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03-16-2005, 09:08 AM
Well, TOM has hit with a vengeance...explains the run-in w/the oreo's :lol: But they're all gone so don't have to worry about that. Was OP yesterday. WOOHOO!! I even stepped on the scale this morning :( I've got a LONG way to go again and a hard road to get there... :lol: That's a song, eh? Anyway, that part is true. So today it's exercise again. I think I'm going to skip the pilates today. I'm having breakfast right now...and won't be exercising until about 10ish. So you'd think the food would be out enough by then. Maybe it was just the beginning of TOM giving me trouble. Wouldn't surprise me. have a great day everyone!!

03-16-2005, 02:55 PM
Wow....where is everyone??? Its quiet in here!

Ive been cleaning and dusting my bedroom. It has been needing it for a long time. I have a tv (wedding present) sitting on the floor waiting to be put in the armore (since august) 2 pictures to be hung on the wall....also sitting on the floor since august, and the box the tv came in to be tossed out. Its presently being used by the fan to be propped up on. So I guess its about time to get this stuff done. Besides, being up here with the girls playing in the bedroom, I can hear them!! lol giggly girl stuff, I love it!

Not much else happening, Ive been destressing, putsing helps alot. My eating is semi ok....oreos and flips for dessert after lunch. But I had lots of veggies at lunch!! Its still better than the whole bag of flips and oreos. I should be back to 100% in about 2 days. It usually takes me 3-4 days to get back to being good.

Have a good afternoon ladies.

03-16-2005, 03:43 PM
Hey Chicas!

Brenda-Mine is getting later and later and more transient every month....I thought I wanted it to stop, but when you think its going to it's kinda sad!

Robin- man! it's nice to know Im not the only one with a bedroom like that...I have this absolutely gorgeous furniture and a cali King that has a bed frame that is iron like big cemetery spires...but you can see any of it for all the crap piled all over!

Im glad the thing with the ex went ok.....sometimes when I see my ex I think, "ok, thats why I married him" but that is few and far between.....

Got up early and did a lowerbody routine on the bo-flex....that machine is kinda awkward...but not more akward than showing up at the gym at legs are sore...oh yeah