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03-22-2005, 01:44 AM
WELCOME! :cofdate:

We are the JADED LADIES you will find support in weight loss and life in general.

Please join us in our daily chit chat.:comp:

03-22-2005, 01:55 AM
I am going to bed. Going to put myself out of my misery. Yes, I have had waaaay too many mini chocolates tonight - feel kind of goofy.

Wanted to say hello to Anita and Sue !! Sorry Joycelyn has not been feeling well.

You sound really busy Sue! 56 is waaaay young :) Thanks for your support, very tough go these last few weeks - appreciate it :)
K- going to pick up the Gabster and bring her home. Need to get up early and send her off for a day or two.

Chat later :)

Tea Rose
03-22-2005, 02:02 AM miss Susan I was in the middle of a masterpeice, and you went and kicked me off the thread , I feel so many emotions right now, but well I still Luvs ya,:lol: I'm to tired to start again so all I can say now is

Tea Rose
03-22-2005, 05:00 AM TUESDAY MORNING LADIES Yep this is pretty much what my morning looks like :lol: ,thought I'd stop by nice and early this morning, long before everyone is up including the little fur people,Bri is still very sick, the vet couldn't see her today so tomorrow she will be checked ,her little eyes are sticking together , and she's so congested, but I still managed to get some warm pablum in her and water, so at least I am thankful she's eating.Thankyou for all the kind thoughts about my kitties I do appreciate them,it will be nice when everyone here is well again.Well this was kind of a sneek morning post , you see its really only 3:30 am and I have this irritating cough that is persistant on keeping me awake, tv gets boring this time of the morn, so I thought what better to do than chat with my gals,but I know everyone is asleep as I should be, I will go take some more cough syrup and see if it will help this time, I will be back in a while, cause the waking hour is closer than I want to think about,

03-22-2005, 08:11 AM
Good morning, ladies!

All I have left to do is pack. Katie is getting very excited, and so am I. She's been doing Mapquest for all sorts of places to see how close they are to our hotel, lol. One of the other moderators, Jacob's Mommy, is going to meet us for pizza tomorrow night. Can't wait to meet her!!

Have a good week and I'll talk to you when I get back on Saturday!

Toodles!! :wave:

03-22-2005, 09:52 AM Tuesday!!!

WEll, Good morning everyone :coffee: oops forgot to turn the purple off. I really do think i am on here opposite times of everyone else..(does that make sense, it is my french lol):lol: JANE have a great trip!!!!!!! Ellen you were up at 1 and at 4!!! you arent going to get better wandering around all night lol ;) .. but i know what a cough can do in the middle of the night, you start and you cant stop!!:dizzy:
I hope your kitties get better soon!! It hurts my heart kids and animals are sick because they are so innocent and you can only do so much!!:cry:

My baby girl had 8 ear infections from last march to august... i brought her in to the doctor many times and they wouldnt send her to the specialist... i was mad.. finally i brought her up to emerg one day and the doctor there said she needs to see a specialist, and i said i have asked a million times and noone will refer her.. so he called for me and got her an appointment.:angel: So she had tubes put in in October, and she hasnt had an ear infection since...(knock on wood).

Sorry bout that rant i dont know what it had to do with anything....:blah:
If i annoy anyone let me know..... :grouphug:

Well Hello to all the JL.. have a good day .. TTfn

Tea Rose
03-22-2005, 11:02 AM MORNING Morning everyone , Oh am I tired, I cought till 6am took some Nyquil and fell asleep sometime after that, woke up at eight still coughing, :( ,any way it looks so pretty outside, like a real spring day , just a little chilli though.

MORNING JANE you left me already , I didn't say Goodbye , or have a great trip, or don't forget to write, or I'll miss you, wll there I guess I said it , and I mean it to :lol: Have a wonderful time (((HUGS)))but hurry back

MORNING TERRI was up all night long coughing my throat hurts now and my ear, everytime I would lay back down it would start up again, thats why I was on here so late, I tried so hard to sleep, but no luck.I was making a clipart masterpeice last night and Susan close the thread, so I thought that was my cue to go to bed but it didn't last long. I think we find we are on when everyone else is away is because of the time differences , I still haven't got them figured out, all I know is one night I was talking to Marti on messanger and It was I think 9:30 or 10 at her house and it was 1am or something here. I used to think she got home from work at 4 in the morning , and I wondered what she did :lol: I luvs you Marti :lol: Your poor baby girl , thats a long painful stretch to have an ear infection, :( poor little thing, I know all about the doctor, stupidity, see girls it isn't just me, :lol: I don't know what their doing anymore, anyway thats a rant and a half, just happy that the infection cleared up and has stayed that way.Don't worry about annoying anyone here thats what I do best :lol: It seems I have had non-stop problems and rants for the last 5 months, I'm on a roll it seems. I had all these plans and goals set for this year and it almost half over again and not one of them has been met, OH WOE IS MEsome of us rant more than others, right Susie Q :yes: Well I must go and check on my sick kitties, dispence the meds and make some more coffee , I have a feeling this is going to be a L O N G day, so I need coffee, :lol: I will be back in a bit,so don't forget about me OK.

MORNING PAM are you today, I had a rough night,I just shovelled in more cough syrup, I hate taking that stuff in the morning Yeach :lol: Whats happening at your little dwelling this second or third day of Spring , did anyone figure that out for me, Terri which is 20 th or 21st , I have conflicting information, :?: So Pandora found the kitty door , I bet she is so happy now to have a place to roam , and a warm home with love, what would they do without us :) Amelie seems a bit better today, but Bri is still very congested, her eyes don't seem as bad ,so far today .So whats your weather like??? come get me and we can go for icecream in your new car. I am supposed to be on a diet, but my hearts not in it,and its impossible when your hearts not in it. The more anxious I get about it , the more I eat. what a vicious cycle, I'm in :( Well I hope you have a great day , pop in and say hi, I will be here somewhere, here or there or who no's where, OK I will go now,


Terri were in the same country but so far apart, no one lives close to me :(

Tea Rose
03-22-2005, 12:15 PM DARN IT GIRLS I thought Easter was the Sunday after next, I am so far behind and confused,this means Easter Cards will be late, Sorry girls, I can't catch up with the seasons

03-22-2005, 12:38 PM i had started a nice message and i lost it!!!:cry:

OH well as i was saying, Ellen i saw on the news that the first day of spring was the 20th..i always thought i was the 21st..:dunno:

Who figures these things out? Is there a group of people who make calendars or something and they just decide what happens when??? Like why is Easter always different? Maybe i am just dumb.. but i honestly dont know.
Trying to get this kid to sleep is getting to be a real pain!! Sometimes i go to her for 2 hours before she actually falls asleep.. she isnt crying, she just throws everything out of her crib and jumps around.. i know it sounds like she is not tired, but that isnt it at all, she is fighting it. Grrrr.I think she is starting her terrible twos early:stress:
Oh well, 3 more years and she will be in school so i guess i better enjoy her now.

I cant even take cough syrup... it comes right back out!!! sorry,, TMI?

Well i better get again.. ttfn xoxo

Tea Rose
03-22-2005, 12:49 PM
Terri me Yak,but I take it anyways :lol:SPRING AND EASTER I think they change the dates around to confuse already confused people :?: like me :lol:

03-22-2005, 01:27 PM
:coffee2: Good Morning Ladies. I'm soooo happy! :cb: Do'n a little dance here. Today is trash day so put cans out for pick up and what do I see? A loaded down little red truck with a little old man going from house to house collecting junk. I am not one to waste such an opportunity. I ran out and offered him as much of sister's junk as he was willing to haul away. Happy day, he seemed glad to get it but he couldn't of been as happy as I was to get rid of it. :lol: I just hope he wants to take ALL of it. :crossed:

Did anyone see that ad for Oprah? A woman who lost 200lbs and was in need of skin reduction? :yikes: It scared the devil out of me. I've lost 80lbs and if I lose another 60 I may well look like that. Deflated balloons. :fr: I've decided to take it slow and be happy for the weight I have lost.

One of my outside kitties got into a terrible fight with something. He's looking very raggied but he's feral so I can't catch him to take him to the vet, so I'm slipping antibiotics into some canned food for him. He's eating so I'm not to worried.

Ellen, you should pack up the kids and kitties and move down here. My Irises are blooming away and my Orange Tree blooms smell so wonderful. Kitties are spending lots of time outside being Lions.


03-22-2005, 03:38 PM
Good Morning ladies--

Terri & Ellen--BEAUTIFUL post w/all the clip art!! Love it...must figure out how to do that myself.

Jane--Have a wondeful trip and have fun!! Tell Jacobs Mommy hello and wish I was there! ('re probably already gone and won't see this....)

Ellen--You poor thing, I'm sorry you were up in the wee hours not feeling good. Really is hard to sleep when you're coughing most of the night! Let's see...I believe you are an hour ahead of me....or maybe more I'm not sure, Where Angie is located, she's only an hour ahead.

Terri--That's great that your little one got some tubes put in her ears. I had trouble w/my ears as a kid and was always sent to the doctors. Eventually they figure out I had lots of scars in my ears and said I had nerve deafness. that why I have difficulty hearing? Yep...think so.

Susan--Send me over some of that chocolate!! I'm in the mood to feel goofy myself! That Mike character is some work isn't he? Says that he's a landscaper and even brought a lawnmower???? But isn't? Who's he foolin? My oh my!! I think I need a mini chocolate now! was my One year anniversary...actually it's on the 24th but we didn't want to travel w/all the Spring Break traffic so we celebrated early. We've been together for almost 7yrs now.....but it's like we're still newly coupled!! Love my James! About posting can either go to Yahoo and down load pictures from there or go to and do them there. If you go to Photobucket.....just make sure that you resize them to a smaller size since some people have a hard time loading the page. Really would like to see photos of Joycelyn! (and you too!)

Sue--Don't know if the hotel we stayed at is a reasonable price or not. We stayed at the Miyako Radisson Hotel ISCO+US+CA The view was fantastic and it was only 2miles to get to anywhere we wanted to go. And we walked most of the time!! Absolutely fun! Want to go back and do it all over again.

Hello to anyone I may have missed!!

Well, it sure seems like we have a lot of girls from Canada! Maybe you could all do a JL's meeting! That would be great! We still need to get the Oregon girls together! Sometime this summer maybe!

Well I have some cleaning up I need to do so I better get going. Have a lovely day!

03-22-2005, 03:56 PM
Good Morning.......

lol- I am soooooo sorry about your clipart masterpiece Ellen!! I feel so bad now. Just in my racing mind last night that I couldn't go to sleep without starting a new thread. We were over 50 post, you know?? Seemed it wasn't matching or something!

*sigh* I probably am anal. lol

Have a safe trip Ma Jane :) You never mentioned if you were attending an Oprah show?? Does anyone know if she is??? Would love to do that, especially when she is giving away stuff.

Marti - BC?? I think it is a beautiful place. ummm, no Mike has a job in yard work.He likes to use Landscape Contractor.
I meant he was telling Child Support that he has no job but telling the court he does.
Thus......he is incontempt :)

That sounds painful about your dughters ear infections Terri. I am glad they are better now. We have a wonderful learning childrens hospital in Portland.Though when Gaby just had a slight stuffy nose they had her in an x ray harness thing making sure her ungs were clear - poor thing.

Pam..........yay, about the trash pick up man. You are easy to please :) jk.

ok- better get. The girls and the ex took off this morning for the coast til Thursday. Rebecca said "Gaby isn't coming!!"
Doug "Yes, she is.
Rebecca "Noooooo"
Gaby "hey sissy"

lol.......anyway, off they went. Think they will have fun.

chat later

03-22-2005, 06:59 PM
Good afternoon.

I just finished another 20 oz - 40 oz total so far today. Trying to drink more , munching on pretzels.

Heard from Doug and they have arrived down on the coast ok. Sunny skies he said and I heard Gaby laughing in the background.

Heading down for a community crime watch meeting, so better get. Feel soooooo bloated. Seriously. Waaaaaaay too much sitting on this job.

waaaaa, waaaaaa,,,,,,,,k - stop the whining!!!

03-22-2005, 07:11 PM

I just spent half an hour making a nice letter for everyone and i lost it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have GOT to quit doing that!!! :mad: I was just saying good evening and a bunch of other stuff that i am too depressed to rewrite now. Ellen the Buckleys is the worst thing ever made on this planet LOL..Man i am so darn mad right now!!! i will have to come bacl later and write what i had earlier... ( (

Tea Rose
03-22-2005, 07:31 PM

TERRI I know just how you feel I did the same thing a while ago ,and I have done it so many times before , be at the end of the post and hit the wrong button and poof its gone. I know how maddening it can be , and I to have had to go away for awhile the girls can attest to that, Take a deep breath ,have a we are a support group and we will be here when you get back :lol:

WELL HI MISS SUSAN Anal you think , :lol: you couldn't sleep till you started a new thread , my oh my, :lol: you are a funny girl, so your on your own again huh , come over to my house , we will find something to do, how long will it take you to get here, I will wait, :lol: It was a materpeice in the making never to be duplicated, you should be ashamed :lol: But your a cutie, I couldn't be mad at you.(((HUGS)))Hurry up OK :D

HI PAM Yay for the good luck today , see good deeds beget good deeds, did you get most of the garbage hauled away. Poor kitty , :( I hate when they get into fights and come home all ragged and hurt, mine to came home the same way last night , they are mighty viscious when they fight ,poor little guys, why can't they all just get along :) Bri started some new medication today , so we will see if this does the job, I sure hope so she is such bad shape, I feel so bad and there isn't much I can do but clean her eyes and wipe her wee nose , :( I hope she starts feeling better soon.I should go check on her now , its time to see if she will eat some warm pablum , since she hasn't had anything today not even water and thats a bad sign for her since she loves purified water , yep thats what I said, straight out of the tap, or her special bowl,shes old and spoiled, :lol: hopefully my kids will do the same for me some day , :lol:

HI MARTI Angie is very very very ,far away from me , I thought we were about three hours apart in the time , but I could be wrong, when I talked to you that night it was 9:30 -10 I thought , and it was past 1 am here, but I could be hallucinating from lack of sleep :lol: This cough won't go away, you girls must be sick of hearing me whine about being sick , I don't know what the heck is wrong with me , I can't seem to shake anything, Maybe I should have went to the vet with Bri :lol:

I will be back later, unless DS needs the computer for his business, otherwise I will be,


03-22-2005, 08:20 PM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Sorry I haven’t been on here in the past couple of days. Brandon caught a slight cold, so I have been dealing with trying to get him to fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, deal with his cough, sneezes and runny nose.

Oh, we also weighed Brandon. Well, technically I had Tommy jump on first, and then I handed him Brandon. Brandon is roughly 25lbs, and roughly 29 or 29 ˝ inches long! I jumped on the scale, and to my surprise, at 9 weeks preggo, I weigh as much now, as I did when I found out I was preggo with Brandon! Go me!

I was talking with my cousin in WI, and she told me that she had heard rumors that we were pregnant again a couple weeks before we tested. I emailed her back and ask her what the rumors were, and she told me that my cousin Heidi in Germany heard that we might be pregnant again and told her mom. Her mom, my aunt/godmother, then told my aunt Kathy who told my cousin Julie.

Sorry for this being a fly by, but I am sleepy!

Tommy got an email from a local hospital for a Radiologic Technologist, whatever that means. From the description of the job, it just sounds like a Radiology tech where he will be doing x-rays, ultrasounds and what not. The job just opened and the hospital emailed him specifically for the job. The pay is from $18.34 to $23.90 an hour. It said that it prefers six to twelve months experience, but our buddy Joe told me to tell Tommy to just fill it out, what is he going to lose right? The job would be the midnight shift with some weekends. He filled out the application online, so now we just sit and cross our fingers!

On the job front, before I even showed him the email he told me that he is going to quit this place soon. The supervisor came and yelled/cursed him out for an honest mistake. And one of the guys that works in the area that Tommy does, said that it was not right for the supervisor to do that.

Jane~ He seems to be over his cold now, for the most part.

Terrie-Lee~ It is good to meet you.

Pam~ It is good to hear from you as well!

Ellen~ I love seeing all your little graphics that you add to your posts!

Marti~ I agree! He has been so crabby that nothing seems to calm him down except for all of us going to bed at the same time and where he has to touch both mommy and daddy and then he will fall asleep.

Susan~ Yeah, I figured it was easier to weigh him that way then trying to get him to stay still with just him on it. I was looking at a chart for giving medicine to, and remembered that you are suppose to go by weight, and just checked to see where Brandon’s weight stuck him, and according to the chart, he weighs as much as a 2-3 year old.

Welcome Scooby 2!

Suetalks~ he is his normal self, he just doesn’t seem to want to sleep in his bed again. Which we just got him switched around to a new schedule, but now he likes to touch daddy to fall asleep! Which means, no sleep for mommy! I hope you guys can find some place to build a house on, and one that you are happy with.

Man, we really do talk a lot!! LOL

Brandon is a bigger cousin again. My sister Megan had her daughter today. Kira Hope, was born at noon, weighing 7lbs. 14.2oz. and was 18 ˝ inches long!

Jane~ Have fun!!!

Gotta run…..hungry little munchkin that is getting mad! (not to mention a hungry momma that wants to get him taken care of first, and then me.)

03-22-2005, 10:42 PM
Happy Easter to you also Ellen. I used to have a family dinner on Easter every year. Kinda miss that with everyone spread all over the place. Now I think I will just go to church and then home. Trying to decide on a yummy menu for dinner for the two of us. It might be time for a nice beef or pork roast. We eat mostly chicken so a roast will be a treat.

I am tired of cold weather. It is rainy and damp today and the chill goes right through a person. Brrrrrr!!

We don't want to get me started on the medical profession..I dealt with that issue today and was truly disgusted. I go for another chest CT scan on Thurs. and then back to the gastroenterologist next week...I swear I am going to have to put my medical problems on Jeopardy and maybe someone can get the right answer/errr/question. I won't whine, but I have had the same pains since last MAY. No avail!

Marti...thanks I will look at that link. Did you guys drive to SF? I have to fly in and air fares have risen. Don't know when I will get back there. DD is moving and so wants me to come see her new place, just don't know when I will make it.

Mindee..When my DGS was a baby he always put the blanket right up around his neck when he slept. We were always going in and making sure it was loose. Now at almost 5 he still puts the blanket up around his neck. He will be in just his boxers but the blankie will be on his neck.

Pam..glad to hear you came across a man in a truck. LOL. Here you can just put things out by the curb and someone will come by and want it.

So long for now to all the JL's.

03-22-2005, 11:05 PM
Not to brag or anything but I have never ever lost a post! :bravo: I am stuck using dinky 3fatchick smilies :stress: and they aren't even in season!! :merry:

I am in counseling now over you losing a masterpiece because of little ole anal me Ellen.

I am really sorry, next time I will go to bed at the 46th post and will sleep through the crisis of no new thread at 50.....who was going to do it?? Sheesh- everyone is on vacation!! lol

Would love to come to your house Ellen :) Hope your kitties are better tonight :)

Can't wait for Cristi,Katie,Katy and Jane to get back!! We miss you all :)

Sorry about little Brandon, Mindee :( Congrats to Tommy though cross fingers he gets the position!! That would be super.

Oh - Sue - hi :wave: and Ang :wave: (psssst aren't you glad you invited me here?? Probably have totally embarrassed you by now?? lol ))

Yes, HRH Gabrielle is a world renown traveler. She even has the cutest little suitcase , on wheels,with a bear on it. I don't send her with that though - waaaaaay - too small for all her valuables and color coordinated clothes.
I guess the coast is warm and sunny. They had a grand time playing in the sand earlier in the day.
Rach gave Gaby a bath and she is in her nightgown already (only 7 pm here) sitting on a stool eating cheerios. I guess the sun is setting right out their window and they have an awesome view of the ocean.
They are staying at a relatives condo.

anyway, best get!! 80 oz's of water today!!

wooo hoooo. Go Me,,,,,,,,,literally - lol

da fat n da furious
03-23-2005, 12:45 AM
Hey Everyone

Rough day in the trenches....computers went down,,,no beer! OMG the world is coming to an end! Ive put in about 5 extra hours per day extra to man the phones and explain in my nicest damn way that our computers are down and we will like them to fax in their orders....its insane...stupid people I swear,,,can't you just sneak in my order? umm well buddy if I could sneak in your order why not the rest of the provinces? geesh what part of our computers are down did you not get?

Terri, I was one of them kids who had ear infection after ear infection, I got tubes put in my ears when I was 8,,,best thing ever. But when I was in my late 20's I started getting ear infections alot again then for whatever reason they stoped too...
Its been so long since I had a lil one at home,,,would be scared to have another.

Susan...I wish I was Gaby right now,,,sunny weather would be nice right now.

Marti, I have about 65 pairs of wings made for this play...insane! We had a makeup party for the fairies and they are going to look so awesome!


Ellen, hope you get to feeling better soon....What is your weather like? we are chilly without much snow...keeps trying to snow

Pam, my MIL had alot of stuff packed away and when she passed on, well it was a nightmare. She kept bills from the early 80's...she died late 90's but we slogged through and found some wonderful treasures,,,pictures and such. Had a creepy landlord who kept walking in without knocking,,,finally I freaked on him, told him that under the circustances that I know for fact that what he is doing is agaist the law and he would have a big problem on his hands if he doesn't give us a 24 hour notice. Ya know what he said? So are you selling that stand in her spare room? He must of been snooping in her apartment while we were gone! I just went balistic,,,told him I hope you never have to put up with someone as insensitive as he is when someone close to him dies....later that day his wife was in an accident and died.

Sue, building a house is cool too! I personally would never do it again though...2 new houses is more then enough for me.

Well I should get going ,,,vented enough for one night

da fat n da furious
03-23-2005, 12:49 AM

03-23-2005, 01:54 AM
My goodness Ang your font is waaaaay big. Thank you :) I am getting wiser not older, right? Getting better not more that how that goes?? hahaha

Yes, can just see you and Gaby in your nighties eating Cheerios. I miss her now, I miss her most at night because we sleep together. I have a huge king size bed and we always manage to sleep on the right edge.

I bought her a comforter the other day and I am fixing up her own bedroom - going to try and wean her over to her own bed and all.

The other day she asked that I close the door and I did - peeked in and saw she was under the comforter with her 2 twin dolls pretending to sleep - sooooo cute.

anyway- 100 oz's of water!

better get :(

03-23-2005, 03:26 AM
I'm baaaaack......

Hi ladies! I'm back, and back at work, and tired of the real world, and I want to go back and live at the Disneyland Hotel! *sigh* When I was in high school, I wanted to be a tour guide at Disneyland (before I wanted to write for Rolling Stone magazine). Probably just as well I never worked there -- Tim says, "trade curses what it touches" often aren't happy if you turn something you love doing into your job. He's right, too...I went to a commercial baking school, and still love to bake at home, but hated working in a bakery. Although, I think I'd love being a writer; can't see that making money doing it would make me love it any less...

I think it was Marti who asked me how I found time to get on the computer while I was on vacation...the Disneyland Hotel has internet access, and Tim, being the technogeek he is, never leaves home without the laptop. :comp: It's actually really cool because we can fill up both memory sticks for the digital camera every day, then come back to the room and download all the pics to the laptop and have empty memory sticks ready to rock-and-roll the next day...

We took a pedometer, and walked about 10-12 miles EACH DAY. No wonder my feet are killing me! Oh, but it was so much fun. If I can figure out how to do the Yahoo album, I'll post some pics.

:balloons: :hb: Happy Birthday Susan! :hb: :balloons:

Angie, got any pics of the fairy costumes? Would love to see them!

Pam, could you send the junkman over here next? He can have almost everything in my garage... :lol:

Oh man, I am soooooooo beat :tired: :faint: ...gotta cut this short. Hi to everyone else!

03-23-2005, 08:18 AM
Hi all, Just another quick pop in. Lots to do again today.

Marti-- Thanks for the lowdown on the picture posting sites. I will do that when I get some time.


TERRI-- Where in the great white north are you. I am near to Toronto myself, but I just love being up North in the summer. We have friends who own a trailer park outside of Sudbury. I loved it up there when I went.

ELLEN-- Hope you're feeling better soon sweetie. Kittie's too!!

JANE Have a super trip.

Well gotta go. Time to strap on the ol'pedometer And start logging on the steps. Looks like it's gonna be a beautiful day here in Southern Ontario and I'm hoping to get in a walk this morning with Joycelyn and Nikki Puppaloo.

This afternoon, I am going to meet some other mommies for a tea party. Should be fun, and I'll try to stick to the tea and turn a blind eye to the yummy goodies, that I know will be there.


03-23-2005, 10:13 AM ( MORNING (

:coffee: OK i am over my fit.. sorry about that,, but it took me soooo long to make that nice letter!!! Wow, did i ever blow it yesterday!!! No excercise and i ate all day... oh well today is a new day, i refuse to let one day discourage me!!

Susan: ( In my letter that dissapeared i was telling you about my aunts' ex. He hasnt paid child support in 15 years.... saw the kids maybe once a year.. even said the youngest wasnt his... then he took her to court on monday, trying to get the 15 years of back support reduced.. and he is trying to say that he thought my uncle adopted them.. so that is why he didnt pay and shouldnt have to... sheesh what a moron.:mad: . they have already taken his licsence and sent him to jail before... maybe those were clues that you were supposed to be paying???? gally what a guy!

Anyway, :hb: [/url]HAPPY (!:hb:

Anita: ( I live about 2 hours North of Sudbury, near New Liskeard. It is really nice up here but the Winters are cold and the summer is full of bugs!!:df:

Katie: ( nice to meet you, I am Terri. Glad you had a good vacation!! I think i would be crippled if i walked 12 miles!!! Welcome back!! Look forward to getting to know you!!

MIndee: ( Good to meet you!.. How old is the baby?.. My baby girl is 19 months and she is 28 pounds or somewhere around there... She is tall like her daddy... I dont think she will be short like me!!! Not that i ever cared that i was short.. (maybe if i was a guy it would bug me).. Now the fat part... that is a whole nother story!!!:lol: Glad to here the little one is starting to feel better!!

Angie: ( i had tubes quite a few times when i was a kid too, i was hoping my kids wouldnt... but they both have had them put in this fall. Emma it was infections, but Nolan just went deaf. He is hearing better now though thank god.. My eardrums burst a couple of times the were so filled with fluid when i was little.. talk about pain!!! Right up there with childbirth lol..:lol: Sorry about your troubles with the..

Suetalks: ( Nice to meet you. We always have big family dinners with my moms brothers and sister.. but this year everyone is fighting and so now it looks like it will be just us.. makes me kind of sad.. oh well. Have a Happy Easter if i dont see you before.

Marti: ( Hi there!! How are you? Do you do anything special for Easter? by the way did i tell you the pics were great!!:high:

Pam: ( you are feeling a little better.. and i hope you have a good easter!!

Ellen: [url=""] ( is exhausting putting in all these little pics lol:lol: BUt i have sooooo much fun doing it (when i dont lose it all). Have you seen anyone about that cough?? maybe bronchitis or something:chin: .. I hope the kitty is ok!! you havent been on today so you must be tending to her.

Jane: ( Hope you are having a good trip!!

EVERYONE: ( HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (

03-23-2005, 10:15 AM all thise nice pics and you cant even see that... sorry about that ladies :(

03-23-2005, 12:29 PM
:coffee2: Another gloomy rainy day. :censored: Usually I love it when it rains. We get so little of it but they are saying this is the 2nd wettest year in over 100 years and the rainy seaon isn't over yet. :?:

Susan :hb: :bravo: :gift: :encore: Happy Birthday and many more. Your still a youngter.

Angie, wow, Do you know Syliva Brown? I'm have found a couple items but boy, they are few and far between.

Terri, aren't you cute. Making your posts so cheerful. Ellen knows how to do this to. Me, I'm still struggling along with the basics. One day, I vow, I'll know how to do everything then watch out. Will you be inundated with cute and so will everyone else. :lol:

Anita, hello and welcome. Ellen lives up there somewhere.

Cristi, you are such a doll. Thank you for the cards. I'm having trouble getting back to my routine and am just beganning to pick up the pace. Cards may be a little late ladies.

Ellen, love your posts. Very creative and candy for the eyes. Cold and rainy here. Todays high is going to be around 60.Brrrrr. They say Sunday will warm up to 75 though. Diane's wedding went off without a hitch except for Mum's hubby, who complained about the music but he was determind to find something so no one cared. :lol: Such a jerk.

Suetalks, girl, I know what your talking about. My x SOB quit drinking after 35 years and self detoxed which nearly killed him. My DS spent almost a month out in SC trying to help him get back on his feet. Recently X was back in hospital because of a cist on his pancreas. They gave him a blood transfusion
which was suppose to be for someone eles. He didn't find that out till they came back to get it. :fr:

Thats all for now girls, I'l check in later. Love ya.


03-23-2005, 01:30 PM
Hi All

I've got a few minutes so I wanted to just add to my previous post.

TERRI-LEE Wow, you are in Northern Ontario! Guess what? I was reading your Bio and discovered that we were married one day apart. I was married on Friday August 17th 2001. We're anniversary buddies!

ELLEN Are you anywhere near Toronto? Maybe we're neighbours.

So far I've only logged 1490 steps. I am going to walk the dog for an extra long walk tonight to make up for the defecit. This pedometer really makes you aware of how much (or how little) you are actually doing in the way of exercise.

MARTI---Here's a link to my photo album. The wedding pictures are what I am aspiring to get back down to weight wise. I lost over 55 pounds for my wedding but my bundle of joy helped put it back on.


03-23-2005, 02:59 PM
Hello ladies~

My haven't we been busy little bees chatting up a storm! Not even going to try and catch up with the other thread(s).

Marti~glad you and James had a great trip. The pics are wonderful and thank you for sharing them.

Susan~is your BD today? I thought it was but for some reason Jane has it as the 25th! Oh well, your BD will be a little late, sorry and I will wish you a very HAPPY 41st BIRTHDAY! today and on the 25th! :p

Ellen~hope you are feeling better girly! And your babies too! :grouphug:

Pam~hey, that worked out perfect, the guy in the truck! And you are welcome for the cards. I can only imagine the stress you have been under with first the x and now your sis-(((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie.

Mindee~hope Brandon is feeling better and that Tommy gets that new job. That would be great for you guys! Especially with another little one coming.

Sue~I can't believe they haven't found what is wrong yet, that is terrible. Makes you wonder about the medical profession.

Anita~I will check out your photos as soon as I finish this post. Took me forever to read everything and for some reason I missed the link.

Katie~glad you and hubby had a wonderful trip to disneyland! Did you guys steer far from there or basically stay there the whole time? Hope you post some pics, would love to see them!

Angie~oh that is crazy :dizzy: bet you ladies were working your butts off to get those orders filled! Hopefully things have calmed down now.

Terri-Lee~such pretty, colorful posts you have! You and Ellen-bet that takes you ladies a long time to do all that. Like Susan, I stick with the smilies, convenient and I have most of them memorized so don't even have to click on them, call me lazy! :)

I hope I haven't missed anyone. This thread has grown so much I'm having a hard time keeping up! Of course it doesn't help that I was gone for four days. :) Anyway...

Jane & Katy~hope you ladies are enjoying your trips and the weather is cooperating for you. Have fun and be safe.

Taken from the Wizard of Oz, there's no place like home! I am so happy to be home even though we had a nice little visit and a long weekend away. I wouldn't call it a vacation since we were gone just a few days and it was mainly to visit family. It was nice to visit and DD and I did a few things while there. On the way we went through Joplin and decided to spend a little time there (we lived there for a while) and on the way back we went through Tulsa for a different view. It's about the same distance. Anyway, I have to go for a few minutes-will be back a little later to post some more. Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

03-23-2005, 03:17 PM
Hi Gals!
We are home a day early...had intended to go up north to visit my grandmother, but she came down with a cold and didn't feel up to company. We are going to try again to see her this summer. We had a lovely time in Condon.. as we left yesterday morining, it was snowing :dizzy: Weird. My son was getting on me about not packing mittens, but I just threw up my hands and reminded him that when we left Portland we had 70 deg. and sunny and I was tempted to pack shorts! Sorry about the mittens......

While we were there, we took a day trip up to the Maryhill Museum on the beautiful Columbia Gorge. A fun time was had by all....

I went ahead and changed my ticker...came back and that extra loss was not a fluke, apparently. Yay! Feels good to be losing some after such a long period of maintaining.

I've enjoyed catching up on the posts...

Happy Birthday Susan...I'm nipping at your heels here, with my 40th coming up in June..hope you have a very very special day

Anita - can't get into your photobucket ( need a password) but would love to see your's the link to my yahoo page so you ( or anyone else) can get a gander at my little family

Marti - loved your pix from SFCA... I would love to go someday and do the walking tour. I always like to see the sights on foot - even with the hills. My DH has been to SFCA for a conference and figured out BART pretty quickly, so he can be in charge of the bus rides when we go. We were thinking about a trip to D.C. for our 20th annniversary... but maybe I can talk him into San Fran instead. I have 5 years to exert my influence ;)

Cristi - thank you for the lovely card.... we are all looking forward to Easter. James is singing in church on Sunday and we have a large family gathering at the ILs... so w will have lots of fun. I've been staying sugar free - so it could be hard for me on that level, but I am just going to do my best and try to sneak all that candy into my DH's bag.

Ellen - always enjoy your bright and friendly posts...hope your kitty's feeling better.

Know I am leaving people out - so sorry. Will try to get to more people in the next few days..until then.... Have a great day! It's good to be home!

03-23-2005, 03:37 PM
O Happy Day to have Katy,Katie and Cristi back!!! Welcome home , missed you all :)

My birthday is the 25th Cristi :) Ain't 41 yet, holding onto 40 as long as I can - lol.

Just popping in. On my way home to get ready for work. Terri??? Your aunts ex isn't name Mike , is it??? lol Just curious. I guess it is comforting to know there ARE other ding bats out there. I don't think Mike has ever had his license taken away, this will be new. Not going to let on that I know.Curious to see if he shows up in 2 weeks.......would love to call the police on him if he does.......with his little mowers and work equipment - lol......

I know. I am getting so bad. Keeps me happy though thinking of him being held responsible.

Started the Atkins shakes today. Congrats on your held loss Katie!! That is great :) inspiring and makes me want to try harder.

Best get- chat later

03-23-2005, 03:38 PM
Anita~just tried your link to photobucket and it took me to the login page so couldn't see any photos. :(

I know a lot of people use photobucket, as does my DD, but there's another place not sure if anyone has heard of it-Shutterfly. I like it and may change my yahoo photo album over to it. My nephew sent his wedding pics through shutterfly and for joining I got 15 prints of it and am pleased with the site and the photos I received. Just thought I would mention it. Anyway...toodles :wave:

03-23-2005, 03:50 PM

I was menaing to say that 10 -12 miles a day is awesome!! I haven't walked in months and would like to start walking at least 3 miles a day. Rachel wants a treadmill, so I might look into that because I like to walk in the morning and it would be so easy to just get out of bed,sip some coffee and jump on the treadmill before a shower.

blah- blah

Just thinking out loud. :)

03-23-2005, 04:01 PM
It is kind of funny. Usually is after you cry -

Thought I was doing pretty good with all the water drinking over the last few days. Shouldn't have weighed today but I was curious so I jumped my little (ha!) body on the scale and it was 154.5!!! egads.

I was distraught. I feel better now, just more determined to turn this around.

Could be all the pretzels I was eating, could be pms, could even be the chocolates ( don't think so......k- I am in denial - lol)

Whatever it is my goal is still to be under 149 by the end of the month and walking 3 miles a day, along with drinking 80 - 100 oz's of water a day.


I put it in writing. It has to be true - lol.....

Miss you Ellen!! Where are you?? Hope the kitties are ok? :)


03-23-2005, 04:25 PM
Okay Ms Susan and ladies sneaked in on me. I was going to edit the post to Anita but then can't go back and see what was said, have a terrible memory.

Katy~glad to see ya back! Love the museum. DD and I did a few while in AR. You are welcome for the card. Glad you guys had a nice trip and hope your grandma gets to feeling better soon. :bravo: on the loss again-glad it wasn't a fluke. You are doing an awesome job-rub some of it off on me! I have got to get my act together.

Susan~okay, so I am not losing my mind. :dizzy: :p Okay, so I may be but I was confused when I saw all the HB's! :lol: You are making me want to go potty just reading all the water you are drinking. I am good to get the 4-16.9 oz. bottles a day down. Of course I have to get back on track with that since I am home now. I cannot drink water while on the road-I will never get anywhere!

Guess I didn't talk much about my trip did I? I said we mainly visited family. Finally went to the cemetery to put flowers on DH, and my grandparents graves after a few years. I buried DH#1 next to my grandparents which is about a 45 minute drive from LR. It is a nice small, peaceful country cemetery in the county where my grand parents married, and lived for years. We also went to see the Bill Clinton Library-really nice but there was a lot of people there so we couldn't see everything. Would like to go back when the newness of it wears off and theres not alot of people there-may never happen though. Also, took in the AR Arts Center/Museum-they had a really nice show-was impressed-for it being LR. Here's the link to that if anyone wants to take a look The last time I was there, which was 7 years ago when I lived there for a short while. V had come to move me to KS and we went. This of course was before the expansion so it was smaller and they had a Beatles exhibit. It was cool but kind of goofy. When to the LR Central High Visitors Center/Museum if you will. A lot of history there, not in the museum as it was a very small place across from the school but the whole story in itself. Here's the link if anyone wants to take a gander Oh and had to go see the Sugarbakers house. You know I lived in Ar for years and I swear I never knew that was there! Did anyone every watch Designing Women? Well, the house that they used at the beginning of the show is this house in LR. Of course the producers Harry & Linda Bloodworth-Thomason are good friends with the Clintons (that I knew). Unfortunately they don't give tours of the inside anymore. Wanted to go to the Zoo but our plans were a little mixed up because of rain so didn't make it there. But overall we had a nice trip and when I get my pics developed (took them to Wal-Mart this morning) I will share a few. Sometimes I hate that I don't have a digital camera. Anyway...have a good one ladies! :wave:

Tea Rose
03-23-2005, 05:09 PM
HI SUSAN I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays and I hope all your dreams come true, I hope you are having a wonderful day and birthday, I wish I could be there to help you celebrate, and bring you a cake, but I did the next best thing so enjoy HUGS CRISTINA WELCOME HOME I'm glad you had a nice visit, and that your home safe and sound, yes we have been chatting up a storm here, glad to have you back to join in. HI PAM Never you mind with the chilly weather we had snow again, not much but just enough to let us know that its not ready to let spring begin, Is Diane coming back now , tell her to get back here , cause ,well I said so :lol: Hope your having a nice day inspite of the gloom , maybe Susan's birthday post will cheer you up. HI TERRI Nice posts , they are a lot of work aren't they, but I agree they are fun to do. I still have the cough , had another rough night, thats why the late start today, Kitty had a rough night to , she didn't eat or drink all day , I was very scared by last night, but the medication seems to have done something miraculous because she woke up feeling and looking so much better I was shocked her eyes are clearer, she ate and drank, I am so happy and relieved right now. Hows you baby girl today,? Don't let yesterday get you down, I'm not and it was disasterous for me to, the more stress the more I eat, and I just want to kick myself , but my foot won't reach my butt. :lol: HI ANITA I am about an hour and a half away from Toronto, so we are the closest yet to each other,everyone else is miles and miles away from us,. Thankyou you for the get well wishes to me and my kitties, they are much appreciated. Why don't you walk the dog over to my house, that ought to help put miles on that pedometor :lol: have a great day. "NO BEER" OMG So sorry your having such a rough time of it :lol: I sent my St Berarnd with a keg , it that will help, could you give him a drink when he gets there , he'll be pretty darn thirsty :lol:. Its cold here with a dusting of snow still, its dark and gloomy today , I guess we will have to wait a little longer for the spring temps. HI KATIE I am so glad you had a wonderful time, wow everyone has gone and come home, time really fly's and I am pretty sure I wasn't haven't much fun :lol: No mittens, shame on you Mom :lol: HI SUE How are you? Did you decide on the Easter menu yet, I don't know what I am doing yet, I thought Easter was the Sunday after next, I'm a little confused :?: lately :lol: Hope your having a wonderful day MINDEE ~~ MARTI~~ KATHY~~DIANE~~ HOPE YOUR HAVING A GREAT DAY ~~ JANE AND KATIE HOPE YOUR HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME , WE MISS YOU

If I missed anyone I am so sorry,

Susan I hope you don't make me do this all over again on Friday, but if you want me to I will :lol: I need to go make some coffee now this took a really long time, so I hope everyone is enjoying Susans birthday celebration today.
I will be back later need to rest my fingers :lol: Enjoy your cake and balloons and presents Susan LUV YA ,

03-23-2005, 06:12 PM
omg- what a beautiful post Ellen!! It is the prettiest post I hav ever seen - lol.

Thank you and Cristi for the HB wishes.......and everyone else. It isn't my BD yet but I am having a wonderful day :)

It is a of of water Cristi!!!!! I have been at work just an hour and I have been to the bathroom 6 times. lol

best get!

Tea Rose
03-23-2005, 07:51 PM SUSAN I thought I had a screw loose to, I was sure it wasn't today, but since I don't know what day it is anymore , I figured I was wrong , everyone else surely couldn't be :lol: I was already more than halfway through my post when I checked the date, but I wasn't about to stop at that point, thats why I went back and put that beside your name :lol: Oh well this way you get two birthdays, out of it, :lol: Everyone will have to wish you all over again.Glad you liked it though, does this mean I have to top that, because I'm not sure I can, :lol:Since you can't have cake today , I am sending you a mmmmmmm ENJOY

PS: did you get my BS PM the other day ?

03-23-2005, 08:06 PM
No, I never got a BS PM. BS meaning bull poop?? No, I never got it - dang.

Thanks so much for the post. I am thinking I can print it off and hang up somewhere,very nice. THANKS!! I love Starberry Shortcake!! She looks just like me - lol

Just finished my 66th oz of water for the day! The girls will be back tomorrow afternoon. Adjusted my hours to be there when they arrive home, might make some tuna casserole, their favorite of my dishes that I make.

What else??? oh- the suspended letter to Mike regarding his ODL!!! YAY.......


k- best get :)

Tea Rose
03-23-2005, 09:24 PM (ONLY FOUR DAYS TILL EASTER) SUSAN your girls are so cute, How old is Rachel, she is beautiful,is that you with Gaby on the swing?? How in the name of pete are you getting all that water down, did you set up your office in the washroom :lol: I have a real struggle getting water in, but I know its the best thing ,for weight loss, right now every time I drink water I cough more , so its been even harder to get it in. :( I think Strawberry shortcake is the cutest thing, that would make you the cutest thing to then , would'nt it :lol: When my daughter was little she had a strawberry shortcake quilt and curtains , but she eventually made me take them down :lol: I don't know why :lol: well I want someone to talk to and you girls have been talking up a storm all day , and when I join in everyone leaves , I'm getting a complex now, :lol: I couldn't get your pictures either I need a password to get in. :( I used to watch designing women I loved that show , ah you didn't get to see the Sugarbakers house shucks, I would have enjoyed that for sure, you should have just knocked on the door, and said I'm a friend of the Cllinton's and I would like to come in Please :lol:

COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE Its lonely here without you :( fine then I'll go sit somewhere else, just call if you want me to come back Ok

Tea Rose
03-23-2005, 09:32 PM ANGIEjUST SO YOU RECOGNIZE HIM WHEN HE GETS THERE :lol: I know I have way to much time on my hands . I'm going now :lol:

MISS CRISTI was that a trick link, you sent?or am I just really slow :?: :lol: :mag:


03-23-2005, 10:02 PM
Hi all,

Sorry about the mixup with the link. :o :o :o I have fixed it now so try again if you'd like.

ELLEN I had a feeling we were neighbours. I too am about a half an hour outside of Toronto. Little place called Brampton, perhaps you've heard of it?

Well ladies the tea this afternoon went really well. Of course I spent most of my time chasing after Joycelyn. She was the oldest baby there and the only one who was mobile. All the others were still in various stages of not moving around much at all. Most of them ranged from 2-6 months old. My girl certainly kept them entertained with her antics and her talking. She also gave them all a rousing display of her favourite talent. Clapping her hands.

I had to laugh because my friends were not used to having to put their plates of cake and their teacups out of reach of little fingers. I spent most of the time chasing her, or moving breakable things out of the way. I'm thinking that when she starts walking I'll have no problem logging 10,000 steps a day on the pedometer. LOL

Well at least I was burning calories. And yes, I did take some in also. But I was good. I had a scone, and a very small peice of carrot cake.

03-23-2005, 10:13 PM
I love the pictures Anita!! Your favorite is mine too. .....sounds like I am talking in code - lol

Anyway, Joycelyn is a cutie!

Hi Ellen :) Thanks. Rachel will be 14 in August. I might have to go send you one of Rebecca, forgot about her. lol.....poor Beck. She is a little terror. I guess her and Rachel were playing checkers today and Beck lost and had a melt down in the bathroom crying. Doug put the tv on mute so he could talk with her through the door and Gaby started crying because she couldn't hear the tv, -lol
Yes, that was me with Gaby by the swing. That was the morning that Mike was going to come and he was late. We were at that little park forEVER.....
See, how long my hair is?? Need to chop it off........

We do have a ladies bathroom in our office. I am usually the only one that uses it. Anyway...........too much info??? lol

Best get busy!

Tea Rose
03-23-2005, 11:10 PM HI ANITA The pictures are wonderful thankyou for sharing them, you have a lovely family, Joycelyn is beautifull,such a sweetheart, I wish my baby was still a baby, but she's all grown up now, maybe in a few years I might have my own grandbaby, Looks like a wedding is in the near future, possibly next summer, so chances are babies will follow in the next few years.I sure miss little ones around here, but I have my little kitties and they do bring a lot of happiness and fun to my life :) , except when they are sick :( I'm happy your tea went well, I can see how Joycelyn was the center of attention, I agree when she starts walking you definitely won't have any problems putting miles on that pedometer :lol: Hope your having a great night and a quiet night :lol:
PS: I am very familiar with Brampton , we are about an hour and a half apart.
Are you by any chance a

AH SUSAN Your girls are beautiful, I can see why you are so proud, hey, your hair is really nice, I wouldn't cut it unless it bothers you , I see where your girls get their looks from :yes:
Wow I have to go take some tylenol or something I am coughing so hard my neck shoulders and back are aching, :( Sorry for whining constantly, but you guys pretend to like me , so I feel like I can :lol:

03-23-2005, 11:18 PM
Wow..lots of long and colorful posts. Glad to see some of our travelers are back and had good times.
It is cold and damp here today and once again I could not get out to walk. Brrrrr.
I am going to fix a cup of tea and curl up under my afghan with a good book. I am on the second of the Key trilogy by Nora Roberts. It is good!

03-23-2005, 11:39 PM
Hi Sue - the book sounds great - happy reading tonight! Thrilled to have everyone back too, now we just need Jane.

btw- what has ever happen to Shanna?? Miss her.

umm, of course you can whine feel bad you don't feel good! I hate coughing. I hope you feel better soon - do your ribs hurt yet?? lol.......soooooo hard to have "adult conversation" - maybe that is why I get along so well with Rocky - lol

who btw is really super sweet.........still. When I tell him I am going to cut my hair he moans like it is going to be a terrible loss. WhatEVER,,,,lol.

It would be nice to be thin and have long hair. If I got back down to 140 and keep the hair I could look like Marcia (sp) Brady....always thought she was pretty - lol

k- back to work!

Tea Rose
03-24-2005, 12:39 AM , MARCIA , MARCIA Yes my ribs hurt they were the first to go, :( :lol: Well missy , are you insinuating we do not have adult conversations, why I am offended , my heart is wounded :cry: hmmmph I am gonna find my own rocky, (rocky road icecream that is I will have an adult conversation with you, when I grow up Ok :p

HI SUE Its really cold and damp here to, we are also getting a bit of snow, its been going all day, for the most part. I made myself a cup of hot tea to, and I will soon think about going to bed. I really enjoyed the Nora Roberts books I've read, but I haven't read that one, right now I have a lot of books to read, I was on a roll for a while, but haven't been much in the reading mood lately, I had pre-ordered a book called Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh and received it in the mail yesterday, I have never read one of her books before , but it sounded like something I would enjoy, I tried to read last night, but I'm sorry to say this again but I coughed and coughed and had to put it down, I also have The Red Hat Club and the new one just came out so I would like to read the two back to back, I have a lot of reading to catch up on, I should be good bookwise till Christmas :lol:

Well I suppose I have worn out my welcome enough for one day with all my silliness, but tomorrow's a new day, so I will say Good Night Ladies

Tea Rose
03-24-2005, 02:41 AM
BELATED JENN HI JENN So sorry I missed your birthday technically yesterday ,since its almost 2 am , I just happened to stop by the bio's and saw it was your Birthday, I would have done it much nicer but it is so late and I took Nyquil to help me sleep and I am just about there, I do hope you had a wonderful Birthday, HUGS

03-24-2005, 09:35 AM MORNING!! m/clipart_samples/easterbasket.gifHi everyone. I tried to come on yesterday evening, but there was somthing wrong with my stupid comp !!! It is fixed now.... Sue, I like Nora Roberts.. i can't remember which ones i've read:dizzy: , but i know that i liked her. m/clipart_samples/easterbasket.gif 3 more days til
oh ya i forgot to tell you , Saturday night my mom got me tickets to go see Kalan Porter... (well my Canadian friends will know who he is lol) but the concert is in North Bay which is almost 2 hours form here, so we won't be back until late.. and then i have got to play the Easter bunny when i get home... and then on Sunday at noon we are having a big turkey dinner!!!!..
I am glad hubby took next week off, maybe i will be able to catch up on some sleep.:blah:

There were too many posts to reply to so i wont even try because i cant see page 3 and i have a terrible memory!!:dizzy:

But, i am glad to report that i got back to teh diet and walk yesterday. only one day off track isnt so bad i suppose :goodscale

I will have to try to drink more water though.. i was doing good with that for a few days, but i have a small bladder and was tired of staring at the bathroom walls!

Well I will wait for someone else to say something and then i will come back... noone is on the same time as me :( :lol: Are you avoiding me????? just kidding... oh ya susan, i thought your birthday was the 25th because i checked the birthday thread the other day.. but.... i am a follower lol

Well ttfn, and if my comp goes down again i will talk to you guys soon!!!

Tea Rose
03-24-2005, 11:29 AM
ONLY THREE DAYS TILL EASTER GOOD MORNING TERRI These computers are so sensitive , they just don't understand the importance of being reliable and readilly available to us do they :lol: The concert sounds like fun,I' sure you will have a good time. Your having turkey, mmmmm I love turkey dinners,I usually do turkey to , but I'm not sure yet if I feel up to doing it . :( Glad you got back on track, its so hard isn't it, the water part I understand, as fast as you drink it , its gone :lol: Ha Ha you have my complex, no I don't think they delibertly avoid us , hmmm or do they I have to go make some coffee :yes:, I must inform you my cough has turned into something more sinister :yes:,and the saga contiues, I will be back no doubt with coffee in hand, don't go anywhere Ok :D

03-24-2005, 11:40 AM
DO NOT POST HERE! Head on over to Chit Chat #120-see ya there!