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03-21-2005, 09:33 PM
Join us in our quest to get healthy and look hot!!! ;)

03-22-2005, 07:53 AM
Well, for me to look must have a very vivid imagination Summer! I would be happy just not to look like the goodyear blimp!!!!!:)
Funny, last nite I thought the same thing about starting a new thread. Thanks for doing so.

Dh and Ds just left for Florida-and the house is a shambles. It will take me the rest of the week to dig out the mess. Who was I kidding thinking that I might get something done this week????
No walk yet- I plan ongoing out for one during my "break"- even though I think I will be driving an extra route this am. (gotta attempt to fatten up the check a bit as I will not be paid for next week). Not much is new- the last day or so has been spent getting stuff ready for the "boys" to leave. Now Dd and I can party.....and I don't have to do the big meal thing for a while!!!!! :)
See ya later, and have a great day.

03-22-2005, 07:54 AM
Duh.....just forgot to put email notification on the last post.

03-22-2005, 06:44 PM
ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!! :D

Survived today...barely. Drove an extra run mid day, to transport some students to VOTEC- I will NEVER do that again. Not that desparate for the $$$. The monsters started rocking the bus immediately upon boarding (with security watching them, who are BTW useless). Then throwing my seat markers around (destroyed 2 of them), then one stellar individual decided to fake puking for 1/2 the trip. I knew all along that he was faking it- finally had to pull over and insist that he sit in row 1. Of course he made a big fuss over that...bellyachin', cursing......etc..... Gee, I would LOVE to meet the parents that raised him. Or maybe they did not raise him at all and that is the problem. Alll I know is it made me SO thankful for my 3- and especially Ds and his buddies (the same gender as this jerk). I am also driving an extra trip tomorrow, but that is just some 5th graders to the HS for a play, and should be pretty easy. Hopefully some of the students I drive will be my own, and set the standard.
Nuff bellyachin!!! My eating has been ok- and being that it is just Dd and myself, I can and will get away with an easy dinner. Hope everyone is ok out there......see ya later!

03-22-2005, 08:28 PM
Wow Ginny! I don't envy you driving that route. It is so me, 3rd graders are big kids! (They are the oldest in our school this year.) Rowdy high schoolers really intimidate me, particularly having to drive around a large number of them. Thank God there were no brawls on board. You are my witness, I will never teach anyone over the age of 5 unless I have no other choice.

Want to hear the latest escapades of the Nimrod (custodian)? Well, Nimrod wanted to get rid of the sand in our parking lot. Are you wondering what creative way he had to do so? He got out the lawn mower and tried blowing the sand off the pavement! All he succeeded in doing was to blow sand and rocks on everyone's cars dirtying and dinging them up!!! :dizzy: The Gym teacher caught him and yelled at him to STOP IT RIGHT NOW! He sulked away and was later found doing the same thing in the parking lot on the other side of the school! Okay, here's incident number 2. Nimrod was caught cleaning out the water fountains with the toilet brush!!! :fr: I used to worry about my students getting impetigo when their mouths touched the fountain...imagine what they could catch now!!! The principal is out of the building this week, but when she called in, the secretary told her about all of it. She had no response and apparently is planning on doing nothing about it. :mad: :?: :mad:

Time to hit the road.

Take care one and all!

03-22-2005, 08:42 PM
Oh out the fountains with a toilet brush???? EColi city!!!! Yuck and so totally disgusting. I have an idea, send Nimrod to monitor or drive for the idiot route that I drove today.....his mentality fits in so perfectly with the phoney puker.
And I will NEVER drive that route again- my usual is elementary and a mix of elementary/high school (very few kids, large distance). I do much better with younger students too. Not too happy dealing with adolescent hormones.
Gotta go....have a great nite.

03-22-2005, 09:38 PM
And you wonder why I'm so cranky sometimes? :grin: Could it have anything to do with the fact that the high schoolers I teach are the ones that the public schools couldn't handle? Imagine, Ginny: the kids on your bus, that age, but worse than that. At least your kid got up and moved his seat, even with the cursing and belly-aching.
My 4th period students were off the wall so horribly today that at one point, I suggested that we didn't need tickets to the circus because this was entertainment enough. Rapping, beats on the desk, the most foul language imaginable. I do hope the child made up the song, but I kind of doubt it: one of the lines had to be with "banging up his sista in the kitchen". Oh, lord. And we're having them finish up hospitality by doing a restaurant creation activity. They have a fairly length packet that included some recipes (only because my TA was acting so stupid the last half of the quarter, we never got to the kitchen), and instructions on how to create a restaurant, logo, slogan, and menu. My only rules were that it had to be appropriate for school, and couldn't be a copyright violation. What did I get from that group? "Big Balls Meatballs Cafe" (got that changed after many directions), and "Big Daddy Wants Woman Now", and the kicker, "Cocaine Cafe". :dizzy: Makes me want to :cry: just thinking about it at times... or laugh hysterically.

03-22-2005, 11:59 PM
Mouse, what a downer. Girl, for the kids you work with, for the supervisor who gives you zero credit, for the aide who ignores and disrespects you, for the doctors who treat you with zero dignity and continually give you the run-around, YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS.

It is my prayer that you find a job you love with supervisors and coworkers who support and respect you for all you are. It is my prayer that a doctor wakes up and not only has the answer to your problem but provides you with the means to make it happen.

No wonder you swim for miles.

03-23-2005, 05:56 PM
Mega Dittos to Summer.......I can't at all top the wisdom left for Mouse by you and would be a fool to attempt to do so. Bless you for what you do.

03-23-2005, 07:47 PM
You all left me behind in winter! :( Gone one day and everyone disappears. Lol ;)
Man, if tomorrow at three ten doesn't get here in a hurry I am planning a nervous breakdown for around........9:30. In case anyone would care to join. My kids are off the hook!!!!!!! I was going to run away before fourth period, but the custodian who was emptying my trash can would not teach for me. She replied "Man, I'm outta here!" Gosh, what's up with that? ;)
Won't bore you with all the details only to sayUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
My eating has been horrible this week. I am slowly going backwards here. Nothing seems to satisfy me. Wanted some ice water, but alas we're out of ice...........I wish my son would hurry up and start this stupid job, he and his friends eat toooo much. They don't bother to tell you that they've used the last of anything. I'm just cranky. I'm planning a huge cumulative test for tomorrow, so I can atleast keep these kids from bouncing off the walls. I'm sure they'll love that!
Ginny: Saw the walk away the pounds express DVD with the one two and three mile on it, so I told my hubby that's what he could get me for my birthday. I picked it up and put it in his face at Target last night, he said uggh no, what could I really get you? I said this is something I really want!
I also told him I wanted the walk away the pounds book. We saw that too, so maybe he'll remember. Good luck tomorrow on your route, I'll pray for you.
Mouse: Hang on girl, one more day. I too send the same sentiments Summer did. She said it so beautifully. That pretty much said it all. I wish summer would hurry up and come. We bought a pool last year. It's four feet deep by eighteen feet diameter. It looks like a huge jello mold if you ask me, but we love it. You can actually swim across it and back. Wish it were an inground! It's a lot of maintenance, but it is definitely worth it. I love to swim.
Summer: UNHAPPY TO REPORT..........WE STILL HAVE AOL................
How annoying...........Hubby still hasn't managed to cancel......
Going to Virginia Beach on Friday for the weekend. I'm sure that will be an eating extravaganza. I'm taking my tape with me, so I can atleast get up early and excercise. Maybe that will offset some of the easter candy that will be floating around. Plus, we're celebrating all of the March birthdays. we have my hubby, me, my son, my nephew and my sister in law all in March. It will be fun anyway. I really miss my Mom!

03-23-2005, 07:51 PM
I was just thinking about Summer's nimrod.....Remember the mold problem? Instead of cleaning the floors with bleach, which I'm hoping they will do over Spring Break, the custodian brought a hoe in and scraped the floor. Only did one classroom. Wasn't mine!

03-23-2005, 08:42 PM
I hate to disappoint was my last day of school and to top it off we are due for 8" of snow tonite. (what a waste of a perfectly good snow day). Sorry that your kids were wackadoos- mine have been all week. I drove a trip today (just took the 4th graders to the HS for a play) and after we got there the teachers I drove commented that they could never do what I do.....of course the kids were loud and somewhat rambuncious- but it would have been next to impossible to get them to behave following "my rules" as I only had 3 kids from my own route who know what my rules are. (and I know that I am on the strict side, but I get lots of unsolicited hugs, and I think my kids like me......well for the most part......) Anyway- I thought of all of you today, actually dreamed about how neat it would be if I could drive each of you on a trip (with your students, of course!) and how neat that would be. Never going to happen, me in NY, Summer in Ct, Mouse in Md, Robyn in Va, Kerry in Oh, Pam in NC, and just a slight problem even getting to Paisely in Hawaii!
Nuff of my babbling......gotta go.

03-23-2005, 09:12 PM
Just me again! Getting ready to go watch Survivor, and wiping away the tears knowing that you are already out of school! :(
Unfortunately, after changing into my shorts to get ready to walk, I got a phone call from my son saying MA, I need some steel toed boots. Oh really? When do you need them? By tomorrow morning. Hubby isn't home from work so another night spent chasing around for the eldest son who seems to appreciate nothing...........Anyway........I think your field trip sounds fine! I vote we should all go get Paisley! :D I have an uncle in Honalulu anyway! Sounds good to me. You defintely would not want to drive my lovlies around. They'd have you drinking by noon. LOL! Or hijack the bus. One of my best friends lives in New York. Not to far from the Vermont Border I think.......
Survivor is calling!

03-23-2005, 11:31 PM

03-24-2005, 06:08 PM
I didn't think this afternoon would ever arrive! Seems like everytime I looked at the clock during fourth period it said 2:00! It's over cept for the singing! :lol:
I had a pretty good day. My first period all sang happy birthday. My friend brought Strawberry Shortcake. Yum! And no more school for ten more days. How good is that? We're supposed to be leaving for Virginia Beach in the morning, but my little one is getting sick! :( I picked him up this afternoon and his cheeks were all red and his head felt warm and he says he has a headache and a sore throat. He is cuurently taking a nap. I guess if he isn't better by the morning, I'll take him to the doctor.
Dare I say it outloud? Oldest son started his job today. He was actually up and out of the house by 6 am. We're being hopeful this time.
Well, gonna go wash some clothes and try to clean this house, so it will be fairly decent when I come home. Although, the oldest one will be here. Time to enlist the neighborhood spies so it won't be like the MTV party house this weekend! Blah!

03-24-2005, 09:51 PM
We survived. I don't have to LOOK at my 4th period class until April 4th. I'm so thrilled. My major behavior problem was in in-school suspension for the 4th day in the last 2 weeks. He was supposed to be out in time for my class but wasn't successful, so they kept him (that's how it works in our school: you get in-school for a certain number of SUCCESSFUL periods... successful means you do your work, you follow directions, etc. If you're not successful, you don't leave until you are successful). I didn't have to listen to any nasty rap lyrics or any beats on the desk. Amazing. They all did work. Most of them were successful in the behavioral realm too: we had a small incident of horseplay, and I caught one kid but not th eother. He told me to F' off, but then when he came back from resource he talked to me about it. He did a really nice job, too... I apologized to him for not seeing the other boy, and just getting him, and he apologized for what he called me. Then, another kid got to resource and told my TA and I to F' off. The rest of the kids were pretty decent today, surprisingly enough.
My TA even talked to me today and jumped into the lesson like she used to do.
Of course, that's not going to last for long: I'm scheduled to attend the CEC Conference the week we come back, and will be out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for it. I'm going to plan the lessons out so she doesn't have to do much, but she'll still complain about being left alone.
I went swimming and lifted weights after school... I want to get there tomorrow before I go home. I won't be able to go on Saturday when I come back because I want to stop at the butcher's near my mom's house: their lunch meat and stuff is 10x better than anything I could buy in a local store. I always go there before I come back to Maryland... And the discount store. Gotta stock up on chips for bribes.
To those that celebrate: Happy Easter. :) I'll be back sometime Saturday or Sunday.

03-25-2005, 07:31 AM
Well, little by little we are checking in to document survival till spring break. I am glad to hear from everyone...even if all the news is not the best.

Robyn- sorry about Dd's job..... I know that this was expected, but that makes it no easier. How is he doing? Any prospects for employment? How are YOU holding up?? Hope that's just water or diet coke in that glass!!!

Pam- well how did the first day of work for Ds go?? And your little one......get to the Dr yet?

Mouse- thanks for the Easter wishes. Glad your last day was fairly uneventful. Have a safe and good weekend.

Me, I am up to my eyeballs here...wishing I could just stay home and veg, but did something stupid. I told Dd we would go to her softball game today.....and I have to stop in to see my Dm sometime too. I really, really, really just want to veg out and enjoy being home without Dh and Ds trashing the place. Yesterday I cleaned Ds's floor(tile that needs to be stripped, I want the room carpeted, for some reason Ds does not- guess cause it makes more work for his mom!) and did a ton of errands. This is the only time I can get housework of any major kind done.....and I have all this insane running around to do. BTW, I think my son has more shoes and clothes than I have ever seen......and bless his heart, he left all of it strewn around the house. Oh well, I am enjoying not cooking.....Dd has been so sweet and easy to please for her mom as far as that goes.
Guess I'd better go and do something productive. See ya!

03-26-2005, 02:40 AM
Hi Everyone!!!

I'm like pam. . .left for a week, and suddenly, no thread!

It's good to see you all again! I'm officially done with grad school, and on spring break!!!!!!!!!!!

And it feels good!

take care everyone!

03-27-2005, 05:36 PM
Happy Easter!!! (for those who observe)

03-27-2005, 09:01 PM
You would never know that I just had a three-day weekend. I spent 8 hours on Friday doing school work for my grad class. And, I'm not done! Saturday I spent the day with DD so she wouldn't feel totally neglected. I slipped in an hour more of school work, making brownies, loading the dishwasher, etc. We went to see "Ice Princess." When we got home I had a message from my friend that she wanted us at her house for her party one hour earlier. :?: You can't take an hour out of my already jammed up day. I managed to make the Easter egg bake, decorated the brownies, and boiled the Easter eggs. But, there was no time to dye the eggs. The party was for women only and the husbands took the kids out. I don't want to get into detail about the theme of the party. I will just say that if it wasn't my best friend hosting it, there is no way in heck that I would have attended. I was REALLY embarrassed, so I drank A LOT of alcohol...specifically several "s*x on the beach." My friend served light appetizers instead of dinner so the alcohol went to my head quicker, and I felt really crappy. I just wanted to get out of there. I had trouble sleeping between drinking too much and going over in my head about the party which was a major turn off for me. :p I was never so happy to see the morning come.

So, DD was very elated over what the Easter bunny and Mommy and Daddy left for her. Going to church was great...I even cried. We colored eggs after church then went to my DS house. Everyone behaved. Nobody got inebriated. It was nice and quiet, thank God.

After all of the overindulgence of alcohol, candy, and food, I am sooooo ready to get back on program.

Tuesday, we have to drive to Long Island for a funeral. :( DD will be going to her first funeral. I thought she should go since it is for DH's aunt, and DD didn't know her. This way she will have some experience with a funeral without it being traumatizing since the woman was a stranger to her.

Take care one and all.

03-27-2005, 09:28 PM
Summer- is this funeral for the former Bf's mother?? I am so sorry that you have to face an emotional and sad part of life for this weekend. My prayers are with you for travelling mercies and support. Too bad about the party- sounds as though it was more stress than it was worth. Hopefully the remainder of this break will be restful and calm for you.

As for me.......the men in the white coats are outside my door, banging on it with the stretcher and straight jacket and a ton of morphine...... The good news- we got to church and that was nice.....a wonderful Easter service. Then my day imploded. Just fell on itself.....where is the tylenol???????
I will be MIA for a few days......Dd and I are headed out for some R and R. I will miss being here and each of you. See ya next weekend.

03-28-2005, 09:08 PM
Back from my momma's house. It has been a very crazy weekend. Friday I was hurrying and scurrying trying to get my house semi straightened so that I wouldn't have to walk back into a disaster area. I had just washed my hair and was about to dry it, when the firemen knocked on the door and told us that we had to evacuate because the people digging the cable line had hit a gas leak. I didn't even have time to grab a coat, and it was freezing, not to mention my hair was wet. We were outside for an hour. Finally got back into the house, and still couldn't leave cause the road was blocked off. Couldn't leave until three. Went out for Chinese food. Was a buffet. Not a good thing..............
Saturday, my son called from Myrtle Beach saying he needed me to Western Union him some money he had a blow out. Took care of that.......
Family stuff....................
Great Easter Dinner, too much food not to mention that darn candy from the Easter Bunny that my son kept sticking in my face. Good day overall.
Until...........ten.......when my oldest called to say that he got a noise violation ticket and had three days to come up with $121.00.......Ok, so today he gets up to go to work and drove to the gas station where his car died again for third time in a month. Another tow tomorrow. I can't even sleep in in the morning, because I have to take him to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHH
Went out to Red Lobster tonight for my birthday, again ate too much.
Guess it's back to healthy food now that I'm in a more controlled environment. Got the Walk away the pounds three pack with the one, two and three mile dvd, and some weighted balls. I'm pretty excited about that.
Wish it was new furniture or a fridge, but I'm pleased.
Mouse: Thought about you this weekend because I bought some Herr's barbeque potato chips which are still in my car. They don't have them here, but they do have them in Virginia Beach. I'm so bad...............
Ginny: Good luck with the r and r.
Paisley: Glad you found your way. Hope all is well and congrats with finishing your grad class.
Summer: EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF PARTY WAS IT????I AM SO CURIOUS NOW????????????????????//
Hope everyone gets a much needed bit of rest.
Take care!

03-29-2005, 05:54 PM
Ginny: The funeral was for DH's aunt.

We just got back from the funeral. I am so drained and exhausted. My house looks like a tornado hit it, and I don't even care. Screw it. I woke up at 4:30am so I could have enough time to make myself beautiful (well, presentable), get my DD ready, and be able to leave by 6am. We got to the funeral on Long Island with 20 minutes to spare. We were lucky we left when we did and didn't hit the usual rush hour traffic on I95. The church was HUGE and only 20 people attended the service. It was really weird and kind of sad. Apparently a lot of people had attended the wake last night, but I would feel really awful if a close family member of mine had such a small showing at the funeral. Afterward, DH's family took everyone out to his aunt's favorite restaurant. It was very nice, and I had a chance to reacquaint myself with family members I hadn't seen in over 10 years. We left after that. We were very fortunate to have safe travel for our 5 hour round trip drive.

Pam: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The party? Let's just say it was a mistake. It was a party that only adults would attend to purchase private items. Get it? Well, as much as I enjoy being "amorous," deep down (no pun intended), I am an old fashioned girl. I love my husband and all that goes with it, and personally, I prefer to leave that part of my life as that. My friend, on the other hand, is searching for something she hasn't found yet. Apparently this is her current solution. And, she is trying to drag everyone she knows in with her. In my opinion, it won't make her any happier than anything else out there in this crazy world. She needs to look inside herself to find what is missing. Anyway, Saturday night's party mortified me. I know I sound really "square," but it did. I had a really hard time sleeping and trying to sober up. NEVER AGAIN.

03-29-2005, 08:24 PM
Hello all.
I went to my mom's house and we ALSO went to Red Lobster, Pam. :) My grandmother loves the restaurant, but it is sadly out of their budget since my mother was forced into early retirement. So, I gave her a gift certificate for Hanukkah, which they hadn't used... so we took that and I paid for the rest of the meal. We had LOTS of leftovers because we got an appetizer. We all love calamari, and broccoli, so we almost always have to get the calamari with broccoli and red peppers. I don't like red peppers but my mother and grandmother do.
And then, of course, we had dinner... I brought home nearly my whole dinner. All I could eat was the steamed vegetables. Red Lobster has a separate grill for the fish and then one for chicken and beef.... so I was able to get grilled fish! If they had grilled the chicken on the same spot, of course, I couldn't get it. I had grilled tilapia, wild rice pilaf, more broccoli and a salad... and 2 biscuits... all of which came home with me on Sunday and was dinner Sunday night and/or last night.
My grandmother had some type of stuffed shrimp with lobster, crab and cheese, and my mom had lobster with shrimp.
Yesterday I cleaned around the house a bit: I changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom. I took my quilts to the dry cleaners today because I don't think I'll need all 3 of them for the rest of the year. The other quilt that is on my bed now was dry cleaned last spring, so it'll get thrown in the dryer with some lavendar and hung. It costs too much to have them dry cleaned every season: $58 for a full and a king sized quilts that are typically on my bed for the winter.
Its still too chilly to change over to short-sleeve shirts, and I have a feeling I need some new polo shirts for school.
And then I went to the gym. I think I went a little nutso... between being out of town and the weather plus cleaning yesterday, I haven't been since thursday afternoon. I swam for more than an hour today. 1.28 miles. I'm sure I'll regret it tomorrow....
I need to do some lesson planning for next week, since I'll only be at the school on Monday and Tuesday, go to the dentist, and hit the gym tomorrow.
I also want to price some DVD players: cable here is getting outrageously expensive. If I can get limited cable that has local stations and some other channels, I'm going to buy a DVD player and get NetFlixx. Its cheaper, and I can watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it.
I have a perfectly good VCR that is hardly ever used, and I need to keep it because most of the stuff we have at school or get for school is still on video tape... so I can't see the point of getting a dual VCR/DVD player as long as I can hook both of them up. That shouldn't be too hard.
The hard part will be convincing Comcast that I REALLY DO want to downgrade my service. And its their own fault: they keep raising the prices for City residents and always well in advance of any increase in services. They raised my rates a year ago for OnDemand, but I just got OnDemand last week. And let me tell you, there isn't ANYTHING there.

03-30-2005, 08:39 AM
Good morning!
Hope everyone is having a good spring break so far. I have been sooooo lazy. It was really hard to get back on an eating plan yesterday after eating sort of regularly this weekend. But, I drank tons of water and did the two mile Watp tape I just got. That really was a lot more intense than the one mile. I liked it though. The weather here is absolutley gorgeous. It was in the upper sixties yesterday, supposed to be in the seventies today and 80 on Thursday. I am going to do some major yard work on Thursday. The yard looks terrible. I guess I should clean the house at some point. Summer, that same tornado has made it to my house. Oh well, maybe at some point, before we go back to school I will get around to cleaning it. Ha!
Had to get up at 5:30 yesterday morning so I could take my son to work. That sorry excuse for a car of his..........He doesn't work til Friday, so atleast I won't have to play chaueffer today, and maybe his car will be fixed by then. I know the mechanic we take the car to just loves to see us coming. Still haven't finished taxes yet, but it isn't looking good...............
Summer: Gotcha! Never been to one of those parties but I know some people who are the same way.
Mouse: Well haven't you been productive? Pass some of that energy my way please. I feel like I could sleep this vacation away.........
Managed to lose another pound. Don't know how in the world that happened.
Well just stopping by I'll be back later.

03-30-2005, 11:55 PM
Pam: Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing great. My spring break is three weeks away, and I am soooooooo ready.

I had class tonite. I got my first paper back...I got 75 points out of 75 possible points!!! A perfect score!!! Yippee!!! I was really sweating my first grad school paper. I've been out of school for 13 years, and I have been feeling kind of rusty. So, it feels really great. I handed in two more papers, one of which I had to do an oral presentation on tonite. The professor seemed impressed. Hopefully the papers (I spent 8 hours writing them) will impress her as well. Obviously I want an "A" in the class.

I have a student who is living in a foster home and is doing very well. His drug addicted/bipolar mother and drug addicted father are fighting to get custody back. The boy came to the foster mother one year ago failing to thrive, unable to walk or talk. Now one year later, he is one of my brightest and happiest students. I wish I could adopt him myself so I could protect him from these horrible people. I have written letters to help the foster mom retain custody, but she thinks the court is bound and determined to return him to his "biological" parents. I am so scared for this boy's future.

I have so many students who I am worried about. Teaching in the inner city surrounded by poverty, insufficient health care, drug abuse, etc., makes me feel so helpless to make my students' lives better. I teach them and love them as best as I can, but in 11 weeks they will no longer be mine to help. I'm really gonna miss my babies when they graduate and move on to kindergarten. :(

03-31-2005, 11:33 AM
Hi Ladies,
Sorry that I was MIA for a month. I had to get a lot of stuff done for school before spring break. So my computer time in the evenings were nonexisit. Then I pulled a muscle in my neck/upper back and have been doctoring that for the last few days. So I have spent my break sleeping off the pain killers the doctor gave me. I do feel a little bit better. So that is what is new with me.
I will check back in with you all later when I can sit in front of the computer longer to catch up on what is happening with you all.
More later,

03-31-2005, 07:25 PM
Been a busy couple of days. THE WEATHER IS GORGEOUS! Shorts weather actually. I have been working in the yard the past two days. Yesterday I had to drain and clean my fish pond which was in itself an all day task. I went and bought a wet/dry vac to suck out the sand which was attached to the bottom. How have I lived this long without one? I don't know. But, it's refilled, plants repotted, and bubbling away like it should be. Today, was cleaning up all the debris from yesterday, and raking this nasty yard. Winter has done terrible things to my yard. I must have eight million sticks, gumballs and leaves back there. We had to stop cause of rain, but now that the rain is stopping, it's getting dark. I may atleast turn on the outside spot lights and try and finish bagging the last bit because the trash comes tomorrow and I would love to have most of it gone when the trash comes. My legs are killing me...................

Kerry: What happened to your neck? I'm sorry to hear about that. Too bad you're down during spring break, however, you could have to go to work feeling yucky. Hope it gets better.

Summer: Hang on, Spring break is coming. You can make it. I seriously think I would have had a nervous breakdown if we had to go one more day.

Ok, well my computer addicted poker playing hubby is lurking, so let me go.Talk to you all later.

03-31-2005, 09:36 PM
Kerry: WELCOME BACK!!! WE MISSED YOU!!! I hope you feel better. Have you ever tried a chiropractor? Let me tell you, they can work miracles, especially if they are trained in accupuncture. Either way, heal up fast, and I'm glad you are back. ;)

Pam: Shorts, huh? I'd say I've got a couple more months before we will be able to wear shorts. Today the high was a whopping 50 degrees, and everyone was going nuts :dizzy: with spring fever. I can't imagine how crazy everyone would act if it was warm enough to wear shorts!!! I mean, DD and I were able to wear our fleece jackets instead of our down jackets, and that was a total thrill! :p I feel so much lighter and "slimmer" not walking around in a big poofy down jacket. I'm sure Robyn is experiencing similar temps to you, and Ginny is experiencing similar temps to me. We already know that Paisley is in PARADISE.

I have my period, and I am SOOOOO BLOATED. God help me, I feel as if I will burst! I can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow. I just need to work off all this water and fat. I feel gross. :o But, it is great motivation.

I'm not looking to the time change, you know, it is time to "spring ahead" on Saturday night. (Don't forget to change the batteries on your smoke detectors!) I hate losing an hour.

Take care one and all!

ROBYN...COME BACK. :shrug:

03-31-2005, 09:39 PM
Sounds great with all of you.
Kerry: Sorry to hear about the back/neck, and glad you're back.
Summer: Congrats on the papers!!!! I need to get my rear in gear: I need to write a paragraph to start off the project for my independent study this semester. I've done research and I think I know where I'm going, just haven't gone there yet.
I have the summer classes picked out, but I'm waiting to hear from my advisor if he'll let me do it or not. If he does, I'm probably going to wind up with 9 credits: 2 classes first session, and then the pre-req from one of the first classes for the second session.
I went to lunch today at Fuddruckers with a friend from the gym and ate about half of this absolutely huge taco salad. I ate mostly lettuce too, because when I dumped it over, all the beef wound up on the opposite side of the plate from the pico de gallo and the lettuce. I didn't eat much of the shell.
Then I went to the library and the gym... My friend came later and walked with me in the pool... I swam 40 minutes before she got there, and then we walked for an hour. I went to play in the therapy pool (its deeper, and warm) then for another 40 minutes.
I had pizza for dinner.
Oh, and talk about horrifying customer service: I ordered a bathing suit from Junonia. This isn't the first time I've ordered swimsuits from them, because it is hard enough to find the chlorine-safe swimsuits for larger women. None of the other catalogs or sports companies sell them at all... actually, most of them don't have chlorine proof suits in any size. I have two one-piece tank suits from Junonia that have held up really well with just one issue: because they are polyester-y, they chafe. So if I do a lot of kicking or water aerobics, I break out in rashes on my legs. I have another one on the right side where my swimsuit strap rubs. I saw they had two-piece swimsuits with that fabric so I figured I'd go to that. I ordered it, the damn thing cost near $100 ! It got here today, and the idiots packed the wrong order. Now, if this was the first time I'd had a problem I wouldn't mind, or if they had treated me like a customer on the phone instead of somebody they had to deal with... But, no. When I first told her, she put me on hold because she said she didn't know what to do. Then she came back, and asked me to give her the style number on the bag... I told her that the bag was mislabeled, and the style number on the bag's label matched the order form, but the description didn't match the item. I ordered a tankini, I got a bottom. So she says that I need to ship it back to them (at my expense), and they'll reimburse me and ship the new item when they receive the old one back, but I still need to pay for shipping on the new item. Uhm, excuse me? You screwed it up! I had paid extra for UPS 2-day shipping, too... I asked her if they couldn't send out the new item and then I could turn around and send the old one back to them that way... that's what all the other companies and stores do when they screw up. She said no, and that for her to send out the new item right away, she'd need to charge me again for the item and shipping. I told her this wasn't the first time they'd messed up an order and I'd had to send an item back, and that it took them damn near forever to credit my account last time and then send the new item... they hadn't told me the item was back-ordered by MONTHS. I ordered the stuff in September and got it in November.
They are getting the whole order back, and I will do my best to NEVER order from them again. And with all the swimming I do, I go through suits fast.... especially the ones that aren't chlorine resistant. But I guess that Lane Bryant's suits (about $30-40 each) equal one of the Junoina suits at $100 a pop.

03-31-2005, 11:39 PM
Summer---Wow!! I'm responding to 3 posts back. . .this is what happens when I miss some serious time. You sounded like you have SO much on your plate, and your period. . .ugh. :( You also sound like SUCH a teacher---ensuring that your daughter's first experience at a funeral is one that involves someone she doesn't know well. ;)

Kerry--HI!!! :wave: I'm glad to see you again, and so sorry to hear you're hurting. I am glad to hear you're feeling a little better, and hope you feel much better soon. :crossed:

Mouse--What an awful experience with the swim suit! :mad: I'm glad you're not buying from them anymore, that was RIDICULOUS!

Pam--Woo Hoo! shorts weather and weight loss!!! :cp: You are awesome! I love shorts weather!!! You sound like you've had an incredibly productive day.

As for me--I'm up to 177 (up 2 lbs). That's probably because my exercise routine is no longer routine from the last week of grad school, and the last week of teaching---too many things to do to sleep, forget exercising! :faint: But, I have officially finished grad school!!! :flow2: and, it's been a relaxing break, mostly. I've gotten back into walking down and up the hill, and around town instead of driving. I also bought a dumbell set--with the removable plates, and have started using it.

I have a teacher's union convention this weekend, then school starts up on the 4th. I'm not looking forward to it. Our school is restructured, and the company taking us over is running our inservice on the 4th. I'm not happy about any of this, but it's the way things are now. I hope that NCLB crumbles by the wayside in the next 4 years, because this makes teaching really unpleasant. The union did a survey, and 50% of Hawaii's teachers plan to leave Hawaii in the next 4 years, and of those, 50% will leave teaching entirely. . .because of NCLB. :bomb:

Anyway, enough of that. . .Take care, everybody!!! :D

04-01-2005, 07:50 PM
I absolutely hate NCLB. The law demands that my TA be a highly qualified professional, and have X number of credits. Yet, since I don't teach a core subject, the state won't ALLOW me to become highly qualified. Virginia will allow me to be "highly qualified" as a special ed teacher as soon as I have a certificate of advanced graduate study; Pennsylvania wants me to go back to undergrad and get another degree in elementary education. Uhm, hello: I have a bachelor's degree in special education, a master's degree in transition planning and severe disabilities, and I'm working on a doctorate/certificate of advanced graduate study in assistive technology and curriulum & instruction. How much more freaking qualified would you like me to be?
We go back on Monday also. I'm there Monday & Tuesday, then out Wed-Friday for the CEC International Convention. Then, I'm there Monday-Wednesday, and out Thursday & Friday for my annual appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist. Then... I'm there Monday-Thursday, and out Friday for Passover. My TA is going to have a cow, breech presentation, when she hears all of this. There are also 2 field trips in there somewhere, which means I'm off-campus all day for those.
We have a new student starting with us Monday, and some students leaving our program as we come into last quarter. Oh, and I think I told you all that I'm going camping, which means there are 3 days in May that I won't be on campus, and 2 field trips that month too.
Exercise news: I was fooling around with a noodle in the pool the other day, just balancing on it on my knees. Its not hard, but its not easy to keep yourself balanced one you get on it... especially if you keep your back straight. One of the water aerobics instructors saw what I was doing and gave it a try... apparently, its a great isometric exercise for your abs and for working on balance. :snork: I did it because it was fun. ;)

04-02-2005, 05:16 PM
Mousie, that noodle move cracks me up. I can just picture myself doing the same thing, only being embarrassed that I got caught! I'll have to give your move a try. :lol: How frustrating dealing with Junonia. Thanks for the tip. I will surely avoid ordering from them. I purposely try to purchase from businesses that focus on customer service. It is the only smart thing to do if they want repeat business. You ought to report Junonia to the Better Business Bureau. I just had a VERY FRUSTRATING situation with a company not affiliated with Disney who sell Disney merchandise. After months of fighting with them, BBB fixed them in a couple of weeks, and I got my refund! :smug:

Paisley, thanks for the compliment. My grandmother used to purposely bring me to the funerals for her friends so I could learn funeral etiquette. (It is a good thing because I lost both my mother and my grandparents before the age of 22. My dad died seven years ago. I'm a little too well-acquainted with writing obituaries and delivering euligies.) Hopefully, I will live to be a VERY OLD LADY so that my daughter can share a very long life together. That is my main reason for wanting to lose live longer.

AOL just called me all upset because I cancelled them and wanted me to reconsider. I guess my last meltdown wasn't enough for them. I gave the poor guy **** for daring to dial my phone number. If I could have reached through the phone lines, I would have strangled him.

I've been on program and exercising. The warmer weather (40's & 50's) is a real motivator for me. I just keep thinking about all my beautiful summer clothes that don't fit me and how much more fun summer will be with 50 less pounds. I can't even imagine how much better I will look in a bathing suit. So, we shall see.

It is raining cats and dogs. But as I taught my preschoolers yesterday, "April showers bring May flowers!" I guess it will be worth it.

Have a great weekend!!!

04-02-2005, 09:29 PM
hello friends!

remember lil ole me? i'm sorry. things here have just turned upside down. real life has kicked my fanny. my dh has been unemployed for more than 2 weeks now. no job in sight. he is a trooper and is trying hard to keep a smile on his face. he is truly much more pleasant to live with unemployed minus the work stress than he has been for months. spring break with everyone home was a dream.... until we remembered that we needed to save every dime for NEXT month! we've survived 2 weeks! on monday, the youngest (at 10) will begin life without daycare. $200 shaved from our bills!

anyway. water. that is where i begin again. getting all other beverages out of my glass. water. it is a baby step. but once again. i'm moving forward.

summer, thanks for the pm. It meant a lot! :)
mouse, call Junonia (or how ever it is spelled!) back... ask for a manager or the person with the highest authority...... ask for them to make the order right at no expense to you. Be firm and keep repeating what you need. Keep going higher if you don't make progress. Keep at it. Make sure they know of how you were treated when you first called. Make sure they know that this is not your first "problem"... be persistant.. be nice but keep at it. They CAN fix anything they want to fix... you just have to get to the right person!

shorts weather? Monsoon season is more like it! Today baseball practice was in the rain..... pouring rain. The kiddos loved it... The adults were impressed with the coach and the boys' perseverance!

gotta run.
take care.
water. i can do that!

04-03-2005, 12:33 PM
Hey everyone!
Back to school tomorrrow! I feel like we just started vacation. I am so depressed about this. However, it puts us closer to getting out for summer vacation. I can't even remember what I was teaching in two of my classes. I guess I will have to investigate that later today. I can't bring myself to do it right now.
I am planning on getting a little more strict on my eating plan which has sort of been non existant the past week. I haven't gained any weight but I haven't been drinking water like I should and sneaking in a few more pepsi's than I should...... I am currently drinking one as I type this, however, it's my one for the day...............I haven't been excercising like I should either, however, I've done some major yard work in between rain storms this week. My triceps are still sore from all that raking.
I went to a home interiors party Saturday evening at my neighbors house. She knows I have been dieting and she kept pushing cookies or brownies or candy etc....I told her several times no thanks Barb I'm not hungry. So, what does she do when I leave? Hand me a plate full of brownies and chocolate chip cookies.......Yes, I ate one of each! Oh, just give them to your husband and kids................UGHHHHHHHHHH!
Well, I have a lot to do so I'll sign off for now. Hello to Robin, Summer, Mouse, Paisley, Kerry, and Ginny. No time to get more personal.


04-03-2005, 05:05 PM
ROBYN'S BACK!!! I MISSED YOU! I MISSED YOU! I REALLY REALLY MISSED YOU!!! :dancer: :yes: :cheer: :yes: :dancer:

04-03-2005, 07:38 PM
Thank you Summer! For the welcome...and for missing me! I'm back...and I'm afraid my big mouth is back with me too....

Spring break on a tight nonexistant budget with wind, rain, more wind and more rain...really really really sucked! 11 weeks until summer. Glorious summer... Wonder how that will be with no money? Eeek... dear Gawwwwd he has GOT to get a job by then!

Kerry, Girl, glad to see that you are back in circulation! Hope that you are feeling back to your usual self soon!

Where is Ginny?

Take care........ oh by the way....while I was not particularly loving my spring break...I am highly offended that we SPRUNG forward an hour and I was ROBBED of an hour of my vacation! Whyyyy ohhh whyyyy couldn't we have done the springing forward sssayyyy sometime in June on the last day of school???


04-03-2005, 09:00 PM
Hi, all.
Robyn, I missed you too! :)
I have been dealing with stupid tech support people all day long. I'm sure many of you are aware of the "out sourcing"... fine, out source your tech support to India or Pakistan or wherever, but for ghods sake, please make sure they can SPEAK ENGLISH!!! I'm seriously considering taking Hindi or Urdu! I am NOT kidding, really... I'm not! I'm not exactly mono-lingual here, either, I speak ASL with some fluency. It used to be much more, but I hardly get a chance to use it, so I've forgotten as much of it as I have of Spanish.
Anyway, I paid $30 to figure out the problem myself because the issue was, in fact, a bad driver. Which I figured out on my own after the support tech annoyed the heck out of me for refusing to believe that the files he wanted me to delete weren't there.
I finally, 3 hours later, got all the work I need for my students for this week printed. I'll be spending tomorrow morning at the photo copier because I certainly didn't get anything printed in time to go to Staples. I'm not going to Kinkos... I refuse.
Then, I order dinner... its sitting on the counter because the other thing I needed to do was preview a video for my students to watch. I'm out Wed/Thu/Fri for the CEC Conference... so I had to do 2 weeks worth of planning while I was off because of being out.
THE VCR DOESN'T WORK! It plays, it rewinds, it fast forwards... the IDIOT from Comcast who came out to upgrade my box didn't plug the VCR in! I tried switching the cables but got nowhere because they aren't labeled so I don't know which goes where. I have been on hold with Comcast for 14 minutes as I type this. If they thought I wasn't cancelling my service now, this is the straw that broke this camel's back! I HATE COMCAST!
My dinner is cold. Its 8:00. And I have to go to work in less than 12 hours!
Oh... and I think I had an ear infection that has moved down into my sinuses. I probably got water in my ear from swimming, and then I had my teeth cleaned. So I'm pretty miserable at the moment... I don't think if I'm going to wind up going to the doctor or not... I'm going to take decogestant IF I ever get to eat my dinner!
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry:


04-03-2005, 10:46 PM
Somebody PLEASE tell me that we do not have to go back tomorrow!!!!!!! :mad: Where did spring break go???? :dizzy:

Anyway, we are back....and at least spring break was good. Too short but good. Am I rested????? No way. Am I ready to return????? Bigger no way!
But I guess we are entering the final countdown- no big holidays left until summer break, so this must be the home stretch.

Welcome back Robyn! Gee, we all missed you.

Mouse- sorry about the Bombay based tech support group. SO frustrating. been there done that too.

Summer- yup we are cold too.....that rain/wind storm last night was a real town actually went into a state of emergency because of flooding.

Pam- don't stress about the brownie and you got your quota of sweets out of the way in one shot. And the rest of the week will be great, right?!

Paisley- dongrats on being done with your degree!!!!!! What an accomplishment. Don't sweat the 2#- regroup as best as you can and your next WI will be better.

Sorry for being so lethargic here.....I am so tired and had better go get some sleep...after I set up the coffee pot for tomorrow!!!!! Do we really have to go back??
Rest up ladies...I am sure the kids will be really wound up tomorrow. G'nite.

04-03-2005, 10:48 PM
Mouse- big hugs and feel better! Hope you are not in too much discomfort.

04-03-2005, 10:49 PM
My Ds sent this gem to me........enjoy before you return to school

Achieving Inner Peace

I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me and we all could use more calm in our lives. By following the simple advice I heard on a Dr. Phil show, I have finally found inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started."

So I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, so, before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's, a bottle of Kahlua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of both Prozac and Valium prescriptions, the rest of the cheesecake, some saltines and a box of chocolates.

You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those you feel are in need of inner peace.

04-04-2005, 07:49 AM
..........Yipee Skippeee......... Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go...... AND it doesn't just FEEL like morning is starting earlier... it IS starting earlier! A whole hour earlier! It is pitch black out there. .......and keeping with tradition...... I slept less than 2 hours. I never *can* sleep the night before going back to school. With my dh home, our daily schedule is changing. The youngest ds is really not understanding why or enjoying the changes... At this point he is the one who has the most changed schedule....You know how kids are just tormented and abused by being put in day care? Well, our kiddo cried himself to sleep because he won't be going to day care any more. Poor guy!

Water. That is my goal for today. Water. That and not fall asleep at school! Tonight I will be in bed by 9! (Oh wait... isn't the Amazing Race on tonight?! I may have to watch it in bed. Oh and isn't one of the Nanny shows on at the same time. Arghhh... This school stuff... It sure cuts into my t.v. watching!)

Hope your Monday's are great! Oh btw, it seems that moonsoon season has ended as my spring break has..... today's forcast 70ish and sunny with NO rain for at least 3 days! What the....???? arghhh!

take care!

04-04-2005, 08:52 PM
Evening Ladies,
I survied my pulled muscle and was healed in time to go back to school today. Yippeee!!! I was even able to do my 2 mile walking video this morning after not getting much sleep last night. I made it through the day at school without falling asleep. Got to leave a half hour early and made it to the gym. So now I am at home getting ready to crash.
Mouse, sounds like you had a terrible weekend. I hope you are feeling better. So where is your confernence at this week? I hope some place fun.
Pam, don't you hate it when people push food at you. I have a cousin like that he is a short little fat man and feels that the only way to be happy is to be eating junk food and drinking pop. After being on a diet and working out for 3 years, he finally realizes my lfestyle change and doesn't beg me to eat anymore. His wife keeps telling me how great I look and she wishes she could have the willpower to do it. I guess my grandma has been after her to lose some weight and keeps throwing my name into the mix. So maybe one of these days she will realize that her husband is pulling her down with him and want to do better for herself. Great will power on your part for only eating one cookie and one brownie.
Summer and Ginny hope your weather was nice today. It was 70ish and sunny here in Ohio. It felt good to be outside this afternoon for a little bit with the kiddos in the afterschool program.
Paisley, how was your confernce this weekend? Sounds like it would have been a boring one to me. That is very sad about how many of the teachers want to leave teaching because of the NCLB act.
Robyn, hugs go out to you for all the changes in your life recently. It sounds like you are handling them fine so far. I missed your witty sense of humor.
Well I best be going and getting my clothes laid out for tomorrow and packing a lunch. Then it is probably going to be off to bed early for me tonight. Talk to you all later. Have a great evening.
Only 39 more days of school left till summer break. Yahoo!
Love ya,

04-04-2005, 09:46 PM
1 week. That is all it took. 1 week of being able to get to a restroom whenEVER I wanted to and VIOLA... My bladder and I had to fight THE whole entire day! Mannnnnn, did I miss being at home and being able to visit my very OWN toilet as needed! Ya know... it is the small things in life that thrill me! By the end of the week, I will have conquered this need for physical comfort! I will be BACK to my usual 6:00, 1:30, 5:00 schedule... hardly seems healthy, does it?!

Ok... I missed a few other things about being at home.... but nothing else compared! :o)

Will be back later to talk some more... as soon as homework is over!

04-05-2005, 05:58 AM
Robyn---Hi Robyn!!! I'm really sorry to hear about your husband's job. . .that is such a frustrating stresser on both of you. I hope that other than the bathroom thingy, your Monday was great!

Kerry--I'm glad to hear your pulled muscle healed nicely. Congrats on getting the great walk in! The conference was AWESOME!!! I realized that I really like this union stuff! There was some weirdness though. . .I'll post it below, because I'm not sure how to handle it.

Ginny--I LOVE the Dr. Phil/inner peace thingy!! I laughed so hard! :lol: It's good to see you again. Thank you for the congrats, and you were right. . .despite eating oddly at my teacher's union convention this weekend I'm down a pound! :D

Mouse--i could seriously see the fumes of frustration at Comcast coming through the computer!!! How insanely annoying that must have been! :mad:

Pam--I hope your Monday went well! You sounded so depressed about it, that I worry!

I had a GREAT weekend! I attended the union convention, and it was awesome! Unfortunately, I snacked on crappy food the whole day. I ate really well for meals--fresh fruit is expensive, so I tend to get really excited and fill my whole plate with protien (yummy fish) and veggies/fruits. That said, I don't EVER want to see another chocolate bar again in my life! :barf:

I've been lifting weights the last few weeks. I read that muscle doesn't make THAT much of a difference, but don't believe it. I weigh 10 lbs less than 1/1, but my pants that were tight 2 wks ago fit comfy. I dont' think I can change THAT much that fast, but the pants were right from the dryer! :shrug:

So here's my drama. . .I have a male friend who is married 1 yr. . .and recently, he stopped being able to do things with me. This wasn't an issue when I was fatter. Now, he can't even have my number on his cell phonebook (there are 2 other women who were once his friends whose numbers he doesn't have in his book anymore, so it's not JUST me). When we have to talk about union stuff, he calls our male friend, and then I have to call his wife's cell to talk to him. I know he's an adult and makes the choice to those conditions. That said, their personalities are that he is a people pleaser, and she is take charge. They are in marital counseling, which I think is good for them. In the meantime, I want my friend back! The other 2 women who've been frozen out are no longer friends with him, and don't want to be--I don't want that to happen.

Let me make clear that there is NO attraction or chance of that on either end--his type is tiny and asian (I'm neither), he's my little brother's age and I've always seen him like that. The only thing I see here is that I've lost a few pounds and gained a waist. It's weird, and I wonder if anyone else has had this happen, or if any of you who are married can put yourself in the woman's shoes and help me understand.

04-05-2005, 11:46 AM
Good morning!
I survived yesterday....and actually am more burned out today than I was Monday. Strange.
Glad to hear from those who checked in yesterday. Robyn- love that yipee skippeee thingy.....gosh you make me laugh. Glad you are back with us.
Hang in there with an unemployed Dh- and show up anytime here for cyber hugs. Kerry- glad that your muscle pull is healing and you are getting a workout in. Isn't your TOPS meeting tonite? Hope your day goes well.
Paisley- can't say that I have ever had such an experience. It does sound as though there is nothing personal intended by this friend's wife, she has (or they have) some major issues to work out. I guess the best thing to do is, as much as you can stomach it, continue with to communicate in the manner most comfortable to them- her cell etc....and pray that in counselling this works out somehow. He might just need you as a friend if the counselling does not work out.

I am drained....better go get something done here. BTW, I finished Postmortem....loved it....and am off to the library to get Body of Evidence.
See ya later!

04-05-2005, 06:27 PM
Hey from the SUNNY SOUTH!
It is beautiful here. I just lost my first post somewhere in cyber space.
It has been in the upper seventies here the past two days and is supposed to be 80 tomorrow. I love it, I love it!
Been a good couple of days. Kids are pretty subdued. All is well in the universe.
Back on plan with eating, don't know how, but finally lost another pound. I hate to say it outloud......One more pound and I will be in the 170's. You don't know how exciting that is to me. I may have to turn a cartwheel or something. Ok, maybe later.
Paisley: Congrats on the loss. Doesn't it feel good to fit into those pants? I think you are absolutely right about the weight lifting. Even when I haven't lost pounds, I have lost inches. Keep up the good work. Sorry about the friend thing. I went through something similar when I got married. My best friend in high school was a male. My HUSBAND WAS SO JEALOUS, that we aren't friends anymore. There was no attraction there, but he was my buddy and I could talk to him about absolutely anything. It makes me sad sometimes to think about that. He is probably just trying to keep his wife happy. Although, if they have only been married a year and are already in counseling ...................Anyway, I'm sorry, that is sad.
Kerry: You are absolutely right about the food pushers. I have had people at school try to get me to eat something unhealthy at lunch, just because they are falling off of their diet or whatever. As a matter of fact, today, one of my friends came to the lunch table with chili cheese fries piled high on her plate and a chili dog. She kept saying stuff about well, hope you enjoy your sandwich I'm going to enjoy every bite of my food. I said ok. I do thanks. Then, we were coming back from the office and she grabbed some candy and was like oh god, just eat it it isn't going to kill you. Another one of my friends has said well how long do you plan on eating this way anyway? I said forever I guess. If I go back to eating the way I used to eat, it will just put me back in the same position I was in before. It just sort of makes me mad, cause she is the one saying oh you shouldn't eat carbs blah blah blah, but then says she is watching what she eats and eats a honey bun and doughnut. (with her banana.)
Robyn: Hopefully your hubby will get a job soon and you will have a little bit of normalcy in your life again. I know it's stressful. Just hang on, it will get better.
Mouse: How's your ear/sinus infection? Hope you'll be feeling up to par again soon. I have been through the same thing trying to help my friend hook up her DSL. We ended up with an operator that could not speak very much English. I felt like we were talking in code, because it was reduced to C LIKE CHARLEY, F LIKE FOX, B LIKE BRAVO.....
GINNY: Don't want to be the one to say TOLD YA SO........But, I TOLD YOU SO.............I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE THAT BOOK! Happy reading. Oh, and you were so right about the two mile watp tape being intese. I feel like my legs are going to fall off right before the end there. But, it feels so good.................
Summer: I may need you to take care of my AOL problem, or I will have them for the rest of my life. I think it is getting to the point of ridiculous now.
Talk to you all later!

04-05-2005, 06:49 PM
Survived today......the kids were MONSTERS this afternoon. I had to pull off the road and shut down 2X.....and after each time they resumed screaming, acting up, passing stuff across the aisle (which is not bad, but usually becomes throwing, so I do not permit it) and just general ly bad. They will hear about it tomorrow am.....and it does not leave me with a good impression of them as I make a new seating chart. Guess I should get into a really crabby mood and make the seating chart from h*** know seating a 5th grade boy with a kindergarten girl......that always seems to work!!!!! ;) Basic torture......anyway, I knew my day had to go sour, as the morning was rather pleasant. And between my am and pm I actually took a short (25 minutes) nap. Unheard of!!!! But between the time change and getting in late Saturday nite (actually 3 am Sunday morning) I was so tired. Then I took a walk to the library- got my grubby paws on the book (actually a trilogy of her first 3 I can go straight from Body of Evidence to whatever is next). And I relaxed a bit at my layover....I usually clean my luxury vehicle it was a nice day overall until the critters came aboard. Oh well, guess it had to end sooner or later.

Pam-congrats on the # loss! You will see me scream and yell for joy when I break my next big threshold...I so understand how happy you are to break out of the 180's. No need to be shy about it here... Glad you like that 2 mile tape. Which one did you get???? (I forget). You'll work up to the intensity, and be that much healthier for it. Also- on to books. If you like mysteries- I finished At Risk, by Stella Rimington. It was excellent! The author is the former head of the British CIA and much of the experiences of the protagonist are from her personal life. Once I got into it it was totally compelling...Maybe your library can get its hands on it for you.

Speaking of morons with food- seems as though everyone is having problems with them. My MIL is the queen of them all- she will push desserts in my face...and refuse no for an answer. I usually plan my eating (a WW thing) and well if I did not plan or do not have a plan to compensate, will refuse the food. It kills her...she gets rather obnoxious about it too. But I have gotten really good at telling her that I am truly not hungry, or content with what I am eating....and why should I have something if I am not tempted by it or do not desire it? Ok it usually annoys her (I do try to say it sweetly) but it gets me out of a predicament.

Ok, I have babbled enough today and had better get dinner on. Hi to everyone- Mouse, Kerry, Summer, Robyn and Paisley. See ya tomorrow.

04-05-2005, 08:34 PM
Pam: I feel so bad for you re:AOL. I just got my cancellation confirmation today. It begged me to reconsider, BUT I WON'T BE DOING THAT. All I can say to help you is for you to call them, plan on being on hold for at least an hour, and when you get someone, refuse to hang up until they finally agree to cancel. Also, you will have to be a crazy, screaming, BI-----ATCH!!! :censored: That is what worked for me. The loser happened to catch me while I had major PMS (which has increased since I began perimenopause :o !) GOOD LUCK AND DON'T GIVE UP.

Robyn: Boy do I understand bathroom woes. I have a bladder the size of my pinky fingernail, and I have irritable bowel syndrome. Fun combination, huh? :lol: So, early on I decided that I will only teach a grade that automatically comes with a paraprofessional, Pre-k or K. As it turns out, Pre-k is my niche anyway. If I taught an upper grade, I would have to have student teachers every semester!!! ;)

Ginny: Thanks for the giggle over "inner peace!" :lol:

Kerry: Glad you feel better and even got to exercise. Enjoy your balmy beautiful weather! Only 39 more days?! I have 49. :?: How did you manage that?! Oh well, enjoy!!!

Paisley: Good luck with your friend. He is in a tough position being in a marriage that is already on unsteady ground, I can't blame him for not wanting to make waves. He did take sacred vows with this woman, and ultimately, she has to be his priority. I've lost friends this way, and it is totally heartbreaking and frustrating. I hope his wife develops some self-confidence and faith in her husband to allow him to remain friends with you.

Tomorrow, I am taking both classes to see "Beauty and the Beast" at a university in the town next to us. For the first time, I am bringing DD with me. It will be interesting to see how she interacts with my students. Three years ago, I invited a "favorite" student to have a playdate with DD. Boy did that bomb!!! My student was very different out of the classroom. They were soooooo jealous of each other. It was a nightmare!!! Hopefully since this is on school turf, and she is older, things will go better. We shall see.

It finally warmed up today into the whopping 60's!!! Of course the principal had to take the opportunity to have a fire drill. :(

Take care everybody.

04-06-2005, 12:13 AM
Evening Ladies,
I survived my day! It was a long day for me though. I taught all day and then went with my dh to his appointment for an MRI in a town that is 1 1/2 hour away from our house. So I was tired of sitting when we got home. Then our friend called and wanted us to come down to the local pub and visit with him for a little bit. So needless to say I am one tired puppy tonight. I had a good day at school today with my kids though.
Paisley, congrats on your pants fitting better. Keep up the good work. Doesn't feel great when your clothes fit better and your developing a figure. I know a while back I had to ask my dh why all these guys kept checking me out in Wal-mart. He laughed and said Hey you dumb a@@ they like what they see. Your body is taking on a great shape. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your weekend.
Pam love the spring weather too. All I wanted to do today is get outside and take a long walk. Needless to say it didn't happen. But I was able to walk with Lesile and the gang this morning in my living room. So that helped a little bit. Glad to hear that your not caving into your friends when they offer you food. One of my students is 13 and 240 pounds. Says he is on a diet. He brought his lunch to school yesterday. I about died laughing as I watched him unpack it. I kidded you not this is what all the child brought for one person and ate it all. A baggie full of pepperoni, a bag of chips, yougurt, jello, a dozen Oreos, a lunchable and big bottle of gatorade. I was amazed at that amount of food for a 13 year old boy. Then he boo hoos after recess about once a week because the other kids pick on him about being fat and he swears that he is going to take the weight off by the end of this school year. Keep being strong and you will lose your weight.
Robyn laughed about your bathroom story. I have the same problem. I am lucky that I have 2 TA's in my room and I can just run over to the bathroom real quick. But sometimes I have to wait awhile and think darn I am going to bust if I don't get there soon. My nickname with some old friends was Little Niagra Falls. They were like every time you take a sip of something you have to go pee 15 minutes later. Hope you can get back into your routine soon!
Summer, have a great time on your fieldtrip tomorrow. Sounds like a fun trip to go on. Wish I could go with you. I am thinking about planning a fieldtrip for my class in May. I have to think of something fast so I can get it approved by my principal and line it up. I am sure your dd will get along well with your students tomorrow.
Mouse I hope you are feeling better. Have a safe trip to your confernece.
Well ladies I am going to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday.

04-06-2005, 12:55 AM
Hi, all. It is nearly midnight and I didn't eat dinner until 10:00. The kids weren't too bad today, but my 4th period boys were just as bad as ever. My worst offender went to resource quickly (and that was after doing SO DAMN WELL YESTERDAY!). There is no way now that he can pass for the quarter. Aside from the cursing and refusing to complete a chill time for the lovely phrase, "I just heard from the hospital that I have AIDS.", I was told eat his sh..., suck his .... and to f'off... all in a 30 second time frame. He came back from resource, made a 30 second attempt to complete some work (I had given him 2 worksheets just so he could DO them even though his class wasn't doing them... I know better than to try and get him to participate appropriately in board or discussion activities!)... then says, "I gotta take a piss." I just stared, so he goes, "ooops... I mean, I gotta take a urinate." I stared some more, and he finally says, "Well, will you take me to the bathroom?" So, off I go to let him in...and while we walked there I hear all about the size of his bladder. There was a parent in the lobby, which is right off my classroom, by the way. Fortunately,t he parent of a child very similar to this one in behavior. Then... Oh, my... he started RAPPING... yes, you read that right, he made up a rap song!!!! about pee! Two staff heard him along with me, so he comes out of the bathroom to see me, and says, "I'm not some kid! I'm a grown *** man, you don't need to wait for me in the bathroom!" I replied, "I wasn't waiting: I was enjoying your song." We get to my room: the door is always locked because we've had serious issues with people stealing things last year and this year. Its really annoying... they even steal out of our student's breakfast boxes, or the chips I buy for rewards. I started to get my key to unlock the door, and the kid looks at me, and starts screaming, "OPEN THE DAMN DOOR! OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR, WOMAN!" I just smiled at him, and walked away. He kept insisting, and I told him he needed to ask respectfully and politely or we'd spend the rest of the period in the hallway. We did. He refused to ask nicely. He did get in at the very end because my TA opened the door to go somewhere with the other kids... He ran in to save his folder of work (which he swears he doesn't care about), becuase I told him that if was still on a table when class was over and he was gone, I was putting it in the recycle bin. He never got his point sheet signed and tried to forge a 10... if he'd given it to me he would have gotten probably 4 points. 4 is way better than zero.
And, in case any of you were curious... my supervisor did it again. Willy the Worm yanked the conference out from under my feet today. His excuse is staff shortages... we had one of our industry staff members go to the hospital. I'm really really sorry she went, but are you telling me that the teacher she is with can't handle the students she has (not more than 25 across the 7 or 8 periods she teaches) without my TA? No, she cannot... because she has... CATERING! WHO CARES? And as you know, this is NOT the first time my supervisor has done this. Its the 4th time this year. I was told to choose which day I was going to attend.
And I'm just waiting with baited breath: I can't imagine that next week will be any better in terms of staffing, and I have my yearly appointment with my reproductive endo. She does the whole internal exam and lab work... which, damn it, HURTS! I also bleed a lot when she does it, no matter how gently she tries. I'm usually uncomfortable for a good 24 hours when she's finished, which makes working the next day kinda tough!
Now, mind you, the info tech teacher went to a conference in March... a student of ours won an art contest. The IT teacher does NOT TEACH THIS CHILD. She knows him, but so do I. She went to the conference, along with the industry teacher that does have him (retail), and the art teacher that entered his work. WHY did she need to go is beyond me, but add that her TA was out that day. Her TA is never out, so I'm sure it was either planned or an emergency. Our supervisor covered her classes. For the whole day. And he can't do that for me for one day so I can attend the conference?
Oh, geez. And other staff think I'm being a b*t`ch because I won't willingly give up going to this conference. I'm not a "team player". My supervisor knows how involved I am with the CEC. Nobody else from our school is even a member, let alone involved.
So, I went to the gym after that (I didn't leave the school till 5:00)... I swam for nearly an hour straight, and then did the balancing thing. I didn't get home till after 9:00 because I talked with other residents downstairs.
I sure didn't get to respond to anybody else... sorry. I don't feel like being a team player here now, too. :snork:

04-06-2005, 03:55 AM
Mouse---You officially have the patience of a saint. :angel: At first, I was astounded at how calmly you dealt with the rapping pee boy. :rolleyes: I didn't think anyone could be more patient than that. Then I read about the situation with your supervisor, and realized what real patience is. You're amazing.

Kerry--what a terribly long drive, although I suppose after the drive and the MRI your husband probably needed some down time with friends, so it sounds like a good kind of tired, maybe? :chin: thanks for the compliment. . .it's weird to be like "oh, my body goes in at the waist" even though it's only a bit, I'm proud of every little bit of it! :D

Robyn--I hope that your daughter enjoys the performance, and gets along with your students. Our high school just performed that musical, and it was really funny. I can completely see the kids loving it. :twirly:

Ginny--It sounds like you are having a terrible day. . .I'm sorry to hear it. I was really interested in the whole MIL sabatoging your diet thing. You handle it so well. . . :) and I LOVED Postmortem. . .I'm such a fan!!!!

Pam--Wow!!! warmth. . .isn't is nice to have it all sunny after so long in the cold???? congrats on your eating plan, and your lost pound! :cp: . . . I won't congratulate you on your almost hitting the 170's because I know I'll jinx it, but my fingers are crossed! :crossed:

Thanks for the feedback, guys. It helps. I hope that their marraige will settle down--it's got to be tiring to be that suspicious all the time. I was up SO late last night thinking about it. . .and I've decided this. I will be nice and positive and supportive for my friend and just not deal with the weirdness unless he brings it up. I'll do this because it's easier for me to be nice and his friend a little than not his friend at all. Also, because he is an adult, and can make his own choices--but needs friends all the same.

The kids came back today. . .and were sooo sleepy. They were, by extension, well behaved. So, not too bad. I didn't walk today, instead, I got out my step ladder and climbed up and down it while watching tv. I am lifting weights again tonight as well. I ate well today, but it was totally by accident--I forgot my lunch at home, and almost just had a thing of sunflower seeds. A friend had made an obscene amount of tofu/veggie stir fry, and gave me some.

take care everyone!!!

04-06-2005, 08:58 PM
Gosh, I wanted to skip school today. Ah, no such luck. I AM IN THE BEST MOOD DESPITE THE FACT THAT TODAY TOTALY SUCKED! I DID MAKE IT TO THE 170'S TODAY. 179.5. Ok, even if I weigh 181 tomorrow, I made it into the 170's today. My body must think I have just started this diet again, since my food festival last week. I don't know and I really don't care.
This is gonna be short because it's almost time for the amazing race to come on. We still haven't eaten dinner. It's awful. This time thing is wreaking havoc on me. It's ready now though, but I figured if I didn't come on real quick, my hubby would take over as soon as he gets home.
I am a little irritated because inspite of losing all this weight I am like in between siizes and still can't find anything to wear. Since the weather is warmer I am running out of clothes to wear. I actually went to a thrift store when I was at my mom's and bought a couple of pair of shorts, however, can't wear those to school. It's getting harder and harder to dress. It is 8 pm and the temp is 76. I love it!
Ok, Hey to everyone sorry no time to get personal, but we still have dinner and stuff to do.
Maybe I can sneak on later!

04-06-2005, 09:48 PM
Talk about a looooooooooooooooooooooooong day. :dizzy: DD and I went to my school together. She basically took over my class for me. The logistics of the field trip went very smoothly, but the show sucked :p . Beauty and the Beast was certainly nothing like the version I saw in MGM/Disneyworld. It was also very little like other versions I've read. The only thing this show had in common with Beauty and the Beast as I know it was that there was a "beauty" and a "beast." The kids were quite confused! But hey, the trip was free. It got us out of the building for a day.

After school, we had a faculty meeting. DD sat in the corner and colored. My colleagues couldn't believe she was even in the room because she was so well-behaved. :D Then, I took her home. She was exhausted. :yawn:

I had no time to eat dinner. I had to deal with problems with the refinancing of our mortgage then fly out the door to my night class. I got 29 out of 30 points on my latest paper at school. So, so far I have 104 out of 105 points in my class! :D At least all this hard work is not for nothing. The sad thing is that I haven't learned a friggin thing, and I only have 5 classes left! :dizzy:

So now it is 8:47pm, and I am about to have a slice of frozen pizza for dinner. I am so tired. I shall catch up on everyone's posts tomorrow.


04-07-2005, 12:36 AM
Hey ya'll!
No...Don't you all worry any! I've not embarrassed myself at school as I get my body back into "you can't get to the bathroom without begging favors of those with rooms nearby" mode! "Things" were better today; however, after reading Mousie's post... I may consider performing a rap song tomorrow as I try to escape to the restroom.... and I may even have to borrow one of that kid's lines..."I'm not a kid. I'm a grown *** woman SOMEBODY come to my classroom so that I can get to a toilet!" I may also have to add please! MOUSIE... I have to agree with Paisley. Your, dear friend, are a SAINT! STMouse! :) ....and I've told you more than once. You have GOT to get a new job!

So the Kids on the Bus have gone crazy. Gone crazy. Gone crazy!
Sing with me... The kids on the bus have gone crazy. And Ginny is next to go!
Gin, I'm telling you. Wouldn't do it! Couldn't do it! They would have to walk, car pool or SOMETHING... cause YOU my friend are next in line for sainthood! I just feel sorry for the poor little sweet kindy girl who is stuck sitting next to those big old creepy 5th graders! (Be kind to the Littles! It isn't their fault that Littles grow up to be jerky creepy BigKids! :) )

Summer, Sorry to hear that the show wasn't what you had hoped! Several years ago my inlaws gave me tickets to go see "Beauty and the Beast" when they toured! Wow! It was a WONDERFUL, um, is the word, rendition (is THAT how you spell THAT?)! Complete with the most adorable Chip! The show was FARRRRRRR from free....but was a wonderful choice of a live show to give a 7 year old boy some "culture"! LOL The other kiddo and I went to see Annie... which was also a lot of fun! Last year, I went with a bunch of girlfriends to see MommaMia! Sang and danced like crazy.
Don't you LOVE when your kids show off in a good way?! :) Glad your DD's behavior at the meeting was noticed!

Little Niagra Falls, Congratulations on turning the heads in Walmart! Had to giggle as I also live in a fairly small place and Walmart is THE only place to go on the weekends! And yes, EVERYone is there and EVERYone walks thru the place "visiting" with everyone.... So sad, huh?! But, glad you are able to strut your stuff in there! ...AND your dh noticed! :)

Paisley, Everyone has answered you regarding your questions about your friend. Isn't it sad? My dh once worked with a bunch of women. Various ages, stages, shapes... but everyone of them dearly loved my dh! There WERE certain "girlies" that I was totally jealous of with regards to their looks...however, I HAD to trust him and our relationship and have faith! (The hardest time to do this was when I was pregnant with our youngest child...and I had horrible those wonderful hormones making me EVEN crazier than normal! ...AND the ONE chick was sooooooooooo good looking!!!) I did have friends at school who told me that I was absolutely crazy to trust him. Both of these friends were divorced due to a husband who had cheated! So... maybe your friend's wife has some past experiences that cause her to be CRAZY! ::shrug:: Good luck! You are a good friend to try to maintain the friendship within the parameters that the wife allows! (Can you sorta get to know her and be her friend too?)

Pam, congratulations on seeing new numbers on the scale! Keep up the great work!

Did I forget anyone??? Hope not! :)

............This time change is KILLING me! It is already after 11pm... arghh!
I've still got a bunch of stuff to do before I sleep!

take care people!

04-07-2005, 07:08 PM
I am soooooooooo glad that tomorrow is Friday. Robyn: This time change is about to kill me as well. I have been dragging all week. Had an ok day today. Yes, the kids have all lost their minds.........However, I am hanging on to the last bit of sanity I have. We were building 3-D models today. I had no incidents, nobody was stabbed etc.....Until, fourth block came in. Thought at first I had made it through a whole day without some sort of tragedy, which would be a first, but nooooooooooooooooo. We were cleaning up, it was almost time for the bell, and some maniac cut this girl's hair with the scissors. We have no idea who did it. Although she did say that the girl near here probably did it because she said that she could use human hair to make voodoo dolls. The hair magically disappeared. You couldn't really tell it was cut, but the girl was pissed. Not that I blame her. I told the principal on my way out the door. Who just shook his head and said Can't wait for that call to come in.
Well, I am so pooped and need to go start dinner. So, I'll be back later.

04-07-2005, 07:58 PM
One thing to add to the lovely bathroom discussion.......add to that that you are surrounded by 59 wacka doo kiddies....the nearest bathroom that you can stop at is miles away and you have a ton of driving to do yet. Don't you hate having to plan when or if you have to pee???

Anyway....I am bummed. Saw some pictures of myself from last week (ok, I was carrying an extra # or two of TOM water) and I look horrible.....fat and bloated.....feel like giving up here.....know I won't but I am still bummed.
I'll come back when I am in a better mood.

04-07-2005, 10:01 PM
The conference is wonderful. I did a TON of walking, which I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to do not all that long ago. I was even, with lots of careful, slow steps, able to get on and off the Light Rail trains yesterday and today. I walked a lot last night, too... I was invited to a reception and enjoyed myself. I couldn't eat anything: they were carving chicken, and there was lots of other chicken around... the smell did me in. I drank ginger ale. Today was also great: I went to a lot of poster sessions, some lectures, did a lot of networking, spent some time wandering the expo room (where there are all kinds of people selling things)... more networking. And... some interviewing. There are many schools there with HR staff for hiring. I brought updated copies of my resume and my references notebook... I have done one interview already, and have contacts at 2 other schools... Including the county that I left to come to where I am now. They'll hire me back, that isn't an issue... but I don't want to go back if I can't get a position I want. I'd rather go somewhere new, if that makes sense. I can't take anymore of my supervisor: he approved, and then today, denied my leave request for next week. I'm not taking a vacation, I'm having a medical procedure done.
I attended 2 committee meetings for the Developmental Disabilities Division, one that reports on legislative issues and critical topics. My issue with academic needs for my students is apparently a common concern: I've been asked to write up a list/paragraph/ideas for a possible paper on integrating state academic standards with functional learning. I'm thrilled by the prospect... its probably the biggest issue that I come back to time and again, and one of the reasons I get in trouble at times.
I've also had an offer to possibly write up some of the service learning activities I'm doing now and have done in the past for an article.
But, I can't go to the conference tomorrow, and must go to work... and meet with the director of the school and my supervisor. :cry:
Eating has been fine: I'm not doing very much of it. I had a cheese and vegetable tray at the hotel when we did the DDD stuff. It was so cheap: $1.99!
G'night, all.

04-08-2005, 09:13 PM
We've made it to another Friday. I thought today wouldn't end. I swear someone must have drugged me this week. I feel like I have sleeping disease. It's been all I can do to get home lately. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I was planning on a short nap, but either the phone or doorbell was ringing from the time I got home.
I have been awful with my eating today. I ate candy at work, drank an extra pepsi when I got home, as well as some shortbread girlscout cookies which amazingly have been in the drawer since February. Oh, then we had pizza for dinner. I did only eat one piece of cheese pizza, but ate a couple of crazy bread.........You know what? OH well, it will be ok. I just have not had any energy. Today, I ate a big piece of chocolate hoping it would give me a sugar rush.......Nope, didn't work. Drank the pepsi thinking the same thing. Nope........Still as tired as I was.
Mouse: Sounds like a busy conference. Glad you're doing well on your eating plan. Seems to me like when I am away from home, I tend to eat more, or choose unhealthy things to eat. GOOD FOR YOU! Your supervisor seems like a real :censored: ! Hope you'll get some rest this weekend.
Ginny: Poor thing.......Sending you a hug. You know I feel just like you do. I went shopping because a lot of my clothes are way to big.......So, I try on clothes after clothes, can't find anything that fits me right. I thought you know this feels the same way as it did when I was twentyfive pounds heavier and couldn't find anything to wear. Atleast I had a lot of cute spring clothes to wear! Isn't that awful? I'm sure you look fabulous. Here's my problem. If I look at myself in the mirror, I don't see a change. My husband can see it, my coworkers have commented about it, but to me I still look like the same fat blob I did three months ago. I guess I have this distorted view of myself. I don't know. I was mad and couldn't find anything to wear to work the other morning because it was gonna be 80 degrees. So, I was frantically throwing clothes around the room trying to find something to fit. Complaining and groaning and grumbling. Just like I did when my clothes were to tight. I don't know. I must be going insane. Maybe I will get lucky and find something I like this weekend. You know it's funny, now that I can fit into an eighteen, I am having a hard time finding that size. But sure can find a whole lot of 22's. I'm doomed!

Robyn, Kerry, Summer, Paisley: Hope you guys have a great weekend. I have decided to be a bum.

Sorry to babble.

04-09-2005, 04:29 AM
Ok, No weight loss, but :D IT's FRIDAY!!!!!!! :D

my kids were awesome this week, and although all our restructuring talk was stressful, it was a good week. Especially b/c word came down from our DOE lawyers that they can't keep our title 1 funds--the initial restructuring plan was to pay for our external provider with title 1 funds, and that the state would pocket any left over funds. Apparently that's illegal (gee, ya think?). :dizzy:

Went out with friends tonight, and ordered an appetizer and 1 beer. I notice that my belly gets full faster, and I'm liking the result on my figure AND my pocketbook. What else. . .ballroom dance was last night, rumba and waltz again--it's so much fun, but HARD! That said, I'm gettting this stealth workout on my arms from having to hold them up in dance position so much! :lol:

Pam: I'm glad to hear you survived a week that just sounds like you had to zombie walk through You just sounded soooo sleepy! :yawn: . . .may your next week be less draining!

Mouse: What a great success you had at your conference :cb: --walking so much, and doing things you know you couldn't before.

Ginny: ugh! :yikes: I hate bad pics. . .just remember there is no way a 2 dimensional medium can make a 3 dimensional person look anywhere near as good as she does in real life! Don't let that discourage you, please!

Robyn: Glad to hear the bladder's back in "school mode." ;) thanks for the advice, btw. I can try to be friends with his wife, although she makes it tough with her paranoia. . .part of me just wants to wait until they figure out that their issues are something the 2 of them need to deal with, and NOT a result of the people around them (I mean there will always be women around him. . .he's a teacher!)


04-09-2005, 05:40 PM
Saturday! Saturday! The most wonderful day in allllllll the week! I :love: Saturday!

Today my oldest ds and I went to one of my kiddos birthdays! DS and I bowled with a bunch (and I do mean a BUNCH!) of the kiddos from my class! :dizzy: The kiddos LOVED it! :lol: The birthday boy hugged me so many times. He has some special needs... and hugs are few and far everyone was thrilled! :D His mom must have thanked me for a zillion times for coming and for bringing DS. (The invitation was for all of my family; however, the other ds and dh were on the baseball field! Winning, by the way!!! :) ) So anyway. I spent the entire time trying to appear like I was trying hard while in reality I was trying NOT to knock the pins down. I didn't want to win. And didn't! LOL I do have to admit that IF only they would allow adults to bowl with the bumpers up, I might like bowling more AND go more often! LOL With bumpers it was rather fun! :smug: I did get to watch the dynamics of some of my kiddos with their parents! Wow! Telling! We stopped at Walmart on the way home and I watched one of my kids who had been at the party pitch a royal fit and yell at his mother. His behavior AND how she dealt with it (or not*gasp*) confirmed what I had thought. :yikes: :censored: :tape: Ahem. Oh BTW, I did NOT eat any cake at the party! :cp: Yeaaaa me! (Little battles....little battles!)

Ohhh while I was in the store, I saw a girl that I went to HS with. I had not seen her since I was 19. THAT was a LLLOOONNNNNGGGGG time ago considering I'm days from 40! We stood right in the aisle of Walmart and had a great time catching up! AND she complimented me on my hair and weight. (She must be blind, huh?!) She had seen a photo of me when my youngest ds was an infant.... But it was great to see her! Her husband just retired (mannnnn we are old!) and she is now living in the same town as I am! I am glad to have bumped into her!

And one last OOOhhhhh before I go get dinner ready.... Yesterday at school, we went roller skating in the gym. Every year the P.E. teacher rents old fashioned boot skates from some guy who goes around the country with them. The 4th and 5th grade kids skate every day for a week. WELL... as soon as the kiddos left on the buses, there was announcment that they were having a "teacher free skate" in the gym. Ok.. wasn't pretty...BUT, I went down and went skating. It had been at LEAST 27 years since I last strapped on skates.... OMG! It was fun! Didn't fall. Mannnnn thats great exercise! The PE teacher has said that we can skate each day next week after school.... While it was a hoot...I'm sorta sure that I am done. I am thinking that yesterday I may have sort of PUSHED my luck.... 1 more time might not be a good thing!
....or not...will have to see who else is going to skate! We were laughing and telling stories from our youth about skating rinks and all the fun they were! LOL

Ok... enough :blah: from me... I'm off to enjoy the rest of my :flow1::flow1: Saturday...glorious SATURDAY! :flow1::flow1: Hope that you are enjoying yours!

take care,

04-09-2005, 08:59 PM
Good evening everybody. :)
I am suffering from a serious convention overdose: by 1:00 this afternoon, I just had this glazed look on my face and wasn't even trying to process things anymore. I was just picking up handouts and stuffing them in my bag. I did some more networking today... if only my supervisor would appreciate it, but I know he won't. We bought 5 licenses last year for this wonderful functional reading software. It uses video clips and voice-over along with digital pictures to SHOW functional things. We bought safety signs and symbols, grocery store words, and some other things. Its very simplistic... For example, the word might be "bread". It'll show you the word, say the word, and when you click the mouse button, it shows you a video of a person putting bread in their cart at a grocery store. Lovely. The company was at the convention, so I stopped to compliment them. Turns out I talked to the guy that owns the company... I shared my compliments and what we used the software for, some constructive critiscm... and he wants to know if he can use me or me & the school, for a refernece. Either way, he's going to upgrade our software to the latest version for FREE... AND, if we agree to let him use us as a reference, we can get the vocational software he's created (which is good stuff, let me tell you!) for a 40% discount!!!!! :) :) :) :) However, we all know that my supervisor won't follow through on this, and may even get very upset with me. We got a similar offer based on comments I made about IntelliTools classroom software, which he also never followed up on.
That drives me absolutly nuts and around the bend because any public school principal would be jumping all over the chance to get 40 and 50% off commercial software licenses that would benefit their shcool. Even my inner city principals weren't that dumb.
In case any of you were curious, I did talk to the director yesterday and my supervisor. The director is fair, but my supervisor encourages his staff to tattle and lie. I said something inappropriate to a fellow staff member that I considered (and he told me all the time he was my friend...sought me out after school and stuff, too) my friend. But, it was after a meeting with my supervisor & after he did some typical joking around that I really don't like but typically ignore (he makes sexual inneundos all the time). Now, what I said wasn't appropriate, but its not like the other 3 people in that room had never said it before. They have, and to me. I just don't go tattling to my supervisor. It gets better, though, because he said I didn't apologize to the staff either. That's really rather amusing because the same day this happened, I registered his son for swimming lessons at the gym where I work, and got him a hefty discount. The street price is $240 for 8 hours of private lessons. His son has CP, so we thought private would work better, since the main pool might be too cold for him. A private can go in the therapy pool. I talked my supervisor there down to $100 because I knew that my co-worker couldn't afford $240. Guess what? The discount is now GONE. I put my job there on the line for him because I like him and I like his son. I did NOT have to do that, and don't do things like that for people who tell lies.
I told my supervisor at the gym already about the incident and she said she'll back me and not to worry about it.
I'm at the point where I know I have to talk to these people IN SCHOOL, but I'll be damned and double damned if I do ANYTHING with them outside of school or for them. I have always offered them parking passes and stuff for my garage (its $5 for residents to buy a visitors pass... our garage is typically $3/hour, or $7 for a theatre event and $10-15 for an Orioles or Ravens game. We're only 4 blocks from Camden Yards, and the convention Center, 10-12 blocks from Inner Harbor and the Raven's stadium, and directly across the street from the Hippodrome Theatre, Lexington Market, etc... right on the light rail tracks and the subway. Very convenient. And I was being nice to people I thought were my friends. They can pay full price or park on the street.
And, I'm getting all of my instructional materials back from them on Monday.
I'm such a bad team member and such a non-team player that I always give them and share curriculum materials with everybody.

04-09-2005, 10:53 PM
DAGGGGONNNN Mousie......

What a bunch of creeps you work with! I'm so sorry that this junk continues to happen to you! I hope that you find another position somewhere to your liking! You really need to get out of that place!

Do you know much about MathPad made by Intellitools? I've often said that you and I need to talk AT...and just never get to it.......... We continue to search for appropriate math software for my oldest ds to use. Everyone continues to tell us that MathPad is the only thing out there.... Got any ideas? He needs to use the computer to do all of his "written" math practice. And MathPad has sooooo many problems and shortcomings! ARghhh.... I would GREATLY appreciate ANY info you could offer!

Try to get some rest this weekend!

04-09-2005, 11:22 PM
Yes I agree with Robyn WONDERFUL WONDERFUL SATURDAY! I am such a bum...............Fun to be a bum sometimes. I'll pay for it tomorrow afternoon, however. Oh well. I did manage to wash about two loads of clothes and drag myself into the shower, but that's pushing it.
Mouse: OMIGOD!!!!!!!!!! I just simply can't believe all the BS you put up with from those people. I would come home crying everyday. I am the type of person who tends to cry when I get really mad. I also get my feelings hurt easily. Just hold your head are there for those kids, not for them anyway. I know that doesn't make things any better, but they are absolutely ridiculous. We had a principal (female) a couple of years ago that encouraged tattling as well. She had her pets, and it got really ugly. I swear about twenty teachers asked for a transfer at the end of the year. She would actually come into the faculty meetings saying stuff like You people think I can't hear the things you say about me. I know what you are up to.....Blah BLah Blah. She went as far to tell us that we were basically good for nothing........Nobody else would want us..........Then end the meeting with.....You know I love you........I swear, she was psycho. I thought I would have an ulcer by the time that she left. I had a student bring a gun to shoot me the year that she was there, and do you believe she had the nerve to say I know you know you were the target, but he really does love you? I said You are Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, ew unpleasant flashback! :mad:

Robyn: Isn't skating fun? :D The day we took my son and his friends skating for his birthday we had such a blast. My legs have not been so sore in a long time. Sounds like you have had a fun day today though. Hope things are looking up with your hubby. :cb: :cb: CONGRATS ON NOT EATING THAT CAKE!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry to say I would have! :(

On the lighter side, I finally found a pair of capri pants today. I was able to fit into an XL from Walmart. Which is basically a sixteen/eighteen. I was excited because eighteen's have been getting loose and sixteens are still too tight. The thing that amazed me the most, was that the same pair of pants in plus size was about four dollars more. That's just wrong................. Anyway that was fun. I think the fitting room attendant was getting irritated with me because I kept trying on clothes.
Ok I'm outta here!

04-10-2005, 11:31 AM
I'm familiar with MathPad & MathPad Plus. What level of math is your son at? That changes the options, of course. The biggest issue with MathPad is that the teacher has to put all the problems in the program first, which is a total pain. The keyboard commands also don't work that well.
IntelliTools also makes IntelliMathics, which is a math manipulative program that will go up to PreAlgebra, maybe higher if you're more clever. I've hardly ever taught or been in higher math classes since I always taught functional math... But I know of some other options:
MathType lets you use MS Word or another word-processor to do mathematical equations.
MS Word already has an equation editor built in, and you could probably work up an IntelliKeys overlay to make access to the equation editor easier if your son uses the keyboard. There is also a version of one of these programs that works with Dragon Naturally Speaking, but its pretty pricey. I think its MathType, but I don't remember for sure what the program is called. There are lots of on-screen calculators, some of which do a "print out" like a desktop calculator would, which might work as well.
As for the people I work with, I am just continually amazed. I've seen this type of backstabbing happen before, but just never to this extent. Its absolutely unreal, because its not even for political favor or to get more stuff for a classroom, etc. In other schools, I could figure it out... but I just don't get this.
Oh well. I'm looking for another position, but there is an additional problem: my school is so heavily involved with Johns Hopkins University that I'm almost afraid to leave the school before I finish this latest degree. Even my current supervisor teaches there, although I have no idea why: he isn't qualified to teach the subject he is doing. If I could stick for another year, I'd be mostly finished with the credits. And I don't necessarily have to complete the dissertation.

04-10-2005, 12:10 PM
Mousie..... OMG OMG OMG! YOU speak the language I need to hear! :) We are going out to do some running around... BUT I will be back! YOU are JUSTTTTT the one I need to talk to.
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

04-11-2005, 05:46 AM
Robyn... I'll be here. I've got the student-plague. First time in 2 years that I've gotten a cold at all, and its settled in my chest really fast. I'm home today at the very least.
I can't sleep when I'm sick. Drives me nuts.
But! Its my own fault: I didn't drink enough on Wednesday and Thursday when I was running around that convention center. That gave the bugs a chance to get a good hold on me.
Hope everybody else has a positive, and productive start to your week! :)

04-11-2005, 05:13 PM
Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had a good Monday. Mine was good but busy. Towards the end of the year it's one meeting after another, and something is due to the office every single day. Grades are due day after tomorrow. So, I guess that is what I'll be doing tonight. I also have a triple AAAI meeting tomorrow, and that is due soon. Problem with that, is that I haven't covered all of the objectives yet, and I have to include a work sample for each one. Don't know what to do about that. Maybe I'll give a cumulative test or something to meet several objectives.
I had a great day. I actually was complimented twice in a matter of five minutes by two different people about my weight loss. That really made my day. (Two teachers who are on the other end of the universe from me.)
Mouse: Gosh, I hope you get well. Seems like you are having a time of it lately. I hope you can find a job where you will be truly appreciated for your talent. I know you will.
Hello to Robyn, Ginnie, Paisley, Kerry and Summer.
Talk to you later!

04-11-2005, 05:25 PM
So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, Mouse! My week started with another "beginning teacher training" session.......which as a now 18 year (my teaching anniversary is in March!) classroom veteran... I nearly went crazy enduring! Yes, I am a beginning teacher with the system that I'm working in..... BUT, MANNNNNNN!
AND if they had not required me to attend I would have been offended....and yes, I would have griped about "being BRAND new to the system and they assume because I've taught before that I shouldn't be trained!" SEE! I admit it. They couldn't win!

It is 4:15 and I've been home for over a 1/2 hour! Being home early is a wonderful reward for NOT falling out of my chair during the training! :) I was not able to sleep (last night NOT at training!) due to a stomach thing.... so I'm going to take a nap for about an hour or so before my dh gets dinner ready. (See....there are some great things about him being unemployed!)

Mouse... I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk more about AT and mathpadplus as well as ds's trials and tribulations with some of the other applications you mentioned! ???What is the best way to handle it??? PMessages? or shall we bore these gals to pieces with our AT talk! hehehhee Feel better!

Will return after I nap...........what wonderful words! :)
take care,

04-11-2005, 08:23 PM
I am still alive.....totally up to my eyeballs with all kinds of stuff...and a stomach bug to boot. Hopefully tomorrow will be more sane and I can post. Take care- sorry to be so short and not personal at all.

04-12-2005, 12:19 AM
Feel better Gin.... I too am sort of "stomach buggy" tonight........ bleech!
Mousie, you feeling better? Hope so...

Pam...Don't compliments JUST make you GRIN?! You earned them! Enjoy them...

heading out in a hurry....
take care,

04-12-2005, 01:42 AM
Sounds like a whole bunch of us are sick. I'm apparently REALLY sick. I can't do anything by half measures, ya know? I'm sure you guys can guess what it takes to drag me to a doctor because I see so many of them so often! But, I was on the phone at 9:00 this morning trying to get an appointment. Managed to get one with the nurse practioner. Well, you'll never believe it, but I was actually running a fever with swollen glands and a stiff neck. I have a upper respiratory infection, a 101 degree temp. I'm on antibiotics and codeine-flavored cough syrup. I'm allergic to hydrocodone (synthetic codeine), so I can to take syrup instead of pills. The pills all use synthetic codeine in them.
I'm out of work till Friday, and when I told my team leader, she asked for a copy of the doctors note. This from somebody who is, quite literally, out at least 3 times a month. She was out last Monday, which was the first day back after spring break. I have over 100 hours of sick leave (well, not anymore!), and lots of perfect attendance months. I was miffed. You have no idea... especially since I talked to my supervisor on the phone Sunday (called him at home) and her today, and they both told me how bad I sounded. Oh, geez. I so need to get out of that place.
Its not like there isn't work for the kids (there is stuff from last week that they didn't do), plus I have emergency vocab packets in a drawer in the filing cabinet... told my team leader where those were. If worse comes to worse, they can show an educational video involving some form of technology. I had downloaded the remote access plug-in for the network, so if the gradebook program will work with that (my team leader is supposed to check with our database administrator), and she faxes my grading sheets to me, I can enter the grades myself from home. That leaves IEP updates. I have 6 kids in my homeroom. We probably have to do 4 updates, so it wouldn't take long for somebody else to do them.
I'm just so annoyed. I didn't ASK to get sick! Certainly not like this. Its not like I'm enjoying my time at home. I'm high from the codeine, can't sleep from the codeine (I get jittery from hydrocodone, but both drugs make it nearly impossible for me to sleep) and the coughing. By tomorrow afternoon, I'll have all the typical side-effects of taking antibiotics... I'm not supposed to have any dairy products right now (they make mucus thicker), so I can't eat yogurt to prevent it.
GRRRR! I have to reschedule my appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist too, because of being sick.
Okay, enough whining. I babble and whine like crazy when I'm sick.

04-12-2005, 12:32 PM
Mouse- boy, when you get sick you do a fine job of it. Sorry you are SO sick....but I am relieved to hear that you went for the help to get over this. Feel better!! Hope you can get some reading in while recuperating.
Robyn- lots of luck making it thru the day if your stomach bug is/was like mine. Very interesting for me with limited access to a potty! Feel better.......
Sorry to be so short- Dd is sick and I am trying to get medical help for her at college.....ah the joys of medical insurance......Hi to everyone I missed

04-12-2005, 05:24 PM
All right everybody stand in line while I spray you with Lysol!
As I sit here typing (wearing my mask)..........Gosh, I hope you all feel better. This is not the time of year for sickness. Gracious. I hate to say anything, because I normally catch everything within a hundred miles.......
I am just sick of school of that counts. It's getting to that burned out time of year for me. I feel like I'm spinning around in circles. We have less than three weeks until our End of Grade Tests, and we are sooooooo not ready. I think my scores are gonna look a might pitiful this year. For example, I was putting the kids into groups today, and was going around the room touching them on the head and telling them their number. (Usually they pull a number, but we didn't today.) So, at the end, I say, ok, everyone in group one should be here............Hands in the air......I can't remember my number. What's my number? I don't know which group I'm in. Ok, but these same kids, who are only responsible for one little number to their group are supposed to remember The Pythagorean Theorem, and the formula for the circumference of a circle? Omigod, I am doomed. We need a prayer circle over here............... Ok, thanks I feel better now. I believe that aliens truly suck the brains out of middle school children and then return them to their bodies on their twenty first birthday.
Ok, so it was a long stressful day, and I ate six hershey kisses when I got home. I want to eat about two bags of them. I am going to try and walk tonight, but there is so much to do.
Hope you all feel better, glad you went to the doctor Mouse.....Poor Ginnie! I had a period in the fall where for two weeks, all I did was run to the bathroom. When I had to go, I had to go right then. There were many days I didn't think I would make it home, I was driving like a maniac. Thank goodness I had a student teacher, and a co teacher, or we would have had some serious complications.
Take Care!

04-12-2005, 06:11 PM
Well, I'm still a sleepless Mouse. But, I am feeling a little better. I'm coughing less, but still running a fever. I snuck some yogurt this morning with breakfast (a little tiny cup of the sugar-free Dannon stuff) so I don't have too many bad anti-biotic side effects yet. Just the itchy dry skin.
They've fired two staff at the high school in the last two days. One guy had it coming in a big way, he has been absent a whole lot and not calling out; I don't know what the other woman did. She was only here 4-5 weeks, if that. But it makes me nervous when they send out those "staff change" emails.
And I don't trust my team leader or my supervisor anymore so that just makes it harder.
Hope others are feeling better. Pam, a few hershey kisses is better than 2 bags!
Me? I have this horrible craving for McDonalds!! I HATE McD's. I'll eat a dry sandwich from the gasoline quick shop before I eat at McD's.
The only time I eat at McD is if I can find one that has the mint milkshakes during March (They have green milkshakes for St. Patrick's day, and they're mint flavored. I love them... but never get them often because most of the restaurants don't serve them). I always want fast food and junk food when I'm sick. Double cheeseburgers, roast beef sandwiches, curly fries. All the stuff that even before my endocrine disorder I didn't eat.

04-12-2005, 07:12 PM
Aw Mouse......can't imagine craving Mickey D's!!!! I usually crave sweet gooey stuff....twizzlers are a biggie....anyway- good for you eating some yogurt. Your body can tolerate that ok??? (I thought aspartame was a problem for you). I know you don't trust your supervisors...with all the crap they allow, I would not either. Try to be positive about this- maybe they finally woke up and died right and saw that there was a good need to clean house and got rid of some who actually deserved to go. (I am an you can tell.) Hope you get some sleep!!!!

Yup, Pam, 6 kisses are better than a whole bag blow out....move on and don't beat yourself up over it. Really, 6 kisses are not significant in your days calories if you ate well for the rest of the day. My take on the aliens......I was under the impression that the aliens invaded the middle school kids and took over their personalities.....until 21 of course.....and any semblence of the kid you knew is gone until then. Guess it all amounts to the same. They ain't human. My pastor actually said he ascribes to his fathers theory on adolescents, that they should be locked in an attic from about 13 until 21, with a pass thru (as you would use in a jail cell) to provide food and water.
Ok he is just kidding........and has stopped making those jokes since 2 of his 3 kids have reached the age of 13. Anyway, so sorry you had such a stressful day. Hope you can get a walk in to burn off some stress. BTW- what number was I anyway???? (don't strangle me!)

My kiddies are acting up.....5th graders are off the wall.....because they will be in the middle school next year they act rather wierd from now on. Little do they know.....
So my trips home will be interesting. And loud. Where is the tylenol? My stomach is improving...slowly. Still searching for a Dr (in network) for Dd, who is of course not helping....but I did find one Md who was so kind and gave me some other names to investigate tomorrow.

I have a headache....better go get dinner on. Hi to everyone!!!!! Please, is it June yet?

04-13-2005, 12:30 AM
Evening Folks,
I am back! Last week I was so tired from the time change and being back in school from spring break. I was in bed early every evening. Then this weekend, I had a mountain of laundry to do on Saturday and a house to clean on Sunday. So I am finally back. I went to TOPS tonight and gained 4 3/4 pounds. But I think that has a lot to do with it is around that TOM ( should start any day now) and I had not been to TOPS in the last four weeks. So I missed the support from my TOPS pals and from you fine gals. Since I couldn't even find the engery to crawl over to the computer to chat with you all. Oh well I will just have to really work hard to take the weight back off.
Summer, glad you had a wonderful time with you dd last week on your field trip. Congrats on your grade in your night class. Keep up the great work!
Mouse, sorry to hear that your coworkers are being such pain's! Glad to hear that you were able to attend the confernence and interview with some other schools. I will keep my fingers crossed that something great will come from those interviews. Get well wishes going out your way!
Robyn, glad that you had such a wonderful visit with your hs pal. It is always great to see an old friend and get back in touch with them.
Pam congrats on being in the 170's and in a size 16/18. That is the size I am in right now. YOu are so very right about clothes that fit right now and how hard it is to figure out what to wear to work.
Paisley, sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your dance lessons. I would like to try that sometime. Just haven't gotten the nerve to do it yet?
Ginny, hope you are feeling better. I came home with a headache tonight too. My kids are slowly driving me over the edge. It is sad that I have to remind myself that we only have 33 more days of school left every morning as I am driving to school.
Well I better go and get in bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. I work at school until 6 and then go work out at Curves. Then come home around 7:30-8 and have to do some things around the house. But I will try to check back in with you all tomorrow. My goal for the week is to try to come on here for more support and eat better. I want to take these 4 3/4 pounds off and start to be on the losing end of things again.
Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

04-13-2005, 04:06 AM
Hey all! Just a quick note---I think I'm inching off my 175 plateau. . .today I was 174! It's 1 lb, but it was SOOOO nice not to see that scale say 175 or 175.6! :)

Kerry!---You're Back!!!!!! :D It's so cool that you still weighed in at TOPS--I am SOOOO not that strong a woman. If I know I've gained, I hide from the scale. It's so mature to go face it, and that strength is what means you'll lose it again! I have such faith.

Mouse---Wow! Talk about stress--2 people fired, your supervisors all untrustworthy. . .no wonder you're craving fast food. I completely understand the craving despite hating it thing. Be strong, you can beat those cravings!

Ginny--my 8th graders get all wonky this time of year, too. I swear, transition years (5th, 8th, 12th) are tough 4th quarter!!!

Pam---ick ick, this is the WORST time of year to be sick! I hope your virtual lysol dose works and you remain healthy. ;)

04-13-2005, 09:47 AM
Good morning.
I actually got some sleep last night... I think I slept for a good 4 hours without waking up! :) That's a good thing.
The fast food cravings are being caused by my being sick. I think I managed to tame them by getting chinese food last night. Most of that is still in the fridge, which is okay.
Ginny: the yogurt has splenda in it, not aspartame. ITs the new "low carb" stuff from Dannon. But it doesn't say that it has live cultures in it, although the high fiber stuff (which is what I have at the moment) says its yogurt. The other low-carb one says that it is "yogurt dressing", whatever that is. But, I'm still itchy!
Thanks to all for the good wishes. I think this afternoon I'll work on those applications.

04-13-2005, 02:04 PM
Mouse- funny about the yogurt, my Dm just called me about the stuff and said she liked it too. (and she is not a yogurt fan). And the stuff she liked was the low carb/splenda stuff. I am SO glad you are feeling better. After all the nonsense that you have faced at work the past few weeks it was almost inevitable that you were going to get sick. Knock em dead with your applications. You have great credentials...... And your favorite chinese food is???

Kerry- love your attitude about those 4.75#. They will come flying can figure at least half of it to TOM, right? Get a good sweat going tonite in sister in sweat (sorry, Leslie ;) ,I had to borrow that one!) Only 33 days.....make me ill...I have 11 weeks.....of pure torture. And BTW, congrats on getting back to TOPS. WW gives bravo stickers out to those who get back on the scale instead of running from it...coming back to a meeting after missing. You will win this battle. And I hear you about missing posting here. Each of you helps me so much.

Paisley- congrats on breaking out of the slump!!! Hey, .5# is wonderful any move down in the dumb scale is better than up. Whatever you have been doing- keep it up.....more will come off.

Monsters were ok, well sort of this am. Fortunately today (I hope) is Mad Science... or something else that has many students staying after late and they are not on the bus. So I might have my wits about me tonite. Well, maybe.
Guess I'd better go get my pm cup of tea ready.....I usually drink it just before my elementary just to make sure I do not fade.
Hope everyone is having a good day. Hi to Robyn, Pam, Summer~ hope I did not miss anyone.
Take care

04-13-2005, 05:28 PM
What happened to spring? We're back to cold windy weather. Bummer. The thing that really bums me out, is that I cleaned out my closet this weekend and bagged up all the stuff that is too big. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! :D
I did keep out a few things that are long sleeves, but most of it was just ridiculously big. I do not have a single dress now! They were all looking like maternity clothes. I am defintely not complaining, but at the same time, I don't have anything to wear, and can't afford to go shopping now, cause we owe uncle sam big time! But, if the temps would creep back up into the seventies I would be all right.
Kerry: We only have 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!YIPPPEEEEEEE! School days that is. Our last day of school is May 25th. We have to go until June 2nd, but that's a piece of cake. Glad you're back. I am still suffering from what feels like sleep deprevation. It seems like the alarm goes off, and I feel like I've just gone to sleep. Awful. But, I get a second or third wind about 7 and then I can't go to sleep until 11:30 or so.
Mouse: I am having all kinds of food cravings. I swear, no reason for it. Nope, McDonalds probably wouldn't be on my list, but we have Bojangles Cajun Chicken down here. Yum Yum Yum. I'm glad you were able to get some sleep. Are you going back to work Friday? We're off Friday for an optional teacher workday. I, myself, am opting not to work!
Paisley: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!Doesn't it feel great to finally go down a pound? Are you still lifting weights? My husband and are I were thinking about starting that regularly. What are you doing for that? Seems like lately, once I break through to a certain weight I have been working for, that I sabotage myself and then have to work hard to take off the extra pound or two I picked up to get back to where I was. I had gotten down to 178.6. Don't you know we ate terribly this weekend, and by Monday morning I was regretting that. I was at 179.5 today. I also have not been drinking water like I should.
Ginny:You're a nut! That was funny what you said about your pastor. Cause we were talking at lunch, and my coteacher said that working in Middle School was a perfect form of birth control for her. We decided that kids must not get their minds back until atleast thirty. Guess who quit another job??????????????? :mad: Not worrying about it...........Just not making life easy for him around here. His car broke down last Saturday night, and it is still sitting at his friends house..........He hasn't mentioned it, neither have I. I think he is getting sick of no transportation because I will not take him anywhere. I just said....Jeez, if you were still working you'd have your car fixed already huh? He sort of growled. Funny to me.....

I just want to say that our 7th grade group is whacko...... I had another boy arrested today for marijuana. And two were suspended for having sex in the bathrooms again. They see more action that me. Ha! I have been at this school for nine years, and I swear I have never had a group like this.
Sorry if I missed anyone.............Let me read back, Summer and Robyn. Hope all is going well for you.

04-13-2005, 08:45 PM
Hi, all.
I know I already posted once today... I'm not quite sure what to make of the fact that my team leader did my IEP updates and this last week of grades for me. I offered to come in and do it, but was told not to because they don't want what I've got. I'm probably not contagious anymore, and was DEFINITELY contagious last week when I was there because I had the sore throat on Friday. Oh well. She says she is my friend, but friends don't do what she did last week... they just don't, even if they are your team leader.
The McD cravings won out this afternoon. I literally DREAMED about a cheeseburger and fries. :sigh: My favorite chinese food? Toss up: I love shrimp with lobster sauce, but I also really like stir fried veggies, chow fun, and lo mein. I could probably eat chinese everyday, and I never order the fried stuff so its okay. I'm not a big fan of fried rice. The only fried stuff I eat are crab rangoon (sometimes), egg rolls (only 100 calories), and veyr, very rarely, shrimp toast.
I am most likely going back to school Friday. I will probably be really tired, because I was wiped after just walking across the street to the McDs earlier, and had a coughing fit when I came back. We were supposed to have Friday as a professional day (no students), but they are using it as a snow make-up.
I did one application today, will do another tomorrow. I hate moving, so that is a big negative to changing jobs in my book... but I just can't imagine doing another year with my current supervisor. And there is absolutely nobody I can go to for advice because the director has made it very clear that she won't talk about it without him being there. He does my evaluation, so I'm pretty sure that is a bad idea.

04-13-2005, 11:50 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well I had a sort of good eating day today. I did break down and eat two Oreos with my kids for snack this afternoon. But I was good in the excerise dept. I got up this morning at 5:30 and did my two mile walking video and went to Curves this evening. Then my dh and I took a walk through town this evening when I got my chores around the house done. He made popcorn tonight and I didn't have a single piece of it. But I did put a little bit in a baggie and plan on eating with my sandwhich at lunch tomorrow.
My dh is a little mad at me right now. He asked me to clip his hair this evening. So I got the shaver out boy did I clip his hair. Seems I was so tired from my day with my kids at school, I forgot to put the blade on the clippers and gave him a really nice buzz cut. We both couldn't figure out why the pile of hair on the floor looked so large compared to the last time I cut his hair. Oh well, I guess he didn't find it as funny as I did. Guess he is never going to ask me again to cut it at 10 p.m. when I am PMS'. LOL.
Mouse glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. I love that low carb yougurt from Dannon. I eat it all the time.
Pam, we had the cold windy weather here to today. This afternoon it did warm up a little bit. I have the same problem you do with the clothes. I am going to have a yard sale at the end of the month so I can have money to buy new clothes for the summer.
Paisley Congrats on the 1 pound loss. Way to go! It must be all that dancing you are doing!
Ginny, I feel better since going back to TOPS. I think the accountability has a lot of motivation for me. So I will do better next week. Hope your little kiddo's are driving you too crazy.
Hello to Robyn and Summer, hope you are having a great week with your kids! My kids are taking turns being wacko. I am ready to ship one to the moon if he doesn't straighten up really quick.
Well it is off to bed I go. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Have a great Thursday!

04-13-2005, 11:58 PM
Spent hours with my inlaws who have returned from Florida for the summer.
Spent hours sitting in winter clothes in April wrapped in a blanket watching my son's baseball game......

going to bed under my electric blanket!

sorry to be so hands are frozen.....hopefully I will thaw under the blanket! :)

hope veryone is feeling better.....
my kids are WFO this week! Maybe it is because we've had summer and winter 2 days apart????

take care,

04-14-2005, 07:19 PM
Robyn- warm up Honey!!! Hope you thawed out........How did the visit with the inlaws go?? Has Dh had any leads on a job yet??

Kerry- is that a chain saw I hear in the background????buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :lol: Got a little exhuberant with the buzzer,eh? Oh, I have done the same thing, except with a scissors, Dh telling me he only wants his hair cleaned up and I make him look military. Hey- they should know when we are PMSing might not be the best time for a hair cut! One great thing about hair, it does grow back quickly,especially in the warmer weather. And of course you know all the $$$ you save by doing it yourself. Good for you getting all that excercise in. I hear ya with needing the accountability. I too know that even if I ever reach goal and get to be lifetime, I will have to attend WW meetings forever.
Even the leader today admitted that she too is stuck with meetings long as we lose, then it is all worth it, right? :) I admire your determination, those #'s will come off.

Mouse- I hope you have gotten some rest in. Glad you got that Mickey D's out of your system. Who knows, maybe your body needed something from what you ate to heal better? I hope that tomorrow goes well for you. Try not to overdo it- although with the gang you teach, that might be impossible.
Glad you got an application done. No sense worrying about moving just yet, I guess (unless you have a lease to break). You really do not know what the future holds for you as of yet. I agree, moving is awful, I hate it too. Did you get any reading done while you were home resting this week?

Pam- yup, middle schoolers are great birth control....and I am going to throw 5th graders in with them. But I have to keep a sense of humor about them- otherwise I would go insane. That sure sounds like some bunch of 7th graders you have. Can't imagine all that going on- sex in the bathrooms and smoking dope- you must have the patience of a saint. And I was going to rank on you for bragging about only 30 days left, when I have almost double deserve a summer off from that bunch. Always amazes me how so many rotten apples can get into one class, and then the next class can be so totally different. It happens all the time. Sorry about Ds and his job. Yup, that car can sit for years at the friends house before I would offer to help him with it. Sooner or later he will figure this out. Ok, and was it YOU who got me hooked on these darn Kay Scarpetta novels???? :dizzy: Dumb things are addictive....and I have Body of Evidence and her next book all in getting no housework done because when I can grab a spare moment, I all those dust bunnies have your name on them, my friend! :lol: Ok, I am enjoying the book. thanks!

Kiddies were semi wacko today. I had to break up the 5th grade months ago, as they had way, way too many self control issues (or lack of said) when they sat together. So, this am I mellowed- and as a reward to one 5th grader who really used her head (she dropped a book while leaving the bus and very calmly told me about it- it had fallen under the bus and did not panic or attempt to get it) and asked me how to deal with the situation instead of doing something unsafe and stupid. So, moron me, I told her that as a reward- (and the whole bus heard the story) she could sit with anyone she wanted for a week, in any seat. So instead the entire 5 th grade goes off the wall.....and once they lose it the rest of the bus goes in the tank too. Stuff being thrown over the seats.....across the aisle...guess I'd better go back to my dictator ways tomorrow. 50 some odd more days of this garbage????? When I had our taxes done (in February) the form from HR BLock asked if any of my pay was "Military, Hazardous Duty", next year I am responding with yes.... I know you ladies work much longer hours than I do- but time on the road with these kids is so intense..... Gee I forgot, they were good yesterday! :lol: :dizzy:
Ok, nuff of me babbling...Summer, Paisely hope you are doing fine. I miss hearing from you. Gotta go make dinner. Have a great evening.

04-14-2005, 07:22 PM
Oh, not that this is worth announcing....I gained 1.6# this week, suspect some of it is water as PMS is here. And I thought I was really good this week and got lots of excercise in. Better luck next time!

04-15-2005, 09:23 AM
I'M OFF TODAY! Yippeee! No more kiddo's til Monday. I told my husband I was going to sleep for the next three days and only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and eat. Alas, I'm up............
I was really good on the eating yesterday. We'll see how the weekend goes. Seems like I kill myself on the weekends. I am sort of on this baked potato thing right now. Although I use fat free sour cream. I just love baked potatoes. I wish I could do no carbs. I tried that once and lost like seventeen pounds in three weeks, only to gain 6 pounds back the second I went off it. So, I guess that doesn't work for me. I was thinking of doing a no carbs weekend and then going back on my regular diet on Monday. Just to switch things up and get these pounds moving again. I'm sick of the scale not moving.
Mouse: I know what you mean about switching jobs. I pass by seven schools on my way to work. I work thirty minutes away at the opposite end of the county where I live. I just hate to change. I know the people, I know the routines etc..... So, since I am not in the same situation as you I guess I will just stay where I am. I think a lot of our people are going to leave this year because they are not happy with the present administration. We have a pretty high turn over rate every year in Middle School. Good luck, I hope you will find a place where you can be satisfied.
Robyn: I've been there with the sitting in the cold until your face is frozen and you can't feel your arms anymore. My oldest went from football to baseball. So, it seems like we were always sitting in the extreme heat or extreme cold. My youngest is not into sports, we have tried both baseball and football, and he just doesn't want to play. I really sort of miss it.
Ginny: Yes it was me who got you hooked on the Kay Scarpetta. I have to sit and wait for her next one to come out, whenever that will be....... Yes, we do have a crazy bunch this year. The great thing about teaching is you have the summer to rejuvinate, you get a new group of kids and everyday is a new day.............. I'm defintely on count down mode now. Our standardized tests are May 3,4,5. So, I have a lot to do to get them prepared in the next couple of weeks. Not, like we haven't been working towards this all year........But, I'm nervous.
Kerry: I thought about having a yard sale....The bags are currently in the middle of my bedroom floor. I need to do something about that today.
We just have no storage space, don't know where I'll put them.
Ok, I have loads of laundry to do today. Oldest son had actually cleaned the house, and cut the grass yesteraday. What's up with that? So, all I need to clean is my bedroom and bathroom. Wow. I think he is trying to get into my good graces. Ha! I didn't even ask him to do it.
By the way, if I don't come back on here anymore..........My husband has probably killed me. I lost my debit card yesterday!!!!!!!!!! :o I have already talked to the bank, but he was mad! Ok, well I don't know if I actually lost it yesterday, because the last time I used it was Tuesday to get gas, but I remember having it since then. Atleast nobody had used it! I am going to do a search today. The bank has it on lost status and if I don't find it today they will cancel it and reissue me a new one.
Have a good day!

04-15-2005, 08:08 PM
I'm sorry for being gone all week, but it has been a FULL ONE. I will spare you the details except to say that in preparation for spring break, I've been working my butt off.

Good news, the 8+ hours spent on my two most recent assignments was worth it. I got a perfect score on one and lost one-half of a point on the other. So far, I have an "A." I have not learned one thing. This professor is being paid to assign us chapters in our textbook, papers, and presentations. She doesn't teach. She lets us take up half of the class with our presentations and shows a video during the second half. The students getting a masters with certification are failing. They need a teacher. When they have questions, she tells them to email her. The only reason I'm doing so well is that the material is all review. This is ridiculous.

Pam, I'm so sorry about your debit card. I sure hope it turns up. Good luck. Our temps have been in the 50's in the day and the 30's at night...still warmer than a month ago, so I'm happy.

Ginny, that sucks about the weight gain. I'm sure it is water retention. I feel like tossing my scale out the window and just rely on measurement and how my clothes fit from now on.

Robyn, my inlaws are back from Florida too. I saw them for the funeral a couple of weeks ago. It is surprising that we haven't been summoned for a visit since then.

Kerry, I think I might be able to help you ship your students to the moon. I just sent mine off. You see, we are doing a unit on SPACE, and we built a rocket ship from a gigantic box, painted it, and fitted it with a control panel. So, let me know if I can be of service!!! :lol:

On Monday, Radio Disney and Connecticut's Department of Public Health put on a presentation at my school. I work closely with CDPH and they had called months ago about coming to do an assembly. Dealing with the contact person has been a royal pain in the a**. This chick has done nothing but drive me nuts with all of her miscommunications. :?: We agreed on a 1:30 assembly, and she kept saying we agreed on 1pm. Each time I would correct her, and she would apologize. Well, guess what time Radio Disney arrived at my school? 11:30am to prepare for a 1pm assembly. :mad: She didn't show up till 1:30 herself. She kept asking me for directions, but wouldn't give me a starting point. I told her to do Mapquest, but she ended up faxing my secretary the Friday before anyway. She gave my secretary the wrong fax number and had to do Mapquest. :dizzy: Why she couldn't do that in the first place, I will never know. Basically, she would ask me what I thought about various things and then do the opposite. :?: AAAAAHHHH!!! Hopefully she will get involved with some other preschools and leave me be next year.

I have 40 more days of school left. Tomorrow is the first day of spring break. I am sooooo ready for the break. Yes, I have work for my grad class to deal with and school work, so it won't be all play. But, just not having to get up at the crack of dawn, shower, fix breakfast, make lunches, get a 7 year-old fashion-conscious girl ready, and fly out the door will be a welcome break. Once we get back from vacation, it is all downhill to summer. PAST TIME TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! :coach: :strong: I got up early this morning and did 15 minutes of abdominal exercises. After school I worked out at the gym. I dropped the Valentine's Day/Easter weight I had put on. I am not 100%, but this week when I will actually have a moment to think about something besides my job, my class, Brownies, cheerleading, gymnastics, field trips, assemblies, bulletin boards, etc., maybe I can get 100% focused on ME. I really want to go to the beach this summer without being totally self-conscious. I don't need to look perfect, I just want to avoid being embarrassed for another know, comfortable in my own skin.

Take care everyone!

04-15-2005, 08:18 PM
Hi, everyone.
I actually wound up staying home today... the decongestant knocked me for a loop, and I haven't slept. Between it and the codeine, I'm wired for bear! And my lovely supervisor... what did he do? Was he sympathetic and supportive? Did he send me flowers or a get well card? Heck no! He reported me to HR for being out more than 3 days! I have to fill out paperwork for the family & medical leave act (which since I was simply sick, I don't qualify for), and if it doesn't fall under that if I'm out anymore this quarter they can give me a written warning for attendance. Uhm, hello? I don't get it. I had 103 hours of sick leave (I'm down to 63 now), and 40+ hours of comp time. I have a doctors note (I got my doctor to fax it to me and then I emailed them a copy of the fax!). I didn't disappear off the face of the planet, I was responsible and did what I was supposed to do.
He just... there was no need for him to do what he did. I know he did it to my TA last year also, when she had surgery, but I bet he doesn't do it to some of the other staff that is out all the time. I talked to several staff and they all said I sounded horrible, even yesterday.
:mad: Just reaffirms my decision to apply to other schools.
As for reading: yes, I did. I finished the new Pern novel, and re-read some old teacher favorites. I have a collection of books by special ed teachers or other teachers that I read when I need to remind myself why exactly I do this... Torey Hayden, Mary MacCracken, others. I buy them used a lot of the time and keep them around. It reminds me that there are other teachers out there getting into trouble like I do, and still managing to keep it together.
I noticed that some of my clothing was absurdly big on me this week... not sure why, because I've been eating junk all week. I was running a fever for most of the week, so that might have something to do with it. I dunno.
As for days left... June 20th. And then I'm back July 5th. I'll have to work for my current school this summer so I can get my tuition reimbursement.

04-16-2005, 08:21 AM
Hi everyone!
It's very early here and everyone is still asleep. I would still be asleep but the cat was meowing like crazy to go outside, then the dog decided she too wanted to go outside.Blah......... I may just crawl back in bed, who knows.
Summer: Yeah for spring break to you !!........Sounds like you have a busy busy week anyway. Still haven't found my debit card, but atleast nobody can go crazy using it so I guess I'll just chalk that up to me being a scatterbrain. I'm lucky, nine year old boys are defintely not fashion conscious. Mine has no sense of style. If he picked is own clothes out for school, it would be green sweat pants and a red t shirt. Sort of glad, that he doesn't really care right now, because before long it will be different.
Mouse: I swear your supervisor is crazy. I've read one of Tori Haydens books. I think One child? Does that sound right? It was really sad, but good. Congrats on the clothes being loose. I feel like I am spinning in circles with weight loss lately. I weighed myself yesterday, and was at 178. But, then we had pizza last night............Oh well, whatever. I wish I could get back into some regular sort of excercise routine. I've been excercising some days and skipping others. I feel like I am getting sick. I am not sick, but I feel like I am trying to get bronchitis or something. Just don't feel quite right. Maybe it's just all the pollen. I hope that is all. I don't have time to be sick now.
Ginny: Sorry about your weight gain. I am sure it is just water retention.
I have gained half a pound! I was at 178.5 and today I am at 179. URGHHHHH.
Hope you all have a great day today!

04-16-2005, 10:11 AM
WOW what a full week this has been! Will spare you the gory details. I'm glad it is over!

Mousie, hope that you are feeling better. I'm glad that you are considering leaving your current school. After all that you've told us.......arghh!

Pam, Hope you don't meet your end due to the debit card! Isn't modern technology wonderful...UNTIL.... I love our "card"....and use it a LOTTTTT! Would be lost without it...and would be devestated if others found it!!

Ginny, I've said it before...and I'll say it again. YOU are a SAINT! There is NOOOOO way that I would do your job. See, I have the responsiblity of dealing with 1 group of 6 and 7 year olds. Yes, I have them for hours....but then I turn them out to go get on a bus......with 49 of their best friends of various ages! Multi age children sitting on bench seats with no restraints...with no direct supervision other than the gal who is driving the bus!...with nothing to do for the duration of their ride BUT see who they can irritate, see what they can cram through the window opening, see what trouble they can create! Do I really need to go on??? Gin, you ARE my hero! :)

Summer... congratulations! Glad to hear that not only have you lived to reach Spring Break... but that you are doing well in your course work! It is a shame that your professor who is teaching you how to teach (not sure that my comment is accurate, but you KNOW what I mean!) doesn't know how to teach! Keep up the great efforts for bathing suit weather! Enjoy the vacation from school, girl!

Kerry..... are you still with us? Did your dh kill you for your hair clipping session?! I cut my dh's hair only twice. The first time I left it too long. He complained. The 2nd time I made up for the other time. I left it nearly shaved. He complained about that too! When you and Summer have the moon travel "field trip" all figured out, let me know. I WILL be signing at least 2 of my dears up for that adventure. (I actually sent the dynamic duo on an errand JUST to get them out of my room on Friday! They were 7 of the MOST calm minutes in my room all week!)

Paisley.... where are you?

So, I went to the store the other day to buy a pair of shoes for my oldest ds. From the shoe department this blouse was just SCREAMING my name. So. Figuring out a way to rationalize me buying a new Spring blouse was rather easy. I've not had anything new to wear since others gave me $$ for Christmas. So. I thought.....just go look and see how much it is. It was one of the typical of today styled blouses. Collar, button down the front, 3/4 length sleeves. 98% cotton. 2% spandex. Beautiful big 70s style multi colored flowers. Beautiful. $79 SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS 79$. OK. NOW. Even IF my dh was working. EVEN IF I had a wallet that was thick with EXTRA money. EVEN IF I HAD TO WEAR MY BRA ONLY TO WORK........ $79???????
..........Guess I will buy it next year at Kohls for $14.99!!!! Am I alone in my "You've GOT to be kidding" thinking? Am I so pitiful because I have no "taste in clothes"? Actually the blouse IS beautiful. It is that I have no "taste" to spend THAT amount on 1 very trendy shirt. ...and no, I am not certain who's name was on the label. I didn't look at that part....but KNOW that I was in a store to purchase a pair of Vans or NIKEs or Converse shoes for the boy....Guess I better get my pitiful self back into Walmart, huh?!

Enough from me! :)

take care

04-16-2005, 12:48 PM
Good morning all.
I volunteered as dispatcher for Red Cross last night.... and had a multi-unit apartment fire at 3:00 a.m. Fortunately, though, the person who is usually my supervisor (the one who can't ever get the schedule straight and all the other crap) was off... the other guy is wonderful. He's got a great sense of humor and his question to me last night when I had trouble finding people was, "Do you want me to go?" and then after that, "What else are YOU going to do?" which is totally how it should be. The other lady absolutely won't let go of any control even though I've been a disaster volunteer longer than she's been paid staff (I start 15 years disaster service in July, 18 years as a Red Cross volunteer...woo hoo!). What's the point of my being dispatcher if I have to shuffle everything off to the paid staff supervisor? There is a reason you have volunteers, and its not just to do the scut work with the rats on a city street at 3:00 a.m. ;)
I also SLEPT last night. In between phone calls, but I really slept. After the last call from the fire, I didn't move until the pager went off again at 10 this morning. I'm going to go take another nap too. ;)
Pam: Don't worry about the pizza. If you won't worry about it, I won't worry about my junk food all week.
Robyn: I am totally with you on the blouse. I flat refuse to buy nice clothing to wear to work because it gets absolutely wrecked. I've had kids draw on the back of my clothing with permanent marker, spill jell-o powder on me, sneeze great globs of stuff on me, throw up on my pants, etc. But beyond that, I just won't spend above a certain amount on clothing. I can't see the point.

Who wants to volunteer to help me pack if I wind up moving back to northern Virginia? Its mostly books.


04-16-2005, 09:00 PM
Hi Folks,
Yes I am still alive. Just have been busy with trying to straight out some major behavior issues in my classroom and then came home and crashed the last few evenings early. My dh and I took the kids to Micky D's last night and I thought of you Mousie. We came home and then went for a long walk. I was getting my self prepared for the MS walk I did this morning. On the way home last night from our walk, we stopped by the local fire dept. and they gave the kids a quick tour. I must have been getting homesick for my family because I was the one who wanted to walk by the fire dept. on the way home. You see I grew up around the fire dept. in NE Ohio. My dad is the fire chief of my hometown fire dept., my brother and my one sister are also firefighter's. So I guess I just needed to be reminded of my roots a little bit last night. It was so funny. My 7 year-old sds asked the firefighter's where their pole was to slid down. They told him that they didn't have one because their station is only one story high. So he got this funny look on his face and asked where do you sleep than. So we got a tour of their living quarters too. SO I can't wait for them to go visit my family and share their story with them. Today I took my 9 year-old sdd and went on the 3 mile MS walk along a nice bike path along the Hocking River. We had a lovely time. Then we came home, helped my dh make lunch of Hebrew National Hot Dogs and macroni and cheese. We eat lunch and then went to Old Man's Caves to walk around. I think we walked about 6 miles there. So I think I did a fair bit of excerise for today. We ate lunch at our house around 1 and my one sds asked two hours later when we were starting our hike when where we going to eat again. He claims he was starving. He ate 3 hot dogs and a huge serving of marconi and cheese. So we convinced him to go on the hike with us and we ate our picinic lunch as soon as we came up out of the gorge. So I think I will be taking it easy tonight.
Paisley, how are you? Miss ya! Hope all is well with you! :)
Ginny, bless you dear for putting up with all those lovely little children. I do bus duty in the mornings and see how some of those kids come flying off the bus wound for sound. There was one lady the other day who got off her bus and handed me 6 bus write ups. This lady never writes up any kids and she said she had had it with this bunch. One kid was so bad he got two write ups. So I think we need to start calling you Saint Ginny! :)
Robyn, are you thawed out yet? It sure got cold here in the evenings and the mornings on bus duty was a little chilly too. But it warmed up to like high 70's during the day. So it made it hard to decided what to wear to school. You are not alone in thinking $79 is a little too much for one blouse. I roared at your Kohl's comment. I have to take my sdd shopping for new summer clothes. She saved her birthday money and wants to go shopping with me. The sweetie pie has $150 saved. So I am trying to think of places that have nice summer clothes for 9 year-old girls that don't make them look like hoochie mamas. Do you ladies have any suggestions?
Pam so how has your eating been so far this weekend? Did you enjoy your day off yesterday? Maybe your ds thought if he cleaned the house and mowed the yard you would get his car fixed for him. :)
Summer I love your space ship idea. I could take two or three refridgator (spelling error)boxes and I could send my whole class. LOL Hope you enjoy your spring break. I am glad that you are doing so well in your grad class. That sucks about the professor though. I had a professor like that in college. I hated that class because nothing we went over in class was ever on his tests. It was all from the book that we read on our own and held discussions about it before, during and after class with the members in my class. Thanks for mentioning your grad work. I have to do an assignment to get one hour of grad credit for a math inservice I went to in March. It is due on the 20th of this month. So I will be working on that this evening and tomorrow, so I can have some of my coworker's look over it before I turn it in.
Mouse, I am glad that you took yesterday off. I was worried that you might over do it by going back to work yesterday. Sorry to hear that egg head supervisor of your's is being a jerk about your sick leave. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep including in my prayers that you find a job for next school year. I know what you mean about packing books. I have a lot of books and my dh thought it would be a piece of cake to pack my books up when I moved down here to be with him. He thought it would only take him an hour to box up my books. It basically was an all day job. :)
Well I better go and see if my dh will walk down to the gas station with me and the kids to put air in the tires on our bikes. I hope to take them tomorrow for a short bike ride in the afternoon.
Talk to you all later.
Love ya,

04-16-2005, 10:19 PM
Well, besides my DD's gymnastics class this morning, my day was toooootally wasted. My BIL offered to install a firewall on my computer. He is a computer wiz for a living, and today was kind of like an annual physical for my computer. Well, as generous as he is, and as brilliant as he is, that is how absent-minded he is. I love him, but he spent most of the day at my house checking things and taking things apart while my 3 year old nephew was sort of being entertained by my 7 year old DD. They didn't play very well together because he is a VERY SHELTERED CHILD. He didn't know how to relate to DD (who is gregarious and can play with anyone anywhere.) All his food must be organic, so none of our food or drink was good enough. He is not allowed to watch tv, so when my SIL called to check up on him, she flipped about the tv being on. Normally DD doesn't turn on the tv during playdates, but she got really bored trying to find something her cousin might like to play and just gave up. So after hours and hours of this 3 year old complaining that he was unhappy at our house (a house that most children not only don't want to leave but then beg to be adopted by exaggeration), my BIL found all sorts of problems and ended up not having the necessary items to get the job done. He had to run to Staples for an hour only to find out he still didn't have what he needed. So, he installed Windows XP 2 which I had to monitor for the next couple of hours. Then, he called me and breathed on the other end of the phone while v...e...r...y s...l...o...w progress was made. He told me to call him back later on his cell. When I did, his cell was turned off. :?: I finished the installation on my own and gave up. Here I am after my whole day was wasted. I am surely glad that I have a whole week off, otherwise I'd be pretty pissed. Yes, I am grateful for the help, but come on now. :dizzy:

Kerry, good luck on your paper.
Mouse, It is time to start applying for a new job.
Robyn, Even though I love to spend money, I could never justify a $79 blouse for myself.
Pam, Enjoy the years while your kiddo doesn't care what he wears.

04-17-2005, 12:27 AM
Ok, 2 part check in. . .my week first, to get it off my chest. This will sound grumpy, and I'm sorry. :^:

Exercise: I didn't exercise each day. I did a little--my ballroom dance class, walking a bit, and last night I went out dancing for hours with friends (7:30-12:30). That was fun! I was out there the whole time. It was GREAT! I got to wear my size 14 jeans. They were a bit tight, but I remember when I couldn't wear them at all!!! :D :D

School: the best I can say is that I didn't kill anyone. :devil: There is this horrible 1st yr teacher--he thinks he knows everything. The guy is a sexist pig who doesn't try to be a team playerbut the VP loves him. He is disrespectful of other people's ideas--apparently we are there because we couldn't find better jobs, while he's there because he's dedicated. He tells the kids they are failures, not going to graduate, and that he doesn't care about them. . .then says the opposite the next day. :mad:

Also, I helped put out a fire on Tuesday this week. someone lit it on the hill by my window. 3rd one I've put out this year.

Personal: I promised my recently ex bf that I'd ship his stuff if he'd send the $ for shipping. . .he wants me to sell his bike, and use that to pay for it. Selling a bike takes a ton of time, and I'm sick of it. Also, he wants EVERYTHING shipped--scratched up pans, dishes that will cost more to send than they're worth, stacks of old magazines he never reads. Ridiculous!

Ok enough of the time consuming yuckiness of my week. . .here's the good stuff:

Weight/Diet: Great! This week I mastered the "eat a good bkfst" thing. It paid off, too. . .no cravings means I'm down to 172.4 lbs! :D

Did I tell you about the ballet classes/english tutoring? If so, skip this part. I offered to teach ballet classes and all these women jumped at the opportunity! This is the first time since my weight gain that people haven't done a double take when I mention ballet. :smug: So in a few months, I'll be teaching dance again. . .I missed it SO much!! :) Also, the buddhist monk at the temple where I take yoga asked me to tutor him in English, so now I do that. It's fun, and kind of cool to be tutoring a monk. :lol:

And this is why I haven't written: another teacher and I are founding an organization (putting together the govt. paperwork now). We're getting teachers' writing published in a local journal--"NHIS in the Face of Restructuring". This is underway now. Next month we're applying for a grant grant to publish a book of writing by the students, teachers, community about the school. I'm meeting with the community leaders Tues, while Kimo talks to the veteran staff (I get the newbies).

The final goal is to develop curriculum and classroom management guidelines (for new teachers) that work with local culture--because so far nothing from the outside has worked, and replace the NCLB external providers with a homegrown organization using local talent, and keeping the money here (and the costs down). This started when we found out the external provider is using $ from the NCLB takeover to buy 3 condos for their staff in a resort near here for $700,000 each. . .condos IN the community are $100,000. :mad: It's a pipe dream, but I think it could work.

04-17-2005, 12:48 AM
WOW what a full week this has been! Will spare you the gory details. I'm glad it is over!

$79 SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS 79$. OK. NOW. Even IF my dh was working. EVEN IF I had a wallet that was thick with EXTRA money. EVEN IF I HAD TO WEAR MY BRA ONLY TO WORK........ $79???????
..........Guess I will buy it next year at Kohls for $14.99!!!! Am I alone in my "You've GOT to be kidding" thinking? Am I so pitiful because I have no "taste in clothes"?

RobynThat's insane!!! You are definitely not alone! What's crazy is that you're right--in 6months, that style will be at Kohls or an outlet for $15, and no one will tell the difference between the two. . .oh wait, except the Kohls one will be cheaper and newer. . .and therefore nicer. ;)
We have Ross' here--all the designer stuff for cheap (overstocks). I got two dressy tees last week. It's fun to look at the original prices on those suckers: one was $20. . I got it for $7. :) The other, I got for $13, and it was originally $88!!! :eek: who in their right mind pays $88 for a tee shirt?? so, I'm completely with you on this one! :D

Mouse: That is SO cool! I didn't know you were a Red Cross Volunteer! Or that you did disaster volunteering!! That's just so amazingly cool! If course, you ARE a teacher, so you're used to dealing with odd situations with a level head. :lol: Anyway, good wishes on the potential move.

Summer: Your post reminds me of that "free to be you and me" record when I was a kid (please tell me someone remembers it???). There's a great song on there that goes something like:
Some kind of help is the kind of help that helping's all about.
And some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without!

It sounds to me like you got the second kind of help! :lol:
The thing that really bums me out, is that I cleaned out my closet this weekend and bagged up all the stuff that is too big. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! :D
Doesn't it feel great to finally go down a pound? Are you still lifting weights? My husband and are I were thinking about starting that regularly. What are you doing for that?

Hey Pam! Hmmm. . .clothes too big, what a WONDERFUL problem to have!!! :D Congratulations on all those baggy baggy clothes. I would suggest hanging on to 1 of the baggy items. . .to try on when you get frustrated--I have a pair of shorts from when I was my heaviest. They came with me to Hawaii just because it feels good to try them on and see them fall off! :cool:

There's a great thread in the ladies who lift forum about starting weight lifting, and it's got links to a great site for getting started: I read that, and ended up buying 2 dumbell bars, 4 2.5lb plates, 2 5lb plates, and 4 7.5lb plates for less than $50. Everything but the 5lb plates were in a kit thing from Kmart and were $36. I do the exercises on the site, and I have a tape.

04-17-2005, 12:58 AM
Good evening all.
Paisley: I LOVE IT!! Its a fantastic idea, absolutely fantastic! I wish you the best of luck. I've done some grant writing for tiny little grants, and would be happy to help if you want an outside opinion.
Kerry: Hi, there! You were missed! Lots of exercise. We have lots of caves in my hometown area as well... and of course, being a Red Cross disaster volunteer I have spent lots of time in fire stations. :)
Personally? I've done no exercise in the last week. I didn't get to the gym the 3 days before I got sick, but I did tons of walking around the convention center. I did go to the swim lessons tonight, but my supervisor modified my work: I sat on the deck and guarded. It didn't hurt my sinus infection to sit in a whole room full of humidity either... it did some good.
I also bough chocolate bars for all the staff that covered my class and made nice little cards to go on them. It has a quote on it, and says Thank-You. I printed them on business card stock and taped them on the candy with clear tape.
I was going to do lollipop bouquets, but they take too much time, and I'm still fumbly fingered.
Did I tell you guys that I was asked to write a position paper for the developmental disabilities division??

04-17-2005, 01:43 PM
Just a beautiful Sunday here in NY- so this will be short......

Mouse- another well deserved honor given to you being asked to write the positional paper......which of course still leaves me wondering what your crummy supervisor is thinking (or apparently not thinking) regarding how you are treated. Congrats. And glad you took off Friday too. Hope you can now face this week feeling strong.

Paisley- congrats on the great WI and the size 14 jeans!!!! Great news. And as far as the former about paying for a moving to pack and ship the stuff? Guess that is a bad idea, then you still have to sell the bike to pay for that. Well at least now we can see why he is a former Bf.....sorry your students were wacko. Seems to be in t he air these days.

Summer- are you sure your BIL is not my BIL too???? I have had the same mishap- BIL comes over to debug/update/fix/whatever our computer and it ends up more messed up than before. Glad you could keep a good perspective on this though....and things look so much better when you are on spring break. Enjoy your well deserved break!!!!!!!

Kerry- you sure got a lot of activity in!!!! (can't wait to see how that results on your next WI). So you like Hebrew National hot dogs too? (I grew up on them). Hope the rest of your weekend goes well......

Pam- find that debit card???? Do I dare ask about Ds... although at least you got the lawn mowed and some help from him! (could all this cooperation have something to do with a transportation need??? Hmmmmm???)

Dh has been out all weekend with the other woman, who goes by the name of Rawlings, Dunlop or whatever firm makes baseballs and softballs. Yes I have a bad attitude about it I will comment no more. He has been with one or more of our kids while indulging his passion- so I do know that all is well, but each year his obsession just seems to swallow more and more......and then he comes home and puts a baseball game on TV. :( Thankfully I have Kay Scarpetta and Marino to keep me amused. And of course all the dumb housework....... I am going to take my bad attitude out of here....will be back tomorrow hopefully in a better frame of mind.

04-17-2005, 07:44 PM
Hello Ladies,
It is a bright sunny Sunday evening here in Ohio. It was a beautiful day here in Ohio. I got up this morning and rode my excerise bike for a half hour to have some me time before getting the kids up and gettng them ready for church. We walked the block to church and back. Then I changed clothes and started mowing the lawn. Had to push mow to large city lots, since that is what our house sits on. Can't complain much I offered to do it for the excerise. Then I got a shower and put on some cool clean clothes and took the kids on the bike path. We rode about 4 miles round trip. I was suprised we got that far. So now I am resting for the evening. I have been working on my paper off and on since coming back from our bike ride. I am also done with it and then have to type it up. Enough about me.
How is your Sunday going for the rest of you?
Paisley, sounds like you have been busy this past week. Glad to hear that your weight is coming down. Keep up the good work. You will have a better week this week. I kept a dress in a size 24. I get it out every once and a while and put it on. My stepkids laugh and say that is too big on you please take it off now. We don't want you to go out in public like that. LOL :0 So I know the feeling with your pair of shorts.
Pam, hope your eating is going well this week. Did you get rested up for this coming week with your lovley middle schoolers? I think my eating will improve greatly here in the next few days. My sdd got on the scales last night and weighs in at 135 at 9 years old. So I told her that I would help her get some of the weight off. So I started measuring out our portions. I just hope that she takes what she learns from our house and takes it home and does it when she is at her mom's house.
Summer, sorry to hear that your BIL ruined your whole entire Saturday. Are they creating a little monster in their child? I just love it when this sheltered children reach school age and go to public school. It is amazing at what demands the parents have for the teachers and what excuses they will make for their child. Enjoy the rest of your week off. I will be thinking of you when I get up in the mornings to go to school. LOL. :) No you deserve the time off.
Mouse, sounds like you have a wonderful staff to work with at the pool. Glad that you were able to make it to swimming lessons, even if it was only to sit on the deck and guard. So are you ready for the week to start?
Ginny, my dh is all excited about baseball and softball starting too. It gets on my nerves too at times when that seems to be all we do for the entire Spring season. I did put my foot down last night and tell him that I wanted to go home over Labor Day weekend and attend our county fair. Brad Pasiley is going to be giving a concert that Sunday and I really want to go. So I asked him and he said that pee wee football would be starting around that time and since he is on the Recreation Board for our city he has to be at all the games. It pissed me off and I said fine you stay home and I will go to the concert with my family that weekend. Enjoy your football! Well he said that he guessed they could do without him for one weekend. I said that he was the only member that gave 110% to the board and they would just have to understand since my family lives 4 hours away. Hope you enjoyed your books this afternoon! :)
Well I better go and finish my assignment. Then I hope to find something to eat after the kids mom picks them up. I am getting really hunger. It must be from mowing the yard and going on the bike ride today. Hope you all have a wonderful start to the work week.
Talk to you all later.
Love ya,

04-17-2005, 11:41 PM
Good evening.
I really should be asleep, but I can't. Typical. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I don't want to deal with those people. I'm afraid that I'll say something that I'll regret... I'm not pretentious and I don't mince words. I hate having to monitor absolutely everything I say because I don't know who is going to go running to our supervisor. And even when I do monitor very carefully, sometimes people take my words wrong (I see the irony in just about everything!), or people like my team leader twist what I say into the worst possible light. I have watched her do it at staff meetings: she'll sit there and relate information that I've shared with her about a student, and what I told her and what she tells the other staff don't quite jive. They look the same on the surface, but that's it. I'd love to tell my team leader that I know she is the one that reported me to our supervisor for my words last time I was at work. I think she should get counseling because she is having serious issues. Okay, I can't do any of that. I know it. But it makes me feel good to type it.
My new DVD player is now working with the addition of a $20 RF modulator. Seems my 10 year old TV set didn't have the right input/output jacks. Since I have an equally old VCR and don't play video games, I never knew. When I bought the device at BestBuy, the clerk asked me why I didn't consider getting a new TV (they don't work on commission, so I was kinda surprised). I told her that my TV works just fine and I doubt I'll replace it before it dies. Why should I? I have a service contract on the thing that will get me a new TV when it does die... and since HDTVs and such cost over $500, I may as well give the money to the company for the service contract! ;)
I helped do the sign-in for swimming today because I couldn't get in the water, which was a good thing. We have a child who has all kinds of medical issues and developmental delays. He was in a large group, but they're going to move him to the group that I have. His mom & I talked, and she was pretty happy with some of the things that I showed her that I use.
I remember telling the mom when she started listing off all the issues he has (shunt, G-tube, chronic lung disease) and saying, "Oh, he's one of mine. I'm a special ed teacher." I can't imagine doing anything but teaching, and while I'd love to stay where I am, it won't kill me to move. Moving has some advantages: I'll have a choice of working in the summer; I can teach a different class, the same class, do curriculum or something else. I'll have more money... 10 month public school teachers make more than 11.5 month teachers in my school.

04-18-2005, 10:46 AM
Well, I am homebound VW is getting a new radio. Sometime over the summer it died but with all our financial troubles the least of my worries was whether or not my radio worked. I made it through the fall listening to CD's and tapes. By the winter, I had had enough. Right around that time, my passenger side window got stuck down and shattered right inside the door. So, when I brought my VW in to fix that they checked the radio. Unfortunately they had none in stock. Apparently they are not allowed to keep radios on the shelves for more than two weeks. Anyway, since then I've been trying to get a new radio only to have someone get the radio they ordered for me before my appointment. It is now mid-April and by some miracle, they had a radio for me!!! :dancer: No more listening to my DD's Jesse McCartney and Ashlee Simpson CD's!!! Now I get to tune into Radio Disney! :dizzy: Well, at least there is variety. ;)

So, while I am stuck home today sans car, I plan on finishing my unit for my class so I can be done with grad school until the fall. Everything isn't due till May 4th, but I might as well get it done while I have time and open up the next few weekends for myself.

Yesterday I registered for a really fun class...backstory: 20 years ago (it surely doesn't seem that long ago ;) ) I was a paraprofessional in a severe and profound class at Fairfield High School. The teacher I worked with would encourage me to pursue a teaching degree since I was quite capable of handling all sorts of difficult behaviors. She would talk about her favorite professor who was hysterically funny and taught a class entitled, "Enhancement of Learning through Humor." Well after hearing her talk about that professor for 3 years, I always had it in the back of my mind to take this class. Yesterday when I was looking through the course offerings, I couldn't believe that #1 she was still teaching, #2 she was still teaching that course, and #3 there were spots still available. So, I am registered and really excited about it! Cool, huh? :smug:

Kerry, I am so impressed by your activity level. You are such a great example and inspiration for me. Thank you. Also, you have given me a different perspective on my nephew. I've worried how he will cope socially with the other kids, but it never occured to me what a burden he and my SIL will be on his teachers. After my DD got bored trying to entertain him, I sat down with him (me, a seasoned preschool teacher) and got really frustrated. He didn't respond to any activity I presented. He lacks basic skills that I took for granted in DD when she was his age and take for granted now in my inner city students. Even they who in many cases are so neglected at home function better as preschoolers. This will be interesting to watch unfold.

Ginny, sorry DH has been bitten and is being sucked in by the sports bug. It is funny but I wish my DH would get bitten. He has however gotten a part time job at the Arena in Bridgeport. The arena is home to the Sound Tigers minor league hockey team and DH is not only a huge hockey fan, he was a former player on a hockey scholarship and coach. The arena also hosts concerts, Disney on Ice, and the circus. So, while he is earning some much-needed extra cash, he is having fun watching the action. The best part is that it gets him out of my house and gives me some peace and quiet.

Paisley, you crack me up. Yes, "some kinds of help is the kind we can all do without!" I LOVE "FREE TO BE YOU AND ME." I have the book autographed by Marlo Thomas and play the tape in school all the time. When I was 9, my 4th grade teacher introduced me to it, and my affection for it has not dwindled one bit. Hopefully my BIL will eventually successfully install my firewall and take care of everything else, and leave his progeny at home with his "crunchy," neurotic mother.

Mouse, If I were you, and I'm not...#1. I would apply everywhere I would be interested in teaching in the fall. #2. I would not speak to another person in that school unless absolutely necessary. #3. I would do my job until it is no longer my job. GOOD LUCK!

Robyn & Pam, how's it hangin'?

04-18-2005, 12:29 PM
Good morning!

Summer- love your advice to Mouse..... and as we all know about her she is a true professional and will rise way above all this nonsense. I love the sound of that class you will be taking- learning thru humor. How neat for you that it is the same teacher- same class and with an opening for you too!!!! Enjoy it! SOunds like something I would love to take too. And enjoy the radio!!! Well deserved if you are transporting kiddies around.

Mouse- hope that DVD player is working just fine now! I am sending some prayers up for you today....hoping that you can get thru all the nonsense and morons ok. You are so in the right field......this is your calling....and you are so qualified... just have to find the right place for you (one that is not disfunctional!). I enjoyed hearing the story about the mom at swimming lessons. (keep that one in your memory bank for crummy days, ok?)

Kerry- you active lady, you! How is your paper coming along? Did you get a wee little bit of rest in too?

Opps....forgot to weigh in on the $79 blouse Robyn found. I would never in a gazillion years spend that kind of $$$ on myself...maybe on someone else and even then it would be unusual. Not on one item. Yup, I'd wait for the sale....or Walmart....Kmart....somebody much cheaper.

A quiet Monday so far. Kiddies were ok. And here I am on auto pilot again.
Sort of talked about the baseball overdose this weekend with Dh, who of course sees no wrong in it, then mentions all the stress he is facing (job is awful) on and that leaves me back in the role of the crummy trying to hold down the fort while he is off doing his thing. Ok, Ginny,just deal with it and move on......just sometimes I get lonely, that is all. and as Mouse said, it just feels good to type out the feelings.

Nuff of me babbling. Gotta go hang up another load of wash and do the kitchen floor before I face the masses again. See ya later.

04-18-2005, 06:36 PM
Twenty seven days and counting.......................Pretty good Monday. I got a new student today who seems very smart as well as a smart@#$.
One of my girls doesn't like him already because she is one of my brightest and he was working a little more quickly than her. I said Ewwww a little competition. I had no planning period, I had to cover another teacher's class, and then a parent conference. So, I left school at 4:30. All in all it was an ok day I guess.
I have discovered since reading about everyone's busy schedules that I have no life! Not that I'm complaining mind you, but durn. The most exciting thing I did this weekend was borrow a tiller to till up a spot for my garden. Ha. Ok, let's see, I also, washed clothes.........Hmmmmm.
I am happy to report that eating went well. My goal is to try and lose ten pounds by the last day of school. Is that an unreasonable, unreachable goal? I hope not. I am going to really focus on writing down what I am eating, and leave these little snacky things alone.
MY SON....UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He is truly a sloth. I just can't believe that he is unmotivated to do anything. His car is still sitting at his friend's house. He did go visit it today I think. It amazes me how his friends can pick him up to hang out, but geez mom, you can't expect people to just drive me around without me giving them gas money. (To look for a job that is.) I told him I was moving and not leaving a forwarding address.
Ginny: I know how you feel about your hubby. I go through that with college football, and then baseball. Now, he is addicted to this poker thing online. I can barely get on here anymore. He is making me crazy.
Robyn: Yes, I am still alive in spite of the dreaded debit card incident. Hubby says he is getting used to things like that from me. I feel like I am pulled in a zillion directions and my brain has yet to catch up with the rest of me. Oh by the way, THAT 79 DOLLAR SHIRT WOULD STILL BE SITTING ON THE RACK THANK YOU VERY MUCH. That is crazy! Maybe I am just cheap. I was excited to get a complete outfit at walmart capri pants and a shirt for 19.00.
Kerry: Girl where do you get all your energy? I NEED YOU TO LEND ME SOME. My nine year old is as short as he is round. LOL. We have really been trying to help him lose weight without him knowing, or atleast help him not to gain any weight. I need to put him on a rack and stretch him out. He does not have height on his side, gets it from his dad. He weighed 122 I think and now he is around 110. I have been buying healthy snacks and switched to skim milk and all that, and he is doing ok. His friends are all bummed out, cause we don't have "good snacks" anymore. I am hoping now that the weather is warmer, he will be outside playing more. Maybe he'll grow a little taller too. I have a hard time finding clothes for him. Since he is short, I can't find clothes to fit his waist and height. I have to get things altered. I bought him a pair of shorts the other day which he says were really comfie, but they look like capri pants on him. I took them back.
Summer: I too am radioless. My car radio died a couple of months ago, ok let me retract that. I can get one station.........AM TALK RADIO...........
Ok, it's gotten really really old. All the CD's are worn out. I am happy for you. I was thinking of asking my hubby to switch cars with me for a while, thinking that maybe if he had to go without a radio for a while he would be more inclined to get mine fixed.................Maybe soon.
Paisley: Congrats on the size 14 jeans. I was happy to go to walmart and buy size 16/18 shirts and capri pants this weekend. That got me a little more motivated. Now, that I actually wore something that fit me properly, I have gotten a lot of comments today on how much weight I have lost. I am inspired. Good luck with your grant.............
Mouse: Dare I ask how school was today? That is so cool of you to make little tokens to say thanks for people covering your class. You have a lot of class.
Sorry if I missed anybody. I need to go get dinner ready.
Take care!

04-18-2005, 08:01 PM
Ginny, I have an idea for your lonely weekends. Any chance you might know some other sports widows? If you know of anyone, maybe you could arrange some fun activities with other women and their kids. I have a neighbor (Her DD is the high maintenance child I watch on snow days.) whose DH travels a lot for business and works weird hours...a lot of weekends. She is left to fend for herself. She gets her chores done in the morning and plans activities with other moms and families. Sometimes these things cost money like movies or plays, but many times it is just to fly kites at the beach. She has invited me along, and I've left DH home happily watching sports on tv. Now that he works weekends sometimes, if I'm really lonely or bored, I can count on her to hang out. I really enjoy alone time, but I think it is because my siblings are much older and were married by the time I was seven. So, I require a lot more time to myself than I get. But, I do like to socialize particularly in the beautiful weather. I hope my suggestion helps you.

Pam, don't feel alone. You know how my weekend went...hours of computer repair by my BIL while I watched his overprotected, overindulged, odd child. The rest of my weekend was spent doing school work. So, not everyone is having a fabulous social life! ;)

Today while my VW was getting its radio, I did four hours of grad school work. Yuck!!! :p But, now I am ready for Wednesday night's class. I was hoping to get ahead, but I believe I sprained my brain :dizzy: .

See ya!

04-18-2005, 10:47 PM
Hey ya'll! Just running by to tell you that I'm out selling my body in order to purchase that blouse I saw in the store the other day. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who thought that the cost was "a bit" much!

I'm up to my card time. I've got to get 17 comments done in the next two hours..... wish me luck! On the mark get set .........I'm gone!

take care.... I'll be back once my paperwork is done!
~R....who turns *gasp* 40 on Saturday..... OMMMMMGGGG! :P

04-19-2005, 09:25 AM
Robyn, thanks for the laugh :lol: ...even when you pop in for two seconds, you still make my day better! When my spring break is over, I have tons of work awaiting me as well between my annual report, testing, parent surveys, etc. That is why I am trying to do what I can at home during this week off. I have preschool registration and parent/teacher conferences as soon as I step in my school next week. I just want it to be June 21st.

Today, I am meeting a friend from school with her two kids at the beach. It has a great playground and miniature golf course among other things. I was gonna get lunch out today, but since I'm planning on being less large this summer, I thought better of that. Instead I will pack us a healthy picnic lunch.

I got my VW back last night with the new of all, covered by warranty!!! Like a dimwit, I hit the keys for my programmed stations expecting them to come on :?: is an entirely new radio...the programmed stations went in the garbage with the old radio. :lol: Imagine being that stupid...whenever I am off school more than two days, I dumb down. :dizzy: I don't know the date, let alone the day of the week. In the summer it gets really bad how dumb I get. Phew! Anyway, it is nice to have a radio again.

Take care everyone!

04-19-2005, 01:02 PM
Robyn- Well, you did get that blouse.....right??? :lol: You crack me up-what a wonderful sense of humor. Got a big bday on Saturday???? Lots of happy thoughts your way.....and have a wonderful day. Any special plans?

Summer- thanks for the good idea for getting around Dh and his obsession. Dd and I team up well together and we do manage to get out and do stuff. And I am also pretty happy alone....just would be nice to see Dh off a ball field sometimes. Or talk about something other than bball. Good for you packing in that healthy lunch.......there will be less of you to love this summer!!!!

Pam-don't think that 10# is unreasonable......and actually any loss would be good. Use 10 as a guideline, and don't be too hard on yourself. 27 days left....I am happy for you!!! Now, as far as Ds goes... perhaps you can hire a drill sergeant for a week to beat some sense into him.

So far so good for a 20 minute walk in this am and then after my am did a 30 minute WATP tape. (still ticked off about the 1.6# last week and after I hopped on the scale the other day it is still not budging.) Probably get to WW Thursday.
Gotta go help out at Dd's school for day a lunch monitor volunteer. See ya later!

04-19-2005, 04:32 PM
Well, it is 70 degrees, sunny, and beautiful today. I just got home from the beach, and I have just a touch of sunburn! :o That doesn't usually occur in CT in April. I dug out a pair of capris, a sleeveless shirt, and flip flops to wear with my windbreaker. The windbreaker came on and off depending on the wind. The amazing thing was all of the people in bathing suits. As I sat in my beach chair and surveyed the scene, :cool: I was blown away by the boldness of many overweight women wearing bikinis. I haven't worn a bikini in 15 years because I have had a gut and a butt that have needed to be contained in a full-piece. I'm not even nuts about squeezing into my full-piece this summer. Checking out the crowd :cool: was good for me. It reminded me of all of the work I need to do on myself. I don't have to look like them. I don't have to feel self-conscious (not that any of those people did :?: ).

04-19-2005, 06:29 PM
glad you had such a nice day, at the beach eh? Oh, I hear ya about the shameless ones at the beach, we all reach a time in our lives when you don't have to shop at Omar the Tentmaker for a suit, but a little more coverage is better than less. I was SO happy when 2 years ago I bought a tankini from Lands End.....which actually looks pretty good on me and covers a lot. Hope you had a nice restful time at the beach, and relaxed. Keep up the great attitude about getting in shape for summer.......some really good positive thinking going on!

I am excited....actually have a buddy to go to WW with!!! :D Long story, but our kids are in the same class.....I have been "floating" from meeting to meeting, getting there but a diffferent one each week- and last week I bumped into her there. She was sweet and dropped me a note- and we have it worked it out that we can most of the time get to the same meeting. And she is a pleasant person to boot......maybe this will help me break out of this slump. I did actually get another short walk in 15 min- and might try to do something else this evening.......
Ok,I am such a big mouth, better stop babbling. Hope everyone had a great day.
See ya !

04-19-2005, 11:08 PM
G'evening all.
Yesterday, I was seriously depressed when I left the building. My team leader spent 45 minutes telling me how my problems were all my own fault, and that I should look at things from my supervisor's point of view: he has all these problems, I'm not helping by adding more, and he only ever hears the negative stuff about me because I won't stand up for myself. Her advice is that I should go tattle on other people like my TA, or tell him what really happened when I told the other staff to :censored: off. And I should have told him that the construction students weren't supervised appropriately and were too close to the staff cars that are parked near the shop. I just rolled my eyes. I don't DO that stuff. I'm not a tattle tale, and typically go to the other staff member with the issue directly or don't say anything at all. I was almost in tears by the time she left noting all the ways that he has NEVER supported me or thanked me or congratulated me. And she had to agree with me. She didn't want to, but she was nodding her head at the end. I do see his point of view, and I recognize that because I don't go tattle or talk to him about these issues that he only hears one side of it. But if he wants to hear the whole story he can come ask me. So, its pretty obvious that he doesn't want to hear the whole story. I've told you guys countless times where he hasn't investigated and gone whole hog into a disciplinary action but hasn't done any research to see if the story he got was even accurate!
Today was a little better, though. I got through the day, and then went to the softball game after school. They needed another certified driver, which I am, so I sat in 90 degree heat in my school clothes (I got asked this morning, and the only shorts I had with me were my gym shorts. They're too short for me to wear near the kids. I have several pairs of knee length shorts and some capris that I wear to work for outside stuff or really hot summer days), getting battered by the dust from the field, in direct sunlight (which every med I'm on says to avoid direct sunlight and too much heat). Our kids lost, too... the other team cheated. But I just kept thinking about how involved I am with these kids. Not that I haven't been with other schools and other students, but I get kids coming back that I never TAUGHT... I just knew them because another staff member had them and I talked to them sometimes or they spent 45 minutes every other week with me in the community service club. The last 2 years we didn't do a whole lot because we never went off-campus... this is the first year that we've done the off-campus stuff.
And damn it, its NOT FAIR! If it were my choice to leave, that'd be one thing. I'm not saying the money isn't great, that having the summer off would be great... I'm doing this because I like the kids. Its not fair that the adults are ruining it.
:cry: Okay. I'm happy, really, I am. Tomorrow's a half day, and I only have 2 classes. Remind to tell you guys about our lesson on what EXACTLY constitutes a computer. And my mom is coming to talk to the kids next week about the history of computers. She just retired and has worked with computers since the 60s.

04-19-2005, 11:47 PM
Well....I'm getting closer to my blouse.... only $64 to go! Whhhooohoooo... Sorry to not get personal... there was no miracle here in my living room last night... the darn report card comments did not write themselves. I *EVEN* slept on my grade book JUST in case that worked. NADA. Didn't do anything but give me a weird line on my face from the spiral. So. Here I sit. With 4 comments left to write. And here I sit. Avoiding the work. My head hurts from the thought of having to say nice things. 4. I only had 17. 4. Last year I had 27 to deal with. 4. CERTAINLY I can knock out the last 4 before 11 pm. Watching Rachel Ray and listening to the dryer... I have no pants to wear to school tomorrow...and well there IS a dress code about going bottomless when you're the teacher....darn rules! So here I sit...listening to the t.v. and waiting for the dryer to ding the news that I will not embarrass the world as I head to work tomorrow! oh, and well, I AM avoiding my school work. 4. Maybe I could try sleeping on the plan book AND the grade book. Yeah. I think I should try THAT!

Ya'll take care..........
I've GOT to get these 4 nice comments done...EVEN IF it kills me!

04-20-2005, 01:42 AM
Morning Ladies,
Just a quick hello before I head off to bed. I went to TOPS tonight and lost 3 3/4 pounds. I was the weekly losser. I was so happy. I think I have rededicated myself to losing the weight and will do it this. Well I best go to bed,so I can get up at 5:30 to do my walking video.
Talk to you all this evening sometime.
Take care,

04-20-2005, 10:56 AM
Ginny, congrats on finding a WW buddy!!! I'm sure this will really help you be even more successful. I've been trying to find someone like that outside of cyberspace, but have had no luck as of yet.

Robyn, I feel your exhaustion and brain freeze...been there, done that, will be there and do it again soon! I have parent/teacher conferences next week with parents that I see and speak with every friggin day. The state requires that I send home a written communication every day as well. They know it all. There is nothing left to tell. It will be a real challenge to say anything let alone something has already been said!!! But, you have a creative mind, so I have no doubt you will not only finish your comments, you will have arrived in school today properly dressed! (You are so funny when you are pooped!)

Kerry, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know why you lost all that weight, you are unstoppable!!! You are amazingly active. Of course you lost nearly 4 pounds. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

I have class tonite. :( I'm so done with all of this bullsh*t. But, I only have a couple more papers to write and 4 more classes to attend. The end of it is near. And, knowing that my fall class is going to be a trip (Enhance Learning Through Humor) makes me not dread the fall as much as I usually would.

Yesterday's touch of sunburn is full-blown red sunburn. I can't believe that I could get sunburn in mid-April in Connecticut. I guess I will have to get some sunscreen! I never expected to have to contemplate buying sunscreen when there was snow on the ground just a couple of weeks ago! I guess we won't be have four seasons anymore. Spring is gone, the high's for today are going to be in the 80's!!!

04-20-2005, 12:51 PM
Good morning-
Mouse- I sure hope that today goes better.......and I am reminding you to tell us about your Dm and her presentation on computers. I am clueless regarding how to handle the nitwits that you work with. Guess there has to be someway to at least document all the stuff you have to go thru...send a memo/email to your supervisor in as non accusational mode as possible. That way it sounds less like tattling.....and more just stating fact with a "how can this be improved?" approach. Don't know if I am helping a bit..... Sounds as though you dislike this darned hot weather too!!!!

Kerry- you are awesome!!!! Big time loser!!!! Congrats. Hope you and Leslie had a wonderful time this am.

Summer- spring is gone here hot too fast. How did your class go?

Robyn- you must be one insane lady to be with on an all are so funny here- can't imagine how nuts you must be in person. Get those little spiral indentations out of your cheeks yet?? Somehow I know you managed to say 4 nice things....and hopefully got some pants to wear today to boot!!

So far had to do a safety drill this am....emergency evacuation stuff....kiddies jumping out the back door of the bus....oh what fun......they pay me for this live entertainment too!! (and thankfully tomorrow IS pay day). Did get 45 minutes of real walking in too. Might squeeze in one mile with Leslie in a wee bit. Seems SO hard to stay away from food today with TOM a few days away. And can't wait for the cold front to show up.....don't like 80 degree weather.
Gotta go be productive. See ya!

04-20-2005, 01:36 PM
I just popped in for a sec and noticed the name of another thread on our forum, Support Groups. It is called, "Curvey Vixens!" :o ;) WOW!!! That is some name. Are we too boring? Should we change our names? Maybe we could be, "Teachers struttin their stuff!" or "Teachers with 'tude!" or "Teachers/Hotties!" What do ya think? :rofl: See ya "Hot chicks!" ;)

04-20-2005, 10:55 PM
;) I popped in and visited the Curvey Vixens. After some light reading, I discovered that they are quite the fun-loving group. I also wanted to tell them that I love their name. We really need to spice ourselves up. I feel like we are in a rut. Any suggestions? ;)

04-20-2005, 11:23 PM
Gee Summer, I will have to think on that one......I agree that our current name might sound stodgy. And we are anything but that! Exotic educators????? Educational basket cases??? Ok, my thinking cap got run over by a truck...and I am tired. And I am not at all funny when I am tired, much unlike our cohort in crime, Robyn. But I will keep thinking.

I am glad today is over. Although tomorrow is not Friday, public is closed on Friday and Monday for Passover, so my life becomes so much easier. I will have to work, but don't have to deal with the large number of kiddies.

Better go email my Dm and get some rest. See ya tomorrow!

04-21-2005, 04:58 AM
Hi guys!

this is the first time I've been home long enough to post since Monday. Good reasons, though. On Tuesday, I went to see Jimmy Buffet--lawn seats. I'm not a huge fan, and my friends had to talk me into going. . .it was so much fun!!! I was with a crowd of really great people, and we danced like mad. Then, I went to go get a drink with this guy, and next thing I knew, he talked our way to the expensive area, and then we were dancing in the FRONT ROW! :dance: Literally, the front row of the whole thing. We were there the entire second set! I had a great time, and I'm completely counting the dancing towards my exercise that day! I can't even start to find the smilie that shows me all bouncy and happy about that experience!!! :cloud9:

Then, tonight I went to this informational meeting about grad school--Hawaii gives you a pay bump for a doctorate, so I'm toying with going back in 2006. We'll see. Part of me just doesn't want to take on that expense/time committment, lazy as I am. Also, the classes are 2 days a week on the other side of the island--it takes 2 hours to get there. so, I'm just sort of weighing the benefits Vs. cost, but not really worried about it. We'll see.

Ginny--Enjoy the relaxed (though not off) days! :flow2:

Summer and Ginny--Let's see. . .what about "Dissappearing Class Acts," "Classy. . .(something or another)" "Svelte Schoolteachers," "Shapely Schoolteachers,"Bottocelli's Schoolyard," "Tireless teachers, "Exercising Educators," "Reading, 'Riting, Radiant (or Ravishing)"? Nothing great, but this is So much fun (thinking up names)!! :chin:

Kerry--CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! :bravo:

Robyn--I hope you got the comments done. . .without killing yourself, of course! ;)

Mouse--I am so sorry about the situation at work. You sound like a treasure for that school, and I can't believe that people treat you so poorly. :sorry: Obviously, the kids value you, though. . .and that has to make a difference. What a great computer lesson with your mom. Take care. :grouphug:


04-21-2005, 09:22 AM
Paisley, I LOVE JIMMY BUFFET!!! We have his box set, and during our honeymoon (12 years ago) we drove from Boca Raton to Venice, Florida in a non-air conditioned car in July singing to him the entire way! He is coming to Mohegan Sun Casino this summer and if our financial situation were better, we would be there with bells on.

A doctorate, WOW! I'm just beginning my master's degree. A two hour hike across the island both ways? EEK! But more money in your paycheck...tough decision.

Ginny, enjoy less kids to transport.

Last night during class, I got back my two page lesson plan. I got a 19.5 out of 21. Not bad, but this was my lowest grade so far. Out of 177 total points so far, I have 174, so I am still doing very well. The professor nit picked on some stupid sh*t. The only people doing well is the other teacher and myself. She knows the other teacher from prior classes and she really favors him. She has personal conversations and private jokes with him at the expense of the rest of the class. Her behavior is so inappropriate. Even though I am jealous of the favoritism she is showing him, I know it is wrong, and I'm glad she isn't treating me special because it isn't ethical. Besides, I wouldn't want all my classmates to hate my guts. Instead, I am the mother who answers their questions, helps them figure stuff out, and ends up doing a lot of the teaching that the professor is either too lazy or too incompetent to do. Well, she has picked on me in a subtle way since classes began. Don't ask me why. Being a mature adult, I look her straight in the eye and diplomatically defend myself. I am careful not to be rude since she is the head of the department I will be matriculating in. Anyway, last night she commented that she should have made me do my unit for a different grade than I teach. Why? Am I too successful for her taste? Or maybe just to level the playing field? Guess what? I also taught kindergarten, and student taught in both K and 1st grade. I'm not an idiot. I am a certified teacher, and I certainly would have been just as successful designing my unit for a higher grade. Yes, doing pre-K was comfortable, but I would have done well with any grade because I put the time in and work my a*s off. :p Besides it is not my fault that these kids with a BS or BA in an unrelated field are trying to take a short cut and become teachers by taking graduate courses which are advanced courses and should only be taken by people with a BS in Education. These kids are not prepared to do graduate work in education. They have no foundation in education to build upon. So, they dumb down the grad courses, and it is still too hard for them. Only now, it is too easy for those of us with a 4 year degree in education. Now nobody wins. Add to that a professor who clearly has no idea how to teach, and the only people that can succeed are those like me who are already certified teachers. Even if they manage to produce the papers and unit she assigns, I guarantee they have learned nothing from her, maybe a little from the textbook.

Then she got into it with me over my classroom management techniques. She wanted me to tell the class my methods. Since I get interrupted a lot, I gave a very brief explanation...not going into details. And the details were pretty important, so I kick myself for leaving those out. Well, she went off on me how what I'm doing isn't effective. Guess what? I have the best classroom control of anyone in my school. The principal and director of early childhood have both said so. That is why naughty children in other grades are sent to me for shaping up. Well, I didn't take her criticism lying down. I defended my tactics as well as I could. I even said, "I am always open to suggestions." Her response was "Oh no, I won't do that." Okay, she can criticize me, but she can't give me the superior alternative? Let me tell you, I wanted to jump on her and really let her have it. Then as the questions started rolling in, rather than instruct everyone on behavior management techniques, she said that you really can't teach behavior management. Nobody at the university does. WRONG!!! 13 years ago, I learned from the best professors all about behavior management. There were quite a few courses that either delved deeply into it or at least included it. If these professors are no longer at SCSU, what a huge loss! Since then, I have worked under various behavior specialists in both special and regular education. I have attended multiple dynamic seminars on it. If you ask me, it is the professor who needs some help with her behavior management knowledge.

But, I have to try to get along with this witch like it or not. :mad: Let her try to humiliate me. As long as I get my "A," I don't give a sh*t.

04-21-2005, 08:56 PM
G'evening all.
I'll tell you the good stuff first, that lesson... I gave the kids a dictionary definition of a computer. Merriam Webster says a computer is, "A programmable, electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data." And I'm thinking, dang... that's darned near EVERYTHING today! So, that was the drill. Then, I broke the definition down: what does this mean, what does that mean. Give me an example. Lots of our kids have language issues so this kind of thing is really common. Then, I started naming off items: photocopier, tv, vcr, microwave, coffee maker... are these computers? No? Let's go through the definition... And then we did a on-campus mini-field trip to a work room that had a copier, microwave, phone and computer in it. We took our definition with us, and stood there around the various devices seeing if they fit our definition. Then, I really hit 'em... I'd point to the device, "This is a computer, right? Okay. Is it like THAT computer over there? (and point to the real desktop system). It is? Can you go on the Internet with this microwave? How about play a video game? No? Is the microwave a computer?" There were several staff in the room with us, and the one guy was so impressed (one of our transition specialists) that he got involved with the lesson and started asking questions of the kids. It was really neat.
And they've mostly got it.
The other thing, my mom was going to come talk to them about the history of the information technology field. She was in the field for 40 years. She started working as a keypunch operator for Phillip Morris and Virginia Power in the 60s. She just retired from 25 (maybe more) years as a computer operator/programmer for the department of defense. She's BEEN THERE. She was alive and there when they built Univac. She SAW them use Univac when they did the Dwight Eisenhower/Adelai Stevenson poll prediction. She used punch cards. She used the huge keyboards without monitors that were hooked directly to a printer. She used that green bar paper. I played video games on the computer network with her and a 50 baud modem when I was in kindergarten (or just before).
I've been there too... I remember growing up explaining to people about my job on an on-line service (Playnet... look THAT one up!), and later, PeopleLink, BIX/Delphi... by using the movie War Games with Matthew Broderick (and the modem and the disks he used). My students take the Internet for granted, but even 10 years ago when I first got my own Internet account... The World Wide Web is, quite seriously, less than 20 years old!!!!! Think about it!
And, my supervisor in his infinite wisdom, has said that he will not approve my mother coming to speak to the kids. Mind you, he's met my mother. She helped us at a field trip in Hershey PA last year... we had to be at this tech expo by 8:30, and that wasn't possible coming from Baltimore. She went and set everything up for us so we wouldn't lose our spot. She is also a Hershey stockholder, and got us tickets to a really cool show on the history of chocolate over at Hersheypark/Chocolateworld. He didn't have a problem with her then... and he knows she met our kids. My mom has done this stuff for years: she came into MY elementary classrooms and talked about her experience; she did career days in middle school.
Oh, and remember all those times I said, "Well, at least I can earn comp time for all the extra stuff I do"? I'm not allowed to earn comp time anymore. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to use it all by June... but they don't intend to compensate me at all for the extras. So I'm not going to do as much. I'm going on strike.

04-21-2005, 11:36 PM
Hey everyone!

I had a good day. Ate appropriately--healthy bkfst and lunch. Now I'm drinking water, and making a snack. Tonight is ballroom dance lessons again, and I have to practice before I go. I think exercise works best for me if it's not intentional--like these classes. I go to learn something and so I can be graceful should the opportunity arise. . .and I get a mellow kind of work out. It's kind of like tricking myself into it. School was good. My kids rocked today. On May 2, our external NCLB provider is coming in, so I worked on my classroom (my kids know what's up in it, but the observers won't, so I had to explain everything on the boards). Speaking of. . .did anyone see the news that there are a bunch of school districts going to court with the feds over NCLB? :s: Someday, we'll get the teeth out of this stupid law!

Mouse--good for you, going on strike from being taken advantage of! What on earth was his rationalle for not letting your mom come speak? Usually schools LOVE free/knowledgable speakers! Weird

Summer---That prof is SOOO innappropriate. It's so cool that you can defend yourself against her idiocy like that. I hated the snide little dig when she implied that you couldn't do as good of a job on a lesson plan for a different grade level. Twit. I agree with you on the whole--non-teacher grad school people. I attended University of Phoenix for my masters, and they won't let you in the program if you're not in education already---so everyone was a teacher or librarian or something, but they all had an education degree (or endorsement), and it made a BIG difference. I went to a presentation for an EDD program at this school that's supposed to be tons better than UofP, and they were proud that their program included about 50% people who weren't in the field. I was like. . .wait, all these classes are on research, and if someone gets this degree suddenly they can teach? That makes no sense, they need at least SOME method classes before walking in a classroom!

Summer (cont'd)--Oh, and the show from up close rocked! I had so much fun up there. Jimmy Buffet puts on a GREAT show! I also kind of think sneaking up from the cheap seats is the kind of thing someone who sings about "5:00 somewhere" would completely do!

04-22-2005, 12:07 AM
Evening Ladies,
I have felt like crap for the last couple of days. I have sinsus problems. All I have done for the last two days is blow my nose, drink tons of water to keep from getting a dry mouth and throat. It doesn't help matters when my kids at school take advantage of me and make my job ten times worse with acting up. I started to lose my voice yesterday and they were all happy, hoping that I would lose it completely and not come to school today. But I told them I wouldn't give them the satifisation of me being home sick, that I would come in anyway and just write down everything I would have said to them. I had an IEP meeting after school with a parent tonight and I learned from him that his son was being lazy and stubborn the whole school year. So I am hoping things change with this child and he can atleast make it on honor roll for this nine weeks. Since he hasn't at all any other time this year.
I hate the cold snap we are getting. It is suppose to snow this weekend here. What about with anybody else? I can't believe that it was 80's yesterday here and tomorrow it is suppose to be in the low 50's during the day and the mid 30's during the night. This is not fair.
Mouse, you are a saint! I don't know how you do it day in and day out by working in the conditions that you do. I would be either insane or depressed all the time. I can't believe that you are not allowed anymore comp time and they wouldn't pay you for your time earned that you don't use by June. That is so wrong! Hope you have a great Friday! Sounds like your kids had a great lesson on the definition of a computer. Glad to hear that your one co-worker chimed in and helped with the lesson.
Summer, sounds like you have a real winner for a professor. Is she perhaps related to your dd's Girl Scout Leader? Sounds like them come from the same planet. Other than getting sunburned and having a crappy class, how are you enjoying your time off?
Robyn, I bet you got those comments done and even had a pair of pants to wear to school. So close are you to getting your shirt now? I am having a yard sale next Friday and Saturday to get money for my dh and I to buy summer clothes. Hope the marks have worn off your face from your gradebook.
Paisley, sounds like you had a blast on Tuesday night. I love Jimmy Buffet. I think it would be awesome to go see him in concert sometime. But just haven't gotten an opportunity to go yet.
Pam how is your week going? Are your teenagers driving you nuts like mine are? I have two or three boys with nasty attitudes this week. They must be pmsing it this week. When I tried to talk to them about their attitudes they inform me that they don't have one and that it is me with one. I have to do everything in my power not to laugh at them over that comment.
Ginny, glad that you found a WW buddy! So did you go WI this week? How did you do? If though I have felt crappy the last few mornings, I still get up at 5:30 and do my sisters in sweat ritual by doing one of my 2 mile walking videos. Glad to hear that you have been able to find some real walking time in your busy schedule. Every night this week, except for tonight my dh and I have taken a walk. Tonight we had to go to a play at my sds' school. Then we came home and watched tv for a while since it was too cold and damp out.
Well ladies another end to a week of school is near. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend.
Take care,

04-22-2005, 12:51 AM
Can’t you feel ’em circlin’, honey
Can’t you feel ’em swimmin’ around
You got fins to the left, fins to the right
And you’re the only bait in town
Oh oh
Oh oh
You got fins to the left, fins to the right
And you’re the only girl in town

yep, I was in town and so was Jimmy..... and about a zillion of his other ParrotHeads...
Spent nearly $100 on tickets and was vomitted on by a "child" (anyone under 30!) who couldn't hold her "adult slurpee". NO, she wasn't with me..... She just happened to be dancing by me. Vomitted down the back of my leg and into my shoes. GOOD thing that I happen to be not only a teacher but also a mother. I didn't pull her hair out right then and there.... BUT, I will not ever forget it....AND more than likely won't ever spend that kind of money on a concert again! (No...I'm saving it for a blouse!) .....I have also seen him stone cold sober (THE only person NOT drinking at the whole show!), pregnant and dancing on my seat in the 4th row at William and Mary... I HAD to stand on my seat... we were being overtaken by "sneakers" from behind us....wink, wink...SWEAR...I'm telling the truth! :)

Summer, breathe in breathe out... In my best Napoleaon Dynamite voice, "IDIOT!" Hang in there with that professor. ....AND yes, I've taken quite a few "management" courses in my 18 years as a teacher. AND yes, I did learn and continue to learn about discipline when I attend! AND.... as a general ed teacher who "mentors" (even at my new school! whooopeee!) others regarding discipline and works with SpEd very closely... that professor is an "IDIOT"!

Kerry, I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. I am also not enjoying the weather. Yesterday it was 88 degrees. Today our youngest ds played baseball in the pouring rain while the temperature was under 60. WHAT THE ?????? I think I may know what has caused the national weather change. I am turning 40 on Saturday... H$%L is freezing over!!!! I need you to mentor me about finding the time to get the physical activity in!!!!!! I am STUCK!

Mouse, without trying to be mean or nasty..... Do you think that the people at your school are trying to drive you out? Get you to quit? Drive you insane? What is up with all this crap? I understand and appreciate and admire dedication to the "difficult" children that no one else understands, appreciates, loves, wants to deal with.... I just finished 17.5 years in a school that had mutated into JUST that kind of place! BUT, how much of this crap are you gonna let your administration and co-workers do to you? I KNOW that there are other children in other locations with the same type of needs who NEED you!!!! I just feel so horrible for you working under those conditions!

Ginny.... HEY! Thought of you tonight while I stood in the pouring rain with my bigggg umbrella watching my husband up against the fence talking to the baseball team...coaxing them along. (He decided not to coach this year due to all of the job related stress and DARN...the job is gone...the stress is gone...and he is on the wrong side of the fence!) :) You know the politics of the bleachers.... I hung out with THE moms! Yumm!

Anyone who I missed...sorry... I'm still recooperating from my long nights of rephrasing my NICE report card comments AND applying creams and lotions to this stubborn spiral gradebook line going down my face AND trying to earn my blouse money! AND if those excuses don't work... then ...HEY, I'm now counting the HOURS until I am offically OLDER than DIRRRRRT and old folks have poor memories! ;)

I've still got a bit of homework to do...and it is nearly midnight.... GEES LOUISE!!!

ya'll take care, (I'm thinking about the new nickname for us.... )

04-22-2005, 11:18 AM
Quick hello time here....things should slow down later.
My supervisor decided to abuse me (her words, always said with a smile....she is a great lady) and throw some other routes my way. I will actually be driving longer than a normal day, but home earlier.....I hope. And much much less kiddies. So it is not all bad. Dh took a vacation day.....why???? To go to Ds's bball lpractice and pitch batting practice to them (the line was"Aw, Gin I have to go, the coach will be there all alone and need help.......") then he will be home for about an hour......then off to Dd's college double header. Probably home tonite at 9. Last nite he was so intently in conversation at Ds's game that I did not even bother saying hello- there was a baseball game going on so I did not exist. Really I am not complaining- just stating fact, and it is a good illustration of how life is here. Thought of each of you ladies yesterday when I heard that the NEA is sueing the government over NCLB. That sure adds validity to your arguement! What I heard was that the gov. was asking for a standard without providing the $$$$$ needed to implement and that was the basis of the law suit.

Mouse- or shall we call you St Mouse????? Happy Passover...... (had to say that to correct for the Saint comment). I agree with Robyns comments, are they trying to drive you out??? What was the lame justification for not permitting your Dm to speak?

Kerry- good for you getting over feeling crummy but still getting those tapes in!!!! Did I congratulate you on the good WI? Hope that sinus infection goes bye-bye soon!

Robyn- Happy 40th birthday girl!!!!!!!!! I now it is tomorrow, but the way this week has gone, who knows if I will get here and I did not want to forget you. You waisting away in Margaritaville too???

Paisley- glad the show was so much fun.

Outa time here.....too much to do. Have a great day! Hi to Pam, Summer (think of any more names?) and anyone else I missed. Ginny

04-22-2005, 03:53 PM
Ginny: I am so happy with the NEA. In fact, they beat Connecticut to the punch. Attorney General Blumenthal of Connecticut is also filing a lawsuit against the federal government. And, do you know what those a*sholes called CT? A state of bigots! According to them, objecting to NCLB makes CT racist pigs! HOW DARE THEY?! I really took that nasty remark personally, and it hurt my feelings. With all its affluence, CT is filled with loving, compassionate, enlightened, educated people who accept people of all races and religions. Sure, there are those fringe white supremecist groups like in any other part of the country, however the majority believes in equality for all...including education. And, guess what? The majority of CT didn't vote for Bush...and I'm sure many of those people had in their mind all of the cuts he would make in funding services utilized by the poor...cutting back on medical monies for the poor...not to mention the unfunded NCLB. Who's the racist now?! All Bush cares about are his rich cronies. He doesn't care about the poor. He's a big d*ck. At this point, with the NEA, CEA, and the state of Connecticut suing, I'm hoping the rest of the states will join in. Congrats on your new route. It sounds better if it gets you home earlier. Sorry that you feel neglected by DH. :(


Kerry: You crack me up comparing my professor to the brownie leader!!! :lol: Why do I attract such freaks? It seems like the older I get, the more weirdos there are out there...and not just out my family as well. It is enough to make a sane woman a hermit. Unfortunately, I'm too sociable for that. So, I guess I'm stuck with all these jerks. But, thanks for helping me to laugh about it! ;) P.S. You may need to see an allergist about your sinuses. For the first time in my life, last spring I went through allergy testing because I was a mess! The doctor prescribed Allegra, and now my allergies are not only much better, but it has improved my asthma symptoms too. Good luck!

Paisley: Thanks for understanding how I feel about my class and prof. It helps when you know you aren't alone in the world when you are surrounded by crazy people!

Speaking of crazy people...DH and I had a MAJOR BLOWOUT last night. DD had used bad judgement and made a mistake by turning on the tv in her playroom when she wasn't supposed to. That shouldn't be a big deal since she normally does as she is told. However, to make matters worse, DH was taping Survivor at the time and lost the last 10 minutes of the program. Again, what is the big deal, right? She apologized. It should have been over. However, "Rage Man" (DH) really yelled at her and scared her. He scared me too. He stormed upstairs and made a lot of noise. DD was trembling and both our hearts were pounding. He came downstairs with blinding rage in his eyes, his hands holding a broken video tape and pieces of my $50 ceramic bathroom garbage can. He looked like a freakin' mad man. At this point DD started to cry. So I told him to get out of my house. He wouldn't leave. I sent DD to her room and told him he had no right to frighten us like that and he should get out and cool off. He wouldn't go and just shouted horrible things to me. I told him, "Shame on you!" and followed DD upstairs. After 20 minutes of comforting her she finally stopped crying and shaking and went to bed. Now I was really pissed knowing how much he frightened her. I returned to the battle. I know I probably should have dropped it, but he needed to know how I felt. So I told him that no matter how much his father screwed him up, he had no right to scare DD and me. He was mad that I told him to get out of "my" house. I said, "Well, when you get so crazy that I'm considering calling the cops, it is my house, and you'd better leave!" I told him he needed a psychiatrist to deal with the demons from his childhood. He got really mad then. Eventually he apologized to DD. It was heartbreaking. He has never laid a hand on me or DD. But, the emotional scars he is inflicting are just as bad. I am so angry right now. If he pulls this crap again, I'm going to our pastor with or without him for counseling. Like I have time for this bullsh*t! :mad:

04-22-2005, 10:53 PM
We've made it to yet another Friday. Been a busy and hectic week. One more week until our end of grade tests! I'm a little nervous about my second period. I have a group of girls that run immediately to my coteacher as soon as they are given an assignment. I asked her how they were going to take the test without her. It's sad but true. :(
Summer: First, let me just say that when I was in college I WAS REQUIRED to take classroom management. We have so many lateral entry teachers that are coming from being engineers, accountants straight into the classroom, with nothing but theories courses. It's a joke. As a matter of fact, one man has been put on an action plan for his lack of classroom management, and has not had the opportunity to take a course. I am a mentor, and it is just a critical componant to the classroom. No, I probably could not use one particular style of classroom management, and I feel like everyone has their own style, but there are defintely things out there that I use and adapt to my comfort level. Anyway...........I had the same problem with my student teacher....As a matter of fact the lady who was in charge of "behavior management" came into my class because she was having such a hard time. The funny thing is, she couldn't do anything with the kids either. Ha! Second, I am so sorry about the thing with your husband. My husband has similar tendancies at times. Sometimes I feel like we have to tip toe around him depending on his mood. So, I am the peacemaker and I have done the same thing as you. I will say a prayer for you.
Kerry: My kids are shutting down and ready for school to be out. I am ready to be rid of them. I have one boy who says you hate me. But, if you ask him to be quiet, he will reply Whatever, I don't care. He has been sent to the office thirty one times this year. Only once by me, for the whole gambling thing. His mom came in for a conference today, and I was dragged out of the middle of class into the assistant principals office. The other teacher who had requested the conference had been slammed by the mother. However, I started with something positive about her son who was in the room and then told her a little about the attitude problem, and he agreed that he did that. And it was fine. The boy denied doing the same thing in the other teacher's room. He can be sooooooooooo mean, but for some reason he likes me. His mom said it's funny the only homework he brings home is Math. Mine was the only class he past last six weeks. So, I guess that will be my little success story for the day.
Robyn: Ok, maybe this will help for next time for your report card comment. "THE APPLE DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE." Ok, well just a thought. Ok, you haven't made much progress on this shirt. So, no giving discounts, and no double coupons. Ha :D We have six week grading periods here, so every three weeks it's either progress reports or report cards. Ughhhhhhhhh!
New Slogan: Teacher's make you do it till you get it right! :p :o
Mouse: sounds like a neat lesson. You do have the patience of a saint which I have said many times. I think I would defintely come home crying every single day. Or, want to call in sick every single day. I am just amazed by your strength. Hang on the year is almost over.
Paisley: YOU GO GIRL! Sounds like you had fun in Margaritaville. I can't remember the last concert I went to. I think it was the Scorpians about thirteen years ago. Wow, I feel old. I can't for the life of me remember. Wow, a doctorate. You know I haven't even started on a masters. I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up yet. Basically, just trying to take care of my nine year old. I just recently found out that I am short two technology credits for renewal. (End of June) and if I don't get them, I will end up back on a provisional license. However, I am getting ready to do an online course. With my hubby's schedule, I just don't have anyone to take care of my son to go to school at night. My principal told me today I better hurry up. I said ok I'm working on it. He is really nice and funny. He said I can't afford to lose you next year. I said hmmmmmm maybe I can use this as a bargaining tool. He didn't agree. Oh well, I guess I will get to it. My school system will agree to pay a 99 dollar subscription to something called NC Wise which offers CEU"s to teachers. You just have to agree to take thirty hours within a year. Each class is four hours and you get .4 of a ceu. I definitely need to hurry.
Ginny: Hey girl. How are Kay and Marino? Sending my requards. Ha! How are the kiddos on the bus? I used to love doing fire drills from the bus when I was little. You could not pay me to drive a bus now. No way! I hope they drop this whole NCLB thing. It's ridiculous.
Geez my thoughts are random aren't they. I turned my brain off at three ten this afternoon. I will turn it back on Monday morning. I am just too tired to do any real thinking tonight. I am sorry about you being neglected. Have you told your husband this? I have definitely told mine about it, he says huh? did you say something? What a smart$#@$%@%$!
Talk to you all later!

04-22-2005, 11:26 PM
Evening Ladies,
I finally broke down today and went to the doctor's after work. I couldn't stand blowing my nose every 30 seconds anymore and my stomach was hurting from the drainage. So the doctor gave me free samples of Tequin and Allegra. After I took them I felt much better. I am still blowing my nose but it is now like every 15 to 30 minutes. My kids were awful too today since I was not feeling great! They were very mouthy and too aggressive with their hands-on behavior. I was so glad when the bus came at 2:45.
But I must say that in my illness today, I was able to get my lesson plans copied and my copies made for next week this morning before I went out for bus duty. I haven't been able to get my copies made on a Friday in a long time. I told my one coworker I really must be getting sick if I am actually that ahead for a change. My special ed. supervisor stops in the parking lot to ask if my principal had talked to me about getting storage cabinets. Mind you today was the last day for requistions for this school year and they had to be in to the county board office by 3 p.m. today. So I had to get that done before I left school this afternoon. My special ed. supervisor also told me to keep my floor neater, because I had a parent come visit my classroom this week and she went to my supervisior and complained about my floor. Her child will be in my classroom next year. He is in a wheelchair and I guess he is to be taken out of it and put on the floor to roam around. That is fine with me, I don't have a problem with that. The problem I have is with the comment about ME keeping the classroom floor cleaner. Last time I checked that wasn't my job responsibilty. I can't help it that the janitors forget about my classroom since it is in a portable and don't clean my floor on a regular basis.
Sorry not to get personal with everyone tonight. But I am tired and am going to bed. I will chat with you all tomorrow sometime. I guess my dh and I are taking my sdd shopping for clothes. Plus we are going to get some new clothes too.
Talk to you all later.

04-23-2005, 09:54 AM
Pam: Thanks for your feedback. I have come to the conclusion that my prof and many others currently at my university are incompetent. Thank God when I got my undergraduate degree, I had wonderful professors that actually TAUGHT, not to mention at least one out of two student teaching experiences that was EXCELLENT. Also, it helps me to know that I'm not the only one with a moody husband. His sister once told me that he was the favored one in the household, and out of the 4 kids, he was REALLY SPOILED. She said that resulted in him being unable to handle not being the center of the universe. That explains so much. He is worthless when I'm sick, even if it is a serious condition. He falls apart if I have to leave town. (Actually the last time I had to do a three-day accreditation visit out of town, he handled it surprisingly well and out of character.) He will compromise, but then over time, it really gets to him, and he lashes out in anger.

Finally last night after avoiding him all day, we discussed the event of the previous night. He aired his feelings and let me know he was insulted by the things I said. I tried to explain to him how scary he gets...the tone in his voice, the madness (like a crazy person) in his eyes. I also told him that he's been warned before how frightening his temper is to me and DD. He just doesn't see it. To him, he is just venting. I told him if he would JUST LEAVE THE HOUSE to vent and come back when he cools off, that would help a lot. DD shouldn't be exposed to his rage, and I would like to avoid it as well. Blow off steam outside my that too much to ask? I reminded him that he used to leave when our fights got heated early in our marriage, and that really worked for me. Then somewhere down the line, he decided to subject me to his tantrums. As someone who worked in special ed for 15 years and someone who is trained in behavior management, I realize that I escalated things the other night. I could have de-escalated the situation by walking away. But, I was mad at him for acting like a jerk. As unwise as it was, I wanted to engage him and to tell him off. I couldn't stop myself. In the future, if he won't leave, I will go to my room and lock the door. I wish I could leave the house, but with a little girl at home, I don't want to leave her when he's acting nuts. I also don't want to make her leave the house late at night...that would be too traumatic. The sensible solution is for him to leave, since he is causing the chaos. Anyway, after airing our feelings, I told him that DD was sorry for her mistake. I was sorry for anything I did to make things worse. One of his complaints had been that DD and I prevent him from watching sports cause we don't like them, and her toys are always in the living room. So, last night, I watched tv while DD played with her toys in her playroom. The result, he got to watch his sports ALONE. Now unlike me, he hates to be alone. I know he missed the companionship. Oh well, if he insists on watching things that DD and I aren't interested in, he will be alone. We compromise by going to live sporting events with him, but there is no way in h*ll that we are watching it on tv. Sorry, but it is BORRRRRRRING to us...especially baseball when they spend sooooo much time grabbing their crotches and chewing tobacco. So anyway, he can now do as he pleases every night, by himself. His choice.

Kerry, I'm glad you got some medication and that it is helping.

Today is my ex-boyfriend's mother's funeral. I will be seeing A LOT of people I haven't seen in many years. I saw him about 5 or 6 years ago. This is going to be a really weird day...very emotional because I really loved his mom...very awkward because of his wife, etc. I'm bringing DD and DH because I just don't see myself making it through this by myself. DH is going because he doesn't want my ex to see me without DH. So, both spouses will be on the alert. On the positive side, I can't wait to see my ex. I can't wait to see his little boy, probably about 3 years old by now. Many of the people I haven't seen in years are people I was very close to, people I spent holidays, picnics, and parties with. I'm gonna be crying for many reasons.

Well, speaking of which, the funeral begins in two hours, and I have some MAJOR PRIMPING TO DO. Anybody know of a one-hour liposuction procedure available?

04-23-2005, 04:20 PM
Well, it is over. I did it. The funeral was lovely...a real tribute to a wonderful lady.

The first person I saw when it was over was guess who? God he gets more beautiful with each year he ages. :love: Yes, I know... :nono: I can't help myself. What can I say? I never got over him. I guess I never will. Would you all believe this began when we were 14? It has been 26 years since I first fell head over heels. :cloud9: Who knew young love could last so long?
Anyway, when he saw me, he embraced me, and I whispered sweet nothings in his ear. Only kidding :lol: . I whispered that I was sorry and understood exactly what he was going through. (Both of my parents are dead.) We talked like nobody else existed for a few minutes, then I remembered I had a family. I reintroduced my DD and DH. Then the spell was broken. The moment was over. :(

I know, shame on me. I'm sorry. I just can't help how I feel.

04-23-2005, 08:04 PM
Hi, all.
I don't have any idea why my mother can't come talk to the kids. He didn't answer my email. That's becoming more and more usual. I also appear to have made a mistake. I'm not perfect and never said I was. At one meeting, we discussed moving a kid, and I swear we discussed it at the meeting this past week as well. I'm told they did, but that I wasn't there or at the very least what I think happened didn't. I was out all last week, and the kid wasn't in my room until Thursday of this week. I thought he'd been moved. I even checked with the other teacher who was supposed to have him in class, and he also said that the kid was supposed to go to his class.
Apparently, we were both wrong. I miss information at the meetings frequently because they insist on having them when I have a homeroom. I do have a new TA, but our supervisor had given her permission to go off-campus to get her ID badge fixed, and our director had asked that he move the meetings to 1:00 so I could attend. He didn't move the meeting this week, allegedly because of an in-service at 1:30. But, you know, all the other teams manage: they either cancel the meeting or make it real short. I have no problems admitting that I goofed. But, I wasn't even given a chance: he just jumped right on me and started demanding (via email) to know why I did something that was in direct opposition to the decision made by my team.
I finally talked to the team leader today, and I SWEAR she and I discussed this kid on Friday morning when we discussed two other kids in the same class. I remember saying his name and saying he was going to construction so that I'd only have 2 kids in the room, so another student who needed a place to be could use my room for other classwork. She says that she told me he couldn't move, but I don't remember her saying that. I remember her saying that another child in that class wasn't going to move. But, of course, we have to meet with the director Monday afternoon again.
I have no intention of being there next year. My mom thinks I should try to stay another year and get the credits for the degree done, but I don't care. I just flat out don't care. I haven't even registered for summer session yet because I can't deal with this and classes.
And I'm mad at myself because he ruined my weekend. I'm SUPPOSED to be at my mom's house for Passover. I'm not there because I had to deal with this crap, and because I'm really upset by all of this, so I didn't feel like being polite to our company and everybody else that was going to be at the seder tonight.
I have to go to the store to get a box of matzoh, and some eggs for tomorrow, so I'd better go... but... It seems like I spend so much time dealing with him that I don't have time or energy for anything else. Including responding to all the comments here...
But. Jimmy Buffet: Margaritaville!!!!!! That song has a special meaning to me because of my real name, and because of Spanish class.
I totally sympathize with the vomit, Robyn... I went to a James Taylor concert in 1999. I LOVE James Taylor. I saw him in concert when he did a benefit arts thingy at my University, and senior editorial staff for the college paper got tickets. This was the 2nd time I saw him, at the Hersheypark Stadium. Acoustics sucked, and the security guards were rude (I sat in the wrong seat, then couldn't find my ticket... eventually moved to the correct seat). My correct seat was in front of what turned out to be a bunch of beer/wine guzzling brainless idiots. One of them dumped one of those huge plastic tumblers of alcoholic beverage all over me. I had to leave before the concert was over... I tried to stand down on the field and the nasty security guard chased me out. I got to see him again in 2003 when October Road came out.
Summer: I get the temper. My mom has a temper like that too. I have one also. And what comes out of my mouth when I'm mad is wildly inappropriate. I try really hard not to say anything, which winds up most of the time in my not even attempting to defend myself because I'm afraid I'll get in trouble.

04-24-2005, 04:10 PM
Just a short hello......

Pam- Kay and Marino are just fine.....getting to the last 3 pages of Body of Evidence just to see how it ends. Thanks for the recommendation on the author. I do enjoy the Kay/Marino combination.....wish I could find an illustration of what the author thinks Marino looks like. What an interesting guy.

Summer- glad you made it thru the funeral ok- and a very good thing that Dd and Dh were with you. Proud of you for holding up so well.

Mouse-You love JT too eh????? Got a favorite song or two or three??? (I adore him)
Glad you are seriously entertaining not going back to the school from h*** next year.
Get anymore applications done?

Kerry- so glad you got to the Dr!!!! Hope the meds help you feel better. Hope you got your much needed rest in........feel better!!

Fortunately, all games (except for Dds soccer game) for thisweekend were rainouts. :)
Could not be happier.....actually a "normal" weekend- not running around like a jerk.

Sorry to be so terse.......gotta go. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

04-24-2005, 04:50 PM
Favorite James Taylor songs... Gosh... Millworker is good. The one he does, not the one that is on the cd from the musical. I also like several of the songs from New Moon Shine...Shed A Little Light, Copperline, Like Everyone She Knows. I didn't really have a favorite song from Hourglass, though I do like them... none of them stick out. From October Road, my two favorites are Whenever You're Ready and Traveling Star. For some strange reason, September Grass ALWAYS reminds me of my reproductive endocrinologist's office. I have no idea why.
I like a lot of the older stuff too... of course, Fire & Rain, but I don't listen to that one much anymore. Its on the CD they did at the Concert for NY, which they did a re-broadcast for those of us at the Pentagon, so...
I've gone applications for the places that I'm interested in working for. I can't see the point of leaving the school I'm at to go to one that is worse... At the very least, perhaps, I can change teams and not have to deal with most of the people on the team that I'm with now. :shrug: I still can't believe that my team leader had to ASK me why I didn't want to come back next year!!!

04-25-2005, 05:43 PM
Carolina on my mind baby ;) In reference to James Taylor. I love James Taylor.
Hope everyone had a good day. Mine was fairly productive. (I just typed reproductive omigosh!) Ok, so I'm brain dead. Finished my AAAI today. That's one major hurdle out of the way. I'm so glad it's over. We're just busy busy busy with test taking skills, reviews, reminders how to use certain keys on the calculator. It's crunch time.........
Eating was ok this weekend. I have a problem I need to ask about. Maybe it's not appropriate, but ever since I have been dieting I have not been able to go to the bathroom. I mean, it's like every three days or something. I am eating a lot of fruits and veggies, but I swear, I didn't have this problem til I changed my eating habits. What can I do? My brother says to take metamucil, but I don't know about that. It's crazy. I heard that lots of water and excercise was supposed to help people to stop from being constipated. It has had the opposite effect on me. Has anyone else gone through this?
I was down to 177 Saturday. Yipeeeee. But, today, I'm back to 178. My husband says it's cause I'm full of$#@$@#$. Ha! I'm planning on getting back into my excercise routine this week. It's been so busy, and I've been so tired I have not done it like I should.
Hope everyone else had a good day.
Mouse: Glad you're looking for another place to work.
Ginny: I too wonder what Marino looks like. I kind of picture a detective off of tv. How about you?
Talk to you all later.

04-25-2005, 11:40 PM
Hey ya'll!

Thanks so much for the ecards and messages for my birthday! :o) WHEW! What a day THAT was! Didn't think about what I was eating for 1 whole day! From 9 a.m. (yes, I slept late!) until 1:30 (yes, we stayed out late!) ....began the day with my dh's brownie / icecream / hotfudge / whipped cream THING served as breakfast in bed...and ended the day with hot out of the oven (yes, another pan!) brownie / icecream / hotfudge / whipped cream THING served at 1:30 a.m. in bed as well! ;)
Totally sinful. Totally yummy! Totally wonderful. Almost worth turning FORTY!

Marino looks exactly like Columbo.... why can't you all see him? Have you read any of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich? Sorta along the same lines....but with more laughing! ...and a lot more curse words! You should read them!

Carolina In My Mind and Sweet Baby James and so many others! :)

Summer, I'm sorry...I think...that you had to go to a funeral. Um, glad that you, um, made the most of it! ;) I'm married to the one I was with at your post made me smile!

Yes, there are "issues" at every school and with every system. However, after 17.5 years..... I was a bitter old hag. I needed a change of pace. I needed a change of "players". I needed a change of setting. I needed new OLD problems. Same old, same old.... I just haven't exhausted myself banging my head on the new to me school's walls yet. It is refreshing. I'm loving the change! I'm still old.... but generally the hag stays hidden until she comes home to face the housework. While I miss my old friends.... I'm enjoying my new ones! Anyway.... I will try to keep my mouth shut regarding the abuse that you face, Mousie. Please know that I only meant my words to be encouraging in a positive way. You deserve more! NOW...tell me how to find info about making overlays and "stuff" for Word and MathPadPlus?! LOL Stephen needs to be able to use a computer to "do" math problems. MathPadPlus has so many bugs...and NO one in his system seems to have a clue about how to use it. WHO (besides the tech. people at the company!) could train the people at his school???? HELP!

More water and more fresh veggies and fruit. More bulk. ???? Is your intake enough?

Sorry to be so scattered tonight... full moon and school stuff...and "activities" (scouts and pta...) arghh!

I'll leave you with a few of jt's lyrics! hum along now!

Goodnight you moonlight ladies
Rockabye sweet baby James
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose
Won't you let me go down in my dreams
And rockabye sweet baby James

take care,

04-26-2005, 01:04 PM
"In my mind I'm going to Carolina......can't you see the sun shine.....can't you just feel the moonshine and ain't it just like a friend of mine, to hit me from behind!!"

Oh, I am a big fan of JT....could listen to him nonstop. Anyway, just thought I'd add that!!!!!

Robyn- I am so glad you had a great day!!! You deserve a wonderful day- and all that wonderful chocolate!!!!! Bless that Dh for giving you the stuff in bed. Ya only turn 40 once, might as well enjoy it!!! Wise advice you had for Mouse too. Every workplace has its headaches and organizational woes... and sometimes facing some new ones is a welcome change.

So far today has been pretty good. Got to WW this am.....down one #, so I am happy. And it is SO nice going with a buddy. Gives me something to look foward to.
This week is a very busy one. Opps gotta go back to work....see ya later.

04-26-2005, 07:01 PM
"I'm gone........think nice thoughts about me 'cause I'm gone......."

Grrrrrrr...........ok, Ginny, calm down. Crummy afternoon. The streaker puked on my bus this afternoon. I felt so awful for the kid- it was early in the run, and honestly mom the body builder (too busy with that to raise her kids, oh DON'T get me started!) or somebody should have picked him up from school. He looked that bad. And most of the bus knew that he was not feeling well- so he must have been ill most of the day and mom and dad were MIA, brain dead or busy fullfilling their selfish interests (ok I am being hard on them but you should see the opulant manner in which they live, the kids are indulged with much stuff....I wonder how much love they get)
- I pulled over to see that he was at least stable....radioed in to make sure that one of his parents would get him off the bus- and felt his forehead....he was burning up.
So after I got back and cleaned up the mess I called......and have called 3X- the dumb witted parents (both had been home) took him out way this kid did not have a fever....he was pale as could be......want to bet they will send him tomorrow??? Ok, I will stop bellyaching....and it is possible (as my dispatcher told me, with a smirk on her face, as she knows this families antics also) that they could have taken him to the doctor. I will not hold my breath for that one...... And off my soap box I step as I am sure you are tired of hearing about this. Gee and I was in such a good mood!

Robyn- I agree, Marino is a columbo look alike....don't really have a vision for Scarpetta, but I find Marino's character so interesting.
Well, Dd just got poked in the eye while playing outside....gotta go check and see how she is doing with the ice on it. Looked a wee bit puffy to me but she can see fine.

Have a good evening!

Hey, ain't it good to know, you've got a friend. People can be so cold. They'll hurt you, and desert you......they'll take your soul if you let them, aw yeah but don't you let them.....

You've got a friend.

04-26-2005, 08:37 PM
Ginny--you amaze me. . .I can't believe how much you have to deal with on that bus! I've always liked Marino, though he reminds me more of the chubby guy from NYPD blue as far as how I imagine him physically.

Robyn--you should so be a motivational speaker. . .you just light fires under people's butts the way you talk. and. . .Happy Belated birthday! Sorry it's so late!

PAm--congrats on the AAAI. . .about the weird bathroom dieting thing-->have you been eating enough food? Usually all the fiber in those veggies makes for more bathroom time, not less. But if you've cut WAAAAAY back, your body may just not have waste to eliminate. That's all I can see.

Mouse--I have to agree with Robyn on this one. . .apply elsewhere!!! With schools for me, the devil I DON'T know is better than the one I do. All schools have problems, but the problems are different, and different people deal with different problems differently. So, some problem that is making your current life horrible won't exist at another school. Sure, another problem will replace it, but maybe it'll be one you can handle. The school I'm at now has tons of problems and few people want to teach here, but I can handle them. Whereas, my first school had few problems and many people wanted to teach there, but the problems were not the kind I could handle, so I fled. There will be schools that value you, and you deserve to be at them.

Me--Um, having a great week. I'm down to 168! I broke the 170 mark, and am really happy. I am also packing up ex-bf's stuff to send to him, and it's really weird how putting each little thing in that box lifts a weight off my shoulders. Eating well--started eating oatmeal for bkfst. . .and that's been good for me. More energy and less snacking.

take care all!

04-26-2005, 09:10 PM
This is the only way I can start this post: Friends, I really need you to pray for me.
We had a whole lot of :censored: hit the fan this weekend. I think I shared the whole deal where my supervisor accused me of moving a child without permission and on purpose in direct opposition to what the team had decided. And that I had to meet with him and the director on Monday afternoon. And I might even have told you guys that I talked to our team leader on Saturday.
She took a comment that I made that afternoon, after I was upset by all of this and angry out of context. She was saying that I'd done something really wrong, and that I should recognize that I was causing all of my own problems (I think some of you guys knew she did this last Tuesday too, because I remember telling you that I was depressed by her actions). ....
I need to break here and see if I can't explain a little bit about Jewish culture, particularly Jewish Grandmotherisms. The first reaction of a Jewish mother or grandmother when the child does something wrong is to pull their (mother's) hair, and scream and cry about how thankless the child is, and how if they did something horrible to themselves, THEN... THEN... the child would feel guilty. Its classic: the adult makes the kid feel guilty with the reaction, and its genetic. If you've ever seen any movies with Jewish mothers: Yentl, Crossing Delancy Street, etc. Even Mel Brooks movies.
So, I'm angry, I'm upset, and I'm crying... and I only cry in front of people when I get ANGRY or frustrated. I don't cry in front of people when I'm sad.
And I pulled a Jewish motherism on her, saying, "Well, I'll drive up/off (we're having a disagreement over what was said) the road and nobody'll have to worry about it anymore."
This :censored: (because there is no other word to describe her...Not even my traditional use of Shakespearean insults will suffice at this point) told our director what I said on Monday. Mind, now, this was Saturday morning. She knew I was going to drive to my mom's house. She did nothing Saturday, Sunday, or until AFTER 8:30 Monday morning. She literally waited until AFTER I left campus with a van full of kids for the Herr's Potato Chip factory (which is in Pennsylvania, and an hour away!) before she told the director what I said. She told the director that she was friends with me and she was so concerned over my statement that she had to tell somebody so I could get help. She waited all through Saturday. All through Sunday. And then, because she waited till after I left campus on Monday, all through Monday. The school knew where we were, they had my cell phone number, at no point did they tell us to come back early. And then when we arrived back at 2:00 pm, I had an hour with students, because we didn't meet until 3:10.
When we met, I was informed that I was not allowed back on campus until I had been assessed by a therapist of some type. The director very clearly said that my statement was a clear sign of my mental state and that concerned her.
Other things were said, including them forcing me to file a sexual harrassment complaint against my friend that I told to $%#$%# off the other week because of his comment to me. Again, brought about by the team leader.
So, really... I need your prayers not just for what is going on, but because once I'm cleared for duty, I'll have to go back into this snake pit for another 12 weeks. I have little hope of being able to get out without doing summer session because I need the money to pay my bills and to move. My lease doesn't expire until August. I applied to one somewhat local district, so I can go with them and start immediately, but I can't do that with any of the others.
Robyn: We just need to talk outside of here about MathPad and Word and all. If I wind up back in Virginia, you're not that far.

04-27-2005, 01:02 PM
Good morning!

Paisely- congrats on truly breaking the 170 threshold. That is just wonderful news...and I am so happy for you. Good for you on the oatmeal thing....that is my breakfast- I even order it when we go out because I know I feel better when I eat that than any other bfast food, it stays with me and does not slow me down. And of course it is soo good for you too! (I love the stuff to boot). WTG getting rid of former Bf's garbage. What a liberating thing to do! (I know he asked for the stuff back...still very liberating, though) Keep up the healthy eating too!

Mouse- I will pray for you.....we have all said it before in one form or must get out of there..... Good news is that your lease is good until August- plenty of time for you to find another position- gets you financially thru the summer where you are. Keep your cool...get thru all the psychiatric nonsense with your head held high do what you must do to survive this year. And get very, very busy on applications.
I hear you loud and clear that if your super/friend (with friends like this who needs enemies?) that if she were SO concerned about your stability, she would have done something before the trip to Herrs. (How was your trip/tour???) Ok, being that I have been in a musical mode recently, there is an old Eric Burton and the Animals song... "we gotta get outa this place, if its the last thing we ever do!!! We gotta get outa this place, girl there's a better life, for me and you!".

Went for a physical this am.....routine stuff. He wants me at 148, which I am happy with (and actually would not have said a word about my weight other than, "you kept the weight off, good!") and told me not to go too low because I am not small boned.
And yes, I was right, the streaker/stripper/puker was on this am.....pale as could be and probably should have stayed home today. BUT mom's oh so important job as a personal trainer /weight lifter/body builder just had to come first. Then his neighbor (3rd grade girl) gets on this am and comments that I am wearing black again. How many out there would wear white or other bright colors knowing that cleaning up vomit is all in a days work??? Let's see those hands, ladies!!.......Hmmmm....... My job is messy, I know it and wearing darker colors is one way of at least not looking like a mechanic all the time.
Oh well.....gotta go. Hope everyone is doing ok today. Seems like a busy week for everyone. Take care.....(thinking and praying for you, Mouse)

04-27-2005, 04:28 PM
Ginny: Thank-you. I also wear easy to wash clothing. Polo shirts, knit pants. Too many nicer pieces were ruined. I think my favorite story other than the Jell-O (I told that one, I believe!) is from my first year of teaching. One of my girls was completely non-verbal. She didn't talk at all, but was physically capable of doing so. I think it was cognitive, because she tested somewhere around the 18 month old level at age 14. Anyway, she was really big too... tall, muscular, etc. She had some significant behavior issues and spent most of the entire first quarter destroying my room during and after I had her for language arts. We finally achieved some semblance of order, and calm... she began to like me and like our lessons, and wanted to show her appreciation. She didn't talk, so she showed me how much she liked me by giving me a hug. Remember, big girl. It was more of a headlock, and she wrote on a favorite shirt in green permanent marker. I learned to NEVER turn my back on her!
On my own personal front: I have a screening (meet the principals kind of thing) with the more local district in 3 weeks. My supervisor at the gym (the aquatics director) wrote me a very nice reference letter today... and helped me locate a place I could talk to lawyers.

04-27-2005, 05:48 PM
Hey guys!
Gone for a couple of days and all **** breaks loose. Geez.
Well, all in all been a good week. I'm tired and wishing it was summer, but not too much longer. I actually even excercised. Marino.........I wish I could see the show that had the actor that I think of everytime I read. I'll see it one day and there will be a totally random post about it . I picture Kay to look just like Patricia Cornwell I guess. Lol. Just cause I've seen her on so many shows.
Paisley: Yipppppppeeeeeeeee! I know that must feel good. I will be so excited when I get to that point. You have been losing pretty steadily lately. I am still sitting at 177. Not complaining...........
Keep up the good work.
Ginny: Poor thing.....You defintely have a job I wouldn't want. Not to mention the fact that I would probably take out a few mailboxes along the way.....I can not drive big trucks etc........ Speaking of which. The very first day we were moving into this house, I took out the neighbors fence with my husband's truck. Nice way to meet the neighbors huh? Congrats for losing that pound.
Robyn: When do you guys get out for summer vacation? Sounds like your birthday was awesome. What a way to wake up. YUMMMMY!
Mouse: Gosh, I just really don't know what to say at this point. With friends like that you sure don't need enemies. I will defintely say a prayer for you. I hope you will be able to get another job. And fast.......Your life will be so much better for it. We all say things that we shouldn't at times or out of frustration. I'm really sorry. Hugs to you.

Summer and Kerry: HEY YA'LL!
TIme to go cook supper. I'm starving..........

04-27-2005, 09:15 PM
So, do you guys know the difference between me being on vacation and being in school? Yeh...last week I posted daily, sometimes more. This week I not only haven't had time to read and post, I haven't even checked my email. I'll catch up when I can. Parent/teacher conferences this week. Yada yada yada. Miss you all. :(

04-28-2005, 11:55 AM
Okay... so in 4 hours I'll be driving to this appointment that I don't want to go to, just to jump through the hoops of a bunch of mammering half-faced hedgeworms. I don't like doctors as it is, but any type of "psych doc" gives me the absolute creeps. And knowing this makes it worse because this guy could decide that there really is something mentally wrong with me and that I can't go back to my job! Not, mind you, that I really want to go back to that place, but I need the money. I have to pay my rent and other bills until I can get the h-e-double hockeysticks out of there.
I've had really bad administrators before, but none of them have ever gone so far as to completely try to wreck my career!
How is it that so many people can see me in one light but a few others see me another way? My friends, some few professionals, know what I am like. I've done nothing but my job at this place, and they really are screwing with me. Afterall, it was never part of my job description to do the vocational interest inventories or the community service stuff. It wasn't even really part of my job description to do the field trips every quarter. The promised assistance from my supervisor never materialized; the planned trips from development or the money for buses.
Well. In about 30 minutes one of the school districts in Virginia is going to call me to do a telephone interview. I was going to go to the gym before the appointment, but decided not to: I'm not sure how he'd take a lack of make-up, and wet hair. Not that I ever wear make-up to work, or do anything with my hair beyond a little gel...

At 7:10 pm:
I am home. The therapist says I'm not depressed; I'm not suicidal, and he doesn't understand any of this. I had to laugh when he said that because I don't understand that either. He asked me some strange questions (like whether I read a lot, and after I told him about swimming, whether or not I liked it). Most of the other questions made sense. He had asked me about other evaluations at work, and about other associations with teachers (like, had this ever happened before?). I told him that the only time I had a bad evaluation was when I was in Harrisburg and ordered to lie at a due process hearing for a student. I can get in touch with the parent who filed the complaint easily, and told him that (she's the parent who nominated me for a Disney teacher award, I think. I don't really know for sure). He asked why I've changed jobs so often, and I told him that too... I've moved either to be closer to grad school or because somebody offered to pay for grad school or to get out of a district somebody would be insane to stay in.
He didn't have time to call anybody today, so I assume I'm not allowed on campus again tomorrow; he said that he'd try to call them tomorrow between sessions, but if they want it in writing that will take several more days.
I briefly considered telling him yes when he asked if I felt any need for counseling, but decided not to because of the release that I had to sign for my school to get information. I've had too many experiences with that place talking to doctors or other professionals without my permission already.
He asked if I'd been planning to leave the high school before this, and I said no. That's the truth... I didn't even start LOOKING (beyond keeping my normal stuff posted in case any schools in my part of PA have openings) until during that crap with the CEC Conference.
Okay... I need to go downstairs and tell the group there that I'm "normal" too. Thanks, all of you, for the support. I know it'll continue to be there.

04-28-2005, 11:10 PM
running thru to say hello! and to offer my (((hugs))) to our NOT crazy friend Mouse!
:) I'm not too sure that I would pass the test! LOL Hang in there girl! Are you a member of the teacher's union????

I'm stressed to the max...and facing a million things all at once.... I'm having a full
blown herpes upper lip is a mess...and it is now heading down the corner
of my mouth and onto my chin. Stress is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Ha. Chronic need for bathroom (sorry, Pam!) is also an issue. Stress is a BEAUTIFUL thing. I'm actually not eating. Didn't get to the grocery this there is nothing to eat that I want. Of course the rest of the family is grouchy over no junk but HEY! My neck and shoulder muscles are so tight that they now are popping when I turn my head. Stress is a beautiful thing. Hope the rest of you are facing Friday like I am. I'm running full tilt right at it! YAHOOOO for Friday's arrival!

ya'll take care,

04-28-2005, 11:48 PM
Aw please someone wake me up and tell me that it is Friday afternoon and it is all over!!!!! Please........

Mouse- Hon, we knew you were sane here....they wasted all that $$$ and your time on a shrink for that! It does sound as though the days events went your way ('bout time!) and that you tested out fine. I guess he asked if you liked reading and swimming to see if you were getting enjoyment out of life (yeah, anything that happens outside of that crazy school you teach at!)- the lack of enjoyment would be a sure giveaway for depression or something similar. How'd the phone interview go???

Robyn- go take some B vitamins, ok?? And a deep breath...... Hugs to you too....take another deep breath.....try not to let the monsters get to you~ whatever monsters you are facing this week. Friday is coming....thank God for that!!!

Summer- must be something in the air this week, yours is insane too???? Stop in and post when you can~ we miss you!!

Pam- aw so what's a mailbox or two....or three....... Dont worry about your weight plateau, we all hit one from time to time. Try a new excercise routine- do something different on alternate days- WW suggested that one for me and it seemed to work. Not meaning to bring up a sore is Ds doing?

Ok, so I survived the day. The flasher/puker was on today.....bless his little heart!!! And, get this, he announces that Mommy and Daddy are going away to Buffalo for the weekend (8 hours away) so that Mommy can attend a bodybuilding competition. (now I feel like I want to puke..... :dizzy: ) So that explains it all...we went thru this last year when Mommy went to her first body building competition and the kids were absolutely AWFUL for weeks prior.....cause all Mommy did was lift weights and drag them to the gym.
Gimme a break. And remember I implemented a new seating chart 2 weeks ago? Well, several have challenged it (ask me if I care!) and bug me daily for a new seat. I had one little darling (one of the more difficult to control- basically the entire middle of the bus seating assignments are revolving around the 6 or 7 students who cannot sit anywhere near her because of her total lack of self control)- so little Miss I have no self control jabs me with her index finger (I have gotten hugs before, my first jab) and orders me to allow her to sit in another seat. Ok, my fatigue got the better of me.....I informed her that I am a human being, and have a name and prefer to be called by that name instead of being jabbed and ordered. Oh, and that she would sit in the seat where I wanted her....(and if you do not like that sweetie pie, mommy can come pick you up!!! :p ) Ah, it was the beginning of a miserable ride home. Actually once I dropped off the flasher and his siblings things quieted down considerably. Sorry, I just had to vent....this week has not been easy for me.....and at this point I actually wish that Dd and I had not gotten away for a few days during spring break, cause now the memory of all the fun (and lack of stress) we had depresses me. Is that sick or what??

I have babbled enough......another long day ahead tomorrow. Taking Ds to motor vehicle to get his driving permit..... :(

Kerry& Paisley hope your week is going well......we miss hearing from you.
take good care all........

04-29-2005, 10:58 AM
Good morning! I was supposed to go to the gym, but one of the lawyers called me back so I want to call there, and call two of my doctors. I'll try to go later, but its supposed to rain all day, so I may not go. I may just go as far as Blockbuster and a couple of DVDs or the library for some books. I have to work Saturday and Sunday night at the gym, so I'll definitely be getting exercise this weekend. I need to start going again more regularly, but I can't get rid of that cough.
There is no teacher's union at our school, so they can do this stuff and I have no recourse. What makes it worse is that they are, quite literally, one of the largest if not THE LARGEST employers in the area, and a nationally known non-profit. They have a fantastic reputation, but the more I talk to people in the area the more I hear about how badly they treat their employees. Many local people refuse to be treated by the system. I didn't believe it at first, but I sure do now!
Its a real shame, because I really was able to do a lot with the kids I have had, and I've learned a lot. Unfortunately, I've also learned that some people will stop at nothing to get rid of something they don't like? I guess? I don't know.
I do hope they are enjoying covering for me all week: there wasn't a speck of lessons left or worksheets, and today was an off-campus field trip. I have no idea what they're doing on Monday for the field trip to the Herr's plant. Nobody has said anything to me or sent out a notice that the trip was on/off/cancelled. I hate the fact that I'm going to look stupid with the plant since I did the scheduling and leg work.
But what can I do?

04-29-2005, 06:11 PM
Mouse, you have done all you can do.....and you will not look like a fool with regard to the Herr factory. You have accompanied the school for 2 trips there and it will be painfully obvious today, without you, who the brains of the operation are! Did you get any decent movies or books today????? Did you ever get that phone interview? Hope you enjoyed your day off and that cough goes away.

Me, I survived today, although I got little done. Ds passed his written test for his drivers permit......Lord, give me grace!! So, tonite I will take him out for his first excursion, and hopefully get some sense knocked into him before his father returns~ we are VERY different drivers and Dh makes me nervous sometimes. Speaking of Dh, want to hear how nuts he is??? Yesterday he got home with Ds at 8:30 from his baseball game...."Oh, hon we just had to stay and rake the field to get it ready for the next game"....then he left the house this morning at 4:15 am!!!!!!! Why????? So that he could put in a full days work (flex time) leave work at 2 pm so that he could make it ontime for Dd's double header at college. Will probably be back 9pm tonite. Is this insane???? Better yet, is this normal????? His response to my incredulous look was- baseball season only happens once a year.....and yes I should be SO thankful (and I am) that he is interested in his children. But then he will come home and put - guess what - on TV. Kay Scarpetta here I come!!!!!! BTW, I am really enjoying All That Remains. Even better than Body of Evidence.
Babbled enough.......thank goodness it is FRIDAY!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

04-30-2005, 12:00 AM
I talked with somebody from the school, and my understanding is that they've unofficially cancelled the trips. They haven't sent out any emails or anything, and I doubt they've told the factory. We didn't pay for the trips, but I sent permission slips home and some of the kids absolutely won't understand why they aren't going now. I'm not going to explain it either... I can't lie to them. They'd see right through me.
And I don't want to have to call the plant and say anything either. :( They booked space for us, and some other group can't have our space now because they've waited so long. LAst time, when I was sick, my supervisor told me that they were going to cancel the trips.
I did find out about 3 minutes before 5:00 this afternoon that I could go back to work on Monday, and that because I cooperated and the therapist found nothing wrong with me, they will make sure I'm paid in full without having to use any sick time, free time or comp hours.
For most of the weeks leading between now and the end of the year, I'm not working full weeks due to the amount of comp time I have. I have this coming Friday that I'm leaving early to go to my mom's house for Mother's Day; then the following Thursday I'm leaving early and spending that Friday out for an appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist. The Friday after that I have the Interview with the more local of the 3 districts that I've interviewed with. Then, the following week I work all week, but that weekend is the local SF Convention... I'll get to spend 4 days with friends and other people who understand me. I won't have to worry that any of them think anything i've said is "suicidal ideation". We're off that Monday, and I am working the rest of that week. The week after is my birthday: I'm leaving early Thursday and took Friday off.
I'm soliciting ideas for places within driving distance of my location that have Marriott hotels nearby. It needs to be a Marriott because I have a free weekend night at a full-service hotel, so I can go away for two whole days. :) I have friends on Long Island I'd like to see, but that is a long drive considering that I'd have to be back in time to teach swimming on Saturday.
The week after that I am leaving early on at least one day, and then we're done that Monday or Tuesday. With any luck at all, I'll get the position with the local district and can scrimp & save to make it through the summer with a summer position in that district. The biggest issue will be my health insurance & my prescription coverage; they might not kick in until the new school year starts even with a summer position.
If not, I'll have another 4 weeks to deal with them quite likely... My other alternative is to get a credit card, not take summer classes, and see if I can get through 8 weeks plus a move on $2000 and a credit card. I hate the idea though, of going into that much debt.

04-30-2005, 04:03 PM
Mouse- the places you are looking to go to are those for you by yourself????? I am assuming that these are private trips and not with the school. What about Cape May NJ? (I am a former Jersey girl). I hear they give tours of the Victorian homes there (most historical in nature) and that it is just a charming "town" to visit. Ok a wee bit early in the season for swimming, but still a restful, nice place to visit. that comes to mind immediately - or even Ocean City, MD. I know you are familiar with the Lancaster area- spring is great there as most of the open air markets are in full swing, or just opening up, and garage sales abound. Or Lahaska Pa, antiques and auctions there. You would have to check out the Marriot thing....not sure about that.

04-30-2005, 07:24 PM
Hey guys!
This day has gone by in a hurry. Did manage to declutter my bedroom. Spent about an hour in the backyard walking barefooted in circles. No, I am not crazy. We are getting ready to put up our pool. Well, here in the wonderful state of NC and especially my yard we are blessed with Sweet Gum trees. GUMBALLS FROM ****! I wish I could afford to get rid of all of them. Last year we missed some and then with the weight of the pool you could feel them on the bottom. So, we raked, then..............Those things just kept sprouting up. I think we have them all. I hope so anyway. I must have walked three miles in circles just trying to make sure we had every last one up. I am sure my neighbor's think I am crazy. Ok, so I am........My hubby stood and watched. :dizzy:
Ginny: Speaking of Cape May. I do geneology. Or did for a long time. Anyway, my family on my dad's side had a hand in founding Cape May!. How about that? DS?????? :devil: :devil: :devil: I may just sign him up for the military myself. Car still sitting over at the friend's house.......However, we have to have it towed, cause the people are moving...........AGHHHHH! Will he ever grow up????Please give me some hope. I love all the Kay Scarpetta novels. Happy Reading.
Mouse: Well, glad to hear you're not insane! ;) I thought all teachers were crazy? Are you dreading going back Monday? Atleast the year is almost over. We have eighteen more days. I have been asked by the head of the exceptional children's dept. to attend a workshop this summer with a "world renowned" speaker who has an office in Chapel Hill. It is about teaching the "whole child". I can not remember who it is. But, I will ask and find out. It seems like a good workshop though. I thought about you, because I figured you might know who it was. But, stupid me, I can't remember his name. I hear he is an awesome speaker. Hang in there!
Robyn: Yes, isn't stress a wonderful thing???????Our state tests are next week. I am feeling a little stressed myself. My student teacher kept a cold sore on her lip almost the entire time she was student teaching. She said stress...............
We ate McDonald's for the first time in months today for lunch. I want you to know, that I no longer have a bathroom problem. I have been in there all afternoon. Gosh, I can't win, I am going from one extreme to another here. Guess, I won't be eating that anymore. It certainly did not agree with me. That's a good thing I guess.

Have a good day you all. Hello to Paisley, Summer, and Kerry!

05-01-2005, 12:47 AM
Yes, the trip is for me. I don't need to go to Lancaster... I can stay with my mom there. ;) In fact, I'm going home next weekend for Mother's Day. Going up Friday, coming back Saturday because of swimming lessons.
I absolutely do NOT want to go back in that building on Monday. Or at all, if I had a choice. I have to forgive these people, it goes against how I was brought up, and also my religion. That is one of the biggest parts of Yom Kippur; and although that doesn't happen until the fall, I still need to do it.
By the time they're finished with me, I probably will need therapy! I just want to go in there on Monday and tell our team leader where she can stick her "friendship" (because, really, as you guys said, with friends like her, who needs enemies?!), and to give me all the stuff I've loaned her back. I don't care if its petty. I just want to go in there and say, "I have to put up with you here, during school hours for business purposes. I do NOT have to put up with you for anything other than the duties directly required by my position. Don't ask me to do anything, just staay away from me and leave me alone." But I can't, because she'll find someway to twist that, and I'll wind up with some other meeting.
Oh, sigh. I was in the pool swimming tonight for the first time in nearly a month between the upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, antibiotics, CEC conference, etc. It felt good, but I'm tired now... I think I'll go to bed. I went grocery shopping after swimming, and treated myself to dinner at Applebees.
I wound up throwing out the ribs, and the mashed potatoes. I just couldn't eat it. I ate part of the steak and the vegetables and some of the soup. Its been like that all week since they started this nonsense.

05-01-2005, 03:22 PM
Hey everybody!

Just running in for a quick hello! The noise you hear is me sneezing. I can't seem to stop! Spent yesterday working outside in the sun and wind and dust and pollen at my youngest's elementary school's carnival....running the cake walk... with....imagine this.... a bull horn! They quickly discovered that the bull horn was completely unnecessary .... They even told me that I had a "talent" for talking folks into spending their tickets on our booth! I lasted for about 3/4 of the carnival....and then the sun and the wind and the dust and the pollen caused me to scream "Uncle!"

We've just decided (as I'm typing!) that what my sneezing needs is a Sunday late afternoon visit to Busch Gardens! :) Not too sure that I won't be sneezing...but at least we will be on a roller coaster and I won't care about the sneezing so much! Will pack sandwiches for our dinner and will walk quite a bit.... does that count for exercise?! We will be leaving in about an hour.... so I better get myself together!
Ya'll take care! Talk to you later during the week!

:) ~Robyn

05-01-2005, 09:27 PM
Okay, what a week and weekend.

1. My niece had emergency gallbladder surgery. She is developmentally disabled which made a difficult situation 10 times more complicated.

2. One of my students was returned to his drug addicted parents this week. The social worker, foster parent, and I fought to the death to keep him away from his bipolar disordered/drug addicted mother and drug dealer father, but the judge was a d*ckhead. The foster mom received a call from DCF telling her she had 15 minutes to pack him up. Minutes later, the child who's life she saved was taken from her. The mom strolled into my classroom with him as if nothing had ever happened. All day long, tears kept coming. I tried to control myself, but I couldn't help it. :(

3. Parent/Teacher Conferences were chaotic.

4. I had to spend a day with the teacher I am mentoring. :dizzy: She never shuts up long enough for me to tell her what she needs to know. :blah: She is one of those nervous talkers. For every one thing I explain, she has ten come backs. :sssh: :listen: If she would just open her ears and shut her mouth, she would learn a lot from me. And, she's got to stop thanking me profusely. It's enough already. :barf:

5. I spent 9 hours writing my last paper for my class.

I know there is more, but I am too brain dead to remember. Take care, my friends. I will catch up with you as soon as I can. I can't wait for the summer so I can spend more time with all of you. Love ya!!!

05-01-2005, 11:16 PM
Hey guys!
Just a quick note before bed. Been a busy weekend. Just wanted to report that I realized about an hour ago that I had not even had a pepsi today! What's up with that? And, I didn't even die or anything!
I have also lost one more pound this week. Yeah!!!!!
Mouse: Hope tomorrow goes well for you.
Ginnie: Just think, baseball season only lasts until mid October........Sorry.......I've truly done that for so many years. However, it was me having to be there too. I would pray for rain days if ya know what I mean.
Summer: Re: Your mentee
My husband always says, that's why god gave you two ears, so you can listen twice as much as you talk..........I'm sorry about your student, that is truly heartbreaking......
I'm outta here! Have a great day tomorrow!

05-02-2005, 07:17 AM
I'll make sure to check in with you all this afternoon after I get done at that place. I can do this. I know I can. I hope.
Okay... I can do this if I don't eat? :barf: Yea. That's the ticket. Ooooo, boy! :dizzy: I can only imagine what the team leader/department chair, director and my supervisor will make of the fact that I might throw up at their feet if they don't leave me alone!

Pam: There is a new Pepsi. The PepsiOne has Splenda. Its pretty damn close to regular Pepsi. I've been imbibing for about 3 weeks now. :drink:


05-02-2005, 01:20 PM
Got a lousy cold.....feel like garbage....want to go back to bed... got a million things to do....see ya later!!

05-02-2005, 06:52 PM
Hey ya'll!
Ok, tomorrow is the big day. Testing testing testing. Bluck!
I'm tired and cranky, and it's the "tom" 17 more days........Mouse, did you survive? I thought of you today...This will be especially short because I am just cranky and out of sorts and on the verge of killing my ds. So, if you read about a Nash County teacher being convicted of homicide, that would be me. HE WILL NEVER GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ginny: Poor thang. Hope you feel better. Sending you a hug and chicken soup.
I'll be back later.

05-02-2005, 06:52 PM
Well la ti da ti da!! :( Now this stupid cold is having a field day with my stomach too. Think I caught whatever Pam has/had thru the net.....hope this passes soon.
SOrry not to get personal....gotta get going on the science fair stuff for Dd....(what a pain......but she has a good experiment). Hope everyone survived Monday ok. See ya later.
Ginny :yawn: ( I am so tired and it is ONLY Monday!)

05-02-2005, 11:44 PM

Hope that everyone has enjoyed their Monday as much as any Monday can be enjoyed!

Sorry to hear that you've caught Pam's "ick", Gin! Hope you two feel better!

Mouse, where the heck are you? What happened today???

Summer, (((hugs))) to you! Last week sounded perfectly horrible! I'm so sorry!
It is so difficult to live through weeks like those! Hope all is looking better for this week!

I ended up sitting up doing school related junk until 3...and then got up at 6.... I am
nearly dead on my feet....but I have 1 more thing that MUST be completed for school tomorrow before I can crawl into bed! We have just started completing the end of the year mandated testing..... today was a bugger! AND right in the middle of the of my kiddos walked up to the table where I was working 1:1 and said, "I don't feel too good. My stomach hurrrrrBLLLEEECHHH" Poor kiddo spewed a horrible mess everywhere and barely missed my pile of testing materials! *YUMMY* OMG! EWWWW!

Speaking of EWWWWW: My herpes outbreak has finally stopped growing....and now is in that lovely "honking huge, bright red, cracks, bleeds, and hurts like mad" stage! It fell short from reaching my nose....but does go well beyond the outside corner of my mouth! Today I nearly passed out from intense pain when I accidently took a bite of a sub with mustard on it and the mustard touched my horribly sore lip! Holey moley! During math the children suddenly became captivated while I was reading yet another "story problem"! I quickly discovered that my lip had cracked and was spewing blood! ...the kiddos were just staring at me with their little mouths hanging open! EWWW!
I hope that I didn't give them nightmares! What a great thing to remember about their first grade year, huh?!

Well, I think I've covered more than my quota of "GROSS" topics for one night!
Ya'll hang in there.... we are 4 days away from another weekend! :)

take care,

05-03-2005, 07:20 AM
Sorry, guys. Yesterday was so horrible... I literally went down to get my mail, and the person at our front desk, who is a friend, asked me how it went and I burst into tears. I hate that place...
It didn't even take my supervisor four hours before he started on me. He sent an email at 8:06 telling me to do 3 things. Of those three, I'd done 2 before the day even started. The third thing involved my talking to the team leader about something she'd done to a student's IEP. I was supposed to talk to her before the meeting which was at 11:00. I have students straight through from 8:00 to 11:05. The meeting was at 11:00. I didn't even get his email. At 11:30, he sent me an email asking me why I hadn't done what he'd told me to do. I didn't get ANY of the email until after 2:00 because of the IEP meeting and then because of something he did.
It just went downhill from there. I didn't eat anything at all yesterday at work, and when I finally ate dinner last night, I threw up as soon as I was done. I can't eat now either.
And one of the few people I considered a friend (****, she called me last week when I was out to make sure I was okay... nobody else did!), repeated a statement I made about the team leader. So, its okay for her to go to the director and tell the director I'm mentally unstable and made a suicidal threat (yea, right), but I can't express my opinion about HER to a friend?
Obviously not. So I have to meet with them today to mediate. I'm not mediating with that woman or my supervisor or anybody else. I just want them to LEAVE ME ALONE until I can get another job.
Oh, and that camping trip that I thought I wasn't allowed to go on? It suits them to have me go now, so I have to change my interview with the one school district. They only had 2 dates: May 20th and May 27th, and of course I'd been told I couldn't have the 27th off.
I can't do this. I just can't do it.

05-04-2005, 08:24 AM
I walked into a trap this morning. We had 1/3 of a low-fat lasagna left in our refrigerator as of yesterday morning. DH had some for lunch, but, I still thought there should be enough left for me to have a square for lunch today. Silly me :lol: . My DH inhales food (in between meals) intended to be future meals as if he were snacking on a cookie. So, when I saw the empty pan on the counter this morning, I commented, "Gee I was hoping to have some of that for lunch. If I snacked like you do, I'd be REALLY BIG." Yes, I know, I walked right into that one. :o His reply came back like machine gun fire all about how going to the gym occasionally doesn't cut it. He criticized me and my efforts cutting me to tiny pieces. :p F*CK HIM. :mad:

No, Robyn, this week isn't any better...all sorts of new drama with the drug addicted/bipolar/birth mother. But thanks for caring ;) . PUKE ON YOUR PAPERS?! :p :p :p :p :p Good God. Sorry about the cold sore...OUCH!!! :o Get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ginny, feel better soon. You get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz too.

Pam, good luck with testing. :p

Well, I'm out to face another day. God be with me...all of us.

05-04-2005, 10:34 PM
Hi everyone!!!

I took today off. . .tomorrow too. I'm annoyed at my admin. The middle school VP favors this annoying sexist 1st year teacher. We're supposed to be teaming, but this guy has no clue what teaming is. . .and thinks it's him and the sexist guy coming up with "brilliant" ideas and forcing them down our throats. :mad:

The stupid admin has given me an opportunity to move up to high school (b/c of my test scores), and it seems everyone has an opinion. and every administrator has said: "your test scores were lower than X's, and you have the cream of the crop." :headache: I hate it--the admin makes it this competition. It's SO stupid. I took today and tomorrow off (my first hookies this year), and I am glad. Home is so non-toxic, and I feel refreshed and awake and clear-headed. :flow1:

I went out on my first date (since my break up) last night. It was really fun. :goodvibes: More than that, though, getting asked out made me realize that things really are changing. I know vividly that feeling of being so insecure and attributing that insecurity to my weight.

But I realize now that I was the one with the biggest problem about my looks (well, me and my ex-husband, who cited that as the reason he wanted a divorce ;) ). The change has been more in my head than my body, and it's a good change. I went into this weight loss initially to lose the last big baggage from my horrible marraige--the excess weight came on during it--but now I realize that my terrible self-confidence was also baggage, and it's freeing to know that that baggage is leaving too.

So, the guy I went out with is moving to the mainland tomorrow. I'm taking off work tomorrow to hang out with him. It'll be a good antidote to all the negativity I fend off at work. It's also cool, because I don't want to date anyone right now. . .I just want to enjoy all the fun things I do. Plus, I was able to snap the button of a pair of size 12's from old navy. . .I'm getting there. . .slowly but surely! :D

Summer--I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's comments. He should be supporting you for heaven's sake. :dizzy:

mouse--What a terrible situation. . .I can't believe how unreasonable people are being where you work. You have got to get out of there. I'm sorry that your superviser is being such a jerk and so unreasonable. :mad:

Ginny--i hope your feel better!!!

Pam--I hope you continue to avoid committing an apparently well-deserved homicide. :p . . .and that the cranky feeling goes away.

Robyn--have you been able to get some sleep? Hopefully the outbreak leaves, and all is well again!

take care everyone!


05-04-2005, 10:53 PM
All I can say is that I'm absolutely confused and flustered.
I have no idea what is going on. This might be the capping example: the HR department wants to meet with me tomorrow morning to discuss my "satisfaction of working at the high school." Today, they presented a proposal for a new classroom that is designed around my strengths. The director made it clear at the meeting that things like days off... I should take the day off if I need it off, and my supervisor should be prepared to find coverage and deal with the situation, because that is what he is paid for.
Is it possible she actually read my journal? I'm soooo confused. It doesn't make sense. She was also very concerned because when I went into that meeting Tuesday it was literally after keeping nothing down (even liquid) on Monday, and very little other than liquid on Tuesday. Tuesday night was better, but today was pretty standard... she noted how unfocused I was, and dizzy, and took me to task for working when I was so clearly sick.
On that note, I saw my gastroenterologist today. She is asking me to have another hidascan with the hormone injection done. That was pretty bad last year, but she wants it done because she wants to see if there is any change in the gall bladder function... because she just doesn't know what the issue is.
Paisley: GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! :) :) There are times I wish I was that sane, but we all know I'm not.
Summer: :phhttbtbt: on your husband.


05-06-2005, 12:19 AM
Holey heck. What a week. Teaching is like being pecked to death by a duck. It doesn't really hurt all THAT much until the end of the day..... I'm exhausted...and the duck pecks are reallllllly starting to get to me!

Hang in there people...Friday is on its way!

take care,

05-06-2005, 06:14 PM
Okay, get a load of this one...remember earlier in the week when DH was a total schmuck criticizing my efforts to lose weight? Well, DD (who can't keep a secret to save her life) told me that DH bought me chocolate for Mother's Day. :?: What the h*ll?! What does he want anyway? A fat wife or a thin wife? I have consistently been working at losing weight. Yes, I f*ck up here and there, but I have made important changes in my eating habits by cutting back on carbs, sugars, fats, and portions. No, I haven't exercised as much as I need to. It is just really hard to fit it in what with working two jobs, going to graduate school, and trying to raise a child. He may be tired of my excuses, but I'm tired of the mixed messages.

Now that my class is almost over and I am done working the after school program, I will have more time to work out. In addition to going to the gym, I am looking for a low-impact aerobic exercise video with popular dance music. Years ago, when I took jazzercise, I never wanted to stop because the the dance music was a great motivator. Over the years, the only exercise videos I have found are REALLY BORRRRRRRRRRING. :yawn: I need to have fun. The aerobics classes at the gym are OUT. They are step classes, and my kneecaps will pop out and roll down the hall. As a result, I have gotten my aerobic exercise by riding the recumbent bike. I'm just tired of it. Enough already. So, if anybody knows of a great tape with dance music (not rap or hip hop), I would appreciate it!!!

I'll be back...

05-06-2005, 07:23 PM
Robyn, you are hysterical!!! You are also right on target.

Paisley, congrats on the date!!! ;)

Mouse, good luck deciphering the behavior of those around you at school. I'd be confused too! :dizzy: :?:

Paisley has brought back memories of when I was younger, thinner, and lived an entirely different lifestyle. I have great memories of good times, partying, dancing, flirting, etc. I also remember worrying about who the "right" man was going to be, getting married, and having children. It is funny that now that I have reached all my goals...marriage, motherhood, and teaching, I kind of miss the early years of dating. It must be midlife thoughts that everyone has.


05-06-2005, 09:53 PM
I remain thoroughly confused, but I suppose that isn't anything new. We had 27 staff out today for various reasons, and this is the FIRST TIME that I haven't been asked to change my plans because of the staff absences.
And, I got thanked for making a doctor's appointment late in the afternoon (although I won't repeat the words from the scheduling office that were shared with me when I asked for a late afternoon nuclear medicine appointment since the technician typically comes in at 6:30 and leaves at 1:30... he's staying till 4:00 for me on Monday!).

Summer: Maybe the chocolate is for hubby? I dunno. We got lots and lots of candy this week and other junk for teacher/staff appreciation week. I gave the majority of it to my students... the only thing I kept were some mints, and 1 single-serve bag of Reese's Pieces. Everything else was given to students. And I have been doing the whole not eating much this week (although I ate today... kept most of it down, too until dinner!) so I didn't go to any of the breakfasts or stuff they had. Good for the diet, I guess.
I have to go buy a tent for the camping trip tomorrow... :rolleyes: I hope one of the kids can put it up because I sure as heck can't figure it out!
I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do about food at the camping trip too... I am pretty sure that whatever it is they cook up for the kids won't be anything I can keep down if I go on this way! I also think I deserve a good book, some batteries for my CD player, and a flashlight so I can read said book! :) Staff have fire duty after the kids are in their tents, so I'll need something to keep me awake.

05-07-2005, 12:22 AM
I certainly hope that the weather cooperates for you and your camping extravaganza better than it has today down here. It is May 6th....and I wore a sweat shirt to school today and was cold. AND it rained the entire day ...HARD... and loud!

We are currently involved in our "end of the year"....30 days early...testing that is mandated. Reading testing that is given 1:1 while I magically ENGAGE the other kiddos with some WONDERFULLY ENGAGING SOMETHING....... It has been a disaster! We have had every conceiveable interruption this week. The kid vomitted on Monday or Tuesday! I'm the inclusion class...and the SpEd teachers have been pulled for stuff IEP meetings, discipline problems in other rooms and then the stuuuuupppid going on a field trip with another grade due to the teacher not planning ahead! Pretty much ANY reason is ok to pull them out of my THE time I need them for crowd control THE most!!!! We even had a 30+ minute fire drill....The obnoxious "gifted" 5th grade class that I share a temporary wall with has been literally WILD this week...complete with the teacher yelling and allowing the students to put up the bulletin board on the said shared wall....with 3 staplers.... 3 gifted 10 year old stapling crap into a very hard cork board (I have trouble getting the staples into the board...) I finally left my room and went and reminded the class that I'm giving reading tests. The teacher acted totally offended. The children ignored me. Today I was visited by the Assistant Principal regarding another concern. She was there long enough for the outrageous noises to begin and asked about it.... so I let my children explain to her. They were pretty good with getting all of the details correct....AND they didn't forget to mention the "hitting" (it was the stapler) of the walls the day before! OH WELL! We are all moving rooms. I won't be ANY where near this teacher's class next year...and I can't wait another second! (I am pleasant to her....but I don't mince words about the noise and how loud and distracting she allows her children to be. Her excuse is "Well, they are GIFTED they can't sit and be silent all day." NO kidding?! BUT then again... do gifted children REALLY learn better in chaos??? Okey...enough... soooooo cause I was loving the week soooo much anyway...., mid morning, the reading teacher arrives in my room to tell me that they've changed their mind about the sequence, format, and procedure of giving the testing.....NO kidding! 5 days into it. I put it all away. Pulled out some real stuff and actually spent the day teaching instead of testing..... It was self preservation....AND the kids had really had enough of my Wonderfully Engaging SOMETHING.....

Oh by the way.... in 2 weeks, the 5th graders will be taking the 2nd part of their state mandated testing. They took part 1 in late March. We were told 3 times by the gifted teacher how important it was that we be quiet so that we didn't distract her students. Then within 8 minutes of the beginning of the March test, the teacher was at our door telling us that we had to whisper. The testing runs for 5 days.... ALL day. I've made arrangements for my class to "shack up with" another first grade class down on the primary hall.... There is NO way, ESPECIALLY after the NOISES that have interrupted us lately, will I make my kiddos spend 5 days whispering ........ We will pack up and move, thank you very much!

Sorry to vent. It is 11:20 and I'm still steaming over the testing and noise crap! I've gotten about 1/2 of my homework done tonight..... gotta get it done before that I can ONLY worry about housework for Saturday and Sunday.

Yippeee skippeee....
My kiddos made the cutest Mother's Day presents and cards for their mom's today. They also took home their marigold seedlings! I hope at least 1 of the kiddos remember to take the plants out of the plastic bag that they were sent home (gotta keep the buses clean, right Ginny?) in!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas!
Ya'll take care....

05-07-2005, 08:32 AM
Hey guys!
Ok, we've made it through another week. We just finished our state testing this week. The results are in..............I had 80% to pass. I'm very disappointed with these scores. I teach 75 kids and had 15 to score a level two on the test. The kicker is that one of the kids was advanced and I just found out yesterday that the reason he probably did poorly was because he didn't have his contacts in. I am so upset. So, we have to remediate the kids that didn't pass the test, and retest them in a week. I have worked it out so that the one kid who didn't pass from the advanced class will go to another teacher's class that has a lot to remediate. The inclusion class will be simple since I have a coteacher and she is taking half and I am taking the other half. One day I will remediate and she will teach. The next day I will teach, and she will remediate. The thing that is absolutely killing me, is that one boy who failed has shown 11 points in growth from a level one to one point from passing this test. But, it's gonna be ok. I have done the best I can do. There is a "teacher" down the hall who boasted, I don't have any. Well I expect not since he has two advanced and 1 accelerated class. The only one in my advanced class that failed was a boy who was transfered from his class because he was failing. He actually laughed and said OH WELL, HIS MOTHER WANTED YOU TO TEACH HIM. He is such a jerk. I want to kick him in his eye. Ever since he has been at our school, he has had nothing but the best classes and he is still not fully certified. He was an accountant,and decided to come into teaching. It just irritates me, that I get all the trouble makers because I can handle them. I just think he should have a walk in reality and have to learn how to really handle a classroom like the rest of us. Sorry, it is a very sore subject for me. Anyway it's all over but the singing.........We have thirteen days left. The last two days are half days. I did, however, forget to turn in my leave form for the end of the year and now I have to work all the way until June 6th. Bummer!
My eating has absolutely been horrible this week. I forgot my lunch twice, and we went out to eat at night twice. I CAN'T GET IT TOGETHER.
Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day. I need to get off here and get all the yucky stuff done, so I won't have to do it tomorrow.
Take care!

05-07-2005, 05:23 PM
Do any of you (possibly Robyn, Ginny, or Mouse) remember my next door nightmare? :yikes: Well, a lot has been going on with her lately. About a month ago, her mother died of alzheimer's disease...the brain shut down the organs. Well, the nightmare :yikes: has not been handling her grief well. Her behavior has been quite strange. She was put on antidepressants, got in her uninsured car and had a major car accident. She has been pretending that her mother didn't die and driving her brother who also lives in the house, crazy. Last night, the police found her wandering. She was anything but lucid. She apparently had a nervous breakdown and was admitted into the psych ward of the hospital. Meanwhile, she is the executor of the mother's estate and the owner of the home. :dizzy: Yeesh! I can't believe that 15 months ago, she was responsible for driving DD to school every day and had a key to our house to let out our dog. When she started to do things that made us uncomfortable, DH changed his work schedule to drive DD to school, and we made her return our housekey. Thank God we did those things before she went off the DEEP END. :yikes:

My friend (DD's Godmother), DD, and I had lunch at "The White Lilac Tea Room" this afternoon. It is LOVELY...Victorian decor...antique bone china...silver tea sets...scones...finger sandwiches...LOVELY. I felt like Emma Thompson in "Sense and Sensibility." DD was a perfect lady, however, there was not one luncheon item on the menu that she would touch with a ten foot pole. So, afterward, I had to go through the drive-thru at McDonald's! Next time we will go for late afternoon tea and have sweets instead. No, it isn't on the diet, but for a rare treat, it would be fun.

05-07-2005, 06:15 PM
Good evening, all. In a few moments I'm off to teach swimming. I did get most of the kitchen cleaned today, at least, because that is the ONLY thing I did all day. I still need to mop the floor, but I want to vaccuum all the cat food up and vaccuum the carpet so I only have to get the vac out once. I'll do it tomorrow morning or afternoon.
I didn't go to BJs for the tent, I didn't go to BigLots for toilet paper or student snacks... nothing.
I woke up and ate breakfast, which was the mistake... ;) I should have known better than to believe that I was hungry... Yea, okay. And let me tell you, those meds they give you for nausea knock you out but good. I SLEPT all day. I'm not quite sure how I managed to get up at 4:00 to do the cleaning, either, honestly.
I would very much like not to go teach swimming tonight, but I just refuse to let this nausea endocrine whatever the heck it is interfere with my life anymore than it already does! It was gorgeous today, and I slept through the whole day!!! Now its cloudy and looks like its going to storm!

05-09-2005, 12:30 PM
'Miss me?????? (naw!:)).
Just a quick check in to let everyone know I am still alive. That upper respiratory thingy I had knocked the tar out of Dh has it(and we all know what marvelous patients men are!). No time to go back and read the posts....saw that Mouse was not feeling great and I do hope you are feeling better and able to keep some food down.
Hope too that Mothers day was pleasant for everyone....either celebrating it yourself or a pleasant visit with Mom or a day off!!!!
Gotta go get something done.....anything......BTW- we are "with kitten"- Dd got one last nite at the local food store (typical box of kitties needing homes routines) she is cute as a button.....RC the 12# brat is mortified of the .5# kitten.......what a hoot. Although their exposure will be limited until she passes her physical....what a cutie....
Gotta go clean- yuck. Happy MOnday!

05-09-2005, 05:13 PM
Hi Ladies,
Sounds like everyone has been having a couple of rough few weeks. Sorry I was MIA for a while. The sinsus infection really knocked me for a loop. Then had to do things for TOPS, school and home. So my computer time was non-exsitent. But I am back now.
Hope all is having a great week so far. I am really tired after spending the weekend with my family. But I hope to catch up on my sleep tonight.
Well I better go and get ready for my class with the K thru 3rd graders about excerising. Talk to you all later.
Take care,

05-10-2005, 06:30 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
Hope all is well with everyone today. Why is it when you tell your kids you have to leave school early and to be good, there has to be one to test your limits? I had to leave school 45 minutes early today for a foot doctor appointment. The kids had been awful all day long to begin with. But one young man just kept pushing and pushing me. So I finally had enough and sent him to the office. I had to walk him over there myself and make sure he got there before I left. Needless to say the office is in the opposite direction as my van. So I had to hurry up and explain when he needed to the principal and hot foot it down to my van. By this time I am 10 minutes late leaving school and my appointment is in 35 minutes, 30 minutes from my school. I was fine until I got behind a semi on the two lane highway going 10-25 mph. The normal speed limit was between 35-55 mph. I was ready to scream by the time I got to the four lane highway I needed to take. I made it to the foot doctor's with 3 minutes to spare. My appointment went good. I have to come back in 5 weeks for a check up. I have two little bumps of skin on the bottom of my feet where the pinkie toe meets the joint and they hurt when I walk barefooted across our kitchen floor. So I have to wear insoles in my shoes for the rest of my life. But that is better than having aching feet for the rest of my life. Enough venting from me.
So how is everyone doing?
Mouse, big hugs are being sent your way. I am glad that you are actively pursuing a new school to teach at next year. Your coworkers sound like they need the mental help, not you! Keep your chin up, I know it is hard but something good will come your way.
Robyn, I hope your stress level has eased some. You sure do like to pull some all nighters don't gal? I hope things are starting to unwind for you.
Pam, are your middle schoolers driving you nuts? My kids are driving me batty. I think as the end approaches they seem to get lazier and mouthier.
Paisley, love to hear that you are doing great on your eating and exercising. Keep up the good work. I am hoping to get into the 160's by the start of next school year. You have worked hard since starting in Jan. I am very proud of you!
Summer, hope all is well between your dh and you about your weight. I can't believe he said that to you. But if he is anything like mine,he flip flops back and forth about my weight problem. He can say something mean towards me one minute and than be bragging about my weight loss so far or praising me about my hard work the next minute to our families or friends. I have learned to ignore his harsh words and keep pushing myself to do better to prove him wrong. Keep up the hard work. I know it is hard with all the life stressors we have to put up with.
Ginny, glad to see you have a pal to go to WW's with. That has to be very motivating for you now. I think about you every weekday morning while I am doing my Leslie Sansone Walking Videos or DVDs. I really have become a sister in sweat here lately. I have been really sweating more so than normal. I am hoping that means my metabolism is getting higher. I have started to develop a liking for hot spicy foods. I never did like them when I was a young child, but now I love them. Does that make any sense to you?
Well I better go and get ready for my TOPS meeting. I have to give the program tonight. I am going to talk about the 5 tips weight loss tips reveled by Kelly from The Biggest Loser. I loved that show when it was on.
Just thought I would leave you with a little humor to brighten your day:
Tips for women
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my shape to keep.
Please no wrinkles Please no bags And please lift my butt Before it sags.
Please no age spots Please no gray hair And as for my belly, please take it away.
Please keep me healthy Please keep me young.
And thank you Dear Lord for all that you have done.

Five tips for a woman.........
1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.

Foot Note:
One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:
"If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts."

Enjoy your evenings.

05-10-2005, 09:05 PM
Kerry: Those jokes are HORRIBLE. I'm putting you in pun purgatory for telling them!

I had the 2nd hida scan yesterday, and wow... the first one wasn't a whole lot of fun, but this one was worse. They had trouble finding an artery for the IV, and had to use a smaller needle and insert... that meant it took longer to infuse the 2nd injection. You have to lay on this itty bitty table perfectly still for 45 minutes, and then after the 2nd injection, another 20-30 minutes. Fortunately, the tech let me sit up in between them this time. I was sick before they finished the first part, and the injection just made it worse: I had a horrible taste in my mouth. He said it was from the saline, and not the injection. And you can't eat 4 hours before the test, but I hadn't eaten anything since Sunday night anyway.
I ate at school today during my break, and got sick... I managed to stay in the room at least, but my TA did the bulk of the teaching during 6th and 7th periods. Fortunately, more than half of my 7th period was gone, and my 6th period is down to 2 kids at the moment.
It drives me nuts: healthy food makes me sick; junk... I can eat, sometimes. I have more luck with junk than I do with anything else.
And, I'm going CAMPING! Oh, geez, what was I thinking? What am I going to EAT while I'm there? I won't be able to eat the glop they serve the kids!!!
I'm going to see the endocrinologist on Thursday, so I'm going to hit Trader Joes... stock up on ginger ale and maybe some other stuff that I can eat... Dry cereal, soy milk perhaps. I'm usually pretty good with those, and they don't need to be refrigerated. I wish I could go to the CA TJs... they have tortillas there that don't need to be refrigerated.

05-10-2005, 11:20 PM
Well.... I can't stay long enough to really "talk" to you all..... I'm about to fall over. Today has been A DAY! Even for ME today's meeting for our oldest was way tooooo longggg! I think we may have *FINALLY* broken the all time record for the WORLDS LONGEST IEP MEETING. Someone try and beat THIS. The meeting began at 3:15 and I walked out of the door at 8:03. Yeah, you read it right. THAT is a LONGGGGG IEP meeting. There was a bunch of junk that had to be fixed. A bunch of junk that we objected to even being wrtiten in his paperwork..... it was all fixed, in the end.... The new OT tried to go head to head, toe to toe with the advocate. Well... seeing as the advocate has known him for years and teh OT has known him for days.... WHO won?! Gawwwd, I'm tired... I'm actually sitting with my eyes closed right now typing.... We ate junky burgers from the drive thru at 8:30. By that point, the paperbag would have worked for dinner.

Anyway....I'm tired...... maybe I will write somemore tomorrow... Tomorrow...ahhh, yes, we go on a field trip tomorrow. (Let me tell you right now, I'm not going to be in teh typing mood tomorrow :)

take care,
meeee still with my eyes closed! ....but now I mus topen them enough to post and disconnect and go to bed!

05-11-2005, 12:34 PM
Hi everyone,
My day yesterday went down the drain when I came back from my TOPS meeting. I gained a pound over the weekend. But it was from eating birthday cake and the buffet lunch on Sunday with my family. So I was okay with that. I just know that I have to watch my food intake better this week to lose for next week. My dh looks at me at 10:48p.m. and asks me if I had been doing my crunches for my stomach and abs. When I politely tell him that I use the ab lounger at Curves 3 days a week, do my Curves workout 3 days and 5 days a week do a walking video, I think I am working my abs enough. He said that I was letting my gut get big and it was not going anywhere. I got instantly mad and hurt and then he couldn't understand why. I had a hard time sleeping last night and woke up still hurt this morning. I have to work through this hurtness and be all smiles tonight at the boys' ballgame. I just hope that I will have enough time to go to Curves between work and the ballgame. Than I should be able to work off my frustations. Well it is lunchtime for my kids, have to go make sure two of the don't slip outside for recess without doing some work with me first. Talk to you all later. Thanks for letting me vent again.
Take care,

05-11-2005, 06:47 PM

Please tell me that this man....and his opinion of your gut....has the abs of the young Arnold Swartyouknowtherest back in peak training condition. OR else, I'd tell him to shut up and crunch his own abs and stop worrying about your gut!

I swear men just have to be men and open their mouths when they should keep it closed. GAWWWWWWWW (said in my best Napolean Dynamite voice).....

This is what he meant to say...."Kerry, honey.... You are doing a GREAT job! The changes that you've made in your eating habits and your dedication to exercise is REALLY starting to show! You keep up with the great work! I'm so proud of you! Do you want to start working out with me for about 20 minutes or so some evenings? I need to do some ab work and I thought it would be fun if we did it together! Whatcha say?"

Oh dear GAWD who am I kidding..... anyway...... Kerry, keep up the great work! Don't kill ButtHead in his sleep! (Just remember he suffers from a genetic infliction....he can't help but say stupid hurtful things!)

(((hugs))) from a gal who lives with one too!
take care,

05-11-2005, 08:00 PM
Well, I thought I posted last night, but, turns out it is somewhere in cyber space. Everything is busy and hectic here. We have ten more days to get up and greet these lovely middle school maniacs. YIPEEEEEEEEE!
Trying really hard to be good this week inspite of the fact that we are week behind celebrating teacher's appreciation week, so they've given us popcorn, pizza, and 100,000 grand bars today. Ok, so I succombed to the candy bar, it's one of my favorites. But, so what. I will live to see tomorrow. You know in spite of the fact that I have lost twenty eight pounds I am so totally depressed about this whole thing. I tried to go and buy a bathing suit, all that succeeded in doing was pissing me off. An eighteen would fit my stomach but leave two inches of material hanging off the butt, and a sixteen would fit me perfectly in the butt but things were hanging out that shouldn't have been. So, I bought a tankini top and a pair of shorts until I can find something I am satisfied with. My hubby says who cares we are only swimming in the back yard but still, we may go to the beach or something. I have definitely go to do something about my stomach at the bottom. I have tried everything. Short of taking a hatchet and chopping it off, it's not going anywhere. It just annoys me so badly.
MOUSE: GOOD LUCK WITH CAMPING, TRIED THE PEPSI ONE WITH SPLENDA. DIDN'T CUT IT FOR ME. I am just gonna quit trying diet drinks, I am satisfied with my one real one, and it will just have to do.
Paisley and Summer: Hey!
Off to walk!

05-11-2005, 11:14 PM
Evening Ladies,
My dh redeemed himself by calling me at school this afternoon and checking on me and to say that he loved me. I guess the time he spent working today by himself made him think about what he did to me last night. I choose to skip Curves tonight and go watch all of the boys' game. They have a really good team this year and they won tonight. So we had to do the DQ thing and my dh even bought me a small vanilla cone. I was surprised. I didn't really want it, but since he was buying I figured that I might as well eat it. I will make it to Curves tomorrow night for sure. I really think it is his time of the month. Mine is fast approaching so it must be his time right now. LOL.
Pam we have 12 more days left. My kids are really starting to shut down on me. I got back at my little hellion from yesterday. I knew he was going to be going on a fishing trip and missing school Thursday and Friday, so I called his dad and told him that he was being sent home with his make-up work from the days he just didn't feel like doing his work and I expected him to work on it in his free time. Needless to say my little hellion was not too happy with me. :) Keep the faith, only two more weeks for you.
Robyn, you crack me up! Thanks for the encouragment. You are such a sweet gal. Hope you got some sleep last night. How was your fieldtrip today?
Hope everyone else is having a great week! Well I am off to bed since I am tired. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Have a great Thursday!

05-12-2005, 06:18 PM
And the hits just keep on coming..........Dm has colon cancer (found that out yesterday). Sounds pretty curable/ back later.
Kitten is VERY cute....see ya later!

05-12-2005, 07:48 PM

05-12-2005, 07:53 PM
Hey everyone!
One more day til the weekend. I get off half a day tomorrow to go to my son's field day. I'm very excited about that. I am having a harder and harder time just getting out of bed to go to work everyday. I just don't want to get up. It's awful. I feel so tired and drained when I get home. I haven't even cooked dinner. The youngest ate a pot pie. I am going to reheat leftover london broil and just add some cucumber and tomoato to the salad we had last night. We started walking outside again. It's been nice. Perfect weather. We got our pool set up and ready, son and his friend have been swimming every day this week. The water is only 74, still too cold for me. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I told him maybe this weekend..........
Eldest son had two job offers today! HMMMMMMM. That was exciting. We've filled out the college application and that is ready to submit. Things are plugging along.
I hope everyone is doing ok.
Talk to you later!

05-12-2005, 08:43 PM
Pam, thanks so much for the encouraging words and the prayers. I have been bugging mom for years to take care of the darned colonoscopy- of course she procrastinated until she had huge problems- and now of course you know the result.
But, as I now know, it sounds operable and pretty treatable. She goes to the surgeon Tuesday, and I will know more by then But for now, I am running back and forth between NY and NJ.....she is an 70 minutes away...and she has a CAT scan tomorrow.
I will be with her for that. On to you! Oh, these last few days of school are a bear, arent they???? Sorry it is wearing you down so much. But wonderful news about Ds!!!
HOPEFULLY he will get a job- and stick to it???? Too much to ask???? Hmmmmm.......
Which school is he applying to?
Gotta stuff to take care of for Dm.....running her life now and mine and the kids......I need a rubber room. Forgive me for not getting personal.

05-12-2005, 08:43 PM
Hi Ladies,
I am so happy! I am off work until Monday morning. I took tomorrow off as a personal day. So I plan on being lazy and enjoying myself. I do have to go to the BMV to renew my license's plates and that is the only major thing I have to do tomorrow. My birthday is on Sunday and I put my family on notice that this year they had to be nice to me and do what I wanted to do. Since if you remember last year, we eat dinner at my mil's of what the twin ss's wanted and went shopping for baseball stuff on my birthday last year. I think we are going to go hiking for my birthday on Saturday if the weather is nice.
Ginny I will keep you and your dm in my thoughts and prayers. My dad had colon cancer 10 years ago and he is doing fine now. No side effects what so ever. Hugs being sent your way.
Pam, I will keep my fingers crossed for your son and his job offers. Where did he fill out his application for college for? Hang in there for your 1/2 day tomorrow. Enjoy your youngest son's field day. Our field day is next Friday.
Hi to Mouse, Summer, Paisley, and Robyn. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Only one more day until the weekend. YEAH!
Well I better go and get some work done. I have to plan three games for a baby shower that my TOPS group is giving one of the ladies in our group.
Talk to you all later.
Have a great evening!
Take care,

05-13-2005, 06:11 PM
Hi, all. I was a missing Mouse, I think. Things are hectic at school... my new TA is out on the sick list again. She never should have come back, and to put her in MY room with a heart condition was just flat out stupid. But, what can I say? I'm not sure if she was there today or not, since I was off; and she was sent home before I left on Thursday for my doctor's appointment.
Doctor's appointment was really interesting. I heard from the endocrinologist locally on Wednesday afternoon, and she was very insistant that I consider gastric bypass. I'm not interested. AT all. Period. End of story. I have loads of reasons, including all the people I know who have had it and had complications, have huge issues with any kinds of food, etc. I can't live my life that way. I have enough issues to not want to add that one.
But, I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw my reproductive endo on Thursday. I should have known better: this woman should be nominated for sainthood. Except she's Jewish. Oh well. Anyway, just for starters: she spent TWO HOURS with me Thursday afternoon. And then asked me to come back in 2 months to check in... her receptionist asked her if she wanted to do a Thursday again, and she said yes. I happened to say that I hoped she hadn't had other patients waiting for her for the 2 hours (she does spend a lot of time with her patients, but this was pretty amazing)... and her receptionist looks at me and says, "Didn't you know? She doesn't see patients on Thursdays!" :blink: !!!! Yea. Okay.
The reason she spent 2 hours with me beyond the actual exam was that she had also talked with the endocrinologist up here, and also does not think gastric bypass surgery will solve anything. She says that she has seen women who have endocrine disorders have the surgery and not really lose weight. She doesn't think that the surgery would solve my root problem. And, in the 4 years since I've started seeing her, we've managed to get a lot of this undercontrol. I am no longer insulin resistant, and this was done WITHOUT support from the medications for IR. I can't take glucophage. The liver function tests are normal, my testosterone is way, way down. Woo hoo!
Of course, this doesn't address the issue of nausea. AS you know, I had another hida scan on Monday. The gastroenterologist called me today with the results: its NORMAL. There is NOTHING wrong with my gall bladder. So why am I nauseated all the time? Who knows. But, they're going strongly with the theory that it is hormonal and related to the endocrine disorder. The CCK injection, which is a hormone, made me pretty sick Monday night. But the gall bladder function was normal.
So, in light of this, and the fact that my disorder most closely resembles PCOS... I am no longer allowed to have ANY refined sugars, or sugar, at all period. No flour or wheat. I'm basically allowed to eat lean protein, green vegetables (no carrots or tomatoes and not all green veggies either), and lowfat dairy products. Any non-caffinated, non-caloric liquid (there goes both my propel (it has corn syrup!), and PepsiOne (it has caffeine!) I want, as long as I drink 64 or more ounces of it a day.
Ginny: Prayers for your mother are going out, and for you too!
Kerry, Pam, Paisley, Robyn: I'm thinking about all of you... Robyn, what did the OT try to do????? I'm curious!!!!

05-13-2005, 11:48 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well I spent my whole entire personal day from school, cleaning our house. I didn't realize that is was that dirty until after I started. I worked on it all day long. When my dh came home from work, he was like you did a nice job. You didn't have to give it such a cleaning though since we have the kids this weekend. I told him that it needed to be done and that next week we are to have an appraisal done on the house for our home improvement loan. So he will have to do the minor cleaning up after the kids go home on Sunday evening. But we did go out to dinner tonight and had a nice time. I surprised one of our friend's by not getting a beer to drink with dinner. I had a Sprite and then switched to water. So I was pleased with myself.
So tomorrow morning I get to go and do all the running that I needed to do today and didn't get it done. I especially have to go get my license plates renewed tomorrow morning. Then if it doesn't rain in the afternoon we are going hiking.
Mouse, glad to hear that your doctor's appointment went well. Sounds like you have a nice doctor who really cares about your health.
Hello to Ginny, Robyn, Summer, Pam and Paisley.
Hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend.
Talk to you all later.
Take care,

05-14-2005, 10:05 AM
My apartment is in about the same state, Kerry. I sympathize. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be home much more this weekend (I am ONLY in my apartment now because the street our garage fronts onto is closed for a stupid parade. How can you close an ENTIRE STREET DOWN and not allow residents out??? With no warning????), since I need to run around to buy stuff for the new "diet"... mostly so I can keep it up during the camping trip. I also have to buy a tent, and sleeping pad. And then I'm gone 3 days next week because of the camping trip and the following weekend over Memorial Day a really good guy friend of mine (friend from college that I haven't seen in 2 years!) is coming down. He's going to stay with me so he can go to the local SF Convention.
I'm taking the "I don't have any time!" and lazy way out: I'm calling a cleaning service. I don't have much of a choice since I'm working 14 days in the next 2 weeks, plus gone on the trip for 3 of them. But I have to pre-clean a bit: I can't have them see how freaking dirty the place is! So, today I'm going to vaccuum and mop the kitchen floor, and do laundry. Get it put away. I'll call the cleaning lady on Monday from work, I hope she's still around.

05-14-2005, 01:09 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Well I have got all my errands done this morning. I didn't have to wait in any lines anywhere. Not even at the BMV. Usually there is a long line there and I will just sit and read a book. I did make it to Curves this morning and then came home to take a mile walk with my sdd. I have decided that we wouldn't take the chance of going hiking today because of the possible thunderstorms we are to get. So I think we might just stay home and rent movies. But they will be the ones that I want to watch. LOL. My one sds wants to play UNO this afternoon too. So that sounds like a fun way to spend the day inside.
Mouse, so does your doctor think if you change your diet, than you will lose some of your weight? I am glad to hear that there are some doctor's out there that don't believe in that gastric bypass surgery. There are many people in my area that had it and are having some major health problems related to it. That scares me that the doctors didn't do enough studies to research all the side effects and benfits from the surgery. Sounds like you are going to be really busy the next few weeks.
So how is everyone else today? I hope you are able to find some time to relax after the hetic week we have all had.
Ginny, how was your dm's doctor's appointment. I have been saying prayers for you both.
Well I better go and get my shower for the day. Oh wait my dh wants me to give him a haircut. Remember when I gave him his last haircut,minus the guard. LOL For some reason, he is setting up the clippers for me. I guess he doesn't want to look like Mr. Clean again.
Talk to you all later.

05-14-2005, 03:48 PM
I'm proud to report that the laundry, vaccuuming, dishes and everything that was supposed to get done today got done. I'm told the street will be open by 3:30, which is good so I can get my quilts from the dry cleaner too! I dropped them off more than a month ago, figuring that since they were near the gym, I'd get tthere eaiser. Yea, right.
I'll go there first, then BJs to buy the tent and some of the stuff I need.
There will probably be a side-effect of losing weight on the diet. It so closely resembles Atkins that I'm not sure how I can avoid losing weight on it; its also seriously low-calorie since I'm only allowed fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein and low-fat dairy. Its different from Atkins since I'm allowed to have the fruit (only berries, though... no pears, apples, oranges, peaches, plums, no canned fruit at all) and low fat dairy. On Atkins, you're not allowed to have real milk and some other dairy. She basically went over my food log and anything that EVER was in a meal that made me sick I'm not allowed to eat... She did leave some things that we're pretty sure can't cause issues like ground beef, ground turkey, romaine lettuce, low-fat feta cheese... because that's all plain food with nothing added.
She encouraged me to do most of my shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joes, and minimal shopping at the chain stores... I'll probably buy meat at the chain stores, since the ones I shop at have kosher sections, so those might be better. I did buy some awesome fish at Whole Foods the other day that wasn't much more expensive than the chain grocery.
I am using my counter-top grill a lot: I had my "dinner" for lunch today because of swimming lessons... Grilled some ocean perch, and bok choy with garlic and soy sauce, then steamed broccoli with pepper and low-fat olive-oil based margarine.
I do have some low-carb whole wheat tortillas that I'm allowed to have... but not a lot. I suppose I lose weight: I've had like 600 calories today, and I was stuffed after lunch. I'm going to have a piece of string cheese for a snack with a couple of strawberries before I leave for swimming.

05-14-2005, 09:10 PM
Gee, glad that everyone is in the cleaning mode......anyone want to come up here and help me dig out????????

Sorry- gonna have to be brief. Life is sure getting hectic.

Mouse- I am SO happy for you!!!!!! Sounds as though you just might have found an MD that understands....and has some answers. Let us know how the new eating plan goes....I am praying for you.

Kerry- wishing you a WONDERFUL birthday! Do I dare ask, did you give Dh a haircut? (and yes, I remember the last one). You deserve a great day.....lots of love and happiness and relaxation. I so hope you have a great day.

As for me, this week looks busy. Dm meets with the surgeon Tuesday- and we should know more by then. Wednesday I am driving a trip to a park.....with 3 other drivers who are great company, so even though I will be working all day, it will be fun. Plan on going for a long walk that day. Things will probably be normal until Wednesday or Thursday- whenever Dm's surgery is. The CAT scan showed the mass a bit larger than they original thought- however her liver is clean and the mass seems to be all the cancer (or precancer) there is. So it is just waiting for the surgery now. Could bore you with lots more, but that is the gist of it.
Gotta go.......and just a question for the asking......why are men such knuckleheads??
Or maybe insensitive louts a better phrase!!!! They should NEVER ever wonder why some women read romantic novels......being that a tender thought would never occur to them and heaven forbid voice a kind word to their wife?!?

Ok, nuff of me bellyaching.....just not finding much romance in a baseball glove. Sorry had to vent. See ya.....

05-14-2005, 11:54 PM
Hey guys!
Hope all is well with you all. Busy day here. I am sad to report that you all can not add me to the cleaning list today. I worked in the yard all day! Plus, had to run interference with my son's ex-girlfriend(who is my best friend's daughter!) and his current girlfriend. It was crazy. Things could get interesting around here since the ex girlfriend is back from NY and going to go to school here. The current girlfriend is leaving for college in August. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I love them both so I know my son is still walking around with a swelled head and would just love to see them both mud wrestling or something.! :lol: I did a lot of manual labor. i planted a flat of marigolds, five pots of plants, put cages around the tomatoes, weeded......Still have a rose bush to plant and about four more plants on the deck, but I'll do that tomorrow afternoon. Then, went for a walk. Of course, from now until school starts again you will have to kick a path through my house. I hate to be inside when it is so pretty outside. I have been doing very well with eating this week, and walking, hopefully I will finally get unstuck! I am currently very motivated to keep working towards my goal, so that's something. I have never ever, ever, stayed with a weight loss plan this long. To be honest, I usually don't make it past the end of January. I am so proud of me! It really helps that my husband and I are doing this together. It really makes a difference. We have both lost weight, and when one of us cheats, we both cheat! So, it's working out really well.
No time to get personal, I'm pooped.
Hugs to all!

EIGHT MORE SCHOOL DAYS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :cb: :cb: :cb:
Can you tell I'm a little excited?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:gift:

05-15-2005, 12:43 AM
Okay, I promise: no more messages from me today! :)
I did my shopping at BJs... one tent, and 8 different kinds of tuna fish. Okay, I'm exaggerating; its only 3 different kinds. I bought some of the single-serve cans with the flip top for the camping trip and school lunches. I bought the larger cans for school lunch, and dinner. I also found pre-marinated and cooked albacore steaks. One was ginger-soy, and the other was lemon-pepper. I can have both, and one whole steak is 170 calories. All of it was wild caught, too. I love fish as it is, but its such a pain to have to cook when I don't get home till after 6:30 most days.
I'm using my counter-top grill lots, as I said: I had the string cheese and strawberries with no-fat sour cream as a snack before leaving for the shopping and swimming lessons. After swimming lessons, I went over to the chain store to pick up some egg whites and other perishables that I don't want to buy at BJs... their containers are just too big for one person!
I was actually HUNGRY when we finished swimming lessons, too. I can honestly say I haven't been hungry in months. I only ate because I knew I had to. So, I came home and used the grill on a couple of 93% lean burgers... to which I added low-fat cheddar slices, and guacamole. I admit to some ketchup as well, but not more than a teaspoon. I'm sure its not on the list since it not only has tomatoes, it has sugar in it!
I hope the little bit is okay; I figured the little bit of miracle whip in the tuna fish, and the ranch dressing on the salad were okay too.
Even with all I ate today, I had less than 1300 calories! I also drank 52 ounces of liquid... I forgot to bring water into the pool with me.
AND, the best thing about all this? I haven't been sick since Thursday morning!! And I mean not just throwing up, but only really mild nausea. That is more than likely caused by the medications and is unavoidable... All of the medicines I take have a side-effect of nausea, but its mild enough that I can ignore it.
We'll see if I'm still raving about this diet next week once I go back to work & the camping trip. I still need to go to Target and buy the camp pad. I didn't want to buy another air mattress since I already have an Aerobed for guests... But that needs electricity to blow up, and its huge; BJs had the kind with the built-in pump but no electricity needed.
Ginny: Thinking about you and your mom.
Pam: I am SOOOO jealous! 8 days! I have like, seriously, 30. :( Oh, and on that note: I have a serious offer from one of the Northern VA districts. They sent me a letter of intent to hire in the mail; but they won't guarantee grade level or type of class. As bad as things are where I am at, I at least have a class I want, with a nicely stocked classroom, and the tuition reimbursement. I'm so afraid that if I leave where I am now, especially if they don't WANT me to go, that I will have trouble getting into the doctoral program at Hopkins. Many administrators at the high school are involved in the special ed department at the University. And they are well-respected, so have influence. And that is important to me. I also can't guarentee that the stress level would be better in a different school. True, the union would stop some of the basest harrassment (like telling me I smell, or forcing me to see a therapist over a comment made by another staff member).

05-15-2005, 10:36 AM

Pam- I am so jealous.....8 days left!? Like Mouse, we have almost 30, I think the official # is 27 for me. Have to make a paper chain for the days left....each day while waiting for dismissal one student takes off the link. Oddly enough, it was the older students on my route that asked for it....not the little ones. But you have only 8 links left......happy for you. BTW, can I buy tickets for the mud wrestling championship??? hehehehehe Congrats on staying OP so long too......sounds as though this is going to work for you!

Mouse- gee, speaking of things working out for you......I am optimistic that this new eating plan will be great for you!!!! I can identify with the no hunger thing- what a wonderful sign. This might just be the mix of foods right for you. Congrats on the letter of intent great thing you have going for you is that now you have a choice. Should you decide to stay you can at the least say that you chose to stay as opposed to had to stay. Sometimes change is good, however. Leaving my last job (was self employed for 10 years) was very liberating, although somewhat terrifying at the same time. Remember all the grief Robyn went thru????? Yet it has all still worked out for her and she seems happier. You are a wise woman, and I am sure will make the right decision for you.
gotta go get ready for church. See ya!

05-15-2005, 10:37 AM
BTW, I must apologize for last nites outburst. Dh did apologize himself.....realized what a jerk he was.

05-15-2005, 12:18 PM
I don't think you needed to apologize, Ginny. We all have our moments (how often have you all watched me call the people I work for everything short of... :censored:) don't we?
I've done a lot already today: I bought italian and breakfast turkey sausage at Giant, fresh made. So I boiled ALL of it. I don't like the skins, and I prefer it boiled to any other cooked style. I figured this way I can put it in sandwich bags and in the freezer for quick dinners. The Italian isn't really strongly flavored, nor is the breakfast, so you can eat either at any time. Plus, taking the skins off lets the fat out when its boiled.
I also made breakfast, washed a load of dishes, remade the bed. I need to put away the laundry I hung to dry, still... and go to Target. I want to try to get to the gym early enough to lift weights and swim. I won't be able to go to the gym Wednesday or Thursday (though, I dont' think its going to matter since I'm going to be CANOEING!!!), and I'll probably be too tired, muddy and just flat out exhausted on Friday.
Though, my plan right now is that if I entice myself to the gym, even if its just to do some running in the therapy pool, that I can go to Fuddruckers for dinner. I can get my ostrich burger without the bun, and bring it home to have with a nice salad. I'll also have to go to WholeFoods because all my veggies will be gone by then.
We'll see what happens! I need to remember the camp pad, a pair of jellies (I can't wear flip flops because of my ankle, and don't want to wear my good sneakers or even my gym shoes in the lake), and a net bag of some type for putting my shampoo and stuff in. Oh, yea... and one of those pill containers so I don't have to take all my bottles with me.

05-15-2005, 04:14 PM
HI Ladies,
Just a quick note to say hi! Guess how we spent my birthday today? We just had to go to the sporting goods store for new bats and batting gloves. Of all days today. But I did make sure that I got a shirt from my dh while we were there. Then we went to Captain D's for lunch. I was hoping for a more semi-casual kind of place for lunch, but this was close to the sporting goods store. I got broiled fish, broccoli, grilled vegetables and a side salad. So after softball practice for my sdd, I am hoping my dh will take me out for ice cream at this really yummy ice cream parlor. If not, I will just go myself. He has a meeting for the recreation board, so I have to sit through my sdd's softball practice. I wanted so bad to call her mom and tell her she had to do it. But I knew she would be witchy about it. So I will just go sit outside and read a book for an hour or so. I plan on watching the movie Shall We Dance? tonight after the kids leave to go home with their mommy. Other than that not a whole lot going on here. I did ask my dh and the kids what is it going to be next year on my birthday that they just have to have. They all thought I was joking and laughed me off. But I was very serious. I don't mind buying them stuff, just not on my birthday.Well I better go and get ready to go to softball practice. Talk to you all later.
I did get to go for a 2 mile walk this morning around town with my sdd. She is so sweet to walk with me. She has been losing weight too. She lost 6 1/4 pounds in a month.
Take care,

05-15-2005, 06:21 PM
I got a new Jazzercise DVD in the mail yesterday. I tried it out today. I'm afraid I will be in a lot of pain tomorrow since my calves were burning during the workout. I tried to stretch afterward. Hopefully I won't be waking up with charleyhorses tonite! Meanwhile, I only did half of the workout before being completely wiped out. I am soooooo out of shape. I guess riding a recumbent bike and lifting weights can't compare to an aerobics dance routine. I can't wait for the day I can do it without feeling like I'm gonna die!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRY!!! :gift: :woo: :balloons: :hat: :hb: Don't let the turkeys get you down. Do something just for yourself. I've learned that if I rely on DH to make me happy, I'd be sh*t out of luck. Luckily I have a lovely DD who in her 7 year old mind tries to make me feel special. Thank God for her.

Mouse: I'm so happy that your new diet is working so well for you!!! Ditto everything Ginny wrote.

I have a question for everyone: How do you handle the parties at school? We have lots of them. There is always cake plus other sinful things. Sometimes I can be strong, and other times I give in. My kitchen at home is cookie/cake/candy free. But when I go to school, the temptations are overwhelming. HELP!!!

Pam: Congrats on eating so well and doing it with your DH. My DH supports one minute and sabotages the next...then criticizes my failures. :p

I'd better get busy with my lesson plans. We have 25 more days of school by the way.

05-15-2005, 10:53 PM
At the risk of sounding anti-social, Summer, one way I handle it is to just not go. My school is getting WAY better about healthy stuff though. 2 weeks ago, they bought ice cream for the staff during Teacher Appreciation week, and they had fruit bars for the lactose intolerant, and also TCBY Sorbet/Fat-Free Yogurt bars for those of us with other issues (I have the whole milk fat thing, plus the chocolate allergy!). Othertimes, I'll bake something myself and bring it. I'm a pretty decent plain cook, and everybody likes my brownies. I'll have to experiment with my recipe though, becuase right now I can't even eat those as modified as I make them. I can't see myself using the low-carb mix, but I may have to... I don't usually use a mix at all! :grump: Its flour, cocoa, egg whites, water, no-fat plain yogurt. Then I add mint extract to one batch, and peanut-butter chips to the other.
However, I got to swim tonight: 3/4 of a mile, and then we had lessons. Ineed to go eat dinner. Later!

05-16-2005, 05:30 PM
Hi everyone,
My birthday finally ended on a happy note. I told my dh that I wanted to go out for ice cream for dinner. So he took me to the ice cream palor and ordered me a large sundae with chocolate syrup, marshmallow creme, and fresh grouned peanuts. It was very yummy! Then we went home and watched the first hour of Shall We Dance. We are going to finish it tonight when we get home from work and ball practice. Thank you for all your birthday wishes and encouraging words.
Summer, I end up either taking my own healthy snack with me, eating just a little bit to be social or just not attending so I wouldn't be tempted to go hog wild and eat everything in sight. Hope that helps somewhat. Most everyone I work with is trying to watch their diets and they try to have healthy foods for us to eat.
Mouse sounds like your new diet is working well for you. Glad to hear that you haven't gotten sick since Thursday morning. I hope things keep going well with you. So when are you going camping with your school?
Pam, so you only have 7 days left to go? I have 9 more days, 8 with my kids and 1 a teacher workday. I am looking forward to having time off,even though I have to take classes this summer to become Highly Qualified to teach my Special Ed. students. But I figure it shouldn't be that hard. So what is the status of your son's job searching?
Ginny, hope you had a nice weekend, even though your life is a little hetic right now. I will keep saying my prayers for your dm. Have you been able to get in any walking?
Robyn and Pasiley hope all is well with you. Did you have a wonderful weekend?
Well I better go and get my kids to there next activity. I have to work another 1 1/2 hours and than off to Curves I go. I only have 3 more days of working the afterschool program for this year. I am hoping to find some other way to make a few extra dollars to help pay off some bills without having to stay afterschool and work long hours.
Take care,

05-16-2005, 10:07 PM
:nod: Kerry, taking or making your own stuff works too. I'm going to be doing that a lot. We had a working lunch today, and so I sat there with my tuna fish and cottage cheese. People were more surprised to see me eating than to see WHAT I was eating!
We leave for camping on Wednesday morning and come back Friday afternoon. I think I have everything I need except the flashlight. Somehow, I did a mind-blank yesterday at Target and forgot flip flops (for the nasty shower the kids have warned me about). I couldn't find the bugspray yesterday, but found it today... over in Automotive of all the strange places! And then drew a blank again because I forgot the flashlight!
I still need to pack, too. :sigh: The gym won out today, I'm afraid... since its been so long, its felt really good to swim these last 3 nights. I lost some of my endurance... 45 minutes just about wipes me out... but I didn't lose any speed.
I have to give the one district my decision tomorrow, and I haven't heard from their educational director. However, it may be a moot point: the HR department wants to meet with me again over my "allegation of the school being a hostile workplace". Geez... you guys have read what I've posted. Of course, its only my side, but do you think I could make it all up?
Depending on what he says, it will make me more likely to bail.

05-17-2005, 03:17 PM
Mouse & Ginny: I appreciate your advice...however, it is not a matter of attending or not attending. The food is in my room. The parents bring in cupcakes, candy, and other crap for all the birthdays and holidays. When I try to put limits on what they send in, they still send in whatever they want in large amounts. They are loving the class with food. I need a way to deal with learning how to tell myself and others, "NO!" when my favorite treats in the world are dangled right at my face. This really and truly is a matter of WILLPOWER which I've never had much of. I make sure my kitchen at home has NO TEMPTATIONS. I know how to stay out of the teachers' lounge. I just have trouble saying, "No" when the food is in my room. Tomorrow I am hosting a parent breakfast for them to fill out parent surveys. That is the next temptation on my list. Many more to come. HELP!!!

I just returned home from an exhausting field trip to the zoo with my DD's class. Yeesh!!! Her class is filled with nuckleheads, and her teacher is clueless on how to discipline them. They can't even walk in a line. My group of six was kept on a VERY SHORT LEASH, but it wore me out. I'm gonna chill out for an hour then head out to grocery shop all by myself. PEACE.

05-17-2005, 10:19 PM
This is the last post until Saturday (maybe Friday) for this mouse. We leave for the camping trip tomorrow morning. At least there are some good people that I like in staff going along.
Today was just an awful day with my 4th period boys. They were absolutely OFF THE CHAIN! It was utterly ridiculous. We went to the computer lab, and I will NEVER NEVER take them there again. They will do the info tech unit information in worksheets and textbooks. What a damn shame.
And although I was told repeatedly by my TA that I was not in trouble, I still keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, that somehow I'll get in trouble for this. That, coupled with the HR guy first thing this morning is enough to make anyone crazy. At least I don't have to include nausea in this mess.
I absolutely CANNOT decide if I should go or if I should stay. I don't really want to leave, but I feel like I'm in a completely untenable position. I'm still very confused. I love the things I can do for the kids. I know I can't do a lot of what I do now in a public school: I've tried. Transportation is always a huge issue for community activities, especially weekends or after school. The kinds of kids I teach rarely have parents that have the ability to transport. And there is definitely nothing like comp time to reward me for going above and beyond. The public schools do pay more, for less months. If I went to one of the Nothern VA school,s I wouldn't have to work during the summer unless I want to... I'd probably want to do something out of sheer boredom, but it wouldn't be necessary.
And I really like the kids, except for that 4th period class. I even like them, despite their behavior, but I sure am glad when the bell rings.
By the time I come back from the camping trip, I expect to be heartily sick of tuna fish. I got the menu from one of the head guys... tomorrow is bag lunch from the cafeteria, and spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. I did pack my own lunch, so I've got that. I'll be having tuna for dinner. I can do breakfast on Thursday, since they'll have eggs. I'll be having tuna for lunch, becuase I doubt the cold cut sandwiches will be anything I can eat. Dinner is okay, providing I can get a burger off the bun. Friday I'll be having tuna for breakfast and lunch.
I have packed my tuna, some canned olives, my ginger ale and my water (since plain water is one of the things that triggers the nausea. It makes sense ot my doctors but not to me!). I'm hoping for some type of fruit I can eat....
Wish me luck, guys. :)
Summer: AHHH!! I misunderstood your quandry! When I had a self-contained class, I literally sent home lists of things that were allowed to be provided for cooking, snack or parties. I NEVER let the parents bring the baked goods, I always did that myself. I explained to the parents that one of the things we taught in life-skills was healthy cooking, shopping and eating habits. This meant that we tried to limit the junk food and encourage healthy choices. The parents mostly got it; it also helped that we frequently had the kids shop for their own cooking and holiday things as part of the curriculum.

05-17-2005, 10:33 PM
Down to four full days and two half days! I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!
We have been retesting all the people that didn't pass the test. So, in the past two days, I have not had my classroom. Monday, I was supposed to take my morning group to the computer lab, well we had a big electrical storm on Sunday night, and the server was down, so no computers. I HAD TO KEEP MY KIDS FOR FOUR HOURS AND COULDN'T EVEN DO THE LESSON I HAD PLANNED!
Today, I was only supposed to lose my classroom for the morning. They were supposed to be finished with testing after lunch. So, I went to go into my room after lunch, to get things done for fourth period, and guess what? THEY WEREN'T THROUGH. So, all my plans, paper, pencil, etc.....were in my room with the testing people, and I couldn't go in and get them. So, I had to grab my kids before they went into the room, I took them to the computer lab, and they got to surf the net. What a wasted day.
Not to mention the fact that I was leaving early, and the people were supposed to leave my room as soon as they finished. Well, they decided to stay and code the answer sheets. Since I was supposed to be leaving early to go to a Countywide Math Leadership Meeting, I had to go back to my room and the kids had to go their lockers etc. They acted right pissy about it. I'm over it. I had a huge fight break out between a boy and a girl who I had to get in between..........
I have not lost a single pound in three weeks! GOD! Haven't lost inches, haven't lost pounds. This is getting on my nerves! Since my meeting lasted until five, and my hubby was being taken out to dinner by his employer, I picked my son up and went to the Chinese Buffet............Blah! So, maybe I will get a better attitude. I didn't even walk to day. I really needed to excercise to get rid of this built up pressure, but I'm too tired. It was just a generally yucky day. I kept hitting the snooze until I finally figured out it was six thirty three. I got dressed, threw my hair up in a ponytail, threw on some make up and then remembered that I hadn't packed my lunch. Couldn't find my keys...........I left the house at three minutes til seven, and got to work three minutes before the bell.....
YESTERDAY......................... :devil: After keeping the angelic babes for four hours, we were getting ready to walk to the cafeteria, and there was a little frog just hopping across the sidewalk, this boy picked him up, so I asked him to put him into the grass so that he didn't get stepped on. HE THREW IT AS HARD AS HE COULD INTO THE WALL! It made me so mad. That frog wasn't hurting anybody. I was about to cry. Yes, it was a frog, but still........So, Iwas just pissed, and talked to the principal about it at lunch, he laughed and went on to tell me that he used to shoot the eyes out of frogs when he was a boy........I said please, that's awful, you know all I asked him to do was put the frog in the grass.....He said, hmmmmmm, is there a page in the agenda about frog killing? I said UGHHHHHH. He laughed again, and said, are you planning on having a funeral for the frog? I think you need to have a closed casket since it went through a traumatic event. Maybe the boy could say some words...........It pissed me off. Cause it just had upset me that somebody could just be so cruel !I then went on to tell him that he had the makings of a serial killer.
Ok, well I have already gotten my final evaluation with all above standards..........I'M PUTTING A CERMIC FROG IN HIS MAILBOX TOMORROW.
I know it's all stupid, but then after talking to my husband and the things he used to do to frogs, I have decided that men are just pig beasts!

MY SON???????????/ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am not even going to go there. Yes, he has a job! However...............

Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry to not get personal with everyone. Gotta make sure I iron my stuff, and pack my lunch.
Take care!

05-18-2005, 01:52 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Mouse, hope you have a wonderful time on your camping trip. I am glad that you are feeling better with your new diet. I hope that you are not sick of tuna fish by the end of the trip.
Pam, hugs are going out to you. I felt soo bad for you after reading your post. Sounds like you had a very stressful day yesterday. I hope today goes better for you. We all have those days when we don't feel like excersing or eating healthy. I hope after the stress of the end of the year activities settles down, you will be able to lose some more weight.
Summer, hope your breakfast went well this morning. I have the same problem you do with snack food in my room. I got to the point where I end up bringing in fruit or veggies and I eat them when my kids have their snack. That way I am still having snack with them, but I am eating healthy. Hope that helps. Did you recover from your trip to the zoo?
Robyn, Ginny, and Paisley are you keeping yourself afloat this week with school and family life? Hope all is going well with everyone.
I went to TOPS last night and lost 4 1/4 pounds. I was the weekly winner. I really need that after my crappy birthday weekend. So that was enough motivation needed to push myself forward. I am going to get to 150 by Christmas, so my dh will buy me my leather coat. Believe me he is going to buy me my leather coat before than.
Well I better go. My kids came back in from recess. Time to do math class. Talk to you all later. Have a softball game to go to tonight after work and than hopefully I can check back in with you all.
Have a wonderful afternoon.
Take care,

05-18-2005, 07:17 PM
Hope everyone is doing ok today. I am just bushed. Kerry what in the world are you doing to lose weight? Maybe I am at a plateau. I'm ready to get over this hump! I went back to eating the way I am supposed to today and have been on track. Dinner's coming! Ha! Wow, we have so many work days at the end of school. I have a luncheon on the thirtyfirst, and then a seminar this summer called Child Attuned. It's supposed to be excellent. I'm really looking forward to it. My last day is the third of June. But, that's ok, there is so much stuff for me to do, that I have not had time to do. (File.....) I had made a promise to myself to file properly this year. I was doing good until this six weeks. I have a stack of worksheets now. It's ok though. It's not too bad once the kids are gone. Just found out that all of the EC kids and 504's don't have to retest again. So, that only leaves two of mine who will have to pass this durn test. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I went swimming in the pool for the first time this past weekend. Ewww...Talk about cold water. It reminded of swimming in the glacier lakes in Vermont. The water temp was up to about 74 degrees. I need it to be a little warmer than that. Seems like our temps have been colder than usual. This time last year I had been swimming for a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be warm enough by Memorial Day.
Hey to all: Ginny, Kerry, Summer, Mouse, Paisley, Robin.

FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

05-18-2005, 11:09 PM know my motto....when the going gets tough...I don't post.
I've had 3 days of being RElocated...out of my room due to the SOL testing that is going on around my classroom. In those 3 days, we've had to stay with our kids through lunch (complete with me stacking trays and rolling the trash around the room...) AND due to the luck (or lack of it...) of the draw, I've had NO resource time all week. That means that I've had the last 3 days non stop with my cherubs...OUT of our element...right through lunch without even getting a pee break.... sorry to be vile...but darnnnn what other job doesn't even let you empty your bladder???

I've been on the go EVERY night for the last 4 weeks....I'm about to lose my mind!
........while my kiddos have been SOOOOOO much easier than they would have been had I still been at my old school......Gees Louise, I'm about SICK of being with them EVERY single minute of the day.....away from all our stuff and out of our routine...AND I'm sick of BEGGING someone to come to my room long enough for me to literally RUN to the restroom....Today I actually used my cell phone to call the office and lured the secretary down with the promise of Hershey kisses! (It was a small price to pay for not wetting my pants in FRONT of my students...)

Sorry to vent and run....but I have paperwork that MUST be done before I sleep...AND of course we were at baseball until 9:10 tonight!

Hope Mousie enjoys (?) her camping.

Summer, (((hugs)))

Kerry, :bighigh5: way to go with that loss!

Ginny, Baseball was dreamy tonight....the gnats arrived about 20 minutes before the game began. I'm STILL digging at my head.... How's mom?

Pam, I am NOT an animal lover; however, just cause "boys" have a history of killing and torturing frogs doesn't make that kid who threw the frog up against the school OK. Flat out defiance....and a beast, IMO. And...your principal, IMO, could have used a bit more tact or whatever to tell you that he didn't support your horror and concern. EW!

Paisley...Hope all is well!

gotta run.. paperwork! yippeee...
take care,

05-19-2005, 01:26 PM
Hello Ladies,
I am so happy! I only have 6 more days with my lovely little angels. Then I don't have to see them for 2 1/2 to 3 months. I am getting so sick on the hands-on behavior, attitude and mouth coming from 4 of them. I decided that next week I am going to make them help me pack up my classroom and clean it out in the mornings and in the afternoons we will watch movies. They are so ready for school to be out right along with me and my aides.
Pam I don't know what I did to lose the weight last week. It was that TOM this weekend and had really bad cramps so I didn't feel like eating. I guess I started to watch what I was eating a bit closer and drink enough water and didn't even realize it. Plus I want to prove my dh wrong. He thinks that I will cave and not reach my goal weight by the end of this year, but I have good feelings about it. I have told him for the last two years that I was going to be at my goal weight and never got even close. But now that I am the co-leader of my TOPS group, I feel that I have to lead by example. Glad to hear that your eating was back to normal yesterday. How did you do at dinner?
Robyn, you poor lady. Sounds like you have had some really rough days this past week. Hope you were able to get back into your normal schedule with your students today. I would have cried if I was not allowed to be in my classroom or get anything out of it for the kids to work on. I need my restroom breaks. That is the only time during my day at school that I can have to myself to regroup.
Ginny, how is your mom? I have been thinking about the two of you. Hope things are going well for you both. Did you make it WW this week? If so, how did you do? I think of you every morning when I am doing my walking videos at 5:30. My sister in sweat.
Summer how is your week going? Hope everything went fine yesterday for your breakfast with your parents. Are you still going to the gym?
Paisley how are you? Hope all is going well for you. My kids were talking yesterday about wanting to go to Hawaii and they said that we go could there on a fieldtrip sometime. I just laughed and told them I don't think so. I won't mind going to Hawaii sometime, but I don't want to take my students along with me. That would not be a vacation at all.
Went to my sdd's softball game last night. Sat out there until dark. I don't know how they were able to see the ball after the sun went down and it was dusk out. My sdd cried again. She got struck out. She has become very emotional here lately and it concerns me. I am just wondering if she is starting puberty early. Her mom and I talked last night at the game, since she sat right beside me. She said that my sdd told her the other day she has hair down there and after her mommy looked, she sure does. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reassure her after getting struck out for her not to cry?
Well my kiddos are going to be coming in from recess here in a few minutes. I better go run to the office and the bathroom before they come back in. Talk to you all later. Tonight is the last night I have to stay afterschool for the afterschool program. I am sure going to miss the extra money but not the long hours spend at school.
Take care,

05-19-2005, 10:02 PM
Not having fun here......sorry not to leave a real post. Dm is doing ok- although this has escalated to a gyno also doing some surgery to remove her fibroid. Guess it will interfere with her ability to have kids at the age of 79!!!!!!! (morons)
Getting some walks in.....need a libodomy (sp) myself. Talk to you later.

05-20-2005, 10:08 AM
Hello, all.
Camping was... well... good. I actually did enjoy it. Although, I got sent home Thursday morning. I tripped and fell Thursday around 3:00 a.m. (damn pit latrines!), but didn't think I hurt anything. Later that morning ... probably around 7:00 a.m. or so, I was sitting around the campfire with some other staff and my whole left leg cramped up so bad you could see the muscle knotted. And it WOULD NOT go away. It wasn't water, because I drank nearly 72 ounces of fluid on Wednesday/Thursday morning, its not potassium because the spironolactone raises your potassium levels, and I take a multi-vitamin too. I've had issues with that leg cramping badly since I first fell in 1999... but usually it only happens if I stretch too hard/too far, and I have some warning so I can stand up and make it stop. If it gets started without warning, I have to actually THINK of what I want to do to make my foot move into a better position to cut the cramp... motor-planning. But I had trouble doing it yesterday. It took more than an hour and a half before I could get up and then I had trouble walking, so they sent me home.
I guess its a good thing, because I'm also SICK again! :cry: I was FREEZING while we were camping, and couldn't get warm no matter what I wore or where I sat (I sat right in front of the campfire with a blanket and was still freezing!). Get home, and couldn't warm up here either... so I took my temperature. I don't have allergies, I have another bloody cold! So I have an orthopedists appointment this afternoon, and I'm going to try and get a regular doctor's appointment this morning.
On other news: Pit Latrines need to be banned from the face of the earth. Seriously, I've NEVER smelled something so bad in my life. I used the Soviet idea of a bathroom (a slab of wood with a small hole covering a larger hole in the ground) in July in both the Ukraine and the Czech border. Those didn't smell that bad... neither did the horrendous bathroom in Poland. I threw up for the first time in a week, but it was DEFINITELY triggered by the pit latrines and not diet.
The kids had an awesome time, and a whole bunch of them helped me put up most of my tent... and hammer in the stakes. And it didn't rain until today. I taught one of our kids how to play Battleship and he ALMOST beat me. Okay, I way extended the game because I found his ships in the first 10 minutes of the game, but that's okay.
I did tuna on Wednesday for dinner--they had spaghetti and salad... so I had lettuce from the salad with dressing and my tuna and some olives.
And, although I was sent home, they said I could go again if I want to. I think that next time, though, I'll sleep in the lodge... nothing to trip over, and real bathrooms!
My supervisor was, IMO, very nice to me. He came over after the decision was made to send me home and told me not to stress over this, because I'd made a good decision. One person said that he wasn't being nice, that this is what he wanted me to do because he didn't want me there anyway. I dunno... I'm TRYING to give him the benefit for the doubt!
I've been playing serious phone tag with the people from the NOrthern VA district, and the MD district keeps trying to schedule me for an interview in the morning on June 9, which isn't possible. I took part of the day off, but I'm not leaving until like 10. She can only meet between 9-11.
Ginny: Hope your mom keeps pulling!!!!! I'm thinking about both of you!
Kerry: AWESOME weight loss!
Pam: I'm still jealous, but ... I'll live. We will only have 20 days left.

05-20-2005, 11:34 AM
:stress: :barf: :barf: :barf: IT AINT EASY BEING GREEN... :barf: :barf: :barf: :stress: On Wednesday afternoon, I puked my brains out at school and finally finished at midnite. About halfway through the diarrhea began...and it still hasn't ended. :p

So, needless to say, I feel like pun intended. :lol3: I've lost 5 pounds the hard way. My stomach muscles are so sore, even my rib cage aches. According to my aide, my students are dropping like flies.

I will catch up with you when I can spend more than 15 minutes out of the bathroom.

P.S. Thanks for the feedback re: goodies at school!

05-20-2005, 06:47 PM
Omigod! EVERY CHILD AT MY SCHOOL HAS LOST THIER MINDS! I am having the week from **** literally. Yesterday was absolutely horrendous.
First I have this boy who keeps writing me "love notes" saying you are so sexy blah blah blah. Yesterday he gave me his phone number.......Saying he is gonna buy me diamonds. Ok, so you are all probably saying oh he's just a boy. Well this same boy stood behind another teacher and pretended to hump her leg. Then, I was doing duty in between elective change and this boy wouldn't go to class. I said What in the world am I going to do with you?
He said "I know, you can take me to your bedroom........" I"m not even going to say what I did because it is horrible, and was a reflex action and I am fortunate to still be employed at this point. So, after talking to my principal and assistant principal who just laughed and said he is an ***, I feel better. But, omigod!!!!!!!Then I had a boy in fourth period with a nose bleed that lasted forever, they had to call the rescue squad because his nose wouldn't stop......I was supposed to leave right when the bell rang so that I could pick up my son, change clothes and be back at work by five for an awards banquet. It was tough, since I live thirty minutes away and was stuck at school til almost four, but I made it.
It's just craziness.....................THREE MORE DAYS...................One full day, and two half days and it's all over but the singing. You will hear my jubilant whoop of joy in all four corners of the earth.
There are so many more wonderful things I could go on and on about, but I won't bore you with the details.
Son has been working a full week. Hasn't quit his job yet, ok well I haven't seen him today so anything could happen.
Lost half a pound finally after three weeks. I started working out with hand weights this week. My muscles in my back are a bit sore, but feel good. That feeling you have when you know it came from hard work. I did good at the awards things also, only ate one sugar cookie. It was an ice cream social. I could have done some major damage!
I'll be back later when I can talk to everyone a little more personally.
Take care!

05-20-2005, 06:55 PM
Friday! Sweet FRIDAY!

....EVEN with no resource....EVEN with being out of my room every morning this week due to the older kiddos testing.....even having to have lunch with the kids AGAIN!.....AND with having to clean off and out my desk at the end of the day 'cause they are gonna give me a TEENY TINY desk...but isn't broken down.....EVEN with interim report cards having to be done because they go home on Monday.... EVEN with 2 baseball games to attend and tons of housework and homework.....

It is Friday! Sweet FRIDAY!
:) Halllllllllleluuuuuujah!
Have a great weekend people!

I'll be back later to post!
Everyone feel better!
take care,

05-20-2005, 08:22 PM
Survived another day.....SO glad it is Friday.

Summer- feel lots better ok???? You picked one dilly of a way to lose weight. Hopefully you can salvage some of this weekend and do something fun.

Pam-oh, you really have only 3 more days????? Lucky!!!!!! made me laugh with the story of the oversexed boy- you deserve the medal of honor for that one! So glad your principal has a sense of humor (and reality too!) with regards to this idiot. Gosh, kids act like such morons toward the end of the school year. And Ds.....could this be a world record???? One week without quitting? Congrats. Hope it sticks.

Ah, the ever hysterical and ebullient Robyn. Hope your weekend, however busy, turns out to be just great.

Me, I am in survival mode. Stuff with Dm is driving me nuts- her level of facing reality with regards to her own health is not great. Guess she is handling this as well as she can. Looks like surgery will be the end of next week- but we should know more by Tuesdsay. Kiddies on the bus were ok......I bribed them with "free Friday"- sit whereever you want, and even gave out cookies. It was SO funny- the little kids who usually sit in the front ran to the last rows.....and I had 5th graders (who sort of like their own domain and could not stand the nonsense asking for permission to sit in row 1! Thought I would die laughing. But they were good- I threatened them with never ever having free Friday again if they were bad.....and they were amazingly good. They actually had me laughing on the way home..something I have not done all week with all the other junk going on.

Trixie- our silly kitten- goes in next Thursday for her check up. Can't wait- she wants to be out with us, and our other cat really does not seem too upset by it all. (we let trixie out if RC is sleeping to avoid contact.) I Love kittens. aw I love cats too.....

Gotta go. House looks like a pig sty. Have a good weekend.

05-20-2005, 08:33 PM
Mouse- glad the camping trip went so well. Your first exposure to pit latrines eh?????
Ah, indoor plumbing is such a blessing. Hope you feel better too!! And those leg cramps too...after a bad one the leg can be sore for days.
Find a good date yet for the interviews? Sounds as though you have 2 good alternatives. As I said before, even if both jobs seem less than wonderful, it feels so good to be able to know that you had a choice! Good luck. Thanks for the kind words/thoughts about Dm. I do need all the help I can get (Dh has stayed not unsupportive but unreactive about it all-an interesting mix of uncooperative and only mildly supportive, guess he figures I can handle this by myself, however, if this were HIS family the United Nations, Army, Marines, Red Cross you name it would be called in- or should I say he would tell me to call them in for him.)
Nuff babbling. Enjoy your weekend and feel better.

05-20-2005, 10:16 PM
Well, after HOURS with the orthopedist...quite literally: I was late for my appointment because the University of Maryland graduated today at the Hippodrome across the street. Baltimore City decided to help matters by using their oh-so-talented traffic cops. If those people had brains and knew what they were doing, they'd be flat out dangerous! As it is, I think some of my certificate students could do a better job!
Anyway, hours later... X-Rays... exam... I sprained my ankle again, and pulled the calf muscle. Its back to physical therapy for me. 15 visits to start, and I have to go see him in 6 weeks. I guess that puts the cabosh on my getting a different job: nobody in their right mind would hire me the way I'm walking right now. I look like I'm drunk...
I have to do all the proproceptive exercises and stuff over again, and damn it, I HURT!
He gave me something for the pain, but at the moment all its doing is making me sleepy. I still hurt. Boy, am I whining or what?!
Yes, this was my first exposure to stinky pit latrines. The ones in Poland, Czechslovakia and the Ukraine didn't smell anywhere NEAR as bad as these did! Ick!
Summer: FEEL BETTER SOON!!! Throwing up is absolutely no fun at all!
Ginny: I know some people at the Red Cross if you need 'em. ;) (So speaks the weekend dispatcher who is probably high right now from pain meds. Woo hoo!)
Pam: Your 4th period sounds like my 4th period. Sorry 'bout the nosebleed and the sex maniac. I've had to deal with the latter... we have some pretty strict protocols in place regarding that issue.

05-21-2005, 03:38 PM
Mouse- hope that ankle feels better soon!!!!! I would still look for jobs- any idiot should understand that sprains do happen and heal very nicely too. thanks for the kind offer about the Red is after all MY mother who is ill, and not Dh's. If it is his mom getting ill, I will be sure to contact you....and then the Red Cross might not be able to handle it all.....might need FEMA, National Guard, Royal Canadian Guard and anyone else to lend assistance!!!!!hehehehe. Loved your comment about the Baltimore police.....Dh is a former military police (army) and spent lots of time with TCP's (traffic control point in army lingo) and he goes beserk when he sees police trying to direct traffic. In his opinion, only about 1/4 of them know what they are doing and the rest are still boy scouts.

Hope everyone's day is going well....doing some gardening here.
Take care.

05-21-2005, 11:44 PM
Awww, geez. I went to swim lessons today, and if I thought I hurt yesterday, I was wrong. I am flat out stupid. But, I had to go. And I have my private lesson tomorrow night, so I'll be there then. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about work on Monday. I'm even wondering what is going to happen because when I left the camp site on Thursday, I had no idea that I'd sprained my ankle again. Not a clue in the world. My *ankle* didn't hurt.
And Ginny... :) I know you can handle it, but I got a vest here waiting. ;)

05-22-2005, 03:48 PM
Mouse, thanks for the vote of confidence for me~I will call if I need a life vest, or for that matter a shoulder to cry on. Sure hope you are feeling better and in a ton less pain. Sprains are usually the worst the day after, and I do hope that you are on the mend. How did the swimming lesson go??? Meant to ask you too, how is your new eating plan going? ( ok maybe I missed an earlier discussion of it, but I have been in twinkie land for a few days).

Well, today is our anniversary. Got up early and went to church and then went out for a nice breakfast. I broke down and had french toast( I love french toast and have not had it in ages.....all 7 points of it and 2 points of syrup.....don't care either!!!!!!)
So, I will have to sneak in a walk or something today- and will skip all eating until dinner so that I don't go over my range. Been a tough couple of days eating wise......stress...stress.....stress......did I mention I was under stress?????
Dh and I also got our veggie garden in (well, most of it, some must still wait) and that is something we enjoy doing together.
Kitten update- the little bugger goes to the vet Thursday and hopefully will be ok to hang around with RC after that. She is SO cute! Her eyes are changing colors, no longer the kitten blue but seem to be turning amber. And with very limited exposure she and RC get along ok. As long as Trixie does not touch RC's food, she might live.
Nuff of me babbling.....sorry to be so a brain dead mode here. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

05-22-2005, 04:15 PM
Hey, Ginny. Right now, I'm doing pretty good... but I'm also way out of it from the pills. I don't usually react to pain meds, except that they keep me awake (my limited exposure being to Tylenol 3 (codeine), or codeine in cough syrup!). But this stuff works. Knocks me out, but it works.
Kittens are really truly adorable... my mother's kitten is just about a year old now. The occupational therapist at work had a friend giving away kittens last year, and my grandmother's dog was on the deathwatch list (poor Bandit... they had to put him to sleep because he was in pain), so my mom asked for one. We got one, and it became Wiccan. He was started off named Puffin, became WICKED on the car ride to my mom's house where he kept getting out of his box (I couldn't use Imp's carrier because Wiccan hadn't been to the vet yet), so I drove 1-handed up 83 from Baltimore....1 hand on the wheel, one hand smushing a kitten into a box and saying, "no, no, you wicked beast. IN THE BOX!" It helped that I was listening to the CD from the Broadway musical Wicked as well.
And the vet didn't hear the 'ED' at the end, so his name went in the records as Wiccen. My mom allowed that she probably needed a wizard (since only females can be witches) to deal with an Imp and a Bandit.
Imp and Wiccan do NOT get along, at all. Period. We have massive hissing and spitting going on when the two are together. They're going to have to learn though, becuase Imp will be spending time with my mother this summer if I move or if I work at that summer camp in Illinois in August.
Eating plan is going pretty well, but the cold had me side-tracked just a bit... the ONLY thing that cuts the taste of cough syrup is chocolate, and I refuse to take it if I can't have a piece. Its the only time I ever have chocolate, seeing as how I'm allergic to it. And I also definitely eat more sweets if I'm taking other meds... so I had a brownie last night. BUT... I couldn't eat the whole thing, I divided it up, and ate bits of it over the last 24 hours. Its finally gone.
I went grocery shopping last night after swimming and have a fresh supply of berries and green veggies. I still need some FF ricotta cheese, though... I refuse to pay $5 for a small conatiner of it at Whole Foods because its "organic". I really should take the blackberries I bought there back, if I can find the receipt, becuase they were moldy. Guess that's why that big huge 2 pound thing of blackberries was $3 at that store! ;) Its okay,t hough, because they had strawberries and raspberries on sale for good prices too.
Strnagely enough, the WholeFoods near my house costs a lot more than the WholeFoods in Falls Church, VA. I thought THAT store was expensive, but I saw really clear price differences. In Falls Church, I paid $1.99 for my salad, here it was $2.50.

05-23-2005, 01:37 PM
Mouse- glad you are doing ok......and hopefullly able to wean off the meds too. Did the ankle swell much???? Love your story about Wiccan.....I had a black kitten that I brought home from college...he ate his way out of the cardboard cat carrier I bought at a pet store (the kitten himself was a stray) and there I was driving up the NJ Turnpike (aka interstate 95) with him all over the place....NO fun at all. It was the beginning of 16 years of a very interesting life with a very interesting cat. He was part siamese.....had many of the siamese personality elements and facial structure but was all black. What a character.
This eating plan sounds great for you. Surely the little bit of brownie won't be a problem~ if all other areas of your eating are good. Hope your day went well and you were able to function with the bum ankle.

Me, doing ok. Got 6 AP's in (4 from a tape, 2 from a walk) so I am all workedout for now. Gotta go fold some wash. See ya later!

05-23-2005, 05:35 PM
How's things? So far I'm still employed, so that's a good thing. TWO MORE DAYS. Did I mention the fact that we only have two more days??? :D
Actually, only two half days so not bad. I promise not to kill, maime, injure anyone within the next two days.
Been a busy weekend. I decided this weekend that I was sick of my hair, and needed a new "DO". My hair was below the shoulders and it's very thick and wavy. So, I have been debating it for a while now. My husband was opposed since he is a fan of long hair. However, all I have been able to do with it is just put it up in a ponytail, so I said what is the difference really.
I finally went on Saturday, looked through some books and talked to the styleist and told her to go for it.............OMIGOD, I WAS CRYING when I got home. It went from being below the shoulders to below the ears, and barely there. I had a stacked hair cut. Which is shorter in the back than in the front. Although, I like it now. It just requires more effort than the other one. My husband said dang, you've lost weight, you got a new hairdo..Hmmmm you gonna get a boyfriend? I said, Well, I hadn't thought about that but I'll have to see if any interesting propositions come my way.
SONS CAR BROKE DOWN AGAIN.....................He just got a pizza delivery job, and so now his job is in jeopardy. Lord have mercy. THis was a job he loved and was making good money at........The funny thing, he had ordered a muffler for his car which he is trying to turn into the Fast and the furious car and it came today. It is now put together in the middle of the living room floor. What an attractive addition to my living room.............
Anyway, Mouse: leg cramps: the school nurse just sent out a memo saying for leg cramps a dab of mustard under the tongue will take them away. You sure are having a time of it.
Ginny; I LOVE KITTENS! We have a cat Sassy who is spoiled. We're not sure exactly what she is, but she is so pretty and sweet. I just love her. She goes around and visits the other neighbors on a daily visit. If we walk, she will follow us slinking through the bushes, it's funny. When she sees our car pull in, she comes bounding over like a dog would. Our dog doesn't like her but we love her.
Everyone else: HEY!!!!!!!!!!
I'm at 175.5 and holding. In spite of the fact that we went to the Shoney's breakfast bar yesterday. My littlest is going to spend a week at my mom's starting Wednesday while I'm still in school, so I'm hoping to get lots of working out done.
See ya later!

05-23-2005, 07:05 PM
Hi, all. If only you were here, because nobody could possibly believe my trip to Hopkins today. Its not a requirement, but our HR department and high school administration prefer that if we're injured we get checked out at the occupational health clinic at Hopkins. Since we're partners with them and all. But these people are truly, truly slow.
I had a prescription with me from my orthopedist (saw him Friday). He's with one of the major competitors for Hopkins... University of Maryland. He's my ONLY doctor that isn't with the other hospital system I work (the one that runs the gym). Anyway, the nurse practioner is looking for my orthopedist's name, and says, "Is he XXXXX?" I looked at him funny, trying to figure out where he got XXXXX from YYYYY. I said, "No, its YYYYY... and its on the other side." He had a photocopy of the script in front of him, and he FLIPPED IT OVER TO LOOK ON THE BACK FOR THE DOCTOR'S NAME!
The photocopy, of course, was blank on the back. Then, he tugged at my ankle and the brace, and says, "Does this hurt?" No... it feels GREAT!!!!! :rolleyes:
I start physical therapy tomorrow. I was pretty obviously hurting this afternoon when I told my supervisor. The only appointment this week was at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning... and he agreed that I needed to go.
Are we making progress? I'll hold my breath.

05-23-2005, 07:12 PM
Aw Mouse.......I believe you. You must admit, you would find this whole sordid tale funny, if it were not happening to you. Actually, it is not funny.........pretty pathetic.
Fortunately for you you have been well prepared for such hilarity, with all the other medical morons you have dealt with. Feel better and hang in there......

Pam- I'll trade decorating with automobile parts for baseball equipment??? now lets see, is that the retro, I got it shabby chic!! Sorry about Ds's car. May the force be with you and it is repaired quickly. The hair sounds cute.....are you used to it now??? (I am so unnervy with my own hair, I can identify with your saga).

Looks like Dm'ssurgery will be next Tuesday.....and I will deal with it then. We'' know about the hysterectomy tomorrow for her.....what a mess.
Gotta go. Have a good one.\

05-24-2005, 01:33 PM
Hi Ladies,
Things have been a little hetic with me this past weekend. I went to the doctor on Friday to have a lump on my back checked out. He told me that it was a cyst and that he could remove it right than and now in the office. So I was like sure, just let me go use the restroom and that way I won't pee my pants when you cut me open. So I have an inch incision on my back with stitches. I was pretty bumped out this weekend since I couldn't go to Curves to workout. So I did get some walking in though on Sunday (2 mile walk to and from Mickey D's for a fruit salad that I took on my church's hike. We hiked about 4 miles at the one state park near me.) My sds' and sdd's ballgames on Saturday and last night. So I am pretty tired. I only have three more days with my lovely children and than it is hello summer vacation. I am looking forward to it even though I have to take 5 workshops to become highly qualifed to teach my special needs kids. One of my coworkers slapped me in the back this morning where my stitches are. Needless to say, I was not happy. They were itchy already but now they are driving me nuts. There is a dull little achy feeling around them now. I have done my best not to go around him for the remainder of the day. If I see him out in the hallways, I go the other way so he can't slap me again. Enough about me.
Mouse how was physical therapy today? I hope all is well with you.
Pam sorry to hear about your ds's car. Hope it gets fixed soon. Glad that you are getting use to your hair. I know what you mean about the hair and having to get use to it. I had to do that in March. Enjoy your last few days of school.
Ginny glad that you are able to get your walk in. I bet that little bit of time to yourself was relaxing and just what you needed to calm down from all the stress in your life right now.
Hi to Robyn, Paisley and Summer. Hope your week is going great for you! Talk to you all later.

05-24-2005, 10:43 PM
Kerry, I'm sorry about that cyst on your back. Was it biopsied? Are you okay? I hope you heal up well, and people keep their hands to themselves while you do so.

Ginny, I hope your mom will be okay as well. My mother had a hysterectomy when I was 12, and back then, they did not do hormone replacement therapy for her because of the supposed cancer risks. The sad thing is that her quality of life took a nosedive. And then, 10 years later, my hormone-free mother died of cancer anyway! When I finally go full-blown into menapause, I will welcome the hormones. There is something to be said for being at peace within your own skin. Let us know how the surgery goes. Take care.

Mouse, good luck with PT. I hope you heal quickly.

Pam, two days?! Yeesh!!! I've got 18 days left. Congrats on the new do and that DH noticed.

Great news: Little Mrs. Suzie Homemaker (Brownie Leader) supposedly isn't going to do Brownies next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was already exploring new troops for the fall, but if she really won't be returning, I won't have to change troops. Cool!

Robyn & Paisley, How's it hangin?

Update: Nextdoor Nightmare has really gone around the bend. I think I told you all that her DM died, and she had a nervous kidding. She crashed her uninsured vehicle, and the next day was brought home by the police after being found out wandering in the middle of the night in a delusional state of mind. She was hospitalized in the mental ward for two weeks, and has returned home. She was drugged up for 24 hours, but has woken up...unfortunately. Now, she is unofficially stalking me. She bangs on my door at odd hours, shows up in my driveway when I'm trying to get to school on time in the morning, and appears peeking over my fence when I'm letting the dog out. Basically, I have to run to and from my car to avoid her, and the poor dog hasn't spent nearly enough time playing out in the back yard. We put up a bamboo shade on the side window of the front porch which faces her house to give us more privacy because we couldn't even sit on our porch without her waving frantically or coming over uninvited. The back yard is much more of a challenge. We have planted trees by her side of the fence, but they aren't growing fast enough. So, DH put up a trellis on the side of the back deck to block her view. It is gonna be a long summer with her bugging me. HELP!!!

My tummy cleared up by Saturday. What a horrible experience. YUCK!!! Thank God, it appears that I did not share it with my family.

So, I am working on my annual reports to the state and NAEYC, testing, and preparing to do report cards. I have to work with my supervisors downtown tomorrow, and we have a field trip to a children's museum on Thursday. We are doing an ocean unit and are currently making "Rainbow Fish." Graduation practice is in full-swing. An international food festival is taking place next week...I am representing my Irish side. (Next year I'll do Sweden.) So much to do, and so little time. I'm gonna miss my little darlings. There will be many tears before this is all over.

05-27-2005, 12:15 PM
Busy day on is closed today- we had one extra snow day that was unused, so they extended the Memorial Day weekend with today. Needless to say, I am not heartbroken one bit!!

Summer- so glad you are feeling better!!!! Stomach bugs are the worst.....sounds as though yours was awful. And the neighbor And I thought that I had some kooky neighbors. Does she show any signs of slowing down- you know maybe this is just a really difficult time for her and maybe just maybe she will outgrow this obsession with bugging you? It is a lousy feeling to be a prisoner in your own home because of some nut case.

Kerry- how is your back healing??? Did they biopsy the cyst??

Got a walk in this am waiting to go out with my family. Yesterday Kitten- also now known officially as P. Fidget (or Fidget for short) passed her physical with flying colors. Now she is fitting in with our crazy home just fine, and getting along well with RC. No, they do not actually hang out together (I suppose that might come) but they do not fight and peacefully coexist. And for cats, I guess that is a good thing. Nuff babbling from me. Think I will go straighten up a wee bit. See ya later!

05-27-2005, 06:52 PM
Hi, everybody.
I was unofficially unemployed for all of... 45 minutes. I was asked to resign or be fired. I resigned... and immediately signed the letter of intent with the northern VA district, so I'm now employed by them.
I'll apply to a temp agency on Tuesday or something, and get a credit card so I can pay for the COBRA health insurance fees, and moving.
So... I truly did work with a bunch of :censored: .
I'm kinda peeved because they're hurting my students; I'm not allowed to come back at all... no good byes, nothing.

05-27-2005, 08:44 PM
Mouse, what the heck happened for your school to ask you to resign or be fired. Your most recent posts have been health-related, so I didn't see this one coming. Not being able to say, "Goodbye" to the students that you put before all else seems rather HARSH. I am, however, happy for you that you are leaving, no matter how it transpired. Best of luck with your new position. I'm sure you will fill us in on the details of your new job and home.

Gin, it is nice that you are given snow days ahead of time. In CT, they just add them on to the last day of school or take away April vacation. They act like it doesn't snow in CT. Guess what? It does. We have 4 days added onto the end of the year. Last year it was 5 days. I officially have 15 days left of of which is a personal day for my family to go to Cape Cod on a whale watch of which is field of which is graduation day...and one of which is the last half day when we hand out report cards and say, "Goodbye." So, we really only have 11 days of actual instruction left. I can hardly believe it.

Now that summer is looming, I'm wishing that I wasn't a "stress eater." I've made progress on my good days, and undone it on my bad days. I've exercised on my good days, and pigged out on my bad days.

Please pray for me. I really need everybody's support to have more good days than bad days.

05-27-2005, 08:54 PM
Get a load of this:

In response to the federal "No Child Left Behind Act" (NCLB), it is proposed that students will have to pass a test to be promoted to the next grade level. In the hope that this proposal will be uniformly adopted by all of the states, the new test will be called the Federal Arithmetic and Reading Test, or FART.

1. All students who cannot pass a FART in the 2nd grade will be retested in grades 3, 4, and 5 until they are capable of passing a FART score of 80%.

2. If a student does not successfully FART by grade 5, that student shall be placed in a separate English program known as the Special Mastery Elective for Learning Langage, or SMELL.

3. If, with this increased SMELL program, the student cannot pass the required FART test, he or she can still graduate to middle school by taking another one-semester course in Comprehensive Reading and Arithmetic Preparation, or CRAP.

4. If, by age 14, the student cannot FART, SMELL, or CRAP, he or she can earn promotion in an intensive one-week seminar known as the Preparatory Reading for Unprepared Nationally Exempted Students or PRUNES.

5. It is the opinion of the Department of Instruction for Public Schools (DIPS) that an intensive week of PRUNES will enable any student to FART, SMELL, or CRAP.

This revised provision of the student component of the House Bill 101 should help "clear the air" as part of the "No School Left Standing" Act.

05-27-2005, 11:34 PM
Thank-you, Summer. I needed to read that last post tonight. I got a similar one about employee training in email earlier this week.
I find them utterly hilarious, because companies act like they really haven't got a clue about what the acronyms they pick mean.
Like... the Red Cross rolled out debit/gift card style devices in order to replace our ancient check disbursement system. Those were bad enough, being called "DOs",which stands for Disbursement Order, and people who could write them were "Authorized to DO". The new system is referred to as a "Client Assistance Card" or CAC. That's not TOO bad... but people who are allowed to authorize the cards are called CACAs... or Client Assistance Card Authorizors. So, basically, I'm full of Caca. Our disaster manager is hispanic, and he laughs so hard he cries sometimes when we talk about who is "caca" and who isn't.
Its lovely, truly. :)
As for my old teaching position? Their reasoning was that my "communication skills" haven't improved. According to a friend, that is the standard excuse when they want to get rid of somebody and can't figure out how to do it. In other words, since April (because I had excellent evaluations before that!), I stopped communicating. They kept saying that this had nothing to do with my career as a teacher, or my abilities in the classroom. Okay, I stopped listening after that point because you've just told me that you'd rather have me leave now and hurt the children by this move. So that means the children aren't first in your book, and that means its time for me to leave.
I don't want to move, but its not like I'm going somewhere new, and I don't have friends.
:shrug: :rollseyes:
Gotta run... my friend from Long Island was passing exit 80 on 95 about 10 minutes ago, and I'm exit 53.

05-28-2005, 08:57 AM
How's everyone doing. Sort of been missing this week. Been a crazy week. The kids are gone gone gone. I still have to work until Friday. We have the most wordays of any system I know. But, it's ok. I've gotten a lot sorted out and cleaned out. Purging feels good. Took my baby boy to Virginia to spend time with his grandma since I still have to work. I'm almost childless. It's kind of nice actually. We went out to eat, went for a walk......etc....
I'm just ready to be through with these workdays and actually start my summer..............
Mouse: What in the world?????You mean before the year ended they asked you to resign or be fired? Did you see that coming? Was there another incident? That sucks. But,you will have a fresh new start....
Summer: I agree with everything you said about the NCLB. Bluck! It's gettting ridiculous here as well. I can't stand it.
Kerry: How's your back? Hope it's feeling better. No more kiddos?
Ginny: How's your mom? Prayers for her. Glad your new kitty is fitting in. It's nice when they just coexist.....I'm sure they will be friends. My cat, has a bunch of friends in the neighborhood. It's funny, they will be laying outside in the grass. Not necessarily right next to each other but close enough. Some days it looks like a cat convention.
I have gotten a ton of compliments on my haircut. One of the teachers at my school told me the other day to tell my hubby that if he didn't want me anymore he'd take me off his hands cause my hair cut looks sexy. I said Geez thanks. It's a lot of work. I am not used to having to actually style my hair. I am used to just throwing it up in a pony tail and running out the door. Because of the curls I have to blow dry it straight. Hubby is complaining about the blowdryer in the morning now. So, what can I do. I think my weightloss is picking back up again. I was down to 173.5. I've been trying to drink more water. I've also started walking again. Today I am going out in search of a bathing suit. I think the pool water just may be warm enough finally. I hope so anyway. Everytime the temperature of the water gets right, it rains and it makes it cold again. I plan on being a lazy bum for the next few days. I'm going to enjoy my time without my little one. He is a great kid, but it's nice not having to take care of anyone else sometimes.
You guys have a great Memorial Day weekend. I have to go fix my hair so I can get out of this house.
Take Care,

05-28-2005, 01:04 PM
You got it, Pam. I have no idea why, there wasn't any other incident that I was aware of, and I had no idea this was coming. :grump: I'm SOOOO angry with them. The one thing guaranteed to tick me off is when you hurt the children you're responsible for teaching, and that is what they are doing. Our kids have enough trouble trusting, but for me to just "disappear" and not say good-bye to them or anything is flat out wrong.
That's what bothers me the most. This wasn't necessary, its not like I wasn't planning to leave anyway... Even though I said I'd stay another year to all of you, I didn't want to. I wasn't interested in doing so... the thought was horrifying to me. But I also didn't want to move from Baltimore, and now I have to. :( I had called from both of the systems that were most interested in me on Friday, and went with the one that offered a truly firm contract because I needed to have something in writing yesterday.
I'm sorry I'm not being personal with everybody... I'm kinda wiped by the whole deal. :(

05-28-2005, 10:16 PM
Gee, I have lots of kids farting and puking on my bus so my district should make out just fine with the new regs.......will be back later to read the posts...

05-30-2005, 12:28 AM
Glad I came back to read all the posts.....

Mouse- what a crummy situation, but in a strange way I think this will be a wonderful blessing to you. It does force you to leave what was an abusive situation- can't believe all the nonsense they pulled every day. Poor communications?? Gee, to me it sounds as though the communications were fine- they were not listening!!!! Takes two to tango- perhaps they should look in the mirror . I just know that you will shine so brightly in your new position. (but I know what a major pain moving is). Congrats on the shortest unemployment period ever!

Pam- the hair sounds adorable! Ok, even if it is more work, sounds great. Try not to rub it in too much about being done with school for those of us yankees with about 19 days of torture left. Congrats on getting back on the weight loss wagon and walking too. Keep up the good work!

Summer- oh, how I understand the stress eater syndrome. Somehow you have to find a non food stress relief or eat large quantities of sugar free jello when under stress. I do a bit of both, and do not always succeed. There are times that the chocolate wins out....Perhaps we can attempt to set a goal for ourselves for the summer- say lose 10# or something like that. Want to try?????

Me, I am one tired pup. Went to Dm's house today to get some stuff done for her before surgery (Wednesday) and then flew back up here to make dinner. I am such a burnout.....needed a quiet weekend and am getting anything but that. Thats the way the cookie crumbles........did get a nice walk in however.
Off to get some rest....take care.

05-30-2005, 09:34 AM
Did someone say something about this weekend being restful? Need a vacation badly- tired of running around! Need my rubber room, lots of tea and a stack of good books and my sewing machine..can I add walking shoes too?
Off for a walk- need it for my sanity (what little is left).
Hope each of you has a wonderful day and can find some joy in what you are doing.

05-30-2005, 10:14 AM
Hello! Do you have room for another in your group? I just came across your post and was thrilled to see a group of teachers. I am 41, married, two children, 1 step son, two step grandchildren. I teach in a high school resource room. This year I taught Physical Science, Biology and 11th grade Literature and Writing. The principal likes to change our assignments around though, so who knows what next year will bring. He said that he would let us know our teaching assignments in August! He obviously doesn't have a clue.

Pam - Why fight the curls? Curley hair is really in right now and is so cute!

Mouse - Sounds like your administration consist of a bunch of jerks. Maybe this is the best thing that could have happened to you.

Kerry - I just found out that after 20 years of teaching special education I am no longer highly quailifed, so I'll be working on it this summer too. They are making us take the elementary teacher test. It should be interestinig! I thought about doing the portfollio thing but since I never teach the same classses, I would have to do one for each subject. Aren't politics grand?!

I live in mid-Michigan in a rural town. We have 4 more days of school but three of those are 1/2 day with students taking exams. It looks like the weather is finally going to warm up around here. I am so ready for summer!

05-30-2005, 05:56 PM
Hey everyone!
First let me welcome.....What do we call you?LOL :lol: (Maintenance ? Momma? ) Welcome! I had to do the portfolio to become highly qualified last year. It was truly a pain.
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. I have been eating horribly this weekend. With the youngest son gone to Grandma's we've eaten out a few times. But, it was nice to go to lunch with my husband today. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.
Had a bit of an adventure today. My son's friend called saying he was stuck and needed a ride which was about twentyfive miles away. I said ok, so my son and I hopped into the car and headed off for Travis. Well, he wasn't where he said he was. My cell phone was dead, so we stopped at a phone booth to find out where he was. His girlfriend showed up and said he was mad and walking down the road and wouldn't get in the car. So we drove forever, and right when we got to where he was, he was getting into somebody's truck which we had to flag down. His girlfriend was in a car ahead of us, he got out of the truck, got his stuff from the car and they preceeded to have a big fight........Blah blah blah...........Anyway, this ended up being almost a two hour ordeal, and they worked out their mess, so he didn't even drive home with us. UGHHHHHHHH teenagers............They apparently have some pyschotic hate/hate relationship.......I told him not to call me unless he was dead next time. He is my adopted son, but what a pain in the butt.
Maybe I will go for a walk. I have become so very lazy, this weekend. We're supposed to be cooking out, except my husband informed me today that he doesn't get off of work until almost 8! Awfully late to be eating if you ask me. I have a luncheon tomorrow. All these school luncheons and stuff are not helping.
Ginny: I am definitely on the lose ten pounds by the end of summer. I will set my goal date for August 8th. That's my anniversary and I have to go back to school early for a workshop. Sounds good to me. I need to be accountable.

Hey to everyone else!

05-30-2005, 08:07 PM
Ok, Pam, lets go for it!!! I am not sure if Aug 8 will work for me, I will have to look at the calendar and see if it is realistic for me. I might hedge a week or two......let you know later! But I am up for the challenge- even the WW leader told me the other day that I am so close to being "lifetime" that I should gun it and try to get thru these last few#. Hope you got a walk in-which I am sure felt good after your teenaged hormonal exposure. Good luck tomorrow with the luncheon- keep your focus,go in with a game plan to make the best choices there, and aim for good portion control. You CAN do this.

MM- aka maintenance momma. Another person with just a few days of school left!!!! (I have more than a few). Congrats!!!! What shall we call you? Of course there is room for more here, and welcome. Are you on a specific eating plan, do you get any excercise? Welcome here- we share a ton or irreverent humor, sick stories, lots and lots of support and friendship here. It will be nice to get to know you better.

Gotta go- Dh said he is going to go for a walk with me........anyone want to take bets that he does not?
See ya tomorrow- Ginny

05-30-2005, 10:19 PM
Welcome Maintenance Momma!!! I am at the opposite end of the spectrum from you. I teach preschool in an inner city public school. I thought of teaching high school English, but I would never do it in my district...I would need an armed body guard.

I spent my weekend barbecuing relatively healthy foods and gardening.

My lesson plans have yet to be written. My list of "to do's" didn't get done. Once I set foot outside, it was hard to come back inside hence my Sunday night post.

So, since I have a lot of catch-up to do before tomorrow morning, I will say, "Goodnight!"

05-31-2005, 12:06 PM
Thanks for letting me join. I have read some of the posts here and think I will really enjoy your group. Not too many people get the teacher/mom/wife life. I enjoyed all the humor.

You can call me Sue but if there is another Sue, which is highly possible, maybe MM Sue for Maintenance Momma Sue.

I lost my weight doing Weight Watchers. I actually was where I want to be weight wise and was maintaining very well. Then "Santa" brought me a jump rope and I decided to show my DD my stuff. I guess I forgot I was 41 and not 10! I ended up hurting my tendon in my knee. Then my New Years resolution was to start exercising. I went from almost no exercise to about 1 1/2 hours a day. I kept ignoring my knee pain until I couldn't walk. Then I couldn't even get the normal exercise I get walking around at school. Plus when you are on your back at home, eating seems like the thing to do. Needless to say I gained seven pounds from January to March. I continued going to my WW meetings but got real lazy about tracking. Now I am trying to get back to program. My knee is still not right. The doctor says it could take up to a year to heal. I can walk now but any real exercise is not possible. I have been golfing (I walk) and trying to get back into my Pilates but aerobics and the treadmill (mine is always at an incline) are out of the question. I am hoping to get the weight back off before an August wedding when my DH and I are the Master and Mistress of Ceremony. I only have five to go (well maybe more after this weekend!) but maybe I can join in Pam and Ginny's weight loss challenge?

I think I just answered the question about exercise. I hate anything that feels like exercise but I love to move. I like to dance (but DH doesn't), golf, cross country ski, and swim. I even enjoy manual labor if you can see big progress when you are finished (like my filthy garage I cleaned yesterday)! We have a beautiful weight room in our basement but I hate doing the same reps over and over. I would like to get that dance pad that you hook up to your computer but I need to wait until my knee heals.

Summer - You might be surprised at how many of my discipline problems are similar to yours! Just last hour I had to talk to one of my juniors because he was pouring his chocolate milk into the bottle cap and drinking out of it (making a mess in the process)!

I haven't noticed a spell check option here so I will appologize to you all. I really do know better but for some reason when I type emails and quick messages I tend to make a lot of mistakes.

By the way my DH is on his first field trip today. He went with my DD and four classes of third graders. He lucked out though as they are going to see a movie and will all be seated for most of the day!

Here is my life in a nutshell. I grew up in a small town. Actually it is a villiage because it didn't have enough people for town status! I went away to college vowing to never be back and now teach at the high school I graduated from. I married a slime, had two great children and divorced. I remarried 4 years ago (March 24). My DS, is 13. He is a great kid with a wonderful sense of humor. He is also a highly functioning Autistic with a below average IQ. My DD, just turned 10. She is energetic and begs to be able to clean (windows, the garage and the cars are her favorite things). She is the most loving stubborn mule I have ever met! She is severly ADHD but thanks to medication I believe she will live to see her teen years (I can't make any promises after that!). Their slime biological father last showed to pick them up last October (he lives 30 minutes away). It is his loss, not theirs! I have a Step-son who is 26, a 7-year-old step-grandson and 4-year-old step-granddaughter. (My DH had an oopsie in high school and so did his DS, we're not REALLY old enough to have grandchildren!)

I have some really great friends and a very close extended family, so I am sure you will be hearing some funny stories about them from time to time.

I think that is about it. Let me know if I left anything out. Thanks again for letting me join your group. I promise my future post will not be so long winded!

Sue (MM)

05-31-2005, 07:56 PM
Sue: (My middle name is Susan.) I grew up in a residential section of the city I now teach in. My house was across the street from a lake which I spent my summers swimming and boating in, and my winters skating on. My weight and previous ankle and foot injuries prevent my ankles from balancing on skates now, which is a real shame since my DH is a former hockey coach and lives on ice skates. I also have BAD knees. In high school, I dislocated my knee caps, and have repeated the injury in both legs a few times over the last 25 years. My typical forms of exercise are riding a recumbent bike on the lowest resistance and weight-lifting. I don't walk around my neighborhood anymore because I have severe allergies and asthma. If one thing doesn't set me off, something else outside will set off an asthma attack. So, I exercise indoors. I do low-impact aerobics when my knees are at their best. I used to do aqua aerobics until my class turned into blue-haired 80 year-olds and me. It has been a few years, so I'm considering trying again.

I have a 7 year-old daughter who is the miracle of my life (conceived by in vitro fertilization and born via emergency C-section). I am virtually infertile because of severe endometriosis. I feel SO BLESSED to have my girl. I am still carrying much of my pregancy and hormone weight. When I got married, I was happily between a size 12 and 14...I'm 5'8". When I started getting hormone shots, my weight began to shoot up. I am now a size 18/20. :( I'm not asking to be any smaller than I was twelve years ago. A size 12 or 14 would be fabulous. My weight sits in my belly and my butt. The rest of me is thin. Weird, huh?

I now live in a middleclass suburb of the city I grew up in and currently teach in. I love my home...especially my backyard. I'm hugely into gardening. Our town is on the coast of CT, so we spend the summer going to the beach. My life isn't perfect, but I love my daughter and my job.

05-31-2005, 09:40 PM
Ginny, I would like to join in on the challenge. I need something. I ate on program all day, worked out at the gym after school, but at dinnertime, I overdid it. I do so well all day, but after 4pm, I am sooooooo famished that I have a healthy snack (still hungry), have a slightly unhealthy snack (still hungry), and then start shoving anything not nailed down into my mouth. Part of it is stress-eating and part of it is having my period. Maybe a goal with you guys will kick-start me.

Sue, I forgot to tell you that I am 40. Robyn (who is hysterically sarcastic) is also 40. So, we are around the same age...only I don't have any grandchildren, step or otherwise. :lol: I do, however, have adult nephews and nieces since my mom was 40 when she had me. My nephew is getting married next year, so I could be a great-aunt in the near future.

I forgot who asked me about the sanity of my next-door nightmare. Her brother cornered me by my car on Friday night. He told me about all her meds and her recent symptoms. I told him that it sounded like she has bipolar disorder. He excitedly said, "Yes! That is what the doctor called it! She has bipolar disorder!" He went on to tell me that she had a nervous breakdown 30 years ago, was medicated, and when she got "better," stopped taking meds. Over the last 30 years, she has been unable to hold down a job, has never left home to get her own place, and has never gotten married. Gee, I wonder why? It never occurred to anyone in her family to get her proper medical care so that just maybe she could have a more normal life. Only when her mother died several weeks ago, and she "went off the deep end," was her brother forced to have her committed. Now she is home, occasionally medicated, and doing weird sh*t. Every day, she sits inside her car and fiddles around in there. Meanwhile, she is in no condition to drive, and her car is uninsured. DH and I can't figure out why (after the car was repaired following her car accident) the car wasn't put up for sale. Her retired brother has a new cadillac. He can drive her anywhere she needs to go. She shouldn't drive. Why have another car payment. Why have an uninsured car sitting in the driveway tempting her to drive it under the influence of prescription drugs? I just don't know. So to whoever asked: Yes, there is more to her behavior than depression over her mother's death. How sad. :(

We just keep planting trees.

05-31-2005, 09:43 PM
Hi, all.
My friend from college left last night, so I can post again. I've been reading, but not responding due to lack of time. We went to a science fiction convention this weekend, so I saw friends I only see once or twice a year at the events. I attended some panels, but also spent time talking.
I spent today on the phone with the new school district: they have people who are "contract care specialists", so once you sign the letter of intent you're assigned a person and they do footwork to find answers to your questions about things. She answered a question I had about references (since obviously, my late employer will say I'm not eligible for rehire because of their sour grapes), and also about a loan for moving expenses. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I think it'll be okay.
I also found and reserved an apartment that meets my needs: a studio in the central-western part of Fairfax County. I wanted to be there because all of my friends from the last time I was there live in Fairfax... plus, my doctor is near there. Fairfax County has an awesome library system and a pretty decent parks & rec system. Most of their rec centers have indoor accessible pools. The lockers suck, being very open and with no privacy in the shower, but it would do until I could find a gym.
It was hard to find a building that was accessible to me, since I don't need wheelchair access. My only problem is with stairs and uneven ground, which makes a leasing company understandably relcutant to tie up an accessible apartment. But this one is an elevator building with a parking garage for residents. They, too, have a pool, but its only out doors.
My biggest issues right now are monetary worries about bills getting paid. I didn't have much like getting a temp job, because I won't be here long enough. I'll try again tomorrow, though.
MM Sue: Hi, there! Welcome!
Everyone else: thanks so much for the support. There was absolutely no need for my former employer to do what they did. It just wasn't necessary at all, especially since they said it had nothing to do with my teaching.

06-01-2005, 12:06 AM
Hi Sue!!!!!!! Welcome!!

Gee, should I add myself to the list of those with bad knees????? I used tosound like a bowl of rice krispies in high school for crying out know snap, crackle, pop? Well, they ain't no better now- and if I do too many days of kick boxing or my WW tape or really long walks in a row, I feel it.......

Mouse- I am SO happy for you! Ok, I know that this is really not what/how you wanted things to end, but I think this will be so much healthier for you. Glad you have some of the finer details worked out already- place to live (they DO allow, Imp, right?) etc... will your new home put you closer or farther from your Dm? Best of luck finding something to hold you over temporarily. Bills can be so overwhelming.

Summer- welcome to the challenge! Hope it shakes us all up a bit and gets us closer to where we want to be. Your neighbor....mental illness is such a horrible thing- especially if the proper meds/doses are not worked out. So debilitating. And tough for you to live next to. Gotta love those fast growing trees........give 'em a little Miracle grow for me too, ok? Your description of Robyn is perfect.....hysterically sarcasatic she is!!! (and where is she hiding this week?)

Sue- still attending WW meetings???? I love them- they are all that keep me from bllimping out again!!!! Don't sweat the spelling- I can't spell all that well and there are days for all of us that venting here is more important than being proper. Our brain cells are taxed to the hilt with the usually at the end of the day there is little energy left for spelling.:)

Sorry to be brief, Dm has her surgery tomorrow....will be taking a few half days I think and all of next Monday off. I am one tired puppy.....better go get some sleep. Thankfully today was the LAST day of the advanced course defensive driving (think this one lasted15 hours total). This was optional, thought it looked good on my abstract. Glad it is over! Wish school was over! So sick of Dd's 3rd grade teacher I could scream.......but will have to vent about her another day.

06-01-2005, 12:09 PM
My knee problems also started in high school. I blame it on the hurdles I ran in track. I haven't tried biking yet but usually it is tough on my knees because we live in a hilly area. My DM has a stationary bike with the pedals forward that I want to try.

Ginny - Yes, I try to attend WW every week. It is what makes me think twice about shoving food in my mouth (most of the time). I hope your mother's surgery went well today!

Summer - My real name is Susan but I only get called that by my DM when she is mad or by people I went to elementary school with. I think daughters are the greatest (maybe because I am one?). I love my son but I have a special bond with my daughter. Yours sounds like a special gift! My DD also had a disappointing 3rd grade teacher this year. She was moved up from 2nd grade and I'm not sure she changed anything. Plus she was gone an awful lot! I sure wish you would come do some gardening at my house. We bought an 11 acre field and built a house in the middle of it. We haven't done much of anything in the yard. It is really pretty pitiful. Maybe you can give me some pointers. I am totally clueless in that department. We did have a landscaper draw up some plans but never got around to having them done. Then my DH needed a new car and there went the $$!


06-01-2005, 09:03 PM
Well, I might have a 2 week job doing portfolios for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, and a maybe job as a receptionist at a medical office. That last one came as a result of one of my physicians knowing of a need in an office in her practice. I've never seen her down there, and since I'm moving I'm not technically her patient anymore. We'll see. That would give me some money coming in, which would be welcome. I'm going to talk to the aquatics director tomorrow and see if she has anything she needs doing. We'll see if any of this pans into something that might give me some money. My biggest expenses are my rent and my car payment. And, of course, I have to pay for the COBRA coverage on my health insurance. :rolleyes: I can only imagine what that will be.
I'm off to do laundry now, assuming the person who took all 6 machines in the laundry room on my floor is gone. One can only hope.

06-01-2005, 10:32 PM
Well, tomorrow night is our multicultural food festival at my school. I have been baking Kerry cakes (apple cake) tonight...yum! I had only a tiny one inch square since they are loaded with butter. I will be representing my mother's father's Irish heritage as well as my DH's Irish heritage. (My other half is Swedish.) In addition to the Irish Kerry cake, I will be serving non-alcoholic Irish coffee. I will be displaying a woolen National Irish tartan throw as well as both families' coats of arms. One of our teachers purchased 15 flags representing the various countries in my school for only $6.00 a piece online which will be displayed permanently in our cafeteria. Our art teacher made a mural of the earth with different colored hands around it on the stage. We scheduled African dancers, Salsa dancers, a Caribbean poet, and two bagpipers to perform. I'm really excited!

On Saturday night, I am attending a 40th birthday bash for the mother of my snow day girl (you know, the one who drives me NUTS). Originally when we were invited, DD was invited to the party too to play in the playroom during the party and then sleep over. I thought, "Cool, no babysitter." Well, a week ago, the birthday girl announced that she had found someone to take her girls for the night, and I needed to get a babysitter. Problem...all mine have either moved or grown up. I have this college volunteer in my classroom that is great with the kids, so I asked her. She said, "Yes." I thought, "Cool, I've got a babysitter." I told her that we would stock the house with her favorite foods and took requests. Then this chick emails me asking if $10 an hour is okay!!! What?! Now, first of all, DD is diapers. She is behavior issues at all. All she has to do is eat my food, watch my tv, and spend an evening with my delightfully entertaining DD. That does not merit $10 an hour!!! I asked some friends what they pay for sitters. It ranged from $5 to $9 an hour...but the $9 was for two kids. So, one work friend offered to have DD over for the evening for a playdate with her DD. I thought, "Cool, DD will have a blast!" Then I emailed the greedy one and told her I no longer needed her since DD had other plans for the evening, and I thought, "Cool, I just saved $50!!!" :lol:

Mouse, congrats on the jobs.

Sue, 11 acres?! I wouldn't know where to begin!!! You need to start watching those gardening shows cable. P.S., we did all the work ourselves with the help of Home Depot, various nurseries, magazines, cable tv gardening shows, Crate & Barrel, LL Bean, and Frontgate. Good Luck!!!

Ginny, I hope I don't sound insensitive about NN, but she has driven me over the edge. After 15 years of working with the developmentally disabled (my prior career), I am sensitive to people who are tortured in their minds. I dread alzheimer's and pray that I am gone before that sets in. It is just so hard to live in such close proximity to it. When I used to work with people who were schizoprenic, I was great while on duty but could always go home to my peaceful home. Now my peaceful home is no longer peaceful.

Rob, I miss ya!

06-01-2005, 11:19 PM
Well, here I am....posting from down at Dm's house. I'll go into that later.

Summer- enjoy the multicultural festival, sounds like a lot of fun. Be good with your eating ok? ;) But I do not envy you........could be tough. No you do not sound insensitive about the NN, there are many issues there and as much as certain illnesses are difficult to live with and some empathy is necessary they are tough to live next too also! I have tons of experience with mental illness- from personal experience with individuals who were/are a part of my daily life. And sometimes, well, you just want to live your life without having to step around their problems. Sorry for sounding so harsh, but I wanted you to know that I was not at all judgmental of you or NN. Just a real tough situation. And I NEVER paid a babysitter $10. SOunds like a kid who really does not want the job to me!

Mouse- congrats on getting some work. Don't envy you with the COBRA, I hear it is not cheap.

Sue- 11 acres??????Want to share some (my Dh would love that much land).
What day do you get to WW?????? Mine will end up being Tuesday or Thursday. Looks like I might miss this week again...with Dm's surgery and all.
So you had a miserable 3rd grade teacher too???I can't wait till next year - the teacher is such a wonderful person, I love her. Can't imagine a sweeter person.

So,my Dm. Prayers would be appreciated. Surgery went well- but she might have had a heart attack post op. She is a bit overweight (incentive for me to get these last # off!), type II diabetic, former smoker....the Dr seemed to think she was improving- they reinserted the breathing tube, and she will spend the nite in ICU. So, I am staying here, as I am only 15 minutes from the hospital, as opposed to an hour and 15 minutes. She is concious- heavily medicated and aware that I was there. They will know more tomorrow. Guess I'd better call the ICU and see how she is doing.

06-02-2005, 12:35 AM
Hello all..........

Long time no chatter.......... you know what that means.... I'm losing my mind but not my fanny! So much has gone on and I truly don't have time to post individual notes right now.... I'm literally hours away from leaving on a jet plane... (I'm heading to Milwaukee for the wedding of our dear sweet little flower girl all grown up! YIKES) :D I'm going with one of my dear friends...who is going with me just cause so that I don't have to travel alone....isn't that sweet? :D

First, Gin, your mom, you as well as your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Keep the faith and feel our support!

Mouse, What a crock of crap! I'm not sure exactly how it all came down....but, babe, rise out of those ashes! I've got my fingers crossed for a wonderful transition to your new local! Welcome back to OleVirginny! Sounds like you're lining up stuff for $$ ....hang in there! Trust that it is all in the plan and the plan is good! :)

Sue, welcome! I'm not too sure what my dear friend Summer is trying to say about my mouth....don't believe a word of it! I'm a sweet proper Virginia lady. Gag! When I get back from this trip, I'll tell you all about how I've taught first grade for the last 18 years....I started at the ripe ole age of that makes me about 21! ::wink::wink:: I'll also mention my wonderful family....the 3 great boys I mother. One is 13 (SpEd 7th grader), one is 10 (sweet tender hearted baseball pro!), and my other boy is 42...been with him since he was 16.....that is a LONG LONG long we count it in doggie years! :) I love all 3 dearly even tho they wear my fattfanny out! :) Oh and we NEVER bring our red pens in here with us... NOOOO one will fix your spelling...and YOU will just have to get over my punctuation abuse! K? :^:

Summer, Thanks for your private messages, they've kept me going.... I'm still sick, my dh is still unemployeed...and I'm going on this trip like we've got a ton of $$$....ahhhh well.... Try to keep love in your heart with that poor neighbor lady...and as much distance between you as you can! Also, keep planting those trees!

Pam...Hey! I am thinking that you're done with school. If that is the case.... please accept this raspberry!:p Being the new kid at school at my advanced age (21, remember, girls!) is TUFFFFF.... the paperwork is driving me insane... I can't keep it all straight...AND the kids have lost their minds!:dizzy:

I'm off to cram my clothes into this teeny tiny suitcase thing.... another reason that I must shrink this fanny of mine...smaller clothes fit better in this suitcase.... man, my list must be somewhere close to 890 reasons that I've GOT to shrink this buttt.....and guttttt....I'll be back...and readdress my head and lack of control...but first, I'm off to Milwaukee and I'm gonna have some wedding cake! ....and some sort of drink that requires a little paper umbrella! ....maybe more than 1..... JUST maybe!

Ya'll take care..... Where is Kerry?! Kerry:Hi!!! How's it going??? :) Didn't want to leave you out! What happened to our friend in Hawaii??? Today was "Hawaiian day" at school.... an excuse for the children to act crazy...and I thought of her!!! Was sort of wondering if they have "virginia day" out there! LOL

ok...I'm REALLY leaving!
take care,