Carb Counters - Weekend Chat - March 12th and 13th

03-12-2005, 07:55 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

I woke up this moring to a beautiful white world, it seems that mother nature decided to dump a few inches of snow on us. Everything just drips with snow and sparkles, its really pretty.

We are heading off to the circus this morning :D should be exciting, I haven't been there in 32 years.... :p

Whats everyone doing this weekend ?

Off to read up on the threads for the past few days......bbl


03-12-2005, 09:05 AM
Leenie: Have fun at the circus. I think Mother Nature decided to visit us with the same snow as you got. I wish she'd decide to let Spring come already!! I'm ready for some fresh air!

Marie: I'm sorry! I haven't replied to your post of your daughter. That is a very pretty angel you have and I can't imagine the grief you're going through. You've every right to be proud of her. Hope all is getting better as the days go by (and I suck and expressing the sympathy in my head...the words never come out right)

Well, last night had deep fried shrimp (I don't know why. They didn't taste right) and french fries and home made buns. Could have skipped everything else and had the homemade buns and the cabbage salad. But it's lent...and I can't have meat on Fridays. And I don't like boiled, grilled or baked fish. BLECH!! But hey, if the scale goes up, it's my own fault, eh? Should I mention the pumpkin bar I had afterwards? lol. And the HUGE slice my mom sent home with me? I'm going to do my best to stay away from that. Anyway, I'm that I've missed my "golden shot" at Atkins and it's going to take longer to drop the flab......would it actually go faster if I exercised or isn't that going to help speed things up? I mean, I know exercise is good for me and all. But am I still going to have the struggle? Hmm..should I care? I mean, I'm pretty ok (I mean, not ecstatic about my body. But it's better than it was and I'm happier than I used to be) with the way things are. So I shouldn't pay attention to the scale right? Just keep doing what I'm doing and (try to) get some exercise in more often.

03-13-2005, 12:22 AM
Hey ladies!!

Oh I hate going grocery shopping!! That's what I did today. Shop, and it was soo busy.....grr.

The day was beautiful so before we headed out on errands I was outside watering the flowers. It is spring time here in AZ ladies, sorry. Today I think it was like 88degrees, don' t beat me up. It should go back down next week, we are expecting some rain, so it will be in the 70's, but still beautiful I could only wish we could experience snow, my daughter has never seen it, andI know she would love it.

Speaking of which, we (Am and I) watched Bambi on Dvd, I went ahead and put the surround sound on, and that thing was LOUD. Ahhh but Bambi always makes Mommy cry. Man. She is sleeping now. She's so pretty, my baby. God Bless her. I look at her and I always thank God in my head because I am a lucky to have such a Blessing. I know you girls know how I feel.

THE CIRCUS.... I love the circus!! My father used to take me every year without fail until I was about 17. Its the best memory from my childhood. I have taken my daughter once, she hated it, but she was two. Maybe she wil like it now that she is five. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh is evil, that is all I have to say girl. LOL.

Have a good weekend ladies.

03-13-2005, 08:17 AM
Good Morning :)

Brenda you are so like me. I hate exercise too. How about finding something you like to do. Ride a bike, dance, go for a walk (when the weather allows), skating, there's gotta be something we can do that we like, just to keep the body moving more.

Julia the weather sounds so nice by you. The circus was nice but so expensive, get this, $23.50 for the ticket, $8 for parking, $18 for a souviner, $9 cotton candy, $6 popcorn. Now if you had more than one kid, the day would cost a fortune. Sad very sad. Good thing I brought in some juice boxes for my Dd and nieces. But all in all the circus was fun. It was 2 hrs 15 minutes which was a little to long for most kids, you can see their eyes start to wonder lol (my DD is 3 1/2). And yes, I know what you mean by being so blessed.

Well since yesterday I did not clean, I must start today :( ick.


Brenda, how did you do with the food yesterday?

03-13-2005, 10:31 AM
Julia: I wish we had your weather. I'd love to go outside and putter around the yard! Won't kill ya for it..but will envy you (as I look outside at snowy white crap AGAIN) :lol: And yes, I know how you feel in being blessed.

Leenie: Yup, taking kids ANYWHERE nowadays costs a small fortune. It's one reason we've always told the girls we can't just go ALL the time to places they want. Heck, even a matinee movie costs $30 for the 3 of us! Of course, that's popcorn and the movie and a small soda. Oh man, don't ASK about how (or what) I ate yesterday.

Discovered I'm emotionally eating. Just woke up--looked at the donuts I had planned on for breakfast and realised that. Also realised chocolate IS my best friend. It's my major mood stabilizer. Safer than pills...but not safer on the weight loss effort. Which of course is blown by the past 2 days. Also realised ANOTHER reason I've probably gained weight (instead of losing some)....and it has (or might have) to do with starting the BC pills. You know, as if being fat isn't a hard enough problem to try and overcome.....I have these raging hormones (:censored: major PMS!!) to fight off also. Things just aren't fair! ARGH!!!! So anyway, I'm determined today to be OP. So I made myself skip the donut (yah, they really don't taste as good as I thought they used to--had one last night....and they're NOT worth having to work my :censored: off to lose weight.) and I made myself a couple eggs and sausages. Need an alternative once in a while to that breakfast fair.

03-13-2005, 06:32 PM
:) Hey ladies...
Working on my midterm for my HR class, grrr...but I wanted to pop in and say HOLA to you guys! I have realized that I love this website. You guys really have welcomed me, and I love having a channel to just communicate without feeling silly about it.

I have spent the day...well this morning, you would be sooo PROUD of me. HOney went to take his little sis to a driving lesson, actually a parallel parking lesson. Amber and I woke up. PUt our hair up in pony tails, put on some cute lil sweat pants, and t-shirts--and we went to this park in town. Took Apple. Man that puppy wants to kill me. I am convinced. The park is huge, its the park where the zoo is located, the zoo is in the center. Then there are the East and West side of the park. So on the East side there is a jogging/walking path, that is paved really nicely...its about 4miles around. We went through half, and then went back the same way. I am not found of going around the busy intersection side. BUT Amber rode her bike like a pro...and Apple-lil brat-was running so fast I ended up jogging. Man I have never ran in public. Esp not at this size. I felt like a big fat, fatty, lol. BUt it felt good because this big fat fatty was running and sweating like a big pro. NOw I am all achy. Anyways after that we went to the play ground area and there's a lake with ducks, thats on the West side of the park. It was nice. We were out there for like 2hrs in the morning before it got really warm. But it was still pretty warm whenyou are over 200 and its 70degrees and your dog is running to catch up with your bike riding 5yr old. :^:

Anyways spent the rest of the day watching the food network, lol. I am a sucker for torture I think. But I love to watch how they make all of that amazing food. I think I am an emotional eater as well. My problem is when I feel lonely or sad I eat. I eat and eat and eat and eat. So today I was thinking the same things. Man its crazy. I think I am going to start writing down everything I eat on paper, so I can look at it in a week, and see what exactly is going on. I am going to write it down, no matter what I eat, even if just one grape--and then I am going to write down how I feel when I ate it.

Man the circus is super super super expensive. How many of your nieces did you take? I think when it comes to town I will have to take Amber and my cousins girls (so it will be a 5,6,and 9yr old) I think I can handle those 3.

Well I better go back to this midterm. I love online schooling.

Take care muchachas,
julia :smug: