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03-08-2005, 11:05 AM
Welcome all to a thread full of wonderful women taking on the responsibilty of raising a family and trying to take care of themselves too. We look forward to a new day with members, new and old! Please feel free to jump right in and say hello!

Here's a bit about who we are ...

MichelleRae: Michelle sahm to Taylor 8-25-01 & Teagan 10-13-03 Married 2 years to Zhaun. Plan I'm following is a combined WW and South Beach Diet.

Spryng: 24 y.o. married 6 years. Kids- Ava 4, Bubba (aka Joseph) 3 & Tanner 1. Currently on ww, hit goal in April.

Mompen: Penny 24 y.o. Happily Married & SAHM Momma to three active boys, Hunter 5, Nicholas 4 & Andrew 20 mo. Taking what I learned from WW & South Beach is my way of life.

Sydsmom: Kristin SAHM to Sydney 09-27-01, married almost 2 years to wonderful dh Began Weight watchers mid-July

Cindi: Mom to 6 boys & 1 mean girl. Plan.. No diet for me! Portion control, exercise & lots of water (most days).

Chubba: Geri..Mom to two boys, Will (3) & Tony (1)..married for 4 years to a great guy..following Dr Phil most days!

Ricci sahm to two boys 4 and 5, married 7 years, doing ww

Jill: SAHM of 1 daughter, Bayley, born 9/19/03. Currently trying to lose some of the baby weight I gained with her & need some extra support to help me do so.

Melissa: SAHM of 1 girl (4) and 1 boy (2). Currently watching what I eat and exercising 4-5days a week.

Deana: SAHM of 3 boys and 1 girl. Counting calories, exercising, and drinking lots of water.

Chris: SAHM of Tiana, Kayla, Nicole: ages 11, 5, & 2. Married 5 years. Live in Billings, Montana. I'm a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer & trying using WW Flexpoints to lose weight.

Roxy: married (21yrs) 4 boys, and 6 girls, have to get serious after last baby. Doing the low-carb thing, drinking lots of water & more exercise.

Jeniqua ~ 28 y.o married 6 years to Joe, SAHM to Jasmine 5, Juliesa 4, JT 2. I am looking to lose 40 pounds. I am currently on the SBD to help me reach my goal.

(michellejy) Chelle: 29 yo SAHM to Sage (8), newly married to wonderful man & looking to lose 100 pounds. Losing weight by sticking w/ low-cal, lowfat diet & exercise

03-08-2005, 11:16 AM
Good morning ladies! Time for a hot shower and getting into gear. I hope everyone is doing well. Long day planned, job hunting and checking into some programs here in town. The newspaper thing just didn't work out. I was standing on my feet for three hours to make a whopping five dollars commission. Not cool. LOL, oh well. That's just the way it goes sometimes. But I am not going to let this get to me. I had an opportunity to demonstrate Kirby vacuum cleaners. But that would require me to be away from home 12 to 15 hours a day, six days a week, and jump through hoops to meet the requirements to earn the "guaranteed" 1800 a month. What a crock! I don't know what I am going to do, but I have to do something quick. It's been determined that my h and I are going to have to seperate. I don't know what's going to happen after that, but it's unavoidable at this point. On a side note, I realized something about him yesterday that irritated the snot out of me. When we got married, I chose a beautiful song to play while we lit the Unity candle. He doesn't even remember the song! We were in the car together yesterday, and it came on the radio, and nothing. Not even so much as a pat on the hand to show me he remembered. That really hurt, because I had put a lot of thought into picking out that song, it's one of my favorites, and now I can hardly bare to hear it. This is the man who associates a song with every important event in his life and he can't even remember the song played on one of the most important days of our lives together! Oh well, enough griping about it.

Well, I am off to do a couple of challenges and get some house work done before I go. I need to get the h in gear, cause I need his help cleaning, yeah, all he wants to do though is lay on the couch and watch television. Somebody kick me in the butt! I am in a real whiney b****y mood this morning!

03-08-2005, 12:31 PM
Afternoon! Oh gracious I am so sorry to hear you and your h are going to seperate :( I hope that things will be able to be worked out *hugs* You have every right to be whiny & bit..y! I will keep you in my thoughts!

Things are going OK over here, I'm sticking to this 150% I'm GONNA loose weight, I will not look like crap for my oldest daughters confirmation in May..I'm working on this day by day!

It is snowing again *sigh* I hate it! Yesterday was so nice out and now this again..blah!

Hope everyone is doing well.

03-08-2005, 12:41 PM
Tabitha, sounds like TOM is coming your way! We are here for you. Dh's are like that sometimes...oh well. If you ever get married again, together, pick out everything. That way they WILL remember. I know it really stinks when they don't remember things, but dh's, or h's or just men in general, are not programmed too. We will remember things about your life better. lol. Cheer up kiddo, you'll feel better later..

Chrissy, snowing here as well. That's ok though, I am doing laundry and dishes and laundry and more dishes, trying to catch up from having NO hot water for 2 days and NO water for about 5 hours last night. grrr. catch up time....

Ok everyone, I am a bit sore from my crazy exercise yesterday, So I'll be working on stretches and some other easier stuff. bbl

03-08-2005, 12:55 PM
Morning ladies...

I got busy this morning cleaning and remembered I haven't checked in with you guys yet. I got the kitchen all done though and am staying on top of my little mess maker...NICOLE! That is a full-time job if ever there was one.

Tabitha-Sorry things aren't working out with you and your H. You have every right to be B***chy and whiney. I would. My ex-H was more interested in how "good" he looked and other women to worry about me. He told me that if I ever got fat, he'd dump me. Hummm....Guess you know what happened huh? Some guys are just born jerks. You have such a positive attitude. I see nothing but good things happening for you. :) You'll find the right job soon, lose that weight, and have a whole different you. ;)

Melissa-A little sore after your powerhouse workout yesterday? Have fun catching up on all the laundry and cleaning. Last night our washer flooded the basement...including my new sewing room. We got most of the water sucked up and fans going to dry out the carpet. If its not one thing, its another.

Chrissy-There ya go! That's the kind of determination that will get you everywhere with everything! You'll do awesome! My mini-goal is to be firmly planted in the 180 weight range before my birthday in April. I'm going to try like crazy to get there. I've pooped off for a couple days and now I gotta get back in the groove.


03-08-2005, 03:10 PM
Aren't we just a non-chatty group today? :lol: I'm racking up some exercise points today. Watch on Melissa and Michelle! ;)

Oops, Nicole is crying. Her and Kayla are having a little domestic dispute. :D

Roxy-Haven't seen you post yet today but i will look forward to the knitting cd-rom. Thanks soooo much! You are a doll.

Okay, Now Nicole is stripping down to her undies. The kid hates clothes.

Talk to you in a bit.


03-08-2005, 04:05 PM
Where is everyone? Chris, I'm so proud of you with the exercise. I am a slacker today. I'm pretty sore, but I've been cleaning and doing laundry all day. up and down the stairs has been the exercise of

03-08-2005, 04:49 PM
It is awfully quiet. I've been walking, cleaning, and now I am going to take a nap. I can't sleep at night, and I can barely nap during the day cause of the kids. And I am biting my tongue before I say anything about my h, I am a little bitter today. Oh well, bbl.

03-08-2005, 05:06 PM
Hey all, Please say a prayer for my dad. He is very sick. He is a young man only 55 and had a heart attack at 33 and triple bipass surgery at 49. He has severe colitis and diabetis. He has been very sick to the point of not being able to get up for more than two hours on and off now since January. Last night he had chest pain and was admitted to the hospital. Right now he needs a blood transfusion and then they will go from there to see what else is going on. I'm worried. My GF ..Dad's Dad, had all these problems as well and died at 61 years old. It's just too young! My father is special to me. He even surprised dh and I and sang and played the guitar at our wedding! It's very icy and snowy here so I can't even go see him. THis stinks! Anyway, thanks for listening.

03-08-2005, 06:14 PM
Mel, you and your dad will be in my prayers. I am so sorry that you cannot go be with him right now. I know that must be hard. As my friend up north would say, >>>>>BIIIIG HUUUG<<<<<, to you.

03-08-2005, 06:25 PM
Melissa, I think the year 2005 needs to lighten up a bit. So far it hasn't been that good for anybody. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. Sounds like he's been having a very hard time. I praying for the best outcome for you all.

Tabitha-Hey hon! You and me...the insomniacs. I've been having a very hard time sleeping lately too. I go in waves where I can sleep really good and then really bad. Lately I've been waking up exhausted and wanting to nap in the afternoon but got 3 kids that say "NO" to that one too.

I just got home from taking the kids to the park and then they played at McDonald's after lunch. I tried to be good. A diet coke and a cheeseburger minus the bun, since I can't eat the darn things anyhow. Not quite SB but the cupboards were bare.

Well I'm going to do a journal entry for the BLC challenge. Get back with you girls later.


03-08-2005, 11:48 PM
Another very quiet day on here. I'm getting a little worried about my Dh. He's hypothyroid and he's getting super fatigued again and is falling asleep all the time. He didn't even make it past 8 tonight. He says his stomach is really hurting again too (he has acid reflux disease) and his back hurts. He's going to go for blood work tomorrow and he has a doctor appt. next Tues. I wish they would have just taken that damn thyroid out and been done with it. I think (personally) that the growths he has are cancerous. First time they checked his thyroid there was one...the next time there was 2...I mean HELLOOOO! That says "warning sign" to me.

I got in a little extra exercise tonight while AI was on. I did 20 min on my Gazelle until Nicole kept standing in front of me and I about took her kneecaps off a few times. That ended that.

Gotta get the kiddies to bed. It is sooo time for that!


03-08-2005, 11:54 PM
Bad eating day for me today. I had a healthy lunch, but I went and had Sonic for supper, and more than one soda. I just let my frustrations dictate my eating today. I didn't even exercise. I woke up with the best of intentions, but let my problems get in the way. The kids are driving me up the wall, and my h is being a jerk. And I am getting back on that self pity trip, tomorrow is another day, and it will be better than this one.

03-09-2005, 12:20 AM
Hi ladies!

Mel I'm praying for your father sweetie.

Chris, the docs didn't biopsy the growths on your husbands thyroid? That is the first thing they did with the growth on mine! I had an FNA which I got yelled ;) for contaminating the doctor LOL when they gave me the shot in my neck to numb me my hand just snapped up and grabbed his hand lol. It was reflex I couldn't help it. The growth on my thyroid was thankfully not cancerous. Even if they did remove his thyroid he would be on replacement therapy for the rest of his life and still probably get fatigued easily. How long has he been on meds? They could also need some adjusting again. I get mine adjusted every 3 months and the one I'm now has made the biggest difference. Have him ask his doc about armour thyroid maybe it will help. :) Thinking of you :D

Tab, hope things get better for you.

Jen, are you okay, thinking of you!

Deana...are you out there? Yoooo Hooooo!!!

Chrissy, I'm glad you feel better :) You're gonna get to goal soon just keep your eyes on the prize!

Foxy Roxy, how are things at your house today? Is everyone getting better? I was thinking of you today, hope those flu bugs have flown out your window :D

I got a great workout today I need to go post my exercise but I will do it in the morning after I finish my workout tomorrow :D

Okay I'm going to bed.
Love to all

03-09-2005, 12:26 AM
Michelle-They did biopsy his thyroid. 3 different doctors looked at the results but they couldn't agree. One said cancer, one said no, and the other was in the middle with it all. He's taking levoxyl right now at 125 mcg. He started at 100 mcg, then 115 mcg. Now 125. His thyroid function tests keep showing him out of the normal ranges still. We'll see what his blood work shows after he gets it drawn tomorrow.

Tab-This is your conscience speaking.... :D Don't fret, things will level out for ya. You're not alone. We are all here to lend an ear and help you out anyway we can.

Melissa-Still thinking about you and your dad.

Gotta go be bop around on ebay for awhile before I go off to bed.


03-09-2005, 02:29 AM
Hi ladies. I was just writing to ask that you guys pray for me tomorrow. All day. I don't want to get into why, but I may not be around for a few days. If that happens, I won't have access to internet. But pray that everything goes alright tomorrow. Please? I will keep track of my exercise and post it all with my points when I get back. Just pray for me. Please. Thank you and have a good night everyone.

03-09-2005, 09:01 AM
Well our board needs alot of prayers today and I am going to be praying for you all!

Chris's husband, Mel's dad and Tabitha!

Big Hugs! and Lots of Love! Penny

03-09-2005, 10:44 AM
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