Support Groups - Back to Basics March Edition - Make it Happen

03-01-2005, 06:06 PM
OK. Here's to a new month. I feel like I am sliding in like a snake - sneaking around. Not quite completely committing to eating right or exercising well. So, I want to go roaring out like a lion. (Ok, maybe not hte best analogy - I AM sleep deprived :) ) So, here's to a new month. NEw opportunities. Old friends and new.

I commit to living in the moment. To not let everything and anything steamroll me. To just appreciate what I have right now.

What does everyone want to accomplish this month??

03-01-2005, 10:17 PM
Heh guys, sorry no time to post BUT I did want to report an NSV!! I tried on my "measuring pants" and I can report PROGRESS, in the right direction! Initially I could barely get these pants over my ample derriere. At first, there was a hand's breadth, thumb to pinkie spread out (that's 20 cm, nearly 8 inches) at the top between the closing button and the hole so there was NO way I could get it closed. Next step was that I got them closed but the zipper was gaping big time. But TODAY!! I got the zipper closed as well. OK, just wanted to share. . .

03-01-2005, 10:35 PM
woops! two of us started a new thread at the same time!

03-02-2005, 12:36 AM
Rave! You were usurped during your absence. You had better come back and re-establish your sovereignty!!

03-02-2005, 07:05 AM
Good morning everyone. Well, I need a little pat on the back. Yesterday morning I did not make it to the gym - just moving slow and feeling lazy. I packed a gym bag to go after work and after I rode. Despite the fact that I forgot my gym card, and had to jump through hoops ( whew, what a workout!) I didn't use it as an excuse not to go. Just did a short workout, but at least I went.

Now, I need ahuge kick in the rear to get going this morning.

Have a good day all.

03-02-2005, 07:19 AM
Here's your kick, jolly! BAMMM!!! Did you feel that? Now, get a move on it! And here, is a big pat on the back, CLAP, PAT, CLAP, for getting to the gym. Way to go, girl!

03-02-2005, 08:11 AM
*yawn* I'm not used to this working for a living thing! ;)

Yesterday was all about trying to catch up with errands. Bank before work, work, buy horse feed at lunch, work, deliver horse feed after work, some grocery shopping, fix dinner... collapse. :D

This morning it's about trying to get back into a routine. I was supposed to get on the treadmill, but didn't. Transitions, adjustments, routines. Yarg.

Jolly - Good for you on riding AND working out. I think I'm going to have to look into moving the horses again and find someplace closer to home. I'll wait till I'm more comfortable with this job first, though.

Red - Major congrats on the NSV. I think those are really more important in the long run.

Water was better yesterday. I don't have a desk at work yet, so things are a little difficult as far as keeping snacks or water or things like that. Hopefully that will change soon.

Off I go!

03-02-2005, 04:02 PM
Good morning, people. Rave, thanks for noticing my NSV. I agree, these are the more important things. It's just that the scale should follow some time but I guess it's too slow to notice. Also, I remember when I was gaining and not exercising. The scale wasn't moving that much and I could still get into my pants but everything started shifting around and then I couldn't.

It is now three weeks since I gave up sugar, nuts, and two other things and I guess I'm finally starting to see some results. Thank God!

Raven, isn't it a drag having to fit your life into some job's schedule?! This is what I hate about the work I do now. To think, when I was younger and it was all new I was much more able and WILLING to have it the other way around (like most people) but not any more. Still, like someone here said (sorry, people! I will catch up with you all soon!) remember that this is just a temporary thing and still very necessary for springboarding you to your life work.

Do you have a locker at work? If not, maybe just bring a big bag in with your food. I'm the same with having trouble adjusting to a new place, especially when there's little accommodation for food and such but think of it as your special needs and make the place fit to you, slowly, so as not to seem too weird!! and in-the-way but SURELY! :lol: Good luck!

03-02-2005, 05:45 PM
Red, great NSV... this Lenten challenge must be working for us both and I had the SAME NSV on the same exact day, my "skinny jeans" fit. They were too tight and uncomfortable to wear all the day, but I actually had them on and they fit me for the first time in about two years! Yeah for Lent, it's making "honest women" out of us!!!!
Raven, what kind of a job do you do now? Just curious.
Hey, I actually submitted my resume on a job today as well. It's not a "big" job, but it's the kind of job I think I could handle as well as handle the rest of my life to some degree! It's a secretary job at my church. It's only 10 hours a week, roughly, and involves doing a weekly bulletin and a monthly newsletter. I think I could handle that and it would pretty much pay our yearly car insurance bill or something of that equivalent!
I had a "bad" eating day yesterday, no chocolate, but I was not a good girl. My darling daughter is quite impressed that she has learned how to cook and follow recipes. This week, she has made cookies (oatmeal), a cake and yesterday homemade bread. I've "had" to sample them all, of course. So, I have to be extra good and behave myself for the next few days.
Hey, 19 days til the first day of spring.... I can handle it!

03-02-2005, 05:50 PM
Just out the door here but wanted to say, HI Derry! Congratulations on fitting into your skinny jeans. The first time in two years! Wow, that must feel fantastic! Yes, it seems a return to the "old ways" (meaning giving up something for Lent) is helping out. It feels good too. Has given me a reason outside "dieting." I think that has made it easier to stick to. Kind of dread Easter and the freedom it will allow me. Going to have to find another challenge I think. Maybe by then I'll have enough momentum to just keep going. You know, I really don't even feel like "pigging out."

Don't fret the cookies, cake and bread. You were doing it out of a sense of duty and wanting your daughter to be a better baker I'm sure! ;)

Bye for now!

03-02-2005, 05:57 PM
Yeah sure.... on the "duty" thing, I laughed. Who do you think was hovering over the stove with that baking bread waiting for it to come out and taking out REAL butter to have on it? Hmmm....
Well, I made a point of journalling today and trying really hard, have had no inbetween meal snack at all this afternoon and I am really going to be "sparse" as far as dinner tonight.
If we can do this for Lent, Red, (and I am sooo glad you decided to do this with me!) we can do this for OURSELVES down the road.
I honestly feel so much better without chocolate. I know I won't give it up forever, but I have learned a lesson, I have never gone this long without it before at any point in my life other than when I was a small kid and my mom controlled whatever I ate, etc. This is truly amazing to me that I truly CAN do this!
Have a great day, Red, here I am about ready to make supper when you are off to work, so amazing.

03-02-2005, 07:00 PM
Hey all. Just a real quick post before I head back out ot work. Congrats on all the NSVs guys. way to go. I wish I were joining you. Good luck getting back in the routine, Raven.

Red, you will have to try that kick again. With the time difference and all, it must not have made it here on time. But, I will go tomorrow. AND, I WILL get back in a regular sleep pattern this weekend. That is what I need more than anything.

Take care everyone.

03-03-2005, 06:08 AM
Heh guys, check this out. I posted it in the support forum. When you're feeling down on yourself, read it!!

03-03-2005, 08:30 AM
Great post Red! On our own I think we do ok, it's when we start to compare ourselves against others (and forget that I am me and I'm okay) - that's when we get into trouble. Great words to start the day right. Make it a good one!

03-03-2005, 10:27 AM
Good morning all. Well, Red, your kick finally made it hear. Took a little longer than I would have liked, but it made it. I did go to the gym this morning. Not much of a workout, but hey - better than nothing.

Have a great day all.

03-03-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi everyone, great post on the other thread, Red.
Not much happening for me to report, guess it's a boring day? I guess that is a good thing? No news is good news?
No chocolate, have been good with eating, not working out.

03-03-2005, 06:06 PM
Good morning all.

Derry -- glad you liked the thing I posted in the other forum. You were the only one who replied there although it looks like some people have given it a look. Anyhow, hope they like it. I find so many people who want to lose weight have horrible self-images of themselves. That is one thing I think I never had. Of course, I know how this happens. There are a lot of people out there saying very nasty things to overweight people, especially when people are young or have other issues, i.e. the more vulnerable ones are the ones who get more abuse.

Yes, I didn't actually think you were an all-too unwilling participant in the baking eating! But, real butter is not a problem. Not that is, if it were in lieu of something worse for you. Trans fats are the killers it appears and margarine is actually turning out to be worse than butter, you know! I suppose if there are any reduced calorie products on the market they will also be made with partially hydrogenated fats, which are what is so bad. So, you see, you weren't so bad after all. ;)

I don't know, Linda, doing something for myself is harder. I mean "doing it for me" if it involves hardship, sacrifice, certainly doesn't feel like I'm doing it FOR me, does it? The longterm goal of losing weight, looking better, somehow that is too intangible. I think perhaps I need to feel worse about myself in order to get to that point. You see, I don't feel bad about being overweight really. It's like, oh, yeah, sure it would be nice to be lean and all, but this way is ok too. Any ideas on the psychology I could use to get to this other state?

Actually, though, I guess feeling better not eating sugar is a pretty good incentive in itself. I most definitely feel better off the stuff. I need something, however, that is going to get the weight off. Just cutting out the sugar is not going to do it. I was off it for a year and didn't lose. There are other good yummy things out there.

Well, Linda, your staying off chocolate is so good. I am really happy to hear that this is making you realize your own power of control. These are the kind of things that help us in other areas of our lives. In other words, it's not just chocolate!

happy -- hi there! Glad you liked that post too. How are you doing? That was just a flyby there, wasn't it. one that left us wanting to hear more from you! Come in when you have time!

jolly -- glad to hear you found some motivation to get to the gym. Yes, getting there is big in itself and even a little workout is better than none. I saw an TV program here the other day with a swimmer for the Paralympics. She was talking to some grade-school kids about pushing your limits and about the importance of support and encouragement from others. She had them all get in the pool and see how far they could swim. Some gave up after just a few meters. Then she asked each of them why they gave up and most of them just said well they decided they had decided beforehand that they just would when they reached a certain point whether they felt like they could go more or not, or they said that they would just give up when they felt like it. Then she had them write a swimming goal on a card, laminated it and put it on a string which they wore around their neck and had them swim again. Almost all could make their goal. A lot said it was really hard but they could hear the people cheering and they kept on. Some kids were crying because they said it was so hard, but they did it. Others were just so happy because they did something they never thought they could do. Anyhow, I'm thinking maybe I'll put a little card around my neck with my daily goal on it, and hear the cheers of all you people in my head! Uh, oh, sounding a bit strange here, aren't I? :lol: No, but really, a card in my bag or so, or in the house might be good. Maybe you could try that with your workouts even if it is just going for one minute longer or so.

Ok, people, well, I had no goals set up for this morning and don't think I want to trudge to the gym before work. I could but it's snowing heavily outside and I think I'll keep my head in until I have to get to work. I think the subways are less in danger of being stopped by the snow, whereas if I go by train from the gym, as I'd have to, that line often is delayed.

Catch you later. Wishing you all the best!

03-04-2005, 08:42 AM
Good post, Red. Maybe I should put my goals (to exercise) on a piece of paper and wear it around my own neck as well! Since I had that cold/cough virus, I have gotten out of my good treadmill and working out habit. I need to get myself back on track with that.
Today is DHs last day of work and I have a very "woe is me" attitude today. He, on the other hand, is very happy and excited. Wonder how he can remain so positive during such a time of uncertainty? I marvel at that and wish I could do this.
A friend of mine used a new phrase to me in an e-mail this morning. She said we are "surfing the waves of uncertainty", I like that phrase.
At any rate, job or no job, here I am. I am still alive, I am still ME, we shall find a way to work through this time period and figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. Eating surely is NOT going to solve any of these issues, so I guess I will hopefully remain on track.
By the way, Jamie went to stay over night at a friends house, thankfully she wasn't home to bake goodies! So, I was a very "good" girl yesterday! Have to admit, I took note that the scale crept back up a bit this week, but I am determined that the good numbers I saw at the end of last week will be back in no time at all.

03-04-2005, 01:56 PM
Hey all. Just have time for a fly by post, as I am waiting for an interviewee. Well, today was my 12th workout at the gym. I turned in my resignation. AS soon as I confirm for certain they let me out of my contract, I will go join the other one. I don't want an excuse not to workout. I have decided as well, instead of trying to ask someone to make up a new weight workout for me, I will just figure out the comparible equipment when they give me the orientation tour, and do what was working for me at the first gym. If I get good at it, and really really start to like doing weights, I will ask you for suggestions on improving, Red. You weight lifting queen you!

So back up a minute, Red. Did you say snow??? I didn't realize you got snow there.

Derry, I hope you and/or hubby find something soon. I am sure he is just relieved to be out of the pressure, while you are struggling with all the other issues. Good luck, and keep up all the great work. You are really doing well with your Lent challenge.

I am feeling a bit better today. I went to bed early last night. Got some much needed sleep. And now feel much more able to face the world. A hopefully quiet weekend with some more sleep should finish the job. I just get so oversensitive when I am tired.

So, here's to us. Have a good weekend all.

03-05-2005, 08:04 PM
Hey all. Crazy weekend - I am on call and had to go to the ER with a client. I did get to the gym today and did my orientation to the weights. Had a very good session. So, here's to working out regularly again. Now, just the food.

Hope everyone else is ok. Catch you later.

03-06-2005, 05:17 AM
Hi people. Just trying to get caught up here. Am finally getting sick. Barely have a voice left. The cold seems to be settling in my chest and larynx. Need to write up a short report but hoping I can do it in the morning if I get up early enough.

I'm trying to get one of my cats to come out of the closet where she is sleeping. I can't reach her and I need to take her to the vet but only have 90 minutes (less) till he closes and I can't take her until maybe Wednesday. she's in a lot of pain and I have to give her her monthly shot to alleviate the pain. Bad gums. They say there's no cure.

A friend of mine is running in the LA Marathon and I'm tracking her. It's so neat. They have a thing they attach to their shoe and when they go through a certain point, a scanner picks it up and will send you the email with their time. So, I'll be tracking here over in Tokyo while she's running in LA! Cool, huh? Problem is the emails are going to be coming in on my cell phone, which I use as an alarm clock so it's right by my head as I sleep and the ring will wake me up. Oh well, should be fun.

jolly -- glad to hear the new gym sounds ok. it'll be good to get regular workouts. I need them too! Anything you want to know about workouts I can try to help. Just ask. What's this with having to go to the ER with a client? Tell me again what kind of work you're doing here. Yes, Tokyo does get snow but rarely. Always around this time of year you can, though not expect it, certainly not be surprised by it. It usually doesn't last long though. jolly, what ever happened to your friend who left in a huff over your French? Did she come around? I hope so. And how is your dog? What are you able to do for him, if anything? Well, I'm glad you got some rest the other day. You sound much better in your posts after a bit of rest.

derry -- Yes, wearing our goals around our necks might not be such a bad idea! :lol: I can understand your husband being stoked about his last day. I felt the same way when I got the boot from that work they were giving me. Even though I wanted it, it was too stressful and I am really breathing more easily in general though I really need money! You can't attract better work when you're dragged down by bad stuff. Your husband will no doubt be able to get out there in a very positive mood and just find what he wants! I wish you both the best of luck too! :sunny:

03-06-2005, 05:12 PM
Heyall - another quick fly by post from work. I had a staff call in, so I had to work again today. No gym time, but I should be able to go ride. I supervise group homes for people with developmental disabilities. My dog is doing pretty much the same. We go back to the vet Wednesday. And no, my friend has not spoken to me.

I hope you feel better soon, Red. Good luck with your cat.

03-06-2005, 05:28 PM
Hi there jolly, you are the busy one again, aren't you. It's morning here and I am in a vile mood, which is unusual for me. I think it's being sick and not getting much sleep last night. Kept waking up. Had taken Nyquil and it didn't seem to help at all. Never was able to get the cat. She didn't come down from the closet heights until this morning. I closed the upper part but if she goes in the lower part I still won't be able to get her. Or if she goes outside. They know when you're waiting to take them to the vet. I barely can talk so I don't think I'm going to go to work today, which is not good because I desperately need the money. have a report to write now that I couldn't do last night. As I said, I am feeling very *****y. Too bad about your friend not talking. Don't understand some people's priorities.

03-06-2005, 08:22 PM
Jolly, thanks for the positive thoughts regarding the job situation, or lack thereof. Boy, we are working as a team here to save money. DH seems so much more relaxed at least. I'm scared stiff though! I keep having these mini panic attacks and burst into tears, to be honest. I've not been awfully good eating this weekend, to be honest. I don't know if it is directly because of my emotions or just because I would have anyway? No chocolate though, I am being SOOOO good!
Red, so sorry you are not feeling well. I'm pretty much over the cold/virus that I had and it was just awful. It lasted about three weeks. I hope yours lasts less time.
Jolly, what about writing a note to your friend and mailing it? I would apologize for offending her but tell her you value her friendship and ask that she not be so cold. However, if she still doesn't communicate after that, time to look for some new friends!
Well, I am sitting here wondering how well I am truly doing with my weight loss? I have to weigh in at WW this week for the month, or wait until next week. Not sure if I'll weigh in this week or not. I might wait a week as I noted the scale went up a teeny bit (really not too bad) after my darling daughter was home on school vacation this week and made all those lovely goodies.
We'll see how tomorrow goes!
Take care everyone,

03-06-2005, 08:29 PM
Derry, thanks for the get well wishes. I can barely croak. Am doing a great imitation of a frog. Well, I'm just about to get my story sent out. The cat is under the table so I think I can catch her. The vet opens in a minute. If I go into work I'm already late. Don't know if I should go. Just sitting there is not very exhausting but I really think maybe I should try to get some sleep. Hmm. Hard call.

I can certainly understand your panic and crying attacks but you mustn't worry. Your husband is the one who must find the job and if he's relaxed it'll be ok. Show him you have faith in him and let him enjoy this time off a bit.

I agree with your advice to jolly on her friend. Definitely, if she can't come around after another written note, then I think it's time to find better.

03-06-2005, 08:30 PM
Oh yes, and Derry, good going on the no chocolate!! I too have remained perfect on my challenge. I am wanting sugar badly though. Being sick is not helping. But probably being off the sugar is!

03-07-2005, 05:13 AM
Wow, a whole day (well partial day) at work and no posts! Oh, well, here's three in a row. I DID get the cat to the vet this morning. don't know where she is now. I got into work, mainly to get some papers for tax and press credentials (I'd like to go to Hong Kong again next month for a race) and did a little work and left. I sound horrible. The guys like it though. Don't know why. Seems they think a husky voice is so sexy. To me it just sounds like I'm very unhealthy, which I guess I am. My chest is hurting.

You know Derry, you asking about your weight loss, you're at 147. Gosh, I would love to be there! It sure looks like you're doing well, but yes, I know what you mean. I can imagine it must be even harder to lose when you weigh so little. I have been awful with the weight loss but I'm not going to think about it right now, not with being sick. I have maintained my Lenten challenge and that is tough on its own. I really, really wanted sugar, candy, chocolate, everything today but I have remained strong! I am thinking with great anticipation of the Easter bunny though! :lol:

jolly, I'm just curious but when you say you work in a home for people with developmental disabilities can you tell me a bit more about what this is. Are thse people with physical or mental handicaps or is it learning problems or so? Just curious because it sounds like very interesting and possibly very rewarding and perhaps also very stressful work.

Well, I'm going to eat something . . eat, eat, eat. . . ;) and then try to get to bed early.

Oh, yeah, my friend ran in the LA Marathon Sunday. It was this morning here. I was tracking her on the Web. So neat. She said she'd be real slow and it took her 6 1/2 hours! Can you imagine doing a marathon?!! Wow. I wanted to and was starting to train for it a few years ago but must have given myself a stress fracture in a foot because I couldn't jog for weeks after I'd been going at it too much. I really can't do it unless I get the weight off. I think I like to jog. I used to love running as a kid. Any of you into running or would like to be?

Ok, gonna go! Hope to hear more from you all. Jolly, flyby queen! derry, Rave!! where are you?! happy, apple, anyone I forget. .come on in and chat! :wave:

03-07-2005, 01:46 PM
Hi Ladies,

I'm back!! Just wanted to say a quick hello. As you can imagine, things are really busy here after being gone for two weeks.

Looks like everyone is having a good time and having a lot of successes. I am up a couple pounds, but what do you expect with vacation? :)

I didn't mindless eat--if I wanted something that was a possible no-no, I added it in with a meal and didn't do the snacky thing.

Walked a lot, but didn't exercise per sey. I was sick the entire time, minus a couple of days, that that affected me also.

So, I'll try to write more later.

Happy Monday!


03-07-2005, 02:57 PM
Good morning all. I made it to the gym this morning. Hurray. I am eating really bad. Boooo. I don't need Bat, I need Duct Tape.

Chachee, glad you are back. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Red, glad you got your cat to the vet. Hope you get over your cold soon. That is no fun.

Derry, I know it is very childish of me, but I don't feel like I should have to do any more with my friend. I apologized. Twice. I don't think what I did was sooooo heinous that I should have to beg for forgiveness. I realize this is a childish attitude, and not the best friend behavior, but . . . I guess I will just have to live with it.

Have a good day all.

03-07-2005, 03:05 PM
Hey chickies..

Chachee - Welcome back!!

Jolly - If you feel like you've extended the olive branch and it's been ignored, then... pft. It's a shame. You sound like you are doing SO well with getting to the gym. I'm proud of you!!

Red - I love to run. I was up to the 5K mark last fall, then ... well. *sigh* I need to get back with it.

I made it out to see the horses Sunday. I was sick with a stomach bug pretty much all weekend... the pitfalls of starting work in a new office? Turns out several of the people here had the same thing over the weekend.

Anyway.. this is just a hit and run on my lunch hour from work. I'll try to check back tonight.

03-07-2005, 05:12 PM
Hi there people. Morning here. I'm still feeling lousy but am going to try to get out riding just because that always gives me a mental/emotional lift. And today is supposed to be warm and springlike and I love the warm weather.

Ah, guys, I am losing the weight loss battle. I have no motivation whatsoever anymore. If I don't go to the gym my weight goes right back up again. I simply can't be doing all this movement. I don't have the time or the interest. My days are spent sitting in front of a computer working and even then I have no money. But, really, it's not like I'm totally inactive. I do ride occassionally. I don't know. I don't think I'm eating that much. Even when I write it all down it does not seem like much. Can my metabolism be that screwed up?

Are my appetites just not normal? Perhaps. But I am so bored all the time and find nothing to fill my time with that I can do along with the other boring desk work. Eating is the only thing that gives me pleasure. Ah, I know this sounds like a rant but I am really discouraged about this. I simply can't be fitting in the gym and exercise along with everything else I do.

Derry, how many calories are you eating do you think to maintain your weight? I thought that if I got a bit of fat off that it would stay off. I don't see how I can constantly eat less and less. Is that the only way? Damn, I am really really discouraged. Got on the scale and was 75 kg! And last year I was always around 71, 72 kg. I am definitely not eating more. I guess it's the loss of muscle because I just can't do that or want to do that kind of crazy workouts anymore, but I guess it really revved my metabolism. Guess I'm going to have to count calories. God, I hate doing that! I have enough stuff to do. Okay, enough. any advice is welcome!

Chachee -- welcome back! Where did you go on vacation? Were you on the East Coast? Glad to hear you stayed within bounds but wow, so sorry to hear you were sick. What a bummer while on vacation. Hope you were able to enjoy it somewhat nonetheless.

jolly -- I don't know how you do it with the gym. You sound busier than me and yet there you are getting to the gym. You say you're eating a lot though. How is your weight? Any change? I understand your not wanting to do more with your friend. She isn't being much of a friend, is she? I mean, does she care about you? Does she care about your dog? Or is she more concerned with imagining how she has been slighted by you? Really. People like this need a wakeup call! I don't think your behavior is childish at all. I think hers is. Actually, childish may not be the word. I see more adults like this than anything. She is full of herself. Anyhow, just my two cents worth. . .

Raven - good to hear from you! Sorry to hear you're sick as well. Guess the changing seasons knock a lot of people out. Hope you're better now and can enjoy the horses. It must be difficult with the new job and all. But, heh, keep your eye on the big picture. This job thing is temporary. Good luck!

03-07-2005, 05:53 PM
Hey Red. Just a quick fly by to you. . . Sorry to hear that you are still sick, and that you are feeling so discouraged.

Sorry to tell you this, but counting calories is probably what you need right now. Everyone's metabolism is different, and need different amounts of exercise and calories to lose or maintain. I know it is hard. I know how easy it is to slip into that "giveacrap" mode. It sounds like you have a couple of different issues, though. Are you keeping a food journal? Are you keeping track of amounts, and when/why you are eating? That may help you pinpoint times you need to find something else to keep you occupied, to prevent the eating. This bit of "brilliant" advice comes of course from an expert - I can eat while doing just about anything and everything else - watching tv, reading a book, typing on the computer, talking on the phone, and petting the dog AT THE SAME TIME. Seriously though - when are you feeling bored? What else can you do? Is it your job that bores you? Is it time to look for something else? If unhappiness is what makes you eat, you need to figure out what will make you happy first. YOu deserve it. And I know working out used to make you happy . . .

How do I fit it all in?? Obsessive time control. I get up at 4:30 in the morning, walk and take care of the dogs, have breakfast, and get to the gym before anything else can interrupt (usually). Work, then either go home, take care of the dogs, and work some more, or go ride before going home. I go to bed freakishly early, but if working out is important to me, I have to rearrange my life and my habits to make sure I get that in. It ain't easy, but I do it. Now if only I could be so good with the food. . . If you and I could just combine habits, we would have one supermodel, and one superslug.

As for my friend, I am still not entirely sure WHAT happened. Yes, she does care about me, and all my furry family. I know I was overemotional. I also know that I feel guilty about EVERYTHING, so her need for logic and understanding felt judgemental. I assume that was not her intent, but that is how it felt. As for why she is still not speaking to me?? Well, I am a very emotional person, she is not. Maybe she felt this was just one immature emotional outburst too many. If so, I am sorry to lose her as a friend, but I feel I have apologized for all I can.

Have a good day all. I hope eveyrone is feeling better soon.

03-07-2005, 06:01 PM
Hi guys!
Red, so sorry you are feeling so lousy, I've been there recently and it sounds like the exact same thing I had - amazing that it's all the way across the ocean, but they say germs travel well in airplane ventilation systems and with all the travel people do, wouldn't surprise me if it's the same virus!
Thanks of the "good job" on the chocolate thing. It seems to be getting even easier to avoid it. I really am feeling better. I bought some sugar free peanut butter cookies that I can have just ONE of with a cup of tea and not feel as if I am craving tons more and just HAVE to cheat. I wonder if you might try some sugar free products, Red?
You have remained strong, Red, with your challenge, I am so impressed!
Chach, welcome back! Good to hear from you. Vacations always seem to leave our scales on the upswing, but you will take it right off again!
Sorry you were sick though, that always sucks to be sick on a vacation! When my daughter was 3, she fell against a counter and split a tooth in half (vertically up in under the gum line) while we were on vacation. I have never had such a horrible vacation in my entire life. Poor thing, after two days of agony trying to find a dentist and then having her scream and fight, we ended up at an oral pediatric surgeon who put her under, finally, to remove the tooth. Poor daughter! Poor mom, who cried just about as hard. That is NOT what should happen, as well as being sick on vacations!
I did well today, I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill and ate fully "on program" for a change today!

03-08-2005, 07:13 AM
Heh guys, wanted to catch up and say thanks jolly, for that sweet post. It gave me a boost. I was reading it on my phone in the subway between stops, downloading it page by page before the reception would die, and, like I said, it made me smile, especially the part about you being able to eat "doing just about anything." It gave me a lift and it gave me somehow the courage to really look at what I was doing, like you said, am I keeping a journal? am I counting calories? NO to both of them. Amounts? No. It's just me being a pouty brat, wanting to do what I've been doing and lose weight I guess. But even so, you're right about trying to pinpoint times when I eat from boredom. Those are NOT times I enjoy. They're times I'm feeling irritated, lousy, depressed, pissed off, discouraged, all those not-so-rosy feelings. THEY are the times my hand-to-mouth motor skills go onto auto pilot (and I'm not sucking my thumb). Am I enjoying those times? Could I get rid of them and maybe, be, well, happier? Yes! I, luckily, don't do mindless eating. Really. It's emotional stuff with me, it's that brat again, contrary, hurt, not being able to do what she wants, so she'll do something she shouldn't be doing, whether she really wants to or not. Like just now, I get home, had a great ride, but am pissed at my work, my life and kind of scared too about thinking there is no work I want to do, that I'm doomed to just do things because they pay the bills. I mean, heck, I may as well go sell my body. Somebody would pay for it and I might have as much, or more, fun. But no, I feel work will never be fun anymore, and so I eat, instead of doing something to make my life a little better, even something like cleaning my room so I don't have to live in a pigsty. But no, I start eating and eating and even though I'm feeling ill and not really even wanting to eat I do it. Ok, this is going to stop (I did not eat sugar though!)

You know, walking through the barn today, hay on the ground in the aisle fallen from the feed wagon, the sound of horses munching their lunch, it was so heavenly. . .I told a friend that that is my paradise and I better get rich soon so I can have a few horses of my own, not have to do the dirty work but just ride them and have other people feed them and muck out their stalls. So, kind of like now, but times three and with the time to ride all three every day and . . .and . . . well, I can dream, can't I?! ;)

You're right jolly, I used to enjoy working out and I could still enjoy it. I have to find ways of getting in touch with myself again, even if it means micromanaging my time again. I do it for riding. I think recently I've just felt there was no hope. What with the possibilities at the paper turned to zero more or less. Latest slap in the face: I've been begging for a racing column for over a year, their excuse was they didn't have money, then just the other day a new columnist comes in to the office to work on his column. Buddies doing favors for each other. They could at least tell me the truth. No, I'm too nice to them is the problem. I want so much to just be able to dump that place, be able to laugh at the people who now laugh at me, and buy a night or two out for all those who don't. . .

Well jolly, I think with your friend and you it may just be a matter of basic incompatibility. You're say you're emotional. Nothing wrong with that. She's full of logic. Nothing wrong with that. But your styles probably just clashed, like you said, maybe one time too many. I tend to think (from experience) that friendships like that tend to just become rather shallow after a while. Still, you can be there for each other in an emergency or some time of need. Sometimes, it's the people who AREN'T like you that can handle the crises best. Other times though, not. In any case, I'm sorry this went this way but there are surely new friends out there, people you maybe can even share more of yourself with, more of a belly laugh, more of a angry rant, and not be afraid they'll walk off in a huff of silence.

derry -- great going on the treadmill and staying on plan! You're really doing well. I, though, in the dumps right now, am taking note of your efforts and am inspired by them, inwardly for now. Yeah, it's a strange illness with me. My voice is badly affected, though it's better than yesterday. The rest of me doesn't feel so bad really. Just kind of a painful chest and I get a coughing tickle and can't stop coughing at times and sometimes I feel feverish, other times kind of lightheaded or chilled. I took a nap this afternoon and that was nice.

You know, I was thinking about our Lenten challenges and what you were saying about your staying away from chocolate to have been kind of an eye-opener for you as far as knowing what you can do. I was thinking about that some today and thinking I want to take the next step, show myself something I think I can't do, show myself I CAN do it. I think I may do the only fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans eating, even if it's just for a day or a week, take it to a month. I'd be sure to lose on that and I bet I wouldn't have to count calories to do it either. Hmm. . . thinking about it.

Actually, there are very few sugar-free products over here, in fact, I don't know of any except soda and I have never touched the stuff, weird, from the time I was a kid I didn't like it. I think it was the fizz, felt like it was burning my tongue. Anyhow, yeah, the only sugarless thing here is gum. It would be nice I suppose to have some for those real rough times when I tend to eat too much of something I can have when I really just want some sugar. I have been eating this fruit juice sweetened all-fruit preserves in yogut in those times or chewing a bit of sugarless gum, or today I had fresh pineapple, which is just so sweet to me now. . .

I'll get through this slump too. A lot of it has to do with work, what was, what isn't and the two deaths of animals that were close to me over just a month. Like today, it was beautiful and so warm and as I turned into my street, enjoying the sun on my face, glad to have had a good ride, I thought of how Tiger would have likely been out there at the front gate to greet me loving that sun too and I just started crying. And then later tonight I was in the foodstore and I thought I'd get some of that fish stuff that Tiger likes so much and then I remembered. . . yeah, he's not there anymore. So, I guess I maybe shouldn't be so hard on myself or think I'm going to blow up. I mean, heck, I'm not even eating sugar, just feeling pretty down.

Anyhow, thanks all, for your warm support.

03-08-2005, 08:48 AM
Red, I really feel for you missing your animal friends. Can you get another cat, or would the gum thing be passed on to another one if you brought it in the house?
Gosh there are so many sugar free products on the market over here, I wonder if you could mail order some stuff if you wanted to? I love the taste and texture and some of the stuff. I just can't tell the difference, nowadays, mostly that is the products with Splenda in them. Can you get Splenda at least over there? I make this great "baked apple" thing, and you can use Sweet and Low as well, but Splenda is better. I cut up an apple in chunks and sprinkle Splenda on it and some cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg. I cover with plastic wrap and microwave it for about 2 1/2 minutes on high. It comes out VERY hot (be careful not to burn yourself) but it's kind of like apple pie without the sugar and crust! I find that I have that for breakfast with lite english muffins and lite cheddar cheese. Do you get those products? It's a very healthy breakfast and the apple pie and cheese combination satisfies that comfort food thing I have going for me. I have gotten used to using a margarine spray that I get here as well that I put on the lite english muffins and for WW people, this spray is 0 points, so I get the taste, but none of the calories! Yummy and good for you!!!!!
Well, I have a WW meeting today. I won't be weighing in until next week, but I look forward to getting "charged up" with morale support.
If there are any interesting topics brought forth or suggestions, I'll share them with you guys!
Oh yes, DH has gone to a job interview this morning. We'll see what happens. Also, he had a discussion about some consulting work yesterday for another company. as he has had a good working relationship with them for years. That might work out for us, who knows?
Linda in snowy NH

03-08-2005, 01:03 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

Trying to catch up on posts and wanted to pop in.

Red: Hey, we all get in that slump. I'm going to start back in 100% with exercise this next week. I'd say this week, but my hubby now has the flu and I am kinda overwhelmed right now getting things back in order. I know there are always excuses, but not sense in setting myself up for failure. I'm sorry to hear about your kitties. I can't be around cats, as I am highly allergic to them, but think they are sweet animals. My puppies were so happy when we got home and I can only imagine how tough it would be without them around.

Raven: Congrats on the new job. See, the right thing came along. I'm so happy for you and getting the job!

Derry: Congrats on your continued successes. When is hubby's interview? I'll be thinking of him and hoping the right thing comes along.

Happy: Are you getting settled in? How is life in the new place?

Well, work is busy so I must return to it. Wanted to say hey and glad things are starting to get back to "normal" for me.

Happy Tuesday!


Apple Blossom
03-08-2005, 02:24 PM
Still here!
Hi everyone! I've been skimming through the last 3 pages of posts, trying to catch up. Seems like everyone is hanging in there. I am glad everyone is able to hit those little bumps life brings us and sail over them with out landing on our butts! Feet first I say!!! Dang, I just spilled coffee on my light blue shirt. Too much enthusiasm. :coffee:
Hard to believe now, but I am a veteran of 5 marathons. I went to watch the NYC marathon one year and decided someday I would do it. I have run The Western Hemisphere (aka Culver City), 2 LA's, The Seattle and The NYC. My best time was 4:30, slowest was 5:30. They were all amazing experiences and I would love to run again but it's so hard to find the time. I am also suffering from iliotibial band problems so my knee is not happy with me even after a mile or 2. I used to have a goal of running a marathon in every state. 3 down, 47 to go....If I run 2 a year I'll be finishing up when I'm 64. Wow. When my kids are all in school I hope to get my running back up to speed :lol: I feel so jealous when I see other women out running. It's so liberating.
Well, I'm still battling the beer, but I'm making progress. If I am determined to lose weight I HAVE TO control myself. It's getting warm here and I can't hide in big clothes much longer.
So I will try to be more diligent about my posts here, limit myself to one beer every now and then, and drink more water and juice. Those are my March goals. See y'all later.

03-08-2005, 03:02 PM
Hey Chicks - I'm sorry for the abbreviated posts, but I generally have very little computer time at work anymore, and that's where I used to always make my posts. My schedule changes from day to day.

Red - I was skimming through your posts, forgive me if I missed important points. I hear so much of my frustrations in your posts, though. The job, the lifestyle, the wanting something so different. The stress, the money, the weight, the time, the animals. I know that I went through what... 9 months?... of not being able to get my head around what I need to do to get the weight off. I KNOW what I need to do, I just was having the motivation issues, the apathy took over, and there were a lot of reasons why it did so. I kept questioning why - why is it that I can do this for nearly a year, lose weight, get in shape, feel fantastic, love my life - then BAM I can't seem to deal with it anymore. I kept telling myself this is my LIFE! I need to change my life, forever, to make this work. I wonder if I didn't just set myself up for failure by doing that. I'm not sure, but what I do know is that a couple days ago I started thinking about it a little differently, and I'm wondering if that will help. I started thinking about how I just need to do what I can, and just for right now. I had to step away from "the rest of my life" for a while. I think I just let the big picture overwhelm me. Or that was part of the problem, anyway. I forgot why I was losing weight. Yeah part of it is because I want to be healthy, but kind of have to be realistic and admit honestly to myself that a huge part of it is because I want to think of myself as attractive. I want to look in the mirror and not wrinkle my nose at the thought of me naked. At the risk of being rude, I want to be able to fantasize without having the reality of what I *really* look like keep ruining all my fun!! *lol* Oh yeah and I don't want to squish my horse, either. ;)

I'm so there with you on the peace I feel when I'm with my horses. And like you, I want that life. I'm making a comittment to achieving that life. I can't stand the thought of NOT having that.

My job pays squat, it's in an office wearing office attire, and it's pretty much everything I don't want. But it's what I need to do to get where I want to be. Where do you want to be, Red? Where are you going to be in 5 years? What's the plan, woman? Are you moving forward or just treading water? I've been treading water for too long, and it was removing all motivation for me to do anything positive about my weight. Because losing the weight itself wasn't going to change my life. It's the changes in my life that are going to remove the weight. Maybe I'm just a very backwards type of person, but I've always needed a concrete reason to do something. Not just a concept, or abiguity, a real, solid, pokeable reason. Not because "it's good for me" but because the career I want demands it, or because I really would like to have sex without cringing and removing all enjoyment because of my weight. I can't ignore those things. They're real, and it becomes a matter of - ice cream or losing weight? What are your reasons? Are they solid? Do they really matter? I'm really, really babbling here, aren't I. :D

ANYWAY - ok .. my food is getting back on track. I got the yogurt, the lean cuisines, the fruit, and I'm hitting the water again. That was huge. I've stopped hitting the chocolate jar at the front desk, and I avoided the pastries this morning. I know at some point I need to bite the bullet and get my rear on the treadmill again. That is looming, which means it will probably happen soon, because I won't be able to stand that I'm not doing it.

And for now, I really want to avoid worrying about staying on track for a month or six months or the rest of my life. I just want to make it through today. Talk about starting at the beginning. Dang.

I'm not trying to ignore anyone, I'm just rather consumed with my own mental meanderings.

03-08-2005, 03:09 PM
I'm back again this morning.

I've had time to figure out my goal for this month. Like Raven, I need to focus on the here and now. My here and now is this month, and I would like to recover from being slightly off track.

To do that, it's very easy. I need to own my choices on my food and deal with the consequences of eating badly. I would liek my food to really fall in line this month, so to do that I must have the good foods and snacks on hand. Not buying the junk stuff because my hubby wants it. Let him buy it if he wants that.

I made a new journal out a few minutes ago and will start my weigh ins again on Fridays. I have no idea what my weight is right now, but I am hoping it's still in the 230's.

So, for March, here are my goals:

1. Get food back on track. Stay within my WW points and follow the program that has worked so well for me in the past.
2. Get back into exercising at least three times a week, with a walking goal of 30 miles for the rest of the month.

That's it and that's all I want to tackle right now.

Have a great month.


03-08-2005, 05:00 PM
Hey all. I just have time for a quick post. Red, I laughed when you said that about your hand to mouth coordination and not sucking your thumb. Maybe that's what we need to do. Go back to thumb sucking - no calories, no carcinogens - just a lot of weird stares.

Hi to everyone. Sorry no time to chat to each of you. My food intake is awful still, but I did do upper body weights today. That's something.

I am thinking of everyone. Hope things smooth out.

03-09-2005, 06:00 AM
Wow, so many posts! Thank you all for your support. I have just been so busy today and I'm still not feeling very good. Got swamped with work though. Thank God. It'll be tough doing it but it is a big help toward paying the bills (will worry about the debts later!) I will get back to you all personally later. I read all your posts though and they really helped. Thank you. You guys are great! Ah, Rave, finding that peace even while off the horses. . . that's what we need, isn't it? derry, thanks, I'm feeling better today. Even found a picture of the guy and didn't start crying. It's just some times that hit something some where and sets me off. I'm used to it, not the basket case I sound to be. I would never go out and get another cat (though you know, I would absolutely love to!!). The three do keep me busy. In fact, I have never gone out and gotten an animal. They find me. More later, jolly (you thumbsucker you!), apple, chachee, hello to you all!

03-09-2005, 06:42 AM
* * * * * * *

"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all.

Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach.

Check your road and the nature of your battle.

The world you desired can be won.

It exists,

it is real,

it is possible,

it is YOURS."

(Ayn Rand)

* * * * * * *

03-09-2005, 08:25 AM
Red - Just a quick *hug* to help you get through.

Jolly - You too. *hug*

Chachee.... aw heck... GROUP HUG EVERYBODY!!!! :grouphug:

Ok. Now that I have that out of my system... Food yesterday was right on plan again. I'm starting to feel pretty good about this. It's not that my food is perfect, per se, but I'm not snacking all the time, I'm avoiding the candy jar at work, and I'm starting to integrate fruit and yogurt and stuff like that back in. I'm starting to feel better. I'd like to get a handle on just how much water I'm drinking at work, now that I'm actually drinking it. ;)

I'm not usually a country music person, but I heard a song the other day that really hit home with me. It's sung by Tim McGraw, and the name of it is Live Like You were Dying. As I get older, I am more and more aware of my mortality, and frankly I'm a little tired of wasting time.

Here's to a wonderful Wednesday!

03-09-2005, 10:37 AM
Good morning all. Little bits of inspiration from all sides. Raven, I also like Tim McGraw's "My Next 30 Years." Also inspirational, but a lot more upbeat! Check it out sometime.

Red, you deserve to be a basket case. There are some people for whom a pet is just a belonging. Not for me, nor for you I suspect. They are a part of the family. It is not easy to lose one, and nobody expects you to just get over it. I just hope things ease for you, and that you feel healthier soon. I am going to throw one personal question out there into the cosmos at you. I have seen you post about the cultural differences where you work, and the problems that can cause, the high cost of living, and how much you have to work to make ends meet. Are you happy there? Are you happy doing what you are doing? There has to be SOMETHING that makes it worth while. Is there something else you would rather be doing? Or somewhere else you can do what you do, where the pay and the cost of living are a little more in sync? Just a random thought. I often ponder the "what am I doing question." Especially in times like lately. But, when I think about it, I DO like what I do.

Raven, check your email. Congrats on getting back on plan. YOu can do it!!

Everyone I missed, sorry - working lots and still a little self absorped worrying about the dog thing. I do hope things are going well for you all.

Take it easy.

03-09-2005, 01:05 PM
Hi Ladies,

Finally starting to get back to normal. Ate well yesterday, only one little flub up. It wasn't that bad, though, because they were Slimfast chocolate bars. Taste just like little Butterfinger bars. Not bad at all.

Tonight I have a huge dinner planned. Making chicken stir fry with lots of veggies and no rice for me. I put zucchini, onions, bamboo, water chestnuts, sesame seeds, chicken, rice vinegar and soy sauce. It's going to be great and very healthy also!

Raven: I'll admit it...I'm a redneck, so I know all those songs you talkabout. He has some great ones that I think he wrote when he finally realized what was important. He also sings one about "I'll show you how a real bad boy and be a real good man". Makes me smile when I think about it. He also wrote one for his mom when she found out she had breast cancer. A sincere man and a gorgeous one also. That Faith Hill is a lucky woman. I'm glad that things are going well. Seems like things sometimes just fall into place, huh?

Jolly: Thumb sucking, huh? I have really long silk (yes, FAKE) nails, so sucking the thumb might pose a problem. I might end up gagging myself, then throwing up. Hmmm...would that be an anorexic thing or just a behavior thing? Forget it, I can't stand throwing up anyway. I don't know how people do that. A toilet seat is for one part of the body, and I don't want my face going where my booty goes...

Red: I loved your inspiration you posted. I'm sorry about them hiring that other columnist. What a slap in the face. Might make you just want to do even more and show him up. Sometimes it works the opposite way, though. Keep your head up, if you can,and just keep plugging along. I hate it when life sucks, don't you?

Well, I better get to work. Have a great day, everyone.

Happy Wednesday!


03-09-2005, 07:59 PM
Wow, lots to read here.... not much time for me as well. I'm bushed. I raced around today getting things done and shovelled snow as well. DH is nearing an agreement for an 8 week long consulting assignment and if he does, we can "breath" for a couple of weeks while he looks at other jobs. I hope it works out, we shall see.
I had a good day yesterday, but I had apple pie..... My birthday was Feb. 18th and a friend had a surprise birthday party for me yesterday, out of the blue! She baked homemade pie, what was I to do? Oh well, it was great but I am truly "behind" on my ww flex points for the week and yesterday was the first day of my ww week. I'm in trouble, but it was so special that someone took the time to do that for me.
I needed it.

03-10-2005, 06:29 AM
Oh, guys, I'm just so tired again. Too much work. I feel awful. Really wanted to catch up here. You've all been wonderful. Love those hugs, Rave! But, I'm going to hit the hay. I am sick of sitting in front of this computer, being "spoken" to constantly by faceless people sending me emails, do this, do that. And jolly, no, I hate this work. The question is, what to do about it? Kind of the catch-22. Right now, I need to just get through what's right in front of me. I will be overwhelmed if I think of the big picture right now. I need to get through this slog of work and pay the bills. ARG! This last email really ticked me off, some ridiculous translation company got me to do some cheap work yesterday, a ton of work for low pay and now they're asking me to fill out some lengthy registration form for them, telling me to send a photo and give detailed information AND they're telling me I won't be paid for work for three months! I mean, like what's the sense of that. Do they think I'm doing this in my free time, with a three-month cushion to sit on. These translation companies act as middlemen here, eat up 50 percent of the money the company asking for the job pays and they want to gyp me on the payment and then pay me for my work three months after I do it. No way, I may need work but I'm not saying yes to this kind of stuff. Didn't go to a press conference today that would have been interesting because I was doing this other stuff. Oh, rant! rant! I have to be so careful choosing who I work for because they will USE you. Rant rant. Hope I can calm down to get some shut-eye. The emails I shot back to that place have gone unanswered. The nerve, sliding in with work and not telling me the details.. ..

03-10-2005, 07:58 AM
Red, sounds awful what you've been going through. I think companies really take advantage of people, just like my DH has experienced.
He is working away trying to find something and the former company keeps calling and asking all sorts of questions, still taking advantage of him. He's too polite not to answer, and of course he wants a good reference.
I blew it again last night and had more pie. The nice woman who had the birthday celebration for me baked two pies and gave me one to bring home, really HUGE sabotage. It's about the best pie I've ever had, by the way. I always thought I baked great pies, but hers are awesome. OH well, when it's gone, it's gone!
I'm going to duct tape my mouth tonight!

03-10-2005, 09:01 AM
Hi all. Derry, I hear you on the duct tape thing. I need it too. Good luck getting back on points, and good luck with your husband getting the consulting assignment. Who knows what contacts he might make that might lead to a fabulous new job! Chachee, I had to laugh - "face where your booty goes" I was giggling and saying "euwww" all at the same time. Just gross. Red, all I can do is send you a hug. Is there other types of work you have done htat you can try again?? Other things you have trained for?

Well, the vet visit yesterday didn't tell me anything new. We are going to do the test to find out for sure if it is cancer, and, if he can stand the anesthesia, I AM going to do the surgery. He is still too much himself for me not to try, if you understnad what I mean. Keep fingers crossed.

Have a great day all.

03-10-2005, 12:54 PM
Good morning, ladies.

That dang Junk Food Fairy must have made all the rounds to our houses. I could not stop a sweet tooth craving last night. I ended up having a small ice cream sandwich and half a three musketeers bar. What is wrong with me? I had a very healthy dinner and then had that. Ugh.

Red: Sorry to hear work is such a bad place right now. I can't understand these companies thinking all the "consultants" can just hang on for months on end waiting for a paycheck. Oh sure, they need the work done now, but to heck when we want to pay you. Sorry things are cruddy.

Derry: That pie sounds amazing. Don't share any of it with us. :) You know that have duct tape in colors now....might be able to match your outfit with the tape.

Jolly: I know exactly what you mean about your dog. I know we all would do the same thing if we were in your spot. Keep us posted on what is going on.

Tonight is big grocery shopping for me. It's going to take awhile, but I hope it's going to be worth it with my coupons. I'm so funny about shopping with coupons. Hated doing it when my mom would shop like that when I was little, but dang, you really save some money doing it. I figured if I used all the coupons I have with me tonight, I should save around $190. I'm sure it will be about $400 after the coupons, but I have so many for cleaning products, razors, deoderant, etc., that are due to expire that I need to use them. We'll see how it goes.

Have a great day. Tomorrow is weigh in day for me. Getting a good starting number to never see again!!!

Happy Thursday.


03-10-2005, 03:18 PM
Heyas chicklets...

Chach - I am so not a coupon person. I try to be.. you know, I clip them, organize them... then forget about them. I just hit Walmart and forget about it. ;) Again, as I did before, I'm actually planning in my "junk food" so I don't feel deprived and resentful. I just keep the amount to one single serving of it. This week it's been M&Ms for dessert. ;) Whatever works. As long as I have something to look forward to, I seem to do much better.

Red - I'm so sorry things are so crappy for you right now. I'm worried that things are going to explode soon. You can only stand living like that for so long before you lose it. I'm just very thankful I found something I feel passionate about, and I know that everything I'm doing now is only bringing me closer to those goals. I have a direction and a purpose... it really helps with the motivation and attitude.

Jolly - I'm so sorry... I have been in a similar situation, and I know in your place, I'd do the same thing. *warmest hug* I'll be waiting to hear about the test results.

Derry - No way I could pass up apple pie if it were in the house. Or much of anything else, for that matter. ;)

Ok, I haven't gotten on the treadmill yet. Tomorrow? I am pulling outfits out of the closet that I want to wear and realizing fully that if I don't get on the treadmill I'm only delaying and prolonging this whole thing. :D I did see the numbers on the scale drop for the first time in way too long. I don't even want to go into what I'm at now. *sigh* I just need to let it go and move on. I just wish I didn't love food as much as I do. I'll be working Saturday this week, and that's good and bad. Need the money, loathe losing the time. It's only for a short while, I keep reminding my kids and myself of that. Food is doing great, water is doing good... still not sure exactly how much I'm taking in, but that I'm drinking it at all is a huge improvement so I'll roll with that. :D I have that last hurdle of getting back on the treadmill. :^:

Apple Blossom
03-10-2005, 06:10 PM
Penalty for not posting often enough, I'm a little behind. But I'd like to bring up the live like you're dying thing. (I grew up in NY when Tug McGraw was pitching for the Mets. I really liked him) For the most part I like the idea, but I also believe in hope for tomorrow. And especially since I have children, I need to be practical and think about their future. The other day I was listening to NPR and Terri Gross was interviewing Fred Hersch, who is a musician that is HIV positive. His response to a quote from Walt Whitman was something like this:
If we are not here and present for our lives, what's the point? If you don't really go for it in your life you will die and never know what might have been. There is no reason to hold back.
I really need to apply this to my life. There are a few road blocks, mainly eliminating a lot of materialistic clutter and dropping 15 pounds (body clutter) but I should get started on my life goals NOW.
There is the old tired and true: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Too bad I already wrecked it by eating an apple turnover. :lol:

03-10-2005, 06:13 PM
Hi guys, morning here. I'm writing back to you first thing so I don't go any longer without catching up and then come in for another little all-me rant! Sorry! But you all are great and it helps me a lot having you all there.

So, let me tell you what I just did with that translation company. Last night before I went to sleep I did see an email from them saying they would fill out the registration form themselves the best they could from the resume I had sent them and that they would "try" to pay me a bit earlier because they had failed to comment on this point. I didn't reply because I had already turned the computer off and was reading the message on my phone (I am addicted to these things!) It gave me a little time to think about the situation before I fell asleep though, which is always good. I have certainly learned to give myself some space and time before coming back with a retort (riding has helped this while at the same time making me more responsive, Rave, jolly do you understand this?) Anyhow, I do lots of work for various places and most of the ones that don't give me hassles are ones I have relationships with, ones I know the people at, and meet them at times. It's not all faceless, email, go-between kind of thing. I realized that I need to say no to the cheapo jobs that use middle-men and try to see out the ones where I am going directly to the employers. The money is better and also there is just a better rapport and feeling of wanting to do a good job when you're doing the work. The translation agencies simply take work, field it out to names in their list of registered translators and take a giant chunk of the credit (and money) for this service. I decided this is not the way I want to work, even though I find it very hard at times to turn down work. In the long run, it makes my work for the places with whom I do have a more personal relationship worse. I am not giving them the attention or consideration they deserve.

So, sorry about the long-windedness of this but what I did this morning was send off an email to that agency translation place and saying I appreciated their understanding but I requested a confimation on their part that I would indeed be paid by no later than mid-April or I would not do the work. This was an exception because I accepted the work not being told the crucial details. So, let's see their response. I am willing to junk the work and am putting any more work I do on it on hold till I get their reply. I requested they reply by sometime today.

So there, that's the long of it! I feel better. It's that coming to the point where you have to say NO! and mean it. And this I don't do enough. It makes all the difference though because otherwise you sit there grouching, grouching, grouching and can't do the work.

Thanks for listening!

So, Raven, thanks for your concern. Sometimes I feel the same way about it all "exploding" but then I realize it's not ALL bad. And that's my fault for not giving you a balanced view of things. It's only natural that I wouldn't be writing about all that is good, unless it's really good. I think there are aspects about the variety of work I do here that I am passionate about but they are being overshadowed by the crap I am dealing with. I suppose it would be like if you couldn't ride but you were forced to muck out stalls all day long. It doesn't mean you've lost your love of riding, it means you're in a point of imbalance and sometimes it's due to circumstance, not your own fault. But you still have to think how you can right that imbalance. I think this is where you are now. You have a direction and purpose but are still doing work that is only a means to an end and not enjoyable in itself. I find your story very inspiring, especially the fact that you are back here telling us about it even though it's not all rosy, YET! I like the picture of you pulling out outfits and thinking you simply can't prolong this anymore. I like what you said the other post too about tired of wasting time. This is how I'm starting to feel. My youth is over. I've got to crack down. It's weird, isn't? I think most of the time decisiveness and resolve are associated with youth, but I think youth is just about movement usually. The real resolve, real gears-engaged stuff comes later and that's where we are. We start to get a feel for our mortality, a true, now-or-never feel that is the ultimate motivation.

jolly -- thanks for your support and understanding of both my crappy situations, the work and the grief over my cat. It sounds ridiculous that I grieve over a cat but I do. The animlas in my life give me so much love. It's the reason I'm a vegetarian and in the past couple years I no longer try to fudge the reasons for it. If people can't wake up to the fact that animals suffer terribly being killed, especially in the horror that is the slaughterhouse then I am not going to apologize for myself. I couldn't kill an animal myself and eat it so why have someone else do it for me. A friend of mine is visiting from New York on Sunday and someone here is organizing a dinner and the restaurant was insisting on a set course, which is always the worse because it means I am left to just pick around the meat and fish. And the organizer was saying that it what I could do. I hate to cause a problem for her as she is going through the trouble of organizing things and I don't really know her, but in the end I said that picking around the things is not what my reason for not eating the things is about. So my suggestion was to try to put me on a separate bill. She talked with the restaurant and they seem to have finally understood. Oddly, vegetarianism is very unusual here. I said "oddly" beecause Japanese never did eat meat. However, they did eat fish. Still, people think it's a religious thing or an allergy thing where you just pick out what you don't like. Ok, enough of that. I have always been an animal lover, used to write my senators letters asking for them to vote for certain bills such as outlawing leghold traps or so when I was a kid, would hand out anti-fur leaflets in front of fur shops and so as well when I was a kid.

OK, jolly, where I was going with all this was really about you and your dog. I think you are doing the only thing you can in this situation. How could you not try to do everything you could to save him. Yes, it costs a ton and most people would just go, "it's only a dog!" but that is ridiculous. Let's hope first of all that it's not cancer and you don't need the surgery, then if it is, that he can take the anesthesia, and then, that all goes well. You are in my thoughts and I am hoping for what is best. Last night, I bought more flowers and put them where I had the flowers where the cat died in the entrance well to my door. It is a Japanese thing, people put a vase of flowers and some of the person or animal's favorite foods or drinks or cigarettes at the site of where they were killed. You see it at the intersections, where a guardrail has been taken out, wherever someone died. It's an eery sign as normally you don't know something has happened. There are flowers in front of the newspaper building where a pedestrian was killed and they have been kept fresh now for over a year. New flowers appeared at another intersection near work (the intersections are very dangerous around there) and a sign asking for witnesses to a fatal accident where a pedestrian was killed by a mixer truck. You see the flowers and don't know if it wasn't a person or animal unless there's something else. Mostly it's for people but it's especially touching when you see a little can of cat food there with the flowers.

Ok, this is getting long. Will continue later. . .

03-10-2005, 06:20 PM
Apple, hello! I was writing that long post when you posted. I still have to catch up with the others but I just wanted to say I liked your post. Yes, it's all about living NOW! And you didn't "wreck" anything by eating an apple turnover! :lol: Come on, get out there and have fun!

03-10-2005, 06:37 PM
Apple - That's kind of the whole point I was trying to make. Yes, I have kids. But I do them no service by not living life to its fullest. I do them no favor if I don't get out there and seize these opportunities. In other words... live like I only had a short time. I get complacent, lazy, and forget that I have a finite time on this planet. I waste time. And regarding the apple turnover... hey - am I going to live the rest of my life without eating things I love once in a while. Uh. I don't think so. :D

Red - Wow. Yeah. That's it. :D I have so many things I want to do... And I don't want to stop enjoying my life along the way. It is about balance and perspective and taking risks. I can't spend my life looking in the rearview mirror, so to speak, but I can change the things that have been holding me back, and I can allow myself to pursue the dreams, to challenge myself, to take the chance. ****, at this point, what have I got to lose, eh? *lol* It's interesting that you mention the flowers at the site of a death. I'm seeing those more and more here in the states. It's a moment that makes you think - driving along in your own little world, and all of the sudden you see an arrangement of flowers and a stuffed animal or something like that along the road... I guess it's just one more indicator to me that hey.. I may not have years and years to reach for my dreams. We don't know what will happen next. We never do.

Ok .. anyway... time to get back to work. Whee!

03-10-2005, 06:44 PM
Hi Raven! Heh, I didn't know people were doing that in the States too. I thought it was a peculiarly Japanese thing. Thanks for helping me to keep at least a little bit culturally literate these days! Yes, this living like you're going to die thing, though it sounds morbid is the way it is! We all ARE going to die someday. And moving toward the life we want is what that quote I posted was all about. Did you see it? I even sent it to my phone so I can read it during the day. Am going to print it out on a card or something and keep it in my wallet. Ok, enjoy your day! :wave:

03-10-2005, 07:17 PM
Ok, part 2 here.

Derry! -- having a pie festival, are you?!! Quick, share the joy! Don't you have some neighbors who would love a slice. Nothing like a bit of homemade pie to use an excuse to say hi. Too late? Oh well, it was birthday pie and if it was that good, well, just enjoy it.

Oh yes, and belated Happy Birthday! I can't remember if you told us back then. Actually, I think you did, but happy birthday again, anyhow! I am glad to hear your husband is getting some bites. I knew he would and I think he did too. That's probably why he was happy and calm to quit. He could have fun with answering the questions from the old place, give them some very bad advice in the guise of good advice! :lol:

Chachee -- Thanks for your continuing support! and I'm glad you like that quote. Yeah, the columnist, the jerk, here this sports department head guy is always asking me for favors and yet, has yet to do me one. At least I see it and make note of it. I used not to. I've learned to say, "this is the way it is, deal with it." instead of getting all in a twist about it. So many of the people at the paper seem to still be into going out, getting drunk over a situation and not doing anything beyond that. Like yesterday, we had a union meeting. I didn't go. Mainly, because I'm sick of people complaining about a situation, thinking they can make demands and get anywhere. The only place to get "anywhere" in that place is OUT! I know that. The only reason I hang around is because it is still bringing in some money. But I am working on expanding. . .whoops, that wasn't supposed to include my hips!

Wow, Chachee, long nails AND a redneck! I can understand the fear of thumb sucking and as for worshipping the porcelain throne, glad you don't do that. I do on occasion, it always makes me think I've got to keep this thing clean! Sorry, I have nothing heard of any of these country music folks but I know the music has a definite appeal, especially when you're living in the areas where it comes from. I was in Wyoming on a story once, in a bar, and some guy next to me said, "I bet you think this music sounds real hokey." and I listened and said, "no, not at all. It fits here." Now, I realize that could be taken wrong, but what I meant was it sounded good there, it fit. When I was in India I couldn't play rock music, sitar music sounded perfect, and yet, I don't care to hear it for long out of India. chachee, your indulgences don't sound all that bad. Be glad you were able to stop where you did. If it were me, can you say three ice cream sandwiches and THREE muskeeters bars! However, I will say. .. drum roll, that I have remained off sugar now for over four weeks! Hurrah! And, my mother was a major coupon freak. I did all the organizing of the coupons for her, would put them in a box all filed by food and we would take handfuls with us every time we shopped. Saved a ton. Good luck on weigh-in day and have fun saving money!

03-10-2005, 08:31 PM
Hey all. Just a quick fly by post. I am definitley feeling better about hte new gym I am really eager to go. Need to get more consistant with the weights, and getting some classes back in, but at least I am there. The atmosphere is much nicer. My eating . . . well, where is the duct tape??? I know it is stress, I know it doesn't solve anything, but I can't seem to help myself. And I really need to save money.

I hear you on the riding thing. I squeezed in a ride last night after the vet trip. After the first couple of moments ( I expected him to work without lunging first??? That's just not done!) we had a real nice ride. I felt a lot better afterwards. I am trying to just take things one step at a time right now. The surgery, if we can/need to do it will be about $1000. I have already spent almost that much. If I think about it too much, as well as how I will rehab this poor baby when I have the Tank here also, and live in a second floor apartment, well, I get overwhelmed. So Iam just trying to take one test at a time, have faith, and trust that God will get me through it. So far, so good. Though I really could use a crying jag right about now . . .

Anyway. That's all I have to say about that. I do appreciate everyone's support right now. I know this isn't the animal support group, but it is very nice to be able to get stuff off my chest, because it is affecting my eating and stuff.

Anyway. It is good to see so many posts, even if I don't have time to respond to all. Keep up the good work guys.

03-11-2005, 08:20 AM
Jolly, I'd be going for the surgery for the dog as well, for sure. I hope it all works out.
They do have pet insurance for animals, by the way, but I've never been able to afford it. I hope my cats are healthy and live long lives. They are totally indoor pets, so they have better chances than some.
Yes, we should all live life to the fullest and make the most of every day. But, that making the most thing does NOT include pie.... or does it???? I'm glad to report that DH ate the last of the pie last night and now it's gone and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Gosh, it was awesome.
I'm really trying hard to get back on track. I need to focus, journal and get on that treadmill. Another 6 - 12 inches of snow expected here, starting later this afternoon. That is always an issue for me as when we get stuck insdie with snowstorms, I tend to go for the comfort foods.
Chach, how are things in Alaska? I keep hearing you guys are having an unusually warm winter.

03-11-2005, 01:28 PM
Good morning, Ladies.

Okay, I'm stepping up to the plate. I am tired of not being committed to this journey of a healthy lifestyle. I know several of us are struggling, so I am going to hold myself accountable and be a good example.

Before I left on vacation I was 229.5. This morning I was 234.0. Not bad for eating everything in site for the last three weeks. But not where I wanted to be at this point.

So, I am back and committed. Enough sitting on the fence for me. The weather is warm, snow is melting, and it makes me want to get ready for the summer and the activities we have planned.

I am committed to the following things for the rest of the month:

1. Get at least ten miles in on the treamill per week.
2. Eat within my WW points daily.
3. Lose 6 pounds the rest of the month, to be at 228 by April 1.

I can do it, because I haven't been doing it for about three months. Enough of this crud. I know we all have things we are dealing with, but honestly, my life is about the most normal and non-eventfull out of everyone right now. Jobs are the same, house is the same, people and dogs are healthy. So, out of all of us, I should be able to commit to something and make it stick. (Might as well take advantage of having a "boring" life somehow.)

Jolly: I'll keep you and your doggie in my prayers. Glad the new gym is getting better. I have never belonged to a gym. Just not my thing to work out in front of everyone. I'm more of a solitary individual.

Derry: Glad the pie is gone. The weather up here is crazy. It was 43 when I got to work this morning. We are now in what is called "breakup"--when the snow and ice begin to melt and make it a mess for about a month until the it's all gone. It's unusual for this time of year to be so warm, but that probably means we will get hit with a foot of snow over Easter. :)

Raven: I like that idea of rewards. I picked up some Slimfast snack bars last night. They are great and remind me of butterfinger candy bars. Low in sugar and fat. How is the new job going? We will both be back on the treadmill next week, right?? Oh yeah.

Red: I understand where you are coming from about your job. Usually if you go with your intuition, then it's usually never wrong. I'd do exactly what you did--stick with companies you know and can trust. Having a personal relationship with them really helps. I liked your story about the country music. It does "fit" where I live. You know what, though? I listen to everything. I love rap music and dance music also. Then there is always Air Supply that I love. The only kinds I don't care for are jazz and classical. Not my cup of tea.

Well, groceries went well last night. I ended up spending $400, but I saved $130. I probably won't need to buy razors, shave cream, soap, cleaning supplies, lotion and moisturizer for a year. :) I just love the look on the faces of the cashier when I hand them this huge stack of coupons. My bill at the Commissary went from $394 down to $303 after all the coupons. The lady behind me in line said, "Gosh, I really need to start saving coupons". The cashier was impressed also. Makes me feel so good that I did that and that I got such great deals just by paying attention to the sales fliers.

Okay, enough rambling about that. I just get so excited about it. The less money out of my pocket and the more to spend on my family.

Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you ladies on Monday! Pajama weekend for me and my son because my hubby has Guard Drill this weekend. Looks like crafts and pajamas. :) Gotta love that.


03-11-2005, 02:41 PM
Heyall. Chachee, way to go on the coupons, lady. Impressive. I need to do more of that. Also, congrats on stepping up. I need to do that as well. I need to make my health a top priority, and not something I can just ignore when I get stressed. If I don't take care of myself, I won't have anything left. So, no more missing workouts. I need to stop the stress eating, and stick to my menus. I need to try to get more sleep. And most of all, I need to focus on one thing at atime, and not start jumping ahead and worrying about things that haven't even happened yet.

Well, I talked to the vet clinic today. My dog's blood work looks good, so we are doing the test next Tuesday, to determine if it is indeed cancer. Keep your fingers crossed folks. Any extra puppy prayers are appreciated.

Take care everyone, and good luck with all the battles you are fighting.

Apple Blossom
03-12-2005, 02:48 AM
Hey Chachee, I'm with you. I'm tired of the crud too. Time to get the ball rolling. I mean, what am I doing on a weight loss support forum if I'm not even trying to lose weight? (Except that I really like you guys and appreciate your kind words and friendship...) I finally have a schedule nailed down for the next month and a half and I should be able to get an exercise program started around it and 5 pounds down soon!! Go for it! :cheer:
I did well eating today. I mean I ate like a normal person for the first time in a couple of weeks.
Whoa all of a sudden I can't keep my eyes open. Good night!

03-12-2005, 08:19 AM
Hi everyone!
Not much exciting stuff to report from New Hampshire, other than another foot of snow. Well, NH is a state that depends on tourism for something like 80% of it's income, so this will bring many spring skiiers in our direction. But, for those of us who are tired of the snow and would like spring weather, it's getting a bid tiresome.
I plan on 40 minutes on the treadmill today and snow shovelling. I have to counteract the dinner I am planning tonight - a turkey. I bought it on sale right around Thanksgiving and I have a huge freezer in my garage. Time to cook it, but that doesn't give me permission to pig out. But, on this snowy day, it will smell good. I will step up my activity and I will try to eat very low point meals earlier in the day.
Jolly, what is your dog's name, I will mention it in my prayers.

03-12-2005, 11:14 AM
Jolly I'm thinking about you and Justin, and holding you both in my heart.

Derry - Turkey! Yum! And good for you, too. :) Maybe I'll do one of those.

Apple - I've been going through that for a long time, too. I even stopped posting for a long time because I felt like an idiot posting here when I obviously was NOT doing anything about losing weight. In fact, quite the opposite, sad to say.

Ok. Like I said earlier, I don't even want to really go into how much I backslid... suffice to say I've dropped 4 pounds this week of the monumental tonnage I'd managed to put back on in the last 6 months or so. *sigh* All that just by getting the food under control and getting water into my system. I've got a lot of catching up to do, but at least progress is being made.

If it isn't one thing... I had my wallet stolen last night at WalMart. Cancelled the atm/visa check card as soon as I found out. Just try writing a check for groceries without a drivers license, eh? I was already in the checkout lane when I noticed it was missing. Bless their hearts, they took my check with me giving them my SSN. This morning, the wallet was found, and they are holding it for me. Of course, minus the $60 cash that was in it. *headache face* That's a LOT of money for me. I the greater scheme of things, I guess I'll deal, but why do people have to do this kind of thing? I just sincerely hope the person who did it REALLY needed the money. And shame on me for leaving my purse unattended long enough for someone to lift my wallet. I feel rotten about that, and from now on, it stays ON MY PERSON, regardless of how much of a nuisance it is. *shakes head* To my credit, I didn't go nuts with the food. *pats self on back* I stayed in line, and today I need to go out and pick up a lean cuisine, etc. Of course - Richard had to fund it, because.. I'M BROKE! And no card to get money. Argh. It will be a week or so before I get my new card. I'm ok. I really am. I'll be fine. *twitch*

03-12-2005, 05:16 PM
Hi guys. I'm sitting here debating whether I should get out to the stable and ride or whether I should stay home and use the time, so valuable, to do the myriad of other things that need getting done. I'm not feeling well, in all ways, and not seeing my horse makes me feel guilty. But getting out there takes a ton of time that could be used to get things done and thus make me feel better about other things. Hard call. . .

The eating here too, the exercise, is so bad. I have stayed off sugar, but don't feel good really unless I exercise and I just have not felt like I had the time for that. I've been wearing the pedometer these past couple days and was appalled at how little I was walking. It seems I've found ways of reducing the number of steps I take in a day to a quarter of what I would easily do before. Oh, it makes me angry to have been reduced to this state. Yes, a lot of it circumstance but a lot of it not. One thing fuels the other, one thing leads to the next. Not moving becomes easier than moving, being active in one sense, such as work, work, work, doing work for money for ME but the work is nonetheless for others, makes me then do less and less for me where it really matters. . .

Well, let's see if I can pull out of this downslide. I sure hope so. . .

Raven -- Glad to hear you're getting some of the weight back off. The same has happened to me so I do know how you feel, except that with me it's the exercise that has gone haywire and because I don't change my eating, I gain and on top of that I'm losing muscle so I feel like ****. Sorry to hear about the wallet getting lifted. People just do it because they can I guess. Maybe they did need it badly. Let's hope so.

Well, I've got to go. Thought I had more time. Will try to catch up later.

Bye for now. :wave:

Apple Blossom
03-13-2005, 02:16 AM
Hi. Today was kind of a wacky day. I started cleaning out our shed and tried to get some yard work done too. I am embarrassed by the state of our back yard. The baby took a long nap and my husband is home too, otherwise I would only completed about a third of what I did. Eating went OK, except I stress ate a bowl of ice cream. But I think I burned enough calories today to allow myself that treat.
A friend of mine stopped by tonight after dinner.I was embarrassed by the state of my messy house too. Everytime that happens (someone dropping by unexpectedly) I feel awful and angry at myself and I just want to throw everything away and start all over again. GRRRR.
One of these days I'll get my act together.
I'm having brunch with my mother tomorrow and they always serve roast turkey. One of my favorite meals....
Sorry about your wallet Raven. Huge pain in the butt, isn't it. Plus losing alot of money too. Creeps.... :mad:
Hope your chin is up, Red. It's so hard to stick to good habits when there are so many bumps in the road. But when you think about it, if you could do it, it would make you feel alot better, right? Easier said than done, I know.
Well, lets keep trudging along eh? Raven's onto something, lets follow suit! Onward!!!

03-13-2005, 02:56 AM
Hi Apple, Glad to see someone posting. Was sitting here feeling very lonely. I have two hours to get out and I am soooo tired. I did go riding. Don't know why really. It was a horrible lesson. My horse is kicking out at the whip and she broke the plastic pole that holds the cones together in the ring and the owner got pissed at me. Jerk. I even said I'd pay for the damned thing and he just walked out without even replying. Like it's a big deal. I don't know. The world seems against me. I feel grateful for the smallest kindness. That's the low my life has fallen to. Not that feeling grateful for small kindnesses is a bad thing, it's just that any sort of gentleness is so missing in my life that I can start crying over some little nicety. It's the pits. . . I'm supposed to get together with a kind of friend in from New York tonight but I feel awful and they are not going to help. She's well-off and happily married (the last time I saw her was when I flew in just for her wedding two years ago and the whole thing wasn't a bit of fun, she was very strange and here I'd come all the way from Tokyo to go to the thing) anyhow, she's passing through and said she wanted to meet me so I said OK, "sure, great to see you, how've you been" blah blah, lot of empty debutante kind of small talk. Oh God, what I am doing? Why do I have so many rich friends when I'm living like a struggling artist? Maybe they enjoy slumming. . .

Well, enough of this. I have been eating crap I just realized, and too many beers for the week even if it's only one night out. I think my liver is on the rocks or something. I feel so dragged out, or like something dragged behind a car then left in the road and run over a few times. . . My nerves are shot too. This morning I get ready to go out and go to pick up bag of carrots off the floor for the horse and my nerves flip as I see a dead mouse the cats must have brought in. Oh god, I hate to see dead things, let alone almost touch it. . ..

OK, enough!!

Apple Blossom -- such a lovely name, really. The plum blossoms are all out in bloom here now and they smell so delicately sweet. The sweet Daphne is out too and I love that stuff! In about three weeks the cherry blossoms will be out and they are unbelievably beautiful. I will think of them and remember what is wonderful about being in Tokyo.

Apple, don't fret about your backyard or your home. A friend comes to see YOU. You're what's important, not the state of your house.

Well, ok, I will try to turn this all around. I must get to work now. . Ciao!

03-13-2005, 08:19 AM
Well, Ash Wed. was Feb. 9th and the Lenten Challenge is still alive and well for me. However, yesterday I was dying for something chocolate, but I didn't have it!
Raven, I am so sorry about your wallet. Some people are just amazing, aren't they? No matter how poor I was, I don't think I could ever resort to stealing someone else's money. You've got to wonder. I would ask Walmart if they could review their security cameras for you. Maybe the theif will show. They keep track of everything, pretty much, and if you know what time of day that you were there, it could help put this person in the hands of the authorities. I tend to shop with my purse in the seat of a shopping cart and I try to be careful not to turn my back on my purse/cart for more than a second, but I have heard of this kind of thing happening often.
Just letting you all know, I won't be back here until tomorrow evening or Tuesday. I am leaving later on today to go to my parents and will be taking my dad in for cateract surgery and waiting for him tomorrow. My mom can't walk, let alone drive, so I'm "elected" to do this. I always get depressed at my parents house, of late, as they are really both not in good shape and when I am away from them my memory slips and I remember them as they "were" vs. how they "are". Hope that makes sense.
I "slipped" yesterday afternoon and had cookies, by the way, so my day was NOT a great day for eating. But, at least I was on the treadmill, and shall be again today before leaving.
Wish me luck driving in the snow, we have more than a foot of snow here and where my parents live, I hear about 20 inches. Isn't it supposed to be spring soon?

03-13-2005, 09:29 AM
Hi guys. It's me again, back from meeting my friend. It was actually quite nice, were in a part of Tokyo that had a lot of nice memories for me and we were at a very traditional Japanese restaurant. I didn't have anything to drink and they had prepared a special vegetarian dinner for me. My friend was back to her old self so maybe the wedding had just been a bad time for her. Well, actually, no, it was all kind of stilted but still, it was nice to see her. It's always hard with a new guy on the scene because, well, the friendship didn't start with both of them, it was just me and her, so one can't expect us to be great friends, which we're not. Still, I left wishing we could have caught up more.

And I have a confession to make. I slipped off my no-sugar challenge. Had a cookie. It was great. But it's back on now. I really thought Easter was next week and when I realized yesterday that I had yet another week to go I think I lost some resolve.

I don't know what was wrong with me this morning and for most of the day. I felt really awful, really depressed. But now I felt better. Got 13,000 steps in today so maybe that helped. But I had felt bad until right before I left to meet my friend. Oh well, so many reasons but I hope I can truly pick myself up and move ahead soon. Raven, I sound like I'm going through what you were went through recently.

Derry, take care out there on the roads. I wish your father the best with his surgery too. I can certainly understand your getting down about thinking of your parents as "then" not "now" but please try to enjoy them now as the people they are. You will have your memories of them for ever but not them. I say this because I am over here and of course my father is getting older. He just turned 74. My mother died in '83 when she was 51. I almost never see my father. I still miss my mother horribly. Enjoy them now, please. Good for you for working out on the treadmill. Don't sweat the cookies.

jolly -- that sounds promising with your dog. Let's hope for the best. Is his name Justin? There's a new horse at the barn and that's his name. And animal support forum or not it's all legit. Everything affects eating and exercise so feel free to come here and talk about anything, please!

Chachee -- I want to step up to the plate with you but I think I need some more practice in the batting box. But soon.. . I too want to get this weight off. Sticking on the pedometer is one step and I've done that for the past three days. Today I made 13,000 but on work days I was as low as 2,500! Couldn't believe it but that's how little I move because all my day is spent sitting in front of the computer. It's horrible. Well, good luck on your challenge. I hope you get some nice weather. That always helps. Pajama weekend sounds wonderful. So relaxing. Hope you're enjoying it! Thank you for your understanding with the work. As it was I had a long talk that morning with the company after I wrote that post. I almost gave up the work but then compromised and will get paid 2 weeks later than I wanted but still 2 weeks earlier than they were saying. Now to get the work done. Oh yes and congrats on saving that $130! Bet those people who ripped off Rave never thought of using coupons. You mention the commissary. Brings back memories. I was never in the military but I worked for the military newspaper over here, Pacific Stars and Stripes and had access to all the bases and commissary and so, hotel, restaurants and such that are in Tokyo for the U.S. military. Could buy magazines and even had dental work done for free at the air force base. Had a U.S. post office box. It was a lot of fun because I was living in Tokyo and getting paid in dollars. Of course, the fun ended along with my job when the dollar plunged and they had to lay off the local hire. That was back when the dollar was 260 yen. Now it's about 105 yen. Just some memories there.

Ok all, catch you later. Hope your weekend is going well. I'm wrapping up Sunday here. :wave:

03-13-2005, 10:53 AM
Hey all. Just a quick post here. I am kind of depressed after hearing about a shooting not 15 minutes from me, at a church service no less. It all seems so crazy and hopeless. Why??? I can't seem to stop watching the news about it, even though I know I should just stop.
I know I need to step up to the plate with everyone too. the bat just seems to heavy right now. My eating is bad. I didn't make it to the gym today. I just can't seem to get it together. Even though I know the overeating is physically just making me feel worse. Craziness.

Good luck to eveyrone - we all seem to be having issues right now. Congrats to everyone who is hanging in there! YOu are all great.

03-13-2005, 11:08 AM
Red - Yeah, it does sound like you're in much of the same kind of head space I was in for a while. Just be kind to yourself, dear. Really, I mean it. Stop agonizing about the shoulds and have tos and supposed tos and really just let yourself be for a while. It's not easy for us to do that, I know. And there are some things we CAN'T let go, but it's amazing how many things we can turn loose of for a while, till we're ready to pick them back up. And you'll know when you're ready. Chill, chickie. Take a couple deep breaths and step back. And stay back for a while if you need to. It's ok. I sometimes think that riding when I'm in a bad mental space is just asking for trouble from my horse. That's when I usually don't ride, I do grooming, ground work, hanging out and skritching their butts... they like that, and it brings peace to my soul. In this world today, peace is a precious thing. *warmest hug* I get really lonely sometimes too. I'm kind of an isolationist, I've been told I push people away when I really need them the most. It's difficult for me to invite people in, and I don't like asking for help of any kind. *rolleyes* And so I end up hurting myself more than I need to. People who bug me in e-mails once in a while are a godsend to me, becaues it reminds me that people care, even if I'm off in self-absorbed land.

Jolly - Did you hear about the guy in Atlanta Friday? Those security photos they took .. he was in the parking garage where my boyfriend works. Too close for comfort. And people wonder why I want out of the city. :?: I suppose horrible things can happen anywhere, but .. I dunno, I'm just not a city person, and too many people around me make me nervous.

Derry - *hug* I'm sorry about your parents. That's rough - my mom died 10 years ago after battling hepatitis for a long time, and my dad is in a long term care home up in AK now with alzheimers, alcohol related dementia, and stroke damage. Can't really call him, because he doesn't know who the heck he's talking to anyway. It's hard. The cookie might not help the situation, but it's also not going to be the downfall of a healthy eating plan. Don't sweat the little stuff. Just don't eat all of them at once. ;)

Apple - *lol* My house is a regular disaster area. There are some days I care, most I don't. I have so many things going on and so many things I'm trying to accomplish that I figure if the state of my house bothers someone, they can leave. ;) Course, who visits me anyway!?

Oh and .. last but not least... I hit the 5 pounds lost mark this morning. Yay me. Five more pounds and I'll be back to where I was after I gained the weight back that I'd lost last year... wow. Ok. Very distasteful this having gained weight back thing. Makes me grind my teeth in frustration. BUT!! I will let it go, I will keep doing what I'm doing, and soon enough (is three months soon enough?), I'll be back to 172. *nodding* So there. ;)

03-13-2005, 12:51 PM
Great job on the loss, Raven!
Thanks for all your kind words about my mom and dad, guys.
Jolly, I heard about the shooting on the news, seems so senseless to me. Between someone stealing (so minor comared to the shooting, but not in a way) Raven's wallet and that situation, you really have to wonder about people!
Red, what would they serve at traditional Japanese places and do you use chopsticks, or is that only Chinese. Sorry I am so ignorant.
Well, off to have lunch and then shortly afterwards I'll be hitting the road.
I might be able to use my dad's computer and post to you guys, not sure, but don't expect me.

03-13-2005, 07:58 PM
Thanks mates! (I'm feeling British this morning! or something weird :lol:) No really, thanks for the support. I've got my nose to the grindstone here. Gotta get this story out! Later, all!


03-13-2005, 08:07 PM
Thanks mates! (I'm feeling British this morning! or something weird :lol: ) No really, thanks for the support. I've got my nose to the grindstone here. Gotta get this story out! Later, all!


03-14-2005, 12:19 PM
Hey all. The site ate my early post. The computer must be PMSing!

hello to everyone. Raven, I didn't realize the Atlanta thing had hit so close to home for you. I am glad your boyfriend is safe. This world is crazy! What are we coming too? I just don't get it. One more reason why I don't think we should be in Iraq - we have enough messes in our own backyard to clean up.

Enough soap box. I really admire everyone who is staying with their Lenten goals, and pulling themselves back on the bandwagon. I know how much that takes. Kudos! Congrats on the weight loss, Raven. I need a swift kick in the butt too. My goals for this week are to 1) work out daily, including weights, 2) stop buying candy, and 3) I know the stress eating is kind of a fixture right now, but I want to at least grab healthier snacks, in hopes of being able to slow down the avalanche. Then, we will go from there.

Derry, have a safe trip. I hope things go well - my thoughts are with you. Red, I agree with Raven - take some time to chill and find some peace. YOu deserve it.

Have a great day everyone.

03-14-2005, 05:22 PM
I am so tired today... working 6 days is harder than I thought it would be. :D And I have to do it for at least a couple more weeks. Plus I stayed up late last night watching an Animal Planet special on prehistoric "monsters" with my son, then this morning up early to catch some time with my daughter.

As usual, the water was nonexistent yesterday because I was at home. That's SOP for me, not a good thing, but not unexpected. Today, back on track with that and the food is fine. Maybe this week I'll be back down under 200 again. That would be a relief.

Just a quick check in - I hope everyone is handling the Monday well!

03-14-2005, 05:26 PM
Jolly, Raven, hello. Just finished some work here and have to get out soon. Work, work, work. I just put my head down and said, "I will get through this. . ." You can do it too, Raven! Jolly, you're making more progress than you may think yourself. You sound so much better than before. Keep it up. You're so much more consistent-sounding with the exercise. The eating will follow soon. Have faith!

03-14-2005, 05:33 PM
Oh, and before I forget, Derry, yes, we use chopsticks here, but they're lighter and shorter than the Chinese ones, also are never made from plastic or anything other than wood, tend not to be glazed as many Chinese ones are. They're much easier to use than Chinese I think. Traditional Japanese could be many things, but this was thick noodles and they were REALLY thick this time, I've never seen them so thick, more like slabs of dough than noodles but so good. It was a sit-down (on the floor) place with koto music playing. See links. After serving various little bits and pieces, all artfully done, the gas burners are put on the table and then earthenware bowls filled with veggies and various tofu and noodles (for me) and the others' had some chicken (I think), shrimp and shellfish along with the veggies are served. That's boiled in front of you and then you eat from there, moving bits into little bowls in front of each person.

Here is a picture of a Japanese koto and some music samples. These samples sound a bit fast, usually the background music in restaurants is slower. It's a very relaxing sound. Hope you can hear them. Derry, you're probably away but I wanted to answer your question or forget. . . Hope you're having a good time.

03-14-2005, 06:41 PM
Hey ladies,

Sounds like everyone had a pretty good weekend. I organized our closet and dressers this weekend. Ended up with two garbage bags full of old stuff that I have no idea why we were keeping. Also had four bags of my son's clothes for donation. Guess my buddy has hit a growing spurt again....and again...

I also cut out the squares for a polar fleece quilt, cut out the squares for my Easter placemats and finished up the little bit of grocery shopping. Apples for $0.78 a pound--got me five pounds!

Raven: I'm so sorry someone jacked your wallet. Glad things were returned, but sad the money was gone. I think $60 is a lot to anyone! Hopefully there won't be any charges or anything that comes from them taking your stuff. Sounds like it was all returned. Criminals....they keep me in a job.

Red and Derry: Two minor slip ups. Nothing that big, I don't think. I didn't even have time to snack, so I did well again this weekend.

Jolly: Gosh, fly-bys are becoming quite common, huh? You are so busy these days. How is puppy?

Well, I have a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night and I am also volunteering at my son's school tomorrow. Not much else is going on for the week or upcoming weekend. I need to purchase our tickets for the Easter Train, but other than that, nothing going on.

Happy Monday!


03-15-2005, 08:22 AM
Good morning everyone. I'm back. Dad's surgery went ok and he was "resting comfortably" at home when I left yesterday. Cateract surgery is amazing and quick, by the way. There would be a slight amount of discomfort involved with an IV and some drops in the eyes, etc., but if you ever have to have it - you are in and out in less than two hours. Bright lights would bother you for a day or so and you have to be careful not to lift anything heavy for the next 10 days or so, but that's about it. I was impressed.
I'm feeling really defeated this morning, gang. I figured out some money things and have decided NOT to go to WW meetings, just can't afford them. Don't know what this is going to do to my weight loss efforts, but I am really going to need you guys!
DH's last paycheck was directly deposited today and was about $700.00 less than I anticipated. They pro-rated paying him for his vacation pay, which I didn't think they would do. So, I already have to dip into our savings to pay bills. How selfish would I be to take funds and spend them on WW meetings at this time?
He's doing ok and has some consulting work going on, but we are not in great shape and the less I spend now, the longer we can make it in the the end.... and who knows how long that will be?
So, I am determined to make this thing work on my own here.... but I'm scared. I've been one who truly needs the meetings for my motivation. I don't want to put the weight back on that I have worked so hard to take off.

03-15-2005, 10:35 AM
Good morning all. Chachee, you sure are busy. I am working on my third scarf. I have taken up knitting. Derry, I am glad your dad's surgery went well. I am sorry you will haveto stop your meetings for now - I really hope things sort out soon.

I have only one good thing to report for today. I did lower body weights. Woo hoo. Not really a red letter day. It is crazy, because I know I don't need the calories, taht the food isn't going to help anything, and I don't need to spend thye money - but I can't seem to stop eating. All I want to do is eat. The only good thing is that I am getting to the gym. I just need to work out harder.

Anyway. Have a good day all. Good luck with everything.

03-15-2005, 04:39 PM
Chachee - How do you do all that stuff??? I can barely make it to work and back, plus keep clean clothes and dishes around. Geez.

Jolly - You have the exercise going on.. I don't. I have the food and water pretty well down. Maybe we should just run into eachother at high speed and we'd get one person who worked out and ate right. ;)

My great dane is off her feed. I'm worried. I'm hoping it's just that she picked up worms (ew) from Artemis and I'm going to be hitting her with the tapeworm meds this weekend. If that doesn't do it... time for a vet call. Oh yeah, I have the bucks for THAT.


I had a pity party for myself this morning, had a little cry then picked up and moved on. But I'm kind of getting worn down, I can tell. I need some positives to happen. Or maybe realistically, I need to change my perspective and see the less obvious positives already in my life.

03-15-2005, 08:36 PM
Hi everyone

Just popping in to give everyone a :grouphug:

Will try to pop back later


03-15-2005, 09:12 PM
I must report totally falling off the sugar wagon yesterday and I had a sugar binge more or less, with leanings toward the "more." I don't know. I did it on purpose like. I just stopped caring. Five weeks off all my favorite things and I think I was just sick of all the discipline. But I realized I didn't really feel happy about eating the sugar. I felt irritated and angry that I did this all along knowing it wasn't helping me, that I was being mean to myself, not good. This is important I think because I don't want to be mean to myself anymore and realizing that things like this ARE indeed that, the choices will come naturally to care for myself. So, perhaps I needed that. I am ashamed with myself for learning new ways of cooking good food, of not getting vegetables into me and am going to try to do that.

Derry, isn't there some way you could make some extra money or cut back somewhere in order to pay for your WW meetings? I think it's really important for you now and will help your esteem and sense of power, which you very much need in this difficult time. Sometimes the very things that look so superfluous are essential. Are you sure you're not making light of this part of your life? How much do these meetings cost anyhow? I have no idea.

Chachee, Rave, jolly, lucky, apple, a big hello. Hope you're all doing OK! :sunny:

03-15-2005, 09:25 PM
Just saw all these posts that I didn't know were there. I had thought no one had posted since derry. jolly, what is it that you eat? Are you still eating sugar. That will set me off on a binge. It must be my blood sugar levels or something but I am highly sensitive to it. Have you looked in to the low glycemic way of eating? That may be something that would work for you. It has been a lifesaver with me. I do not binge if I stay off the sugar.

Raven, pity parties are good things. Crying bouts, I think, are a part of life, like breathing. Luckily, I can keep them indoors, out of sight of others, yet still indulge. I felt the same as you yesterday, was on the phone with my brother for hours. Talking to him always makes me feel better although yesterday felt especially bad and this morning I just laid there in bed for an extra four hours, the first time I haven't forced myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m. in a long time. My one cat, her mission in life is to get me OUT of bed, finally won. She kept pawing and actually pushing at me with her paw and nose. She is an amazing little thing, all black, found her starving in a park, she hates to be held but will sit at my feet all the time and sleeps in the crook of my arm at night. Ok, little cat tangent there. . . I hope your dog is OK, maybe it's just a touch of a cold or so. Maybe he ate something bad. I didn't know you had a Great Dane. What's his name? In any case, as I was going to say, Raven, you're doing fine and THAT'S why it's rough, change is tough. Head down, don't think too much. Keep at it. My friend just ran a marathon and last night I dreamt I was in one. The problem was I hadn't trained at all, I was just like now, and still sick feeling and I was late for the marathon, had nothing with me, was thinking I had to carry my own food and water (like a hiking trip) but still I was at the starting line. Everyone had long left but I was going to start and just walk it I said to myself and had started and that's when I woke up. I would love to feel great about things and positive and all that but I don't right now, have tons of work, lots hanging over me, and though I am in great danger of allowing myself to feel totally overwhelmed I am just setting down and doing the stuff bit by bit, no panic, no panic. You're OK, Rave, no panic, OK?

OK, must go.

03-16-2005, 07:06 AM
Hey all. Raven, I think I am at were you are at. I really need some positives, or to SEE the positives. I am feeling worn out - between dog worries, jobs, all the staffing issues at my part time job . . . pity party over here too. I just want to sit and veg. I'm even skipping the gym this morning. I skipped the barn last night, but that turned out to be a good thing, as I was finally able to chat with my friend in Iraq for the first time in a couple of weeks. I needed that. But still. I am feeling tired, cranky, and guilty for all of the things I am doing "wrong." Sigh.

Red, It was one day. You realized how bad it felt, and learned something from it. NOw you can move on.

Have a good day all.

03-16-2005, 07:24 AM
Red, I could feel for you with your sugar binge.... and I know what it's like. I was so close over the weekend to blowing my Lenten Challenge. I managed to stick with it, but I know hoard hard this is. Now that you did it, are you back to the challenge or giving up?
My WW meetings cost $11.00 a week. I might go next week, we'll see. DH might have some more concrete information on a consulting agreement by then. If he gets that approved, then we'll be in ok shape for a couple of month.
Honestly, Raven, I know what pity parties are like and I'd had more than my share of them. Sometimes, I just need to wallow in it, other times I get angry and give myself the "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" lecture.
Chach, don't know how you do it all. You are a tower of strength, I think. I need to try and keep pace with you for awhile and I'd probably lose my excess weight just burning off calories!
Jolly, hope things with the dog straighten out for you. You've had enough to deal with.

03-16-2005, 09:26 AM
Honestly, after reading these posts, I think we're all doing damn fine. Not one of us is having an easy time of things right now, but we're still here, still caring about each other and about ourselves, and still putting one foot in front of the other. We are not perfect, we will never be perfect, but we are perfectly ourselves. And we are striving to make that even better. And we will do it. One little thing at a time. On top of everything else, I'm PMSing. :p

Red - I have a beautiful boston mantle merle dane, and her name is Callisto. She was born "dead" if you will. They tried to revive her with no success, so the vet put her in a plastic bag and tossed her in the bucket. Some minutes later, while filling out paperwork, the vet heard small sounds coming from the bucket... and viola - baby Bucket was breathing. She was three days old when I first saw her, and there isn't anything that could have stopped me from having her as my buddy. I love this dog SO much.... She was about the size of one of those ready to bake bread loaves you get at the store. I renamed her Callisto - long story there - and she's been an amazing addition to our family. She's my second dane.. my first was a rescue up in AK that I named Faust. He, also, took up a huge section of my heart. I just hope my girl is going to be ok. She's eating treats and stuff, and drinking water, so hopefully it's just a stomach bug going around. That is my suspicion, because now my little rat terrier has shown signs she's not feeling so good, too. And I know that about a week ago, my daughter and I both had the stomach yucks - so it's a distinct possibility she's dealing with the same thing. I loved the cat story.. I miss having cats. Richard is allergic to them, though, and I respect that. When we get our property (oh yes, I WILL do that some day) and have a barn, you can BET there will be cats living in it. ;)

Lucky - *warm hug* back. I got your PM, I'm sorry I haven't written back. I have so little time right now for computers and communication.

Linda - I know eleven bucks a week is alot, believe me, I know. But I also know that if the WW meetings are as important to you as it seems that they are, that $11 is well spent. It might be that those meetings mean more to you than just weight loss... at least that's what I'm "hearing" in your typing. There are some things that we should try very hard to hang on to. Maybe your meetings are one of those things?

Jolly - I am SO glad you got to talk to your friend in Iraq. Having that constantly in the back of your mind would be hard. And you know what... I think that the "worn out" syndrome is probably why I'm not on the treadmill. *lol* It ocurred to me that I feel like I'm on the worlds biggest treadmill right now... why add another one? *sigh* I know the exercise would help me mentally, but mentally I run from it screaming like a girl. It's one more "have to" "need to" "should do" that I just don't want to face right now, I guess. I dunno. Making excuses.

On a good note (yes, a positive!!) I am finally back under 200. Oddly enough, that was a huge relief right there. OTOH, I'm scared I'm not eating enough again. Between losing my check card and the money in my wallet, the weird schedule I'm working, the running around at work... I have put eating food on the back burner. I did pick up some of the lean cuisines for my lunch, but haven't been eating my breakfast or either morning or afternoon snack, then when I get home, I'm eating just a regular dinner. I know my calories are too low. So this morning I ate a couple eggs and a piece of toast in an effort to balance that out a little bit. I really hope my check card gets here soon. Why don't they fed-ex those things? I mean... my bank is an internet bank. I can't go to a branch office, so ... how the **** am I supposed to get money (or deposit it either, for that matter) if they don't get that card to me? I didn't say anything when I first ordered the card because I was just so relieved that there were no bogus charges against my account at that point, and I was in a hurry, and semi-panic stricken. Now though... *sigh* Worst case scenario, I can deposit my paycheck (which will start being direct deposit soon, I hope) into my boyfriend's account and have him pull the cash for me. Too many things to work around. Rant rant rant... :o

Ok, I need to go get ready for work. I hope things are better today for everyone. :grouphug:

03-16-2005, 02:29 PM
Hello Ladies,

Whew, busy day from heck is over with.

The hike was fun. It was great to see my son and his little class go "exploring Mt. McKinley" with their little toilet paper roll binoculars. My son fell on a slick part because I had two other little ones I was watching after also. It's okay, he's fine, just made him a little clingy with me. I stayed and had lunch with him--oh yum, popcorn chicken, baked beans and potato smiles. Can you just say my points for the day were blown on the lunch? He cried because he wanted to go home with me after lunch, but I had to explain I had to go back to school. He was fine after that.

The P Chef party was good. I had enough in sales to get two half price items, and those will the the completion of my pots and pans. I just can't afford them otherwise. That is really the only reason I have those parties--for discounted items.

Anyway, I made a really good recipe and thought I would share it with you:

Apple berry salsa with cinnamon chips

1 cup strawberries
1 kiwi
2 granny smith apples
1 orange
4 7inch tortillas

Peel and core the apples. Peel the kiwi. Remove stems from strawberries. Chop all ingredients together until itís the consistency of salsa. Drizzle some juice from the orange over the mixture. Add two packets of Splenda and mix together.

Preheat oven to 400. Take four tortillas and rub with water on one side. What I do is wet a paper towel, and rub on the tortillas. Mix 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Dust the wet tortillas with mixture.

Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes. (or until lightly toasted) Let chips cool then serve with fruit salsa.

This was amazing last night! Very good and very ďsummeryĒ. Not too bad on the calories, either. I tried it with the low-carb tortillas and they were gross. Stay with corn or flour tortillas.

Raven: I am still not on my treadmill yet, either. I think I just have too much going on lately and I just canít seem to get myself out of the bed in the morning. I plan on changing that quickly. I have made up for it with walks outside and also snow shoveling the piles, chunking up the ice, etc. (You know how it goes living through breakup.) Be careful with not eating enough. I remember last year when that happened and how it finally took its toll on you. Just try to take care of yourself.

Derry: I stopped going to my meetings. I gained a little back, but I was spending too much money on the meetings. Hard to put my household on a budget and still pay to go to the meetings. I know, I donít have a gym membership, etc, and its money well spent, but I just couldnít justify it. My friend who used to go to meetings and I now do the program daily with email and do our weigh ins on Friday mornings. One of us takes on a topic each week and writes about it. Itís not exactly the same, but itís very helpful to me.

Jolly: Man, you have the most stress of any person I know. Your life is always crazy. Must be the job you do, huh? How are your eyes feeling after your surgery? I know itís been awhile, so I wanted to see how you were feeling.

Red: Off the sugar wagon, huh? It sounds like a binge slip up, and those things happen. I know you are so supportive of others, but when you slip up, you sound so hard on yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for not only knowing what caused it, but also for stopping it. I guess if it was easy, then we would all be a size 1 and not have any cares in the world. Makes us better people knowing the struggle and then also appreciating how far weíve come.

To answer the questions on ďhow I do it allĒ, I have no good answer. I am a very driven person, and when I know I need to do things, I just plan it out and do it. I am a list-maker, that is why when I journal my food and exercise, I see better results. I have lists of lists. I need to be better with myself and make the healthy lifestyle more of a priority, but that will come when itís time.

I am a scheduler also. Everything during the week is on a very tight schedule. From the minute I get up in the morning, to the time for my sonís bath and bedtime story, itís all on the clock. Sad, but he knows at 3 1/2 when its time for bath and story. Thatís the anal/compulsive personality in me.

Okee dokee. I am back to work. Have a great day everyone and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!


Apple Blossom
03-16-2005, 06:02 PM
I was supposed to be posting more often. Ha. I'm coming down with a cold which is kind of annoying. I feel OK most of the time, I use it as an excuse to be lazy and feel sorry for myself other times. :dizzy:
I had a good eating day yesterday and today is going well so far too. I have walked 3 days in a row! I think exercise is the key to weight loss for me.
I'm hoping to lose 2 pounds by easter but here I go setting time goals for myself again....
Red, I hope you are feeling better. You've been sounding really down. Cheer up!!! :twirly: :goodvibes I wish I could be a little more inspirational.
On my walk today I took in alot of beauty. I tried to notice spring. There were some really beatiful yellow tulips blooming. (Mental note: plant tulips this fall) I love any yellow flowers, especially daffodils and sunflowers. So cheerful. There is a beautiful fruit tree in bloom too. I don't know what it is though.
That is how I chose Apple Blossom for my user name. I was looking out the window while pondering a name and I noticed the apple tree in bloom.
Derry, I'm glad your Dad is doing well. I'm also glad I didn't read your post until after, because my father-in-law had a bad experience with catact surgery.
Oh the baby is up to no good. He is so fast. Bye :bb:

03-16-2005, 11:13 PM
Hey all. REal quick post before bed. I got home late tonight due to Justin's vet appt, and then had to call and update everyone. So, I am going to give myself permission to sleep in a bit tomorrow, and skip the gym. Give me some good butt kicks to get back Friday morning though. I can't skip for too long.

We went to the vet tonight. She felt that the xrays were pretty definitive. She did a chest xray, which came up clear. So, too make a long story short, we are going to do surgery in two weeks, and hope that amputation gets all the bad cells and he is ok for a few more years. Keep fingers crossed.

I really wish I had time to say something to everyone. I am just so tired. I am very thankful for all of you though. REal quick, before I forget though, Derry - if it is the structure of the meetings you like, have you checked if there is a TOPS or OA meeting near you?? They are generally cheaper than WW. If you have developed relationships at WW that support you, then I hope things work out so you can continue.

Take care EVERYONE!!! I know we seem to have many hit with stressors at once, and I hope we all get through it soon.

03-17-2005, 07:57 AM
Heh all, no time to post now but I just wanted to say I'm reading and I'm back on no-sugar. It was just the one day and I did learn something from it. More on that later. . . .Everyone take care, keep at your goals, Raven, you must tell me how you named Callisto. I looked up the dog on the Net. Very interesting color. Jolly, you're doing the right thing with Justin. May all go well. Derry, good idea with Tops perhaps that Jolly suggested. I think you can see we all think this meeting means a lot to you. I hope you can swing the money. $11 seems like a lot, but it's easy to spend that on other things. Maybe there is something you can cut out. Chachee, get on your treadmill! ;) Thanks for your kind words. Apple, you too, thanks, I'm feeling better now, got to the gym today! Hurrah, hurrah!! Good going on the walking. Hope you feel better soon! Ok, guys, sorry for the flyby. Gotta get a move on other things. Bye for now. :wave:

03-17-2005, 08:44 AM
Foodwise I kind of overcompensated yesterday. Ate a little too much, but nothing that can't be dealt with. Water sucked because of the going to work at one place, then leaving there, going to work at another place thing. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to spend an hour (give or take) in the car each time. Drinking a lot of water definitely has it's downfall, that being the need to visit a bathroom quite often. I'll figure it out, it's just in the timing.

I'm really tired today. At least tomorrow and Saturday I get to wear jeans. I'm hoping that I can stay in the main office all day today and work on the database because of the schedule over at the dealership. I guess Thursday is auction day when they go buy used cars, not much going on sales wise.

I'm hoping that when I finally get some money coming in and the bank card in my hot little paws and some of these bills paid I'll feel less worn down.

Red - My bad, if you want THE most accurate description of her color, she would be a boston mantle merlequin. *lol* Bigger spots, more defined, not the smokey grey/blue body color. Base white with big patches of grey/blue and black. I attached a picture of what she looked like the first day I saw her. She was three days old!

Jolly - Wow... that's a lot to deal with. Biggest hug to you and Justin, poor sweetie. I can't remember, how old is he?

Chach - That recipe looks yummy! I might have to try it one of these days when I have time to think. :p I'm beginning to think I brought the breakup weather to GA. Gah what a horrid spring so far. COLD and rainy and just total yuck. We'll have one nice day in the 60s or MAYBE it might squeak into the 70s, then a week of 30s and 40s with rain. I am so sick of the rain.

Apple - I love tulips, too... Maybe I should plant some tulip bulbs this fall, too. That would be fun.

Ok .. I'm gonna drag myself off to the shower. Time to get ready for work. Woo. I guess I just try to keep remembering I'm really lucky to have a job to complain about now. ;)

03-17-2005, 09:46 AM
Quick fly by for me this morning, I am on my way to a quilt meeting. Will post later on.
Isn't Calisto the name of a moon in our solar system?

03-17-2005, 01:01 PM
Good morning, ladies.

The slug has left the building. I started walking on my breaks again at work. The ice has melted enough so it's not too treacherous. I also did a walk last night with the puppies and my son. Total of 2.25 miles in yesterday. Not as good as on the treadmill, but it only took me 45 minutes, not an hour.

Not much else going on. I'm weighing tomorrow. I'll report how I did.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


03-17-2005, 02:27 PM
The story of Ursa, Callisto, and Artemis. When I first picked out my little rat terrier, she walked with a distinct roll - much like a little bear. So Richard told me if I was going to keep calling her that, at least name her Ursa Minor. So we did. Her name is Ursa now. I joked around that as soon as I got a dane, I'd name *him* Ursa Major - Major for short. Well... my dane turned out to be a female. Now what? We researched out the mythos, and Callisto was the mother of Arcas, the son of Zeus, Ursa Minor. So my dane became Callisto. When we had the foster dog, we had to stay within the mythos, so she became the huntress Artemis, who was going to kill her nymph Callisto for bearing Zeus' child, but Zeus intervened, and threw Callisto into the heavens to become Ursa Major.

03-17-2005, 03:48 PM
Well, somebody iswell read :lol: I did not make it to the gym today. I was supposed to go out with some folks from church Saturday, but cancelled so I could save money for Justin's surgery. REalized, if I am going to do that, I had better well not be pissing my money away on junk food!!!! I have to get my head out of my butt - eating myself into a stupor isn't going to change anything! So please, send a bunch of kicks my way. I need it now. Chachee, where is Bat??

03-17-2005, 06:10 PM
Oh, gross, I woke up this morning, two cats sleeping under the covers as usual but later when I went to fold up the bed, I discovered a dead mouse! Gross me out! Thing is, I just took it in stride, "oh, dead mouse, you guys gotta stop bringing me presents." I am a mother cat to them I think.

Rave, Callisto is the most adorable thing! Oh, what a sweet little "loaf of bread." And to think that she was thrown in a bucket in a plastic bag and only his whimpering saved her. Amazing story. You should write a kid's book, adding the part about the name and the stars and mythology. If you could get a good illustrator you'd have a seller! Really, I'm serious. That story is too touching. Is she eating again? I hope so. Had a scare with Heidi yesterday. I don't know if she's better now but I was sure she was a bit off her feed. They took her temperature later though and it was normal. I realized I'm starting to get way too attached to that horse. I feel like parents with a sick child must. Must be the age or something.

Jolly, good for you for thinking of saving money for Justin's surgery. You are the sweetest. All little critters are surely watching over you and will do the best they can to help, in whatever form that may take. Sometimes when I'm just overwhelmed by everything with all the animals I ask them to help me out, all the ones who've come before, all the ones I've cared for and I think they do. I was raised Catholic and though I'm not religious now like going to church or anything I had always thought it was cool that my confirmation name was Francis, from a journalist lady in the neighborhood who I hung out with all the time. I thought it was cool because St. Frances was the patron saint of animals and all that. . .

Yes, the junk food, the extra food costs a lot! When you add it up you are spending a lot and all to just get upset over and try to wear it off. It's insane. I do the same. I was thinking yesterday, here I am turning down some fruit because it's expensive but I could go into a store and buy all this junk and eat it and it would be far more and wouldn't really be satisfying, that's why I keep reaching for something more!

Derry, hope you enjoyed your quilting!

Chachee -- excellent going on the exercise! :bravo:

Sorry, rushing here again. :wave:

Apple Blossom
03-17-2005, 11:49 PM
My illness must be some type of flu, because my stomach is invoved too.
And I'm all achey. Oh poor thing. Easy to diet when you have no appetite, eh?
Raven, your dog is so cute. My rott is named Sabrina after her former owners ex-girlfriend. Not nearly as interesting. But she's a great dog. Danes tend to be very sweet, don't they? All the one's I've known have been.
Well, Baby trouble. BYE

03-18-2005, 08:00 AM
:( Good morning all.... or evening for you for Red!
Well.... time to face facts and move on for me. I pulled out a fresh journal and re-started this morning. Yesterday, I had cookies, and I was a bad girl.
I have to regain my composure and recognize that life has it's ups and downs and I need to behave or all the good I have accomplished will just disappear. A lesson for us all.... There ARE really and truly going to be times when you feel defeated and let yourself go. I've done that this week.
BUT, there is some good news. DH was awarded a contract to work for the next 4-5 weeks doing consulting! We'll have some income, it's not permanent but it's still very good news. I can maybe get some sleep and calm down a bit? Might be nice. :coffee:
We chatted this morning, and I found a WW meeting on line to go to today. It's not my regular meeting/location, but I am going! It's at 10:00 am and a bit of a drive from here, but I need to go and it will be good for me to step on the scale. The number is going to go up, it's just a question of how much. I have not been weighed in about 4 weeks, and I've been out of control for a bit of that time. So, this could be a rude awakening, but I need to hear that number and I need that as kind of a "slap in the face" to get myself back where I need to me. My bet is that I've gained about 3 pounds, I hope not more than that?
So, here I go again. I will try to get weighed in at my regular meeting next Tuesday as well, maybe with that in mind, it will force me to behave all weekend?
Also, more good news, DH is going on a job interview tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!
Well, that is all for now. You guys are really great.

03-18-2005, 08:41 AM
Red - Ok, you're the writer, you write the story for me. ;) We'll get rich off the story. She's still not eating her regular food, though she'll eat "goodies" like cheese. I'm going to pick up some canned food today and see if I can get her to take that. I'm also going to order the tapeworm meds and see if that helps. If not... I guess I have to face the financial music and call a vet. :( And Red, my dear - are you just now realizing how much of a hold on your heart Heidi has? Did you really think you could own a horse and not love her to death? *psht* She sounds like a handful, and I'm sure you two have an interesting relationship. I hope she's eating just fine today. I had to laugh at the mouse in the bed... lol your kitties love you so much!!

Apple - Yes, both of my danes have been absolutely amazing dogs. But they're also protective to a certain degree. Faust as a male was more protective than Callisto is, but still I don't think I'd come in the house if I were a stranger with her standing at the top of the stairs barking and growling. Danes have that very distinctive giant breed bark, and it can be very intimidating. Which, of course, is one of the reasons I have a giant breed. :D

Jolly - Have you scheduled the surgery yet? How is Justin doing? I know the reaching for food thing.. I broke down and grabbed 4 of those little mini mars midnight bars from the candy jar on the front desk yesterday. *sigh* I made it almost two weeks without grabbing - but yesterday I just couldn't take the stress, snapped, and snarfed. I have to admit the chocolate really helped. It truly is my drug of choice.

Linda - I know what it's like to be worrying about where the next paycheck is coming from, and how you're going to make it till then. I hope the WW meeting works out for you! I also know what it's like to have to start over, as it were. It's hard enough to keep the focus on losing weight, getting in shape, eating right and all that when things are going well in our lives. It's even more difficult to do when there are major stressors. Just hang in there, and keep trying. Everything we do is a step forward, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

Well this week isn't going quite as well as last week did. I'm not showing any losses on the scale, but I am maintaining. I guess I should take that and be happy at this point, considering everything. I know the PMS usually inflates me to a certain degree, and with all the stress and weird schedule issues and everything - I think I need to realize I'm doing pretty darn well. I still haven't gotten my bank card in the mail, so I guess I'm going to have to launder my paycheck through my boyfriend's account, so to speak. What a pain. And in doing my budget forecast, it will be the end of April before I'm even remotely caught up with bills, and that is assuming there are no other financial issues. Uhm... like the vet. *wince* But I guess I have to put the positive spin on this and realize that at least I CAN get caught up. Or sort of caught up. Ramble, ramble...

Suppose I'd better get ready for work. Hope everyone is doing well today.

03-18-2005, 10:27 AM
Hey all. I need to get out of this spiral I am in. I am overeating and not working out. That makes me tired, crabby and groggy. That makes me less likely to work out, and more likely to grab junk food. Which makes me tired, crabby, and groggy. Which makes me less likely to . . . Ah well, you get the picture. I feel like crap. I need to get out of this cycle.

I did do a couple of things for myself. I got my hair cut and colored. And, I am going to go out with the folks from church tomorrow. I need to get out and not hibernate. I figured out the budget for the surgery (it is scheduled for 3/31, Raven). So, I am going to do this for myself, and try to get out of this funk I am in.

Congrats on the consulting job and interview Derry. I hope all goes well. Apple, I hope you feel better soon. Raven, good luck with Callisto, I hope she feels better soon. Red, I hope Heidi is feeling better - pets are like kids.

So, have a good day eveyrone. HEre's to making better choices.

03-18-2005, 01:07 PM
Hi all.

Quick this morning. I gained a pound last week, but I tripled the exercise, so I'll give it three weeks or so to level out.

My dogs, son and I were on a walk last night and my dogs were attacked. Two huge dogs went after them and started to go after my son. It was very scary and thankfully everyone is okay. I'm a little freaked out, and have animal control involved. My son was terrified.

Anyway, hope this coming week is better. Sorry for the fly by, but my mind is somewhere else.

Happy Friday.


03-18-2005, 02:51 PM
Chach! I'm so glad you are all ok!! What a scary thing.. your poor little bitty dogs! :( They're so adorable, but so little. And your son! Is he alright? I mean, not so much physically, but mentally? That's a SCARY situation to be in even for an adult, but for a little kid?! EEK! Are they strays or does someone in your neighborhood own them? I really, really dislike dogs running loose. I don't get it. I do understand that sometimes dogs GET loose... I just hope animal control can resolve the situation for you. Let us know how things go, ok?

Jolly - And I need to stop making excuses for not exercising. What are we going to do?

03-18-2005, 04:23 PM
OK, Guys, I went to the meeting. I have gained, in four weeks time, 1.2 pounds. I guess that's not as bad as I thought it was, considering what's been going on. But, I got it over with and am inspired to try harder.
Let's do an exercise challenge gang? What if we all agree that we spend at least 20 minutes with some form of exercise for the next 4 days. That is doable, not too long a time period, and it might succeed in getting us back into better habits? I could make it for 5 out of the next 7 days, if you all are game, but sometimes challenges can be overwhelming. Chach, it does sound like you are already doing this, so maybe you could do a 4 day challenge of some other kind - maybe increasing repititions of the exercices you are doing or changing to something else for variety?
Chach, my goodness! I just read about the dog thing. How scary. I'm glad there were no major injuries and I hope your son is ok. What kind of dogs were they?
Hey, I had an NSV this afternoon already.... I have been very frugal trying to cook at home and not eat out, but that is getting really "old" and I am craving Chinese food. I told DH that I was going to pick up fried rice at the local Chinese place today and reheat it to have along with our dinner this evening. I looked up how many points a cup of fried rice is in my WW book and it's 8 points. I get to eat 20 points a day and one cup of plain ordinary rice that I cook at home is only 4 points. I was still planning on getting the fried rice, but then I was filling out my journal and writing it in, and recognized that I would really be going overboard, so I restrained myself! I did it, I went out and got my hair cut, the Chinese place was right next door and I resisited! I came home without the fried rice and we'll just have our plain rice for dinner. I saved points and I saved money too!

03-18-2005, 05:04 PM
Here is my statement to Animal Control on what happened last night. They started investigating.

This evening I was walking down Image Circle with my son, Anthony, in his stroller and my two miniature beagles, Peanut and Buster, on their leashes.

When we got down to the paved area to the right (a dead end pavement area) two very large dogs came running at us. The garage door was open to a blue
house with white trim, 3166 Image Circle. I believe the two dogs came from this house. One dog was white and fluffy, like a Husky or a Chow, and the other was
multi-colored I believe white and black. I could not tell you the breed of that dog, because it really didn't register with me.

They ran at my son to start with, who was sitting in the stroller. He started crying and yelling and the dogs seemed to lose interest with him and went after my
dogs. They went after the smaller one, Peanut. She started yelping, but I could not tell if they harmed her because I was able to get her up off the pavement and
into my arms.

As I was trying to pick up Buster, the two dogs started biting at his back, just below his neck. I tried to get the two dogs off him by pushing them away with my foot,
but trying to hold one dog, making sure my son was not injured and rescue my other dog was impossible.

After about a minute a younger girl, probably 6-10 years old, came running at us. I yelled at her "Get your dogs!". She started crying and mentioned something
about her sister and ran back in the direction of the house at 3611.

Two cars passed by us before a man in a full size gray truck stopped and asked if we needed help. I told him yes and he immediately got out and grabbed one of
the dogs off. I looked up and there was an older dark-haired female getting the other dog. She took the dogs, along with the younger girl, and went the direction
of 3611 Image. The man asked if I was okay and I told him yes and thanked him for helping.

I pulled my son, who was almost hysterical at this point, over off the road to the paved area on the right and calmed him down and checked my dogs to see if they
were okay. My larger dog, Buster, got the worst of the mauling. He winced when I touched his back, but I did not see any blood or any lacerations/bite marks. It
might be a little swollen, but nothing broke the skin.

This could not have taken more than two or three minutes, but when I looked up, the garage door of 3611 was shut and there was no one in the area. Neither of
the two females came back to check on us or see if our dogs were okay. I did notice at this time, though, that a red car was leaving that general area. I'm not sure
if it came from that house or not.

After checking on my dogs and making sure my son was okay, we continued our walk towards home. I looked towards the house at 3611 and there were no lights
on. No one appeared to be home.

One I arrived home, I called my husband on his cell phone at 5:41 pm. I told him what happened. On his way home at 6:50 pm, he stopped by the house at
3611 Image Circle. He said it appeared that no one was home. The lights were out. There was a van in the driveway with disabled veteran plates, but no red car
or any dogs outside that would resemble the dogs I described.

What I would like to see is these two dogs not be able to do this to another person or dog. This was a very scary situation and if the man hadn't stopped to help us,
I have no idea what would have happened with my dogs. These dogs should not be allowed to be off their leashes when the opportunity to be in public exists. In
my opinion, they are dangerous and something needs to be done.

03-18-2005, 05:32 PM
How horrible, Chach. I am so glad that man came along in the truck and that you guys are ok. I would be most interested to hear more, if there are other developments.
Points or no points, I think I'd have helped myself to a glass of wine after that!

03-18-2005, 06:06 PM
Hi guys, morning here. No time to write. Want to break a sweat on the bike before getting off to work. It makes all the difference but there's just no time usually. Have to be up at 3 a.m. to get out to ride before going to the racetrack tomorrow so if I don't do some exercise this morning I won't get any in till who knows when. Derry, I'd take you up on the challenge but my schedule really makes it hard. I love to work out. It's just so hard to find the time. I am going to try to break a good sweat though as often as possible. To me, exercise isn't just walking. To me I need to sweat!!

Raven -- I don't know your dog so I don't know the story. You give me some stuff to go on and more detail about the mythology stuff and we could come up with something. Well, I could do a Net search for the mythology stuff so that's not a problem. No, it's the anecdotes that you need for a story. Of course, I could make it all up. I don't know about kid's book publishing but I have always loved children's books. Probably it's a hard market to break into but I think, like with anything, it's best to have a sweet story, good pictures and that's it, you gotta go with that. The rest is connections, which is mostly about timing and promotion and catching the eye of an editor. I know a lot of people have an idolized picture of newspaper work and publishing work, but having worked in both so many years, I have NONE! Of course, you should have good work. If you have good work, it's not so hard to get published. But the first rule of any good writer is you DON'T do it for the money. If you start getting dollar/yen signs in your eyes, forget it! It's got to come from the heart alone, you've got to want to get that story out there because it screams to be told. . . . My best writing has been torn from me, tears rolling down my face. They were stories, always nonfiction, that made other people cry but I never intended to make anyone cry. You've got to be moved to move others. . . . I'm a sucker for moving stories. Life has me by the tail most of the time shaking me around and I love it. . . Seriously, my brother and sister are both talented artists needing some more creative outlet in their lives right now. Maybe we should seriously look into this. I can see the story of little Callisto thrown up in the sky to become Ursa Major or her dreaming of it, or of that story being introduced and then her fighting for her life in the plastic bag. It could be a tale with symbolic empowerment for little girls, fighting to not be suffocated by society, to LIVE! to shine brightly like the stars in the constellations.. . hmm, give me more snapshots of personality, anecdotes etc. maybe there's something that would even further fuel a story. It doesn't have to BE the story, it can be something to INSPIRE a story. Japan could even be a market. Children's books are beautiful here.
Rave, yeah, what did I think, right, with Heidi-chan. I sure hope she's OK. She's getting ridden hard these days, not just by me. I want her to have some fun and I don't think she has any. Just pats and carrots aren't enough. I wish I could do more. Let her have a better life. It's so hard here. There is no grass turnout, barely turnout at all. I don't know how much she's ridden, though not more than once a day, but the place I'm at it's all so competition oriented and ultra serious. I don't know. For a horse who is into energy conservation I wonder if I'm doing the wrong thing or if I'm being too easy on her. No mice in the bed this morning. When I heard the cat door swing and next feel one of the cats looking to come under the covers, I DID turn on the light to see if anything was hanging out of his mouth! Nothing this morning . . .

Jolly -- come on, just do it! You were exercising. What happened? Good for you for not hibernating though. Hair cut, color, excellent. You are probably just having a little breather. Don't fret. Either do it or don't do it but don't get yourself in a knot over what you decide. That just gives you no enjoyment whatsoever on top of the no exercise, overeating spiral. When you decided to work, work, when you decide to play, play but don't sit there feeling guilty somewhere in between.

Chachee -- sorry to hear about your scare with the dogs. Glad no one seems the worse for wear. Your little boy sounds like he needs to get out there and punch some pretend monsters to get his courage back or give him some if he's naturally timid. A scare like that can send him down the road of lifelong timidity and fear of dogs. You've got to fight it now!

Derry -- look at you, pooh-poohing your weight. You were fearing 3 lbs up and it's half that!! So good! You're doing a lot better than you're thinking, I'd say. I'm glad you got to a meeting. They sound important to you and we've got to go with the important things in our life. You can't put prices on everything even though they come with prices. And your NSV was great. Stay away from fried rice! It's horrible stuff, loaded with empty calories. You can do much better by doing things the Japanese way of cooking rice together with vegetables, mushrooms, chestnuts are traditional ways. There are a lot of Japanese dishes that aren't known widely but they are so good and so good for you! Chinese tends to be a lot of meat, a lot of grease . . . do you have a rice cooker or do you just boil it?

03-18-2005, 07:00 PM
Hi all. Real quick end of the day post. Chachee, wow. I am glad nobody was seriously hurt, and very thankful for the man who stopped. I hope animal control is able to do something. That is just not right. How is your son doing?? I will take you up on your challenge. I can do it. Maybe enough of these short challenges, and I will get my rear moving again.

Everyone else , howdy. I have to do my bills quick, then head off to work. Have a good weekend!!

03-19-2005, 07:06 AM
Flyby, doing a jolly here. . hi there! I pedalled my bike 30 minutes before work this morning. Hurrah! I WANT sugar!! But I held out today too. It is so hard. I'm tired of this challenge. It's TOO long!! Help!! 6 1/2 weeks, that is too long. What was I thinking!? Actually I was thinking 40 days, but it's longer! UGH!! Rant, rant, I did have the one day of bingeing, but it was a small binge. No nuts either and I lived on those things. Must save at least 500 calories a day in nuts every day alone. . .Ok, gotta run. Must be up at 3:45 a.m. tomorrow, ride, run home, quick shower, run to the racetrack. Oh god. I am just too busy. But I do it to myself. I think I'm insane. . ..

03-19-2005, 08:52 AM
Red, you must share a "recipe" for cooking rice the Japanese way, I'm intrigued and it sounds so good! I cook rice by boiling it, don't have a rice cooker.
Hey, this Calisto thing was bugging me and I knew I was right.... funny how things get in your head and stay there! Check out this:
At any rate, I am just now getting off line for a quick breakfast, then I am going to toss on some clothes and head up to a local town hall here in NH where there is a food co-op. It's set up so if you do any kind of volunteer work you are allowed to purchase groupings of foods for 40% off. I'm going to try it and see how it all works.
At any rate, I'll be doing my treadmill when I get back and showering.
Red, see, you could do the challenge in the end!
I'm going to do my time on the treadmill, I must!
DH got up early and left here for the airport about about 4:30 am, he is in NYC now. Modern air travel still amazes me, I know it's been over a hundred years since airplanes were invented, but little things always amaze me when you start to think about. Here has in our nice warm bed in NY four hours ago, now he's walking on the streets of NYC on his way to an interview. If he drove there from here, it would take hours when the "shuttle" from Boston to NYC is only 40 minutes. Amazing stuff.
Yeah, I'm easily amused, I know.
Sounds like more than three of us are accepting the "Mini" challenge for four days. If we can all take the time to exercise for ONLY this time period, maybe we will break our negative habits. I set up 20 minutes as my goal, even though I will probably do more, as a ww members earns one point to EAT for every 20 minutes of exercise, basically. So, this motivates me all the more! Sly, right?
Have a good one guys, Chach, hope you can find a place to walk that is in a different direction from that awful place where you were attacked. Are you in an area where there are different routes to take?

03-19-2005, 08:58 AM
Ok .. I'm not in the best frame of mind right now.

My dog is still not eating, I've started forcing soft food on her just to keep her going. She's drinking well, peeing, and poos fine when we can get food in her. She has no other symptoms at all. I ordered the dewormer in the hopes that getting rid of the tapes will help. I keep hoping she'll just snap out of it, I guess I'm praying it's just a stomach bug, much like V and I had for a week or more. And if the dewormer doesn't do it, then I need a vet visit.

Which brings me to... my car pretty much blew up on me last night on the drive home. I did make it home, but literally burst into tears the minute Richard came out the door to make sure I was ok. Driving on a 7 lane interstate in Atlanta in a car with an engine that is threatening to seize any second now is absolutely terrifying. I swear I was so close to throwing up it's not funny.

And so how do I get the dog to the vet with no car? Which brings me to a bit of good news, and that is that work (since I work for an auto re-financer) has offered to set me up in a vehicle. Now.. when that will happen, I have no clue. I obviously cannot drive my escort anymore. I've already spoken to my boss, and he's has already talked to the owner and let him know what the situation is. I guess I just have to keep the faith here, yes?

I haven't seen my horses in two weeks, it's driving me insane, and it looks like I won't get to see them this weekend either.

On a positive, I did get the database I'm working on for the company uploaded to my domain, so I can download that to my home computer and work on that from home if they'll let me.

Why does everything happen at once?

*EDIT to include...*

Ok. This mini challenge thing. That sounds doable. Linda, you're right. The bigger challenges are just overwhelming to me right now. I can barely challenge myself to .. shoot, I don't know .. *twitch* do much of anything right now. But 20 minutes for 4 days. That sounds almost manageable.

I'm in on that. Starting today. 20 minutes for 4 days. *nod nod* Maybe that will give me something to focus on that I feel like I have SOME sort of control over.

03-19-2005, 02:42 PM
Raven, sorry that things are not going well for you. I'm thinking that if your dog has something wrong with it's stomach that maybe dewormer might be harsh and not a good idea. I wonder if it would be best to consult with the vet and admit that you have been unemployed recently and just don't have the funds to bring the dog in... maybe they'll give you a price break and allow you to pay over time? Just an idea.
One time, a few years ago when DH was unemployed (yes, it happened before) my cat Grover started vomiting repeatedly. He needed to go to the vet and my DH said that if there was something seriously wrong that we would have to have him put to sleep. I was apalled and freeking out. The vet's assistant knew I was having troubles and didn't charge us for the X-rays they took. By the way, Grover had eaten chunks of firewood splinters from our woodpile, they were blocking him. However, he was given a heavy laxative and antivomiting meds and finally it all passed. We were lucky and he is fine as of this day.
Just want to report that I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. Amazing that I watched a food program on tv while I was on the treadmill about chocolate! If I can't have it, may as well watch it? Oh well.

03-19-2005, 03:40 PM
And here's the Callisto myth like Raven said:

We'll be so informed! Just a quickie. It's going on 5 a.m. and I have to run!
Later all!

Whoops, sorry, Raven, I just saw your post so came back in here. Callisto must get better! I am praying for her. Let's hope it's just a bug. Changing seasons and all. I have no time to read the posts now. Just know my thoughts are with you.

03-19-2005, 05:47 PM
Hey all - real quickie as I get ready to go out tonight. What a concept.` I did 40 minutes on the Precor. One day down, three to go, to get my good habit started again. I just read a really good book, "The Tao of Horses." Reminded me that life is lived one moment at a time, and focusing on the moment. So, one decision at a time, I will pull myself out of this funk.

congrats to everyone on getting todays exercise in. Good luck with Callisto, Raven.

03-19-2005, 11:17 PM
Back from riding. Quick read while hair is drying, then off to the racetrack! Jolly, I hope you had a good time. Going out is so important! Derry, does a ride on my horse count. It was cold so I didn't sweat but I walked half an hour both to and from the station. Can I say I exercised today. If so, I think I can swing the challenge. I'll have no time tonight to do anything. Don't like to get my heartbeat up before trying to sleep. Tomorrow will be toughest. Raven, I can't believe you haven't seen your horses in two weeks! You poor thing! But don't forget, you are doing this because you are working to a better life for you AND them! Hang in there kid! Chachee, how are you? How is your little boy? I do so hope he doesn't hate dogs after this. Miniature beagles is what you have, right? I've never seen them. Must be adorable. Take care! All, everyone else not posting now, hello! Hope to hear from you soon! :wave:

Apple Blossom
03-20-2005, 12:13 AM
My stomach has recovered! :D I lost one pound because of it! :D
I'm in on the 20 min for 4 days thing. I will do my exercise video for 20 min for 4 days. yuck
Derry, I'm glad things are looking up for you! :)
Raven, hang in there, I'm sure you're stars will line up soon!
Chachee, I read your incident report. Dogs seem to have a thing about strollers, my son has been barked at in threating ways in 2 seperate incidents, while in a stroller. Unfortunately, my dog Sabrina is a bad doggy when it comes to other dogs. I don't think she would ever hurt a human unless he/she is threatening me or another family member, and we're very cautious with people she is meeting for the first time in our home. (She especially dislikes men) She hates little dogs especially. That's why I don't like taking her for walks. Before we lived in our current home we rented a place without a fenced in yard. We'd let the dogs out in the empty lot next door. Once someone was walking 2 beagles across the street and she ran across the (busy) street to get at them. I was 9 months pregnant at the time. My sister-in-law had to run after her and catch her. No one or dog was hurt, but I felt terrible because they were all very scared.Another time I was walking her and my other dog in the woods. She was on a leash because I know I can't trust her, but another dog came along that was't leashed and a 3 dog fight ensued, with my big pregnant belly in the middle of it. I finally picked up a stick and whacked the other dog really hard and it ran away. That woman who came out should have said something to you. Come back out after she put the dog away to make sure you were all OK. Coward.
Whoa. That went on too long.
By the way, Red, it sounds like you're about to break out of your road block. Yeah!!
On my way to the airport. Good Night!

03-20-2005, 05:54 PM
Hey all - real quick post. Hope everyone is ok. I did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike today. Normally, I dont' consider that much of a workout, but today, I think I deserve an extra pat on the back for that. 1) i was walking one of my dogs this mroning and fell down on some ice. 2) I was riding my horse, and he decided to practise his gymnastic manuevers, and did a backwards somersault with me on top. or bottom. Actaully, a bit of both. 3) Then, when I got to the gym, I realized I forgot to pack a tshirt. I did not let this last bit of bad luck act as a sign to go home, I threw on my sweatshirt and did a small workout. I am off to take a warm bubble bath now, and hope to keep the aches at bay.

Have a good evening all. I hope everyone is good, that pets get better, jobs workout, choices are good - etc etc,

03-21-2005, 09:04 AM
Red, of course what you did counts for exercise!
I'm thinking about Calisto and yes we are learning, that was an interesting story to read.
I was not a good girl this weekend, but I still didn't break down and have chocolate, it's getting harder and harder to do this. Easter is Sunday and I am really looking forward to my personal favoriate, those lovely malted milk ball eggs. At any rate, I will allow myself a few goodies and then be good afterwards.
I have been good as far as exercise goes, though, at least.
Well, time to go do my workout, take care everyone.

03-21-2005, 07:09 PM
Hey all. I have to admit, I did not make it to the gym today. I woke up feeling all sorts of aches and pains. I stayed home from both jobs (sigh). So, I will go back tomorrow, and try for tomorrow and Wednesday for my four days.

Hello to all.

03-22-2005, 08:42 AM
Sorry you didn't get to go to the gym, Jolly. There are days that we just all don't feel right, and you need to let your body tell you if it's not the right day/time.
I've been on my treadmill for four days in a row, as of yesterday. That was pretty easy to accomplish and I did 40 minutes each day!
Now, I will re-challenge myself to do it again starting tomorrow. I will take one day off, today, and then make myself do it again!
I was fairly good staying on program yesterday, first day in AGES. Maybe I am finally getting back into the swing of things?
I'm going back to my regular ww meeting today as well and will be weighing in. I just got weighed on Friday, and this might be too soon to see any changes, but I need to keep up with this, obviously.
How's Calisto?

03-22-2005, 08:49 AM
Hi there. I'm flat out on deadline here, gotta get this little story out and whisked over the lines to Kentucky! Not doing too well eating wise. 'Nother little sugar mishap. No exercise yesterday, out till very late, but got a ride in this morning and am hoping to wrap this piece up soon. Best of luck to you all, Derry, excellent going on the exercise! Thanks for your little challenges. They help keep us together, and, if not all exactly moving, at least inspired! Hope to catch up with you all later. Take care!

03-22-2005, 04:06 PM
Hey all. REal quick post. My usual "flyby". I hope everyone is doing ok. I did make it to the gym today. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer today. I wanted to get there in time to do the pilates class, but considering i am still a little stiff, it is probably good that I didn't. I am going to try really really hard for Spin class tomorrow. First time since January.

Have a good day all.

Apple Blossom
03-22-2005, 08:07 PM
Hi everyone. I'm hanging in there, still battling my cold or flu or whatever it is. I haven't been doing the exercise video but I have been walking so I'm sort of keeping up with the exercise challenge. I'm also getting ready for Easter, my MIL, FIL, SIL and niece are all coming for the holiday. I don't know where we're going to put everyone. Small house here.
We'll figure out something. I think my stomach pains are stress related. I need to relax, it's not going to be that bad. :dizzy:
I need to start cleaning. Bye

03-22-2005, 08:14 PM
Apple, I hope you feel better. Yes, try to relax. Don't think of the things you "have" to do. Try to think of enjoying the people you will be seeing.
Jolly, good going on the gym. You really are amazing.
I got that article out last night, more translation corrections done this morning, now to work on editing a manuscript, ugh. . .but I can do it! :yes:

03-22-2005, 09:29 PM
Hi Ladies,

Haven't had time to read posts. I got selected for a jury, so I'm out of the office all week.

People with the attack dogs denied they have dogs, so I must document when I see the dogs.

Running around crazy. Probably won't post until next Tuesday.

Have a great week.


03-23-2005, 06:07 AM
INteresting to read about the people denying that they have dogs. Gosh, I'd get a cup of coffee and the newspaper and sit on the street in my car with a camera once in awhile and see what happens. Even if they don't have the dogs, you might see them and figure out where they are from.
I served on jury duty a year ago and I actually learned from it and enjoyed it in a way, but I was awfully glad to get my life back at the end of it all.
Red, I hope you make your deadline, the pressure of a big project and deadline is probably really controlling your eating right now. Forgive yourself and move on.
Jolly, glad you were able to get in some exercise and Apple, I hope you are feeling well enough to do all that entertaining. I'd take it easy on myself and try making lots of the food ahead or ordering from somewhere ahead of time, I think.
Easter will present some eating challenges for all of us, what do you all think will be the biggest challenge. For me, of course, will be chocolate as I have been without it since the beginning of Lent. I am actually surprised that I've been able to keep to this challenge other than one dessert when we were at my in-laws. I even held firm over Valentines day, which I am especially proud of!
Yet, on Easter morning, when I am filling up those Easter Baskets for my two kids, I know I'll probably indulge.

03-23-2005, 07:01 AM
Derry, why don't you make up (or ask dear hubby to) an Easter basket for yourself? Put in some non food indulgences, and one or two of only your very favorite Easter chocolate treats. That way you are rewarding yourself for meeting your Lenten challenge, but not completely with food. You deserve a reward! Red, good luck with your deadlines. Chachee, good luck with catching the jerks that own the dogs. How are your dogs and your son doing?? Apple, I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with Easter.

Have a good day all.

03-23-2005, 07:25 AM
Jolly, I like that idea. Maybe I will make up my own basket. I'm going to look through my WW cookbooks as well for some kind of special Easter dessert to make, preferably chocolate! I truly WANT those malted milk ball easter eggs... that is my passion every year. So, I must allow myself those.
One thing we traditionally don't do on Easter is have a huge family dinner, we just haven't gotten into it. So, at least I won't have that kind of thing to contend with. Whenever there is a huge gathering, I really fell compelled to overdo things.

03-23-2005, 07:40 AM
Hi guys, I have half an hour till I have to be in bed. I just got in from the publishing place, got a phone call on my cell on more corrections for the translation, called from a pay phone, then came home and just sent those off. It's from one job to the next, really nuts. I didn't get any exercise today. That is no good. I realized too that I haven't had an appetite but have been eating junk. So on the way home I stopped and had a meal that was healthier than I would have had had I just come home and eaten the first thing in sight.

Chachee -- I wonder if those people have had trouble with their dogs before and that's why they're denying they have them. Could be something like that. Or maybe they don't have them. Could they have been staying from a friend or so? Probably not though, right? Very strange. Yes, how are your little beagles and how is your son? I hope well and not too fearful of bigger dogs.

derry -- I thought you were just doing the chocolate thing for Lent. That means you're free to go wild on Easter, no? :lol: No, I think I understand. You want to keep something from this lesson in control, right? Well, I think you shouldn't worry about whatever you eat on Easter, really. Just have fun! Deadlines, I have so many of them. This one for the book is big because the manuscript is in such bad shape. It takes me so long to just rewrite the sentences that I haven't even thought of just why she is putting such and such i n the book at all. Like with so much rewriting I've done, the problem is really not the language, that I can always fix up. It's the thinking process, or lack thereof. Really makes you wonder how people have the nerve to think they can do something when they really can't! And then people like me sit here thinking I can't when I sure as heck CAN!

jolly -- thanks too for the support. I like the idea of the nonfood indulgences. Hmm. I was in a shop this afternoon, incense, smells, that's mine! I love incense, just love it, am burning some now, though it was really because some stray cat had come in and sprayed on the electric heater and when I turned it on, voila! instant aromatherapy, only relaxing to a cat!!! Yikes!!

Raven, Apple, anyone else I haven't heard from in a while, hope you're OK. Drop us a line, will ya! :wave:

03-23-2005, 12:29 PM
OK. I need a pat on the back, followed by a BIG kick in the butt. The kick in the butt is that my eating is totally out of control. I am making bad choices left and right, up and down, back and forth . . . you get the idea. Truly the "See Food" diet. The pat on the back is that despite the fact I overate last night, ended up getting sick during the night, and overate this morning (did I mention I am blonde?), I did drag my sorry oversized butt off the couch and did a small workout at the gym this morning. I really wanted to workout. My goal for right now is to get to the gym daily. Just doing cardio. once I am back in the routine of gym visits (except Easter, they are closed), I will add weights and then classes back in - or vice versa. I will give my body proper exercise.

Now for the food . . . I feel so disconnected lately. Last year, when I was losing weight, I felt really connected. Like I was finally getting to the root of my disfunctional relationship with food, and was able to make positive changes. Somewhere at the end of last summer, that changed. It really was around the time of rejoining TOPS. I went through a period of apathy, that with everything else - my friend getting deployed, eye surgery, colon scare, new gym, new part time job, dog, etc - I haven't gotten out of. I want to get that back. I haven't journaled. I have lost touch. I want to be open to those "aha" moments that were coming so fast and furious last year. I feel so numb from all my little dramas, that I can't feel anything. I don't know how to get back to where I need to be. I can drag myself to the gym, but unless I get the other stuff cleared out, I won't make progress. I know I am being very unhealthy. I just don't know how to get into the right mindset again.

how to clear out the junk . . . .

Have a good day all. Good luck with finding your indeulgences.

03-23-2005, 05:23 PM
Good morning. I am sooo tired. I just want to sleep. Wish it were pouring down rain so I'd have a good excuse not to go riding. Trying to force myself to go. Never know when it'll pour again. But, I'll just try to get out there. Can come home today and take a nap I think. Was going to meet a friend tonight but think I'll cancel that out. She woke me up last night. God, I hate that. Really need the sleep. Ok, it's very early for most people but they just don't seem to get it, that I sleep early and get up early. . . oh, poor me.

Jolly -- I don't know what to say. You have to figure out what's going on with your "bad choices." So, what are these choices anyway, just stuffing just about everything in sight into your mouth. "See Food" diet! :lol: Yeah, I can't say I'm doing much better. With me it's just that I'm past caring. I'm so tired, too much to do all the time, no time to do anything for myself except work. I just want to sleep or cry. But, I can do it. The crying part is largely because I want to indulge in "my time" and am just pouty that I can't. No big thing. The little brat is not getting what she wants. Big deal. I'm all choked up.

But with you jolly, you sound like you ARE doing sooo much. Could it be that you need to stop cracking the whip so much in one area so you don't go overboard in another?

Stop worrying about the feeling you had. You WILL get it again. The fact that you had it means you can get it again and the fact that you remember it makes getting it again all the more likely. But don't try to force it now and get all upset about not having it NOW! Your time will come. Relax. You always get so upset, it seems. You're doing OK, despite the overeating. Stop focusing on that and focus on the other and just focus on calming down, even it that means NOT going to the gym sometime.

The swing of the pendulum. You sound like you're going too fast and frantic in the one direction (the gym) and that is causing a wild swing to the other side, overeating. Getting to the gym daily would be too much for me in the best of times. Why don't you set up a schedule and be sure to write in days OFF. It's very important.

Ok, good luck. Gotta run.

03-23-2005, 06:16 PM
Jolly - You and I are in about the same boat. I was just starting to get my head back around this whole thing again, but as you know.. I feel very much like the rug keeps getting pulled out from under my feet.

I'm not sure what to tell you. I know the frustration of *knowing* what I need to do, and *knowing* I'm capable of doing it, but ... not.

03-23-2005, 09:56 PM
Hey all. REal quick post. I know, when do I do any other kind?? Red, I see your point, but daily workouts, or almost daily workouts, are necessary for me. I don't see results unless I do. I need to get back in the habit of daily workouts, then , once I am not making sooooooo many excuses not to work out, I can say at least 5 workouts a week. But honestly, I don't lose weight unless I work out that often. I just don't. The food is a totally different issue. I am just not caring, even though I know part of why I feel so bad mentally, is all the junk I am putting in my body. It shows in everything - skin, rest, attitude. Everything. I need to find a way to care again.

Raven, you know my thoughts are with you. WE need to figure out a way to drag ourselves out of this together. ONE, TWO, THREE - PULL!

Red, I keep forgetting, but I hope that earthquake didn't effect you. I thought of you when I heard about it, but forgot to write. My bad. I hope you get caught up on your sleep. I have the same problem you do. I am usually in bed by 8:30 - 9 if I am not working, because I get up at 4:20a to workout. Most of my friends have that figured out by now.

Take care all.

03-24-2005, 01:24 AM
OK, jolly, if you think you can handle daily workouts then go for it. I just worry that you're doing too much and your body is rebelling. Oh, God, I am in the same boat. Don't have any appetite for healthful food. It's awful. I feel awful, but you know, I was walking along thinking, maybe I'm sick and why try to feel good when I don't. I'm going to just pull my head in and try to take it easy, try to shut this brain up!!! Thanks for thinking of me and the quake. That wasn't near Tokyo, was further south and west on the big island of Kyushu in the archipelago. Amazing there was only one death I think. It sure shook things up though. They always have pictures on TV for the news like cameras in the newsrooms and boy, everything was falling off the shelves and the shelves themselves were falling down. All the glass came out of the office buildings. I guess it helped that it was Sunday and around 10 a.m. I think so people weren't in the offices and maybe there weren't that many out in the streets yet. Well, Fukuoka is a small city compared to Tokyo, well, what isn't small compared to Tokyo!? :lol: I'm OK, thanks again!

03-24-2005, 12:04 PM
I am glad you weren't hurt. ANd I appreciate your concern about workouts, but honestly my body feels better when I do work out frequently. I did make it to the gym today for the "Sculpt and STrength" class I have been wanting to try. It was fun. Can't wait until next time.

Well, back to work for me. Have a great day all.

03-25-2005, 11:58 AM
Hey all,
Slap me with the bat for I have been lurking. As with some of you, trying to find it within me to do what I know I need to do.

I miss my family and am trying to adjust to my new life. There are many good things here but I do miss some of the familiar too. I keep telling myself that I am in control of my thoughts and it's critical to keep a good attitude.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in quickly to wish you all a happy Easter and I will try to get out of lurker mode here...

03-25-2005, 12:30 PM
Happy Easter to everyone too. Hi, Happy- glad you stopped in. How is the new job going? Moving, etc.? I hope the good things outweigh the stuff you miss, and you settle in soon.

Things are improving here too. I am starting to be more conscious of the choices I am making, and steering towards the healthy choices more often than not. I want to get back to my goal of averaging 2 pounds lost per week.

Here's to us. Have a great day, everyone :wave:

03-26-2005, 06:52 AM
Hello. Happy Easter to all! Wish I could say I'd stuck to my Lenten challenge but I blew it about 5 weeks in. Still, 5 weeks is good! I don't know. I am feeling a lot better. Wow, did you see the moon tonight! Giant full moon. It's so beautiful. I love full moons, brings out the lunatic in me I guess. :lol: Well, like I was saying, I'm feeling a stirring of a desire to get back into shape, at least the shape I was in last summer. Now, looking back, that was great, back then I didn't think so. Ah well, we go through cycles, there's a lot of things that happen. Life, I guess you'd call it. . .

jolly -- glad to hear that sculpt and strength class was fun. I hope you can do better with your eating. You will. You're doing great on the exercise. Sure wish I could say the same about either. But, at least, today I did hook on the pedometer and went out at lunch and walked a lot. We had most of the work out of the way early so I took a very long lunch and my total for the day was over 15,000! Hurrah. The other week I realized I could do as little as 3,000 a day if I wasn't careful. Hooking it on helps to keep my mind in "walk!" mode.

happy -- sorry to hear you're missing people and having trouble adjusting. That's to be expected so don't feel like you have to feel any different. I wouldn't even say you should keep a good attitude if by that you mean don't feel your sadness. You're grieving, of course. But at least you can keep in touch. Your good attitude I guess should be staying on the lookout to make new friendships, develop new patterns and favorite places. It all takes time. Just think, no matter where you go, as long as you can access the Net, we can be there for you. Maybe that's not much :lol: but it is a constant in your life if you want it. I hope you feel better real soon. New friends and fun times are just around the corner I'm sure! Hang in there kid and take care. I'm halfway around the world from my family and I'm thinking of you! I think I know how you feel.

Everyone, I read that the forum will be down for a couple days. Yikes! Hope I won't get to lonely. . .Well, take care and hope to see you all soon. :wave:

03-27-2005, 02:56 PM
Hello and happy Easter to all. I hope everyone is doing ok. I am actually doing better. I did not work out today - the gym was closed and I chickened out of starting a walk/jog program. excuses, excuses I know. But still, I feel more in control of things. It's a good thing.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, ladies. I am going to apply for a promotion. Would be a very good thing, and I think I could do a very good job.

Have a good one, and hope to talk to more of you later.

03-27-2005, 11:19 PM
:crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed: :crossed:
Good luck on the promotion Jolly - sending good vibes. You go girl!

03-28-2005, 01:31 PM
Hey Ladies,

Sorry about this entire month, basically, being MIA. So many things going on this month.

The jury duty is now done. It was a whole week, sitting in that jury box from 7:30-2:00, then going back to work and trying to get some of my regular stuff done. Just not condusive to a healthy lifestyle. I tried to be good with eating and everything, but grabbing something before I left, then sitting there for so long without being able to snack made me famished by the time I got to my car and headed home for lunch. I did pack good snacks, so when he sent us out on a potty break, then I would chow down on that. Just felt horrible with eating and not exercising last week. I actually got a mile in each day of walking and also walked the four flights of stairs at least once a day. So, it wasn't a total wash, but wasn't that good.

My dogs and son are okay after some time has passed with the attack. I am still looking for those dogs, but they have been nonvisible. I am sure those people are hiding them or keeping them very hidden. Once I see them, though, it's all over. I'm taking my camera with me when I bike and walk that area.

Good news.....we purchased the bike trailer for my son last weekend. Now I took the bike seat off my bike and he's going a nice Schwinn trailer to ride in. I can get good speed going and he just loves it. We found some nice Uniden radios on sale for $10.00 and a six mile range. We are taking those with us when we go biking and it's a good safety measure.

Its been snowing for three days solid. It was gorgeous the weeks leading up to this. They are expecting another 10 inches the next day. Ugh...just when I put up the snowblower, huh?

Today is Sewards Day--the day Alaska was discovered. It's a state holiday, so today I am doing the laundry, meeting a friend in a couple of hours, and going to do some errands. First on my list is to go find hubby's birthday present. He wants a new shotgun, and I have found one very nice and on sale. One of my co-jurors is the manager at Walmart, so I'm going to pull in a favor.

Then it's off to see The Ring Two. Hubby doesn't like scary movies, but a friend from work does, so she's meeting me here in about an hour and we're going to head out. Then a healthy lunch and a little grocery shopping and that is it. A day with my son at school, hubby at work, and just a girl day.

Ladies, I've missed you so much. I've been so off track that I am giving myself April 1 for a new restart date. Not that I have been totally off track, but the determination and drive has been seriously lagging the last month. Time for that to start over.

I will be better about checking in now that my life has calmed down a bit. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I had a nice relaxing day and enjoyed my family and friends.

Happy Monday.


03-29-2005, 06:05 AM
Hey, I found you guys! All my thread subscriptions died and I had a hard time getting back here. I'm sad that this forum was down over Easter, it might have been helpful to me, I blew it on chocolate and that was probably a "given" in terms of my giving it up for Lent. I just HAD to have it.... but I hope I'm "done" with the big time binge and can move on today? I have my WW meeting this morning and will hang my head in shame as I get on the scales. I know I'm "up".
Oh well.
Here I go again.
I wil check back in and try to read all your posts, guys, have been really busy here.

03-29-2005, 10:26 AM
Hello all. I made it to the gym this morning, though it was a close thing. I luckily had packed my bag last night, and put it in my car right away. That helps. I am excited about applying for the new position, but that also puts me in "deer in headlights" mode. I don't know why. Any excitement - good or bad - does that to me. One day at a time, Jolly. ONe day at a time.

Hope to hear more from everyone. I miss you guys.

03-29-2005, 05:20 PM
Bummer... went to ww and weighed in. What happened to me? I gained 2.8 pounds since last week! I am in big trouble. I guess the Lent challenge was not the best idea for me as going off the wagon on Easter triggered a huge eating binge. I hope I can take it right off again, but I must say that with me at least it goes off so much slower than it goes on.
Jolly, good luck with the job.
DH is doing some consulting work and seems quite happy. I hope it all works out for us as well!
I'm hungry and dinner is an hour and a half away... I have water and had some cherry tomotoes and carrot sticks a little while ago. I will not give in until dinner!

03-30-2005, 02:06 AM
Hey all, sorry to hear about the post chocolate binges. Hopefully it's over and out of your system. It can get ugly - been there and know that. C'mon - here's a hand to pull you out of the slump and back on the wagon again. Just keep an eye out so I don't tumble over the side, eh? :lol:

Linda, good to hear that DH is doing some work - I'm sure that helps ease your worries some. Hope he likes what he's doing and makes some good contacts.

Jolly - to combat the "deer in headlights" mode, just put on some sunglasses and look cool :cool: You'll never know what could have been if you don't try, scary as it may be at times.

Chachee, it's good to see you back again. Geez I almost fell off my chair reading about that dog attack. How awful. I hope you find those dogs and their owners. Reminds me of a time several years ago, I was walking home from the train station minding my own business. I was walking along a busy street but on the sidewalk. I was lost in my own thoughts and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge great dane baring teeth and coming after me. He was chained up in the front yard but on a too long chain. I had no where to run but out into the street where I almost got hit by a car. It scared the bejeezus out of me. I swear if the owner would have come out I would have knocked them senseless. I don't hate dogs but people have to take some responsibility here, you know??? Hope you enjoyed your girl day.

Red, I saw the moon you were speaking of. If you catch it early and low on the horizon it's HUGE. We saw it the other night when we were at the store. I hope you found the inner strength to get on the up side of the track again.

We had a quiet Easter - just me and the DH. I did talk to my family on the phone for a long time. TWICE. :lol: Without a excess food it made it easier to get back on track again. Finally. I started with my water, watching portions and what I eat. Cut a new CD for exercising and the treadmill awaits me upstairs.

We are slowly getting settled. Found a bunch of stuff I thought was missing. Trying to put everything away so the place looks neat. Everything is in bloom - gorgeous colors all over. And it's even starting to get near to the 80's temperature wise. I think it's going to become "bloody" hot as everyone tells me very soon. The job is ok, it pays the bills. Like DH said today, it's better to have a job you might not be that crazy about than to have no job at all. It's not that my company is that bad, it's the way all of corporate America is today. Guess that makes me old if I say I long for the "good old days".

Oh well... hellos to Raven - I think of you guys everyday. Apparently there is a fair interest in horses out this way and some of the older homes have big lots and pastures and horses. There's one section on the drive home each night with shaded green trees and a few horses in the meadow grazing. It's such a peaceful site - makes me forget for 3 minutes the HORRIBLE drivers on the road here. Maybe we should all go back to horse and buggies!

Have a good one and come on back up here on the wagon...

03-30-2005, 06:51 AM
Hey all, am reading, just no time to catch up. Had a cat in the hospital to get teeth pulled, working, then to the gym! Hurrah! :cp: now home, wanting to get some sleep. . . will catch up later, promise!! Hi to jolly, happy, the chach!, derry, everyelse out there!! Rave, are you ok? How's the dog? Silence is scary. Let us know what's up. Later guys! :wave:

03-30-2005, 08:34 AM
Hi guys!
Well, I am beginning anew this week and decided to change my avatar to a spring flower.... time to get back to basics, just as our thread is titled. ;)
Happy, it really sounds like you are getting settled and finding some peace, so glad for you! :smug:
The post chocolate binge is OVER and that is that, period. So, speaketh me. I am hoping to turn over a new leaf and get that extra weight off quickly. We'll see how I do once the weekend hits.... I'm always in trouble then. :devil:
I bought frozen strawberries yesterday, they are in a container sweetened with nutra-sweet, a cup and a half of them equals one WW point, not too bad! I also have light cool whip and so a serving of those with a dollop of cool whip will be a nice treat for a point after lunch or as my dessert tonight, maybe I'll make some sf Jello to go with it and make a real dessert out of it. I figure 3/4ths cup with the cool whip should be about a point and if I make the Jello, that is 0 points? I could even drag out the champagne glasses and make parfaits. It looks more appetizing that way, doesn't it?
Also, planning on making the famous ww garden vegetable soup today. Have you all tried that? I'll bet Chach has as it's a WW staple, but those of you who are not ww people might not know about it. It's filling, tasty and mainly chicken broth and veggies with cabbage. It's flavored with tomato paste and some herbs, like basil in it. It's always good to add to a lunch to fill you up without adding points. Sometimes, in between meals, I heat up a mug full in the micro and it "tides me over".
Today it will be about 60 degrees here in NH and sunny, finally some real spring weather, maybe I'll be truly inspired? Maybe I should get outdoors and walk around and see if some of the spring bulbs are coming up? I could exercise by picking up sticks in the yard now that the majority of our snow has melted, thank goodness!
So, here is my challenge for the week:
Low point healthy foods to fill me up, try to get back on track, work out/treadmill, journal and drink tons of water! Also, check in with my ww cookbooks and try to prevent boredom....
Sleep well, Red, and I hope your kitty is ok. Poor thing.

03-30-2005, 09:59 AM
Hey all. I am pretty happy that I am back on the exercise track this week. Even with having to move my hours around due to the days off Friday and Monday, I am still getting it in. So, that is a good thing. Next week, will concentrate either on getting back to doing weights, or adding in cardio classes. I am not sure yet. I am STARTING to make better choices with my food. At least limiting my portions and not going all out with the binging. It's a start at least.

Have a great day all.

03-31-2005, 12:32 AM
Hey y'all . . . Where are you? Come out come out wherever you are!

I hope things are going really well, or at least better for everyone. I will try to check back in tomorrow. Going to be a crazy day, but will try.

03-31-2005, 02:25 PM
OK. Now I am starting to worry. IS everyone ok? I hope nothing has gotten worse for anyone.

I am doing some self medicating today, but am not going to beat myself up over it. I am just trying to get everything done I need to before being off for a few days, and everything done at home I need to before Justin comes home tomorrow.

Take care everyone.

03-31-2005, 02:25 PM
Hello, hello.

Sorry to hear about the kitty Red. We had to have one of our cats fangs pulled due to I guess a monstrous cavity. Afterwards her lip would catch on the open space and she would look at you with the stupidest "grin". I don't think she ever forgave us for that.

Linda, one of our favorite desserts is lowfat/fat free vanilla yogurt in a parfait glass with fresh blueberries, strawberries and banannas. All that fiber and the flavored yogurt gives just enough sweetness. Sometimes I add a bit of Uncle Sam's flaxseed cereal for a bit of crunch. Got that recipe from South Beach - much better tasting than the flavored ricotta stuff they push in induction. I can understand how changing your avitar will give you an ah, stretch, new beginnings attitude. I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted Saturday. For some reason that always pumps me up to get the rest of me looking good too!

Ooh Jolly, saw the NASTY storms up your way yesterday. We had alot of lightning but not quite the rain and hail and storms that you did. The radar was a mass of red up your way. Good for you on making little changes in your food and portions and for bumping up the exercise. Little steps will help you avoid that "deer in the headlights" crash in momentum. Pat, pat, pat on the back to you!

I cut a CD with some new really pumped up walking music on it. The treadmill is ready to go, all I have to do is turn things on! Been thinking of getting up 30 minutes earlier - gosh that's sooooo hard for a night person but it makes more sense. I will do this, I will do this, I will do this...

Time to check in Raven, if only for 2 sentences. Please, please, please????????????????

03-31-2005, 04:36 PM
I'm here on the fly.... a way way busy day for me.... I'll be checking in later, I hope, but have a meeting tonight and had one all morning and it's bill paying day too.

03-31-2005, 07:20 PM
I'm ok, just very busy an no time to post, really barely time to read the post, can't reply. Spent too much time out last night with a friend I've haven't seen in over a year as she was out of the country. But didn't drink anything, came home though and had all this sugar though, cookies I had bought at the restaurant, ugh, i had them and so I HAD to eat them. Stupid. Now I had to sleep late and it's too late to do anything before going in to the paper. Damn. And today we have to do another symbolic strike. I am sick of this place and the union is making things worse. They paper doesn't care. They're not going to do anything and all this sh't just makes it worse, plus I lose money because of the strike. Normally, I could just goof off for half an hour and get paid for it. Damn again. Well, I may not be posting much in the next few days or more. Have a ton of other work to do and the little time I have I have to do other things. Take care all and keep the thread alive! I had a great ride yesterday, makes me want to keep the horse all the more, I am learning and this is the whole reason I ride, to become a good rider, really good . . .

03-31-2005, 09:13 PM
Hey all - glad to hear from you.

Just a quick note re Raven. Her baby, Callisto, passed away earlier this week. She's grieving right now, and just trying to deal with losing her 4 legged kid. I am sure your thoughts, etc, are welcome.

Take care all.

03-31-2005, 10:16 PM
OH, that's awful! Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that. What happened I wonder?

04-01-2005, 09:31 AM
Check out the April edition everyone :D

04-03-2005, 06:28 PM
Can someone send me the link to April's edition.
Linda, having some really bad food issues : (

04-03-2005, 06:56 PM

Just sent you an email, derry! Come on over! :wave: