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03-01-2005, 07:30 PM
HI my name is Cathie. I was a member here before but my computer crashed awhile back and lost alot of my favorites. I just came across this site again and wanted to come in and Say hi.. I am doing really well. My 2 yr RNY anniversary is coming up on March 17th.. I started out at 251 and I am now 127-132 depending on the time of the month.. I am on the recontructive part of my surgery. I had my breast reduction and lift on May 12, 2004 and just 3 weeks ago I had my Tummy tuck with hernia repair and muscle tightening. I am still sore from that one.. I get tired really easy. Hope everyone is doing well you can see my before and after pictures as well as my before and after TT pictures on my obesityhelp profile


251/127/130 anything

03-01-2005, 08:19 PM
thank you for your responds..

As for my thighs. I dont think I will get those or my arms done. I talked to my PS about it and she thinks the scar will be worse then the actually hanging skin I have. I really dont have much in either place.. I would like to get my turkey chin fixed.. Dont beat your self up.. I read your other post about 65% weight loss and I dont think that is really true. I know at our support group most have lost at least 80-90 % I lost 100 % off my excess weight.. Your doing great and you have to take baby steps. I always thought I was a slow loser but in the end I lost all my excess weight. It took me over my year too.. Good luck to you and thanks again


03-01-2005, 08:50 PM
Insurance will not pay for my neck.. I will have to come up with that but I am so self conscious about it. You will lose after 6 months you have 18-24 months to loose weight after the gastric bypass ;)

03-02-2005, 06:11 AM
cathie - it's so great to see you back! and looking so FABULOUS!!! that smile says it all...

and you reminded me about something else i'd learned about the speed and durability of the weight loss...


one of the things that affects the RATE of weight loss is how far down they reattache the intestines. a long limb length - the farther down the line it is - the FASTER the weight loss. people with shorter limb lengths have SLOWER weight loss..

BUT - and here's the important part - after 2 years, THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE IN THE AMOUNT of weight lost.

sooo pookie darlin - keep on track. don't give up. and even after all is said and done - you WILL BE ABLE to lose slowly and keep it off.. just like the divine Meg!!!!!

03-03-2005, 12:52 PM

Sometimes within the WLS world terms are used interchangably, perhaps when they shouldn't be. It can definitely be confusing.

One way to find out exactly what you had done is to request a copy of your operative report from the hospital where you had your procedure performed. I am not sure how hard this would be to read if you don't have a medical background (I don't know whether you do or not), but the lengths should be listed in there.

Another suggestion is to make a list of questions before your next appointment. Let the doctor know when he walks into the room that you have a list of questions, and ask them all, no matter how inpatient he/she may seem. It is your body, your life, and it is their job to give you the information you need to do your part! Some physicians have a better "bedside manner" than others, but in the end it is your health - you can push if you need to.

The surgeon I used changed the way he performed the DS procedure a while after I had it done. I was consumed by concern, for awhile, that the new way would work better and that my result would not be as good. I finally had to come to grips with the fact that what was done was done, and I would simply make the best of what I had been given. I don't think they have stats yet about the change, but they are forever tweaking these surgeries, refining them to give people the best result - greatest weight loss with fewest negative health consequences.

I have seen a lot of individual variation in people who had the "exact same" surgery performed by the same surgeon. I've seen people who don't do what the doctor ordered have better weight loss and health than those who do, on occasion. That is frustrating. Sort of like those naturally thin people who seemingly can eat whatever they want and never gain weight! I've also seen the reverse, people who don't do what we all know we are supposed to do, and pay huge health consequences.

You are so smart, and so motivated. You know things, at this early stage, that it took me years to figure out. Honestly. You went into this with a real knowledge of what it would take to succeed. I've seen you make adjustments along the way, based on your knowledge and your body. You are really so much ahead of the game. You are going to do great!

So I guess I am saying, get the information. Information can never hurt. Read up on what it means. Then use it to your advantage. But always understand that you are an individual, and that your knowledge, motivation and compliance are going to be huge factors, as well.