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03-08-2005, 07:13 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us.

03-08-2005, 07:41 AM
Good morning lovely ladies--

I started a new thread since the other one hit 50! :D

Today was a long day....only because all I can think of is to get this week OVER with!! :lol:

I'm debating on getting a hair cut before the trip.....just don't know since I want to save money to buy some fun things while we're down there. Who knows.

Today I felt like a greasy unkept girl! I hate bad hair days!!

Talked to Jhanai before work and she told me that her hedgehog died last night. She was so sad. I felt bad and told her that I was sending her a kiss and a big hug and she said "Thanks mommy...I needed that" (my sweetie)
Then she announced quietly that they had sex ed today in school. Learning all about being a girl and a boy. I told her that if there were any more questions that she wanted to know about after they're done and she was too embarrassed to ask in school....that I'm ALWAYS here to answer them for her. Then of coarse she proceded to ask me questions then!!

I just want her to always be comfortable w/me and not be shy like me. that I just yapped and talked about things Jhanai would just be mortified about...I better get myself to bed.

You all have a great morning!

(7 more days!!)

03-08-2005, 09:54 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Angie - I bet it was good to see your old co-workers, but sad under those circumstances. Hope you got rested up! Yep, home repairs can mount up, lol. We bought a new screen door for the enclosed patio. It's nice, and he's out there now putting a doggy door in the bottom of it. He's an old hand at putting in doggy doors.

Cristi - have you thought about putting Russian sage where the roses were? It gets all bushy and just gorgeous with delicate dark lavendar flowers in late summer til frost. Just a thought. Hey, everyone's going somewhere! Guess we have Spring fever, lol. You and your DD will have lots of fun. Are you still going to CA in June?

Marti - I used to have an older neighbor man come out and watch me back when I was in my 20's and had a figure worth watching, lol. I worked close to home, and would hurry home on my lunch hour and put on this little yellow two-piece. His wife would get honked off at him and slam the door, lol. Oh I remember the sex questions from each of my kids. And their friends, too. Time is passing fast, and you love birds will be in CA before you know it!

Susan - does that mean Mike will get Gaby this coming weekend? How often can he take her?

Mindee - aww, hope the little guy gets the 2 teeth in soon!

Today is going to be so much fun! Neal and I are taking the twins to Evansville to ride the huge carousel they have at the mall there. Then for ice cream at Lic's. After that, we're going to the Pooh movie. They are spending the night, which they have only done once in their lifetime so far, so this will be fun! Neal is as silly about the grandkids as I am, lol.

Gotta go... have a good one!!

da fat n da furious
03-08-2005, 11:37 AM
Good morning ladies,
had to work last night till way past 2 am, interesting night. Bad neighbhourhood and spent half my time watching my guy and watching the male prostitutes. One guy was doing good business the other must of been wayy over priced...ewww
Being the great mom that I am I whimpered this morning at 6:30 when I had to drive Tan to band rehearsal. come on Tan lets just miss one rehearsal...pulez!
Jane, I don't mind repairs,,,infact need to do some around here. What I mind is the lack of time we have. I sometimes think we should just hire a handyman to come in and do everything.
Susan ah well so Mike missed a weekend,,,he should of thought of how Gaby would be going with him instead of acting like a total jack bleep.

Marti the boys are both doing sex ed,,,,no questions so far.
well better get to work...

03-08-2005, 03:44 PM
Hiya ladies and a happy Tuesday :p

Jane~we do still plan on our CA trip but have moved it up to September, possibly October. We are not wanting to go in the middle of summer when everyone else is on vacation, thought once everyone is back at school. Didn't think about that when we planned it before-duh! Not sure what Russian Sage looks like but will check it out. I am wanting something that doesn't go crazy and spread out over the walkway. was thinking of some shrubs with ground cover in between. I had bought some groundcover last year that spread like crazy and had little purple flowers that were really pretty. Guess I missed that you and Katie are going to Chicago. Not really sure what is there, only went through before and hated the traffic! But a train there sounds fun! V used to work there for AT&T years ago, had to teach a class downtown. What are you guys going to do while in Chicago?Whatever you do I am sure you will have fun!

Angie~that must have been interesting to watch.

Susan~yeah, unfortunately I know you can't just take her (Gaby) and run away-as tempting as it would be! Mike would probably get you for kidnapping!

Anyway...finally put up the shutters last night-looks different but I like them. Other than that not much going on. Getting laundry done today, as usual and had some errands to run this am.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care and have a good day ladies! :grouphug:

03-08-2005, 05:24 PM
OMG- I so smell like coffee!! I spilled some from my Starbucks cup in my candy bag. I am in charge of the candy jar at work, very important job - haha

7 days til we go to SF Marti?? I and James......wish I could go though.

Rachel and Beck are going with their father to the beach for springbreak -

ummm, yes. Mike will pick her up at 10 am Saturday. He needs to have a car seat though and I have to be firm on that. My mother thinks I am wishy washy.
I offered him her old carseat and he tough if he can get his act together.
I need someone with me though when he comes to pick her up. I thought we would just meet in the lobby where all the camera's Heck if he is coming up to my apt. He will lear around for all the men he thinks I am dating... lol
He will get her every other weekend Jane. So, this weekend 12/13 (as a make up- I offered) and next weekend 18/19/20. He picks her up at 11 am Friday and brings her back 7 pm Sunday. The court had me meeting him half way but I said no........I have to work at 7pm Friday he gets her earlier on Fridays.
Gbay's other sister (she is 12) will be back from Mexico in April. I will feel better when she is along for the weekend........

Also, he has until the 14th to make a child support payment (supposedly) otherwise his drivers license gets taken away (supposedly).....and how will he transport if that happens?? Either he will have to get a ride into town or we go back to court and they order that I be the one to take Gabster to him......*rolleyes* I am made of money. lol - whatEVER.....

I bought a cute outfit at Goodwill today 20.00. Black capri's, blouse and Docker black slip on's....feel so much better. It is a drag wearing the same ole same ole.....

You be careful Angie!! hmmm, any tidbits on how we can PI Mike??? See if he is doing drugs??

Hope you have fun with the twins Jane - what a super grandmother you are. :) My mom had GAby today and they were going to work in the yard weeding. She even had little gloves for Gaby - lol.....

best get to work! Chat later

03-09-2005, 01:56 AM
Good Night! WOW......where is everyone? No one posted since I did.

Just a busy evening here. Going to head home - Gaby is spending the night with her sisters- already miss her. I will go in the morning and take the kids to school and Gabster and I will have a morning of car seat shopping. Also want to get her a new tooth brush and PJ's to take with her - and some nylons with her Sunday dress - and I need to write the medical info down for her father....... *sigh :(

I checked the child support site and he hasn't paid anything for 2 months now. Curious is he will come through at the last minute and pay something by the 14th,,,,,,,,,

tick - tock - tick - tock..........better go to bed, super tired.

Night -

03-09-2005, 03:07 AM
Let’s see…..I think I got Brandon back on some type of schedule. I have my appetite again! I can’t tell you how nice it is to have my appetite without feeling like I am going to puke shortly after eating. Although, depending on what I eat, I still have to recline a little bit to get it to settle.

Marti~ What a little sweetie pie Jhanai is!

Jane~ I hope he gets them soon! I would like to be able to get some decent sleep. LOL….I think he is just getting me prepared again for the 2am feedings!

Cristi~ I know what you mean about the gas prices! Here in MI, there are still some stations under $2, but let’s see how long that lasts! Tommy talked to the guy that owns the station he always goes into, and the guy said that the way they are suppose to do it, is whatever price they are paying for gas per gallon from their supplier is what they should be charging customers.

Susan~ You are a soap opera all on your own! Your life is never boring! How can you stand it all? LOL

03-09-2005, 08:26 AM
Happy Hump Day!!

Marti - where are you? Packing?

Angie - OMG, your life is so much more exciting than mine, lol. And you get paid for it, too! Actually, if I saw what you did, I'd probably cry and want to go home, lol.

Cristi - your vacation plans sound nice! Katie and I are going to the museums, walking on the Magnificent Mile, Marshall Fields, the Sears Tower, lots of shopping, and Chicago pizza one night with one of the mods (Jacobsmommy) who lives close to Chicago. Can't wait to meet her! With the price of gas what it is, I'm really glad we're taking the train. I wouldn't dream of driving in Chicago. I don't even drive in Indy, lol.

Susan - well at least Mike is picking Gaby up and you don't have to pay for that. Hopefully he will come through with the child support. If not, maybe his mom can do the transporting since she wants to be so involved in the situation. I have tiny gloves for my 3 oldest DGDs, too. They are so cute! Looking for small rakes now, since the first thing we need to do is rake out some leaves that blew in the flower beds over winter.

Mindee - glad you're enjoying your meals again. I remember those days! With my son, I was sick almost the whole 9 months. But he sure was worth it!

Well, Makenzie ended up getting scared and going home early last night, but Madison is still in my bed. She is a bedhog!! :lol: We have a king sized bed, but wherever I was, (I switched sides a couple of times) she would end up right by my side. Neal slept on the couch. Wise man.

Today I have to tackle Mt. Washmore before we run out of undies. Need to make an appointment to get my hair dyed and trimmed. Also need to run to Wally World.

Have a good one, ladies!

03-09-2005, 09:58 AM
Good morning ladies~

Thought I would drop in and say Hi before starting my day, HI! :wave:

Same old stuff, wal-mart, chiro and apply for a job that is close to the chiros office. Oh, and more laundry...what else is new?!

Mindee~I got gas Monday morning at $1.95 and that evening it jumped to $2.09! :yikes: They say it may go up another 10 cents. Oh well, still going on my little trip.

Jane~sounds like you and Katie are going to have fun!

Susan~well, that's good that Mike is actually going to pick Gaby up. He needs to be doing something.

Anyway...on with the day. Hope everyone has a great day!

da fat n da furious
03-09-2005, 11:16 AM
Good morning,
ya for not feeling sick anymore Mindee.

Jane, Tanner is a bed hog, thank goodness he only occassionally would crawl into bed with us. And you wouldn't cry and want to go home,,,Id be there making commentary remarks.

So if he doesn't pay by the 14th he loses his liscense? He won't be able to pick up Gaby, but he is still able to see her?

Cristi, I was going to make a comment yesterday you only now hit your 4000 mile mark? Im at 8500 km now,,,and you got yours which month?

I have alot to do today,,,thinking I would like to paint the office ,,,been saying that for some time. While Im at it, I can clean as I go, get rid of some stuff Ive been wanting to get rid of. Then it would be 1 room down and 6 rooms to go. Sigh
Better get to it.

03-09-2005, 11:54 AM
:coffee2: Anybody miss me? Been gone for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way don't it.Sister had been causeing much concern because she wouldn't leave the travel trailer. After falling several times and hurting her arm she finally allowed them to take her out and she is now in a nursing home. Hospice is still going over and giving her care so it's not just left up to the nursing home. As I have worked in such places and seen what goes on there up close this makes me feel better. Also I try to get there every other day. I bring her stuff like lotion and slippers,ect to make her more comfortable.I know that when family gets involved the patient gets better care.

I've been trying to deal with the trailer and the junk left. What a mess. The trailer was stacked to the roof with junk and smells to high heaven. I've filled the trash can several times over and I'm not nearly finished. She also stored junk in a metal storage shed next to it and has another one here in my back yard. Also my garage is loaded with her stuff. My work seems over whelming.

My X is back in hospital havng surgery on a sist located on his pancreas. He's exspected to get much better after this and be able to get off the insulin.

DS has gone back to work and things are trying to get back to normal.
Diet? What diet? :mad:


03-09-2005, 02:10 PM
I'm baaaack! For a few minutes anyway. Just checking in to see if anyone had posted. Kind of quiet around here.

Got in and out of Wal-mart fast, thank god! Some days I just really hate going there and today was one of those days.

Where are you ladies, Ellen, Julie, Jenn, Shanna, Katy, Marti and everyone else? Hope every thing is well with you all. Also, Katiecat, but I am thinking you are in Disneyland this week, or is it next week? Aaahh, can't keep track of everyone's little trips.

Angie~bought the Santa Fe in September and I definitely don't run as much as you do, and no one drives it but me, well, DD sometimes. You are all over with the kids and theatre and your PI work and...making me tired trying to type all that you do. :p

Pam~sorry to hear about the trouble with your sis and the ex. Sometimes it seems it never ends doesn't it? You're a good sis. And yes, we did miss you!

Jane~you guys should go see R. Kellys house-LOL! Just kidding, it's kind of a joke I jus tthought of. I would love to go see Oprah one day but that would be my extent of visiting Chicago. I can always shop here or in Kansas City so my visits are purely fun and sightseeing excursions, except of course certain souvenirs. Always have to have souvenirs, especially if it is a special occasion, or I do anyway.

Marti~it's getting closer...are you getting anxious and excited? I'm getting cold feet again about going to AR. Not sure why I do that, I am still going though and plan on taking tons of pics! Trying to make this a yearly thing or bi-yearly thing. AR really is a beautiful place, especially NW AR in the Ozarks. Anyway, 6 more days till SF.

Okay, guess I best get going. Laundry isn't going to get done on its own, neither is anything else. LOL Okay I am outta here...later ladies...:wave:

03-09-2005, 03:08 PM
Hello to everyone

I haven't had a chance to look back over all the posts, so I hope that everyone is ok.

Can I please have everyones address again, as I tried to do some valentine cards for everyone then went to get the addresses off the computer and found out our computer had lost everything.

Well I will try and pop back on the computer tonight and get caught up.

:grouphug: to everyone.

Just wanted you all to know how much I miss you all and my computer time.


03-09-2005, 03:35 PM
Oh my gosh! Hi Kathy! Long time no see! Hope things are fine with you. We have missed you girly. How are things coming along with your house? Did you guys finally get all settled in? Well, hope to hear more from you. take care.

Was just getting ready to get off the computer and thought I would check in as I always do before getting off. Remembered, or thought I remembered chat and was going to check it out to see if anyone showed up but then remembered that the time was changed to 2 pm my time, I think. :dunno: Something else I can't keep track of, chat time. :lol: Maybe I'll try another time. :shrug:

Really need to get things done before V gets home as we are going out. :love:

Have a good one ladies!

03-09-2005, 04:29 PM
Afternoon ladies---

I was here earlier this morning but James needed the computer so I jumped off and figured I'd start over when I got the chance.

Jane--How fun to have the DGD w/you spending the night. Poor little Mackenzie...but brave little Madison. I remember when I stayed over at my was the best time ever. I even stayed w/them when I was married and had Jhanai!! :D Grandparents are always the best!

Angie--It's funny to hear Jhanai talk about sex ed. I'll ask her what she's learned and she tells me "gross stuff". I wanted to know what about it was gross, preparing myself....the gross stuff is having a baby. Hmmmm....that's not what I thought!

Cristi--Good luck w/the job prospect!! I hope you get a job that you truly enjoy doing. About AR....does traveling scare you? Maybe that's why you're getting cold feet? Some people don't enjoy the traveling...they get either car sick or air sick....wasn't sure if that may the case. I hope you do go and that you have the time of your life!

Susan--I'm just appalled W/the system! I just don't understand how a man who can get away w/so much can have so much pull towards his way! If the man loses his license, it should be noted that you are also on a budget and can't be expected to foot the bill for gas to take Gaby to see him. If he really want's to see her....HE will find a way to make it work.

Mindee--Glad you're not feeling sick anymore. Never had morning sickness w/either of my kids. Just weird cravings and even that wasn't too bizarre.

Pam--You're a good sister to help your sis w/everything to make her comfortable. I'm sure it's nice for her to have family around her.

Kathy--Glad to see you pop in!! Looking forward to hearing more from you and how your new house is coming along.

Well ladies....I was up until 6:00 this morning due to when I got home and was getting in bed.....I noticed my side of the bed was soaked. James was fast asleep (he is NOT a bed hog and hangs on his side)and managed not to roll over to my side and notice.....apparently the dogs were in our room and our girl decided to relieve herself on my side! James woke up to me mumbling and we did laundry then and there! Finally got to bed and then woke up at 10:30.....4hrs is not enough. I'm tired...and was a little cranky.

I hopped on the gazelle and managed to feel a little better...not so cranky but still tired. May take a cat nap before work.

Well....I check in the chat room and didn't notice anyone there.....I was a little late though. Someday we'll get together and yap!

Better get going....until next time.

Tea Rose
03-09-2005, 04:34 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:
I decided if I waited till I felt better I would never be back, got an awful sore scratchy throat all conjested feel wrotten, most of my kitties have a flu some are worse than others, all on antibiotics, its been a rough winter for all of us. I have absolutely nothing new to tell you girls, well except that my DD is moving in late May or June,another thing I'm not ready for, but I'm trying to stay as positive as a mother can be when her baby is leaving the nest.Considering how much she works now I will probably see her just as much as I do now , except she wont be in her room when I go to sleep, a comfort factor that will be gone. I really don't like this part of life,its hard to be prepared for ,but I know life doesn't stop for my broken heart. I guess,a lot of things will change now,with her embracing a new life. I am happy for her ,that she is beginning to have everything she dreams of,how can I be sad about that , right.
Anyway enough about my problems, when you have been all going through so many of your own. Forgive me I am not completely caught up on everything.

Hi Angie ~ I was so sorry to hear about your friends passing, its so sad,((((HUGS)))) It sounds like your life is as busy and interesting as ever, I hope you finally caught up on some sleep

Hi Pam
I would have missed you here , but I haven't been here either,I am so sorry about your sister, your have done so much to help her and continue to do so, I wonder if she realizes at all what a wonderful caring loving sister she has in you.(((HUGS)))

Hi Jane
I see you are busy as always with your beautiful granddaughters, and planning trips here and there and everywhere, you are going to have such a good time,exploring new things. Sounds like fun , You and Katie going on a trip together, I would like to do that with my daughter , maybe someday.

Hi Marti
What did you decide with your hair did you get a haircut for the trip? You must be getting so excited to get away,the place looked beautiful , I hope you have a wonderful time, and a Happy Happy Anniversary

Hi Susan
You are so cute with your posting for me,I am sorry to hear that things don't seem to be getting better in your situation with Mike, I hope that Gaby will be ok, on the visits, it will be hard, being she is such a little girl. I really don't understand the system actually I don't understand a lot of things anymore:lol: Hows the chili bean fettish, you should feed Gaby a whole lot of beans before she goes to Mikes house, maybe he will send her home faster.:lol: I hope Gaby had fun weeding with your Mom,. You didn't marry anyone while I was away did you????? :lol:

Hi Cristi
I think it would take me days or weeks to catch up reading your posts, jeez girl you are chatty lately. I see you are planning a vacation to, I want to go somewhere can I go to CA with you,we can visit Pam. Did you get your border put up and your taupe paint painted??? I haven't seen any pictures yet I hope I didn't miss them. You aviator is so cute, wish I could get in the Easter mood , but I still haven't recovered from Christmas, I don't know what is wrong with me this year.So many goals and none of them reached.Everyone is gardening and its snowing here,I long for warmth of spring.

Hi Sue
I am so sorry to hear about all the problems you are going through with your family, I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, for better days ahead.

Hi Kathy
Its good to see you , I thought for sure you were snowed in ,glad your all settled in now .

Hi Mindee
Wow I leave you for a minute and see what happens, You obviously didn't listen to me now did you,:lol: CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming little bundle of joy,you must be so excited,babies are so precious, and they really do smell good well most of the time:lol: I hope you are taking care of yourself, Brandon is growing so fast,wish the process could be slowed down , don't you.I hope that you are feeling good(((HUGS)))

Hi to Katy and Katie, Doreen , Diane, Jenn, julie,OMGsh I am drawing a blank, sorry if I missed anyone,sure feels like I have,but I hope you all are doing ok and having a wonderful day
I have to go lie down for a bit , feel so lousy, I hope that you are all feeling ok and I will be back , sure as my name is ??? been so long almost forgot my own name :lol:
Ellen thats it, Have a great day girls:wave:

Just so you know the PIG is lying :lol: God Bless Him

03-09-2005, 05:33 PM
Just dropping in to say HI .... I am reading posts but have been on the fly - so no time for a proper reply.

* DH started track season, so his workday just got much longer.
* I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, keeping up with the kids and their respective schools and extracurriculars. DD's school has a fundraising auction coming up and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!. I have just been on a slow burn about this....I can recommend sale section and has an excellent Clearance area. Of course I am finding lots of stuff, but nothing appropriate for an evening out - that I feel works for me. Ugh.

Sorry I am not addressing usual I am off to something else here pretty quick, but I am thinking of you all and I am reading posts.... I will try to find a stretch of time to write to individuals.....

03-09-2005, 06:03 PM
omg!! People are posting! Sheesh.....yesterday was so lonely!!!

I can just see you running around the village with your head cut off Katy. lol - :yikes:

Why Miss Ellen, I am happy to see you posting again :comp: - you were MISSED beyond an Ode :encore: :encore: Thrilled to have you back!

and Kathy and Pam.....and Mindee. :dance: :dance:

I really need to get to work. Just popping in.

Mike's muuuuther lives in Arkansas Jane - she has never seen Gaby.

The court did have me meeting him half way but he agreed to come in all the way because I have to work at 7 pm Fridays, so he gets her at 11 am those days.
:blah: :blah: :blah:

Though this make up weekend is 11 Saturday........ I have already informed him that he needs his own car seat because he smokes :smoking: :smoking: and I detest smoking. Besides I just bought her a new one today and I want it kept nice. :nono:
I offered him my old one and he declined - so I guess he has everything under control on her safety!!! lol......nut.

I hope he pays and pays dearly.. :nose: :nose: :nose: :twirly: :judge: lol... naw......we shall see.

I am going to buy Gaby some ticket to see Wiggles. It will be back row seats because they went fast but think we both need to have some fun. It will be the 23rd (April)and I think I have that weekend!!! Hope.

I bought her a Graco car seat REG. 60.00 on sale for 49.99 and with the added 15% off today bought it for 42.00!!! Love deals...... :encore:

Took her to get her hair trimmed and she wiggled all over- still don't think it is eevn. She is sooooooo cute. Took her to my mom's yesterday in her tan jumper w/ tan shoes and with her new DO my mom goes " hmmmm, you got the Buster Brown look going on"

I must say EXHAUSTING being me!! :soap: :soap: :soap: I am totally soaped out! lol.......It is never boring, always something going on....some man to fall in love with or some man to argue

anyway- best get! I did get navy beans last night your idea about feeding Gaby :hun: :hun: chili before she goes with her beloved father. I was also thinking about giving her all the soda pop she wants and candy, go......oh........lets have a group HUG first!! :grouphug: lol.....

ahhhhh, having a happy day! :)

da fat n da furious
03-09-2005, 11:06 PM
Good evening ladies,
sitting here in a semi clean room. Didn't paint,,,got to doing my tax stuff and well explains the semi clean state. Did get all the bathrooms done. Cleaned my closet out and so I have 3 openings,,,(empty hangers)Laundry,,,vaccuuming done. Grocery shopping done,,I have to say Im wiped out.
I need to wash the floor and dust the office but I plan to paint so why bother dusting...
Im half way through the tax stuff,,,the worst is too come...Monte's paper work...gulp

Heck Susan I would give her sugar cubes and put a couple in her Give her extra sweet RED kool aid...YIPEEE! aren't we having fun??!!

Hi Kathy, still waiting for you to call

Katy, I wish I could help you with your outfit problem. When Im not sure of my outfit and surroundings I wear all one color,,,brown or black and add colorful accessories, scarf or jewellery.

Hi Pam, glad to know your sister is in a safe place and you won't have to worry about her, but the mess? arghhh sorry to hear about that. Been there and done that. Monte's mom and grandma both have passed on and we were left to clean up their homes.

HEY Ellen! Im glad your back, missed you. I would of written a poem but I couldn't do justice to you. Just know we have missed you. I have been pretty busy and wishing for some time off. Monte is taking a week off and hes grumbling cause I can't take the time off due to work and the play. I could only wish right now. I should go and fake and bake and get that tanned good feeling,,,vitamin

Brandon informed me that he was late handing in his application for SAIT... of course I freaked but he said he has decided to do more english upgrading before moving onto his secondary. breathing in breathing out...he may live after all...grrrr
well Im reading an awesome book,,,,divine Evil by Nora Roberts....oooo its good.
better get the floor washed...ttfn

03-10-2005, 12:13 AM
The Gabrielle Diet

1]RED kool aid
2]Sugar Cubes ( in pocket)
3]Several bowls of chili (sprinkled with prunes?? - yummy :chef: )
5]Six pack of Mountain Dew (mix it with the RED kool aid( pssst , why RED Ang?? )

Maybe show her a really cute doggie and get her all excited and say "when you get home from Beloved Daddy's you can play with it!

Or "when you get home we will have a Beethoven Marathon!!

Sheesh.......she loves that dog. She will be whining to get back to Mommy

omg- I went and bought Wiggles concert ticket! YAY....

anyway- sounds like you are doing a lot of cleaning Ang??

Oh- one of my parent friends said I should have a bake sale and raise money for the lawyer OR be a stripper......but in a really decent establishment......nothing smutty.......might hurt my chances for Heck.... why not selll cup cakes while I am stripping?? (pssst Mindee - never a dull moment huh?? :))

ta ta
:mag: :mouse: :burger: :moo:

03-10-2005, 04:01 AM
Brandon actually got up tonight, cried a couple times and has been quiet since then. I thought I heard him playing in there, but I think he might have gone back to sleep.

Jane~ I never did get sick with Brandon. I just got a little bit nauseous every now and then. With this one, for the past week or so I have been nauseous non-stop. Sounds like you guys had fun with the grandkids the other night!

Cristi~ Gas prices haven’t gone up that drastically yet. But there was a gas station here in MI, that was the same price as the one acrossed from it, he lowered his price to $1.88 just to get customers. An hour later he was back up to where he was, or maybe a little higher! I heard here in MI, that the prices could go as high as $2.30 to $2.50 a gallon!

Pam~ I wish you luck in dealing with your sister.

Kathy~ I will send you my address again, in one second.

Marti~ I am feeling better now. With Brandon I craved jalapeno cheese from Hooters, and anything with garlic. With this pregnancy, nothing really strange seems to be interesting me. Although I am sure that it will pick up when I start eating more now that I have my appetite back.

Ellen~ It is good to hear from you! Thanks for the congratulations! We are very excited! I am feeling better now. I wish the process would slow down as well, but alas, it won’t stop, and he will keep growing up no matter what I do to try and stop it. LOL

Katy~ Good luck with all the running! I hope you find something soon to wear!

Susan~ It is exhausting reading about your trials and tribulations daily… do you honestly do it? You know, I may have missed something, but what is new with you and Rocky? LOL…..if you sell cupcakes while you are stripping, I would have to say that you are extremely talented!

03-10-2005, 08:58 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Cristi - I don't think you're too chatty at all and love to hear what's going on in your life. So where did you apply for a job? Hope you get it. No clue here as to who R. Kelly is. My DDs and I may go to the Oprah show some other trip, but it's just not a priority now. Too many other fun things to do since we won't be in Chicago long and don't want to use up a day on that. Oh I hope you do take the trip to AZ! I can tell you'd love to see everyone, and it would be nice to do something different.

Pam - when you are serious about losing weight, dealing with stress will not make you deviate from your plan. There are other ways to deal with stress that are much more beneficial to your body, such as talking with friends, taking a bubble bath, working on a hobby, posting here, writing in a journal, etc. I went through a whole lot of extremely stressful things while losing, and know it can be done when the mindset is right. I truly believe that if a person waits for life to settle down before they try to change any bad habit, they will never make it, because life never truly "settles down". Having a few attainable written goals, that you look at daily, is a real good motivator. Everyday, say to yourself "If not not, when?" Also, keep all junk food out of the house!! If there is any way I can help you, please let me know, ok? Even though I am still not at my ideal weight, I couldn't have gotten to where I am w/o the support of the JLs!

Kathy - I have enjoyed your PMs and was so glad to see you checking here. Now that you're nearly settled in, maybe you will have a little more time. Tell us about the house.....

Marti - I went to chat and no one was there. Boo hoo. Guess we missed each other, lol. I want details about your trip! When do you leave and when will you be back? What sites do you plan to see? You mentioned Chinatown. What else? San Francisco is on my list of places to see someday.

Ellen - oh sweetie, I know you're going to miss your DD! But I'm glad you're happy for her since this is the beginning of a new life for them. Are there wedding bells in the near future? Hope you're feeling better.

Katy - I was just wondering when you were going to post in chit chat again, Missy! Oh isn't it fun to have all "too big" clothes? Have you checked out Penney's? And do you have a Goody's in Oregon? They usually have some things I can't live w/o, lol.

Susan - four things: 1) why is Mike allowed to smoke around our Gabster?? I didn't know anyone did that anymore!!!! 2) what kind of grandma hasn't ever seen her 3 year old DGD??? And here I thought she was so devoted! 3) wah! I want to go see the Wiggles, too! The Jaded Ladies had a discussion about them around a year ago, remember, lol. I like the one in the yellow shirt. Fruit salad, yummy yummy!! 4) NO stripping for you, young lady! Selling cupcakes (fully clothed) would be ok, however. :D

Mindee - have you been to see the doctor yet? When is your official due date?

To to quote Angie from about a year ago, I have to get the barnacles off my feet! My poor feet need some serious pampering and I'm going to do the whole nine yards. I'll be ready for sandals before the day is out. Never mind that the temp is in the 30's, lol.

Gotta go - bbl,

da fat n da furious
03-10-2005, 11:37 AM
Susan, I was told red dyes should be avoided by hyper children. Brandon wasn't allowed anything red. Tanner was so laid back I gave him red candies all the time to keep him up.
Jane, enjoy the pampering. I need to go next week, get my nails filled and get the barnacles scraped off.

I bet your husband didn't mind taking you to Hooters for your cravings eh Mindee?
I was boring, just craved bananas with Brandon and carrots with Tanner. Won't eat either of them now....yuck

Well better get to work...

03-10-2005, 12:00 PM
:coffee2: Good morning Ladies. It's a new day and am giving diet a new start. :crossed:

Jane, going to try putting your words in action. Although I haven't been trying to diet I haven't fallen off the wagon entirely. I haven't returned to all the old eating habits and have replaced chips with grapes. :shrug:

Ellen,Wish you were feeling better and glad you could post anyway. Kitties still pasing around their "cold"? I've had that happen here. Sister's fat little black cat is fitting in quit well. It's cute to see her so playfull and happy. She loves looking out the windows and the screen door. After being traped in the tiny packed trailer she must feel free.

Susan, Wish Mike would find something beside you and Gabby to fixate on.He is a piece of work. So is his Mom. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Got to get going Ladies. Much to do and not enough time to do it in.


03-10-2005, 12:04 PM
Good morning!

See - I made it back...amazingly enough - left my head somewhere around Thinker Toys, lol ( Village humor - Susan will get it) I was out and about yesterday and nowhere near my computer for chat time - sorry, ladies.

The weather is so beautiful - we have been outside as much as possible - I need to get sunscreen for the kids. I can't believe I am saying that in March!

OK - think I have somewhat solved the wardrobe dilemma. I ordered up a bunch of stuff online - much of which has been returned as I just didn't like it BUT I did find a simple black matte jersey wrap dress on sale section - only 30 bucks. So it should arrive soon. Got some smokin' black -make-hubby-wake-up-and-take-notice-heels to wear with it from Zappo's. If it fits the way I hope it will, then I think all I need to do is get some colorful earrings and necklace to liven it up a bit and I won't look like I am going to a funeral. Of course I have invested in some "magic panties" and a great new bra - so I guess I am just going to have to post some pictures of my fabulous self when I can get it together :cool: :cool:

Jane - Never heard of Goody's but in the course of my online shopping I have discovered some great sale sections - JCP's is a really good one - so is Kohls. So far I have found that if I follow the size charts to the letter - the stuff fits - I just have go with what styles I know look good on me....that's where I get messed up sometimes.

Marti - Counting down to vacation-time! I am so excited for you.

Pam - We are here for you , girl! I know it is so hard to keep yourself healthy when everyone around you is going down the tubes, but you won 't regeret taking the time for yourself. You are worth it.

Mindee - I didn't have morning sickness w/ DS, but had constant nausea w/ DD - thought I was gonna die! I found that ginger really helped. I ate lots of candied ginger and it did help - now I can't stand to look at the stuff!

Angie - thanks for the wardrobe tip - I am going that route. I have used black so many times as a fallback color, so I am a little hesitant to do it again. Wish it came in a deep burgundy or something like that. I am trying to liven up my wardrobe and feel better about my appearance, but this dress just seemed to fit the bill - I am going to try to find some colorful accessories.

Ellen - glad to see you posting again - hope everyone is feeling better at your house.

Susan - What are you going to do if Mike doesn't have/use a car seat? I think you mentioned you were going to have someone with you at when he picks her up - make sure they notice this stuff, then tell your lawyer. That way if you refuse to let her go with him you have some reason not to be held in contempt. I think you are handling this all very graciously - know it's gotta be hard.

Good morning and have a great day to everyone I am forgetting to mention.

03-10-2005, 01:44 PM
I hope you ladies don't mind my jumping right in here as I am new to this thread (not new to 3FC)...but this sounds like a great supportive thread. And any help or push I can get....well...
I will post more later, but I just wanted to say hello. If you want to know more about me, I did post my bio in the appropriate spot!

03-10-2005, 03:31 PM
Just a quick pop in to say hello and welcome to synn. I'll check out your bio in a little while.

Angie - I did my own pedicure and manicure while watching TV this morning, lol. My feet do get neglected in the winter if I'm not careful.

Pam - glad to know you have replaced chips with grapes, lol. When you must munch mindlessly, eat green beans, if you like them. They are what saved me many, many times. When I want chips I buy the little bags at Walmart for 25¢ by the checkouts and have been tempted to lick the empty bag at times, lol.

Katy - Your dress sounds just right for you! I know we'd all love to see an updated photo. I wore dark colors all winter and even though the pastels add pounds, I'm SO ready for them and have added several to my closet. I like Kohl's too - especially their housewares dept. They usually have the coolest placemats there.

Cristi - so glad you changed your mind again about seeing your family! When is it you're going? Didn't you just get the comforter in your bedroom a few months ago?

Well this wasn't as quick as I thought it would be, lol. Have a good one, ladies!!

03-10-2005, 04:40 PM
Good Afternoon ladies!!

I'm so giddy that I could dance! Only two days of work....then 4 days of weekend and we leave!! :cb:
Our plans are to stay at the hotel I mentioned, browse through China town and then just wing it while we're there! Isn't that crazy? We just decided that we would just go and check it out and see what kind of places we wanted to see. Thought about going to Six Flaggs but don't know.

Ellen--I never did decide what to do w/my hair. I'm just going to leave it. I did take a razor to the bangs though and trimmed those up a bit. Looks better. I'm sorry that it's going to be hard for you when your DD moves. But just think of all that she has accomplished and what she's striving for and the man in her life...soon they'll be married and have babies and you'll have grandchildren to play with! I'm sure you're just so proud of her!

Katy--I wish I had more variety in my wardrobe. I would so love to have more than just jeans in my dresser! And jeans that all look the same so it looks like I never change them! :dizzy: Someday I will have a better wardrobe.....slowly but surely I will!

Susan--Pixie sticks! That's what I suggest. And lots of them! Heck...I wouldn't mind having a pixie stick right now myself! :lol: Makes no sense as to why the man wouldn't take your old car seat and use himself some money. I hope he plans on buying one!

Mindee--Let's see...I craved peanut butter on onion bagels. A little weird, but not to drastic. But the non crazy things I craved were, corndogs w/my son...I could not get enough of them, had them for lunch and dinner ever day for the last 3months. And black olives w/Jhanai. Could not stand the smell, site or taste of red meat in any form when pregnant w/Jhanai. Strange isn't it?

Angie--Never heard that about Red....hmmm.....maybe that was my problem when I was a kid. I was always running around and on the go! Hyper I suppose you could say. :D I liked your tips for Katy....I may have to do something like that myself. Although I have been adding more color to my clothes.....want to brighten myself up and be more perky! :lol:

Pam--Yes...I'm in agreement...we are here for you! Anytime you feel you need to take your mind off of stressful things, know you can come here and talk and let it out.

Synn--Welcome! I will check out our bio here after I'm done. Glad to have you on board and hope to hear more from you!

Well ladies....I've got some chores to do this morning....

Hope you're all enjoying your day and I will check back in later if I have more time!

Take Care!

03-10-2005, 06:01 PM is me again!!

Welcome Synn :)

I just wanted to say hello and update you on my life - lol omg- Mindee..... I almost forgot about Rocky. He is my sweetie still........his grandmother passed away so his mother & sisters flew in to Hawaii for the next few days to attend the funeral. He sent me a pic of them all last night and they all look very nice.

I am UP to 151 !! ~~~ egads,,,,,, I really need to drink more water. I just noticed my clothes getting more smug,,,,,I mean

What will I do if he has no car seat?? Think, think,,,,,,I will give him my old one. Gaby comes first - if he refuses she will not go with him. I don't care if he threatens to get me in trouble with the court. I am also going to ask him if he has car insurance and just record what he says.

I know he doesn't.......and YES - he does smoke - :smoking: :smoking: - jerk....and she comes home smelling like cigs :bb: :bb: poor little baby. I just strip her off in the lobby and throw her clothes in the wash and take her buck naked up stairs and give her a bath. If you are a non smoker you notice this stuff. I think he smokes outside when at home but I am sure he smokes in his car....and that is why he wasn't getting my car seat. :blah: :blah: :blah:

Gotta go....feel bloated. Also found out our evaluator is a man - so yay......not much luck with these women......maybe a man will be more firm?? Maybe someone who can inform Mike what a man is really like?? lol.....oh - he did take the parenting class.

best get~~~ :merry:

03-10-2005, 08:11 PM
Just a brief stop by to tell you that my brother passed away last night. So sad, and I am still in dis-belief.

Thank you all for caring.

Tea Rose
03-10-2005, 09:10 PM
Hi Sue
So sorry to hear about your brother, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family (((HUGS)))

Tea Rose
03-10-2005, 10:39 PM
Hi Everyone
I can't believe my cold is getting so much worse, I have a fever again of 102 , and I can't breathe,sneezing my head off,congested, I can't seen to shake being sick, I don't know what is wrong with me , I must be sick.See all I can do is whine right now bear with me

Hi Jane
I meant Cristi was chatty in a good way, I to love hearing about her day to day activities , I live through Cristi :lol: I heard more news today , I think the Wedding Bells are ringing next summer not official yet , but I think that is the plan.They are busy decorating the house now picking cupboards floors paint furniture, its an exciting time, but I think she's a little nervous,my DD was with the last guy for 6 years and I don't think marriage ever came up, and she has been with her sweetie for 8 months and its a whirlwind romance, with love ,marriage, home ,babies eventually ,he loves children. I think they are planning on being married on the beach behind her to be in-laws home, unless she decides for a church wedding.All of her new brother and sister inlaws have been, and are being married on the beach.There is a wedding there this summer,to. I know where ever it is , it will be beautiful.I will have to start to think about designing their cake.I am happy for her, the last relationship was a heartbreak and I know she thought she would never find anyone,and now she has,and it seems all her hopes and dreams are coming true.She is such a sweet girl,she deserves all the happiness in the world.Hope your tooties feel good tonight, pampering sounds so good right now.

Hi Cristi
I meant chatty in a good way , I did honest, :lol: Thankyou so much for the pretty card , your timing is always perfect, you always brighten my day,((HUGS)) did you get your border up , did you say magnolias that should be so pretty. I haven't done a darn thing yet ,I picked the paint ,bought the paint ,but did I paint noooooooo:lol: ,so much for plans and goals
Hi Pam
Yes the whole houseful of kitties is sick , including me , I think I have what they have,:lol: no one is feeling good , they all look so sad, no happy campers here right now, I am glad to hear the little kitty is getting on so well with you, its probably a whole new happy world for her, she's lucky to have you.

Hi Susan
I think your clothes are most likely smug, if they are getting tight :lol: I'm sure sometimes they enjoy making us feel bad, I know my weight is up to I just won't get on the scale, I can't take another shock right now , so I will stay in denial,:lol: Sorry to hear about Rocky's Grandmother, ((HUGS))

Hi Angie, Mindee, Marti, Katy , Kathy,, Jenn , Julie, Ann , Katie,everyone , I will have to catch up tomorrow , sorry I am burning up right now , so I have to go lie down, boy do I feel lousy, hope you all are well, Night all

03-11-2005, 03:57 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

I think Tommy will be gaining the weight with me this pregnancy! When I was pregnant with Brandon, our buddy Joey, who is one of Brandon’s godfathers, gained the weight with me. We went out last night to get Brandon some more formula and diapers, and we were heading home and Tommy goes “man, I am hungry and I have to pee really bad.” I said “join the club.”

I managed to get Brandon to sleep and stay asleep. I climbed in our bed with him at about 12:30 and just cuddled with him and Tommy. We both fell asleep, and I just laid him in his bed at 2:06am. So far no peeps and we can do this every night, just not as late. Cause now I am wiped out!

Jane~ I hope you have fun on your trip to Chicago! I was watching Oprah on Wednesday when she did her biggest baby shower show. (okay, so it was from last September, but hey it was a new episode to me since I hadn’t seen it before) She had the biggest baby shower ever, with 640 pregnant women from Fort Campbell Air Force base in Kentucky, I think. It was a very neat show! I haven’t been to the doctor yet, the doctor’s office around here don’t see their pregnant patients until 10 weeks, something about being able to hear the heartbeat better. So I will have to get on the ball and kick my social workers butt to get the last of the insurance crap through, since she cancelled mine and Brandon’s. I called the place that I had to go through to get the insurance rolling last time, and they told me that I had to call my worker and tell her that I am pregnant and I want me and my son back on insurance and she was suppose to do it. But I have the laziest worker out there.

Angie~ Actually, no he didn’t complain taking me to Hooters. LOL We went one time since Brandon was born, he slept through it and then woke up at the end.

Pam~ Good luck with your diet! I know you can do it!!

Katy~ Your outfit sounds va-va-va-voom! I can’t wait to see pictures! I found out when I was pregnant with Brandon, that if I sucked on those peppermint round candies, that helped a lot. That worked with the nausea when I wasn’t able to get something to eat right away.

Synn~ Welcome to the group!! You will get all the pushes/help you need around here.

Marti~ So far, I went from eating at least two tuna fish sandwiches a day, to not being able to stand the smell. I had a pretzel dog the other day and I swear if we could afford it, I would be eating them all day! When I was pregnant with Brandon, Tommy told me two things. One that by the time I had Brandon, he owned a half of Charmin, and the second was that he was going to have a Taco Bell built onto our house (until I got food poisoning from one, then I was not allowed to have it as often). Now with this pregnancy, he told me the “official” breakup of who owns parts of Charmin. He said that since two of his buddies had wifes/fiancées pregnant along with me, that they each shared a quarter of Charmin, but now that I am pregnant again, he owns half and they each own their quarters still. When I first found out I was pregnant, it seemed like I couldn’t get enough pickles, (I could go for some right now, but it is almost 3AM and Tommy is asleep) but towards the end I couldn’t stand them.

Susan~ I wanted to check and make sure that I didn’t miss anything in that time that I was without internet. Sorry to hear about Rocky’s grandmother. I know what you mean about smoking, coming from a house where my parents smoked and my oldest sister, you never realize what things smell like until you get away from the scent! (I hope I don’t offend anyone that smokes)

Sue~ I am so sorry to hear about your brother. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers during this time.

Ellen~ I hope you feel better soon! I have been fighting a bout with a cold for about a week now. It is pretty much gone now except for the couch, sore throat (that won’t go away) and the runny nose.

da fat n da furious
03-11-2005, 11:09 AM
Sue, I am so sorry to hear about your brother, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

da fat n da furious
03-11-2005, 11:16 AM
Good morning ladies,
Susan, I would say that Gaby should come first, safety and her well being.

Ellen, you should go see a Dr. again. If you are running a fever then you have some infection some where. Pnemonia (sp) And your poor lil babies all sick,,,even Milo?
I could just imagine your DD cake,,,you will out do yourself.

Pam, I went grocery shopping and bought only good stuff, the family keeps going into the cupboard looking around then going back without

Marti,,,yay! 1 more day then ahhh the RR begins.

Not much happening here, we are going to a play tonight. Muddy Footprints, and friend of a friend wrote, produced it and has directed it. And another friend is acting in it. Made our cowboy fairy wings last night,,,interesting. My hands hurt from all the wire and hot glue. Glad to know Im almost done.
I have decided not to go to my friends funeral. I can barely read the papers...very sad.
Well should get ready for work...

03-11-2005, 12:46 PM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - I think your plan to be spontaneous in SF sounds wonderful! There should be brochures in the hotel of all the local things to do and see. Just wandering around sounds great!

Susan - good luck with the evaluation. When is that scheduled?

Sue - (((HUGS))) so sorry about your brother. Know that we're thinking of you, ok?

Ellen - the wedding plans sound gorgeous! I was married outdoors, although it wasn't on a beach. How romantic! And I know you'll make the most beautiful cake ever. How many people do you think will be there?

Mindee - I craved sweet pickles with Katie. Didn't like them before then, and don't like them now. How long before you can get on health insurance where Tommy works?

Angie - have fun tonight!

Katie is having a few friends in tonight for one of the group's infamous Movie Nights. I made some peanut butter no-bake cookies and ate what stuck to the pan. MMMMM!! Anyway, she cleans her own room and bathroom, but I need to sweep and dust the living room and kitchen. Not that the kids care at all, lol.

Neal's week of vacation is almost over. :( It's been fun having him around, and after all, it's only a few more weeks until summer vacation. He's under the house rewiring the connections from the satellite dish now, poor boy!

Gotta go... have a good day!

03-11-2005, 01:58 PM I tried to post and I see my post wasn't taken before AOL threw me off. Ugh! I will try to make this quick and remember what i said...

Jane~oh, I never changed my mind about not going to AR, maybe for about two seconds it crossed my mind. When do you and Katie go to chicago and how long are you ladies staying? I did just get that quilt a few months ago but never did really like it. Not liking the square pattern of it and the brown in it. Will get a new one once the room is painted for a new look-taking my time to decide which color and comforter because it won't change again for a long while.

Marti~not scared to travel at all, just scared to see my family! :lol: I do this everytime I plan on going though, not sure why. Maybe because I don't see them very often. Things are fine though once I am there. Do you and James leave Monday morning? Can't keep track of everyone's comings and goings. I know you guys are going to have a fabulous time, who wouldn't in beautiful SanFran?!

Mindee~aaaahhh, cravings...with #1 I craved taco bell, #2 Wienerschnitzel hotdogs, #3 was sick for the first few months and was losing weight but for breakfast every morning I had a bowl of oatmeal with biscuits-they had these little containers of 5 biscuits, with #4 I was sick too but did have hot cakes and sausage (w/o butter & syrup) a few days a week.

Sue~(((((HUGS))))) to you and your family. I know how hard it is losing a loved one but please know you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Synn~a big WELCOME to you! You will love it here, the ladies are fabulous! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Angie~hope you guys have a fun time tonight at the play.

Ellen~you are welcome for the card. Yea, did get the border up but haven't painted the bedroom yet. The color we got is too dark and don't want to go that dark in there, even if it is a bright room. So it will go in the hall and down the stairs to the basement, and of course we did paint the front door and kitchen door. The kitchen door however, was painted white again because the dark taupe did not look good in there with all the white and oak going on. Decided to go with taupe with a pink tint, just can't decide if I want a light or medium color. A beach wedding sounds great! We were wanting an outdoor wedding but decided against it because you can predict the weather and as windy as it gets here...we opted for an indoor wedding which was a good thing because the day we married it was very windy!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

And that's about all I have, gotta go get the house cleaned. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Tea Rose
03-11-2005, 02:11 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:wave:
I coughed all night long, still feverish, trying to stay quiet, but wanted to pop in and say hi , been watching CNN terrible shooting in a courthouse in Atlanta,so sad, so many losses,its neverending. Angie I think you need to go to a spa get some TLC pampering,how nice would that be, Milo is in the beginning stages , sneezing,this flu started with the one kitty that goes outside, I put him on antibiotics the day he came in sick and tried to keep him isolated from the rest, but it spread throughout the rest in a matter of a week, seems not one of them will be spared, they are all on or just starting antibiotics now, I feel so bad for them,I fear for the Milo and Maddie since they are so little, but surprisingly they are still playing and eating well,inspite of it,they are so sweet. Mindee I hope your sore throat and drippy faucet clears up soon , its such a miserable feeling .Hi Jane , I don't know what the guest list will be like , his side is large, and his stepfather, is popular figure , he just celebrated his birthday and the party was on the news, I will be so nervous if this happens at the wedding, I think the beach will be romantic, and beautiful,I know when they have had the other childrens weddings there,they were beautiful tented affairs, I am a little scared and nervous ,since this family is well off and I am not. I will be nervous making their cake, I am already thinking of the design and as soon as I feel better I will start putting it on paper, MMMMMM no bake peanut butter cookies sounds yummy , I like scraping the botton of the pans to. My Daughter and I love a recipe my Auntie gave me years ago for peanut butter squares, made with peanut butter butterscotch chipits butters and coloured mini marshmallows,they are so good,but not diet friendly ,I hope you enjoyed having Neal home , but of course you did ,summer seems so far away here with all the snow still falling.Hi Pam ,good luck with your diet, I have to start now to, I have to get on track quick with my daughters upcoming plans, I will talk to you later
Hi to everyone else, I will try and check back in later, can't stay up long , get woozy :dizzy:, I need something warm to drink, and a rest , Have a wonderful day girls :wave:

03-11-2005, 05:33 PM
I'm back again! :D

Have a few minutes till V gets home and I am bored and tired of cleaning! Had a moment where I ran and jumped in the shower fast, and I mean fast! DS#1 called and locked his keys in his car. :doh: Of course his extra set is where else but home?! To top it off he is a hour away and the only way to get to this town is straight through Wichita, YIKES! Not a good place to be at rush hour traffic. Of course Wichita's rush hour traffic is nothing like CA's! Anyway, he didn't want to call a locksmith, so someone suggested the police. Now if it were a big town I am sure they would have a cow but since it's not they obliged and got his door open! Yay, except that now I am all dolled up and no where to go! :p Okay, getting chatty again :blah: :blah: :blah:

Ellen~hope you get to feeling better lady. Maybe you should go to the doc, or did you? I would be getting me some good meds if I was really bad sick.

Jane~did Neal get the rewiring done? Were you guys moving it or did some little critter get to it? The other night when we took our taxes to the tax guy I don't know what it was but I swear every few miles there was a skunk-man do they smell bad!

Anyway, guess I best get going ladies. To do what, I don't know. :dunno: Take care ladies, see ya :wave:

da fat n da furious
03-12-2005, 01:05 AM
Hey Ladies,
Wow the play was intense. IT was about a woman who thought she was loosing her mind cause her home was broken into and the person didn't steel anything of value,,,turns out it was an ex but he played mind games on her.
Jane, so did you get your wires done? I have Monte for part of tomorrow so he will be helping me paint...yay!

So strange about cravings eh? I craved crunching ice too,,,did that alot and found out that women who are anemic do that.
Anyways going to bed early...
night all

03-12-2005, 12:31 PM
Just a quickie ladies as I have a busy day ahead, but had to pop in and say Hi. :wave: Did end up going out to dinner (Red Lobster) after all so got all dressed and ready for something after all. Then headed over to the mall so DS could find some new shoes for work and get a haircut. I should have gotten one also but I think I have decided to let my hair grow out again, just grow and grow. Just so much easier to pull it back and twist it up. Anyway, have lots and lots of laundry to do today, plus yard work, and a book to finish. Tomorrow V has the whole day off so we are off to the cemetery which is an hour away so a good road trip, of course after Mass. I planted some bulbs out there and want to see if they are coming up like the ones around the house. Then we'll head on over to another cemetery while there to put some flowers on his moms grave. Too bad the weather is not supposed to be in the 70's like today. Anyway, starting to blab.

Marti~I probably won't be checking in before you and James head out for your trip to San Fran safe and have a GREAT time.

Angie~glad the play was good. I haven't been to a play in ages, maybe one day. Glad you have Monte for part of the day. V is working today but I get him the whole day tomorrow! :love:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Take care ladies and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

03-12-2005, 02:38 PM
Real quick here for me too!!

Have some things to do today so I won't have much time to be on here....but I'll check back as soon as I get more time.

Just wanted to say "Hello"!


03-12-2005, 03:34 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Cristi - hope you're having a good day with Vince today. Hope the bulbs will be up when you check them. Not sure why the cable to Katie's TV went out, but that's the one Neal replaced. She's happy that he did, lol.

Angie - did you ever see the old movie Gaslight? It's based on a man who does stuff to try and make his wife think she's going crazy. In psychology they even use the term "gaslight" for that. All I have to do to make Neal think he's going crazy is hide the remote, lol.

Ellen - want to share the recipe for Peanut Buttter squares? Sound good! Not something I'd want to keep around the house, lol, but would be good for a church carry-in. One good thing about WW is that by using portion control, no foods are off limits. So the future FIL is someone noteable, huh? Without giving his name, is he someone we'd know of? You are a wonderful, talented woman who has no need to feel nervous around the other family. Once you get to know them, it will be easier.

Marti - are you leaving on Monday? Whenever it is, have a blast!! Leave all your cares at home and just revel in each other. If you have time, I'd LOVE a postcard from SF, but if not, I understand.

Hi to the others.

I made a cake for Gina's birthday - white with cream cheese frosting. That's what she wanted. We're all going to meet up at DS's house for the celebration after dinner.

I've been copying some favorite songs off my CDs and burning new ones with just the favorites on them. One copy of each for the house, one for the van, lol.

Gotta run - have a great weekend!

03-12-2005, 04:21 PM

It is 12:30 and NO show Mike is a No Show......

We agreed to meet at a park in the village ( maybe he stopped by Katy's??? - lol) anyway..........emailed my lawyer, called his father, checked my email in case he emailed me , no messages on the phone.....

Ain't this a lovely way to spend a Saturday?? I will try one more time calling him and after that we are out of here!!

Chat later .......

03-12-2005, 09:33 PM
Mike finally took Gaby at 2:00 pm, he was late to the park. I had left at 11:25 and I guess he arrived 10/15 minutes later.
We agreed on 11:00.
So, we meet at Burger King and he is in the back parking lot. I pull up and can see Gaby starting to smile.
She knows her father.
I got her out of the car and she let him hung her- she pointed to Burger King and said "play".
Mike said he didn't have any money for that.
By now I am exhausted and didn;t offer any money. So we load her things over to his pick up.
She starts to cry and cling to my leg. I put her in the carseat and said that I loved her, that she is going to the beach and will have fun.
She covers her eyes with her hands and cries.
Mike picks up a thick pocket book and says he is reading it. I couldn't see the title, but said "thats nice."
He said it is about self esteem.
I just say "oh good".

Why he is telling me this I don't know. He said he had to get back to the coast by 3:00 pm which gives him an hour to drive 90 miles.

I just watch them leave and she is looking out the window looking in my direction.

Miss her tonight.

I did talk with an old friend, so that was nice.

03-13-2005, 05:39 AM
Poppin in for a minute before I go off to bed.

Got tons on laundry done and did some shopping for things we needed at Wally world.

Sorry I haven't been on here posting, just been busy. I went to see my grandpa today to visit and see if I could borrow a suitcase...he was busy working on the house trailor next door for my sisters in-laws...they plan on moving there for a few months....or longer have no idea how long. Would be good I suppose, but I'm not a big fan of my BIL family. They are a close family and aren't really into least that's how I see it.

I did get to visit my sister though. Seen little Lucas...smiling up a storm! So cute.

I'm going to be really busy before I leave Monday so I may not have time to post...but I will try to.

I'm off to bed.

Night all!

03-13-2005, 12:05 PM
The trials and tribulations with my sister are at a end. She passed friday night in her sleep at the nursing home. I had seen her that afternoon and though she couldn't respond I still sat there for about an hour before saying goodbye . A friend who also knew her is going to go with me to spread her ashes. I have desided that we'll drive along the Pacific Coast Highway till we find a suitable turn out and say a final fair well there. It's a spectacular drive,as I remember, and I'm sure there'll be some place suitable. :crossed:

I'd thought the dieting was a desaster but somehow I actually lost another 3 lbs. Don't ask me when.

Feeling blue. I knew this would happon and am thankfull her suffering has ended but miss knowing she's in the world and all the regrets of a life she could of had but missed out on. So sad. So much lost.Pam

Tea Rose
03-13-2005, 01:13 PM
Dear Pam
I am so sorry to hear about your sisters passing, finally she is free of her tortured life and pain, it is sad that her life was so sad and such a loss , hopefully now she is truly at peace, I know that you miss having her in the world with you, all my thoughts and prayers are with you, You were a wonderful sister, and you did all you could do,and I am sure inside her heart she knew that ,((((HUGS TO YOU EDDIE AND FAMILY)))

03-13-2005, 01:53 PM
Hi ladies,

Pam - so sorry about your sister. I'm so glad your friend is going to help you with things. (((HUGS))) to you!

Marti - Have fun!!!!!!!

Susan - aww, so sorry it was hard leaving Gaby. Sweet little thing!! I don't know what else to say......

A big hello to the others.... :wave:

03-13-2005, 01:55 PM
Hop on over to chit chat #117.... see you there!