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03-03-2005, 03:01 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

I had an idea that it would be fun to start a forum or club for those of us that enjoy riding motorcycles and are also working towards weight loss goals. Even if you ride behind someone, are learning to ride, experienced motorcyclists, or just plain enjoy motorcycles. I thought that we could discuss some of our favorite rides as well as work towards goals together.

A little about me... I am 28 and just learning to ride a motorcylce. I bought a 1985 Honda Rebel 250 in October and have only practiced a few times on it. I had never been on one until this past summer. My then-fiance took me on a test drive on a Harley he was interested in. I loved it! In June we got married and by the end of June he found a '03 Harley Softtail to buy. We do dinner runs with friends of ours that ride (the wife rides a bike, too). We also have "rallies" in a small town an hour from our home where bikers from all over the area ride to and shop at booths and view the bikes. I started thinking that it would be fun to try to ride my own. I havent taken the MSF class yet, but I am hoping to this summer or fall.

As far as weight loss...I have a lot to lose and I dont want to take the MSF until I feel more comfortable with my weight. I have been up and down the scale for the past 2 years. I was once 315, then got down to 190 and started gaining once again when I met my hubby. I am working to get it off and have tried many things. For me, I am finding that exercise and counting calories/fat work good for me.

I hope to get some responses from others that enjoy riding and to have a place to chat and support each other. Even though the title says "Chicks"... anyone is welcome to post.

Have a great day!

03-03-2005, 04:39 PM
Hi Rebel,

My name is Star, I'm old and learned how to ride in 1970 on a Truimph. Hubby and I had a Rebel in the 80's and about 3 years ago I bought my own Harley Dyno Low Rider. I took the MSC then and think it is a great class for eveyone to take (men and women). although there were like 90 percent chicks in my class.

Dear husband has the Harley Ultra Classic. Summer before last we went to the Harley 100 anniversary in Milwaukee, it was awesome. We are members of the Hog Chapter, local and national. We also do dinner rides, rides with friends and charity rides. We have property up north and like to ride up there too, matter of fact our bikes are up there right now.

About weight loss, my high was at one time 216, now I'm in the mid 160's and my goal is 150. Got married in 2003 at the Palace during a Pistons BB Game, in our biker clothes. BTW, my leather pants are too big for me now.....Most recently I was doing LA Weight Loss, but have just started doing my own thing; portion control, healthy choices and exercise.

Waiting for nice weather to hit Michigan......hurry, hurry, hurry......

03-03-2005, 05:43 PM
Hi Star!

It's great to see you here! I am really excited about taking the motorcycle class. I was really hoping to take it this spring, but to be quite honest I was wanting to be smaller sized and more familiar with a motorcycle. I am going to take the class for sure, at some point. As I get to practicing more I may ask you some of the things that they test over so that I can have a little more knowledge before the class starts.

I think that would be so much fun to take a longer road trip on the bike and especially going to the 100th anniversary must have been incredible. We have only gone about 2-3 hours from home, but we're hoping to do some mroe traveling this summer. We had thought about joining HOG, but wasnt sure if you had to have a brand new Harley in order to do so. The place where Dh works at had formed a motorcycle club this past fall, but no one has done meetings during the winter, so I am hoping that we will continue to be involved in that. We did Toys for Tots this year (my 1st time) and that was wonderful. I cant wait to do some poker runs and other charities as well.

That must have been so cool to get married at the Pistons game and in leathers! That's really unique. I am glad that they are too big for you now...just means you get to do some shopping this year!! Yeah! LOL. Congratulations on the weight loss! Are you happy with your bike? Want to do any work on it? I want a new paint job on my little Rebel. Maybe purple? Hmm...

03-03-2005, 05:52 PM
If you pm me with you e-mail address I will send you a pic of my bike. Don't know how to post it on here. My bike is like a candy apple red color and all fixed up with alot of extras,it was my husbands bike before we got married. I bought that he and got a bigger one. The Dyna Low Rider is a good size for a girl, better than a Sportster. You would probably feel better on a bigger bike too.
We do toys for tots too. And the polar bear runs, etc. About joining the Hog Chapter, they are different everywhere, some places you have to have a Harley (since HOG is Harley Owners Group) and in other clubs you don't, Just check with your local chapter. It was funny, a girl rode with our Hog group and she had some other bike not a Harley, well you know what>? She won a brand new Harley in a drawing.....lucky girl!
The classes are really easy and your on real small bikes, that are more like Spree's, you almost can't mess up. I'm sure you will ace it.

03-04-2005, 01:14 AM
Dh took the Harley out for a ride today... I was in the middle of exercising, so I didn't go with him. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here. In the 60's and I heard tomorrow is supposed to be as warm if not warmer. I think on Saturday I will wash off the Rebel and take her for a spin around the block (weather permitting).

Food wise I did really good and I got my 20 min jog in. We decided to eat at Subway for supper and then went to play pool. Since it was so nice out I just wanted to get out of the house!

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday and to have the weekend to relax, have fun, and grill out! I found a yummy honey lime grilled chicken recipe that I may have to try out.

Star...that girl in your HOG club sure was lucky to win the bike! That would be so great. Your bike sounds beautiful and a I cant wait to see the pic. Honestly, I was thinking that when I move up in bikes to go for a Sportster, but now I am really re-thinking that after hearing about the low rider. Tell me about your Rebel...did it look like a mini Harley? Mine really does. It's black, I have saddlebags on it, and it a 2 seater. I keep teasing Dh into riding on the back of it with me, but he won't go for that. LOL! This thread is really pumping me up to get myself in the shape I want to be in to ride!

03-05-2005, 08:38 PM
Hi everyone,

My name is Donna. I am 35, married, and have 2 children. I have been riding for about 5 years now. I am currently riding a 2000 Honda Magna, 750cc. It is a cruiser, and I like to call it my HarleyWannaBe. My first bike was a 1993 Yamaho Virago that my dad gave me. I actually still have that bike, but the engine is bad. My hubby likes to ride as well, but I am the only one with a running bike right now, even though he owns like 5!!! As I mentioned in another thread, I belong to a Christian Motorcycle group called Hogs In Ministry (HIM).

As far as my weight loss goals are concerned, I am currently at 250lbs (there, I said it). My highest weight was 262lbs. My goal is 180. I have yo-yoed too much over the last few years. I have lost 10lbs since January. I have been doing E-diets and Discovery Health Channel National Body Challenge. The challenge ends next Saturday, and I am not sure if I am going to continue on E-diets or join Weight Watchers. I must continue to do something. Truth be told, this is probably my last attempt at a diet. If this doesn't work, I am going to consult a Bariatric surgeon.

So anyway, it was nice to meet you all. I look forward to getting to know everyone.


03-05-2005, 08:54 PM
Hi rebelgirl and Donna (we were posting at the same time!) and Star! (Star - "I'm old" - :rofl: you're hotter than you know, girl! :devil: )

I'm 44, and have been riding for three seasons. I just got the strong urge to ride my own three years ago. My husband totally supported me. I learned basics with him, and had about 1000 miles under my belt before I took the MSF course, which was a wonderful experience. Incidentally in our class, we had about equal chicks n dudes :lol:

We had about $5000 to play with, and decided to just outright buy my bike, an '02 Honda Shadow 600. It is a great chick bike :lol: low seat height, low center of gravity, great to learn on. I'd like something with more oomph now, but it's still fine (budget-wise, we can't do a new bike for me this year) . but my mechanic told me that with new pipes and Stage 1 kit, he could help me get some more hp.

My motorcycle helped (helps) me to lose weight! We know we want to look good on these machines...because EVERYONE looks at a chick on a bike. And to be encased in black leather, black heeled boots, black gauntlet gloves, sunglasses, and vivid lipstick...dayum :devil: And having muscular strength helps with your stamina, when you ride long.

I've done two road trips - to St. Louis in 2003 (about 3000 miles, one week) and last year, to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week (also about 3000, one week). I LOVE road trips, but no camping for us - it's a cheap hotel with hot water and clean sheets after 400 mile days!

And last year, our trip to Laconia was like 36 hours :D I couldn't take more than one day off work, so we left here Friday about 5:00 pm, arrived by Lake Winnepesaukee about 8:00 pm, enjoyed the day there Sat. and Sat. evening, then rode back Sunday morning, for me to arrive at work early Sunday afternoon...whew!

Winter is ROUGH for us...we don't have snowmachines, so it's a LONG time from late November to late March, for no riding.

I ride as much as possible, when the time comes. I'm lucky that I'm able to use the bike for work commuting, and it's a beautiful 56 miles round trip, on roads that people come to Vermont to vacation on :D And I use it for errands, limited grocery shopping,visiting, whatever. Last year I put on 19,173 miles!!!! hoo-eee!!

I'm glad that each year more women are getting into riding. It is AWESOME as all of us know ;)

I also have a hard time posting pics here, with the size limitations..and I have a hard time remembering how to resize, so also, if anyone wants to see pics, I have tons...but I'd have to email them.

I've seen Star's bike (from pic) - suh-weet! :smoking:

looking forward to talking bikes!

03-05-2005, 09:43 PM
Winter is ROUGH for us...we don't have snowmachines, so it's a LONG time from late November to late March, for no riding.

I soooo feel you there. I am counting the days until spring comes.

Last year I got started early, I was so excited to be riding and then in May I broke my leg. I was sooo bummed to spend most of the riding season on crutches. My cast came off in July, but I wasn't able to start riding again until some time in August. What a loooonnnnggggg season it was last year, I felt like it just got started when it ended.

03-07-2005, 12:00 PM
Good morning ladies!

I am so awful about posting on weekends. Seems that they go by so fast and there's so much to do.

Donna- It's great to meet you! Your bike sounds awesome! What color is it? rotten to spend most of the riding season in a cast. How miserable! I hear lots of great things about eDiets and Weight Watchers. It sounds like you are going down on the scale, so that's wonderful! Congratulations!

Holly-- I am so glad you came to post here! After hearing about your trips to Laconia and Myrtle Beach...I'm getting pumped to ride some more. A "trip" for me right now would be to ride around the block! That's how inexperienced I am. Sad to say. I know the basics, how to get it going, but so much more to learn. I am really hoping to be comfortable enough by the end of the summer (after passing the MSF) to ride to work. You are so right about motorcycles helping to lose weight. There's a certain look (and comfort level) that we like to have when on a bike.

My weekend went by so fast and I was going to get my bike out and practice, but yesterday we ended going to the mother-in-laws house...don't get me started on that one! LOL. This was the 1st weekend of Cassoday, it's a nearby town where bikers get together the 1st Sunday of the month. We wanted to go, but the Harley has a bad battery, plus it was super windy and a little cool outside. Some friends of ours went, though, with their kids on the back of the bikes.

Eating wise I was proud of myself. I stuck to my plan on Fridayand had LeanCuisine pizza and Saturday (Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich), but I did use my cheat day yesterday. Other than that I did really good and weekends are incredibly hard for me to be good.

I hope that you ladies are all doing good on your eating plans and with your Monday! Have a great one!

03-07-2005, 12:07 PM
Holly- I'll send you a pm so that you can email me a pic of your bike.

Yeah, Star's bike is GORGEOUS!!

03-07-2005, 12:32 PM
Hey Chicks!

Well our weather (Michigan) was up to 50 yesterday. I actually saw two bikes when I was going to the mall. I just laugh, becuz we have dirty snow banks that are over 5 - 6 feet on the side of the parking

I'm such a fair weather rider it's not funny. I have been in one too many raining ice trips up to Port Austin in APRIL.....we were too far to turn around. Once we made it home (by the grace of God), it took us all night under an electric blanket to thaw our bones. so I don't ride when it's cold, or when it might rain. When I ride in the summer sunscreen gets reapplied every so often (becuz I've had brown spots removed off my face already). However, let me add that when we went to Milwaukee for the Harley 100th Anniversary, I was the only one in our group that didn't look like a
I'm a girly-girl Lady of Harley.......
Donita - I want to plan a ride out to Cooks Dairy, isn't that in your neck of the woods? Also last year we went on a dinner run to the is it the Bullfrog Resturant on the lake? Maybe the Toad or Horny Toad? I know you ride with the Christian group, but I just can't remember the right name of the offense.
About Riding and where we go? Well Harley people meet at resturants, ride to resturants and end the ride at resturants. Now, why are Harley people alittle round and cuddly????? lol the summer before I took my test I gained weight. Prior to that riding summer I worked out after work, well when we would ride after work the workout time got bumped, it wasn't until the next season I figured out I'd really have to get up at 5 in the morning to fit the exrecise back in. PLUS some extra cardio to battle the resturant

Hi Rebel....and Holly..

03-07-2005, 02:34 PM
:lol: Now, why are Harley people alittle round and cuddly?????
That is too funny and too true Star! Yeah, most of our rides end up as a dinner run and (somebody :nono:, wonder who?!) can't control herself to eating a salad. Well, I am hoping that will change this summer!

I saw so many bikes out this weekend and I heard that this coming weekend is supposed to be near 70's, so I will have to get the Rebel out. I have been riding around the yard, which I know you aren't supposed to do. Hopefully, in the next month we'll get it tagged and my hubby will ride it (much to his displeasure) to the high school parking lot so that I can practice. He's afraid of looking like an elephant on a moped. He's so goofy! :dizzy:

03-07-2005, 02:45 PM
Andrea - I think the school yard is the common place to practice, that's where I learned way back in the early 70's........
Stop talking about the nice weather - makes me want to risk the cold weather......
With my luck, I'd bundle up, go out and ride and it would start to do the freezing rain thing again.......BUT I am pretty anxious to ride again.

03-08-2005, 11:54 AM
Good morning chicks!

I hope everyone's Monday went ok. I am so exhausted today. I did my little jog after work yesterday, made supper, cleaned the house, washed dishes while hubby napped on the couch. Then I took a couple Tylenol PM's to help me relax! I feel trippy today! :dizzy: I don't think that I can handle the full dosage of that stuff. My husband said that a guy from work is selling his saddlebags for only $75, because they wont work on his new bike, so I think that we're going to buy them. They would really come in handy. We have a little black leather backpack that we put on the Harley, but it doesnt hold a whole lot and it would be great to have somewhere to put jackets and rain gear.

How is everyone doing with their eating plan? I was thinking, as dorky as it sounds, we should sometimes have a challenge towards weight loss goals.

Ok, my question for the day (just out of curiousity)... are you currently riding your "dream" bike? If not what, what is your dream bike...what extras do you want...color, etc?

Sorry Star for bragging about our weather...well now I have nothing to brag got colder yesterday!!! :lol: That's what I get...
Have a great day! :grouphug:

03-08-2005, 12:09 PM
Hi Rebel,

About the bags, I say good buy. I couldn't live without mine, I put everything in there. I also have a small leather bag on the bottom of the handle bars, in there I keep my insurance cert/registration, makeup and brush.....chick

The challenge is a great idea, it will keep us honest. I'm currently on one, from another thread. I want to lose 8 pounds by April, I know that is alot but I have put on like 5 pounds since the holidays and I really need to get rid of it....

About my dream bike, I'm very happy with my Dyna. If I rode more I would consider selling it and getting a Fatboy, but since I don't ride enuf - that's just not lodgical right now.......Hey, it's 18 degrees here right now. Hoping it will be riding weather in April sometime........

Question??? What do you chicks do with your hair for helmet hair? In Michigan we have the helmet law. I have shoulder length hair so I wear the bandanna or just pull my hair up. Then when we get to where we are going I leave the bandanna on, which I don't really care for that look. Helmet hair SUC_S........

03-08-2005, 02:55 PM
Well, since we don't have a helmet law here...I'm not much help on that. I did buy a sleeve-type thing (at a HD dealer) to put my hair in to keep the tangles out. My hair is kinda layered or at least it's not all the same length. Since I have some shorter hairs up front, I usually put a barret to keep them from blowing around too much. Either way, my hair never usually looks as good as it did when I left the house! :lol: I agree with the bandana look...doesn't look great on me! Although, since I am so fair-skinned if we take a longer trip I will wear one and TONS of SPF 45!

I am quite honestly in a mood today! I, for some stupid reason, decided to weigh myself during my lunch break and I am up 5 pounds!! :( Normally, I weigh without clothes, but I didnt today and I have drank a huge glass of water and 2 cups of black coffee. I feel like I have been doing so good lately, but I am really upset with myself. Maybe I wasn't as good as I thought this weekend. Maybe I have to totally do away with a "free" day? My pants don't feel too tight, which is a good sign, but I keep battling this 5 pounds. I can lose but then regain so easily and then I get mad and eat what I what!! Not this time. I want it off so bad! Anyhow, sorry I just had to vent!

03-08-2005, 04:09 PM
Andrea - Your venting to the right chick. Like I said I have gained 5 pounds since Christmas and it is making me pretty mad too. Just today I said "enuf screwing around." So I had LC for lunch...and watching everything that goes past these lips.
I can't eat like normal people, I gain really easily, it's not fair - it's just the way it is.
If you dont already do this, maybe on your free day you should limit it to one meal or something? Geez, I wish there were some magic trick I could tell you, but then I wouldn't have this extra 5 pounds Did you tell me your on WW?

03-09-2005, 11:46 AM
HI ladies,

Have been lurking and wanted to say HI, I am a lover of motorcycles, don't have one but being from Hollister California am very used to them & love to look ( I would love to ride some day too) I go home to Hollister every year for the big 4th of July rally it is so great to see so many bikes in one spot, I would love to go to Sturgis one year. I love Harleys, Choppers & of course I love Indian cycles cause they are made in my home town!!!

Just thought I would say HI and I think this was a great idea for a forum, you gotta look good while biking...that is for sure, so what a goal to work towards. :)

03-09-2005, 12:23 PM
Hi Theo'sgirl!! Welcome, we are so glad to see you here! :wave: It's always great to see that we have fellow motorcycle lovers. Now, Hollister would really be something to experience. You ladies that have gone to Laconia, Myrtle Beach, Hollister, and Sturgis are so LUCKY!!! :p I would imagine that living in California would definetly raise a persons body-awareness. I agree, though that my goal is to someday go to Sturgis, but not looking (and feeling) like this. But it's a great thing to work towards! What kind of bike would you like to own? Oh, and congrats on the weight loss!!! :cheer:

Ok, Star-- I went off the deep end, again. I went home did my normal 25 min jog, 30 min walk and then weighed later in the evening without the clothes and an empty bladder...I was fine. Still 265, which isnt fine...but... :lol: glad that I kept the loss from last week off! Thank you so much for your support, you made me feel so much better. Congratulations for you to really watch yourself. We'll get there! I guess that it doesnt come off overnight and if it did...we'd regain it. We really need to think of some challenge to have. Any ideas?

What is the major thing that motivates you to keep going in the weight loss journey (good or bad motivator)? For me...I have my old "skinny" clothes that arent really all that skinny, but at 1 time those 14/16 pants were too loose. I think that seeing them, knowing I was there, and realizing I CAN be there again helps me. Plus, (my bad motivator) I want to look better than my Dh's ex-wife, :rollpin: but that's a whole other issue that I have to save for Dr. Phil (or maybe Jerry Springer!). Just kidding, it isnt that bad, just my dumb insecurities! :rofl:

Anyway, I never answered the question about a dream bike. Honestly, a Rebel is not my dream bike :dunno: I think that to dress her up a little I would like to add this kit I found on a Rebel website that has forks (I believe) that would kind make it look like a chopper. Plus, shine up the chrome a little, remove a dent, and get a paint job. Maybe purple with some ghost flames. Now my dream bike I thought was a Sporster (or $ no limit... an OCC bike or Indian), but now after hearing about and seeing Star's may be a Lowrider. Dh thinks someday a Heritage would be good for me, but they look super heavy and big. i dont know! LOL

Well, I am LONG winded today ladies... again, welcome Theo'sgirl

03-09-2005, 12:56 PM
Rebel - You'd look awesome on a Heritage, several of my biker chick friends ride those. Trust me, it wouldn't be too big for you either, so DH is right.....darn.

What motivates me to keep losing (or trying) is becuz the more I lose the better I look and the better I look the better I feel. In my profile there is a picture of me, behind a huge strawberry margarita, people say I don't look 55 and I owe all that to exercise and thinking young......There are just too many benifits to losing weight and working out...I'm addicted.

03-09-2005, 02:48 PM
Wow, great thread. I love motorcycles and have been riding for about 5 years. I am very short and love my little Italian bike. It is a 125cc 1967 Gillera and has about the shortest seat I have ever seen, and is so darn cute. I used to have a Kawazaki 400, but it was too tall for me, and I am more a tooling arround town rider than long distance so I did not really need the power. Right now my bike needs a ton of work, which I am dealing with slowly but surely. I have just replaced the tank with an earlier tank which is way cooler (and less rusty). It should be very hip/cafe looking when I am done. I just need to wait till the weather gets better so I can get out into the garage and replace the exhaust system (I already have it but the weather has been too cold to get out there) and clean out the carb.

03-09-2005, 04:14 PM
Hi and welcome aboard SeeCat! I am going to have to search the net and see if I can see what your bike looks like. Since I am fairly new to all this I am just fascinated learning about all the different bikes out there. I think that some of the fun of owning is adding your own personal touches, working on it and spending time with your "baby." Even washing and cleaning can be so much more fun than with a car! I bet that tank looks really great, too. I had to get a new battery and change spark plugs on my bike, which I am a girlie girl and had no clue how to do. But hubby taught me and it was pretty fun to learn something new.

Star-- I am DEMANDING that you share your youthful secrets with us!! ;) . What kind of creams or anti-wrinkle stuff do you use? Are there great aging genes in your family? You look totally gorgeous, you little hotty! :flame: ...I am so envious! People are right I would never guess that you were 55. You are right, a younger attitude does really work wonders. I am noticing that the closer to 30 I am getting the more I am worried about aging, although sometimes I act like a 15 yr old! I am really trying to do some anti-wrinke work, so that when I do get older it may not be so bad. Plus I need to quit 1 nasty little habit :smoking: because I have heard that really wrinkles the skin. Also, I look older when I am heavier. Not all people do, but I really notice that for me.

So, maybe the dream bike might be a Heritage... for some reason I just really like Harley's, but I know that everyone has their own personal choices. Besides, it doesnt matter WHAT a person rides just as long as the ride (or enjoy motorcycles!!) :D

03-09-2005, 04:28 PM
Andrea - you are too sweet! Thanks. I think I got some good genes from my mom, she is still beautiful at 83 (Swedish & German). But I think the big thing is having an open mind, thinking young, laughing alot and EXERCISE. I think I mentioned before, or in another thread, I have been exercising (fat or thin) since I was 21. I'm just addicted.
If your DH is willing to get you a Heritage I'd say let My friends is pearl white and really sharp.
Welcome -SeeCat - Very impressed that you work on your own bike. Like Rebel I'm a girly-girl and leave the greasey stuff up to DH. However, in Motorcylce Safety Class they did teach us how to change spark plugs (which I forgot before I got home - remember I'm blonde and

03-09-2005, 09:26 PM
Hello ladies! Wow, Andrea, your thread has taken off! :cb:

We just got another 8" of snow...argh!! Last year in March, we had some early melting and I got one or two rides in, after my husband rode my bike up our ice and snow covered driveway, to the clearer highway...but that's not happening anytime soon, I see :(

I have a secret to share...I'm a little embarassed to reveal it on my major home thread, my sensible calorie-counting and exercise husband started the South Beach diet, and I am also. I am on my SIXTH day of absolutely NO sugar, NO flour, NO starches of any kind. I should be feeling great from the no sugar, but I'm struggling with woes at work and am not sleeping well at night (like 3 hours for 3 nights in a row) so maybe when work is better, I'll be feeling the good effects of the no sugar.

Back to bikes! I'm so unimaginative when it comes to dreaming of dream bikes. I love my Honda, so I am thinking I would love to trade up to a VTX 1300. I love ghost flames, tribal flames, skulls...and cupcakes :D Actually going to research how much a vanity plate for my bike would be - "Cupcake" is both my bike AND me.

Star, that pic of you with the giant strawberry margharita is I said, you are a hotty!!!

and Star, brrrr, I can sympathize with getting cold to the bone...though I keep doing it :lol: Going to Myrtle Beach last year, we hit rain on the NY Thruway, and it was in the 40's. I had on my full Joe Rocket gear, the 4.0 Ballistic waterproof pants, jeans, thermals under; and two thermal shirts and the JR Ballistic 4.0 jacket with the liner; and snowmachines gloves. I was still freezing. Somehow rain got into my boots, and my feet were soaked...we stopped at one of those nice rest areas, and I stripped down and was drying and heating myself and my socks and boots under multiple hand blowers :lol: I slipped the socks over the tube-ends of the dryers, and they were puffed out like wind socks, and they didn't smell too good :devil:

but a really cool coincidence was that I met a lady who was trailering to Myrtle Beach!! she was SO impressed that I was riding, and guess where she was from...VERMONT! It's a small world! She was very concerned for me, riding in the rain and dark, and gave me her cell number in case I wanted to hook up with her once we got to S.C. Which I didn't have time to do, but I wrote her a thankyou note once I got back (her husband gave us his business card, with their cell number).

ok, will check back soon! think of riding days ahead!

03-10-2005, 09:44 AM
Hey Cupcake - About the South beach Diet, I hear alot of people have had great success with it. We have to find what works for us, even in between legit plans. Right now I'm doing my own thing, after dieting for most of my life, I know what I can and can't eat........go figure. I mentioned before, gaining 5 pounds since Christmas, well I have lost 2 this week. I broke down and went to GNC and bought Total Lean Control, just to help curb my appitite. So far so good. My goal is only 150 and I'm about 165 right now...... Holly/Cupcake - I'm very jealous of your CW...You go girl!
About vanity plates, on my Blazer my plate is GOTRINA,my bike is just a state issued one. I also have a fun plate on my Blazer, have had it since before I got married two years ago, "Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere" lol
It is such a small world! But aren't biker folks like the best? No matter where we go on our bikes, with a group or solo, other bikers are just like the nicest people ever. I don't know how we got such a bad rap from years past. Some non-bikers still see us as a bunch of "Hells Angels" or something, I love to change their minds. A guy that works with my DH belongs to a club called "Hells Our Home" - it's one of the darker groups, actually went to a Christmas party one year at their clubhouse. There were bras hanging from the ceiling, but that night everything was 'normal' And NO I did not leave my
Later chicks....

03-10-2005, 09:46 AM
me again :lol:

realized I skipped over the helmet hair question :D Yes, helmet laws in VT, and I have gone without in helmet-less states like NH and SC, but ya know...I just feel more comfortable with one on.

anyway, when myhair was longer (last year) I would ponytail it. But I have layers on top, and of course they get squashed down. At my summer/fall workplace, I'm VERY lucky I have my own bedroom :D so I brought things from home to help with that helmet hair; comb, brush, curling iron, hairspray. When I'm on the road, I would just try to fluff it out.

I haven't had the opportunity yet this year to see what my shorter 'do will be like , after being squashed. I've experiemented with bandannas, though, and would be okay with wearing one as a headband-type.

and edit to the dream bike :D - I sat on a Victory Vegas in Boston, at a bike show, and me likey :D

my laptop is making a funny noise :?: so I'm gonna cut this short - later!

03-10-2005, 09:53 AM
once more :D I see Star and I posted at the same time, hee hee

yes, I'm encouraged about the SB diet, I THINK I feel better without the refined sugar/starches but once I get more sleep from NOT worrying about work I'll feel even better.

you're right, bikers are the best!!

haha, bras from the ceiling - that reminds me of when DH and I rode to a rally two years ago, in southern NH. We were looking for a friend whom we met online, he told us to join them in their camp. We were slowly riding on this rutted dirt road on a field clustered with tents, bikes, support vehicles, looking for our friends turquoise Vulcan.

We spotted the bike, and slowed down...a guy sitting in a lawn chair in the same camp hollered out "You Joe and Holly from Vermont? come on in!" It wasn't our friend, but a friend of his. So we slowly pull up, and he gets up and greets us. Then he looks at me, and says, You know, all girls here have to get naked right away " :lol:

03-10-2005, 11:21 AM
Well Cupcake - I guess between you and me, we have answered my question about how non-bikers have that 'wild' reputation of us

03-10-2005, 12:16 PM
Well Cupcake - I guess between you and me, we have answered my question about how non-bikers have that 'wild' reputation of us

:rofl: yes, I guess so!

03-10-2005, 12:20 PM
Funny, how above there was talk of Harley riders going from eating spot to eating spot - I thought that GoldWing riders were the ones with that reputation :lol: I must say that I firmly believe riding long distances DOES burn more calories, what with muscle control and increased attention to the road. So we all HAVE to refuel often :lol: but I guess we need to make good choices, an apple instead of a Twinkie :D

Speaking of refueling - and then getting rid of that fuel - do you ladies think that the vibrations of the bike make us (females) have to urinate more often?? I SWEAR I go right before we leave anywhere...yet always have to "go" by the next hours. and how many secret "by the side of the road" stops have you had to sneak in :D thank goodness it's so rural up here! :devil:

03-10-2005, 12:46 PM
Holly - Stopping to eat is probably a passtime enjoyed by all riders
There are still ofcurse poker runs, where you go from bar to bar. However, I don't drink and ride. I think my DH has had maybe one beer and ride. I like to be in complete control on my bike.
As for pit stops, I'm a girly-girl rider and like to stop like atleast every hour or alittle more. I stop to use the potty, reapply suncreen, get water, sight see, etc. To answer your questions about the engine making our organs work better - yes I'm sure that's true......On long trips I keep my water consumption down becuz of that......

03-10-2005, 01:50 PM
I am really amazed at how many people have posted here. I think it is great. We just got two inches of slushy snow last night and no warm weather in sight.

I think that everyone just naturally finds the bike that suits them best. It is some weird instinct that develops as soon as you start craving your very own bike. Most of my friends have big bikes which I adore, but they just are not for me. My sister and her husband are both Honda fans and I have a real soft spot for honda becuase they are so darn easy to fix and the parts are ALWAYS available. I love my goofy oddball bike however.

03-10-2005, 07:24 PM
Hi ladies...I had a lot of reading to do to see what the discussion was all about! It was a crazy day and I didn't get the chance to get to the computer until now. Normally at work I have some down time to post and relax!

Holly- My Dh and I have been on South Beach and honestly you feel sick the first week or so because of the detox. Personally, I think it's an excellent program, but it just doesnt work quite too well for me... because I like to be "bad". Ya know, eating a bag of Baked Lays with my Subway sandwich...which are no-no's for a while. My Dh's sister-in-law lost around 80 pounds in a matter of 6 months on South Beach. It's a VERY healthy plan. I am just, well, a rebel. LOL.

I do agree with the pressure on the bladder while riding. While I am girlie...I have been known to keep a few tissues in my jeans pocket and find a desolate road when the need arises!

SeeCat- I think that is very awesome that you fix your own bike... and whatever bike a person feels comfortable on...then that's great!

Star-Haha... the bras...that's so crazy! I have never been to a place like that...and I do enjoy my "drinks".

Sorry, to be so short ladies. It's been a helluva day. I will share more about that tomorrow.

Hugs to all!

03-10-2005, 09:12 PM
SeeCat - I just noticed your "stats" - very similar to mine! I started at 176, and am now hovering around 149. How interesting :D

and yes, I am a BIG fan of Honda's because of their reliability. I have ridden mine hard for 3 years, over 32,000 miles and nothing but routine maintenance; oil changes when needed (and I switched to synthetic after one year) new chain and sprockets last year; I grease my chain more often than others as my daily work commute involves 3 miles on a dirt road. Had brakes replaced after one year, which mechanic said was fine, due to my mileage.

I'm sure other makes are reliable also, but I'm lovin' what I'm ridin' :D

03-10-2005, 11:01 PM
Hey everyone I hope everyone is having great week. It is nice to see that there is so much activity going on in this thread. I am sooooo pleased to know that there are other women out there who love to ride as much as I do. I am meeting more and more women who like to ride.

Star, Cooks Farm Dairy is about 30 minutes or so from me. It is a really nice ride out there for me. Nice country roads, not to mention that they have the BEST ice cream!!!!!!

I would love to see a picture of everyone's bikes. I have a picture of mine somewhere, but once it gets warm enough to work on it, I have a windsheild, new pipes and highway bars to put on the bike. I am also looking for someone in there area who can do some custom work on my seat. I want to add some fringe and silver studs to the seat. I am thinking about some new bags with fringe as well. I have a nice set of bags that I inherited from my dad when I got his bike, but I have seen some that have fringe and cutouts in whatever color you want. My bike is all black with fringe on the handle bars and levers.

My dream bike is a Red Indian or a nice Yellow color FatBoy. I saw a Fatboy at a dealer last year that I was drooling over. I was very close to trying to finance it.

We are getting another inch to inch and a half of snow today, blech. I am getting so anxious to get the riding season started. I am looking forward to some nice long rides this year!!

As far as the weight loss is going, I am having a good week. I was feeling terrrible last week, wanting to eat everything in site, and then I realized I was pmsing. I need to start adding some excercise. I renewed my membership to Bally's a few weeks ago, but have yet to get myself there. It is so difficult for me to go after work because I won't get home until almost 7:00 and those stingy little kids of mine insist on eating dinner before 8pm (the little brats :lol: ). I am going to have to drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn and get myself to the gym in mornings before work. I do start softball season in a few weeks, so I know that I will get plenty of excercise then. I the meantime, I have been using the kids Playstation to play Dance Dance revolution. It sounds silly, but it really is a great workout!

The National Body challenge weigh out is this weekend. I am hoping to go in there and at least have lost 8 lbs in the 8 weeks it has been going on. I think that I will be close

03-11-2005, 08:52 AM
Good morning biker ladies!! :D

a quick hello before I work out, then go to work.

Dondita, a lady on a different thread once shared with me what she does to try to keep the PMS cravings away....she was pretty "regular", so she would mark on her calender a week ahead of her first day, and do extra workouts. For her, that helped .

Here's a slideshow of our trip to St. Louis in May 2003. It takes a few minutes to load, and at the first run-through, the text might appear a few seconds before the pictures.

have a great day! send warming thoughs to VT for me, another snowstorm is coming tonight, sigh!!!

03-11-2005, 09:56 AM
:coffee: You know I post on the LAWL Thread too, but today for some reason I came here first....Maybe cuz I'm not really on LAWL anymore. But the chicks on there are also full of fun and great diet info....

Donita - Yes, I have been to Cooks Dairy - the ice cream is to die for and probably a day worth of calories in one scoop.... :devil: it is a nice ride out there, but then like most bikers I'm partial to country roads..... About my bike, I would post an attached picture but I'm old and blonde and don't know how to do that on here. If anyone wants to see my bike PM me with your e-mail address and I can send a picture that way....... :dizzy:

Holly - I haven't looked at your slide show yet but will as soon as I finsih this post. I love looking at pictures, even if I don't actually know the people - I know I'm strange :lol:

Andrea - yes you are a Rebel, but that makes life fun, so keep it up and you will stay young ;) Rules are made to be broken, atleast that was my reply to alot of LAWL Diet rules. I'm sure I have paid for those thoughts, but I can't pass up too many "life happens" events to stay on a diet plan....... :cool:

Recently I went to GNC and purchased Total Lean-control. It is just a little something to curb my sometimes 'mighty' appitite. Have been taking them since Monday and they actually seem to help. I'll keep you chicks posted.

Hey - I was wondering how tall we all are? I'm 5'7" - 165
later chicks......Hugs.......

03-11-2005, 01:11 PM
Morning Chicks!

I am so enjoying this thread and you ladies! So glad that it's Friday and time for the weekend. It's been a crazy week! At work we are doing testing on the kids and my husband's truck broke down Wednesday, but we finally got it going. Just crazinesss! I've had to skip 2 days of working out because of the truck and numerous trips to Autozone. I have stuck to plan pretty well. I don' think that I've lost anymore this week, but I don't feel a gain either.

Star- I had really considered LA Weight Loss, but I'm not sure it fits into the budget. Isnt is alot to do with portion control, calories, and fat? How long did it take you lose on LAWL? Also, you said that you have exercised since 21...what do you usually do for exercise?

Holly- I'm going to check out your slide show as soon as I am done posting. You have my warm thoughts...ugh...I bet you are SO sick of this snow!

Dondita- I have heard that Dance Dance revolution is really fun and a great workout. I may have to try it sometime for something different. Your dream bikes sound awesome! I am going to have to get a digital camera this summer and send pics of our bikes to you ladies.

Star, Let me know about that GNC Total Lean...I have been taking Green Tea diet pills and I do think that they help out somewhat.

Oh, and I'm 5'3...very short!

Has anyone tried the Baked Doritos? Very good, even hubby liked them and he hates "diet" food. One little bad is 2 servings, though. But much better calorie wise than the others.

Everyone have a great day!

03-11-2005, 01:44 PM
Andrea - If you go to the General Diets, then LAWL Sub Forum, then we have a thread on there called "Exercise Yard" we talk alot about working out on there.
I have done all kinds of working out; Bally's, Step, Jogging, Karate, Weights, Biking, Roller Blading, Dancing, Videos, Treadmills, Tapes, Tennis, Yoga and probably more I forgot. Right now M-F I do Abs tape, Bun & Thigh tape, Thigh Tape, 20 minutes on recumbent bike and 20 minutes on treadmill. On T&T I do stretch tape and weights. On S&S I'm flexible and do whatever I want to do, inside or out (weather permitting).

LAWL is expensive, it goes by portion control and is healthy, protein, veggies, fruit, starch and fats. Plus LA Lite bars which are addictive, like Luna bars (protein chocolate covered bars). 8 glasses of water a day. If you like I can tell you where to go to learn more - well it's the LAWL Subforum - March. The girls on there are great.
I lost 20 pounds on that plan. But if you work out too much, it is alittle harder to lose weight on the scale.
have to run off to back later....

03-11-2005, 03:47 PM
That really is interesting Star. I always figure that I am leaving something out of my routine (exercise), but I do think that as long as I'm moving and especially burning some fat that it will pay off. I get so focused on "Am I doing enough?" and worrying about having a perfect workout, but I think that I have to give myself credit for moving and eventually work into a more structured routine. Saturday and Sundays I don't do a formal workout, Dh and I usually take some walks or get out and do something. Normally I do a 25 min jog and 30 min walk and next week my goal is to add some weight training and ab work. But, I'm not quite sure how to put it all together... lol

Yesterday I was clearing off a table and saw some of my Dh's Easyrider mags and looked at the pics of the rallies and all real women on bikes (not the naked models). oh, I hope to be so much better in shape and scooting around town on my little beast... If the weather is decent I am really wanting to do some practicing!

03-11-2005, 09:50 PM
good evening ladies!

first - Andrea , I know that I was stressing before about how we're yearning to look hot on our bike, in our leathers...but there are all shapes and sizes of lady bikers, and they ALL ROCK! :D

Star - I'm 5'6". and as of today, 147. I'm pretty psyched at seeing that number again, it's been quite a few months! I'll measure in a few days, and see how it compares to last month.

Hi Dondita! yes, we'd love to see a pic of your bike also. Mmm, that ice cream place sounds great! Oh, I remembered something funny, that ties in with ice cream and poker runs - I know a lady, new rider, that when she heard of poker or bar runs, she said she wanted to do "creemee runs" - up here, we call soft-serve ice cream "creemees" - so she wanted to go from ice cream stand to ice cream stand all over the state :lol:

I have literally hundreds of pics, and know how to post, but they're always too large - and it's resizing that I have a problem with.

I have to unexpectedly work tomorrow morning for about 4 hours, to fill in for the doofus baker girl who blew us off :mad: but I get paid cash :D

oh! and these nights that i am stressed from work, and just laying in bed SO VERY AWAKE, I lull myself to sleep thinking of what steps I go through to go on a ride :lol: it helps!

03-12-2005, 08:49 PM
Hi riding chicks!

ugh, more snow here!!!!!! how long can this go on???

okay, will check in again tomorrow :lol:

03-13-2005, 10:12 PM
Checking in to say hi, we "only" got another 6" from this last snowfall.

I've stopped caring about shoveling the way to the newspaper box. They can let it lie in the snow, I don't care :lol:

The daylight is so great now. Too bad I can't "use" it more!!

have a good night and great day tomorrow!

03-14-2005, 12:31 AM
I hope you ladies have had a great weekend! I am awful about posting on weekends, but I wanted to quickly stop in and say hi.

Holly- I am so sorry to hear about the snow! I am not bragging about our weather, but it has been very nice. Windy and cool today, but not bad. I hated those days of being called in on a day off...but at least you get cash! Congrats on the are yet another hottie!

This weekend was great. Dh and I spent some very much loved bonding time. It's so hard to see a weekend over and back to our routines...I miss him when we're at work and away from each other! My friend (more like little sister) came to visit from Missouri and stayed on our sofa bed. I have missed her so much since she moved, but I am so glad that we keep in touch and she comes to see us. Yesterday, I rode my bike around the backyard a few times and had a lot fun. It's been a few months since I've been on it and I felt very shaky and that I had forgot (intially) some of what I learned. Once I got going it was ok. Also, my bike was so filthy and she got a MUCH needed bath! Looks so much nicer, what a difference!

Diet-wise has been so-so. I did decent Friday and Saturday, but today was a whole other story. LOL Oh well. back to it tomorrow.

Well, chicks, have a great Monday!

03-14-2005, 12:42 PM
Good Morning Chickies! :coffee:

I hope that everyone is having a good Monday so far. It was so hard to get up this morning...Oh well, next week is Spring Break and we get the week off. Unpaid, but I'm ready for some time off. Have a good one!

03-15-2005, 11:54 AM
Good morning ladies...I hope that everyone is doing well. I had a bad sore throat yesterday. I crashed on th couch right after work. I did lousy eating-wise. Plus, I wasa so exhausted I didn't work out. UGHH! Well, I feel much better today, so i am going to do a short jog and really watch the calories today. Have a great day ladies!

03-16-2005, 10:37 AM
Good Morning Biker Babes......
I can't remember if I told you last Friday that I would be off Monday and Tuesday? (Remember I'm old and blonde - a double whammy)
Anyhow I got to babysit my grandson, David, he's 15 months old and adorable ofcourse. A really good little boy, a joy to be around all you have to do is be with him and he's happy. It was a wonderful two days!
Alot has happened in my life lately. We sold our country house, pole barn and 2 acres. We will be moving into an 2 bedroom apartment with attached garage. Some of our stuff will go up north to our lake property. We plan on working down here for 3 to 5 more years before we retire up at the lake house.
The closing on our house is the 31st. Needless to say I am gonna be one busy stressed chick. But we will work it all out. Atleast we found a place with a garage for our bikes (that was a must). I'll keep you all informed on how it all pans out.
Andrea - sorry you are sick - hope you get better real soon. You know when your sick it's okay to miss afew days of working out. Your body doesn't lose anything when you miss afew days if your are a regular workout enjoy the rest!
I'll catch up later......
Holly - I'm so jealous 146 - that rocks!

03-16-2005, 12:27 PM
Good morning ladies!

Star- LOL on the "old and blonde double whammy"! You are too silly! Congratulations on selling your country house. I'm sure that it will seem really different living in an apartment at first, but like you said, at leas it has a garage for the bikes. How far up north is the lake house? I think that it would be so nice to start having things arranged, like you have, for retirement. Plus, you will be so young and in shape ( I must add) to enjoy retiring! Just take some deep breaths during all that stressful stuff and remember we are here for you! Your grandson sounds so sweet...I bet you have so much fun with him. Babies are such fun!

I am feeling much better... I think that spending Monday evening on the couch really helped me from getting any worse. I only did a 10 min jog yesterday, but dh and I unloaded a truckful of wood at his mother's house.

Anyhow, I hope that everyone is doing great. Talk to ya'll later. case I dont post anymore today...Don't forget your green for tomorrow...LOL!

03-16-2005, 02:18 PM
Hi Rebel,
Glad your feeling better!
Our up north lake place is about 2.5 hours north or maybe 3 depending on stops and traffic. Our bikes are up there right now, winter storage. We'll be bringing them back here real soon. It's nice riding up there because it's so pretty and alot less traffic. Sometimes we trailer them up and back and sometimes we just ride them there and back.
About retirement, when we mention it to someone, it is really nice to hear "You two don't look old enuf to retire." Then it almost feels like we might be cheating or

03-17-2005, 04:15 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day chicks! :)

I am so excited! I decided to join a women-only gym here downtown. It's not Curves, but is similar, although the one I joined has treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, plus lots of other workout equipment. I really hesitated on joining, but for $30 a month, no registration, and I can cancel whenever... I felt that I should give it a go. The people there seem really nice and the trainer is very sweet and helpful. My aunt and cousin go there, so that will be nice to work out with people I know. I just feel like my little house-jog isnt quite cutting it and I have been getting super lazy about doing it, so this week I have done VERY little exercise. I don't like that hubby can't go, but maybe when I get more comfortable we'll join the "co-ed" gym here in town. I just had to post this...I'm so excited! I felt guilty spending that much, but I decided that to help pay for it I am going to give up...drumroll please... SMOKING :smoking: . I am really getting tired of it, being a slave to it, smelling like ciggy's, the cost, my wheezing, and so...this weekend I should be out of ciggy's, so no more!

Well, I hope eveyone is doing good. I need to log off and prepare myself for the presentation I have to give for a meeting (afterwork) about math state standards and activities. Then after that, I have to help dh take a load of...well...junk to the dump and then go work out!

Hope you are doing great today to ya later.

03-17-2005, 04:25 PM
Andrea - I'm out the door going to the dentist, BUT could not leave after reading your post. I am so proud of you - this is a huge step for you that you won't regret.
You will get motivation by going to the gym where "like minded" chicks are doing the same thing. I see this as a step in the right direction for you. I hope you love going there.
I was gonna post on here earlier and say that we actually have sun here. the snowbanks are melting and it feels great!

Hey I have to run to the dentist (getting braces), but will be back on here tomorrow.

Oh and take advantage of that nice trainer, she can tell you all the right things to do to get to your goal!

03-17-2005, 07:57 PM
Hi Andrea and Star!!

I've been very occupied with work, but at least have a couple days off now. and the manager is back, so I am off the hook of managing the place. It was a LONG HARD 9 days!!!

I couldn't even get a workout in for the past four days (AACK) so i had a good workout today, and will do the same for the next two days. Then next week I think things will be a little more back to normal.

Star, you crack me up everytime with the "old and blonde"!! :rofl:

Andrea, congratulations!!! FIRST with the decision to quit smoking...I am wishing you success on that! so important. Besides the health aspect, think of the $$ you'll save! Of course, me being a reformed smoker, I'm the worst...or the best deterrent, whichever way you think about it :D

and second, congrats on joining the health club!! That is great. Definitely take advantage of the trainer's advice. I wish I had a personal trainer to give me some more incentive and advice.

Still hangin in there on the South Beach thing; I only caved once - I found some old Christmas candy and ate four Kisses before my husband yanked the bag from me :lol:

It'll be worth it though, this summer!!! I'm still self-conscious about my upper arms, when I have a t-shirt on; and of course my legs, which have been my embarassment all my life. I just keep truckin' on with the exercising, hoping that I am, little by little, getting rid of the fat and someday there will be just nice muscle tone and some bicep bulge :strong:

Star, good luck with the move, and congratulations to you also! Hope everything goes smoothly.

Your grandson (!) sounds adorable. You MUST get "you look too young to be a grandmother!" all the time!!! especially being a Harley-riding' nana :D

We had some nice sun today, but it's going to be a while before these snowbanks recede, sigh. And the driveway is still packed snow and ice.

Have a nice night!!

03-18-2005, 10:05 AM
good morning!! jeez, I disappear for days and now post two times in a row :lol:

Andrea, I see I blipped over your days of not feeling so well. Hope you're fully recovered!

another beautiful sun-shiny day, but 10 degrees this morning!!

Yesterday was my lazy day, today I should do some things. As always, I work out first, then plan the rest of the day.

I do need to review the South Beach diet book and see what I go on to for the Phase Two. Today marks two weeks of NO BREAD NO STARCH and just those 4 Hershey Kisses as sugar :lol: I never, ever thought I could make it this long without snatching cookies at work, which had become quite a problem!

Will try to come back this afternoon, after I get some things done. Thought it would be fun to discuss "gear".

03-18-2005, 10:07 AM
Andrea and Holly - Hi Biker Chicks!
Andrea - I too, wanted to say congrats on giving up the smokes - you'll be happy you made the decision. Ofcourse that might be down the road aways.....hang in there!

Holly - Keep up with the working out, I know you will. You sound very addicted, like I have been working my arms very had for about a year now and believe it or not, have made a ton of progress. Matter of fact, I bought a sundress last week, sleeveless ofcourse and I was WOWED. It looks good and I was very happy with my arms, I have definition and no
This stinks - it is snowing buckets here, right now - it looks like a beautiful white Christmas or something - helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp......

03-18-2005, 11:33 AM
snowing - EEEEEEKKKK!!! you have my deepest sympathy, Star!! :(

I am encouraged about your success with your arms!! congratulations!!!! :bravo: For me, I know it is just a matter of losing more fat, and working the muscles. It'll come together, someday! (hope, hope :lol: )

03-18-2005, 11:49 AM
Holly - There is NO way I could have your job and be around wonderful sugar treats all day long, PLUS actually having to make way. I would be too large to fit thru the kitchen door.......

03-18-2005, 12:01 PM
Good Morning Star and Holly!

I have 3 packs of ciggy's left...which I should finish Monday, so that will be it! I worked out for an hour yesterday at the was a lot of fun. Today is treat-day at work and I have been nibbling a little too much! I ate a cookie and a few handfuls of Chex Mix, plus my healthy oatmeal for breakfast. So, I decided to get away from the temptation. I'm not sure why certain days I'm more snacky than others.

Star- How did the dentist visit go? Did you get the invisible braces? hear about the snow. I think we are done with snow. But ya never know with Kansas. It can be 70 today and snowing tomorrow.

Holly- Congrats on sticking with South Beach. I really think that it does eliminate those sugar cravings. I am thinking of trying again, but counting calories in combination of it. I'm not sure. You are so smart to work out first in the morning. I wait until at least 4pm. It does give me extra energy in the evening. I may have to get up earlier in the a.m and do arm workouts like you and Star. I would love to chat about gear later. I need to learn about the types, best places to buy, and anything really. We don't own any gear. Sorry bikers, huh?!

Ladies have a great FRIDAY!!!! Yeah!

03-18-2005, 12:10 PM
Speaking of gear. DH had packed a box the other day from our hall closet. In that box was:
1/ my chaps
2/ a scraf of mine to go with my winter coat
3/ several baseball type hats
4/ snow mobile gloves
5/ ear-muffs (whose ?)
6/ Harley 100th anniversay mug in box
7/ several skullcaps

I told him we could not pack like that and we needed a "bike box" with only riding gear.
That was his first and last box packed, he is grounded until further
About gear - I think riding is all about gear. I'm very fussy.
Rebel - tell me please that you atleast have riding boots?

03-18-2005, 12:35 PM
Star--mmm...not boots, but I have some cute black M.U.D.D shoes (thick soled), they reach a little above ankle high. Do I need boots for riding on the back? Since I can't ride mine yet...if so then, what kinds, what do I need to look for (besides fashion, lol). I've seen women on the back of a bike with riding gloves (in the super hot summer). What do they need them for? I can see the rider needing them, dh has some, but as passenger I dont feel like I need gloves. :dunno: Again, I am new to the "biker lifestyle" so, there may be a very excellent reason, that I don't see. We are definitely going to have to do some gear shopping this season. We need rain gear, boots, gloves (for when I ride), and new shades! Plus, we talked about getting some leathers this fall...I need to lose some weight before then. How sad thinking of the MANY cows that had to give their lives for 1 pair of pants to fit on me! :moo: :rofl:

Do you get most of your gear from's so pricey, but I know how I am. I want things to be comfy, look nice, and affortable. Sometimes those 3 are hard to find.

That's too funny about your husband packing...sounds like mine!

03-18-2005, 12:53 PM
Andrea - did you take a Motorcycle Safety Class? Anyhow, your gear should be all about safety and yes the passenger needs to dress right too. If you hit the pavement, rider or passenger you are gonna want some leather to protect your skin or from losing it...... Dressing to ride is important, you want flat boots above the ankle for sure.....if you ride you'll want ones that feel right when you are handling your bike.
When I use to ride as a passenger I wore Harley boots, but with a big higher heel. Then when I started riding myself, I got low heeled ones with metal toes......
Alot of my stuff is Harley, but not my chaps and not my jacket or vests - those are all from a leather shop here. Sometimes you can get good gear at lower prices at swap meets. I agree Harley stuff is too pricey......
I have leather pants - Harley and leather chaps (non-Harley). I wear both, but in the summer I wear jeans.

03-18-2005, 01:05 PM
No, I haven't taken the Motorcycle Safety class yet and I probably wont until the fall. That's why I'm not in a huge hurry to ride mine yet. I want to do it safely. So, for now it's just practicing. Either way now I always wear jeans and try to wear long sleeved t-shirts if its too warm for a jacket. I made the mistake, as soon as dh got home with the bike (when we bought it) I hopped on with shorts and not being familiar with bikes...wasn't careful and I burned my leg BADLY. I looked like a whole for a month or so...and so painful and ugly. I just have a pinkish round scar now...its not too bad. Now, I never wear shorts. My dh wears shorts and tank tops when he rides around town. But I'm not too crazy about that. We did take a spill this summer in our driveway and fell onto the grass...thank God that was all. He sometimes doesn't think beforehand what he's doing, especially pulling into the driveway. Like one time, he decided to take the sidewalk instead and he didnt swing far enough out and we about dumped then too. Our yard has big holes in it and he forgets and rides into them and thats how we fell. Now, LOL, I make him get into the street before I get on and when we get home...he has to drop me off in the street, too. I trust him on highways, roads, wherever, but he has issues with the yard/driveway. That's why I can't wait to ride my own! LOL.

03-18-2005, 01:12 PM
Andrea - I highly recommend the MSC - it is awesome. Maybe DH would take it with you..... From what you tell me about his little spills, I'd advise you to hurry and get your own ride!!
You know at MSC they actually teach you to ride safely without any prior riding. You probably know more than most people that will be in your class already. Can't you take it before Fall?

03-18-2005, 02:12 PM
Andrea - Thanks for asking about my braces. I got the ceramic ones on top and regular ones on bottom. Well I get bottoms next week. Yesterday I just got spacers on the bottom and I can't believe that four little wires can make my teeth so sore.
I will have to have my braces on for a year and a half. Then I will have beautiful long skinny teeth. Right now I have caps in the top front to fill in a space, when they correct the space with braces my caps will be much slimmer. I have noticed that with age I have become very high maintenance......didn't mean

03-18-2005, 04:15 PM
True about MSC... I probably could take it sooner. I just want to slim down a little more before taking it. That's why I'm putting it off. I want to slim down another 15-25 pounds before I even get on the back of the Harley. That's how cruddy I feel about the weight right now. And today has not been a great one in terms of sticking to plan! My mom called and said that she made dinner for us...her homemade super cheesy enchiladas... and there's no way I'm going to turn those down! She doesn't make them too often. So, from the looks of is a terrible wasted calories day...BUT I am going to workout after work. At least I can burn some of my snackies from this 2 enchiladas for dinner...a few beers this evening (late St.Patty's day celebration...I'm part Mexican/Irish) and at least I will have accomplished SOME of my goals for today! Tomorrow night my dad is having us over for corned beef and I will really have to watch my intake tomorrow. I have a week vacation starting today at 4pm and my goal is to come back to work a little lighter!

Star-- Don't feel bad about being higher deserve it! Besides, its amazing what losing weight does to make us more self conscious of certain things.

03-18-2005, 04:27 PM
Andrea - Rethink about riding after you lose more weight. I say ride now -lose as soon as you can....BUT Ride JMHO ofcourse.
have to run and sign my lease - talk to you chicks on Monday - have a great weekend!

03-18-2005, 09:43 PM
rats, I'm missing out on the conversation!!

First, Star, congrats on the steps towards your pearly whites :D boy, those dentists AREN'T kidding when they tell us "floss only the teeth you want to keep for the rest of your life" :dizzy:

Andrea, I completely agree with Star about NOT putting off riding until you lose some. I mean, I don't want to tell you what to do...everyone has their own comfort level, but you could be enjoying it sooner than later!

I know around here, the MSF courses fill up really quickly. I called in February of 2002, and was scheduled for SEPTEMBER but was on a cancellation list, and actually got in the first weekend of August that year.
As Star said, there are people who never had been on a bike, and earned their endorsement two and a half days later.

Boots - yes, over the ankle!! My first time I took my bike in a parking lot for practice, I promptly dropped it. The bike landed on my left ankle. My ankle was encased in a thick boot. 450 pound bike, and no injury to my ankle.

Gloves - yes! as Star said, even a passenger needs 'em. What happens when you start to fall? you put your hands out as a pure reflex, right? Gravel ground into your palms HURTS!! Long-sleeves always, and hopefully pants always. I've chanced riding in cut-offs, when I wanted to feel daring. And after that ride, I thanked the gods that I didn't take a spill and haven't done it since.

It doesn't really get hot enough here to want to go without a jacket. Even on a 90 degree day (rare!) I still wear my leather jacket. When you're going 50 mph (or 80 :devil: ) there's quite a nice breeze.

Gear - I splurged on my leather jacket. I only had a HD boutique near me, and I didn't want to chance ordering online. So I spent (GASP) over $300 on my jacket. I felt self-conscious about wearing HD when I ride Honda, though, and had my "Cupcake" patch custom-designed to cover the HD logo on back.

Leather pants I got in Montreal, at Screamin' Eagle. With the exchange rate, they were reasonable (about $80). I also got gauntlet gloves there for $20.

Just got a pair of leather chaps late last year, pretty cheap, $50 online.

At the Honda dealership where we bought my bike, I bought a pair of lightweight summer gloves. They have gel in the palms, to absorb shock and vibrations, and the rest is mesh. Nice and cool. I also have smooth leather gloves, and my snowmachine gloves when it's under 40 degrees.

Heavy-duty stuff - Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0 Jacket and pants. This is what keeps me warm when I ride to work, when it's in the 50's in the mornings (just about every day in summer). I just get cold really easily. It also is super protection, tough nylon exterior, and "armor" in the shoulders of the jacket (also in the elbows, but I had to take that out, too bulky).

The pants have the armor from the knees to shins. I do feel bulky wearing both, but again, they're the only things that keep me warm in the lower temps. Then in the afternoon, I zip out the liner of the jacket, and stow the pants behind sissy bar. In my "slideshow" pictures, the black pants and the blue/black jacket are the Joe Rocket stuff. Pricey, but WELL worth the investment. Both waterproof, also.

My boots are Dingoes, they are wonderful, I have over 30,000 miles on them :lol: They're heavy-duty, weigh over 5 pounds for the pair, but also comfy enough that I can wear them walking for a long time. They come up over the ankle, and have a strap that buckles over the laces to keep laces from flying. They were around $90. I put those babies on, I'm 2" taller, and I walk with that biker swagger :D

What else? Helmet - I have a full-face, also keeps me warmer. I can only wear the half-helmet on warm days.

The amount of money spent on gear seems staggaring at first, but you have to accept that it's an investment. It will last for years. And any sport will have specific gear, that will be more expensive than something not meant for that activity.

The MSF course will tell you that you have to wear to the course; long sleeve shirt at the least, long pants, over-the-ankle footgear (some wear hiking boots if they don't have specific MC boots) eye protection (sunglasses or goggles), gloves, and a DOT approved helmet. Sometimes they have helmets available to borrow.

My instructor told us that he would disqualify anyone if they didn't have any of the above. But he did help someone, when they didn't show up with gloves, with telling them to quickly go to Home Depot (a couple miles away) to buy gloves. Any pair was fine, as long as they were gloves!

JEEZ I love talking bikes :lol: and it's kept me from wanting to snack :lol:

03-18-2005, 10:09 PM
That was his first and last box packed, he is grounded until further

:rofl: men! Hopefully he didn't do it on purpose, to get out of the packing chore!


03-20-2005, 07:09 PM
Hey ladies,

Well, I am learning tons from you chickies! I really see why the gloves are important, even as a passenger. I am going to definetely look into some more riding gear. I was aware of the requirements for the class and I haven't bought anything for the class yet. It's been a tough year, in terms of finances for us, but we are going to have ti find some gear soon.

We did go to HD dealer yesterday to buy a battery for dh's bike and some brackets for saddlebags. I did sit on a Sportster that felt really nice and a Lowrider that I loved!

I don't have much else to say today...dh has gotten an awful cold this week, so he's been kinda down. I did 3 days of workout at the gym this week...I LOVE IT there! Anyhow, I will chat more with you girls tomorrow.

Have a good one!

03-21-2005, 09:56 AM
Holly - I really enjoyed reading about all your gear, you ride in style girlfriend! I have a ton too but you explained it all much Also, about helmets - I have a DOT helmet and a unDOT half little helment (which I love) full of biker stickers. One of my favorites reads: "When I grow up I wanted be just like Barbie, that little ***** has everything" lol
Andrea - you will acquite gear over the years. For starters you need, helmet, boot, gloves, sun glasses - you can make-shift the rest until later. It is a big expense and ofcourse you can't do it all at once.
I was packing all weekend and am putting a Harley box together. With all our riding gear, scarfs, gloves, hair stuff, small purse/wallets, etc. That will be a pretty important box and one not to lose for sure!
Holly - you crack me up covering up a HD decal with
Later Biker Chicks..................
Oh and yesterday was the first day of Spring and it snowed here. I think I really need to consider moving south....

03-22-2005, 04:55 PM
Ok, so my 2nd day of Spring Break and I'm fighting off dh's cold...UGHHH. I slept all day and evening yesterday, but today I was deadset to get out and act normal! I am going to workout today, maybe just a short one, but anyhow...

It has been raining buckets here since Sunday night and it's cool outside...some Spring Break...well ladies, I will post more when I get to feeling better. Take care all! Sorry about the snow, Star.

03-22-2005, 05:35 PM
Andrea - One good thing about working out on a regular basis, when your sick you can skip it and not worry about it. That's one way I know when I'm really sick, I don't feel like working out and so I don't. Take a break and get better, your body is trying to tell you something. It will pass and then you can go back to working out.
Get Well chickie!
The snow has melted and actually it is 45 degrees here, feels like a heat-wave. Now if the ground will just dry up real quick for the Easter Egg Hunts on Sunday........

03-23-2005, 10:46 AM
Hi Andrea and Star!! sorry it's been a few days. I work 10 hours Sunday, Monday and Tuesday; now I have four days off. silly!

guess what I did Saturday????? click below and see :D

(edit - I should have trimmed some stuff from this link - Andrea, if you haven't seen the pics yet, pm me and I'll pm the link to you )

and by yesterday, we had enough melting that I got my bike out of the garage by myself (over the remaining ice and snow) and went out for a while. ahhhh!!!!

03-23-2005, 11:21 AM
Nice pictures. I have to give you credit for not being a "sissy rider" I would never ride when there is snow on the ground!
Is that your website and you design the stuff? It is pretty cool! Tell us more.......

03-23-2005, 03:01 PM
thanks, Star! The website is my husband's deal. I didn't even know about that Cafe Press stuff until I clicked on "buy". I still don't know much about it :lol: Though I do know that the "Route 666" stuff is his design, and if items sell, we get some percentage.

Andrea, sorry to hear about you catching a cold! If you feel too rotten to work out, that's your answer. Sometimes when you have a cold, but you still want to work out, it's good to examine where your symptoms are. If it's just your head, and you want to work out, that's OK. It's when your symptoms are below your head (throat, chest) that it isn't a good idea to exert yourself.

I was going to take the bike out again today, but it's overcast and about 42 degrees. Some sun would make all the difference! Both in comfort for me, and some warmth for the pavement for the tires to grip a little. So unless the sun shines, I won't take it out today.

Star, I definitely ride whenever I can...and in summer, when rain is possible, I try to determine if at least 50% of the ride will be NOT rained on :lol: and it's worth it. If I get wet on the way in to work, I have changes of clothes in my staff room, and there's a clothes dryer in the laundry room I can use. If I get wet on the way home, I'll just change when I get home
:lol: I know I'm sounding rather glib about rain - some rain is fine to ride in, other times, when it's slashing sideways and you can't see the road and others can't see you...that's when it's no good.

Star, have you heard of Harley Rendezvous? Held in June, on private land in Pennsylvania. My husband really wants to go. I've read some materials on it, sounds like a big big big party :D My only concern is that it's billed for "Harley Enthusiasts" - well , I like ALL bikes, but don't ride HD. Wonder if there is the harsh brand loyalty-bashing that sometimes occurs with die-hards. In the literature, it says "leave your attitude outside the gates" but I still don't know. Do you know anyone who's gone?

It would also be camping, and we have the thinnest sleeping bags in the world, along with the smallest "two person" tent in the world. My husband's torso is like the limit for that damn tent :lol: I've always contended that I will do MY part by riding hard with no whining for 8 to 10 hours, then I DESERVE a soft bed with clean sheets!!!

Have I told you all about the decorative Easter sugar eggs I make? I made a dozen to sell at the store. They're the hollow ones, with the little scenes inside? It took me three evenings, about 3 hours work each evening to make the 12. I sell them to the store for $9, and they retail for $12.95. I have to get some pics of the whole display table at work, it looks really nice; then I'll see about posting them here.

They're more a labor of love than for profit for me, I just take alot of pleasure in knowing how to do them, and love to hear people exclaiming over them, and I think it's therapeutic (sp?) for me. Something I'M in complete control of :lol:

Today is my lazy day, the first of my four days off. It feels so good to not HAVE to do anything today. I'll be more ambitious wiht housecleaning tomorrow, but today's mine :D on the couch with a blanket, and coffee, and the laptop warming my lap :devil:

03-23-2005, 03:07 PM
Holly -... and a unDOT half little helment (which I love) full of biker stickers. One of my favorites reads: "When I grow up I wanted be just like Barbie, that little ***** has everything" lol

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That is the GREATEST!!!

and I thought my tank sticker was bad - "You don't need a d*ck to ride a motorcycle, but it helps to have b*lls" :rofl:

03-23-2005, 03:10 PM
it's me, one more time! :p

Andrea (prepare yourself for an old person's question) who is Slipknot? I have seen that the concert has been a goal of yours...

03-23-2005, 03:45 PM
Holly - About your tank sticker - :rofl:
My other favorite sticker reads:
"Good girls go to heaven....Bad girls go everywhere"
I have never heard of the Harley Rendezvous but it sounds awesome. There are always gonna be Harley die-hards that like to shove it in your face. BUT even at the Harley 100th Anniversary there were all kinds of bikes. Most of the time, everyone gets along no matter what you ride, but there are ***_oles everywhere,.......
About the tent - DH and I have the smallest - but it's never been used. I'm like you and feel like after riding there is nothing like a warm shower, blow dryer, towels and a real bed.......

Andrea - Ditto - on Hollys question about

03-23-2005, 07:03 PM
It's ok Holly and Star...Slipknot is a very heavy metal-type band. My husband is around your ages (43) and he can't stand it. They play a song called Vermillion, actually there are 2 songs for Vermillion ...there's Part 1 and Part 2. I really should take that off my signature, since there's no way I can lose 13 pounds in less than a week. Oh well!

--"Good girls go to heaven....Bad girls go everywhere" ---I LOVE that. I may need to find a sticker like that!

That Harley Rendezvous sounds awesome, but I agree Holly, it may be uncomfortable if there is too much brand bashing. I haven't noticed a lot of that with the places we've been to, but none have been billed as just one brand's party either.

On Saturday, my husband's work's motorcycle club is having the 1st meeting of the season. We're going to go, but there is this guy that butts into every position (kind of a takeover-knowitall) and if he gets elected President, then we may not be too involved with. I don't know these people, but that's what Mike says about the guy. I'm just along for the ride! :)

The damn cold is still here, but I have been working out and determined to not let it control my life. I am just doing my normal stuff. LOL. It's been nice being off work b/c then I can workout in the morning instead of waiting until after 4pm. As for weightloss, I don't think that I am losing at all. Instead I feel a little more bloated. Maybe that's with the cold? Either way, if I workout it should help in the long run.

Holly-- Those eggs sound gorgeous! You are so talented to be able to create something like that. I think that I have seen some a long time ago. It's really cool that you do that! Oh, by the way, if you don't me with that link for the pics.

Star-- How's the packing going? I really hate moving...I can drag it out forever. LOL. How are your teeth feeling with the braces?

Well, ladies, I will chat with you some more later!


03-24-2005, 11:23 AM
Andrea -
About the "Good girls go to heaven-Bad girls go everywhere" helmet sticker, I actually have a license plate on my Focus that says that too. I just turned my Blazer lease SUV in yesterday (got the Focus from stepchild that couldn't afford it). Anyhow I was gonna retire the Bad girls plate, if you lived closer I would give it to I got it back when I was single, but my DH never cared about me having it on my ride.

My report today is - I DIDN'T workout this morning.......BUT I have a reason. My DH is home packing a truck to take up north and so I slept in with him, danrk coffee and got ready for work. It felt really
Plus, I just found out that I don't have to work tomorrow. This is wonderful news becuz he was taking the truck up north tomorrow, now I can go and maybe drive the car hauler with the 57 Chevy in it. I was kinda worried about not being able to atleast

About your husbands works bike club. We have belonged to two clubs and there is always a takeover-knowitall in every group. I don't know how, but they usually do get elected. It's just the down side of clubs, which are otherwise awesome. I say you go, join and make the best of it. Usually there is a big group that can't stand the knowitall anyhow.
You have been sick, a chick can only do so much; work, ride, workout, be
Like you said, the main thing is that you are trying and you know what needs to be done, it just doesn't happen as fast as we like. But eating right, working out, getting to know your body - it's all good! It will pay off, so just keep it up - your doing all the right stuff! (I like to say this becuz it does me good to hear it too).
later chicks.....

03-24-2005, 04:48 PM
Hey Star-- You are right about the bike club...who knows the guy might have good ideas? There's 75 possible members and I only vaguely know about 2. It may be a good expericence to meet other people and if not and we don't like it biggie.

I am glad that you have the day off tomorrow and will be able to help haul the Chevy and supervise, lol! Any plans for Easter? We are just doing the family thing with Mike's family I think. I really don't expect my parents to do much for the holiday...other than dinner together.

Have a save trip and talk to you soon!

03-24-2005, 04:54 PM
Rebel - We are gonna be packing and moving stuff over the weekend. So for Easter my kids and grandbabies are going to my mom's house. We will probably go there and eat too. My mom cooks a huge spread, enuf food for an army and since she's from TN she know how to cook - yummy! She's one of those 'apron' women, you know the ones that have to feed you if you come thru their door?
I'm sure I will be looking for alittle chocolate on that day too.

Yes, you and DH go, check out the club, you'll for sure meet alot of nice bikers and maybe afew jerky ones. You'll get some good rides out of it and do all that cook stuff bike clubs do. Hey you have a great Easter too.

03-24-2005, 10:17 PM
Star- Take it easy with the moving and careful...don't hurt yourselves! Oh, and enjoy your chocolate!!

Holly-- Thanks for the pics! I love your bike and the scenery...breathtaking...

03-25-2005, 10:22 PM
Hi ladies! thank you Andrea, glad you liked them! I'll certainly have more scenic pics of Vermont riding when the #@%!%&*#@ snow and ice is gone :D

Star, best wishes on packing and driving and unpacking! You know, as I do, that a specific benefit of consistent exercise is that we can do a day's out-of-the-ordinary physical work of moving, such as a lot of bending, lifting, carrying up and down stairs...and not being sore the next day. I take it for granted now, but am reminded of it when I am with someone else that day, and THEY complain bitterly of being so sore and lame the next day...and I feel fine :D (hey - I've worked for it - I'll brag about it :devil: )

I also agree with you Star, about there always being a couple souls in a crowd that we could do without :lol: but as long as they don't actively bother/harm us, it's best to try to ignore them and have fun! So enjoy the club, Andrea!

We're actually going to our first club meeting, the United Motorcyclists of Vermont, in two weeks. My husband is going to take over the maintenance and updating of their website. Oh, and we recently joined a national (or maybe even international club) the AMA (M is for Motorcycle, not Medical :D) They have a great website, that will keep you up to date on anything relating to motorcycles in the media, bills that are being debated that you can let your local politicians know your opinion. And of local riding events, charities, etc. Plus they sponsor racing, but I'm not into that. Yet. :devil:

My plans for Easter be at work! My husband is on call for the local Rescue Squad all day, so he couldn't leave the town limits anyway. My older son has to work 'til 4:00 pm, so I told the boss that he could give everyone else the day off, and I'll just bake the usual morning pastries, get coffee and newspapers ready, and just be behind the register.

Believe it or not, Easter morning/early afternoon is VERY busy for us. We're a skiing resort town, and there are still many tourists around. Plus, on Sunday morning, there is a Sunrise Easter Service on top of Mount Mansfield, that about 2000 people attend each year :eek: They ride the Gondola up to the top, and the Service starts at like 4:48 a.m. It's really beautiful, feeling you're on top of the world (actually over 4000 feet!) when the sun rises...very spiritual. And then they all come off the mountain, looking for coffee and muffins and the Sunday newspaper! and I will be there to ring them up :lol:

One good thing, I'll have my 14-yr-old son to help me. He wasn't too keen on it at first, but after I told him I'd pay him $25 and he could have anything he wanted to eat in the store, he was game :lol: You KNOW what a 14-yr-old boy's appetite is like, and I said he could be turned loose in a deli and little grocery store with chips, soda, candy :lol:

He'll actually be very helpful putting together the newspapers when they arrive, making gallons of coffee, breaking down boxes, stocking the cooler, and bagging for me. I'm glad that he likes to earn money by helping his ol' mom :D

Oh! and I have a few pictures of the Panoramic Sugar Eggs that I've been making to sell at the store. They're discussed in my other "home" here :)

03-28-2005, 11:08 AM
Morning Biker Chicks...

Holly - Thank you for reminding me, I was the most in shape person invloved in our move. Go-Trina,
The move went really great! Took alot of extra stuff up north for storage and alot of garage sale stuff. That will be fun, there is one weekend when everyone up there has garage sales. Only bad part is I won't get to go to everyone elses.....Like I need more junk right? lol
Andrea - Thanks for reminding us to be careful....DH did most the work, well him and the sons. He did hurt his back but it was from sleeping on the bunkbed and the slats had separated....he's better now. He has been working like a dog - gotta love him!
Holly - your eggs are beautiful....I can see how it gives you pleasure to make them!
Also, your job sounds awesome, like something out of a movie. And sounds like your keeping DS busy with some extra spending cash......
Talk to ya'll later....hugs

03-28-2005, 11:26 AM
Holly- I love the Easter egg pics. Wow, you did a beautiful job on them. I showed dh the eggs and he thought they were so pretty. It sounds like your weekend was busy and its so nice that your son was going to help you out.

Star- I hope the packing and moving went ok!

I have some exciting the motorcycle club meeting a director for the company said that O.C.C was commissioned to build a bike for the company. The company has sent parts to them already, contract signed and all! I guess they wont feature it on the show because that costs some BIG $$$$. Anyhow, they are going to take a tour of the factory, to get some ideas, then present the bike to the factory and THEN dedicate it at a Nascar race in Dallas. The director said that it would be nice to get a group together to ride down there and then be able to ride behind the OCC guys at some point. Not quite sure.

Another piece of news... I am ready for a :bb: I had this dream the other night that we were someplace and on my hip was the most adorable blonde little girl (like a 1 year old) in a light pink jacket that called me "Mommy" and it was a great dream. I didnt want to wake up. I really liked that feeling. I've known I wanted kids, but not too badly. My dh has from the beginning. Dont get me wrong...we really like being spontaneous and doing as we please, but I guess now we're both ready. I have things to do before getting in better shape, take the MSC, and I may have fertility issues. I'm not in a big hurry or anything, but it is something I would like to see in the very near future.

It was a beautiful Easter yesterday. We spent the day at Dh's moms house with all his family. He rode the bike and since we brought some food I took the food in my car. He gave his aunt a ride and she had a blast. It was a nice weekend. I hope that you girls had a good weekend and are doing good.

03-28-2005, 11:48 AM
Andrea - Well your dream sounds beautiful! There is just something about little girls! I had two boys (blonde/white haired - big blue eyes). Now they have both had babies (well DDIL's did), one a blonde baby boy and the other a baby girl. They are my joy.
Anyhow, sounds like you had a wonderful very important weekend and I bet your DH is thrilled about your new discovery and dream.......congrats

03-28-2005, 01:04 PM
I agree about little girls, but I would be thrilled with a little boy, too!

My SIL was telling me that she had fertility problems with all 3 of her kids and that she discovered that she had PCOS. She told me some of the symptoms and it sounded a lot like me. Well, I have been reading some sites for information and sure enough, I see even more resemblences. So, I think that I am going to get into the Dr. in the next few weeks and see what to do.

I am also really considering doing South Beach again, but counting calories with the plan. My dh rolls his eyes b/c we go from WOE to WOE! We did agree that when we did SB we ate too big of portions. So, if I watched portions as well as calories we may be more successful. I don't know. I ate like a pig last week even with exercising and I am just trying to get back in the swing of it all.

03-28-2005, 01:54 PM
Andrea - forgive me (blonde) what is PCOS?

03-28-2005, 03:00 PM
Trina its polycystic ovarian syndrome. I don't know much about it, but I am learning more.

Some bad news...I called dh over lunch break and he sounded REAL down and said that we needed to talk when he gets home b/c at work he was told that 30% of them are being laid off. So, he is very likely one that will. He has 15 years in there, but he was laid of for 2 1/2 years and rehired just this past
I said a quick prayer that we will be ok and maybe he won't be laid off and that's about all we can do for now. I am going to work on his resume b/c there is another aircraft plant that is hiring. We'll see!

03-28-2005, 03:14 PM
Andrea - You are in my thoughts - keep your spirit positive !

03-28-2005, 06:48 PM
Thanks Trina! I am really just sitting tight...not getting too overly concerned or upset yet. I do think that today would be a great day to get dh to take us for a ride on the bike. What a great way to relieve some stress!!

03-29-2005, 11:20 AM
Rebel - Hope you got a nice long ride last night..
Your right, no need to worry prior to things happening that make you worry. My mom is the worlds best worry-wart. I see it as a waste of real engergy, becuz most of the time what she worries about, is out of her control.
Keep up posted...
Hey the weather is nicer here, like 43 and sunny..........cross your fingers it stays nice for out move on Saturday.

03-29-2005, 12:01 PM
I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you will have good weather this weekend. Are you excited?

I felt so sorry for my husband last night. He came home worried about his job, we visited about it and basically told him that we needed to be calm and just see what happens. I finally got him in a more positive mood, made dinner, relaxed (barely) and then his troublesome family calls him to come over for a meeting. He left at 9:30 and didn't get home until almost midnight. It never ends with those people. Basically his mom can't handle her own life and expects someone else to take care of her. Ughh! I felt so bad for him to have to deal with his own problems but then turn around and be forced into her issues. It wasn't a great day for the poor guy.

Tonight is the Slipknot concert and I thought that I would have been a lot more excited that what I am! LOL. I was hoping to make my goal much for that. I feel REALLY fat, big-bellied, puffy, just plain gross! Trina, what do you usually eat in a day? I need some new ideas.

03-29-2005, 01:02 PM
Andrea - is DH going to the concert with you? You should go and let everything else go for a night......
About his mom, sounds like she has some issues. As long as 'needy' people have other people invloved in their lives that are willing to take care of them, they never change.
I hope your DH can work out some boundries with his mom, for you good....

03-29-2005, 01:14 PM
I hope so too, Trina. He is just so sweet, sensitive, and caring. But sometimes she takes advantage. I guess I dont understand "needy" people!

No, the Slipknot concert would be torturous for my dh! He hates them. So, I am going with my 22 year-old brother and his fiance.

I hate being "out" all evening while dh is home, but he doesnt mind and even bought the ticket for me. It just makes me feel odd not being with him. LOL

03-29-2005, 02:32 PM
Do you just hate being away from him right now becuz of the uncertainty of his job, and you just want to be there for moral support? Otherwise, some away time can be a very good thing. And bets are that he will be fine at home alone for one night, it could be some down/chill time for him in this stressful period.
Try and have some fun tonight.
About my eating, well I'm sorry to say right now I am not a role model for anyone. Moving is not the best time to try and eat right. But normally I have Less calorie bread for breakfast, fruit for a.m. snack, Lean Cusine, salad for lunch, fruit for afternoon snack, and a protein/veggie/starch dinner. Drinking water all day and if I have a treat it is a protein Luna bar (get them from Walmart). Sometimes I have instant oatmeal, cereal for breakfast. I find the more protein I eat the fuller I stay.
Like I said right now with moving I'm far from doing well, give me a week and I'll be back on plan.

03-29-2005, 04:10 PM
You are a great weight now that I'm sure you are doing good even if you aren't as strict with your plan. I agree with eating more protein in terms of feeling fuller. Sometimes I get so confused with all the different plans out there and other people's take on them. Like some that follow lower carb say no fruit, so say you can have protein bars, while others say no. I always think that as long as I'm not eating over a certain calorie range I should be losing, but then I think what if I'm not eating the right things? I really don't have a formal plan. And maybe that's the problem. Before my break I was eating a packet of oatmeal for breakfast, higher-protein-low carb-low fat shake for lunch and fruit, and a Lean Cuisine for dinner. It worked ok, but then I think that I really needed to add some more bulk and snacks because I dont think the metabolism was being pushed. I'm not quite sure what I want to do in terms of diet. I need to build a more solid menu!

I guess that I don't like being away from him b/c I feel guilty to be "out on the town" and he's home alone. It seems like a person shouldn't do that when they're married. My mom has raised me with some old fashioned marriage ideals I guess. In fact my mom doesnt think that its good for a marriage if the wife hangs out with her female friends. She thinks that the husband should be the only best friend. It's a nice idea I suppose, but her marriage circumstances are different than mine. She married young, first guy she dated, and lived with her parents before. She never had the "single life". So, for me being single and living alone for 5 years before marriage is totally different than her!

Either way I'll have fun, but I just feel like I shouldn't. Which is really stupid. Like I said he knows I enjoy the band, so it's no problem to him.

03-29-2005, 05:32 PM
Rebel, Just a quick note and I have to get some work done before I go home.
Sounds like you may not be eating enuf and that will slow your metab way down almost to a stop. You need fuel to burn calories. I'm am quilty of the same thing, especailly with alot of exercise becuz that burns more calories....have you ever counted calories? I did for awhile but didn't really like it - too much work. It sounds like you know the basics, which is the same as me.
From years of working out, my body has alot of muscle mass and I could exercise til the cows come home, but if I don't eat right I could still gain weight. To lose weight I have to be on an eating program along with working out, it is like a fulltime job........(cry me a
You know I disagree with your mother. I think doing things on your own and having girlfriends makes you a better person, more fun and certainly more interesting to your DH. Besides what if (God forbid) something happened to DH and you had been attached at the hip with no outside friends, you would be divastated (I know this from experience). Go out and live your own life alittle, grow and become a whole person yourself. ofcourse JMHO.......
Talk to you tomorrow, have a great time at the concert!

03-29-2005, 07:32 PM
Hi guys,

I know I'm just kind of jumpin in here but I had to give a big shout out.

"hey, Holly, you hot biker babe, how ya doin?"

I was just cruzin the boards and saw the thread for chicks on bikes and figured I'd find you here. Glad to see your still riding. Put on quite a bit of miles last season. Your doin great. I still haven't got back on the sporty. It's been over three yrs now. I'd have to put new tires on her. Probably dry rot sitting so long. And the tires are my fear, since thats what brought me down.

Anyway, I had to say Hi. I get emails from Jaymi on occasion. I see by your stats you've done so well. Keep on keepin on.

Starlynn and Rebel,
Glad to see others out there enjoying the ride.

take care all. :D

03-30-2005, 09:13 AM
Donna - HI!!! Ladies, meet DonnaD - another lady rider :D Donna, I have wondered how you've been...didn't want to be too much of a pest asking "where are you guys" - I know stuff comes up. but so glad to hear from you!! :D :D :D

Hi Trina and Andrea!! I did have a busy day at work on Easter, but my kid helped out nicely.

Andrea, I sure hope that your dh doesn't get laid off...and sorry for the strife he has to deal with, concerning his family.

oh, I also think that females NEED female friends. I also made the mistake of NOT regularly getting together with female friends early in my marriage, and now I think my husband thinks that when I do stuff with them, I like them better than spending time with him. Which of course is not true. Women need to giggle and laugh together about stuff that would probably make men cringe :devil:

I hope you had a great time at the concert, Andrea!

and yay to MusclesTrina for not being sore after moving! goTrina!goTrina! :D

I've slipped off from South Beach...sigh...I think what's best for me is just regular calorie counting and portion control!!! Andrea, I also had a hard time with portion control on South Beach...because that is not how we can eat for the rest of our lives, right? I liked the quick pounds lost...but again, how to maintain that forever...sigh again...we all just have to find what works for us!

We had a day of rain Monday which washed alot of crud off the roads. And the snowbanks have disappeared from the curbs in town, however here in the sticks we still have tons of snow. But alot is gone! and today is forecast to be sunny and a high of 52...and I have off from after I exercise and do some errands, I am going to be riding all afternoon, I hope!

First to meet dh for lunch at his work - I think I'm going to eat tuna salad here, to save time; he just gets 30 minutes. Then ride to the supermarket (he took the bike to work for the first time this year, yay) where he can get the salad bar. Then off I go, to who knows where! As long as I have gas money ($5) I'm fine for many miles :D

again, donna,

so good to hear from you!!!

03-30-2005, 10:08 AM
Hey Biker Chicks,,,,,
On my way home yesterday I bet I saw 20 bikes out - whoo-hoo, it's time to ride in Michigan!!!! Now we just have to get our bikes from up north and we're good to go.
Hi Donna - I take it you had a spill? Hope you weren't hurt.. I ride a Dyna Low Rider and have dropped it twice. Once when I was first riding, turning around in a car wash.
Then when we went to the Harley 100th Anniversary in WI, my DH cut me off to exit the road and I was on his inside, it was too close and so I hit him and we both went off the road, somehow neither one of us fell or got hurt and only his bike had small damage. It did however, scare the **** out of was like 4 a.m. and so I had to shake it off and get back on and finish the ride home.........I think I was more mad than scared......

03-30-2005, 12:57 PM
Hi Donna it's great to meet you! So glad you dropped in!

Ok, ladies...the concert was WILD!!! We were down on the floor jumping, being pushed, I don't know how many times we almost fell down. I am going to be getting too old for that stuff SOON. LOL! That will teach me to sit in the seats next time! It was a lot of fun.

I agree with you ladies about female friends. My mom doesn't really have any, except me. I enjoy my friendships with other women. I am glad that dh has always known I had female friends and isnt threatened by it. Star, I REALLY agree with the comment about losing a spouse and not having friends. I think that's a lot of my MIL's problem, too.

Star- That spill with your husband on the way to the anniversary would have freaked me out. I agree about being more angry than scared. The times when dh has spilled (or nearly) I was more mad than scared. Oh, I do agree with the calories and food. Sometimes during the week I eat too little and then weight loss stalls big time. I keep an idea of my calories, but I don't religiously count. Maybe I need to a little more. I think that being on break last week really threw me off and I have been bad since!

Holly- South Beach just isn't something I can live my whole life on. I do like a lot of the principles of it. Cutting out white flours, sugars, etc and eating more veggies. Sadly, sometimes even if its a Lean Cuisine, I have to eat the things that fit into my lifestyle and convience matters for breakfast and lunch. By the way...have fun riding!!!

Well girls... I will pop in again later!

03-30-2005, 01:17 PM
Andrea - When my first husband of 26 years passed away, I was a mess. The only way I ever made it was to go to "starting over" a grief counseling group structured kinda like a 12 step program. To be in the 'starting over group' you had to be a 'young' widow or widower. When you are married for so long sometimes it is easy to lose your idenity and when you lose your mate - you are left with nothing, not even knowing who you are. It is a very scary thing and if it never gets brought to the light you never recover.
So maybe that is what your dealing with in you MIL. She probably needs counseling.
Honestly without that group (for 2 years) I don't know where I would be today. I also had one on one counseling for about a year.

03-30-2005, 02:08 PM
Star- Not trying to pry, but how did your first husband die? How old was he and how old were you when he passed away? 26 years is a long time to be married. That would be so difficult to deal with. I can't even imagine how that would feel. I bet my MIL is going through that. Her husband died 10 years ago, but she probably has never dealt with the feelings. In the short time that my husband and I have been married we have been so close and truly enjoy hanging out with each other. Last night my husband made a reference that he wouldn't know what to do with himself is something happened to me. I would have to join a group if something happened to my dh. It's wonderful that there is support out there for widows and widowers.

03-30-2005, 02:43 PM
I don't mind you asking at all. DH#1 was 47 and he had a heart attack and was in a coma for 4 weeks and the passed. I was 46. We had two sons 25 and 17. It was an awful time for all of us. I was in shock for several weeks and then got help. My boys would not go to couseling and one still suffers with it today, he was extremely close to his dad.
So we did everything together, we were soulmates. We had the same friends and enjoyed each other completely. We didn't spend much time apart other than work.
When he died part of me died too - that's just how it works sometimes. I knew if I was gonna come thru it I'd have to have professional help and that's what I did.
I remember telling my mom, afer three weeks of his death, she ask me how I was doing. I said "I'm awful, Dave's dead and I'll never be okay again." Then another time not long after that she wanted me to go out for someones birthday, out to dinner, I said "Mom, Dave died , don't expect to me feel okay or go anywhere, becuz I'm not"
I know she feared for my life and she was really happy when I started group and counseling.

03-30-2005, 07:59 PM
Trina - what a hard time for you!! What a tragedy. Thank you for sharing that with us.

03-31-2005, 09:52 AM
Holly - Geez, it was alittle personal - sorry. However, to bring this back to topic, Dave was a biker guy, we had a Truimph in 1969 and he taught me to ride in 70 when we moved to Phoenix. I always tell my DH now that if he would have known Dave they would have been good friends. To DHs credit, if doesn't bother him at all when myself or the boys talk about Dave and for that I am so happy.
The weather here is nice - 55 today -wish the bikes were here........
We are closing on our house today at 11:30 so I will be doing some real work here for now. Maybe I will check in this afternoon.

03-31-2005, 10:01 AM
good morning Trina, good luck with the closing, and hope you get to ride sometime soon!

I "only" did about 50 miles yesterday, it was cooler in the wind than I expected :D but sure felt great. Even though I tried so hard to avoid all wet spots, I was still a mess from the knees down :lol: and I had spent time cleaning my leathers and boot before riding! Oh well, sure is worth it!

03-31-2005, 10:26 AM
Holly - Thank God for leather! Clean before the ride, clean after the

03-31-2005, 12:22 PM
Good morning chickies!!

Trina- Thanks for sharing your story and that's wonderful that your husband is so understanding! Good luck on the closing and enjoy the nice weather today.

Holly- Wow! You're hardcore to do 50 miles in chilly wind conditions! My dh is very much a fair weather rider and if it looks like rain or seems a little cool, he wont ride. I don't love riding in the rain, but I can handle it if need be. Even with the mess and muck it sounds like you had a great time!

Tomorrow we need to have the shocks adjusted on the bike b/c Sunday is the rally in the town an hour away (Cassoday). We are planning on going this weekend, but I guess we'll see what the weather has in mind. Dh hasnt heard any more from his coworker about the saddlebags, so we went to a store and found some brand new for only $150. They aren't Harley or anything, but we don't really care. So, I think that will be the next purchase. He also found this cool thing, I believe its called a wind sock...kind of like a strechier type of do rag. The advantage is it wont slip off as much or raise up. It's really pretty cool. We saw that at the HD dealer. Well, I will check back later!

Much love!

03-31-2005, 09:53 PM
Hey Chicks!

I just wanted to peek and say Hi so you don't think that I ditched all of you.

I didn't mean to dissapear, but I have been very busy the last few weeks. I have tried to keep up with all of you, but haven't had hardly any time to post anything anywhere.

My mom was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on March 15 and was in the hospital for 5 days. Thank goodness the hospital was only a mile from my house. However, I would work at one hospital all day and leave and go spend most of my evening with her there.

I signed up to coach my daughter's softball team and I had to start practices last week.

I ended up sick myself last week. I think was rundown from all of the stress the week before.

This week, I have had to be somewhere every single night. I am only home tonight because I cancelled practice due to the wind and rain.

I have lost my motivation for my diet since my mom was put in the hospital. The exercise from softball has helped to keep it off, but I haven't lost anything in the last few weeks. Easter was a killer.

I was so bummed yesterday. I wanted to go riding so very badly. It was such a beautiful day. Looks like the weather is going to be back in the toilet for a few days.

I am glad to see that you are all doing well. WTG on the move Trina. Where are you moving to?

Andrea, I hope you enjoyed the slipknot concert. My son loves slipknot. I told him that you were going and he said to tell you that he is jealous (he's 13). I hope that everything works out well for your hubby and his job.

Here's to hoping that spring comes soon. I am so ready to go riding!!!

03-31-2005, 09:54 PM
p.s. Holly, you are my biking hero!!!!!!

04-01-2005, 09:24 AM
Hello Dondita!!

So very sorry to hear of your mom's pneumonia! Is she on the mend now? You had a VERY full schedule to deal with!! and good for you to volunteer to coach also, you're a good soul :)

I'm so lucky that our weather co-operated so I could ride two days in a row, without freezing :D I was even able to just go with leathers, instead of the bulky Joe Rocket stuff. The sun on leathers...mmmm, WARM! nice!

Now we're back to grey and cool...and alot of rain is coming on Saturday, but I don't mind that at all. It will get rid of more snow, and wash more dust away.

Now, I NEED to vent something about my husband. I've been married 25 years, and I still don't have any answers to marriage!!!

I had a spat with the husband last night - tell me if you think I overreacted. I had supper ready (he usually cooks, though) but he was delayed due to a rescue squad call. I waited as long as I could, but ate without him, I was hungry. So when he came home, I showed him what was for dinner, then sat at my place at the table. I was going to sit with him while he ate. After I told him I already ate, he said, "then what are you hanging around for?" He SAYS he said it with a smile, and in a joking way, but I did not see either of that. I just thought it was a stupid, mean thing to say. I got up and sat on the couch and read for the rest of the evening.

This morning, he's trying to act like nothing's wrong. When he said good bye to go to work, I said, "well, have a nice day...but I could say, have a rotten day, haha, just joking." He says he's sorry that I took it the wrong way. That's how it is with him; never a true apology. He doesn't think he did anything wrong, so no admission of wrong from him. As he leaves, he said "well I'm sorry you didn't think it was funny." "Yeah, me too" I said.

It just sems that when I think things are OK between us, they aren't. :( And when something like this happens, I think of all the things that don't make me happy, and wonder how things could be different.

thanks for listening, sorry for being such a drag.

04-01-2005, 09:30 AM
p.s. Does anyone watch the Simpsons? I think of Marge, what she does when she's angry at Homer. She writes everything down that she doesn't like about him on a piece of paper, then shreds it into his dinner :devil:

04-01-2005, 10:25 AM
Hi Dondita - Welcome back, sounds like your plate runneth over......take it easy on yourself. I have noticed with the packing for the move, I'm in burnout too. I hope to get back with the program on Monday. We are moving to Washington Twp, only 15 minutes away from our house. We are downsizing and it was really tough finding an apartment with a garage. Matter of fact there are only three complexes in this whole area with garages and one of those don't allow motorcycles at all. In 3-5 years we will be moving up north to Sand Lake, we have a place up there.

Holly - I know this isn't the right answer but. I have noticed that my second marriage is much better than my first. I think it is becuz in 26 years I learned everything that made me happy and everything that made me sad. So with the second husband I looked for many different things. I also have noticed that I handle things very differently and part of that is due to the fact that I know you can lose that jerk of a husband in a flash. After he's gone, you would think of everything you would have done differently -that's what I'm doing with my second chance. Men just think completely opposite than we do and let's agree they can be total jerks......being of the smarter sex - we have to deal with them, usually with kid gloves - they know no better......
Let me add, when my DH says something and then add's "I'm just kidding" Well I have learned that he isn't kidding and he really means what he said. He just thinks the "I'm just kidding" let's him get away with it.....and I'm not saying it is even usually directed at me, it's just in general.... :?:

04-01-2005, 11:28 AM
Note- I didn't mean to say "I have noticed that my second marriage is much better than my first." That was a bad statement. I met to say it is just different, sorry!

04-01-2005, 12:21 PM
Morning ladies!

Dondita- Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope she is getting stronger each day. You sound so busy and I'm sure stressed with your mom's illness...don't be so hard on yourself diet-wise. It's been a bad week of dieting!

Holly- I know what you mean about men, they really are so different from us. I don't understand when they do or say something hurtful they think we're too sensitive. If the tables were turned and you said it to him...he probably wouldn't like it either. My husband is pretty nice when he has a problem with me, but he has his days when he's just kinda complainy, crabby, and negative. Maybe that's what your hubby's deal was. He may have had a rotten day. It's not right to be treated that way, but he may have just been grouchy. Sometimes my dh will say that I'm negative ( which I really am not)and it really bothers me all evening...yet he can be such a complainy little whiner. So after that I will be quiet with him and he never thinks that his comment was so bad. I just don't think that they think through things before they say it. They tend to just blurt!

I also agree with Trina with the "Just kidding"'s an easy out for them to say.

I would talk to him. Ask if he had a bad day and just explain that you wanted to hang out with him while he ate. You may even tell that if that bothers'll do something else while he eats. On the same point, if he has to work late, you shouldn't have to wait to eat.

Trina- I can see how a person "grows" from each relationship and how different each is. Also, I would think that your love in each relationship is different, too.

Good for you to get 2 riding days in a row. I still haven't been on the back of ours yet this year! I guess I have to wait until supposed to be 75 degrees!

Dh really wants to give South Beach a try again. He said that it was more of a plan that he can stick to and he likes having a formal plan to be on. So, we're going to try again Monday. I have meals bought, planned out, and we've discussed everything. He loves candy, so that is the hardest thing for him. We'll give it a shot, though!

04-01-2005, 12:38 PM
Andrea - Hi Biker Chick....
Hey, I just wanted to let you know what a guy calls a passenger on a bike.
I know this cuz my guy biker friend told me after I mentioned to him I like to ride on the back of DH's bike, just as much as riding my own.
He says "So you like to *****-ride"..........I thought that was he couldn't understand why anyone would rather ride passenger than ride their own....
On another note, you seem to have a fairly good handle on DH for being a almost newly wed....

04-01-2005, 04:09 PM
Yeah, Trina my hubby uses that expression. Not toward me! But when I told him he could sit as passenger on my bike...he laughed and said, "I'm not riding on the ***** seat" I think that's funny.

Have you ever seen that shirt some guys wear..."If you can read this the ***** fell off." ??

About the marriage/hubby's amazing what you learn about your spouse and yourself in a marriage. Always a work in progress. More like an investment!

Dh took me to lunch today and he was planning on going to Wichita (about 30 mins from here) on the bike to have the shocks adjusted. It may be a chilly, windy ride. That lucky-butt took the day off today!

04-01-2005, 04:12 PM
p.s. Does anyone watch the Simpsons? I think of Marge, what she does when she's angry at Homer. She writes everything down that she doesn't like about him on a piece of paper, then shreds it into his dinner :devil:

That's too funny Holly! My brother's answer to someone ticking him off..."Pee in their coffee cup!" :coffee: He's an odd boy! :dizzy:

04-01-2005, 04:26 PM
Andrea- Yes I have seen that t-shirt.....don't like it......I don't like it when the hard core biker guys call their girlfriends, wives "my old lady" or "my *****" either. Although when two guy friends call each other 'my *****' I think it is funny. I must be odd or something?
I have been sitting here (at work) thinking of everything we need to do the minute I get home for the move's scary. Tonight we are gonna move our closet stuff and maybe some dishes.....

04-01-2005, 04:50 PM
Trina- I don't care for that shirt either. My husband HATES when guys refer to their gf or wives as "my old lady" or "my *****". I'm glad he hates that b/c if he ever tried either term on me I'd have to go postal on his @ss.

I imagine the move is scary. That is so incredibly stressful, emotional, and just nervewrecking. You are in my thoughts! Take plenty of deep breaths, write things down that you need to move today because you may forget tomorrow with all the chaos. Are you going to spend your 1st night in the new place tomorrow?

04-01-2005, 05:09 PM
Rebel - Yes, we will spend the night at the apartment tomrrow. Another big thing I forgot to mention is that we found a good home for our dog Pookie. My DH's x-SIL is taking her, which works out great since the X is the one that originally bought her. Therefore, the lack of love for the dog on my Actually we will just be glad not to have any pets and regain our well deserved freedom to go and do whatever.
I gave our betta fish to the truck driver at work.
Moving is stressful and I have been eating as such. I'm hoping by next week I will have the common sense to STOP and get back on plan. Ofcourse I'm still working out.
Thanks for you good thoughts and vibes!

04-01-2005, 09:53 PM
Hi chicks!!!

thank you very very much for the support. Yes, I agree, when the "I'm kidding" remark is made it's trying to be an easy way out for a dig...and shouldn't be gotten away with :rollpin: :lol:

yes, Andrea, you do seem to know alot about men even already! True, my husband might have had a crummy day. And yes, men are BLURTERS!!! I wanna see a bumper sticker that says that, LOL!

Trina, you just get the move completed, and I'm sure then you will be able to be back on track with your meals. As usual, :bravo: to you for the continued, consistent exercise!

Andrea - forgot to comment on the saddlebags. They were a good deal!

oh yeah, "riding *****". Somehow that morphed from the "Riding Queen" phrase from years ago. And yes, apparently a guy is totally emasculated if he rides behind a female :rolleyes: :lol:

I still enjoy riding behind husband...'cause all I have to do is lean back and enjoy the ride! I trust him completely and totally in his skills to keep us safe. I have heard from other women who just can't ride behind anyone once they learn...they find it too hard to transfer the control of the ride to someone else. But its OK for me :shrug:

Trina, glad you got a good home for "Pookie". cute name, same name as Garfield's teddy bear :lol:

OH!!! I got a speeding ticket this afternoon!!!!! Not on the bike, in the cage (:lol: ) hurrying (apparently!) to a Parent Teacher conference. I was clocked at 69 in a 50, $153.00 and two points on my license!! :( First speeding ticket in 22 years, first points on my Vermont license :( Well, don't do the crime is you can't pay the fine :devil:

so if I can laugh at that, I'm in a better mood. I'm pretty psyched because of what I picked out to wear to the conference, a pair of Limited size 8 slacks...they're a style I see the young girls wear, it's a low waist, and no belt loops or front closure; side zipper closure, and SNUG, with slightly flared legs. I critically looked at myself from all angles, and thought they looked OK. That's something else that I hardly ever get from husband, is compliments...compliments sure make us feel nice, don't they... :( I should visit my sister, she tells me I look good :lol:

again, thanks for the support, girl-fray-unds (as a Southern girlfriend sez)!

04-02-2005, 03:04 PM
Whoo Hoo Holly for looking good in your "hot" pants!! I bet you looked great! Men can be pretty funny about compliments. Mine is pretty good about doing it, but I do think that there is a tiny little part of him that feels threatened to think of me ever getting yo my goal weight. I think that they wonder if we'd still want them. Which is silly. Another thing is that most women lose weight to feel better about themselves and also want their partners to be attracted to them. Us women tend to do a lot to have our spouses as hot and heavy over us as they were in the beginning. My husband doesnt do anything. LOL. In fact, he burps, farts, teases me a helluva lot more than he ever used to. LOL. Its really funny. I guess its a comfort level they get to. For the most part I still really try to make myself look nice for me and him. Besides, with or without him to look nice for, I couldn't live with myself without my makeup and flat iron!

Holly you're a hoot! Speeding down the roads in your sexy new pants!

Trina- I am hoping that your moving day is going well. You're doing great to kepp up the exercise. Talk to you Monday!

04-03-2005, 08:51 AM
Holly you're a hoot! Speeding down the roads in your sexy new pants!

:lol: too bad it didn't cut me any slack with the police officer :devil:

I also couldn't live without my makeup and hairspray! :lol:

everybody set their clock ahead last night? bummer we lost an hour of sleep...oh well.

gotta get ready for work. It's slowed down alot, which has cut down the level of frantic antivity, however, now another shift has been cut out of the day :rolleyes: so that means back to running around like crazy :dizzy:

have a great day girls!

04-04-2005, 11:59 AM
Good morning biker babes!

I hope you all had a great weekend and that the moving and 1st night in the apartment went good Trina!

We went to Cassoday yesterday with 3 other friends and of course I forgot the sunscreen and I'm a little red today. LOL. It was really fun, though. So many cool bikes!! Someone was selling these trailers that are rounded at one end, you can pull with a truck and it had a king size bed and place for 2 motorcycles or 1 trike. It was really cool!

Last night we ordered WrestleMania...we are wrestling fans! Ate some pizza and had a few beers with my brother and his friend. It was really fun. So after, a fat-filled Sunday, I am back on track today. We are restarting South Beach today and back to the gym. I usually go 4-6 times a week, but I skipped out Friday and Saturday. I have been so bad the past week, but back to it now...NO EXCUSES!!

04-04-2005, 04:27 PM
Hi Biker Babes.....
Well the move is over and Thank God! Thanks also to 2 Men and A Truck, those guys deserve every penny they make. DH tipped them very nicely and we fed them and let them have cig breaks. (We are good
Still brought too much stuff to the apartment, must pack more garage sale boxes. Two people don't need all this stuff anyhow!
Oh on a cool note, we were unpacking Sunday morning and DH says "You hear that Harley?" So I looked out back by the garages and out pulls this bad Iron Horse Harley, some kind of beautiful like royal blue color.....DH was our neighbor two doors over has a bike too. DH says so one neighbor that won't complain about our bike
Holly - I pictured in my head you rolling down the road on your bike, in the new hot pants, with a blow dryer in one hand and lipstick in other, as your pulled over by the hottie cop (ofcoure he is giving you mega compliments).....About men and compliments, I had one guy tell me he didn't compliment me becuz he didn't want it to go to my head. I was like whatever. My DH is pretty good with the compliments and is proud of me for working so hard to stay in shape. (Plus he is afew years younger than me - men my age just can't keep up with me).
Andrea - I don't know what Cassoday is or was but sounded like fun! Chick, never ever go out in that sun without the suncreen. About the bike puller trailer with bedding, we looked at one not to long ago - sweet! The problem was our old truck was too small to pull it. Since then we got a bigger truck, but now other things have come up.....but someday I'd love to have one!
Hey - Thanks for all the good wishes about the move!
AND - the weather is really nice here - 53 degrees - yes!

04-04-2005, 05:44 PM
64 degrees here in Michigan and my motorcycle is up north :devil: :devil:

04-05-2005, 12:17 PM
Hey Trina that is cool about your fellow biker neighbor. I am so glad that the move went ok. Isn't it amazing the stuff we collect over the years? I dread the thought of ever moving because of all our junk! Although, I would LOVE to have a better house.

Cassoday is a town here in Kansas where the bikers gather on the 1st Sunday of every month from March to November. The town is very tiny. There's a cute old cafe where they serve a buffet breakfast. Plus lots of other vendors that sell food, drinks, leathers, gear, jewelry, do rags, sunglasses, and other things.

Yeah, as fair skinned as I am you'd think I'd learn about the sunscreen :doh: Plus my fear of wrinkles!

Well I did about 90 minutes of exercise yesterday. I went to the gym like normal but dh is wanting to workout so I went with him on a 30 min walk. I did good on day 1 of South Beach. Dh did too except close to bedtime he ate 1/2 a bag of pistachios! I told him, "Not sure if ya know this but we can only have 30 nuts a day" and he said he knew. His Dr called with his blood work results yesterday and was concerned about his diabetes, the blood sugar is way too high. His liver looks good, but there are some very minor spots on the kidneys (I think) and he has high cholesterol. So, she switched his insulin pills around (higher dosage and mroe frequent), put him on high blood pressure meds, and cholesterol meds. He is not happy!! I told him that at least she is trying to prevent any damage to his body and if he changes his eating habits and loses weight he can probably be taken off all the meds. Its a real lesson to me. I help him out as much as I can, but it really is up to him now. I pack him healthy lunches and snacks and try to normally make healthy dinners. But he will eat candy bars at work or gripe about not being able to eat junk. Yet, if we fall off the diet wagon he gripes about his weight. I hate to say it but I hope this is what it takes for him to be more proactive in our weight loss. Like last night, he said after dinner that he wanted ice cream. I just smiled at him and said that we had sugar free popsicles instead. He made a sarcastic "Yippee" and I told him to do whatever he wanted then. But if his blood sugar sky rockets don't come crying to me. I said it jokingly, not mean. Oh well, maybe he'll get the hint and if not that's his choice.

Have a good day...sorry for the venting!

04-05-2005, 12:39 PM
Hi Rebel,

Cassoday sounds really cool! Once or twice a year we go on an organized ride to ****, MI. Same thing, old itty-bitty town, good breakfast and few shops. And ofcourse the t-shirts, stickers, etc. that say "I've been to **** (MI)" lol

Good for you on the exercise and DH too. I'm so glad you realize any major changes in his life; eating, exercising, meds is all up to him. You can encourage the best things but in the end it is his choice. I hate it when women say "I'd never let my husband not do this or not do that." Then I just smile and say well you wouldn't have my husband

For me, last night I went to tan (3rd time), went to WalMart for microwave and odds and ends (to organize), then home and unpacked some stuff that goes in my china cabinet. Got rid of some more items that I can live without. I figure if I get just 2 boxes unpacked a night I'll be done by the weekend. Still haven't hung any of the wall stuff yet. Oh and at 6 a.m. what did I hear? Yep, my neighbors Harley leaving for work.......lucky neighbor.

I'm getting alittle concerned about being on a good eating plan, I mean I know I've been moving but come on. Then my excuse is I'll be leaving for CA in a week and I'll start when I get back. Maybe I'm just tired of watching every thing that passes my lips. My girlfriends that are gonna be in CA are both skinny and maybe that will make me feel bad enuf to muster up that motivation I seem to be lacking right now?

Okay - I'm gonna go for now, talk to you chicks later......

04-05-2005, 03:55 PM
Andrea - Holly,

Okay, so for my lunch hour I went window shopping at the Harley Store. I found this helmet sticker:

Eat right, stay fit, DIE ANYWAY!

I thought it fit us so well I bought three. Private message me with your addresses and I will put one in the mail for each of you.......

It's 67 and Sunny here, hence trip to Harley Store...... :lol:

04-06-2005, 10:40 AM
Where are you biker chicks?

04-06-2005, 12:25 PM
:mad: OK...I just typed a long nice message and I got booted off. Lost it! So, here I go again. Just wanted you to know that I am here!!

Hope you're having a great morning!! :D

04-06-2005, 12:35 PM
Trina- Thank you so much for thinking of us...with the stickers. Not only are you a foxy chick but a sweetheart, too!!! I tried tanning last spring before the wedding just to get some color. I only went 10 times or so. I sunburn so easy so I doubt I can get a real tan. I did get a tan on my feet from where I wear flip flops. But that was just from wearing them all summer.

You are so organized with the unpacking. Good for you!! I really lack organization these days...

As far your eating goes...I would eat as sensibly and healthy as possible, but when you get back from your trip you can get back on your stricter WOE. You are at a great weight now. I would love to be your size.

In fact I have kinda changed my goal. I just want to get to 190 right now and then go from there. It makes it easier for me to think of it that way. I've done good with SB. I did snack too much yesterday on approved SB foods, but other than that... I was bad and didnt get up early to workout today so I will have to go to the gym this evening. I may try to walk over my lunch break, too.

My grandma is in the hospital for some heart problems and she is having a heart cath done this afternoon. So, I am leaving work a little early today.

Everyone have a great day...Trina I'm getting ready to pm you!

04-06-2005, 02:13 PM
You are so welcome for the sticker and when I saw it I knew I needed three! This thread is much smaller than LAWL Losers & Friends, I could never buy stickers for everyone

Rebel - My heart goes out to you and your grandma. Here's hoping is it something they can find and take care of. I know you are probably a nervous wreck. :grouphug:

About your goal, you know when I was 216 I didn't say I want to be 150. I just wanted to lose weight and get under 200. Then I was happy for along time at 181, then I decided it was time to lose alittle more. Some of the chicks on the other thread set goals of 10 pounds. It seems to make it more doable that way. You'll get there, just keep doing what your doing; trying to eat right and exercising :hungry: :tread: Oh but most importantly DON'T forget to have lots of fun along the way :love: :cheers: :dancer:

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon, cleaning. I suppose with braces that will take alot longer than normal :?: Plus somehow I broke a bottom wire.

We are gonna turn the old house key into the new owners tomorrow (no more rent there).

Nice weather here again today and no bike :(

04-07-2005, 12:00 PM
Good morning!

My grandma is doing better. They put a stint (?) in her artery so that should really help her out. She does have congestive heart failure and mitral valve leak, but they say that they are hoping to remedy those with medication for the time being. I am so glad that they didn't seem to think she needs open heart at this this. We've been through that before with my was so rough on him.

I did badly yesterday. I didnt exercise...PLUS we went out to eat and I ordered a huge burger and fries. Then later that evening ate ice cream. UGHH. Oh well, back on track today! So far so good.

Hope that everything is going well with you today. It looks like another beautiful day!

04-07-2005, 12:50 PM
Hi Rebel -
I'm so glad your grandma is doing better! I have an uncle with congestive heart failure too and with them you just never know.
You were stressed yesterday - today is another I say "Falling down is not failure, staying down is'
it's cloudy here today.

04-07-2005, 04:00 PM
Hey Trina-- I agree with your "Falling down is not failure, staying down is" statement, I really like that.

I did go for a walk for 20 mins on my lunch break. I have to go to Wichita AGAIN today (3rd day in a row) b/c Hubby's bike is being serviced at HD and he needs a ride. After that, hopefully, I am going to the gym. So far today I have done really good. We'll see, though. He has a favorite restaurant that he loves going to and he may want to eat there. I better behave!!

04-08-2005, 10:05 AM
Hello biking chicks!

Andrea, I'm so sorry about your grandma. I hope things turn out OK. When my grandma was told she could/should have bypass surgery at age 86, she chose NOT to...I was angry at the time, thinking that she should do what she can to prolong her life?? but I was being selfish. She made the best choice for herself...again, I hope things work out well. <hugs> grandmas are so special!!

I had a great day Wednesday, it was almost 62 with strong sun, so I leather up :D and rode for almost 90 miles!! I also wanted my half-helmet, but in the past I was always chilly with it, and it seemed to blow around on my I tried tying a bandana over my head, and that helped to keep the head warmer, and no blowing around. I guess the bandana gives the helmet's lining something to "hold" onto.

I'm gonna be lazy and cut and paste something here that I just posted on my "other " thread - hope you don't mind :D it's all stuff that I'd want to tell you here, but am trying to save time :D

did I tell you all that I'm "off" south Beach now, just going back to my regular way of "doin' it". My husband is still doing a modified SB, but I don't know if he's losing any more. He still doesn't exercise at all, always has an excuse, it would help him SO much, just to feel a little better! I know he always is a little more energetic once it's spring/summer, especially with all the cycle riding...maybe that's what he needs.

Oh! this will be fun (I hope). Our foodservice wholesaler is having a food show next Tuesday at a local hotel's conference center, and the night before is a "casino night" (play money) with games, raffles, prizes, a dinner. As a client, I was offered a free room at the hotel for Monday night! Yay!! I LOVE staying in hotels, as I never get to So I'll drive there from work on Monday early evening (it's about 50 miles from here), change and attend the Casino night; spend the night, then attend the Food Show that's from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. My husband can attend the Casino night and spend the night with me, but then has to go to work the next morning.

This is the ONLY benefit I've received from my grueling winter as Assistant Manager, and I'm gonna take full advantage of it!!! There is a heated indoor pool, and an Exercise room....double YAY!!

What am I wearing, I hear you ask? Well, I have a couple of choices. I can now fit into a pair of black Limited size 8 slacks, I don't' know what style they're called, alot of young girls wear them..they are low (below my belly button), no real waistband (no loops) and zip up the side. They are nicely snug, have some lycra or spandex to make them snug, and a slightly flared leg. (NOTE - oops, I already told you girls about these pants LOL)

I have a pale violet silk shell, with a snug little light cardigan sweater (the sweater is a kinda shortie one) that look good with the slacks.

OR I have three dresses to chose from...I have two that are "pellini" brand, they're casual prints, short-sleeved, long in length (mid-to-bottom calf), pretty cute, would look good with some black sandals I have..OR a dressier number I got yesterday for $6.00 - it's black, rayon, short sleeved, slight shoulder pads, v-neck, an open back with a tie back there, and longish length also. And for another $4.00, I got a pair of HIGH heels (3 1/2 inch heels) ankle straps, the very pointed toe that is squared off? does this description make any sense

I'm still very self-conscious about my upper arms, they're proportionately bigger than the rest of me, but maybe with some tanning/bronzing lotion, I won't be as self-conscious.

I am pleased about fitting INTO the dresses - one pellini is marked S, the other 9/10; and the black dress is a 6! But remember I have jeans marked 8 that are snug

I have off today (not by choice, just my hours cut) so I am soon to exercise, haircut at 11:00, laundry, picking-up, then maybe a ride this afternoon, if the sun comes out!


I received this insert in my motorcycle insurance bill...from the Sentry Insurance co., some facts about motorcycles that car/truck riders should know...hope you don't mind if I post it here


1. There are a lot more cars and trucks than motorcycles on the road, and some drivers don't "recognize" a motorcycle - they ignore it - usually unintentionally.

Look for motorcycles, especially when checking traffic at intersections.

2. A motorcycle may look farther away than it is. It may also be difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed.

When checking traffic to turn at an intersection or into or out of a driveway, realize that a motorcycle is closer than it looks.

3. A motorcycle can easily be hidden in a car's blind spots or masked by objects or backgrounds outside a car such as bushes, fences and bridges.

Take an extra moment to thoroughly check traffic, whether you're changing lanes or turning at intersections.

4. A motorycle may seem to be moving faster than it really is.

Don't assume all motorcyclists are speed demons.

5. Motorcyclists often slow by downshifting or merely rolling off the throttle, thus not activating the brake light.

Allow more following distance. At intersections, expect that a motorcyclist may slow down without visible warning.

6. Turn signals on a motorcycle usually are not self-canceling, thus some riders - especially beginners - sometimes forget to turn them off after a turn or lane change.

Watch for other signs that a motorcyclist is making a turn.

7. Motorcyclists often adjust posiiton within a lane to be seen more easily and to minimize the effects of road debris, passing vehicles, and wind.

Understand that motorcyclists adjust lane position for a purpose, not to allow you to share the lane with them or to be reckless or show off.

8. Maneuverability is one of a motorcycle's better characteristics, especially at slower speeds and with good road conditions.

But, don't expect a motorcyclist to always be able to dodge out of the way.

9. Stopping distance for motorcycles is nearly the same as for cars, but slippery pavement makes stopping quickly difficult.

Allow more following distance behind a motorcycle because it can't always stop "on a dime."

10. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury in traffic collisions than other roadway users since they don't have the advantage of being surrounded by 3,000 pounds of steel.

When a motorcycle is in motion, think of it as a person.

*************** now a word from Holly, BikerChick

We motorcyclists KNOW that we are smaller, and harder to see. We KNOW that car/truck operators do not want to cut us off, or cause any collisions. We do all we can to make ourselves visible to you, as to keep accidents from occuring. We want to enjoy the road as you do. We don't want you to think we're nutty rebels well, some are, but not all. We obey traffic laws as you do, smile and wave at little kids, raise money for good causes, just like everyone else. We're just doing it on two wheels, and it's alot of fun.
Thank you for listening

Holly, member AMA (American Motorcyclist Association)
member UMV (United Motorcyclists of Vermont)


How's that for shameless self-promoting :devil:

Have a great day!!!

04-08-2005, 12:15 PM
Good morning lovely biker babes!

I love that Holly... thank you so much for the list of safety issues. I also love the self-promoting! The food show sounds like so much fun! Especially the hotel part and indoor pool. Ya got the bikini out yet?!?! ;) I love staying in hotels, too. That will be a nice little alone time for you and your husband. :devil: Your clothes sound so cute! I bet you look great in everything, too! What an accomplishment!! You and Trina are inspirations to me. I can't wait to be as smokin' :smoking: as you girls! Dh and I are doing SB this week. I am just not seeing a loss at all. I am noticing more of a difference from working out, feeling more toned. Then again, this is TOM week.

Trina- When is your vacation? I can't remember what you said. Is dh going with you or is it girls-only? Sounds like fun!

Grandma is doing much better. In fact they moved here out of the CCU...that has to be a good sign. Thank you so much for your well wishes. Having your friendship support really brightens my day!! Forgive me for being...well...emotional!

I am really proud of myself. This week I have been doing 15 mins on the bike, 15 min. on the elliptical, and 30 min at the doing about 20 mins of walking during lunch. Yesterday evening I worked out on my balance ball while watching tv. I'm not sore today, so I must not have done a good job? Foodwise was much better, too. I had a hardboiled egg for breakfast and string cheese, forgot lunch (walked), 15 pistachios for a snack, and turkey sausage with steamed veggies and a salad for dinner. I got in plentyl of water. I think that my dinner serving was too large.

Oh, something that you all probably know already, but I just read...its a women bikers safety tip. Don't wear underwire bras while on a bike. If you crash, the wire could come out of the material and stab the lung area. I'm not sure how true that is...just wanted to pass it along.

Have a great day girls!!

04-08-2005, 12:55 PM
Hi Biker Babes.....
The underwire tip is probably really bad for chicks with implants too.......

Glad grandma is doing better...and don't worry about being emotional - thats what us chicks do (and we're darn good at it too). Isn't it great to have a place like this where we can come and just vent about whatever we want? I just love it.

Rebel - sounds like you are kicking it up a notch with working out. That is grea becuz it will make you feel so much better, plus toning you up at the same time. Exercise is all good!

Speaking of exercise I haven't done much at the gym since last Friday. With this move things have gotten alittle out of I'm going back to the gym Monday and with any luck I plan checking out that fitness trail accross the street from our new apartments. I feel really bad not working out everyday, it's just not right for me.

Holly - your clothes all sound really cute, I guess wear whatever you feel like that day. Isn't it nice to have that choice instead of whatever fits? You go Cupcake!!

The vacation is next Thrusday for a week, it will be in Palm Desert CA. Six of my high school girlfriends meet once a year for our annual 'girlfriends reunion.' It is usually only a weekend but this year since we are going to CA I'm taking a week. It is always here in MI becuz that's where we grew up. But Thank God one of the girls has a condo in CA (she lives in OH now) and so we can go for the sunshine!!!!!! No men allowed. However DH and I have an open invitation to use the condo whenever we want. So maybe next year we can do that. He has never been to CA and would love to go. this year there are only gonna be three of us girls and luckily it's the three who are the best friends and the most fun......woo-hoo!!!
Hey Chicks - I gotta run and do some work....check in later.

04-08-2005, 03:59 PM
Star- Sounds like your vacation will be so much fun! That's good that your husband is very good about not throwing a fit about you having the "girl time". My husband would be ok with it, but he would sit home and pout! LOL.

I am trying to decide if I need to mow after work today. Our grass is kinda long and the temp has been in the upper 60's -70's this week. Its sorta hazzy out. I haven't listened to the weather reports, so I don't know we have storms brewing or what. Gotta love Kansas and tornado season. Well, have a good rest of the day and weekend if I don't post anymore today!

04-11-2005, 11:46 AM
Hey Biker Babes-
Posted on another thread, so decided to copy and paste...hope you don't mind....
On a biker note, wish I had our bikes here, the weather was awesome this weekend. On a positive note, I got alot of 'moving' stuff done and if the bikes were here, that might not of
Some of the following post wasWent to the gym from my new place for the first time today. The drive isn't bad, I can make it in 20-25minutes. My gym is right down the street from my job, so it's not out of the way. Saw afew friends at the gym and we had to catch up on what's been going on (we haven't seen each other in about 6 months. Thank gosh those treadmills are side by side and you can work out and talk at the same time ;)

Had a great weekend - got some more boxes unpacked. The place is starting to feel more like we really live there. Once that wall art gets hung, I will feel more like I'm 'home'....

About EFA's and other LA supplements. I think the fish oil is important becuz when you a restricted eating plan sometimes you don't get enuf oil/fat in your diet (or calicum). This can cause all kinds of bad side effects; gumbone loss, weak nails, bad skin, hair loss for afew. Who cares how skinny you are if you don't have any teeth or hair :?: I take a vitamin off QVC called 'Hair/Skin&Nails' to cover some of that. LA's prices are just too high.
Trying to figure out if I'm gonna buy anymore Lites when I reactivate my plan at LA, not quite sure yet. I'll think about that while relaxing by the pool, drinking that cocktail :cheers: next week in CA!!!

:cp: :cb: Okay Chicks, I have big news! I had to get all my summer clothes out of storage, try-on and washed for my trip. Secretly I have been sweating the trying on thing for awhile :stress: BUT - everything fit, not only fit, it looked good, better than last year :dancer: :cheers: Matter of fact, I think I packed too much cuz it all looked good....So I was thinking, I know it's the exercise :strong: (Julie, this is yet another non-scale victory) ;)
In the past few weeks I had actually bought some new carpis in fear my last year's ones would not fit ( :?: ) Not until I had already overpacked I remembered the three new pairs of capris, decided to take them back - didn't need em :lol: I posted this here and not in the "Exercise Yard" just so any of you chicks on the border about working out can read this. I am so happy I have worked so hard to try and get in shape this past year, it paid off yesterday :dance: :cheer: TAlk about a slap of motivation, as soon as I get back from CA I headed straight for "center of Doom" :devil: I'm thinking I can still make scale progress by my trip to Park City, UT for July 4th (or what use to be my birthday).

Okay this has gotten too long.......Thanks for listening...........Thanks for being here and HUGS chicks........


04-11-2005, 12:08 PM
Good morning!

Congratulations on the clothes Star. How exciting! I'm glad that you got things unpacked, its such a nice feeling when you're done with something.

This weekend was ok. My friend from Missouri came and stayed with us and we had a good time, went for a drive around the lake and a little walk, and then out to dinner. I did fairly ok with my diet over the weekend. Not great, but I did better than most the time. Its sad, but I don't have much to say... LOL. Sorry for being so boring this morning. Maybe I'm not quite awake yet?! Post more later when my brain starts working again!

04-11-2005, 12:26 PM
Andrea - You are excused, come back when your brain wakes
It's always nice when friends come........
About CA - I'm getting so geeked. These friends I have know since 8th grade - that's the best kind!
later chicks.

04-12-2005, 11:30 AM
Good morning lovelies!

Star- So, are you down to 1 more work day before the big trip? Are you all packed, tanned, and ready to go?!?!

I really need to start getting myself up earlier in the morning. I want to exercise before work. Plus during the summers I have a different job (same employer) but I have to be there 2 hours earlier than normal. Uggghh! I gotta get myself in training for that.

I did my 60 of cardio last night, went grocery shopping, and visited grandma last night. The evening went so fast. I have been trying to count carbs over the past week. I can't decide what kind of diet to be on! My pants fit a lot looser and I feel better, so maybe its working. Anyhow, I hope your day is going good!

Oh, about supplements...I am taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth...I wonder how healthy that is. I only have 2 more left then I'll buy some women's vitamins, a hair/skin/nails vitamin...and anything else you suggest? Maybe flaxseed oil?

04-12-2005, 11:46 AM
Andrea - I'm tanned, packed and way ready for Thrusday morning. The only thing is that I think I may have packed too many clothes. Here's what I packed, tell me if you think it's too much for a week: 4 carpis/tops, 3 shourts/tops, 1 sundress, 2 yoga pants/tops, jogging suit (for plane ride there and back), bathing suit and coverup and way too many shoes......????
Andrea is your clothes are fitting better you are doing something right - keep up the good work. Finding the best plan is always a puzzle, I'm still working on that, but LAWL seems to work (if you work it)

04-12-2005, 12:13 PM
Honestly...I don't think that you overpacked. In fact, do you have any "goin' out" outfits, like skirts or anything? LOL. Don't listen to me. I am an awful packer. I used to have a bf a few years ago that lived only 1 1/2 hours away and when I went up there to see him for the weekend he would give me a hard time b/c I would have 4 different pairs of shoes, a dress, seperate makeup and hair gear bags, capris, shorts, plus several tops. I just hate being in the situation where you need to wear something different (be it more casual or dressy) and not being prepared. I think that I can tend to be somewhat of a princess when I feel good about myself... :shrug: To be honest...I really kinda like being that way...I miss it! :lol: I should clarify...I like taking pride in myself and being pickier about clothes, jewelry, etc. Instead of being happy that something fits!

I bet your friends are going to be so thrilled for you with your weight loss. Are you going to continue to workout there? Oh, don't forget a light may get windy, chilly, or rainy there, especially in the evenings. I have never been, so not sure of the weather :?: .

04-12-2005, 01:04 PM
Andrea - My friend, Pam that has the condo there said dressy black capris will do the clubs just fine. Her X hubby has a club there called "Gerronamos" (sp?) he is a entertainer and we will be going there one night.....
I'm very fussy about how I look and what I wear too. My favorite tv show is "What Not To Wear" and at my heaviest I always made sure my hair, makeup and clothes were nice. I hear Palm Desert is very casual dressy......Pam is such a fasion plate that if I didn't look right - she would tell I'm getting worse with age, I just told DH I've become very high
I think I will take a jacket (didn't pack one yet) and a pair of jeans. But you know what? We are going shopping, so maybe I shouldn't pack everything........?

04-12-2005, 04:02 PM
Good even more reasons for coming back home with some extra new clothes. Smart thinking to leave some room in the suitcases! Black capris are great as a dressy outfit. In my skinnier days that was one of my favorite date outfits. Black capris and clingy, red, v-neck top...I miss that outfit. By God...I WILL BACK INTO THOSE CLOTHES!

04-12-2005, 05:55 PM
Okay Rebel - I'm going home and repacking for time number three. Have just the jacket to take......switch on capri outfit with a jean outfit and I think the will do it.
You'll be back in capris soon, just keep on working at it.......

04-13-2005, 03:41 PM
Good afternoon!

Hey Trina! Sounds like your outfits are going to be so cute. What time are you leaving tomorrow? You are going to have so much fun! Do any of your friends ride motorcycles, too?

I stayed home today. My stomach was feeling a bit odd. I think that I ate something that didn't quite agree. I did my workout yesterday and ate well, but I don't think that I will work out today. Just drink plenty of water and eat well and hit the gym tomorrow!

If I don't get back on today or something...HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! Be careful and see you back online next week(?)

Oh, I got the sticker!! Thank you so much! You are so sweet. Have fun!!

04-16-2005, 10:32 PM
I Hope Everyone's Having A Great Riding Weekend!!!!

04-21-2005, 09:50 AM
Hello Andrea and Trina!!!! sincere apologies for being MIA for so long...Trina, thank you for my sticker!!! and hope you're having a great time with your friends! and CONGRATULATIONS on your summer clothes fitting even better than before, you're smokin', girlie!!!

just busy with work and yard work here! I now see all the leaves I left from last year, ugh. We have hardly had any spring rain, and that makes it easier to do the raking/clean-up, but I should be wishing for rain, as it's very dry. I've been watering my emerging peonies by the gallon, as I know I'll be rewarded in June if I water them now.

Have been doing so-s0 with eating. DH is totally off SB, is back to buying chips and ice cream, etc :(

I have been riding ALOT!! coldest yet was on my way to work Tuesday morning at 4:00 am, it was 34 degrees. I figured out the windchill at 50 mph (yes, I'm slowing down since that last speeding ticket AND a warning I got a week later - more on that below :lol: ) and the windchill factor is "feels like 0 degrees" brrr! but I thawed out once at work, and then in the afternoon it was 70! so it was worth it.

Took the bike to the car wash yesterday (our hose isn't hooked up yet) and gave her a real good cleaning; bought some chrome polish ("Mother's" brand) and will use that today. I have discovered two rust spots - eeekkk!

We rode to southern Vermont on Saturday, to meet two guys from our online motorcycle forum, for barbecue. It was a great day! over 200 miles, meeting new friends, and good lunch :D

oh yeah - the speeding warning! I was driving to work (in the car) upset because my husband said I talk to online friends more than him. Well, I turn to the computer when he comes home and collapses on the couch to watch TV. I try to initiate conversation, and when he hardly answers, and keeps watching TV, then sure, I will use the computer. So, He picks the time that I'm literally out the door to work to bring this up....nice timing :rolleyes:

I didn't realize I was going 65 and I NEVER saw the cop by the side of the road...but then I see those blue lights behind me, s*%t!!! I pulled over, and had already started bawling by the time he comes to my window. I had JUST mailed my $156.00 speeding ticket payment THAT morning!!

well, he was awfully nice, and actually more concerned that I was so upset and crying, he thought there was something deeper wrong...kept asking if there was "something he could do for me". Guess he thought I was abused or somethingn :lol: but I appreciated it. Just told him it was marriage problems. He even asked if I would be OK driving the rest of the way to work, if I wanted him to escort me! I said I would be fine, and would slow down.

Wow! I really didn't think I'd get off. and truly didn't cry to try to get off, that just came by itself.

So husband and I have been trying hard to be considerate of each other. It kinda stinks to have to work so hard at getting along!!! it should just come naturally. Which worries me...sigh.

well, it's a chilly morning again (like 32) but lots of nice sun and blue skies. I need to do more raking, before I think of having fun of riding (oh yea, polishing up that chrome first, will let you know how that polish works)

take care, ladies!!!

04-21-2005, 11:56 AM
Hey Chicks - I'm back. Calif was BEAUTIFUL....saw lots of bikes and other awesome things. got some sun, didn't eat much, my girlfriends don't eat period......(whatever).
I'll check back in later.

04-21-2005, 12:25 PM
Good morning ladies!

Thank God you're all back...I was getting lonely! LOL. :lol: When did you get back Trina? Were your friends impressed with your weightloss?

Holly-Sounds like you are so busy with everything, but some of the yardwork can be a great stress reliever and exercise! As for your husband, I think that all marriages go through some times when you work to get along. Marriage is constantly a work in progress I think. Oh, that was so sweet of the officer. It's always so nice when you find a kind one especially when you hear all the negative police stuff.

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday we rode the bike to an outdoor car show. We went to the motorcycle meeting Saturday and made out a schedule of some rides. Then we went to HD's open house and test drove (for the **** of it) a dresser, a softtail classic, and dh rode a v-rod. It was a lot of fun! Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the dresser. The seat was comfy but I felt really squished on the bike with dh. We have been doing alot of riding lately with the gorgeous weather. I actually rode my bike on the street (illegally...I still haven't tagged it) and I was really surprised how much easier it was then the backyard. I did go to the Driver's License office yesterday to get a booklet to study for the permit. I will do that soon and get it tagged and insured hopefully within the next month.

Diet-wise i have been doing really good. I decided to go low carb (Atkins) and I'm really liking it. I have only lost 3 pounds that I know of, but I'm trying hard! I have been doing about 45-60 minutes of cardio followed by circuits about 4 days a week. I figured I'd lose a whole lot more by now, but oh well. If I dont lose a certain amount by the end of April I'm going back to lower fat and counting calories.

Well, I'll check back again later girls!

Big Big Hugs to ya!!! :grouphug:

04-22-2005, 08:52 AM
good morning!

Trina, welcome back!!! so glad you had a good, your girlfriends don't eat much? you mean they don't think about what's for lunch a day in advance, as I do? :lol: :lol: well, I aspire to be like that :lol: But yes, that would keep me from eating much, if I were around small-shaped girlfriends who don't think about lunch :D

Andrea, CONGRATS on 3 down!!! That is a lot!! We all have to "pick and chose" our own modified plan, what works for our tastes, abilities, budgets, husbands :D etc. Way to go!! and way to go on the exercise, also!!!

kewl that you guys got to test ride those bikes. Was it a special demo day, or does the dealership always offer test rides? How did your guy like the V-Rod? They're pretty awesome-looking.*ok, just read your post again, saw it was demo day, duh to me :D *

I tried out that Mother's Chrome Polish, and it works well!!! Chrome is blindingly shiny :cool: and it was only $3.95/bottle. So I went back to same store yesterday and picked up the Mother's Polish, "for all paint and clear-coat finishes" which sounds like it would be fine for tank paint. It was $8.00, and I'll try it out today. I have some fine scratches on my tank from zippers, tank bag, just plain riding (33,333.3 as of yesterday!) and hope to gloss them over some.

It never got over 45 degrees yesterday, even with nice sunshine, due to a cold front that came through. Today should be better, low 50's with sun, so I hope to do a few miles. Then clouding up later this afternoon.

oh yes - Andrea, meant to inquire more about your motorcycle group meeting. Still going good? About how many members? We just joined UMV, United Motorcyclists of Vermont; and my husband is doing their web site. Their mission is to promote motorcycle awareness, increase safety, lobby for rights, and charitable missions. Very nice, friendly people. They were all impressed that we rode to the was maybe in the high 40's, but we only had about 10 miles to go each way.

Glad you picked up your MV booklet, Andrea! In our state, the written test was multiple choice, 20 questions. Some were kinda sketchy - like there could have been more than 1 correct answer - so you had to pick "the MOST correct" answer. Then, if you pass the written, you get the permit, which allows one to ride any public road, during daylight hours, with no passenger. The permits good for...6 months I think? Anyhoo, good luck!

have a great day, ladies!

04-22-2005, 09:40 AM
Good morning biker chicks! I will post more later and respond, but I just wanted to wish you all a great Friday morning!

04-22-2005, 12:38 PM
Hello again!

Holly, dh LOVED the V-Rod and he said that during the demo he hung back a little and took a curve at about 70 mph and the bike felt so in control. He said it wasnt shaky or didn't feel like it was leaning. Sounded like a smooth ride!

Our weather went from 70's-80's yesterday and then went to 40 last night so its a cooler day today, but I think its supposed to be around 60. Plus it looks kinda cloudy like it could rain.

We use that Mother's polish on the bikes and it really does a nice job. When I washed my bike last time I used RainX (I think) car wash and it did a great job of cleaning her up as well.

The motorcycle club is coming along and doing pretty good. Last weekend there were about 10-15 us. Which is sadly the most we've ever had, except for the toy run. Supposedly there are more people joined (who never show) that are doing other stuff. Oh well! We ordered t-shirts and voted on offices. The guy dh doesnt like is the president and dh is the vice-president, which he isnt thrilled about because he didnt want the jerk wad to be Pres. He's upset b/c now he will have to work with him a little more. Like I told him, who really cares? Its about riding... not the :censored: politics anyhow. We are planning to all go to Cassoday next month as a group, then we'll all do the Riverfest together, and I think that Big Dog's party was on the schedule too. It should be fun!

Holly, your motorcycle group sounds like fun! I like riding solo, but group activities can be pretty fun as well.

I'm excited about the written test! Thanks for the forewarning about sketchy questions!

Have a great one!

04-22-2005, 12:39 PM
Hey Chicks = DH and I took our bikes out yesterday afternoon for a short ride, it was awesome! Had all the leather on.

Rebel - good for you riding on the street! Good luck on your test - you'll do fine! Also congrats on deciding on a diet plan and being down 3 already! I love your April Goals down at the bottom of your post. Do you mind if I do something similar with May Goals?

Holly - Thanks for the tip about "Mother's" - I could use some wax on my ride too.

I'm going back to LAWL today at lunch. I gained 5 pounds at Christmas and now I gained 4 in Cally - so I have to hit it hard and do it legal. If I pay to do it I'll be more serious.

My girlfriends don't eat much. The one mosting drinks and smokes, eats a couple nuts, a salad here and there, that's how she stays 121 at 5'7". The other one is more normal at 5'6" and 137. But neither of them 'enjoy' their food like

Okay I'll catch you later.
Hugs - it's great to be back.....I missed my DH......

04-22-2005, 01:00 PM
Star- I bet you did miss your sweetie! He was surely missing you pretty badly too! I am so glad that your trip went well. Sometimes with the weight thing it seems that there are times when it drops off, but then you can gain so quick. I'm the same way. LAWL worked for you and I think that's great to go back to it. DO you have to buy packaged foods or how does that work? Posting the April goals has really helped me to remember and be accountable for what I need to do with myself. Please go ahead and do the same for your May goals!! In order to meet my goal I have to lose at least 5 more pounds pretty soon here! I'm getting a little scale and food obsessed (in a good way), so I really need to chill out or else I'll get frustrated and quit. I have to just remember to take it 1 meal, 1 pound at a time.


04-22-2005, 01:19 PM
Holly - Did you get your helmet sticker from me too?

04-22-2005, 03:57 PM
Trina--Good job on your goals! of doom!! How did it go today?

04-22-2005, 04:16 PM
REbel - I posted this on my other favorite thread, thought I'd just copy it here to answer you question...hope you don't mind. It is alittle annoying with all the


Hi Chicks,

Well I had a blast in CA with my two skinny friends ;) We danced :dancer: , ate :hun: , drank :cheers: , talked :gossip: , argued :blah: :rollpin: , walked :tread: , worked out :strong: , smoked :smoking: and drank alot of :coffee: ....... :rofl:

Just got back from the Center of Doom :devil: Haven't been there since January...needless to say I weighed more :o I pledged to follow plan to a T, not tweak and come in 3 times a week. I will now be the :angel: customer of LA. The counslor (new young girl) is having me do the Faststart for two days, tomorrow and Sunday and then she will measure me on Monday. We will also go over my exercise program. For now I am on the Gold Plan. I have to study the book and try to remember how to be on plan :lol:

I bought 12 weeks with bars and the Faststart Drink stuff (just have to stop and pick up the Vodka to mix with the Faststart on the way home from work) :cheers: :rofl: Actually I'm pretty excited to get back on plan.

Hi to all the new chicks - hope to annoy all of you equally. Hey to all you oldies but goodies ;)

04-22-2005, 04:45 PM

yes, Trina, THANK YOU so very much for my sticker! it's so funny AND true, eh :lol:

well, best wishes on your re-affirmed LAWL plan...("center of doom", heehee!)

I think the skinniest women are the ones that subside on cigs and salads :lol: I also enjoy my food too much :D

Trina - so glad you got to ride!! all leathered up, eh :cool: alright!

I just got back from a nice ride - went to Irasburg, VT (about 50 miles each way) to see the guy who's the pres of our motorcycle rights group. He's got a combo snowmachine/motorcycle shop. He was real surprised and pleased to see me there, but he was busy...he said he was still working on snowmachines, and had a list of bikes waiting.

I wore my half-helmet, 'cause I'm really liking it better for increased vision and hearing...but my poor face gets blasted by the wind. Having the bandanna tied over my forehead helps some, also glad to have my wrinkly forehead protected more from the sun :D

Also glad that I'm not having any problems (knock wood!) with my contact lenses. Just a couple of times, have had a speck fly in there, but was able to blink it out. I do carry drops, an extra lens case and my ugly old glasses, just in case something bad happens. Be prepared, sez me :lol:

I only have 3 days left of my horrible winter job, working for horrible people!!! I'll be off for over two weeks; no paycheck for that time, but I think we'll be OK. I'll dig ditches before I work anymore for them!!! :devil:

Yup, tried the Mother's Polish this afternoon, and though the tank scratches are still there, the finish is much more lustrous, and deeper-black. I'm satisfied :cool:

bye for now!

04-22-2005, 04:54 PM
One of the most fun times in CA was when myself and the other visitor took our hotesses (sp?) Convertable Mercedes to the store for Starbucks (at her request). The other guest drove, when we got to Starbucks she was trying to figure out how to get the key out of the ignition. While doing so we both almost peed our pants becuz this is all that happend; the trunk popped open, her seat moved forward, the top started to go down. So we decided that we would leave the keys in the car, but got scared to do that. Then she decided to wait in the car and I would get the order, just when she took her hand off the key, it was a miracle and the key came out. We were like Lucy and Ethel - it was too funny.....Geez, I'll never get a car like that....too hard to work.

04-24-2005, 07:45 AM
Trina- :rolf: :rolf: that was HILARIOUS!! I love getting hysterical over things like that with girlfriends :lol: thanks for making me laugh out loud!!

Our streak of nice weather has ended :( some rain is OK, we actually need it, but the 5 day forecast is for showers/rain every single day! sigh. well, my nice shiny clean bike will have to wait.

I am shaking my head at myself for my lack of discipline lately (still!) on my eating. I don't know where my head is at in that I can't seem to stick to sensible eating :?:

Hi Andrea! Hope your Sunday is nice.

catch y'all later! I'm scheduled to work for the next three days, so not sure when I'll have time to say hey.

04-25-2005, 09:51 AM
Hi Biker Chick Babes,
Well - Our area got hit bad and it snow/sleeted all was awful. On the bright side we got alot done at the new pad. Finally got our living room furniture arranged where we can live with it (it's basically too big for the space). I guess that's all part of this 'downsizing' thing.....ugh.....
We are suppose to have rain all week until I think Sat or Sunday. Rain is better than that snow/sleet stuff - so I'm not really complaining, just have been happier.....
Well I have a ton of work to get caught up on, so I'll check you later....
Oh - diet note - I did Fast Forward LAWL drink thing and I lost 4 pounds this weekend. that is about what I gained in CA - so I'm happy for now.
Today I start the regular part of the LAWL plan and I'm on the Gold Plan which is 2 proteins, 2 starches, 3 veggies, 3 fruits, 1 dairy, 1 fat and 2 LA Lites (yummy protein bars covered in chocolate). So I know the routine, I'm looking forward to having hard rules

04-25-2005, 12:13 PM
Good Morning Girls!

Trina- Congratulations on the 4 pounds lost! I had lost 6 this week, but I had a very bad binge this weekend and I'm sure I gained it all back. I get so frustrated with myself! So what was your eating like on the fast forward part? Do you buy your own food? Your story about the convertible was hilarious!

Holly- Try to enjoy your next few days at work! I understand your frustration with yourself. It seems that I do good for a while and then I royally mess up. But I am getting right back to it today. You will get back to your plan, too. If the eating part is hard for you now, just make sure that you are exercising at that will help from weight gain.

Well, ladies, I hope your Monday is good. We got some rain last night, but I'm not sure if its in the forecast all week...I think it could be...

04-26-2005, 10:51 AM
Rebel - WOW you lost 6 pounds in one week? That is great, maybe you didn't gain it all back. Anyhow just get right back with it and you'll lose it again.
On the FastForward you drink a juice like the Hollywood Diet Juice (Walgreens) then you can eat as much protein and veggies to keep you full all day, along with drinking the juice and water. You do that for two days and it kick starts you to start your diet plan.
My first day on the Gold went really well yeterday. I also worked out yesterday and today. I'm trying to get back 100% on plan. My latest motivation is a trip to Park City, Utah for July 4th.....
Talk to you chicks later.....hugs

04-26-2005, 12:38 PM
Star- Congrats on doing good on your day 1st day of gold! Yeah! I have considered doing that Hollywood diet juice for a weekend here and there, but I have never tried. Besides weekends are hard enough for me. I was actually getting used to eating just protein and veggies at restaurants, so I don't know why I went off the deep end. I really like eating this way. I feel better this way. I posted this in another forum...hope you don't mind...

I actually got a lot of sleep last night and I'm still feeling draggy, go figure. I had good intentions to get up early and workout, but I blew that off. So, I will just have to do it after work today instead. for the past week or so when I'm on the treadmill I get the worst shin cramps. Other than that I'm not crampy. i'm not sure if its the lack of potassium or just me.

Yesterday I ate under 30 carbs, but I did it pretty unhealthily. I am trying to do better today. I didn't eat all day and then for supper ate a chicken breast, 2 slices (12 carbs) of low carb bread, 1/2 cup steamed veggies, and 1 cup of low carb ice cream(12 carbs). I actually ate a small breakfast today and I am going to plan on eating salad for lunch. Supper...I have no clue yet! I am still wanting to do Atkins, I am just getting lazier on planning ahead and that (to me) is a set up for failure.

Well, everyone have a beautiful Tuesday!
Anyhow, I will check back later!

04-26-2005, 01:50 PM
Rebel - Be sure and drink alot of water if your going to workout, treadmill or whatever. The acids has to be expelled from your muscles....also potassium.
You could do the Hollywood Diet during the week, I only did it on Sat/Sun becuz I went back to the Center of Doom (LAWL) on Friday and they suggested I do it right away. It was good cuz I dropped the weight I put on in
I have to go to COD in a minute here, I will post my progress then.
Hey, what other thread do you post on? I post on LAWL Losers & Freinds - April...
To me, eating to lose weight is way easier if I have a definate plan with rules. It cuts down my choices and therefore requires less thinking on my I'm a lazy dieter....

04-26-2005, 03:19 PM
Star- I agree about having a definite plan and that helps me to stick to something better as well. I usually post in the Atkins/Low carb, April Showers challenge forums and sometimes will just pop around. Mostly I just read a lot of other's information.

Thanks for the advice about drinking more water. I am for the 64 oz a day, but I very rarely drink any while working out.

How many bottles of that Hollywood Diet juice do you got through in a weekend? Isn't that kind of expensive? I am a lazy, cheap dieter! I have tried so much stuff over the years...

I can't wait to hear your progress when you get back from COD. Oh, any by the way...I love your weight tracker!

04-26-2005, 03:52 PM
Rebel - It only takes one bottle of Hollywood Diet Juice for 2 days and you can get it for about $15 at Walmart or Walgreens. I only do it once in a great while and sometimes I only lose 2 pounds....
Be sure and drink water while you workout.....
For some reason the scale at the COD was way off from mine and I didn't lose as much as I did on my home scale, which is a Health-O-Meter and new????? Maybe becuz I weigh first thing in the morning nude???
Anyhow, by their scales I only lost 2.8 pounds, but I put three since we don't have decimals on the 3FatCk Ticker.
I am going by the LA far as my ticker goes. As long as I go in the right direction - that is all that matters.......I have faith!!!!

04-26-2005, 04:04 PM
Trina- You did excellent! It's amazing how much clothes weigh, truly. I always weigh nude either in the a.m. or evening when I havent had much water for a few hours and after working out. Between the clothes, water in the bladder it can make a 3-5 pound difference on me. Although, since you're so much smaller than me your clothes wouldn't weigh as much as mine. They still could weigh a pound, though, along with what ever is in your "system". Keep it up!!!

04-26-2005, 04:15 PM
Rebel - Thanks for the support - we will do this!

04-27-2005, 11:47 AM
Good morning chicks!

On the diet front-- I am SOOO frustrated! I had a bad weekend with eating, well like a dummy I had to weigh myself last night and I am up 5 pounds from the 6 I had lost week. URGHHH!!! If I work super hard I'm sure I'll get it off by Saturday morning, but still...its ridiculous how much I can gain. If I'd known that I was going to gain that much I would have eaten more and really enjoyed myself! I am really perplexed on the diet plan thing. I like Atkins b/c i can eat out a lot with it and still stay OP. Although, there are lots of weird little tricks with counting the carbs. Watching sugar alcohols and still staying within calorie range. When I had lost a ton of weight a few years ago, I did Slim Fast and Lean Cuisine with some extra fruits and veggies and it worked. I am considering trying that again. What do you think would be a better plan?

Ok now on the motorcycle front- I was able to play around on my bike for a little bit yesterday and I am feeling so much more confident with it. I can't wait to get my license. I was going to have it tagged this week, but I will have to wait b/c I forgot that my car tags are due. Tomorrow night we are supposed to go to this bar called Emerson Biggins with the motorcycle club for dinner and a ride. We may not take the bike since its a 30 minute ride on the interstate from home and the weather has been very cool this week. Are your bikes at your new home now? Oh, I have a question about the MSF class. Is it true that you're supposed to make your motorcyle come to a skid -stop? That worries me a little.

Have a great day!

04-27-2005, 12:14 PM
Rebel - The key to losing weight is to find the plan that you can live with. I too, like you gain really easy and really fast - bumer! For me the more simple a diet the better. That is what I like about LAWL, you eat what they tell you, don't cheat and you lose - it couldn't be any easier. But it is expensive and not for everyone. One time I ate the same thing everyday for months and lost 25 pounds on my own. I was also riding my bicycle for exercise to the park everyday (16 miles). I ate oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch and chicken/salad/bread for dinner...drank alot of water and I lost 25 pounds. So to me your Slim Fast/Lean Cusine plan sounds great!
We eat lean cusines on LAWL too - they are so easy! The key is to pick a plan and stick to it, it will have to work.
The other thing I wanted to ask you, about your working out. Do you do mostly cardio or weights? and if you do weights how much weight are you doing?
Yes, our harleys are home with us now. DH brought them down from up north when I was on vacation. We went for a ride last Thursday night, a short ride, but awesome!
I don't remember having to come to a skid stop, just a fast stop. I think the skidding stop would be too dangerous for them to even ask new riders to do?
Later Reb.....
Hi Holly - wherever you

04-27-2005, 12:33 PM
I guess Holly is MIA since her work schedule...LOL

Yeah, thats probably true about the skid stop...I must have got that wrong.

Exercise wise I don't do a lot of free weights. Maybe a 10 lb every other day for triceps. This is my normal routine M-F (sometimes I only do 3 days a week) I walk on the treadmill at 3.3-3.5 speed for 30 minutes and its set for interval so sometimes its on an incline, then I get on the elliptical for 20 minutes (my speed is at about 8 something), then I do the stations (circuits) for 3 rounds which is about another 30 mins (that are kind of like what they have at Curves). So, I think thats some minor weight training, but I'm not sure. So, 3-5 days a week I spend about an hour and a half at the gym. Is that good enough or what do you think?

Do you count calories on LAWL? What if you have to go out to eat...what can you eat?

04-27-2005, 02:07 PM
Reb - I was thinking if I were you I would concentrate on cardio and stored body fat buring......I think I discussed doing cardio (treadmill/eliptical) at your target heart rate and not going too fast? So the circuit training is still good but with real light weights and fast (still gives an cardio effect that way). Actually you don't need to stay an hour and 1/2.. You could do cardio only for like 45-60 minutes M-W-F and on T-T just do 20 cardio and 20 circuit does that sound?
Tell me how old you are and I'll tell you what your cardio heart rate should be.
its' probably slower than you think, which is good and means you don't have to kill yourself to burn stored body fat....
no we don't count calories on LAWL. We eat portions and we have a book that lists proteins and how many ounces for a serving, same with veggeis, starches, fruits, fats and dairy. It is a very simple plan, this is what I get a day: 2 proteins, 3 veggies, 2 starches, 3 fruits, 1 fat and 1 dairy and 8 glasses of h20 and there are some free foods as well. If I eat out I usually get a big salad with chicken on top with ff dressing and maybe a half a pita. Or I have fish and veggies or breakfast foods. It's easy to eat out on LAWL.
Hope this helps alittle.

04-27-2005, 04:09 PM
Thanks for the advice Star. I think that I will try to break it up that way. Maybe it wont seem like I'm killing myself then! I mean if I watch what I eat and exercise it HAS to come off at some point...right?? Lately it just seems that no matter what I do the weight refuses to come off. I really don't get it.

About the cardio heart rate...would you tell me how to figure that out? I'm 28 by the way.

It sounds like the LAWL plan is really sensible. I wish I could afford it...LOL. I really wish that I had someone tell me what to eat and to expect weight loss doing it. That would make it so easy! Thanks for the advice!~

04-27-2005, 05:22 PM
Rebel - I don't have time right now but tomorrow I can talk to you about sending you the Gold Plan for LAWL - I have two and all the rules are in that could do it on your own....

For Accelerated Fat Burning you should be working between 55 and 65% of your maximum rate,, which is 106 to 125, so you would count your hearbeats either on your neck (thats where I do it) or your wrist for 10 seconds and you should stay between 17 to 20 beats per 10 seconds and no more and no less. When I count I step off the treadmill up on the side boards so I can get a good count. And I do it about every 10 minutes to see where I am, but after awhile you will just know, but stilll take the count every so often to make sure. At this rate you will burn stored body fat and not blood sugars....

If you want tomorrow I can fax you the sheets about Target Heart Rate from my 6 week body makeover plan with the chart. I'll just need a fax number.

Talk to you later.....we can do this - we are strong chicks or is it strong stubborn chicks?

04-28-2005, 09:48 AM
Trina- Thank you so much for your help and information. You are always so helpful!!

After talking with a trainer at the gym I go to she actually thought that my body would do better to go back to a Slim Fast program or counting calories (portions,etc) b/c I skip meals awfully. I think that to some degree I am putting my body in starvation mode and working out so hard hard that I am bulking up a little too much. So, after really thinking about it I am going to watch the carb intake through Slim Fast LC shakes or meal bars along with fruit and either Lean Cuisines, salad, or lean meat and veggies for supper. She also wants me to change my workout schedule. I was going 3 x a week for 1 and 1/2 hours each time. Now she wants me to work on going 5-6 days and only doing 30 minutes and to alternate from the cardio room to circuits. I hope like crazy it helps! This morning I actually monitored my heart rate and it was in the area that you said to do. Yeah!

Have a great Thursday morning!

04-28-2005, 09:50 AM
Rebel - Like you trainer, I figured you might be over-doing it with your workouts. Your plan sounds like a winner, I'm rooting for you!
You are more than welcome for any insight I can offer. BUT the fact that you have access to a PT is wonderful and I think you should take full advantage of her knowledge.....

04-28-2005, 12:49 PM
Hello again!

It has been a busy, crazy day! I woke up at 5 am b/c I knew that I had lots of things to do today. I worked out at 6 am, then since MIL and SIL are out of town I had to go take care of their dogs at 2 different homes. I wish that SIL would have kenneled hers. MIL's little dog is old and no problem ( and her house is about 1 minute from work) while SIL's are yappy, fussy, and her house is across town. Got home around 7 am, showered, ready for work and then of course Dh had some requests for me to do before I left for work! Tonight is the dinner run for the motorcycle club, but I really doubt that we will ride. It's only about 60 today and the dinner is at 6:30 and it would be a chilly ride home...and it looks like it could rain. Either way we are going to hang out and talk motorcycles and "official club business" LOL!

04-28-2005, 03:42 PM
Just got back from COD :devil: and I'm down again...... :cp:

Hope to be POP :angel: this weekend and that will put me in the next lower 10 spot for Monday.......... :crossed: At one point, prior to Christmas I was at 160........ :( I've been bad-bad :nono: Well, at Christmas I gained 5 bls and then being off plan, then the trip to CA - I'm alittle ashamed :devil: Now I'm on the right track and have my motivation ck :tread: :strong: :cp:

later Chicks.....

04-29-2005, 01:04 PM
Star- Yeah!!! I am so happy for you! You are really rockin.' My clothes fit the same as last week, so thats good, but I am really not in the mood to weigh in yet. I will give my recent new changes a week to occur and then try.

Last night when we went to that bar for dinner I ate a few bites of dh's burger, but I didnt eat very much because I was so self conscious. We had this waitress that was (sorry Trina) super blonde, long hair, weighed about 105 pounds with the FLATTEST stomach I have ever seen and of course was wearing a belly top that was just barely under her boobs. She was one of those women that mens jaws (and womens...out of amazement) drop big time when she enters the room. You know the type that when they are around your own husband would forget your name? Yeah. Thank God mine didn't do that, but still. I noticed some roving eyes and being the only girl in the motorcycle club that goes to these events, I am surrounded by other men (married) flirting with these kind of women. Plus all their "old ball and chain" jokes, since they are away from wives. They're nice guys, but all the same, sometimes being the only chick with a bunch of men isnt always the funnest. I know that women can boring, too. Yeah, I just love to see my husband always go to "girls only" things with my friends. He'd do that about once...LOL

What an evening!

04-29-2005, 01:25 PM
Reb - Yes you can't weigh until you get the 'good feeling' urge....that's me!
I have been in your shoes with all the biker dudes. I'm just glad my DH doesn't go without me. Your right guys can make us roll our eyes! That waitress was probably single and unhappy.........

04-29-2005, 04:08 PM
Yeah- that's true about our dh's not wanting to go without us. Mine always includes me in those things. He never does guys only nights, we get together with friends together. Very very rarely solo. Neitehr of us have a problem doing things without the other...we just tend to hang out together. I think that in the year we've been together, I went for cocktails after work with the ladies and he has gone to a car show with his brother. We actually are kinda buddies and have fun hanging out together. Some of the guys were talking about meeting at nudie bar sometime and then riding. I asked dh if he wanted to do that, but he just said "Eh" not too enthused. I guess thats good! If he did...I don't think that I would want to go. I try to be a modern woman, but I would feel awkward. I think that if he did go with them I would call the girls and go shopping and out for drinks! To be very honest...I wouldn't be too terribly happy if he did go those types of bars. LOL. It's not that I don't trust him, it's just not healthy for me ( I have SUCH low self-esteem) if he'd be looking at gorgeous naked women and then having a non-perfect looking woman to come home to.

04-29-2005, 04:19 PM
Rebel - Good men with wonderful wifes - don't have to go to nudie bars. It's obvious he loves you very much and is a nice guy. Feel very lucky chick - you could be skinny, beautiful and rich and not have all that!!!

04-30-2005, 02:56 PM
hello chicks!!!

yes, I was MIA due to work...and also having sad reflective times on the home front. It just seems that husband and I aren't giving each other what we need, disappointing our selves almost daily now. I don't want to be the downer here, 'cause it's never fun to listen to others problems (unless it helps you feel good about your own situation :lol:)

Andrea, I am sure that somewhere, someone is tired of that perfect girl's crap! :devil: I also hate feeling that I'm substandard because I dont' have nice-sized breasts, or dark flowing's just something that we have to become happy with what we are, WHO we are, and feel confidence.

Trina, congrats on your current success!! and GLAD to hear you guys are reunited with your rides :D but BLEH on the snow/sleet, ugh!!! enough of that!

I took husband's Vulcan 800 to be inspected yesterday...I'm nervous enough about driving someone else's CAR, let alone bike :lol: but I took it easy, watched my p's and q's and did fine. In fact, when I was going 70 uphill (what speeding ticket? :devil: ) I wanted to let 'er rip some more, and could feel that there was still plenty of power in there. I still LOVE my bike, but would also like more oomph.

I'll try to be more regular in here, and try not to be a drag about relationships :devil:

05-02-2005, 10:09 AM
Holly - Welcome back - We have missed you......and please don't feel like your bringing us down talking about the homefront. We are friends now and that's what we do. I know if I want to vent, I feel like I could do it here. This thread is a multi-purpose one, all issues included.
I'll post more later, have to run for now...
Hey Rebel - catch you later too.

05-02-2005, 11:28 AM
:grouphug: Holly- We really did miss you, but totally understand with work and home. I am really sorry to hear that things are sad at home right now. As Trina said, we are all friends, and we can discuss or vent whatever we want here. Don't ever feel like you're bringing us down...we adore you! I am sure that riding Dh's bike felt a little nerve-wrecking. I would be a mess if I had to ride my husbands bike. Come to think of it...I think that he would be a wreck if I ever rode it. You know, I was talking a women last week? Well, that Softtail is probably my biggest competition. He loves it like he would if he had a 1st born. :lol:

Trina- I agree with what you said about good men with wonderful wives... Wouldn't it be something to compete with the guys though. I mean they have "family establishments" where waitresses are dressed sexy, how about a place where male waiters don't wear shirts or super tight pants? I honestly don't care about looking at shirtless men, but fair is fair!

This weekend was so-so. Pretty boring and frustrating. My dh has really became the "Decision Maker" lately (for both of us :no: ) and well, enough is enough. So, I had to have a talk with Mr. Bossy and he did feel bad, but he'll revert back to his old ways soon, I'm sure. Men! :rollpin:

I got my weight back down to where it should have been 257 and I did lose 1 more pound. So, I was thrilled about that. I think that my new system is working! I'll catch up with ya'll later.

05-02-2005, 02:18 PM
Reb - Way to go with the weight being back down....good for you chick!

It's funny you mentioned about the chick resturant, where sexes trade places. My good friend and me talked about opening a resturant like "Hooters" we were gonna have male waiters, no shirts and low cut jeans.....we were gonna name it "Honkers" :rofl:

My weight was down again today too....I'm back in the 160's - :cheer:

05-02-2005, 02:23 PM
So, I had to have a talk with Mr. Bossy

:rofl: Andrea, I love reading your posts, there's always something that makes me laugh - and the "fussy, yappy dogs" - :D

thank you girls, for being supportive!! I also don't want to cloud the horizon of our young newlywed here :D though i guess it wouldn't shock you to know that married people don't always get along :lol:

Still very cool here, don't even have leaves on the trees yet...we just need some consistant sun and warmth for that!

I just told the girls on my "other" thread that the way I know to challenge myself with choosing videotapes, is picking the one I DON'T want to do! because that will be the "hard" one. Well, if it isn't hard, it isn't doing much to help me, and that's at least 30 minutes wasted. So I gotta kick my own butt!

Did I tell you that I tried some of the "Mother's" brand products? Chrome polish and wax. They work really well, and the price was good - about $4.00 for the chrome polish, and $8.00 for the wax. I have some light scratches and swirls on my tank, and they're much less noticeable now. Kewl :cool:

I actually was constructive here at home today (I forgot to mention that I am DONEwith the awful winter job; have 2 weeks off, then start my BELOVED summer/fall job after that. Finally! So, for the past couple of days, in total opposite of what I have been doing, I have been a SLUG doing nothing here :D Well, I get my exercise in, and do the dishes, vacuum, laundry...but nuttin' else 'cept to surf the 'net....and it feels good!!!

05-02-2005, 02:28 PM
Holly - I think we posted at the same time -
I'm the same way about exercise tapes, don't like em too hard or too easy, they have to be perfect (IMO) for Oh and I don't like them if the instructor is scantly dressed showing off her boobs and booty........ :rofl:

05-02-2005, 04:22 PM
Hahaha--- Trust me. The horizon of the newlywed has been clouded many a times! In fact, its a little cloudy now. I guess that's life. We have our great days together and then there are days I want to take our long awaited honeymoon alone. My gripe today is being taken advantage of. Actually thats been my gripe all weekend. He makes plans for us with his friends which is great, but their thoughts (hubby included) and ideas come WAY before mine. Then he tells me last night that his mother had taken the ex-wife, his sister, and sister-in-law to several Mother-Daughter banquets years ago. The old battle-ax only calls me when she needs free labor and wants to talk ugly to us. Such as hauling loads of tree limbs and logs, picking up sticks in the yard so she can mow, feeding pesty pets, helping clean her house. I would fall over dead if she ever asked me to do something fun. And I heard she didnt get along with the ex...I wonder what she thinks of me then. :devil:

Look who's ranting, raving, and venting now.. :lol:

Plus, dh is being very VERY selfish in the bedroom area. If it involves anything with me he falls asleep. Its funny because it used to be that he was always so excited to see me...shoot now...I'm an old has been. I think he's just too used to getting what he wants and when he wants it. Maybe its time for this chicky to play hard to get like I used to when we were dating?! ;)

I agree about the videotapes...I really don't like doing them. Its part of my self diagnosed attention deficit disorder. I get utterly bored or frustrated with them. Plus its easier for me to "work hard" at one and then get side tracked to other things that need my attention at home. Istructors with their goodies hanging out, get under my skin :barf: When I go to the gym I get out of the house and have to work a little harder. Thats just me, though. I'm a little odd after all.

Holly, that is so great that you have the time off to relax! Enjoy these 2 weeks and do as little as possible! :hat:

Trina, good job on the weight loss!! :bravo: I need to change my little tracker. I keep forgetting.

05-02-2005, 04:30 PM
It's funny you mentioned about the chick resturant, where sexes trade places. My good friend and me talked about opening a resturant like "Hooters" we were gonna have male waiters, no shirts and low cut jeans.....we were gonna name it "Honkers" :rofl:

I love that! I was thinking the exact same thing, but I was stuck on the name. I was thinking maybe "Peter's" :devil: , but I like yours much better! :lol:

05-02-2005, 04:51 PM
Reb - Great minds think alike............ :rofl:

Or it could be a theme resturant, like the Village People and have them all dress differently.....but scantly (ofcourse) ;)

05-02-2005, 05:24 PM we're onto somethin'!!!

05-02-2005, 05:43 PM
Rebel - All we need is money. I bet Holly would be in and with her background we couldn't go wrong..........(never hurts to dream alittle)...

05-02-2005, 07:52 PM
Yep...maybe I should talk to the banker. Then, since I am an actual of our motorcycle club I would host some of our meetings at Honkers!! your faces fellas! I think we could even have you and Holly dance with the hunks to show our female customers what a rockin' place we have. It would be great!

05-02-2005, 07:53 PM
I am such a daydreamer, but it makes life fun!

05-03-2005, 12:25 AM
ohhh, I feel so bad! Here I was talking about the "battleax" not ever calling me to do fun stuff...she called tonight and asked me to go to the Mother-Daughter banquet with them. Insert foot into mouth. I am such an awful person to jump to conclusions so fast. I feel so bad... :o

05-03-2005, 10:21 AM
Andrea - Don't feel so bad :o Promise we won't tell her ;) Besides, there is some hidden reasons you have certain feelings about her - it's not becuz your just a mean :devil: person......

Okay so where is our Honkers gonna be located or is it gonna be a chain :?: The servers in my club have to be between 19-29, no older.....and ofcourse "hot" looking......:rofl:

05-03-2005, 11:41 AM
Thanks Trina! Oh, I agree on the requirements on the servers. Our first Honkers needs to be somewhere in between all of us...that's counting Holly. When she gets on here, she'll think we're nuts. Then we can start our chain of Honkers. 1 in every major city. I bet lots of women would like a place like that.

05-03-2005, 11:46 AM
Yes, women would love it.......we would be rich in no time, but more importantly - all the fun we will have.....
Okay I need to get out a map and look at where we are all in relation to each other.....
Holly will be in charge of kitchen staff and menu.....
I hope she's in...............

05-03-2005, 12:22 PM
:lol: YES, SHE'S IN! :lol:

You gals are nuts! I love that!

first, Andrea, take your foot out of your mouth :rofl: You had every reason to think she wouldn't ask you, right? so that's a nice surprise.

I will certainly take charge of the kitchen, my area of expertise :lol: But we ALL get to do the hiring! (casting couch :devil:)

And would we have the weight restrictions like the Borgota Babes? You gotta keep in shape to work here, prettyboy! :lol:

Well, it's ANOTHER grey and dreary day! out of the past 12 days, 10 have been overcast and rainy. bleh!! I have seen however that Thursday will be sunny and about 55. I'll take it!!

My younger son was jonesing for some homemade cookies ("you're a baker but you never bake anything here!!! :lol: ) so I did make some oatmeal raisin jobs yesterday. I don't know where I got this particular recipe, but they are so darn good. I kept myself to four, but only had one piece of bread at lunch. And less starch at dinner. So that's how I justify it :dizzy:

I'm trying to do my best to do MY part here on the home front. Trying to keep negative feelings at bay while I nicely ask how are you, how's your day, I'll clean up dinner since you cooked...I don't like it when he doesn't even make eye contact with me when speaking, isn't that demeaning to me? So I call him on it, and he says it's because he feels so rotten with a sinus infection. Well excuse me, but a sinus infection makes you have all kinds of gross glop coming out of your nose/throat, and it sure hasn't affected his appetite :p There is always something "wrong' with him. It is just a very negative way to live life.


okay, done :lol:

I wanna ride my bike! Hopefully Thursday will be the day.


05-03-2005, 12:45 PM
Holly, I knew you'd be in for the fun.......(not to mention the cating staff :devil: )

So I have afew questions :?:
Holly, you seem like such a fun loving chick - where did you pick up Mr. Bummer and how long have you been married?

Andrea - How long have you been married to Mr. Bossy and where did you meet him?

For me, I have been married to Ray for 2 years. We met at a Classic Car Show, a mutual (guy) friend introduced us. He was just winding up a divorce and I had been single (widowed) for about 5 years. We hit it right off, we were just friends and I was gonna show him how to deal with single life (since he'd been married like 25 years). He was so nice I knew the chicks out there would take advantage of this nice country boy. ;) So we dated for a couple years and then he popped the question on Christmas Day with ring :D Then we got married at a Pistons BB game at halftime at a mass wedding with 20 other couples by a DJ in the area who is also a was a blast.
Now, two years later, we are an old boring married couple that enjoys each others company :rofl: But I still think he is a hotie...... ;)

05-03-2005, 02:59 PM
Yeah! Holly's in! She'd be great!

To answer your questions Trina...

Mr. Bossy and I met through his ex wife :lol: . Our "how we met" story is kind of odd. I was best friends with the ex a few years ago, we work a summer job together and I would hang out with her and her new husband quite a bit. Anyway, I had just ended a casual dating thing with a guy for 5 months. She wanted to know if I was ready to get out there again and I told her I would be ok to date someone, but again, casually. She then introduced me (to my disbelief) to her exhusband, my husband Mike, on the phone. We had a 4 hour converstation and I really liked him. So, when he called the next morning to ask me if I would go out to dinner with him I was pretty excited. :D After being in that dating thing for so long as a single chick I had never met anyone like him. I could tell him everything about myself and he was so sincere and sweet. Our date lasted HOURS and we just had the best time. Our first date was the weekend before Thanksgiving in 2003. In early December I had went to a work Christmas part with him (maybe 2 weeks after dating) and he told me that he was falling in love with me. :) I met his family at Christmas and he met mine. We just really hit it off. I remember missing him so much during the week b/c he worked 3rd shift and I worked days so we never saw each other but weekends. So, sometimes he would call me at 2am to say hi. It was so sweet! :love: Well, in mid January of '04 he asked me to marry him and we planned the wedding for that June. Some people thought that was too soon, but we just knew. He proposed to me at the Italian restaurant that we went to on our 1st date and asked the waiter to put my ring in a dish of spamoni. all the waitstaff clapped, I had no idea that he would do that! :^: We had a beautiful outdoor wedding and our colors were dark purple, white and silver. It was so much fun! Alot of stress, though. When Mike and I renew our vows it will be in Vegas with an Elvis impresonator! ;) The funny thing is that since my best friend/his exwife and I were so close, she was the maid of honor. I should have rethought that one, but sometimes you never know what happens in the future. :lol: So, on June 5th we will married 1 year and while some of that passion from the engagement has not been paid a lot of attention to lately, we did talk last night about how to keep the sparks going. He is my whole life, even if he can be Mr. Bossy at times! All in all he makes life a lot of fun and easier on me. :D I sure love that little Knucklehead!

05-03-2005, 05:33 PM
Andrea - That is such a sweet and loving story - your lucky!
Tonight is Rays birthday and we are going to an Italian resturant......we actually celebrated his divorce there
Now that will probably blow how good I'm doing on plan, but this is one of those "life happens' events........

05-04-2005, 11:23 AM
Mmm... Italian sounds so yummy! That will be alot of fun to celebrate his birthday there. Italian restaurants don't usually have "diet food". Have fun, though! Drink a glass of vino for me! LOL. What are you getting him for his birthday?

05-04-2005, 11:30 AM
Rebel -
Well our plans went bust. I got home he was sleeping in his easy chair. I layed down next to him, we were chillin and when we decided to go it was already 7:30. So he said 'let's just eat here.' He had cereal and I had a carb cravers sandwich. Then we went to Hallmark and bought Mother Day cards and came back home. It was a very low-key birthday night.
I have this thing I say to him, he will tell me something and I will say "And this affects me how?" Anyhow about 4 months ago I came across a birthday card, on the front a fat cat, it says "Your having another Birthday" open the card, it reads "This affects me how?" It was perfect...........then I put a gift cert in there for an hour massage.
He loved it.......
So, he was happy, enjoyed his birthday night and I was able to consume way less calories.........

05-05-2005, 12:45 PM
Good morning!

So, Trina are you 2 going out for a belated birthday dinner? That card sounds so cute! I bet he'll love the massage, too. I have considered doing that for Mike's birthday. And Mother's Day. I'm not sure my mom would like a massage, though. She's kind of funny about that. But it is something that she would never do for herself. At my womens only gym, there is a lady does massages for $10 for 1/2 an hour. Thats the members discount. Regular price is $15 for 1/2 and $30 for a full hour. I hear she's really good, so maybe I will give that to the moms for Mother's Day. :chin:

Ok, I have exciting news. Actually a couple of things. First, I just had to weigh myself last night for curiousity. I was down 2 more pounds. I REALLY want to lose 4 pounds by Saturday. We are going to a Cinco de Mayo party at Mike's leadman's house. He and his wife are so much fun. I'll just keep plugging away and hopefully I will do it!

My second part of good news... I rode my bike down the street last night. I quite honestly was a little nervous. I started out down the driving and wasn't quite sure how to slow her down, but I figured it out. I am really trying to work on making turns without having to put my foot down. Mike said that I should practice moving up to 2nd gear, but I was a little nervous. :lol: Maybe tonight! I know that everytime you shift you hold in the clutch, but lets just say that when I get to the stop sign at the end of the I down shift and then brake or just brake? :dizzy: Our street isnt too long either and its narrow with tons of parked cars, so I know that I will do better in the parking lot. Which reminds me, I need to be studying for my permit. Anyhow, I used to just practice on grass in the backyard and I was a little unsure about moving to pavement. Wow, its so much easier! I feel accomplished! I can't wait until I am cruisin' like you veteran biker babes! :D

05-05-2005, 02:36 PM
Rebel - Way to go with the weight loss, you have been working out really hard :ebike: and it's paying off.

About DH's birthday dinner - we are skipping it for now becuz tonight we have to go to the funeral home and tomorrow is the funeral. I think I told you my BIL (from 1st husband) passed away last week :?:

DH loved his gift of a massage, I paid $55 for an hour. So Reb - those prices at your gym are really good! Heck, foget your mom and treat yourself. My mom is the same and probably wouldn't like a massage. I got her a couple cards and a book on Elvis (her true love).... ;)

I told my boys not to buy me anything since they both do seasonal work and don't need to be spending money on me right now, just want them to come over with the babies = that will make me happy! My mom will be there too... Oh and here's GB David throwing a tantrum :tantrum:

About losing 4 pounds by Sat - that is nearly impossible, why expect so much of yourself? I barely can lose 2 pounds a week and normally do less (when I'm losing).....

About shifting gears for a stop....normally you want to be in a lower gear prior to a stop, but you can stop in any gear and then put it in nutreal...actually you can start it in any gear. I don't like doing that but DH thinks I'm silly for always wanting to be in nutreal......I guess I :ebike: like a girl. Like when you are coming to a stop sign, you want to downshift and you don't have to break to do that, you can downshift too fast too. Actually all of this is stuff that you will learn in I suggest you get signed up for that right now......honest - you'll learn everything and probably end up being a safer rider than DH ;) And didn't DH tell you that riding on the grass was way harder than riding on pavement? If he trys to get you to go on gravel - DON"T :devil:

05-05-2005, 03:00 PM
Oh, I won't ride on gravel. That seems scary to me!! I am going to check the list for the MSC and see about getting signed up. I really want to do it at some point. Although, to be honest I have been waiting to be a better weight and it is pricey, but I just need to do it soon so that I can have the knowledge. Dh helps me out a lot, but he has done this for years and he really doesn't want to "teach" me because he knows that he doesn't do things the way they teach in a class. He wants me to learn the right and safe way.

You sound a lot like my mom. In the fact that she would rather us not spend money on her, but would like us to spend time with her. It sounds like you will have a great Mother's Day!

I am sorry to hear about your BIL... my thoughts are with you, as always.

You are right about the 4 pounds. I have no idea why I put pressure on myself like that. I guess that I just really want the weight off that I almost plan it out. Which is very self defeating b/c if I don't make a goal I end feeling like I failed. I really just need to make goals of 1-2 pounds a week. If I lose more great, but not expect it.

When is your next weigh-in? Is your dh pretty supportive of your plan? Does he eat healthy like you? Mine is very supportive but gets concerned if he thinks I am trying too hard, he doesnt want me to get sick. He doesn't eat real healthy and I usually drink a shake for supper and eat cucumbers, but I make him something else. It was hard at first, but now I am getting used to it. In fact if I eat something that I shouldn't I feel kinda guilty, but I try not to let it ruin my day.

05-05-2005, 03:27 PM
Rebel - go and take MSC - it isn't about your weight silly, it is about safety :dizzy: Really DH could not teach you as well as the instructors at MSC. DH's - yours and mine think we know more than we do and therefore leave things out, of which I learned extremely helpful when I learned them in class. Also I really think I know more about safe riding than my DH does becuz he never took MSC and has only been riding for 4 years (although he is a very good/safe rider). So please sign up now and save the cash and just go. I will feel much better :)

About setting goals for weight loss - that is fine, but don't kill yourself and make the goal a number impossible to reach. Really I'm happy just staying on my eating plan and working out. If I keep doing that the weight has no choice but to come off and remember we didn't gain it overnight.

Thanks for the condolences on my sweet BIL Bill - he was a great guy!

About my DH being supportive of my efforts in losing weight. Yes, he is really good, he doesn't let me see him eat ice cream and good(bad) foods. He is behind me 100% becuz he knows it will make me happy to reach goal. My DH is a meat and potatoes guy and has a good build, probably 20 pounds overweight, but still good build. He also knows when I want to go off my eating plan and cheat he lets me - he knows me pretty good.

Reb - I think I have to agree with your DH that you might be working too hard and that your schedule for losing is alittle too ambitious. Remember it will happen, just not by Saturday ;)

I'll be leaving for home soon, so we can go to the funeral home. And I won't be in tomorrow. So I will talk to you again on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Holly - Hope you have a great weekend too.

Hey it's suppose to get to 70 here, maybe we will get to get the bikes out of

05-05-2005, 03:47 PM
Reb - One more thing, here at the college the MSC is only $35. How much is it there?

05-09-2005, 08:19 AM
Hello girls! sorry i haven't posted since last week.

Trina, LOVE your sexy shoe avatar!!!

Andrea, tell ya what I do as I approach a stop sign. First, I let up on the throttle, and feel the decrease of speed... I don't like to repeatedly downshift, 'cause if I'm not going quite slow enough to accomodate the change of gears, don't like that grabbing feeling. SO usually I pull in the clutch, and apply BOTH front and back brakes, as I gradually slow to a stop. Are you in the habit of doing that? Something MSF will teach you...always apply both brakes evenly and smoothly.

I DO remember being afraid of even getting up to second gear. I finally told myself, as long as I know how to stop upright...I would be ok. Because if you get scared going like up to 14 mph like me :lol: you just stop yourself. I remember the thrill of getting up to like 30 mph!!! :lol:

The MSF course here was $100.00. That was for the weekend deal - Friday evening, all day Sat and all day Sunday. And I made sure to tell our insurance company, 'cause alot offer a discount if you've taken the course. You need to show the insurance agent your completed "passed" info.

Trina - husband was fun-loving even as recent as two years ago. He was so psyched at me getting into riding, and loved my new figure, and loved that I loved to show it off :lol: and would buy me naughty leather/vinyl things to wear and photograph. He was always up for a spur of the moment ride, or weekend rally. I truly think now he just always feels tired, no energy, and maybe he indeed always has a little cold or something, because he's overweight and doesn't eat right..don't know how much water he drinks either.

I know that people can't/won't diet until they're ready to, and no nagging ever helps...and I have never ever said anything to him about his weight. All I have said is , "you KNOW that exercise would make you feel so much better" and he says I know, I know... :(

Did one of my favorite rides on Saturday, it's called the App Gap, the road that goes up to Mad River glen ski area, VERY twisty, steep, switchbacks...paradise!

oh!!! ANOTHER benefit to being in shape...I was wearing jeans and chaps (YES ! size small. They look pretty good, I think) and had to pee when we got to the top of the one around. I went far enough into the woods to not be seen...pulled everything down...and squatted so that I'm leaning way back - my knees were in alignment with my ankles...and that works just fine!!! no problems :D Never had the leg and hip strength do effectively do that.

05-09-2005, 11:52 AM
Good morning ladies!

Whew! What a weekend. My SIL had her baby on Friday, went to my moms for a Mother's Day cookout Saturday, Sunday was church and the Mother's Day banquet with MIL and we were just non stop busy all weekend. I wish that I could have called in "sick" today. LOL. I did LOUSY in terms of eating this weekend. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I did watch portion sizes. I am back to my program today, though.

Trina- I love the sexy shoe avatar, too!

Holly- Thanks for the advice about how to stop and making me feel that I am not alone being a little scared of moving into 2nd gear.

The MSC classes here are also done at the colleges over a weekend like you described Holly, but they range in prices from $160-$175 and that was last year. I heard that they have increased in price this year.

I can't wait to be itty bitty like the two of you...I think that it would make SOOOOO much better.

Hugs to ya ladies and I will check in later!

05-09-2005, 12:01 PM
Hi Rebel & Holly,
Hope you don't mind I copied this post from my other thread. I will post on here in a bit......and address you two......hugs

coffee: I feel great :cb: for Monday morning! It has been really nice getting caught up on all the posts from Friday-Today. You Chicks have so much to say, I learn something new with every post :chin: Even those of you that think your rambling - not to me ;)

Well I did go to WI COD :devil: on Saturday and was down..... :cp: But better yet, I had a very busy weekend and I planned and met my challenges head on (Sy - you would be so proud of me :thanks:) Here's what I had to face:
Friday - BIL's funeral. It was a funeral mass, the weather was beautiful, very small number of family and close friends attended. Military came and did the flag presentation - awesome! Well the luncheon afterwards was at a hall, where they served a banquet chicken dinner, which was great for me. I had baked chicken, grn beans, salad and water :angel: Normally I would have called this a "life happens" event and added the potatoes, mosticolli, bread, cake and cocktails :cheers: BUT since my :angel: status, I think alittle differntly..
Sat - Cocktails/Dinner with high school friends (of which one owned the new resturant we met at). DH gave me the perfect out to stay POP, he said it would be really nice (weatherwise) to ride our Harleys there. A little light went off in my head and I saw this as the perfect excuse to get out of :cheers: the cocktail part (as we never drink and ride) ;) Eating was easy, greek salad w/chicken and water. Again :angel: BUT, who said Long Island Iced Tea :?: That was DH and my drink of choice on our trip to FL, we had one everywhere we ate, or stopped :cheers: I don't really remember much about the trip...... :lol:
Sun/Mothers Day - DH cooked ribs, baked beans. I made salad, corn on cob and strawberry shortcake. We bought apple pie. Took all that to moms house, where my kids were too. Mom made potatoe salad and green beans..
I also took one chicken breast for me, so I ate chicken, salad, green beans, I could not resist one very small strawberry shortcake :devil: I still felt like I had really done well overall yesterday.....not really :angel: status, but much better than what I would have called another "life happens" event... ;)
I plan on going to COD :devil: at lunch, but for such a busy three days I think I really planned well, no matter what the scale might say (meaning I won't have a :tantrum: ( I love that one too!)
Thanks to Michele, "Queen of Quite Alot" :queen: For my high heel icon.....
Okay chicks - I'm outta here for alittle, have to get some :comp: done.
Sorry if I missed some chicks - you know I'm old, blonde and have no memory...... :lol: Hugs :grouphug:

05-09-2005, 12:05 PM
Hi Holly and Reb-
I do have a quick question......DH and I were talking about polishing the bikes. What polish did you two say you used with such great results?
BTW - We rode our bikes Sat night - mine had old gas in it and was sounding like the fourth of July......I hate it when that happens :tantrum: Nothing like drawing as much attention to a chick rider as possible huh :devil:

05-09-2005, 12:14 PM
Hi Holly and Reb-
I do have a quick question......DH and I were talking about polishing the bikes. What polish did you two say you used with such great results?
BTW - We rode our bikes Sat night - mine had old gas in it and was sounding like the fourth of July......I hate it when that happens :tantrum: Nothing like drawing as much attention to a chick rider as possible huh :devil:

:lol: :lol: at last sentence :lol:

"Mother's" in a bright red bottle. I got it at a local auto parts place. Chrome polish was $4.00, lustre/wax stuff about $8.00 . The second product really made my tank look lustrous, even with the tiny scratches (glowing product plug - Cupcake now expects kickbacks from the Mother's company :lol: )

Trina, forgot to offer my condolences about the passing in your family :(

05-09-2005, 12:17 PM
Trina - LONG ISLAND ICED TEAS!!!!!!!!!! can you say "where did my equilibrium go?" :dizzy: :lol:

05-09-2005, 12:18 PM
Star- I used that Mother's polish and it wokred very well, I thought. Or at least I'm pretty sure thats what it was. I need to get gas in my tank too before I do my 15 mph cruise down the street.

You did great this weekend and should be very proud of yourself. It's amazing sometimes I do good on weekends and other times I blow it. I let "life happens" situations affect me this weekend. You and Holly are my inspirations and motivators!

05-09-2005, 12:19 PM
Thanks Holly for the condolences about my BIL. I just keep thinking how happy he is now, there was no doubt where he is. Such a sharing christian man!

Also thanks about the tip on Mothers Wax, as I need to use it pretty bad and I do have afew scratches on my tank.

hey Reb - Thanks too for answering the question.....
I'm just alittle more determinded right now - I want that 150 number to show up on the scale one day. Hopefully by the day I use to celebrate my birthday, which is July I'm like you too and usually a big victim of the "life happens" events. There is a girl on my other thread that always says if you control those times you'll feel better afterwards....I finally started hearing what she was saying and you know for me, right now, she's right.


05-09-2005, 01:13 PM
Just wondering - how did you chicks pick your goal weights? This is how I came up with mine. I got to 160 and thought I looked pretty good for an old broad, but at 150 I would look really good. True when I was younger I was between 120-130 and looked hot. Well my 'hot' days are over and at that weight I would be one big wrinkle going down the

05-10-2005, 11:57 AM
Well my 'hot' days are over and at that weight I would be one big wrinkle going down the

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Trina, you are hilarious!!! To get to your question. I chose the high goal weight of 190 because I have been that weight and felt really good. With my body frame I sometimes look about 15 pounds less than I actually weigh. My true goal is to be about 130 b/c I want to have some 'hot' days before I hit 30.

Dh and I are looking into possibly taking a cruise in January and I really think that if I work VERY hard I could have a shot at getting to my ultimate (130) goal weight or at least fairly close. I would be thrilled to reach 160 by then. I am not trying to put a time frame on it, but having that much time to prepare...does make my mind think of being that thin. :chin:

Yesterday I was so sick to my stomach from something I had eaten over the weekend that I ended up just drinking Diet Coke, water, and I EAS shake for supper. I feel better today and started with a Mocha Latte EAS shake. They are yummy and quite filling. I did do 30 min on the elliptical yesterday, but that was it.

Well, I will check in later!

05-10-2005, 12:09 PM
Rebel - I'm glad I can make you :rofl:

You deserve many more "hot' days at your age! How tall are you? I'm 5'7".
About being sick yesterday - when you are sick you should let your body tell you what to do, listen and go with it. It is okay to miss a day of working out when your sick. Especially if you workout on a regular basis, one day missed won't make one i-o-ta :sp: to difference. Now don't make me have a :tantrum:

About reaching goal - I figured out that is I stay POP I could be to my goal by the end of July - which would be awesome :cb: My mimi goal is just to get back down in the low 160's, where I was before Christmas, before the backslide :tantrum: (I love the tantrum icon)....

Rebel, just a thought, why don't you just stop relating your weight loss to motorcycle riding and MSC? Even if you didn't have a bike, you would still lose the weight right? I was just thinking that might take some of the pressure off of you combining the riding and dieting, does that make sense?

Hi Holly.....................

About my shoe icon - I wish it were smaller, but my friend made it for me and I don't know how to shrink it...

05-10-2005, 12:36 PM
Star- You are so right about the weightloss and motorcycle riding thing. I guess it almost seems that I am punishing myself for being overweight and not allowing to do something I really want to do. I really need to get caught up on some stuff and just sign up. Regardless of weight! Oh, yeah, I can tell you love that tantrum icon! It's really funny! I am very short...5'4...although, I am kinda cramped on the Rebel. We are going to have to look into highway pegs when I start riding for real. LOL.

Good Morning Holly!!!

05-10-2005, 01:07 PM
Reb - That's not short - my SIL is 4'10" now that is short.....

I got highway pegs afew years back, during a road trip and I Love them! I love to put my feet up when I ride on the highway and lean back - it's cool!

The weather here today is beautiful....sunny and hot....riding weather for sure......and here I am stuck at work :tantrum:

I'm bored, can you tell?

05-10-2005, 02:59 PM
I hear ya about being bored, Star. Today my job is so mundane and tiring. It's gorgeous here too and I am stuck inside. My lunch break was super short today so that didn't help matters any. Why oh why can't I just win the lottery?!?! Then I could have fun constantly. I would sunning myself on a beach somewhere with a big drink that has an umbrella in it. Ah, to dream...

05-10-2005, 03:17 PM
You said "I would sunning myself on a beach somewhere with a big drink that has an umbrella in it. Ah, to dream..."

You forgot the part "with a hot island boy fanning me, dressed scantly"

05-10-2005, 03:40 PM
Thanks chicks for the GL and it must of worked becuz I was down .8 since Sat....I'm very happy with that, considering all "life happens" 3 day weekend I had The counslor looked at my diary and found afew errors, low fat choc milk (which I counted as my dairy ) and the strawberry shortcake on mothers day, which I counted as starch/fat/dairy.....then I had a double portion of carrots one day and I wrote down 2 sets carrots. She said she loves how I make up my own rules. I told her I was doing WAY Better than ever before and to roll with it Plus they were so busy I weighed myself and rang the success/glory bell......
Carmen - Thanks for sending the force with me. I had already decided on the drive there that no matter what the scale said, I was very happy with my efforts to be an POP

Biker chicks - hope you don't mind I copied my post from other thread. Just wanted you to know that I lost weight.......go-trina....go-trina.......

05-10-2005, 03:59 PM
Star- All I can say is..."Go-Trina, Go-Trina!!!!" :dance: :cp:

'You forgot the part "with a hot island boy fanning me, dressed scantly"' :T

05-10-2005, 04:39 PM
Andrea - I love that little icon...that's

05-11-2005, 11:46 AM
Good morning chickies!

05-11-2005, 03:23 PM
This is so sad...I have nothing to say today! LOL. Usually I have a gripe about something, but today is just a calm and mellow day. Last night I did skip the workout because my little dog needed a haircut and bath VERY badly, but other than that things are going pretty good. I think that as soon as I'm done here I am going to the MSC website to see about course dates. Have a great hump day :devil: ladies.

05-11-2005, 04:39 PM
Hi Reb - I'm glad you are so mellow today,, what a nice feeling!
Glad you paid some attention to the pooch - remember you need that break every once in awhile!
I always have too much to say, even is it is nonsense. I :blah: :blah: :blah: so much on my other thread I've probably run everyone off.... :lol: I can't help it, I get bored at work and play is much more fun.....

05-12-2005, 12:54 PM
Star- I highly doubt you run people off your other thread...ya ding-dong :lol: ! You are way too much fun to visit with!

Ok, so tonight is... dum da da dum... bike night at that bar again. Yippee, I get to see Ms. "Thang" in her belly top and hot pants yet again! :barf: LOL! I feel really fat and sloshy this week. I have not been exercising much, plus I my dinner meals have not been too healthy. Not sure what the deal is this week. Every day I keep getting back to the diet and do good, but then evening comes I become a :ink: I think I need a butt kicking.

Well, I need another cup of coffee... check back in a bit!

05-12-2005, 01:20 PM
Reb - Hum let me run and find that wet noodle icon so I can beat you with it.......oh this one will have to do :rollpin:

The only way to fix you feelings about 'Ms Thang" :rolleyes: is to figure out what it is that you dont like about her. Is it only that she has a hot little body and gets all the attention :?: If that is it, well then that should be all the more reason for you to stick to plan, day and night. Excuse me, there I go again :soap: Let me step down from this soapbox..... :lol:

Reb - You have too much going for you to let alittle weight stand in your way(or alittle blonde bimbo make you :rolleyes: ) You have to want to be thinner enuf to really control you eating, exercise, etc. You can do this, you are get busy....

Now, see how annoying I can be :?:

05-12-2005, 03:00 PM
You crack me up Star! You are so right about everything. I agree that should be my motivation in a sense. Maybe one of these I can have the hot little body. I had a friend that used to tape pictures of models are super gorgeous women on her fridge so that every time she wanted to snack they stared in the face. That could work. Besides I really do want to be thinner, I just have to work a little harder and meeting my goals and ENJOY life instead of being so obsessed with the weight issue. One of these days I will get to my goal if I work hard for it...I just have to remember it isn't going to be next month or maybe not even next year, but it will happen. I also need to remember that the food will always be here and eventually I can indulge in some of it (in moderation, of course) but for now I have to avoid it!

05-12-2005, 05:15 PM
Reb - That's so right, food will always be here on earth. You however will not always be young - NOW sweetie - as Elvis would say (my moms fav) Take Care of Business....
I want a report daily on how we are doing! Remember you owe this to yourself and no one else (well maybe to strut in front of that waitress)

05-13-2005, 11:58 AM
good morning chicks!!!

Andrea - what helped me in the beginning, when the "end" goal (or even losing one clothing size) seemed SO far away, and so unattainable...was....all I could do was my very best each day. So when I went to bed, I could honestly say, "I am trying my best. And I was completely on program today." And even if I couldnt see/feel/weigh/measure any difference, if I knew that I had done the sensibly/exercise at least 4X/week/drink water, then SOMETHING was happening. for the better.

Do you know what you have in your favor? YOUR YOUTH!!!!! I WISH I had started myfitness journey earlier. As it is, I know I look OK for 44 (ooops, let it out :D ) but I ain't NEVER gonna look as good as any 30-yr.old. Let alone a 20-something like you!!! Even if it takes a year...or HAVE the potential to be a trim, toned, smokin' young woman. Who loves bikes. Now how hot is that :devil:

Stick that on your refridegerator and RUN with it :lol:

Hi Trina!! your weather is good? our is COLD! we had two beautiful days earlier in the week, then a cold front came through. It was a very chilly 22 degrees this morning! supposed to warm up to 55-60. I have two new pair of sunglasses promoted by a biker friend that I want to road-test; I tried to yesterday, but even with layers and full leathers and the dreaded fullface helmet, was freezing.

OOOOO!!! Guess how many miles I've gotten in since March? 1900 :cool: my mechanic calls me "his high-miler" :lol:

I'm also going to buy some new sunscreen that is distributed by a local, it's supposed to be fantastic for the sport/active folk. Completely waterproof so a big part is not running into one's eyes and stinging/blinding. So important for riding! Apparently is has good ol zinc oxide, but they found a way to break down the molecules so it isn't' the old fashioned pure white cover, it's a lotion that is clear.

With me wearing my half-helmet, my face is exposed so much. i want to protect it for health AND vanity :lol: I have learned to tie a bandana around, so most of my forehead is covered. Protected from the sun/wind, and keeps hair in place, and keeps the halfie from blowing around my noggin .

Andrea mentioned ding-dongs :devil: I am a classically trained pastry chef, but I still love crap like that :devil:

I am trying to cope with my personal stuff. I think I just didn't even think of solo counseling. Which smells bad, because why should I do all the work? but the end result is I want to be happy. doesn't help that I have discovered that huband checks naked lady sites daily (he didn't clear his "History".) You know the web addy - ww.womenwho are hotter than your Or maybe ww.women who are hotter than who you are stuck I think it's pathetic for someone who has let themself go so very badly, be cruising sites, when his wife has taken good care of herself for 2 1/2 years doesn't get compliments.

Oh, yeah, I'm dealing with stuff just fine :devil:

well, wish me warmer weather!

love ya, girls. thanks somuch for your help lately.

***EDIT - I MADE UP THOSE WEBSITE ADDIES! just in fun! I take no responsibility if they are real! or what might be on them!! ***

05-13-2005, 12:18 PM
:coffee: Morning Hot Chick Riders.......

Holly, nice long post, you are a good chickie!

About your out of shape DH :o What is his problem :?: He goes to porn sites and has the answer to those issues right there in you :shrug: From what you have shared with us Holly, I think he needs to go to counseling and maybe by himself :dizzy: Boy when you found he was going to the girly sites, that must of been a slap in your face :rollpin: You deserve to be treated much better, considering what you have done to keep your mental/physical health in top shape :blah: Okay enuf of that, off the soap-box please :soap:

Oh and you gave great advice to our Rebel! I second all of that ;)

Well our weather was nice and then it got cold, it just stinks - never know what it's about to do. All I know is that I'm a fair weather rider and this is making me poor cycle is in the garage wanting to go somewhre :lol:
Oh and Holly, I do the same with a bandana scarf and the forehead (it also hides any wrinkles up there) :devil:

Andrea - how was the biker meeting at the resturant last night? Was the ugly girl( :lol: ) there?

Hugs Biker Babes...ride tough!

05-13-2005, 12:26 PM
Good morning ladies!

For some reason the last page of this thread is not being allowed to come through at I can't see what you ladies posted about, but just wanted you to know that I'm still here. Our censors at work are really touchy I guess, so if there are cuss words or something they forbid the site. LOL. Anyway I will try to check back later. Have a good day!

05-13-2005, 12:32 PM
Hi Andrea -
I went back and cleaned up my post, there were afew semi bad words in there. Hope you get it now.....

Holly probably needs to do the same on her post.


05-13-2005, 05:39 PM
Hi chicks -

Just got back from COD and I got to hear the victory bell again - go-trina Almost 6 pounds (well 5.9) since vacation.

They are having a special at my COD this month. If you donate clothes you get 10% off your next purchase. I guess I will buy some more lites before months end (it's either that or enter rehab )

Okay - I'l be outta here soon. You chicks have a great on plan weekend..

05-13-2005, 08:55 PM
good evening!!!

well Andrea, I'm sorry if we got censored :lol: I went back and changed some things, but I wouldn't have thought they would have been a problem...

Trina, CONGRATS!!! you loser, you :devil: :lol: :lol: That is great!

so sorry about the weather being *$#@^%&* there how's that :lol: I did about 60 miles today, and it was barely 60 degrees, but very sunny. I was decked out in two thermal shirts, jeans, chaps, leather jacket, gauntlet gloves, scarves, and halfie with bandanna (you're right about the bandanna also covering the forehead wrinkles :D )

Yes, I was quite angry about the girly site visits. It's a glowering resentment. :lol: I'll hold it in quietly 'til it can be used for ammunition.

well ladies, have a good Friday evening!