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Crime girl
03-06-2005, 01:33 PM
Good morning everyone!!
Here is the new thread...
As always-
Monday- support day and a good day for tips on staying motivated

Tuesday- support day and a good day for reasons why we want to lose- I think that keeps us motivated more than anything when we reexamine why we want to lose..

Wednesday- "what have I been eating all week day" and I want to start trying to get everyone to share quick recipes or tips on cooking that work for them.

Thursday- "what I have done to move my bootie day" and I want to get everyone to start giving us an idea on how they work exercise into their lives and the things they enjoy doing.

Friday- support and influence day- lets make this a day we talk about anything or anyone that influenced our weight loss for the week- things like friends giving bad foods or a partner that supported our efforts.

Saturday- recap day- lets talk about the things we thought worked for us for the week and those that didn't- this might help us see where we strayed and where we stood firm.

Sunday- weigh in day and reaffirm goal day- give us an idea of your goals for the week, month, and long term.

Have a great day everyone!

03-06-2005, 03:58 PM
New thread but no posts! Not a nice thing to wake up to after my four in a row! :?: Where is everyone?!?!?

03-06-2005, 07:38 PM
I am back at work.. but for how long today we'll see... to those who asked about getting shafted, yes it does mean mistreated. My ankles are very sore from being grabbed while I get "shafted" if you get what I mean. I went to talk to my big manager about my performance review to day and his attitude was why are you bothering me with this stuff.. when I explained that the two supervisors under him were away and when i talked to them last week they said to go to him anyway he still looked unimpressed. he also did NOT ask me how I was and when I mentioned I had been away for a month due to having an operation and being on leave before then he looked at me like "you should have come in the moment you were out of surgery!" etc.. the meeting went so successfully. I am so pleased to work here. THen they tell me they are moving me out to site, but not the one that was promised or that I explained why i reasons mean I need a fair amount of sleep.. driving for 4 hrs each day to and from work is not condusive to that, along with the 11 hour day expected at work! the other site is only 1.5 hours of driving a day. grrr grrr grrr.. so welcome back tiff.. sorry to rant. maybe I should show them my scars....on the good side, weight is still in the 72's still can't really lose any more as can't actually walk for longer than about 5 min without being in pain.. BF is offshore now, but so lovely and sweet.. aahhh... umm yeah so as I am lazy and also really busy at work (who's heard of easing into things here? pffft) can someone give me a quick run down on the last month???
Red - how's the horse??
Stormy - how's school/work combo going
LGH - what foods can you eat now???

03-06-2005, 07:45 PM
Heh there NBK, good to have you back. Which horse might that be? I'm sitting here trying to get a report out on a winner yesterday, colt who could be good for the triple crown he's looking so good. No, just kidding, of course you mean my lovely little mare, bucking around as usual. I rode yesterday, pushing myself too much so that today I can barely croak. It's pretty embarrassing sounding like a frog. Still not sure if I'll try to go into work. I am determined to get one of my cats to the vet in half an hour. She evaded me yesterday, hiding in the closet until the vet closed. And she's the one in pain and I'm trying to help her. I yelled at her this morning and now she's hiding under the table, so I hope she got the point that she IS going to the vet today for her shot (it's to alleviate the pain from these inflamed gums the two have).

OK, gotta keep working on my story. A friend of mine just completed the Los Angeles Marathon minutes ago. I was tracking her on the Web site. it took over 6 1/2 hours! Her first marathon. What guts!

Ok, later!

03-06-2005, 09:24 PM
i confess, I've been very scattered with my discipline. Ugh. Up some this week.

So I really need to get back on track. I've only worked out 2 days this week, and very half hearted then.

I'm so close! so close I can almost touch it. Now is not the time to lose the vision.

You know, I watched the old movie "Lust for Life" about Van Gogh. It was sad, but any movie about art really inspires me. I mean art in the broad sense. I have to affirm to myself that I am an artist-I am a writer. That has merit.

And it takes self- affirmation and a lot of shoving myself to do it. It's HARD TO WRITE! To be honest, I end up kind of putting it off until the evening, and then I can get to into it I stay up until 2 am working.

Not a very disciplined way to practice my discipline of choice. Geez, you know. It takes keeping up with it on so many fronts. And I know I'm whining, because i have it a lot better than a lot of people.

Part of me says, "Sit down. Make a schedule and a plan and stick to it. Get yourself put together, Young Lady!" :nono:

and the other part of me says, "How many times have to done that and not stuck to the plan?" :shrug:

I guess the fact of the matter is, I need a plan whether or not I keep it perfectly. Mom always said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Doing my plan at least decreases the willi-nilly factor. :^:

So, here's the plan:
1. WRITE DOWN WHAT I EAT- I'll get the old pen and paper and write it all down. I've had good success with that
2. EAT WHEN I'M HUNGRY-reach for whole foods low fat, but don't reach the starving level. That's bad for me, I lose control.
3. EXERCISE EVERY DAY- I love my Tae-Bo tape, I love my Lateral thigh trainer. This actually helps my writing too.
4. GET REGULAR SLEEP- I'll work out the details on this one, but sleep helps a lot.

These are the backbone of me getting my work done. So. That's the deal for the week. I'll do it.

03-06-2005, 09:28 PM
HEy NBK, That's really lame about your getting moved to a site so far away. 4 hours is crazy!

I don't know what the situation in NZ is like, but in america, the employers have obligations to help you if you have a medical reason. I know, I know, half the time they don't anyway. But do you have an HR department? This is a big deal, and you should know what your rights are and what options you have.

Can you get a new job? They sound like to don't appreciate you.

I just got out of a very icky work environment, so I'm very sympathetic. Take care of you.

03-06-2005, 11:59 PM
Hey well.. ok before when I made my post I was still wound up from the meeting with Big Boss the pain.

Doing my best: I have spoken to my supervisor about it some more and I am ensuring that as soon as our super short staffed problem is solved (yeah right…) that I can move to the site I want to be at. I know that in the mean time I have to go where the business need is greatest. I am sorely tempted to resign at present, but the problem is this: I work for a joint venture company… I was employed by one of the parent companies, and DO very much want to work for them in another country in 2-3 years time and hopefully for the rest of my career or as long as I want to be an employee in this industry. If I quit there is no other company in NZ that I could easily get work with that wouldn’t be in this region… staying here after leaving my current company would just be too icky (small town issues). Well it would be for me any way. Not that I have burnt or would burn bridges in anyway just you know, being hired as a contractor by a company you left I think is a bit weird. Anyway most of the issues I have are with the way this JV is run and operates, not with the parent company who actually offer a really good deal. The only other problem is that I think everyone is just as frustrated about things here as me, and being at the bottom of the heap politically, I get dumped on. The problems I have had with the big boss are similar to what everyone who deals with him has.. as for my supervisor, I know that there is a lot two VERY VERY different people can do to meet in the middle, but at the end of the day there are still aspects that you can’t understand about other peoples learning/work styles. So for now, I will cultivate a stomach ulcer and bite my lip so much it looks like I have had collagen implants! He he…

As for the responsiblilty for health issues. That is here in NZ. The problem is that mine are caused by a genetic disorder that on it’s foundation web page (American on anyway) claims that people with my type of if suffer no effects (YEAH RIGHT). My doctor would probably write me a certificate or something, but then I would have so much company politics to deal with and I know they would use it against me in the future if I want to do something different that it’s easiest to put up for now. I’ll just make sure I get my 3 day weekends or else be a real pain and put in for overtime for every single minute I work over 40 hours a week. Ha ha ha ha. And at the end of the day at least I’ll get to see a couple of my projects through into the operation stage, not just commissioning. I am still majorly pissed tho. Just putting it down in the same dark place that all my other beefs live. Thanks for your concern! least you can go riding – I’m out for at least 6 months. I knew something would happen once I finally found a horse to ride! grr it’s still 4 weeks until I can do ANY weights in the gym… I’m losing my tone… thank god for muscle memory is all I can say! Lol… pleased to hear you mare is still making life fun.

CG- don’t forget, you’re my hero! I am amazed at how much you always get done in a week. Keep on keeping on, it’s the most you can do!

Have a great morning/ night/ day all. See you tomorrow!

03-07-2005, 05:03 AM
Heh speaking of our hero, where are you Crime Girl!!!!

03-07-2005, 06:37 AM
Ok, quickie here. I don't feel all that bad until I try to talk and nothing comes out! I did get into work but got there late and left early. The place always makes me feel ill but I did feel like I was running between a fever and chills.

doinmybest -- don't worry about being scattered. Happens to the best of us! ;) Two days is better than none, and better than I did! Don't knock it.

You may feel close but remember this is a constant thing, a way of life. The vision yes, but I'd be careful of feeling "close." I think that can lead to an all or nothing attitude and you don't need that. whoops, soapbox time!

I hear you on the artist stuff. Yes, if you are an artist then you need to have other artists around you, or movies or books about or by them. Not always but at times, as a touchstone. Kind of like the ugly duckling having to go play with the swans sometimes. Not saying that artists are all beautiful swans and the rest of the people ugly! Just, you know what I mean.. .

Yes, doin, writing is hard, and if it's any solace to you, the vast majority of writers find it difficult. So, don't think if you're not happily typing away or rushing to sit down and scribble that you are somehow less of a writer. Writing is about what you submit, what goes on the page in the final form (if you're talking professional writer). If you sweat blood to get it there, well, no one but you needs (or wants) to hear it (except perhaps aspiring writers.) So, don't worry. Just write, scribble, garbage, anything, but do it, over and over again. That's my advice.

I think a plan can be good, just as far as sitting down and writing. What comes out may be drivel but the discipline of sitting down can give rise to some good stuff too. But, whoops, you suddenly switched from writing to eating, maybe you weren't looking for advice anyhow. Oh well, you got it.

NBK -- wow, mega words. You're back. Great to see long rambling posts again. I love 'em. Just what till shanberg gets in here and the two of you get going. Sure wish grasshopper would hop in for a bit. Haven't heard anything from her in ages. We had a real hopping place here too. Well, guess it's up to us, crime girl, stormy and anyone else I've forgotten to hold the fort.

OK, now, I may be dense but just what happened to you NBK? I know you have the blood problem but I'm still unclear on the stitches and whereabouts they came from. This isn't related to the lip-biting, is it? Collagen implants?! My God! What are you doing to yourself there?

OK, no riding, and you found a horse? What's this? Remember, you've been mighty scarce around here, so I don't think it was us'uns youz was talkin to. Oh, god, no gym either? Your poor thing, really, seriously. Is there anything you can do? Can you swim perhaps or ride a bike or jog. Give me the messy details. We want to know!

Ok, I'm turning in. Don't know if I can make it riding tomorrow. I'm finally getting something on the canter. Learning how to maintain the contact, or rather, not allow her to yank the reins away at the trot/canter transition, while pushing from behind, then quickly go with her when she does go, still maintaining an elastic contact so as not to hold her back. It makes for a much better canter then from the start instead of going into a bad one and then thinking she's going to get better from there. Do you know what I'm saying?
Ok, sorry, nonhorsey types. . .

Ciao tutti! :wave:

03-07-2005, 12:36 PM
Morning, all.

How is everyone? I am still fighting this stupid congestion! At least my sore throat is gone!! Nothing major to report as a result of being sick, sick, sick!!!

Red - You are such a dreamer!! I would have to say that your dream was your subconcious telling you that you are a fighter. Even though you may not always have the upper hand and are not always in total control, you are going to give it everything you have and come out fighting. I think maybe you were needing a little push to keep yourself motivated and moving forward, so that is what you dreamed....then again, you could be a complete nutcase and in need of psychological counseling!! :crazy: :lol: ;)

Sorry you are still sick. I can definately relate to that!!! I think we both got the stubborn strain of whatever it is we have! Mine seems to enjoy being in my body and doesn't want to get out!!

doinmybest - I think you have the classic writers syndrome! Takes a while to get started and then, when you do, you go nonstop and before you know it its two days later and you wake up the asdfjkl; rubbed into your forehead!! Since I'm not a writer (just a talker ;) ) I don't have any advice except to keep pounding away at the keyboard. You might could try to tape your list in several places to help you remember everything!

NBK - Sometimes jobs suck! Hate it that you are having such a rough time! Like you said, I guess you will just have to ride it out until you get what you want, huh? Just don't let them forget what they told ya! Keep asking and reminding them. Who knows, after a while, they might just move ya to shut you up!! Whatever works, right!!

Hope everyone else is doing alright.

Guess I ranted enough (right, Red??? :lol: ;) )

Talk to ya'll later!!!


03-07-2005, 01:58 PM
Hey everybody! Good morning from the west.

I was very very good yesterday. Had my date with Billy blanks, wrote down everything I ate and didn't go overboard at all.

Yay! And I will do the same today.

Thanks Red, Thanks, Shan, for your encouragement. I'm very happy to be writing, and the book is really coming along. I've got 60K words now....All of them will have to be edited and re-written about 10 times each :shrug: but you have to have the playdoh to play with first.

On to another day of triumph! I WILL lose this week. I will.

03-07-2005, 04:37 PM
Red - ok... sorry sometimes I forget that other people can't read my thoughts. This often gets me into trouble with thinking I have told people things that I haven't!

so here's the quick catch up:
on the 21/2 I went back to work after a fantastic holiday on the goldcoast and then in my home town (christchurch = chch) with the boyfriend. In aussie we shopped, sunned and just had a brilliant time. It was really nice to have just the two of us and not have to worry about anything. Then we got back to CHCH just in time for the velvet revolver concert. We couldn't get the hotel we wanted as CHCH was booked out due to the Rod Stewart, VR and Cher concerts all being in the same week, So we stayed at the Crowne Plaza, one of the top hotels in town... well wouldn't you know it, that's where the BAND were staying.. They arrived as I was saying good bye to my dad who had come for a coffee in the lobby.. I called out to scott and he came over and said hello to dad and me.. I must have come across as such an idiot as I was smiling so wide I think my ears were split.. he he.. anyway then BF and I were coming down to leave for the concert and there is Slash and his Mrs in the bar! So we talked to him too! It was soo cool. The concert was awesome too. They played some wicked STP songs, like crackerman and some GnR aswell as all the songs off the VR album save loving the alien.. but it's not really the sort of song you'd play at a concert. It was loud but SOOO much fun. Anyway got back to New Plymouth (home) and slept ALOT and caught up with friends.
So on monday the 21st I went to work. I wasn't feeling to crash hot, but figured it was just post holiday blues.. anyway BF and I went out for lunch to a sandwhich bar here...all afternoon I was feeling nauseous and wanting to puke, but I can't throw up in public spaces.. i have good control of my stomach when i need it. Anyway I went home and proceeded to have a marathon of puking... in the end i got sick of trying to be sick and went to the hospital for anti-nausea drugs. BIG MISTAKE.. next thing I know there's a drip in my arm, I have doctors, nurses and randoms prodding my very tender stomach and they're keeping me in for observation. They suspected appendicitis. I knew it wasn't but I also wasn't feeling any better... anyway in the morning the specialist came in and effectively punched me in the guts then asked if it hurt,... well duh!! So I ended up having Laproscopic surgery with an appendectomy just to find out what the **** happened. I learnt that I HATE BEING IN HOSPITAL! And also that my BF is incredible. Hospitals make him physically sick.. but he stayed with me almost the whole time, apart from going home to get things for me or to have a shower or eat. They let him sleep in my room and then moved me into the lounge at night so he could sleep next to me when i was in a general ward too. He's amazing. Anyway so..I didn't have appencitis, just a really nasty virus that i am still dealing too. BUt yay for operations. NOT. At least now if I ever end up working in africa, I don't have to worry about being butchered in an emergency appendectomy. So the last two weeks I have been learning to sit and then walk upright.. seriously for about 4 days all I could do was a really pathetic hunched over old lady shuffle... and it will be 3 weeks before I can do anything remotely exciting, 6 before I can do weights and probably 6 months before I can ride, as I use my core muscles (which have been cut through and need to heal) so much on a horse.

hmmm so yeah. I have scars on my stomach which I am not stoked about, as one thing I did like about my body was that I have very smooth nice skin. Not now.. I do have some stretch marks on my back, but I can't see them.. and they're more the line you can see rather than the type you can feel. I know it sounds pathetic, but I was really looking forward to being able to wear crop tops when I got toned in that area and now... pfft.. yeah only if I want to scare big children as well as small! lol...

Anyway I am alive and well. so that's good. SOrry for boring the pants off you all

03-07-2005, 04:46 PM
Good morning people. Let's see trying my voice out a little here. Yes, it's definitely better. I don't feel so hot though. Wondering if I should go riding. I have so much other things that are not getting done but today is supposed to be a springlike day and I would like to be out with the horse. Always a tough call. . . .

shanberg -- sorry to hear you're still sick. But it sounds like you're on the mend. Hope you get better real soon! Thanks for stopping in to post despite being sick. I take it you were able to go to work. AND you read back over the old posts from the last thread. What a sweetie. I am told everyone dreams but they just don't remember it. I dream so much. I could go on and on about all my dreams. I even dream in the trains when I'm nodding off there! I am a shallow sleeper, can wake up in an instant and do wake up often during the night. That's when REMs are supposed to be, when your sleep is shallow so I guess that's why. Actually, though the being burglarized part was very yucky and the overall feel of that dream was not nice I think the wrestling the guy down part may have been because that night when we were out drinking it was a coworkers birthday and we were pretending we were going to wrestle him down and give him birthday spanks! But that was all in fun and the dream wasn't so I like your analysis better. Complete nutcase. . . hmm. possible . . I think I do walk a fine line. .. ;) And shan, actually, you didn't rant at all. I'm expecting more from you later!

doinmybest -- good going on getting your writing down (I take it that's who Billy blanks is) writing down your food and not going overboard. Wish I could say the same. Then again, I don't think the quantity is stupendous with me because I'm off sugar, but I am not eating healthily. Keep on keeping on, doin! Best of luck!

NBK -- thanks for that lengthy explanation of what happened to you. How awful. And you don't even know if the appendectomy was necessary. Probably wasn't but the doctors won't tell you that afterward. Still, like you said, it will alleviate that worry if you're off in the boonies somewhere. I had similar happen whlie I was in Munich and I think they did butcher me. I've seen people with tiny scars and I was slashed across the belly like a harakiri ritual suicide. And they didn't explain anything and wouldn't answer my questions. German doctors are horrible, much like Japanese. Are ABOVE answering questions from the lowly patient. Anyhow, I think I did tear my insides because I was running a bar at the time and soon after the operation I was lifting heavy beer crates. I was back on my feet very quickly though. Anyhow, don't worry about the scar. It'll fade a lot and scars are cool to show off! Go for the crop tops. Like I said, it will get a lot better looking. You're making me jealous with talk of your sweet boyfriend, well, not jealous, but I sure wish there was someone around in my life like that. Well, gotta run. Thanks again for that long explanation!

03-07-2005, 10:19 PM
Hi everyone! Just got back from a long weeekend at school.

NBK, cool trip report. So were you like "Hey Scott!" and he just came up to you? You must have died!!! I am glad to hear that you are back at work even though you did not have the best day. It sounds like you are feeling better.

Red, Hi! How are you? How is the challenge coming? I am sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon!

Shan-I am sorry that you are still feeling bad. Are you able to do anything being sick? This time of year it seems like everyone gets sick. I hope that you start feeling better real soon.

Doin- Glad that you wrote down your goals. You will succed by writing down those goals. I think that everyone should write down their goals for everything in life and place it somewhere they can see everyday. It helps to hold you accountable. I have mini goals and long term goals for everything that I want to accomplish in my life. Tell me about the lateral thigh trainer. How is the resistance? Is is something you bought on tv?

Well, I weighed this AM. I am down to 156!!! So I guess I am doing okay. So I am 14 pounds away from my pretend goal. My real goal is 135 but that just seems too far away so I am saying 142. Today, my Tae Bo cardio boot camp came in so I plan on trying it tonight. In the mean time I need to hit the books. I have oral exams next weekend college.

03-08-2005, 01:43 AM
Ooh! Stormy! Tell me how you like the boot camp videos...I've been eyeing them.

Today was good. I wrote down ALL my goals. And I accomplished all of them. Yay! And it's not even 10.

I did the WHOLE tape of Tae Bo (That was my date with Billy Blanks, red...He's the Tae Bo guy).

I wrote about 500 words, which is a little light. But I wrote! I did it all!

Shan- that's a crazy adventure. And to come back to crappy work nonsense. Man you never know what will happen in life.
For the scar, it will fade. They always look nasty when they are fresh. But it's nothing really...When I was a teenager, I had the WORST nasty purple stretch marks. They were SO embarrasing. I am so white I am transparent...The purple showed up really bad. But they faded and are no big deal. Give it time, your tummy will be fabulous before you know it.

Shan- poor thing. Health to you, and drink some tea...

We can do it, guys!

03-08-2005, 09:39 AM
Morning, all. Hope everyone is doing well.

I am feeling better. I can finally breath through my nose. Of course, it has settled in my chest, so I rattle when I breath and cough a lot. I really hate being sick!!!

Red - How's it going? Any more weird dreams? I can't believe you could remember all that detail after taking nyquil. I don't like that stuff. It always makes me feel really weird. I never go into a deep sleep and when I wake up I am all disoriented and tingly. It is like my body knows it is a false sleep and fights it.

How was the visit to the vet? Did you get there on time with your cat? In the snow?

Stormy - Thanks for the well wishes. And, no, I can't do anything. I think that is why this is so frustrating. I was so gung-ho and ready to move forward and blam! I get held up! And, of course, I had to have the stuff that made me either extremely hungry to a point where I couldn't get full or so sick that just the thought of food made me quesy! I couldn't win for losing! The good news is the scale hasn't moved, so maybe I did okay. The only bad thing is I can't exercise and I am the type of person that won't lose if I don't move. Oh, well...

How are you liking the boot camp dvds? I asked my brother and he likes them. I couldn't help but laugh at him, though, because they are kinda kicking his butt!! He said Billy Blanks goes too fast....I think he is just getting old and is outta shape!

Good luck on your oral exams!

Doinmybest - How are you? Congrats on the 500 words! Do you write, then take a break, then read over and fix, then write some more? Is your novel a stand alone or a series? I am a big reader! It is what I do all the time! I ready pretty much anything, but my favorite genres are sci-fantasy and mystery/crime.

NBK - How's the recovery? Did they ask you if you wanted to keep it? When I had my wisdom teeth removed, they asked me if I wanted to have them? What??? What in the world would I do with teeth? I told them no thanks! They said that some people actually wanted them and were pretty adamant about getting, I guess it takes all kinds, huh...

Crime Girl - Hope you are enjoying your spring break!

Okay. Time to go do some work. Will try to check back in later. We are having phone line problems and the phone company won't believe us when we tell them that the error is on their side. So, we can't download our data through the phone line, which is really fast. We have to do it the "long way" through the docks, which takes at least 15 to 20 mins per salesman. It is really frustrating!!


03-08-2005, 10:37 AM
Good morning! Well last night I did the lower leg boot camp and this morning I did the cardio boot camp. The lower leg one was okay, however it is basically the same moves as the old Tae Bo tapes except resistance tubing is added. I did like the cardio boot camp. There was a lot of old stuff on it. but there was also a lot more push ups, squats, squat thrusts, etc. I liked the second half of the DVD better than the first half. So overall I give it a B. I think that it is actually somewhat slower than the old Tae Bo tapes, but this is probably b/c of the added resistance bands. I will try the other one later on this week.

I hope everyone has a great day today. Remember to live it like it is your last!

03-08-2005, 02:01 PM
Tuesday is "why I want to lose" day. Hmm...This is one of the hardest battles people face. It's constant, it's a struggle. I want to lose those 18 pounds to know I am a fighter than wins...And to feel good.

Oh yeah, One other reason. NEW CLOTHES!!!! I love clothes. Maybe I'll go hit my favorite thrift shops today. I have a hankering for a suede mini skirt...Maybe I'll find one.

SIGH. I am feeling inadequate today. Amazing...Yesterday I was HIGH because I'd done all the things on my list yesterday.

But this mornign I heard from a friend..He's a writer too. I asked him when he writes, and stuff. He told me he writes from 1000 to 5000 WORDS A DAY. Boy, I feel inadequate. I cannot imagine writing 5 thousand words a day.

Hey Red, I know you write for a magazine. Do you know anything about getting an agent for a book? I'd love to get any advice you could give about it. I'm starting to network and get some leads.

Glad you are feeling better, Shan.

Stormy, thanks for the report back on the tae bo boot camp.

Enjoy your spring, CG!

Oh yeah, the scale is reactive positively to my discipline. Yay! I WILL lose this week. Just have to keep on keeping on.

03-08-2005, 03:16 PM
Hi, doinmybest. How's things!

Sorry you are feeling inadequate today! Don't worry so much about your writing. It will come to you as it does. I think you are doing a great job. As for your friend, maybe he writes differently than you do. Some people have to write everything down, then go back and organize it and proof it. That is how I have always done any kind of writing...wirte it out, put it down, come back to it later and finish/tweak it. Maybe your friend is like that! So keep your chin up!!

Keep up the positive attitude!!

03-08-2005, 08:22 PM
Good morning people. Glad to see a bit of action around here, but still, where is Crime Girl and grasshopper. Have we lost them? And kjk? I'm figuring we lost Jacque. Oh well, glad to have NBK back and shan and doin are new regulars.

stormy -- you are one of the old crowd, welcome back from school. Wow! 156. Awesome. It's no wonder. You have been so good with your exercise. Exercise to me has become a thing of the past. I guess I'm just too depressed these days though I do feel inklings of wanting to work out. I'm just overwhelmed and too low and discouraged about life right now. I have no one but myself to give me a pat on the back (not here around me as opposed to you all), really and it's what I need, because although I'm floundering badly on the outside I think that I have a lot of accomplishments that are just not getting the recognition because the overall picture is still so dismal. It's like I'm treading water and that's certainly better than drowning! but I'm not swimming in to shore, I'm not getting out of this ocean of struggle, but ****, I AM treading and that's not the bad word many make it out to be. It is a lifesaver. You have always been inspiring to me for some reason stormy. I don't know what it is, maybe you just have the right mix of sugar and spurs that gets me going. Ha! speaking of which, my horse is just too adorable. I always give her a chunk of brown sugar after I get off and pick her hooves, then another chunk when we're back at the washrack. She expects two chunks and will often tell me I've forgotten the second one (which I often do) by pawing with her front hoof and nuzzling me. Yesterday, someone had left two cubes of white sugar at the washrack and a friend gave them to Heidi. I, without really thinking about it, figured that was her sugar and didn't give her the second chunk of brown sugar that I had. But she was having none of it. Pawing, looking perturbed, "the white stuff was extra! where is my second bit of the yummy brown stuff!" Well, stormy, good luck on your oral exams next week. I hate oral exams. Feel like you're being questioned by the cops or something, well, in a way, you are, the school police!

doinmybest -- You are doing your best, aren't you. Good for you for reaching all your goals. I hate lists but I think it may be what I need because it allows me to look back and say, "yes, I DID accomplish something today." I always am so hard on myself. I never see what I DO do. I always just see what I haven't done. I don't know what to say about your writing. The number of words is really not important. It's the quality of the words. I love reading about writing, writing and reading and I was just reading Stephen King's "On Writing" again. He talks about word counts and points out how some of the best writers could barely write much in a sitting, while others just went on and on. According to him, it's the discipline of sitting down and at least saying you will write, of making it a ritual, as it is a craft and a practice. So, doin, I wouldn't worry about the number at all. I would work on polishing, on editing, on making your story interesting. Actually, I think the idea of writing a novel, let alone having it be interesting to get published is overwhelming. My roots are in newspaper work, then magazine articles, then essays. I work at a newspaper and a publishing house now. I used to work at a publishing house some years ago too. But, we did mostly nonfiction books. I think it would be very hard to assess and then edit a novel. I certainly don't feel qualified to do that, simply, I suppose, because I do not have the experience with writing fiction myself. I have only done nonfiction. I am only now starting to warm to the idea of fiction but to actually write something interesting, hmm, don't know there. I see novel writing as working up from smaller things, learning the craft on a small scale. My essays were the closest I came to fiction. In fact, really, unless you are told it isn't fiction, you could well think anything is, right? Maybe I just fear the idea of fiction and should just jump in. But for now, I can't imagine just jumping in a churning out a novel that wasn't pure drivel. But then again, I guess some people do. I hope you are one of them! As for agents, I think you are probably jumping the gun. An agent will just bring your manuscript to the attention of more publishers, but you can do that too and at much less cost! Having an agent doesn't make your work any better or make you look any better to a publisher. They will still just be looking at your manuscript and that has to sell itself. If you are totally new to the game I would suggest working with an editor who could get your manuscript in better shape. And this is not to say that your manuscript is in bad shape as I haven't even seen it. It's just that ALL manuscripts can be polished, reworked etc. A friend of mine walked through Japan and wrote a book. I read it for her and gave suggestions, but again, that was nonfiction. She has a small publishers, who is more like pay for publish and hasn't gotten anywhere on it due to lack of funds but my friend in the meantime tells me she has worked and reworked and really improved the book. Tell me doin, what sort of writing experience do you have as far as being published goes, short stories, essays, anything?

shanberg -- hi there. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Has your sense of taste come back yet? I assume it was gone. I hate that, don't you?! Weird dreams? You bet, I have them constantly, no kidding. And Nyquil is probably not a factor. In fact I haven't had Nyquil the past few nights and yet last night the dreams were, though not weirder, extremely vivid and emotional. I wake up feeling emotionally drained often because I have such a vivid dream life. I think I should get into fiction. I could give you some doozies probably. One reason I never got into much of the hallucinogenics when I was younger. I figured I had enough going on in my head. Don't worry. I don't hear voices telling me to take people out or anything. I WISH I heard voices telling me to stop eating! Yes, I got all the cats to the vet and I am giving the one her medicine. She is a fighter and impossible to get pills into but this new vet was so good. Instead of just telling me I HAD to learn how to do it, she put her thinking cap on and came up with a way of getting the medicine in. She crushed the pills for me and I mix the powder in a tuna-flavored diet supplement paste and smear that on the cat's face and paws and she licks it all off. Just to show how she refuses to eat anything you give her, the other cats are going crazy to get some of this yummy paste and the one who needs the medicine won't touch it, which is why I have to smear it on her!

03-08-2005, 09:16 PM
HI all

I am mad busy at work today! Hope you are all doing well. I saw someone mention a lateral thigh trainer?? That's a kiwi invention! he he.. the machine was developed by a NZ' back for all the ab lounge/ab rocker infomercials we get. ANyway I'll catch up proper tomorrow I hope. being back at work has completely wiped me out. I had to go home earlier.. slowly but surely..

- i would have liked to see my appendix, but they mashed it beyond recognition when they biopsied it.. so it would not have made a good coffee table decoration! he he

03-08-2005, 09:21 PM
Oh, gross me out NBK! Mashed appendi!

03-08-2005, 11:40 PM
Says the lady who smears tuna paste on her cat!!!

03-09-2005, 12:23 AM
You know, by golly NBK, you may be on to something there! :idea: I'll bet my little carnivore has been turning up her nose at what I've had to offer because it just wasn't her taste. She'd probably much prefer some juicy innards!! :rofl:

03-09-2005, 06:45 AM
* * * * * * *

"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all.

Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach.

Check your road and the nature of your battle.

The world you desired can be won.

It exists,

it is real,

it is possible,

it is YOURS."

(Ayn Rand)

* * * * * * *

03-09-2005, 10:40 AM
Morning all! How is everyone!!

Okay..I am going to need a lot of help and encouragement over the next two months. For Christmas, my brother gave me a coupon for a trip to Six Flags. We will be going sometime in May. I really, really need to drop some weight before then. The last time I went, I fit into all the cars and stuff, but some were a tight squeeze. Several years ago, we went to Carowins for the fourth. I wasn't able to ride one of the rides b/c the bar that comes down over your chest wouldn't lock. They liked to have broke a rib trying to get the thing locked. I think it was mostly due to the fact that I have very large breasts. Anyway, I don't want that to happen again. It was very embarassing and almost ruined my trip! So, I am back 100% on the diet wagon and ready to go! I am feeling better-not totally perfect, but a lot better.

Red - Glad you got your cats to the vet! Hang in there with the stubborn one! I didn't lose my sense of taste, though. I did have that overlying sickly taste in my mouth, though. Hate that!!

And don't stress over the treading water. Sometimes, you have to tread a little to recoup and get a little strength for the rest of the journey. Just keep paddling toward the shore and you will get there eventually!! And you do have plenty of accomplishments to be proud of! You struggle through your daily life and still remain the same person you are. That, in its self, is a huge success. Most people would just give in to the pressures and go with the flow! You move at your own pace and tune. Plus, it's hard to exercise when you are sick! Now that you are feeling better, it should get easier to head on back to the gym! You were doing so well, I know you can do it again! If nothing else, pick your cats up and dance around your apartment. Nothing like encouraging the goofy lady with all the cats stereotype!!

Hang in there Red! I know how hard it is to deal with depression. Just keep taking it one day at a time. Give Heidi some extra love (and brown sugar!! ;) )! And don't give up! You will make it...we all will. Individually, we may not be able to succeed, but together, we can do ANYTHING!!!

NBK - Thanks for the mental picture of your appendix...eeww! :lol: Hope your day at work went well! Did you start your new job at the other site? Does it seem like it will be okay for a while? What do you do exactly?

Okay, gotta get busy now. Will try to check back in later!

Bye, ladies!

03-09-2005, 02:32 PM
Hi guys! I was pretty good yesterday. I probably should not have had the cookies AND the beer...Just the beer would have made it perfect, but I'm still please.

So, I have a recipe I'm crazy about. It's not really a recipe as in I just sort of tried to recreate somehting I had in an Amernian cafe...Here's the deal:

Take an eggplant (two if they are small)
a leek (or some green onions)
a pepper (red is prettier but green is fine)
tomato sauce
salt, spices that please you (things like basil, oregano, red pepper flakes)

I throw all that in the crock pot and let it simmer overnight. It makes a huge pot of the stuff, obviously, nice tasty kinda mushy eggplant yumminess.

I can heat it in the microwave as a saucy side dish, but I can also put it over pasta.

THe pasta, though, I've been learning to avoid. Another armenian favorite is whole grain buckwheat. You boil it like rice, but it is not the processed carbs that rice and pasta is. It has more fiber, and it's a whole grain, which i'm trying to eat more of.

The reason I have so many Armenian references is because my town of Glendale is more than half armenian. THey have the MOST amazing pastry shops (I try to avoid them), and also I can buy buckwheat.

So, that's my recipe for you all. :D

03-09-2005, 04:34 PM
Red.. you know if my poor discarded appendix can help your cat then..... TOUGH LUCK.. sorry my body parts aren't for eating (selfish I know).. but you could, as my brother suggested I do, look for one on e-bay or the kiwi equivalent trade me ....

Alrighty so last night I crept along to the gym and snuck in.... I managed to walk pathetically slow on the treadmill for 14 minutes! on a 2 gradient. I got a bit hacked off with the pace so I increased it to where I would normally START my warm up.. but after about 4 mins I was hurting so put it back down. BUT at least I walked for that long... have an assessment tonight to get a "rehab" programme going.. maybe they'll let me do some weights..

Damn you stormy, you're kicking my *** in this weight loss thing.. and I can't plead being busy as you are busier than anyone else I know with your job and school and all the travelling you have to do.. I'm going to have to stop eating completely to catch up! he he

CG - where are you? I miss you

Shanberg - I don't start my new job until next week. But yesterday actually went well. For once my boss backed me up! I nearly fell over with suprise. I'm a process/field engineer for an oil and gas service company (we find the gas, make the well, run the well, process the gas and deliver it to the customers pipeline but we don't OWN the gas/oil). It's not really all that bad, I just get pissed off as I was promised ALOT of very different things when they recruited me for the job, to how things have turned out.. and you know, even when you know the reasons and the business needs for why things are different, it still doesn't make you that much happier at times. But at least I WILL be paid more ... yay my visa card might actually get paid off! now THAT would be wonderful.


03-09-2005, 05:21 PM
Good morning. Still feeling rough. Voice is, testing, testing, coming out a bit better. I have a ton of work to do, big chunk came in yesterday but the money is lousy. Still, I hated to refuse so I got that to do along with three other projects. Shouldn't be riding but ****, that's the whole reason I do all the work. The horse needs exercise and so do I. If I don't get out there regularly it's kind of a losing battle. Ah, to have a simple life. . .I guess I'd be bored in no time but still it would be more relaxing.
Okay, quick read here. . .

Didn't anyone like the inspirational quote I put in there? I thought it was good, keep us remembering the importance of getting where we dream of being, with the life and look we want to have. Maybe you missed it. . .

Heh, just where is Crime Girl?! . . .CG, you didn't say you were going to be out of the loop for a while. Hope you're OK! grasshopper, you too, what happened?

OK, go with the people who ARE here!

shanberg -- You can do this, slimming down for a Six Flags sortie! Ah, that would have been a real downer to be squeezed into the seats. What's your goal for then? I would suggest exercising to tighten up. It does wonders and is so much more reliable than the scale. Why don't you get a tape measure out and make those numbers your goal shan. You can do this! Keep your eye on the goal. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I don't know. I am feeling a bit better, would probably feel a lot better if I could get to the gym but now I have all this really boring translation to do and editing and rewriting. It all just involves sitting in front of the computer staring at the screen. And the stupid union at the newspaper wants me to go to a meeting they called for today. My coworkers will stab me in the back (yet again) if I don't go but ****, I can't give them 5 hours of my time when I'm feeling lousy AND have all this work to do. I guess that is what "going with the flow" means, right? This is what they want me to do. They hate the idea that I do things other than go out and drink every night. They talk to me and act like they're including me in their things sometimes and then they use the information against me. I tell you, it is dangerous to be friendly with people who have no ambitions. I think it was Gloria Steinem who said, "Powerlessness corrupts absolutely." It is this sense of powerlessness, not power, that I think causes people to want to pull the rug out from people who seem to have it better, instead of getting off their sorry asses and trying to do something themselves. I mean, really, these guys at work, drink tons every single night, or at least every other night. Imagine the toll financially, let alone on the body, the mind. I think this is what I have to remember when I want to really try to get my own act together. What am I choosing when I party with them? What am I choosing when I don't? OK, an occassional night out, but is it worth it? If I want some socializing it can be with other types. Ok, enough of that, you got me going shanberg.

doinmybest -- heh, there, another beer lover, eh!? Ah, I didn't know Armenian cuisine used buckwheat. that's a big thing in Japan too, buckwheat noodles and buckwheat tea is good too. So, what did you think of my writing advice doin?

NBK -- I wasn't targeting your innards. I was thinking more of something a bit more readily available, at say, the supermarket. My mother used to always cook up liver and kidneys for our cats. They loved it. I just, as a vegetarian, find it all so gross. Having these little carnivores is an invaluable experience in coexistence of the species!

Seriously, NBK, I hope you get better quickly. That was great that you could get some walking in on the treadmill. What resolve! I am surprised though that you are hurting so much. Then again, you do have this other blood condition so maybe you mend more slowly. When I had my appendix out I was probably so liquored up every day that I didn't feel anything. Can't remember if I stopped drinking after the operation. Probably did. But before I was on a roll. It was my first time out of the States and I was living in Munich with a bunch of lushes! I had never drank in my life and here it was just one schnapps after the next, all chased down with tons of beer. What an initiation.

Glad to hear your boss backed you up. That sucks that you're going to have to travel so far to get to your new job. It's hard to believe. How many hours do you have to drive? Let's hope you can get a transfer closer soon. Any thought of moving house while you're at the new job?

03-09-2005, 05:42 PM
Red - Just a quick post before I head out! I loved your quote. I am sorry I didn't mention it. I liked it so much I sent it to a friend who is having a rough and hectic time at the moment.

I really don't have a specific goal for my Six Flags trip. I just want to lose. I'll take all I can get. I will see if I can get to Wal-Mart and get a measure (don't have one at home). Thanks for the advice.

Sorry you have to go to a meeting when you are so swamped. We have quarterly meetings here that are required. They are very boring and last about 30 mins to an hour. Time I definately could be spending do actual work! The speakers, when we have them, are so boring it is hard to stay awake!!

Okay, all the time I have. Talk to ya soon. Hope everyone esle is doing okay and having a great and awesome day!!!

03-09-2005, 11:22 PM
Well ladies, wish me luck, I'm off to the gym for an un fitness assessment.. and to find out how much muscle I have lost and fat I have put on.. funny how you can actually get more fat and lose weight at the same time... but still it will be nice to be starting back on the weights again.

whooosshhh... was that tumbleweed I saw go through here?
hmmm sure is purdy quiet in these parts..
Take care and know that:

03-10-2005, 04:29 AM
Hi guys, yes, it is very quiet around here. What has happened to everyone? Sure hope we get some action.

Shanberg -- glad you did like the quote after all. And glad you thought it could help a friend. Were you able to get a tape measure yet? If you're exercising you may not even be noticing how your body is or will be shrinking, especially if you wear loose clothing. But I think it can provide a boost for you and also something to work toward. Good luck!

Actually, I blew off the meeting. I said I was going to a press conference, which I had planned on going to. Found out that was being held after I posted this morning but then I wound up blowing that off too. I have a lot of work to do, which I'm NOT doing now, but moreso, I'm still feeling dragged out from this weird cold. My voice is much better and I never really had real cold symptoms 'cept for a tickle in my throat that gave me coughing fits sometimes. I kept a pack of Vicks cough drops handy (am not worrying about the sugar in them!) and that would help. But I think I have been feeling so down and lethargic largely due to some sort of illness. So anyhow, even if I don't make much headway on the work at least I'll be getting rest just staying home. At least I got to ride. It was tiring. My horse needs so much encouragement.

NBK -- hope the gym went well. Oh, I sure DO know about getting fat and losing weight (or staying the same). That is exactly what happened to me the end of last year, what has had me so disgusted with myself. If only I'd gone off sugar then. . . well good luck. Glad you're back with us. It has gotten quiet around here, like that whooossshhhing tumbleweed. You don't have them in Newzy, do you? I guess Oz must have 'em.

Ok, ciao for now! :wave:

03-10-2005, 04:43 AM
Heh, I'm getting worried about Crime Girl. :( She started this thread and never posted. What's up! :shrug: Crime Girl, are you lurking?! :dunno: If so, just drop in long enough to say you're OK, will you?

03-10-2005, 01:23 PM
Hey every body...I'm here. Don't feel like much of much today, but I'm here.

I've been very very good about excercising this week. Not so good about my eating, but...not TOO bad...Well. I've got a few more days til weigh-in, I WILL lose.

Tiff- you guys did the lateral thigh trainer, huh? from down under. Well, I love the thing. It's the only thing I evre bought off and infomercial, and it's made me very happy.
It would be interesting to know what my fat percentage is...I am not part of a gym, now that I have my LTT. I wonder if there is another place I could get assessed...Hmm..

Shan and Red, you asked me some questions about my writing process. Thank you for your interest and support.

I'm writing a book about my experiences (not a novel, it's called creative non-fiction) being a missionary to WAY outer siberia starting the day communism fell. My synopsis is:
A coming of age story juxtaposing the religious tyranny in America to the political tyranny of Soviet Russian. The 18 year old Lisa goes to Yakutia with her family and learns about freedom, responsibility and what it means to be an adult in a very scary world.

Hmm...That sounds like it needs work. Oh well. That's why I'm working on it!

I've got the first half written, the part about America ( oh yeah, I grew up in Alaska, so that's the setting). Now I'm wrestling with the other part, trying to describe what it was like to live in Russia.

So, what I do is write on both ends...My new material is the stuff about russia. It is VERY rough draft, just writing writing about vignettes and scenes that happened. I don't worry about re-writing those yet. I don't know what shape they will end up being, so I don't want to get in my own way on the new stuff.

The FIRST part, the part about america, I have attained first draft status already. Which means I already know what those chapters are supposed to say. Thos parts I fiddle with, re-write and punch around to get them in shape. Go through to make sure it's clear, get rid of passive voice, etc.

So the 'words' I report writing on every day are the new parts. I don't count the editing on the old parts. But I don't edit every day.

Red, as far as credits...Hmm..I took FOREVER to graduate from college. I kept wanting to have a job...But I have a degree in English literature, and the last year, the only year I went full time, I got prizes and stuff. FOr humorous essay, and a couple other things.

I was a food reviewer for a monthly rag here in Los angeles for a while, so I have a couple clips. The paper went under though.

I've been a professional Information Technology person, because, hey, it paid the bills. So I haven't spent too much time on my writing. I would like to get a few bits together and send them out to some magazines. It seems VERY HARD to me to make a living as a writer. It's such a steep curve, to get accepted.

One of my big goals is to put together a writer's resume soon. When I have my book proposal prepared, I know that's going to be part of it. I am going to have to fish aroudn for an agent, etc. It's not all Muse and a-room-of-ones-own, I know. My years as a corporate corpse taught me to be professional, at least.

Anyway, that's my life write now...:P...right now

03-10-2005, 01:26 PM
Thought I should mention that part. :D

03-10-2005, 07:08 PM
He he... well Red.. I have put on 0.5% body fat and officially lost 2.4 kg from last time.. so some is muscle and some is fat, as my waist and glute (Fat ***) measurements have decreased a little. BUt the new trainer was mean to me.. I am one of those people who needs a wow you're doing well.. not "you've got A LONG way to go to your goal haven't you.." type comment. Now here's the really amusing part. My fitness HAS INCREASED MARKEDLY! oh yeah nothing like spending 3 weeks in bed to improve your cardio vascular fitness. She was like "oh you must be a pretty active person normally.." I nearly fell of my chair laughing (except laughing is still a bit much for my scars..). I am sooo lazy. Anyway it was a pain to go through the whole blood thing, the low bp all the time etc.. but maybe she'll turn out to be nice. She's given me some good weights to do.. only problem is that the machine is out in the "OPEN" part of the know where everyone can see you.. and of course it's the lie down on your stomach leg curl one.. ugh... I hate it! I can tell all the chicks are looking at me laughing at a)how fat I am and b) how pissy my weights are (this is because I am not allowed to do any big weights for another 4 weeks and my strength has gone quite a bit).. I don't care about the guys as they always look at you no matter where you are and at the end of the day, I earn more and have more brains than most of the catty ones.. the rest of my weights are free weights so I can go and hide in the corner...

Feeling pretty shitty this morning, headaches and tiredness.. stomach is not too happy either. I am starting to wonder if I am allergic to generals..I mean surely you are not meant to feel like this for THIS long after an op? I like your idea red of drinking incessantly to aid recovery, but I am too scared of drinking too much and puking!

Doing my best, your book sounds really interesting! I love that genre... and russian literature is so interesting, actually so is french... he he.. anything that takes you out of the whole british/english speaking culture...

Cheerio 'possums

03-10-2005, 07:22 PM
Oh, NBK, you are funny! To h@ll with any chick looking at you. I'm sure your butt isn't the enormous thing you're saying it is anyhow. And, if you do get someone you think is having a chuckle, just walk over to her and say, "Heh, wanna see my scar? . . . Got into a little scrap the other night in the bar. You know, knives and stuff. I got this to show for it but the other chick's still laid up in the hospital. Damn. It'll be a long time before she can work out again. . . you know how it is (laugh, laugh)" :rofl:

03-10-2005, 07:50 PM
Actually the way my scar looks, i'd be better off saying "ar ar I'm a pirate.. you'd be a good trading wench"... lol...

Nah the chick I am most worried about, I know is a total skank (the stories I have been told, even taking small town-itis out of them would make penthouse forum seem tame!)... but still... I get more intimidated by women than I do men..I suppose it's just something new and I am a little scared - what if I can't do it? etc. but thanks for the reality check!

03-10-2005, 07:55 PM
What if you can't do what, NBK?

03-10-2005, 08:17 PM
NBK, I've got to leave now. If you write and don't hear from me, I'll catch you later! Ok, have a good day and yes, I'm sure, whatever it is, you CAN do it!! :sunny:

03-10-2005, 08:30 PM
Can't even push 6 kg on the weights machines... have a great day yourself. Thanks for the kick in the pants too!
p.s how are the kittens.. have they lost their tuna paste mittens yet?

03-10-2005, 10:39 PM
Actually, NBK, Nozomi, the cat who needs the medicine, must have gotten the hint because she licked the paste off my finger last night instead of having to have me smear it on her. I had always given her the chance before but she refused it. She didn't finish the whole thing so I put it on her paws actually, as you said! Thought that was nicer than on her face. Either way, it gets into her, which is the important thing. Now, if a vet had shown me how to do this earlier maybe she would be healthier now. . .

Where is everyone else?

03-10-2005, 10:52 PM
Maybe all the descriptions of my removed body parts scared them away. I am worried about CG and LGH tho... Stormy I think is really busy with school right now?

Crime girl
03-10-2005, 11:48 PM
Hi all!
Sorry I have been out of commission- I am on Spring Break and trying to get a job for after I graduate. Have been insanely busy so no time for much else except school, family troubles, bf, and job hunt.
Hope to be back soon.

03-11-2005, 10:39 AM
Hi, all!! Sorry I did not check in at all yesterday. I was sooo busy at work. Everytime I turned around someone was in my office needing something. Every year at this time we do rerouting and things get extremely hectic. So, if I don't post, please know that I am reading!!

I have been doing so good with my eating. I decided to do it one day at a time instead of trying to plan for the long-term. I think that trying to make plans for weeks at a time was just too overwhelming for me and I ended up sabotaging myself. I think this will work out a lot better. I can focus on each day individually and work through whatever comes up, instead of stressing over what might come up. So far it is working out great. I am on day 3 and have ate extremely well and exercised every day!! I am really stoked about the exercising! I always feel so much better after I exercise! Plus, it helps me sleep!!

Okay, 'nough about me...

Red - Loved your idea/suggestion to NBK about getting into a fight! That would be so funny...especially if she did it to the (what was here word..oh, yeah) skank at the gym. Bet that'd put her in her place!!

Glad your cat is cooperating!!! And, you are right! Too bad other vets weren't as helpful!!

How are you doing? Are you still hanging in there? Haven't given up, have you? I know you sometimes get a little down and feel like giving up, but don't. Every step takes you somewhere!!

NBK - Is this assessment something that is done at gyms? I have always said after I lose another 25 pounds I was going to try to join a gym to tone up.

I am like you, though, on the not wanting to do exercises in front of buff babes. The last thing I want is my rolls jiggling around for all to see! Keep at it, though. It won't be long until you are healed and able to do more. Then you can show them what a real woman can do!! People who don't have to work for what they want don't appreciate it as much as those of us that have to sweat blood to get it! Just remember you are doing it for your own self, not for them. If you can only lift one pound three times, then lift it Girl and keep your head held high!!!

Crime Girl - Glad you checked in. We were beginning to worry that you had disappeared! Good luck with the job hunting!!

Okay, back to work...will try to check in later, but it is Friday and it usually gets kinda hectic in the afternoon for me...


03-11-2005, 07:50 PM
Hi everyone.
I have been so busy with work and school. It has been crazy. I am still finding time to workout but I have slipped up on eating. As you all know I usually have my one cheat day. Well this week I have cheated a lot. Monday was Mexican, Tuesday was a turtle sundae, Wednesday and Thursday was pizza. Bad, bad, bad!!! I did make it to the grocery store last night and I stocked up on some healthy food. I plan to geet on track ASAP. I have my vacation in May and I am also seriously considering getting offf the pill in July so we can start trying to have a baby in September. Sooooo....just more reasons to lose weight. I just wanted to let you all know that I am thinking of each of you and I plan on posting more as soon as my orals are finished next weekend.

NBK, take it easy with your working out. You do not want to hurt yourselves. Do not pay attention to the girls in your gym Who cares what they think? I wish you well in your recovery.

Red, I am sorry that you are still not totally well. Hopefully, it will start to warm up soon in your area. How is the working out coming? I know you are taking care of your animals, but are you taking care of yourself?

Doin- Glad you are still working out. I am sure that you will lose. I am sorry that you are still not feeling well.

Shan- Great job eating and exercising. I am very proud of you.

CG-We are thinking of you. I hope all is well.

Well ladies, I'll be in and out in the next couple of weeks. I have mucho studying to do! I hope everyone keeps up the good work!

03-12-2005, 04:43 PM
Heh guys. I am here. Just not feeling good and having so much work that needs to be done that I can't justify coming in here to post. It does take a lot of time and all. But I'll be back. Sure wish there was more action around here. Take care, all!

03-13-2005, 12:25 PM
I hope you feel better soon. I know how it is to have too much to do and not enough time. I hope that you get to go out and ride Heidi today. Despite all the work that needs to be done try to make time out for yourself. I have oral exams this weekend but last night we went out to eat and went bowling with some friends and this morning I got up and worked in the yard. Now it is time to hit the books again. Just remember we never know when our life will be over so just try to make the most of time here.

I want to thank each of you for being so encouraging and being such a blessing in my life. Have a wonderful day and avoid living a mediocre life.

03-13-2005, 07:57 PM
Thanks Stormy, for the encouragement and support. Yes, you certainly must know what's it like to have too much to do and not enough time. I will take my inspiration from you and a dose of your energy if I may! I still feel rotten, and am thinking I will just have to give up the day's pay in exchange for a bit of saving grace or rather time. I don't know. I hate doing it because it seems to be make no sense to lose the pay if it's only to recoup from the work I did in order to be able to get to work today. Will I ever get ahead? Still working on the story here. . . just gotta keep fighting I guess. Best of luck to you storm. :sunny:

shanberg, you there yet? Crime girl, thanks for checking in, good luck! NBK, you up and at 'em this Monday morn? Anyone else, what is this, the March doldrums or what!?! Let's kick some A, even if our kicks barely make it knee high! :dancer:

03-14-2005, 03:52 AM
well, it's weigh-in sunday and I've been avoiding posting.

i am ashamed of myself. I started the week with such high hopes.

I _did_ exercise, the WHOLE tae-bo tape four times.

I _also_ polished off the bag of hershey's miniatures.


So...I only ate poorly because I have no structure. I was eating okay when I wrote everything down. But only okay...I have decided to be more ascetic. I am very frustrated with the lack of structure in my day.


I'm calling in the big guns. It's slim fast time. If I only eat the one thing, and all other things are simply off limits, it is more clear. I think I can do that.

I have also come up with a more rigorous schedule for myself. I will get up at 8:30 (which is still plenty late) do my excersize, eat my shake, and LEAVE THE HOUSE. I will go to the library and write for 2 hours (not that long, really) and then come home and work on other projects.

One of my problems is I am home, so I never quite work hard and I never quite relax. I need to remedy the situation.

We'll see. I hope to have more structure. It doesn't have to be perfect, just persistent...
here goes...

03-14-2005, 06:56 AM
doinmybest, I'm a little leery about trying to lose too fast with fasting and such but if that's what you need to kickstart your loss then you go for it! I like your attitude! Remember, consistency is king! or queen!!!! Good luck!! :cheer: You CAN do it! :strong: :dancer: :cb:

03-14-2005, 09:48 AM
Hi Red, if you need to take the day off, take it off. Get back into the groove, relax, get a massage, sleep in etc. You need some rejuvination. Well we have two more weeks in this challenge. I do not think I'll meet my weight loss goal. I think my goal was to lose 8 pounds. I'll have to look it up, I did write it down. How are you progressing? BTW, you are so right, consistency is the key!

Doin-You can do it! Forget about the Hershey Minis. So what? You blew it....move on. I ate so bad this past week. Lots of eating out. I am just starting this new week out right. I am so proud of you doing the Tae Bo tapes! That is wonderful and is a great first step. I love your plan for writing this week. I, too, have trouble studying at home some time. I try to find anything to distract me. Yesterday it was cleaning. My hubby finally said "STOP, you need to study!" Anyway your plan sounds great. Don't be too hard on yourself!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

03-14-2005, 10:43 AM
Just a very quick post to let everyone know that I am around. I am running behind this morning because I had to go get blood work done early this morning and ended up being an hour late to work! I will come back and do a better post when I get everything back on schedule!

03-14-2005, 12:00 PM
hee hee..Stormy, I was just telling my mom that the house is never as so clean as finals week. Nothing like having to do schoolwork to make you clean the house!

Red- I will be eating the "sensible dinner" portion of the slim fast. I just need to have some limits! Being home and being free to eat whatever I want whenever is too much for me. Maybe once I get the snacking under control, I will eat regular foods but for now, I need some regimen. Thanks for you concern.

So, I confess...Up a pound last week. THIS week I will do better

03-14-2005, 02:06 PM
Okay. I have a few minutes, so I thought I would pop in and see what everyone was up to...guess, nothing...either that or you all are so busy you haven't had time to hop on yourselves!!!

I have a quick question. I usually exercise at night, around 7 or 8 pm. It is pretty much the only time I have that I can squeeze it in. I am worried this is not a good thing. I know that I could burn more calories if I exercised in the early morning, but that just isn't always possible. If I set aside the time at night, I KNOW I will exercise. I know it is better to exercise than to not, right? As long as I am doing something, then that is what counts?

I have been doing really, really good. I am actually a little scared by how good...Satuday, I had another birthday party (my third weekend in a row!). I made sure to watch what I ate and only had a very, very small piece of cake. Later that night, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted an ice cream or a blizzard from Diary Queen...I said, I said NO. I couldn't believe it!!! Yesterday, I got hungry, but have not been to the grocery store, so my pickings were pretty slim. Usually, in this situation, I would either call Dominos or go buy fast food...I didn't!! I actually made me something with what I had!!! Today, I had to go have blood drawn for my physical next week, so I was in a hurry when I left. I threw a can of soup in my pack and left. When I was getting ready to eat, I really didn't want the soup. I thought of how easy it would be to just run to a fast food place or order from one of the places that will deliver. I sat here, thought about it, and ate my soup!!

I am really worried! I have never, I mean NEVER been this good or this productive. I am afraid I will do something to sabotage myself. It is extremely errie. Whenever I start to give in, I think of my goals and going to Six Flags. That immediately stops me. Again, this has never happened. I can usually talk myself into things..into cheating, if you will. Now, I find myself talking my way OUT. I am not sure how to take it. I realize this sounds kinda crazy, like I am a mad woman or something. It is just, like I said, not something I have ever been able to do. I don't want to screw up! As we all know, it is so much easier to allow ourselves to mess up and I am afraid I will jump back on that bandwagon and blow these past few days.

I am hoping by putting this down in words I will be better able to keep my momentum moving. Maybe if I vocalize the issues, they won't be so powerful. It's a thought, right?

Okay, enough about me.

Red - I am sorry you are not getting better. Here, there is some weird strain of flu going around. It lingers forever! When I was getting my blood drawn this morning, the nurse told me that it has been really bad there and that there are a lot of people in the hospital as a result of this stuff. Since it lingers for so long, people are having a hard time shaking it and it spreads really easily, too! I advise you to take really good care of yourserlf over there. If you have this stuff, then that is the only way you will be rid of it! Don't get too overwhelmed with work. Make sure you are taking breaks from your work as well. I know what it is like to have to work, even when you aren't feeling at your best! Since you can work from home, take those breaks. Nobody will know to say anything to you, so break away!!

Hope you get to feeling well soon!!

Doinmybest - Can you actually get full on a slim fast shake? I have never tried that diet because I wasn't sure if I could just drink the shake and be done. It wouldn't really do me very good to drink the shake and then eat a few minutes later! At least you have identified your problem That right there is fifty percent of the battle. You now have a plan, so I am betting you will be back in control before you know it!!

Good luck with the writing at the library. I'd be too disctracted by all the books!!!

Stormy - Hi! You are the busiest person I know!!! I still can't believe you drive so far to take classes!

Don't worry too much about going off plan last week. It does a person good to give in to temptation for a while, then get back on. At least, when you start eating healty again, you might just shock your body into losing all those extra calories you consumed last week!! And, of course, I can definately understand the Mexican cave-in. I LOVE Mexican. It is such a hindrance to my diet!! The worst part for me is I can eat it every day for every meal! If only I got tired of it!! Oh, well....

I know this is weird, but I am excited for you wanting to have a baby. I love children! I can't wait to have one of my own, but have to wait at least another year before I start down that path!!!

I hope Crime Girl is okay. I wonder where NBK and LGH got to? And Subpremeprincess???

Alright, back to work. Have a great day everyone!!

03-14-2005, 06:11 PM
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I really missed everyone's support and encouragement. I have been really busy around here and the snow is not making it any easier. You have all been so busy, but the important part is that you are all still here and I appreciate that very much. I will try to post more often. Does anyone have any favorite workout videos that they would recommend? I would appreciate your input :) If your day stinks, have a better one :cb:

03-14-2005, 08:00 PM
Ok - still catching up BUT!
Stormy, what the **** is a turtle sundae? I have a very bad picture of a turtles shell filled with icecream and nuts and chocolate with a poor little turtle head sticking out the top.. please tell me it's not true???

Shanberg - my embarassment with the whole weights thing also comes from the fact that before the whole operation thing, I was doing huge weights (bigger than the guys) in my weights class, and most of the skanks saw me.. also there are a couple in the past that have known my bf and made passes at him.. being a small town everyone knows everyone elses business.. and I just hate having people ***** about me.. (I don't know if I am making sense here).. anyway I have put in a request for some exercise equipment out here where I am working now..

Red - how's heidi??

Well back to catch up reading

03-15-2005, 05:20 PM
NBK, you crack me up. A turtle sundae is vanilla icecream with nuts, hot fudge and caramel. I have not clue why they call it a turtle sundae. I love animals and sea animals so there is no way I would eat a sundae with a real turtle :( How are you feeling?

Shan-I love kids too. We have been married 9 years and it has always been just us. We like to travel, we both have graduate degrees, etc, and we have independent since we were 17. So since I want at least three kids I figure we probably should start trying within the next year. It will be scary b/c it is a life changing event. Anyway, I need to finish school first. Has your brother lost any weight yet with those videos?

Subp-I love the Crunch Cardio boot camp, Tae Bo, Tamee Lee I want that Body. There are tons of great videos out there.

I hope everyone is going well. I just got home from work and I need to study before I head to a meeting, so I will be back tomm.

Remember to stick with your goals and live well!

03-15-2005, 09:19 PM
I know why they call it a turtle sundae...There is a kind of candy called a turtle. They take four nuts and cover it with caramel, leaving a little out to make it look like feet, then they cover it in chocolate. They are called turtles, which is wher they get the name for the sundae.

Hey everybody! Welcome back, princess~!

I am doing well. I LOVE my new plan, we'll have to see how long lived it is. It's only day two, so I'll have to use a little persistence to see how it turns out.

Shan! Good for you. Don't question it, just be glad. Sometimes, things are easy. They don't stay easy forever, but it happens. You may be getting in the groove, feeling the effect of good eating and are therefore able to stick. Yay for you!

As for the slim fast...It keeps me from being too full. No, I am not exactly hungry, but I'm not exactly full. It actually makes me feel kind of energized. If I get so hungry that it distracts me, i have another shake. Mostly, though, when I start to feel hungry, i say, "just do this one last thing, and then you can have something". I end up being distracted and forgetting to be hungry~! I am feeling very energized.

I have a big meal at night, when I'm ready to be tired anyway. So far, it feels like it's exactly the right thing to be doing. Yay and Yay! I needed some kind of groove.

I'm actually starting to think about other health shakes. Maybe I should go for one that has more health to it...I'm eyeing a few at the Whole Foods here. I just wish I knew which of the THOUSANDS they sell taste good.

Okay, kids...Back to work!

03-15-2005, 09:30 PM
Ah yes, doin, that IS why they are called turtles. I remember those chocolates from way back.
Just a note here, am trying to do other work but have you considered making your own shakes. They would be much more healthful and cheaper no doubt. There are many recipes on the Net. Most of those storebought things don't have much in them. In fact, I like the idea myself, might start making one of my meals a shake. Easy, fast, hmm, may be the thing.

03-15-2005, 11:41 PM
very sore today. walking in steel caps is a bad idea.

turtles sound yummy!

03-16-2005, 12:48 AM
NBK, what have you been doing with yourself, you turtle, you!


Please refer to handy turtle guide below.

left photo = edible and yummy
right photo = possibly edible and yummy but PLEASE don't eat!

03-16-2005, 06:24 PM
HA HA HA HA.. I was playing well site operator yesterday. It was really interesting actually. I love learning new things. And it was nice and sunny yesterday so it was good to be outside. BUT I did have to wear a radio and that was a little scary, I hate how the whole site can hear you (if they have one too or are in the control room) when you talk into it, not just the person you want... I say the stupidist things at times.. he he but then I am just a girl he he he he *hair flick* and a blonde one at that.. ha ha ha.

Thanks for the handy turtle guide, I was going to go to the pet shop for some treats, but I think now I will go to the dairy. (p.s pic on right is a terrapin i think!)..hmmm chocolate..

Yay yay yay the BF is back now too.. and he was nice about my scars having faded (yeah right but still).. it's so good to have him back, only I miss our lunchtimes...still at least I'll have friday afternoon off to hang with him!

Well I shall toddle off to the caf and see if there is some chocolate slice I can monster.

03-17-2005, 06:02 AM
Terrapins are still turtles! I hope you got the right version to chow down on, NBK!

03-17-2005, 12:13 PM
Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't posted. Our whole system went down yesterday. It didn't get fixed until yesterday afternoon, so I had to spend all afternoon playing catch up. That put everything I was working on for yesterday on hold until today. I am almost finished, but it is slow going.

Anyway, wanted to say hi and that I am reading...periodically! Hope everyone is having a great day!! Will try to jump back on later!!

03-17-2005, 05:39 PM
Hi shanberg, glad to see you! I was wondering where you'd gone to. I too haven't been posting that much because I've been so busy but also because this place seems to have run out of steam. I hate that but am hoping people are just in a writing slump and will pick up later. It was sure nice to have NBK back after a long spell. Stormy is still with us but I guess we lost grasshopper. Sure wish Crime Girl would come back! Shan, hold us together!!

03-17-2005, 05:42 PM
Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. All this talk about turtles is making me hungry. I am trying to avoid temptation, but this is the time of year it seems when people are selling girl scout cookies and kids are selling candy for fund raisers. Thankfully, you can order a magazine subscription instead of candy! My energy level is really low and I am trying to bring it up. A low energy level makes exercising consistently really difficult, but still I trudge along. The good news is that the sun is shining and it has been a scorching 40 degrees for the past two days and my mood is improving:D I am really looking forward to walking outside although Leslie and her walking group have taken me through the bitterly cold winter. I hope the news is wrong in predicting snow in a few days :censored: I am suffering from a serious case of cabin fever right about now. For everyone still hanging in there even when the chips are down you deserve a :grouphug: If anyone is interested I have collected a folder full of useful websites and articles regarding weight loss and maintenance. Have a great day everyone and I look forward to reading your posts.

03-17-2005, 06:00 PM
Hi Red! I managed to get everything caught up, so I should be back to normal posting tomorrow! Don't give up on the thread yet!!

Supremeprincess - glad you are still around. Hang in there with the weather! Maybe it will clear off for ya in a couple of days!!

Will type more tomorrow! Have to run now!!


03-17-2005, 06:01 PM
Hi subpreme! Sorry to hear you're feeling down. I'm sure spring is just around the corner so hang in there! :sunny:

03-18-2005, 01:17 PM
Posted 3/18/05 12:13 AM (on the old thread in error)

Hello all,

Yes, I have been M.I.A. (Missing In Action). I call myself upgrading the motherboard in my computer and it turned into a major project. Well needless to say I built myself a whole new system thank goodness I'm a computer tech....or this would have cost me a couple of thousand dollars....LOL

RED~I am still catching up on all of the postings, however I did hear about "Tetchan". I lost my dog "Teagger" to cancer back in 2000 and I still miss her. I took 3 days of bereavement from work and when I returned there was a pet sympathy card on my desk. I thought that was so sweet. Needless to say my prayers are with you.

ALL~ I want to thank you all for checking up on me . Although I have lost 2lbs since my last post it has been an up hill battle. At first it wasn't so hard, but then I went on a trip with my sister out of town. Now I didn't do as bad as you may think, but we all know we are our worst critic. When I got back home it was as if sugar was waiting at my front door. Ok maybe it was a Honeybun Oh how I love them with their cinnamon glaze dripping from their plastic wrapper (wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth). Oh let me stop and just focus on the size 12 skirt I just bought today. YES SIZE 12!! (I'm doin' the "Happy Dance"!!)

I hope that all of you are in good health :)


03-19-2005, 06:38 AM
Tae, good to see you found the new thread. How are you doing? It looks like this thread is dying on us! Yikes! Never thought it would. It was so hopping there for a while. Let's hope it springs up again with the coming spring! :sunny:

I actually got on my exercise bike (after digging it out in my room) and pedaled for 30 mins. this morning before work. I was so tired at work, felt dehydrated even though I drank a lot of water. Hmm. I haven't sweat like that in a while! It felt good.

Still ok on sugar. Hurrah for me! I do want it though. I'm so sick of not being able to eat all those things in front of me. Well. . .move them so they're NOT in front of you or MOVE yahself! I hear a little voice say. Ok, Ok! No, really, Easter bunny, I'm waiting for you. . . she's losing it, slowly but surely. . .

03-20-2005, 06:17 PM
Bumping up the dying thread. Is this it? Shall we play taps? :shrug:

03-20-2005, 06:29 PM
HI evryone.........
this is my first post.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..
i thought i d write anything and see how it looks like.. he he he...
well, i finally decided it s about time to start losing all the weight i ve always wanted to lose but managed to lose 2-12 lbs from them then quickly regain them again...
looking forward to sharing my success with all of u/....

Crime girl
03-20-2005, 06:58 PM
I am so sorry I have abandoned you all for so long-
Hopefully we can breathe some life back into this dying thread.
Thanks so much to the people who have made an effort to keep us up and running- :D

I am back now- still applying for jobs like crazy and wildly careening toward graduation. I have 6 weeks and my school career is over for awhile. I think I can keep it together until then.

Not doing to good with food and exercise and really have no exuse for that. I could eat better- I could make time and exercise. I just can't seem to motivate myself to do that. I lost so much motivation that I quit coming on here even though I know it is a nurturing and supportive place to be.
I will try to catch up but I fear I have missed a lot. :(

Red- Did you get caught in the earthquake?? Are you OK??? I saw it on the news and freaked!

Welcome dee! We are glad to have you on board!!
Okay need to run- just wanted to make contact and let you all know I am not dead. I will try to get on later and definitely will begin responding and such to posts tomorrow.
Hope you are all well!! I have missed you!

03-20-2005, 07:01 PM
Welcome to the group Deeyala. I just spent time look at everyone's weight tracker and all of you are doing so good. I was starting to crave huneybuns and cake again, but seeing those trackers really changed my mind.


03-20-2005, 08:06 PM
ok I am back too.. have to do some work right now, but will talk soon. I promise!!

03-20-2005, 08:32 PM
Just running out here. Glad to see we're not dead yet!!! Hurrah! Crime Girl, glad to see you're back. NBK, you too! Dee, welcome! :wave: Tae, you can do it too. My weight tracker isn't up there. . .;)

03-20-2005, 08:35 PM
P.S. Crime Girl, I am OK, earthquake was in the southern part of the archipelago, in Kyushu, over 1,000 miles away. Amazing, only one person was killed apparently. Thanks for worrying. Tokyo could go at any time, they say. . .

03-20-2005, 11:26 PM
Earth quakes.. we had a couple last week. I was in bed.. woke up and thought.. oh an earthqauke.. hmm I should go stand under a door or lie next to the bed... then it got a bit worse, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered.. I know it's a bit blase.. but when you grow up in a country that gets them often (just like japan).. unless it feels like a big one, you generally just ignore it.. (that and it was freezing cold that night!).... the next morning I asked round but no one else had felt it.. weird. It was in the paper, I think it was 6.4... but yeah.. Red, you're right I can't believe only one person was killed in the Japan one.

New job is great, but lots to do. Had a brilliant weekend - went to the beach, swam, went for a walk, went to the Mark Knopfler concert, went to a winery for lunch.. did a bit of shopping just had a great time with the BF! yeah yeah yeah... hmmm well it's only 1 more week till I can go back to the gym properly.. then I suppose I'll do something about losing weight. Although the BF did say that he thought I had lost ALOT of weight since we started seeing each other last year..about a year ago today infact (we don't have an anniversary though.. it took ages for us to sort our **** out! ha ha)...of course that was just before our dessert run.. i can't imagine how much better I would have done if he wasn't like me and loved chocolate and desserts! he he... we're each others worst ally.. still at the end of the day it is completely my fault, I mean I could sit and watch him eat it all... pffft...

CG great to see you back!

03-21-2005, 10:26 AM
Hi everybody!
Just a quick post before I start entering new items into the computer! We are getting a bunch of new products and it takes a while to get them all in there!!

Hope everyone is doing okay. It seems like everyone is having diet blahs like me. I think that stems from going so hard for so long. Then, we just need a small break from it for a while! Hopefully, I have past mine. While I didn't do badly last week, I definately could've done a lot better. I hate it when my weeks get hectic and interfere with my dieting!!

Don't have time to respond to everyone individually, so I will just say keep up the good work and forgive yourself for your dips!!

Will check back in later. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so if I can't get back on before I leave for that, I will talk to everyone tomorrow!!


03-21-2005, 06:03 PM
Hello everyone! Spring is finally here and thank god it has stopped snowing for the moment and hopefully I won't see anymore snow. Everyone seems to be doing well. To those of you who have give up sugar, I congratulate you. Pastries are my downfall...I know that I am going to eat them here and there so I make sure to just work out extra hard when I do :) I am really trying hard to get into a size 12 for the moment. When I started out I was in a size 20. I think if I lose 10 pounds (Mini-goal) I WILL be wearing a size 12 by the end of April. The sunlight and hopefully soon to be coming warm tempuratures will raise my spirits. Take care everyone and I will post again soon.

Red - You are doing an excellent job on staying off the sugar. Congrats and keep up the good work. :cheer:

Tae- Congrats :) I hope to be joining you in the size 12 category soon

NBK- Happy anniversary to you and your BF. You sound like you are really making a lot of progress and that's great :cheer:

Shan- Don't beat yourself up...the important thing is that you get back to your program

Crimegirl - I know that you are studying hard. I know that you will graduate with honors...keep up the hard work

Dee - A warm welcome to you! The more support we have in here the better!

Sorry if I missed anyone...

03-22-2005, 07:38 AM
Shan, hello. Good to hear from you. I miss your long posts. Hope you can get back on soon.

Sub, wish I'd seen your post before I ate sugar today. Feeling very sorry for myself, can't get ahead of the work. Have no time to do so much else that needs done let alone have any real down time for myself. . .feeling sorry for ME caused me to have a little sugar binge. Damn. I was doing good. Oh well . . . :(

03-22-2005, 11:39 AM
Finally, finally have gotten caught up!! It has been a hectic two weeks here for me!!

I went and hand my physical yesterday. I lost 8 pounds between my last checkup and this one! 8 pounds! And that is weighing in the afternoon after eating a light breakfast and lunch!! I was so excited I almost jumped off the table!!!

So, now I am feeling even more energized about losing than before! I am doing good with my eating and exercising. I am hoping to move the exercising up to two times a day, but so far I am having trouble fitting it in! Just my luck, when I decide to add an extra exercise session, everything goes crazy and I have no time!!! Oh, well!!

Red - Don't fret the break down on eating sugar! You sound like you needed it! Just don't eat anymore! And, yes, that is an order!! Hate it that you are so swamped with work! I saw a couple of posts down that you had jumped on your stationary bike...maybe you need to do that a couple of times a day to keep from getting stiff and stuck in a work rut! Might help to energize you into working harder and getting it done sooner!!

Have you had a chance to go see Heidi? I bet she misses you if you haven't. If you go, make sure you take her an extra treat...she might be pouty if you don't!!!!

NBK - I cannot believe you slept through an earthquake! I'd be freaking out! I guess it is like you said, though, you just get used to things and as long as they are not large scale, you just keep on living normal! I still say I'd be a blubbering wreck, though!!!

I can see you sitting across from your bf, watching him eat all the goodies, while you sit there calmly with your hands in your lap not taking a bite...NOT!! If you are at all like me, you'd want some-and it would have to be the biggest half!!! Sometimes, you have to enjoy the sweets to swallow the sours!!!

Sub - Glad it stopped snowing. First day of Spring here in Georgia and it is still cold. Now it is raining and yucky outside!! There is some kind of strom coming from Texas and Oklahoma..the ones that always spur tornadoes in those states. We are supposed to get quite a drenching over the next couple of days. What is really sad, though, it has been sooooo beautiful outside the past three weekends! Now, it will more than likely rain on Easter!!!

Good luck with the getting to your goal size! Looks like an achievable goal!!

Crime Girl - Glad you are back! Just keep on treking and get through the hard stuff! You can do it!!!

Dee - Welcome! This is a great bunch of ladies that do a wonderful job of supporting each other! You will enjoy it here a lot!!!

Tae - Good job on the avoiding temptation! It always does good to use visual imagery to stave off the munchies!!

Anybody heard from Stormy or Little Grasshopper? Hope they are okay!

Well, guess I have blabbed enough for one morning. I will try to check back in later. Today should be a normal day, but...we are only working four days this week (Good Friday we are off), so things could get hectic this afternoon!!

Hope everyone has a great day!


03-22-2005, 05:05 PM
Hi everyone! I am back from my road trip of love...

I went to go talk to an old proffessor about the book I'm trying to write, and then couch-hopped across five separate friends for 6 days.

Man, I feel so great. Those people are some of the best in the world and they love ME!

But the weight is a bit up...two pounds...Time to get back into discipline.

I am already starting in, worked out and had my morning shake.

03-22-2005, 08:09 PM
Good morning people. Nothing much to report here. I got the article I was writing done last night, went to bed, up this morning to make some corrections to a translation, now have to work on rewriting a book manuscript. It's all work, work, work, or so it seems. I am so sick of my life. It is really insane. The thing is, when I have a bit of free time, there is nothing I really want to do, well it just means scheduling in more activity, it's not like a rest or anything. I guess I'm just burning out. How do you replenish your reserves when you have to keep working. I suppose one way is not take major knocks out of myself with late nights out, another of which I had Monday night. BUT, I did get out to ride the following day and even managed to send a story in by using my cell phone to access my computer email and forward a file, doing this all while riding the train back from the stable. Wow. Technology.

I was feeling annoyed and angry with myself until I got out to see my horse. The night before I'd been out with some bloodstock agent from Ireland and one beer led to the next until it was late and there were no more trains home. I was on the other side of Tokyo and had to spend a ton to get home. I was chiding myself for having allowed myself to get in this situation. Well, the guy did offer to pay the taxi but I just hate to accept such offers. I was ticked too because I had been anticipating, hoping, dreaming of, some sort of interesting offer of work and it doesn't look like it'll be so. These worlds of racehorses, too much money, too much flitting around the world, big bucks, fancy hotels, no real life. People get weird. It's not for me. It was so nice to just come down to the basics, how do I get my horse moving! :lol:

OK, people, sorry to be so wordy. But I just needed to get that off my chest. . . .

subpreme -- You've got to stay away from those pastries. I used to do the same. They are LOADED with calories. Try to find out the calorie counts and remind yourself of them when they tempt you. Good luck on getting into a Size 12! You will look fabulous by the end of April, I'm sure! :dancer:

shanberg -- ah, so nice you're caught up. I know the feeling. I wish I had it. I have it a little because I got some work out of the way last night and that was a writing thing, which takes more out of me in a way, more than editing or translating. On the other hand, it gives me something back. The feeling of accomplishment, akin dare I say to joy, after writing something doesn't exist after I've finished off a translation or a an editing job. In fact, the latter tend to bring me down because I am restricted to what was there. I think it actually harms my writing. Then again, maybe it only harms it if I DON'T feel that depression of having had to work within the lines.. .

Yeah, you're right. I should get on the bike. Actually, the problem is that it's not a stationary bike. It's a racer on a trainer and riding a racing bike stationary is kind of painful. And I have to put on special shoes that have cleats on their soles because that's the kind of pedal that are on the bike. The saddle is small and there's no fun of the speed and balancing. I was considering buying a new exercise bike, an old boyfriend broke the last one. . . we'll see. But, yes, a good sweat is what I need. If I at least made it more accessible (the bike) then maybe I would do it more often, even 10 mins could help, right?

As I wrote above, I have gone to see Heidi. To me, the horse is the priority, at least 3x week. I do everything for her in a way so I cannot allow anything to get in the way. It has to be damn good to allow me to do that, either an opportunity that I don't want to pass up, or very good money. I have made some progress with my riding, an important point of maintaining objectivity, of not allowing emotion to come into play. It's very hard with her because she is not a cooperative horse and I could easily get angry, but if you get angry you will get into a fight mode with the horse and then all is lost, at least in the long run.

Take care in the coming weather. I hope Easter is a pretty day. Do people still get dressed up and go out for brunch and so like I remember it?

Oh, and wow, just reread your post! Major congrats on your weight loss! :cp: I am psyched for you. That is something to jump around about! Good for you! and good luck with continued success!

doinmybest -- hello there. I'm so happy to hear you met some great people and could feel their love for you. That's the kind of soul food we all need so much. Two pounds is nothing. Don't fret it, sweat it . . . OFF! Good luck! :sunny:

03-23-2005, 10:25 AM

How is everyone! Just wanted to pop in right quick while I wait for a report to print!

Red - Glad you dropped a line!! Hear ya on the bike. My stationary bike is very uncomfortable in the seat! I use a pillow, but after about thirty mins, my privates start to fall asleep!!! It was a great investment, though! It is easier on my knees than my treadmill. Plus, on those evenings when I really don't want to walk, I can just hop on the bike! I still get exercise, but the exertion isn't as bad. Of course, I don't burn as many calories, but at least I burn some!!

So glad you have made Heidi a priority! I watched this show called Amazing Race last night. One of the things they had to do was ride a horse around some barrells in 40 seconds or less. This one lady kept getting bucked off her horse. She knew how to ride, it was just the horse was really skiddish. Another lady was terrible. She couldn't even get her horse to move. When she finally did, she wasn't exactly nice to the horse. She used this small stick and kept hitting the side of the horse. Now, I know that a professional can use a stick and not hurt the horse, but she was no way a professional! I didn't like the way she used that stick at all! I wish the horse had thrown her off!!

Glad you are getting caught up on your work. I have problems just reading other people's writings, too. It is so hard to copy something verbatim when you know you could do better or just make it sound better!

Easter is still the same. Some people get up for early morning services. Wearing the new, flowery dress is still the thing. I love looking at all the little kids in their Easter outfits, though!! They are sooooo cute. I love the ones that think they are all grown up b/c they are dressed fancy like mom and dad!!! Those are the best!!

Okay, hear my reports printing. Will come back later.


03-24-2005, 12:27 AM
Happy Easter All!

Hope you gets lots of fat free easter treats (we're swapping clothes this year instead of eggs)
Lots of love

03-24-2005, 01:19 AM
Hi shan, NBK, how's it going. NBK, why the early Easter wishes. Are you going away or are you just in the spirit? Crime girl, you promised you'd be back! :cry: stormy, where are you? Others, come on in. I'll try to post longer later but I feel as if I'm talking to myself here or just to the lurkers, ugh. . .

03-24-2005, 02:08 AM
Tiffany, I love what you're saying about swapping clothes, not candy for easter...


I'm doing good this week...Exercise every day so far.

Stay dry everyone...It's raining buckets here.

03-24-2005, 10:42 AM

Did not make it back yesterday afternoon! Got really busy.

Anyway....When I went to lunch yesterday, I got to my car and looked down. There was a bunch of white stuff on the cement next to my door. I thought someone had spilt paint. I looked at my door and there was bird poop all over my car!!! It literally looked like a flock of birds had decided my car looked like the perfect bathroom!!! It was on the roof, the doors, the windows!!! It was really gross...but sooooo funny!!!! When I got home, I had to wash my car!!! While it was drying, I cleaned out my garage, something I have been wanting to do for a while. Mostly, it invovled sweeping the leaves that had been blown in there when I left to go to work and forgot to shut the door! It was really windy that day and there were leaves everywhere!! I swept a lot of them out then, but the wind was blowing so hard I couldnt' do much!

I also walked on my treadmill and did some weights. I was up at 5am this morning with a heating pad on my poor arms!! All that work sweeping and washing, then I did my weights! I was in sooo much pain!!! After about an hour, the pain finally went away! At least I know my arms got a good workout yesterday!! :lol:

Red - I feel like you I am just writing for the world to read. Where is everyone???? I wish they would check in and give more info!!

How are you feelilng...better?? Are you making any more headway on your work?

Hope you have a great weekend!!

NBK - Happy Easter to you, too! I hope I don't get ANY chocolate!! Great idea on the clothes, though!

Doinmybest - Glad you are having a good week. Try to stay dry. We had a big storm here on Tuesday. It's finally cleared off, though. I hope it stays like that over Easter. It's no fun hunting eggs in the rain!!!

Okay, everyone. I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. I will be leaving work today at 2 pm, so I doubt I will manage to drop back in. We are closed tomorrow, so it might be Monday before I can come back and talk to myself!!

Have a great weekend, be safe, and try to stay on plan!!

Happy Easter!!

03-24-2005, 07:04 PM
Hi shanberg, looks like it's just you and me here, eh? I again don't have time to write. Slept in and only got up because my cat was trying to wake me up. She often annoys me doing this but today I was very glad for it as I had slept in way too late. Well, I didn't mind the sleep-in. I need it badly and sometimes I, that's I!!, have to take priority.

Right now, I would love to take the day off from work. I have a lot of work to do here at home, this rewriting of this manuscript. It's not hard work. It just takes time and since I was busy with other things, I have little time to do it. I should be going in to the newspaper but I tell you, the atmosphere there is worse than ever. I only go in 3x week but the others have held two symbolic strikes this week, one for 15 mins and one for 30. As there seems to be no response from the company I can imagine there aren't too many happy faces. Well, recently, there aren't anyhow.

But focusing on the better things, I am on top of all work except for the manuscript and that is just a matter of sitting down and doing it, nothing difficult, nothing requiring divine inspiration or the likes. Speaking of which, today is Good Friday. It looks like it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. We used to have to spend the day inside as kids though, either that or spend it in church. . .

Well, shan, I just saw that you will be away for the weekend. Hope you have/had a great Easter. Good going with the arm workout. I pop some aspirin when I'm sore from one but it is a good feeling, isn't it? Sure wish we'd see some others around here. Maybe after Easter when the temptation of chocolate has passed and spring resolve begins to bloom! :lol:

03-25-2005, 08:56 PM
Heh all, sure is lonely around here. Is anyone going to come on and chat?

03-27-2005, 06:50 PM
:sunny: Hello everyone, a belated Happy Easter! It's already Monday here. Just wanted you all to know the forum is up and running so I hope to hear from you soon!! :wave:

03-28-2005, 11:28 AM
Hi, Red! Looks like you had a pretty empty weekend here!!! Where is everyone? Do you think they have abandoned us?

How was your Easter? Saturday, the weather was beautiful..sunshine, warm..perfect. Sunday, it rained cats and dogs!! We were under a tornado watch the entire day! Ended up hunting for eggs in the rain..well, I stood under an umbrella and pointed, but..

I managed to eat very well over the weekend! I did have a lot of temptation, but decided to choose things that I really wanted and not everything. Think it worked out okay. I think I dropped another pound, but it is hard to tell. I can't see the numbers well (bad eyes and belly in the way), so when I move to get a glimpse, the needle moves too. Oh, well, I guess I can pretend!!

Hope to hear from you soon..and everyone else!!!

03-28-2005, 12:54 PM
Hello and happy Belated Easter to one and all.

Jazzy ducks incase you are throwing things at her for being gone so long :)

It's so nice to read the thread and catch up with everyone.

Things here haven't changed a bit, still unmotivated, and still exercising. why can;t I get it all together at one time and keep it together??? :lol:

So Nice to see everyone again!!! :wave:

03-28-2005, 06:10 PM
HEY everyone!

I've been very very good this week. So why hasn't the scale moved?
Well, it's moved a very little. a pound and a half...


I got a new tape, Tae-Bo advanced. It's hard! Mostly because they do everything faster. I haven't made it all the way through yet. It's a whole hour, not like Tae-bo Basics which is only 20 minutes.

Something to work towards...

Isn't Crime Girl our moderator? I think we need a new thread...this one is severals weeks old.

03-28-2005, 06:52 PM
Quickie here, as I'll be sitting for most of the day in front of this thing and have GOT to do some work.

Shanberg -- the forum was closed for a few days, thus the lack of posts. Then again, with this thread these days I don't know. Seems people have given up. I'm sure glad to see you here. I was going to write more the other day to you but then remembered you wouldn't be here till Monday or so so I didnt. Wish you had a computer at home. Well, that's too bad about the weather there. At least Saturday was nice. Don't you hate it when the day you're stuck in the office is beautiful and then on your day off it pours? It's not fair. Then again, when it does happen the other way around, I try to make a note of it. That's great that you ate well over the weekend. Don't worry about the numbers. I had to laugh when you sad you had bad eyes and a belly! :lol: You'll get there. The scale will start peeking around that belly as it gets smaller and smaller. Just keep up your good work and it'll happen!

jazz -- don't worry. this place has been a ghost town. No one's throwing anything. We're glad to see you!! :wave: Glad to see you posting too even though you say you're unmotivated. Seems like so many people leave then and only post when they're doing well. Well, not this thread specifically, just in general. I was in a major slump for a long time now but I'm pulling out of it. Yeseterday I had no junk and I actually went out and made a salad! Hurrah!

doinmybest -- hi there. congrats! a pound and a half is still good! Wow, an hour tape, That IS hard. Good for you for doing what you can. I'm one of those all or nothing types and you know, the nothing wins out more often than not! Well, Crime Girl isn't really our moderator, but she was our inspiration and thread starter. She's been very busy and having a hard time of things I think. Let's give her a bit of time and hope she comes back. She said she was going to. If she doesn't we can start a new thread. It doesn't have to be a week thing and with things so quiet around here it doesn't really matter, it's not getting too long. good luck doin! :cb:

03-28-2005, 11:49 PM
I am back.. the early easter wishes were due to working a 4 dayweek (but also it was thursday my it went pretty well.. not too much chocolate was consumed..
but the most exciting thing of all was...

I WENT BACK TO PUMP CLASS.. oh yeah. I was in heaven feeling my muscles working against the weights again.. and it was one of my favourite classes too.. all good rock music.. nothing like enter sandman to motivate you on the chest track.. I did pretty well weights wise, just dropped 2 kg off the total weights for everything..and 1 kg for biceps.. but my squats were pretty light as I can't lift more than 10kg over my head yet... I was pretty sore on sunday and monday but it was great to feel like a real person again, and that although I had lost some tone, I haven't lost too much strength!!

Went to the REM concert on sat night too. It was really fun, the rain was pouring down before it and during a bit of it.. we had had a little too much vod & orange before going, so I lost my glasses, and BF had serious issues walking up the muddy slopes (out door grass ampitheatre).. he was really annoyed that I wasn't falling over.. I tried to explain to him that 10 years+ of chasing naughty ponies up hills in johddy boots teaches you a few things (esp as mine had those nice smooth soles and a 1.5" heel)... he he he....

Anyway I'm going to get a battery for the scales at home and see what the damage is.. I am feeling pretty fat at the moment, so might be back up as high as 75.. but I really hope not.

Well I'll catch up and chat later!

03-30-2005, 03:24 AM
Hey, Red! I'm sorry, that came out all wrong. I was thinking, hey maybe we could _help_ crime girl by starting a new thread. I was under the impression that a new thread was started every week. I guess I was mistaken.

Anyway, Crime Girl, if you're checking in, I know you have a lot you're doing, and I think you are amazing. Please don't take my stupid post as a criticism.

I'm pleased to be part of this thread. I know we all check in as we can, and we are all encouraging to one another....
Shan, Tiffany, Princess,everybody...Thanks for your support. We are going to get where we need to go, with a little help from our freinds...

03-30-2005, 06:44 AM
Hi guys, glad to see a little action around here. Whatever happened to the old crowd, stormy, grass, cg, some pop in and outers. Oh well, we've got shan, nbk, sub, doin and ME! Hurrah! :cb:

Yeah, well, I've had a crap week starting, well, it went from bad to worse and then OK and sighs of relief but I'm tired out and NOT wanting to do all the friggin work that is still before me.

First, Monday morning I wake up to an email saying my father is in the hospital with heart problems. So, his Easter was spent in the hospital and they did tests, gross things with catheters up inside you to your heart. Turns out he did have a heart attack but they're thinking that there's nothing medicine can't handle. In fact, they don't really know what caused it, which is more worrying in a way. At least, no surgery is in sight for now. He is under a lot of stress and it's the kid that just doesn't go away. So, I'm relieved but then not. I mean, well, he's 74 and we have to face the inevitability of aging and eventually the end. I don't want to think of it now.

Just brought a cat back from the hospital. She is one with the gum disease. Well, they all have it but two I have to take in for regular shots. Now, I tried to give her a pill and she went nuts so I'm trying for the fish paste smear if I can get a hold of her. She had two teeth pulled so is no doubt in a lot of pain. But she ate.

Ah, it's all too much. Crappy life I have these days.

BUT, but, but!!!, I did get to the gym. :cp: There, too, is another major disgust. to see the blob in the mirror and the pants are tight again. When does it creep up? And how will I ever lose weight unless I am active all the time, which I can't be because of my work. Oh damn. But, I will focus on what I CAN do, what I DID, not what I can't do, what I didn't do. So there! :yes:

NBK -- glad to see you back. Great you got the pump class. I sure wish my gym would play good music. It's crap, all these weird stuff that is really annoying. They have no concept of what music is good for working out to it seems. I try to just ignore it but I know what good music can do to rev you up so I miss it. I'm glad to see you're able to work with some weights. Take it easy. It's just a matter of time and consistency, small buildup, you're doing fine! What's best is you enjoy it so much!!

Concert sounded like fun, way too much vod and orange, eh?! :lol: Well, hope the scale is gentle on you. Later! :wave:

doinmybest -- no prob at all! Your post didn't "come out all wrong." We know you were just being helpful. In fact, I was afraid you might take my post wrong. But, you've got to remember it's so hard to put any sort of tone into a post and so I hope no one ever takes something wrong. If they are wondering, either let it pass or ask. I hope no one is touchy. I think it's obvious we're here because we want to support everyone. I can't imagine someone here getting *****y or whatever. Crime girl did always change the post every week, but there was really no need, I thought, but she liked to start fresh and that was fine. I hope she's not ill or something. Doin, do you think it helps to start a fresh thread? If so, we can start one. So, no prob whatsoever doinmybest. I'm glad you're here. I need all the support I can get! :sunny:


Heh guys, give me a vote here!! New thread or no new thread!! I'll take a head count!!

Crime girl
03-30-2005, 08:28 AM
I know...I stink....
Sorry guys- red is so right when she says that I have been wicked busy! I am still trying to find a job, finish school, work, and stay sane so time has been nil. I feel bad- said I would be back but not able to really swing it. I haven't been getting on because I have zero time to respond properly to anyone. I have been lurking when I can though and silently cheering you on! I am so happy you have stuck around and kept up the board for me. It may not seem like it now- but, it is important to me.

Doinmybest- no harm asking about a new weekly thread- you are right. I should be starting a new one every week and this Sunday I promise I will. I will also make an effort to at least pop on. Sorry I have been nonexistent lately.

Okay folks- have to go take my stupid car to the mechanic AGAIN! Then home to try to write a huge paper and I have a phone interview at 10am. Will be back on later today and hopefully catch up a bit. I have missed you guys!

03-30-2005, 10:21 AM
Good Morning!!!

Sitting here, eating my morning bagel and reading everyone's posts!!

Yesterday I did not manage to get a single letter typed to anyone! I didn't even get to read any posts! We had our admin lunch (where all the ladies in the office go out to eat together) and that always puts me behind!!

Have been good on the exercising, but okay on the eating. While I haven't been gorging myself, I have eaten out for the last two days. I stopped when I felt full, but...


Red - You are a busy little bee! Look at you, working all the time!!!! I hope you get it all done!

Great job going to the gym! I am glad you are focusing on your accomplishments! I know how hard and discouraging it is to have set-backs, no matter how small! Just keep ploughing on ahead!
How did the cat medicating go? Who won, you or the cat? And, how much of the paste ended up on YOU??? Poor kitty! At least he (she?) has a mommy that loves him (her?)!! How did you end up with all the cats with the gum disease? Did they come from the same litter? You have such a good heart!

NBK - LOVE REM! I bet they are great live!! They always have such energy and presence when you see them on tv! Sometimes, concerts in the open ampitheatres are great, sometimes its a mess! I like it b/c you can hear the music better and have more space to move around. Even when it is crowded!

Doin - Tae-Bo! My brother loves that! The videos he is using are kicking his butt at the moment though! I told him he isn't as young as he used to be, so he can't move around like he did when we were teenagers!

Glad you are doing so well with your eating. Sounds like your scale has the same attitude as mine! It doesn't ever seem to move, no matter what I do! Stupid thing! Just keep moving forward and doing what you are doing and it will eventually stop pouting and move for ya!!

Crime Girl - Glad you dropped by for a quickie, you lurker you!! You sound extremely busy. Hope you get a job soon! Remember to drink lots of liquids during your school work. Doesn't really make it any easier, just makes you have to go to the bathroom a lot so you can get a break every once in a while without feeling guilty! I mean, you can't ignore your body, righ!! Good luck.

Okay, all, gotta get back to work. Finished my bagel, so have no more excuse to sit here and do nothing! Have a great day!!

03-30-2005, 05:23 PM
Quickie here, Crime Girl, great to see you!! :cp: I've really missed you and hope to see you back here regularly. I totally understand about being too busy to get in here. But, even little notices just saying you're ok would be good. You don't have to address us all. Just a little squeak out of you is nice even. :yes:

shanberg -- oh, bagels, yum. no time to write now. yeah, i feel so beaten down always, feel like life is knocking me back for every step i take. it just seems less than unfair, it seems downright cruel. still, what am i saying, things could be so much worse. focus on the good things, focus on winning, even in small ways. got the medicine into the cat last night, i think. she looks ok this morning. but now for the next medicine and I must leave and she's not here, outside somewhere I think. antibiotics so have to. oh bother. yeah, good heart and all that. but i wonder why when so many other people go through life not caring. oh well, oh well, i have no idea where this gum disease came from. vets don't know. yes, these two are siblings and they're pretty old.

gotta run, shan, you take care and keep writing to us. you've really done a ton to keep this thread alive! :thanks:

03-30-2005, 05:31 PM
Red - 'Bout time you got your booty in here! I was lurking through some other posts and saw where you had posted somewhere else! I almost jumped in there to scold ya!!! Just kidding!!

Sorry you are having such a rough time! Man, when you get hit, it comes from all sides, doesn't it?

Did you ever get over your cold? I feel a little tickle in my throat thanks to some of the guys around here. I am drinking plenty of oj and taking tylenol in an attempt to head it off at the pass!

Glad to hear your first round with the cat was a victory! Of course, you know he is out pouting, so it may take even more coaxing to get him in and give him his antibitotics!!! I know you'll do it, though!

Keep your chin up, Red. I know right now you must be feeling like you'd like to just lie down and never get up again, but you can fight through your funk and make it to brighter skies and healthier times. I feel like the entire world is trying to keep me from losing! Everytime I get going really good, somthing, actually, someone comes along and tempts me beyond measure! I try to make good choices, but sometimes, I get so frustrated at always having to get a salad or grilled chicken. Sometimes i just want the bad, fatty foods, ya know! Oh, well. Every bad decision I make ends up following me around....litterally....on my big ole behind! One day, I might just outrun it!!! I can dream, can't I???

Well, I've rattled on long enough! Hopefully will be getting to go home here soon! I like it when we get to leave a few mins early...helps me beat the five o'clock traffic rush!

Have a great day, Red.

To everyone else, hope you are all doing well and will pop back in here for a few lines!!!

03-30-2005, 05:40 PM
Hi Shan! Don't scold me! :cry: Actually, NBK has jumped in on other threads to say yeah! Left them thinking, who's this?!! :lol: I spread myself too thin, but I try to catch up everywhere. Have four regular threads but I love this one always. Really, gotta run now. Out to the horse. Kind of got part of the medicine in the cat. Most of it not. Oh well. . . Won't have much time when I get home today before I run out but will try to catch up. Thanks for always posting long, shan! Ciao! :wave:

03-31-2005, 05:03 PM
Hello everyone, I hope that all is well. I finally had time to read and catch up with the posts over the weekend only to discover that I couldn't post :( All is going well on my end. I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I am up to an hour of cardio daily, but boy I am really seeing the results that I want. I will post again soon. I really missed you guys!

03-31-2005, 07:40 PM
Hi guys, hi sub, great going on the exercise. I was good yesterday with the exercise, then blew it at night with the eating. Damn! Was talking with a friend for 6 hours! and guess I was pissed at having "wasted" my entire evening and this morning because I had to sleep in and couldn't get to the gym or do any work now before having to rush out to work and today we're having a stupid symbolic strike for 30 mins. It sucks, this whole place (the paper) and the union and people's demands. But what sucks more is that the company is not listening. And then we all suffer together and we're not all in the same boat. I need money but I hate doing it for this company. At the same time I don't see myself being able to just up and quit. At the same time the publishers is piling work on me like a madman, and demanding it all is done NOW! But I am glad I have work. Really need the money. Rent's not paid yet. Having to borrow tons again. Gotta get ahead of this.
But, again, I am going to focus on what I CAN do and what I HAVE done. It really makes me feel better.
Yesterday, I turned down a ride from the riding club to the station, which is hard. I liked walking but one of the people had been insisting she give me a ride. It was nice. I liked talking to her but I realized what a big chunk of walking this was taking out of my day and I don't get much opportunity to do it. So I insisted on walking and you know, it was easier than I thought. Just goes to show you that a lot of it was ME! :)
OK, really, gotta run now.
Bye for now.
Hope to hear from you all. :wave:

04-01-2005, 10:21 AM
Hi, Red. Sorry you are having such a sucky time at work!! Maybe if you did more than thirty mins at a time on your strikes, you might be taken more seriously?

Great job on the walking! I wish things around here were closer so I could walk to them. Ironically, I would have to drive to a park to walk. How weird is that? Plus, it is POURING rain here! It has rained every day since Sunday! It uaually rains in the morning, and then clears off in the afternoon! It makes driving very dangerous, though.

I am taking a head cold or something. I just got over the last stuff three weeks ago and now I am trying to get sick again. I hate that. I haven't exercised in two days b/c my nose is so stopped up I can barely breath just sitting in my chair. Oh, well, maybe by Monday I can jump back on it!

Gotta go. Have a great day!

04-01-2005, 04:14 PM
Hi everyone! I hope that all is well. I think that everyone is doing great and I know that we are all serious or else we wouldn't be posting here. The weather is finally warming up and this week it actually got up to the mid 60's :dancer: but unfortunately tomorrow it will probably snow again :mad: This is my first week of an hour of cardio/stregnth training a day --four days done, only two to go. I have been walking 4 miles a day with the walk away the pounds program. I probably sound like a crazy woman when I tell everyone about this program. IT WORKS, you just have to be consistent and do it at least 4 times a week. I brought a new pair of size 14 jeans two weeks ago and they are loose...I will be in a size 12 sooner than I thought. My new mini-goal next week is to walk at least 5 miles three times next week. Although my scale hasn't budged in the last two weeks, my waist and stomach have come down almost an inch and a half. I would also recommend a book called Thinwalking too. It's short, sweet, and humorous all the while explaining the science behind why walking works (the author lost over a 100 pounds) in layman's terms. My cousin and I regularly switch our WATP tapes and DVD's for variety. My cousing recently spent 300 dollars having all of her clothes tailored because they were too big. I know I sound like a WATP fanatic but it has been one of the only things things that has worked for me as I do not have time to go to the gym everyday. In the mean time my legs have gotten toned and muscular too. I recently ran into a friend that I haven't seen in four months and he couldn't believe how different I look. Previously I tried the Slim in Six Series but it was **** on my knees and I found that since I couldn't get through the first DVD I quit. These tapes have been a great help since we were buried in snow all winter and I don't own a pair of cross country skis or showshoes :lol: Before I started the program I felt like the laziest person in the world, but not anymore. I hope that this post has been a help. I would like to pose a question though: What was the turning point in your life that made you decide to lose weight?

04-01-2005, 05:47 PM
Good morning all. I have been sleeping in these days and not doing much of anything before it's time to leave for work. Well, this morning I decided to get my butt out of here a bit earlier and walk some again. That had been helping and it stops me thinking of a fat slob, which is what my current image of myself has become and that is hurting me more than ever. Last night, when I went to bed, I started doing a couple crunches and I thought, this is fun, it feels good, and I realized that it wasn't the exercise I was hating, it was the not exercising. They say with yoga that the best thing about it is that you get back in touch with your body and I think that's what I want. I want to be in touch with my body again, haven't been for a few months now, actually longer. The sitting at the computer, the riding, these do not put me in touch with my body. It's strange, but riding is about keeping your body still, which though it does use muscle tone incredibly, I think causes you to lose touch with your body. You have to be like turning into a statue in order to become one with the horse. Anyhow, if I can catch up here, well, whether I do or not! I'm going to get out and walk before work. Yesterday I hooked on the pedometer and did 15,000 steps, which is a fair amount. My pack was heavy and I hate that anymore because my feet are hurting and going numb but I got off the train a stop early and walked. I would have made it two but there were too many people in front of me and the door and the decision was too slow and the doors closed. ;)

shanberg -- thanks for your concern. you're always so sweet to comment on things i write, the rants and the whines, the moans and the groans. The strike was fun actually, and I was doing some important talking to the others. We had a good crowd, must have been most of the workers. Of course it doesn't hurt the company at this stage, only us, but we were hoping to do this as a show of goodwill, a warning before we escalated. The management, well, the guys in those positions, not that they do anything that even vaguely resembles "managing," don't have a clue. I urged a meeting to tell it to them straight that we have options and we are going to choose one or all, so they better give us an offer. You know, I am always amazed at how people will participate but will really do very little on their own, won't talk, won't come up with ideas. Well, I guess there are leaders and there are followers and together we form a working whole.

shan, driving to the park to walk is not weird. If it means you'll be walking as opposed to not walking, then by all means, do it. It's no different from driving to a mall or a gym or a pool. Do it! But yes, in the rain, is no fun. And you have to take care of yourself. Hope you get better soon and that this stuffy nose doesn't get worse. Could it be hay fever? That is very big here this time of year, from the cedar trees.

princess (i realized this was a better way to shorten you name than "sub!" sorry ;) ) -- glad to hear that the weather is becoming a bit more conducive to exercise, but with snow in the forecast, that's kind of a bummer. This kind of weather makes it easy to get sick so take care of yourself! You are doing great with the walk and strength training. It doesn't sound at all crazy to me, not one bit. Who would think it's crazy, maybe some people who NEED to be doing it! Yes, I would think it would work, especially if you are keeping your eating in check. And hurrah for the loose size 14s! :cp: Doesn't that feel great?! :yes: I'm so happy for you! Don't concern yourself with the scale. That's not what it's about, well, there are more things that it's about and you're on the right path! Keep it up. I, too, have decided to get walking back into my life. I used to do so much but because I have less and less time I haven't been walking. So, I'm going to just schedule it into to my day and make sure I do it. I guess I used to do so much unconscious exercising and then I was unconsciously NOT doing it and thus I gained a ton of fat! But, now, I'm going to make a conscious effort to put the exercise back in my day and get this stuff OFF of me! Good question about the turning point and losing weight! I lost weight so much and so often and gained it back so much that I can't say if there was a real turning point but I suppose it was when I first came to Japan, over 20 years ago. There was a small gym near where I lived, a bodybuilding real little hardcore place. I started going there, don't ask me what brought me into it! and the trainer, and that was all free, was so nice and encouraging. He walked me through everything and since I had loads of time on my hands I started going every day. It wasn't hard, it was something to do and I started seeing a change in my body. I suppose it was that, seeing that yes, it could be done, it gave me hope, whereas before I had become somehow paralyzed into a state of despair. So, that's what I'm trying to do now again. Focusing on what I did that was good for me and moved me toward my goals is helping to give me hope again.

Crime girl
04-02-2005, 12:45 AM
Okay so I have been lurking for the last week regularly and I am now FINALLY ready to get back on that "weight loss horse" and try to ride another round until I fall off again and the horse walks over me. ;)
Tomorrow morning I start anew again! I will make time for this board and I will make time for exercise. I will stop eating crap that makes me feel bad. I have convinced myself I have no time so I am not making time to do what I need to! Just wanted to get that out.
Besides that realization- I am currently sitting in my living room and it is full of boxes of books for the big move in May. Still no job and no idea where I am going but that is just the way it goes. I am going to try to look at it as an adventure and get over the drama. I just get so discouraged because I have not heard from people I have put resume in with and it has been 2 weeks. Everyone keep telling me to chill out but of course that doesn't help. Anyway- can't control that so not going to try to. I will just keep putting resumes in everyday until something works.

Sorry I have missed so much on the board. I will try to keep up from this point forward. I am not going to go back and read so I may ask some stupid questions for awhile until I fully catch up. C'est la vie!
I hope you are all doing well! I am so happy you all stayed on and kept things going. My heart felt thanks!

On a bad note- I found out today that a woman I use to work with who retired almost exactly a year ago has lung cancer. It was so depressing! I hate that for her. What a thing to deal with in retirement. :(

Okay- I am rambling because I am exhausted. Let me know how you guys are doing and what's going on , would you? How is work Red? What about this program that you are having such success on princess- how does it work?
Shan- how are you??

I must get some sleep so I will signoff for now. I will get on tomorrow and Sunday we will get a new board. I will also try to get the "question of the day" going again although I will tell you - it will not be everyday.

I missed you guys!

04-02-2005, 07:09 AM
Crime girl wrote: [I am now FINALLY ready to get back on that "weight loss horse" and try to ride another round until I fall off again and the horse walks over me.]

OUCH, Crime girl!! More than ouch. We can't have any horses walking over you, OK?! :rofl:

Good to have you back! :cp: :cheer: I missed you too! Try, try again! It is so good you are showing the courage to try again. :sunny: Tell me about the no time! I have been the same but I am sick of it, absolutely sick of it and what's more, my legs are going numb and I think it's from poor circulation because I'm also sitting and working. Besides, it's simply not healthy sitting all the time. So, for the past two days I have hooked on the pedometer. Today I had over 22,000 steps! Hurrah! At times there were days there where I had barely registered 3,000 and I think they were NOT rare. Enough! I can always make time to walk. I don't know about you CG but maybe you can do something too.

I'm so very sorry to hear about your co-worker, or ex-co-worker. How horrible. Does she have any hope of recovery, I wonder. My mother died of cancer so I know what it's like to be with someone with cancer. There is so much more hope these days though. Don't give up yet.

As for work, much of the same. It's pathetic, really. I ignore all of management and am quite disrespectful to my immediate bosses. Only the other foreigners, who treat others like a member of a team, which we are, get my respect, though it's done (by everyone) with lots of joking around. I have gotten other work from a publisher and the usual bits and pieces from elsewhere but I think I am still earning less than I spend. I don't even know. Must get my head out of the sand.

I ride and riding is my everything really. I think I had a breakthrough last week (last lesson) and I am excited about this. Heidi-chan, what a tough little mare!

Well, got to go. Hope to see you in here regularly. Maybe your coming back will bring back some of our old regulars. Maybe you could PM them and get them in here, grasshopper, stormy, they never show up anymore, although stormy stayed longer. NBK has been scarce but still with us. Shan, doinmybest, subpreme and myself have stuck around the most I think. Sorry if I missed anyone. Please come in and chat! :wave:

Crime girl
04-02-2005, 12:12 PM
Hi everyone!! It is a nice cool and windy day in Florida today! I love when it cools off here and I can finally breathe again!

Thanks for the encouragement- I am trying to be realistic and realize I can't be perfect all the time with weight loss. I think I get in my head it is all or nothing and that is not true. I need to teach myself that every little bit I do helps. If I fall- get back up and get back on the program. ;)
Sounds like you are doing great with walking. I have a pedometer and never use it. I think I will strap it on today and see if I can get to 10,000 steps. You are doing twice that so BRAVO! :bravo: Great job! Keep that up!
I know what you mean about your legs feeling tired- I feel like that all over because I don't get enough exercise. I get sick easily and feel rundown all the time. I am really sick of that! I can be so stupid sometimes- I know exercise will help but I still skip it in my day thinking I dont have time. The funny thing is that I crash at some point in the day and lose time dragging around feeling bad. If I would just exercise I could skip this step in the day and gain time. Must put exercise mantra in my head!
I am so happy things are going good with Heidi. You always sound so happy and optomisitic when you talk about riding and even though the cost is great to you- I think Heidi is a great thing. Have you been learning new moves on her? Is your instructor seeing your progress?
As for you jobs- I am sorry you are still having a hard time of it. You are trooping on and that is what will count in the end. Are you staying in at nights more? or still going out with the boys?
By the way- I will take your advice and PM grass and stormy and see if I can get them to come back. I feel so responsible for them leaving. It was like I gave up so they did too. I will miss them if they don't come back!

Okay- well I better go! I need to eat some lunch and get writing on my paper. I am glad to be back! I have missed all of you!

04-02-2005, 03:41 PM
Here are a few facts that I found on the American Obesity Association's website. I think that they will keep you motivated. The National Weight Control Registry keeps a database of people that have lost 30 pounds or more and have kept it off. Here are just a few of the responses given by participants in a survey.

91 percent had tried to lose weight before
92 percent exercised at home, 40.3 percent exercised regularly with a friend, and 31.3 percent exercised regularly with a group
89 percent changed their diets and increased physical activity (10 percent used diet modification only and one percent used activity only)
77 percent said a medical or emotional event triggered weight loss
42.7 percent described losing weight as hard, 31.4 percent as moderately hard, and 25.7 percent as easy
44.2 percent limited the quantities of food they ate
87.6 percent limited some type or class of food (especially high-fat and high-calorie foods)

We are not alone in our struggles others have been where we are and sucessfully achieved their goals. I know that we can too :grouphug: I think that the hardest part is just being consistent. Many times I have fallen off the exercise wagon, but somehow I manage to get back on :dizzy: You guys are all a big help when I am feeling down and out and wallowing in self pity :stress: Remember, it is easy to exercise and hour a day than to try and control your appetite the whole day! Hope this post helped.

Crimegirl-- Good to see you back, don't worry about responses to your resume. A month's waiting time would be a dream here.The economy is so bad here it takes most people between one and three years to find the job that they want...the majority of my friends have moved out of state.

Red- Don't be so hard on yourself. You are by no means lazy-- look at how hard you work and the hours you put in. I think that you need a day of pampering, or at the very least schedule a day for you at least one a month to recharge and do whatever YOU want :smug:

04-02-2005, 04:38 PM
Heh guys, thanks for writing. Gotta run here. Morning and I have an earlier than usual lesson.
Pope watch at work these past few days. Sad, isn't it?

Crime girl -- yes, you can do this and you ARE doing it. Just being in here again is part of it too you know. Our challenges are all like germinating seeds. Just because there is nothing showing above ground doesn't mean very important things aren't going on. Weight loss is the same. It's about mind changes really, where it has to start if you want to make REAL, LASTING change. And that you can't see, not usually. So, good intentions and such are crucial.

Princess -- thanks for your words. I know, I guess I'm not lazy, but still, I am in certain aspects of my life. It's hard getting it ALL together. But I have to if i want to see progress, right? I am learning to forget the failures and praise the success, HOWEVER small! ;)

Gotta run. Hope to hear from more of you!!

Crime girl
04-03-2005, 10:45 AM
Howdy everyone!!
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