Support Groups - newbie here and really need buddies!!!

03-18-2005, 08:39 AM
Hi all!

I am new to the board and still finding my way around. I'm a 29 year old mom in northern Va, and would love to have buddies in the area, and from all over. Would love to hear from some aussie members, as my boyfriend was born lived most of his life in Victoria. I am just starting to get over the winter blues, I always seem to pack on some extra over the holidays... but lately I've felt more motivated than usual. I've been going to the gym, though I would like to go more often - right now I'm at 3 days a week. Any advice on websites with great low cal, low fat recipes? Would also love any advice on staying focused on the goal.... It always seems so easy for me to get distracted.

looking forward to meeting some wonderful new people!!! :D