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03-18-2005, 02:11 PM
Well hello ladies, long time no chatty! i know, i have been so busy with the kids, if one isnt in the hospital, the other is :( but we are all doing much better now. I have been browsing the forums and really had a couple of questions for you all, to see if you had the same problem. My friend and i seem to be worried.

I am about 7 weeks out, my friend is about 4..and we feel like we are failing at this, not that our surgery has been a failure but that we arent doing something right. I think its our minds playing tricks on us, but i wanted to get others opinions.

I feel like i can eat virtually anything, with the exception of certain breads. And i also have this weird thing were i dont feel well when i eat meals during the day, but i can handle anything in the late afternoon and evening. I have been able to tolerate thai food, fat free chips and salsa, sugar free ice cream, and even soy chocolate. IN SMALL DOSES OF COURSE. And believe it or not, i can even handle soda, which is occasional, im not a soda drinker unless my hubby buys one and i take a few sips. OK This all feels odd to me, shouldnt i only be able to tolerate mushy food still. i can even eat salads. Of course i use the three rules.....1.CHEW 2. Eat slowly 3. Dont drink with meal. But when i was just eating the pureed foods, i always felt hungry. So i simply would fix dinner for my family and nibble on what they would have. Sometimes not even able to eat as much as my 2 year old.

BUt is this ok. Or am I failing with this. Im almost 50 lbs lost, but other people say i should be losing faster.....HELP>>>>>>
Any advice is good advice!!!!

03-19-2005, 03:27 AM
Amy, DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPEL WHO TELL YOU THAT YOU SHOULD BE LOSING FASTER. I can't emphasize this enough. They are not your doctor, they are not you. You have quite a few stressors in your life right now, and you don't need the added stress. No two people will ever lose weight at the same rate, no matter if they've had surgery or been on strict programs, etc. Honey, you've lost a couple more lbs than I have, and we had surgery on the same day. I feel great about how much I've lost, and you should too.
As far as diet goes, I went from stage I to stage III diet because I had no appetite for pureed things, and I ended up starving myself. After 2 days of applesauce and blended strawberries, I heard the asparagus and avacodoes calling my name. I had no problems with it. Just remember, try not to have snack-type foods too often, you need all the nutrients you can get. Fortunately for us, chips and salsa have lots of nutrients, fiber and vitamins and such, lol. But I'm craving salads like you wouldn't believe. I'm just not feeling brave enough yet. I still can't eat beef or chicken. But I can get away with baked chicken nuggets, since the meat is mechanically seperated, it chews up and goes down much better, lol. I also usually only get hungry in the afternoons and evening. But I try not to eat too much at those times, because it's when I'm least active. Do you get to work out much? Or at all for that matter. I have been having killer shoulder pain on the right side. Thought maybe it was arthritis, but the X-ray showed I have tendonitis and a pinched nerve, so a true workout just doesn't happen. I'm always on my feet, on the go, so I'm not too worried. I know I'm not eating enough. I started tracking my calories a few days ago and found I am getting less than about 800 cal on the average. Are you getting enough protein? What kind of protein supplemet are you taking? It took forever to find an acceptable one. And as for your friend who is 4 weeks, she might just be on a plateau right now. At 4 weeks, I had a 2 weeks plateau, but my body was reaportioning, and that's when I had to buy new clothes because nothing fit. Three key things in consistent (not fast!!!!!) weightloss for us are 1) drink enough water, 2) get enough protein and 3) be as active as you can tolerate. As Jiffy and Pookie have said before, you need to get the majority of your protein from a supplement for now. We can't absorb enough intestinally from the usual sources. If you can't find one you like, I recommend Instone's Intake Performance. It's the only one I've tried so far that didn't make me gag and puke, lol.
I wish you didn't feel so insecure right now. But whoever is telling you those things has absolutely no business doing so. You were sick after surgery, and that can take awhile for your body to get over. I ended up with a severe UTI from the catheter in the hospital, apparently it started 3-4 weeks after I left the hospital. The type of bacteria they found in me isn't normally found in the human body. The only source they could determine was that damned catheter. So, between being sick for so long and not knowing it (or in your case, knowing it) and body pains (are you having any still? lol), weight can come off a little slower than we like. But you're doing just fine. Also, keep in mind that carbonation can permanently stretch out your stomach pouch, so be careful. I'm sending my phone number in a private message, in case you just want to talk.

You're not doing anything wrong at all.

03-19-2005, 04:48 PM
AMY HONEY... you're not eating a whole lot, are you... and that's fine. but that's what makes it so very very essential [not just important!!!!] that you eat high quality foods. with the emphasis on protein

at the beginning, i said - a lot - things like 'there's no room in my tiny tummy for anything but protein and a little veg'

so unfortunately, chips are out. you need the nutrition from other foods... supplements. whatever. and no soda... a sip or two really isn't the end of the world, but one of the goals of living with this surgery is CHANGING OUR MINDSETS so that we eat healthier, not so that we can simply eat smaller amounts.

it's about making sensible choices. if you feel that you can handle solid foods and don't want the mushy stuff, go right ahead.. and the 'chew chew chew' and 'no drinking' and 'portion control' etc are the ways to go as well... keep it up!!!and , if salad works for you, go for it!!!! and thai food as well - with the emphasis on the protein part of the thai food, with a few bites of veggies, and pretty much ignoring the rice or noodles. look - i'm the one who was eating extra hot salsa with my deviled eggs at 4 weeks!!! scrambled eggs didn't work for two years, but hot sauce was just fine from the beginning!

some things will work great and other things won't. but ya gotta keep on working with those 'good for you' foods, and view chips and things as BIRD FOOD.

as for the weight loss, this is a journey, not a race. as long as you can say to yourself that you're hitting your protein, water, and exercise goals, and following the 'rules,' let the rest of it go... you are doing the absolute best you can. and comparing yourself to others is just not the way to go here. it's all about YOU... the healthy you...

03-19-2005, 10:14 PM
I am going to Be 5 weeks post-op on Monday. Yeah. I feel better and better every day. Or I guess I should say I feel a little bit more normal every day. I am deffinatley glad that I had the surgery and I am really happy about my recovery results. I have not had any problems and I went back to work at 2 weeks. I don't know if I am walking enough, but I do try especially when I am at work I get up every so often and walk out to the beach and walk up the boardwalk for a few minutes. But I know I need to walk more and actually I need to start working out!!! I think it would make me feel so much better. I just feel like I have not lost that much weight either. I have only lost 30 pounds. I know the surgery is not a miracle, but in many ways I keep thinking that it just didn't work on me?? Is that a possibility???? Does the surgery not work on some people? I am able to eat so many things. I don't think anything bothers my "pouch" ( If that's what it is?) I don't think I have had the dumping syndrom even once. I guess the only thing that has happened to me is if I eat too fast I have had it happen where it feels like my food is getting stuck on it's way going down. Which threw me for a loop the first time that happened. I was thinking to myself "I thought they only changed the bottom portion of my stomach" So I make sure That I take my time which I know is important. And I also do try to make sure to get my protein first. Although it's kinda hard for me to ust sit there and only eat meat it make my mouth so dry and then I want to drink. So I even sometimes take just a few small sips in between my meal. HOW BAD IS THAT? I also have really been trying to look for stuff that has alot of protein. I found that the the BumbleBee albacore steak is pretty good and has 35g of protein in it. The cool part is it is in a sealed ponch all reay to go. so you can serve it cold over a salad or warm it if you want. I Think I can eat almost half of it at one time. So is that good with the protein? The thing that sucks is for some reason I have been loving chips lately and it feels like they are so easy to eat. I want to eat fruit but I have to be so dang careful. And the biggie is that I feel hungry almost ALL the time!! I thought this was not suppose to happen. And if I dont eat than my stomach hurts really bad. Worse than just regular hunger pains.
So I don't know what's going on with me. I know this whole message just sounds like me rambling on, but I hope you all don't mind too much I needed to get it off my mind. So in closing with this, I just want to say that I do try to choose the right things, it dosen't always happen but it's also not all bad food. I guess the reason I feel this procedure did not work for me is because sometimes I feel like I can eat so much. I don't know maybe it's a mind game? And the biggie is how I feel hungry so often? I have just read so much were I hear people saying they have to make sure they eat because they forget?? I wish that would happen with me. :lol: Maybe it's all my fault, I have been drinking soda somtime's and is it possible that it has already streached my stomach?

03-20-2005, 01:35 AM
Renee, if you're concerned about stretching, you can have the doc's do a real-time x-ray or a CAT scan. This will tell them if it's stretched. If you haven't been doing it for very long, I wouldn't sweat it. It really depends on how much and how fast you have been drinking it. Also, the hunger thing really is a 50/50% things. About half never get hungry, about the same amount are ALWAYS hungry and then some people eventually have normal hunger patterns. You're 5 weeks out, and it can be a few more months before your body settles down. I do, however, recommend you totally lay off the soda. The stuff has a pH of about 3.5, the same as coffee. This means it's incredibly acidic and can potentially cause healing/ulceritive problems in your new pouch. And especially worrisome to GBS people is that the phosporous compound found in 98% of all sodas leaches calcium from your body. Not a problem you need. If you really need the sweet types of flavored fluids, I recommend Crystal Light. Their raspberry lemonade is really good, if you can handle acidic fluids. It's not as acidic as soda. It's closer to vinegar, which is about 6.8, close to water. And if you don't like ice cubes watering down your drinks, make the ice out of the same fluid. Or use those little refreezable plastic, water-filled ice cubes. You can get them at Wal-Mart. As for sipping while eating, be super-careful. It pushes the food through your small intestine faster, and prevents optimum absorption. What kinds of food are you eating that make you thirsty? Is it just a habitual problem, maybe?
You said if you don't eat, your stomach hurts worse. Does it feel like indigestion or heartburn, or just flat-out pain?
Thirst is sometimes disguised as hunger pains. Are you getting a minumum of 64 oz of water/fluids (no caffeine at all)?
Protein. Here's a biggie I had to learn the hard way. You will NOT get enough protein from food sources, no matter how hard you try. Here's the problem. Our bodies need protein that is predigested. When you shop for supplements, look for words like "predigested" or more commonly "100% bioavailability". If you don't, odds are, your hair will start falling out in as little as 2 weeks. Your small intestines don't have the ability anymore to fully digest food source proteins. I know how bad they taste, I went through 9 different brands/flavors before I found one that tasted half-way decent. I recommend either Chocolate Muscle Milk or Instone Intake Performance. I can't emphasize how much you need a protein supplement. Are you taking a multivitamin, such as Fred Flinstone's or Buggs Bunnies sugar-free chewables? Muy importante. And 30 lbs is a great result in 5 weeks. Just keep at it. When you hit a plateau, just keep in mind you will start losing again. Good luck!!


03-21-2005, 02:01 AM
Thanks girls for your words of advice and help. I am really trying to work out and I think that would help alot. It's weird because somtimes I feel like my stomach has streached out but then when I actually sit down to have lunch or dinner and I can't hardly eat much. That's were I think my mind is playing games with me? But I just realy hate the hunger pains. They really hurt bad. This morning for breakfast I ate about a 1/2 bowl of oatmeal at 8am then about 2 hours later I was so hungry again. I think I am getting plenty of fluids in my diet. I drink water all day and I do drink crystal light. I have found a bunch of flavors I love especially the orange-pinapple. Then on top of that I usually still dilute it. I guess I am so use to it with the kids. I think my biggest problem is the snacking in between meals. What kinds of things do you all snack on?? I sometimes eat string cheese, cottage cheese or yougurt. But then I get so boared of it and that's when I turn to the chips and crackers and I know they are not filling me up. So pease give me some ideas of your meals plans during the day, I would really appreciate it.

03-21-2005, 02:07 AM
Hmmmm, I actually don't really get to snack. I can't eat actual meals. Trying to do so makes my stomach hurt really bad, despite the long time I take to chew and the small amounts I swallow at a time. Almost like I can't eat food groups too close together. I have to seperate my protein from my veggies by at least 45 minutes. With one exception, I can have dairy and small pieces of fruit, like cottage cheese and strawberries. I eat like a 2 year old. A little bit here, a little bit there, plus 2 protein shakes/supplements. When I added the protein supplements, I increased my caloric intake from about 800 calories to about 1200 calories.

03-21-2005, 11:17 AM
sdlady.. at your stage, i needed to consume 15 grams of protein every 3 hours in order to keep from passing out. and that's pretty much all i ate. a few bites of veggies or salad, and that was all... i didn't want anything else. and i dumped on all forms of yogurt. and one thing that really really helped me was thinly sliced deli turkey and roast beef. you'll have to experiment with what works for you, but you have to pick something that's not very processed [so bologna is out!!!!]. the thin slices make it so much easier to eat...

so i'd suggest giving up the oatmeal or at least sprinking about 15 grams of protein powder on it. and we can absorb only about 20 grams of protein at any one time, so good job on only eating half the tuna [and they ARE good].

you are not far enough out to stop with the protein shakes. remember: the first three months are pretty much healing - and that takes protein, not chips.

and it's really important, especially at the beginning, to keep track of your protein and water intake DAILY. i can't tell you how many little sticky notes i had on my desk, divided into two columns, with a running tally...

taking care of this NOW will save you heartache - in terms of poor health - later... ok? ok... calm down. breathe. take care of yourself..

03-22-2005, 11:36 AM

thankyou so much. The deli meat is a good idea, I actually had bought some a cople weeks ago but forgot to buy more, I needed that little reminder. So when are we suppose to start w/ the protein powder? The last time I saw my Doc all he mentioned was to take calcium and vitamins. By the the tuna was so good and I never ate fish that much before the surgery but for some reason my body just craves it now? Alright I think I am calm now. ( :

03-22-2005, 02:19 PM
renee.. i'm really and truly surprised that your doc didn't put you on protein shakes. of course, there ARE a couple of docs who don't recommend them, but their patients tend to not do so well over the long haul [just a personal observation - not a hard and fast scientific fact!!!]

sooo, find yourself something that works. angie likes a whey protein, others like soy protein. i like the syntrax nectar protein.

focus on your signature... this IS possible. you CAN do this.. and be healthy and happy!!!

03-22-2005, 04:50 PM
What is this syntrax that you speak of, Jiffy?

03-22-2005, 09:29 PM
it's NECTAR protein - made by syntrax. i get it at vitamin shoppe... it's not milk based.. it mixes with water, and is fruity. 90 calories per scoop, which has 23 grams of protein.

and you can make ice pops out of it [i called the company and asked]. it comes in a caribbean cooler [pineapple coconut sort of flavor], a strawberry kiwi [does nothing for me] a very berry cherry [not bad, but there are better], lemonade [quite good], green apple [one of the best!] and fuzzy navel [peach - just about my favorite].

after awhile, no matter what i mixed in the pro-performance chocolate from gnc, i just couldn't face another one. and trust me, i tried everything - SF syrups, SF chocolate pudding powder, extra sweetener, instant coffee, unsweetened cocoa - and i just got so tired of them..

soooo, for what it's worth, i'm a big fan of nectar. debkay who USED to post here, told me about them...

03-22-2005, 10:19 PM
Ohhh, cool!! I will have to give it a try. Thanks Jiffy!!!!

03-23-2005, 01:49 AM
I do try to drink a shake in the morning I just don't think is has enough protein. The doc never said to make sure I drink one every day, all they said was to try the carnation instant breakfast? And he hasn't started me on a protein powder yet? I will go see him in a few weeks so we will see how my blood tests turned out and see what he says. So it's nt that he dosen't recommend them but at the same time didn't say much about either?

03-23-2005, 02:34 AM
Carnation instant breakfast only has 4 grams of protein per serving, if you make it with milk. You would have to drink about 19 to 23 packets a day to meet the protein requirements. You need to talk to a nutritionist. And if you had it done at Balboa, you will not find alot of helpful information there, but it's better than othing. I got better information from the ladies here and from Ohio State than Ens. Sood. He was assigned the job against his will and has made it clear that he does not believe in GBS as an option. Between MysTek and myself, we have more info than he does. Or at least, this was true 2 months ago. You need protein to heal properly. I was healing soooo slow until I upped my intake. I've also had alot of infections that were resistant to anibiotics because I was healing so slow. I also had to quit using my steroid inhaler (asthma med) because I kept getting respiratory infections. You really do need a predigested protein supplement. Who was your surgeon, if I may ask?


03-23-2005, 11:37 PM
Yeah I know what your saying about Ens. Sood. I was thinking the other day about making an apt to see him to find what I should be doing but I just figured it would be a big waste of time. My Doc is Grove. He is super nice and did an awsome job on the surg. My incinsion looks great but I am just not sure that he has all the info for me now either. I think all they care about now is checking our blood work to see if everything looks normal?? What do you think? I have a question for you. How do you know if your healing slowly? Because Right now I am not taking any protein supplements (although I do want to start on one) but I feel like I have been doing pretty good. I don't feel tired at all and my incision sight feels really good. I am just wondering if there are signs I should be looking for?

P.S. Are you going to be going to the post-op meetings?

03-24-2005, 03:44 AM
You sound like you're doing ok so far, Renee. If you were healing slowly, you would notice things like being tired alot, muscle aches, maybe excessive thirst. Other things wron with you would also take much, much longer to heal, like acne, scrapes, cuts, bruises. You would also feel generally crappy and run down. If your incision site feels good, I wouldn't worry at all. Are you not having muscle soreness in your abs at all? And definitely go see a doctor if you start running a fever for absolutely no reason. And yes, as far as the surgeons go, they pretty much just want to know if we're eating foods good for us and how we are tolerating those foods. The blood work is an essential tool for them, because it will tattle on us in a heart beat, lol. If you're having a protein deficiency, your BUN and creatinine will be low. If you're not taking your multivitamin, or just not absorbing it well, it will show also. I plan on being at the post-op meeting, as long as something doesn't come up.


03-24-2005, 11:33 AM
renee: sounds like you and angie really need to hook up!!!! more later...

03-25-2005, 12:33 PM
Yes I do think we should hook up. I like being able to come to this web site and get so much helpful info but it's also nice being so close to ther women you have recently had this surgery. So Angie I will be looking for you at the meeting I am going to see if Amy wants to go with me also. Talk with ya later

03-25-2005, 03:09 PM
Ok Renee!! Cool. Um, will we be wearing name tags or something? lol

03-26-2005, 02:08 AM
Girl don't you worry I will track you down ( :

03-26-2005, 02:38 AM
Haha, ok. See ya Tuesday night.