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03-12-2005, 06:00 PM
The wet weather is what kills me, too ... and it's wet here A LOT! Have you ever tried Inderal? That's what I take. They tried to get me off it last year and about killed me. My heart was beating over 120 beats a minute just from going out on the porch and calling the dog ... and talk about arrhythmia! :eek: They tried to switch me over to Verapamil ... it didn't work. They kept increasing the dosage higher and higher ... still didn't work. Finally, after about 3 or 4 weeks of me staying at home and in the bed - totally - they decided I'd have to go back on Inderal and stay on it the rest of my life. What's so scarry is ... my dad was on Inderal when he died! :fr:

Jenna's BD party was wild. A whole house full! Had to put out all the food, fix kids drinks (7 kids), make all the picures plus video the whole thing. Can you believe I was the only one who thought to bring a camara! :p Daughter said, Mom, it's a good thing you have a digital camara because I don't even have film for mine! I told her I'd just zap 'em off to Wally World and she could look at them online and pick the ones she wanted, order them and have them sent right to her door for .19 each for 4X6s. The postage is really cheap, too. That kid got so much stuff. Her mama told her she could invite 3 children (besided her cousins and brother) to her party. You'll never guess what she did! She invited three BOYS! :lol: They were soooo CUTE! I told my daughter-in-law ... when they were opening presents ... I think two of the little boys were kind-of jealous of each other! :D I said I wondered what happened to the fourth one ... I asked her a while back how many boyfriends she had and she said FOUR! ;)

Mima ... I get sore when I do ANYTHING. I had been doing some stretching exercises before I fell and was so proud of myself. I was actually doing pretty good. Feeling a little sore, but pleased with my progress. Then I had to go and fall. I'm getting better, though, so maybe I can get back to it soon! I'm glad Brad is able to help some now. He'll be back to his old self soon, too. Won't you be so glad!!! It's hard when one has to do it all.

Joanne D
03-12-2005, 08:10 PM
Meme- I have been on inderal for a number of years now.Also on digitec and lasix.. plus a whole barrel of vitamins..It seems like I am forever sticking pills in my mouth..I ache so bad lately I wish I could just go to bed and stay. That just isn't me though. I went out today and cut back some bushes. I should have just gone for my walk. I will pay big time tonight.The yard has been neglected lately. It looks like if I want it taken care of ,I will have to get busy more.
Sounds like you had a nice party for the young ones. When the girls and boys start noticing each other ,look out.I am glad I don't have that worry. My daughter is watching her kids now. But they are grown so she just as well turn a blind eye.
Hello everybody...Joanne

03-12-2005, 08:37 PM
Yep ... if you want it done, do it yourself ... same here! I'm just tired of doing it ... over, and over, and over!

Hey ... Jenna is turning SIX next Thursday ... lets don't get her married off just yet! :lol: She's the blonde I said was six going on sixteen! :p

03-12-2005, 09:43 PM
Happy Birthday a little late Joanne!!!!

Anne, my hand is ok. It is still very sensitive. The incision itself is completely healed, but the area around it hurts. I really don't want a cortisone shot, and that's what he said he'd do if it is still hurting in May. I really think that the healing will go faster when school is out. Maybe I should just stop teaching now! lol

Jenna is so cute!! When Tim was 5, he wanted to invite his "girlfriends". Oh my. We ended up just inviting most of his preschool class, so that was boys and girls. It was a small class and we had the party at McDonalds! They planned the games, served the cake, and took care of everything. I highly recommend it to anyone. We also did a party at Burger King once.

I've been taking glucosamine tablets for a little over a month now. I am not seeing any difference one way or the other. My knees are still aching. I guess I'll give up on them. Still taking Relafin and Flexeril.

I'm listening to music to go along with my talk that I'll be giving on the Emmaus Walk in April. My talk is on a Life in Piety. I keep reworking my talk. I have to preview it in 2 weeks in front of the rest of the team. They will critique it for me afterwards. I'll probably cry. lol

03-12-2005, 10:24 PM
I have been having pains in my legs for sometime now and now my knees are hurting worse. My doctor did a protein enzyme test and that came back fine. How do you get check for fibromalgia? I hurt so bad at times all I can do is just lay in bed and cry. Please any information would be great!

03-13-2005, 06:52 AM
Hi there-I believe that you need to go to a rheumotologist and he will check your trigger points-hose are spots that kill when you touch them-I probably have 2000 that hurt-just kidding. I don't think it will show up in a blood test. As far as your legs-I am a firm believer in massage to help. I am going to get one next week because my back hurts.The muscle is in a lump on my rump!!
Mike had a St Patricks Day party but the musician had to go home with his kids so Alison played. She is really doing well. What if she had Meme for a teacher!!!WoW!!!
Lots of food-he's such a cook. He hasn't got his fence up for his pool yest and Evan saw the open door and wow-he was making a beeline. Soon-Mike is having a hard time getting people to do the work because they are all so busy after the hurricane.I will be very happy when I see that fence.
Tammy-what is this Walk for Emmaus-I know who Emmaus is-sounds interesting. I looked on my credit card website and there is a bill from the hotel in Orlando that we were suppossed to stay it before Brad got sick. I cancelled it right away and of course it's the weekend so I can't get to the billing department. Rrrrrr.
I am having so much trouble with asthma!! Of course I ate wheat last night-I made very good Irish soda bread!! Bye for now Mima

03-13-2005, 07:07 AM
Hi There~~

Can I join the thread?

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I've had all the symptoms, not necessarily all at the same time, for years and years, and just recently had a gigantic flare up and that's when the doctor finally said the "F" word.

I'm not even 45 yet, and my body feels like it's 85. Especially my hands and back.

I'm taking so many meds, I rattle when I walk. :( Right now, for the acute pain, he's got me taking Tramadol and for the long term, he's got me on Cymbalta.

On one hand I'm ecstatic to know that this is real and I'm not a hypochondriac as I've been called on more than one occasion, but on the other, it's rather cold comfort knowing this is something I'll have to live with for the rest of my life.

I've been told that stress is a major contributor to the fibro flare ups. How do you all deal with it? Any tips?

Also, this "fibro fog" thing that I've been just refering to as "blonde moments"...which have gotten really bad lately, is there anything to do about them?



03-13-2005, 02:39 PM
Mima, the Emmaus Walk is a 72 hour weekend that you spend with God. On Thursday, April 21 I'll go to a church about 25 minutes from here with my suitcase,etc. During the weekend there will lots of prayers, songs, Talks on different subjects, eating (lol), laughing, and crying. We leave on Sunday night. I am on the team as a table leader. I was an assistant table leader in November. I went on my original walk as a "pilgrim" in 2001. You could probably run a search to get more information. Alot of people call it a spiritual retreat, but it is much more than that.

Tina, my family doctor ran all kinds of tests starting last spring and continuing through the summer. All of the tests came back negative. I was finally able to get in to see a rheumatologist. She ran a couple more tests, and they were negative. She did the pressure point test on me at the first visit, and said that it was possible Fibromyalgia. After getting the test results and doing more poking at the pressure points, she said she was positive that is what it was.

Mamacita, I know what you mean about the age. I'll be 50 in May. there are days that I can barely move, but I drag myself out of bed. I need to start listening to my body and just call in for a sub. Finding out that is was Fibro. was such a relief for me. Sounds strange,doesn't it? So many of my symptoms were the same as my mother and a cousin who both had cancer.

Stress is definitely a contributor. Things are in an uproar where I teach. They are cutting 5 teaching positions, but they won't say where. The HS teachers apparently have been told that it won't be in the hs. The elementary has been told nothing. As you can imagine, we are all tense, irritable, and walking on needles waiting to find out what is going on. The pain has been tremendous for me lately, and I've been there 28 years, so I know I won't lose my job. Moving to another grade level is a possiblity though.

Fibro fog. I was so glad to learn about that. So many times I just "leave", and I don't even know it.

Take care and come here for support! These women are awesome!!

03-14-2005, 09:37 AM
Good morning!! Welcome new people-glad to have you: sorry you have fibro. You CAN live with it and there are things you can do to feel better. Some pills, walking, swimming, massage, stretching, and laughing. I added that because we went to church yesterday and the Pastor wasn,t there but a psychologist was. We laughed and laughed and wqent back to the evening service and laughed again. We also went out to eat twice with our friends and DQ softserve is not good for me. Well, I am going shopping this morning-going to buy an Easter dress. People really dress up here. That weekend sounds great, Tammy. That sure is another thing that can help stress. Bye for now. Mima

Joanne D
03-14-2005, 11:42 AM
Welcome new people and hello everybody-
I hope the weekend was good for you. I walked 4 miles yesterday. I will have to go later or find a new route on the weekends. Traffic is awful.You take your life in your hands on those days.
Memi - I have been seeing the same thing on laughing lately.. I have to find a white dress for SRD in Daytona the end of April. Not easy. There are so many different shades of white. I need white white. It is a challenge.My daughter will be here next weekend . We will go look. I still say I may have to make it..People used to dressup more than they do now.. It was a fashion show every sunday at the Greek church. They would plan to come to church late just to show off. I was not impressed. I haven't been back there in years.
The OA has been giving me a fit.. I will see you all later...Joanne

03-14-2005, 01:41 PM
Ok ... Fibro Fog ...

First of all, let me assure you that Fibro Fog is REAL! It's not just a figment of someone's imagination or something somebody made up. One of the first things the Neurologist said to me when I was sent to him for my migraines a couple of years ago was, "How do you deal with the Fibro Fog." Well, needless to say, I thought I misunderstood him. I said, "I beg your pardon." He repeated the question and I just sat there and looked at him. I finally said I don't ... I just write everything important down and forget the rest of it! He thought that was funny ... but it's true. And that's the best advise I can give you guys about Fibro Fog ... IF IT'S IMPORTANT ... WRITE IT DOWN! Treat yourself as if you have early stages of Alzheimer's because that's almost what it's like. And, also, tell all the people close to you what it's like for you. Try to make them understand. It's hard for them to understand why the words just won't come out of your mouth sometimes. My best friend just looks at my husband and my other friends sometimes and says ... I knew what she was trying to say ... what's wrong with you guys. She finishes my sentences for me A LOT! I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!! We're going to build a big house and live together when we retire! ;) You need someone like that in your corner ... FIND SOMEONE and confide in them. Make them see where you are and how you feel. And if what you need to remember is important just write it down in a notebook so you can go back and review it and find it later. People's names and numbers. Dates things happened. There are things you won't be able to recall. There's a place I need to go to Saturday and I can't remember how to get there so I'm going to go find it Wed. while I'm out so I don't get lost Sat. morning and embarrass myself. Knowing you have a problem is half the battle won! If you know you're likely to forget then you can double your efforts to remember! I have a date/planner that I carry in my purse with everybody important's phone numbers & BD etc. in it plus all my appointments. I write EVERYTHING in it and look at it often. I make extensive lists. I have a business plus teach piano. I keep a list of prices for our business IN MY POCKET so when people call I can just pull it out. I keep a note book on all my piano students by my chair in the piano room so I have each students information at hand. Because I know I can't rely on my swiss cheese brain. You asked how to deal with it ... well ... you just have to first know you have it and then be prepared. It does no good to sit down and cry ... just deal with it!

As for the pain and the achiness ... there are pills, massage, exercises, rest and all sorts of stuff. You first need to go to a Dr. and be diagnosed. A good Rheumatologist is probably best. Although some older doctors still don't recognize Fibromyalgia as an illness, most do. Beware of a doctor who wants to start you out on too much medicine. Getting doped up is not the answer. Trying one or two meds at first is ok but don't get hooked on stuff like Prozac or Zoloft. That's probably not the way to go. Fibromyalgia is not usually helped by mood altering drugs ... I say 'usually' because there are rare circumstances where something else is involved. What you need to try first is muscle rexlaxants ... something that is going to relieve your tension ... or something for pain.

Until you can see a doctor, try over-the-counter Aleve in small doses. The coated kind won't bother your stomach. At night, you can try a Tylenol PM to help you sleep. Sometimes, just getting a few hours deep sleep at night helps a lot. Then add some GENTLE stretches & relaxation exercises to your daily routine and about 6-8 glasses of water along with a couple of cups of green tea. Cut out some of the sugar you are eating, also. If you don't feel better in a week or so, I'll be very surprised!

03-16-2005, 10:31 AM
Mamacita tell me more about the cymbalta, my doc is wanting me to try it. says it helps with all over pain in some people. But I do not tolorate meds well and do not want something making me gain weight again!

Been busy with eye doc and upper Gi doc and, got a gallblader ultrasound to get done too. Son will be home Sundays for I got to get to bed!

03-16-2005, 02:37 PM
Good afternoon. Darn phone was out-no computer. Went to docs this am because of wheezing and he gave me singulair. What a guy!! Then I went shopping-bought a yallow suit and a dres and then some beige shoes. Gotta have the shoes. Need a nap-Mima

03-17-2005, 11:01 PM
Hello:D Off to the GI doc today.............

03-18-2005, 07:23 AM
Good morning-got online but phone still not fixed. Had pains in my stomache yesterday-hope it's not from Singulair which worked really well. Boy, did it rain yesterday!!!!Have to go to Wally World today. Trying to get my middle son things for 30 so I am getting a Walmart gift certificate. And a Home Depot one too-it's right across the street from Walmart. Also sent him a Bob shirt-Bob-the man , the myth, the legend. He loved it. What did gstro guy say, Candice" Mima

03-18-2005, 03:05 PM
Your son is young ... my son will be 39 in Ausust! :eek: My daughter will be 35! Doesn't seem possible ... I'll be married 40 years in July and hubby will be SIXTY in October. I told him I couldn't take both events in one year ... being married to a sixty year old man AND being married for FORTY years is just TOO much!!! :p

Been cleaning the basement. Hubby finally finished putting down the tile in the utility room and bathroom. It looks so good. I'm having to move everything back now. Plus, there was some things I wanted moved upstairs and some things up here I moved down there. I moved the play room down there and put a desk and my electric piano up here where the play room was. The kids will now have to go to the basement to play. Don't know if they are going to like that or not but they will have more room and we will have less noise! ;) I'd like to get the 'trailer people' out of my kitchen. I'm trying to fix the waiting area ... thats the room when you first walk into the basement where piano student's parents wait ... into an office where trailer customers can come in and I can write up orders. In my basement I have a garage, the waiting area, a piano room where I teach, the utility room and a bathroom and then a big rec. room where I put the kids stuff ... it has a livingroom suite, stove, frig. table and chairs and kitchen cabinet and also a TV & VRC. I put a computer desk and my old computer (that I dropped on my foot) in the waiting area and I'm going to put some file cabinets and stuff. Hubby said he'd put down some gravel in the back and move most of the trailers around there so I wouldn't have to walk so far ... most of them are out by the road right now ... we have a basement entrance. I hope it works because I'm tired of bringing them in upstairs. It's always a mess in the kitchen with all the papers everywhere. It's a lot of work but I think it will be worth it when I'm finished. But boy ... am I ever SORE!!! All over ... helped hubby carry that desk and a heavy chest last night and my arms and back muscles are killing me today. Still ... gotta get back to work. Have a great weekend everybody!

03-19-2005, 08:27 AM
Hi!! Well, phone seems to be working but they never called to say it was fixed. We should hear today if our friends are coming down in April. She was going to docs this week. Funny thing-we got an e-mail from Brad's son that he was going out with the daughter of one of Brad's friends-he asked us to guess who and we did . She has a four year old daughter. Not our best pick but we really don't know her. And Brad's friend said that Brett was a gentleman. Nice compiment. He is a good kid. Daughter broke up with her boyfriend. He was too distant. He is 30 and not ready to settle down and lives at home. She definitely is. I want her to come down here but she has a real good job and friends at home. I really want her to get active in a church and meet some nice Christian!!!!!Well, Candice, what did doc say. Bye for now Mima

03-20-2005, 08:08 PM
Hi all. What a week! Finally able to get on here, relax a little, and read messages.

Joanne, the way the people dress at our church goes from one exteme to another. We have people who really dress up, then those who come in jeans, t-shirts, and tennies. I guess I'm somewhere in between most of the time. When it is warmer, I wear dresses, but when it's cold I wear pants and sweaters.

Mima, LOL to the Bob shirt. My husband's name is Bob too. He has a black sweatshirt with a nametag on it that says "My name is Bob". I bought him that because when we were first married, we went to my parents house two different times and my mom called him BILL!!! Oh my. She was so embarrassed. The nametag helped everyone remember who he was and how forgetful she was!!

Meme, cleaning the basement sounds like a lot of work. Ours really isn't too bad right now. I've been going through things to put in a garage sale this summer. I can't believe how much we can accumulate. No sense keeping so much. My hubby and I will be married 24 years in June, and he'll be 58 in September.

Today my son and other HS kids from the county were invited to play with the Army Field Band that was here for a concert. They played one song with them. Tim was thrilled. He is a drummer, and the others complimented him on his technique for a HS student. He loved it!! Of course, Bob and I were very proud too.

On Thursday, Tim spoke at a Businessmen's luncheon about his Boy Scout experiences and becoming an Eagle Scout. Bob and I went, and he did a nice job.

I can't believe that it is Sunday night already. Weekends go too fast. We have 3 days of school, then we are off from Thursday - Tuesday, back to school March 30. That's our spring break. Better than none, but not as good as other schools in the area.

03-21-2005, 06:00 AM
Hi guys-busy Sunday-and we both woke up after 3 am-definiyely will take an early breakfast nap. Our friends are coming down the end of April to help us drive home. Thank God, she doesn't have to have surgery etc-just a strict diet. That will be helpful because when they were here before, and she cooked, we didn't eat healthy. But we do now-except for a steak that we had yesterday at TGIFriday's with a gift coupon. 5 more weeks in FL-going to be busy-I need to call a friend and make a lunch date with her. Candice, what about your tests? Hi Joanne. Meme, Anagram, Anne Tammy and all. Mima

03-21-2005, 06:03 AM
Ds got here safely and we will have his BD dinner Tuesday night. I decided to do a turkey breast in the crockpot, haven't done that in awhile so hope it turns out.

Did 30 minutes of yard work today...the first so I am sore but it felt good! :)

Mima...GI doc say biopsie ok but stay on the prilosec and try a new med called Ultrase MT 20 ( a pancreatic enzyme to help digest food) but I'm afraid to try it! sure do work hard! ;) made your spaghetti recipe awhile back, freezes well and tastey!

Tammy..good luck with your yardsale stuff...I can't throw anything away..need too but just can't! i guess I need one of those peo[ple who do that to come in when I'm not home! :D

03-23-2005, 03:23 PM
I'm glad you liked the spaghetti cassarole. We enjoy it when I make it ... two or three times! ;) I had friends over for dinner Sunday and had BBQ chicken in the crockpot and stuffed peppers ... then I set the timer and baked potatoes (& sweet potatoes) in the oven while I was at church. I had choc. cake and banana pudding for dessert. We've been eating leftovers this week. I love that ... don't have to cook. I'm making meatloaf for the kids tomorrow night and helping them with a huge breakfast over at my son's Easter after church. I figure after that my entertaining will be over for a month or so! :D

I finished the basement, FINALLY. It's awesome. The tile is so pretty and the kids like the play room ... they have so much more room down there. Of course, when there is just ONE of them, they don't want to go down by themselves. That's the only bad thing about it. Baby Jenna says she is afraid and needs somebody to go WIT her! :p I have what amounts to THREE livingrooms in my house. There's a couch, 2 chairs, 2 end tables a roll top desk, piano and 3 file cabinets in the piano room; a couch, loveseat, 2 end tables, TV, organ, 3 bookcases, kitchen cabinet, dinning table & 6 chairs, side-by-side refigerator freezer & stove besides all the toys in the rec room; plus a couch, love seat, 2 recliners, 2 end tables, huge TV entertainment center & matching bookshelves in my livingroom upstairs. And then in the waiting area there's 2 desks and a huge set of shelves that goes way over my head along with a sewing machine and several chairs. All that has to be dusted ... plus 3 bedrooms, dinning room, kitchen, laundry room and 3 bathrooms. Makes me want to run away from home sometimes!

I was standing outside with a customer this morning and it started raining ... got wet. So I'll probably be sick now. :( It's cold here ... I wish spring would hurry!!! Well ... hubby's mom just called and wants me to come over and cut her hair.

03-23-2005, 05:56 PM
Just got the phone back this afternoon-it went again on Mon and they weren't going to fix it til next Monday so I had my son call and I only had to wait two days-what a phone company. Evan took 2 steps yesterday. Some frends are coming here to stay overnight. We are waiting to go out to dinner with them. I'm glad I don't have to cook because he owned 2 restaurants. Ordered a honey-baked ham for Sunday-$40!!!!But they are marvelous. I'm so glad to have my computer back and also the house cleaned because of company. Bye Mima

Joanne D
03-23-2005, 08:45 PM
I have been up in North Florida for the weekend till tuesday. Went shopping with my daughter for 2 days. It was shop till you drop,Really!The next day she took me walking up and down some killer hills. We walked about 5 miles. It is so pretty up there now. Dogwoods and all the flowers are blooming.
I bought lamb for Sunday. I had to get australian lamb. I couldn't find american.I hope it works out ok.I know I said I wasn't going to do this again. Well ,here I go. I hope my middle age kids act like adults.
Bye for now...Hello everybody...Joanne

03-23-2005, 10:44 PM
Candice, how did the turkey breast in the crock pot turn out? I love my crock pots! Yes, I have 2. Different sizes though. I received them as wedding gifts almost 24 years ago. They work better than I do!!!

I think having to go through my parents' belongings when they passed away several years ago made me realize that I really don't want lots of stuff for someone to go through when I die. And, we'll make a little bit of money at the garage sale.

Meme, I think I would get lost in your house!! lol It's still cold here too. We are still wearing heavy coats and gloves. Tomorrow we go to visit a college in Indiana. I plan to dress warm since we'll be taking a tour of the campus.

Mima, we usually get a honey-baked turkey breast for Thanksgiving every year. They are expensive, but they are delicious!

Joanne, I don't think my brothers and I act like adults yet. I'll be 50 in May, Richard will be 48 next week, and Brent will be 45 next week. Our kids just look at us and roll their eyes. We sure do have fun though!

03-24-2005, 12:54 AM
My house isn't BIG ... just lots of rooms in the basement ... that I have to CLEAN! :p

Went to church tonight and had choir practice after. Preacher picked 2 songs a few weeks ago he wants us to sing for the Easter service Sun. morn. Resurrection Morn and The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power. Well, he decided tonight ... 3 days before time to sing ... we can't get together on Resurrection Morn so he wants me to sing the verses solo and everybody else come in on the chorus. Then on the second one ... he decides he can't lead it ... so he says I have to lead it for him. I told hubby I just can't believe he picked a song that's too hard for him to even lead.


03-24-2005, 08:11 AM
Well I'm plum tuckered out! Ds is back at school already and need some rest now! Turkey breast was excellent..forgot how good and easy it was.......left overs will be enjoyed alot! Got a painful foot now, something I did outside putting a flowerbed back together that the snow plow hit! Can't walk real well..just need to rest I guess..the whole ball of the foot hurts and the pain shoots up the top of my foot to the ankle when I try to put weight on it. Been trying to exercise it with golf balls, might need a shot in it. Been years since I have had one in my foot! :mad:

Trying that new med..and my stomach is hurting!

Tammy..I have 3 crock pots! Love them...........Need to have a yeard sale but it is too much work for me by my self! :p

Meme..I have a lot of stuff to dust too..makes me want to throw everything out and just have walls! You make me hungry! ;)

Joanne...are you saying your kids do not act like adults! :D Family time..oh so much fun! Hope you do not over do with your meal! ;)

Do you all have living wills and power of attorney set up??????? :?: :?: :?:

03-24-2005, 11:51 AM
When I sold my 8 room house, I really downsized. Love this FL place, very little stuff. We had friends from back home stay overnight. Went out to eat and they didn't want breakfast so it was easy. It was fun!! Only thing was I had 2 glasses of wine and later only took one of my nightime meds and got so dizzy. Not again will I do that. I am not a drinker. Course, they picked up the check as usual. They have 4 houses, one in ME, MA, N.C., and FL. They are going to sell one. he owned 2 restaurants but has gone out of business. And only 50. Brad bought me a new band to go with my wedding ring-you put the wedding ring in the middle of it-so pretty. Can't wait to get it. Well. I'm not dressed yet so gotta go. Mima

03-24-2005, 01:59 PM
After all the stuff you bought at Wal Mart and you have VERY LITTLE STUFF??? That's so funny! I'd like to see your house! :lol:

No, we don't have living wills or power of attorney set up. We were just talking about that at dinner with our friends last night. We probably need to do that. How do you all feel about it? I don't want to be hooked up to a bunch of machines. And, if there's no chance for me to recover and be useful, I don't want to be on a feeding tube and just be lying there for years for somebody else to have to take care of, either. Once the doctors tell my family I'm braindead and have no chance of recovery, I want them to just let me go. But ... like the case pending in CA, to wait 15 years and then let somebody just starve to death is a totally different story. I know, if I was her family, I couldn't do it!

We're having 'family time' tonight. My kids, their kids, in-laws ... all coming here for dinner. Then again Sunday at Son's for a big breakfast and egg hunt after church. Then, hopefully, it'll be over for a while. I always dread those ... chaotic to say the least! We talk on the phone, via email and see each other for lunch, etc. But, it's good to all get together once in a while ... at least that's what I tell myself.

Candice ... I'd about be willing to PAY someone to just back up a truck to my garage and load up everything in it (except the mowers) and carry it away and start all over. I can barely get my van in it! Hubby says he's going to clean it out ... but his idea of clean and my idea of clean is somewhat different! I'm about with you on the bare walls! (except for my water bed, computer and piano!!!) :p

03-25-2005, 08:37 AM
Hi-When I maved, I had to pay someone $500 to clean my cellar. We went to the Holy Thursday service at my church which just got finished in time for the Easter services. Wow-is it beautiful. I love the new church-it is not full of all the pomp and circumstance that was at the other church-very simple and my Baptist husband can worship with me. Only it's very busy to get there. But there is a light. My daughter is in Aruba for 9 days. My son turns 30 today. My stepson has a new girlfriend with a 4 year old. Life keeps happening around us. We are going to have an egghunt on Sunday for the 14 and 1 year old. !!!! Hope you have the day off Tammy. Getting the ham and my ring tonight. Of yeah, I am having an attack of IBS. Mima

03-26-2005, 04:33 AM
WHEW ... shopped 'till I dropped today. Left at 1 and didn't get home until 9:30 tonight. Hubby had to go about 40 miles from here to serve as a deacon at a communion service at a church so I went shopping and out to dinner with some friends. I got 2 dresses and 2 beautiful suits for me for $170 and I got him a Jacket at Penny's that the original price was $200, pants ... originally $50, a tie that was originally $28 and a Stafford shirt ... got all that for $160 TAX AND ALL!!! That was over $300 worth of clothes! I done good! If it was left up to him, he would never buy anything new! :p As for me, all my clothes have outgrown me again! ;) All my clothes from last spring and summer are way too big. I started losing weight last March and I've lost 40 pounds ... I lost about 20 of it since last fall so I can't wear any of last years clothes. One of my dilemmas is ... what to do with my clothes that are too big. I have SLEWS of them. They are much to good to just get rid of or give away. I don't want to have a yard sale and sell them for a couple of bucks, either. On one hand, I'm afraid to get rid of them ... what if I gain the weight back. On the other hand, I'm afraid to keep them because I MIGHT gain it back thinking I CAN because I have the clothes. So ... what to do? I'm probably about as low as I'll go. I've been to 135 when I was in my 20s but I doubt I'll go that low now. I wore a 8/10 then and I'm at 147 now and I'm in a 10/12 ... a couple of junior 11s thrown in. I wear a medium in most things and I'm 5' 9" tall so that's probably as low as I need to get. At my age, if I get any thinner, I'll start to wrinkle! :D

And now ... I need to get this old woman in the bed or she's liable to start to wrinkle sure enough! :p

03-27-2005, 01:06 PM
Meme..I still have my big good to give away and I'm afraid I might need them again ( if I have to go any new meds that make you gain).......Ihave coats and dresses galore in big sizes and still have older small clothes too that I do not want to part with. I brought back stuff from mom's too since we were the same size.

We go in April to have our wills changed....but I'm afraid DH will pull the plug before I'm ready:eek: ;) :lol:

03-27-2005, 04:32 PM
Meme, I'd love to hear you sing your songs for church. I'm sure you are wonderful!!

Candice, how's the foot? Hope healing properly. We've had a will for quite a few years now. I think we need to do one of the living wills. I don't want to end up on tubes for years.

Mima, I've seen different types of bands for wedding rings. Really nice!

Several years ago, my dad was on a feeding tube after he had a stroke. He couldn't swallow, paralized on one side, heart problems, and I don't know what all. He told us, the doctor, and the pastor, no excessive measures to keep him alive. He wanted the feeding tube out. with all of that, one of my aunts still thinks that we killed him by not doing other things for him. He was 80 years old. He didn't want to live like that. He was still mentally alert and made his wishes known. It was so hard, and it still is. BUT I know that we did what he wanted.

Joanne D
03-27-2005, 07:53 PM
Hello Everybody...I hope that everyone had a GREAT EASTER...
Easter here was nice.. My kids seem to have settled their differences..
Living wills! My hubby is greek and it seems like he feels if he makes any kind of will he thinks he is going to die. My mother had one.The Dr would not honer it. They hooked her up and put her in icu knowing she was going to die. Then they told us about it.Some Dr.s and some Hospitals will not honer them.They don't care what the case is. It is just money.In some cases the families have to take the family members out of the hospital and take them home to die.I have experience with both cases. Now the nursing homes down here are better about just making the patient comfortable and letting them go. It all depends on what the family wants.I for one will be glad when this case here in Fl. is finally off the news. It is the worst circus you can imagine. All the crazies have come out. This husband is going to suffer for this thing for years to come. He has made a big mistake.
Bye... Joanne

03-28-2005, 02:05 AM
I think you're right about him making a mistake, Joanne. Maybe if he'd done it years ago ... when they first said she was brain dead. My mom didn't have a living will but after her last stroke ... when she first got to the hospital, and before she got to where she couldn't talk at all, she told us and all her doctors she didn't want any feeding tubes and she didn't want to go in a nursing home. They honored her wishes, kept her in the hospital and let her go. Took exactly 2 weeks after her stroke (the second one). I might have fought her on it but they told me she would just keep stroking out and getting worse and worse. She already couldn't swallow at all ... not even a teaspoon of water ... and over half her body was paralyzed. I knew she didn't want to live like that. It's really hard to sit there for 2 weeks and watch someone starve to death, though. Probably the worst experience of my life.

Candice ... I think I may go to Wal Mart and get some of those big rubber maid boxes with the lids that fasten tight and pack my clothes in tissue down in them for now ... see what happens weight-wise for a couple of years.

Had a really tiring Easter. Went to son's for a big breakfast after church and the kids had their egg hunt ... hectic day. Jenna was so cute ... I helped her some. I told her not to tell the others I was helping her. She just hugged me ... she's a doll! She's still the baby even if she did just turn six!!! ;) They grow up TOO fast! The choir did great this morning. Then we had communion and baptizing ceremonies tonight at church and birthday celebration after church. It's been a VERY LONG day! I only slept 3 1/2 hrs. last night so ... I'm ready for bed now!!! Major storms here ... again. Not feeling too well!

03-29-2005, 02:04 PM
Hey-my computer is on so I have to type fast. Had a great Easter!!! We are going home the week of April 25-that's when they are coming down. We are going to stop in Savannah on the way home. We haven't had a phone steady for 2 and a half weeks. Evan will be 1 on Saturday, Gotta eat but thought I'd check in. Bye Mima

03-29-2005, 10:28 PM
Hi all!
Back to school tomorrow after our break. Not looking forward to it, but I know I'll be fine once I get there and the kids come in. I'm sure they've missed me! lol

Went shopping today for a pair of jeans. I wanted a pair that had a waist that comes to my waist, not those low things. I bought a pair of those last year, and when I wear them I feel like I'm losing my britches! Even when I have a belt on! I have a few pair of jeans with elastic waists, and they are all too big any more. That's a good thing, but I lose them too! Bob says he plans to buy me suspenders for my birthday.

Mima, I'm sure you'll be ready to get home. I envy you that you are able to do what you do. I may have to ask for tips in a few years after I retire.

Meme, I got my new jeans at WalMart. We have quite a few of those boxes full of things in the basement. We need to go through things and start weeding things out.

03-30-2005, 01:20 AM
What kind are they ... EXACTLY! Brand name, style everything. I can't find any that come all the way up to my belly button. My waist is very LOOONG. I buy Lee Riders ... that's the longest I can find.

I've been hurting uncommonly bad lately. I had to go back to work (piano) yesterday, too. My hands didn't like that much. Plus I had Kaylyn all day ... she has allergies and sinus problems and was coughing so bad from being outside hunting eggs they didn't want to send her to school. Then, today, I had more piano lessons and had to give Garrett a guitar lesson ... boy, the hands rebelled big time at that. I stood out in the rain twice yesterday dealing with trailer customers ... I'm sure that didn't help any. Sold one, though. So that helped ME! :p Sold another today ... helped even more. Love those commissions!!! ;) Sunny today and again tomorrow. In the 70s ... maybe I'll start feeling better ... probably not - rain coming in tomorrow night. We're supposed to get a load of trailers tomorrow ... sure hope they beat the rain. Does anyone else hurt worse this time of year? Hubby is really bugging me about getting the tax stuff ready. I told him tonight that I just have too much to do and I CAN'T do it all. I just cannot get all this done by myself. I'm not Wonder Woman. I have 9 students and 2 of them take piano and voice both. I have phone calls all day long about trailers and people pulling in my driveway off and on anytime of day or evening. I have ALL the housework except maybe once a week he'll vacuum and now and then he'll put dishes in the dishwasher for me or something like that ... maybe do a load of laundry like jeans or something ... not much. I take care of the dog, fish and all the plants, do all the shopping, cooking, nearly all the laundry and bills. I have a lot of responsibilities at church ... the music, special music, dinners, cleaning once a month, all special occasions (planning), plus I'm the clerk, and I take care of the cemetery where my parents are buried. Besides all that, I do his mom's hair every week and take care of the 4 grandkids whenever asked. Does that sound to you like a person with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis and sever anemia? After last weekend, I needed a day in bed. Well, I couldn't go to bed, now, could I? They called at 6 A.M. yesterday morning and asked me to keep Kaylyn. I had to get up and get dressed. I nearly cried when I hung up the phone ... I was so tired and hurting so bad. But ... what could I do ... my son said they both HAD to go to work and she couldn't go to school. I'm going to die some day and they'll just have to figure out how to get along without me! :p

Happy Canuk
03-30-2005, 11:36 AM
Honestly, Meme, you are your own worst enemy!!! I have told you many times before, about that word we have in the english language - NO!!! Let your kids find a babysitter. Did you dump your kids on your parents all the time? I rather doubt it. If I had to look after kids the past two days, I don't know WHAT I would have done. I was so tired and foggy I hardly knew my OWN name. Thank God I didn't have this when my kids were small. It sounds like you run the church. Can't somebody else take some of those things from you? The trailers, well, they are there and so are you. Doesn't your hubby look after selling them at night? If you don't start looking after yourself and getting enough rest, you will get sick(er).

Tammy - So, you are back to school. Hope the kids went easy on you.

Candice - how is the pain in the tummy? and your foot?

Mima - gee, less than a month to go before you go back home. Are you looking forward to that? How is Brad doing now? Pretty much back to normal?

Joanne - hi. still walking miles?

It is Spring, and the weather is sooooo up and down. This causes all kinds of pain in so many of us. Hope it settles down soon. Spring is the WORST time of the year for me.

Now you gals that don't want to throw out those clothes because they are still too good. What possible good are they doing you! Get rid of them, the charity's would love them and they give you a comfort zone you can fall back on. Not good. Just get rid of all the stuff you don't use. Trust me, you won't miss it for one second. Once the load is light, so is your whole being. Doesn't matter if the clothes are expensive, good or whatever - and not just clothes - everything!! If you don't need it, use it, want it, get rid of it! It's not hard to do.

Now, have a nice day :lol:

Joanne D
03-30-2005, 08:15 PM
Happy- Yes I walked 3+ miles today and the same 4 times this week.. I really enjoy it once I get out the door..My sister Mary has started walking with me. I don't know how this is going to work. She doesn't want to walk as fast as I do. She may not last.It took me 20 minutes longer to walk 3 miles. She says she will not walk in the heat. When it is too hot I will use the T/M. She wants me to join a gem with her. I am not good in the morning(it is for seniors) and is only open in the early a.m. I won't do that.
Meme- I agree with Happy.. NO is a good word to learn. You should not feel guilty telling your kids to get a babysitter.Take care of yourself.
Mima- Going home soon. I am sorry we didn't get together this year. Maybe next time.You had a lot on your plate this year.
Tammy- Just a few more weeks till school will be out for the summer. My daughter starts counting the days once April gets here.
Hello everybody...Joanne

03-30-2005, 09:28 PM
Meme, the jeans are bought are Just My Size brand. I had purchased some of their shirts, panties, and bras in the past, but this is my first pair of jeans. I haven't washed or worn them yet, and that could tell a different story. lol They cost $19.72. They come in petite, avg., and tall. I bought the avg. because I'll be wearing them with tennies this summer. My fall/winter shoes are taller ones, so I will probably buy tall the next time. They came in blue denim and black.

Good going on your sales! Take care of yourself. Achy hands are not a good thing. My hand hurts still where I had the surgery.

Going back to school wasn't too bad. Even my stinkers were really good today! I told them they must have traded places with kids that looked like them. They cracked up.

Anne, I was thinking that maybe someone should send me all of their clothes!! lol
I agree about this crazy weather. It was 70 today. We're expecting rain tomorrow and in the 40's. Expecting snow on Friday!!!!!!! Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne, we are into the last 9 weeks session of the year. I told the class that we are 3/4 of the way through 2nd grade. (We're doing fractions). They were impressed. I feel bad about sending most of them on to 3rd grade. As a whole, they are so low. They are turning into great cursive writers though!! I do have to admit, that many of them have really improved over the year in math. Their reading level is still low though. My team teacher does all of the Language Arts. Some days she is ready to pull her hair out. Of course, some days she is ready to pull MY hair out because I get goofy sometimes. (hard to believe, isn't it?)

Went to the local community college today after school. Enrolled Tim for next year. He will still take band and English at the high school, but the rest of his classes will be at the comm. college. He'll get HS and college credit. Isn't that cool?

03-31-2005, 11:15 AM
Good morning-I think our phone is back!! Sprint guy was here early-replaced something. My favorite jeans come from Walmart-Bobbie Brooks-the 8 petite fits me perfectly and they are only about 12$-What would we do without Walmart , Tammy. All my underwear comes from there-except the bras-have to get them at Penney's. I do have a complaint-some of my jersey's have the stitching come out Brad wants more cereal choices so he is going over there, I think I will go swimming today. Working like crazy on Evan's quilt. His bd is Sat. Goosd to hear from you, Anne. I am homesick. Mima But not for the snow. Mima

04-01-2005, 10:30 PM
LOL I have to agree about WalMart!
It is raining here now, and there could be snow overnight. Boo hiss.

04-02-2005, 01:53 AM
Well, it poured here all day today and I had to go out in it and sell trailers. I feel awful. I've sold 4 this week ... but that doesn't make me feel much better!

Been working on taxes all night ... well, actually all WEEK. What a nightmare!!! I've had to set up a whole bookkeeping system for our business while I'm into it. We've been in business for a year and we never did get a system set up so I'm having to deal with all the back invoices and expenses from last year as I go. I finally got them all drafted out ... it's nearly 12 p.m. here. Now ALL I have to do is recopy everything in the ledger so the CPA can read it and I'm done. So you know what I'll be doing tomorrow. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, too! :(

04-02-2005, 07:40 AM
Hey Meme-I know about the tax stuff-it takes me a long time but I use a Dome bookeeping book that you get at Staples and an accordion file to file stuff just for the business. Next year you will only have to record the final figures. I don't do it every day but I do try to keep it up. Hubby has a lot of paper to record when we are home-hate it!!! But I love the money coming in. Speaking of hate-I hated my dishwasher and when we came home last night, there was an awful electrical smell because the control burnt out-it won't empty. I know just the one I want!!!It will be the 4th one I will buy because I bought one for the condo, house, a gift, and now here!!! A Maytag. Don't you think I should get a washer and dryer too!!! Dryer takes so long. Today is Evan's first birthday-I bought him Thomas stuff and made him a quilt and bought the border for his room which I will put up. 3 more weeks-love this place-miss MA . Not the snow!!! It's going to pour for 2 days back home. Mima

Joanne D
04-02-2005, 08:15 PM
My hubby did his taxes once.. After that is has been the tax man's job..
I went out to dinner with some of our Tops group Thrusday. It was insallation time. It was nice. I am again going to be secretary for the group. I guess it keeps me grounded.
We were supposed to get rain. Yeah! We got a sprinkle.. Meme-Tammy - you can send it to me.. We need it. I dug up an area near my kitchen yesterday. I try to plant flowers there every year. I like to look out and see something nice when I wash dishes. I don't have a dishwasher.I am glad I didn't plant yet. This coming week ,I will. It is poor soil and I have to add a lot to it.. I live about a mile from the gulf and it is sandy.It is really hard to get things to grow..
Mima- Enjoy what time you have in Fl. I like W/M too. I get all my meds from them. They are more reasonable than most places.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend.. Hello to all I missed..Joanne

04-03-2005, 08:20 AM
Good morning-when I was at mass yesterday, they announced the Pope died-good place to be to pray. Next week they are going to have a retreat every day and the Priest gave the homily-sounds great. Even Brad is going with me. Evan turned one and his favorite toy was a small broom!!!!! Nice party-he is so cute. Next birthday is Alison-15!!! We won't be here but I will leave her present. Actually, next is my daughter-she will be 27. She must be back from Aruba. I would love to plant flowers but I won't be here to take care of them-I transport them back and forth. My geraniums will already be nice. Bye for now. Mima

04-03-2005, 11:20 PM
Awesome day. Beautiful, sunshiny. Perfect! Wonderful church service. Baptized 6 young people this morning. Really good guest speaker tonight. Dinner with friends after. 'Course, I hurt like crazy but, that's normal. Supposed to be in the 70s the next couple of days so maybe I'll feel better! Maybe Joanne will get some of my rain for a while!!! ;)

04-04-2005, 07:54 AM
Good morning! We had a busy day yesterday-went out to eat 2x-church morning and evening. Two of our friends are leaving Wed. to go back to W. Virginia. We have 3 weeks. I have had IBS for 2 weeks!!! I know this am it is from onions. My brother is having 8 inches of his intestine out because of diverticulosis-sounds good to me. But I guess I would need all of mine out. Whine, whine. My other brother wants us to go see a mobile home he wants to buy in Nikomis so we will go there on WEd. Tomorrow, a friend is coming over. Today we go to Brad's doctor and the mission(retreat) at church. And I have to clean the house. I sure don't do it often. Gorgeous weather!!!! Hi to everyone. Mima

04-04-2005, 12:32 PM
Hi.........I have tons of stuff here I do not want to get rid of but have no room for, keep wating for my kids to get homes so they can take it! No storage here either so it is in boxes everywhere. I brought stuff back from mom's too.

Had a picture framed that my DBL got in Jerusalem....250 dollars..hope it looks nice! It is the last supper and had it done in a heavy antique gold frame with moss sueade matting.

Yard work has had me hurting..go to the doc tomorrow and Thurs for and ultrasound for gallbladder...foot is better but still hurts.

Cocoa-Banana Frozen Dessert 2pts This is yummy but I onlymake half the recipe at a time.

6 servings
The flavors in this simple dessert remind us of beach fare - frozen bananas on a stick coated with chocolate. This is a healthier version that you can whip up in no time at all. It contains no dairy and is very versatile. Improvise by adding different flavors. Make this a few hours before you plan to serve - it's best when just frozen. Any leftovers will keep for a couple of weeks in the freezer, but (at my house) rarely last that long.

4 very ripe bananas
2 tablespoons pure unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoons real maple syrup

Peel the bananas and place in a blender or food processor along with the cocoa powder.
Add the vanilla extract and the maple syrup.
Blend till very smooth. Pour into individual custard cups or small bowls and freeze until just frozen.
Per serving:
118 calories
1 g total fat
0 mg cholesterol
30 g carbohydrate
1 g protein
3 g fiber
50 mg sodium

04-05-2005, 07:48 AM
Sounds good, Candice. Wow, that must be a nice picture!! We went to a retreat at my church last night and it was great!!! Brad had a little trouble because he has a different slant to some things but it touched me in a place that needs to be healed. Brad is coming back tonight so it must have been ok. Anyhow, docs yesterday and his cholesterol test was not as good. HDL is too low and LDL too high so they changed his med and he will be tested again.At home. My girlfriend is coming over this am and we are going to lunch. Haven't seen her since last year. Bye for now Mima

04-05-2005, 03:14 PM
Well ... it's not raining but I'm sure hating this wind!!!
Some people just can't be satisfied! :p

Still hurting ... I was hoping that would get better when the sun came out again. Tammy, I looked for the jeans at WM but Just My Size didn't HAVE my size! :D I wear a 12 or 14 tall and they started at 16. I bought a pair of Faded Glory and they are still too big around the waist ... oh well, guess they'll just have to 'stick out' in the back! I don't know what else to do. Everything is too short waisted and too big in the waist or not long enough. I'm deformed!!! :(

Joanne D
04-05-2005, 08:33 PM
Meme- I have the same problem with jeans. I take a dart in the back or put some one inch elastic in the waist.If you don't sew get someone to do it for you.
I was working in the yard for 2 hours today . I didn't get to walk ,but, I guess it will have the same benefit. I will be hurting more though. Darm shoulder and arm won't give up. I guess oa is here to stay.I refuse to admit to getting older. :lol:
Kinda tired so I'll go for now.
Hello All....Joanne

04-05-2005, 10:10 PM
Candice, that recipe sounds delicous!!
Everyone is so busy!

It was such a beautiful day today. I took most of the 2nd graders back to the park behind the school. They loved it! It was my recess duty day, and I thought, What the Heck?

04-06-2005, 01:10 AM
That's what hubby said to do ... he was making fun of me! Panties were showing ... had to dig around and find some bikinis! :o But ... then I found some Lee jeans in the Penny's catalog today that have ELASTIC already in the waist so I ordered a pair. We'll see!

I used to be able to work outside ... now I hate it. It just kills me. So ... I don't. :p Recess out with the kids sounds nice, though. I went out with Garrett and Kaylyn this afternoon after music lessons and played with Sami. We threw the frisbee and Sami 'fetched'. As long as it was them who did all the running around and jumping up and down, I was happy! :lol:

04-06-2005, 08:36 AM
Sounds like fun< Meme. Try the Bobbie Brooks brand jeans at Walmart. Elastic waist, petite, med., tall. Cheaper. Last forever. Wenr\t to lunch with friend -good conversation. We might go to the dog beach today. Need to get ready starting next week. I am glad the weather is better up north. Can't take the cold. Alison went to Shriners in Tampa yesterday-they told her about a surgery that would put a catheter inside her abdomen instead of urethra but it would interfere with having children. I guess she wants a family when she grows up-doesn't want th e surgery. She is going to have to learn to catherize herself. What stuff she has to go through. She is so dramatic when she talks about it. What a trooper. Yard work does me in Joanne. Bye Mima

04-06-2005, 01:54 PM
Don't those just pull on ... no zipper? I don't really like that kind either. I know ... picky picky! :p Boy is it ever windy here today ... 'bout blow you away. I thought the winds were supposed to come in March not April! Good day to stay in bed if people would leave me alone. Guess I'll just do laundry :(

How's everybody liking the Amazing Race? I hated it last night. I didn't want the brothers to leave. I really wanted Lynn and Alex to leave!!! I was happy last week when Ray and Denna got kicked off ... Ray deserved it! ;)

Happy Canuk
04-06-2005, 02:13 PM
Well blue jeans can be a challenge. I by Hagaar Pants, because they are usually long enough for me. I have no idea if they are made in Canada or not. I find if I get down to a size 10, pants don't fit. They are not near long enough. I am 5'8" tall, but in pretty good proportion. However, I hate pants that are cutting into me. So many are shortwaisted, and well, I am NOT!!!! Don't usually have a problem with the hip to waist ratio. It is normally good.

Yes, the amazing race was good last night. I hated to see the brothers go as well. I want Rob and whatever her name is to go, but, unfortunatley, they play too smart. The other couple is also good, but they fight so much. I don't mind Lynn and partner. They play the game well, but they whine a lot. The older couple will probably NOT make it much longer, but they have played a heck of a game.

REST - Meme. It is cloudy here today, as well, but I see the sun is trying to get out, so maybe it will be ok after all. We will be up in the 60's for the next couple of days. The snow is almost all gone in the Ravine and, of course, all gone everywhere else. The river is free as well, so that is a good sign of spring. The allergies are here as well, another good sign of Spring :lol:

Everybody have a nice day. Mima, not much longer now, befor eyou go back home.

04-07-2005, 08:35 AM
Hi-I like the elastic in the jeans-course you have to wear a shirt over. Alfred Dunner has some great jeans that are not all elastic. Anyhow. My dishwasher is coming tonight. The retreat last night was great. We went to the dog beach yesterday for a short time but the tide was in. Everyone thinks Cassidy is a puppy, but he's 15-don't know how much longer we will have him. But he seems content and he loves to go for walks-at least at home, he can run free. Speaking of home, one of the thermostats broke and the heat stayed at 70 and we ran out of oil-used a whole tank in 3 weeks!!! You know that;s not cheap. Gas is 2.26 today. We have to fill the truck and the camper to go home. What are you going to do? It's cheaper to fly. Bye for now. Mima

04-07-2005, 08:35 AM
Hi-I like the elastic in the jeans-course you have to wear a shirt over. Alfred Dunner has some great jeans that are not all elastic. Anyhow. My dishwasher is coming tonight. The retreat last night was great. We went to the dog beach yesterday for a short time but the tide was in. Everyone thinks Cassidy is a puppy, but he's 15-don't know how much longer we will have him. But he seems content and he loves to go for walks-at least at home, he can run free. Speaking of home, one of the thermostats broke and the heat stayed at 70 and we ran out of oil-used a whole tank in 3 weeks!!! You know that;s not cheap. Gas is 2.26 today. We have to fill the truck and the camper to go home. What are you going to do? It's cheaper to fly. Bye for now. Mima I mean the car.

04-08-2005, 01:23 AM
Hubby filled my van up last night (the gas light was on) and it was over $50. He was following me in his truck and stopped to fill up my van ... he told me to go straight home and STAY there! :lol:

We were supposed to get a LOAD of trailers yesterday afternoon ... well, the truck didn't come until nearly 10 p.m. and it only had TWO trailers on it!!! I sold both of them today!!! I could sell a truck load of 76"X16's if I had them. That seems to be what everybody is wanting right now. It's lawn mowing season.

I went to pick up Jenna at school today and stopped at a guitar shop on the way to MacDonald's to see if I could find Garrett a guitar for his BD (coming up the end of the month). Well ... I didn't find him one but I DID find me one! :) The guy made me a deal I couldn't resist. I bought me a new Fender guitar with a hardshell case ... sunburst! It's sooooo pretty! He even put new strings on it for me ... the light gauge that don't cut your fingers so bad. I LOVE IT! :D It's exactly like this one:

Now ... all I have to do is find Garrett one for his BD ... ;)

04-08-2005, 07:54 AM
You play the guitar too!!!! You sure have a lot of gifts, Meme. We had quite a storm last night and Cassidy went crazy!! Brad went out on the couch so I could sleep-what a nice gesture. We are having our pics taken for the church directory tomorrow-oh, what should I wear-Something to cover up my chins!!! They do airbrush them. Last night of retreat-it is great!! Hi to everyone. Mima

Joanne D
04-08-2005, 12:27 PM
Hello Everybody...I have been so busy lately and not getting anything done!!!
I am going to Daytona on the 29th of this month. I am going to be queen for our Tops group. I also will graduate as a Kop.My daughter and I went shopping and she bought me the nicest suit (white,ankle length) to wear..And, it was a size 10!!!I probably have told you all this. I forget sometimes..Part of getting younger.
We did not get any rain from that storm yesterday. I guess because we live so close to the gulf it just blew over. It was really windy.
I am not staying here long. My arm is still giving me a fit.I hope you all are having a Great Day..Joanne

04-08-2005, 02:05 PM
WOW Joanne ... that's great. You'll have to have someone make pictures of you in that suit to show us!!! You should be so proud of yourself!

As for the guitar ... I've been playing guitar since I was 18. I would have started earlier but my parents wouldn't let me. My brother got a guitar when I was just a kid (he was about 14.) He had lessons and one day he laid his guitar on the bed and went outside. He'd been trying to learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for over a month. I picked it up and played the song in about 5 minutes. Well ... I was forbidden to touch his guitar (he was 4 years older than me) ... he walked in and caught me playing it and got mad because I could play his song and he couldn't so he quit. Instead of letting ME take lessons, my parents sold his guitar and that was the end of it. I always wanted to play so after I got married I got my own! :D I learned to play and sang and played with several groups in church and even on the radio for quite a few years. Then the doctors told me I had to quit playing guitar (along with accordian, sewing, typing for long periods, sweeping and vacuuming and piano and lots of other stuff.) I stopped all but the piano. Then Garrett (my 9 yr. old grandson), asked me to teach him to play. I hadn't touched a guitar in about 15 years and haven't played regularly in nearly 20. What a challenge ... to get back what I have lost. I'm having to really practice ... but I'm enjoying the process! :D

Well ... gotta go do stuff I DON'T enjoy doing ... cleaning. :p Got the rugrats coming tomorrow afternoon to spend the night so gotta get all my work done today so I can play tomorrow! I'VE GOT ALL FOUR OF THEM! :eek: Then I have to get up Sun. morning and get them all four ready for church. My church will never be the same after Sunday School this Sunday!!! :lol:

Happy Canuk
04-08-2005, 09:43 PM
Hi. I have been walking lots this week Joanne. You would be happy with my effort! The only thing is, it is killing my lower back and my darn foot. However, I WILL GO FORWARD :lol: Congrats Joanne. What an honor. Get a picture so you can show us how good you look.

Mima - Glad you are enjoying the retreat. I suppose you are packing and getting things organized for when you leave, although I guess you still have a couple of weeks to go.

Meme - house full this weekend. I don't know how you do that. One makes me tired, but then I guess with 4 they entertain each other. Have fun.

I hope everybody has a good night. I am heading up to the city tomorrow and may stay until Wednesday. My baby boy will be 30. I just don't know where the time has gone. My little gdaughter celebrated her 7th birthday last Sunday. Times sure flies whether you are having fun or not.

04-09-2005, 07:55 AM
Hi-my middle son turned 30 a couple of weeks ago but my oldest is 43-yikes!!! Joanne-that is awesome!! No, you didn't tell us. I have seen pics of the queens in the TOPS magazines. Congratulations.
I am having the weirdest symptoms and I feel like a hypochondriac-I swallow air when I eat or drink, then get a pressure in my chest and it keeps traveling down. Ever since they found blood in my urine and can't find out why, I worry that I have something else. Also the chest and wheezing pain and they did a thalium stress test. And I was ok-Last time I went to doc, he gave me singulair but it gave me pains. I have tried prilosec otc and it helps a little. There, I feel better telling you guys. Hey Candice, how are you doing?
Busy day today-church pics this am and church dedication this pm. The retreat ended last night and it was so good. I sent the video to my daughter and she said she would watch it. Yes, I am thinking about going home all the time and starting to get ready. It won't be hard packing because we have a whole camper to put things in. Next year will be the challenge. Brad has been going back and forth deciding whether we should build an apartment downstaires in our house and rent the upstairs but finally decided not to move downstairs-which is what I want anyways. He does these things all the time-I shouldn't even talk to him about his ideas. Right now, we are getting a hardwood floor in the kitchen, which I want to enjoy!!! And I like the room. And we put a lot of work into renovating. I guess I don't have to convince all of you. Have a great weekend everyone. Mima

04-09-2005, 10:01 PM
Meme, I'm with you about working outside. I used to plant flowers each spring, but I've had to have someone else do it for me the past couple of years. I'm trying to fill in with perinnials so we don't have to worry about it. Good for you on getting yourself a new guitar! My brother and nephew both play, and they enjoy it so much.

Mima, I've never tried the Bobbie Brooks jeans. May have to see about those. About the pressure in your chest, DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES!!! Yes, that was an order!! It's better to be safe than sorry.

Anne, good for you on the walking! I've done some walking and some stretching exercises lately. I poo out so easily. I don't like to walk with anyone because I feel like I slow them down.

I'm getting bad about getting school work done on the weekends. I used to get things done before Sunday. Lately I've been so tired on Fridays, I collapse after school and then go to bed very early. Saturdays I seem to have errands to run and naps to take!! lol

04-10-2005, 07:35 AM
I understand the tiredness, Tammy. I had a stress test last summer and all was ok. This is different-actually I took a stomache relaxer yesterday and it was better-I swallow air when I eat or drink-that starts it off. I know I need to go to doc. I WILL!!! I am making little lowfat creamcheese and cherry tarts for Sunday School class-our turn. See ya-Mima

04-11-2005, 10:54 AM
I have gallstones! So my chest shoulder pain is from that they I need to decide if I want it out or not???????????? SIL had hers out 3 weeks ago and is having all kinds of problems, they are going back in to take a look.

Other SIL has cancer, they said it has spread to far and give her 6 months to 6 years. She went to Chicago for treatment. She is 45!!!!!!!!!

Been very busy in the yard!

04-12-2005, 07:11 AM
Candice-my girlfriend had hers out and she was up and around the same day!!! I went over to help her and she was fine. I wonder if I have trouble with my gallbladder. Anyhow, I think the antibiotic that I take every day was causing me the wheezing and IBS. I haven't taken it for 2 days so what do I do now.? Candice, don't be afraid-you will feel better. Mima

04-12-2005, 07:54 AM
Candice, I had my gall bladder taken out and never had any problems at all. I am so glad that I did. The pain was awful because of the gall stones. Sorry about your SIL with the problems from hers. Also sorry about the SIL with cancer. I just hate to hear that about anyone.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Today is starting out with an awesome sunrise! I wish I could get a decent picture of it. I even got Tim out of bed to come and see it. Even he was impressed!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Joanne D
04-12-2005, 11:36 AM
Candice- Gall bladder surgery should not be anything to worry too much about these days. Medical science has improved a lot.. You probably would be in the hospital just 2-3 days at the most if that.Get it taken care of and feel better..
I walked almost 4 miles yesterday.. I want to drop a few more lbs,but, for me that is really hard. I almost have to quit eating anything. I guess as long as I stay in that size 10 dress till next month I will be ok.I would like to be size 10 all the time.. :lol: :lol: I have been doing a lot of walking lately..
Tammy- The days have been really nice here lately,but, no rain in my area.. From what I hear from my daughter you are not the only teacher ready for the summer and tired. She has been sitting every weekend for the whole year with paper work..We used to visit her more often but now we feel she is just too busy..She is going with me to Daytona for TOPS SRD. I bet she will take work along.
I am still having a lot of problems with my R arm and shoulder. I will break down one day and tell the Dr. enough.He says 'take the darvocet". I say that is not an answer.
I am going to get my hair cut today and will color it tomorrow. I have done this so many years that I sometimes wonder what color my hair is now. :lol: :lol: My sisters and brother who are younger than me are white(hair).
Bye for now..Joanne

04-12-2005, 01:40 PM
That's too funny ... your sisters and brothers being white I mean! :D

Starting new thread ... so ..