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03-08-2005, 09:14 AM
Well, I managed to clean at least 3/4 of my kitchen. I'm not sure what to do with the remaining 1/4 of stuff. So it's just laying there today. Today it's living room day. As the house shapes up, I'll add more things to the rooms as I go along. Right now I'm just trying to get them to look decent. Plus I'm slowly getting rid of the clothes that need folding in our bedroom. That's Fridays room...but there's NO way I could get it all cleaned in ONE day :lol: So I'll vaccuum the floor and then fold some clothes there. Then the girls can put them away when they get home. You know, I just realised my oldest DD is ALWAYS doing homework. I have to go to school this week to find out why. Find out if she's just not keeping up in school or if they're just assigning THAT much. DH and I argued a little because she didnt' do ANY homework this weekend..and then had a major project due today. Well, I told him I wouldn't do homework on the weekend either if I was ALWAYS doing it (from the time she comes home til she goes to bed!!!) during the week. Anyway, I'm hoping the sooner my house gets straightened up the sooner I can just sit and relax more during the day. I've started crocheting the SIL an afghan for her wedding shower present. WHY? I dunno. I'm still trying to figure it out. :lol: Oh...guess you all haven't been kept up on the newest news on THAT development either, eh? Well, this post is long'll have to wait another day for that :p

03-08-2005, 12:58 PM
Brenda~ Ive started crocheting too. For my oldest stepson and his new wife. Its a baby blanket!! Nope they arent pregnant yet, but I figured by the time Im done the blanket and outfit, they just might be! :lol3:

Did good eating yesterday. Not low carb, but good. No sugar, or flour, or any other junk! I did good :D

Bought me a Swiffer last night!! :cb: WooOoOHoOooOoo!! That sucker grabs up the hair like you wouldnt believe. So why didnt I buy one a long time ago :dunno: who knows!?!? Exciting stuff eh?? :lol:

Thats it for the excitment in my to starbucks, have a good one!

03-08-2005, 01:27 PM
Goodmorning girlies!
It's Tuesday, and yesterday afternoon the doctors nurse calls to tell me that I actually do have strep and they are so sorry they didn't listen to me when I called them in tears on Friday because my throat and ears hurt so bad. Grrr! I let them have it, and they prescribed some antibiotics.

Ohhh the puppy (Apple) is forever snapping at Amber. i am not sure what to do because he has chew toys, he has snapped at her mouth, cheek, hands feet, everything. I am not sure how I am supposed to stop this. I tell her not to geton the floor with him but he can jump up on the sofa and stuff, so any suggestions?

My honey and I got into a huge arguement. He says I am too jealous, and possesive. I will give the jealous but I have every reason to be, he has not always been the most faithful chap, you know. I know it was years ago, but you know when you forget thats when it will happen again. I am not possesive, he says I am because I am always asking questions. WHATTT? Hello I try to have convos with him, but he is always soo tired because of this or that. I am like are u kidding me? He never wants to talk. He's always too busy. before work, after work, always too busy to communicate with me. So right now I just feel like we both know that we should not be together, but how do we let go? You know six years and a child together. (we've know each other for ten) So that is my dilema today...
And I have to take this stupid econ final, and a spanish midterm (easy A).
Anyways....hope you all are having a good one.

B~what grade is she in? I hate homework. Poor girl.


BBL, Julia ;)

03-08-2005, 01:30 PM
Hey Chicas!

Brenda- I SO need to do that with my problem is, no matter how much stuff I take out theres no place to put it!...we are bursting at the seams but we just keep buying more crap!

Robin- those swiffers are great! they work really well on my hardwood floor for the did things go with the ex?

Whoo girls! I dont know WHAT is wrong with me these days! no energy, this morning I set the alarm and started to go back to sleep instead of walk- luckily my mean inner voice got me up after about 15 min. and I still got a mile in.....anyone know any good supplements to give me some get up and go? Maybe the bo-flex will help me out....

03-08-2005, 01:41 PM
Hey Julia- ya snuck in on me....

Puppies can be tough- Im not sure how much they understand, but I would definitely lay the kybosh down on him every time he snaps at her.....

the husband thing is tougher....I've always said I could forgive just about anything EXCEPT cheating....I just dont understand the point, if you want to be with someone else, then you leave the other person FIRST. I spent a lot of years with a man who, although he was a good husband, I wasnt FRIENDS the communication was crap. Now, Im married to my best friend and my DH feels the same way-the jealousy thing is understandable, but you need to realize, you can't stop someone from doing something if they are going to do - all the inquiry, and questions and whatever wont stop someone if they are going to cheat....When I met my DH he was a singer in Nashville....toured all over and was always around women....luckily ( as my Dad puts it) He is "as faithful as an old dog"--We've both made it very clear in our marriage that cheating is something neither of us would forgive- but then we laugh because we have both said we realize the dream person we would cheat with- is each other!
I think you just need to let him know that would be it, and understand it's not on you- it's on him. Just MHO........

03-08-2005, 02:57 PM
Robin: I've got a swiffer..but not the kind that sucks things up. Not sure it could handle the pet hair we've got flying around (already burned out a vaccuum w/that stuff). A blanket And an outfit! You're more adventurous than me--I have a simple afghan pattern and that's all I can do right now (mind goes too fast to concentrate on more complicated stuff). Take a picture so we can see the results!!!

Julia: Ok. First the puppy. Unfortunately he's trying to "fight" for dominance and nothing YOU can do will make him back down. I'm sorry, I don't remember how old Amber is..but is she old enough to smack Apple? A couple good smacks against the snout would probably take care of that. If not, then you might never get Apple to stop. On to the Honey: You're a better woman than I am. I wouldn't be able to even TRY to forgive (or forget) if DH cheated on me. I think that's the hardest thing to get over....IF a person can. I know it's a hard thing....but maybe seperating would be the best thing? If you don't trust him and he won't communicate with it really worth the stress you're going through? ok. That's JMO. Best of luck to you!!

Marie: I'm slowly tossing things out. Things we don't need/use or want. Or just plain don't have a spot for. But we're pretty much down to the bare minimum now. It's just the papers and magazines now that clutter stuff. And the girls junk (which if they don't pick up after a couple days I throw away cuz obviously it's not important to them). Can't help you on the no-energy thing. Once you find the magic pill for energy let me know cuz I sure could use some also!!!

I just would be day TWO of being OP. WOOHOO!! And if cleaning house is exercise I sure have been getting more than my share :lol: I got a new vaccuum. pretty sad when I get excited over something that simple. But hey, it's about time I get something decent to suck up the animal fur. HOPEFULLY this one doesn't burn out like the last one. I think that one burned out cuz it was the no-bag type. The fur got clogged in the pipes and I didn't pay attention and all of a sudden it burned out the motor. Danged thing! lol. So went back to the baggy type. We'll see how long it lasts. Ok. Off to go crochet for a couple hours before kidlets and DH get home.

03-08-2005, 03:37 PM
Marie~ havent dealt with him yet.....Friday at noon :( Im hangin in there....I havent devoured the 3 bags of cadbury easter egg chocolates!! :lol: So Im doing good.

Brenda~ my swiffer is just that broom type thingy, not a vacuum type. My hair is always everywhere, and its very dark on the light floors, so it always seems like Im going bald!!!

03-08-2005, 03:41 PM
Robin- I have the same ex is so jealous that Im happy so he has to continually whine and play head games, and act like the victim-Dale had him out on the front lawn one time ready to break him in 2, but I got in the middle of that-its worse with the DD....I want to be fair to him but he's such a rag that Dale wants me to deny him whenever possible...and that puts me in the middle.