want to give you something, a early birthday or late Christmas or a combination I don't care but I want you to have this" It was a laptop computer so I can keep up with things when I can't get around after the surgery! Isn't that so sweet!!! :encore:
So, you all will hear from me when I get home from the hospital because I'll have this laptop to write you guys from!!! I still am on cloud nine with this. He was so sweet!!! :cloud9:
Well, I am going to end for now. I hope Ann, Gayle, Rosey are well and having a blast of a weekend! :beach:

05-29-2005, 11:20 AM
Donna we are excited. We've never even owned a dish washer and will this time. Plus our fridge is a side by side with the ice dispenser on the outside. Congrats. on the lap top. What a huge surprise. Brett would be so envious of you. He's wanted one for a long time. (he'll have to keep wanting for a longer time though.)

I'm actually feeling perfectly normal. My stomach down where the uterus would grow is actually growing up some. I can see it especially when I lay on my back. Just one more week to go until we know what this baby is going to do. We got a lot done yesterday. Today we will open up the camper and let it start cooling down. I don't know if we will stay in it tonight or not but most likely tomorrow night if not.

05-29-2005, 04:16 PM
Hi everyone.. Happy Memorial day.. we are going to a friends for a bq and im bringing deseart.. made a dump cake..more like a cobbler..i can crushed pineapple.. one can of cherry pie filling spread in a 9x13 pan.. sprinkle a yellow cake mix on top(dry) dot with butter and bake for 1 hr at 350.. serve with whipping cream or ice cream.. im also bringing fresh cut up fruit and strawberries for me and other dieters..dana how exciting a new so happy for you.. donna good luck on your surgury and what a sweet thing for dh to do.nice gift..daphnee hats off to you for working so hard to loose w2g..i had my check up on friday and the dr was real unhappy with myb/p she put me on new meds and instructed me to get a moniter and keep track of my b/p..the new meds are making me feel funky..kinda lite headed and anxious like ive had to much cafeen but my b/p down so i guess its my body adjusting :?:.. it was raining here this am but now the suns out..looks like a pretty day..((((((((hugs)))))))) for all rosey:wave:

05-30-2005, 04:07 PM
Sounds like a great memorial day rosey. It's been a cloudy rainy one here all day. Luckily we haven't had any hard rain though. We were suppose to start our move today but because of the rain, we are in a "delay". Maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain anymore. Each day it rains, we lose that day plus the next one. We need it to dry out so they will have a time frame to pour some concrete. Hope you all are enjoying the day.

05-31-2005, 01:38 PM
Rosey, I hate that you had to go on another bp medicine. I would of thought with that exercise it would of helped. I bet your cholesterol is much better though if you have high cholesterol. The dump cake sounds wonderful! I am going to make a copy of that.
Dana, the rain kinda messed up a lot of happenings this weekend but it didn't stop my sister and her husband to do more landscaping around their pool and other areas to get ready for the big wedding coming up. They planted over 50 new plants and I'm talking like bushes, trees that sorta thing and spread more than a truck load of mulch as well. Sure hope things dry up for you today so you can pour the concrete.
Daphne, did you have a good weekend? Any more decisions on moving next to mil. :?:
We had a wonderful weekend this weekend. It was not filled with stress with anxieties from me or my daughter! I guess it helps that school is almost out. In fact, tomorrow is their last day here. Thursday I will go for my pre-op and find out how early I'm to be at the hospital on Tuesday. One week from today it will be all over! :cb: :cb: I bet you think it's odd that I would be looking forward to surgery but this cyst and polyp causes so much grief for me it's frustrating. I'm fighting a migraine now as I type. UGH! LOL Any way I tolerate it better knowing that all this will soon pass.
I hope you all have a great day and I'll post again later.

05-31-2005, 06:35 PM
Donna I can see how you're "excited" (for lack of better words) to get that surgery over with. I don't blame you. It's like my upcoming ultrasound, I want it over with so I can either prepare for a baby or whatever. I'm trying to not worry myself over that.

As for our home, we were planning on another attempt in the morning but now heavier rain is almost here. I can't believe this. Our first payment is due 7/15 and it will be here before we can moved in. It's been 2 weeks already since our closing.

05-31-2005, 11:43 PM
Dana, I am keeping my fingers crossed for dryer weather for your move especially before the first payment is due! :crossed:

06-01-2005, 11:04 AM
Can you believe that it's pouring rain today again? If this stops before night, we can attempt again on friday, if not, we're looking at monday which is my Dr. day. Maybe that will work out. I won't be here during some of it. Funny thing though ( if you can find light at end of tunnel). i had begged for rain last 2 weeks to get rid of pollen. My allergies are better.

06-01-2005, 03:29 PM
Donna I can so understand how you feel. If I had insurance I would be wanting it done to me as well. Now the day before my period starts I get these back pains that about send me over the edge. Jason thinks that might be when I am ovulating being as I have a cyst on an ovarie. Dr. said it will take care of itself but damnit the pain sure hurts.
Tonys last day of school is tomorrow. I can't belive my baby is graduating and out of school. I am kinda depressed over it. I keep thinking how much I missed out on, how I could have been there more for him, if he will ever forgive me for all he went thru.etc.
I was up 1/2 a pond at weigh in today but with TOM I knew I would be. I am back on track and logging all my food again. I was lax on that last week. I just kept forgetting to write it down. So good or bad i will not forget to this week. So I didn't make my goal for May 31st. I was off a pound from it. Still I am happy for losing what I have.
Dana how is the house going? Are the kids loving being out of school? What are you doing with them as you move? How is the baby doing and the mama?
Rosey I am so sorry about the new meds. What were you taking and what are you taking now? I know I am going to have to watch mine real close being as each time I take it now it is in the normal range and with a few more pounds off it will be in low range if I am not careful. How is Curves going for you? Is yours offering a summer special? How many inchs have you lost andhow much weight and what body fat percent? I will post all that tomorrow for you all.
Gayle I love you and miss seeing you post. I hope that things are looking up for you. Is you LA trip coming up soon?
OK I broke my toe over the weekend. I was on my way back to bed after a pee break and smashed it into the bed post. It is all a pretty purple color and part of my foot as well. I didn;t get x-rays done so it may not be broke but sure looks it.:lol:Oh yea it hurts a bit but for some reason it cracks me up. I mean I had to hit the freaking middle toe. I wore shoes today for the first time since doing it and my foot/toe is throbbing. I did go to Curves still today and am porud of me for that.
OK going to go make me some lunch and do some cleaning up.

06-01-2005, 06:30 PM
Gosh Daphne. I can't believe Tony is graduating either. I had no clue he was a senior. Will you get to attend graduation?? Maybe you will get to spend more time with him now. I'm sure he forgives you for anything you feel you may have done. We can't stay with men that we're unhappy with no matter if we have children or not. You did what most women would have done and it wasn't like Tony was an infant or anything.

I might would feel the same way about a hysterectomy but my periods never have really bothered me. Of course I went nearly 8 years without one. That's also a great thing about being pregnant. I think I"m fine. I have 5 more days until that ultrasound and I pray that it's all ok so I can relax and enjoy it more. I am nervous about it. I told kevin I don't think I can look until I hear the Dr. say something. He said he would watch for me. You can't hear sound on that ultrasound he has. I can't wait to actually be able to hear the heartbeat. I remember the sense of relief I had in my last preg's just from hearing that sweat sound.

As for the home thing, we will be staying in our camper which is sat up in mama's back yard but as long as it's raining as heavy as it is, we're not going anywhere. The weather channel is calling for rain all the way through next tuesday for us. It's really depressing.

06-01-2005, 06:33 PM
BTW Daphne, sorry about that toe. I guess if you can laugh about it, that's good. They heal pretty quickly. I don't think I've ever broken anything but kevin has a few times. Don't worry about your weight. I'm proud of you for sticking to it the way you are. You're on your way to your goals. I wish I could say that. I have this treadmill but I can't get to it with everything sitting in the floor. We took everything off the walls and out of cabinets. Even took our window until AC's out and at least it's only 57 degrees here. We would burn up otherwise. Then again, if it were hot enough to burn us, we wouldn't be in here in the first place. So frustrating.

06-03-2005, 12:06 AM
Hi there my ya ya friends! I am sorry I wasn't here earlier to respond to yesterdays entries.
Daphne, I'm sorry about the toe. OUCH I popped my toe out of joint once and that hurt bad but never broke one. I hear there isn't anything you can do about a broken toe other than just wait it out any way. :sorry: As for your son graduating soon, I hate to hear you blame yourself for things. I don't really know your story but what I know of you is that you are a great mother and all of us just can only do the best we can. None of us are perfect and we make mistakes and if Tony is still carrying around some hurt I pray that he will realize one day that you just did what you had to do or all that you knew to do. :grouphug: Life is so tough some times. I hope you will feel better soon. :)
Dana, man it has been awful! :rain: The rain finally stopped here this evening. It sure has been pouring. I hate it for you and your move. I know this has been more difficult than you thought it would be. First everything was moving so fast then it came to a sudden halt. I am glad I will know how your ultra sound goes before my surgery. Your test is Monday, right? I am holding you in my prayers. :grouphug:
I had my pre-op done today. It went well except for the waiting so long at both places. I was quite concerned when I was waiting so long at the gynecologist office for my papers to take to the hospital that I was going to be late. Turns out it would not have made a difference if I was late to the hospital for I had to wait an hour before the nurse saw me and did the tests. I had to have a ekg, chest x-ray, blood drawn and the usual pee pee in the cup. LOL The doctor said my surgery should be two hours one hour for each doctor. He also said that I should be home on Thursday or Friday.
Well, I'm going to go now. It's getting late but I wanted to update you all.
Take care of yourselves.

06-03-2005, 01:34 AM
Donna I will be praying for you on surgery day. What day is the surgery and what time? I want to be able to pray at the right time! I wonder how many pounds a uterus weighs? I bet that ticker will be moving down again! WHat is Elena doing this summer?
Dana did you ever get Lakens SSI? We had to give SSI the taxes for last year and the year before. They somehow lost 03s taxes. Well duh its the goverment! Go figure right? How did the kids all do in school? Robert and Megan still have 3 weeks left here. It will give me a break before all He$$ breaks lose with the fights and boredom.:lolL
OK Mama RoseyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyy did you get depressed when your first kid graduated? I can't stop crying over it. I am happy for him it just means he is more of a man now a real adult even. I know I am bad for saying this but I am so thankful he does not want to serve in the Marines, Navy, Army, etc. He is my one and only baby and if something happened to him I would just die. How selfish is that of me? DO you guys live anywhere near the copper river? They are selling first of the season copper river salmon here for around 15 to 20 dollars a pound. I hear on the east coast and in the fancy restaurants it is even higher. How is the card making going? How about giving me some lessons on card making? I want to know how to make the windows. You made me a card with one before with little beads in it. I was going to tear the card apart to figure it out but I love the card!
I weigh and measure at Curves tomorrow.:shrug: I have no odea what it will say. I know my fat jeans are way to big and before I was ready to go buy a bigger size in them.
OK going to go watch a bit of TV,

06-03-2005, 04:13 AM
Hi everyone..donna i will be thinking about you and wishing you well during your surgury..let us know when u can how you are doing..dana hope the move goes smoothly..i hate moving but lucky you a new thinking good thoughts at your checkup for you..daphnee.. i was devaststed when my kids moved out of the house soon after graduation..both of my girls couldnt wait to be on their own out from parental rule :?: once they turned 18 altho still at home the rules were relaxed but still they wanted to fly and i let them go.. at first it was really hard but then i got so i liked.. i think girls esp stay in touch..and my girls are awsome..they both turned into remarkable loving and caring adults..found wonderful husbands and are great moms..i couldnt be more proud..i guess we did our job right..i still miss those little arms tho and kisses and giggles..get that from my grandkids now and life marches on and very fast i might add :lol: so hang in there it will be ok for u too..those are shaker cards.. and a pain to make but cute huh..i am still having trouble with the b/p meds.. makes me jittery and light headed..dr said if symptoms dont go away in a couple of weeke to call her its my body adjusting to alower b/p :?: gee i hate getting older.. both my dh and i have slowed down :?: i have stopped curves for the summer i cant do it by myself and the grdd is out of school now so we dont always have a sitter..altho i know it was good for me im enjoying not hurting in all my joints :lol: instead im using resistance bands and walking some..i havent lost that much but my balance is better and ive lost inches and im ok with that.. well its late here but wanted to see what u all are up to((((((((hugs)))))))) and prayers for u all my friends rosey :wave:

06-03-2005, 11:40 AM
OK was up late with hubby keeping him awake so he could go to airport and get his brother. I am going back to bed in a few. I just wanted to say that Jason and I were watching TV last night in bed before he left and a Taco Bell add came on. It was for the Chalupa with chicken and baon. I made a comment about how it looked good and I wanted one. Guess what Jason did? He got up and went to Taco Bell and bought one for me and one for him!Now hopw sweet was that? OK yes I ate it in bed at midnight but it was so good and even though food isn't supposed to comfort me the gester and taste cheered me up!

06-03-2005, 11:47 AM
Daphne, yes laken got SSI. We got her first regular check this month. It's $559 a month but once I let them know of our new home, it goes to $579. My app't on monday is at 9:25. Weird time huh?? Well yesterday I rented a fetal doppler to find the heartbeat. It's suppose to be here today. I'm excited to try to find it before I go on monday. i can relax a bit to know there's a heartbeat. There has to be at this point or something isn't right. I may be asking for trouble who knows?? School was out here on may 25th. We're into week 2 I believe.

Donna i will be praying for you on tuesday and for a quick recovery as well. Will Jim be able to take off work for some of your recovery? I know you will need some "waiting on hand and foot", want you? I'd milk it for a while. :lol: I know you will be so happy when that's over.

Rosey I have a long way to go before my kids graduate but I know it's different with boys and girls. With boys, your lucky to keep them at home until they graduate. Girls seem to be a little more attached. You have a lot to be proud of with your girls accomplishments. You have one that's lost over 100 pounds haven't you? How is she doing with that?

I'm actually losing some weight without trying and without being sick. I guess my metabolism is up while making a baby that I burn more calories. My sister says she's lost at least 7 pounds herself for the same reason. I don't know what the dr. scales will say but I"m 4 pounds less on my scales at home.

It's still drizzling here today. i'm really praying for no rain all weekend so maybe we can look at starting this move on monday or tuesday but haven't heard anything yet. Well I'm watching "birth day" on discovery health and the baby is fixing to be born. Hope you all have a great friday.

06-03-2005, 04:39 PM
Great to hear from everyone! (except we are missing a couple aren't we?) :shrug:
Daphne, that was so sweet of Jason to do that! Some times you just can't figure these guys out. I'm still in shock over my lap top. LOL The surgery is at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. I appreciate your prayers.
Dana, let us know how that gadget works. I would do the same thing. It would drive me crazy :hyper: :crazy: to have to wait until Monday. Keeping my :crossed: fingers crossed for you!
Rosey, I sure hope the bp medicine settles down soon for you. When I was on that anti-depressant for a while it made me feel really strange. But eventially the side effects did go away. I wish you didn't have to quit Curves for the Summer but truly understand. It's hard to get any one to watch the kids. I've had a horrible time just getting help within my own family for Elena while I'm in the hospital. Luckily I will not be in there long. :)

It's not raining right now... So glad but it's still dark and dreary. Looking for that sunshine! :flow1:

06-03-2005, 11:11 PM
Yes finally the sun peeped through just a bit and the rain stopped. Pray for sunny dry weather for a few days. I got my fetal doppler but after what seemed like hours of trying, the only heart we heard was mine. I am reminded though that at about 10 1/2 weeks with my twins, the ER couldn't find any heartbeats and i had to have the ultrasound so I"m praying for good news on monday.

06-03-2005, 11:21 PM
Me too, Dana. :grouphug:

06-04-2005, 12:27 PM
Well I finally found the heartbeat this morning, 154 bpm and then 167. Afterwards though, I went to pee and i'm bleeding. I'm pretty sure it's a pending miscarriage. I called the Dr. and he said unless i"m passing tissue, he would see me monday and do that ultrasound to confirm. I dont' know how to feel right now. I thought after the trouble with my preg. with twins that I could have a healthy preg. I've been bleeding on an off for 5 hours now and I'm not really cramping yet but I'm having some tinges.

06-04-2005, 04:09 PM
((((((Dana)))))) Maybe it is just some break through bleeding and not a mis-carriage. I was glad you detected a fetal heart beat. I'm praying for you and your baby. What time is your ultra sound on Monday? :grouphug: :grouphug:

06-04-2005, 07:47 PM sure thinking about you sweetie and praying that things turn out the way you want..(((((((((hugs))))))))) rosey

06-04-2005, 09:47 PM
My app't is at 9:30. I feel for sure it's what it is. I have never had one but it feels like a regular period now. Not really cramping per say, but that same feeling you have during that first day of your period. I bet the cramping is yet to come. I have a terrible headache as well. We will attempt the heartbeat thing again before monday morning.

06-05-2005, 01:05 AM
Oh Dana my heart goes out to you. I wish I was there to give you a hug my sweet yaya sister. Take a deep breath and try to relax. I have you in my prayers tonight darling. If there is anything that I can do just let me know.

06-06-2005, 03:01 PM
{{{{{Dana}}}}} :?:

06-06-2005, 03:15 PM
Dana I hope to hear from you soon good news or bad news we are all here for you.
xoxoxoxoxo Daphne

06-06-2005, 10:02 PM
I'll be talking to you all later for I am going to make it a early night. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 tomorrow morning.
Dana, I have been thinking of you all day long. And noticed the baby ticker is gone so it must mean one thing and I am praying for comfort for you. I hope that it was a mistake that it's gone but if not, know that you are in my prayers.
Talk to you guys later. TTFN! :wave: :love: :cheer:

06-07-2005, 11:15 PM
OK Dana I am worried about you sweetie. I really don't know what to say that hasn't been said before. I know the pain that you are going thru and wish I was there to help you out. I hope that at least you are getting moved into your new place.
Donna I hope that the surgery went great for you. How are you feeling? How is hubby doing and Elena? I hope that the family gets it together and starts to help you some.
I go to weigh in tomorrow and have no idea what the scales will say. I haven't had an appetite the last 2 days but before that I was like a starving monkey. I went to Curves today and felt better after I went. It is just hard for me to leave the house some days. I think if I was single I could very easily become a hermit and get afraid to leave the house. What is that called? Agoraphobia or something. It scares me how hard it is to leave somedays for me and I havn't mentioned it to my Dr. or hubby yet.
Rosey how is your weather up there? It is supposed to be raining hard here but it has been missing us and hitting Portland and Vancouver just south of us.
OK I am going to go sautee me some vegetables and pray that all of you are doing great.

06-08-2005, 03:05 PM
I lost 2.6 pounds this week at weight watchers! I have to lose 6 more pounds to make my June goal. I am at almost 10% weightloss from my heaviest of 250 pounds. Around Thanksgiving I was ready to go buy a size 26 jeans being as my fat size 24s were getting snug. I started to try again to lose then if y'all remember. My 24s are way to big on me now and wont stay up, I tried on my 22s and they all fit along with some of my 20s. I will be able to wear some of my summer dresses this year and look decent in them. I am going to have to go thru my panties being as the ones I have been wearing are to big and fall down too.:lol: What a scary thought to have my jeansand panties fall down at same time.:nono> Not a site I wanna show anyone!
Dana and Donna please post when you can and tell us whats going on and how you are doing and feeling.

06-08-2005, 06:30 PM
Thinking about all of you and sending ((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

06-10-2005, 03:23 PM
Hi everyone I got a letter from Dana yesterday but didn't have time to post for her. She started to bleed on Saturday as we know, it go worse and worse, and she ended up in ER Sunday morning around 3 AM I believe. She ended up losing the baby and had a D & E preformed. IT is similar to a D & C but I think she said it had more suction to clean up. SHe as then brought back to her camper at her mamas being as they were moving her old trailor out and bringing in her wondeful new home.
Danas lettter broke my heart and I was crying for her feeling her pain. Please everyone send Dana a card and let her know how much we love and cherish her her.
I did have Tonys graduation yesterday and it was a happy/sad occasion. It was a blessing that he chose me to spend time with before he graduated and I got kisses in front of his schoolmates before her left to graduate and afterwards. It was heartbreaking to me to know that he is even more of an adult now. I was fine during ceremony until the speaker said "and now is the time that we have all been waiting for.. and some of us would like to put off for a little bit more but we have to let go...." OMG I burst into tears again when he said that. My Angel Baby did get a special red sash to wear the showed that he passed a major test that was to show how smart he was/is. It was a test that was so tough most kids didn't pass.:cp: for my baby!
OK going to go for a bit hope to hear form someone soon,

06-10-2005, 03:46 PM
Hi everyone omg im so sorry dana(((((((hugs)))).. daphnee please e-mail or pm me danas address.. also donnas if you have it..sry u are sad.. a happy sad tho and proud of your son too..donna if u are reading this hope u are ok and not in to much discomfort..dana u know im with u in spirit and that little chubby warm hand u are holding is mine..rosey :wave:

06-10-2005, 07:03 PM
Rosey, I think I have Dana's mailing address. If so, I'll pm it to you. My heart was so saddened to come back to the thread to read of the horrible news but hopefully a new baby is conceived soon and wihtout NO complications. I can't even imagine losing a child.
Dana, congrats on your weight loss as well as holding your head high during the graduation. It didn't suprise me that much for I know you are a strong woman. Sorry that you are still feeling so down.
I came home from the hospital today. I feel extremely tired so I can't say much but wanted you to know that all went well and I am home. I'll post more later as I can.

06-13-2005, 11:20 PM
I miss you all. :cry:

06-13-2005, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone im here.. thinking about u all.. having a minor problem but hope to have it resolved soon(((((hugs)))))))) for all Rosey :wave:

06-14-2005, 01:23 AM
Hi everyone I am here to. I am getting over a bad case of flu that almost sent me to ER today. I get this bad back pain shots up my spine spread all over back and around to stomach. Started around 11 last night started to throw up around 2AM, continues all day till about 4. Back is still sore but able to keep water down now for 5 hours almost.
Love and miss al of you hope Dana and Donna are healing up fast. Hope Roseys problems get cleared up fast as well.

06-14-2005, 03:27 PM
Rosey, I sure hope your problem is getting settled right now and it isn't a serious problem. Although all problems carry some seriousness that is why they are to begin with problems some just vary in size. So, I guess I am saying that I hope the size of the problem is not big.
{{{{{Daphne}}}}} You sure it wasn't food poison and not the flu? I have a friend who just had a mild case of it and even though she didn't get admited to the hospital she too thought she was going to die. Daphne please take care of yourself and thanks for letting us know how you are.
{{{{{Dana}}}}} You must still be getting set up in your new home. At least something good is happening right now. I can't wait to see pictures of your new place. I also hope you and dh can get busy on baby soon! :) ;) It will happen, this was just not the right time I guess. :love: :grouphug:
I am doing pretty good. My dh has been awesome to me through out this whole process. Today makes one week ago I had the surgery. My incision looks great and when I keep up with my pain pill schedule I am vertually pain free. The most problem I have had involved the bladder and even that has settled down now. It is a long process and I have been enjoying being a lady of leisure! LOL Meals have been brought to us each night except for tonight there won't be but we have plenty believe me and I think Jim will go back to work tomorrow. This could of been much worse especially how I was thinking it would be but it's been much better than I thought. There is pain, there is discomfort but nothing like I feared. :yes:
Well, gals let's get well and as best as life will allow problem free and stay in touch! We need each other. ;)
Donna :love:

06-14-2005, 08:48 PM
Hi everyone.. daphne am so sorry you have been sick..hope u are better soon..dana am thinking about you and your family are you in the new house yet?? seem to be recovering very well and am glad you have so much ok too..just frustrated.. life never turns out as we planned or wished. and with the medical retirement for my dh came alot of financial troubles..our income is going to drop alot in sept so in order to make things easier we have applied and been accepted for a consolidation home equity loan.. after sighning everything.. we where told we needed proof of ins.. well when we paid the house off the ins was included in that payment and i was so excited about paying that off that i never gave ins on house a thought till now :?: try and get ins on a log home 20 yrs old self built and over 10 miles from the fire service area and in rural alaska.. its been a nightmare but finally got it but boy was it expensive.. a big glad its resolved altho the dh is livid at the cost.. but ya gotta do what we gotta do.. so to say the least i was pushing up the b/p the last few thats what i was upset about.. am releaved .. that its going to be ok.. and in a yr we can re-evaluate and get a lower good thing ive been to upset to even eat chcolate now thats bad :lol: and i can tell my clothes are looser.. stress does that to me.. anyways hope you are all ding ok thinking of you all (((hugs))))) rosey:wave:

06-15-2005, 03:21 PM
OK as hard as it was to get my butt in gear and up and dressed I still went to WW today. I lost 4 pounds this week. I also am going to the Dr. at 2 today to see whats going on if anything. Jason and I are thinking maybe an ulcer but I don't know what they feel like or how they treat them? I had to go to Target to get Roberts ADHD meds and didn't even feel like shopping. That shows I don't feel good. The only good thing is I am almost at my June 30th goal and still have 2 weeks left! I think I cursed myself when I said I would love to be one of these people that hated to eat. I said eat didn't say nothing about hating to drink water! Hating to eat and not being able to eat are 2 different things right? Well I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to the Dr. today and will post later what she says.
Hope all my yayas are doing better and having a great day!

06-15-2005, 08:37 PM
OK I am back from the Drs. now. She thinks it is my gallbladder and ordered an ultrasound tomorrow morning. She ran a few test there and is even checking into hepatitis being as I look tan even though I havn't been is ages. She ran a urine test and the billiruben was sky high in it which points to gallbladder issues. She said the billiruben is usually in the gallbladder but now it is in my urine which is not good. She also said she bets the my gall bladder will be taken out in the next few days. I don't have insurance and this just sucks. I don't know what to do now.

06-16-2005, 12:31 AM
Daphne, you will just have to arrange payments sweetie because you have to have this taken care of. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. Once you have the gallbladder removed you will feel much better and they can do it laproscopicly (sp) hopefully and so it will be out patient. You will not have to be admitted unless you have stones and then they will have to remove it by cutting you. There is a quick recovery time so you will not be down long. (((daphne))) Let us know what happens.

06-16-2005, 01:17 AM
Hi everyone.. omg daphnee im so sorry..but u must take care of yourself..i had my gbladder out 2 yrs ago..let us know how it goes for you..donna.. hope you are healing nicely..and dana wonder if u are in your new home yet..have been thinking about you..we resolved the ins problem and we get our money friday..if i was dishonest id hop aplane for las vegas :lol: but it will be a releif to get this taken care of so i can quit worrying. about money :?: .i lost 4 # this week see stress can be benificail at times..anyways ((((((((hugs))))))))) for all rosey:wave:

06-16-2005, 04:20 PM
OK I am back home and before I got home the Dr. was calling me. It is my gallbladder and I have a lot of gallstones in there. I burst out into tears when she told me. I can't be down for 2 weeks I have to much stuff going on. I don't want to stay the night in the hospital and I sure as **** don't want to go under. My Dad died from surgery and just never woke up. I am saved and yes I am going to heaven but I want to stay here longer and be happy with Jason. I don't want to have a hugh hospital bill that takes forever to pay off and now it will end up costing us our Disney World trip next year. I can't stop crying and am going to go take a nap for a bit. Sorry to be such a cry baby.

06-16-2005, 04:26 PM
I don't know what to say other than in very loud words... I DID NOT DIE! It doesn't mean that you will die if you have to be put under. I know that it's always a fear of everyone that they will not wake up but most people do. You need to take care of yourself or you won't have those many years left with Jason. I'm sorry about this all I really am but you need to take care of you! Do you think I had nothing going on? I have lots but I know I did the right thing and in the long run it will make the quality of my life much better. God bless you Daphne. I love you and care for you.

06-16-2005, 08:45 PM
Hey everyone.. daphnee i agree with donna.. i had mine out and did have trouble but im here and need to take care of you can be with your family for many yrs to come.. i know you are scared..use your faith that the good Lord will hold your hand and so will will be fine..and money is just money and your life is worth more..u cannot put a price on that..the bills will resolve them selves..hang in there ((((hugs))) rosey

06-17-2005, 02:47 PM
OK I am feeling better today. I am still not happy about the surgery or the cost but Jason has been great over it. Sorry for sounding like such a baby.
Rosey I was reading about what happens after you get gallbladder out and read that some food are harder to digest. Do you have issues with any thing food wise? It was saying beans, veges and dairy. OK I kinda live on those things when losing weight! I know we are all different but I have trouble with them at times now. I ate cup a soup last night and OMG it was the best tasting food ever.:lol:
Rosey I am so sorry there was such trouble with the house insurance. Thank God that nothing happened while you wernt covered! I am happy that it is all resolved now for you.
Donna how are you feeling today sweetie? I am so jealous over no more periods for you. Did the extended family ever help you out any? When do you go back to the Drs.?
The kids here have 2 hours of school on Thursday. OK what is the reason in that? Jason is taking his parents to Seattle to catch a plane for their trip to Alaksa on the Cruise line. He is taking Megan with him. Robert will want to go to school being as they are having an ice cream party. OK why do they need ice cream at that time of day? Hype them up with sugar and send them home. I am so irritated with that plan. If I am home recovering then I will need a lot of pain meds to deal with Robert!:lol:
OK I am going to go have some more soup just wanted to say I am feeling better and thanks for telling me to knock it off!

06-17-2005, 04:02 PM
Right after your gall bladder surgery you will have an immediate reaction to fatty foods and dairy products. I am not talking in a few minutes.. IMMEDIATELY! :lol: BUT it gets better at least it did with me. ;) If it doesn't, I was told there is another problem as well so it may take a while but you will feel it to get better.
I went to a program last night that was done by the kids participating in the Vacation Bible School that Elena has been attending all week in the evenings. First time getting out since my surgery and I did well other than it wore me completely out! But, I haven't had to take any pain medications today at all other than advil and to me I'm on my way. One more week and I'll be able to drive again and that is when I'll see the doctor. Well, both doctors.
Have a great weekend and Daphne don't apologize.. Really we need a swift kick ever now and then and I would rather get it from people like you who really care for me! Tell me when you are having your surgery.

06-17-2005, 08:48 PM
Hi everyone..been gone all day..picked up the loan check and deposited it and turned around and mailed all our bills in full.. i was stunned but so happy.. and yes we were very lucky nothing happened when we werent covered..we got more than we needed on the loan so we now have a imergency fund and guess what.. im getting new furniture for my living room..ive been married 36 yrs and never owned any new furniture in our entire lives..we had discussed it befor we decided to do this consloidation thing.. and then all the frustration i went thru trying to get insured and now it ended on a happy i feel like mRs rockefeller :lol: Queen fro a stuff is being deliverd tomorrow..couch and matching chair and a lazyboy wall recliner for me..yippeee.. am glad you both are doing better..daphnee i do have to be careful with foods that have alot of fat in them..the side affects are not fun..but ive learned what triggers those episodes and just avoid those deep fried things..or really rich cassaroles etc..and i go easy on butter and dressings.. not hard to get used might not have any reaction at gald you are better keep us posted..donna the program sounds fun.. am gald you got out a bit..have agreat weekend everyone((((hugs)))) rosey :wave:

06-18-2005, 12:20 PM
Rosey, bless your sweet heart! This is a special time for you! I bet you do feel like a :queen: queen with the new furniture coming in! Take a pic so we can see!
Daphne, I'm thinking if you.
Dana, I miss you. I thought last night you posted but realized I was dreaming.

Have a great weekend

06-18-2005, 10:25 PM
Thank you for my card! :love: :love: :grouphug: It was delivered to my sister's house next door. I got it today! You addressed it right, don't worry! Good thing my sister lives next door! LOL Thank you! It lifted my spirits.

06-19-2005, 01:48 PM
Hi everyone :coffee2: its windy and cold here today.. we are going to a family get together at my nieces..mexican foods the theme.. im bringing my homemade salsa and taco pie. the only lo-cal to that is the lettuce :lol: new furniture looks so beautiful.. i cant beleave im so lucky :D ..glad u got the card.. i was thinking of you but why did it go to your sisters?? :dizzy: has anyone heard from dana.. i sent her a card too..just feel badly for her..daphnee hows the belly today??..hope you all have a great day and spoil your husbands on his day today..(((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

06-19-2005, 03:24 PM
I received a email from her I believe it was when I first came home from the hospital. I responded but haven't heard anything more from her. I hope she can post soon. I thought she sent it to you all also but could be mistaken.
Rosey, I bet you are really enjoying your new furniture. Tell us what it looks like. Have a good day and all the dad's and father's have a great day as well. :)


06-20-2005, 09:46 PM
I heard from Dana today on hotmail. She is going to Drs. tomorrow and hopefully into new place Friday Lord willing.
I went to the surgeon today and he said he wants an ultrasound done being as my levels are high of bile..well duhhhhhhhhhhh. He is concerned that there may be a stone loose in my body so I have to get an MRI to check it. That can't be until Thursday.... if there is a blockage I have to get that taken care of first before my gall bladder is removed. If there is no blockage then I can just have the removal of gallbladder taken care of. OK I am going to call my gallbladder Nelly. So if I have s stone in body they take a tube down my throat and suck it up and out, if no stone they get to remove Nelly. Surgeon said stone removal is all day thing but very simple and I go home, nelly removal I get to go home same day. So I still know jack ****.
PS My weight isn't even budging even though I am eatting around 750 calories a day.

06-21-2005, 12:51 PM
Bless your sweet heart, Daphne!!!! Don't be concerned about that stupid scale right now. Your body is going through some heavy fighting right now within it's self. You will see the results once this is taken care of.

I received a email from Dana yesterday too. I hope all goes well for her today at the doctors and the rest of the week with the getting all inspections approved so they can move in to their new home. We are thinking and missing you Dana!!! :grouphug:

Talk to you guys later.

06-22-2005, 08:04 PM
OK I am here for a few. I hope everyone is doing great today. I went shopping for a bit yesterday and for like an hour today. I also went to my WW weigh in. I didn't stay for the meeting being as I can't handle being closed in and stuff right now. I lost a bit more this week and am at 220.6. So I have to lose 1/2 a pound to make my June goal.
I wanted to say congrats to Donna for her losing another 2 pounds! :bravo: How are you feeling today? What did the Dr. say and when do you get to drive?
Dana are you in the place yet? Well I guess I mean will you be Friday?What did your Dr. tell you about trying again?
Rosey my in laws are headed your way. They are taking a plane from Seattle to up North to Alaska. They will be in Fairbanks and Mt. McKinley and Anchorage I think she said before hitching a ride on a cruise ship.
I love having my nephew here. I wish he was able to stay with us when school starts. I have been butting heads with FIL over stuff. He says I am spoiling Johnny and not Robert and that it isn't fair. He can kindly go blow off *nice way to say what I was thinking* He was mad that Robert had to go to bed at 8 and Johnny who is 14 and got to stay up with us. I finally tol MIL after FIL fits and stomping off to bed that I was real close to getting into it with him and was not going to take much more in my house. :lol:I think I shocked and scared her.
OK I want food. I am hungry all the damn time now. I have been up until the last 2 days averaging 700 calories. Yes I am keeping track in my WW tracker. Now how is that for being devoted?:lol:
OK post soon someone or everyone I am lonely!

06-23-2005, 11:08 AM
Daphne, glad to see your post! Your inlaws beats anything I have ever seen! :dizzy: I think if it wasn't for you, they wouldn't have anything to do because it seems all they do is gripe and complain to you. Isn't it nice to be needed! :lol3: :rofl: :lol: :joker: The doctor put me on a low dose hormone replacement said it's normal for the hormones to get confused after a hysterectomy and the nurse said I should get some over the counter sleep aid to help me sleep for the medicine will not work right away. The heat has cooled down some (inside me, LOL) and last night I slept a little better. I can officially drive tomorrow (Friday) and I have an appointment to see the urologist and on Monday I see the gynecologist.
Was a bad girl yesterday. I didn't think it was heavy. I carried a basket of clothes down the stairs and halfway down I got really fatigued and thought "man, I'm weak" after that I was extremely tired then.... I SNEEZED!! I was in really bad pain. :( Had to take pain medication for the first time in three days and man I got fussed at by Jim. The lady who brought us our meal last night told me she did the same thing but it was not until four weeks after her surgery. Nothing was busted but she knew that they knew what they were talking about when they say NOTHING for 6 weeks!
Rosey, where are those pictures???? LOL :lol: :?:
Dana, sending good :vibes: till you can be with us again in the comfort of your NEW HOME! :bravo: :bravo:
Well, I'm going to end for now. Hope you all have a great day.
Best to you Daphne with the MRI. (isn't that today???)

06-23-2005, 11:38 AM
:lol: Oh Donna you keep me laughing. I am sorry you had to get hurt but when you said carrying laundry downstairs and had to sneeze I had the picture of you peeing all over yourself, the steps and the laundry for a minutes there.:lol: OK take it easy woman and I mean it!
My MRI is in 90 minutes. I get to take my relax me baby pill in 30 minutes. There was a big blow up with FIL and Johnny where FIL grabbed Johnny flung him down hallway and threw him onto bathroom floor whilst basically sitting on him and holding him down. I was screaming at him to knock it off that he had no right to do that and MIL was pulling him off Johnny.... all because he told HJohnny to pick his bathing suit and towel off the bathroom floor. The bathing suit was dry and Robert was pissed at Johnny and threw it on the floor we belive and the towel was ROberts as well and not Johnnys. Johnny was whinning and saying that to FIL and FIL flippede out on him. I have ni respect for that man and was so angry last night I couldn't sleep and was up all night with diareaha(sp). This is the man that is supposed to be the great religious leader in the family that I should be able to follow and he said the f word shouted it in my house. He then stompped off to their room and then left for a bit. Jason is disappointed in his father and I think that is a wake up call to FIL. Please pray that it works out for Johnny here and we get to keep him. Oh so I am going potty all night now and can't drink till after MRI and I am so dehydrated again and still can't stop going potty.
OK sorry for the novel but had to get the fight off my chest.
Happy moving day Dana!!!

06-23-2005, 04:54 PM
No peeing just lots of paining, Daphne!!!! I got your card today! THANK YOU! It came to MY box! So, you are lucky. :lucky:
You aren't too lucky about the inlaws. Wow, you need to write a book. :) :lol:
How would you get to "keep" your nephew Johnny? Do you think it would be good thing to bring him into the house with Robert being so horrible to him? Anyway, let us know about the MRI.

06-24-2005, 12:03 PM
Just a quick note I kept forgetting to change my avator or what ever it is called. Now I got to skip the 25 pound chick and go for the 30 pound chick!
Hope you are moving today Dana.
My MRI was horrible. I had my relaxing pill and the guy said they should of given me the 2 dose pill. I was shaking and crying and ready to flip out in the machine but was not about to redo the dang thing. I got out and then dresses and then when I saw Jason I broke down and was sobbing like a freak show. Geesh what a baby I am but can not hand being closed in. The surgeon has not called me yet so I am stuck home for a second day waiting for his freaking call. Remember he goes on vacation Monday and today is last day he can call me/ I am giving it until 10 and then I am calling the office to see what is up.

06-24-2005, 04:07 PM
{{{{{{{DAPHNE}}}}}}} Have you heard anything yet?

06-24-2005, 05:06 PM
I am not happy right now. I called the surgeons office today at 9:30 and was informed that the Dr. left for vacation yesterday. Then the lady tried to tell me it took a couple of days to get the results. I said I was told by Dr. that he would have the results right after I had the MRI done and he would be calling me then. So I said what am I to do now? I told her that Dr. said that with him going on vacation that one of is associates could do the surgery, etc..... She said she had to go locate my file and would give it to a nurse and call me later today. I am giving it until 1:30 and then calling back. After this is all said and done I am going to write a nasty letter to the damn place and to the fricking paper about how shitty this town is when it comes to the local businesses that I have used. I think it is so much better to go to Vancouver or Portland. I have been screwed over by the Dr. here, 3 hair salons, a lawyer etc.
I can't handle milk I drank about 4 ounces of fat free because I have been craving it and about 1/3 a can sphagetti os and tummy is rumbling. BLECH

06-24-2005, 05:32 PM
Daphne, you aren't feeling good and they have not been honest with you. Doctors have told me that too and come to find out I think sometimes they don't realize how long it takes for test results to come back. I sure hope that another surgeon in that office will get in touch with you today.
Hang in there! Much Love to you during this trying time.

06-26-2005, 06:59 PM
Donna thanks for your words of encouragement. I know this will pass my health issues and I will be better again. It will be so nice to eat and not have to spend hours in the bathroom for a change. I know it will be bad at first but if I do it already and it is making life hard to be normal right now it is worth it. I havn't gone to Church in 2 weeks being as i visit the bathroom so often and the bathroom is in the back part of Chruch where we have service and with my issues I don't want the others to hear me!:lol: TMI I know.:lol:
I had a can of Chicken noodle soup, 3 fruit snack packets and a bowl of mashed potatoes instant at that! Can we say carbs, carbs and more carbs? I can't live on carbs alone!
OK hope Dana is having a blast in her new plave, hope Rosey is living the high life with new furniture and stuff, and that Donna is relaxingf and having fun driving again even having McDonalds!

06-29-2005, 11:50 PM
Good day everyone where are you all at? I am going to have surgery Friday. I had to get upset and cry to even get it done then they wanted me to wait till the 6th. OK I still can't eat without getting the runs and I am sick of soup. I don't think they care that I have had diharreah*sp* for 3 weeks now non stop. Ever try to go 2 hours away for a Dr. appointment and have to go potty the whole dang way? It sucks.
I heard from Dana and hopefully Monday they get to start to move in. They were waiting for final inspections and stuff.
I will post tomorrow when I hear what the time will be. Keep me in your prayers I am still nervous over this. I will try and call Donna when I get home to tell her I am alive and well!

06-30-2005, 01:22 AM
Daphne, this will be the third time I've tried to respond to your post. The site must of been experiencing some troubles.

I am praying for you Daphne. it's a shame you had to convince them that you NEED this surgery and you need it NOW. How about the MRI ? What showed on it?

Call me when you are home.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-30-2005, 03:34 PM
Thank you Donna for keeping me in your prayers. As you can see I lost another 2 1/2 pounds this week and more then made my June goal. That made 10 1/2 pounds this month with not being able to go to Curves I was happy with that. I wonder how much my gall bladder and stones weigh?:lol: I am so close to my 10 percent WW goal. I have to get there next week or I will be sad. Hahaha I should reach 25 pounds at WW and my 10% goal of 24 pounds at the same time!
I hope that you are having a fun time now Donna driving around and getting rid of Aunt Flo forever! How is ELena doing with free time or is she a busy lil bee?
Dana how are you and yours doing? I don't know when you will get this to read or if you are in your place yet I sure hope so! Dana thank you so ve4ry much for the card it made my day!
Rosey I hope all is well with you and we miss you!
OK have to go will post later when i know the time.

06-30-2005, 06:45 PM
OK just a quick update my surgery is supposed to start at 10 tomorrow morning. They said to allow 2 hours from start to finish, and an hour or so in recovery. I should be home by 2 if all goes as planned. Lookie I am close to my July goal! OK yea I am a dorkus to the maxus.:lol:
I am hoping to see some posting here soon ladies!

07-01-2005, 02:14 AM
Rosey, you have me concerned now. :write:

Daphne, you are in my prayers and in my thoughts. Let me know when you can how you are. :grouphug:

The wedding of my niece is this weekend so I will not be online much. However, I am going to check in to see if we hear from Daphne and Dana and Rosey now for no one is posting! LOL :lol:

07-02-2005, 01:24 AM
Thank you again Donna for being there for me with my million questions yesterday on yahoo im.:lol: I am doing OK just sore. I can't remember what pain pills I am on but they make me sleep and not wanna eat. I had the laporscopic done thanks to the Lord. I however ended up with a drainage bag being as I hd so many stones in me they had to keep flushing out the system. The drainage bag seems to hurt the most on me. I got hit a lil bit ago with some belly button pain that really hirt alot. I was just wanting to say hi and thanks for all your prayers.

07-02-2005, 01:32 AM
(((((( Daphne )))))) Get some rest and take those pain pills. Soon, you will feel so much better. I'm so glad to hear from you and that you are home and they could do it the easier way. Much love to you!

07-02-2005, 07:51 PM
Hi here sorry i have not posted and worried all of you.. i was dealing with a family problem that i couldnt solve being here in alaska and they in minnesota but got involved anyway..grrrrr sometimes familys are a pain in the rear end... daphnee hope you continue to have a speedy recovery..when i had my gb out they tried the lapscope thing first and then had to go the oldfashinoed way the part that hurt was the staple in my belly button :lol: and i had a drain for awhile too..take it easy and get lots of rest and dont lift anything.(((((((((hugs))))))))) rosey :wave:

07-04-2005, 12:33 PM
HAPPY 4TH everyone :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) .. i am going to the parade with my kids and grkid..and after that to the town celebrations by the baseball field..hope you are all feeling fine and enjoying the day ((((((hugs))))))))) rosey:wave:

07-04-2005, 02:18 PM
Happy Fourth to you all also Rosey! :) :) We are planning to go to a barbecue at my future stepmother's house. Have a great day. Daphne, I hope you are feeling better and better! :) Dana, I sure hope you are all moved in for the fourth! :)
Have a safe and happy holiday.

07-06-2005, 02:32 PM
I made my 10% WW goal today! I even beat it by a bit. I am doing better today. I got the drainiage tube out yesterday and that feels a lot better. It sure hurt when they took it out. jason was a doll and held my hand during it. I guess there was like 18 inchs of tubing in me, the nurse said that was one of the longest tubbings inside she had seen and no wonder it was hurting me so much.
Hope to see some postings soon.
Dana where are you?

07-07-2005, 12:27 AM
Daphne, WTG :bravo: :bravo: :cp: on your making your 10%!!!! I am very proud of you and more glad for the tube to be removed now. That must of been very miserable.
This is quick due to it's late. But, wanted you to know the reason for my absence. My niece was married on Saturday and my sister and her family are here from Kansas City. I have been busy with them and entertaining kids! LOL It's been nice to have them around.
I'll talk to you all soon, I hope!!!! :wave:

07-08-2005, 02:47 PM
Happy Weekend everyone :D :dizzy: :D (((((hugs))))) rosey :wave:

07-08-2005, 04:23 PM
OK kinda gross but here goes. It is so nice to eat food and not have to run to the bathroom for an hour. For the first time in forever I am having normal poop! I still get the runs once a day but have had hard poops! I had pizza the other day and it settled just fine with me! I had garlic toast yesterday and a hamburger and they were fine to. I am amazed at how messed up my system had to of been before surgery. I was going to the bathrrom 15 times a day easily then if not more.
My belly button is still giving me ****. It is nasty looking but I go to the Dr. Tuesday and will have him check it out.
Have to go finish laundry but wanted to say hi and hope to see some postings!!!

07-12-2005, 02:04 AM
Gosh, where are all my ya ya sisters?????? :shrug: :dunno:
Daphne, you getting better each day I hope!
Rosey, need to see pictures of that new furniture. :lol:
Dana, Are you ok?

07-13-2005, 10:15 PM
Hi everyone.. imhere..just been real busy..its hot and muggy here and we even had thunder and we never have thunder where im was great :lol: ..i have been taking care of my dd dog for the last month and beleave me this dog is alot of work 8 months old jack russell and jet propelled no manners but house broke mostly..has to be on a lead outside and can tangle up real quick..when i leave the house i put her in the bathroom.. so far shes chewed up my leather slippers(my favorite) several rolls of tp but better that then my new lazy boy is a heather green with gold thread running thru it.. the couch and chair are broyhill.. with nailheads as part of the decoration around the front of the arms and along the bottom..the color is a deep dark golden honey..and the matching pillows have burgundy and forest geen in a indian pattern..really cool and send pictures but this computer illerterate person doesnt know how to do that yet :lol: my yard is blooming with wild roses and white daiseys and of course lots of weeds..its pretty anyways..haven't done any crafts lately..dh has been home alot and he keeps me busy..hes going set net fishing for salmon tmorrow..if he gets some i will be smoking and canning fish..i have been x-mas shopping allready gotta love that what have you all been up too?? hope you are both recovered.. have u heard from dana? well almost supper time the dh has informed me hes starving :?: (((((hugs)))))) for all rosey :wave:

07-14-2005, 03:15 PM
Well I"m sure once I start this, I will either be booted off, get a phone call or a repair man will be by so I will write in pieces if I have too. We got moved in for good on Tuesday and have spent the last 2 nights in here. We still haven't done our walk through inspection which is when I get my storm door, closet door and a cabinet door that was forgotten. We have had a lot of trouble with our new power line that was run on tues. Everything was throwing stuff off. Laken's stereo was literally smoked up. It caught on fire and was destroyed. The microwave and fridge are bad as well. It ended up being the power companies fault. I'll be back in a minute.

07-14-2005, 04:08 PM
OK. Mom is gone. The neutral wire on our meter box came loose during installation and caused the problems. The power company is going to repair the fridge and purchase a new microwave and stereo.

For now, I have this computer on our dining table. Kevin may yell when he gets in. LOL I need phone jacks done and then the computer will just be in my room. We certainly are enjoying all of this room but can't fully enjoy the home until we have a fridge. It's one of the side by side jobs with ice maker and water on the door. I know we are probably the last to get one but we're excited to have it.

I am doing well myself. I am on cycle number 2 since miscarriage and am free to try when I want to for another baby. It's nearly ovulation time now and we will see what happens. Of course I will keep you updated.

My sister is doing well. she's about 18 1/2 weeks now and will have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to see if it's he or she. She had the blood test for down syndrome done yesterday and it takes 2 weeks to get that back. Of course you never expect anything to happen in those tests but she did it anyway.

Daphne I am sorry I wasn't around for your surgery. It came and went fast for me. I'm glad you came through ok and seem to be healing up.

Rosey congrats on that furniture. I could use some more myself. We have a big family room with tv and love seat and it's empty other wise.

Donna I"m glad you are healing up as well. Thank you to all of you for keeping the thread running. I hope to be a regular again. :) Well hate to keep this short but wanted to update you all. It's time for DH and he will want to know what all happened today as far as the power is concerned.

07-14-2005, 06:18 PM
{{{{DANA}}}} I'm so glad to see a post from you today! Just in time for me to leave for Mississippi (I know Daphne loves to type this LOL :lol:) tomorrow after my doctor appt. AND WE DON'T have a side by side refrigerator! SO.... You aren't the last ones to get one, we are! LOL Sorry about all the electricity problems. :sorry: But glad all is going smooth with your sister's pregnancy and getting you ready for the conception of yours! LOL ;) Did they have any idea what could of caused the miscarriage? I am sure they didn't but was wondering.
Rosey, your furniture sounds beautiful and I hope you can figure out how to post a picture sometime. It's hot and muggy here too. We have been getting A LOT of rain.
Daphne, hope your belly button is feeling better today. Enjoyed chatting with ya yesterday! ;)
I'll be home on Thursday evening. Hope you all have a great weekend and week!
TTFN :wave:

07-18-2005, 02:10 PM
Wow it took me forever to catch up on posts and then I get back to posting and POOF!, everyone leaves me. :lol: Where are you all? I know donna is gone but did I miss something?? I have our final walk through inspection in 2 hours and thought I would post before I get our washing caught up. I was posting on my fertitlity site today that I post on and I am 3 days post ovulation so we'll know in about 7 to 10 days if this was the month or not. If it is, my due date would be april 7th but the dr. told me he would take the baby 7 to 10 days earlier which will be in march. Well my nephew is march 17, twins are march 30 and FIL is March 29. Not complaining though, just give me a healthy pregnancy and baby soon!

07-19-2005, 02:05 PM
Hi! Remember me? I'm still around. Things are going well. I just don't seem to ever get on the computer any more! What's THAT about???

I went over to the Allegheny Mountains in PA for 5 days earlier this month. It was great. It was the best weather we've had for 2 months! It's been killer hot and humid here all summer! But that week it was mid-70's and low humidity. I can't believe it. And, when I got'll never believe A/C was installed and running!!!! I got home on Sunday the 10th, did some errands on Monday, and didn't leave the apartment Tuesday or Wednesday! I was actually able to get some work done!!! It's like heaven in here. The heat and humidity came back those first days I was home from the Mts. and I have really used this A/C for all it's worth! It's not been above 72* in here since I got home!

Dana, I'm so glad to see that you've gotten into your new exciting!!! However, you didn't need the extra excitment of dangerous electricial problems, huh? I don't have the side-by-side fridge either. Good luck on trying for the baby.

Daphne, well, I guess you were right on the phone about the GB, eh? I'm glad to see that things are going along ok.

Rosey, so it gets hot up there too, huh? And I was just about ready to move up there!!! Your furniture sounds beautiful. OMG!!!! Wild salmon from AK! That sounds as close to heaven as I can think!!!

Donna, I'll bet you are melting in Mississippi! It's bad enough in OH, much less in the deep south!! As you can see, it's been hazy, hot, and humid here, too. But, we haven't had the rain. And we need it so bad. Our grass is yellow and the corn is curling up begging for rain. Speaking of corn, the other day I stopped at a roadside market and got corn and tomatoes and had my favorite summer meal...corn on the cob and tomato sandwich!!! MAJOR YUM!!!

I'm still planning to go to New Orleans in Sept for my dad's navy reunion. It is the cheapest and safest way I will ever be able to go. And the lady in the next apartment has a son who lives there and she's going to fly with me.

The cats are getting along for the most part. I think they want to play together, but sometimes they go too far and Ivan ends up with a mouthful of long black hair! Then, after I yell at him he looks at me like he's saying, "What?? I didn't do anything!" But there he is with that tuft of fuzzy black hair sticking out of his mouth! Well, DUH!

I must go. I finally got on here and waded my way through 1380 new messages in my inbox...told you I wasn't getting on here very often!! I think this time it was nearly a month. Needless to say, I didn't read them all! I've begun to hate forwards! I've stopped forwarding anything unless it makes me ROFLMAO.

I have no idea the next time I'll be here, but best of luck to you all and I really do love you all even if it doesn't seem like it!!!

OH, and is this a weightloss site? OOPS...I seem to be in the wrong place! I haven't been able to curb myself since Mom died. I still intend to..... What to they say about the path to **** being paved with good intentions???....

Take care and take care of yourselves.


The black one is Dutchess Annette and the pi$$ed off looking one is Ivan!

07-19-2005, 03:17 PM
Morning everyone :coffee2: its rainy and cool this am.. we needed the yard is blooming with wild roses and daiseys and lots of weeds(our lawn mower is broken :lol: ) thats ok i like dh went set net fishing yesterday and got 15 salmon..1/2 for our dd and her family and we will smoke and can ours.. so i wll be busy today but will be great when its all put away..glad to here from you dana.. ill bet your new home is beautiful good luck and have fun making that baby ;) daphnee hope you are feeling better and donna hope you are having fun on your vacation.. hello velvet i have read some of your posts and dont worry about the diet it will fall into place when u later.. have lots to do today((((hugs))) rosey :wave:

07-23-2005, 01:22 PM
Happy weekend everyone.. so far its cool this am and so pretty out :dancer: :flow1: :dancer: (((((hugs)))) rosey :wave:

07-24-2005, 03:25 AM
Just saying hi for a second. I am dead tired been working on garage sale this week and reading a trashy romance book. Going to bed at 1:30 or 2 and getting up at 6:30. I am beat and planning on sleeping in on Monday! Made around 100.00 at sale for the last 2 days and doing it tomorrow as an extra day.

07-25-2005, 12:29 AM
Gayle, I so much enjoyed seeing the pictures of your cats! It was very hot in Mississippi and we even went into New Orleans to visit the Audubon Zoo and The Aquarium of the Americas. It was a scorcher there as well but the kids enjoyed it so it was worth it! :flow1: It was nice to see a post from you. Most of us have not been able to post like we would like to. :write:
:lucky: Daphne, $100 dollars at a garage sale!!! :bravo: :bravo: :encore: I don't blame you for sleeping in tomorrow. I have too many calls to make tomorrow so no sleeping in for me. How are you feeling? I had to have a EGD done last Friday that is why we got in from our trip on Thursday. It went well the doctor removed a polyp from my esophaugus. He said that it looked strange and at first he did not know what it was but he didn't feel concerned about it and sent it off for a biopsy. He also said I'll need to consider the surgery to repair my hiatal hernia in the very near future that they can do it laproscopicly and it would be out-patient just like my gall bladder surgery. I just want to get completely recover from the hysterectomy surgery which I am doing well and received my release from both doctors till November. ;)
So, chickies it's back to the diet again. I have gained back to where I was before my surgery thanks to vacation and all the great meals that were brought to us. But who am I really to blame??? ME! LOL :lol: :lol:
Rosey, my sister's in-laws are taking their complete family on a cruise to Alaska! I envy her very much! Is it in August when there is daylight for 20 hours? My sister leaves on August 3rd.
Going to close for now. Dana, I hope all the electrical problems are solved and soon you will be all settled in.
TTFN :wave:

07-25-2005, 12:55 PM
Hi huys. I had some PC issues over the weekend and thought it suffered a crash again. It somehow finally fixed itself. I was going to re-install windows again which would mean losing everything on the hard drive but my windows disc was cracked and it wouldn't read it. Well I contacted microsoft via email lastnight and they gave me a number to call and would replace the disc for free as long as I still had my product key and I do.

Donna so glad you're home. Don't feel bad about the weight, of course I don't or I would be doing more about it wouldn't I? :lol: Actually I don't know what I weigh. My batteries are dead on scale. I don't even know how hot it is outside cause I hardly go out there. It's cool in here and we do have our power stuff worked out. Now it's phone issues. Kevin was going to put in some phone jacks but the thing outside that you hook the wires too, well lets say, you can bring it in here and show me. That means, it's not hooked to anything. We have this line plugged into the test jack out there.

Daphne great money isn't it? Sometimes it's not worth it but when you can get around $100 or so, it is. I think kevin is going to try to sell his lawnmower. He bought it for around $1200 about 4 years ago and it just needs a simple steering wheel gear. I know he really wants money but what is $100 now when you can pay like $20 to fix a perfectly good mower?? Now he has his deer stand out there. He got it for x-mas and it was $154. Still had tags on it but it's a fancier kind than what he wanted so now he wants to sell that. I just don't know what he will sell on a monday though.

We had someone come look at our singlewide on friday. It's actually in my MIL's name and we were asking $4500 for it. Kevin has been painting in it and i got on my knees and cleaned the kitchen floor last week. We have a 10 x 12 deck as well as 2 real good window unit a/c's which were ours. MIL only wanted payoff which was $4100 or so, so we were asking the rest to compensate for deck and a/c's. If they don't want that then they can pay less price. Fair enough isn't it?? She said once she got ahold of the man that would move it for her, she would call us to have him come look at it.

My sister called to tell me she had her ultrasound this morning and the baby weighs 13 ounces and is about 8 days ahead of her due date. And she's a girl. I"m happy for her but sad too. That's what I wanted. Her name will be Chloe which I like but it doesn't sound good with her last name to me. (hanvey). That's 2 names with a hard E sound. Anyway, it's her baby.

Rosey are you staying cool up there? No snow is there?? Just kidding. Has anyone heard from summer?? I bet she didn't even know I was expecting a baby, let alone lost it and that we finally moved. I wonder how she's doing now. And Jim??

Gayle- I'm happy you got your AC running. Isn't it wonderful? And now the cats are trying to get along?? Do they share food dishes and litter boxes?? LOL

Well I am about 3 to 4 days away from my period. I took a test today and it was negative so who knows. I'm tired of waiting already. LOL

07-26-2005, 03:01 PM
Yes the cats are getting along great. They even want to play...of course, it usually ends in a minor fight, but they take care of it themselves now. "Mom" just sits back and makes sure neither one ends up with a mouth full of the other!

I don't have time to reply to everyone. I'm checking flights to New Orleans and so far it looks like nearly $250. I guess that's ok. My neighbor here is traveling with me and we are going to AAA tomorrow to see what kind of prices we can get from them.

I have to get off here and do...hmmm...something...I can't remember what! See what the internet doest to me????

Take care all and I'll be back.


07-26-2005, 11:05 PM
Hi everyone..i have a house full of grandkids..everythings topsy turvy but we are having fun..they love my craft stuff.. theyre at the swimming pool with their aunt and i have amoment to catch up..tomorrow we are going to the movies to see the new willy wonka film.. and thursday weather permitting its a beach trip and picnic and to search for agates spirit stones and whatever they find interesting on the beach.. the rest of the week i dont know yet..but im loving it.. hello and (((((hugs))) everyone rosey:wave:

07-27-2005, 12:17 PM
Hi all. Rosey enjoy those kids. I had to register Brett for 7th grade this morning. They go back on Aug 9th. We are suppose to leave for Cherokee sometime in the morning and will be back on sunday. I am excited yet I will miss this place too. I should know when I get back whether I'm preggers or not. I had period pains yesterday but they are gone today. I took a test but it was negative. May be early though. Well I have some packing to do .

07-29-2005, 03:44 PM
Hi everyone.. im having a break this am the grkids are at my dd house so its quiet around here for the moment :lol: my dh and oldest grson went to the cabin.. we took them all to see the new willie wonka movie..they liked it but i thought it was the weirdest movie id ever seen..j debb remined me of m. jackson in that movie yuck :( i dont recommend having a hard time staying on pts with everyone here.. to many tempting foods like pizza :?: what have u all been up too?? i need to do some house work today..laundry for sure.. theres a fort in my living room and clay creatures all over my dining rm table and shoes and clothes every where arent grkids fun :lol: and then they will go home and ill be sad.. have agreat day everyone rosey:wave;

07-31-2005, 02:58 AM
Hi everyone I have had a busy stressful week. The nephew has me in a constant irritated state now. He is so disrespectful to me now.I am not used to a 14 year old boy throwing temperfits. It is like he is 2 years old. He was asked to watch Megan today for me so I could do a quick errand I would be back in an hour. He threw a freaking tizzy fit. I lost it big time cussed a lot and had to take Megan with me. He wants to go to the fair Wednesday but he isn't going to go. I will see if the neighbors can keep him for a couple of hours and I will take Megan and not him. That ought to make his day!:lol::lol: I did warn him not to get me super angry or he would pay!:lol:
OK I gained 5.8 pounds last week at WW for a 2 week span. I was down 1/2 a pound this week. So I am just up a lil over 5 pounds for the month. I am disappointed but have had a lot going on. I am back on track tomorrow, journaling my foods, off soda, drinking my water, etc.
I hope to post more now that I am outta the eatting funk.

08-03-2005, 10:51 PM
Hope all is well with everyone. :write: I am having a time with staying away from sweets. OUGH! :stress: :hyper:
We are going to the beach condo on Saturday morning and will be back the following Saturday. Soon Elena will be back in school. Not looking forward to that. She's been enjoying horse back riding lessons though and doing really well.
Daphne, I'm right with you gf trying to get back on the wagon.
Hello Dana, Gayle, Rosey. :wave:

08-06-2005, 07:47 PM
Hi everyone ..hope u are all having a great weekend.. we are going to a bq in a few hrs..should be fun to see everyone.. we have all been sooooo busy this summer.. my grkids went home thurs..we sure did alot for the almost 2 weeks i had swimming picnicing crafts cartoons cooking(boy can they eat :lol: )im pooped then i turned around and went to anch for a shopping trip the next day.. up and back in the same day.. 3hrs up 3 hrs back.. we went to value village(like a salvation army store only huge) diamond shopping mall are us.. and wallmart..boy by the time i got home i was so ready to stay home awhile.. i have almost 1/2 of my xmas shopping done allready..i won a 100 gift certificate at our local groc store ..100 $ worth of free grocery..whohoooo.. :cb: :dance: :cb: boy that was anice what have you all been up too??(((((hugs)))) rosey :wave:

08-10-2005, 09:55 AM
Hi guys. I've missed you all. I had a lightning storm get my PC last weekend and chose to lease one from Aarons. It took from last monday until friday before I got the thing. It's a Dell which I'm no big fan at all but it gets me online. It also has a CD burner which I have always wanted and already used and super sounding speakers. LOL I hate to lease to own things but in 11 more payments its mine. :)

Donna, I'm so envious of you and another trip. I miss the beach so much but I'm going to be determined to go next year even if baby in tow. (more on that later). My kids returned to school yesterday and boy am I enjoying the "alone" time. I'm sure I will start to get lonely but not just yet. :lol:

Rosey I know how you enjoy those kids and christmas shopping already. Did you say 1/2 finished? Oh my, I think I will buy a few things early next month when I get some ideas from some people. It's hard to buy for my kids cause they change their minds too often. I'm sure there will be some new game system out again and they will beg for that as usual. We had our satellite tv reinstalled last thursday and they offered us such a huge deal that we have it in 4 rooms now. Yep, the kids have over 200 channels. Of course we have limits and brett has already lost his tv time until saturday because he messed with our thermostat and that he knows not to do.

Daphne I know you're under a lot of strain with your nephew. (I forget why you have him anyway) but don't sweat your weight. I'm so proud of you for getting back on top of it. That is what this site was to encourage and hope to be with you one day. Any more yard sales planned? When do your children return to school? And how is that belly button??

Gayle, I hope that you can start posting some more. I enjoy reading your colorful posts. With this new computer, I can actually see all the colors. My other one had gotten to be 6 years old and the monitor was losing its prime. LOL I'm amazed at how colorful the internet is. Is it hot enough for your AC? We've had some rain spells down here and it hasn't been that bad. Of course we have a heat pump with air so it stays 73 in here all the time which is comfortable to me. I get cold often.

I feel like I'm missing someone. I just miss summer. I wish she would post sometime. None of us can commit to posting that often but I'm ok with that. It still gives us a chance to catch up when we can.

Kevin informed me last night that he's been passing blood from his bowels. He said it comes and goes and had been going on a while now. You never know how to take him. Sometimes he can act out of attention but this time it didn't seem that way. I told him that us trying to have a baby can wait because I needed him first and foremost and I wasn't sacrificing his health for it. He's trying to tell me that its not as bad as I'm thinking and that it doesn't happen every time he goes to the bathroom or even every day. I'm hopeing it may be a hemroid or polyp or something. He doesn't have a primary dr. and until he hurts, he won't go anywhere.

As for the baby thing, I am expected to ovulate any moment now and we're done "doing the deed for this cycle". LOL Like I say every day, it happens when and if it does. My sister is still doing well. She's at 21 weeks now and thrilled about her baby. I went to my moms yesteday to borrow some sugar, no kidding, I actually did and mama has bought baby girl stuff. It breaks my heart because I have wanted a baby girl for YEARS now, I know it's been a really strong feeling since 1999 when the twins started school. I'm hoping I get over all of the pain before that baby gets here. I just really don't know how to act at this point. I know I never actually "grieved" the baby we lost but maybe that can be normal as well.

Well I need to post this before it disappears. I hope to hear from some of you that are home. I miss that.

08-15-2005, 01:59 PM
Gosh, I know we are a small group but man... no one has posted since the tenth of August! :shrug:

Dana, I am concerned about the blood in Kevin's BM's. That isn't something to ignore, he should have it checked out. Now, if he takes Pepto Bismol a lot that will make your bowels look like it's blood but it's not. Anyway I hope he gets things checked out. As for computers... geee tell me about it! :stress: We returned home from MB on Saturday evening and I had brought my laptop along to keep up with our checking account and in touch with family members. I returned home with it and it would not connect with the wireless broadband router. :( I worked with that till nearly 3 in the morning trying to get it back and then on Sunday the main desktop wouldn't connect. I was on the phone yesterday with three technicians. Anyway, got it working... for now. :blah: Enjoy your new pc, Dana! :) :encore: ;) Also, as for the baby. I am praying for you and that things will happen soon. Went to my cousin's baby shower yesterday. She knows she's having a girl and she was having contractions and not due to the end of August. I was so tired! :tired: :yawn: My sister and I drove there together and we toured her new home. It was absolutely beautiful. I'm glad someone in our family has money. LOL :)
Had a great time at the beach but I don't expect to see my daughter in the ocean again. LOL On Thursday Jim and Elena were out body surfing and there about 4 or 5 feet away from them was a shark! It was probably a sand shark but it of course freaked Elena out. Jim said he felt he was Jesus walking on water! LOL Actually he was running on water. :rofl: There is a hot tub and swimming pool there and we enjoyed the hot tub about every evening. It was so relaxing. I am back home and back to reality. Too much indulging has put the pounds on. I did not walk like I originally planned. :( :nono: Jim and I will be celebrating our twentieth anniversary at a Bed and Breakfast Inn in Asheville, NC the weekend of our anniversary in October so I need to lose these pounds! LOL
Yes, I miss Summer here as well. But she just can't do the thread thing any more she told me. She's very busy with her dejay business and I'm glad she is planning on a Myrtle Beach trip in early September where they are going to spend two weeks there this time. :bravo:
Gayle, Rosey and Daphne :wave: :wave: I need to go now. I have to finish vacumming now.

08-18-2005, 11:14 AM
Where has everyone gone?? Donna i am happy you had such a wonderful time. How can you go to the beach and not though, right?? As for the shark, I freak out anytime anything gets near me in the ocean. That's why I don't like to stand out too deep in it. I hate the little nibbly fish too. You don't know what it is.

My mom was coming out of her house on friday and there was a black snake on the top of her storm door and hanging down the side. Imagine that. I never saw it thank God but Kevin had to go up and kill it for her. I swear she has the most snakes in or too close to her house. Needless to say, I won't be visiting there for a while. LOL

Kevin said the blood only happened twice and after much discussion, it seems it was closer to the outside of his body rather than way up in there. He may have had a hemrhoid or something. His daddy gets them.

I will really be shoocked if I'm not pregnant this month. I have been using a fertitlity website since april and you chart your temp. each morning and it pinpoints your ovulation and actually lets you know if you even are. Well my temps have been unusually high this cycle. I will know yes or no within the next 6 days though. If it happened this cycle and all is well, the due date will me May 3.

Now, I got an email from summer but where is daphne and rosey in particular. Have I missed something?? Well I need to post this and get something done around here. If I don't stay on it, it will get nasty. LOL (did I ever tell you I love having a dishwasher??) :lol:

08-18-2005, 12:42 PM
Sorry I have been MIA here for so long. I finally got rid of Nephew today. It seems like as soon as I gt on to post he is here reading what I say. I don't share my room with anyone.
My weight is going down again. I am now 217 I lost .2 this week but will take it. I am thinking of taking the kids to Curves with me each day til school that I go and having RObert watch Megan in the corner. If she gets to loud they can sit in the van. We are also going to start walking each day.
School doesn't start for 3 more weeks from yesterday here. I am anxious for it to be going and my life back to normal. I will try and post more later today but have to get Megan up and out of house so I can flea bomb again/

08-20-2005, 01:41 PM
Hi here just been a really busy summer for me..lots of grkid time.. taking mil to anch for medical tests..helping our neighbores ;she has lung problems and hes on chemo and radiation right now and they are 76 and 80 yrs old..ive been cooking for them.. then my dh brings me 18 more salmon to process( we gave the dd 8 of them) so we are smoking and canning them as i type :lol: and now its coming up on moose hunting season and the testostorone is running wild :lol: my grson gets to hunt with his dad and grpa for the 1st time this yr..grampas so proud and excited for this male bonding ritual :lol: and to top all that.. we are remodeling and putting in a new enterance (door) and steps so we dont have to shovel so much snow this my house is messed up big time..and then i have the usual craft ptojects going to..whheeeeeeeeeee i make me tired :lol: the summer has gone by really fast..i can feel fall in the air allready and the leaves are starting to change grkids start school this monday..and im almost done with my xmas shopping.. so whats new with all of you????thinking good thought s for all ((((((hugs)))))))) rosey :wave:

08-21-2005, 11:42 PM
WHAT??!?!?!?! Did I read this right? Rosey, you are ALMOST DONE with your Christmas shopping??? OMG! I haven't even thought about it! :D Are you and Dana still selling on ebay? Elena starts school tomorrow too and I am thinking starting her scrap book that is long over-due. Of course my house is filled with projects that need to be done. We are approaching the 11th anniversary of living in this house and things need painted, repaired and replaced.
Daphne, glad the nephew is gone. Hope things are getting back to normal now.
Dana, keeping those fingers crossed for you both and glad your dh's bleeding problems are nothing to be concerned about.
Gayle, hope all is well with you too. :wave:
Tomorrow I'm back OP and ready for it. Got to stop living like it's vacation time every day. LOL

08-25-2005, 10:26 AM
That's what I say Donna, I haven't done anything about christmas either. I still have 4 birthday between now and then, plus a new baby neice to welcome in early Dec. I did tell kevin we needed to start something by early Sept anyway especially since we have a mortgage payment now.

So donna how was the first day of school? One of our kindergarten classes had a visitor earlier this week. A copperhead snake. Can you imagine?? OMG my hair is climbing my skin. LOL

I really can't wait for winter, snow and decorating for the holidays. I have a fireplace and mantle for the first time ever and a much higher ceiling for the biggest tree I can afford. I was really hoping for a baby for christmas this year but other than that one goal, maybe everything else will compensate for that. Maybe we can at least be expecting it by then. I am 2 days late today but still testing negative on tests so don't know what to make of that. It scares me cause I was 4 days late before testing positive lasttime and i don't want the same outcome.

Gayle I hope you are doing well. Please post if you read this.

Daphne still no school for you guys. We aren't far from getting our mid term reports here. Math is so hard for the boys already. Logan would be doing much better if only he would learn and not forget his multi. tables. Brett is into algebra full speed ahead and I have even forgot some of that stuff. Needless to say, we didn't do so well on his first homework. (oops).

Well I need to post this and find something to occupy my time. I don't normally do housework until fri. or sat. so I don't want to break that routine now do I? :lol:

08-27-2005, 11:18 PM
Hello everyone where ever you are!!! :write:

Just a quick hello and without going into a lot of detail wanted you all to know I'm not doing Weight Watchers anymore. Trying my hand on the South Beach diet with two other friends and so far I've lost 4 pounds in my first week! So, I need to buy the book but with a little help from my friends and this site I can do it.

Take care one and all.


08-28-2005, 11:49 AM
Good luck with it Donna. I lost about 12 pounds on it 2 years ago but once school let out, it was hard over that summer and so, I sold the book on ebay. You don't really have to have that book. You can find most of the menu (foods to eat and not) online. It's so hard to do without carbs. I ate a lot of "lettuce wiches". LOL I loved fresh lettuce with tomoto and ham and mayo but I'm a bread addict. But yes you can do it.

By the way, we visited SIL yesterday in Fountain Inn and lordy that was a long way off. We went on so many back roads that if it wasn't for following my inlaws, we would have been lost. It brings us out at Walmart in Central so after 10 pm lastnight we were getting groceries and got home and in bed by midnight. I have a headache from that. My SIL lives in a gorgeous house though. The kind (probably like yours donna) that you would have to hire a crane to hang curtains and lights.

I heard from Ann on friday night. She had gotten back online and IM'd me. First time anyone had in over a year. It was nice to talk like that. Well I need to go fix something to eat. It's going on 11 a.m. and no one has eaten in over 12 hours.

By the way, no baby this cycle, the monthly witch made her way, 4 days late on thurs.

08-31-2005, 04:23 PM
Hi all. I am doing fine. I don't know if you knew that I was planning on going to New Orleans for my Dad's navy reunion this year. Well, needless to say, it has been cancelled. What a heartbreaking disaster! I can't stop watching the news coverage and burst into tears every few hours.

Donna, good luch on the low carb diet. I did Suzanne Somers for a few months and did really well, but I'm a carboholic and that went by the wayside (as well as every other diet I've ever been on...except for the "eat-anything-you-like-whenever-you-like" diet that I'm on now!!!) I know you'll do well.

Dana, I'm praying for you. I know that you want to have another baby, but know that God knows what is best for you and your family. I am so excited for you to be able to decorate for Christmas this year. I know you will have a ball with it!!! Post pix when the time comes. Good luck with that algebra stuff. I've forgotten most of it, too. Once again, I thank God that I never had kids!! Is everything ok with Ann? How are her girls doing?

Rosey, everytime you mention those salmon, my mouth waters! Oh, man, that sounds delicious! What's your weather like? When does winter come. I heard something cute a while back. Someone from MN said that they have 2 seasons...winter, and winter's coming. Where in AK are you?

Hi, Daph! Wassup??

I'm going to go and check my stuffed peppers that are cooking as I type! Made with ground pork and not turkey, of course. Well, gr pork was only $.99/lb. What's a poor girl to do??

Love for now, Gayle

09-03-2005, 03:17 PM
:hb: Just dropped in to say Happy Birthday Dear Donna!!!:gift:
Saw your name on my calendar and didn't want the day to go by without wishing you the best birthday ever! Enjoy!!!
love, Mel :scooter:

09-03-2005, 05:39 PM
Morning everyone first off didnt know it was your b-day happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear donna happybirthday to you and many more :woo: :hb: :gift: :balloons: :hat: :cp: hope you a have very happy day (((((hugs)))..its raining today and im babysitting for a very bored grdd..i have been teaching her how to make clothes for her beanie baby bear..just straight hand stitching and it kept us busy for hrs..but now grma needs abreak :lol: all done with the salmon.. its smoked and canned..but have been canning meals for the guys at the cabin for moose hunting..i made and chix stew..beef barley soup and browned hamburger..they dont have refrigeration out there and the ice only lasts a few days so i can meats and things for them to they will be hunting 10 days this grson who is 12 gets to go this yr boy is grmpa proud..hello to all..just wanted to pop in and see what every ones up so saddened by the hurricane survivors..i wonder where all those countrys that we have helped with in their time of need are???? makes me want to rush in and help but i can only help with money to the red cross and prayers of course..makes me truly greatful for my blessings of family home and friends..thinking of you all (((((((hugs))))))))) rosey :wave:

09-07-2005, 01:47 PM
It does make you furious doesn't it Rosey. I know that they need the money contributions but you see the people on tv and you won't to be able to rescue them before they starve to death. Seeing all of the stars like Oprah, Chris Rock and Harry Connick Jr. go in there and help get people out is so emotional. I too, have wondered about out of country people that we have helped in their times of needs.

Well nothing much has changed here. We are still trying to sell our old home and got so close today. The guy traveled 3 hours round trip and even brought a bank check but said he would take it for $1000 less cause he has to replace the tub in order to rent it out. Well it belongs to my MIL and she won't do that. It depends on what you're currently living in as to whether its too much or not. We've had some who are living in homes so bad they have to block rooms off when it rains. But they want us to owner finance which isn't an option. Sooner or later, someone will take it.

I got the email from summer and I emailed her back to let her know she needs to watch the weather while she's down here. We have 3 more hurricanes brewing off the coast and I hate it for people who live down there. Our state could take it but Florida or God forbid any of the Gulf can't handle that.

Donna did your family in Mississippi make it through Katrina OK?

Well this cycle of trying to conceive is half way over. In fact, an egg was dropped yesterday so here we go in our 2 week wait again. Well technically it's not quite that long but in 12 days or so, I should know what God has in store this month. My sister has made it to the time in her PG of where I had my twins. She's 25 weeks and 2 days today and has her Dr. app't as well. I had Laken and Logan when I was 25 weeks and I pray she doesn't have hers anytime soon.

Gayle how are you. I"m glad to see you posted. I had read it when you posted it but haven't been back on here to comment. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my decorating this year since I have some room to do so. I haven't even decorated my mantle yet. It had candles and stuff sitting on it from when we moved and i"ve never moved that stuff. LOL

Well has anyone heard from Daphne??

09-08-2005, 12:12 AM
Hi everyone..yes dana it makes me mad and sad for all those folks.. watched oprah last 2 so glad they are getting some help now..i just got out of the hosp..i was helping my dh put in a new door..i was holding it from the inside and he was outside and it slipped thru the opening like abullet and i couldnt hold it..its 200# and then some with frame and all..anyways it pushed me over backwards and i hit my head on a small wooden hutch as i fell and then bonked my head again on the floor with the door on top of me and the dh on top of the door yikes..called 911 and i was carted off to hosp.. was x-rayed and cat scanned had my head sewen up and kept over night as i was seeing stars and my head was twirling like merrygo round..thts the most yucky ok but sure do have aheadache and i was so lucky i didnt get hurt poor hubby was so upset and scared for was just like those tv shows trauma in the glad to be home but still have to take it easy for next week or so..sure hope you made that baby this month i will say a prayer for you.. hello and hugs to all..ive been up awhile and the dh buging me to lay down..ill check in in a few days(((((hugs)))) rosey :wave:

09-08-2005, 08:08 AM
OMG Rosey!!! I hope that you will be OK. You're right, you could have been hurt a lot worse than that. You could have been killed as small as you are. Any head injury is extremely dangerous. You obey Dr.'s orders and post when you are back to normal. We'll be praying and thinking of you!!

09-08-2005, 12:32 PM
{{{{{Rosey}}}}} Bless your heart! I am so thankful that you were not hurt worse. It sounds like you had some vertigo with that. I've had that and it's miserable. God bless you Rosey and hope your headache quits soon! :grouphug:

09-08-2005, 12:46 PM
Thank you all for the birthday wishes. This birthday was a bit different. My inlaws from Mississippi just left this morning after spending ten days with us to escape from hurricane Katrina. Their homes were spared, but many on their very street wasn't. Also have learned many extended family members and friends of theirs are now without homes and jobs. This storm is a living nightmare and even though Jim's Mother and Sister did not lose their homes they are facing a new way of life. National Guardsmen at the gasoline pumps to control any violence because their gasoline is limited and long lines at any stores that MAY be open. The closest place they go to is in Mobile Alabama which is hour away and so they tried to stock up on basics before they left here this morning. They have electricity now and even water but have been advised not to drink or bathe in the water. Once heard they shouldn't use their toilets that much till things get cleared out of the systems. Dead bodies are being washed up on shore even in the area where they live. It's so hard to even imagine the city we just visited last July is no more. New Orleans and Biloxi will never be the same. Now, there is more activity in the water out there and it's not over yet. Sorry to sound so down but it's not been a very cheery time around here. Elena is having severe stomach problems because of the stress from having more people in our home and has been to the nurse's office EVERY DAY since school started. Bless her heart, she's had to go to school while her cousins stayed home to play on her game cube and all so she has felt probably left out. Their schools are either destroyed completely or flooded out. I had to take her to the doctor this morning to make sure nothing more was going on with her and she's experiencing abdominal pain due to stress and with not much sleep I took her back to school after the appointment. 15 dollar co-pay to tell me that she's stressed out. UGH! Anyway, I should be thankful it wasn't more to it all.
Also, can you imagine how my daughter would of been if the situation was the other way around? That it was US that had to escape from a storm that has changed the lives or taken the lives of many?! OY!
Anyway, be thankful ladies for life is short.
Gayle, sorry about the cancelled trip to New Orleans. I wish you had seen it before.
Dana, hope your prior home is sold soon and that we will be celebrating a new life coming soon! MAN! We sure need some good news don't we?
Daphne? :write:
Oh I guess you all can imagine I have to start over again now with the SBD! LOL ;)

09-08-2005, 05:33 PM
Hi everyone.. im doing better.. still have a lump and its sore but otherwise ok.. i was feeling sorry for myself i hate being dependent on my kids and my head hurt and was watching tv while feeling like that and Dr phil and the hurricane survivors show was on..put things into perspevtive right away.. can you imagine being hurt like i was and no medical home no truly blessed.. makes me want to help so i can pray and donate money..donna sorry for elana shes sensitive and hope shes feeling better soon..any by the way im starting my diet over too.. the dr has sheduled some nutrition classes for me so i dont have to increase my meds or go on insulin..i guess this old lady can learn something new..anyways (((hugs))) for all and thanks for the well wishes..hug your familys as we are the lucky ones..rosey:wave:

09-10-2005, 02:00 PM
Rosey, I don't think you were feeling sorry for yourself one bit! :nono: I hope that each day you are feeling better.
Yes, starting all over again.. Day one of the SB diet has gone so far, so good. It does help when I have control of what is made. Jim and Elena are at some bug thing at the Science Center this morning and I was able to make my tuna lunch and have my ricotta dessert without having to make sandwhich's for Jim and Elena. They will probably stop for lunch somewhere or come home to have the leftovers from Jim's birthday dinner last night. So, birthdays and inlaws can not be the excuse any more.
I wonder about our friend Daphne... I guess I'll have to come out there... :write: :lol:
Jim spoke with my sil and mil last night and the living conditions there are not good. The water is not usable right now as it is and they still don't have land phone service. He was able to get them on my sil's cell phone which even that service is in and out. The kids are thought to have to be bused somewhere since their school is now gone and heaven knows where that will be. My sil even made the comment maybe they should not have come home yet. I think they should relocate temporarily somewhere for the time being so that some normal form of life can be had. I can't imagine how stressful this is to the kids and my 81 yo mil.
Keep them as well as the many others who are in worse situations in your prayers.
Donna :grouphug:

09-10-2005, 03:27 PM
Rosey I'm glad to see you're getting better. It takes a while to recover from that. You probably had a concusion didn't you? Now for some reason that word doesn't look spelled right. Old age, (32) LOL About insulin, did you see that the FDA has approved the use of inhaled insulin for the US? Brett is so excited to hear about that hopefully when he goes back to the dr. next month.

Donna it's so hard to take in all the katrina stuff isn't it? I know it's beyond our imagination of what it looks like unless you can actually see it yourself. I hope and pray that it can be turned around quickly for those people. Is any of the water receeding? I'm worried about summer. I guess she went to MB yesterday but I was just reading headlines that Hurricane Ophelia has regained strength and SC coast may evacuate late tomorrow. I hope they are paying attention to the weather. That is something I definately don't miss about being down there.

I got a fowarded email from Daphne so I know she's online somewhere. LOL HELLO Daphne, where are you???

09-12-2005, 01:53 PM
I think Ms. Daphne has us on ignore! LOL I IM'd her on yahoo messenger several times yesterday (or was it the day before) and NO RESPONSE! Hmmmmmmm

Gosh ya'll... another hurricane! I just pray that this one doesn't hit the south carolina/north carolina coast or any coast for that matter. Enough with all this I say!

Had a good weekend. Jim's birthday was Friday so now we have the birthdays done now we can go on with REAL LIFE! Mil and Sil is still without phone service and good water conditions. They have been washing their hair in their swimming pool! Sil is sending her kids to visit for a while with her dh's parents in Northern Mississippi for a few days. I think that's a good idea. It's just not a good place to be for kids right now. Elena had a riding lesson yesterday with a new instructor so when there is a new instructor there is a new horse to ride. This horse all of a sudden took off with Elena on her. The instructor said Elena handled it like a pro and got the horse calmed down and stopped then rode to the instuctor and said "that was fun" :stress: :hyper: I'm so glad I wasn't there to witness that! The instructor said that she can tell that horses are in Elena's blood. LOL ;)
I'm enjoying this weather today and the quiet in my house. I need to go out and do some things and I did clean out the screened in back porch of most of the spider webs and cleaned the furniture off but not in the mood to do much of anything else. :write: :blah:
Dana, Rosey, Daphne and Gayle have a great week! :wave:

09-15-2005, 09:28 AM
Where's everyone gone?? Ann had emailed me so I came here to copy the link for her and thought I would post a line or two while I"m here. We're getting closer to seeing if we are going to be preg. this cycle or not. I have about 4 to 5 days left to know for sure and of course tests are still saying negative. But I use a website and chart my temps. and such on it and it looks like it may be the more promising cycle I've ever had which would be fitting. Dh and I hadn't spoke to one another from sunday until late on Wed. He got mad at me in walmart for absolutely no reason and said some ugly words in front of the kids. Late yesteday while I was trying to take a nap he came and laid on the bed real quietly and said "you know it's hard for me to admit when i'm wrong". And that broke the ice for some discussion.

We got our first power bill and it was $256 which is unreal. It said we used 2800 kilowatts for 25 days yet when I checked our meter at our current 14 days period, we've only used 700 kw's and nothing had changed. We would be on the road to using only 1400 which is half of what we are charged for on the current bill. I know it sounds confusing but I'm going to call power co. this morning when they open and they can explain.

What's everyone else up to now?? I still haven't heard from daphne and I don't know what's going on with her. I know she is reading this and laughing!!

09-15-2005, 12:55 PM
I think that Summer may have been able to stay at MB during this storm this time don't you think so Dana?
I'm keeping fingers crossed and prayers said for you to have a successful cycle this time.
Having a real hard time already with Elena and school. I don't know what I'm going to do. It's all her and not the work load or the teachers.
I wish Daphne would post too

09-17-2005, 05:12 PM
Hi everyone.. we just got home.. we were at dd's house near anchorage..our guys got a moose and we had to process it and thats a big job.. but its all done and in the freezer..i can try and e-mail you all a picture if youd like to see was feeling some better.. get tired easier today is my do nothing day..donna am sorry elanas having school trouble am sure its frustrating for you and her..dana sure hope the babys in the cooker..but think of all the fun you are having oh my did i say that :lol:..anyways i wish you well..daphnee where are you???hello to everyone scheduled to take 4 days worth of diebetes classes this dr has recomended it for me to see if i can get my numbers down and avoid insulin..i can always learn new things but its trying to stay in the boundries thats hard for me..sometimes i get this i dont give a#$@^^&*** attitude about it all and i know thats so bad for me.. anyways its raining like everything today and our leaves are all changed color.. winters not far off..yikes snow brrrrrrrr not ready for that..i have been sewing doll grdd going to love me this xmas :lol: have agreat weekend everyone(((((hugs))))))) rosey:wave:

09-17-2005, 07:32 PM
Rosey if its a picture of the moose before you slaughtered it, (LOL) my oldest son would love to see. He just asked about you earlier today and if you've seen any moose yet. I'm actually stamping some images today to color. Anything to stay calm and peaceful. Oh yeah, I'm pregnant!! Found out yesterday which is a whole week earlier than last PG so hopefully this one is a keeper. I will be due May30th but happy just to make it to march or april if we can. I'm feeling slightly nauseous I think, which is a good thing. I wanted that to happen this time. Well hope some more posts!

09-17-2005, 07:56 PM
CONGRATULATIONS DANA! I am so happy for you and if feeling nauseous is a good sign then keep feeling that way!!! :cheer: :encore: :bravo:

Rosey I hope the classes will be simple to comprehend and to follow so you don't have to have the shots. Thanks for the sympathy over Elena. I am going to have to get a part time job to pay for the learning center I believe though. I got the literature in the mail today and it looks kind of steep.

I saw Ms. Daphne on yahoo messenger TWICE today.... Now, I am getting worried. :cry:

Like to see pictures too of the Moose but BEFORE the slaughter please. LOL :lol: :D

09-17-2005, 08:11 PM
WHoooooooooHooooooooooooo dana!!!!!! :cb: :cb: :cp: :dance: :hat: :dancer: :cloud9: :queen: :queen: :balloons: :encore: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: :grouphug: :cb: :cp: :bravo: :bravo: i am so happy for you guys..all my best wishes for a healthy pregancy((((hugs)))))) rosey

09-17-2005, 10:57 PM
Thanks guys! We're so excited but I'm nervous about it as well.

Donna- my SIL who's son is in 4th grade at the school Elena goes to is struggling this year. He failed Pact last year and I don't know if it was every subject or what be she's considering testing him for ADD. He seems to do fine in math but anything that calls for reading or to be read to, he can't comprehend it. They have done simple questions like telling him "the red bird flew over the tall building" and ask him a question about that and he can't. He's always seemed so imature to be around the same age as my Logan. You still can't really understand him.

My sister called me after noon yesterday crying "Dana I think my water broke, help me, I can't find anyone". I met her at the ER. I was signing her papers for her while they took her to Labor & Delivery and a few minutes later her MIL came in and about ran us all over. She asked the lady at the desk how to find her and she said "this is her sister, I'm walking her up as soon as the papers are finished printing". MIL says "I need to go now, she's waiting for me". OH really, where was she when Tara needed help. They live right beside one another. I could not stand how she acted like I had no rights but she did. i know this is her first grandbaby on that side but please. After 3 tests and about 4 hours, she was cleared. She wasn't dilating, contracting or losing any water. The baby was very active and fine. She's only about 26.5 weeks but I was 25 weeks when the twins were born and it scared her. I called my mama lastnight and told her when that baby was born "DO NOT LET HER RUN YOU OVER"!! I know she will try and because mama lives about 20 minutes away, she won't eve get to see it.

No one knows about me just yet. I will probably email my sister in a couple of days and tell her she can tell mama but that's it. Last time everyone found out through the grapevine when our own mothers didn't know. I'm not calling the dr. for a couple of weeks probably cause you have to be around 8 weeks anyway and i"m only 3w 4d today. But once I get that first ultrasound and all is well, I will shout to everyone! I think the last pregnancy broke the ice with everyone except for my bossy granny. She tells me I needed to tie my tubes everytime I see her. If this baby gets her safe, tubes will be tied at delivery.

About Daphne, have you just emailed her? It may be Jason getting on the computer and also, someone had been IMing me a few weeks back and I didn't even have it installed on my computer so I wasn't seeing anything. She may have trouble with that. Let me know if that's a success or not and I'll try. I'm sure it's not anyone that's caused anything but maybe something on her end or she's really busy. Just anyones guess.

09-20-2005, 06:35 PM
OK trying this again grrrrr grrrr grrrrrrrr. I forgot pasword and then keep losing post. I just have fallen off the wagon so much and can't stop eatting bad stuff, I don't even feel like going to Curves just yet. I am writting a whiney letter I know and I do apologise. I am having my period every 2 weeks again abd just have no energy. I know Ineed to get on iron pills and am going to look for some later to get the added iron in me.
On yahoo I had to close my ims off. Unless I see you first they don't go thru and when I get imd I get kicked off. I hope to start getting my grove back and feeling more like a human.
Dana congrats on the baby. I will kepp you in my thoughts and prayers here. ROsey I am so sorry about you head injury, I hope that you are feeling better today. Donna how scary about Elensa horse riding! I like horses from a distance but think it is great you are letting her take lessons.
OK I have to go to the bathroom again.........

09-20-2005, 07:41 PM
DAPHNE!!! I am so glad to hear from you. Me and Donna had our tickets ready to fly to washington!! Just kidding but were worried about you. Is there anything you can do about getting your period all the time. My MIL is on hormone pills to keep her from having it but of course she's 58 years old. Otherwise she would still have her period and have it often. My mama is more lucky. She evidently is in true menopause. She hasn't had one since March. Sorry to hear about that IM. I seldom use mine but did for a while with Ann the other day.

Donna had asked how I was doing (via email) so I will answer that. I am 4 weeks today so needless to say, a LONG time to go but I'm so nervous. I don't know how to get past this. I'm sure I will be a lot better after that first ultrasound which isn't even planned yet but I"m so afraid of recurrent miscarriages. As for physical aspects, I have little twitches sometimes down there which everyone says is perfectly normal. I'm not cramping, not really sick but I do feel like eating the house a lot of times and I could sleep all day really. I'm taking the fatigue as a good sign. Well I am going to soak in some warm water and work a crossword puzzle. Can you believe tomorrow is wednesday already??

09-20-2005, 11:00 PM
:bravo: :bravo: :encore: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: :balloons: DAPHNE!!!!! I have been so worried about you and have offlined messaged you as well as emailed you and no response!
Girlfriend, you know that is how I ended up having to have a hysterectomy. You may have a cyst that is causing problems. There ARE medicines that can help you get regulated. Have you seen your gynecologist? PLEASE Take care of yourself!!!
Dana, I can't even imagine how nervous you are. I would be the same if not worse. But we must try to think positive and just be thankful that another baby has been conceived! :) :yes: Easy for me to say... but let's try to look at the fatigue and the twitches a good sign!
At a College near here tomorrow my Dad is having a building dedicated to him. So, going to the ceremony tomorrow. Dr. Charles Stanley is speaking! I can't wait to hear him.
Well, gotta go. So glad to see a post from our prodigal sister! LOL Don't stay away even if you have fallen off the wagon! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-23-2005, 11:38 AM
So how did the dedication go Donna?? Any new news from your Mississippi relatives? Are they trying to get back up this way again for this new storm? I can't believe this is happening again. Here we go again with the gas situation and I can honestly say at this point the Explorer I drive is nearly on empty and some stations are closed already.

What's everyone up to over the weekend? We have a cook out at DH's work tonight. It's the annual thing where he's won the grand prize 2 out of the 3 years they've had it. He asked them already what the grand prize would be so he would know what to drive? LOL They are having Barbeque catered in and all you can eat of snow cones, fountain drinks and funnel cakes. Of course you can really only eat one right?? LOL

I'm doing somewhat better with the nervousness. My mom and sister know and me and mama went to Anderson yesterday to toys-r-us and walmart and out to lunch. She bought me 2 of the mesh bags you wash the baby clothes in so that's her first "gift" to me. She also told me she had a big diaper bag. Oh so excited but I just pray that I can actually get a baby here in the spring.

09-23-2005, 01:12 PM
The dedication went great! The building is actually the Student Center which houses many areas that include the Communication Center in my Dad's name. It was really neat and Dr. Charles Stanley was great! NO notes, never stood behind a podium.
Jim spoke with his sister yesterday and as far as they know there is no need to evacuate where they live. However, they have been warned that there may be power outages, heavy wind and rain as well. I think they should go just in case even if it's to my bil's parents house in northern part of Mississippi near Memphis Tenn.
Dana, have fun at the barbeque tonight! The city of Mauldin is having their 100th anniversary and the weekend will be full of things to do so we may go out that way.
Glad the nervousness is getting better. I am sooooooooooo excited for you! :encore: :cheer: :bravo: :woo:
Rosey, I sent that picture of the Moose to my friend in W.VA who has a co-worker that is crazy about hunting. I hoped you didn't mind but I'm SURE he has never seen nothing like that! LOL :lol:
Just blessed our bedroom. I've been sneezing ever since! It's a shame all the dust that was in there! :rofl: :crazy:
Talk to you guys soon, have a great weekend!

09-30-2005, 03:27 PM
Hi everyone.. gosh we all must be busy..its been awhile since i posted and you all too..i have been blessing the house..working on x-mas presents..taking a 4-day diebetic class( i learned alot) and esp sewing doll clothes.. i must be a kid at heart as i loved dolls as akid and still do :lol: dd,s didnt and my oldest grdd doesnt but amanda my youngest gr dd loves dolls so i got here a generic am girl doll( the originall are to expensive :?: ) and have been making clothes for it.. am working on a bride outfit right now.. im really enjoying it.. does any of your kids like dolls and have you ever looked at the am girl doll stuff in e-bay theres all kinds of accessories etc so much fun..our weather is cold and rainy.. i feel winter coming brrrrrrrr.. not ready for that.. im snug and warm inside and it feels like soup or stew day.. hope you are all busy and happy((((((hugs)))) rosey :wave:

10-01-2005, 11:56 AM
Elena loves American Girl Dolls! She has her homepage on the website! LOL Glad to hear from you and that you are doing good, Rosey. I know what you mean about dolls. At McDonalds they are giving away with the kids meals now the Madame Alexander minature dolls and I was so excited. Elena says "whatever" LOL :lol: :rofl:
Dana? Daphne? Gayle? Ann? :write: :wave:

10-03-2005, 01:01 PM
HI guys. What's up. Really not a whole lot here. Kevin had to go in work about 3 hours late today so we could go put 2 front tires on the Explorer. We had a small cut in it that my mom actually noticed sat. evening and the tire was as flat as one can be. Luckily Kevin believes in Fix a Flat enough to use it and then $115 later, we have 2 new tires. I hate things that come up unexpected like that cause now we are under strain with finances again. I haven't even really thought of christmas. LOL

I go to the Dr. Oct. 19th and see if this little "beanie baby" is going to stick with us or not. I've had a queasy morning today and did on Friday as well. That's more than what I had last PG. I sure could go for a nap right now too.

Rosey I like dolls too but Laken is visually impaired so she doesn't really have an interest in dolls. She has them and even has the ones that talk and interact with you but if it's not a CD, stereo or something she can talk into, she doesn't care for it.

Where is everyone else? Did Summer make it home from MB?? I just wonder how the weather was for her. We need rain so desperately up here. Well I will post this and read around here on 3fc. I don't spend much time here anymore.

10-03-2005, 02:14 PM
Guys please pray that I will be OK, I spoke too soon in my last post. I am spotting a pink colored something right now and it may not be good. I am not
cramping yet but very scared. :cry:

10-05-2005, 09:29 AM
Where is my girls?? My spotting only last about 30 minutes that day and all seems fine. I'm even having nausea/throwing up throughout the day but it's not that bad. I've lost 2 1/2 pounds since friday. Maybe I should set up a weight ticker and look at the positive side of that. LOL

10-05-2005, 02:54 PM
Morning everyone.. gosh dana im so glad you are ok.. im thinking good thoughts for you and i guess throwing up is a good thing for you right now :lol: its cold and windy here today.. winters coming i can feel it brrrrrrrrrrr :( im still sewing and helping our neighbors..hes in the end stages of a terrible fight with cancer.. it all makes us so sad to see him suffer..and i want to support them any way i can.. they have been married 60+ years..and have 8 my dh and i have been cooking for them and running errands etc..hope the rest of you are well and happy where is daphnee?? ((((((((hugs)))))))) rosey:wave:

10-05-2005, 09:44 PM
Now, why didn't this site notify me of posts after mine???? I'm so sorry Dana! I just assumed since no notifications of new posts on the thread that you hadn't been here. I'm so relieved about the baby and that all seems good now. Please forgive me for not saying anything for I did not know! Just out of curiosity I looked here. :(
Rosey, sorry about your friend. That is too, too sad. I'm sure it's hard on you as well. :grouphug:
I emailed Summer and she replied that they had some risky weather but all in all it was a good two weeks for them and they had a blast. :) She asked about you all and said she misses you all very much.
I spoke with Daphne on IM yesterday and don't know why she isn't posting..... :blah:
:D :lol:
On Friday Jim and I are going away for the weekend. We are spending the weekend in Asheville, NC for our 20th wedding anniversary. Can't wait to go! :)

10-09-2005, 07:54 PM
Well I guess Donna is gone for her "honeymoon". Congrats on 20 years Donna. I hope to see that in about 7 years, myself. I hope you guys had fun.

Where is everyone else? I am doing fair here. I'm not as sick or nauseous today as I have been. I just wish the time for the Dr app't would hurry up and get here. I was in a collision on friday. It was the first time I've ever been in one while driving. I had just picked up brett and had the other kids in the car already. I was in the traffic at the middle/high school and a high school driver plowed into my right front. It knocked the tow out of the Explorer and stripped the rim and loosened up the bumper but other than that, it is ok. We are waiting on a call from the other drivers insurance cause they are the ones responsible for repairing it. If we had been in the little car it would have been something else. It was a Honda Accord that hit us and it knocked us over the width of the lane in the road.

10-10-2005, 12:38 AM
I'm so glad you are ok, Dana!

I'm home! Will post more later! :write: :) :wave:

10-10-2005, 01:50 PM
Glad you made it home donna, tell us all about it. Well maybe not ALL but did you go and see anything or just relax??

10-18-2005, 10:55 AM
Well I have been working on my ticker and have yet to correct it. My due date got moved up 2 days and every day counts to me. So now we're due May 28th which is strange cause my last PG was due Dec 28. I woke up yesterday with bleeding and went to see the Dr. 2 days early. We got our ultrasound and the baby is all there with a heart beat in the 160 range. He or She looks great and I got my first u/s picture. I've lost 14 pounds and he told me to start taking vitamin B-6 with half of a Unisom tablet to help combat the sickness. The bleeding has stopped and it was from some under developed placenta that he said would work itself out and I only had 2% chance of miscarrying now which is down from 20%. Now where is everyone??

10-18-2005, 11:24 PM
Hi everyone.. dana how exciting for you.. are you going to find out if its a boy or girl? am so glad everythings working out ok for you.. we were in wassilla visiting the other grkids for several days.. had a great time but came home pooped as usual..even shopped at wallmart this was a mad house in there tho as every one was spending there perm funds.. we used ours to pay our property taxes..nothing else new around here.. winters coming tho as its cold out..not looking forward to that snow ugh.. hello to everyone else (((((hugs))))) rosey:wave:

10-19-2005, 10:46 AM
Yes Rosey we probably will find out boy or girl in about 9 wks or so I guess. You guys pretty much go from summer to winter there don't you? We're in a mild Fall here. It's suppose to reach 80 today. I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm going to try to post my 8 week ultrasound but I bet you can't make no sense of it. LOL I couldn't either on my own.

10-20-2005, 04:10 PM
Yeaaaaa Dana! What a cool picture. I am so happy that everything os going great with the baby. Keep us posted and let us know how things are going and how the home is and where are the pics your said you would post?
I am here for just a few I have a bunch of errands to go do. Diet is not a word I am using right yet. Donna I had a blast talking to you the other day and have fun reading your blog. I will post more today when I get back if I can get on. Just been under a lot of stress and working stuff out, don't ask.

10-20-2005, 04:47 PM
Great picture Dana! I am so happy for you and your family :) :bravo: :balloons:

10-20-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi everyone.. daphnee :cb: :dance: :encore: :cheer: :welcome: back :cb: i am so happy to see a post from you..missed seeing you in here.. dana thatsa cool picture and im so happy for you..not much going on here.. i need to bless the house but im putting it off i hate house work..its cold out too :?: ((((hugs))) rosey :wave:

10-21-2005, 03:01 PM
Daphne what pictures are you wanting to see?? Inside or out? I'd be happy to try to post some. Now, you need to let us know what's up with you? I've been worried about you and so has everyone else!

I see we have some new smilies on here. I don't use many of them anyway so I wouldn't have ever noticed them. Man the weather is still in the 80's here and I am like so ready to decorate for christmas?? Will thanksgiving EVER get here? I'm feeling much better these last 3 days but still pregnant. I have some food adversions and my nausea is pretty much contained to morning like its suppose to be. I do have to pee all the time though but if I remember correctly, that will last about um...9 months anyway. My sister is getting close to her due date. Well she has 8 more weeks to go. I emailed you some pictures of her so you can see her, her DH and her son, Tyler.

Anyone got anything else to talk about?? Anything going on? I do nothing much all day but read posts on here and other sites so I get bored. LOL

10-22-2005, 10:36 PM
Hi everyone.. its snowing..i feel like singing jingle bells :lol: i knew it was close as we always have winter by halloween..hope you are having a good weekend(((((hugs))))) rosey :wave:

10-23-2005, 03:21 AM
:welcome: :moped: :bike: :scooter: :beach: :eating2: :lol3: :kickcan: :cofdate: :workout: :kickcan: :goodscale
OK I am back for now. Just been off plan and not wanting to post and irritated and stressed and lonely and pissed and having a pity party. Ever since my surgery I have been very depressed and can't pull out of it. SO I hadda try the new smilies and will post and go to bed and post in moring and I love ya all and miss ya all. If you have yahoo I have mamabrat2000 name. I have a blog there and that explains some of it.

10-23-2005, 09:45 AM
OK this is what I am working for, the goals I have listed below. I have to get serious because the stress of my weight, the unhappiness over it, the wasted money, the not sleeping, the disgust at my body, the aches and pains all need to get under control. I need to remember to take my blood pressure med and stop forgetting it, I need to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night and not keep taking naps. I need to start putting me first and stop worrying that Jason will be mad at me for not doing this or that. My stress the other naight after a big fight was so bad I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke. If Jason wants to be an a$$ then that will be his choice. I don't have to listen to it I can leave and come back when he is cooled off. I know if things don't change I will end up with a stroke or a heart attack. It can not be good to feel your heart beating hard and loud in your ears and thru your whole body for the whole night and keep waking you up beating so hard. I am going to take a mini vacation by myself before long. Why do I feel guilty and feel like i have to rush home when he is here? Why can't I take off for the day and let him watch his own kids? OK I have had 3 hours sleep and look like a zombie. I am so tired and can't stop thinking. I am back on my diet as of today. I dropped Weight Watchers being as I was not following the plan and didn't want to. 12 dollars a week and I can buy me 6 frozen dinners, or get a pedicure and a manicure twice a month. That sounds like a better use of money a bi monthly manicure and pedicure. Or heck might get fake nails again being as having pretty nails makes me feel good. Yea I am blabbering so sorry my wonderful friends but I am excited to be back on track!

10-23-2005, 11:03 AM
I have missed you so much Daphne and I am going to try out the blog thing in a few cause I would like to help you in any way I can. You are so right, you need to take care of yourself. Those kids are not your kids and you don't need to kill yourself over them if Jason can't accept at least 50% responsibility. I have told you before that you do WAY more for those kids than any step mother would have ever done and you've take a lot off of the whole situation. I pray that it all works out though cause I do believe you all love one another and we do all go through trying times. We are here for you so don't forget that.

Rosey do I have so say it again "Back away from the snow and no one will get hurt!!" I want snow this year so bad. It's a perfect time for it and although it probably won't be a good thing for me to "play" in it while pregnant, it's beautiful to look at. We reached the low 70's yesterday and we will have lows in the 40's in the mornings this next week so maybe we are cooling off here.

We went to the Oktoberfest here yesterday which is a huge thing for our town every year. It celebrates our town's German heritage. It wouldn't be so bad though if the mexican's would stay home. I know that sounds bad but you know they aren't from here and why celebrate it? I didn't feel good the whole 2 hours that we were away from home. I gagged so much. We walked so far away to park and I literally peed my pants cause I got sick walking back up a hill to the car. It was so NOT WORTH the 2 candy apples I bought. Plus it cost us $17 to just get in. I got a barbque sandwhich and ate half there and some here at home but "lost it" all before bed. Today we have to do groceries and so far I don't feel too bad but the day is so young.