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03-05-2005, 07:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
Just peeking in to say "hi" and see if anyone had started a new thread. Beth and Maddy came yesterday afternoon. My house was clean and picked up but now there are crumbs, smears, and cat fur all over! Spring must be on the way judging from the way the cats are shedding.

Hope your day is going well!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-07-2005, 09:00 AM
Good Monday Morning!

We had a nice weekend, though we didn't do much. Kelly called Saturday morning and asked if I would go with her to see the Lemony Snicket movie at the cheap theater so we did. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We left after an hour. It as like having a root canal. We have read the books and the movie is very far short, so far short, that even if you didn't read the books the movie would be bad! I just came home and we dragged out the grill and cooked pork chops and garlic corn on the cob.

I think I am going to start the Body For Life program and see if I like it. I have to do something as I have gained weight from my lowest and I don't want it creeping up. The fat and cal is just not keeping with me so I am going to try this program. It is more for people with less to lose and more of a body image thing, but that doesn't mean I can't lose weight and make myself more fit than I am now. I could care less about looking buff, I just don't want to be fat!

It was so warm here yesterday that we had to turn the fan on in the bedroom last night. Course I am in my hot flash phase of the month so I am hot on and off all the time! :)

I will pop in this afternoon and see if any of you all have posted


03-07-2005, 07:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's a sunny but chilly day in my corner of the world. At 35 degrees it feels more like the beginning of winter than the end. I won't complain though, because the weatherman said we would be getting rain and snow today. Boy was he ever wrong! :D

"Gma" -- I've not heard of the Body for Life program. Let me know how you like it. Our newspaper is having a series of articles on dieting and weight loss which started yesterday. I'm not sure if you can get it online but I would think so since it is a front page item. So far the gist of it is that diets don't work. DUH! I turned my electric blanket on last night! :lol: I preheat the bed and turn it off when I crawl in. I must have had a cat sleeping next to me because I remember being hot and sticking my feet out to cool off. I was tired after spending the weekend with Beth and Maddy. We took her to church and she wouldn't settle down -- she kept wanting to crawl from her mother, to me, and on to Grandpa then back again. So when it was time for the sermon, Beth got up to take her out. As she's walking down the aisle, Maddy is waving and saying, "bye bye" to one and all. There were a few snickers and lots of smiles. We had to serve coffee between services and several asked why she had to leave because she is so good. :rolleyes: Ian and Jason came over for lunch while Amanda stayed home with the "crud" that she can't seem to get rid of. They had a good time playing outside.

Not much else is newsy that I can think of. Hope your day has been a good one!
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-08-2005, 09:34 AM
morning everybody!

It is BRRRRRRR here this morning. It was near 70 yesterday! Sheesh, no wonder everyone is sick. I feel for Amanda as it still has tinges in my nose and that is almost a month ago since I got sick. The stuff does hang on.

I got my last spring cleaning room 99% done! WOOHOO! Jack just has to put up the new curtain rods for me tonight and help me move the vanity in there. I have an antique vanity that was my grandmother's. My sister actually bought it for her dd when my grandpa died and they auctioned off all their stuff. She didn't really like it so passed it on to my other sister to "keep" for her and I eventually ended up with it when my sister bought a new house and it didn't "fit." I bet my niece has no idea where it is. Neither one of them wanted to be bothered with it but, it keeps me in touch with my grandma. In fact, I lived with them the last two years of high school and the vanity was in my room! It is more than likely worth a lot, but I could care less about that.

Jean: Do you remember I told you I got this great deal on these expensive pots and pans when we went to Nashville several weeks ago? Get this, my lid to my dutch oven doesn't fit! I made a roast last weekend and the darn thing won't fit on the pan. I tried all of them that I had to make sure, but no luck!

The Body for life isn't for the squeamish and it isn't easy exactly. I mean I was hungry between meals, but I guess I just need to hang on and let my stomach get used to less food at one sitting. The workouts are tough too, but I do the very best that I can with them. Today is aerobics day so I am on the treadmill today. I figure between that and cleaning the upstairs I should get a real workout.

Not much else going on here. Have a good day everybody


03-08-2005, 11:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was a sunny but cold in my corner of the world. It's 23 degrees and breezy as I type -- the weatherman said we'd get some snow tonight. I hope he's wrong again. Sometimes I think they just take a wild guess at what the weather might do.

MIL called yesterday and boy was she one po'd lady. We are talking about someone who NEVER swears and tries to find/say something good about everyone. She's about 5' tall, if that, so she isn't very big. Anyhow, she had been to the doctor to get her final checkup and release papers following her accident in November. It's the first time she has driven herself anywhere since the accident. She had planned to go home and hit a few golf balls before supper. On her way home, she was stopped at a stop sign and some young kid in a suburban rear ended her. Fortunately, she drives a big old Mercury so all it did to the car was jam the bumper and trunk lid so that it won't open. She said her back and neck were sore so the police officer told her to get checked out by her doctor . . . just what she wanted to do! DH called her back when he got home and she actually said "sob!" I could hear him laughing so hard. She definitely has someone up above watching out for her.

"Gma" -- I wish I had my spring cleaning done. Actually, I haven't spring cleaned everything for a number of years. I have way too much stuff! I do it in bits and pieces throughout the year. I have a friend who changes the curtains and bedspreads by the seasons. She also changes the knick knacky kind of stuff that sits around her house. I have the stuff, I just don't have the energy to keep changing things around. I'm sorry about your lid -- bummer! Is there any way to get a new one?

I need to decide what I am going to wear tomorrow and head for bed. Have a nice a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa

03-09-2005, 09:39 AM
Morning Jean! Since it is just the two of us most of the time now! :lol:

Unfortunately, I think it is the pot and not the lid that is messed up! Ah, well, you have to take the good with the bad I guess. It is not anything important enough to raise your bp over!

I have no idea what we will have for weather today. It seems to change by the hour. The furnace kicked on a couple times last night so it must have gotten cold as we keep it at 65 but it isn't too bad this morning.

I gave up the Body For Life. I looked at a nutritionist who rated all the better known diets (about 50 of them or so) and they said that is really isn't a good plan unless you are a serious bodybuilder and need to lose less than 50 lbs as it is really only a 12 week program. I decided to incorporate the good parts (the several small meals idea and eating every 3 hours or so) with my fat and cal stuff. I spent a couple hours yesterday making a meal guide and exercise guide where I can keep track of what I need to do each day ie weights or treadmill and how long and the meal one is a table to keep track of my calories and fat and water. I hope this helps me to stay on track better. I have 25 minutes of weights today. So far this AM I had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast and a glass of water. I had a breakdown last night and had chocolate oreos and don't even particularly like them! :lol:

Jean: Your poor MIL. She has been through the ringer, hasn't she? Hope her rearender didn't cause any more problems with her neck etc. My dd's husband's grandmother fell out of bed last Thurs at her nursing home (she is 94 I think) and they rushed her to the hospital. Her brain was swelling and they didn't think she would live through the night, but by Saturday she was back at the nursing home with just a big black eye. I am amazed at her strength. She has Alzheimer's and it is too bad because she is such a lovely lovely woman. Don't know how she ever produced such a prune as her dd! :lol:

Well, I need to clean downstairs today and get in my exercise

Have a good day


03-09-2005, 11:08 AM
It was so nice to see the sun this morning but the blue skies did nothing for the temperatures.....single numbers and the wind chilll....below zero. However, it is better than last night. We had another snowfall....6-8" and winds howling 30-40 mph. Thought the house would fall apart, it rattled so. We are told there is more to come Friday nite through Saturday. Now, didn't I read some where that Spring is just around the corner? :dizzy:

JEAN: Sorry to hear about your MIl. I hope she will recoup from this one quicker than the first. Your winter sounds like it has not been as snowy as ours and I always believed the mid-west had big snow storms. I am with you Jean, Spring Cleaning gets done very piece meal. If something yells at me to clean it then it gets done but I no longer do the house top to bottom as I used to.

Faye: I may have a solution to your pot problem. There are pot covers that are sort of 'universal'. They are flat but have indentations at various diameters around the cover that corrispond to a variety of pot sizes. Like one size fits all. I have one for a large pot that never had a cover that fit before. I saw them at Kohl's department store.l I don't know if you have Kohl's where you are but I'll bet Target has them.

Gloria in MA....staying warm and looking for that elusive Spring.

03-09-2005, 11:17 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's a chilly 30 degrees in my corner of the world; the sun just went awol late this afternoon. We are supposed to get some rain tonight but only a 20% chance so I doubt if we do. With the lower temps. we may get some ice and then snow, who knows?

We had some excitement at school today. Right after the second hour class started, the office announced that there was a test being conducted and no one was to leave the classrooms for any reason until further notice. Of course that caused some unrest amongst the troops and all kinds of stories/rumors started. In the end we found out that there were drug dogs searching lockers and they did find drugs. I still don't know what prompted the search; usually the office will announce a locker maintenance check during vacations and for the students to have the excess junk cleared out.

"Gma" -- I've heard/read that eating several small meals throughout the day is a good plan. My only problem is that I can't really eat during the day while I'm in the classroom. I can sneak Cheerios, one at a time, but that's about it. I've just about decided to go with the "diets don't work" theory, try to watch portion size, and get back to walking. :cp: It seems like the harder I try not to eat, the more I want to eat. That is just nuts! :crazy:

Gloria -- How nice to see you tonight! :yes: It sounds like you are having the winter weather that we normally get. The last couple years have been very mild and this year there really hasn't even been any snow to speak of. We had a few days where the temperature hovered around 0 but that didn't last long.

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday! Do something nice for yourself!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

03-10-2005, 09:24 AM
Good morning girls!

Gloria: Great to hear from you and thanks for the tip on the pot lid. We DO have a Kohls here so I will check. BRRRR, I would not want to be you! I heard you guys got dumped on pretty good and that more is coming. It is really really foggy and chilly this morning but supposed to be near 60 by afternoon.

Jean: I guess it is the best way to catch the people doing drugs. Of course, it makes it hard for you guys as the students want to know what is going on or try and get out of the class just to see if they can. Funny how chewing gum was the big nono when we were in school isn't it? You know, several of my classmates drank (you could go to Mich and get beer if you were 18 and Indiana is 21) but none of my friends did and at our overnight parties there weren't boys or booze just food and music and nuttiness even when I was a senior. Of course, by that time Jack was in the picture so I really only was with him on the weekends (well every other weekend actually!) Can you imagine a man (he was 22) being so besotted with you that he would drive 18 hours one way to see you every other weekend and then back again on Sun? He worked until midnight on Frid then drove all night and got to my house on Sat afternoon, spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday and left Sunday night around 9 PM and drove all night and went back to work at 4 PM on Monday. Poor man did that for a whole year and didn't even get sex! :o Those were the days before we did that sort of thing as Cedric the Entertainer says, "willy nilly." :lol: He put 44,000 miles on a brand new car in one year just coming to see me.

I have done half my treadmill already and am waiting until 8 to eat a bite of breakfast and then get the other half done. Jack gets off at 10:30 this morning as he has an eye dr appt this afternoon. I guess city employees can take up to 6 hours every 90 days without it counting against their sick days. They get the hours taken off their sick time, but it doesn't affect their bonus day thing.

Anyway, better get to it as he will be back home in a few hours time.


03-10-2005, 06:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is raining/snowing here with 45 mph winds! Maybe we will have a snow day yet! I could use a 3 day weekend all to myself. Much as I love having Maddy here for the weekend, I sure don't get anything done.

"Gma" -- WOW! Jack must have been in love to drive 18 hours, stay a few hours, and drive 18 hours back again. I'd have trouble staying awake I think. Of course DH says I'm asleep before we get backed out of the driveway! :lol: That's not always the case but I can fall sleep in the car pretty fast. When we were in college we could go over the border to South Dakota and drink beer at 18. The only problem was that the cops were watching the bridge and would stop cars as they came back around midnight. I didn't like beer so drank Coke and drove home for the rest.

I need to do a couple loads of laundry so better get moving. I don't know why but the hamper was full yesterday; I accused DH of changing clothes twice a day this week!

Have a nice evening . . . it is Survivor night . . . and have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa where the weather isn't so nice this afternoon!

03-11-2005, 08:32 AM
Morning gals!

Jean: The wind that was sweeping into your part of the country yesterday is here today. I went to take trash out to the can just on the patio this AM and almost ended up showing my tush and my tootahs when the wind took my nightshirt! :o

Well the President is in Memphis today to talk about SS. I am not sure why he came here as Memphis is big time democratic, but it was interesting to see all the brouhaha surrounding a president coming to town. We were out and about yesterday afternoon about the time he was supposed to arrive and about ever 2 miles on the interstate was a cop. I want to go see him as I am a big supporter, but couldn't get tickets, so I guess there are more Republicans here than I thought! :lol:

Brother listen to this. Jack had an eye doctor's appt today and wanted to go back into glasses because he didn't like wearing contact lenses. He wears bifocals, and wanted transition lenses for sunglasses. We HAVE vision insurance, the frames he picked out were totally covered and it still cost us $300! I had budgeted for $200 so now my budget is mucked up and I have to go back and work on it again to add the extra money in. I couldn't believe it. I almost collapsed and he put his original frames back and got another cheaper pair or it would have cost nearly $400! If we had to pay totally out of pocket it would have cost us nearly $500 for a pair of bifocals for him! He kept apologizing but I told him to forget it at least we know from now on how much it is going to cost us for glasses. I have to go and get contacts in April, but it is cheaper than glasses. I found the MOST adorable glasses for me. I am staying in contacts, but man were these glasses cute. They were little tiny rectangles and they were red! Jack said I looked sexy in them. WOOHOO maybe I should go back to glasses! lol

I am so proud of myself. Yesterday we went out for lunch and dinner and I had a salad for lunch and grilled chicken salad for dinner and didn't finish my dinner salad, though I did eat all the chicken out of it, didn't eat the biscuits or crackers, and didn't order the chocolate cake! woohoo!

I guess I should get my weights done as you are not supposed to eat for about an hour before or an hour after working out and I usually eat now around 7 or so.

Have a good weekend everybody in case I don't get back in here


03-11-2005, 07:25 PM
Happy Friday!
I'm in a bad mood and shouldn't even be posting but here goes. It was another crazy day at school. "They" rearranged the last period of the day for me -- GRRRRRR -- I used to have a study hall of one student while the other teacher had a math class of one student. It worked out great because I could go make copies with her in the room and she could leave to touch base with other teachers, do lesson plans, etc. while I covered for her. Well, today we got a gang wannabe back who was sent away in Sept. Why, they let him come back so close to the end of the school year is beyond me. He has been added to the math class while I inherited two of the laziest, "do nothings," from the big study hall because all they wanted to do was sleep. Duh, that's what they want to do with me too. Now I get to nag them the whole hour instead of getting my own stuff done. Today I ignored them until they sprawled all over the desks thinking they were going to sleep. I finally told them I would have them stand up if they didn't sit upright and look busy. One has piercings all over his head and who knows where else; I just want to tell him how absolutely ridiculous he looks. I am more than ready for the weekend!

I had big plans to get alot of things done this weekend. When I got home DH wanted to know if we could babysit Ian tomorrow while his mom works and his dad does a sheriff's reserve duty. I bought tickets to a Belgian waffle breakfast from the school music department and was looking forward to that. No wonder I don't get anything done around here!

"Gma" -- It's still cold and windy here today -- no sun either. :( Wow! My last pair of glasses were a little over $100; we get a 15% discount because we belong to Farm Bureau. I also wear contacts but need the glasses for reading. I tried bifocal contacts but couldn't read music with them so returned them. Aren't you glad you don't have to buy glasses on a weekly basis? How come Jack doesn't want his contacts any longer? My regular glasses are so thick that I told the optometrist I would be wearing contacts until I couldn't put them in and take them out any longer. :lol: I've worn them (hard ones) since 1963. Way to go on your lunch choices yesterday! :D

I need to get started on the laundry if we are going to be gone tomorrow. I hope you all have a nice evening and a great weekend.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-13-2005, 08:15 AM
Good morning!

Jean: Just remember you will be rewarded in glory someday for what you put up with at school to try and help kids! We had a glorious day here, almost 80 degrees. It is supposed to cool down at least 20 degrees today though. On top of the expense of the glasses, we got called yesterday that the frames he picked out were mislabeled and we would have to pay another $84 out of pocket. Like I said, this place is in MS so a good half hour drive. I fumed the whole time about it but behaved myself when I got there. He picked out another pair (which I don't think look right on him or are big enough, but they are his choice) and then he went with me to the commissary because if I had taken him back home, I would have been gone alllllllll day!

I had a good day eating until afternoon then blew it, but I guess there is always today. I have to get this weight off and don't know why I am so stupid!

We watched a couple good movies last night, the Alamo with Billy Bob Thornton and I watched I,Robot (Will Smith) and really really liked it. I thought it might be weird, but I thought it was really good. I think I told you we belong to Netflix so I get to watch a lot of movies. Jack has a dvd burner program so we burn copies of ones we want to watch over and over. I also burn copies of children's stuff for Thomas. Just did the Spongebob movie.

I got a call yesterday morning from my dd asking if everything was alright. She had been in Savannah all week training for her new job. I said, yes, why? She said to me well you didn't go. I said, huh? and she said, to grandparents day at T's school. Man, I was so upset. I had promised him I would go. So, she asked him a few minutes later if he wanted to talk to me and he said yes. Here's is the very first sentence: "Nonny, why didn't you come to grandparents day yesterday you promised?" That really upset me and I told him I was very very sorry that I forgot and would he forgive me. He said yes, but I have this big guilt thing now. I so wanted to go too!

Well, I need to check on some laundry. Have a nice Sunday.


03-13-2005, 04:26 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's another cold day in my corner of the world but the sun is shining brightly. We went to early church; the bells played without any noticeable mistakes and several in the congregation commented that we sounded good. One more "performance" and we are done until fall. Later this afternoon we are going to Jason's in-laws and then on to an Irish stew church supper with them. I've never been to one so it will be interesting. The entertainment is an Irish group from Minneapolis.

Not much else is newsy -- I need to finish the last load of laundry. I ironed last night so that is caught up for the week.

"Gma" -- I would take a "60" degree day and be thrilled right about now. I have been cold all day and I don't know why. I'm dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans plus the furnace is humming away. Guess I'll go make a cup of hot tea when I finish posting. That is too bad you forgot about T's grandparent's day at school. :( I can imagaine how upset you are and that he was disappointed too. I have gotten so that I put sticky notes on my cupboard doors and/or on the dashboard of the car, for things I need to make sure I don't forget. I've even been known to staple reminders to my car key ring if it something I need to do on my way home from school. Sometimes I think I have way too many things to keep track of! I just realized I host card club a week from tomorrow night and I was thinking I still had two weeks. I need to figure out what I'm fixing for food and get busy. Oh well, what doesn't get done, doesn't get done and no one will notice, I'm sure!

I hope you are enjoying your day today! Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-14-2005, 09:50 AM
Morning everybody!

Boy I should never sleep in. I had this horrible nightmare that my house was not cleaned( and you know for me that is mental hospital time anyway) and these two guys show up to my house with a clipboard and 2 police officers saying I have to leave immediately because of unpaid taxes on the property. Jack is at work and it is time for me to go get him, I have this nutty old lady neighbor in the house wandering around. It was weird and disturbing. I frequently have what I call stability dreams where for some reason or another I have something that disturbs my well-being, ie Jack getting laid off, this house one, his pay not showing up at the bank and we have no money etc where my stability is threatened in some way. I know it goes back to my childhood and what we had to endure during Jack's years in the Navy. Just when I think I have adjusted and I feel "safe" so to speak, something happens to cause a tremor. I think it is the fact of the mayor firing so many city workers in the last month and a problem we are having with the condo that we can't figure out if it is the one just vacated or something we have to take care of. I can be fragile emotionally and I think my hormones right now are really wacked. Up until Feb I still had a regular female cycle but for lack of better words am late about 3 weeks. That doesn't freak me out but make me happy actually as I am hoping maybe I am in the menopause home stretch so to speak, but I am feeling jittery and shaky and I got into this huge fight with Jack yesterday morning over a comment he made regarding a book I am reading! It was ridiculous! We rarely fight and I was very upset when I had calmed down that I had made such an issue of it as it was really nothing. I figure that is probably what triggered this one, but it makes the whole day icky.

It is really chilly again today. Can't believe we were sitting in shorts on our deck on Sat eating dinner and I am now back in a fleecy nightshirt.

Jean: How did the Irish stew service go? Sounds interesting and I enjoy Irish music. In fact, there is an Irish pub in the hotel we are staying at in Vegas and I am anxious to go in there and hear the bands. I hate beer and rarely drink so I guess I will be spending $3 apiece for a diet coke! :lol: I have to call the Flamingo hotel box office and find out if Frankie Valli is going to be there while we are there. We had planned on 2 shows, one of which are those two magic nuts Penn and Teller (Jack thinks they are funny) and a Cirque de Soleil show (the cheapest one in town and that still will cost us about $200), but if he is in town Jack promised we could axe the Mystere show and go see the band. The hotel says he won't be there on their website but two other websites say he will so I am calling the hotel directly today. Of course, they don't have an 800 number I have to pay! :lol:

I guess I had better get a move on. Today is clean the upstairs day and I have weights to do today besides. I had an awful eating weekend so I have to get cracking with that.