Food Talk And Fabulous Finds - A question - do I have enough calories intake with this?

03-13-2005, 11:30 AM
Okay, here's something I've been wondering about. The meal plan I'm following is, basically, very close to the Sugar Busters one (in fact, it's the original plan - the Montignac one). In this, I'm not supposed to count calories, but recently I've been using to track what I was eating, as I've found out I do better when I can read what I've eaten, and not only vaguely remember it a few days after.

My problem is the following: sometimes, I have the feeling that I don't eat enough, calories-wise. I know I'm not starving myself, at least not on purpose, because I don't get through pangs of hungers, and I don't feel like I'm setting tough limits on what I eat. Still... I wonder. Here's an example of what I mean, in today's meal plan (measures are approximative, as I don't weigh my food), but it's not rare for me to eat similarly on many days in the week:

- Breakfast: cereals (according to what's marked on the box, the quantity I eat is about 370 cal), skim milk (about 100 ml), a kiwi, a small cup of coffee.

- Lunch: about 100g of whiting (with a tiny bit of olive oil so that it doesn't stick to the pan), and 200g of green beans (boiled, no fat, no dressings).

- Dinner: 150g of mushrooms, 150g of cod (same as above, just a bit of olive oil).

I'm not a fan of dressings, so usually, I just eat my food as it is. I don't snack in-between, and if I do, it's a kiwi or a tangerine, nothing more. I have a fairly sedentary work, on the computer, yet I exercise 4-5 days a week (cardio-training, step aerobics, weight-lifting), I also walk often enough, as I have a dog and thus evidently I need to take him out, this can range from just 10 minute of walk to one hour (4/5 km). I drink water only, and a bit of coffee or tea here and there.

So, for such a day, if I use the food logging tool at fitday, I reach about 1000-1100 calories for the day, which I know isn't very good, as under 1200 the body tends to enter starvation mode. This isn't my goal, evidently... I simply don't feel the need to eat more than what I put in my plate, is all (plus exercising has a tendency to "cut" my hunger for 1-2 hours, so I don't feel any). Yet I wouldn't want to keep on eating not enough and ending up not losing weight because of that... :?:

Now... the thing is, as I use to calculate this, I may also simply be committing mistakes! All measures there are US ones, while I'm French and use the metric system - I can't always calculate the calories from what's written on the box, i.e. fresh fish, the mushrooms, etc... Some things are also very weird to me (for instance, they measure cereal intake in cups... but cups is for liquids, right? Shouldn't it be measured in oz. rather?), and thus I don't exclude the possibility that I'm simply not entering the right amounts of food.

Does such meals seem... weird to you? Clearly not enough? I left the quantities in grams and milliliters, because if it's the latter case and I convert, I may just indicate wrong amounts again. I'm really wondering though, so if anyone could tell me whether I should eat more or am just logging my foods the wrong way, this would be very much appreciated... :)

03-13-2005, 03:50 PM
Your diet is missing dairy & fruit, both of which have been shown to help in weight loss. Try a glass of milk & a piece of fruit, like a homemade smoothie, or a yogurt & piece of fruit. I would fit these into an afternoon snack & a morning snack.

I know you said you are doing sugar busters, so look for the fruits that have the lowest glycemic index or whatever the sugars in fruit are measured by.

Good luck to you!

03-13-2005, 04:03 PM
I'm having the same problem. I don't use a specific meal plan, just calorie count through FitDay and I have been averaging 1100 - 1200 kcal a day. So far, I haven't had a problem losing weight and I'm not hungry. Like you, I don't tend to dress up my food - sauces and such have never been my problem. Once I pretty much cut out the candy and cakes (my particular problem) and started substituting healthier foods for what I was eating, the weight starting going. And at a healthy rate of 1 -2 pounds a week. So I don't know what to tell you.

I will say that FitDay does appear to get the count wrong on some of the foods that it has in its log. For instance, all the calorie counters state that a slice of pizza has about 500 kcal, but FitDay gives me a number under 400. But since I have made custom entries for most of the food I eat, my daily total probably isn't too far off.

03-13-2005, 04:47 PM
Thanks for the answers!

I guess it's worth integrating more yogurt-type things then. I'm not really a snack person (everytime I overate/eat, it's almost always "linked" to one of the main meals), and I probably still sort of lack the habit of relying on more fruits here and there, especially when I'm not hungry between meals. But these foods in themselves can't harm, at least not as far as I know. Time to go grab more strawberries and such, thanks for the suggestion :)

FitDay has been a good thing, as said, to keep track of what I eat, but the quantities really confuse me at times - this, and sometimes I just don't even know how what I eat is called in English, and can't find the right word in the dictionary *lol*