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03-06-2005, 09:52 PM
Decided to start a new thread.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

03-07-2005, 01:15 PM
Hi, ladies!

Willow, it was great having you stop by. I hope you will stop by again. Sounds like you're having a fun time with those grands. Love Bath and Body, too, and miss going there with my DD. Are you back in the pool at all?

Candlelady, teenagers can be worse than those active little devils, can't they? There's a joke my DH likes to tell about Abraham and Isaac. Biblical scholars have wanted to know how old Isaac was because the story doesn't say. Isaac was older than eight because he could carry the firewood up the mountain. They could also tell that he was younger than 12 because if he'd been older than 12 he would have been a teenager and it wouldn't have been a sacrifice. :lol: So tell us all about your dream trip in October!! Where are you going??

Charlotte, SunnyD, and Bluet, what did you do this weekend? Hope the weather was good where you are. We broke a couple of records.

Saturday we spent a lot of time at flooring places and also looked at furniture. We gave our table and two loveseats to our son plus our cheapo entertainment center (that wouldn't fit on the truck). I'm not so concerned about the entertainment center or the loveseats (although our family room will be pretty bare until we replace them), but I would like to be able to eat at something other than a card table. On Sunday we took a long walk along one of several bike paths in the area. We also took a drive over to the other side of the valley where my DH lived for years in his 20s. A nostalgia tour. We went to church before we did that, though, and this time was much better than last. It was a lay-led service so we'll have to go to another minister-led service to see what we think. Have to say the grounds are lovely, especially now when it's so sunny and the flowers are in bloom (sorry, Bluet!).

Have a good Monday, everyone! I've got laundry to do, which counts for my exercise for the day. That and dog walking. I've been sleeping pretty darn good lately!

03-07-2005, 05:17 PM

Good Afternoon!

I forgot that I had to post to get any e-mails that anyone wrote... duh... :dizzy: I wondered why it was so quiet and here & why you had written, Sheila ;) I see... so has Willow (!) :o

Welcome back Willow... long time no see... glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying your grandkids :) Yes, Joe & I are still busy during the weekends (when I am not ill), but I have pretty quiet weekdays (thank goodness), it's Joe that has the hectic weeks. I too love Bath & Body Works! In fact, I just took a shower with one of their new scents - Cream Boule :smug: I lit the candle and then put loads of the cream on... what an awesome scent! I want to get the Angelfood Cake scent the next time... after I use up this one. What scent did you decide to get?

Hi Bluet, I sure hope that you are okay!!! I so miss you!!!! Darn that computer anyway!

Hi Sheila, Oh what FUN!!!! I love shopping in those stores... and do! Mostly daydreaming about the things I'd like to change one day. Sounds like you got allot done and had a great time doing it too!!! There are so many great SPRING sales coming up, Sheila, I bet you will be able to find something for a great price for that dining-room :smug:

You are so Blessed to have such great weather! I'd love to go walking outdoors!! Did you feel me hovering over you while you walked? :lol: I was there in spirit :D YES! I actually can see some daffodil's peeking up through the snow! That makes me feel hopeful! We did have a great weekend!! It was SUNNY and really rather pleasant in the temps this whole weekend. Today we have actually gotten up to 57*!!!!!!!! :o :smug: I even opened up my kitchen window to let in some fresh air - what a difference it made for me. It is rainy now, but it suppose to turn into to snow by evening (so they say :( ). I faired up rather well health-wise too! I didn't eat out and I enjoyed BEING OUT with our friends... although, my girlfriend, Peggy, is having the dickens of a time with the hormonal changes going on in her body... I feel so sad for her :( I just did allot of listening and hugging --- she said it meant allot to her just to have someone to talk to. I wish I could take it all away from her, you know.

As for the new juicer... I love it! I just clean it right after I use it and it's not a problem at all. And the juice is soooooo good! I had Joe pick up some cukes this morning (he works for a grocery store chain) so I can juice them too. It's really pretty good, because you can use the pineapples or apples to sweeten it. I just wish I could drop more weight! I feel so bloated from all the fiber these days, but at least my intestines have stopped with the spasms :) According to the book... it will take a bit of time for my body to adjust to all the fiber I am to be on. I am not a very patient person sometimes.

I have laundry to finish up with too... tomorrow :lol: I meant to do it today, but I ended up spending most the day catching up with reading my magazines and the paper & making some birthday cards.

Hi Angel & Diane, How are you both doing today?? Did you have a busy weekend too?


Gonna go watch Ellen... take care now... and have a nice evening :)
*God Bless*


03-08-2005, 01:18 PM

Okay... ... where is everyone??? :?: ???

Whew! We had us quite a rain storm yesterday... high winds, but great temps! We actually went up to 57* yesterday and I was able to open my kitchen window and enjoy the breeze... well... till the bottom dropped out at around 6:30pm. It went from 57* to 18* in no time flat! And this morning we have Black Ice on the roads, bridges and overpasses causing many accidents! We even got a dusting of snow over night... not to last I'm afraid. It was sunny this morning, but right now we are covered in white-outs! More SNOW!!! Big snow-flakes too! It's causing so many accidents... Joe called me a bit ago and told me he could hardly see where he was going it was snowing so hard and people were passing him like crazy --- he said it's scary because they don't slow down! I pray he stays safe...

Well gals, I am on DAY #9 today of the new program and after the first 3 days of real restrictive meals... it's good to be on a pretty reg. diet again - very much like the 3rd Phase in the South Beach Diet... the only difference being that I take his vitamins & fiber & buy ORGANIC foods now. It's not that bad after you make the initial changes. The expense is in the beginning and then it's not so bad. And the foods DO taste differently! I cannot believe it! There is more flavor in the Free-Range meats (not to mention, they are so tender) and in the Organic veggies :T We are blessed here in Ohio to have a huge grocery store called *The Mustard Seed* that carries all Natural & Organic Foods... I cannot believe how many people we know that shop there! Why didn't they tell us?! :o ;) Because they have such a large variety there the cost aren't really all that much higher... and when you think of hospital cost (!) it's all well worth it for me. None of these foods have Pesticides, Hormone Injections or Antibiotics in them. You cannot believe what is in our foods that we are so unaware of today. The studies show that --- it's why our kids are developing much sooner today (hormones in the meats) and also why we have become immune to so many antibiotics (because it's in our meats). It really makes allot of sense to me. I just wish that these foods were more affordable to EVERYONE! Cuz I know it's very difficult for those with families or on a tight budget. Anyway, I know it's working for me and I am grateful to God for that!! I feel so dumb that when the book/program was mentioned on HERE I didn't look into it deeper then! Duhhh :dizzy: The book I am in now by the same writer is titled *The Maker's Diet* and it's great!

Also, I am on Goat's yogurt, milk & cheese... at first I found it so difficult because the taste is so different from cow's and wondered if I'd ever get use to the change, but now... I enjoy it... and it feels great having cheese on things again :T I also got that Jack LaLanne juicer this past week... and have really enjoyed making my own juices. It comes with a recipe book from veggie juices to fruit juices and suggestions on how to use some of the pulp in your recipes to add the extra fiber to your diet.

It hasn't been easy to make all these changes and at first I felt really over-whelmed, but it's getting better :smug: and I'M getting better :flow1: :smug:

Thinking of you ~ALL~ with good thoughts and with
prayer in that you have a beautiful day :sunny:
Come back soon... I sure do miss you gals! :^:



03-08-2005, 03:07 PM
Well, it's just you and me, SunnyD, but that's okay. I love reading your posts and looking at your happy smile. :)

Sounds like you've been having some wild, wild weather. Is that a normal spring occurrence? My DD called me this morning and told me that it was 70 degrees in Norfolk yesterday, and today it's snowing, a kind of wet, slushy snow. That sounded pretty bad, but your weather sounds much worse. What does your weather person say causes the fluctuation in temperature? Artic air from Canada or something like that? I find weather kind of fascinating. Let us know when Joe gets home safely!

So glad that you're feeling better following this plan. Your description of organic meat makes me want to try some. It's always so expensive, but definitely better for you. Don't think I could stomach goat milk, though. When I was a kid, some family friends had a goat, and the kids gave me a drink straight from the goat. Yuck!! I've retained that taste memory for years and can't get into eating any dairy made with goat milk.

Water aerobics first thing this morning. I can't for the life of me find my darn pulse, even though I practiced over the weekend. This instructor makes us take our heartrate after the aerobics portion, but I just can't do it. When I'm in a quiet room and really concentrating, I can get it, but in a noisy pool with her giving us a time limit, I can't. Also forgot one water shoe today so I wore one of my socks instead. I have a "thing" about putting my bare feet on the floor in locker rooms, showers, and pool decks. It just makes me cringe. I walked to the pool in my sock, and pulled it off to get into the pool. Walking along the bottom of the pool in my bare feet doesn't bother me. Then I pulled the sock back on at the pool edge and walked into the shower. Got a few funny looks, but I don't care. It's my phobia and I'm stuck with it!

The house in Seattle finally closed, and I should get a check tomorrow. I'm hoping I won't have a hard time with the bank down here. I have to put the majority into my Dad's account (I'm already in the computer as having power of attorney), but some into my account, too. Then we'll be all ready to close on our house. I felt kind of bad for the buyers of the Seattle house because they had to wait until late yesterday to actually go into the house, although I let them store their stuff there over the weekend. Today I was feeling a bit bad about not being able to see the tulips I planted last fall. We'd gone to the tulip festival a year ago and bought some new ones. I plan to plant a bunch in my new yard, though.

Have a good Tuesday, ladies!! Hope to see more of you here. Hey, doesn't anyone have Bluet's address? I'm not on my normal computer so I don't have access to it (and stupidly didn't write it in my address book), but maybe someone can send her a postcard and see what's up??

03-08-2005, 04:01 PM

I placed a phone message on Bonnie's machine. If I hear anything from her I will be sure to post. I forgot that she was at work when I called :dizzy: So maybe I will give her another try tonight... I will PM you with her address and phone number again, so you will have it, okay.

As for our weather... YUP --- it's called LAKE ERIE! We live very close to the lake and so we get allot of storms suddenly from it. And the weather-people cannot predict what will happen till we are IN IT usually. They get allot of flack & ribbing here :lol: The sun is shinning right now, can you believe it! But it's very windy and so very cold! The snow seems to be coming in squalls of mini storms... strange. I will let you know about Joe ;) Thanks!

I laughed so hard when you said you couldn't find your pulse ;) :lol: :lol3: I am sure of it that you have one :lol: :smug: All kidding aside... many people do have a hard time locating it. My mom is a retired nurse, otherwise, I may not know how either. Which way are you looking for it... the wrist or the throat? On the wrist: place your first two fingers gently on the inside of the wrist about two inches up from your hand, facing away from your body... you should be able to get it there (just to the side of the tendon in the center of your wrist, not on the tendon). On your throat: you can usually locate it just to the edge of your throat on either side by placing your two fingers gently. Go to the soft tissue on either side of the center bone - hopefully you will feel it there... if not... maybe you really don't have one :o :lol: just kidding around :lol: Hope I haven't confused you more! ;)

When I use to go to the public pools - I did the same thing you do now! I always worried about what you could catch on those floors. Don't you worry one bit what anyone else thinks ;) At least you are out getting in your exercise :) I still grab public bathroom handles and public door handles with my coat sleeve or paper towel and not my hand (or I let someone else grab the door for me ;) ) So many go without washing their hands today :p I think we all have something that someone would call a phobia, don't you think?

I am so glad for you that the house finally closed in Seattle, now you will be able to begin getting things all settled in your world... bummer that you had to leave all those flowers behind... but just think of all the NEW things you know to do now for this home - inside and out :^: :goodvibes

My whole house smells like pot roast :T
our dinner tonight :hun: yum!
Nothing like it!

Take Care now...


03-08-2005, 05:58 PM
Hi Girls,
I have a few minutes so thought I'd gossip a bit with you gals.
I'm in the process of taking all my CD's out of their cases and putting them into a CD album, or book, and I'm playing them as I take them out of the cases. I've been at it for three days and I have a lot to go yet.
Of course I haven't been playing them constantly. I need to go pick up another album though. I'm putting all my Christmas, Kenny G, country and the really old 50's in one album, then I'll start on the oldies, Blues and Soul.

Sunny, I bought a bunch of Bath and Body Works. I got three of the small purse-size, then I got some body wash and body skin conditioner that you put on after you shower, then rinse it off. I also got a few of the big tubes of the body cream; I got Sweet Pea, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Peony, Mango Mandarin and Cucumber Melon. I got a Sweet Pea and a cucumber Melon for my granddaughter too. So, I have a good supply again for a while.

I was at the pool this morning / early afternoon. I'm still yo-yo-ing too.
They still haven't decided what's wrong with this hip, and I'm giving them till April, then I'm having a new procedure done, called Hip Resurfacing. Anything is better than this. I really don't want it replaced if it's not absolutely necessary.

Sounds like you got some Minnesota weather out in Ohio. Hang on Sunny, Spring is just around the corner.
Now, ... what's this diet you're on?? I'm curious. Maybe I can pick up an idea or two. I sure need all the help I can get.
I took out a membership at the local Senior Friendship Centers Wellness center, and I'll be using their weights and equipment three days a week with college students and older guys who are members there teaching me.

Sheila, it sounds like you're making progress on your real estate deals. Really frustrating, isn't it? All that hard work you put in last year and now you have to do it all over again at a different location. Well, you guys will probably stay there now for a while, huh?

Hey Sheila, I'm with you on the goat cheese and milk. We had a couple goats when I was a kid, and I too will never forget that smell/taste of the milk and the meat too. That tallow stuck to the roof of our mouth. ICK! It is healthy though. People in the middle East live on it. :p
I do love buffalo meat though. It tastes just like beef and is soooo very good for you because they are range fed and the meat is only half the caloric value of beef. Very expensive though.

You can find your pulse on the thumb-side of your wrist right next to the center tendon. Or, you can take it on your carotid artery in your neck, which is sometimes harder for an untrained person to find. It's just next to your adams apple, and you have to press into the soft tissues. you won't be able to feel it by just laying your fingers there, ... you have to press in a bit. It doesn't matter where you take it, ... it will be the same both places. You'll get used to shutting out any other sounds and soon you'll be able to find it immediately. It takes practice.

I'm off work this week and then I'll be working half days till June first. Hopefully by then this thing will be fixed.

Hello to Bonnie and everyone. I take it you never heard any more from Fatpuss.

Well, I need to get things done here.
Have a good day girls.

03-08-2005, 08:51 PM

Hey there Sheila, I just wanted to let you know that I got a hold of Bonnie by phone :D What a sweet person! But she sounded so very tired... she's having *Bully* problems at work again :jig: Darn it all anyway! I wish I could do something to help her. Also, she is having computer problems and doesn't know when she'll be back up. All I know is that I miss her here and do hope it won't be too long before she's able to come back. Please keep her in your prayers :^: - that job is really taking it's toll on her :(

Oh... Joe made it home just fine tonight ;) :) Thanks for the prayers!!!


Willow, Those CD's sound like quite an endeavor... better you then me!

As far as the Goat Milk and Cheese and such... I haven't a choice... I cannot have any dairy, so this is better then nothing, you know. Not to mention how good it is for me ;) It is an aquired taste... for sure!

And Joe & I have eaten Buffalo steaks too --- they are very lean! You have to be careful not to over cook them or they can be dry. We are going to see about getting buffalo meat for our freezer from a farm here in Ohio. Hoping it will be cheaper that way.

Nope! Fatpuss has not been back :(

Okay Angel & Diane... what's up with you two???!!! Come back and let us know that all is well or I'll be calling you next ;)


Sorry this is so short,
but I havta return a phone call :)


03-08-2005, 09:10 PM
Angel, I hope you are feeling okay :?: You haven't been here on this thread yet (come to think of it neither has Diane)! Have I said something to chase you away??? You left CEr's too :( and I was there... I hope I am just being over sensitive.

Have you heard anything new about your tests?

Now... I am signing off... :^:

03-08-2005, 10:35 PM silly girl!! Of course you haven't run me off!'ve just kind of gone into my own little world, lately. Sorry. I HAVE been reading all of the posts....I know it's selfish...can't explain. You being on the CEr's thread had nothing to do with me leaving. I still love everyone there, especially you. I DID have a reason for leaving, but it's something I have to deal with.
You are a blessing to me, & I miss your posts terribly when you're not around. I miss EVERYONE here, when they're gone too long. So....I know I shouldn't do that either. Again, I'm sorry....I'll try to at least stop in & let you all know I'm among the living. :^: I haven't heard from my tests, yet. Thanks for asking. So glad you're feeling better. Wish I had the will power to do something about my eating habits.
Glad you checked on Bluet......I'll be praying for her. I had decided it was her computer & she was afraid to use the one at work. I think I'll pick up a card & send it to her. :)

Hi Sheila....Happy for you that everything is finally about to get settled. I'm sure you'll have beautiful flowers this summer, & we'll want to see pics. :D My DH has been bringing my bouquets of Buttercups! Remember my romantic story of how he started bringing them to me & kept it up?? ;)'s so good to see your posts! I've been wondering how you're doing. I stayed out of your forum for so long that I forgot my username & password....I got so aggravated the last time I tried, that I just gave up!! :( You can see how lazy I'm getting anyway, about posting. I still love you a lot, & miss your stories of days gone by. Hope you get help for your hip soon.

Hello to's your turn. :smug:

03-09-2005, 10:19 AM

03-09-2005, 12:36 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Thank you for your concern, I am fine and expect to have my home computer back today sometime.

I have spent quite a lot of work time on the computer this morning and need to solve some important issues on my desk. I will check in with you later tonight after Idol. Sunny has me hooked on this Idol program. At my age, can hardly identify with the songs they sing, but I enjoy watching the competition, just as I enjoy the competition on Survivor. Did you take note, those of you that watch it, of the beautiful white sand on the beaches on their island?

We are having a cold, but sunny day, so far, suppose to get colder by the weekend. There's not a tulip in the world that would be brave enough to poke it's little head above the ground around here. Possible snow tomorrow. Nineteen degrees outside right now and with the wind chill is it 6 above zero. :)

No that I cherish you all, you warm my heart. Charlotte, I love the graphic of the cat in the box and the "Hello Baby". Made me smile.


03-09-2005, 03:03 PM

Good Afternoon!

First off... it's WONDERFUL to see you back Bonnie!!! :flow2: You are VERY Dear to us and so you cannot go a long period of time away :nono: and neither can Sheila, Charlotte or Diane (where are you Diane?) & Willow too... we all care about you very much! You have good friends here that do really care :goodvibes I am thrilled to know that you will have your computer back sometime today! :cp: I have missed my *American Idol* buddy :smug: What happened with your cp? A bug?

Okay Sheila, where did ya go???? :^:

Angel, I am so happy to know that I haven't done something to hurt your feelings :goodvibes I too like your kitty graphic :smug: I made one (from a picture I found) for how I am feeling today. I am having "one of those days today"... I have tons to do, but feel so darn tired! :p Uggggg... ... ... Even my cats just sleep the day away! Here are some pictures I took of them in our laundry room:

I took this yesterday:

And took this one today:

I KNOW how they feel! :tired: All this this dreary weather does is make you feel sleepy... when the sun was out earlier, I felt like I could conquer the day without any problem... :jig: well, now I feel like my kitties :dz: So I cannot blame you one bit for feeling the way you do either, Angel. I saw on the weather channel that you were getting allot of rain there. Is it getting into your home too?

Willow, thanks for the card :rofl:

Later gals...


03-10-2005, 12:40 AM
Good Evening,

It is really late, 10:30 pm here. I am making this short, until tomorrow.

Sunny, such sweet pictures of your babies, thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling more energetic tomorrow. :)

Charlotte, you are right, it was my home computer and a few issues at work, that kept me off the computer there. You are oh so wise. ;)

So, Sheila, now where are you? I must admit you never miss an evening post. And we don't even have your new address or phone number or email.:(

Willow, so nice to see you posting. Once again I am wondering if my roses made it through another Northern Exposure.

Have a good Thursday everyone. "Survivor Thursday" Oh that reminds me Sunny, I was very disappointed that NIKKO SMITH was voted off of Idol, I can hardly believe it. Also, I would have not kept the Barbara Striesand impersonator over Amanda Avil (sp?)


03-10-2005, 06:13 PM

Good Evening Everyone :wave:

I cannot believe how much better I feel today!! It's cold outside (25* right now), but the sun is beaming :sunny: into our home - what a wonderful feeling! I have gotten so much done already... I walked 30 minutes this morning on my T-Mill listening to Steve Green's *Hide 'em in Your Heart Songs* (that CD just makes me smile! I just love his music with kids), I got some paperwork done that had to be finished today & the laundry almost finished. And after I finish here... I'm gonna go wash the kitchen floor, clean the bathrooms & then run the vacuum while I still feel so good. Day's like this give me such hope to be well again and I feel like I am well on my way :df:


Hi Bonnie, about *American Idol* I whole-heartily agree with you! I hated to see Amanda go over Mikala... but they go for different on that show and she's sure different. And I too hated to see Nikko go over Constantine (the other rocker), I really felt it was time for him to go. I knew that Janay & Travis were going, they did so poorly last time through. It's Thursday night :cp: I sure do hope that we don't have repeats tonight :dizzy:

Sheila... what happened????????????????? I miss seeing your grandbaby and you!!!!! Come back soon, and when you do would you give us your new address by PM? Bonnie is right! We have no way of reaching you right now :( Come back soon! I so look forward to hearing from you each day :^:


Hello's to all the MIA's :wave:
We miss you too!!!!!

Joe just got home...
time to get dinner finished :D


03-10-2005, 06:20 PM
Sorry, ladies, the time got away from me last night.

I'm so glad you're getting your home computer back again, Bluet. And awfully sorry you're having to deal with the bully. That can be totally draining. Six above zero. Brrr! I won't tell you the temp here, but will say that I have to go to a consignment store in a few minutes to see if I can buy some T-shirts. I have mostly sweatshirts and long-sleeved stuff here at the apt., and the boxes in storage are so packed that I can't find the clothing box. March isn't supposed to look like this.

Hey, Willow, so good to see you here. I love that peony fragrance, which is strange because I don't particularly care for the peonies. Also got gardenia lily and I don't like gardenias. They just smell different as body lotion, I guess. My problem with Bath and Body is that I get tired of the scent about 3/4 of the way through the bottle and want something different. So maybe I should try the purse-sized bottles. Oh, greasy tallow on the roof of the mouth--yuck, yuck, yuck. We haven't heard from Fatpuss since July, but we're still ever hopeful.

Thanks for the pulse tips. Still can't find it, and the instructor has a hard time finding it. I guess some people are just harder than others. My neck muscles are so hypertrophied from my neuro disorder that taking it that way is pretty difficult. Not sure why it's so hard on my wrist--thick skin??

Charlotte, glad you're back, too. So. . .you were lurking! That's okay. Sometimes I get into lurking mode, too. You must have decided not to change your rheumatology appointment to an earlier one? As you can guess, I'm still praying that you'll hear some good news when you go see the doctor. Any new work on your house? Sounds like spring is springing where you are so hopefully you don't have to worry too much about the tarp on your roof. By the time the new roof is on, you just might be missing that special blue glow that only a tarp can give! :)

Look at those comfy kitties, SunnyD! Makes me want to curl up someplace cozy, too. Bet they love it when you turn the dryer on and make it all warm. My tuxedo cat, Arrow, is a big fan of the laundry basket, mostly when it's full of clean clothes. He's also good at jumping into drawers after I've opened them and turned my back for a few minutes. I go to put something back in the drawer and there's a big kitty sitting there looking at me. Cats can be so darn funny.

Yesterday we went to the DMV and became true Oregonians. I wish I could have kept my Washington driver's license photo because it's a good before photo and the new one is a good (almost) after photo. No more neck "rolls" and double chins. I was nervous about passing the written test, but I did better than I did on Washington's. I almost failed the Washington one, and my daughter did fail it the first time. It seemed to take forever to get the license and registration.

After we did that, I took an hour rest, and then we left to go to Eugene, Oregon's second largest town, about an hour south of Corvallis. My sister turned 55 yesterday and invited us to have dinner with her and her DH. I haven't seen her in over a year so that was nice. DH and I got some dry ice and one of those Omaha Steaks boxes that we saved and went shopping in the "big city." Corvallis doesn't have a Trader Joe's so we went there. Also can't find Boar's Head deli meats, but the one place in Eugene was closed so we still don't have any. Got a dozen bagels, too. Then we went to dinner at a place on the river. I didn't get back until around 9:00 pm and I was tired.

Today my DH got the news that HP is offering people voluntary severance, which means to cut costs they're trying to get rid of people voluntarily before resorting to layoffs. This, of course, is occurring right around the time we close on our new house with the largest mortgage payment we've ever had. My stomach is all tied up in knots now. *Sigh*

Hope you all are having a great Thursday, and TGI (almost) F.

03-10-2005, 07:44 PM

Hello everybody....

Sheila...I really enjoyed reading about your town! Isn't it fun learning a new place?! I sure hope all goes well with DH's job. I know how that feeling is. I DID drop the MRI film off at the Rheumatologist office Monday. I feel if it's necessary to talk to me before the 21st, he'll call.
Yes...yes....there's a few shingles on my house!!!! Should be more this's suppose to be a beautiful day. :)

Hello Willow....try to post often!! :D glad you're feeling better today. Been praying for you, girl.

Bluet....Hope you're feeling better, today. Love ya lots!!!!

I had an appt with my GP today. I let him know just how lousy I've been feeling....which is unusual for me. I think I got his attention. He ordered lots and lots of blood work. Going to check for Lupus, Fibromyalgia, some kind of anemia, & see if the RA factor has gone up. My blood pressure was up, so he decided to check it again, before I left, & it had gone up more! So, he wouldn't let me leave for awhile. They kept checking it, until it was 136/90...then, I left. I have infection in both ears & throat, too. Whew!!!!!!! Glad this day is over! I got lots of prescriptions. (can't fill money. ) & will return in one month. If not better, he's going to get with my Rheumy & see what needs to be done. Maybe I'll find some help somewhere!!! I still haven't heard from my Rheumy on my MRI's. Probably won't until I get a treatment on the 21st.

03-10-2005, 11:06 PM
Hi Girls,
Charlotte, I think your blood pressure may have been up from the pain. Mine goes up when my hip pain increases.

Sheila, I have relatives in Molino and Mulalla Oregon. How far are you from there? I think they are also about an hour from Eugene, and I have a nephew who does live in Eugene.

Hi Sunny, I'm glad you're feeling better today. You certainly MUST be feeling better with all the work you're doing!

Hi Bonnie. That guy is still at it, huh? And the big shots don't see that, or do anything about it? I gotta hand it to ya, ... you've got a lot more patience than I do.

I thought I'd leave this trivia for you gals and see if any of you remember any of these. or have heard of them. I'll put the answers on tomorrow.
See ya all later! Have a good night!


Take a walk down
Memory Lane and
Listen to the Radio.


1930s to 1950s

1. THE SHADOW, debuted 1930.

The show was based on a series of novels entitled “SHADOW“ by Walter Gibson. Contrary to the title, the show had nothing to do with an invisible man.

Can you remember the bone-chilling quote at the beginning of this radio show which seemingly held the fate of the world in it's embrace for 30 minutes every Sunday afternoon?

A. "Never forget, the shadow is following you."

B. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men“ The Shadow knows!"

C. "Have you seen your shadow?"


2. GANG BUSTERS, debuted 1935.

The first program portrayed the death of the Lady In Red's friend, John Dillenger, at the Biograph Theatre in Chicago.

The show featured the sounds of violence, police whistles, breaking glass, the staccato bursts of machine gun fire and metallic burglar alarms.

How was this thriller billed?

A. ‘We exist only to bust up the gangs who work to destroy
the American Way of Life.“

B. “Wiping out gangland warfare to save the world.“

C. “The only national program that brings you authentic police case histories.“


3. YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR, debuted 1949.

Dollar was played as a freelance insurance investigator with a keen mind, and a nose for murder. He was known for his shameless padding of expense accounts. As narrator of the show Dollar would begin each show with “Expense account: Item one“ and we were off and running.

How did Dollar sign these mostly fictitious accounts, when presenting them to his companies boss?

A. “Love 'ya boss, JD.“

B. “Eternally yours, JD.“

C. “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.“


4. THE LONE WOLF, debuted 1948.

The Lone Wolf was the pet name for Michael Lanyard, just another radio gumshoe. He was usually found sipping highballs at the Silver Seashell Bar and Grill.

This show had a very noticeable resemblance to another detective series. Can you name the series?

A. Falcon Crest.

B. The Falcon.

C. As the Falcon Flies.


5. THE INNER SANCTUM, debuted 1941.

Fear was generated by organ music, rumbling and deep, sounding as if he organ was being played underwater.

What was the sound effect used to open the show?

A. The screech of a Raven saying “Nevermore.“

B. The sound of fingernails running down a blackboard. This sound raised the hair on the back of necks all over the US.

C. The sound of a door to the basement being opened, to insane laughter. The groaning and creaking of that door created shivers up and down listeners spines.


6. DICK TRACY, debuted 1935.

The show was based on Chester Gould's comic strip detective and opened with a burst of radio code, and Tracy's summary of the crime scene, all relayed on Tracy's wrist radio.

Can you name some of the character side-kicks of Tracy's?

A. Tess Trueheart, Vitamin Flintheart, and probably the most memorable, the crew cut wearing Flat Top.

B. Mahem Milgilicuty, Virginia Vedders, Plug Norton, Butch Fenders.

C. Joe Bob Skinner, Ralph Malph, and old Doc Fogarty.




1930s to 1960s

7. DEATH VALLEY DAYS, debuted 1930.

With stories rooted in fact, this series became one of the most respected dramas of early radio. Written by Ruth Corwall Woodman, it was rich with strange characters, the formost being the Old Ranger who fought the never ending crimes of bushwhackers and cattle rustlers.

Do you remember what sound effect opened the show?

A. The call of an Army-issue bugle.

B.“Giddyap! Let's go catch us some bad guys,“ by an unnamed announcer.

C. “Head 'em up, Roll 'em out!“ followed by the crack of a bullwhip.


8. GENE AUTRY'S MELODY RANCH, debuted 1940.

Aurty liked to tell his listeners that the show was being beamed directly from his home, Melody Ranch, in the San Fernando Mountains. A “Cowboy Classic“musical number and several simple jokes helped round out every broadcast.

Do you remember the name of Autry's sidekick?

A. Right eyepatch wearing Johnny Jakes.

B. The forever jovial Pat Butram.

C. Cowpoke Bill Jenkins and his wonder horse, Davy Crockett.


9. TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS, debuted 1950.

Featuring “authentic reenactments of actual Ranger case histories“ this series brought cowboy star Joel McCrea to the radio waves. Only names, dates, and places were fictitious “for obvious reasons.“

Do you remember McCrea's Ranger name?

A. U.S. Ranger Sammy Spade

B. U.S. Ranger Jase Pearson

C. U. S. Ranger John Goodman Thompson


10. WILD BILL HICKOCK, debuted 1951.

Fists flew as Wild Bill Hickock warded off bad men with his knock-out punches and his trusty sidekick, Jingles, butted them with his fat gut. Bad men flew though the air and peace reined once more. At least until the next broadcast.

Who played the title role of Wild Bill Hickock and who played Jingles?

A. Guy Madison was Wild Bill and Andy Devine played Jingles

B. Fess Parker was Bill and Andy Walther played Jingles

C. Clint Eastwood was Bill and Billy Bob Thornton played Jingles

03-10-2005, 11:50 PM

Well, Survivor was interesting, but I really didn't care who left on the team that lost the immunity, I like the other team better. DH thought I was being rather ruthless. He thinks I should be cheering for the underdog. But I happen to have liked the other team right off the bat, so that is who I cheered for tonight. After all they really know how to build a latrine, and I would be in an absolute panick if I did not have a latrine or shower. :) CSI was ok too, at least it was not a rerun, from what I could tell. Interesting how they dropped the Katherine-Warrick thing like a hot potato, perhaps they got mail. Gregg is having fun with the lab tech that replaced him too.

Well, Sunny glad you had a better day. It is nice the Sun was out all day for you. We were very cold with snow showers allllllllllll day, man I am so tired of winter. I am suppose to have the grandboys from Green Bay this weekend for an overnight. They are really looking forward to coming to visit the farm grandma and grandpa. I know I will be exhausted come Sunday night. I didn't get everything done at work this week either. (sometimes I think I am pretending they aren't there, so I don't have to deal with them) :o . I won't have time tomorrow, because Friday is always wrap-it-up day on everything else I do. Oh Well, make the best of it and have faith right? My computer's hard drive failed and it took Joe a bit of time to order a new one and install it and get all the programs back on the drive. I didn't loose the financial parts, I had a good back-up, but I am up and running, which is a good thing.

So Sheila, what are you up to? Are you over at the new house, painting and installing flooring and stuff like that? Miss your posts, I don't think you ever missed two evenings in a row, except perhaps when your were moving to Corvallis. Can we see a picture of your new home sometime and mabe a picture or two of those tulips? :)

Charlotte, has it stopped raining down there? We are still getting plenty of snow. My car was so dirty yesterday, I kept putting off getting it washed, because we had so much sloppy weather and roads of late. so last night I finally broke down and spent the $21.00 for a full interior cleaning and wash and wax, and what happens all day today it snowed and my car sat out in it all day :( Talk about a waste of money. Oh well, the inside smells nice and looks nice and clean. Have you heard anymore news about your neck and your thumb Charlotte? Just wondering how you are doing.

Willow, it is so nice to have you back on the thread. You love winter, but aren't you getting a little tired of it by now too? Did you ever resolve you hip problem?

Wonder how Diane is doing?

Have a good Friday everyone, you are all special!!!!!!!


03-11-2005, 12:08 AM
Isn't this interesting, when I started my post, Sunny's was the only post, when I posted my post, up popped Sheila, Charlotte and Willow, according to the times, we weren't all posting at the same time. hmmmmmmmm. Well, Sheila you didn't go two evenings without posting, you didn't break your record after all. :-)

Good Night guys, I gotta get to bed, I was yawning all afternoon today.


03-11-2005, 05:14 PM
Hi Gals,
Have you all noticed that 3fc site has a lot of spyware? Every time I come here I have to run my Adaware because my pc picks up spy ware here.

Anyway, here's the answers to the trivia.
Hope you are all having a good day. It's snowing and blowing here and I'm still listening to CD's and transferring them to pocketbooks.


1 THE SHADOW answer: B

2. GANG BUSTERS answer: C


4. THE LONE WOLF answer: B

5. INNER SANCTUM answer: C

6. DICK TRACY answer: A







5 to 10 correct: WOW! You are a REAL Radiohead!

2 to 5 correct: Oops, you must have been doing your homework.

0 correct: Whatsamatter“ Mommy send you to bed without your radio“



03-12-2005, 12:16 AM
All right! I got one right. I come from the first TV generation, I think, Willow.

Hopefully, Charlotte, the not hearing anything is at least somewhat good news because if it was an urgent problem, I have to believe he'd call. That's a bummer that you're feeling so bad these days. I thought disability came with some health care, too, like Medicare or something, although I guess Medicare doesn't have prescription coverage. Maybe a minivacation to Canada? When I went to fill my Actonel prescription, and we were in the insurance "gray area" when the new one hadn't kicked in, the pharmacist told me that the four pills would cost $95. Medication in this country is just too darned expensive. My friend had some leftover antibiotic (they changed the prescription)--I wish I could send you some. Are the infections from the lowered immune system because of the treatments? Every time I hear an RA commercial, they say something about being susceptible to infections. It's hard not to have high blood pressure when you've got so much darn stressful stuff going on.

Bluet, when I read your post and it said I'd been gone for two days, I couldn't understand why you said that. Then I read down further and discovered your other post. I wonder why mine didn't show up? Strange. . .

I'm enjoying the Greg/new DNA tech (what is her name?) interplay, too. Greg is often the comedy relief, which I like. Love his strange hairdo, too. I wonder how he wears it in real life. I wasn't communicating well about the tulips because they're at my old house in Seattle, and I won't be seeing them come up. :( My new house doesn't seem to have any bulbs, or at least I didn't spot any last week when I was there. There was some daphne in bloom near the door, though. I love the smell of that stuff. We aren't closing until April 1, so I won't be seeing the place until then.

Get this, though. HP is sending out letters that should arrive on April 1 to the people that they want to take what's called voluntary severance. So we won't know if my DH has been targeted until the day we close on the house, and probably after because the mail arrives late. We were talking about letting the house go and losing the earnest money and stuff, but we're going to be optimistic and go through with the closing. Even if he gets the letter, we'll have enough money to live off for over six months, although health insurance will of course be an issue. And a 54 year old guy finding a job will be an even bigger issue. Trying not to stress about it, but it's difficult. If I could work, I'd feel a bit better about things because I could go out and earn money while he's looking. I should hear about my disability by the middle of April, but I certainly can't count on that. Oh, well, things will work out.

My friend stopped by unexpectedly today. I was still in my pjs, and I was on the phone upstairs. I heard the dog barking, but since I was on the phone, I didn't do anything. He just wouldn't shut up, so I got up while talking and then heard someone at the door. She was just about to leave, too. We had a nice chat, although while she was there, the chain on the toilet broke (she's taking diuretics and had a big cup of coffee--three times to the bathroom in an hour!) and she ended up messing with it. Don't I treat my guests well?! :lol: Then in the afternoon, another friend and I went to a quilt shop. If my DH still has a job, I'd like to take a quilting class.

Dog show this weekend, along with a wine tasting event. I'm going to take advantage of wine tasting and appetizers for $5. Have a good time with the grand kids, Bluet. Hope you get some rest and feel better, Charlotte, and Willow and SunnyD, hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

03-12-2005, 07:48 AM
I'm here, I'm here better late than never. ;)

It has been a gorgeous week weather wise and I have been enjoying being outside instead of in the house on the puter. The weather today is going to be in the 80's, but then a cold front is coming. :(

Enjoyed reading all the post glad you are feeling better Sunny, you sound so joyful. The old saying when we have our health we have everything is so true. I have felt nearly normal again. :cheer:

Charlotte good to hear from you.

Hi Willow and Bluet hope all is well with you girls.

Sheila glad the house closed one less thing on your mind. I would be wearing my socks too, can't stand bare feet even in my own house. I am weird....I hope everything works out ok with hb job, that is scary.

Not much to report from here I am pretty boring but that is ok considering the alternative. I like a nice quiet life. :) Still fighting with my weight as yet I havent made a committment to lose but still working on it but in the meantime I am gaining. :( I am still going to Curve's but I am going to start walking also so maybe that will help.

Have a wonderful week end and thanks for being my friends....

03-12-2005, 06:54 PM
Hi Friends,
I guess the reason I don't get on here much anymore is because every time I do I have to make at least two tries because my computer freezes up on my first try and I have to re-boot it.

There is a place called Outreach that a friend of mine gets his meds and he only pays $5.00/month per prescription. He said his Dr writes his prescription for three months worth at a time with one refill, and he emails it in and they send his prescriptions through the mail. They don't have all medicines though. He said they have 50-some meds. He also takes Plavix which is like $5.00/tablet and he gets that free directly from the drug company that makes it. You have to meet certain income guidelines though.

Sheila, I hope your hubby's job is safe, but, really, when you think of it, whether you rent or buy, you have to make a monthly payment, so you might as well buy and own it in the end.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Hello to everybody. Gotta go. Have a wonderful weekend!

03-13-2005, 09:57 AM

Good morning,
It is a beautiful day in North Alabama! got a little shingling done yesterday, but he's so very sick with a cold that he just didn't feel well enough to do much. My ear & throat infection doesn't seem to be getting any better. :(

You're right, Sheila, RA makes me susceptible to infections. Then, my white blood count is so low, I can't fight it off. I checked on some online sights for ordering what Dr wanted me to take. The cheapest the antibiotic would cost is $70 & the other (that helps keep the infection off) was over $200! I take meds that I can't do without for other things that come to approx. $400 a month....
Yes, Medicare comes with SS Disability, but it doesn't cover drugs. My check is just above the amount to qualify me for Medicaid.

My Dr also was getting one of my expensive meds through the drug company, Willow, to give to me at his office. Another company bought them out, though, & they won't give the patients the meds. It made my Dr mad & called around for me & found a cheaper pharmacy....but, it's still high. He gives me large quantities of samples of Zertec, so that helps. I told him I couldn't buy it. I'll try to find that Outreach place you talked about, Willow....thanks.
We're not the poorest folks in the world, but we do have other bills to pay other than buying medication. :^: DH is self-employed, so we live from week to week. All savings went into this house, that we wish we had just walked away from 2 years ago. It's too late now, though. We'll just have to do the best we can. We've been really concerned about the fact that DH has no health insurance, & we can't seem to get ahead enough to get him any. It's like DH said yesterday, seems like the Devil is coming after us from every direction. :(

I'm sorry you have problems coming to this site, Willow. I don't have any problems with it. I wonder if anyone else does.? When I first come to it, it's slower loading than some, but after the first page, it's ok.

Hello Diane...glad you're enjoying the pretty weather. I don't blame you! Just let us know that you're still around. :D So happy you're feeling well. :coffee: Love the graphics!

Hi SunnyD...Glad you're feeling better! Now, girl, you've been gone a couple of days, so.............where are you?????????
I'm going to get me a Juicer, when I can. I've been doing research of foods that make RA better or worse, & it seems that fruits & veggies in the juicer is the best way to go. I've got to start helping myself & not count on meds so much. I also found out sweets are my worse enemy!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!! I'm going to try, though. I've got to get better.......maybe just one doughnut a day? :^:

Hi Bluet....I know you'll be tired when the weekend is over, but those grands do love us, don't they? My two, that are here every other week with their dad, went with him to get hay for the horses yesterday. They really had a great day! I could hardly find their faces last night, for all the dirt!! :lol:

Well, the house is the quietest it's going to be all day. No one is up yet, except me. I love my alone time in the morning, with my puter, coffee, & doughnut! :coffee: Hope you all have a great Sunday!

03-13-2005, 07:17 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

Grandkids are busy watching ShreikII, so I thought I would drop in for awhile. Those Shreik movies are really weird. :o I like my prince and princess to be gorgeous beautiful people, I am so out of touch with reality. ;)

Well, another cold weekend here in the upper mid-north. Last night it got down to below zero. Everyone you talk to has just had it with winter. Last year Spring was really late and all the farmers had a window of three good days in a row to get all their planting done. Tractors ran around the clock in that race. I hope that does not happen again this Spring, whenever it comes. The grandkids dressed up warm yesterday and went in the woods with the men to make wood. They had a good time running around between the trees and sliding on the ice, they don't seem to mind winter.

Charlotte, I am sorry that you can't get all the meds you need. :( I am sure that sore throat and ear ache won't heal without an antibiotic. If I had some antibiotic you would find it in you mail box as quickly as possible. I am glad the weather is nice for you. That surely is something to lift ones spirits. Isn't that wonderful when the house is very quite and you can sit and meditate without interruption? It is like a slice of heaven.

Sheila, I think my DH was 54 when he graduated from Tech School and got his associate degree in electronics. As I have told you before he has a good job, where he is treated well. He also had your DH's fears about being 54 and not being able to find anything, but he prevailed and I know so will you DH. All will be fine. I don't know what Daphne is, I am going to go look it up on the internet when I am done here. All of my pereninals and roses are still under snow, which is where they belong when it is so cold outside. Hard to believe in a couple of weeks it will be Easter. You have a birthday coming up in April don't you? and Willow does too. So do I, it gets me a little closer to retirement. :) which as Martha would say "Is a good thing". ;) It's a good thing I don't have many morning visitors, because with my naturally curly hair I am afraid I would scare surprise visitors away. :D My hair resembles a bottle brush when I get up in the morning.

SunnyD, now where are you girl? How are you feeling these days? Hopefully well. I still think about our chat on the phone the other night. It was so good to hear your voice. Thank you for caring.

Willow, I got everyone of your radio questions correct. So what does that tell you?.......I am old enough to remember radio pretty well and that makes me pretty old. :( It is too bad that you have so many problems coming to Fatchicks. I don't have DSL at home and the first page loads pretty slow on my home computer, but other than that I don't have many problems with the site. Keep coming back though it is so nice to see you here.

Diane, yes quite it good and safe and restful to the soul, I cherish my quite days. I am glad things are looking up for you, and I am happy that you come back when you can. DH was watching golf on TV today and the game was in South Florida. Everyone was walking around in short sleeves and no jackets. Man, can't imagine what that is like! Take care of yourself. Enjoy your good weather.

Well, it got pretty quite in the house, I better go investigate and see what's up. Have a good Monday everyone. Watch out for all the bullies out there. :lol:


03-14-2005, 01:23 PM
Good morning!

Bluet, just consider the fact that you got all the radio questions correct another step toward retirement. :D Haven't seen the Shrek movies, but have seen the ads on TV, and have to agree that I like my movie royalty a bit better looking. In fact, I'm sure glad that Charles had kids with Diane and not Camilla! :lol: Okay, you're going to have to clarify something for me. How do the men "make wood"? Is that a midwestern term for chopping firewood or something this city girl just doesn't know? Hey, I didn't know that about your DH. I can't tell you how much better that makes me feel. We spent quite a bit of time yesterday researching jobs, and he found 13 in the area. Well, the area extends about 1.5 hours north of here, but I do know some people who make that commute.

Charlotte, sounds like your whole family is succumbing to the creeping crud. I hope your DH feels better soon, too. It's too bad your dr. can't give you samples anymore. I hope the place Willow mentioned will help. I've read a couple of things about RA and nutrition recently. Of course, I can't remember what they were, and by the time I sat down at the computer to mention them to you, I'd forgotten them. But hopefully you can find something on the internet--in fact, I'm sure you'll be able to. So what's in bloom around your house? The cherry trees had a pretty short blooming time around here. Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned how beautiful this one street was with all the cherry trees, and yesterday we went down the same street, and the blossoms were almost gone.

Willow, that's a bummer that you can't get on here easily. You're sure right about having to have someplace to live, although the rent payment here is about half of what the mortage payment will be. But I would feel better having my own house with my own yard to play around in.

Diane, 80 degrees--wow! That's getting almost too hot. :D How are the grandkids doing? I think changing your habits slowly is a great way to go, and the fact that you've committed to Curves is wonderful. Now that the weather is so good, walking sounds like a great exercise to add, too. Have you made any changes with your diet? Sometimes just making small changes like drinking diet soda rather than regular, or using skim milk rather than 2% can result in pounds lost.

We had quite the busy weekend, although lots of fun. We went to the indoor farmer's market and bought a little bit of artisan cheese, and some fresh greens for salad. Then my DH dropped me off at the dog show while he spent his $50 gift certificate at Home Depot. I saw a person I knew in Idaho and stopped her to say hi. The only bad part was that I couldn't remember her name. I remembered the kind of dog she shows, what she does for a living, and just about everything else except for her name. It was embarassing because she knew mine, and I had to ask hers. We then went to a wine tasting event in the downtown area. For $5, we got a wine glass, probably about three glasses total (about 1 Tbl. at each stop), and each business that had a winery rep had appetizers so we ate those instead of dinner. We did stop for gelato. I had never had gelato before--it's good!

On Sunday we looked for jobs, then went for an hour's hike up a nearby peak. I haven't been hiking in years--it was wonderful although painful. I don't know how often I want to do that, but it was great. We went to our friends' house for wine (I way overindulged in wine) and then to an art exhibit where they were serving appetizers. Another free dinner!

Have a great Monday everyone! I've got 1/2 hour to shower and get to my massage appointment. Yikes!

03-14-2005, 04:08 PM
I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am doing great, feeling pretty good and I even ate a dinner out over the weekend :D :sunny: I just have allot to get done today, so I'll be back this evening to fill you in on my weekend when I have some time to post to everyone. Joe has a practice tonight...

In the meantime... hope you all are having a great day!!


03-14-2005, 09:09 PM

I'm back to post to each of you lovely ladies... :)

Hi Sheila, Yes, my boys do love it when I turn the dryer on or fill the laundry basket with fresh warm clothes... especially my little black & white guy, Domino. If there's heat there's Domino. As for the drawers... you should see my 15 lb'er (Zeppe) try to get into the small undie drawer everytime I fill it and leave it open... all he can get into it is his hinny; then he just sits there as if to say, "well, make it bigger, so I can fit!" :lol: I love how they make me laugh!!! :lol: Domino is sitting on my lap right now... making it very difficult to type :o He keeps pawing at my hand & rubbing his nose on my chin trying to get me to stop and pay attention to him & staring up at me with those BIG green eyes of his... such a Cutie-pie. How are you and your furry kids holding up in the apartment?

It's so WONDERFUL to hear that you have lost so much wt. that you have a great looking license photo now. Oh my goodness... I wonder if I could pass the written test again? It's been so long and I am terrible at written test! I'm glad to hear that you had no problems at all ;)

So your DF came through for ya with those Omaha Steaks boxes, huh ;) That's wonderful that you had such a good time with your family, Sheila... you just sound so happy there!

I am soooo very sorry to hear about DH and his HP job! :( I will keep you both in my prayers that he will NOT be on that list!!!! You never know... and if he is... prayers that he will find another job real soon!!!! :crossed: Oh my goodness... I couldn't imagine... prayers, Sheila!

I laughed so hard when I read about your friend catching you in your PJ's - that would be me too! Not to mention the broken toilet chain! :lol: :rofl: I would be running into your bathroom for other reasons :p - you gotta get that toilet fixed soon :D

The farmers market sounded wonderful!!!!! Right down my alley! Same with the dog show... I wanna come 'with' next time ;) Hope you had a good massage today :bubbles: You sure do need it right now :bubbles:

Hi Charlotte, I LOVED your puppy animation!!! I shared it with my mom today in her e-mail... she loves puppies!

I saw on the weather channel that you were having some nice weather :snooty: I WISH ;) But I am so sorry :sorry: you are still not feeling well enough with those infections to enjoy it :grouphug:

I hate to say I told you so... but... I'm gonna! :smug: I knew that sugars would be an enemy of yours, Charlotte... it is for me too! I am very sensitive to it - as is Bonnie. My hubby has RA factor in his blood (I think that's how the Dr. said it), but he doesn't have full blown RA yet... the juices and the vitamins seem to really help my Joe feel better. And he doesn't eat allot of sugar either, but when he does all he does is complain about his hands, elbows and his left hip hurting him. So try real hard sweetie to stay away from sugar as much as you are able to ;) I want you to feel better too :sunny: I love my juicer and I know you would too. It's a little work, but oh so worth it. In fact, this morning I made a celery, carrot and lemon juice that is really very tasty :T It doesn't sound like it would be, but it really is good! I drink a fresh veggie juice twice a day now. It is also very easy for the digestive system to juice, that's why it's great for me. Try 1/2 a donut a day and slowing wean yourself off all together... they are so bad for your arteries & your RA :^:

Thank-you so much for your Prayers... they are sure working!! Like I doubted for a minute that they wouldn't... ... coming from an Angel :angel: Prayers back at you!!! I have said some Prayers for you in that you find out some solid answers to your health problems and that someone will be able to help you. I bet it's hard when you look so good to get people to believe you sometimes... I KNOW it happens to me! They say, "But you look so good!" Okay... so I will look good when I gone too ;) Am I making any sense to you :lol: That's okay... I know what I AM trying to say ;) :lol: Well, you just keep on truckin' girl!!! You will find some answers too, you'll see.

Hi Bonnie, I'm so glad that your pc is up and running again :cp: I don't have DSL either... but I do have an Accelerator from my ATT that really helps speed things up. I hardly ever freeze up now. Plus I keep my computer Defragmented, that really helps allot too!

*Survivor*: I'm so with you! I didn't like KIM and was very glad to see her voted off! She annoyed me so much --- so full of herself and thinking she was above any work! I too like the other team allot!! They work well together... but you know that it won't be too long before the producers throw a money-wrench into it all, mixing things up a bit - allot!

Did you hear about *American Idol*??? Mario left the Top 12 and Nikko is coming back in his place. They weren't clear as to why he left, but the talk is that he got a contract that was far better then if he won *A-Idol*... :chin: hummm

Winter---US TOOOOOOO!!! We are sooooooooooooo tired :tired: :tired: :tired: of WINTER!!!! You know something... my DH came in the house Saturday morning before we went out to breakfast & actually began crying... he is so fed-up with the snow we are having, shovelling and driving in it. He felt so much better afterwards - it's always a great relief to cry it out & I am glad he does (!) and lets it all out (healthier) - it's just that he has to do so much driving in it, it really works on him. Thank goodness that it was a SUNNY day today and is suppose to be that way for at least two more days. It's very COLD (!) but when the sun is out, it doesn't feel so bad.

Oh my... I bet you were very tired this morning having to get up for work today after having the grandkids over all weekend :faint: Did you have a good time with them?

Hi Diane, I don't blame you one bit for wanting to be OUTSIDE instead of at the computer!!! Enjoy!!!! I know I would be if we had your weather!!! I am glad you are doing well yourself :flow2: I will say a prayer for you too... that you feel the "want" to go out for a walk everyday, even if it's short... just to go for 20 min. a day will do you some good ;)

Yes... that saying is so very true! I do so enjoy life when I feel well :flow1: And so far, I am still doing very good. I even put in 30 minutes this morning on the T-Mill again and plan to do that for 5 day out of the week as long as I feel well. I want to do more,but have to be careful not to overdo and become ill again.

Hi Willow, I liked the *SOUNDS OF YESTERYEAR* you posted... my father has the whole collection of old radio stories and he listens to them every night to fall asleep by... I could hear them sometimes when I was a kid... so I did know some of the answers, believe it or not, but not many. It was fun checking out the site though, I sent it to my father to enjoy too.


As for Joe & I: we had such a nice weekend... we went out to breakfast with Mike & Peggy on Saturday morning (I ate before we left & just had my tea there); then we all went grocery shopping. We got home at noon-ish and I had to type up some things for Joe's Choir (Easter Celebration). then at around 4:30pm we also went out to dinner :hun: with our pals (our monthly dine out together :) ) and it was great, because we found an Italian restaurant that is willing to work with my food program... the chef actually came out and spoke with me! I can't believe I ate out and didn't get sick that night or the next day :D We'll be going back there again sometime soon! I had Chicken Marsala - but he broiled the chicken breast (no seasoning, he let me do that) & served it with the Marsala Wine Sauce & mushrooms on the side (no butter, he used very little olive oil instead) & steamed veggies (no butter). All served with a veggie salad (no cheese) and the oil & vinegar on the side - then I can control how much Oil is ON my salad :D Oh and one slice of their Italian bread (no butter)... too yummy to turn away :T

Sunday we went to church and then came home and just enjoyed a quiet day together reading the Sunday paper and catching up with some taped shows I just couldn't stay awake for, but didn't want to miss. It is gonna be very busy for us (mostly JOE) the next two weeks with Palm Sunday and Easter just around the bend. Joe has meetings & practices all this week - I'll be going to one of the practices on Tuesday (for our group), but most of my work will be typing & making photo copies of what Joe needs for his Choir. It's always so hectic two weeks before the holiday's (Easter and Christmas mostly). But... ohhhhh soooooo Beautiful when it all comes together.

Today I had some e-mails to catch up with (to my family) and then I had to begin my cleaning & laundry... I'll get that finished tomorrow, I am plumb tuckered out right now. Lately, anytime between 8 and 9:30 is a struggle to stay awake! :tired: I didn't think I had been gone all that long :sorry: but the last time I was here was on the 10th :o I popped in just to try and keep up with the posts, but didn't have the time to post myself... so I guess I was a lurker too ;)

Well, I am going to call it a night gals... I think I wrote a book! :ziplip:
See you all tomorrow :goodvibes
SunnyD :df:


03-15-2005, 10:00 AM

:flow2: Good Morning Sheila, Charlotte, Bonnie, Diane & Willow :flow2:

What a great feeling to wake up to :sunny: sunshine
the sound of the birds singing away


I hope this finds you all doing well... it's been pretty quiet :^:

I have already gotten in my exercise today :D What a nice feeling!!! To be able to exercise again and feel so well too!! :smug: I didn't realize how much I missed it! I walked on the T-Mill 1.52 miles this morning - Goal (at the moment) to get in 7 miles at the end of each week right now... then as I improve I will increase it, but I think I can do this. I don't do the T-Mill over the weekend... just too much going on weekends and besides - it gives my body a chance to catch up ;) I hope to begin toning exercises next month 2X a week :crossed:

I'll check back later



03-15-2005, 08:26 PM
Hey, all!

SunnyD, that's great that you were able to go out and eat with no problems. Were you a little nervous about it, and kind of waiting to see if you later had any symptoms? Is bread bad for you, by the way? Are fats a big problem, too, or is that a weight control issue? I felt bad for Joe with all that snow shoveling. You guys should definitely be thinking of a warmer climate after he retires, or maybe a move to someplace where he won't have so much shoveling? I'd vote for the warmer climate! I laughed so hard about your big boy trying to fit his rear into the small drawer. Cats are so darn funny! My bad boy, Arrow, really made the fur fly at our house yesterday. Literally! I had to go around and pick up big hunks. He loves to annoy the girls and then the fights begin. My DH stopped working, picked Arrow up, and brought him into the office for a "time out." Toilet's fixed by the way so when are you coming over? :D Good for you for getting all that exercise in, but don't overdo it. I remember that it wasn't too long ago that your doc said to cut down a bit, am I right?

Speaking of exercise, I went to water aerobics today, then thought I'd walk down to the strip mall to get some coffee. It's about a 2.5 mile round trip. Remind me not to take that on so soon after I get home from aerobics--I was exhausted!

Went to the local thrift store to buy some jeans. It's pretty exciting to be able to shop at thrift stores. I also got a couple of vases because I bought some flowers to put on the graves of my friend's children. She had five kids, two of whom died in their 30s. Their grave markers have their photos on them under plexiglass, and handprints of their siblings, parents and grandparents. Pretty unique.

Tomorrow we're going to get our taxes done. I kept forgetting about making an appointment, but the deadline is only a month away. I used to do them myself, but had some weird thing last year so used a service, and have the same weird thing this year. Also going to attend another volunteer session at the humane society. This one is on how to take care of shelter cats. Someday I should be through with the series and actually able to volunteer.

We're giving notice at the apartment today. We should be able to close on our house next Friday, and then we'll have three weeks to get the wallpaper down, and paint. I have a friend who said she'll help, and my stepdaughter said she would, too. If they think I'm not going to ask them to help, they're sadly mistaken because I need all the help I can get! :)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

03-16-2005, 11:10 AM
Good Morning,

I am going to have to stop getting my car washed...Drove through the $4.00 car wash yesterday, and it is snowing hugely outside again. I needed to get it washed so badly, went to Green Bay Saturday morning to pick up grandkids and the freeway was so sloppy from snow and salt that my black car looked grey when I got back home. By Tuesday, I couldn't stand to look at my car anymore, so I got is washed. Wednesday morning, yep snowing again. :( I like to tell myself that by the middle of March, we have better weather than this, but it is most likely wishful thinking.

Idol.....hmmmm...Mikahala Gordon, I didn't understand a word she was singing. What song was that? What's up with her outfit, jeese, if I wanted to see a fat stomach, I would look at my own. I was disappointed with Anwar's performance, hope he steps it up next week. Simon Cowell was way too hard on everyone and Randy Jackson was very hard on some of the contestants which was a real surprise. Please stop picking on Nikko Smith and Carrie Underwood. I love the Everley Brothers and considered then a little bit of country. :) Constantine was excellent. I know Sunny will be the only one who can decipher this, but thanks for letting me get it off my chest.
Now we will just have to see what torture Jeff puts the Survivors through tonight. It will be a busy night, have to watch Idol finals for this week and Survivor tonight. What the heck are we going to do Thursday night? Perhaps if I do something productive, instead of spacing out in front of TV that would be a "Good Thing" ;) Oh yeah, forgot...CSI :)

Sheila, you are leading a very proactive life. :) I am jealous, of course I have lived in the same community for almost 63 years and in the same house for 45 of those years, one would become boring after that many years in one place don't you think. ;) Arrow, pretty neat name, what are the other two named? I always meant to ask you what you dog's name is too, you always refer to him as your "little dog". It is intersting the terminology we use without even thinking. "Making wood" i.e. felling a tree, sawing it into manageable lengths, and splitting it with a log splitter into sizes that fit through the door of our wood burners. :dizzy: I really look forward to being able to walk outside again in comfortable weather, perhaps the middle of April the weather will be more conducive to walking outside around here.

Sunny, sounds like you are feeling so much better, good job on the excercise. I know how Joe feels, You either end up with cabin fever or stress from dealing with going out in winter like conditions everyday. Having Easter so early this year, tricks your mind into thinking that nicer weather should be here already. :) The grandkids had a good time, and of course want to come back again this weekend.

Charlotte, thinking about you, and your health. Take care, love you bunches. :)

Diane, notice your area was getting some colder temps and snow? Is that possible? Hope you are still feeling better.


03-16-2005, 11:19 AM
Oh, forgot to tell you the really good news, OB has been gone on a road trip since Monday due back shucks.

03-16-2005, 11:50 PM
Aha! So you're the one causing all the weather problems in the Midwest, Bluet! Hey, why do something productive at night? You do productive stuff all day plus deal with OB. Glad he was gone for most of this week, by the way. I bet you felt a lot less stressed for those few days.

"Little dog" is actually named Mitch. He spent six years as Butch, but I hated that name so when he became mine, I changed it to Mitch. Close enough to Butch, I guess. Plus now when we're mad at him, we can say "MITCHELL!" Actually, we say other things when we're mad at him, but I can't write them here. :) Besides Arrow, we have CeCe, which stands for Colorful Cat because she's a beautiful vivid calico. Then there's Tess, who is Tess just because I liked the name. Then my son married a woman whose mother was named Tess. Oh, well.

Diane, I heard on the news last night that Amarillo went from 83 degrees to 8 inches of snow. Oh, my! Did you get in on any of that? If so, bet the boys loved it.

Charlotte, are you lurking? If so, hi, and hope you post when you feel up to it.

SunnyD, what's up with you?

We had our taxes done today. In December, I got worried and sent in an estimated tax payment of $1,000. Glad I did because we owe $123 and if I hadn't sent the payment in, we would have owed $1,123 plus penalties. Next year should be better taxwise because of the house purchase.

It rained today, just lightly, but rain nevertheless. Since Oregon was starting to see dust storms in places that we don't normally get dust storms, rain is certainly a good thing. The people with allergies are much happier.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! Looking forward to seeing what kind of gore they come up with on CSI.

03-17-2005, 08:36 AM
Hi Sheila & Bluet,

All is well with me... I just had a very tired day yesterday. I popped into 3fc's yesterday to lurk through other threads for just a bit (the *Walking Thread* I WAS on :( & hope to go back to next month), but didn't stay long enough to post... I will be back this morning to post here just as soon as I finish my workout, okay. If I don't work out in the a.m. - I will not get it in & I really want to.

Later gals...


03-17-2005, 11:27 AM

Okay... I'm back :)

I got in 1.55 miles yesterday and today :dance:
Tomorrow will be an easier day for me - I only need 1.13miles
to complete my 7 mile goal for the week :cp:


Yes, Sheila... I am to be very careful... you are right and I so appreciate you caring enough to remind me ;) I did feel really tired yesterday, but today, after walking again this morning, I feel so much better! I will be careful - I promise. It feels so good to work-out again, I just cannot tell you! And it helps allot that we have had sunshine here for the last few days too :sunny: Today I want to do some cleaning and decorating for Easter. I still have my hearts up from Valentines :^:

Oh yes! I was very nervous about my eating out!!! I was all set to just have a salad when the waitress (whom we knew from our church) asked me if I needed a special diet (I think my girlfriend said something to her ;) they had been there just two days prior) and so she brought out the chef, so he could speak with me... how cool was that!?! We may be going there when we dine together next month too - just till I feel sure that all is well to eat out once a month elsewhere. I take my enzymes everywhere I go now, because I am to take them each time I eat... they aid in my digestion.

The food program I am on restricts the bad carbs - white bleached flour, sugars and alike... unless the sweets are made with honey & fruit. For instance I made a fried banana the other day with very little amounts of goat butter & coconut oil in the pan and drizzled it with honey :T It was very satisfying! I do have to watch the amount of oils I eat (mostly for calories!), but not so much for digestive reasons - the enzymes really help me there. His products are very good once you get past the cost of them :dizzy:

You know... Joe & I have spoken of moving just briefly, he has allot of connections here to his family and they are all very close. I doubt that we will move, but maybe one day have a small second Winter Place to go to :) The great thing about living here in the Manufactured Home Park is that you can hire someone to do the shovelling or raking and they don't cost much at all. And once we get a new driveway (hopefully this summer!) it will make a huge difference for Joe - that is his biggest complaint! The driveway is coming apart in chunks (blacktop) and the shovel catches hurting his back :faint: I can't say I blame him for being upset at all. I go out when I can and do it before he comes home if it's not too heavy or go out with him when it is. He is a bit obsessive about it being cleared and even said so this last time around. He just needs to chill a bit. He's like that with the lawn too --- it has to be kept at a certain height ;)

Now... who's talking about over-doing it??? Hmmm ;) That was quite a walk after your aerobic class :o I bet you sure slept well that night!

So happy you got your taxes finished and it worked out so well for you! :cp: Maybe you will get some $$ back next year with the sales tax and such on your new home to claim? Wouldn't that be great! We already received our tax return check... we didn't have to pay, thank goodness! I have all my bill's coming in from all the foods and supplements I bought and wanted to clear them out, now I will be able to :) Not much left and what is left is going for next weeks bill's :dizzy: Sometimes... I hold my breath from one week to the next - at least till this roof is paid for this summer.

By-the-way... *CSI* is not on tonight... the College games are on and that's why the nights were switched. Everything was on last night & *CSI* was a repeat.

That brings me to you, Bluet... quite a show last night on *Survivor* huh :o They took two people off!!!! And the way that they did it stunk (I think)!! Most times I like how clever they are with their ideas... but this was just plain terrible for that losing tribe. The other tribe has no idea what is happening in their tribe with that guy - but they did pick up that they didn't want him in and that's why they did that - mean! That guy was not good for the tribe and they were going to vote him off and he got immunity and my gal Angie got the boot instead... I was bummed to see her go. And she was strong for them (!) I wonder what will come of them now during the relays/games!

As for *American Idol* It was really time to see Mikala go last night - she is terrible!!! We turned down the volume when she sang on Tuesday :faint: But Linsey wasn't a whole lot better. I sure do hope that Mikala goes next week! You are so right!!! You cannot understand a single word she is singing! :lol: And I got the biggest kick out of your comment about her belly (when will they understand that no one wants to see that???!!!!) :lol: I laughed so hard! :rofl: I told my hubby what you wrote and he even got quite a chuckle out of it too. Just too funny! I do hope she goes next week! And what was up with Nikko singing a Michael Jackson song and grabbing his crotch like that? Doesn't he know now is not the time to be doing that? :o :lol: I too enjoy the Everly Brothers... sometimes I don't understand what they want from these contestants... you know :shrug: Bonnie... isn't Nodia Turner wonderful to listen to!!? I really enjoyed her and Vonzell Solomon last night - they both looked so classic too - just beautiful. Carrie was good, but I must agree with the judges - I would like to see her do something more upbeat next time.

I am so glad that you got a break this week from the OB (what does that mean, by-the-way :shrug: ) I bet you felt like a load was lifted off of you all week! Bummer he is coming back!! Hang in there Bonnie!!!

I think you are right about Easter and how early it is playing on our emotions... but having the sun out so much this week has really made a difference with us both! He actually came home singing last night :D It was nice to hear! And yesterday... ... I saw 4 DEER across the street feeding - awesome to watch, they are so beautiful!!! You could actually hear them talking to one another with this squeaking sound - too cool! They were all very young. I just don't want them IN my yard eating my flowers (when they do come up) and they probably will :o

How are you feeling these days? Still getting bad weather there? I wonder if we'll be getting it - I've gotta go check the weather channel :^:

Hello's out there to :wave: to Charlotte, Diane and Willow! :wave:
I do hope that this finds you all doing well :)

Well, I should be going and getting my day started...
gotta go iron my Spring Table Cloth and cheer up this
home of mine for Easter :flow1:



03-17-2005, 10:27 PM
Uh-oh, I forgot to wear the green today!

Congratulations on your walking this week, SunnyD. Are you going to take a photo of your Easter decorations and share it with us? Hope so. The winter place sound like a good idea, especially if you have family and friend in the area that you'd miss if you moved. Where would the winter place be? Florida is probably the destination for most retirees from the midwest on, isn't it? In the west, it's Arizona. My MIL had a condo in Florida, and a house in Massachusetts. There used to be some kind of train that would take her car down there once she got so she didn't feel comfortable driving that distance. How cool about the deer! I love seeing them around here. We had a big discussion about what plants deer like and what they don't. Guess they love roses and tulips, but not daffodils and dahlias. Maybe they just don't like plants that begin with the letter D.

Kind of a frustrating day for me. We hadn't received a utility bill for Seattle so I called. We have overdue bills because it was sent to my old address (even though I'd given them my new address), and I haven't gotten any mail forwarded in the month I've been here. I've called the P.O. so many times it's not funny. Then I called the Social Security Administration because I got worried that they hadn't put the address change in their computer. I was right to worry because they sent me something on February 25 that I haven't received. I'd called them to tell them my new address, too. I've put in two change-of-address forms, called a bunch of times, told people my new address, and still am having trouble. I feel so helpless. Oh, about the disability, it appears that they've made a decision, which they won't tell me, and now the file is at "quality review" for up to 60 days before they tell me what they decided. Huh? The letter they sent that I haven't received hopefully explains more--if I ever receive it.

Then we're set to close on the house next week, a week early, and it appears the roof guy didn't get the roof treated before it rained so he has to wait at least two weeks, more if it rains and it's supposed to pour this weekend. The realtor was trying to reach the mortgage broker, but he's gone until Wednesday. We can still sign, however, and then when the guy comes back, he can fix the deal. Since it involves the sellers rather than us, it hopefully won't be a problem. I really want to close get into the house by next weekend so I can start stripping wallpaper.

How was your day at work, Bluet? Hopefully the OB didn't make your life too miserable. Not much on TV to look forward to either unless you like basketball. I think basketball has become too much like football. They never call traveling or double dribbling anymore so players just seem to charge down the court with the ball in their hands. Too much like football, I say!

Have a good Friday, everyone! My friend's 70th birthday is Saturday, and I'm going to help at her party. Should be fun. Another day of free food! :lol:

Editing to say that I spoke with my Dad today. He had cataract surgery yesterday. It was kind of funny because I called the facility, and he was sitting in the lobby. They put him on the phone, and he's going, "hello, hello!" I'm talking to him, and he's still saying "hello." The receptionist comes back on, and she can hear me just fine, but she says to speak up when I talk to him. He's never had a hearing problem before so I'm not sure what's going on. He gets back on the phone and I'm trying to talk to him, raising my voice, and eventually pretty much shouting into the receiver. I was so loud, my DH put his fingers in his ears. Never did get much talking time with Dad so I wrote him a letter instead.

03-18-2005, 09:21 AM
GOOD Morning Sheila,

I will take a couple pics once I finish cleaning, okay ;) It's so much fun to decorate... it's the cleaning part I don't much favor :^: Gotta finish that today and make a poster for my hubby. We have CD's for sale of our music group as a fund raiser for our -someday new piano- in the church, so I have to make a pretty poster for the table.

Joe & I have not really spoken of "where" we'd like to go for the winter --- we KNOW it won't be Florida... it's just too saturated there. Something for us to chat about later ;)

Also, about the food program I am on... almost all the meats and veggies are Organic! Very important - you cannot believe what is on our veggies and in our meats today :o I say "almost" because we are finishing up the foods I have already in our freezer and ref. and switching as I need more, otherwise it would be way too costly.

Sheila... do you have your new address & phone # you could give me?? Maybe send me a PM or send it to my e-mail address? I sure would like to have it --- especially now that I know that none of your mail is getting forwarded :o

Kind of frustrating? You are a saint! I feel real bad for you! This is where I'd be so upset if it happened to me. I like getting my mail (such as it is). What is wrong with the P.O. these days!! You shouldn't have any problems like that especially since you have given them plenty of notice and now that you do - shouldn't they be responsible for any fee's that you may have to pay because of their bad? I swear... we are paying more at the P.O. for a lesser quality job these days :( Just yesterday I had to call them to tell them that my neighbor has been getting my mail - with my new credit cards in it too - good thing we know one another... or I'd be concerned. I called there & the manager stated that they were training someone new and that he would make sure it wouldn't happen again. We'll see... :chin: this is not the first time it's happened. All I can say is that I am glad I don't have any problems with my neighbors :smug: Also, I always send my family pkgs. *Priority* to Maine and it should get to them within 3 - 4 days and most times lately it takes a good 5+! Heck... they get to California faster! I just don't get it. Lately I send $$ or gift cards anymore, just to be sure they get something *on time*. I am sure that you are very frustrated!! I feel your pain ;) :faint: Especially since you have done all you should to make sure all went well. I sure do hope they straighten things up for you soon!

I'm so glad to hear that your DF is doing okay --- I got an e-mail from my sis-in-law this morning and her mother just had that same surgery done and she said that her mom was really *loopy* :dizzy: from the drugs they had to use for the surgery & that she couldn't remember having it done or even going out to eat afterwards... maybe your DF reacted to the meds and that's why he wasn't able to hear you speak on the phone? I hope he gets better, so you will be able to call him again. You should maybe give him another call now that the meds have worn off a bit from the surgery, just to see... no?

Yeah... there was NOTHING on TV of interest at all... I went to my satellite, but there wasn't much on there either that could keep my interest - I think I was just plain tired :tired: So I went to bed at (DON'T Laugh at me ;) ) 7:30pm! I actually fell asleep too - till Joe woke me up at 10:30 when he came home from his practice. Then it took me a bit of time to fall back to sleep, but I did and slept well and feel very rested today :D

In fact... it's time for me to get in my 1.13 miles today :) So off I go... it's great hearing from you Sheila! I will keep you in my *prayers* that all will work out with the P.O. and the closing of your new home :sunny: MAY I HAVE YOUR NEW ADDRESS - pleeeeazzze ;)


I hope that everyone else comes back real soon :bubbles:
I miss all our little chats together & enjoy it when everyone is here.

*God Bless*
Spring is on it's way :flow1:


03-18-2005, 09:32 AM
Oh Sheila,
Have a WONDERFUL time at your DFriend's
70th Birthday Party on Saturday!!!
I'm sending special wishes for a Happy Birthday :hb: :dance: too!



03-18-2005, 01:15 PM
Good Morning,

Guess what, I did not get my car washed and we are predicted to get 6 to 10 inches of snow this afternoon and into the weekend. Bummer, big time! Well at 3:00 p.m. I will just have an hour and a half until it is time for me to go home from work. Perhaps, I won't have to go out until Sunday for church this weekend. One never knows though, pending the pm I sent to you this morning.

So Sheila, neat names for your menagarie. When you become an authorized volunteer for the shelter, are you going to be able to resist those cute kittens and toy dogs, or will you be adding new members to your household? Good for you that you will have some volunteers to help you with the paint, wall paper, etc. We had a wallpaper discussion once before on this forum. There's no way, that I am putting up any of that stuff ever again. Plenty of white paint works well for me. I know there are so many neat colors being used lately, but I have also been that route, and when you have to change the dark wall color, it takes lots of coats to cover up that dark paint. I don't mind painting, but after two coats, I get pretty frustrated. So you guessed it, all the walls in my house are white, except for one bathroom, which I had painted a lite blue, hated it and sponge painted white over it and now love it. Work was pretty boring yesterday, and I think OB had jet lag, so he was pretty quite. I am sorry your Dad is having to deal with surgery without you there. Sounds like a road trip is in your future soon. You will stew for a little while and then you will have to go check it out for yourself. ;) Bummer about the mail. Quality in service everywhere, seems to be lacking these days.

Sunny, You are so funny, and awfully cute. I laughed so hard when you asked what OB stands for. :) All this time, you have been playing along with us and being sympathetic, and I thank you so much for that support. But, you didn't really know what OB stood for. You are a champion among friends my dear :D .......So are your ready? OB means OFFICE BULLY :devil: I am afraid this pending snow storm is tracking south, and it is a huge front, so I expect you might see some snow too. Minneapolis/St. Paul area got socked in late yesterday. That's where Willow lives. But, Willow loves snow and winter. She is a brave soul. Looking forward to your Easter pics. Need to see some Spring in my life. I love pictures of brown bunnies among daffodils. What are your plans for Easter? Three of the kids and their families are coming home for Easter, we usually go out for brunch that day. I haven't made a reservation yet. I am such a procastinator!!! I hate that about myself. Of course, now we will have to see how dh feels.

Hey Charlotte, starting to worry about you. Was your news not so good and your down? Sure hope not. Miss your posts.

Hi Diane, hope you are doing well.

Hey, Willow it is just starting to snow here and it wasn't suppose to start untill three is this afternoon. :(

Have a good day guys.


03-18-2005, 04:37 PM
I can't stay on right now to go into any deapth,

but I wanted to tell Bluet that I wasn't "playing along" ;) I knew he was a *Bully* :devil: and that you are being hurt & used at work --- but for some odd reason I couldn't figure out what the "O" stood for :shrug: :dizzy: Thanks for explaining it to me :lol:

Please know that I will keep your DH in my prayers! Keep us up-to-date on how he is doing, okay.

I'll be back just as soon as I am able to...
Have a great weekend gals!


03-18-2005, 04:42 PM
By-the-way... Sheila? I WORE GREEN ALL DAY Yesterday :D

Later... :smug:

03-18-2005, 07:28 PM
No pinching for you, SunnyD! My DH was reading over my shoulder just a bit because he saw your bunny graphic and my name. He said he read a "couple pics" as "chocolate pics," and thought that sounded good. I think the combination of brown lettering and the Easter bunny graphic gave my chocoholic husband a bad case of wishful thinking! He hasn't been eating as much chocolate since we moved. Maybe I'll buy him a chocolate egg or bunny.

You're sure right about Florida, at least in my opinion. It seemed awfully crowded and, well, just full of old people! :D I was too hot when I was there in March (of 1986), although my heat tolerance has gone up the older I've gotten. Wonder if Arizona is just the same as Florida as far as number of people, etc. That's interesting about your SIL's mother and the cataract surgery. Maybe elderly people react more strongly to anesthesia? I talked to Dad today, and he was able to hear me a bit better. The nurse at the facility said he refused food yesterday, and only ate a few bites of toast and drank some juice this morning. She's wondering if his stomach is upset from the anesthesia. Since he's diabetic, it's not good for him to go without food. Oh, just as I told her when she suggested calling a cab to get him to his follow-up appointment yesterday, he said no, it's too expensive and he wouldn't do it. I just dumped a ton of money into his account the other day from the sale of the house, but, no, he can't pay for a cab to go less than 20 blocks. Oh, please! I just laughed when she told me that because I can sure predict my Dad, can't I?

Are you selling the CDs at church or other venues? You'll have to take a photo of your poster by the CDs, too. Hope they bring in a lot of money for the piano. You should think big, though--how about a pipe organ?!?!?

Okay, Bluet, so now we know you're not the cause of all that snow in the midwest. :) Is it ever going to quit snowing?? I have no idea how I would deal with all that snow all the time. Eventually run outside naked and screaming?? I'm with you on the white paint, although I think I'm going for a bit off white. Did I ever mention that I saw a bedroom on HGTV whose color scheme I really liked? The room belonged to a soap opera star on Days of Our Lives. I actually e-mailed her to see if I could get the name of that particular color, but got a canned response in reply. I'm betting, however, that the color you see on the TV screen is probably different than the actual color on the wall. I also saw another color scheme on some show that I'm going to do in the guest bedroom. Other than that, everything will be off-white.

Glad you had a bit of respite from the OB, even after he came back. Hopefully, you can have a restful weekend, despite everything. Easter brunch sounds wonderful--makes me think about making reservations, although with the job situation, I'm trying to save every penny.

So I called the mail guy back today, the guy who said he'd call me today, and discovered he had the day off. Hhmm. Talked to another guy who finally said that they don't know where the mail is, and there's nothing they can do about it. Uh-huh--thanks! Our P.O. at work. After a couple of false starts, I finally reached someone in consumer affairs who looked things up, and discovered that although my change-of-address was effective February 19, it wasn't actually put in the computer until March 15 so the mail would have been returned to the sender. He apologized and said obviously the "more efficient" system that the P.O. started using failed me. Yeah, big time! I'm kind of worried about our next move on April 15. Oh, well, there's nothing that I can do about it.

We did a walk-through of the new house. The owners had left a bunch of stuff in it, so we told our real estate agent we wanted all that stuff removed. Plus they hadn't vacuumed or anything after their estate sale. We are closing a week early, though, so they probably thought they'd have time. I noticed today that they have an iris bed on the west side of the house. I absolutely love iris so that will be exciting to see them come up. They're in a place that you can't see from the house at all, though, unless you go out the garage. Kind of weird, but then the whole landscaping is kind of strange. But that's okay--more fun for me.

DH is applying for jobs like crazy, and hoping if he has to go that he will be allowed to continue telecommuting for whatever company that hires him. I hope so because I'm not leaving my house! Maybe being proactive about searching for jobs will mean that the company will want to keep him.

Charlotte, I hope everything is okay with you. Let us know how you are! And hello to Diane--hope you're doing well.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

03-19-2005, 07:52 AM

I finally made it back.........been tied up with different things the last few days. I haven't even had a chance to "lurk". :^: I finally checked my email before going to the station Friday morning. I had so much email, I still haven't read it all! :dizzy: Just different things going on. I think that's the longest I've been away from my computer since I got it! Talk about withdrawal symptoms! :lol:

Well.......I got a GREAT surprise!! Thank you so much Bluet, for your phone call!! :D I sure didn't mean to concern you or anyone, but, did enjoy talking with you! I love that northern accent. ;) I know I sound more than southern. I've heard myself on our answering I came from the hillbilly woods, somewhere!! :o When I watch a tape from the TV Station, I don't sound quite so bad, hopefully not like the answer machine!
I suppose I WOULD get tired of the snow after this amount of time, but at least one good snowfall would be nice. It was snowing lightly & melting before it hit the ground Thursday....everyone was calling each other to inform them it was snowing!! :lol: Now...that's desperate for snow! Hope everything is going well with your family. Got grands this weekend? My two granddaughters are with their mother, now, or a week. It's too noisy when they're here, & too quiet when they're gone. If our son ever moves out (hopefully), it'll be lonely for us, for awhile.

SunnyD....good that you're feeling better. I too, are waiting for those pics of your Easter decorations. :) The schools around here had to celebrate this past week, because next week they are out for AEA. I had a granddaughter to go to the prom last night. She'll be in the 11 grade this next year. The same thing happened with her & her 2 sisters, as last year. She & middle sister got cheerleader, but the youngest didn't make it!! :( It is very sad to see them all so upset. The 3 are very close in a age & do everything together. The youngest is just as good at cheering as her sisters, so don't know what is going on. My daughter was fit to be tied telling what they caught at the school!!
You mentioned the deer...DH & I were going down the road the other night & had a HERD of deer to cross the highway in front of us! They were beautiful. We have to be very careful around here, not to hit any. There are a lot of curves, & that's where they like to stand, seems like. DH has a rough time with his garden each year...they eat it up! :^:

Sheila...hope you get started on your house soon. I know what you mean about the wallpaper. When we first bought this house, we had to strip wallpaper, newspaper, etc., off the walls! An older lady had lived here & had strange ideas. :) We only had 1 month to get it liveable....sure wasn't easy. We were silly enough to put up wallpaper! This time.....all paint! My twin daughters are very good at painting, etc., so they're going to do that for me. They know how to do that sponging, & different things with paint. I'm just going to turn that part over to them.
Hope your dad is doing well from his surgery. I had cateract surgery when I was 46. They were caused from the trauma of the car accident. I had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia when they did the first eye! I was throwing up violently! Also, upset stomach. I couldn't stop! It was suppose to be day surgery, but they almost kept me in the hospital. It was a long ride home....DH kept having to stop the car. My eye looked like I had been beaten up! I was black & blue for several days. The other eye went a lot better, when the Dr finally decided what anesthesia to use.

Hello Diane & Willow!

Well....I don't know any more about my tests. The Dr's office usually calls me the next day to give my lab results, but, after a week, I still didn't hear anything. So, Thursday, I called them. A nurse got on the phone & said that my "regular" blood work was in the same range as usual "for me". I told her that the Dr had done special blood work to check for Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc., & she said the Dr hadn't signed off on it, yet. She didn't have anything to tell me. Sounded strange to me.
I go for a treatment Monday. Maybe Dr there can tell me something. He's the one with my MRI's, also. I wonder if he's even looked at them! I took the stupid cervical collar off. I figured it must not be too important, or they would be letting me know something. My ears & throat are a little better.

Gonna go for now, I think I made up for some lost time. Hope you all have a great weekend!

03-20-2005, 07:16 AM
Good Sunday morning girls. I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. It has been a busy week running after the little one who by the way is 3 today. Lately it seems when he leaves and I get supper cooked and dishes done I crash. What am I going to do when the baby comes and there is two to take care of? :?:

We didn't get any snow but all last week was cold. I can't believe it is nearly the first of April, before long I will be fussing about the heat which believe me here we have a plenty of it.

Sheila sounds like you are keeping really busy, sorry about your mail. My daughter is having problems too and they haven't moved. They just aren't receiving hardly any including their bills. Hope you had a good time at the birthday party.
Good to hear from you Charlotte and that you are feeling some better. I know you are anxious to hear from your test.

I'm so proud of you Sunny, you're doing so good with your walking. You are sounding like you are feeling so good. :D Send pictures as soon as you can.

Bluet at least you got a little peace at work for a while. I know what you mean about washing the car, same problem here not with snow but rain. It seems like this time of the year mine stays so dirty, plus I have to fight the bird poop from the trees in my drive. I don't have a garage car will fit in. :mad:

Not much planned for today except straighten up the house and get rested for the week ahead. Have a wonderful day girls and I will try to make it back sooner this time.

03-20-2005, 09:03 AM

03-20-2005, 02:16 PM
I thought I'd post here as I am over 50 group ,Trying to get healthier by losing weight. I enjoyed going thru the recent post by you all. I am also Bonnie. I'll try to remember the name of this groups thread Bonnie

03-20-2005, 04:27 PM


It's nice to have another friend here! My name is Charlotte, I'm 55, been married 36 yrs, 4 kids...& 11grands! I live in Alabama, where I was born...but was raised in Detroit, far is that from you?

It's kind of quiet around here on Sundays. You'll hear from everyone soon, though. Stick around....we're glad to have you!

Have a nice evening.........

03-20-2005, 08:50 PM
Detroit is about 2 hours away. My son ,wife,& grands live in Eastpointe{ east Detroit} Bonnie

03-21-2005, 03:08 PM
Welcome, Bonnie! I think we're a wonderful, supportive bunch of women here so I hope you'll stay around and get to know us. I'm almost 52, have a blended family of four adult children and one granddaughter whose cute little face is my avatar. I've been married for almost 24 years, and we have a small obnoxious dog and three cats. Currently, we're living in an apartment until we can move into our house. We just moved to Oregon from Seattle for no particular reason other than we wanted to.

Charlotte, thanks for the wonderful thoughts of spring. Spring break brings spring rain around here (just like clockwork--it can be hot and dry for weeks, but it always rains during spring break). Okay, what's a northern accent? :lol: Although, I do have to say that midwestern people definitely sound different than other "northerners." I sound just like the TV newspeople, except for Peter Jennings who just can't shed his Canadian vowels. It's funny how a little bit of snow in a place that doesn't get much can cause so much excitement. Wonder if the telephone circuits overloaded? :) That's too bad about your granddaughter. I remember last time when that happened with the other ones. Does she have any other interests that she's better at than the other two? That's just so sad, and I imagine she feels terribly rejected.

My Dad is doing better. He called me yesterday, and I didn't have to shout quite as much. I really think he doesn't remember talking to me before--it sure seemed that way. If I were you, I don't know if I'd have gone back to do the other eye after such a bad reaction! Dad said he had no pain and could see just fine. He said his stomach was fine now, too. I didn't ask if he was eating okay. Maybe I'll call the facility again. Glad your ears and throat are doing a bit better. Sure wish you could get antibiotics. I sure hope that you can get more information today. Let us know!

Hey, Diane! No snow? Bet your grandson would have had a lot of fun playing around in it. That is going to be kind of tough when the baby comes. Does Bradley (I have a sievelike memory so I hope I got his name right!) go to a preschool at all a couple of hours a week? That might be helpful if his parents can afford it. You know, when we lived in Seattle, one of the carriers for our zip code was stealing mail. They found piles of it at his house. Hopefully that's not the case with your daughter's mail.

The party was great. I wore an apron and told my friends to quit introducing me because then people would think it was a catered event! :) We worked pretty hard getting stuff ready. My friend's daughter used to own a flower shop, and she went out in the yard and picked flowers to make some beautiful arrangements--about 10 in all. The party lasted from 1-5, and I came at 11 and stayed until almost 6:00 so I was exhausted. They wanted me to come to the family party on Sunday, but I declined, although I was honored. My friend had sent out 60 invitations, and said some people called and said they couldn't come, but I swear there were well over 100 people.

Today we get the papers for the house, and tomorrow we deplete our bank account and sign the papers. We went by the house on Saturday and saw that they were taking the old washer/dryer out, and had gotten rid of some of the stuff. I think they'll have it all done by Friday. If not, well, I'll just moan about it to the realtor!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

03-21-2005, 05:34 PM

Good Afternoon Sheila, Bonnie-1 ;),
Charlotte (good to see you!), Diane (and you too!),
Willow & Bonnie-2!

I am sorry that I haven't been around lately, but it's a very busy time of year for Joe & I... almost as busy as Christmas is! So just give me a couple days to get my cards made and pkgs. mailed and I will be back to post to each of you, okay. I am doing real well... health-wise. Getting in my walking every morning too :smug:

*WELCOME Bonnie!*


As I said, I'll be back just as soon as I have a moment gals :bubbles:

*God Bless* :wave:


03-22-2005, 10:20 AM
Good Morning Everyone.

I am just checking in too. Busy day, accountant is coming, so I have been tied up getting ready. Posted a big message on Saturday and lost the whole thing. :( Totally frustrated me. Enjoyed talking with Charlotte Friday evening. :) "A very sweet Southern lady". DH's shoulder is improving very slowly, so far does not need surgery, depends on the improvement.

Welcome Bonnie2, nice name. ;)

Have a good day ......Idol is on tonight. :D


03-22-2005, 12:16 PM

Had my treatment yesterday, so kind of "out of it"...but, wanted to say hello. Maybe I'll make sense & remember I did this tomorrow. :^:

Dr. said MRI showed no RA of the spine. (thank God!) He said I had a LOT of OA & bone spurs & some bulging...but nothing was pressing into the spinal cord. Most of the damage that is causing the pain is where I have my "hardware" from the prior surgery. If they did surgery again, it would fuse the spine & I would be immobile. really can't help. I just have to cope the best I can.

They hadn't received any information on the blood tests for Lupus, Fibromyalgia, etc., from the other Dr. Was going to call & request it. After I got home, the other clinic called me with the results. They said I was "borderline" for everything they tested for! That they would fax it on to my Rheumy & for me to be sure to follow up with him. I have no idea what this means. It doesn't sound good...I used to be borderline diabetic & it was no fun. :( I'm hoping to find out more. Has anyone heard of this before? I'd like to find a website that would give me some info. I thought you either had these autoimmune diseases, or you didn't. :o DH was really sweet (as always :) ) & brought supper home...then took care of himself this morning for work. It's very stormy here...hope it doesn't get bad while I'm alone...I'd sure like to go back to bed & sleep.

SunnyD...take care of yourself as you handle your Easter business. Be back when you can.

Sheila...granddaughter plays softball & is into that now. The thing is...she's really good at cheering. My daughter even paid for lessons to help her. It's just political! That's a shame...they should go by ability, & not by who you know. She's in a different area of the school than her older sisters. She's like her grandma though, a fighter.......she'll be ok!

So, today you sign the papers on the house!! I'm so happy for you! Maybe, soon, you'll be all settled.

Bluet...Thank you, again for the call. You don't know what it meant to me! As Sheila was pointing out the differences in accents...yours is beautiful! A little "stronger" than the people on the news. I like Northern accents. I also like Southern accents. A lot of people (especially in movies) tend to over-dramatize. Although, as hard as I've tried, I still talk like Ellie Mae, of the Clampets! :lol: I don't know where I got it, no one else in our family talks as hill-billyish as I do. :dizzy: I have several tapes of my program, & I don't seem to sound quite so bad, but on the answer machine....I'm TERRIBLE!! :^:
I'll be glad when the accounting is over...I miss you. I've lost so many of my posts, that I've got to where I "copy" them on my mouse, just in case. I don't always put them in notepad, because they're on my mouse to just put right back in. You might want to try that.

Hello Bonnie-2!! Hope you're having a good day.

Gotta go...need to rest awhile.

03-22-2005, 07:27 PM
I did quite well today, mostly op. I do w.w.anyone else?
Went to jazzercise last nite. did 30 min. with denise austin tape & walked 30 min today, actually had sun & about 50.
I'm an Idol fan & amazing race fan. Bonnie

03-23-2005, 12:18 AM
Good Evening,

Charlotte, you do not sound like Ellie Mae Clampet, at all. :) Where do you get that from? Not that there is anything wrong with the way Ellie Mae talks. ;) You sound like a sweet soft talking southern lady. You also sounded very tired, so I am glad you were scheduled for your treatment. I can't help you on the questions you asked today, because I had never heard of any of the things you suffer with until I met you on the internet. I am very sorry that you have RA and all the other borderline symptoms you mentioned, I hate to know you have that pain. Also, when you say you copied it on the mouse, what does that mean? Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. I watched HGTV this weekend and they had a program on there about the 400 mile yard sale that ends in northern Alabama. Have you ever been to that? I think that is something I would like to go to. But then again, I have too much stuff the way it is and you know DH's rule about nothing comes in this house unless something goes out.

Sunny, How-bout-that Carrie Underwood. What a knock out, with that new hair do. Simon has her winning Idol. She sang terrifically, don't you think? Worried about Anwar, hope he doesn't get the boot tomorrow night. I called in and voted for Anthony six times. I now he isn't going to make it to the top, but I hate to see him voted off. Mikala, yikes again, when is she leaving? Jessica Sierra did so well, and to think she almost lost out last week. Wonder what is in store for the Survivors tomorrow night. I see you are busy decorating again. I have the Green Bay boys, from Thursday evening until Saturday at noon, I don't think I will get much decorating done. Hopefully I will be able to get my house clean for company on Sunday. Our oldest daughter and her husband both turned 40 this week, and are spending Thursday through Saturday at a bed and breakfast in Door County, and grandma and grandpa are the designated babysitters.

Sheila, busy closing on your house? Moved to Corvaliss, just because you felt like it. You must think you are a free spirit or something ;) How's work going for DH? Good I hope. Glad to hear Dad is doing better. My sister is working on getting my Mom to agree to getting a hearing-aide, but from what I understand they are quite expensive. Does anyone know how much they cost? Mom will be 82 at the end of April. She hasn't been hearing us very well for quite awhile now. I hope she goes for the extra help in hearing us. You are quite the little trickster, with the catering ploy. You must be tons of fun to be around. I can imagine you and I would get into a lot of trouble if we ever lived close enough to hang out together. :) What one of us wouldn't think of the other would.

Bonnie2, keep up the good excercise work! Was it really 50 degrees in Michigan yesterday? That is practically a heat wave to us northern people. :)

Diane, hope you had a good day. Don't work so hard, you are such a busy lady.

Willow, hello out there, how are you doing?

have a good Wednesday!! Accountant is all done for another month and I am one happy camper :D


03-23-2005, 12:31 AM
You're doing great on the exercise, Bonnie2! When did you start WW? I went from 261 to 179 on WW, but gained a bit back as you can tell by my signature. I went to my last WW meeting last week--used my last coupon. Once I get our finances figured out, I will probably go back, but now I'm doing it on my own. Kind of scary. I found that having a great leader is quite motivating, and my Seattle leader was wonderful. Didn't have that same experience since I moved to Oregon so if I do go back, I will have to find another meeting. My friend has been going to jazzercise for over 20 years. She's been going so long that even though she's joined an athletic club, she still goes to jazzercise.

Charlotte, I'm SO glad to hear that there is no RA in your spine. I bet you're so relieved about that--I know I am! :) Well, if you're only borderline any of that stuff, that's better than having it, right? Maybe the medical field doesn't really have clear tests for those particular problems? Hopefully you'll find out more when you go see the rheumatologist. Man, they do keep sending you back and forth to the different docs, don't they? Glad to hear that your GD isn't going to let the cheerleading thing get her down. It is a darn shame that it turned political.

Bluet, that's good news about DH's shoulder. So is he using it at all? Hope he continues to improve.

SunnyD, thanks for letting us know what's going on and that you'll be back in a couple of days. You know what worryworts we are! And you mentioning cards reminded me that I still haven't gotten one for my GD.

Felt sorry for my son who is in school fulltime and working fulltime. He has spring break this week, and was looking forward to doing a little fishing on his days off. His ex-wife went out of town for the week, and told him that the healthcare person she uses for my GD would help out so my son could have a little downtime over spring break. Well, that fell through so he doesn't get to go fishing. He needed that little bit of respite, too, before school starts again. He did decide not to go to summer school so he'll just be working full time.

We signed the papers for the house today! We won't take possession until 5:00 pm Thursday. I called the utilities today, and also the flooring people to get estimates. Gotta start getting in shape for painting, too!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

03-23-2005, 10:09 AM

Well, I'm coming back to life.....just a little "slow" this morning. I've got the TV Station alone today, so I've gotta get myself going. Managers called last night & checked on me (always do!). Said they were going out of town today, & would get someone else to come in if I couldn't. I told them to go on & not worry about it. I usually have it alone on Wednesday, anyway. If I get to feeling bad, I'll call in reinforcements. :D I kind of enjoy being there alone. It's peaceful. We play GMT (Gospel Music Television)until coming on live at 4pm, & everyone will be there by then. I've got plenty of paper work to catch up on from Monday.

Hi Sheila...yes, they do keep me running from dr to dr. You know, I got to thinking yesterday. When they called about the lab results, they gave me a follow up appt for April 12th with my GP! That's the follow up she was talking about. :dizzy: I had just gotten home from my treatment & was asleep when she called....didn't remember the rest of the conversation until later. :^: Now, getting a follow up appt with GP, because of the lab results.....hmmm.....I REALLY don't know what to think. I do know that Fibromyalgia isn't dx by bloodwork, & they were almost sure of that. So am I...I have all the symtoms. I'm going to try to stop dx myself. :lol:
I'm sure you'll lose more weight when you start that painting!! Just don't overdo yourself. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us here could get together & come help you??? :D I'm afraid we'd party too much & not get anything done! But, it's a nice thought, anyway.

Hi Bluet....Thanks for the sweet compliment on my accent. No one has said I sound like Ellie Mae...that's my idea. I think everyone probably is surprised to here there own voice. Like I said, I sound quite different on TV than on an answer machine. (thank goodness!) I'm stuck with it anyway. :lol:
By copying it on the mouse, I mean.....highlight the message in the post & right click to "copy"....just don't "paste" it anywhere, unless you lose your post. You can "paste" it into a new post, if you need to. If you don't need to use it, no harm done...but, if you lose your post, it's a lot better to be prepared, than to retype!
I do get tired & weak when it's time for a treatment. I get that way anyway, a lot of days. The treatments really help though. They're mostly to slow the progression of RA & help with pain & fatigue. It takes a few days for the Remicade to "kick in"...yesterday I actually got so weak, I lost my voice! The phone rung several times, & I had to strain to talk. :( I've got it back today, though, so I'm on the mend. :)

Hello Bonnie-2...sounds like you're doing great with ww! I've got to get some will power to lose about 10-15 lbs. I'm a sugar lover, though, so it's hard for me to lose. I had lost my wait about 2 yrs ago, & was maintaining, but some creeped back up! Easy to do.

Hi SunnyD....miss you lots!!!

Hi Willow!!!

03-24-2005, 12:40 AM
Hi, all!

I see we posted around the same time, Bluet. What time is that for you? Hhmm, a nine-mile yard sale--wow! The traffic must be incredible, but what a lot of potential Antiques Roadshow finds. I'm still hoping to pick up something for $5 and have it be worth $125,000. :) Sounds like a busy weekend for you with the GKs. What fun for your DD and her DH! Glad the accountant is done for the month.

So were you at the TV station all day today, Charlotte? Glad you're not letting anything stop you from getting on with your life. Chronic conditions can be so darn life-altering if we let them. I know I often have to force myself to do stuff, but I'd be laying on my bed all day if I didn't and what kind of a life is that? Yeah, stop reading that big medical book--just say NO! :) It's kind of like when you have a scale you end up weighing yourself every day. I bought a scale last week and vowed to weigh only on Friday mornings. I really had to stop myself from weighing today just to see how I'm doing. I'd love to have a painting party! Maybe I should start playing the lottery and if I win, I can pay for you all to come out here. And we wouldn't even have to paint because then I could afford a painter! :lol: We'd go to the beach and do some sightseeing while the painter paints. That's a good idea about copying and pasting, Charlotte. I've only lost one post, but it was quite annoying.

So a flooring guy is coming on Friday to measure, and then another one is scheduled for Tuesday. I also think I'll get a shrub removal person out to see how much it will cost to remove the junipers. I think my DH will take a chainsaw to them, but we'll have to have someone stump them. And I'd like to get an idea of how much it might cost to have a couple of trees removed from the backyard. I'm going to have to take before/after photos. I've been thinking about painting an "accent" wall in the office. I've seen that so often on HGTV and it looks cool. Tomorrow I need to go get one of those paper tiger things that score wallpaper so I can start taking it off as soon as we get in the house. My DH is itching to pull up the carpet to see how far the hardwood extends. Cross your fingers that everything goes through for tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!

03-24-2005, 06:30 AM
Good morning,
It's 4am, & I've been up for an hour! :( Oh well....I can sleep another time.

I forgot to answer about the 400 mile yard sale! It's about 1 1/2 hr drive from where I live. I've always wanted to go. I never really had the opportunity, & now, I wouldn't be able to stand long enough & would be miserable. :^: I have a cousin that lives close to it, & goes often. She says it's great! She's a yard sale person, anyway........finds real bargains!

Sheila...It would be nice if there's pretty hardwood floors all under the carpets! I wouldn't be surprised. DH lays floor covering & finds that people (especially elderly or in bad health) have covered their hardwood with carpet, because they can't keep it up, anymore. The new kind that he lays, though, is very easy to take care of. That's what I want in my house, along with ceramic tile. He's doing a very large house now, with hardwood & tile. It's so large that it's taking him several weeks, bringing in a regular paycheck each week for awhile. He told the owner he'd have to be paid each week for work done. Shingles are having to be put on hold again. We need the money, & it's been raining each Saturday. Amazing how pretty it is all week, then rains on Saturday. :^:
Yes, I was at the station all day. I was alone until 4pm. Everyone got there just in time for our evening weather, news, etc, program. I got a couple of phone calls that people had missed me on there Monday & Tuesday. :D How sweet they are. We started out with the program being serious, as the other stations do their evening news. Then, somehow, Connie & I started picking at each other & it escalated. :lol: We have a very large viewing audience now that has let us know that they wait for 4 o'clock to see what we're going to do! It's probably the most popular of the programs we have....& just having fun. We never know what we're going to talk about until the camera comes on! Of course, we have our days of being serious. But, it's refreshing to have a little fun after a long day.
We want to see lots of pictures of your house...inside & out!

Well...I'll go. Maybe I can sleep a little, now. I'll try to post more later, today. Hello to all of my friends...........

03-24-2005, 01:29 PM

Good Afternoon Gals :wave:

Hi Sheila, How cool!! You get your house today at 5:00!!! :cp: :dance: How excited you must feel! I do hope all goes smoothly for you and that they cleared the house out as they were suppose to for you. I cannot wait to see pictures of it! Will you post some? Fingers crossed :crossed: that all goes well for you today!

That party sounded like so much fun! And a big success!! I'm glad to hear that you had such a good time! I bet you were exhausted, you did allot!! I am sure that everyone involved appreciated all you did to help out too.

Did your hubby ever get his chocolate? ;) We are selling our CD's to anyone who wants one. We don't really need and organ (I always think of *Phantom of the Opera* when I hear those pipe organs :lol: ) we just need a new piano - badly. Right now all we have is an upright and it sounds like a player piano. We are up to $7,000.00 in our fund raising, but need quite allot more... we are getting there... one day at a time :) We have sold a few more over the last week. Thank-you for asking :^:

As for where we'd go to winter... Joe mentioned Nevada - noooo, not near Vegas ;) - wayyyy on the outskirts of Vegas, no specific town... we have travelled in that direction when we've landed in Vegas to go visit my family in Ca. and loved the weather and the sunsets there! There's nothing like the sunsets in the west! I grew up in the desert (29 Palms, Ca) and have always loved it there. Allot of people don't realize what they are missing... there's allot of beauty in the desert, especially in the Spring when all the cactus are in bloom. And after a rain... awwww... the scent of sage fills the air. I do miss it and the sunshine, can you tell. Maybe one day we'll go back...

Sheila, I had a feeling that your DF was reacting to the meds. I can't believe my SIL told me on the same day you mentioned your DF :^: Well, at least now you know why he was acting differently and I am glad to hear he's doing better.

How exciting that you have an Iris bed at your new home... I bed you will have allot of garden surprises this spring... cool! So sorry to hear about the postal service, but am not surprised at all. What a bummer! What will happen now with important papers? Do you have to call people now and explain what happened? Or will the P.O. write a letter for you that you could make photo copies of to send out, they owe you that much.

So what's going on with hubby and his job search? Anything yet?


03-24-2005, 01:37 PM

Hi Angel, Wow! You have been posting like crazy these days... so glad to see you back in full swing ;) I have enjoyed all your graphics and animations too. I always have to say something to you, because I like searching them out and saving then as you do. It's a great way to check out other peoples web-sites and search for graphics at the same time :) Although, I haven't been on the computer much in the last three days, and very briefly when I was on. I had so much to do :dizzy:

Such good news about not finding RA in your spine!!! :dance: Those bone spurs will cause allot of pain all by themselves :o Continued prayers for you. As for me, Thank-you... I have been doing very well these days :smug: no complaints. Yesterday I got real tired, but not sick (yeah). I just took it easy and caught up with all my taped shows. I had at least 5 to watch :o

I'm so sorry :sorry: to hear about your granddaughter and not making the cheerleading team... I bet she was so bummed!! Do you really think it was political? Why?

What I would give to go to that "Yard Sale" you mentioned!! I love going to those - I don't always buy things, but love looking and talking with people :D

Looks like I started something when I called Bluet :^: It's very interesting to hear what we sound like to others, huh. I am glad that Bluet called you and that all is well. As for accents - I loved "Ellie Mae" - adorable! :) I know you don't watch *Survivor* but three of the members on this one tribe (minus the one who just got voted off) are from Alabama - so I have an idea of the accent you must have. And there's nothing wrong with it at all ;) I like to hear the differences in our voices... :cool: Isn't it so cool that we have the capabilities of becoming friends like this - state to state - coast to coast? :dance: I still find myself amazed :^: at what we can do today!

Oh my gosh, Charlotte... you want some snow???!!! I'll be glad to send some your way! We woke up to 30* temps and snow on the ground this morning... just enough to cover the grass. And we are expecting more snow tomorrow - hopefully not much :crossed: I have flowers beginning to break through the soil and am anxious to see green and feel some warmer temps!! We were suppose to break 50* this week, but it never happened :(

I will have some pictures soon! I have been so busy and have such little space to work in that I now have a mess to clean up. Scraps of paper and such from making cards and posters. When I get everything all cleaned up for Easter Sunday, I'll take some pictures then, okay.

YES! I had deer right across the street from us - I thought 4, but there were 5! I have some pictures that I will post just as soon as I take them off the camera. I have a couple great shots! Yeah, that concerns me too - the deer eating in my gardens, but they don't like Daffodil's or Dahlia's, so I'm safe there.


03-24-2005, 01:43 PM

Hi Bluet, I am so glad to hear that your DH's shoulder is doing better. What exactly happened to it? You weren't sure when you posted last. I have kept him in prayers for healing - hope he has felt it ;)

As for *American Idol* I didn't know that they had "do-overs" but found out when we turned it on last night at 9:00! :o The best part was... I missed Tuesday's show because we had practice and was going to watch it on tape - but didn't have to now :D So we watched and voted last night. I sure do hope that MIKALA goes tonight!!!! What is she thinkin'??? She is a "Babs" wannabe and each show she get WORSE! She really has to go tonight!! I too voted for Anthony and for Carrie last night to keep them in, but I think that Bo or Anwar may win this Idol - just a hunch. Yes, I loved Carrie's new look and her song choice! She was so much better this time, I was beginning to worry about her :^: I think she was giving up and then when Simon told her she needs to kick it up - she did. She was great! I also really enjoy Vonzell, what a talent she is! I know that allot of these people will be picked up by someone even if they don't make it to the top on the show.

As for *Survivor* yeah that James is gone!!!! Did you see him waste all that time trying to tie his skirt the whole time & he could have been making knots!?!! What was he thinking!!!??? I think he had gotten too full of himself and it was so time for him to go! That merge has to be pretty soon.

Oooooo... sounds like you will be a very busy grandma, as of today! By the time you give those kids back to mom & dad you will be looking like this :crazy: :lol: and looking forward to Monday for the first time ever :lol: I do hope you have fun with them... *Happy 40th Birthday* :hb: to your DD and SIL :flow1:


03-24-2005, 01:47 PM

Hi Diane, Good to see you too! Sounds like you have been rather busy also... busy is good, if you keep it under wraps ;) I don't have the kids and such to keep my days filled, but I collapse like you do by 9:00 these days. I have been very busy with work for my Joe. He has been taking over the Adult Choir at our church and has had allot of typing & copying for me to do... things he cannot do during the days because he is working, so I do it for him since I am home. I like keeping busy, especially if it means he won't be so stressed. I can rest when I am tired, he can't... you know. It's nice being needed too.

Thank you so much... it's always good to get an atta-girl :D I have been walking every week day now and have already put in 8 miles this week. I had set a goal for 7 a week and didn't realize that I had already gone past it as of today :cp: So tomorrow will be an easy day for me again... that's okay. I'll probably just walk a brisk mile in the morning. Next month I will up the weekly miles to 8 as my goal then 9, etc. moving 1 mile up each week. I also want to add on two days a week of resistance wt. work. Well, that's my goal anyway...


03-24-2005, 01:55 PM

Again, *Welcome* Bonnie-2! It's good to see that you have stuck around. I am not yet 50, just 48 right now (the thread baby, so to speak ;) ), but the gals have made it a warm and inviting place here for me to stay... I have loved getting to know them as friends & I KNOW you will too enjoy it here too.

A bit about me :^: I (Donna) have been married to my Joe for almost 30 years (this June 21st) and we have 3 furry kids ( :sssh: cats)... Domino (9), and brothers - Guido & Zeppe (3). I look forward to getting to know you better. Sorry I haven't been on the thread to post, but with Easter fast approaching, there's much to be done at church and so little time to play. After Easter I will be on more frequent again :bubbles:

My best girlfriend is on WW's and she loves it! It's really a good program for her, I think you will do very well on it too. There are WW's boards here at 3fc's - have you found them? If not, I will give you a link ;) Me... I am on *The Maker's Diet* by Jordan Rubin for health reasons, but haven't lost any more weight on it yet. I hope to as I increase my activity. I have very ill with IBS, Diverticulitis and a Spastic Colon for quite a long time and have just recently began to feel health again from his program. It's quite costly in food and supplements, but oh so worth feeling well again :flow1: I am on Day 25 (I think) and am feeling healthier as time passes. He said it could take up to 3 months for the intestines to fully recover and rebuild, but I think I am doing real well. I just need to see the sun and feel some warmth again! I hope soon!

Joe & I have been watching *The Amazing Race* too (well, we record it and watch it later) --- it's a great way to travel without the cost ;) We love watching how Rob and Amber work together! They really make an awesome team! They are the couple from the *Survivor* show. I don't necessarily want to see them win again, but love watching them play! Rob is SMART!


Whew :faint: all caught up now (I hope ;) )...


03-24-2005, 02:22 PM

Well... let me begin here:

Last Saturday - we stayed home all day long just enjoying a day at home. Joe took down the rest of the Christmas lights outside and put away our Christmas Tree (that has been on the porch) under the house to store. And then he put in a new filter system on our water lines - to filter out MORE of the chlorine we get from the pump-house in the park. I spent the whole day Saturday making a poster board for the sales of our CD's, we're hoping to sell a few for during the Easter season. I think it really came out nice. Then on Sunday after church, Joe & I went grocery shopping and then met our friends, Mike & Peggy, to see the movie *Robots* @ around 5:00 - it was really a cute movie (it did make me laugh hard in a couple spots), but I think you could wait to see it on DvD at home ;) The fun part for me was just going out with our friends and their daughter, Lisa, & her boyfriend. After the movie... we all went out to dinner at the *Red Robin* restaurant and I got a chicken breast grilled and they wrapped it in lettuce leaves (instead of a bun) with red onion and tomato and I used Bar-B-Q sauce in it - yummy and it didn't bother me at all. I think I have figured out a way to eat out wisely. I just have to be selective in *where* I go - making sure the restaurant will work with me, and so far so good.

Monday & Tuesday I worked on Easter Cards for my family (they are all out of state) so I could send off their Easter baskets I made them (I made 5 pkgs.) - that was fun. I just put together small boxes with Easter grass, goodies and games and such... nothing special - just want them to know that I am thinking of them. Today I have spent most of the day right here on the computer - catching up with my e-mails and with posting... I cannot believe that I am so far behind in just a few short days :dizzy:

We had a practice on Tuesday night @ 7pm - a Healing Service to sing for on Wednesday @ 7pm. And then Joe has a Choir practice on Thursday (tonight) @ 7pm and then we have the Stations (re-enactment), Friday @ 8pm. Then we'll be going into the Easter weekend... Saturday night Joe has an Easter Service to do with his choir and then we have the Easter Sunday Services. Yup, quite a busy week!

Once we are home on Easter Sunday Joe and I are having Easter dinner here (at our own home this year)... Annie (Joe's sister) invited us over, but both of us really wanted to be home this year. I am making Lamb and Lentil Soup and Stuffed Tomatoes with Pecan Pie for dessert (a special treat :T ). It will be a relaxing day for Joe after all he had to do over the week into the weekend.

So... what will you gals be doing for Easter Sunday???
What do YOU have planned for dinners?
Family? And such...


03-24-2005, 10:44 PM
Enjoy reading your posts sunnyd. Went to jazzercise last p.m. & tonite, now the Easter weekend ahead to try & watch What I eat, going to son & family Sat. Rest of family here Easter after sunrise service, church breakfast. Busy busy busy. happy, Holy Easter all. Bonnie2

03-24-2005, 11:10 PM

:wave: Hi Bonnie2, You know... I worked for Jazzercise as a Registrar (signing people up) for 15 years. My hubby still does repairs for their equipment here at the Jazzercise Ctr. where we live. I enjoyed it when I was working for them & working out there, but my health got worse, so I had to quit. It's neat to know you go there ;)

Have a Wonderful Easter!


03-24-2005, 11:23 PM
Hey there Bluet!! Mikala's been voted off - Finally! :dance: :cp: I don't mean to sound so happy about it, but she was tough to listen to!! On second thought... :dz: I am happy, she'll be okay but I didn't know if my ears would be if she stayed on :^: I honestly don't know how she made it on there for as long as she did.

Can't believe I am still awake- it's after 10 :o
Heading for bed now... night...


03-25-2005, 01:16 AM
Hi, everyone!!

Just a short one tonight to say we got into the house around 4:00 pm. Yippie! We took photos, too. First thing we did was pull up carpet to see about the hardwood. There definitely is hardwood in the dining room, entry and down the hall. The living room is a step down and there's hardwood that goes over the edge. It's so cool!

Tomorrow I'll be at the house working, but will try to get on again and get some photos.

Happy Friday, everyone!

03-25-2005, 01:47 AM
Okay, got some photos of the outside of the new house. As you can see, we have a lot of work pulling out junipers! We're not so thrilled with the color, but the paint job is relatively new so it will stay brick red for a while.

03-25-2005, 07:24 AM
I was glad M. got voted off last night A. Idol. :coffee:

03-25-2005, 08:32 AM

Hi Sheila, Ooooo you were up late last night. Bet you are one very tired :tired: person! I was thrilled to see that you posted pictures of your new home... :cp:

I am not a big fan of brick red either, but I think that over all it's a really nice home! What color would you paint it if you could right now? As for the wood floors - awesome! Isn't it something how they put those beautiful floors in and then covered them up - carpet was really in then. I am so happy for you! I do hope it all continues to pan out for you. I really like the last pic of your new home showing the yard along with the home.

Thinking of you...


03-25-2005, 10:05 AM

Good morning everyone,
SunnyD...I always love all of your graphics, also! I don't say it often enough. I suppose I've come to expect it out of you. ;) You've got us spoiled! Enjoyed reading all the "catch up" posts.
About the granddaughter cheerleading...I'm afraid the school they're at (most schools here) are promoting students by who they know, instead of their abilities. It wasn't just her, a lot of parents are upset. The oldest, that's going into the 11th grade, was upset, also. They have always given "head cheerleader" to a Junior or Senior, out of respect. This time they gave it to a girl that's just going into the 10th grade! That's the same as an insult to the Juniors & Seniors who have been cheering for years! This girl's parents were associated with those who made decisions. :^: I told my daughter if she wanted to get others together & go "picket" the school, I'd be there with her! :D Don't think she's going to, though. I know it was that way when I was in school, but was hoping things were different, now. If your parents weren't doctors, lawyers, or someone well-known, then you were nothing. Those students got everything. I remember at my graduation....everyone in my class were amazed at my typing (one of my few talents). They all said I'd get the typing award. I didn't of the teacher's daughters got it. Not putting her down, but she really couldn't type. :^: My soon-to-be DH was furious!! I really wasn't surprised.
I DID watch the first round of "Survivors" & enjoyed it...all but the fact it took so many weeks. I'm impatient & didn't want to wait from week to week to get to the final episode. I've always been impatient. If I start something, I'll sit up all night to finish it, if I have to...or it drives me nuts! I need to watch this week to see how the guys from Alabama talk. When does it come on? You're right, I AM posting like crazy! :lol:

Sheila.....I LOVE your house! I don't worry so much about the outside color (unless it's wild!) Such a pretty, & neat place. You'll have the yard the way you want it in no time. Until then, it looks great as it is.
You've got hardwood!!!!!!!! It'll be so pretty....& save you money on floor covering. :D I want pics of the inside of the house, now. Remember what I said about being impatient. :lol:

Bluet....Hope you enjoy your weekend away from OB! Are you going to have grands over for Easter weekend? Will eggs be hidden out in the yard or pasture? I'd love to do that. I haven't been on a real farm in a long time. Our 2 1/2 acres hardly qualifies for a farm. :p
It's been a couple of days since you posted. Hope you & DH are ok.

Hi Bonnie-2...How's the diet going? I've got to get some will power to lose the rest of what I've gained back. I don't know why it's so hard for me this time. My sugar cravings have been out of control! I even bought some pills to help with sugar cravings. I take them, then eat my sweets! :^:

I hope you all have a great Friday! (TGIF!!! "Thank God I'm Forgiven!")

03-26-2005, 01:59 AM
SunnyD, cool house graphic! Thanks for the good house wishes. I'm not sure what color I'd paint it. Something lighter and more cottage-y looking, I think. I like the ivory trim.

Charlotte, if I were one of those cheerleader's parents, I'd be hopping mad at all the politics. Hard to believe that they'd pick a sophomore for head cheerleader. That was pretty rotten about the typing award, too. I do have some photos of the inside, but I have to size them and mess around with them. No time for that!

Today I got almost one wall of wallpaper stripped (luckily there was only one wall in the office that had wallpaper, but it's two layers), and my DH did one wall of border in the guest room. He has to strip the borders because they are just too high for me. The muscles in the front of my neck are so hypertrophied and contracted that I can't tilt my head back very well. This is where my movement disorder comes in handy because I have a medical excuse for not scraping the wallpaper border! :lol: While he was working on the borders, I was taking off the switch plates and removing hardware from the bathroom cabinets. We then took down all the drapes and blinds. Finally decided on the color of the walls after I tried out three different paints. I ended up taking our lampshade into the paint store because it's exactly the color I want on the walls. Bet the paint store clerks see people do stuff like that all the time. Also got the floors measured for carpet and vinyl by a very talkative guy. He sure knows his stuff, but he made my head ache. Tomorrow it's wall washing and masking for me, and more border stripping for DH.

Have a great Easter everyone! SunnyD, hope Joe's music program goes well--actually, I'm sure it will. Have fun with the GK's, Bluet. Hi to you, too, Bonnie2! Also, hope everyone's weather is better than ours. No-one will be able to hunt Easter eggs outside around here.

Oh, forgot to add that I lost a pound this week. I'm getting the stuff I gained over the winter off slowly. Gain fast, lose slow. *Sigh*

03-27-2005, 11:11 AM

03-28-2005, 09:44 AM

:sunny: Good Morning my Friends :sunny:

So did everyone have a lovely Easter Sunday?!?
What did you do & have for meals? :T

Joe & I sure did!! We went to church @ 7:30am and got home at around 11ish. Then we had a brunch together. Then we just chilled out... Joe took a much needed nap with his pal Zeppe and I had a chance to catch up with some magazines that I have saved and wanted to read through. I enjoy the *Woman's World* magazine that comes out weekly... do any of you read it? What I enjoy about it is the very short, but informative, articles and the jokes and stories. Anyway... after Joe woke up, we decided to go for a drive just to venture out for about 40 min. and took a short walk in the park - it was still that damp cold, so we didn't stay. Then we came home and I put together our Easter meal that I prepared the day before: the Lentil Soup, the Marinated Lamb Chops (done on the grill), and the Rice, Basil & Parmesan-Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes... it all came out so good! :T Joe was like... "Would you make this again? Before next Easter" :lol: It always thrills me me he enjoys a meal I have taken time to cook up. Then we watched a movie I bought at Wal-Mart for $5.00 titled *Music From Another Room* with Jude Law... it was a nice romance story... Joe liked it too :) I do have some pictures that I will share with you all later of our decorations and our dinner :D


Hi Charlotte, How did you get on yesterday to post?! I tried, but nothing worked... thanks for the Easter Resurrection greeting :flow1: Pretty! I know you all enjoy the graphics I post, you don't have to concern yourself with telling me each time ;) I do find such pleasure in sharing them with you all here.

As for the school politics... how sad, you know, I guess that because I don't have children in the schools today I didn't pay close enough attention to what happens in them as far as the games played. I do feel for our kids today - getting all caught up in some of the grown-ups slanted views. It probably wouldn't matter if your DD chose another school for her kids... it will be in that new school too. I have friends that are school teachers, but they try NOT to talk about what goes on IN the schools when we get together. What a shame that you were passed up for your typing like that - I use to be very good in typing myself, but my skills have waned through the years - getting better now as I play on the computer more. I still have a hard time in that I tend to still watch the keyboard instead of the screen :lol: I do remember being very picked on in school, because I was always a "new" kid (military)... I often began a new school in the middle of a school year - talk about tough on a kid!! Everyone was established with their friends and clicks and then there was me! To say the least I had a very difficult time and was extremely shy (believe it or not!). I didn't open up till after I met my Joe and he showed me that it was okay to be me :flow2: Something how things in life shape you, isn't it. Makes you wonder what direction you could have gone in if a person wasn't altered by certain trials in life... but then again, I have found that mine have made me stronger, a more secure person as an adult :flow2: Interesting... ... I bet that your dear grandchildren will rise past all their trials too and become well-adjusted adults as long as they have guidance, love & someone to stand up for them. And I believe they have that ;)

Hi Sheila, I received your e-mail ;) Sounds like you were one "very busy" gal over the weekend! Exciting, huh!! I am so happy for you! I bet that the your new home and all that has to be done will be "all consuming" for quite a bit of time, but it will all be worth it once you have finished :bubbles: I cannot wait to see some progress pictures, Sheila!! You will share some with us, won't you?? What are the colors in your lamp-shade that you used in your home?

Yes... thank-you, Joe's music program went Wonderfully! He was so pleased with the choir and the celebration was just beautiful! I was beaming I am so proud of him and what he can do! People just love him! What a wonderful way to begin the day of Christ's Resurrection :sunny:

I thought you would enjoy the house graphic ;) I myself, enjoy a very pale yellow color for a home... I saw one yesterday on our drive that looked on the outside just like the home I'd enjoy having - if we had a house. It was a butter yellow (very soft in color) and trimmed in white with a wrap-around porch all the fancy trims like you would see in the older homes. So well kept and easy on the eye with wildflower gardens all around, just beautiful!

Congrats on the POUND loss!! :dancer:


Speaking of pounds... it's time for me to get on the T-Mill this morning even though I'd rather not :p I must burn some calories off from the goodies I enjoyed yesterday :o Joe bought me a few Dark Chocolate Eggs (you will see them in my pictures). I did have one (they are big), but will enjoy the rest in smaller bits. He wanted to have something for Easter. Oh, we also colored a dozen eggs together yesterday afternoon --- FUN!!!

Hello's to our MIA's... :wave: Bluet/Bonnie-1, Bonnie-2 & Diane...
& any anyone else out there lurking.
*Have a Wonderful Monday*



03-28-2005, 01:05 PM

Good morning friends.........

Had a very stormy Easter! We just had a regular service (small church) & song Easter songs....I song "Resurrection Morn". Then DH & I went out to eat & came home. Called all the kids & talked with them. Nothing really special.

Sounds like you had a fantastic Holiday, SunnyD! It's time for you & Joe to get some well-deserved rest, now. ;)
I couldn't post on Saturday night....although I started sending the "Resurrection Day" graphic to all of you by pm's. Sheila was first, & I hit "submit", & received a message that the site would be down for awhile. So, I don't know if it went through or not. I didn't try again, until Sunday morning. There was a message that the site was "limited". I tried posting the graphic & it worked! :D

I can't stay on long.....Monday's my long day.
I DID have something very special to happen to me. On the front page of the paper was an artical telling of me being nominated by the Chamber of Commerce to receive an award for "Volunteer of the Year"! I had no idea this had happened. My sister called & told me, because I don't get the paper. Of course, I bought one yesterday evening. ;) Even if I don't get the award, it's an honor to be nominated! The comments in the artical was very nice. I don't do the volunteer work to be noticed, but I have to admit, it made me feel pretty good. :)

I've got to get going. The managers have been out of town since Friday morning & not due in until late tonight, so got a lot to prepare for at the station. They went to Missouri to visit their son & family.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

03-28-2005, 11:01 PM
Good Evening,

We had a very nice Easter. We went to church and then out to brunch at a very nice resturant. Then the children all game back to our house to visit for awhile. We got to see Adam, who is six months old now. He is sitting up and playing with his toys and he laughs a lot, My they grow up so fast.

It is so nice that all of you enjoyed your Easter. Our weather was fantastic. It was close to 50 degrees and sunny. Unfortunately there was a distinct lake breeze off the lake, which is quite chilly this time of year. The resturant is located right downtown about two blocks from the lake. But away from the lake at our house it was warmer.

Sheila, I really like your house and I have no problem with the color at all. I think it is absolutely charming. It would be nice if we could all meet at your place for a painting party, I would enjoy that. :)

Sunny sounds like you had the perfect Easter. Glad that you and Joe could spend some time together and share the wonder of a beautiful day.

Charlotte, congratulations on your award. I am so happy for you. It is wonderful to love the work you do.

Diane, hope your Easter was wonderful and that you are feeling ok.

Bonnie2, it was good that you could get togehter with family too. Hope you had a special day.

I loved all your posts and the graphics, what a colorful happy thread we have. It looks just like spring.


03-29-2005, 06:09 AM

Good early morning everyone...
It's a little after 3am, & I've been awake for well over an hour. Might as well get up. :( Something terrible happened at the TV Station that has me upset, & I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd just talk about it a little, if you all don't mind.
I got to the station at 11:45 & immediately saw the side foyer door had been broken completely out! Later, found it was a block that had been thrown threw it. I went to the front door & let myself in, checking out the building. Everything looked fine. Nothing in either studio was disturbed, cameras, etc still there. The computers (we have several) were untouched, all monitors (tv sets) were all there. Brother Jones office was ok. So, I decided some mean kids probably had broken the glass door just for kicks. I went to the office that Connie & I share to call & report it, & found a terrible mess! All of the money (which was locked up) was gone, & the personal things on both of our desks had been knocked across the room & broken! They didn't do a clean sweep of the desks, knocking everything off, but went between the phones, adding maching, roll-a-dex, etc, to get to the pictures, angels, whatever we had, & destroyed it! (gee....looks like it's not meant for me to have anything anymore, especially my angels. :( )I fell all to pieces! I finally got myself together & called Connie & Bro Jones, who were still 5 hrs away...but, on their way back. He talked to me so calmly & reassuringly. If they had panicked, like I did, I'd never made it through!
After I called the police, I let two of the guys on staff know, & they came to be with me. My sister called in the middle of me talking to the police, & I told her why I couldn't talk....she sent my brother-in-law, who stayed all evening! I may have been alone at first for awhile, but had plenty of help for the rest of the day. The whole evening consisted of police investigation, dealing with insurance, getting the door replaced....etc. I was totally exhausted! Connie & Bro Jones got there around 5pm.
I stayed & went on with my program at 6pm, with my BIL helping me. I was still trembling, after all that time! It hurts so bad to know someone would take from a Christian Station, where everyone works so hard. Also, to know someone would do me & Connie that way about our personal things. :?: Connie was scolding me for going into the building alone, when I found the door broken out........I didn't think about it, was just anxious to check things out.

Bluet...I'm glad you had a nice Easter, enjoying those grands. It's hard to believe Adam is 6 months old, already!
I haven't won the award, yet, just nominated. It's an honor to just be nominated, though. I received my letter from the Chamber of Commerce yesterday. They were telling me about it, & inviting me to the banquet Thursday night for the award ceremony. That's when the winners will be announced. All of the nominees will receive recognition! I've been volunteering at the TV Station since '94, when it first came to our town. I never thought about anything like this. I just felt it was something the Lord wanted me to do. I also sing at a few nursing homes & assisted living. Not as much as I did for awhile, though, because of this aggravating RA. Thursday night is also when my 3 granddaughters (sisters)will be in a pageant at the school. I had promised them I would be there. I made them that promise before knowing about the nomination, so I plan on keeping my word to them. I'm sure they will contact me, if I win.

Well........thanks for listening to me, everyone. I just had to vent & get it out of my system about the break-in. I'll try to post more, later today.

03-29-2005, 07:39 AM
That is just terrible what they did to the station Charlotte, I would have been scared also & disappointed that someone didn't have any christian values especially for the Easter blessed holiday. Let us know how it comes out.
We had a great Easter weekend. Sonn & family Sat. Easter sunrise service & men of Church made pancakes & scrambled following that. Other son, Daughter & family came for dinner here at 1:00. We have 3 grands so far allunder2 yrs.

Back to work yesterday. went to jazz. last nite. better get ready for work. talk again when I can. Bonnie2

03-29-2005, 09:07 AM
Oh my gosh, Charlotte! :o

I am so very sorry to hear of what happened to you and your station!! I just wanted to share with you right off, something my Joe told me the just other day... he said that we are in troubled times right now and if it seems that we are being attacked - it's because we are! When you are a servant of God (as you are!) there will be many threats from the devil and YOU are definitely being threaten by him! The devil knows that YOU are the threat - not him!! That's why all this is happening to you... I am so sorry that it is, but look at it as there is a battle going on here and "you are winning the WAR"... each time something happens and you dust yourself off and begin again. Therefore, the devil is throwing everything at you - much like Job. You will pull through this too and come out stronger. I'll send you some more angels to put on your desk ;) as long as YOU ARE OKAY!! That's all that matters to us... that you are okay!

You go to your grandchildren's pageant and enjoy... I know that they will contact you "when" you win ;) As far as I am concerned "YOU are already a WINNER!" I am so glad that nothing happened to you! Your friend was right - once you saw that door was opened at the station you should have made a bee-line out of there and placed a call (but I think I would have done the same thing you did, to be honest with you). I am just happy to hear you are okay. I don't blame you one bit for being all shook-up!!! It would stay with me for a long time too if it happened to me. Know that God is with you and that you are so loved, or the devil wouldn't be trying so hard! I am so glad you are okay...

{{{Huge Hugs}}}


03-29-2005, 09:23 AM

Hi Bonnie, It sounds like you had a lovely Easter too... I am sure counting my blessings after hearing what Charlotte just went through, you know...

You had nicer weather then we did! We had rain and temps just barely in the 40's... we are suppose to have some sunshine today :crossed: and warmer temps, but I am still waiting ;) My daffodil's are up about 4" :D So it won't be too long now before we see some color in the front garden :cp: And the weather-persons are calling for temps in the 60's tomorrow :o I anxiously await... ... :goodvibes

*A-Idol* is on tonight... who do you think will go next? I am just thrilled not to have to listen to Mikala again :smug:

Bonnie-2, I'm happy to see you stopped in again :) Did you happen to see my last post to you about Jazzercise?
I am so happy to hear that your Easter was grand also...

Diane, where are you these days :?: We miss you!

And Sheila... we KNOW what you are up to ;) Pop in when you can and give us an up-date :goodvibes


Time for me to go walk...


03-29-2005, 09:26 AM
Here's a little Angel for you, Charlotte ;)

Love you!


03-29-2005, 12:24 PM
Just wanted to say hello before I change into my painting clothes. Until we get moved in, I probably won't post too much, although when they refinish the wood floor, I'll have 48 hours of nothing to do while it dries. Oh, yeah, I do have to pack, don't I?

Oh, Charlotte, that was just horrible. The money being gone is one thing, but all that vandalism is so heartbreaking. Hope the police can catch the people who did that. And how exciting to be nominated for the award! I think keeping your promise is much more important, but wish you could do both.

Have a great day, everyone!

03-29-2005, 01:28 PM
Good Morning,

Oh Charlotte, I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you sweetie. We have had several break-ins here at work over the years, with a lot of equipment destroyed and cash taken from the petty-cash drawer . :( I know how you are feeling right now. The invasiveness of personal things is devestating. You will be allright, because you are a very strong person. Sunny's words put a new slant, on ones perspective. Her words even calmed me and reassured me that all will be o.k. What a good friend we have. Congraturlations on being chosen for the award, I have a feeling you will be selected hands-down. You take care, if you want me to call you just say so and I will. ;)

Sunny, it is soooooooo good to see you feeling better and up beat. That diet is really working for you...Yea!! I haven't thought about Idol, (I am really bumming again..darn) :( I think, and it is really hard to know right now, it seems pretty unpredictable, but possibly Anthony, Nikko and Constatine will be in the bottom three. I sure hope not, I want all of those guys to stay. I don't think Simon likes their talent though. I am going to vote for Anthony as many times as I can regardless. I am cheering up a little bit, looking forward to Idol tonight. So glad Mikala is gone. My oldest grandson mentioned Mikala last weekend. He said, my family doesn't like Mikala's talent much. I thought, oh poor Mikala, only 17 years old and there is not one person I know that wants her to stay. She really can't sing, but she is awfully smug for a 17 year old, I think that is what bothered me the most. You know "darn kids and all nowadays" ;) ;)

Sheila, good luck on your painting. Thank you for posting so we know how you are doing. Sounds like you new home is going to be fabulous!

Diane and Bonnie2, hope you are having a wonderful day. We are suppose to get to the 60's today with rain showers tomorrow and in the 50's. Hooray, Hooray, go away snow. :)


03-29-2005, 09:36 PM
sunny d , do you get any benefits being a registrar person at jazzercise?. What kind of equiptment do they have at jazz. there? I went tonite, I go 3 days a week. Bonnie2

03-29-2005, 10:24 PM

What did I ever do before I got to know all of you???? :) I love you all so almost made me cry. I've told you all so much that I've been through the last couple of years, that I get worried, sometimes, that you might think I'm making it all up!! I know it's hard for ME to believe, & I'm the one I'm telling about! :(
SunnyD (thank you for my angel....I took it!)...You're right. I believe the old devil knows he has a short time to work & he's trying to stop everyone from doing anything good that he can. That little TV station does a lot of people a lot of good. This shortage of money will hurt, but, it won't stop us! As far as the pretty's on our desks...we'll accumulate more. They are all gifts from viewers who come in to visit, so it's only a matter of time, until we'll have more! It just looked so personal toward me & hurt. Today was my off day, & I went to get my nails done & pay a couple of bills. I stopped by there coming back home & ended up staying until we did "Tennessee Valley" (our evening news, etc). I found Connie & Bro Jones just sitting in our office....disbelieving what had happened. My head has been hurting since I found it all yesterday...seems like something is just tearing at my brain! I told Connie I thought it was just my heart was broken. She said she felt the same way. They live in a trailer by the station. Bro Jones goes on missionary trips to Mexico a lot, & now she's afraid to be by herself. I told her she wouldn't have to be, I'd stay with her when he was gone.
Talking about Job....I/we can take it....but, I keep remembering that Job also lost his kids. :( Surely this isn't going to get any worse. Help me pray...I don't want to get paranoid about this. I do want His hedge of protection around us.
Bluet...that was so sweet of you to offer to call me. Be careful what you ask, I'm easily spoiled! :D I was thinking the other day about having Randal (our AV Engineer) tape one of the "Tennessee Valley Now" programs & one of my "Vision of Heaven" programs, so I could send it to you all, just to give you an idea of what I did. Then I thought of my singing not being that great! :lol: But, it might be an idea to tape a little of each of us & send to all, so we could see each other & hear our accents! :D I've been wanting to hear SunnyD & Joe sing for awhile now! Does everyone have a video camera? I think I have a good idea!!!!!!! I think I want to lose 20 lbs, first, though. :lol: Might not should wait for that....I may never lose it. :^: Hey....I'm cheering myself up!!! :D
Hi Sheila...My daughter is insisting on me going to the Chamber of Commerce banquet. Now....we're fighting over it! I tried to keep it from her, but she found out. Although I'm highly honored that I was nominated...I don't think I'd be enjoying myself knowing the pageant was going on. Also, the youngest just lost cheerleading. I think my place is with them. I'll get my reward!
Enjoy that painting, friend.
Bonnie-2...Glad you had a good Easter. Thanks for caring for us & the break-in. Maybe I won't have to "vent" at 3am tomorrow morning! :^: I'm really feeling my lack of sleep.....
Talk to all of you later. Love you all soooooo much!!!!!!

03-30-2005, 12:55 PM
GOOD MORNING! (almost afternoon :o ) Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte... yes... Job lost his children, but I was speaking of all the *trials* he went through not *what* he went through, silly ;) You are not *Job* and are not in biblical times, so your trials will be uniquely your own for this day ~ but you have gone through MANY trials. That's why I mentioned Job ;) You will not lose your dear children... :no: I will pray that hedge of protection around 'them' and 'you' each morning in hopes that your trials will lessen as the days pass, okay. I will also keep Bro. Jones (for a safe trip) and his wife (for her peace of mind) in my prayers.

And don't you (or Connie) worry... your desktop's will fill up again with precious gifts --- you'll see ;)

As for our music... I have a CD of us I will be glad to send your way. In fact, I will mail one to you, to Bluet & to Sheila next week. I think you just might like our sound.

Bonnie-2, Nope, I didn't get paid to work at Jazzercise as a Registrar... we got free things (like tee-shirts, sweat-shirts, water containers, etc.) and free classes for our pay. I was with them for 17 years (worked for them for 15yrs). I still have the exercise ball & wts. I used there and use them at home. I don't go there any more (quit about 6 years ago), so I do not know what they use today for equipment... I believe they still use the balls, steps and some weights - depending on the type of Jazzercise class you go to. Jazzercise has branched off from just the aerobics classes. Glad to hear you like it there.

Bluet, Yes... it is great to feel well again :lol: I saw *A-Idol* last night and I think that Anthony may go - even though I like him. I would like to see Nikko or Constantine go... but the judges liked them last night... hummmm :chin: it will be interesting to see who goes tonight. It's really a hard call because you just never know what the mood of the public might be in voting someone off, you know. I didn't think that Bo or Anwar were as good as usual either. But I enjoyed Carrie allot!!! She was my pick from the auditions :cp:

I will continue to hold you close in prayer that you feel better! Especially as the sun shines more these days, the sun makes everything feel brighter :sunny: Feel better, okay... Bonnie... :angel: :goodvibes

Sheila, I'm so glad to see you pop in... you are one very busy gal these days :faint: You know... if I lived closer I'd be over to lend a hand in a heartbeat, even though I don't care for painting. I do plan to do some painting in our home this year too... I really want to paint my kitchen walls butter yellow --- it's just such a cheerful color.

What are the colors in your lampshade that you went with? I hope I didn't upset you with sharing about the color of your home... are you upset with me, Sheila? :sorry: I'm sorry if I did... I really don't mind the color -brick red- just not for a house is all --- it reminds me of the color of barns I guess, but your home is really nice when you look past that. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings :crossed: I hate the thought that I would hurt any of you...

Hope you are having a great day!!!


Did I mention that I got in 1.50 miles in yesterday on my T-Mill? I haven't walked yet today... gonna though... In fact, it's time for me to get something done today :o Take Care Gals...



03-30-2005, 10:29 PM

Hi everyone...

SunnyD....I knew what you meant about the trials of Job. I guess I was just thinking out loud. I had been talking to DH about feeling like Job, & that it almost scared me, because of the kids. It seemed we were going to lose everything we & all. So all we'd have left were our, kind of scarey. I know it's not the biblical days....& I sure hope we don't have to go through all he did....but you know, just like the policemen were saying...things are getting bad. It's like so many people have disrespect & no care about them. My trials aren't any more important or worse than any one else's, but they sure are heavy at times. I went back & read your post of what Joe had said to you about troubled times. As the police told me....this is all just beginning. Thanks for your prayers, dear friend. Looking forward to the CD! Thanks. :)
I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Hi Sheila....don't overdo now. From what you've said about your neck problems, you could probably hurt it pretty easily. I'm finding my electric blanket helps me a lot at night. Only thing, the weather is getting warmer, now.........

Bluet...I hope you're having a peaceful week at work. Hope OB is leaving you alone. Just two more days!

Hi Bonnie-2...Hope you're ok today.

I'm tired....going to go for tonight. Hugs to all of you!

03-31-2005, 07:31 AM
[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=7][COLOR=Magenta]
good morning.
got up to 60 here yesterday, got in a 2 mile walk. picked up cans & bottles on my walk. here in Mi. 10 cents each . .60 cents in change bank.What is the key for cents & degrees. anyone help me there. not the most experienced at typing.
started my day with raisin bran & p.butter toast
Everyone have a great day Bonnie2

03-31-2005, 10:05 AM
*Good Morning Gals!*

Hi Bonnie-2, You almost got the Font & Size & Color to work for you... the beginning is correct you just forgot to add to the end of your post the same thing, but with this symbol [/ at the start of each... and you may not want the size to be 7 - that's pretty big... maybe 3 or 4. As for cents I just write cents or use a small c and degrees is on the #8 key (example: *) just use the Shift ;)

Sounds like you had a great start to your day with that breakfast :T I had my 8oz. of Very Veggie juice and fiber @ 6:30am (a must for me) and then at 9:30am I will have scrambled eggs with 1/2-C of cooked Old Fashioned Oats and 1-C of fresh blueberries added to it for my breakfast. I hope you have a great day!

I'm glad we got that all cleared up, Angel ;) I have lifted you up in prayer this morning along with your friends at the station. Here is something I though you could latch on to today to put your mind at rest.

Those who go to God Most High for safety will be protected by God All-Powerful. I will say to the Lord, "You are my place of safety and protection. You are my God, I trust you."
Psalm 91:1 & 2

I do hope and pray that you have a better day today... I found another Angel for you ;) She's appropriate for the reading I left you, don't you think so :^:

Hi Bluet! Did you see *A-Idol* last night... Jesisca Sierra got voted off. I really thought that Anthony would - but I hear allot of 9 and 10 year old kids think he's cute and are voting to keep him on... too funny :smug:

:wave: Hi Sheila!
Hi Diane!:wave:



03-31-2005, 10:17 PM
[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4][COLOR=Magenta][/

03-31-2005, 10:20 PM
Hi Bonnie-2, Here is a LINK that will help explain everything to you.

Just click on this link I give you here:



04-01-2005, 12:14 AM
Hello Everyone,

Just a note to let you know I am ok, but depressed. Had a rough work week so far. Not the OB, but the owner. Oh my gosh, and the beat goes on.

I am going to be very busy the next few days. My DH's siblings and spouses and I are going to wash walls and paint the walls at my dear MIL's duplex. Tell you more about it later.

Sunday grandson next door is having his First Communion so, if you don't hear from me don't worry. I'll be back.

Charlotte, we are so lucky to have each other, you are so right. Thanks for the love. Hope you are ok and things are looking brighter. Oh by the way, I don't think those ruffians we aiming for you and Connie, I think they just firgured the money was in your office some place. Also, I think you video idea is super. I would love to hear you sing something. :)

Sunny, can't wait to get your CD, I am so excited. Idol.....Scott should have gone, based on performance, Simon was right. I would have liked to see Jessica stay around for awhile. I am shocked that Nadia does not have a bigger fan base. Survivor.....I feel so sorry for the tribe that keeps losing, I guess they are going to have to merge now, since Bobby Joe and Steph can only vote against each other. That Colby is so entertaining. What a hoot. CSI definately had a new twist tonight, who would have thought that they were all working the same case. Good job on your walking. :D

Sheila, are you paint head to toe? Hope all is going well.

Bonnie2, Keep trying. 60 degrees! We haven't had that warm of temps yet. 99% of the snow is gone though. :cool:

Diane, hope you are doing well too. Don't forget about us.


04-01-2005, 11:40 AM

Hi everybody,
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I spent most of the day trying to find a way to burn my pictures on to a CD. I'm suppose to have a CD burner, but, kept getting the message that it couldn't find the CD-R driver! :( I did an extensive search for free downloads for burning pics. I could find a lot for audio........
I went to the beauty pageant last night. :) My 3 girls were BEAUTIFUL!!!! The middle one (Jessica) got 2nd alternate out of about 15 that's good. The other 2 didn't place (but, SHOULD HAVE!) least in my opinion! They were ok about it.

I haven't heard the results of the award banquet....probably would have if I had won. One of the camera men (Bobby) was asked by the Chamber to film it, so he said he would make a copy of the tape for me to have....they were going to give lots of recognition to all the nominees. At least, I'll see how it was. I admit I was a little "down" yesterday & even shed a few tears(that no one here will ever know about). I'll be posting some beautiful pics in a couple of days for you all to see. :D

SunnyD...what a beautiful angel!! Thank you. :) We are working out a new system at the station, so people won't know so much of the "business" part. A lady that helps in the studio (Marilyn) presented me & Connie with a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers during "Tennessee Valley Now" yesterday. That was so sweet of her! She said it would make our desk look a little better & cheer us up. It did JUST THAT! :D Thank you, also, for the verse.

Bluet...I'm sorry you're depressed. love you, friend. I can call YOU, too, you know! :D Hope all goes well with the communion!
I hope the intruders weren't aiming for me & Connie....but, everyone knows I collect angels & she collects lighthouses. Those kinds of things were broken. They had to go in between roll-a-dex, phone, adding machine, etc to get to those things. Also, some of my things were actually stomped on! It's ok. Not everyone is going to love us, it would be nice, but not going to happen. Everyone also know we are close friends. I may go ahead with the video idea, if I get up the nerve. I don't know if I want you all to hear how I sing....I have tapes out, but I'm not a professional.
Please take care of yourself.

Bonnie-2...Bless your heart. Just put the [....] at the beginning of the post, and the [/....] at the end of the post. Just need the / at the end...that / means to stop! I know it's not easy when you're first learning. When I bought my computer 3 yrs ago, I didn't even know how to turn it on. I didn't have anyone to teach me any of this, so learned by trial & keep're getting close. I'm on another thread that a lady had a very hard time learning. Now, she posts better than I do, & more beautiful graphics than I can find!!!! Not fair when they get better than the teacher! :lol:

Sheila... stop painting long enough to post! Love ya........
Yes........hi to Diane.......

04-01-2005, 01:32 PM

I'll be back later to post, if I am able...


04-01-2005, 02:38 PM
SunnyD, sounds like you and Joe had a relaxing Easter after church and a whirlwind couple of weeks. I'm glad the program went so well. Hey, I'm in total agreement about brick red. Yellow with white trim sounds good for a house, but I'm not sure about this particular house. Since painting it is far in the future, I'll have time to think about the color. So where are these photos??? :) And I can't wait to get the CD--how wonderful you are for doing that!!

Charlotte, although the vandals only broke your stuff and your friend's stuff, I don't think it was a targeted attack. I think it was just easy to break little things in the back where nobody could hear them. They're cowards and I bet they knew that stuff was personal and you'd be upset more about that than other things that belonged to the station (although of course you'd be upset about that, too!). I sure hope they catch those horrible people. Yes, you DO want us to hear you sing!! Please, oh, please! The tape idea is wonderful!

I'm so glad you went to the pageant, although I can understand how hard it was not to be at the awards dinner. Your granddaughters will cherish this, and you've set such a good example about keeping promises even when something else comes up.

Bluet, sorry you had such a horrible week at work. When can you retire? I bet you're counting the days. Is your MIL moving, or are you just helping her with some spring cleaning? Sounds like you've got a lot going on this weekend. Hey, I finally got Potatoes, not Prozac, but I haven't had much of a chance to read it. The floor refinishers are at the house today so we won't be doing too much in the next few days and maybe I'll have a chance to read it then. Glad to hear that most of the snow is gone. Hopefully since it's April 1 there won't be another snow storm again until, well, next January?? :)

Bonnie2, you'll get the hang of graphics, etc. soon, with all the help from these wonderful ladies. I'm too lazy to learn how to post much of anything else so I admire you for trying. How is Jazzercise going for you? Are you going to be a registrar, too? 60 degrees--lucky you! Are your trees and flowers blooming?

So I'm stiff and sore and I told my DH to schedule my knee replacement for the near future. I spent four hours pulling up tack strips and staples out of the hardwood floors so the floor guys could start refinishing today. Tell me your DH doesn't do that on a daily basis, Charlotte! We could save a little money on the carpeting if we pull up the carpet and remove the staples, but after yesterday--no way!! I'll pay full price and have everything done.

Had to hire someone to finish removing the wallpaper, and what he's actually going to do is re-do the walls because the wallpaper wasn't put on correctly. So far we've painted the dining room, living room, hall, master bedroom, and three walls in the office plus we've painted the casings around the linen closets in the hall, and I've primed the linen closet doors and some drawer fronts. I have to mess with the one office wall where I removed wallpaper, and then I'm going to paint it an "accent" color. After the floors are done, and the wall guy does his thing, then we'll paint the guest bedroom (and I'm scrapping the two-tone look because I'm too tired!) and the two bathrooms. We're painting the family room and priming the kitchen this weekend because we don't have to walk over the newly refinished floors to do that.

So that's what I've been doing. And I want to abdicate my role as a parent. Oh, my, it's tough when your recently married youngest calls from across the country with marital problems. I'm glad she feels she can talk to me about stuff, but it's so stressful, and I've got enough stress with the house and the potential layoffs. Right now we're waiting for the FedEx truck to stop by our apartment (that's how HP is notifying people). Every time I hear a truck, I look out the window. Gonna be a long day. . .

04-01-2005, 09:12 PM
Well, my DH is one of the "chosen." :( He has until the third week in April to decide whether or not he wants to take the money and run. The question is, where does an almost 54 year old man run to? He's had two phone interviews, and another scheduled for next week plus he had to fill out some information on another job. He can always decide to stay where he is and hope that enough people take the voluntary severance package so that he won't get laid off, but that's sure a roll of the dice. However, his high-up manager said that she doesn't want any of the developers leaving the one area of the company that is making money. If they persist in this brain drain, then they may have cut costs, but they'll have a lousy product.

What to do, what to do.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The floor guy said the stench of the floor would drive us out plus he doesn't want any drafts on the floor so we're staying away until Monday. I think we need a nice, relaxing weekend right now.

04-02-2005, 07:45 AM
Good morning all
Sunny d how & where do you get all your great graphics? I enjoy them.
I don't plan on being a jazz. registrar, just was curious as to the benefits.
I go to town for groceries On saturdays. We are babysitting 1 granddaughter tonite for a few hours while they go out. Jenna is just 1 yr. old .
Made french toast for breakfast. Nice change as I had the time with no weekend work. dh & I have a business together, have had it for 30 yrs.
I better get my day started. :coffee: [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]/

04-02-2005, 08:35 AM
Goodness gracious I have missed you girls. I am so far behind on the post so I am going to just send some hugs from Texas to all.

I hope everybody is doing fine.

Sheila sorry to hear about DH, I will keep him in my prayers. Everything always works out when we think it won't so just hang in there. You have been one busy woman. I can't believe you can even move. I know the house is looking so good, I am very happy for you.

Charlotte I am so very sorry to hear about the break in. It is unbelievable to me that anyone would want to destroy another persons property, especially one that is doing so many people such good. It is getting really scary how the world is getting, so many mean people. Congrats on your nomination, way to go girl. I hope you are feeling so much better.

Bluet it is the week end, I know you are so glad. I am sorry you have such bad times at work, been there and done that. It makes life so miserable, I used to try so hard to not let it get to me but could never do it.

Hi Bonnie hope you are having a good day.

Sunny how are you feeling sweetie?

There hasn't been much going on here just staying busy with Bradley and I mean busy!! Just ten more weeks and the baby will be here, so hard to believe the time has gone by this fast. Man oh man I am going to have my hands full. :dizzy:

We got quiet a shock on Easter morning. We woke up to snow!!! It hardly ever snows here so it was quite a shock, it didnt last long but was beautiful while it lasted.

I don't have much going on today just need to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some much needed groceries. :( Then guess I will veg out the rest of the day. I have been seriously trying to lose some weight, I was put on Lexapro for depression a few weeks ago and my weight jumped up, so don't know what to do. :?: I have a appt. Wed. at Dr. so will discuss it then. I do not want to take something though that puts weight on you. My daughter went on it and she gained 30 lbs. very quickly and then she got pregnant and went off and lost weight.

I will try and check back more often sure did miss you girls.

Hugs, Diane

04-02-2005, 05:10 PM
*Easter Decorations~2005*
Do you see the chocolate eggs Joe bought
in our candy dishes? :T The colors match :lol:

Our dining-room / top of entertainmt cabinet:

See the Easter eggs we colored :D


04-02-2005, 05:15 PM
This the Teapot Joe bought me for Easter...
aren't the colors just beautiful!
It's hand painted:

The tea cup is one I had in my collection:


04-02-2005, 05:27 PM
Joe standing next to his new 2005 Work-van :D


04-02-2005, 05:28 PM
Sunrise on March 30th ~ Beautiful... NO SNOW:


I believe that Alabama got hit hard with this same system and had to deal with floods... but here in NE, Ohio --- we got SNOW :faint: It's darn-right yucky out there! Cancelled all our shopping plans for today... it doesn't look like it but we got around 4 inches. Joe is in the living-room playing with his DVD Recorder and I thought I'd catch up with you gals :)

Be back...


04-02-2005, 08:28 PM

04-02-2005, 08:28 PM
done trying

04-03-2005, 10:36 PM

Oh Bonnie-2....don't stop're almost there! You had it right for the beginning of the post.......then do your posting.........then do the work with the / at the end...& you'd have it!!
An easier way, though.....HIGHLIGHT your whole post.....then go to the top where you see [Font] & click the "down arrow" & click the font you want. It'll put in those things for you. :D Do the same with "size", "color", B,etc.
If you want to center something, HIGHLIGHT what you want centered, then click on the center of those lines....or there's a left and a right. Keep trying, you'll get it!!!! If you put your curser over them, a description will come up telling you what each thing does.

SunnyD...Beautiful pics!! I think I like the bunny over the window the best! He looks like I feel. :lol: SNOW!!! That's not fair!!!! We only had storms & rain & a little hail! good to hear from you! I know you must stay tired. Please take care of yourself. Everything will be ok at the station. Thanks for the kind words of the nomination. It was an honor. I didn't win the award, though. A guy that runs the mission in town got it. A lot of people are saying he should have won an award, but under another's not volunteer work catagory. I don't know. I do know he's a nice guy & works hard. He's very deserving. I was pretty sure I wouldn't get it, since I didn't go. I made the right decision, though. As Sheila said, my granddaughters know I keep my word. :D

Sheila...I am soooo sorry about your DH's work situation. I'll pray hard for everything to be alright. I'm sure it will be.
My DH does all of those things with the floors, plus a lot more! You just wouldn't believe it! He's on a very large hardwood job, now. It's take several weeks. Someone is building another large house across from it, & is thinking of DH for that job. That's how he gets most of his work. People see the work he does....he puts his best into all he does for his customers, & it shows. (no brag, just facts. :lol: )
I'm thinking about that tape. I may just send you all the soundtrack I recorded instead.....gotta think about it. I've improved my singing since then, though (I hope! :^: ) I've spent most of today running off copies to send to people who wants one. I had ran out....didn't think I'd need anymore.

I'm tired.....this time change has me all mixed up. :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

04-04-2005, 10:25 AM
Okay gals...

This picture is the one I posted earlier
when we had about 4 inches on the ground:

This one as you can clearly see (look at the base of the tree) that
we have gotten allot more! All together 15" :o

Look at my poor garden :faint: it was greening up! :(


The reason I didn't come back to post was that we lost our electric for about 16 hours and had no sleep at all Saturday night (the time change was hard on us both!) - it got so cold! We dug out our kerosine heater and lit that and it brought the temps in here up to 63* and held steady... thank goodness. And we have a gas stove, so no problems there - I was still able to cook meals, just lit the burners with a match instead. And we had our radio...

Joe had to be at church by 8:00 to direct and I couldn't leave the house with the heater lit, so I decided to go shovel snow for him. I was outside for all of 10 minutes when my left foot sunk into the very wet and heavy snow and twisted! I shoved snow into my shoe & finished the job - took me about an hour. I didn't think it was all that bad of a sprain... well, guess what gals! I am wearing an air-cast for 10 days! It was bad! I was crawling on the floor last night... so off to the Dr's I went. It felt really bad last night, but it doesn't feel too bad this morning, using the air-cast. I even got in my exercise - I just used the Elliptical instead of the T-Mill - less stress on my feet.

Whew! :faint: Am I glad that this weekend is over!! I pray that the snow storms will be too! Today we have a clear, sunny, blue sky day! Beautiful!! :sunny:

Okay... I am going to go grab a bite to eat and then
I WILL be back to post to all...



04-04-2005, 11:03 AM
Hey Sunny Girl,

What were you thinking? Just kept shoveling, Huh? Man if we got 14" of that wet stuff, I'd be so MAD!

Well, one busy weekend down and one more to go. I'll be back later to post to all of you. Have to put in the billing right now. I am exhausted. See you later.


04-04-2005, 11:34 AM

Oh SunnyD....I'm soooo sorry!! You poor thing, with it sprung. Isn't that what happened before? Or was it something else? I know it must be so frustrating. You shouldn't have kept shoveling that snow (that you won't share with me!!!!!!!). Next time something like that happens, you get yourself back into that house, girl, & put your foot up! I'm sure Joe let you have his opinion, also, when he got home. It's hard to watch our DH's carry on so much of the work, though, I know. I was trying to figure out how I could climb the ladder last weekend to help DH. The felt paper kept falling off the roof when he would get it rolled out! When I suggested the idea to DH, he just laughed at me! At least I wanted to help.

Bluet...........OMG! I forgot to post to you........please forgive me. I suppose I thought I did, because of my posting to bonnie-2. I've got to get used to the idea of 2 bonnie's! I'm glad of it, but I made that mistake.
Sorry you're working so hard....take care.
You'd be proud of me. NO DOUGHNUT this morning!!!! I decided to try to cut out sugar! If I don't start helping myself, this RA will get worse. Can't hurt the weight issue either. I have a whole box of Dunkin' doughnuts to throw out, though.....too tempting! I've drunk about a gallon of coffee this morning! (no caffeine).

Hi to everyone.......if you don't hear from me for a little while. Bro Jones is gone to Louisanna, to pick up a safe that was donated to the station & I may stay with Connie, so she won't be afraid. They live in a trailer in the yard of the station & the alarm system isn't installed yet.
Love you all.......

04-04-2005, 01:20 PM
Good morning!!

Bonnie2, like Charlotte said, don't give up! You've almost got it, and it will be so fun when you do. So did you get dumped on, too, by that snowstorm?

SunnyD, I was thinking about you when I heard on the news about snow in Ohio. I think the news said that this winter that the Cleveland area has gotten 104 inches of snow. Yikes! And our ski slopes here were hardly open this year. I'm so sorry about your foot. Charlotte's right--you should have quit shoveling! Smart to stick snow in your boot, though, to help with the swelling. Absolutely love your Easter decorations, and the new tea set is gorgeous. Your Joe has excellent taste, or did you pick it out ahead of time?

Candlelady, great to see you back. We've been wondering about you. So only 10 more weeks. Do you get to be there to watch your new GK come into the world, or are you babysitting? You know it will happen at 3:00 am, right? :) You got snow! Charlotte is going to be so jealous. Is there another antidepressant that doesn't cause weight gain? Something to discuss with the doctor, I guess.

Bluet, weekends are supposed to be for resting! Looking forward to hearing about yours, which I know wasn't restful at all.

My weekend was, of course, filled with worry. We've gone over all possible options. On a brighter note, it appears that everyone in the lab where my DH works was offered the incentive to quit so he wasn't singled out. Since the lab has more work than they can handle, if he doesn't get a good job offer (which includes letting us stay where we are!), we think we'll just ride it out and see what happens. DH has been busy sending off resumes and trying to network, though. He even sent a resume to Norway. He was there a couple of years ago working with some people, and they always seem to need computer geeks. Can you imagine me, the snow hater, ending up in Norway? :lol: And he applied to a place in Lexington, Kentucky. Do they get snow?

It's after 9:00 am and I'm still in my robe. I need to get dressed and get over to the house. Looking forward to seeing what the new floor looks like. Oh, it appears we have to move in prior to the carpets being laid. I was hoping to avoid that, but we can work around it.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

04-04-2005, 05:54 PM
No we didn't get the snow. We have sun today & 55* Jazz. tonite Bonnie2

04-04-2005, 06:28 PM

Hi Sheila, the snow flakes were huge & so wet... so it was good packing snow, but what a mess on the roads and in driveways and parking lots. Yes, Cleveland broke a record of 105.3" for the year --- but here in NE, Ohio (one hour EAST of Cleveland and much closer to the Lake!) we broke that # weeks ago! I would have preferred not to, if you know what I mean... Norway!!!!! :o I don't know what they get in Kentucky... anyone here know? But Norway!!???!!! I heard it's beautiful there, but they get snow... lots of snow :o

As far as the teapot, Joe saw me looking at it when we went shopping at the Mustard Seed grocery store - there's a section of handmade things for sale just as we walk in the store, he went back to get it. So it was something he did all on his own. He's finally getting it ;) :lol: The tea cup and saucer is mine from a collection I have and it matched beautifully, so I just put them together.

I bet you ARE one sore lady! After all that work in the new house... I know I would be too. I bet that even if you don't see weight come off that you are definitely toning up some muscles :smug: I cannot wait to see some pictures of it after you have finished. So you have to move in before you lay the carpets? Why? Because of the apartment... time running out? It will all work out, I'm sure. So much is happening so fast, I just bet that you feel like stepping out of yourself at times just so you can catch up :dizzy:

I am so sorry to hear about your hubby and his job. Is it forced retirement? Will he make anything after he goes, or is this it - more like bye, see ya... I will do everything I can in prayer for your dear hubby in that he will find another job real soon, okay... Sheila. Do you think that the quality of HP will change with all of this happening? Would you still buy an HP product? Don't they know that they are biting their noses off to spite their face when they get rid of people like your hubby who is skilled in their work & so good for the company! I think that the heads of these companies that make these changes have their heads in the dark --- you know... up their butts :o It just bothers the crap out of me when I hear of lay-offs or forced early retirement of people that want to work and have such talent. I hope he knows that it has nothing to do with his work... quality doesn't seem to be of importance to companies anymore. Use to be a time when something was made to last - now they are made so that in a few short months you have to buy another :headache: :dz:

Sheila... your DD is already having marriage problems :( I hope it's nothing too serious! Just some *new marriage* adjustments.

Hi Angel, thank-you so much for your concerns :goodvibes ... good memory! Yes, I have sprained my ankle before, but it was my right ankle that took a real bad sprain - I was in an air-cast for a month with that one. I just have such weak ankles! The Dr. suggested that I wear ankle wraps (they look like a sock) overtime I do any form of exercise... just to give me added support. I just have such weak ankles. He did give me some exercises to do after this heals to help build up some muscle strength in that area. I have now sprained both my ankles several times over :dz: So I think that the wraps are a great idea... I just have to remember to do it! :dizzy: :p Yup, Joe was very concerned for me, but didn't scold me at all this time :smug: he knew I was trying to help, cuz the last time it snowed he was so upset with having to shovel the snow... I just didn't want him to be upset again and wanted to help... he does so much He was so tickled that I did it and was so surprised (all before he knew I had hurt myself). He gave me an nice aspirin rub after he found out that I had hurt myself... he's a great guy. again on your nomination... I think that is quite an honor all by itself... many do volunteer work that never gets noticed, much less mentioned --- it's nice to be noticed even though you have never called for that kind of attention. Keep up the great work :angel:

Oh... believe me Charlotte... you wouldn't want this amount of snow. I know your hubby wouldn't. It has been a tough year on my hubby this year! This snow and winter weather has worn him down!! He is loving this sunny day we are having today :) He is talking about taking off tomorrow just to enjoy it... suppose to be sunny & go into the 60's again. He's so looking forward to warmer weather and working in our gardens again, it's his favorite thing to do when he comes home at night and on the weekends - gardening. I saw on the weather channel that some areas of Alabama had gone through major flooding after your storm - guess it wasn't around your area, thank goodness. My folks live in Maine and they got allot of rain also... not a stitch of snow. Strange, huh... you would think that they would have gotten the snow too :dizzy:

:cp: :dance: WooHoo on *NO DONUT* this morning!!! :dance: :cp: I remember how hard that was for me that first few days; then by the third or fourth day I didn't even miss it. I am praying for you! Maybe if you eat a bit a fruit when you get that craving it would help you through it. You may have withdrawal headaches, but don't caved - they'll go away. Good for you :cp:

I enjoyed hearing about your granddaughters pageant... I bet that they were so happy to have you there! Children remember forever when you take time for them... even if they don't tell you so, they do remember. You are a good friend Charlotte... I am sure that Connie will enjoy your company. Take Care!

I would love a tape of you singing! Send me one... pleazzze ;) I will get out the CD's this week... hopefully by Wednesday, okay ;)

Hi Bluet, Sounds like you had quite a weekend too!! :o You must come back soon and tell us all about it!!

You said the snow would make you so angry... well, that's what I was trying to prevent with Joe - he gets so upset with the snow and we had 15" this time around :o and he had so much to do already Sunday morning... so I was determined to do it for him & did :D The snow I tucked into my boot really helped it I think! It's really not as bad as I thought it would be. I am getting around today pretty good.

Hi Diane! Looks like you have a pattern here ;) Weekend posts... well that's just fine with me :smug: at least we know you will be able to pop in on the weekends, so we know how you are doing :D :bubbles: That's cool :cool: I think that if I lived in SUNNY Texas I would be outdoors allot more and not on the computer till nights or weekends too.

I have been feeling great! Thank-you... no complaints as far as the IBS go. Now I just have to heal up this sprained ankle :p How's that Lexapro working for you?? I do hope that you are feeling better. I just read in an article about depression and anxiety attacks and this gal was put on two types of meds to help her. They were Xanax and Paxil. She stated in the article that she is like a new person and is feeling so much better. Didn't mention anything about wt. gain. I do hope you are feeling better :goodvibes Maybe you ought to do what I am doing and just concentrate on your health and improving that right now. The weight is secondary ;)

Bonnie2, I am so sorry that you are so frustrated with the font, color and such. Did you click on the link I left you? It explains it all there :^: Maybe if you have a son, daughter, grandchild, or neighbor who can help you understand the directions I left you. I am glad to hear you like the graphics, but until you get this down I am afraid that the graphics may only cause more confusion for you. Let's go for one thing at a time, okay. Don't give up! You are almost there!! ;)


Time for me to go gals... I haven't a clue what I am going to make for dinner tonight and hubby is due home soon :o I am so thrown off from the early times and it being so bright,
not that I am complaining mind you :sunny:

*God Bless!*


04-04-2005, 06:42 PM
Bonnie2... YOU DID IT!!!

The Color Code is:

[COLOR=the color you want]

what you write and then finish it with this code [/ COLOR]

With no spaces in between the code itself like I have here...
I did that because it's the only way it would show up to
show you... was if I added a space.

You are so almost there!


04-05-2005, 10:06 AM

Good morning friends,
I stayed with Connie last night. We sat up until 2am watching people remodel rooms in their homes. I hadn't watched those programs in a long time...enjoyed. We DID get a little spooked once. The phone rung....the ID only showed a cell phone # we didn't know. Couldn't get anyone to say anything. We took turns for about 30 minutes yelling into the phone for someone to say something. We could hear a crunching sound, so knew someone was there. Finally, when Connie had the phone, a woman answered wanting to know why she had called. Connie explained that we hadn't called. (her # is the same as the station's #....rings at their trailer, when station is closed.) The lady apologized. Said the phone was in her purse & the button must have gotten clicked, somehow. The station was the last place she called, so when it was clicked, that's where it called. We have a program where viewers call in to get discount coupons for restaurants, etc (very popular program!) Well....that was the spook for the night. :lol:
No sugar yesterday!!!! I made it pretty well. Wouldn't you know it.....the lady that does the cooking show on Monday (we always wait for her!! ;) ) made some of the best looking sweet stuff I ever saw! I don't know the name of it...she's all time trying new recipes. I took a tiny nibble, to make them all think I was eating, while talking....& later threw it away................reluctantly. :^: But, the thing is, I did it!!!! I fixed carrots for supper (with other things), & only ended up eating THEM. I LOVE carrots! Connie & I ate a little popcorn. The box of doughnuts are still untouched! Right now, I'm eating just a little bacon.......very slowly. It's probably not good for me....but, couldn't find anything else, & thought it might be better than a doughnut. :D's that ankle???? Do what the Dr says. I thought you might already be using those ankle wraps. Good idea. I'm working on the tape. I had them to tape "Tennessee Valley Now" yesterday & my program last night. We had all kinds of technical problems!!! :dizzy: Connie & I had even said hello to all of you! We got to cutting up & laughing & Connie was begging me not to send that tape to you all, while we were still on the air. :lol: The technical problems were pretty bad, so I'll probably try again. It'll probably be next Monday. That's the only day we just have 30 minutes. The remainder of the week is an hour. We don't do the sports on Monday. The tape is 1 hour, so it would hold "Tennessee Valley Now" & "Vision of Heaven". Gives me another week to practice my singing, too! ;)
Ohhhh, that snow is beautiful! I don't want it for very long....just one good snow!
That wood & brass bible in the picture is like one I "used" to have. I also have the "Congrats" graphic. :D Some day, I want to afford to buy a PSP program....I think I'd enjoy making my own graphics. I finally downloaded a CD burner, but after it loaded, I found it to be a different language! :^: I can't win for losing!!! :dizzy:

Sheila....NORWAY!!!!!! Do they have computers there?????? If not...NO WAY! :p
Joking aside....I'm praying for you & DH every day. I know how it is to worry about work. DH's work has slowed down a lot, & he'll be 56 next month. He's also thought about getting another job, especially because of insurance coverage. It's a scarey move for him to make, though.

Hi Bluet....I'm sorry you're having such a hard time these days. I sure hope things get better for you, soon. Post every chance you get....please don't isolate.....I worry. It would be so nice if you could enjoy getting up every day & going to work.

Hi Bonnie-2...Hang in there!!!

04-05-2005, 01:48 PM
Good Morning,

My goodness, seems like I haven't posted for two whole pages on this thread.
You all have been very busy. Everyone is becoming experts on this graphic, font, and color theme too. :)

Charlotte, sounds as though you had a very fun sleep over at Connie's house last night. So are you thinking the crunching sound was the lady walking around with the phone in her purse? How funny. Well, not at the moment for you and Connie. Charlotte, thank you for worrying about me and my work place. Most days I do enjoy getting up and going to work, and most days we are all civil to one another, but there are just two people who lose their tempers easily and explode, and because I have my fingers in everything, I usually receive the brunt of that blow up. In answer to Sheila's question, "how much time do I have left before I can retire?" Two years and 10 months :D I am glad to hear that dh would not let you go on the roof. Roofing is a dangerous job, even when a person is young and agile. So we have no business up on a ladders. Although, I was up on a ladder almost all weekend. My dh is attending therapy classes now for the pain he is still experiencing in his shoulder from falling from a ladder. Next year I am going to box some snow up in a cooler and send it to you girl, just so you can make a minature snowman for your yard. :) I can't wait to get the tape for your show and your singing. It has often crossed my mind to ask if I could get your show on Direct TV, so I could see what your show is about.

SunnyD, cute pictures of your Easter decor. I spotted that tea-pot right off. Very pretty indeed. It was my favorite. Your house always looks so nice. I had such a busy weekend, that I did not even realize that Ohio was getting socked in the way you did. I would have been sooooooo upset if we got all that snow and no power too. :( One year when the kids were little, I was washing walls and getting ready for one of the kids First Communions for the first Sunday in May and we got a snowstorm just like the one you got, and the kids were all sent home early on the bus. Everything was shut down. Having a snow storm in May was really a freaky thing. Now let's talk about that ankle sprain. You must be more careful when you are out there doing those kind of things. (Do I sound like your MOM?) :lol: Hope your ankle is better today. You might end up in physical therapy just like my dh. That was good thinking to put snow in your boot, I don't think I would have thought to do that. All that snow is going to be excellent moisture for your daffodils. Just trying to think of a positive. ;)

Sheila, How did you get that wallpaper off those walls? The wallpaper we tackled at my MIL this weekend was cemented to the wall. It was almost impossible to remove. I hate wallpaper! There were six of us painting on Saturday. We painted three rooms: living room, kitchen and bathroom in five hours. We painted everything white, looks terrific. We used up two gallons of primer and 5 gallons of paint. My MIL is 92, and her house needed a thorough spring cleaning, so on Friday afternoon we were washing walls and taking off wallpaper. Saturday afternoon, we were putting things back and cleaning and scrubbing floors. My muscles are still sore today, but it is all done now. Sorry about DH's job situation, everything will be fine. The Lord closes one door and opens another :) Of course, I think the doorway to Norway is a little too far from the rest of us though. ;) Our weather is starting to improve and with day light savings time in place the sun is out longer in the evenings, so that gives one faith that spring will be here soon for us. I hope your daughter was just having a little glitch on the marriage road, it is so hard with Mom further away when she needs a shoulder. :(

Sunday we had grandson next door First Communion and next Sunday we have grandson from Green Bay First Communion. Last Sunday was a beautiful ceremony as I know next Sunday will be too. Next Saturday a co-worker is getting married in Green Bay, so we will be running up and down the I system to attend these functions, it is about a 45 min drive one way.

Diane, so nice to see you check in. DH and I are going to be grandaprents for the ninth time on May 11. Our Son and DIL are due then. She will be having a C-section, and they are having a little boy. They have a little girl now who will be 2 in June.

Bonnie2, Outstanding, you aren't giving up, that is too wonderful. You probably will be posting graphics, and I will never learn. :) Perhaps when I retire. What kind of business do you and your dh have?

Well, gotta run guys, talk to you later.


04-05-2005, 02:54 PM


Well........of course I worry about you! You're my friend. :D I can remember working at places (only a couple) that I hated! I know you don't hate it....but, you can't look forward to going to work, as you'd like to.
It was so funny that you thought DH wouldn't let me on the roof! Don't be offended, please. I just pictured in my mind DH not letting me. I wouldn't have made it up to the 3rd step on the ladder! Between OA & RA, I can't walk on solid ground very well, that's why he laughed. I was hoping he could figure out a way that I might help him, though. Believe me, although he was grateful I wanted to help....he laughed BIG TIME at me!! :lol:
Oh you sweet think I would be good enough to be on Direct TV! :) We HAVE tried to get on the "Angel Network" (hey, I like that name. :D )It's very hard to get on, but we're still trying. Also, we ARE trying to get on Dish, & Direct TV. They said that another channel would have to leave. If a spot comes available, they'll let us know. You've got to remember, although we DO have professionals there quite often, most of the regular programming comes from our surrounding areas.....& there IS a lot of talent! I'm afraid I'm not one that has much, though. I've done a lot of singing at Nursing Homes & Hospice, so when they or their family see me on TV, they show their appreciation. I get so tickled & amazed. I'll be going through Wal-Mart, or the grocery store, & someone will see me in person for the first time & get so excited! I don't understand anyone getting excited over me....especially since I'm not a professional. I will say though, having our own Christian TV Station in our area has done a lot for the town & for the viewers as well as all of us! It's nice to be able to call in any time, if prayer is needed, etc. I've listened to a lot of people with heavy burdens. You know....sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. :) When I first started volunteering there, that's what I felt like I was suppose to do. The singing wasn't started by me. Someone actually got behind me one night & PUSHED me in front of the camera (I was in the studio, adjusting a camera, or something)....had the Engineer put a tape on...& handed me a microphone! It was either sing, or cry! I decided to sing. :D I DO love it....just wish the Lord had given me a better, stronger voice. Then again, I've really been blessed, so He knows what's best. Goodness.....I sure didn't mean to say all of this. Too much to print to delete, gotta read it, I guess. :dizzy:
I'd love some snow sent next winter! I told you I'm easily spoiled!
I always think to ask about your DH after I've submitted my post. :^: Thanks for letting us know how he is. Still praying.
Well....I've been in a cleaning mood today. I was just taking a break, & saw your post. Love ya lots!!!!!!! I'm going to go ahead in another post & put in some pics of the break in at the station, while I'm resting.

04-05-2005, 03:31 PM

Hi everybody...we took a lot of pics of the break in. I'm just going to show you a few............

This is the side foyer door. A cement block was thrown through it, hard enough to make a large dent in the wall.

This is an inside view of the same door.

This is Connie's desk & area of the office. She uses one side, & I use the other. She really should have her own office (Manager)...but, then, we couldn't talk! OK! I JUST NOTICED I SPELLED "CONNIE'S" WRONG ON THE PIC! :D

This is my desk. Sorry it's blurry...I was using someone else's camera & didn't know how. He told me I need to hold the camera still or it would blur. I told him I couldn't help it, I was shaking!

Connie & I were talking last night about how the pictures don't show it to be as bad as it really was. I guess you had to be there. Of course, it could have been a LOT worse! If you notice the end of my desk.....looks like they just swept their hand across the end of the desk....& there was the hand mark doing just THAT. Only thing, the things in the floor weren't all on that end of the desk! They actually moved them there. The only thing at that end was the roll-a-dex, which wasn't even touched. It was moved over out of the way! We found some very strange things. It was the same with Connie's. Also, there was a pic of Connie & Bro Jones on her desk...they just turned it face down. I had a pic of me & Connie on my was face down on the & a few more things actually stomped! :o See that large box in front of my desk? A BRAND NEW computer, they just walked right by, yet took the time to rearrange our things?????
We also discovered last night that our Sportscaster drove by the station around 8pm & noticed the light that shines on to the building was off! Total darkness! He said he started to call one of us, but decided the bulb probably just burned out! Well, it didn't. There's a switch, well hidden in the ceiling of the front porch that turns it off & on! Someone has really been looking that place over. I didn't even know about the switch, neither did Connie. We both thought it was triggered as the street lights are. We have a mystery going!
Gotta beeee going........

04-05-2005, 11:43 PM
Well Sunny, what did you think of Idol tonight? Simon out did his sarcastic self, that's for sure. I thought Carrie did an excellent job, I don't care what Simon thought. The other kids were ok too. Some a little off key, but they are amatuers. Did you see the sign in the audience of a Holstein Cow with Simon's face and the words were "Simon Cow"? I watched The Office at 8:30, but I did not like it. It wasn't all that funny, actually a little pathetic.

Well, time for bed. Have a good Wednesday everyone.


04-06-2005, 12:58 AM
Post on this thread, please!