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03-13-2005, 01:59 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :)

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us.

03-13-2005, 02:07 PM
Pam and Sue - my thoughts are with you both at this time.

Anita - this is the place! :)

Later this afternoon, we're going to the home of one of the church families. They're holding a meeting for new people of the church (which we are) and best of all, they're providing babysitting so people like Mary and Dale can listen without the kids needing them. :cp:

I've been trying to come up with a new photo for my avatar, but the bad thing is that all the photos I've taken show the real me, lol. :dizzy: I need some touch-ups, like the celebrities!

Hope you are having a good Sunday.

03-13-2005, 03:24 PM
Wanted to come in and say:

Sue & Pam: My thoughts and prayers are w/you!! Sending you both many hugs to you and your family. So sorry about your loved one!

Girls...I'll be back later on today to post individuals.

Until then....

03-13-2005, 04:19 PM
Afternoon -

I am sorry Pam - many warm thoughts and prayers to you.

Thanks Jane :)

I am heading over to the farmers market to look around. Craving corn beef and cabbage - sounds good.

Picked up the girls from sleep over this morning. Rebecca promply went to sleep on the couch. Rach and I watched The Cable Guy for awhile and I finally said........"you wanna do something???!!???"

I said I was heading to Goodwill to look around. I found a cute green/white check blouse and Gaby a cute girly comforter for her bed.

Want to wash my car and go for a walk somewhere!

I am back down to 148 , so that is nice. Celebrated by having pancakes and sausage for breakfast :).....super good.

Can't wait for the week to start! 2 days of training and reviews to do, keeping busy is a help to me.

I forgot to say the evaluation is slated for June, it was done that way to give us time to collect the money together Jane. Though my mom offered to give me my share - which is a blessing! I also was able to pay Rocky off from what he loaned me and am finally caught up on my phone bill - so things are looking up :)

Chat later and HUGS to you all.......

03-13-2005, 08:40 PM
Hello gals!

And a warm welcome and Hello to both Anita and Dodiedog!!

Dodie--Where about in Oregon do you live?? There are four of us here who are from Oregon, maybe we live near by.

Anita--A new baby! Congratulations. I went and read your post in the buddy your new thing you're trying "Diet and Exercise" I discovered that not to long ago myself! :lol:

I hope both you girls find this a comfortable place and find that you'll meet these wonderful caring girls.

I'm going to attempt to do some individuals.....lets see here:

Susan--Late?! The man was Late?! I'm sorry it was so hard for you to see Gaby go. I do hope that she has a wonderful time. A father/daughter relationship should be special and I hope he does a great job.

Jane--I want a cake w/cream cheese frosting!! Send one over! I'll take it on my trip! Tell Gina "Happy Birthday" and I hope she got spoiled rotten on her special day!!

Cristi--I have so much laundry going on today that it's unbelievable. Where did it come from? Did you sneak some of yours over?? Glad you went out and had a good dinner.....Red Lobster sounds good right now. I've never been but have always wanted to.

Angie--Was the play about......ME?? :lol: My ex used to play mind games all the time....kind of why I went into a depression the last few years I was with him. BUT--that's all over and I have a wonderful husband who is whisking me away for our anniversary!! (where was he the first time I married???)

Ellen--Your poor kitties....little sniffles and colds. We have three cats. Or maybe I should say two cats now. Our girls hang around the house all the time (they are all outdoor cats) and the boy wanders next door. Well he's been missing for a week now. Just the other day a neighbor came by and told us that the manager of the apt. was trapping cats and releasing them in the wild or taking them to the pound!! So James called the police and you know what they told us?? The manager is free to do what he pleases on his property. I was appalled!! Some help they are!

Mindee--When I was pregnant w/either one....I was so strict on what I ate and what I did. I made sure I drank no caffeine, had quit smoking, ate lots of veggies and fruits...stayed off the fatty foods and exercised a lot. So here is my question....why can't I be that disaplined now????? May have to pretend I'm pregnant! :D

Oh I hope I haven't missed anyone! My apologies if I have.

Well...tomorrow I'm leaving!!! So excited!!! Leaving around 6:00pm. So I should be here before I go to check in and say hello then goodbye.

Off I go to tend to Jhanai!!

03-13-2005, 10:10 PM
Hi Marti-

You are going to have such a wonderful time, soooooo happy for you and James. He sounds like a dream and hard to believe it has been almost a year married!! :)

Yes, he was late. -lol........

He is suppose to drop her off in 50 minutes. He better not be late this time. He never has been with Lauren, don't know what held him up yesterday. I must say in all my 7 trips down to the courthouse on the coast I have never been late, always on time. Even the parenting class trip through rush hour I was 4 minutes early!!

wooo hooo us Jaded Ladies are good!! lol.

Ok, going to walk up to Freddies and get some diet pepsi- thirsty.

HUGS to you Ellen :)

chat later.......

03-13-2005, 11:07 PM
Pam, so sorry to hear about your sis. I know the pain you are feeling right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


da fat n da furious
03-13-2005, 11:36 PM
Im sorry about your sister's passing...
Big hugs,

da fat n da furious
03-13-2005, 11:40 PM
Hey all,
Marti have soooo much fun that you can come home and make us jealous.

Dang Jane, I could use some cake and icing...mouth watering right now.

Cristi, like you I don't want to cut my hair, right now I can pull it back into a small pony tail,,,so nice. But my hair is so thick its driving me nuts.

I had to work last night,,,till 4:30 am,,,then was up and going to rehearsal. Im a tired person right now....
Gotta run Tan wants to make cookies...mmmm cookies...

03-14-2005, 02:01 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

I managed to get Brandon to sleep and stay asleep on Thursday. I climbed in our bed with him at about 12:30am and just cuddled with him and Tommy. We both fell asleep, and I just laid him in his bed at 2:06am. So far no peeps and we can do this every night, just not as late. Cause now I am wiped out! He managed to stay asleep in his own bed until 7 am Friday morning. To which I brought him in bed with me and he ate a bottle, and we both crashed again for a couple hours.

Well, this baby doesn’t like Taco Bell like Brandon did when I was pregnant with him. We ate Taco Bell today before going grocery shopping, and I couldn’t finish it which is unusual for me. I picked up a jar of pickles to try and see if this little one likes them.

I just got a call from my sister Beth, she was due on Friday with her little noodle. Her two daughters are with their dad, and she was calling to make sure it was okay if they could be dropped off here. Her contractions are 3 to 4 minutes apart, so we should have a baby noodle by the end of today, hopefully! Well, she has been at the hospital since this afternoon, and we still haven’t heard from her. We got a call from her boyfriend at about 7:30ish, and they had just broken her water. Our nieces are here sleeping on the couch anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little sister!

We have started Brandon on milk in his bottle. We have been wanting to start weaning him off the formula and onto milk for a couple months now, but I wanted to make good and sure that his milk allergy was gone. Sunday we tried him with 6oz of formula and 2oz of milk, and then right before we went to bed, we tried it half and half. That bottle took a little longer for him to finish, but he did finish it.

Jane~ I picked up a jar of pickles to see if this baby likes them. We are not sure when Tommy will get insurance from his work. He is through a temp agency. And I think you have to work for them for 90 days, and then work for the company for 90 days before you get insurance. I have been meaning to tell him to ask his boss about it, but keep forgetting.

Cristi~ With Brandon I had the taco bell cravings, and anything spicy, I wanted it! With this one, it is the complete opposite! I walked into taco bell to figure out what I wanted, and what I ordered didn’t even sound good to me, but I still ate the majority of it.

Marti~ Have a safe and great trip!!! When I was pregnant with Brandon, I constantly craved Caesar salads, and actually have craved one here and there now. But I ate more salads when I am pregnant, or when I had to go to the hospital to visit my mom.

Susan~ Like I said, your life never has a dull moment! I am sorry that you are missing little Gabster, but she will be back clinging to your leg before you know it!

Pam~ I am so sorry to hear about your sister passing. I will keep your whole family in my thoughts and prayers during this time.

03-14-2005, 07:39 AM
It's Monday again!

Marti - let the good times roll, girlfriend!! I bet you and James are excited today! When will you be back? Have a good time, and know that you'll be missed! (don't forget my postcard!)

Susan - corned beef and cabbage..... green and white blouse... somebody's getting all ready for St. Patrick's Day, lol. Did you get your car washed? YAY for 148!!

Angie - My hair is long enough to pull back, too, and yesterday I wore it pulled back, down low, with a hairpiece attached. My DDs really liked it. What kind of cookies did you make? NO! Don't tell me!!! lol

Mindee - any news of your niece? Hope all went well for momma and baby.

Here's a situation that I need advice on, ladies: Katie's graduation will be here before we know it, and that involves inviting family to the open house we'll be having. As some of you know, we had some extremely hard times with some of Neal's family. One brother and his wife have been just awful to us - Neal says their actions were motivated by greed. They brought in a U-haul truck and loaded up Fern's things before she was even dead. A niece of his (in her early 40's - don't want you to think of her as a child) showed her worst side at Fern's funeral, in the back of the church, screaming, and even made Mary cry. (some of his family never accepted my 2 children that I had when I married Neal) They pointedly excluded my son from any part of the funeral service since he isn't a blood relative, even though he was VERY close to Fern. That hurt him (and me!!) so badly! The niece's mother, a sister to Neal, is so two-faced it's pathetic, and was so very unsupportive of us taking care of her mother, but of course didn't do it herself. They all moved away when they grew up, and have resented our closeness with Neal's parents. These are the ones who have been just hateful since we moved out here to take care of Fern. Anyway, at Thanksgiving time, I persuaded Neal to call the brother and sister to make nice, so he did. He flat-out refused to call the niece, though. Other than that, we've had no contact with them. They have had functions at their homes to which we were not invited. The hurt these people caused in the last few years - well, my inability to cope with it - was a big factor in me gaining a lot of weight when I did. They caused so much trouble, you wouldn't believe it! Now for the dilemma - should we invite these people to our home? The Christian in me says YES, bury the hatchet and open the door! But the mother and wife in me says NO - don't give them another chance to hurt us. I am not one to hold a grudge, and although I will never forget what they did, I am able to forgive. I was going to leave it up to Katie, after all, it's her party. Or Neal, since it's his family. Katie and he neither one can decide what to do. Btw, he has 2 other brothers who, along with their families, have supported us in everything, and trusted us enough to let us use our own judgement with Fern. Should the whole thing be laid to rest in the interest of family harmony? Or should we exclude the known trouble-makers from the guest list, which will most certainly add fuel to the fire? What's a Jaded Lady to do???? Please give me your advice.


03-14-2005, 08:13 AM
Hi ladies!!

Thanks for the warm welcomes! It''s 7:00 a.m here in Ontario, and My Dear Darling baby just woke up so I will have to post mosre later. Suffice to say I've been up for a couple of hours now and have done a workout.

My name is Anita and I am A Jaded lady.
P.S. My Daughter's name is Joycelyn (pronounced Jocelyn)
More to follow!

03-14-2005, 12:30 PM
Hi All, I'm back, Joycelyn is down for her nap so I have a little time. I really need to be cleaning my house but something compels me not to.

Jane--Thanks for the headsup on the chitchat. This is where I'll come.

I read about your dilemma and YEESH what a stickly situation. Here's my take. Personally, given the track record of these people, I honestly would not invite them. They have not given any support (From what I read) to you or your family. Their actions are hurtful and vindictive. Honestly, I would not invite them to celebrate something so special. If it causes waves, then so be it, you can always play dumb and say that you thought you'd told them but it must have slipped your mind. Then let the chips fall where they may. I agree, that it is the Christian thing to turn the other cheek, but honestly how many times do you turn the other cheek when people continue to slap it. Enjoy your party, without them or don't enjoy your party with them. If it were me, I'd just as soon not have to deal with the added stress.


03-14-2005, 03:23 PM
Hi ladies~

Jane~Your in-laws sound like mine, both sets! :yikes: They haven't accepted my kids either so. Anyway...I completely understand not holding a grudge and letting by gones be by gones but...seems there's always a but...I wouldn't invite them if it were me, but that's me because I have been there and am still there with nasty in-laws, well was. But that can get kind of tricky. Because V's brother from MO went to his nephews graduation last year and thought for sure we would be there along with everyone else. Well, we weren't invited so that brought up a lot of stuff and he was wondering why. Of course to this day we have no contact with them what so ever which is sad. All this because they can't accept my kids or me. Apparently I am supposed to sit back and let them talk about me/us all they want and send nasty letters and not say anything. Umm, right! Don't think so. Anyway, families are a touchy subject and if part of the family is going to be there I would be ready for the questions as to why they aren't there or what if they should call them and say "Hey, you guys going?" etc. So in the end it may just be easier to invite them and let it go as hard as it would be, just to try and keep the peace. I think it would be fueling the fire by not inviting them especially should they find out others were invited and they weren't. So this is a hard one and I am not sure I have helped at all.

Marti~again, have a safe and fun trip!

Pam~(((((HUGS))))) to you and yours. I am so sorry to hear about your sis and I know this is such a cliche but she really is in a better place, and free from pain.

WELCOME Anita! Glad to have you aboard and looking forward to getting to know you.

Aaahh Susan~(((((HUGS))))) to you. I can only imagine how hard it is to see your baby driving away and crying, even if it his her dad. Hope he returned her on time-bet she was happy to see her mommy.

Angie~I wish my hair was thick! My kids were blessed with their dads thick hair, and curly when it grows out. Well, DD hair doesn't curl like before and she got the dark brown and the boys got the curls and the black hair. She has brown eyes where, DS#1 has hazel, brownish/green and DS#2 has greyish/blue, really blue depending on what he wears. Anyway, DS#2 keeps his head shaved, not bald but real close to the head because his black pretty hair is soooo thick he can't take it. From the time he was little his scalp was always dry and itchy and we tried everything. Now he shaves it and doesn't have the problem.

Mindee~it always cracked me up how they show that women crave pickles and ice cream or something off the wall when they are pregnant. I have never known a pregnant woman that craved pickles! I'm sure there are some out there somewhere though.

Had a great weekend. Did some yard work, got the lawn mowed to get off all the dead stuff to start anew. Won't fertilize till April though. Going to plant the shrubs and such when I get back from AR too much other stuff to get done this week before I go. Sunday we were gone most of the day and I must say it was nice to have the whole day alone with V. We hardly ever get that. Trying to catch up on laundry today and later on going to go pick up the tax papers that are finished. Anyway...

Hi to everyone else. :wave: Take care ladies and have a good day!

03-14-2005, 03:51 PM
Hello ladies--

Its a few hours before we leave and James is in town doing some errands so I thought I would pop on in here while I had the time.

Susan--Hope Mike wasn't late in bringing Gaby home. I'll have to hunt him down and give him a long lecture about resposibility of being a parent and respect for the mother!!

Angie--I remember being jealous when you went to Cuba!! This is nowhere near as tropical and exotic as that, but I'll still have so much fun!

Mindee--I don't think I've ever heard of anyone ever craving pickles during pregnancy either. Wonder if that's just something they came up with?? Now I did have a cousin who craved everything sour! She was constantly buying sour patch candies!!

Jane--Oh my!! I don't think I would invite them over . I would send them an announcement, but not an invitation. This is for Katie. And with their history of making gatherings uncomfortable and wouldn't want that to happen here would you? I know the Christian in you wants to open the doors for them, but the Christian in you also wants to protect your family. And not inviting them is one way to protect them. I'm not sure how you should handle the's hard. And each family is different. So it really is a hard call on what to do. I know it would be a lot on Katie's shoulders to make this decision, but since it is for her.....she should be the one to decide if she wants them there or not. (Just wait until your son gets'll have to make this decision all over again!........what would he do?) NO HELP AM I JANE???

Anita--I know that same feeling of not wanting to clean house! I'm glad Jane clued you in on the chit chat thread....looking forward to hearing more about you and your little Joycelyn!!

Cristi--How nice to have a whole day w/your sweety! James mowed our yard yesterday. It was tall and thick and still a bit wet...even though we haven't had rain in weeks (or it seems) the weather here has been in the 70's and now I'll be driving down to where it may be raining!! But that's ok...we're still looking forward to the adventures of wandering around. Have fun in AR!! (when do you go?)

Ok.....I have to shower and get some things done before we take the dogs to the vet kennel and then leave. I promised Jhanai something from China town!

Off I go to browse a little before I get off here.

Take Care and I'll check in w/you all either Friday or Saturday!!

03-15-2005, 02:48 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

We have started Brandon on milk in his bottle. We have been wanting to start weaning him off the formula and onto milk for a couple months now, but I wanted to make good and sure that his milk allergy was gone. Sunday we tried him with 6oz of formula and 2oz of milk, and then right before we went to bed, we tried it half and half. That bottle took a little longer for him to finish, but he did finish it.

Brandon is a bigger cousin!!!! My sister Beth had her little girl on Sunday night. They named her Hannalee Faith. Now, we have another sister due at the end of this month, with another little girl. They are naming her Kira Hope.

My goodness! I don’t remember getting a belly at 8 weeks with Brandon! Tommy looked at my belly and goes “you are popping out all over the place.”

Jane~ The updated information is above. Mommy, daddy and baby are all doing great! Wow, what a decision to make. Like you, the Christian in me says yes to invite them. But on the other hand, do you really want them to have the chance to ruin Katie’s happy day? Like you said, they have tried to exclude you and your kids out of family functions, so maybe it is time for a taste of their own medicine.

Anita~ Welcome to the group!!

Cristi~ My name is Mindee, and I am pregnant, and addicted to pickles now! LOL My sister Beth, when she was pregnant with one of her older daughters, she would sit and eat pickles right out of the jar!

Marti~ I craved sour things with Brandon. I loved the sour skittles! Now, I really could care less for them.

da fat n da furious
03-15-2005, 11:51 AM
Good morning ladies,
Welcome to our new ones! Another Canadian?

HAve a great time Marti

Jane, as Marti said sending out an announcement and leave it at that. As you will do when Terry and Gina get married. Both should be happy occassions, new beginnings...not stressing over of grown peoples horrible behaviour. My mom I know loves her step sons,,,who are 40 and 38 yrs old. She calls them or they call her ever week,,,as she does with me. My step father's family are great, always felt a part of the family. Unlike my own dad's family,,, very racist and I always felt stressed about what would come out of their mouths next. Like it was my decision to be born half native...duh
Jane, personally I would consider is it worth the hassle? Ya they are family,,,do they act it? Would they even come? Ive sent out the olive branch invitation knowing that they wouldn't be able to come.

Well gotta run off, work,,,*sigh I need a holiday

03-15-2005, 01:00 PM
Hiya ladies,

Anita - I noticed from your bio that your profession is electric sales. Is that in an electronic store?

Cristi - I craved sweet pickles with Katie! When do you and DD leave for AZ?

Marti - I know you can't read this, but I hope you're having a good time!!

Mindee - aww, the names for your 2 nieces are so pretty!

Angie - when do you get some real vacation time? Hope it's soon.

Well, regarding my dilemma, one of Neal's other nieces is getting married in July, and the people I mentioned aren't invited to that. I'm pretty sure we will not be including them for the open house. It's just too soon.... maybe after more time passes it would be ok. As far as Terry's wedding goes - no way will he invite them! That boy can hold a grudge for ever and a day. I hope he outgrows that somewhat, but that's the way he is. Katie says she absolutely doesn't want the one uncle and aunt at her party because the uncle made her Dad cry. :( And it's true ... he did. She also doesn't want her cousin (who upset Mary so) to be there, either. So unless she changes her mind, they won't be invited. I would rather Katie have a happy day with no threat of trouble. In my heart, I will feel a little bit bad about it, though. My own family just isn't like that at all!

I had the worst thing happen to my hair! I went to a walk-in place to get a touch up on my roots and the stylist used the wrong stuff! My roots were blondish, and the rest of my hair is brown. She didn't make me pay, of course, but then there I was, with blond roots last night at 8PM!! So I bought a box of stuff and did the roots myself this morning, and after about 15 minutes, mooshed it through to the ends. It looks very nice now - like I have some highlights. But until it was done, I was pretty upset! Yikes, I oughta just go gray!!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

03-15-2005, 01:49 PM
Went to get the taxes yesterday and the guy said to come on down they would be ready. We get there and he was just finishing up! Then he notices a paper on the floor and has to redo them to include that and hadn't started on DS's, ugh! We have to drive an hour there so here we are with nothing to do while we wait another hour. Went to try and find someplace to have dinner. So 4 hours later we got home! Just glad it is done till next year. We go to this guy because he knows what he is doing and gets us lots back so it is well worth it in the end. But I missed Fear Factor! :(

Hi to everyone :wave:

Marti~I know you won't see this but I hope you and James are having a GREAT time!

Jane~DD and I are headed out to AR (Arkansas) this Friday at 8 a.m. coming back Tuesday. AZ (Arizona) is a trip we are making on our way to CA later on this year. Going to drop in Phoenix and spend some time with my dear friend. Sorry about your hair, hope you got the blonde covered. I am always leary about going anywhere to have my hair colored so do it myself like every 6 months or so. I just try to cover the grey when I get tired of looking at it. Doesn't really bother me though.

Angie~that's how V's mother was. She practically raised her step-kids, 3 of them but when she died it was a whole 'nother story! Let the fighting begin! Of course it didn't help matters they way V's sis and sil handled things, even his brother told them it wasn't right.

Mindee~so now I know three people who craved pickles while pregnant! :)

I need to get going. Need to look up a couple of things online and then get some housecleaning done. Trying to get a few things together for our trip. Like my favorite CD's, snacks so I don't have to spend so much money on crap, etc. Figure out what clothes to take. Rather than take a big old suitcase I bought a cute little blue bag at Target yesterday, couldn't decide between the blue or pink. It's not really a bag just don't really know what to call it. I am pretty sure I can get everything I need to take in it, except for my cd's, batteries, camera and movie camera of course. It has different pockets. Have little travel size toothpaste and such so I don't have to take my big size stuff. The only big stuff will be my perfum and lotion, have to smell good. I'm getting excited. I haven't really been anywhere in a while and this road trip is going to be fun. Already have it planned what to do when we get there to, of course that may change. Not sure what my mother has planned. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

03-15-2005, 02:29 PM
Hi Ladies!
Finally have the house to myself for a bit....Welcome to the new gals

Sue and Pam - So sorry to hear of the loss of your sibs - been keeping you two in my thoughts and prayers
Marti - Hasta luego.....bon voyage...take a sweater...;)

Jane - sounds like you are handling the ILs just fine. In your shoes, I probably would have bit my tongue and invited them, steeling myself for the possibility that I would give them the boot if they acted inappropriately. This is the process I go through whenever my Dad wants to get together... as his wife has been pretty nasty in the past. As she has aged, particularly after they remarried, I've noticed that we are just not on her radar anymore. She sends off a "I'm just tolerating this" vibe when we get together - but I'll take that over the nasty comments and out-n-out rudeness of yesteryear. I only do it because it makes my dad happy. You are doing what will make Katie happy, so you've done well. BTW - when I graduated, I only invited immediate family and sent announcements to everyone else and no one said boo. If you send announcements, people shouldn't feel slighted - just my opinion of course.

Cristi - bet it feels good to get those taxes done - I used Turbotax online this year for the first time. I am a Vanguard customer, so I got it half off. I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was.. and I had some rollovers and conversions to deal with. I will certainly use it again next year....
Hey - have a safe trip.....

I am also taking off (next week is spring break for the kids) taking the kids to Condon to see my mom then up to Yakima to see my grandmother. Will be back in time for Easter....leaving this Sat...

I have been registering my kid for summer camps... seems like I have to do this earlier every year. Used to think I really had my act together when I had it all lined up in look at me. It's not like he does alot anyway.. can't afford much, but things fill up quickly around here.

Still been going sugarless - feels really good to get that out of my system. Been boot camping for 4 weeks...only lost 2.5 lbs..for sure. My scale fluctuated on me a bit last week. Said I was down 2 one day then not the next...sigh. So I may be down 4 for the boot camp total - dunno - I hate my scale. I'm not changing my tracker until I have it etched in stone.....

Ciao ladies...hope you are all doing well

03-15-2005, 08:34 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in once again to give everyone another :grouphug:


03-16-2005, 08:50 AM
Good morning ladies!!

Cristi - I guess I'm lucky Neal does our taxes. Lots of forms, too, with all the farm info. I just sign 'em, lol. OIC about AZ, lol. I thought you were going there this week! Bet you'll have lots of fun. We'll all have lots of pictures to share when we get back, won't we?

Katy - everyone's vacationing at the same time it seems! Have a good time with your mom and grandmother.

Kathy - good to see you! How's the family and all of your pets?

Neal and I went to a financial meeting last night for the employees of the state who are about to retire. Sheesh! I'm more confused now than before we went!

Today I'm picking up Mackenzie the kindergartener and letting her bring her best friend, too. They'll be all excited, won't they, lol. It's supposed to be in the 50s, so I think I'll have them rake in the flower bed. That ought to keep them busy for awhile, lol.


03-16-2005, 10:53 AM
Haven't been on for a while, just read through all I missed....

Sue and Pam, very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother and sister. You know that you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers.

03-16-2005, 11:19 AM
Morning ladies~

Katy~you have a safe trip also. It will be nice to see your mom and grandma. And yes, it does feel good to get the taxes done! Usually have it done earlier but we have been too busy to make a trip to this guy, and of course this is is busy time. WTG with boot camp. I think you are doing an awesome job. :bravo:

Jane~V used to do our taxes also...that is until some of the guys at work referred him to this guy. He gets us back a lot more so we have been going to him the last three years now. He gets 10% of what we get back but it is still well worth it. We will have lots of pics won't we. I always take lots of pictures of everything. I look forward to visiting my family. I know I won't see them all but will see most of them. Also, going to see a friend who was actually my older sisters friend in school, (we all knew each other though). She has cancer and I have been writing her and sending cards. Well, she was in the hospital for a while and is out again for now. My mother sees her and told her I was coming down so she wants us to visit her. She sent me pics of her and her DD when she married. She's such a sweetie and doesn't deserve that, but then no one does do they? How is you sis doing? And Jerry? Been meaning to ask just get sidetracked with other things when I actually start typing. Have fun with the kiddos today!

Hi Katie and Kathy :wave: Hope you ladies are fine.

Well, today is my Wal-Mart Wednesday! Oh joy! At least I don't have much to get. The guys won't cook while we are gone so don't need to get anything other than some frozen pizzas and dinners and lunchmeat. They will cook, stuff like mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, or throw some fish sticks or taquitos in the oven, but other than that they are too lazy. Then have to run to Home Depot and get a roll of border. I messed up the border in my bathroom and have to redo the one wall. Later on when V gets home we are off to Lowes to check out the lava rock or see what other kindof rock they have. We have this bark int he front yard around the shrubs and when the wind starts blowing so does that stuff. I was raking it yesterday and Sunday. Yesterday it was in the neighbors yard. I have had this stuff before and it is big chunks so I don't understand it blowing all in the yard. Anyway, tired of raking the stuff up so we are going to get something heavier that won't blow. :crossed: Which is cheaper than buying another type of brick to go around it. That should be fun. Anyway...have a good day ladies!

da fat n da furious
03-16-2005, 11:21 AM
Good morning Ladies,

Jane, I don't undersand tax and things like that and like you just sign at the bottom. I know I should be more informed... Have fun with your gardners...
We plan to have a party for Brandon's graduation in Sylvan, our family is there and my mom's backyard is about 20 times bigger then ours...seriously.
Cristi, Im like you I like to pack my own snacks,,,fruitos and granola bars, and of course Im adicted to licorise. Should stop in and see
Hey Kathy....nice weather we have been having eh? everything out my window looks brown...even my vehicle.
Katy... ah man its bad here for getting your registration in for camps too.
So today is my day off, going for breakfast with Pasqualina, my friend who had the tea party. She told me last week shes moving to another province... pretty sad about that. We have been having a breakfast date once a month for some time. We go to the same place each time, we order the same thing each time,,,,butternut squash pancakes for me...yum
Then Im going to go get my hair colored...the roots,,,and will be giving her the ol hairy eyeball after what you said thats all I need is blond roots...
I have laundry to do. vaccuming,,,dusting. Cleaning, with 20 women coming over on Saturday I need to go nuts in here...
vell I should get my act together here.....

03-16-2005, 11:25 AM
well hello everyone.. i am new here, just wanted to say hi, and glad i found this place.!!!

03-16-2005, 12:22 PM
Good morning ladies! :coffee:

I am at DISNEYLAND!!! :D We checked in last night about 7:00, and the desk clerk left us waiting for about 10 minutes -- we thought something was wrong with the room, and were so tired from the lonnnnnnnnnnng drive. The clerk comes back and says, "Well, there weren't any rooms overlooking the pool, so I talked to my manager and she was able to upgrade you to a suite." We hadn't even asked for a room looking over the pool; I think AAA did that because there was some perk we were supposed to get and then it wasn't available. But a suite, how cool is this??? And it overlooks the waterfalls! And had told them we were here for our 5th anniversary. It was too late to go to the park last night so we window shopped in Downtown Disney and ate dinner. Good thing we didn't have dessert, because when we came back to our room, there was a huge bowl of gorgeous dark red strawberries with bowls of brown sugar and whipped cream, and a card from the front desk clerk wishing us Happy Anniversary. OMG, I love this place!!! I will be writing a letter to her boss telling them how nice she is :) :) :)

Marti, hope you and James are having a wonderful, romantic time in San Francisco... :love:

Jane, I would probably leave the olive branch to another time, and not risk ruining Katie's special day. Or leave it up to Katie...sounds like quite a few of us here have our monster-in-laws to deal with. Tim's got a great mom, which is fortunate for me -- but he is not close with his sis and her long term BF (I think they might even be common law, have been together a long time).

Mindee, when I was pregnant with my first, I got very sick and lost a lot of weight, ended up in the hospital with IV's and stuff. When I could finally eat, I wanted Burrito Supremes from Taco Bell. We didn't have a running car, and lived in Montana. My ex husband (bless his heart) was so thrilled I could finally eat that he walked over a mile in the snow at night, and brought me back Burrito Supremes, tucked under his down coat to keep them warm. What a great guy :) I was able to start my kids pretty early on regular milk (I nursed them, didn't use formula often); the doc said they were probably able to tolerate it well because I didn't buy baby food, but fed them yogurt, smooth cottage cheese, as well as mashed bananas, unsweetened apple sauce, etc.

Jane, I just colored my hair to cover the gray strands at the very top, but I hate to do it. My hair is so long and thick, and everything over a few inches long is dead, and it feels so damaging to use chemicals on it. I saw that root touch up stuff at the store, and was tempted to try it. You're happy with the results? I've wished for years that the hair coloring companies would sell like...three small bottles in a kit for touchups. The only place I have so far that is going gray is right at the very top, near my bangs -- of course, where it's really noticeable.

Got my taxes done right before we left home, used TaxSlayer online, we were very happy with them last year. At first we weren't getting much back with the standard deduction, then I remembered we donated a car this year -- still in drivable condition, but had an electrical problem with the door locks and windows, too costly to try to pay to diagnose, Blue Book listed that car in fair condition with mechanical defects valued at $1450. So I itemized instead, and including our property taxes and the mortgage interest, we got a bit more back.

Ah, Tim is up and it's a gorgeous day -- we are off to get a bite for breakfast, and then to Disneyland! Hi to Cristi, RosieKate, Angie, Ellen, Susan, and everyone else :)


Tea Rose
03-16-2005, 12:53 PM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:
I am just popping in for a second ,my computer froze up so my son had to take it in to get fixed , and it just came back , I want to catch up on the posts and I will be back later to post , I hope everyone is having a wonderful day .

03-16-2005, 03:33 PM
Hi Ladies,

I've had a busy couple of days. Today I took the car to get new tires, and next it's brakes. Then I have to go an get an emission test before I can renew our licence plates. I thought I'd pop in for a couple of minutes while Joycelyn is napping. (She actually isn't napping, rather protesting loudly and angrily about the unfairness of being 11 months old.) She doesn't think she needs a nap, but I am of the mind that she does. Anyway, I am trying to concentrate and not run for the jellybeans downstairs in the living room. The only reason I want them is because I don't like hearing her cry and for some reason I seem to think that the jellybeans will dull the nagging in my mind that I am a terrible and unfair mother.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well.


03-16-2005, 05:06 PM
KATIE~STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!! :coach: Girly, you are at Disneyland, get out there and enjoy yourself! :) The hotel sounds GREAT! I think that is fantastic they did all that for you guys, and I hope you guys have a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY vacation! Love strawberries and cool whip! What a sweet thing your ex did for you when you were pregnant, aaahhh. I love a man who would brave the snow for his woman! :D

Angie~got stocked up on goodies. Bought a few of those little cheerio snack packs, pretzels, nuts and DD her candy. I'm glad I don't like what she got (snickers) otherwise I would be tempted. Now you have me wanting licorice-I love the stuff too, both black and red. May send V to the store later to get some. LOL Anyway, we are ready, well almost. I am going to go fill up tomorrow and load up some stuff so we get that out of the way. Then work on getting the house cleaned and laundry done. I didn't realize Brandon was graduating this year too! I know you probably mentioned it a timeor two but my attention span sometimes is non-existant. Wouldn't that just throw Kayecee off if I dropped in on her? Shes a few hours away from where we will be and if I had more time to spend down there I probably would.

Anita~my oldest son was horrible about taking naps at that age. We did a little song and dance. He would throw his bottle on the floor, I would pick it up, this usually happened about three times when I would then tell him, I am not coming back in here to give you your bottle. I would leave close the door most of the way and would hear the bottle go to the floor. All the while he was jumping up and down inhis crib screaming! I know the neighbors probably thought I was killing the kid. When #2 came along I had to make him nap on the couch so he wouldn't wake his brother. I had to lay down ont he couch with him and hold him down too! :yikes: The funny thing was he would be asleep in five minutes flat if he would just lay right down instead of putting up a fight. He finally out grew that though, thank goodness.

Hi tlprocks and a big WELCOME to you! Looking forward to getting to know you. The ladies here are wonderful, caring and very supportive!

Ellen~I was wondering where you got off to lady! :) Worry about you when you are gone. Glad you got your 'puter fixed. I am going to go crazy when I go away for a few days. My mother doesn't have one, she works on one all day and uses it when she needs to email. I am going to miss you ladies.

Jane~are you and Miss Katie heading to Chicago next week? How long are you going to be gone? Can't remember if you mentioned it or not. You guys are going to have a WONDERFUL, FUN time! Is Neal going to miss you? I was teasing V and told him now don't miss me when I'm gone. He said he is all ready missing me. I thought spring break started here Friday because the kids were out of school, but found out it's next week. Of course Wichita schools are out this week-our neighbor is a teacher. It would be interesting to see how she is with a classroom of kids when I see her with her two little ones and she cannot control them-Cooper the 4-year-old is a brat! and doesn't listen to her at all. To top it off he is always beating on the two-year-old, Easton. Did I ever mention that both their names are Teri? Terry & Teri-bet that gets confusing at times. They are nice people though so i am thankful for good neighbors.

Hi Susan, Katy, Pam, Sue, Jenn, Julie, Mindee, Kathy and anyone I may have forgotten, hope all is well with you all.

Anyway, finally got all my errands run. I made a list before I left to make sure I got everything taken care of. Had to go wash my car also, not sure why as it will be nasty from all the bugs by the time I get back. Just like to start a trip with a clean car. Anyway...hope everyone is having a good day. V will be home in about 45 minutes and we are headed to Lowes to look at rock. See ya :wave:

03-16-2005, 07:09 PM
Thank You for the big welcome Cristi :) I posted my info on the bio board if anyone wants to know more.. Well i started my new get healthy plan yesterday... i walked 1 mile. doesnt sound like much but it is for me.. i dont usually even leave the house on a normal day.. i did some crunches today and felt really good... then my brother brought me 2 junior bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy's :mad: well of course i ate them , so now i am feeling like a big loser.... oh well maybe when hubby gets home i will go use my dads Gazelle. (It is too cold to go outside today) WEll thanks for listening guys, have a good night!

Tea Rose
03-16-2005, 10:08 PM
Hi Everyone
I have been trying to catch up on all your posts but I will probably forget most of what I read ,but I got the gist of what is going on, where is everyone going, don't leave I promise I will be good :lol:
Welcome to the new girls,:wave: glad to have you here, :grouphug:

Hi Jane~ I will get that peanut butter marshmallow square recipe to you , I think you will like it, its yummy. I was reading about your dilema and I would have to agree with most, saying that , I wouldn't give them the chance to ruin Katie's special day.Since you have no quarentee's that they will treat your family with respect, I think you have no obligation to include them,I know that your faith makes this decision ,more difficult,I to always struggle with things like this, since I have the same kind of family situation, I used to make myself sick , but I don't do that anymore. Maybe someday you will have a chance as a family to heal this wound , but I don't think this is the time or place to risk, what may be a disaster.This should be a happy memorable day, and it should filled with the people that love your family ,theres my two cents:lol:do I get change.When is your trip with Katie, I bet you are looking forward to it.I hope your family is well.

Hi Marti~I guess your off on your beautiful trip, I hope you and James have a wonderful time, I wish you both the HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY, enjoy every moment of it,(((HUGS ))))

Hi Mindee~ I didn't crave pickles either,my thing was cheese, and everything salty.Congratulations on becoming a new Auntie, lots of babies in your family, nice to have little ones close in age, hope your feeling well.

Hi Cristi ~When are you leaving, everyone has somewhere to go, I know what you mean about missing the computer, I was lost when this one went down, even if I don't feel well enough to post ,just the idea that I couldn't made me crazy, OH OH my name is Ellen and I am a computer addict :lol: I will miss you ,everyone is going away ,I will be alone here and I don't know those new girls :sssh: are they nice :shrug::lol: Of course they are, I'm just kidding ;) did you get your border up seems like I haven't talked to you for forever. My daughter does my taxes, so I don't have to go anywhere , she hands me the papers and I sign em, and thats the way I like it.:lol:

Hi Pam~ How are you doing, Did you get everything taken care of with your sister , my heart goes out to you, I know this is a very sad time for you , but she isn't suffering anymore and thats a blessing I hope your ok ((((HUGS))))

Hi Susan~ How did little Gaby make out on her outing, did she make it home at the appropriate time, It must have been heartwrenching watching her leave you crying, situations like this are so sad,so much wear and tear on the emotions. How are you, did you survive the weekend , must have been so quiet with out her . It seems this situation is never ending, is there some sort of closer in sight,as far as getting the details settled, so you can have a life. I really hope so,I can't imagine what its like to go through this day after day, ((((HUGS AND BEANS )))) :lol:

Hi Angie~ Sorry to hear your friend is moving away , when my best friend moved away years ago , I was lost, we kept in contact for some years then it faded away, as our lives changed,I have often wanted to call but it has been so long now, I looked up her address and phone no, on the internet now, I'm sure that you and your friend will keep in contact, but its different when they move away :( Wow Brandon is graduating this year, how is he doing now, is Tanner a star yet, I never did get my autograph:lol: Hope your getting some rest.:lol: I'm sure

Hi Katie~ Your in DisneyLand yay, lucky you,what on earth are you doing on the computer,:lol: Have a wonderful time.

Hi Katy~ congratulations on your weight loss contiued success, I wish I could say the same, but I have not been doing good on that subject,I keep trying , but I keep failing argggggggg Looks like my plans for this summer are a bust, no new clothes no new hairdo, nothing, I am discouraged right now, but I'm happpy for you:lol;

Hi Kathy , Julie , Ann, Dianne , Sue ,Jenn,and everyone else,I hope you are all having a great day,
Well I think I have run out of things to say for now still coughing and conjested but feeling a bit better, some of the kitties are improving some are struggling and have to start a second week of antibiotics, Amelie isn't feeling well at all, she has never had a chance to recover from her sad little life so far, so much in one short year, the babies are sneezing , but so far are still playing eating and drinking, hopefully another dose of medication will get then on the road to feeling better, Anyway girls I hope you are having a nice night

I apologize for miss piggy she is lying about the weight loss , but she means well,

03-16-2005, 11:06 PM
Good day Jaded Ladies. I want to thank you all for your kind words at the loss of my brother. I have had a rough month, but I appreciate all my friends here. It makes things easier somehow to know you have prayers and good thoughts coming your way.
Sounds like there are several JL's hitting the road this month. Hope you all have great fun. DH wanted to head back to Las Vegas for a couple more weeks, but I told him I can't face getting back on an airplane this week. I just want to stay home and un-wind.
I have been doing lots of over eating and being yesterday I got off my duff and walked 3 miles, today 2 miles. The eating thing is/was way out of hand, so I am trying to curb that also. I have to make new routines and habits. One day at a time!

Again, thanks to you special ladies!

03-16-2005, 11:08 PM
P.S. Hello to all the new ladies. Hope to get to know you all. There are lots of great ladies here. You will like it!

03-17-2005, 08:47 AM
:) Top o' the Mornin' to you, Mauvoreens!! May you live as long as you want to, and may you want to as long as you live!! :p

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! I didn't send cards this year. Better luck at Easter, lol.

Katiecat - upgraded to a suite! YAY!! That happened to us when we visited Neal's brother in Louisianna last year. The room wasn't ready, and it was time, so without any hesitation, they offered to upgrade us. Give Mickey a kiss for me, will ya? Tell him I'll meet him in Florida in a couple of years.

Cristi - Maggie and Jerry are going with their daughter and grandkids to the Smoky mountains for almost a week. His doctor said he shouldn't attempt the trip, but they are going, anyway. He wants to see the mountains again so badly. Too sad!! Neal is invited to Mary's to eat while Katie and I are gone. Plus, I'm getting some snacky things for him today, and there are things in the freezer. Yes, he will worry about us and miss us until he picks us up Friday night. I'll leave little notes for him to find while I'm gone.

Angie - how'd your dye job go? Better than mine, I hope. When I do something stupid, I tease and say I must have blond roots, lol. But sheesh, I didn't REALLY want them!! Awww, so sorry your friend is moving! Hope you had fun on your breakfast date. Well, now you have a new destination for vacations - you can go see her.

tlprocks - welcome!! I'll pop over and read your bio in a little while. Let me tell you, you've found the warmest, sisterly-est group on the boards!

Anita - Step Away From the Jelly Beans, lol!! Throw 'em out the door! Maybe your little one needed Grandma Jane to rock her to sleep. Just bring her over, and I'll take care of that, lol.

Ellen - post the recipe whenever you feel up to it. Terry and Dale both are crazy about peanut butter stuff, so I wouldn't have to worry about it temping me for long. Glad you and the kitties are better.

Sue - glad to see you popping in. Don't you think the weather is unseasonably cold here in Indiana? I'm ready for some 70's an 80's temps, lol.

Well, today Madison (2 1/2) and I are going to Walmart, the church office, and the post office. We will be wearing our Official Blarney Boppers. That's what the package called them, lol. They are like a headband, with antennae that are green shamrocks, sticking up about a foot higher than the head. I have 2 sets, so will join the little one in wearing them, lol. Grandmas do things like this, lol. I'll get someone to take our picture and then I'll post it, ok?

da fat n da furious
03-17-2005, 11:14 AM
Good morning Ladies, and Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all

Anita, I hope you mean your eating the jelly beans and not putting them in your ears to drown out the sound of crying....not that we encourage the ladies to eat jellybeans... a way to think a different way,,,you are increasing her lung capacity by letting her cry,,,you never know she may be our future Idol...
Jane, I bet you and Madison look great with your headbands...I should of thought of doing something like that...
The dye job turned out great,,,I got a trim and am feeling pretty darn great about the hair.
Yesterday was agreat, I barely did anything,,,cleaned the two bathrooms, one load of laundry,,,but I did get Tanners Green Day Tickets! WAhooo
Breakfast was great,,,we always have awesome talks. Finished reading my book, Divine Evil by Nora Roberts...kinda scary.
I should of been doing reports instead of reading but I just hate doing reports and only when they have made their 3 rd call do I knuckle under and do them..*sigh

Well I should get ready for work...

da fat n da furious
03-17-2005, 11:15 AM
Katie, I am so jealous! I wanna be in a Disneyland!

Have fun,,,,can you do Indiana Jones ride a couple of extra times for me?

03-17-2005, 11:29 AM
Good morning ladies and Happy St. Paddy's Day :p :)

I too didn't send out St. Patricks Day cards with Easter being this month. Did get my Easter cards mailed first thing this morning though. Thought I better do that before leaving tomorrow. Gased up last night since I had to run DS#1 his spare key to the gas station. I swear that kid has such bad luck with his keys. He broke it somehow so had to sit there for 15 mns. till I got there with his spare. You would have thought after locking his keys in the car last week he would have learned!

Angie~I had to go get some licorice this morning! :p I told DD and she said we can't go on a road trip without it! How far from you is your friend moving? It's always hard when that happens but I know you guys will keep in touch with each other. It was hard for me when I left CA and my friends behind but we have kept in touch through letters, cards, phone calls and e-mails. And the times I have gone back we always got together. So that gives you somewhere to go for a weekend get-away! Glad you got tickets for Tanner-he's gonna love it!

Ellen~I am leaving tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. and I am really excited. It's been a while since I have gone anywhere and I look forward to this. I'll send ya a postcard. Didn't get that border up yet. V has to make me a template because getting it around the window and all that trim is tricky. I don't know what I did but I hit the wall and tore/scrapped the border so that's why I have to replace it. I did get to Home Depot and buy it yesterday though.

Jane~I do the same with V. He always misses us when we go and I have been on a few little trips and even though sometimes he works A LOT he still misses us and worries too. He was worried about too many people being on the road because of spring break. But I hide cards around for him. I think that is a good idea...Maggie and Jerry going to the Smoky Mountains. Maybe he knows this will be it and he wants to be in a beautiful, serene place when he goes. I think it will be good for both of them.

Tlprocks~you are welcome for the welcome! :) A mile walked is a mile walked and is a lot to me! I haven't been doing much of anything, and I wonder why I am not losing! Not really because I know why but...any amount of time of exercise is a good start so a mile is good. The two cheeseburgers however, are not missy. I know how hard it is to resist though and again that is why I am not losing. I figure one day I will get it right and get too business but for me right now trying to force it is not working for me. Anyway, we are here for you anytime you want or need to talk.

Sue~I can only imagine how tired you are of flying. WTG on the miles walked! That's all we can do is take things one day at a time. :)

Well, ladies, I have a busy day planned. Ran to the bank this morning and to Walgreens to get some licorice! Of course to the post office to get those Easter cards sent. I've got housecleaning, laundry and packing to do today so got up early to get on with the day. Also, want to polish my nails...ahhhh, so much to do! Plan on going to bed early tonight. I must say when we planned this back in Feb. I was a little anxious and now I am excited and can't wait! Want to get my car cleaned, the inside. Had the outside washed yesterday, and get things loaded in there by this afternoon so that I can rest before having to fix dinner and feel rested for the drive tomorrow. Well, most things...can't pack all my make-up and stuff till in the morning of course. I can't wait! :p Anywhooo...

Take care ladies and have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day! I'll be back later :wave:

03-17-2005, 12:05 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick hello and then Joycelyn and I are off again for the Day. First we have to go to Costco to pick up some supplies for my partylite show on Saturday and then I have all sorts of errands to run.

Jane--It would have been great if you could have rocked Joycelyn to sleep yesterday. As it turned out she screamed for an hour, then slept for half an hour and then woke up yelling again. Luckily, I got away from the Jelly beans and stayed glued to the computer seat.

Angie--Next Idol. Possibly, I hope so. She loves music and I sing to her all the time and I have a pretty good voice. (not Idol material but I get by) Anyway, when her time come's it will be Canadian Idol and not American Idol. At least she won't have to have her heart broken by that Horrid Simon.

Anyway, must run Joycelyn (that little monkey) is trying to hone in on the keyboard. She is into everything. She's unstoppable, and she isn't even walking yet!!


03-17-2005, 12:24 PM
:) Just wanted to say Happy St. Patricks Day to Everyone!! :)

(my brothers name is patrick,, so he likes this day) lol.. I did go on the gfazelle last night so feel a little better, today is a new day,, and it looks like it is going to be a nice one!(minus the 4 feet of snow on the ground) :dizzy:
Well i better go get the baby some lunch..ttfn have a good day :p

03-17-2005, 03:58 PM
Welcome tlprocks!!

Just thought I would pop in and say Happy ST Particks Day to you all.

To answer Ellen's questions........... Yes, Gaby arrived home 15 minutes early last Sunday night. She will leave for her full weekend tomorrow morning. He will pick her up from my mothers because I have to work.

No in end sight until June or July. I guess we are set for the evaluation in June.

Curious to know what is going on with his child support. He had a 3/19 deadline to respond.

I guess that is it.......mmmm, beans. Going to Freddies deli now and get me some chili.....

catch up later :) :)

Tea Rose
03-17-2005, 04:08 PM


I hope you are all having a wonderful day,Its cold here but the sun was nice this morning , I only have a few minutes right now , so I just wanted to say HAPPY ST PATTY'S DAY, I have one kitty who's really sick today , she's my old girl of 17 years, I thought she was going to bypass it , but it wasn't to be, so she is very sick, and I have to keep a close eye on her because of her age,I also wanted to make sure I got to wish Miss Cristi a happy and safe trip,I am going to miss you here, its like a day without coffee :p ,but I hope you have a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing all about it when you come back,(((HUGS))) Jane I am the same way about peanut butter treats, I love them , and the problem is I eat them to :lol: I bet you are going to look so cute in your matching headbands , you are the true meaning of a loving Grandma
Sorry Ladies I have to cut this short right now, its time to dispense some medications,to my kitties,but I hope that every one is enjoying their day so far,and if you are celebrating :) ST PATTY'S DAYtonight have a great time and take care, I will try and catch up later, :p
Hey Susie :p to answer Ellens question ,:lol: you mad at me , cause I still luv's you

03-17-2005, 06:53 PM
To answer Ellen's :flow2: :doh:


Poor kitties, you are such a good mom Ellen. You are the cat meow - lol
Totally goofy on mini candy bars!! Help, Help.....

Oh, Ellen......I am up to 152 again! I don't know what is wrong with me. Stressed on this custody thing, I am sure that is the root of my problem.

What is a girl to do but go to Panda Express and eat a 3 - entree - lol.

No, never mad at you Ellen :)

Better get back to my mini's!! Prayers for you kitties :)

03-17-2005, 07:25 PM
OK - after lots of ups and downs I think I can finally say I have lost these three pounds - never to be seen again! My scale weighs to the tenth of a pound and some days I get on three times and get three different weights. I think the breeze in the room makes a difference :dizzy:

:) :) Happy St. Patrick's Day :) :)

James and the neighbor girl, apparently despairing of getting to pinch anyone today, decided that if someone wasn't wearing yellow they could poke 'em.... Don't think that was a real popular alternative :p Gotta hand it to them for creativity at least ;)

Susan - chili sounds yummy! I think I may have some tonight. Do you get any time off next week - are your girls doing anything interesting for the break? I am taking the kids to visit first, my mother in Condon, then my grandmother in Yakima....should be fun

Ellen - you sound like you are feeling better - your sense of humor has definitely returned! Hope your kitty feels better soon

Neets - your little girl sounds so cute! I read your post on the WL & T thread and sounds like you and I have been in similar places, with regard to childbirth and weight. I weighed 245 the day I gave birth to my DD in 2001 - breastfeeding knocked off 25, but then I couldn't lose anything for the life of me.... until I stopped nursing... but that didn't happen until my DD was 2. So I can definitely relate to the frustration. I've managed to slowly get some of the lbs off over the last 15 months... that's what's reflected on my tracker. you hang in there - this board is a very supportive place and these gals have helped me alot.

tlprocks - Happy St. Paddy's - 4 ft of snow! here in Oregon we are getting 60-70 degree days... it's unseasonably warm, for sure.

Cristi - Have a great trip - travel safely!

Angie - I just got American Idiot from the library and put it on my computer.... can't wait to give it a listen

Katie - a suite at Disneyland sounds real good right now - I 'm so happy for you guys - you have a great time ya hear?

Jane - can't wait to see the blarney bloopers...he he... sounds so cute!~

Well, I may try to drop in on chat tonight... anyone else going to be there? DH has a track meet which means he is working late... I may let the kids watch a video after dinner...which will give me a little time to check in on my JL pals...

03-17-2005, 08:01 PM
Hi Katie,

I get no time off next week, I think I only have 12 hours annual leave - lol. The girls are going with their father down to the central coast. He will take Gaby too - so sweet - she will have fun with her sisters.

I might take off Friday and spend 3 days with them, we'll see.

I finally spoke with the child support lady and she will issue a letter to suspend Mike's drivers license on Monday - yay.....she hasn't heard anything from him but knowing his luck she will..........seems to always happen.

But if not.....lets celebrate with bowls of chili for all!! :)

Congrats on the weight loss Katie - the pounds must have found their way to me :( lol....

chat later

Tea Rose
03-17-2005, 09:13 PM OF THE EVENING LASSIES
I think I made that I up , but I'm not sure :lol: no hate mail please :
Well Miss Susan, the cat's meow huh :lol: you is a funny girl, let me see, goofy on mini candy bars , weight is up to 152 , might now ,I'm just taking a shot in the dark here ,be a connection,:lol: I am going through the exact same thing , the more stress I feel the more I eat ,and I want to scream :p , but I won't do it now , I don't want to scare you more than usual.Whats the Panda express, what kind of chow they got there,no doubt "chili" am I right. I love it to , warms up my tummy on a cold day, warms up my tummy on a warm day, warms up my tummy any day,:lol: Having said that , why then do you suppose they call it "CHILI' just to mess with our already messed up minds , speaking for myself of course, I wouldn't presume to say that there is anything wrong with your mind uh hum :lol: :p I am glad Gaby got home on time , but why is she off again this weekend,??? I think I might like to come down and give him a smack up side the head , or a kick in the hmmmm pants I don't think there should be rewards for irrisponsibility,I don't get it. Did sweet Gaby have a good time anyway, after all she knows nothing about this , and inspite of himself he is her daddy, I bet she was so happy to see you when she came home.`Well Susie I hope your dinner was good, and you had a great time to`, Thanks for the kittie prayers they have had a rough time of it,and some are struggling more than others, it was a terrible mess to go through all of them at once, hopefully it will soon be over, and wouldn't you believe it I was sick at the same time, but then I am always sick lately, arggggggg/.I hope your having a great night and don't get drunk on GREEN BEER :lol:``` Katy``congratulations on the weight loss,Susan and I are so happy for you but jealous as all getout :p must be all the candy bars that the stress causes us to eat,:lol: Its not our fault, the :devil: made us do it I have made up my mind , again to get this under control or I will have another uncomfortable summer,and I don't want that, so I am pulling up my socks,well I would be if I was wearing any, :lol: Good for you I am beary proud , keep up the good work , but watch out for that stress guy,:lol: Have a great night Katy

What time is chat lassies??? the last time I came no one was there, unless of course you were hiding on me, you wouldn't do that now would you, hmmmm :?: :p :lol: Maybe I will keep peeking in and see what I can see,


03-17-2005, 10:30 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - YAY for great hair! :cp: Isn't it amazing how a good hair color/style/day can lift our spirits?

Cristi - I want a postcard, too!! Have fun and be safe!

Anita - did you get all of your errands taken care of? I did a bunch of them today, too.

Susan - did Gaby have a good time with Mike the other day? Does she want to go back? Oh, I do so hope the answers are Yes and Yes to those questions.

Ellen - thank you for the ecard! I especially liked the falling shamrocks and music. Also, thanks for your kind words about my grandma-ness. I do love the little ones so much. Makenzie is coming over tomorrow to help me make mini-muffins, since her twin got to be with me today. Hope your kitty is better.... is she? Btw, I went to chat and nobody was there. Boohoo!

Katy - YAY for the loss!! I laughed out loud when I read about the antics of James and his friend, lol. These are your glory days, Katy!!

Neal is watching some old movie and I'm getting ready to hop in the shower. I had such a great day with Madison. The door greeter at Walmart took our picture today, but Madison would NOT smile for him, and you can't even tell we have the boppers on, they blended in with the background too much. Anyway, we got lots of looks from everyone, lol, and it was fun!


Tea Rose
03-17-2005, 11:41 PM
:) Darn Jane
I could kick myself went off to check on kitties and pass out the last dose of meds and forgot all about chat, and I had every intention of joining in tonight. My one kitty Bri she's the old girl of 17 years, isn't doing so well , she is very congested and sick, I worry about her alot because of her age,I have to make sure she is eating a little bit not that she eats much anyways, usually a little bowl of pablum made with 18% cream and if its not 18% cream she sticks her nose up :snooty: but I figure considering her age and the fact that she doesn't eat much else, I will oblige:lol: It looks like at least I have the possibility of a Grandbaby at some point now, maybe in the next few years,so thats something to look forward to. I think its time for me,to have a little one to spoil other than my fur babies.:lol:
:) The recipe for the peanut butter marshmallow squares is this, I always buy the 1 kg jar of smooth peanut butter,so half of that, you throw in a 1/4 lb of butter, 1 bag of butterscotch chipits, slowly melt together in a double boiler, cause burnt peanut butter isn't to tasty, :p when melted , cool for five minutes , add one bag of fruity colourful mini marshmallows and mix all together till the marshmallows are coated, then pour into a pan 8x10 or what ever you have, smaller they are thicker , bigger they are thinner, in which case you cut them smaller if thicker or bigger if thinner , in my case it doesn't matter I eat them all anyways :lol: add a peice of parchment paper to the bottom of the pan, it makes it easier to get them out, just pull the paper out flip them over on a tray and cut, and then eat to your hearts content :^: , hows that for a recipe:lol:
It sounds like you had a great day, memories like that are priceless,I hope you post some pictures of your boppers, I would love to them, you are the best Grandma, I hope I'm as wonderful at it as you are, when my chance comes, anyway Jane I should go, where I don't know, just don't want to wear out my welcome :lol: Sorry I missed you in chat , I will try next time,Have fun making your mini muffins,tomorrow

03-17-2005, 11:47 PM
Good evening ladies~

I said I would be back and here I am! And sooooo tired!

Thanks ladies-I will be safe.

Katy~you also be safe this weekend and enjoy your visit with your mum and grandmama. And CONGRAT'S on your weight loss! :bravo:

Jane~you too! Be safe and you and Katie have a fun time in Chicago.

Anyway, have a load of clothes drying and then need to fold and put away and I am off to bed. I had to come and say aloha to you all though. :wave: I will see ya when I get back, well probably not till Wednesday as I am sure it will be late when I get in Tuesday and I will be pooped!

Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! :wave:

Tea Rose
03-17-2005, 11:52 PM will be waiting for your return :cry:

03-18-2005, 08:45 AM
Wait.... go over to chit chat #118, please ..... see you there!