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llushanne luscious
05-21-2001, 09:53 AM
I don't think it is ever coming back, Sugar. If this is hard for us, imagine how difficult it is for Letty, June and Dusty.
Look on the bright side. Girls in spaghetti straps will not want your boys if they don't take baths. My DD is getting spaghetti straps with a jacket for her dance. I am sure the Nuns are right and this will be the beginning of her undoing. Sad.
I am reading Memoir of a Geisha and don't have time for anything else.

llushanne luscious
05-21-2001, 01:31 PM
I took the quiz. I am exactly in the middle. It said that this will tend to make me disorganized since any effort at organization will be changed 10 days later with a new plan. WHO DOES THAT SOUND LIKE???????? How depressing. Now I want to know, which side of my brain will make me an organized person. I will start doing exercises to develop that side.
Where is everyone???? Sugar? Wabby? Cows???

05-21-2001, 02:02 PM
I went to the beach for the weekend with 4 kids 16 to 21 yrs old. We actually had a wonderful time as the weather was sunny and warm. We ate huge amounts of food, slept alot and generally hung out.

I don't have time to chat because my accountant's assistant is coming this morning to try to figure out some glitches in my bookkeeping system. I'm sure none of them are my fault.

I'll be back. Wabby

llushanne luscious
05-21-2001, 03:25 PM
One side of my brain wants to clean the dump, another side wants to watch tv and read and hang on the computer....etc. I am helpless to settle this arguement. This is Kiwi's fault. Worse yet, she is probably watching tv or reading or surfing the net or doing something other than posting and entertaining me. How rude of her.
Do you think it is time to ask for our own club, yet?
Here is what the worker side of my brain is about to do:
1. unload dw
2. call home depot for dh
3. clear kit counter
4. call Lynn and tell her I don't feel like coming over
5. shift wash
6. do something with kitchen floor
7. swish through bathroom
8. get dinner together
9. pity self for having to go to bingo tonight
10. call sil re party and sad fact that we'll be attending.

Wabby, a trip to the beach sounds great. Where did you stay at the beach? Is it warm enough there? It is rainy and cold here. But you've inspired me to get there this weekend, maybe.

05-21-2001, 05:32 PM
I didn't got to no beach with no one. I got to hang out with a sick kid who has a really wierd cough. Could it be all the dust around here? Sort of a cross between Dino Flinstone and a seal.

Jeff has betrayed us. How can we take revenge?

llushanne luscious
05-21-2001, 06:04 PM
Here is my answer from Jeff. I think it means he doesn't even work for Cybermom anymore. I feel our cause is lost. How could anyone with a hotmail address help us?

I have not heard from Betsy Weaver in some time.

Currently I am... mentally unbalanced... and am reluctant to use the

Last I spoke with her she said things would be down about a week. That
was a couple of weeks ago, now though.

I'm very sorry I don't know more. You could try her at:

She will know more. Do be cautioned that she tends to be a bit overly
optomistic. Not dishonet, though. She will be straight with you.

Good luck. I am really hoping that things go well for The CyberMom. I
worked on a great site there and a wonderful resource, and I wish it and
you the best.


Obviously he doesn't remember how sweet you are Sugar or he would have put his mental unbalance aside and solved this problem. Where is Steve when we need him?

05-21-2001, 06:38 PM
It has a calming effect on you. My kids actually acted like they liked each other. We sat down and ate breakfast together with no tv or any other distractions. I read a book. I took a nap.

I can't let on like it's always sunny and warm this time of the year at the beach here. But it was for us, and the ocean was beautiful. We stayed at a friend's cabin that we rented for only $80 a night. It's not fancy, but it's right on the beach. I mean you walk outside and there's the ocean. I'll post a photo of the group when I get them developed. Then you can see how chubby I've become, and how beautiful my children and DH are. :smug:

If cybermom comes back, I want smiley faces from them.